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					Lifestyle Magazine assignment Group C2
Emre Uzer, Ethan Emmanuel, Meng Dou, Julia Seidel, Susana Gómez Muños

According to Wikipedia, “Lifestyle magazine is an umbrella term for popular magazines
concerned with lifestyle. There is no universally accepted definition of what constitutes a
lifestyle magazine: it is often used to encompass a number of men's magazines, women's
magazines and magazines about health and fitness, tourism, leisure, fashion, decorating or
culture but the concept is chiefly used in reference to a magazine's tone.” From this
perspective, a lifestyle magazine is more likely an entertainment channel which consist
various information the magazine wants its reader to catch and advertisements from different
companies. Ryanair Magazine based on Ryanair Company as a transportation organization
promoted its service by this lifestyle magazine which includes various travel information and
fashion guide to shape customers tastes, preferences and shopping behaviours. With a
circulation of 300,000 copies and potential audience of 4,8 million customers per month, the
magazine might effectively influence, but to which direction ( Ryanair is
famous by its “cheap” flights, but what about Ryanair Magazine? Does it lead us to “cheap”

Brand Identity
Ryanair Magazine established its own brand identity by its fundamental functionalities as a
magazine, and expanded by adding symbolic and aesthetic values in order to shape consumers
tastes, preferences and buying behaviours.

The central features of Ryanair Magazine‟s brand identity can be seen as a book links
between two destinations and offers passengers imaginative lifestyles, such as holidays. It is a
visualized service through reading for all genders and ages, includes all possible information
about famous cities in Europe, hotels and restaurants, entertainments and shopping areas,
special events, and SKY Shop. These fulfil its brand identity as the functional physique
through a low price and high performance lifestyle magazine (Applying Kapferer Prism
Model). Its personality is promoted by the Calendar Girls of the cabin crews, which indicates
that the magazine not only represents the Ryanair typical economic flight services but also
combines with fashion. Moreover, the magazine‟s culture is known as a cultural transmission
role by introducing cities special events and sharing holiday experience stories. In the
meanwhile it builds the relationship between Ryanair (Magazine) and passengers; also the
magazine views its consumers as those who looking for different cultures, lifestyles, and
being open to world but travel economically. Lastly, the passengers or customers identify
Lifestyle Magazine assignment Group C2
Emre Uzer, Ethan Emmanuel, Meng Dou, Julia Seidel, Susana Gómez Muños

themselves as those who looking for economic and convenient way of travelling but also
expecting things beyond it, such as fantastic holidays in glamorous cities. Therefore, Ryanair
Magazine tells them a trip can start with low-price travel and end up with unforgettable

Thus, Ryanair Magazine combines functionality and fashion to identity its brand as economic
and convenient way to enjoy and explore the life.


Why do firms advertise in the magazine? What is the role of the ads in the magazine?

Advertising in magazines generally gives a very high leverage for firms in their marketing
and PR strategies and exposes them to the target market segments in the right controlled
environment. Magazines help individuals to pass their free time in productive manner.
Magazines are major sources of information regarding all the aspects of life. Magazines are
greater source of revenues for the firms distributing the magazines and provide them
profitable business.The RyanAir Magazine attracts numerous firms from various sectors
which form the clientele for the low-cost airlines Lifestyle magazine.

Some of the general advantages of advertising in magazines:

      Allows for better targeting of audience, as firms can choose magazine publications
       that cater to their specific audience or whose editorial content specializes in topics of
       interest to the target audience.

      High reader involvement means that more attention will be paid to the company‟s

      Better quality paper permits better color reproduction and full-color ads

      The smaller page permits even small ads to stand out

When people are isolated in a closed space like an airplane, options are limited to the
minimum. It is the perfect opportunity for firms to turn unaware individuals to potential
customers and potential customers to real customers, and Ryanair Magazine serves to this
purpose. “With no distractions and with no other onboard media, passengers have little else to

Lifestyle Magazine assignment Group C2
Emre Uzer, Ethan Emmanuel, Meng Dou, Julia Seidel, Susana Gómez Muños

do apart from sit and read the in-flight magazine” ( Another reason for firms to
advertise in Ryanair Magazine is the number of prospective audience. With 59 million
passengers in 2008 and constantly increasing numbers, the magazine has the potential to reach
more people than a magazine sold in stores (

A wide variety of advertisements can be found in the magazine, from a wide variety of
sectors. From resorts to jewellery retailers, from bags to law firms and even from bakeries to
dentists and to real estate agencies. Most magazines have a very specific reader group based
on several factors such as age, gender and interests; however this is not the case for Ryanair
Magazine. As the passenger profile shows variety, the reader profile shows variety; which
creates a common advertisement platform for firms from different sectors.

The advertisements in the magazine create awareness. The common characteristic of most of
the advertisements – except brands which represent a single product, like Redbull - is they are
emphasizing the brand and the web site, not a specific product. The aim is to give passengers
the message that “we are in „this‟ business, in „this‟ location and check our web site for more
info”. ´´Advertising has come a long way from what it used to be and has a long way to go
before we see anything new. The advertisers have found quite a few niches where they can
work from and still get a large quantity of consumers to purchase their products in the most
consumer-driven society in the world.´´ (Mathews 2006 p4) The visual persuasion in-line with
the subliminal message in Ryan Air Magazine catches an average traveler‟s attention to
heightened limits due to the non-food, no-entertainment business model of the low-cost
European airline.

Shaping taste, preferences and behaviour
Even thou the Ryanair Magazine is relatively young, it nevertheless has the ability to
influence and guide customers behaviour actively. When sitting in a Ryanair flight within
Europe, the customer entertainment is limited to what they brought themselves, or what
Ryanair provides them with. The magazine is the only entertainment travellers mainly have
during the flight. As already mentioned, the magazine advertises for Ryanair itself, cities and
its highlights as well as private companies.

Through articles that briefly describe some of the destinations that Ryan air covers, the
customers are able to have a clear idea of the both, cultural and entertainment life of the city.
The magazine provides much information about accommodation, pubs, nightclubs stores and
Lifestyle Magazine assignment Group C2
Emre Uzer, Ethan Emmanuel, Meng Dou, Julia Seidel, Susana Gómez Muños

different activities in the most of which there are special offers for Ryanair‟s clients. Thus,
Ryanair is leading in some way the behavior of a tourist who, can be supposed, only knows
the places that have been explained in the magazine, which furthermore, are very attractive by
the special promotions and discounts offered.

The magazine applies to aesthetics and sense of beauty of travelling and life to attach the
customers. The nice layout, page one girl approach and good picture quality attach the
eyeside. Even thou it is a lifestyle magazine, it is not as glossy and girly styled as pure women
magazines. The hearing cannot be addressed by the magazine itself, but touching of the paper
and the material release an impression of quality. It moves more smoothly than newspaper
paper through fingers. If we see the combination between the flight and reading the magazine
in the airplane, the missing of music in the flight will not distract from reading the magazine.
The sense of smelling and taste are finally attached after looking at the last pages, offering
duty free goods and gastronomic products. These products and goods can be ordered and
consumed directly in the airplane or later on in the airport. In an indirect way the magazine
reaches smell and taste sense through creating the impression of hunger or need.

The AIDA model can be applied, as after reaching customers attention, they might act
according to it. At the end of the magazine the customer has the possibility to check the
catalog of the tax-free products that can be bought on board, so, Ryanair uses also the
magazine to complement the ads of the flight crew and to catch the more undecided
customers. Most Ryanair customers make short trips, meaning when the return the same
month, they will read the same magazine again, leading to strengthened impressions.
Travelling back later, the next month`s edition will be similar. Ryanair tries to create its
preferred customers. As flights are non smoking flights, cigarettes are not advertised. The
positive self-image and stressing the convenience and variety of flights helps to make
customers repeated customers as they might start thinking about the next trip before they even
reached their destination.

Even thou Ryanair Magazine is not the traditional kind of fashion lifestyle magazine to read
and discuss together with friends, its straight line about travelling in Europe and the traveller`s
lifestyle is addressed to the majority of Ryanair passengers as a target group. The reading
conditions in combination with the published articles and advertisements are effective to
Lifestyle Magazine assignment Group C2
Emre Uzer, Ethan Emmanuel, Meng Dou, Julia Seidel, Susana Gómez Muños

influence customers. As broad and undefined as our applied Wikipedia definition is the reality
of lifestyle magazines. Even thou the Ryanair magazine wants to be seen as normal travel
lifestyle magazine, it is more a self advertisement for Ryanair, allowing some other
companies to use it as base for their marketing activities. The major message subliminal is
about travel more, but with Ryanair, we offer you the trips and the ideas what to do at your
destination and some sky shop articles, too.


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