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									Forsyth County Schools
            Strategic Plan

                          Board of Education

                    Nancy Roche – Chairman
                  Tom Cleveland – Vice Chair
                                  Ann Crow
                             Luke Haymond
                              Ronnie Pinson

                    Superintendent of Schools

                                 Paula Gault

               Annual Update: December 2006
Strategic planning in Forsyth County Schools is a community-based process. The current strategic plan,
VISION 2010, was developed with the assistance of over 300 school and community leaders and work
began in the fall of 2002. Seven areas of focus were established: (1) Utilization of Time; (2) Effective
Communications; (3) Technology; (4) Meeting the Diverse Needs of Learners (Academic, Extra-Curricular
and Co-Curricular: (5) Talent Management (Staff Development, Professional Development, Personnel, and
Community and Parent Involvement); (6) Providing for Expansion (Facilities, Transportation and Safety);
and (7) Finance. Each area was chaired by at least one community member and one school system
VISION 2010 is comprised of five strategic goals and is aligned with the system Vision, Mission, and
Beliefs. The strategic plan is updated on an annual basis and presented to the Board of Education and other
system and community stakeholders. Archived action steps, evidence and artifacts for are available through
the Superintendent’s Office.
The primary goal of VISION 2010 is to engage community and school stakeholders in developing a shared
road map for system decision making and continuous improvement. The strategic plan is a critical
component to Forsyth County Schools Accountability Framework in which the district and all schools are
held to performance standards and accountable to all stakeholders.

Vision Statement
       Quality Learning and Superior Performance for All

       Forsyth County Schools is a learning organization that believes students are volunteers, staff
       members are leaders, and parents and the community are essential partners.

          1.   Trust among all stakeholders is vital
          2.   Everyone has capacity to learn
          3.   Change creates opportunity
          4.   Expectations influence accomplishments
          5.   A school-community partnership is essential
          6.   Leadership makes visions reality

Strategic Goals
        1. Increase student achievement even as rapid change impacts the system
        2. Recruit, maintain, enhance, and nurture a highly qualified work force
        3. Pursue and effectively incorporate multiple alternate resources
        4. Enhance the educational program through increased community involvement
        5. Improve internal and external communication
Goal 1: Increase student achievement even as rapid change impacts the system
Key Strategies:
   1. All students will learn a dynamic world class curriculum that is relevant, meaningful, and
   2. Establish extra- and co-curricular opportunities that engage ALL students in school
   3. Use a variety of strategies to improve student completion rates and reduce dropout rates
   4. Use a variety of current and emerging technologies to support quality student work
   5. Promote and maintain physical and emotional health in a safe learning environment in every

Action Steps for Key Strategy 1.1                                      Evidence and Artifacts 2006
 Provide profiles of district and school data                Data Profiles published annually
(demographics, student learning, school process, and          View 2006 Data Profiles
perception) to identify student strengths and needs           Decision Support Library developed for
                                                               class and student level data analysis
 Train and support teachers to:                              Focused Choice – six half days of
    o Design quality student work                              professional learning focused on system
    o Utilize student profiles                                 priorities
    o Collect, interpret and utilize classroom assessment     Professional Learning focused on
       data                                                    implementation of the new Georgia
    o Utilize appropriate district curriculum standards        Performance Standards.
       and benchmarks                                         View Professional Learning web page
    o Plan and prioritize instruction for all students        Conducted New Educator Orientation (with
    o Differentiate assessment and instruction                 400+, this was our largest to date).
    o Implement research-based best practices                 School Level Curriculum Maps developed
    o Assess and report student progress against
    o Serve as Teacher Leaders

 Provide comprehensive professional learning focused on      Annual WOW III and Digital Schoolhouse
instructional leadership and the Forsyth County                Conferences
Professional Appraisal Cycle (PAC)                            School-based Professional Learning Plans to
                                                               support school improvement and standards-
                                                               based teaching and learning

 Implement, evaluate, and monitor instructional plans for    Student Support Team Process revised based
 student success using the Student Support Team Process        on audit recommendation
                                                              Implemented health services and
                                                               modifications through Individual Health
                                                               Care Plans
                                                              New for 2006: View Pyramid of
                                                              SST supporting and tracking documents
                                                               available electronically to teachers and
                                                               administrators through student information
 Increase understanding of diversity and cultures            Diversity Council created to address
                                                               professional learning needs and to
                                                                 collaborate with community agencies on
                                                                 current issues
                                                                Extensive professional learning targeting
                                                                 English Language Learners
                                                                Continued collaboration with CLASE
                                                                 (Center for Latino Achievement and Success
                                                                 in Education) at UGA
                                                                Continued contract with Visiting
                                                                 International Faculty (VIF) for cultural
                                                                Received VIF certificate of achievement for
                                                                 exemplifying excellence in international

Action Steps for Key Strategy 1.2                                       Evidence and Artifacts 2006
 Research, develop, implement, and monitor an                  Extra-Curricular Task Force established
articulated plan to provide extra- and co-curricular             2006
opportunities and auxiliary services that meet the interests
of diverse learners

 Establish and fill a position at the system level for an      Part-time administrator on special
administrator of extracurricular programs                        assignment added in 2006 with duties
                                                                 including system coordination of
                                                                 extracurricular programs
 Evaluate extracurricular offerings for purpose,               Bi-annual student survey to determine
participation, and equity                                        interests as part of gender equity study
                                                                Extra-Curricular Task Force established
                                                                 November 2006
Action Steps for Key Strategy 1.3                                         Evidence and Artifacts 2006
 Develop alternatives to traditional schools                   Forsyth Academy, non-traditional charter
                                                                 school opened fall 2005
                                                                NOBLE development
                                                                Hired Coordinator of Online Learning
                                                                Implement enterprise version of the online
                                                                 learning system (Blackboard) in order to
                                                                 facilitate learning at anytime and any place.
                                                                High School Improvement
                                                                 Recommendations 2006
                                                                Continuation of elementary alternative
                                                                 education program and Piedmont Learning
 Utilize support services to link parents to solutions         Prevention Services
                                                                Partnered with numerous community and
                                                                 county agencies to host nine Community
                                                                 Adolescent Issues Panel Meetings
                                                                Referrals and Resources for parents
                                                                View Student Support website
 Explore calendars and schedules that address student          High School Improvement
learning needs and interests                                   Recommendations 2006:
                                                              7-period academic day beginning 2007-2008
                                                               with a zero and eighth period for flexible
                                                               scheduling and an Evening School
                                                              Forsyth Academy Calendar
                                                              Surveyed over 1500 stakeholders on
                                                               proposed two-year calendars
Research “best practices and exemplary educational           High School Improvement
 systems” as part of ongoing improvement efforts               Recommendations 2006: Research and data
                                                               provided on the website
Action Steps for Key Strategy 1.4                                      Evidence and Artifacts 2006
 Implement a comprehensive, interactive, data-based          Blackboard Learning System training and
driven application that integrates standards-aligned           implementation with a focus on secondary
instruction, lesson planning assessment, grading and           schools.
reporting and educational content                             Implemented NetTrekker, an Internet-based
                                                               instructional resources, Safari Montage
                                                               Video resources, both aligned by GA
 Develop and implement specific student technology           In progress
competency skills and benchmarks for each grade level
that support seamless integration of technology with the
 Develop and implement a process for evaluating              System-wide Technology Committee
technology (software / hardware) in the district               convenes as needed using a protocol for
                                                               software review. (Policy IFA Policy /
 Develop online portfolios of quality student work           Staff web pages include samples of student
                                                               work through the Academic Portal.
                                                                        o Ivan Zeitlin
                                                                        o Meg Killingsworth
 Investigate distance learning among schools to increase     NOBLE Online Education
offerings to students without additional staff                Exploration of special education inclusion
                                                               model in a virtual setting is in progress
                                                              Video conferencing equipment (BOND
                                                               funded) review in progress
 Provide a “laboratory” where technologies are tested for    DRIVE Laboratory design developed 2006 -
compatibility and application in an instructional setting      Laboratory creation 2007 at the Professional
                                                               Development Center
                                                              Exemplary Science Team continued to
                                                               provide information on new technologies
Action Steps for Key Strategy 1.5                                     Evidence and Artifacts 2006
 Identify and implement appropriate innovative service       Breakfast in the Classroom continued; Grab
alternatives to provide nutritious meals                       and go breakfast alternative; Brunch on
                                                               early release days
                                                              Expanded options (e.g. alternative milk
                                                               packaging, 3 choices of fruit and vegetable)
                                                               to increase healthy choices
                                                              Wellness Policy approved 2006
                                                              View Food and Nutrition web page
 Provide clean and attractive facilities with excellent     CO2 and humidity sensors have been
environmental quality to enhance learning                     installed in all facilities, and HVAC units
   o Conduct GEMA All-Hazards Safety Assessment               programmed to maintain below 60%
       (5/31/07)                                              humidity
   o Facilitate writing of School Safety Plans for each      Contract awarded to Vendor to change
       new school (10/1/06)                                   HVAC filters every (6) weeks
   o Seek GEMA Certification (1/18/07)                       Athens Janitorial inspects buildings every
   o Facilitate Revision of School Safety Plans / Seek        month and rates custodial staff in all
       GEMA Re-certification (10/1/06)                        categories
                                                             Dehumidification units installed in all media
 Utilize research based violence prevention curriculum      Continued Second Step Program
                                                              (elementary schools)
                                                             Certification and expansion of Olweus
                                                              Bullying Prevention Program (secondary
                                                             View Prevention Services web page
 Implement the Threat Assessment Process                    Continue to provide training on the FCS
                                                              Threat Assessment Process developed in
                                                             View Student Support web page
 Assess school climate/culture and implement strategies     Annual Stakeholder Surveys (October /
for improvement                                               November 2006) for certified and classified
                                                              staff, parents, and students included
                                                              questions on school culture. Results will be
                                                              used for continuous improvement planning.
 Implement the national model for counseling                ASCA Model for counseling initiated 2005
                                                              and development continued in 2006
                                                             Counseling mission and beliefs approved by
                                                              the BOE 2006

Goal 2: Recruit, maintain, enhance, and nurture a highly qualified work force
Key Strategies:
    1. Identify the talent needs of the system.
    2. Maintain system capacity to support schools.
    3. Recognize and reward excellence.
    4. Nurture and maximize the talents of each individual.
    5. Offer innovative benefit packages and attractive salaries.
    6. Maintain positive work environment.
    7. Provide up to-date training in technology.
Action Steps for Key Strategy 2.1                                     Evidence and Artifacts 2006
 Develop and utilize a plan to identify talent to match     Continued use of MUNIS for personnel
program needs, specify critical areas, personnel attrition,   tracking
cultural diversity, and student growth                       Continued use of Subfinder application with
                                                             Consolidated application process for
                                                              classified staff
                                                             Created a certification/staffing decision
                                                                 library for administrator use in assignment
                                                                 of highly qualified staff
 Monitor the longevity and performance of new hires and        Continued exit interviews and surveys
analyze that information against recruitment data               Utilize results to inform leadership and
                                                                 develop research-based retention tools
 Identify, develop and maintain strong, capable people         Developed three-tier leadership
for leadership roles in all areas                                development through the Office of
                                                                 Educational Leadership to include coaching,
                                                                 mentoring, and study.
 Address system needs through the development and              Annual updates to system continuity plan;
implementation of a comprehensive continuity plan                restructure of system organization July 2005
                                                                Developed a comprehensive Superintendent
                                                                 search plan that involves community and
                                                                 school stakeholder input through a variety of
Action Steps for Key Strategy 2.2                                        Evidence and Artifacts 2006
 Establish a growth formula to add positions at the            Established allotment criteria and standards
school and central level to meet the district’s changing         at the school level
needs, objectives, and growth                                   Projection and planning based on verified
                                                                 data originating from student information
                                                                 and GIS systems review annually
 Ensure that personnel allotment standards and allocated       Annually review allotment standards and
positions are in line with the Board’s vision                    criteria against legal and accreditation
                                                                 requirements and the Board goals and
                                                                 continuity plan
Action Steps for Key Strategy 2.3                                        Evidence and Artifacts 2006
 Acknowledge exemplary performance, special licenses,          Annual acknowledgment of NBTS
and certifications of school system staff                        certification 55 total in FCS to date
                                                                Awarded 2006 FCS Teacher of the Year and
                                                                 recognized all school Teachers of the Year
                                                                Monthly administrative peer recognition
                                                                 started June 2006
                                                                REACH Employee of the Month
                                                                Conduct monthly Board Special Recognition
                                                                 for State and National accomplishments of
                                                                 students and staff.
                                                                School Partners in Education programs
                                                                 recognized at annual awards luncheon and
                                                                 highlighted monthly in Cumming-Forsyth
                                                                 County Chamber of Commerce newsletter.
                                                                Published a series of Principal Spotlights in
                                                                 UpinCumming magazine.
 Review the salary structure at all levels annually,           Annual review of Metro RESA salary study
promote from within when applicable, and recognize               in comparison with FCS salary structure
quality work utilizing various rewards and incentives           Upgraded substitute salary for highly
                                                                 qualified substitutes
 Explore the feasibility of establishing career paths and      In Progress
merit pay and/or pay for superior performance for ALL
Action Steps for Key Strategy 2.4                                     Evidence and Artifacts 2006
 Expand and improve leadership development, mentor          Created a Leadership Development Team to
training, induction process, and peer assistance program to   review Aspiring Leaders program and make
ensure success                                                recommendations for building capacity
                                                             Continued to reassign / transfer assistant
                                                              principals to enhance leadership experiences
                                                              and ensure continuity
 Reduce staff turnover and its negative impact on student  Continued offering flexible work schedules
achievement by enhanced training, recruiting, and            Support for Special Education staff
mentoring programs                                            continued through monthly consortium
 Offer programs locally for employees working for initial  Local endorsement and certification classes
or add-on certifications or fields                            offered in FCS: pre-school special
                                                              education, gifted, reading, ESOL,
                                                              technology, and leadership
                                                             Supported special education teachers in
                                                              expanding certification to meet highly
                                                              qualified teacher requirements.
                                                             Facilitating Master Teacher application
                                                             Establishing a collaborative relationship
                                                              with MRESA to offer a practicum for Permit
                                                              holders to convert to a clear renewable
                                                             View the Human Resources webpage for
                                                              information on certification
 Adopt activities that nurture staff, encourage health and  Initiated health screenings, physical
well being and offer basic health services to all staff       conditioning programs, and nutritional
members                                                       education programs.
 Expand the Leadership Academy to include a track for       Classified Leadership Courses were
classified staff                                              developed and begin January 2007
                                                             View the Leadership Academy web page
Action Steps for Key Strategy 2.5                                     Evidence and Artifacts 2006
 Monitor, compare, and adjust FCS compensation and          Despite inadequately funded state mandates
benefit packages to be competitive with systems that          for employee raises, class size reduction,
compete with us for talent                                    and employer costs for health insurance, as
                                                              well as student enrollment growth and the
                                                              opening of two new schools, presented a
                                                              budget with little growth and well within
                                                              current millage rate, while still passing
                                                              along a 4% raise to all classification of
Action Steps for Key Strategy 2.6                                     Evidence and Artifacts 2006
 Establish a climate where high performance is a shared     Annual Stakeholder Surveys (October /
responsibility                                                November 2006) for certified and classified
                                                              staff, parents, and students included
                                                              questions aligned to the Georgia School
                                                              Standards. Results will be used for
                                                              continuous improvement planning.
                                                               Superintendent meets with six advisory
                                                                committees, comprised of different
                                                                stakeholder groups.
 Involve staff in decision-making                             Annual improvement planning using the A+
                                                                Improvement Model (A.I.M.) involves all
                                                                school staff in making decisions about goals,
                                                                actions, and progress.
                                                               Annual Stakeholder Surveys were open to
                                                                all staff, certified and classified, to provide
                                                                input for decision making.
                                                               The High School Improvement Committee
                                                                included various administrative, teaching,
                                                                and counseling staff. The subsequent
                                                                Curriculum Review involved all high school
                                                                departments in decisions on curriculum and
                                                                instruction grades 9-12.
                                                               VISION 2010 was reviewed by all district
                                                                and school administrative staff twice during
                                                                the year to review and update and is
                                                                reviewed by Cabinet members on an on-
                                                                going basis.
                                                               As part of communications planning,
                                                                opportunities for staff input was provided
                                                                through various methods for system
                                                                initiatives and programs.
                                                               Superintendent Advisory meetings held with
                                                                teachers, administrators, central office staff
                                                                and Cabinet.
                                                               FY07 Budget developed based on feedback
                                                                from principals and central office
                                                                administrators; collective planning by
                                                                members of Cabinet and Board.
 Ensure consistency by adhering to the recruitment,           Established allotment criteria and standards
hiring and induction process for all personnel                  at the school level
 Cross train key staff to ensure operational continuity       Continued training on critical processes that
                                                                need to be understood by multiple staff
 Review the number of personnel leaving the system in         Continued exit interviews and surveys
each employment area to determine cause of attrition
Action Steps for Key Strategy 2.7                                         Evidence and Artifacts 2006
 Provide training for all personnel in the use of emerging      Technology Integration for Performance
technologies as applicable to their specific work                 Standards (TIPS) professional learning
                                                                  program offered for all certificated staff and
                                                                  instructional assistants.
                                                                 Ongoing training provided by the school
                                                                  level Instructional Technology Specialists
                                                                 Ongoing training for administrators on data
                                                                  analysis using online tools
                                                                 DRIVE Laboratory design developed 2006 -
                                                                   Laboratory creation 2007 at the Professional
                                                                   Development Center
 Train all educators in the skills necessary to integrate all    Technology Integration for Performance
available technology into the instructional process and            Standards (TIPS) professional learning
system initiatives                                                 program offered for all certificated staff and
                                                                   instructional assistants.
                                                                  View the Instructional Technology webpage
 Train educators, parents, and students in the skills            The Assistive Technology Committee
necessary in the use of Assistive Technology specified in          started training for staff in collaboration
the IEP.                                                           with the Georgia Project for Assistive

Goal 3: Pursue and effectively incorporate multiple alternate resources
Key Strategies:
    1. Provide effective hardware, software and maintenance of technology.
    2. Investigate sources for private donations.
    3. Explore creative methods of facilities use, maintenance, and financing.
    4. Pursue local, state, and national grants.
    5. Work with local government to maximize resources for schools.
Action Steps for Key Strategy 3.1                                  Evidence and Artifacts 2006
 Establish a lease cycle for all classroom and            Complete
administrative computers
 Update and upgrade instructional and administrative      Decision Support Library enhanced to
software and applications to meet and enhance the needs     include teacher access to Classroom
and initiatives of the system                               Dashboards
                                                           Upgraded the media center automation
                                                            system to Follet’s Destiny to consolidate a
                                                            legacy system into a single database, and
                                                            provide for student/web access from home.
                                                           Safari Montage video streaming library
 Complete the migration from existing ATM based           Complete
WAN connectivity to Gigabit Ethernet electronics
 Provide a one-to-one ratio of computer-to-student        In Progress
 Purchase instructional resources that are aligned with   System-wide Technology Committee
Standards and Benchmarks and include well-designed          convenes as needed using a protocol for
technology components                                       software review and alignment to standards.
 Review current software holdings and student             System-wide Technology Committee
achievement data to determine specific curriculum needs     convenes reviewed software purchases and
                                                            alignment to standards.
 Pursue access to subscription-based applications         Failure Free Reading for Special Education
accessible on the internet                                 Nettrekker for K-12 students
                                                           Edusoft for middle schools
                                                           Renzulli for individual schools
 Install an upgraded student management application that  Implemented Infinite Campus 2005 and
provides a better solution for grade book and curriculum    continue to expand use to support teaching
management                                                  and learning
 Develop interoperability framework including system      Design and implementation of data quality
standards and implement solutions to reduce data entry        processes in conjunction with GDOE GSIS
and increase data reliability                                 system
                                                             Design and implementation of enterprise
                                                              information systems model; development of
                                                              enterprise architecture plan
                                                             View the Information Systems web page for
                                                              more information
                                                             Design and implementation of life-cycle
                                                              processing of student data through
                                                              registration process, active student
                                                              operational system, and archival of student
                                                             Design and implementation of enterprise
                                                              records system in accordance with industry
                                                              standards and compliance with local, state,
                                                              and federal law. (By the term "enterprise,"
                                                              we are directing that all departments will use
                                                              the Trim records Management System as
                                                              applicable for their area's records and
                                                              archive requirements.)
Action Steps for Key Strategy 3.2                                     Evidence and Artifacts 2006
 Promote developers’ donation of land for construction      The Facilities Department prepares written
of schools when reviewing zoning applications for large       response to all zoning applications with
developments                                                  impact on existing schools noted.
                                                             View responses on the Facility Planning
                                                              web page
                                                             Mashburn Estate donated 40 acres to
                                                              Forsyth County Schools on Mount Tabor
 Develop a procedure for accepting donations and            Board authorized procedure
recognizing donors                                           Accepted family donation for seller to
                                                              reserve naming rights for new school by
                                                              reducing sell price by $225,000. (Future
                                                              Elementary # 7.E.S.)
Action Steps for Key Strategy 3.3                                     Evidence and Artifacts 2006

 Partner with local government and outside agencies in    SPLOST/BOND Passed November 2006
developing facilities with joint financing and use          with 73% approval
                                                           Partnership with Forsyth County
                                                            Government to build Park on excess land at
                                                            Daves Creek.
                                                           Partnered with Forsyth County Water and
                                                            Sewer Government to provide sewer to
                                                            Silver City Elementary based on adjusted
                                                            tap fee agreement
                                                           Partnered with Forsyth County Water and
                                                            Sewer to provide sewer to North Forsyth
                                                            Campus (3) schools, based on adjusted tap
                                                            fee agreement
                                                           Partnered with other Developers to share
                                                            cost for Lambert High School sewer and
                                                            entire basin.
                                                           Partnered with the Forsyth County Water
                                                            and Sewer and adjoining Developer to
                                                            transfer pump station and force main at
                                                            South Forsyth High to Forsyth County
                                                            Government Sheriff’s Office.
 Contract with an energy savings company to provide       Completed $2,689,873 in Capital
alternate sources of financing for capital improvements to  Improvements in 2005 and 2006.
be repaid from energy savings
 Consider lease of new equipment                          
Action Steps for Key Strategy 3.4                                   Evidence and Artifacts 2006
 Investigate lease-purchase program for new construction 
 Search for grants to implement future programs            Participating in State Funded Pre-K Grant
                                                             program for inclusion of students with
 Provide support to pursue and assist all sites and        Business and Community Relations secured
divisions with finding and applying for grants               donation of $100,000 to the Forsyth
                                                             Academy; $25,000 to Daves Creek
                                                             Elementary and South Forsyth Middle
                                                             School; Scientific Games grant for high
                                                             schools, teacher gift certificates and
                                                             attendance incentives
 Establish Forsyth County Schools' foundation              Board approved a resolution to support the
                                                             formation of establishing the Forsyth
                                                             County Educational Foundation, Inc.
Action Steps for Key Strategy 3.5                                   Evidence and Artifacts 2006
 Coordinate future school sites with local governments to  See: Partner with local government and
maximize resources, improve roads (e. g. turn lanes), and    outside agencies in developing facilities
provide water and sewer through shared planning and          with joint financing and use above.
costs                                                       Currently working with City of Cumming
                                                             and two (2) Developers to develop sewer for
                                                             Haw Creek Elementary, Lakeview Middle
                                                             School, and Mashburn Elementary
                                                            Tap Fee for Daves Creek Sewer included in
                                                             Parks and Rec. agreement for new park.
                                                            Worked with Forsyth County Government
                                                             on providing sewer availability to three
                                                             schools in North Forsyth.
 Establish / Maintain a good working relationship with     GEMA
local and state emergency responder age                     FCEMA
                                                            The School Safety and Discipline Director
                                                             attends monthly meetings with local law
                                                             enforcement, fire, and other emergency
                                                             response agencies
                                                            Add Pandemic Plan info here
 Establish / Maintain a School Resource Officer Program  Continue collaboration with the Forsyth
                                                             County Sheriff’s Department to provide
                                                            several school resources officers housed at
                                                            schools and at no cost to the system
 Train key personnel to utilize the new security and      FCS assists in writing and revising the
camera systems effectively and efficiently                  Forsyth County Emergency Operations Plan
                                                            (FCEOP) and provides key resources and
                                                            services during the implementation of the

Goal 4: Enhance the educational program through increased community involvement
Key Strategies:
    1. Embrace the community as a valuable resource for effective learning.
Action Steps for Key Strategy 4.1                                  Evidence and Artifacts 2006
 Identify current and untapped resources that will be   Mentors
maintained in a comprehensive, searchable data base      Referrals Sources
                                                         Resources for Parents
 Engage stakeholders in reciprocal partnerships with    Created new Business and Community
local, state, and national organizations and agencies     Advisory Committee
                                                         Created Board-level Citizens Finance and
                                                          Operations Task Force and Legislative
                                                         Continued partnership and participation in
                                                          Leadership Forsyth and Youth Leadership
                                                         Continued partnership with LEADER and
                                                         Staff presented at numerous state and
                                                          national association conferences, as well as
                                                          serve on committees and boards.
 Communicate opportunities for partnerships and         Organized an informational campaign for
involvement to all stakeholders                           SPLOST/BOND - Passed in November
                                                          2006 General Election with 73% approval
                                                          (first time referendum was placed on general
                                                          election ballot).
                                                         Restructured Partners in Education office to
                                                          Business and Community Relations
                                                         Board approved comprehensive 2006-07
                                                          Community Involvement Plan
                                                         Continued Educator Discount Program
                                                         Developed print Alumni Directory and an
                                                          online alumni community
                                                         Expanded System Job Fair and NEO vendor
                                                          sponsorship opportunities
                                                         Involved Partners in Education in Discover
                                                          program and Special Olympics
                                                         Created and distributed a list of stakeholder
                                                          opportunities for involvement and methods
                                                          of communication.
 Expand liaison relationships to governmental agencies  System and all schools committed to a
                                                               Platinum Level Partnership with the
                                                               Cumming-Forsyth County Chamber of
                                                               Commerce 2006
                                                              Communicated with city, county and state
                                                               officials on SPLOST III 2006
                                                              Collaborating with Metro Atlanta Chamber
                                                               of Commerce’s Teacher Recruitment &
                                                               Retention Campaign
                                                              Established annual legislative priorities and
                                                               increased communication with legislatures
                                                              Collaborate with Forsyth Community
                                                               Connection to support students and their
                                                              Established a network with PIOs from
                                                               Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office, Forsyth
                                                               County Government, Forsyth County Fire
                                                               Department and Cumming-Forsyth County
                                                               Chamber of Commerce.
                                                              Worked with the Cumming-Forsyth County
                                                               Chamber of Commerce and Forsyth County
                                                               Government on economic development
                                                              FCS will attempt to improve data flow with
                                                               the Forsyth County government; working
                                                               with county on launch of government TV
 Increase opportunities for staff and community mentors      Continued Forsyth County Mentor Program,
to become involved in meaningful, public engagement            including mentors for the Forsyth Academy
                                                              Recruited members for Big Brother / Big
                                                              Hosted community Fall Bus Tour and
                                                               expanded one for realtors in the spring.
                                                              Incorporated students, parents and
                                                               community members in all task forces and
                                                               committees (e.g. High School Improvement,
                                                               Special Education Task Force, Textbook

Goal 5: Improve all internal and external communications
Key Strategies:
   1. Use the external audit to improve communication
   2. Implement a wide array of communication techniques to address a diverse community
   3. Educate the public on all aspects of education
Action Steps for Key Strategy 5.1                              Evidence and Artifacts 2006
 Standardize communication procedures and tools to    Utilized Communications Audit results to
engage all communities by:                              develop system-wide communications plan
     o Identifying effective media,                    Established and communicated a vision and
     o Providing appropriate tools,                     mission for department, as well as 11 areas
    o Developing procedures,                               of service and focus.
    o Educating stakeholders,                             System electronic and print publications
    o Evaluating effectiveness of standardized process     redesigned to focus on system vision and
                                                          Composed written history of the system and
                                                           its four high schools.
                                                          FCS living tree video collection in
                                                          Continued Campus Messenger
                                                          Redesigned The Communicator and Board
                                                           Briefs to interactive electronic formats that
                                                           track readability and forwards
                                                          Launched electronic news clipping service
                                                           and Clip Mail summaries to staff.
                                                          Produced 50,000 print copies of State of the
                                                           Schools (back-to-school annual report).
                                                          Procedures have been developed for staff
                                                           contact with media, open records requests,
                                                           partner donations
                                                          Standardized staff presentation guidelines
                                                           for Board meetings.
                                                          Developed formal communications to use
                                                           with system initiatives, such as Grading and
                                                           Reporting and Redistricting
                                                          Reformatted system website to be friendly
                                                           for individual staff designers; redesigned
                                                           branding of site to focus on FCS culture.
                                                          Launch Video on Demand on website.
                                                          Created evaluation tool for Superintendent
                                                           Advisory meetings.
                                                          Created unanimous stakeholder contact us
                                                           email and phone service.
                                                          Launched Campus Messenger
                                                          Continued The Communicator, Board
                                                           Briefs, State of the Schools
                                                          Procedures have been developed for staff
                                                           contact with media, open records requests,
                                                           PIE donations
                                                          Developed formal communications to use
                                                           with system initiatives
                                                          Implemented a new web content
                                                           management system, Academic Portal, to
                                                           better communicate with all stakeholders.
 Enhance the communications office                       Restructured Partners in Education office to
                                                           Business and Community Relations, and
                                                           evolved secretarial position to become
                                                           writing focused for electronic and print
                                                          Utilized college interns
                                                          Expanded collaboration with videographer
                                                                to increase video production (BOE meetings
                                                                and special purpose videos)
 Provide training for staff                                   Conducted a Customer Service audit and
                                                                met with each school principal to work on
                                                               Launched Friday Notes and trained staff on
                                                                email consolidation.
                                                               Individual communications counseling for
                                                                schools and staff as needed or in emergency
                                                               Classified staff opportunities provided in the
                                                                area of communications.
 Develop a bank of volunteer translators in a variety of      In Progress
 Increase opportunities for staff and community             Board included in the Chamber’s State of
  members to become involved in meaningful public             the Community Address. Superintendent
  engagement                                                  and system/staff members spoke at
                                                              numerous engagements.
                                                             System Teacher of the Year spoke to
                                                              community group and was the focus of a
                                                              welcome video, shown to new and returning
                                                             Board approved comprehensive 2006-07
                                                              Community Involvement Plan
                                                             Formalized process for feedback on
                                                              proposed and/or revised Board policies.
                                                             Communicated the need for renewal of
                                                              SPLOST III, included meeting with every
                                                              school staff, LCS, parent organizations and
                                                              civic meetings.
                                                             Partnering with numerous community and
                                                              county offices to host a series of Community
                                                              Adolescent Issues Panels
                                                             Developed communications plans and tools
                                                              for redistricting, high school improvement,
                                                              grading and reporting, counseling services,
                                                              calendar, superintendent search, etc.
                                                             Staff members serve on countless
                                                              community boards and committees.
                                                             Hosted community Envision 2030 meetings
                                                              at middle school; staff served as facilitators
                                                              on steering committees; high school sessions
                                                              held to gain student voices.
                                                             Hosted a Business After Hours at Shiloh
                                                              Point E.S.
                                                             Introduced target audience buttons on
                                                              website to streamline audience specific
                                                             Worked with the FC Association of Retired
                                         Educators to dedicate the Hill Educational
 Enhance Utilization of the website    Implemented Academic Portal

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