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									Dutch economy:

Dutch economy

With the economic prosperity and openness, the Netherlands depends on
foreign trade. Also enjoy the economy and stable labor relations, low
unemployment and inflation, the country as an important European
transportation hub. Industrial activities dominate the food processing,
chemicals, petroleum refining and electrical machinery.

With a highly mechanized agricultural sector employs less than 2% of the
workforce. Even so, it provides the food processing industry, but also a
large number of exports.

As of January 1, along with its EU partners to change the currency
against the euro, and the country's 11 the Netherlands, is one of the top
European countries to attract foreign investment.

The Netherlands is the world's 16th largest economy with annual economic
growth (GDP), 1998 年 to 2000, nearly 4 percent higher, and higher than
the European average in 2007, annual growth accelerated to 4.2 percent.

Dutch inflation rate estimated at 1.3%, while the unemployment rate in
the Netherlands was estimated at the lowest of all EU member states was
only 2.9%. In severe financial policies may GDP in 2005 to about 0.3% of
the deficit below the 2.1 percent registered the previous year. Service
sector in the Netherlands an important part of the national economy, and
more than 75% of GDP, by the industrial sector after.

Gross national income of $ 2004 has reached $ 523.1 per capita after
32,130.0 billions of dollars.

Dutch economy   by the OECD countries are presented to the Panel by the
World Bank on   the basis of income and the 2006 classification of high-
income areas.   The county has a 41,530.0 square kilometers, the total
surface area,   and 3600 square kilometers of forest area in 2000.

The country's main agricultural products are fruits, vegetables, grains,
sugar and animal husbandry, and in the domestic industry is an important
chemical, construction, petroleum, chemical, fisheries and construction.
The export of food, fuel, manufacturing, machinery and equipment, France,
Germany, Italy, Britain and Spain, its imports, such as chemicals, fuel,
clothing, from the United States, China, Germany and Belgium.

As for trade, the Netherlands has experienced in the past few years the
trade balance and the balance of international payments surplus. The
Netherlands is for the reconstruction and development as well as IDA and
IFC important member of the international banks as part of the founding
Collection of some Dutch courage Dutch courier services:

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government to reduce its role in the past few years the economy, foreign
investment is at home and in the UK and around the world, many companies
are planning to enter the Netherlands welcomed.

This is a good support for free trade, transport and logistics is leading
the way across Amsterdam and the States. Are available to all those
settings in the Netherlands, because of the strong economy and in the UK
and Germany's economic interest in close contact with many opportunities.

Dutch transport parcel has never been a matter with the Port of Rotterdam
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If you are in the UK is the ideal place to look to expand your business,
then you can seriously consider the Netherlands. Its geographic proximity
to the United Kingdom, and provide a huge opportunity, making it the
perfect place to move into online services when you have to do to help.

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Dutch import phytosanitary regulations:
Dutch import phytosanitary regulations

Dutch import phytosanitary requirements for plants directly under the
European Community and its Member States health system. These provisions
are intended to prevent the introduction and (quarantine) pests and
diseases within the European Union, the spread. Phytosanitary
requirements, the EU can be found on the website of the EU.
Protected areas

Dutch import demand is only different from other members on the national
protected areas. No protected areas have been established in the
Netherlands. Therefore, plants or plants from the Netherlands to a third
country products do not meet the need, as a protected area in the
European Community plant health regime to describe these EU requirements.
But newcomers to the case of goods in the Netherlands, and then
transferred to other Member States have protected areas, protected areas
requirements are applicable.
Entry points

Holland all the entry points can be used for plants or plant products,
phytosanitary certificate is required imports. The project has the
following points are used in the Netherlands:

    Rotterdam Port
    Amsterdam Port Area
    Port of Vlissingen
    Amsterdam Airport - Amsterdam
    Rotterdam Airport
    In Maastricht airport

According to EU Council Directive 2000/29/EC, an entry point should be
considered is: where plants, plant products or other objects into the
Community customs territory for the first time brought the place: the
case of aviation airport transport in the ocean or river transport,
railway transport in the case of stations, and the customs office where
the community is responsible for inland areas where cross-frontier port
of the case, in the absence of any other shipping containers.
Into specific points

The following port authority as an entry point into the ware potatoes
from Egypt, the Committee decided to 2004/4/EC, Annex, point 1 (C) line:

Eemshaven, Harlingen, Beverwijk, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Vlissingen.
Importers list and approved local inspection

Import targets to be monitored, and ensure compliance with import
procedures where only by authorized importers. Regulated plants, plant
products or other objects in the Netherlands (see Annex V, part of the
Council Directive 2000/29/EC b) All importers are included in the
official register. In the regulated access to all the objects are checked
by the Dutch Plant Protection Service. Inspections are carried out in
order to "approved test site." Most of these checks in the Netherlands is
the destination, such as origin, approved by the Dutch Plant Protection
Service and Council Directive 2000/29/EC line.

James Hardie Netherlands to withdraw from the Emerald Isle:

James Hardy, the largest U.S. home bias sellers, today announced that its
Board of Directors has decided to seek a two-stage plan to modify into a
Societas EUROPAEA (SE), some European companies are relatively new in the
form of James Hardie shareholders' approval (Phase 1) and then registered
to Ireland from the Netherlands (second stage), the company has been
reviewing for some time home and business to solve this problem is an
important priority is to count. James Hardie Chairman Michael Hammes, out
driving in a statement has been a major factor in the review. In the
company's decision a major factor, he explained, include:

    With global responsibility for the key senior management personnel
need to be able to spend with James Hardy's business and its markets more
time and

    In June 2008, asserted that the United States Internal Revenue
Service (IRS), James Hardy are not eligible for benefits under the United
States and the Netherlands between 2006 and 2007 (US / Netherlands
treaty) tax treaty. Although the company ultimately prevailed, the IRS
can later time reiterated its position, so now James Hardy thought it
prudent to reduce further disputes with the IRS risk.

Statement, James Hardie is the intellectual property rights and treasury
from the Netherlands and financial operations, after December 31, 2010
after the expiration of favorable tax incentives, the company currently
enjoys in the Netherlands under financial risk reserves. Mr. Hammes
explained that the proposals and intellectual property, capital and
financial operations to Ireland (collectively referred to as
transactions) constitute the current best practices and James Hardy and
James Hardy shareholders.Hammes emphasize the best interests of the
decision to relocate to love Ireland's basic factors:

    Unlike the US / Netherlands treaty between the United States and
Ireland (USA / Ireland treaty) does not contain the "substantial presence
test", with global responsibility need to key senior management time
spent in Ireland most of the tax agreement, so that these managers Flower
and James Hardy's business and its markets have more time, it provides
greater certainty James Hardy made under the United States / Ireland
treaty benefit ratio is based on the US / Netherlands treaty case, it
increases the company's flexibility to take under Irish company law, the
Directors consider to expand the company's future strategic options a
number of transactions, it simplifies the company's directors to the
board governance structure, which makes the company's intellectual
property and financial services and treasury qualifications statutory tax
rate that is lower than the present situation, if these operations are
still in the Netherlands after the expiry of the financial risk reserve
system; final

    It allows the majority of shareholders are not entitled to receive
dividend withholding tax.

The company's statement, in determining the recommendation of the
shareholders, James Hardie's directors, senior management and
professional advisers to explore a range of options, including retaining
the parent company in the Netherlands or moving the United States,
Australia or elsewhere in Europe also noted.

"Determined not to pursue moving to the United States or Australia due
to, among other reasons, the potential tax consequences for shareholders,
the additional complexity of James Hardie's corporate structure and
practical considerations, as a minimum acceptance of 95 held by the
shareholders to ask the director issued Equity% "end Hammes.

Welcome to the Netherlands, and to explore its natural and historical

The Netherlands is a charming old windmill country, ancient buildings,
beautiful scenery, famous tulip garden. The country provided for visitors
to explore the natural and historical beauty of countless opportunities.
Part of the Netherlands is located in northwestern Europe, bordered by
the North Sea. Amsterdam is the Dutch capital and an important place in
the national tour. Hosting many interesting cities, the Dutch tourist
will not go to the city and its attractions are not complete.

Many tour companies and cultural attractions tours around the country
some of the Netherlands. Also noteworthy, during the day to visit and
experience the natural wonders. Netherlands could one day package tour to
Curacoa underwater park, Tafelberg, Rincon, Maho Bay and the St.
Christoffel National Park. There are guided tours and walking tours to
these places.
Buses, private cars, yachts, cars and pools do sightseeing in the
Netherlands. You can book a reasonable solution or travel themselves.
There are bus and train services connect these cities attractive website.
Dutch part of the famous sightseeing attractions including the Anne Frank
House, Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum. Other places of tourists can be
considered to some of the royal palace, and the State ticket Neeltjee
Jans. These sites are located in Amsterdam city.

If you would like to include the popular tourist city in the Netherlands,
you choose to do one in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Leiden, Haarlem, Gopuda,
and stay in The Hague. This is the Netherlands home to many luxury hotels
in major cities and tourist places. The Dutch city has a vibrant
nightlife, you can enjoy the New Year.

Shopping and leisure activities for your important part of the Dutch
tourist. There are theme parks, marine parks, cultural centers, programs
and entertain visitors of concerts held throughout the year. Recreational
amenities include Spanse water, Saba Marine Park, and barracuda Bay Punta
available. These are the children the more popular destinations. In the
Saba Marine Park, people can enjoy diving. Rincon and Simsonbaai village
has two places to save local culture and national heritage.

Evening tour in the Netherlands is the country of choice for shopping and
restuarants. In Amsterdam and The Hague municipal market has some of the
country's largest shopping. You can go to buy some of the gallery in The
Hague Guthschmidth designer jewelry. Fashionable clothes in the inner
city shopping center here.

Netherlands Vacation Guide:

Advanced urban centers and rural towns are included in the sleepy by
canals, castle walls and dikes there are broad prospects. Europe's most
densely populated region is located in the Netherlands, called Randstad.
It is located in Amsterdam city center from the circle, including The
Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht and Haarlem, Leiden and Delft in the small
towns. Metropolitan centers hum and seasonal festivals, cultural
activities, vibrant art scene and excellent bars and restaurants
Most people go to the Dutch capital Amsterdam to its unique experience.
Other parts mainly by tourism, particularly outside the Randstad region.
South of the country's shift into the ups and downs in 霍格费吕沃 National
Park beaches and heathlands, preferably with experience in the landscape.
But the south, the border between Germany and Belgium rolled up in the
historical city of Maastricht. However, changing the face of the
Netherlands, is the restaurant's windmill, canal barge travel tanks,
clogs and tulips are grown in the tile on the wall.

The Netherlands has a very good public transport system, but the payment
system is undergoing change. Here is a basic guide tickets, trains,
buses, trams, airports and taxis, including those with special needs

The Netherlands provided a cultural attraction, its trademark is
certainly worth exploring a wide range. Charming old city, picturesque
villages, rich in tradition, seasonal events, unique scenery, windmills,
art galleries, museums, cafes, bars, restaurants - whatever it is you
think you'll find it in the Netherlands . Located in Belgium and Germany,
it is very easy to reach, from France and the United Kingdom. Modern
transportation network and a large number of airports to provide a simple
and efficient transportation and from all Europe and other continents in
the Netherlands. Anyway, there are many other not be missed in your Dutch
adventure interesting. Why not go to the Netherlands, and interesting
historical landmarks, in a very rich cities such as Leiden, Rembrandt and
in a beautiful old city or the vibrant port city of Rotterdam's
birthplace, a region dotted with the western.

SIM card while taking the Netherlands, the wholesale price of local
services here to save 85 percent of U.S. international roaming. KPN in
the Netherlands, including the network SIM card and services in the
Netherlands, with the lowest call rates to the United States free
incoming calls.

Not unlock the phone, struck the American carriers you rent the
Netherlands - from RebelFone compatible mobile phone, renting at a dollar
a day, a Dutch mobile phone.

In the global financial services company in the Netherlands are
interested in? :

Some of the world's top financial institutions as the International from
the Netherlands and the Netherlands, ABN AMRO and Rabobank's global
headquarters here, making it the marketing and communications
professionals in the financial services industry looking for an
interesting position in the market.

Marketing and communications business challenges

    Financial services industry is a typical traditional and political
environment: Candidates must be able to work well here. Rapid decision-
making and rapid treatment is often difficult to make in this case.
Company looking for candidates with excellent patience, diplomacy and
persuasion skills, and who will relish the challenges of work around
these obstacles.
    Rapidly changing financial markets. Candidates must be able to
respond to these changes, while maintaining the ability to not lose sight
of the long-term goals and strategies.
    Emphasis on strategic and product marketing positions often need
specific industry experience (eg experience in the asset management
business of the marketing function) candidates.
    Attention to detail is very important. Compliance and risk to ensure
that facts and figures are correct a huge role.
    The financial institutions and customer relationships are based on
trust, compared with consumer organizations. Financial decisions of their
customer base for many corporate reputation and image, if it is damaged,
the bank will suffer great pain.
    We observed that the main challenge in communication is not only
complex data, is the result of the transfer, but also the people as the
target stakeholders: for example, often within the bank's internal
audience is highly educated, high-level individuals to adapt to a busy
tone and communication additional point.

Challenge to attract and keep top talent

We note the following challenges to help our clients attract, source, and
maintain their senior talent pool:

    Our research found that candidates in the financial services industry
can pay, rather than the corporate culture or values as competitive
focus. It can, therefore, is a difficult task to attract and retain
employees prepared to move is greater than other industries. From the
communication point of view, it can be more difficult to engage with the
Bank's strategic employees.
    McKinsey Quarterly article (July 2008) "talent shortage for European
banks," focuses on the challenges facing banks, the international
competition in the market to fill the increasingly important position.
Their study found that in the next three to five years, the shortage of
professionals already in the organization is critical to business success
will be a problem to work on specific areas of work. Bank will,
therefore, to look outside of the top talent, which is risky, because
they must ensure they have adequate qualifications, and they understand
the key business objectives, and operation of different corporate
cultures have been effective organization.
We found, top international marketing and communications professionals
the financial services industry has the following desirable

    Solid economics / business degree education
    Experience with financial services, products and services in its
depth of knowledge gained
    Bank of passion
    Can understand non-tangible products and services
    Overall concept
    Can function in a complex political environment and
    Analytical thinking
    Strategic mindset, but flexible enough to quickly adapt to market
    English-speaking skills
    Excellent information technology
    Vibrant and resilient personality

There are many similar properties, both marketing and communications
professionals share. However, we note that the top talent customer
communications and marketing positions do not always need more, the
financial services industry experience. This is because less financial
knowledge is required, but in a complex political organization of
experience is essential. Therefore, we sometimes find the knowledge and
skills where you can experience, such as industrial transfer candidates:
political organizations, NGOs, consulting and tax companies, business to
business services companies.


In addition to generous salaries, leave and performance-based bonuses, up
to 30 off bank financial products, such as mortgage loans, which can make
a person's net disposable income of the enormous impact of services.

Here we have listed typical approximate salary of marketing and
communications in the Netherlands:

Experienced expert
€ 40,000 - 55000 + performance bonus and share of company profits

Experienced senior experts
€ 60,000 - 75,000 + performance bonus and share of company profits

Managers (management team)
€ 75,000 - 90,000 + performance bonus and share of company profits

Director / Head
From € 100,000 + performance bonus and share of company profits
Media Advisory scarce South Holland:

In an increasingly complex media landscape, it is difficult to get the
right mix of media, so there is no media expert knowledge. For most of
the marketing manager is a complex and focused media agency search
opinions, so vital to marketing objectives. It is noteworthy that,
outside the Netherlands of the Western media of an appropriate body to
find a limited number. A well-known media organizations in the Eindhoven
describes how to find them at the time of purchase to do a good office in
the province of Ontario marketing media to choose.

The Foundation's website provides a qualified Rota media institutions in
the Randstad choice, but many marketing experts in the southern
Netherlands, for example, are not always reputable placement agencies or
media organizations that easy. It is the only independent media
representatives or organizations in the Eindhoven and all media strategy
and media planning, rational development of the range. To do this, it is
important to know exactly what the media comments and questions,
including: a look at the meaning. The first is a special media
consultant. The problem is usually a media framework in a marketing

Guidance from A to Z
A reputable agency or media placement to guide customers to monitor the
media planning and media buying, delivery and organization of the
material passed to the media. A media organization's mission, including
media strategies, and create a media plan, media buying in cable
operators, media content and the right to buy media space billing timely
delivery. In addition, media organizations to monitor the proper
implementation of media operators.

From the pre-defined goals for the media group, media resources and media
budgets appointment matters. Then, in the media planning and media
titles, such as time of practical application. Media on the target during
the progress of the adjustment according to media planning is essential.
Media to the next step. Enable traditional media is one of the
possibilities. For example, advertising in daily Eindhoven, radio or the
beginning of movement. These measures include the complete process of ad
placement, but also busreclame, outdoor advertising or billboard
possibilities examples.

Up to date
Good media organizations, but also in the media and the CBS published
information, such as, TNS NIPO, the Internet advertising and Cebuco
(newspaper marketing) broad-based understanding of developments in the
field. Example of the figure, the mobility of labor (NOA) latest media
research institute recognized as indispensable. All of these data
represent a recognized media organization can also think outside the box.

Leading universities in Europe as in the Netherlands:

The main reasons students choose college, they study a lot, because the
quality of education. Although the cost and enjoy life and choices of the
main factors in the priority list, the second coming, most of the
University of choice and quality. This quality is what the future course
of action to ensure that they take up is bound to be successful.

In recent years, many students are turning to Europe's top universities
and those in particular in the Netherlands and the Swiss National
position. The reason for this trend is due to liberal policies and the
quality of education, help students find a career carving is completed,
their course is not enough. These universities offer different levels to
help students through a clear understanding of and problems in their
respective fields-based training.

Arts and humanities, culture, history, engineering and technology in
addition to the common subjects, is considered by the student's choice.
Different from the world-renowned university faculties are experienced
Education Advisory Committee, in its guide curriculum design. Vast
knowledge and experience, these academicians and teachers for students to
put into good use. These materials have been designed bearing in mind who
will attend the university in a large number of college enrollment of
international students.

University in the Netherlands have proven to be the favorite place of
international students because they get their choice of objects is easy.
Hotel management, law, political affairs, which are conducive to student
found to have some new additions. The reason for this tendency is that
one can not even flow of scientific data related to the subject of many
research opportunities.

Training for teachers and high standards of academic research than
practical way, people like to bring the concept of academic medical
centers, Delft University of Technology, Eindhoven University of
Technology, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Leiden University of Maastricht
University in the Netherlands is well-known name and college students in
some communities between popular.

A little distance from the Dutch border, the Swiss national, is the
world's financial capital finance is among the students who wish to take
in Paris as the Swiss Ecole Polytechnique Federale DE Laussane choice for
college admissions issues, ETH Zurich, Lucerne University of Applied
Sciences, Basel , University of Bern, and some universities.

A wide range of issues in these universities and students from around the
world that is becoming all these European countries to complete higher
education courses. Affordable cost of living by the top universities in
Europe within the framework of the scholarship program. When this issue
is resolved, there is a quality education with the best first-class
university, students line up enrollment. After graduation, the bright
prospects for the future benefit is another powerful factor in these

Holiday travel advice in the Netherlands:

Planning to visit the land of bicycles and light bulb? Even if there are
no travel restrictions in the country have to go abroad on the movement
of cash and legislative control. Proposed regulations on a check as the
Dutch travel advice can be changed in a short time.

From the mid-age girl that everyone must present valid identification
document requirements. To ensure trouble-free visit is one of the
tourists should pay attention to the little criminals prey. REVIEW
pocket, purse stolen, all manner of fraud actually took place.

Located at sea level and other inland border in Germany, Belgium and the
Netherlands are the southern part of North Eastern Europe. Most of the
country is actually below sea level. Large dams and dunes to keep at bay
the sea.

Amsterdam's canals, museums, housing priceless art treasures, historical
sites, and more gathered, is the obvious choice to begin to explore this
diverse country. Keukenhof bulb fields outside the city burst, from mid-
March and proud of bloom into a brilliant flower colors. Fruit, cloves
and lily scented air make this an never spectacular glory for tourists,
every year thousands of unforgettable experiences.

Ironically, the Dutch tulip is synonymous with non-indigenous to the
area, but bring a few centuries ago from Turkey. Flower parade around the
country in spring, summer and autumn held. Spectacular floats entirely by
scent bloom.

In the northern fishing village with a rich cultural heritage of the era
has passed. Many buildings and statues dating back to when the East India
Company rule supreme. Visit the texture or "the epitome of the
Netherlands," with its beaches, nature reserves, forests and picture
postcard villages, is a must.
Heineken is world-renowned home of the original brewery in Amsterdam is
now a heritage museum. A tour through the end of the beer manufacturing
process with a need beer, or taste two.

Added to the urban and rural locals, and cycle. There are some varieties
to guide passengers and travel at their own pace or you can purchase maps
and travel. Bicycles available for hire, tickets for the price, you can
take the car. Almost every road has bike lanes and cyclists have their
own set of traffic lights, as well.

For a more relaxing vacation to take in the picturesque canals and river
barge cruise. Drift and enjoy the material comforts, local food and wine.
Travel through the windmills of the land, its art and cultural history of
good fortune. Reservations barge and take a bike and enjoy the best of
both worlds. Netherlands travel advice to make this a memorable holiday.

All you need to know the etiquette tips in the Netherlands:

Planning on visiting Amsterdam, Rotterdam, the Netherlands or other
valuable in the city? Make a good read on the national tour and before
you reach the tipping etiquette.

By law, all the cafes and bars, and tourist companies, hotels, and often
accompanied by other tourists to visit places must include BTW. By the
way, is that they correspond to the value-added tax. Most importantly,
there is prompt. However, you should not overdo it. Whether you should
not be stingy. As in the United States, 5 to 10% of the total bill is a
good tip. If you have a snack or just a drink, then you can give 10 to

If you have one with you and the service is quite demanding for a large
group, then you should add some additional set up, you tip. Tip is
actually from the phrase, "To ensure timely service." Unlike in Spain,
the Netherlands, tips welcome, especially in the Amsterdam bar. However,
you should pay attention to which slow service - home to visitors the
same feeling.

Taxis in most towns in the Netherlands is expected to prompt interest
rates. In Amsterdam, these techniques is high relative to other
international cities. However, these are very accustomed to. If you want
to tip, to around $ 5 to $ 10 amount.

Not many countries are below sea level. Many countries are not free
though is densely populated. Many countries do not so much wind and
water, sailing, sail, bicycle, birds, and windmills. There is no country
like the Netherlands.
The Netherlands Orthopedic Devices Market Outlook to 2016:

Global international medical device reporting, "Netherlands Orthopedic
Devices Market Outlook to 2016" provides the key to the Dutch market
orthopedic devices market data. The report provides the value ($
millions), volume (units) and average price (U.S. dollars) within seven
days of each category and market segment part of the data -
Orthobiologics, joint reconstruction, spine surgery, trauma fixation,
arthroscopy, orthopedic accessories, and orthopedic braces and support.
The report also provides the company's shares and the shares of each of
these types of market data. The report is supplemented with global
enterprise with financial and pipeline products, as long as the
information provided an overview of major market participants.

This report is the use of data and sources of proprietary databases,
primary and secondary research and global team of industry experts the
International Conference on the internal analysis.


    Market size and shares data seven days orthopedic device market
category - Orthobiologics, joint reconstruction, spine surgery, trauma
fixation, arthroscopy, orthopedic accessories, and orthopedic braces and
    Year of market revenue (in millions of U.S. dollars) for the seven
days of market segmentation and class segments per volume (units) and
average price (U.S. $) data. 2002 to 2009 data, forecast a 7 2016.
    2009 shares and the market shares of each of seven categories of
    Profiles of the global enterprise level orthopedic device market in
the Netherlands focus on business operations.
    Major players involved, including DePuy, Stryker, Zimmer, SYNTHES,
Medtronic, Smith & Nephew and Biomet.

Reasons to buy

    Developed by identifying key categories and markets, strong growth is
expected to segment business strategy.
    Development of market access and market expansion strategy.
    Orthopedic devices in the Netherlands by determining the competition
who newsstands, one of the design of competitive strategy.
    Developed by identifying key market in the near future is expected to
register strong growth in the field of capital investment strategy.
    What are the main sales channels and what is the most preferred
product distribution model - to identify, understand and grasp.
Next-generation access the Dutch market research report:

We in the Netherlands the previous analysis, we pointed to a possible
development potential of the open market, because the player's number of
infrastructure and urban activities. However, including the lack of
scale, fragmented market, from cable operators and the incumbent, KPN
major obstacle to competition. Since then, there have been, including any
ease or even eliminate these obstacles and lead to large-scale deployment
of open-access (mainly in the passive level) of the important
developments. One of the most important thing is with KPN and Reggefiber,
which is another way investment and cooperation toward North Korea is
highly capital intensive to current expenditures such as joint ventures.

Netherlands is the point in showing to the point where FTTH access
networks are being deployed to open the clear will of the operator's
interest. In many other markets, passive (PON) optical network has become
the preferred technology. Extensive use of P2P has been OPTA, has been
driven by large-scale open, to better promote the competitors from
entering the fiber-optic access network initiative. This includes the
cost of unbundled access to fiber-oriented price control obligations
(Optical Distribution Frame - ODF) access network.
Joint activities have become central to the Netherlands next generation
access (NGA) development. NGA players in the country have benefited from
a clear regulatory NGA's regulator, OPTA, including key price to provide
a clear framework. Hook up between KPN and the current infrastructure
experts Reggefiber means more than 200 million households (households
with at least a quarter) should be in the 2013 access point-to-point
FTTH-based broadband. In addition to Amsterdam's open access network,
there are smaller number of FTTH networks instigated by the government.
Elsewhere, KPN introduced a FTTC. High-speed wired broadband also plays a
central role, the main participants in the UPC and Ziggo reached between
120Mbps and 25Mbps products.

360 degree spherical panorama: Kingdom of the Netherlands:

Spherical panorama also shows incredible indoor and outdoor areas. I have
been in the position or the world for two years has been like my camera
has been to produce spherical panorama. This type of photography requires
a high level of quality in the camera to capture as much detail.
Just recently my wife and I visited the Netherlands, to various places,
including Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague, some large cities in the
Netherlands. As we visit these places during the day, lighting conditions
are not the best time shooting spherical panorama. However, various
structures to make up for the light, and sometimes quality.

The Netherlands is located in Western Europe about 16 million people in
charge. The country is bordered to the east of Germany, both south and
west and north of the Belgian North Sea. In the entire region from west
to east, from north to south by car or less than 3 hours.

As we said, this lasted about two weeks, I visited the Oude Kirk (located
in Delft), or in the old English church, the purpose of a spherical
panorama of the morning shooting. This church is also the nickname audeux
John English months or older, and with a tower about 75 meters.
Interestingly, the tower is tilted from the vertical structure of the
absolute about 2 meters.

Delft is located Nanhelannan Dutch or English, Holland. That is
attracting many tourists from around the world, the famous Delft city
center and the typical Dutch canals. Delft is also home to the Dutch
painter or a Vermeer, Delftware, or Delft blue pottery and van Technische
Universiteit Delft, Delft University or English.

My wife also visited the spherical panorama shooting purposes and to
enjoy "normal" tourist attractions and other places in the Netherlands.
Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague city there are many available to those
across Europe and visiting this beautiful and extraordinary country.

Why does Dutch server can be a good choice:

It is often doubted the two things, choose a server. The type   of server,
they should get the option and the server location. These are   two very
good thing to think, because they are the end-user experience   have a huge
impact. In this article we will discuss these two things, and   finally how
these things can ultimately affect the end user.

First, the type of server is very important considerations. There are
several types of servers out there, but they can be divided into three
categories. Dedicated servers, VPS, also known as virtual private servers
and shared hosting. These three have their own set of pros and cons
yourself. Definitely the cheapest of the lot is shared host, but it is
often not a good choice, unless you are just a basic website to promote
your business, or may show some pictures of your catalog online. Shared
hosting has several limitations that make it unattractive to most
applications. For example, you can not customize every aspect of the
site. In addition, bandwidth and space, you can use is very limited.
Next, is a VPS or virtual private servers. Virtual dedicated server is
still a shared host species, but the difference is, not just get a
server's resources, a small part of your site is like an operating system
running on the process here, you get a server partition your demand, as
part of a fully independent. Typically, you will have the ability to
install your operating system partition of your choice, or even restart
or upgrade it exists entirely on the server independent of other

Finally, the ultimate in custom dedicated server. Dedicated server is the
server that is dedicated only to your site. This provides almost all the
aspects of absolute control over the server and provide server from what
is no limit on the bandwidth and space, in addition to ability. This is
an expensive option though often beautiful, but it is worth considering
only if you really need to add speed and space.

However, dedicated servers do not always have to be expensive. For
example, A can be found in the Netherlands dedicated server is often a
reasonable price, can be a great location for your server, because it is
a country located in the center, and from all over the place, especially
in Europe, the vehicle will enjoy lower benefit level. Others such as
virtual private servers Netherlands (VPS) server also enjoy these
benefits, the Netherlands, a position to make your server more often in
favor of platitudes sites ignore a great choice. In the end of the day,
you need to carefully consider everything before making a decision,
including the operating system, server type, and your target audience.

Netherlands - Europe's miracle - Land:

Fanatical football may be over, but the Netherlands is still the world's
most traveled countries. The country has an indomitable spirit and
lively, which makes it just has the correct destination. One in the
country where some of the most exciting holiday as a glance.

    People of the world have different views of the city of Amsterdam,
and not all of them are ... or accurate! City is unorthodox, probably not
everyone likes in the first place. However, once you're there, few cities
can match the unique experience of the Dutch capital can offer you.
Amsterdam has its share of negative publicity, scandal, and the red light
district and immigration crackdown, but have been quickly swept under the
carpet, and permanently, with the local population and the usual
enthusiasm. Whether it is an increasingly popular coffee shop, "the old
merchant house, the magic of the Vondelpark or Jordan charming streets,
every city position is influential because it is several centuries ago.
The museum spoke highly of the golden age of art , and everyone, from
young to those in the late 1940s and 1950s tehir, like any party!
Although no specific time to visit Amsterdam Queen's Day is the best time
in the city, and the world's largest political party-cum- garage sale in
the summer, there is a festival, like the Holland Festival, Festival of
the root, and other activities index number.
    Cobble stone streets, exaggerated churches, museums and magnificent
buildings, historical monuments of its own - it's hard not addictive, or
even stay a few days like Haarlem. As for the super-class city, with
world-class restaurants, selling unique items, withstood the test of
time, bar, both taste fine wine or just take a walk or two antique!
    霍格费吕沃's largest national park in the Netherlands, by Anton and
Helen Kröller - Miller bought in 1914. Her husband hopes to become a
hunting ground, while his wife, museums insist on the land. The result is
an exciting merger. The park is a great place to visit forests, marshes,
sand dunes, and brilliant museums. Transfer of ownership to the state in
1930, the museum opened in 1938, Helen extraordinary art collection.
    Easily the most beautiful, but relatively undiscovered city of
Maastricht, also known as the crown jewel of the south, one is not all
tulips are like windmills or consisting of many parts of the country. One
can encounter the Spanish and Roman ruins, Belgium and French
architecture, international cuisine, basically, a non-Dutch atmosphere,
which as a welcome change for many from. This difference is to improve
the fact that even gives the landscape, one in another part of the world

Although to the Netherlands, people can stay in cost-effective way to buy
international phone card matrix, that is required to give up any part of
the world's savings rate of 80% of the contact.

In the Netherlands, cycling, riding under the sea:

A near-perfect pastoral tulip in the Netherlands where the endless green
fields and peaceful life in a small town, so you feel as if you enter a
large number of fairy-tale world. However, if there is no bicycle, even
closer, you can not really close to it. Therefore, riding a bike, and let
us experience the natural beauty of the Netherlands! Keukenhof Tulip
Garden, probably in the garden of the world. This should be a real color,
but through the collection of 700 million colorful tulips together.Really
visual feast? Superstar wear section free blog!

Let us, like flowers, beautiful flowers, the face of so many people will
laugh stern girl. Do not miss the variety of flower boxes, and you enjoy
a single flower pictures, they are the world's leading gardening experts
from the design. Unique color is the surprise of many, make an impact.
From the park, there are more around the vast number of flower park your
ride. You will be interested in local small garderns, gathered to watch
and take pictures. Each garden is designed with great dedication and
zests. Dutch garden designer to live up to the great good title. Soon,
from large-scale color into your eyes, you will become more and more
excited, more and more fast riding also.

Park next to the flower farm random bike. Magnificent sea facing flowers,
no words feeling occupy your mind. Into their own flowers, looking at the
beautiful flowers, breathe, touch and feel with their intimate
relationships. Sunset, our challenges and windmill arms swinging a huge
struggle. We fight back with their own weapons - camera - from different
angles. Middle age, the recurrence of fighting windmills.

It can not be more fitable experience "windmill Kingdom", "windmill of
the war." If you want to learn more windmills, you can lie on your next
bicycle windmills, and visit their house. You may feel more friendly
visit to see the windmill. You ride along the river and windmills slowly
glide at your sides. You meet the oncoming "driver" Every now and then.
Everything becomes peacefull nature. Forest Park bike tour will take your
extreme, do not worry about 40 security, simple signs around road bike
you get kilometers.

Ride a little faster, fresh and cool air will flow in your face, blow
your clothes and pants slowly. Your every cell of the body seems to enjoy
the hot springs. Nameless different types of trees and flowers grow in a
group or high into the clouds. Sky, blue sky, like a narrow canal.

Stop your bike and the path, bare foot tease your lake, walking on the
grass a lot of wild flowers. Hold your finger down the flow through thin
sand, swaying purple lavender was difficult. Unconsciously, but
enthusiasm will be added to the bicycle by the large and small
sculptures, deer and wild boar suddenly appeared. Together with the
surrounding nature, they will create a near-perfect, harmonious image.

Factors will drive the future of IT outsourcing in the Netherlands making

British nearshore IT outsourcing (ITO) research and consulting firm,
recently closed a Dutch IT outsourcing and in-house software development
survey, compare and contrast and 2010 the Dutch company's two types of
behavioral targeting - and those that outsource software development in
the development of their house their IT solutions. The survey was
completed and 289 non-outsourcing 167 outsourcing business
representatives, such as software / web development, banking and finance,
catering, telecommunications and other major vertical
According to the survey, unlike the Dutch outsourcing company,
outsourcing to whom lower operational costs, accelerate time to market,
promote their non-outsourcing decisions that may be transferred to the
future of 3D software development in the Party of different factors. In
other words, 31 percent of respondents acknowledged the possibility of
outsourcing software / web development, in the Netherlands if they can
not find the right IT resources / special skills, 21 percent of companies
said they will outsource if they need to market faster time via the
flexibility and scalability, 17% will outsource if they make more
critical business needs of internal resources, 14% of operating costs
will be the use of outsourcing, 10% will be outsourced, if a sharp
decline in their income, they need to cut IT budgets; and 6% - if they
decided to launch a 24 / 7 operation. Only 1% of the Dutch company made
it clear that they would never outsource software development

Overall, the Dutch companies do not outsource because of the following
three reasons: they want to have 100% of the software development
function and staff management control, they believe that outsourcing will
eventually spend more money and "headache" than internal development;
they are performed by outsourcing product development (S) fear of poor

Netherlands chase card holders in Singapore Property Tax Review:

Dutch tax authorities to pay the newspaper was ordered to begin tracking
the use of anonymous "black" credit card, hanging in the tax haven bank
accounts, and with the processing aspects, such as credit payment cards
in the Netherlands to discuss the organization, allegedly in order to
trace the individual.

Dutch tax authorities and the Financial Intelligence and Investigation
Service and Economic Investigation Service (FIOD) said they believe that
these credit and debit cards, regular needle used to buy expensive goods,
they are trying to use regular investment and value-added tax belt fraud.
This may or may not be true.

Ministry of Finance states: "the tax department is now possible through
the screening analysis of Dutch citizens such as the frequency of
payments position and the account number, based on the tax department can
then request the owner of the information of the account." This
conclusion the Netherlands in the past 12 months, suspected of dozens of
tax information exchange treaty.

Dutch Ministry of Finance said in undeclared funds EUR30bn region is in
foreign accounts.
Singapore Ministry of Finance said that while being a property tax on the
revised public consultation.

The draft Property Tax (Amendment) Bill 2010 (which aims to improve the
tax administration to taxpayers or clear) the legislative provision has
twelve regular review from the total property tax system changes,
including streamlining of reporting requirements for the owners. For
owners of Singapore Inland Revenue notification requirements of certain
events (such as when the building is completed, renovation, expansion,
change or improvement) apparently will be canceled.

In addition, the time during this period, the Authority may recover the
arrears of property tax (property tax and refund excess taxpayers), will
be limited to five years (at the same time bar applies to income tax and
Goods and Services Tax). It also suggested that the interest payable on
the excess property tax rebate based on a court order from the date of
the order (to make it consistent with the income tax cases, such as
orders) calculation.

These changes will enable the Authority to cancel the error in previous
years, property tax notice, notice of amendment replaced, for example,
the error has gone from clerical / arithmetic mistakes or incorrect
information provided by the taxpayer generated.

Also suggested that the Housing Authority property to recover the tax
from the demolition site demolition project completion date, and allows
restoration sites on the property tax payments retroactively by a five-
year time limit. The consultation period will last until June 25, 2010.

Interestingly, these two jurisdictions, the tax deficiencies are handled
differently. Gradually jurisdiction (ie, Singapore) to pursue tax reform
designed to stimulate investment, and the old war horse to hunt rabbits,
may or may not be vulnerable.

In Europe it is any doubt in this state of decline is ...

Hot Times in The Hague:

Dr. Jeffrey Lant

I note from the program. For this article, to any search engine to find a
George von Handel's D minor keyboard formed in 1731, the fourth movement
suite Sarabande theme. This will help determine the next mood ... ...

I have a confession to make. I did not, until recently, on the plug and
the last century, Europe's most enduring monarchy or make a play in the
Orange Nassau, House of the Dutch rulers. I suspect you are not the
latest either in the subject ... I doubt, therefore, you will stare at me
closely when I learned what. I have been thinking: If they were British
prince, not the Dutch, they fell more than life existence, in reality,
the establishment of the throne, the astronomical funds, the Royal
shenanigans and hijinks, all the rest - will be confiscated Not long ago,
media producers.

But they are Dutch, and OH so wrong, is considered to be boring. I
learned, or else ... ... now you would.

Queen Juliana of my curiosity I began to accept a get from Sotheby's
regular e-mail, the famous auction houses, which were found in my regular
customers. They have an auction (started March 14, 2011), the personal
belongings of her Majesty the Netherlands more than 1,700 hands. Since I
am in such a long time auction participants, I gave up everything for the
online catalog directly. Spent a few days through all this. As usual,
this auction is for a foreign to the aperture of my life, like the lady
has come from Mars.

Daughter of the Queen, the Queen rule, a queen, the former queen mother.

Luis Maria Wilhelmina was born Zhu 莉安娜艾玛 四月 三十 号 一九 ○ 九年 death
March 20, 2004. She was born in the European royal caste vertex, moving
inexorably towards its disastrous conclusion, though it is small wonder
that most of them will perish prince those remaining, a loss, and warned
that they know everything are either changed or washed away. Either
before or after the Gotterdammerung, the Netherlands has been among the
lucky Juliana.

She was born in The Hague, Netherlands, the Queen and Duke Henry of
Mecklenburg - Schwerin, Germany will face as the German Kaiser's high-
profile miscarriage of justice leading to oblivion with the princely
state of Wilhelmina's only child.

From the beginning, she was a social reformer ... her mother found
Juliana's education should include appropriate family education other
young who would be and their future sovereign lady. Her Royal Highness is
6 years old. At present, it does not know that she is changing the
established habits of ... ... to help others. She has done a lifetime of
IT work.

Good luck to her and things did not happen, the Netherlands go to war.
Instead, they are still in the 1914-1918 war neutral. Netherlands and
their princess, thus avoiding most parts of the major dynasties of
Europe, in addition to the newly named British Windsors and the seeds of
destruction fall. Juliana is branded by the global war ... but not yet.

Her luck ran out in the 1936 Winter Olympics in Bavaria, where she met
Prince Lippe - Biesterfeld Bernhard. Here, she found the love ... It's
cost will come later.

Prince Bernhard seems to solve a problem. Appropriate origin and religion
(the Dutch followers of their faith, creed requires strong) Prince is
rare. His legacy right ... he is willing to perform Boo (not King) is
always difficult role. Importantly, he is good looking and a good way to
lively German company.

What no one knew when he was a perfect textbook lecherous rogue, blatant
adultery, always dubious, money, the super-ally with a Deutchland
yearning, absolutely not his new country in all aspects of ... ... or
crown Princess and her upcoming fate.

In short, the newspaper publishers to sell the dream of paper ... ...

Standing to her attention and vigilance of fellow, who does not like her
to marry her from the start of the chic choice January 7, 1937, and
hardly ever had time for a happy marriage rights for this 后伯恩哈德 many.
Adolf Hitler (who, let it be recalled, mischievous sense of humor) is
sending a strong hint of his wedding present, the marriage is acquired
him in a Nazi alliance with the true nature ... and the Netherlands.

This is the nation's angry reaction, Juliana's mother, Queen Wilhelmina
and her government was forced to send the strongest possible negative,
though many people still doubt this is the right course .... Hitler meant
the Netherlands, its refineries, its distant empire of property, coveted
his Rembrants and Vermeers ... ... perhaps he hoped that all of the
tulips, too. He bagged all these, for a time, but he failed to capture
the royal family. Princess Juliana of the people, her two daughters
(including the future Queen Beatrix), and she was always striking the
same, she went to Canada, where she lived a quiet and simple life , which
made the hearts of Canadians, who can quickly smell the preload. Very
simple, she began to capture their hearts ... and like her. This is a
skill worth having.

In the eventful years that she needs it, from the World War II and the
Nazi occupation and plunder marker years; by the Queen in 1948 she
inherited after her mother abdicated and Indonesia, while the loss of the
gold property in India and the East, the production of national despair.
Juliana cope with everything ... until she had to face her last child
princess Christina (born 1947) was born nearly blind and so on, because
her mother contracted German measles during pregnancy torture. Desperate
to help a child more love, Queen Juliana, as she is now, in the mystical
religion for help and comfort. Her people, sympathetic to her situation,
and not because of sympathy for their faith healer in her search for
comfort. Her husband, of course, gave her the same attention, he always
... no. There are serious grumblings of dynasty. But a lifetime of
service, her method is simple, the Netherlands and rising prosperity,
when the queen who saved the woman, call her people like to have ("Lady",
"mevrouw", Dutch) her. This covered shady husband, also from from a
financial and sexual misconduct have dropped. The woman, he's been
wronged queen, ever saved him. This is the meaning of her love.

There are all these echoes in the more than 1,700 from her property in
March 2011 Sotheby's auction proceeds will be Red Cross in life, her
enthusiastic support for the project. Personally, I intend to pick up a
silver for their own little thing. It may be from the Queen's attention
... ... and may even be from the Prince Bernhard's. He had better, the
taste of the royal family, and from his financial chicaneries he was able
to indulge them.

Popular beach in the Netherlands:

Holland and 1105.2/km2 sufficient density of more than 600 million
people. The Netherlands, the Dutch marine protection in the western side.
Major cities of Amsterdam, the Dutch capital, The Hague and Rotterdam.
Rotterdam is famous and important ports and European ports.

The Netherlands has many sea beaches, natural landscapes and their
special guests and famous.

Zeeland: you 650 km long and calm atmosphere of the beach, enjoying the
sound waves striking the shore. You can not beat the beach in Zeeland.
The miles of beach, there are many things you do not like water sports
there for the family.

Zandvoort: this is the Netherlands, and other famous beaches. It has a
clear and clam water around the shore. It is appreciated by family
visitors. You can also enjoy a good hotel, camping ground holiday season.

Strand Zuid: the amazing success of last season, we have further upgraded
the city beach facilities encouraged. There is a new kitchen, double the
old large, extra large outdoor cafes and a cool new decorative scheme.
The result is a true Mediterranean atmosphere in Amsterdam Zuid, a la
carte menu and room for 140 diners.

Blijburg: a beautiful beach bar, where you can enjoy DJ'music. You will
get a calm atmosphere. This is the best summer season in the summer with
live music, party.

Noordwijk: This is a wonderful beach and easily accessible from Rotterdam
and Amsterdam. You will get the local flavor of ice cream white sand
beach and the famous funny. You may have a wind shield to prevent sand,
and add privacy place to sit.

Hallam Beach: Harlem is frequented by tourists every year. Harlem is
located 20 km from the city of Amsterdam and is easily accessible by
train, road or air. Quieter than Amsterdam, Haarlem, there are many
tourist attractions to explore. The region has a rich history and vibrant
culture. Historic sites can be found around the city and there is a
colorful market, it is worth a visit.

70% of the Netherlands to enjoy international roaming SIM card, stromal
cells of the competitors, Matrix International SIM card with free
incoming calls, local telephone calling rates.
Holiday Inn in Belgium and the Netherlands meeting:

Benelux countries play in Europe, commercial, industrial and commercial
re-role, high-profile conference, the annual meeting of thousands of
people. Political issues such as eco-technology is also high on the
agenda. Of course, these meetings attracted representatives from around
the world.

Belgium and the Netherlands ooze history and culture, they are a popular
tourist and business destination. Often across the field. CEOs likely to
take an informal look at the new company website; on behalf of the
meeting into a relaxing stay tiring. Therefore, the meeting room must
meet two entertainment and business users. BE Conference at the Holiday
Inn we do this admirably, never forget that there is an effective
conference services, our clients want to relax and comfort of a good

Each country has its own way of doing things, and Belgium and the
Netherlands restraint efficient operation. This extends to the dress,
presentation, course, business meetings. In the Holiday Inn, we have 29
hotels in the Benelux meeting, we respond with the same efficiency with
them their own affairs, to the customer's needs and desires. At the same
time, we will never forget the needs of foreign tourists - and visitors
from around the world reach the country each year in the week, this is
not a problem.

So, what is in the Netherlands and Belgium, and our customers expect the
same venue in Holiday Inn's meeting? Especially in the Netherlands, the
meeting may be very long, protracted affairs. Meeting room is a forum for
debate, we all expected contributions, and listened. Although there will
be a President, the purpose is to unite and mutually agreed solution to
the problem. Once you reach this point, things move very quickly indeed.
As you can imagine, refreshments and continuous supply of stationery is
necessary, because at night accommodation and rapid detection systems.
Who know that a distribution of public relations back to their hotel and
the area is like a clear bonus.

We offer all Holiday Inn BE, but with our hosting services, dedicated
conference and repeat booking to ensure even the most complex of the
smooth and efficient operation. One thing working in our favor is a
civilized manner, and the Netherlands is to hate the behavior, and the
establishment of protocols, such as pre lobbying and hidden agendas
underhand tactics.

In Belgium, each area has its own unique culture. Some parts of the
Netherlands, a number of German and so on. However, when it comes to the
meeting, some factors are common to all. Strong rules of etiquette
Belgians, for example, although the meetings may be open, friendly, like
the elbows on the table, remove your jacket and not punctuality is
considered impolite things.

We are meeting at the Holiday Inn across the BE has a business hotel in
Belgium and the Netherlands range from big cities like Brussels and
Amsterdam, charming historic towns like Moerdijk. All these areas attract
tourism and international business traffic, making the Benelux meeting
was very international affairs.

In the Netherlands, the Netherlands Vakantiehuis resorts:

Find a suitable house in the Netherlands?

Look no further! Our website can be found your perfect holiday. You will
find them in the Netherlands, France, a quiet holiday resorts. Or, you
are more suited to Extremadura in Spain's home? Even if we provide a wide
range of holiday homes, where you can find a suitable residence between
We will support people who have a natural perfect heart. Birdwatchers and
anglers will be able to find the right house. However, a good long walk
or bike the correct address in our lover.

Traffic noise is not clear, but Blackbird singing? We work with the team
every day for you to achieve this. You no longer have internet browsing
right house. We have them because you have put a line. A few clicks you
can guarantee yourself a peaceful holiday. We work with homeowner can
rent a cottage, often more telling of flora and fauna of the area as an

Nowhere on the Internet to find a site you can find in the natural state
holiday Netherlands. However, not only in the nature of the Netherlands,
now found in Europe, the most appropriate holiday! Especially for people
who want to relax on vacation thrown rod, or to find a particular plant
or animal, the house is perfect. You have at least one thing in common
with the owners: you both have a natural heart.

One of our customers have to say:

"When I first saw on the site, I have been looking for a suitable house
inNederland, on the site there are several holidays in the Netherlands
found that I soon found a suitable accommodation. Surrounded by the
nature of Gelderland, this beautiful The area offers great conditions for
peace and space. In addition, the owners really love nature, this
immediately led to click, I would like to suggest you visit several
resorts in the Netherlands, the website, but certainly outside the
Netherlands, while , you will find a suitable holiday home in France more
than 300 rooms. "(Peter Spicht, 2011 years)

Prominent Pretparken and Attractieparken in the Netherlands:

Netherlands can be considered as a prominent entertainment sites,
efficient pretparken in its territory. There is a wide range of
attractieparken in the Netherlands. When you visit the Netherlands, you
may experience many of the world-renowned theme parks may hone your
interest. About the Netherlands pretparkens best part is that in the
region each have a different amusement park, available to visitors. With
so many choices, customers are left confused, they usually visit in Hong
Kong, more than pretparken. Obviously, you will find it provides a
wonderful park thrilling roller coasters and other rides. On the other
hand, you may encounter attractieparken basis, such as fairy tales, the
zoo, Disney characters and many different themes.

Attractiepark Slagharen: in the Netherlands is one of the famous
pretparken Attractiepark Slagharen. This attractieparken actually began
in 1963, by the time also had a large transformation process to achieve
value-added development. This highlights the park is located in the
Slagharen areas this may be to give it the name of the Attractieparken
Slagharen. This amusement park is under Hardenberg, Overijssel
municipalities. This is a highly visited pretparken territory in the
Netherlands. According to records Attractieparken Slagharen enjoy about
1.3 million tourists in 2004, the huge traffic. This figure increased
from 2005 to 2008 period, as it recorded 1.4 million customers visit the
site. It can accommodate about 1,000 people can be considered a major
traffic enjoyed by the pretparken reasons.

Artis Zoo: Artis Zoo is another prominent venues, including the oldest
zoo pretparken available to tourists. This is an exciting attractieparken
for those who hold the interests of wildlife and nature, a comprehensive
source of temper. This pretparken is a complete entertainment for
everyone, because it provides not only the zoo, but it is just a fun
house aquarium. You may also encountered Botanical Garden, may stimulate
interest in plants and trees. This place is also a house Zoological
Museum, Geological Museum. Another striking feature is a planetarium, may
arouse your interest even further. This tourist destination is because it
is built in between 1838 and the oldest attractieparken. Its historical
value is to describe its appearance and design, such as its Rukoufuyou
top of any Shuangfang suspended two golden eagles.

Landal de Hellendoornse Berg: Landal Germany Hellendoornse Berg is
another interest pretparken in the Netherlands. The park has a function,
entertainment, a lot of people of any age group. In the park there are
children and other characteristics, tease them a few rides. You may also
experience the thrill of swimming with slides and pools for the kids to
do massage pool. One of the important features is the Bowling bowling
enthusiasts development. You can also find other over time, such as
billiards, darts and other sports

There are many such interest pretparken and attractieparken proud to
stand in the Netherlands where this highly visited tourist destinations.

Why become WeCare mutual Netherlands:

Until now, you may have spent your home and family, and living your life
the most time. You may live far from learning your family or travel, but
certainly, they are always close at hand. Is not a satisfying experience,
is free, you can stand on their own feet, make their own choices?

Netherland by a gold or Au pair pair in Amsterdam, you are not an INTO
just to be in their own world exciting step, but you will also get a
wealth of experience, you will be free to make their own decisions, take
responsibility, you will be able to stand on your own two feet. At any
time, you can develop, because the responsibility of the new level of new
skills. These are just one reason, you should become a number in the
Netherlands aupair. Here is more;

Gain valuable professional experience

Working abroad as a nanny, is a good opportunity to gain career
experience and a difficult job market in the skills required. Perhaps you
intend to continue in the childcare business. Then, there may be no
better way than to get child care benefit in Amsterdam as the cause of
the edge.

If you have not decided what kind of job you want to experience as a
nanny in the Netherlands will always help, because working in a foreign
country is always beneficial to any career.

Cultural Exchange

In addition to growing as a person, as a mutual experience of the
Netherlands provide a new you. You can open your eyes the world around
you - wonderful beautiful country, rich understanding of Dutch culture.
It is the perfect opportunity, not only through their own into a new
culture, but to share their cultural heritage and customs, and - in the
spirit of all the cultural exchange.

Expedition life
You can go to exotic places, and nature inspired little secret sanctuary,
and have the opportunity to create their own adventures. If you give an
opportunity to become reciprocal in Amsterdam today, fifty years from
now, not it be great to tell the world that you have the guts to do it?

Why WeCare Au Pair

WeCare mutual trust and reliable financial institutions in the
Netherlands, one double. It provides personalized and professional
services to ensure the happiness in the Netherlands and comfortable
accommodation. When you are using a Dutch host family match, WeCare
mutual interest to thoroughly screen and evaluate the host family to
ensure that you will be properly compensated, there are rich and your
rights will be respected in the Netherlands.

Havaianas Netherlands:

See Greenfields! Experience village life! In the trigger!

The Netherlands is a modern and industrialized countries, the main
agricultural export. Before the age of about 1000, the Netherlands,
living in different tribes. Then to Rome, Spain, Britain and Napoleon led
the French. Therefore, the Netherlands has become the world's major
trading point - one they will not miss the trigger king. Its rich history
and beautiful scenery for those who want to continue walking in the
countryside perfect. Havaianas Netherlands has the perfect complement to
your journey. We have the best trigger all available in the Netherlands.

Netherlands generally flat landscape, so you can have my opinion, the
best to rent a bike, and your trigger. Therefore, the number of bicycle
transportation in the national node. Also, try walking around the
Havaianas sandal in your boat to enjoy some quality water time. Then take
the trip to 霍格费吕沃 National Park, and through more than 280 Vincent
van Gogh's paintings go on Havaianas fashion and elegant shoes. After
riding high-speed elevators in Rotterdam and dining Euromast, while
ignoring the world's largest seaport. And as any European will tell you,
to enjoy the top court in the Netherlands, Amsterdam Arena, one of the
baby triggers the child's soccer game.

Maybe you decide to stay away from it all, then go to "WAD job-hopping"
between the five Dutch Wadden Islands forget your flip-flops.

Get so much excitement from Havaianas Netherlands.
Become self-employed entrepreneurs Netherlands:

Trade registered in the Netherlands each company, each legal entity
mandatory, including the "freedom" and "ZZP" ("zelfstandige zonder
personeel" or self-employed without staff).

When you decide to start his own business to a new world is opening up a
range of possibilities. You can open a shop or start your own consulting
firm, to become a full-time or part-time entrepreneurs. Customers may
wish to employ consulting or construction work.
In picking this is growing, there is planting time. In other words: you
will have to prepare for and challenge - both as a service or product
providers, as self-employed entrepreneur, self-employed, independent
contractors, or as a freelance or so-called "ZZP children."

The risk side of freedom and independence

Whether you provide services or products: you will do so in their own
risks, costs and take full responsibility for third parties. In addition
to this, is the self-employed entails, such as tax and VAT, to keep
records of your business activities certain obligations. Ready is the
best way to start. You are never on your own; Netherlands provided
substantial assistance to the business world in charge.

Starting point

Chamber of Commerce registration when you visit your business, you should
consider the following:

    Business license in the Netherlands
    Business Plan
    Legal form of business and trade name
    Taxes and necessary insurance
    Business location, business lease
    A "from the tax collection VAR 'statement that you are self-employed

Start their own business

If Dutch nationality, and hope to begin operations in the Netherlands,
you will have to follow specific IND (Immigratie EN Naturalisatie Dienst,
the Dutch immigration authorities) procedures. Even if you do not have to
register with the IND (almost all EU nationals) are the same, please do
so, because it may come in handy for quite other purposes.

Incorporated in the Netherlands Ministry of Commerce Chamber of Commerce
is the law, therefore, for Dutch companies in various departments.

Dutch immigration authorities
Legal form your business is not, by the rules applicable to the Dutch
immigration authorities difference: whether one's business, the Dutch
private limited company (BV), or branches of foreign companies. The rule
is no different whether you start or shortly after, in the Netherlands,
or after their arrival in the Netherlands for some time employment
business. However, the rules and procedures are not the same, roughly the
European Union and non-EU States. Check also the IND Residence Wizard

European Union, the European Economic Area and Switzerland

Nationals of one EU member states, the European Economic Area (EEA) or
Swiss citizens are free to live and work in the Netherlands, the self-
employed basis, without visa or residence permit.

Even if you do not have to register the IND, to do the same, because it
might come in handy in the future. For example, when the registration
certificate required to take the Dutch public health insurance, health
care, housing or child-care allowance, mortgage, or telephone ordering.
Registration is free. If you plan to stay more than four months, you
always need to register in the local market. The expatdesk will help you

Work self-employed basis, the European Union, the European Economic Area
countries and Switzerland

There are no specific procedures for the IND, nationals of these
countries must fulfill.

Different rules apply to citizens of Bulgaria and Romania in the
Netherlands as long as the labor market restrictions are still valid.
Nationals of these countries should apply for a residence permit, which
will be very useful in many cases. This process is called "assessment
under the EU social law (legal proof of residence) to apply."

Non-EU nationals and non-European Economic Area countries

If you are not EU or EEA nationals, not Switzerland, you will need to
apply for a residence permit you to stay in the Netherlands more than
three months. Residence permit from the IND.

If you are a country residence by the Dutch more than three months visa
national, you must apply for special visas: temporary residence permit, a
MVV (Machtiging Voorlopig Verblijf).

Self-employed as a state of non-EU / non-EEA countries and non-Swiss
In this case, you will begin, must comply with several companies in the
Netherlands economic conditions:

    You are qualified to run the enterprise in question.
    Do you have a business plan.
    Your business provides an important benefit of the Netherlands, the
"value added" for the Netherlands.
The IND does not weigh the standards themselves; Ministry of Economic
Affairs asked to see your situation and decide whether to run the
business will be economically interesting. If the original is not so, you
can not start their career in the Netherlands.

Recalling the economic value added

    Business license in the Netherlands
    Business Plan
    Legal form of business and trade name
    Taxes and necessary insurance
    Business location, business lease
    A "from the tax collection VAR 'statement that you are self-employed

Start their own business

If Dutch nationality, and hope to begin operations in the Netherlands,
you will have to follow specific IND (Immigratie EN Naturalisatie Dienst,
the Dutch immigration authorities) procedures. Even if you do not have to
register with the IND (almost all EU nationals) are the same, please do
so, because it may come in handy for quite other purposes.

Incorporated in the Netherlands Ministry of Commerce Chamber of Commerce
is the law, therefore, for Dutch companies in various departments.

Dutch immigration authorities

Legal form your business is not, by the rules applicable to the Dutch
immigration authorities difference: whether one's business, the Dutch
private limited company (BV), or branches of foreign companies. The rule
is no different whether you start or shortly after, in the Netherlands,
or after their arrival in the Netherlands for some time employment
business. However, the rules and procedures are not the same, roughly the
European Union and non-EU States. Check also the IND Residence Wizard

European Union, the European Economic Area and Switzerland

Nationals of one EU member states, the European Economic Area (EEA) or
Swiss citizens are free to live and work in the Netherlands, the self-
employed basis, without visa or residence permit.

Even if you do not have to register the IND, to do the same, because it
might come in handy in the future. For example, when the registration
certificate required to take the Dutch public health insurance, health
care, housing or child-care allowance, mortgage, or telephone ordering.
Registration is free. If you plan to stay more than four months, you
always need to register in the local market. The expatdesk will help you

Work self-employed basis, the European Union, the European Economic Area
countries and Switzerland
There are no specific procedures for the IND, nationals of these
countries must fulfill.

Different rules apply to citizens of Bulgaria and Romania in the
Netherlands as long as the labor market restrictions are still valid.
Nationals of these countries should apply for a residence permit, which
will be very useful in many cases. This process is called "assessment
under the EU social law (legal proof of residence) to apply."

Non-EU nationals and non-European Economic Area countries

If you are not EU or EEA nationals, not Switzerland, you will need to
apply for a residence permit you to stay in the Netherlands more than
three months. Residence permit from the IND.

If you are a country residence by the Dutch more than three months visa
national, you must apply for special visas: temporary residence permit, a
MVV (Machtiging Voorlopig Verblijf).

Self-employed as a state of non-EU / non-EEA countries and non-Swiss
In this case, you will begin, must comply with several companies in the
Netherlands economic conditions:

    You are qualified to run the enterprise in question.
    Do you have a business plan.
    Your business provides an important benefit of the Netherlands, the
"value added" for the Netherlands.

The IND does not weigh the standards themselves; Ministry of Economic
Affairs asked to see your situation and decide whether to run the
business will be economically interesting. If the original is not so, you
can not start their career in the Netherlands.

Recalling the economic value added
Ministry of Economic Affairs award criteria for each sub. You need a
standard of 30 minutes each (total number of all standard: 300) minimum.

The scoring system consists of three parts:

a) personal experience (education, as self-employed persons work
experience, experience);
b) business plan (market analysis, product / service, price,
organization, financing);
c) material and economic purposes, the Netherlands (innovation, job
creation, investment).

You should always contact the IND to test your understanding of the
economic interests of companies intend to begin the procedures involved.
For nationals of some countries, like Turkey, special rules apply in the
EU and these countries treaty. When you are from the United States, it is
important to know the so-called "Dutch - Amerikaans" vriendschapsverdrag
To the business from abroad

In addition to comparing the company recognizes Dutch law by a person or
a woman-owned business of all foreign legal entities. If you are in your
country of origin a person's business, you can prove the case, submitted
the country's registered copy of business registration, you can put this
company to the Netherlands, and it registered as the Netherlands Chamber
of Commerce by one or female business business.

Foreign enterprises or other legal form of foreign enterprises is simply
registered as foreign legal entities in commercial activities.

Please note that you must still comply with residency rules IND

Branch in the Netherlands

There is a branch of the problem, long-term business, forming a part of
foreign companies, is (are) in the Netherlands. A branch can be: sales
offices or manufacturing enterprises, but also a representative office.
It does not have an independent legal form, but a part of foreign

Dutch legal recognition of foreign legal entities. In other words:
foreign body in the Netherlands want to start activities need not be
converted into a Dutch legal forms.

Business plan is essential

Whether large or small business, business plan will help you identify
areas of strengths and weaknesses.

Banks require a business plan to take the loan. Even if you do not need
the latter, your business is no problem financing, business plans will
help you understand the business impact. Submit a business plan also non-
EU and non-EEA nationals in the Netherlands is set to allow one of the
criteria to start their own businesses.

Getting Started: write your own plan

The key question you should ask is:

    What will be the most suitable legal form of enterprise?
    What product or service, you will provide?
    Who will be your clients?
    Promotional activities to get the contract?
    How to optimize the visibility of your target group?
    Which prices and charges?
    Financial plan (budget available, expected turnover, investment)?
    What you need insurance?
    License and / or licensing requirements?
    Administrational organization formed?
    Should be included in your general terms and conditions - if

Business plan format that can be started from different professional
support private party. As long as surfing the Internet. In small business planner is a useful site.

Employment law issues: employed or self-employed?

If you go freelance, you should pay particular attention to your
situation, because the word "freelance" is not legally recognized
definition. Freelancers operating in between are self-employed and paid
employment among.

As an independent entrepreneur, you pay taxes and contribute, you are not
the rights of the employer are: the minimum wage, paid holidays, vacation
allowances, against the dismissal and the statutory notice period of
statutory protection.

To specify the employment relationship, and begin your business, it is
important to consider the different contracts and Verklaring
Arbeidsrelatie (VAR) for tax collection.

Employment contract, based on implied employment

Whether your customers on a contract with the selected title, it is
considered an employment contract, if the following conditions:

    You pay for the work done can be seen as wages;
    Has the responsibility to do the work yourself: you can not faction
people you do the job. Having to be responsible for specific tasks, such
as available on-call service, will also be considered as employment for
their work;
    The authority of the relationship: the employer can decide where,
when and how they work to be carried out. This relationship also exists,
if you do the work in the employer's business or profitability of the
basic elements of the employer's risk is not you.

If the work does not show a relationship between the "right" all the
characteristics of the employment relationship, it may still be regarded
as one. This is called the name of the employment relationship:
employment relations, though not yet established clear, there is an
implicit relationship between employers and employees. So, you see
charges for the wages, so employers will have to be deducted from your
wages and employee tax and national insurance to pay premiums.

The name of an employment relationship exists if:

    At least two days a week you work client projects;
    You earn 40% project a week minimum wage;
    Ongoing relationship with customers more than 30 days; within the
first month after termination of the contract the new contract is a
contract to continue as previously observed.
Job name does not exist, if the actual and practical independence can be
proved, for which the VAR can act.

Commercial contracts

As a self-employed entrepreneur you or your customers can start
officially entered into a commercial contract, the contractor, the
customer relationship. Parties should always put the agreed arrangements.
There are two types of commercial contracts:
1. Service agreement - in this type of contract to fulfill their
obligations to the best of your ability, commitment and not by his own
clients hire you work. This work is usually classified as services. "
2. Contract agreement - in this type of contract has a specific target
responsibility. You must submit the price of their production in
specific, tangible object.

Legal independence of the standards: the reality is decisive here. An
official statement, and signed the customer's own contract is a
commercial one is helpful evidence. Standards are:

    Independence and oversight / lack of authority;
    Pursuit of profit;

Not just these standards, but their networking, especially plays a
decisive role.

Germany Verklaring Arbeidsrelatie (VAR)

To specify the employment relationship, you can Verklaring Arbeidsrelatie
(VAR) for tax collection. VAR is a formal statement. According to the
applicant's information, Taxation of income is defined as:

    Income earned in the job: freelance income will have a VAR.
    Income earned in other proceedings: freelancers will have a VAR line.
    Profits from the enterprise: freelancers will have a VAR - wuo.
    Partner's own risk and account: freelancers will have a VAR - DGA.

VAR income and row: employed or not?

With the income and the line that the VAR, the employer must define and
examine whether he should pay income tax and employee insurance premiums,
based upon the presence or absence of employment contracts. Explanatory
aid - but no clear answer! - In the Ministry of Finance website. Tax
collection may come to different conclusions.

VAR - wuo and - DGA: Uncertainty ahead

Only VAR - wuo or - DGA supply full financial recognition of his employer
to provide the following conditions:
    Freelance activities should be similar to the VAR description.
Therefore, no right to carry out IT freelancers that if the VAR carpentry
    Freelancers are in the VAR (1 calendar year) the effectiveness of the
    In the VAR should be true of the original.
    Employers should determine a valid proof of identity (no driver's
license) on the basis of freelance status. VAR and the identification of
copy should be kept in the management of seven years.

The acting in this way, employers have a solid defense in the case of tax
collection or the UWV may reach another decision later. Therefore, it may
be as freelancers and employers to a sensible object VAR income or line.

VAR Application

Bearing in mind that the VAR - the outcome is critical, which is
obviously very important to fill out the form VAR. Only freelancers he /
she can apply Verklaring Arbeidsrelatie (VAR) employers have no right to
do so. A directeur - Groot aandeelhouder (DGA) should apply in the case
of external consultants VAR.

Tax collection and provides a digital VAR application; you will receive a
response within 8 weeks. If you need additional information, tax
collection will contact the applicant.

Please note the following when completing the forms: as a general tax
authorities that the requirements of coherence, and taking into account
activities. If not all the answers are favorable does not necessarily
mean there is no VAR - wuo will be given. For example: two or more
employers of a temporary manager, you can still enjoy the VAR - wuo.

Freelance writing reasonably be expected. However, if the actual
situation had been different, this will not have any consequences, as
long as the deviation from the normal range of enterprise risk. For
example, is expected to have three or more employers of freelancers, but
because of the recession proved, this is different.

Freelancers must fill out a form, to his knowledge, the situation should
not be deliberately distorted. If it should later prove to have been the
case, tax collection will resume freelance tax and insurance liabilities.

Some questions require a "yes" or "no" only; choose the nearest suitable.

The employer / former employer

As a part-time independent entrepreneur / part-time employee, you can get
involved with their interests (former) employer conflict. If you intend
to provide services comparable to him, you better ask his permission /
recommended to run their own businesses.

Started as a full-time independent business entrepreneur you should be a
possible conflict of interest, well aware of. You may be in your labor
contracts remain in force after termination of employment of non-
competition clause. In any case, it is wise to contact / consult your
intentions (the former) employer.

Legal form and registered enterprises

Chamber of Commerce can answer questions about your business legal
environment. Seminars and other regular services are available.

Most entrepreneurs either starting a business or a person selected as its
legal form of a general partnership, according to own their own business
or willingness to cooperate with others.

In order to meet the entrepreneur or professional start, the Dutch law
recognizes a variety of laws, such as a business, private limited company
(BV), a partnership or limited partnership. The main issue at stake is
the question of responsibility, if your business should be run up debt,
which the tax system applies.

One's business

One's business (literally one in the Netherlands: eenmanzak) also known
as self-employed or sole proprietor or independent contractor.

If you start a business, you will be completely independent of the
founder and owner. More than one person may work in a person's business,
but only one owner. One company can hire staff.

Set up

You can create one non-certificate business. In the commercial
registration is mandatory. As an individual you can only sign up for a
one person operation. However, you can have more than one brand name to
carry out various business activities of firms. These activities can be
in the same or other address, as a person's business offices.


As a business owner you are all related to your business work; each legal
act and all its assets and liabilities. Does not distinguish between
private and business property. Therefore, the creditor may apply to your
business personal property and business assets to private creditors
recovery. If you have one company goes bankrupt, you are bankrupt.

If a person's business owners in the property system should be married,
the creditor can lay claim to partnership property. Partner's
responsibility to avoid before or after marriage agreement, drafted by
the civil law notary. However, the partners usually require co-sign, and
take a loan agreement may not provide the protection expected. A civil
law notary can provide more information.

Tax and social security

Made in a person's business profits tax Box 1 - Income tax. If the tax
authorities that you complete an entrepreneur, you have the right, such
as entrepreneurs, allowances, subsidies and investment tax allowance for
tax-deferred retirement allowance.

And one can not expect business owners to sickness allowance under the
law of social welfare, work and income approach and the unemployment
insurance law. Therefore, it is best to come up with insurance coverage
of these risks. You will be eligible for the National Insurance Scheme
the following:

    General Pension Law
     - Survival dependent method
    Special Medical Expenses Act
    General child welfare law

To continue its operations and business succession

As a business does not distinguish between the private and corporate. If
you die, companies and private property will fall into your heirs'
inheritance. You will need to make provisions to ensure your business
continuity. A tax consultant can provide more details.

B. General Partnership, "VOF"

A general partnership is a form of cooperation, running with one or more
business partners in business. You and your partner (S) is the general
partner or associate members. One of the features of this legal form is
that each partner contribute to the business of things: capital, goods,
hard (work) and / or goodwill.

Set up

Contract is not a general partner of a partnership established with the
statutory requirements, but it, of course, preferably in writing to you
and your business partners (S) agreed down. Partnership contract can
arrange the following:

    General partner's name;
    Donations of funds, proprietary technology partners, goodwill, assets
and hard (work);
    Distribution of profits and losses to make up;
    Distribution of power;
    Arrangement of cases;
    Partnership arrangements rest days / holidays.


A general partnership is an important feature of partners jointly and
severally liable. Each partner can take full responsibility - including
private property - if the general partner failed to fulfill its
obligations, even if these obligations to another, among the authorized
partners. Partnership creditors may request to restore the property from
your business and your private property and other partner's property.
Partners agreed to limit the powers must be formally registered in order
to obtain third-party legal effect.

General partnerships usually have "independent of the capital," that
business partners who provide funds, it is to keep their private property
and capital separately. This capital is used purely for commercial
purposes. If one or more creditors to seek recovery of the partnership -
in the bankruptcy case examples - they can do so independent of the
capital. If this is insufficient to pay partnership debts, the creditor
may apply to the partners of the private property of a full recovery. If
so, you can save the other partner fails to fulfill its obligations due
to liability, but only if the creditors have been paid. Partner in the
private affairs of the creditor can not require recovery of assets from a
partnership or other business partners of private property.

Because of this broad responsibilities of partners, the proposed
agreement drafted before or after marriage, if you are in a community
property system of marriage. Civil law notary can provide you with more

Tax and social security

Each partner will pay his own income tax profit-sharing. If the tax
authorities that the individual entrepreneur as a partner, they enjoy
tax-free, such as entrepreneur of the subsidies, investment subsidies and
tax-deferred retirement allowance, all kinds.

As for social security, the same rules apply to entrepreneurs - as a one-
person business owner partners.

To continue its operations and business succession

According to Dutch law, general partner at the end of one of the partners
resignation or death. In order to ensure the continuation of the general
partnership, partners can be included in cooperation with other partners
in terms of the contract continue to arrange for a general partner - with
or without a new partner - or terminated.

C. Limited Partnership's "resume"

Limited partnership's "resume", is a general partner (VOF) of special
type. The difference is that resume, there are two types of business
partners: Under normal circumstances, a limited partner or sleep. The
latter involves only financial, they can not take action on behalf of the
partnership. In addition, a limited partner's name can not be used in a
limited partnership firm.

Set up

Limited partnership without a partnership contract the statutory
requirements, but also, partners and better down the agreement. In
addition to the matters mentioned in the VOF, the contract should be
arranged in the general and limited partner profit allocation between.
When the registration in the Trade Register of a limited partnership the
general partner's personal information out; details about the total
number of limited partners and the partnership is limited to the


General partner can assume full responsibility if a partner fails to
fulfill its obligations. Limited partnership general partner of
bankruptcy will automatically lead to "bankruptcy (not applicable to
limited partners.) Limited partners can only be held liable, the largest
single donation the partnership, but if the limited partners to act on
behalf of a partnership He will be treated as general partner to assume
responsibility and fully, in the case of this partnership creditors can
lay claim to his private property is true. limited partners agreed to
power, must be formally registered in order to gain third-party legal

General partner in a limited liability partnership is quite extensive, so
if partner's property under the social system of marriage, they suggested
a draft agreement before or after marriage. Civil law notary can provide
more information.

Tax and social security

General partner to pay their share of profit income tax. If the tax
authorities that the individual entrepreneur as a partner, they are
entitled to various allowances, such as entrepreneur of the subsidies,
investment subsidies and tax deferred retirement allowance. As for social
security, the same rules apply to entrepreneurs - As one business owner
partners. Limited partners, who can not be held personally liable for
business debts, tax collection should not be considered by entrepreneurs.

To continue its operations and business succession

According to Dutch law, when the end of the limited partner in a
partnership resignation or death. In order to ensure the continuation of
limited partnership, partners can include other partners in terms of the
contract to continue cooperative arrangements - with or without a new
partner - or terminated.

D. professional partnership, "maatschap"

According to Dutch law, referred to as "maatschap" This partnership is
different from the general partner and limited partnership, because it is
a form of cooperation, professionals such as doctors, dentists, lawyers,
accountants, physical therapists, etc., instead of creating a cooperation
established for business purposes. These partners are called "maten"
rather than "partners." Each "MAAT" to help the individual efforts of
capital and / or assets. Its purpose is to share the one hand, on the
other expenses to obtain the income.
The establishment of a professional partnership

Partnership contract was not a professional partnership to form the
statutory requirements, but as partners to better put down the contract
with the partnership agreement and other professionals. This partnership
contract can arrange the following:

    Contribution of partners;
    Profit distribution in proportion to each partner's contribution -
all the profits allocated to a partner is not allowed;
    Distribution of power - each partner is entitled to exercise
management practices, unless otherwise agreed, such as the July 1, 2008
the registered professional partnership in the trade register. This does
not apply to partnerships, only the internal behavior, such as the cost
of collection in which the partnership.


Each authorized partners can enter into a contract, thus binding the
partnership: all partners. Each partner can be held liable equal part. If
the partner should take action beyond his authority, other partners will
in principle not be held liable: a partner in question is the only
partner, binding themselves. A professional partnership, and no personal
assets from the partnership independent of capital. "Creditors have
claims on the partnership, only to find a partner from the same part of
the recovery, the ranking of creditors who do not have more than one
creditor of the partnership person's private property claims. reserved
for married couples the same as for the general partnership and limited
partnership general partner and they have suggested an agreement drafted
before or after marriage. civil law notary can provide more information.

Tax and social security
Each partner's share of the profits to pay his income tax. If the tax
authorities that the individual entrepreneur as a partner, he is entitled
to various allowances, such as entrepreneur of the subsidies, investment
subsidies and tax deferred retirement allowance. On social security rules
also apply to entrepreneurs - business owners as a partner

To continue its operations and business succession

According to Dutch law professional partnership at the end of one of the
partners resignation or death. To ensure the continuation of the
partnership, partners can include other partners in terms of the contract
to continue cooperative arrangements - with or without a new partner - or

E. private limited liability company, "BV"

Relative to the legal form - private limited company is a legal person -
natural person enterprises: a man is like a natural rights and
obligations. The person who has been incorporated into a private limited
can not be held liable, in principle, generated by the private limited
debt. The BV itself is seen as entrepreneurs, and who the directors
appointed by the natural behavior of only BV on behalf of, individuals
can not be held responsible for his actions. Private limited liability
company can be combined by one person - a sole shareholder of BV - or
above. A private limited capital divided into shares.

This involves a statutory requirement, the most important figures:
Company registration certificate through the place. This should include
the company's articles of association. In terms of civil law notary will
check the content of the law.
A no objection certificate must be submitted by the Department of Justice
before incorporation can take effect. The Department examined whether the
company has never been included in the bankruptcy proceedings or in cases
of fraud.

BV has established a need for 18,000 euros (in cash or in kind) the
minimum capital of private limited.


The shareholder's liability is limited to the sum of his involvement. As
BV is a legal person, has its own independent rights and obligations
involved - directors, supervisors - can not be held liable for the debts
of the company. In other words: the company's creditors can not ask these
people's private asset recovery. However, the company's directors or
officers may hold a private person, if he has to take action responsible
for the negligence or default. If they are for the company, because of
improper or fraudulent bankruptcy of the company's policy actions, the
company's creditors can raise their demands.

Stage in the formation of the company, the directors for the company's
actions. The responsibility to end the legal act of incorporation is
confirmed by the company. As long as companies do not trade registration,
directors and senior management's responsibility continues. In practice,
often does not apply to limited liability, because banks require the
directors and major shareholders of the company made in the name of the
BV signed loan application.

Tax and social security

Private limited companies to pay taxes - for profit - also known   as the
corporate income tax. Directors and shareholders in the BV BV in   the
Netherlands are employed by his social security authority of the   legal
status of social security and private limited their relationship   may be.
Authority relations are considered non-existent, if:

    Possible with his or her spouse directors, actors in the
shareholders' meeting more than 50 percent of the vote on;
    More than two thirds of the shares by the directors and / or close
relatives to three;
    Director can not be dismissed against their will.

If you do not have a relationship of authority, the directors and
shareholders can not rely on social security insurance. He will come up
with their own insurance; in him the same rule applies to a one-person
business owner.

To continue its operations and business succession
The company continues to mortgage the fact, BV is a legal person,
independent existence or management personnel have been incorporated into
private limited. When the director's death, the continuation of the
enterprise, there is no risk that. Businesses are run by a new director
of BV and will be appointed.

Private limited can be sold in two different ways:

    BV of the shares sold;
    BV business (machinery, inventory, stock, etc.) for sale.

If the shares sold and the money to pay income tax (Box 2) If the
shareholder has a material interest (a 5 percent stake in the lowest).

If the sale of the business, BV will book profits or to pay sales tax on
company profits. If the sale BV BV company's shareholders is the
structure itself is known as Holding - the use of which: Holdings will
have to pay income tax in principle.

Register your business

You can start your business, you must be registered in the Netherlands
Trade Register, which is managed by the Chamber of Commerce business.
Registered in the trade open, everyone can check whether a particular
person the right to take action which forms of enterprises and legal
representative: a person, partnership or private or public limited.

Chamber of Commerce can you run to ensure that the selected trade name
does not infringe the right of other business firm survey. Investigation
of this trade name is not free.

Netherlands gateway (ie the Ministry of Commerce Netherlands Chamber of
Commerce, Economic Affairs Ministry and other official institutions) in
Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. This contributes to the Executive Board's
business in the Netherlands to ease.

How to register business

Registration requirements

Once you have your business' legal form of the decision, you can have
your business in the local Chamber of Commerce registration registration
should be held a week ago, a week after the actual start of commercial

If not registered in the GBA, you will need to submit certification to
prove your address abroad. The business has to register to submit a valid
proof of identity, which documents must be submitted in person at the
Chamber of Commerce. The following documents are accepted as valid ID:

    Valid travel document (passport or European identity card);
    A valid Dutch driver's license (non-Dutch driver's license not
    Residence permit issued by the IND;
    Dutch refugee passport
    Dutch passport for foreigners

If you do not start in your home address on your business, but in a
position, you have such as rent, you will be asked to show lease, to
confirm the company address.

Once registration is completed, you will get a unique eight-digit
registration number. This KVK number should be referred to all your
outgoing mail. Free, you will receive your registration, KVK -
'uittreksel "(excerpt) extract.

Who can register business

When an enterprise registered in the Chamber of Commerce, it is most
important is to submit the registration form has been signed by the right
people. According to the legal form of business, forms are available in
the trade register in person:

    In a company owner (a business registration certificate),
    Partner (registered ordinary partnership, VOF, and a professional
partnership, "maatschap ')
    Or general partner (limited partnership registration, "resume")
    If the business is a legal person, a BV, civil law notary will
usually see the registration.

The person who should be registered enterprises and signed registration
form, you can maintain a business not registered in the incident.

In exceptional circumstances, other people may authorize and / or must
see a business registration. Chamber of Commerce you can in these

Registration Form

Registration forms are available from the Ministry of Commerce Website
Chamber of Commerce. As legal requirements, all forms in the Netherlands,
and must be completed in the Netherlands. English translation in the form
of 6, 11 and 13 can help you, and in the Netherlands in the form to fill
Registration is free. When you register a business, a charge the company
will be registered over the years, the first year of inches due annual
fee will be charged in the first quarter of each year. This contribution
amount depends on the legal form.


Once the company has been registered, it is the responsibility of the
owner or partner, to keep the latest information updates. With BV BV
authorized to act on behalf of manager.

Permits and licenses
Most business can be without any permit or license, but for some
activities, such as catering, transport or taxi company, you need a
license. The environmental permit may be required if your product or
service have a negative impact on the environment. Permits and licenses,
can apply for municipal or provincial authorities.

Check how to use your business degree or diploma in the Netherlands.
Certification Evaluation:

Some departments require boards and industry boards or product
registration. Registration is based on the statutory requirements, the
business organization law. An industry panel is an interest group of a
specific department. This also applies to the circuit board products,
including a production chain of all enterprises, from raw materials
production to end-product manufacturers.

Termination / dissolution of enterprises

When the transfer or sale of your company, you must comply with the rules
and regulations. You should enter trade information about the sales tax
and registration and meet with the General Administration of Customs of
the solution. Transfer within a family business involved in a number of
other tax issues.

Expatica become self-employed entrepreneurs will be published Sunday in
the Netherlands (Part I) Feb. 27.

Chamber of Commerce
Commerce Department Netherlands Chamber of Commerce to provide business,
legal form, in the trade register, the registration of international
trade information, we have accumulated knowledge, contacts and
partnerships, which makes each of its company to do or seek business
essential reference point.

Down specific information
In addition to general information, Chamber of Commerce will be happy to
provide further details on your specific location: either in your own
business or running it.

If your and / or regional interest in Amsterdam:
Do not call with the department Bedrijfsvoorlichting our expert advice

Netherlands Insurance Market Outlook 2015:
Executive Summary
Titled "The Netherlands Insurance Market Outlook 2015" report provides
in-depth analysis of the Dutch insurance industry. The report covers the
market size of specific insights, insurance density and insurance
penetration, segmentation, and the Dutch insurance industry's future
prospects. The report also covers the total life insurance and non-life
insurance market share and national level in the case of the premium
income based on market size. Overall, the report provides the
comprehensive analysis of the Dutch insurance industry.
In the Netherlands insurance market accounted for ~ of the total
insurance premiums written in Europe in 2009. There are two in the
Netherlands insurance market - the provincial market, including many
small individuals and small business risk management and co-insurance or
exchange market, who wrote, mainly by large commercial and industrial
risk foreign insurance companies dominate the Dutch insurance company.
The broker's primary role in the non-life insurance market and favorable
environment for end-users continue to ensure that insurers need to
maintain high operating efficiency and cost a minimum level in order to
succeed in competitive pressures. As a free agent distribution channels
to work, one or many companies as they want. Foreign insurance companies
operating in the Netherlands, including Allianz, Aviva (Delta Lloyd),
AIG, ACE, Hanover Insurance, RSA and so on.
Life insurance premiums is expected to increase in the ~% marginal tax
rate in 2015 forecast period. Premiums are expected to total ~ ~ from the
billion dollars billion. Total non-life insurance market is expected in
the next show double-digit growth. ~% Expected market recorded a compound
annual growth rate from 2009, one million U.S. dollars ~ ~ billion. The
total premium will also increase $ 200.9 billion ~ ~ billion in 2015, in%
compound annual growth rate of about.
In the future, life insurance penetration rate is expected from 2009 to
2015, shows ~% weak growth. Penetration is expected from 2009 ~% ~% to
2015. High growth rate is expected in the non-life insurance penetration
compared to the situation, life insurance penetration. The penetration
rate is expected to increase to ~% ~%, from 2009 to 2015, registered a
compound annual growth rate of ~%. The overall insurance penetration is
expected from 2009 ~% ~% to 2015.
Health insurance is the largest Dutch insurance market segments. Health
Insurance for 2009 ~ in the Netherlands insurance market share of the
total. Life Insurance is another prominent ~% share of the main part.
Such as auto and property insurance and other fields, and held a ~% ~%
market share respectively. Other non-life insurance also held a ~% market
Health insurance market from 2001 to 2009 registered an increase of ~%
whooping cough. This increase was primarily due to the privatization of
social security system. Premiums increased one hundred million U.S.
dollars ~ 2001 ~ billion in 2009.
Increase in the future trend is likely to continue. Health insurance
premiums expected to increase $ 200.9 billion ~ ~ billion by 2015 at a
compound annual growth rate of ~%.
In non-life insurance market, CENTRALE Zorgverzekeraars Groep is a ~%
with the largest market share player. The second largest market share
player ~% VGZ Zorgverzekeraar NV. Menzis Zorgverzekeraar ua OWM and
Zilveren Kruis Achmea Zorgverzekeringen common in third place with a ~%
share. With ~% market share, AGIS ZorgverzekeringenN.V is the fifth
biggest player. In the other major players on the market Groene Land PWZ
Achmea ZorgverzekeringenNV, InterpolisSchadeN.V. , Achmea Schadever
zekeringen NV, Univé Zorg NV and IZA Zorg verzekeraar NV. In the area of
the other players also held a ~% combined share.
Study Area
The report provides a comprehensive analysis and provide the insurance
industry in the Netherlands entails the valuable insights. The report
will include:
• In life insurance and non-life insurance gross premium income in the
Netherlands in terms of market size, 2001-2015
• life insurance and non-life insurance density in U.S. dollars for the
Netherlands, 2001-2015
• life insurance and non-life insurance penetration, the ratio of premium
to GDP for the country, 2001-2015
• the product on the basis of market segmentation in the Netherlands in
2009 and 2015
• Non-life insurance, motor market segments, health, based on the total
premiums written in property ,2001-2015
• the competitive landscape of major life insurance companies in the
Netherlands (NationaleNederlanden, AEGON, Fortis ASR life, Interpolis,
Delta Lloyd) on the basis of the total premium income
• the competitive landscape of major non-life insurance companies in the
Netherlands (CENTRALE Zorgverzekeraars, VGZ Zorgverzekeraar, Menzis
Zorgverzekeraar, Zilveren Kruis Achmea, AGIS) on the basis of the total
premium income
• valuable insights and future prospects in the Netherlands, the
insurance industry.

The Netherlands is Pretparken and Amusementparks complete:

The Netherlands is an interesting Pretparken or extensive house theme
park. Between the Netherlands at the European because of its outstanding
attractieparken wide range of other countries is important. World-famous
amusement park attractieparken or standing proud in the Netherlands is
one of Efteling. In the Netherlands you may encounter a number of roller
coasters and other amusement facilities, and other important aspect is to
do a completely comprehensive pretparken park. However, it should know
that not all of the park roller coaster ride may be because there are
special attractieparken may provide a traditional park and zoo. You may
also encountered a sprookjesparken fairy tale or fairy tale is based on
the park.

Famous parks in the Netherlands:
Efteling is clearly considered to be the largest Dutch pretparken. This
pretparken is also considered one of the world's oldest theme park,
because it is set up in 1952. This world famous park stands in the city
Kaatsheuvel territory and subject to "LW Zander" municipalities range.
According to records, such outstanding pretparken has received more than
one million and the number is increasing. This theme park has won the
IAAPA Award for best amusement park in the world. Efteling pretparken can
be considered as sprookjesparken or fairy tale park which is one of the
children-oriented. After 50 years of history, the park has clearly
evolved into an amusement park with a wider range of niches offer its
visitors. You may find that playground, natural parks and fairy-tale
forest. Should know, Efteling pretparken three years before the launch of
the world-famous Disneyland, is twice the size of Disneyland. This
pretparken has now launched a romantic, regional and cultural aspects
which makes the park for all age groups.

Duinrell is another famous attractieparken city located in the
Netherlands in Wassenaar. The park is a significant risk areas, because
it provides the ideal caravan parks and camping sites. Duinrell is one of
many in the Netherlands, the largest and most distinguished pretparkens.
This is a critically acclaimed, because it bears the name with a swimming
pool Tikibad prominent park attraction. The pool is well-known, because
it bears the longest waterslide Netherlands. The park was established in
Van Zuylen Van Nijevelt real estate. Living in the caravan park on the
best part is that you provide free access attractieparken addition to
this you also get two hours to access Tikibad famous swimming pool.

Dolphinarium is something in the Netherlands, two kids and adults can
enjoy. Even senior citizens and tourists to participate in this type of
dolphin pleasure. Dolphinarium in the dolphin is to maintain a high
degree of fun dolphin show to the audience's place. Here you can find
under the supervision of instructors stunt cute dolphins. With so many
pretparken and attractieparken, the Netherlands is undoubtedly unpleasant
destination may be a matter of personal entertainment for all age groups,
large sources.

Guidelines for the Dutch tour:

If you are looking for a place for you and your family the best retreat
search, there is no place like the Netherlands. This is a country rich in
natural grace. There are not many countries can boast the world around it
and other bright colors. This is a foreign culture, coffee shops, and the
state of the canal. Present in rural areas with its natural parks and
lowland sheep patrol, the spectacular scenery of the picturesque Dutch
countryside exclusive line of sight.

You can bring your family without any worries, you can easily find a good
hotel. Dutch natural wonders, enjoy and appreciate with your family
around you in many ways. Imagine how romantic it is to ride with your
loved one along the sparkling lake shore, or the sandy shoreline bike!
Helplessly watching from the lawn as far as your vision of the hotel.
Netherlands windswept island chain is sure to take your breath.

Where to stay?

If you are still wondering where to stay in the Netherlands, rest
assured, there are many hotels, you can according to their preferences
and budget. So, if you are a budget hotel search, the Netherlands has the
most diverse selection, you can choose according to their own, you have a
reservation to stay set limits. Even if you are in a tight budget, you
will be very happy, will be extended to the Netherlands, the management
of the hotel industry to give you hospitality. So, no need to think twice
when it comes to the Netherlands trip.

How to book accommodation?

To make the Netherlands an unforgettable vacation, you have to book
accommodation well in advance. Dutch visitors year round, so if you book
in advance to do so, you may be subject to last-minute harassment. You
may not get your choice of hotel vacancies. It is almost impossible task
to find an affordable hotel, one of the Internet extensively Netherlands
hotels thousands of websites. You can contact the book a good hotel at a
reasonable price online agent.

Like site has thousands of hotel will meet your budget and taste
of the directory. provides a listing of each hotel facilities,
room rates, and other features of your details become clear.

To find the exotic Hotel - Netherlands all, you need:

The Netherlands has been a luxury, like some ancient, rich culture,
beautiful parks, plus the luxurious lifestyle of the assets of rich
timeless beauty of the city. In Belgium and Germany, the Netherlands is
well known around the cheese, windmills, wooden shoes, tulips and the
world. If you want to spend a holiday in the Netherlands, you can find
different types of accommodation. Whether it is cheap, budget or luxury
hotel, you can everything in this country. The Netherlands has always
been a beautiful place, with its treasures of ancient heritage and
contemporary management of the perfect combination to attract tourists
from around the world.

For tourists looking for a wonderful hotel, the hotel is well-known as
the Dutch giants are entering the country adventure to visit the country
who take care of many needs of tourists each year a good place. Hilton
recently announced high-end "Hague Hilton" opening. This will be the
fifth Hilton Hotel opened in the Netherlands, if the group exists since

Depending on your budget, you can choose from a variety of accommodation
in this country. Here is a few good hotels in the Netherlands list:

1.Nh Venetian Macao Resort Hotel: Built in 1965 this is a 5-star
accommodation in the Dam Square and Amsterdam city center location just
10 minutes. Such as Dam Square, the Royal Palace in Amsterdam, and the
old church of the many tourist attractions are very close to this hotel.
You can also take the time to visit Madame Tussauds (Amsterdam) or the
Magna Plaza shopping. You in the Venetian Macao Resort Hotel stay, you
can take advantage of a tour desk, Internet access, and to the health
club and other facilities offering the advantage. For businesses, you can
even use the hotel's business center and currency exchange counter.

2.Nh Carlton Amsterdam Hotel: The location of this luxurious residence
means enjoying the pleasure to re-define the best of traditional Italian
comfort. Built in 1928, which is a four star hotel next to the historic
center of Amsterdam's floating flower market. NH Carlton Amsterdam is
very close to the Historical Museum (Amsterdam) and the Nieuwe de la Mar
Theater. Here, you can also enjoy, such as high-speed Internet access,
bathtub, cable / satellite TV facilities.

To find cheaper accommodation in the Netherlands, tourists can easily
find a budget hotel. The Netherlands has been a great place to visit if
you plan to holiday in this country, then you can access The
website will provide in this beautiful country you excellent
accommodation list. There are booking hotel rooms online for you to find
the lowest prices, no reservation, amendment or cancellation fees many

Found in the Netherlands:

This is vacation time, you ask yourself: "Where should I go?" When it
seems you've been in the world every great goal, it's time to Amsterdam.
Netherlands can give you everything you are looking for a good holiday.
This is an interesting city, unspoiled natural landscape and amazing
country with a population, a new breeze blowing from the sea. Bicycles,
windmills and endless flower fields in this small country is very
familiar with the sights, but the fun-filled adventure is waiting for

Amsterdam, the Netherlands visited the city, as the romantic cities in
Europe to consider. It has a good transportation system, lively
nightlife, and different restaurants offering international cuisine. Jump
on a bike and explore this fascinating city, as locals. This is the most
real, the easiest way to get around. There are different locations in
Amsterdam, you can visit. People from around the world to enjoy its
beautiful scenery, and so should you.

With a museum, monuments, cafes, cozy bar and open-air market spread, you
will find that most of their attractions are ideal for the whole family.
A real variety of places, old canal houses, bridges and humpback cafe
terrace, showing the stunning architecture to add the rustic feel of the
city filled alley. It also has two major markets where you can find
almost everything. Loaded with clothing shops and food stalls and it is
not only tourism, but by local people to patronize the other stores are
also different.

You can access at any time, but this summer is definitely the busiest
time. Many tourists usually in August, as the host of exciting activities
of the Netherlands. Check out a great deal different ticket sites. These
ads through national travel company, they team up on the Internet with
their latest fares. Some packages include a more convenient hotel
reservation. Must pay attention to the amazing promotional activities.

There are many many great places to stay in Amsterdam. You can choose
from a world-class luxury resort hotel of the place or a good fit for
your budget. For most travel, three-star accommodation is a great
bargain. They provide basic facilities in a fraction of the price and
comfort. They are also not far away from the airport and central train
station, so commuters and welfare, tourism, tourists are easy and

Do not miss this great opportunity to Dutch holiday!

Information on monetary loans and different types of mortgage loans in
the Netherlands:

This is the end of this month, you are almost out of money (sound
familiar?) And your car suddenly stopped moving. But you need a car to
your work. But the problem is that you may not have enough money in such
a short period of time to buy a new car to use. Therefore, only one way
for you to pay a new car: currency loans.

But how do you know what money is for your loan. So in the Netherlands we
have a lot of different types of loan money. In this article I will
describe a few of them, I will use the money for loans of the Dutch name,
because this is the most practical thing you are, if you live in the
Netherlands and the United Kingdom is your primary language.

Doorlopende music rather, it is with a broken car expenses as capital
loans. And banks in return you agree to the terms. The amount of money
you pay each month standard, plus interest, to convey your money loan.
But you can also pay your loan period at the end of the total amount.
When the loan agreement for more than you can ask your loan term

In the Netherlands, you also have a rentekrediet, a rentekrediet is
almost the same as a doorlopende Le Ning, but you pay only the interest
on your loan. You do not pay any monthly amount of money banks. After a
child, you agree that your loans automatically become doorlopende music
Ning. Form of the loan is very useful if you do not have money, but you
have to anticipate in the near future more money.

Hypothecair krediet, in plain English, this is called a mortgage. A
hypothecair krediet typically used when you want to buy a house. A
hypothecair krediet also because a large amount of capital loan funds,
the largest in the Netherlands one of the form. But hypothecair krediet
have the lowest interest rates available! You pay period, you and your
bank signed hypothecair krediet, your monthly loan payment amounts and
interest rates. The main one is that you may not exceed two hypothecair

You also need to persoonlijke Le Ning, Ning is a persoonlijke music
loans, your payment within an agreed period of time, this time can not be
shortened or extended.

So these are the money lending in the Netherlands the most common form,
there is a good think about it before you agree to currency loans, it is
about a lot of money. And you can always find a bank, so you will not be
surprised later!

Research in Europe: The Netherlands is your destination:

Research in Europe can be a good opportunity to change your life.
You will open a global perspective, international environment and gain
experience memories will last forever.

When you study in Europe on your resume is more impressive, and in some
cases, your language skills will improve.
For those students who study abroad opportunities, the Netherlands
looking for a lot. This position has several well-known universities and
educational level is very high.

Let us consider how to make your benefit when you are some studies in the
1. The Netherlands offers a wide range of research projects

When you study in the Netherlands, you can choose from the research
universities or universities of applied sciences. University of the
Netherlands to provide business plans, management, and provides several
popular programs, such as economic, technological, language and culture,
health care, etc.
2. High quality of Dutch education

Netherlands all its high level of education known to the world.
University of the Netherlands found among the 11 best universities in the
world championship. In your chosen career success is almost guaranteed,
when you study in Europe.
3. Teaching in English

If you are a foreign student, you can still study in the Netherlands.
Netherlands provides more than 14 university courses in English. English
is commonly spoken language in this country. 95% of the population of the
English language.
4. Dutch research is relatively cheap

Compared to other major countries in Europe, learning costs, and life in
the Netherlands is very modest. This is why it is a good decision to
select as a target for further study in Europe the Netherlands.
5. International Environment

As the Netherlands is a multicultural society, foreign students can adapt
their own without difficulty around. Students who study in the
Netherlands, Dutch people can come into contact with no problem.
6. Employment, the study in the Netherlands

Foreign students from the Netherlands university gradutated be allowed to
remain in one year after the completion of selected courses of study, to
find a job for them. Once you find work, work permits are usually for
five years.

Received an international diploma in the Netherlands and abroad, work
experience will add value to your resume. Therefore, the choice of study
in Europe, because it will have a positive impact on your future.

Netherlands, the latest pop music queen: Jocey:
Jocey is the songwriter and singer's love for music producers. Grew up in
a musical family in Apeldoorn in the Netherlands, in just 4 years old,
she began creating her own tender songs and lyrics, and her father in her
efforts to record the song, her mother is a gospel singer Fee and singing
gospel group called "relationship." Jocey often attend her father looked
at her mother sang, her great inspiration, a young age by her mother's

In her high school years, aged 13 Jocey debut performance, she wanted
nothing more than singing. In the same school Jocey met people who love
to sing, and they became friends and decided to sing together. They
entered many talent shows and clubs. They sing, recording studios and
Jocey make their songs her own demo tape.

When Jocey just 15 she and her friend to audition a popular television
talent show in the Netherlands known as "Soundmix Show." They sang the
song: "Endless Love" by Mariah Carey and Luther Vandross.

Performed in high school Jocey named "Jesus Christ Superstar" musical.
This is the first time she experienced a musical to sing. She likes, but
she loves to sing pop songs, or even more.

In June 1999, she received the prestigious Utrecht School of Music. Most
of the time, she sang jazz and classical music, but in the end Jocey
Dutch pop music to sing. Therefore, she decided to quit after a year in
the Utrecht study.

At this point, she joined the funk / soul / pop band, which featured
music Jocey most like to sing, which is the soul and pop / dance, pop
singer for the Netherlands to expand her skills and varieties. A year
later, she found a pop in Rotterdam Conservatory of Music, and decided to
interview for this school, they provide a place. The study took about
four years to graduate, and get Jocey her diploma. Jocey now also include
a band and singing her own song writing and performing in other bands of
the material wealth of experience.
2005 Jocey be required to participate in the experience of the West all-
star band and country line dance machine to visit. She joined the Country
Music Hall of Fame Hall of Fame of the seventh. Jocey worked in almost
every theater in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Jocey always very writing and recording his own songs in her songs in her
studio working families spending the day she was busy. This year, she
with her first single, "I am me" Jocey their production, her first bright
phase. Her songs will be on download.

Jocey follow the pop star from the Netherlands, including the great
tradition, such as:

Shidiweian, Anouk (singer), Diana van Berlo, Frank Boeijen, Marco
Borsato, RIA Brieffies, Ilse DeLange, Atiye Deniz, Frans Duijts, EliZe,
Carlo Emerald, Forrest (singer), Glennis Grace, Marike Groot, Romy Haag,
Esther Hart, Eric Hulzebosch, Gerard Joling - and Jocey! - January
Keizer, Nick Kerkhof, Jamai Roman, Robert Long (singer), Maud Mulder,
Caroline Kaiser Lena Miller, Trijntje Oosterhuis, Bastiaan Ragas, Edsilia
Rombley, Sydney Samson, Birgit Schuurman, card good Schuurman, Eva
Simmons, SITA (singer), Carola Schmidt, Floortje Smit, RIA Thielsch,
Boris Titulaer, Sven Van Veen, Linda Wagenmakers, Dinand Woesthoff, Rania

European exotic land:

Below sea level in a very small number of low-lying country, the
Netherlands (popularly known as Holland) is one of the choices in their
landscape to make peace in several countries, almost no peaks and
troughs, so to speak, and reclamation sites. Despite this densely
populated, the Netherlands is a very relaxed attitude, and a lot of wind
and water. The "Orange country" is undoubtedly a desirable place!
Stepping out of the vibrant city also has some special shops, there are
many flashes of the lakes, magnificent coastline and islands.

Maastricht: the appearance of the town is simply outstanding, but as the
crown jewel of the southern Netherlands, said many people believe that it
is the same throughout the country, and the best part is it's beauty is
not limited to, tulips and windmill, as is the case in other parts of the
country. In fact, it does not have any of these, and proud of Spain and
the Roman ruins, French and Roman influence in the form of construction,
which seems to break the shackles of the Dutch influence, the reasons for
its enduring beauty, which made the local population the joy and
tourists. There are hilly streets and small "mountain" rising from the
center. Located on the banks of the Maas River, Maastricht is the leading
destination for eating, the atmosphere seems to induce it to provide many
delicious tastes. The nearby towns of Belgium and Germany have all the
traditional European contact, including language, the number of citizens
to speak with your spirit - Dutch, English, French, German and Flemish -
to name a few.

Texture: As TES - SEL pronunciation, Noord Holland island lies three km
north coast, the Wadden Islands are the group most visited island. It is
in every sense of the personification of the word diversity, vast nature
reserves, ecstatic white sand beaches and scenic forests and healthy one,
are so happy to village lots. On the island, stretching 25 kilometers
wide and 9 km, actually consists of two islands, until the land Eyerland
Island in 1835 was pumped dry spit. Another trivia bit is as follows -
before Noordzeekanaal open, go to the island for North America, Asia and
Africa, the main stopping point of the vessel. The first task of the East
India have begun to start from here, Texel is also a witness in the 1593
maritime disaster when the hurricane winds destroyed the merchant fleet,
sinking 44 ships. A Dutch or German tourists most of their own, and the
local wool is considered the best in the world.
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Dutch museum's outstanding tourist attractions: sights and sounds:

Rotterdam in the Netherlands, one of the major cities, including many
with unique natural and man-made resources, a significant aspect of the
attraction: the Euromast, museums boijmans van Beuningen, railz
miniworld, and many other tourist attractions. Rotterdam is a
municipality, happens to be Europe's sixth largest city, is how great the
achievement, you know, everyone has so much to celebrate this city
destroyed by the flood, and the artillery in World War II, Hitler? All
except the White House building left standing, and a magnanimous effort
must be rebuilt instead of the expected renovation guide? Very suitable
for you might say, but it is more than that, the great voice of the
people better. One of the great places, tourist attractions today
Rotterdam - The Netherlands is among other skyline construction; want to
know more? Read.

Building the skyline

Skyline building must be mentioned among the tourist attractions in the
Netherlands - Rotterdam, the building does not exceed the spirit behind
the huge reasons. This is a huge building behind the reconstruction of
the spirit but a brave one, a refusal to be beaten, rising above the vast
majority of attacks on the German offensiveness. Nevertheless, attacks,
death and massive destruction, the authorities refuse to be beaten, they
did not unusual: the removal of the old building and then the ravages of
war, this time one more magnanimous - skyscrapers. This is the spirit of
building skyscrapers in the reconstruction is not the first one, the fact
is that before, where the desire to establish skyline, and the first
skyscraper was built in Rotterdam in 1898 in the Netherlands - Whitt Huit
(White House).
Whitt huitt or white house built in 1898, the building is the 6th largest
building in Europe. This is an eleven-storey building, standing 140 feet
above the highest elegance with French CH plan? teau style. The building
is one of the few buildings to survive demolition Rotterdam Germany.
Taking into account the historical background and years of life, tourism
should look forward to building nostalgic moment.

Museum of Holland Road

The museum is another tourist attraction great team. Rotterdam has many
museums that: Volkenkundig museum, maritime, travel, Boijmans Van
Beruningen Museum, Museum of HET Schielandshuis, etc. So, if you like
historical stuff, I'm sure you will not give this thing to miss. A
perfect place, should be in your access list.

Museum HET Schielandshuis

The museum spaces and municipalities parts: her people, fashion, and many
years of accumulation of interesting details. Pretty good place, you will
be amazed at the level of their collection.

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen

This is one of the top museums in Rotterdam found. It has an ancient
leader, modern, contemporary, applied art and design world-class
assembly. The museum has about 140,000 objects, including the permanent
collection, 175 staff, volunteers, € 12 million annual budget, more than
220,000 visitors each year. In other words, this place is simply great,
you do not want things in your trip forever missed.

Museum in Rotterdam is a great and magnificent a story of a unique
municipality has experienced for years and the great victory of the story
- Rotterdam.

Naomi Campbell remains at odds with Dutch prosecutors:

Hague prosecutors are looking at the summons as the former Liberian
President Charles Taylor trial witness who is now an international
supermodel Naomi Campbell "crimes against humanity." Taylor is accused of
using rough diamonds funding the war on terror. He was accused in 2003 by
a specified act Leone Special Court for Sierra Leone and was arrested in
2006, while in exile in Nigeria.

In 1997, Taylor said he had with South African diamonds, he hopes the
chaos and destruction of weapons in exchange for a large consignment.
After the President of Liberia, a Campbell, Carole White, vice dinner,
told the Special Court officials said she saw Taylor's messenger hand
model "of rough diamonds half a dozen." White's statement later confirmed
the U.S. actress Mia Farrow, who , said in an interview ABC News, said
she precious gift from Naomi own lessons.

After fifteen months, prosecutors rest case, it proposed a motion
demanding to allow additional testimony from Campbell said Taylor gave
the South African hospitality in her "blood diamonds."
When approached to testify, Campbell declined, indicating that she did
not intent to use Taylor's alleged knowledge of diamonds to buy weapons,
do not want to be involved.

Taylor denied having "blood diamonds", but Campbell's testimony,
according to the prosecution can rebut his claim. In a motion to deny was
that the summons to appear in court and the Faroe white, the prosecution
does not need to Campbell's testimony, because it already had a witness
to refute the defendant's claim.

Campbell, supermodel in print and aisle expressed concern that this
negative link Taylor could damage her international career, which took
years to establish.

She also expressed concern that she could put her in the family involved
at risk. What's more, she received admission "blood diamonds" for the
purpose of purchasing weapons, you can make her future criminal charges,
Taylor's alleged victims from the possibility of numerous civil
litigation is likely in violation of income tax expense responsibility.

Campbell refused to appear despite being subpoenaed, the Hague Tribunal
Prosecutor seeks to promote the supermodel sentenced to appear and
provide testimony to the fact that her version.

If the Court of Appeal approved the subpoena, it will be interesting to
see whether the position of independent thinking superstar and proved the
need for self-incrimination or the International Tribunal for the
American equivalent of the Fifth Amendment.

Volendam - Netherlands, comfortable and authentic:

About 20 km from Amsterdam is located in a typical Dutch village
Volendam. This is a small village, set up a number of farmers and
fishermen round 1357. Many artists came to the village in the nineteenth
century and its residents by wearing folk costumes of the rural
characteristics of the second half of inspiration. Fifty years after the
start of travel to Volendam, since 1920, many Americans visited our
village. Today Volendam is a city of 21.000 inhabitants, but it still has
its early features.

In a summer day in 1925 Pouw De Boer, De Boer, founder of the photos, saw
some Americans and Volendam for the fun of a lot of clothes with the
other residents. Pouw saw an opportunity to become a studio of his
bakery. Visitors can be taken by Pouw photos in traditional clothing.
This proved a major success. Moved over the bread and the family de Boer
focus exclusively on tourism. They established a series of souvenirs and
professional studio.
Volendam change the whole year. Stability of the folk costumes of the
street scene disappeared. A family by chance, because the request for
additional photos of clothing more and more exclusive. Celebrities have
their photo taken and tourism from around the world due to the growing

In this turbulent century, the shops continue to make warm clothing
photos in folk preferred address. Pouw handed over to his son Jaap
business, who transferred to his children, Cornelis and Paulien de Boer.
A typical shop prepared the most modern equipment and technology, you are
not welcome, there is a remarkable photograph every day experience. If I
can lend you any advice because you think or plan for this time of life,
please feel free to e-mail.

Describes the history of the Netherlands and Spain, 1650-1650:


In response to "why Spain lost the Netherlands?" Is important not only to
focus on the Low Countries in 1566 the situation - in 1648 the conditions
in Spain, even to a lesser extent throughout Europe. Also "Eighty-year
war straitjacket" to relax, because these years Voorspel 1559 年 至 1566
years to combine the interpretation to be made if, when Philip II in 1559
left the Dutch sister Margaret Duchess of Parma was appointed regent.
Governor was appointed, including Prince William of Orange Nassau
independent provinces. Margaret was told to use only these people
CONSULTA including Cardinal Granvelle. Philip also give up the creation
of CONSULTA nobility, and his refusal to call the state must generally
make it look like he is trying to increase their own power of sacrifice,
more important, and in this respect, the greatest source of tension is
the religious policy. Bishop Philip hopes the restructuring and
elimination of heresy in the Netherlands.


In the Netherlands and Flanders Titelmans the Inquisition, such as
Lindanus officials not only hate on humanitarian grounds, but also
because of dissatisfaction with the referee to the municipal authority of
the church under the jurisdiction of the invasion, and about the
persecution of the urban impact of economic life. Philip II's
determination to destroy our heresy steamrollered over the referee's
prerogative. The "go to non-evocando", local residents can not live
outside of the church or civil court cited the case of violations of the
right, in non-forfeiture of privilege heresy. The Act dealing with cults
is "deitet DU CAS privilegie" and will spare no effort to arouse the
defendant can not torture him from the privilege. The most important
legal principle expressly provided, use and use, is considered heresy
conviction violated the traditional judicial opinions, as they left the
preliminary investigation or 'infomati precedente "and the investigating
officer did not even give reasons for someone's arrest, which may can be
interpreted as the city and influential opposition, Philip II, but not
everyone against him.

For example, a family of ancient nobility into battle Croy Nassau
competition. More importantly - how to affect people by religion? Calvin
is very much in favor of the leveling power of social theory. However,
despite Calvin's theology is not a democracy, they zoom in and between
the election and damn the people into the Bible to all who destroyed the
old social class contrast. In the 1566 round is not the only breakthrough
in the image, but spread rapidly. A broader movement led by Calvin
hedgepreaching minister. The hedgepreaching and anti-traditional success
of the reformers into many towns and villages of the Calvinist approach.
Many like to listen to Leseur, Guy to debris, Peregrine Farm, and Herman
de Calvinist outdated important because they set their own hopes and
fears. These missionaries may provide an effective government of the
authority to restore a sense of their audience. Preche is a peaceful,
social and public microcosm, a lot of people think that preaching is
legal, because the government and senior nobles nothing can stop it.
Nobility to protect their privileges, legislative and religious affairs
are exempt from passengers and preche a united collective of the
Inquisition and foreign government statement, but it is implicit rather
than explicit. However, in 1567 after the arrival of Philip Alvaro
changed repression hedgepreaching has been used as a revolution led to
the Calvinist doctrine of acceptance to take all of this acquiescence is
not active and the new persecution.


Therefore, we have explored the reasons for the uprising, one of the
Netherlands and the final one of the reasons for loss of Spain and
Netherlands. The suppression of heresy can only be accompanied by
Philip's power and influence for many Catholic and Protestant increase in
loss of privileges. Calvin is not the reason to obey the king. A
combination of socio-religious motive is the principle of the Spanish
defeat one of the reasons. Religious quarrel has not benefited from the
Inquisition to the printer and publicity experts, the second is
"Inquisition of the statute" significant examples and "Inquisition's
recommendations" smear campaign. In fact, the flood of publicity Spain
Netherlands Spain may be the loss of one pair of factors. Attacks are in
the King William of Orange in his "apology" and St. Aldegarde Marnix
actively create about 1580 after the Spanish myth. Alvaro was condemned
as "Bloodhound, tigerbeast, all rogue" and the Spanish people in a brutal
attack, including broadsides number on Las Casas said host by a savage
drawings, accompanied by the destruction of the publication of the West
Indian people Joost matter of DE Winghe hand. Indeed, the Spaniards were
massacred Mechlen, Zutphen and Naarden behavior of the residents, but
many people may have been exaggerated, and William's army is hardly a
pure as driven snow, acts of great cruelty and ability to Alvaro .

Economic factors
But perhaps too much focus on religion, the exclusion of other factors.
It is a fact that as the riots in 1567 and 1572 destroyed the image of
the rebel elements in several stages of the most intense industry workers
from unemployment or poverty and their own economic well-being, such as
fear of Antwerp that the local bishop's activities, so that the port can
not enter the German Lutheran businessman. Economic factors prompted
angry, but in a general way in the Netherlands in 1566, food prices were
not particularly high, there is no reason to believe that there is
widespread economic damage, but it is the fear that the underlying nerve
damage - after the closure of the economic slowdown Cateau - Cambresis
boom. Although we in the field of psychological economics is now so
worried about risk may be difficult to explain why the middle class
trying to stop the anti-traditional sports, because they do not feel very
loyal to the Church and the government are beyond the control of
development. However, even this example shows, religious issues, the most
basic, and its strength is stressed that when a person considers that the
anti-tradition only damage the image and did not take plunder. Religion
continue to play, for example, a significant role in the struggle of the
1579 Alaska and the Utrecht Union doping one is the religious divide
between North and South, the Calvinist Ghent has more than violate the
restrictions as early as appeasement.

Military factor

I would now like to turn away from religious issues for two reasons.
First, by our over-emphasis of religion in a crude kind of determinism,
that religion is responsible for the loss of the Netherlands, the risk
should be noted that the old family confrontation, in Wallonia and Fred
Cummings and economic interests of the opposition often determines the
side, one after. Many Catholics opposed to the excesses of Alva, some
people are not all between the sea Beggers the Protestant William of
Orange Automatic two-sided. Secondly, I want to focus on the fight
against military and strategic issues. In the final analysis, the
Netherlands is lost, because there is no military capacity to fight the
Spanish Netherlands, to maintain the Turks her vast overseas empire and
back. Some specific examples are useful. Philip II of Ottoman Empire
forces suffered a reversal of the Sudan in Djerba, he focused on
rebuilding his fleet and capture Penon base resources. It's hateful
Granvelle with Philip recalls. He further impede the execution of attacks
by the Malta and Turkey, but after the anger has started against the
traditional death of Suleiman the magnificent, Philip has his hands free
to send the next event in the Mediterranean many Alvaro veterans to the
Netherlands in 1567 of heresy law.

Even the Holy League in Lepanto decisive victory in 1571 and did not
really help Philip, according to the Netherlands because of sheer cost
and the fact that he was the problem on two fronts. The highest debt in
1567 led to mutiny and overthrow in the Netherlands by his opponent to
seize the initiative. On the crown of Portugal and the Spanish Armada and
Philip's God in the religious followers seized the French side
interventions have helped to shift the war from the Netherlands and the
uprising of human resources. After the death of Philip II and Spinola
problems continued success is due to sign a peace before 1598 and London
Weir million in the 1604. The thirty-year war fought in Spain will see
again in many areas especially in northern Italy, but the threat is
internal in Portugal and Catalonia in Spain led to the rebellion of
certain invincibility shattered in Rocroi and deterioration of the lens
legend. It can clearly be seen that such a war shifted away from the
Dutch war effort. To illustrate France Spain fear Mantuan succession and
religious war is perhaps the main concern followed by the Mediterranean
and the Italian Defense

Other issues - resources and geographical

But there was that diversion of resources away from other factors. The
first is the resource itself is not inexhaustible. Spain's reliance on
financial and Castile and the United States have a major impact of silver
staff. It used to be considered in the Netherlands and Spain the policy
of the vicissitudes of life may account for the new world between Spain
and the cyclical nature of trade, but not necessarily so, because the
amount sent to the army in the Netherlands did not support a change in
the Spanish trade in the United States proportional to income. In
addition, the amount sent to the Netherlands does not necessarily
guarantee the success of the army. For example in the 1580s the army of
Parma is in a very limited budget to conquer. Castilian influence is also
very important in other ways. Many of the old Italian families are very
loyal as Colonna, Pescara, Doria, Spinola, and Farnese, but they do not
trust the Castilian which will in turn affect the king. Even if we set
aside to finance the war fighting in the Netherlands has a complex
logistical problems. This geographical environment has a very important
role and account for Netherlands Spain a certain degree of loss. The sea
is particularly important because it is able to grasp since Li Weilian
Sea Beggers 1572 Brill and help, and ultimately dominate the Netherlands
and New Zealand. The threat of flooding usually stop, but the Spanish
army in the sea itself has an impressive achievement. 1572 Spanish fleet
carrying 1200 recruits were crushed and the sea at Dover, and La
Rochelle's Beggers will Harry Spanish vessels.

If the sea is closed to the Spanish forces many people to the land - the
largest number of travel from Genoa, Lombardy, Piedmont, Savoy, Franche -
Comte and Lorraine Spain Road, then along to reach the Netherlands. And
most of the land belongs to the Spanish channel on earth to form a close
alliance. However, as a display on the map will be clear in the distance
is great, so send them from Spain and the Netherlands in the men arrived
in the time lag may be several months. Distance is indeed the most
formidable enemy of Spain, one they must run, because the sea Beggers,
shipyards holding company all the best and the Netherlands tied, they can
trade on the long gloves. To combat the problem of mercenaries can be
collected locally, these from Burgundy, Germany, Wallonia and the British
came, but the real hard core of the Spanish tercios and particulares who
is increasingly scarce, especially in the plague years of 1598-1602 when
domestic demand in three decades of war is absorbed by the Germans. The
most important thing is to feed and maintain the army's problems, up to
80 000 numbers can go to ... crisis in the Netherlands numerous flunkies,
hangers on and prostitutes attended the meeting. There are two-fold
effect, because it would be difficult to pay and supply the army of
soldiers and civilians in their houses alternatives and did not, causing
great dissatisfaction.


The question must also be considered from Spain by high-latency
communications command failed because Philip II and almost impossible to
keep in touch with the latest developments. Governor General as his own
initiative, but perhaps the king of the leadership and general, should
also be studied. Philip II, perhaps the most mysterious and controversial
figures. He is notorious for slow decision-making, he personally does not
like war, except for defensive purposes, even Lepanto his command. He
firmly believed that their responsibility to God to control his subjects
only thing this is a paradox, it is difficult to reconcile the large-
scale slaughter of Alvaro. But one thing he is inflexible - possession of
defense against heresy Catholic faith, and perhaps this part of his very
lack of the Netherlands and his mishandling of accounts. After the anger
of the anti-Margaret is the traditional Catholic aristocrat with a
reconciliation, but Alba has changed all that. The Netherlands decided to
treat the whole is based on a false assessment of what happened. Many
people believe that Alvaro is unjust, illegal and autocratic methods of
this misguided policy s complete failure, because failure of the
Administrative Court DES 12,000 people, and summoned his "tenth penny"
tax revolt of 1571 precipitation. His successor Requesenes performance a
little better as he attempts to show in the Breda negotiations in 1575.
However, you can say, Philip II, is not entirely responsible for the
actions of the governor, but he has appointed them in the first position
and contributed to his rigid religious issues. We should also remember
that Philip inherited a relatively good position, because the tendency to
focus on Burgundy and the Netherlands to enjoy the day as Charles the
Bold and even "Joyeuse entree" ancient privileges. In addition, the rule
of Philip II is difficult to be seen as a total failure, because he
absorbed the Portuguese to keep most of his empire, to prevent the spread
of the cult. In any case, the evidence is sketchy, because Philip did not
leave his autobiography or his son witnessed, we have assembled from his
viceroys and ministers of the instructions, the picture of his policy.


Dutch losses can be simply attributed to Spain's incompetence. In
addition to the Dutch armed forces may be a lot of tough series of
confusing events is the most significant factor is the speed and
determination with the Dutch against trying to set up their own
government. This can only be interpreted as a long tradition of
particularism and the old Burgundy, "state", which maintained the old
system, old-fashioned pattern. Finally, we must mention that Spain did
not lose the Netherlands, she still retained the 17 provinces and ten.
When a person is considered that this fact seems to put into perspective,
the Dutch victory. Perhaps more emphasis can be placed on hold in the
management of Spain's southern strength. Although the Netherlands is
undoubtedly a failure of the uprising, the Spanish variety of factors
contributed to this in such religious and political, military, strategic
and socio-economic conditions have figured prominently.

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