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					For iPod Beginner, FAQ 4:

Q1. How can I do if I want to reset up the iTunes? I have deleted all the
songs from the music folder, but how can I delete the songs from my iPod?
Answer: If you update the songs to your iPod, they are definitely in your
iPod. It is nothing to do with the songs in the music folder. If you
delete the songs in the music folder, it will not affect the music in
your iPod.

Q2. How to distinguish iPod NANO and iPod NANO2? When I look at the
pictures, one is metal cover, four angles are smooth; the other one is
plastic and rectangular. Which one is NANO2?
Answer: iPod NANO I is proud of itself thinness. It is only 7mm. Although
it is not as thin as the thinnest MP3, it is still amazing. The new iPod
NANO II, however, is metal cover, but its body is relatively thinner. It
is officially 0.26inch that is 1.6604cm, while the iPod NANO I is 0.7cm.
The biggest change of iPod NANO II is to break the limitation of the
color, white and black. It adds silver, pink, blue, green and black five
colors, just like the former iPod mini. Brightly-colored cover makes iPod
NANO more suitable for those fashionable people's picky sense. But also
this time Apple also learns from Korean to tell the capacities from the
different colors. Not all capacities have all 5 colors version. 2GB is
only silver, which means if you want colored version you just can get
4GB. The biggest capacity 8GB is only black. The latest iPod NANO is
totally aluminum cover with only 40g. The iPod NANO I was 42g. The cover
of the latest iPod NANO is specially-managed metal just like iPod mini.
It is very easy to hold and without finger prints left, which would
happen on iPod I. And the other advantages are, the screen is 40%
brighter, 24h for battery. The second generation also has a new function
that you can search music just with capital letter (it only works with
English songs). And its earphones are more comfortable

Q3. About the transmission problem of iPod. I just bought a new iPod,
30GB, but I am not sure what the model is. There is a problem when I
transmit music to my iPod with iTunes. Why can I import some MP3 forms?
And totally cannot import WMA.
Answer: Because iPod should transfer other forms to AAC form which can be
imported. Some MP3 files are damaged when transferring, so they cannot be
imported. iPod cannot support the WMA form. You should transfer WMA to

Q4. What video forms are supported by iPod?
Answer: iPod can support many kinds of video forms, such as MPEG-4(MPEG-
4Part2) and H2.64(MPEG-4Part 10), but a conversion software like Active
iPod Video Converter is needed to convert the original video to the
format that iPod can recognize.

Q5. Can I defrag my iPod?
Answer: Perhaps you can do that, but it is not necessary because it
itself doesn't produce too many fragments. iPod itself equals a small
operating system. If you feel it is very slow or something wrong , you
can make use of the system initialization, which, however, will make it
the same as the one just with factory settings and the music, movies, and
files saved will be gone.

Q6: The flash disk function of my iPod doesn't work. I just bought an
iPod shuffle, 512M. Before I set up the iTunes, it was normal. After
setting up, however, I found that once I connected it with my computer,
the icon of "My iPod" would flash and disappear. I couldn't do anything
in the iPod. Is there anything wrong? How can I solve this problem?
Answer: iPod shuffle, the reason is that you should start the flash disk
function in the "Advanced Option" of your iPod. You can do it in this
way: Connect the iPod shuffle to computer, and open iTunes. There is "to
display iPod option" on the left bottom of the page. Click it and a new
page comes up. Then on this page tere is an option to active "iPod flash
disk". Try it. It is easy!!

How To Get Your iPod Connected To Your Home Entertainment System:

The iPod is one of the newest ways to listen to your music. If you have a
little computer savvy, you can purchase an iPod and start downloading all
of your favorite songs directly to your iPod. If you want to take your
music with you wherever you go, that is what the iPod is all about. That
is exactly what it is designed for. Simply plug in your ear buds, clip on
the iPod and go. You have discovered the unique portability of the iPod.

However, iPods are not just for on the go. There are ways you can connect
you iPod to your favorite home stereo equipment so your and your friends
can enjoy all of your favorite tunes, too. Want to connect your iPod to
your home stereo and have not a clue how to get started? Here is a look
at the basics of how to solve this puzzling problem. The solution could
be as easy as a few cables and a Dock connector.

Would not it be convenient to plug in your iPod to your home stereo when
you are home with the stomach virus or when snow is piled high outside
your door? Plug it in while you are secluded indoors and watch and listen
on the big screen to your favorite music and videos.

Or maybe you are giving a big party and want everyone to enjoy all your
favorite music downloads. With a little instruction and some equipment,
you will soon be listening to your iPod music at home or on the go.

You can use your headphone jack   to connect your iPod to your home or car
stereo using third-party stereo   adapters. In order to connect your iPod
to a home stereo, you will need   a 3.5 mm RCA adapter cable to connect the
iPod and the sound input of the   amplifier.
Most of the equipment you will need for this process can be found at
electronic stores. To keep from blowing out the speakers on your
amplifier, turn the volume down to less than half on your iPod. Use your
stereos control panel to control the volume to the desired level. Your
iPod may need to be set higher than half, depending on your particular
stereo, so you can get a reasonable volume through the outside speakers.

After you have done this, you are ready to connect your iPod to your car
stereo. There are a few things you will need.

First, you will need a 3.5 mm extension cable with stereo connectors on
each end plugged into the aux input of your car stereo. You can also use
a cassette adapter if your car stereo does not have a sound input jack.
Both of these items can be found at car accessory retailers. Next, if
your iPod has a dock connector, you may be able to connect to some cars
with a special adapter.

The Universal Dock is just that, universal. With the Universal Dock, you
can do a variety of things.

First, connect the dock to your computer with the cable that came with
your iPod. Now place your iPod in the dock to sync and charge the
battery. You will not have to reach behind the computer to plug it in
anymore. Connect the dock to an electrical outlet using an iPod Power
Adapter, and then place your iPod in the dock to charge the battery.

Connect the Dock to a stereo or speakers using an iPod AV Cable or a
stereo audio cable to play music from iPod. Control playback from a
distance using the Apple Remote. Display photos on a TV or other video
device using an iPod AV Cable or S-video cable if you have an iPod with a
color display. Display videos on a TV or other video device using an iPod
AV Cable or S-video cable if you have an iPod with video capability.

The Universal Dock

The Universal Dock is the ultimate iPod docking solution. Any model of
iPod with a dock connector can fit perfectly into a single Universal Dock
through the use of interchangeable inserts called Dock Adapters. You
simply insert the Dock Adapter that fits your particular iPod model, and
then plug in your iPod. When you want to connect a different-size iPod,
simply pop out the Dock Adapter and insert a new one.

The iPod Universal Dock package includes adapters for five iPods. New
iPods will include adapters for that model, and other adapters are
available separately.

An Ipod Car Adapter Makes The Most Of Your Ipod:
There is no question that the most popular portable music player on the
market is the iPod. With its small size, large memory, and digital sound,
iPods allow you to bring a massive music library with you wherever you
go, and it all fits in the palm of your hand. iPods are becoming
increasingly ubiquitous as more and more consumers eschew compact disks
in favor of the convenience, portability, and performance of these small
wonders. However, iPods are not perfect and if they have a shortcoming it
is most obvious when you would like to use your iPod in the car, unless,
of course, you have purchased an iPod car adapter.

While some new cars are equipped with iPod docking stations, it is a rare
feature that was not available until very recently. For the vast majority
of drivers their car stereo is still designed to accommodate compact
disks, which up until recently were the music medium of choice. Because
an iPod can store hundreds of music titles its advantages over compact
disks are obvious, and iPod owners naturally want to utilize this while
driving in their automobiles, and they need an iPod car adapter to do

There are several types of iPod car adapters on the market. The most
basic model would be for use in cars that still have an analog cassette
player. For those automobiles, a cassette adapter can be plugged into the
headphone jack of the iPod, and the cassette can be inserted into the car
stereo. However, the sound quality of this option is not ideal, and most
late model cars have CD players instead of cassette players.

If your car has a compact disc player, then a cassette iPod car adapter
is obviously not an option. The Neo iON is the latest and best iPod car
adapter on the market. The iON plugs directly into your iPod and is
connected through a cable that plugs directly into the CD changer port
that is located on the back of your car CD player. Installing the iON
requires some degree of skill and time and those who are less
mechanically inclined may opt to have it professionally installed. The
iON provides a direct connection that delivers the highest quality
digital sound, but perhaps the most enticing feature is the way your iON
and iPod interface with your car stereo system. Once attached to the iON,
you no longer have to fumble with the buttons on your iPod while driving.
Instead you can change musical tracks by using the existing buttons on
your car stereo.

Installing an iON in your automobile has obvious advantages, but those
advantages come at a cost. The iON is not portable, it becomes part of
your car, so if you own several cars you would need to install an iON in
each if you want to bring your iPod with you wherever you go. Further, if
your car stereo does not have a CD changer port then an iON would not be
compatible with your car. If those scenarios describe you, then an iPod
car adapter with a universal FM modulator is what you need. A FM
modulator will allow you to broadcast your iPod through one of several FM
frequencies, and you can tune in your iPod on your car radio.

Another desirable feature of an iPod car adapter, such as the iON and the
FM modulator, is that they provide a power source for your iPod so you do
not have to worry about charging your iPod’s battery; it happens
automatically. An iPod car adapter gives you the ability to listen to
your entire music library for as long as you want, and as far as you

Marketing With The iPod:

Whenever something new, exciting and revolutionary is introduced to the
general public, it’s nearly a given that other corporations, companies
and interests want to hitch their branding wagon to that train. And with
the Apple iPod Nano, it was, and still is no different. The Apple iPod
transformed the way the whole world thinks about where it takes it music.
Soon after its release, you could walk around any hip metropolitan street
and see those instantly recognizable white ear buds poking through the
collars and jackets of many people, young and old, male and female. So,
it didn’t take a marketing genius to figure out that all those iPod
listeners represent a huge target audience. Fortunately, or unfortunately
depending on your point of view, a marketing genius did realize that.

Many companies that, at first glance, would have very little to do with
the Apple iPod, soon lined up to be associated with the world’s most
popular portable digital music player. Before you knew it, there were
charities working together with Apple to create an iPod Nano with that
charity’s logo and colors on it. It was a great way for a charity to
appear current by working together with the Apple iPod Nano line as well
as reaching a younger, more technologically savvy demographic that it
otherwise would not have reached.

However, even though charities recognized the power of the iPod, it was
the music industry itself that has taken the greatest advantage of the
reach and visibility of the iPod. Now, the music industry generally
frowns upon downloading music from a computer onto an iPod without paying
for it. But, some people in the music world realized that the iPod Nano
is so popular, that there are people who won’t listen to music in any
other format besides on their iPod. So, if you aren’t working with the
iPod, you are working against certain segments of your target audience.

Some bands decided to directly associate themselves with the iPod Nano;
U2 being the biggest and most recognizable band to do so. A special U2
version of the iPod was released, and selected songs from an upcoming
album were only available to be heard via the iPod. Of course,
innovative, expensive and exceptionally cool marketing and advertising
campaigns were released. Because of this foresight, two goals were
achieved. One, of course, was to work together with the Apple iPod Nano
to get the music and songs released and introduced to the public. The
second goal was that U2 did not appear to be anti-download and embraced
the iPod and everything it can do.
In the early days of music downloading, there were many bands who scoffed
at the idea of having their music listened to for free. As a result, they
appeared to be greedy, out of touch and completely against the wishes of
their fans. But, with the advent of the Apple iPod Nano, it is now
imperative that if the whole world is going to be listening to this
little device, then they might as well be listening to you.

Going Video With Your Apple iPod:

The new video capable iPod has opened a new world of possibilities for
people upgrading to the newest iPod model. However, for the most part,
most do not know how to encode video to portable devices that require
strict format requirements. For those who own a PSP, you might know a
thing or two about encoding video.

The PSP and iPod can only play MPEG-4 encoded videos with AAC audio
tracks. There are limits to resolution and bit rates of the videos you
can use on your iPod. It may seem that this video iPod thing is too
complicated for a normal person to figure out, but here are some simple
instructions on how to create video for your new video iPod:

If you have QuickTime Pro 7, you can make your own videos that will allow
you to play them on your iPod. With QuickTime, you can easily convert
your home videos or any other video into a format that your iPod will

First, make sure that you are, in fact, running the newest version of
QuickTime, 7 or later. After you have the latest version of QuickTime
installed, go ahead and open it. Now, go ahead and choose the Open File..
option from the File menu at the top left corner of the QuickTime window.
Select the video or movie that you would like to play on your iPod and
then click on the Open button. Now choose the Export.. option from the
File menu. You should see an option that says, Movie to iPod (320x240),
click on the Save button. Now the Export progress bar will show you how
far the export process has gone before being completed.

However, if your movie is longer, then it will take more time than if you
had a shorter movie. Once the export has been completed, QuickTime Pro
will put the new version of your movie on your desktop. This is the
version that will be able to play on your video iPod. Go ahead and open
up this new version of your movie and play it to make sure it looks the
way it is supposed to.

To get the video to your iPod, you will have to launch iTunes version 6.
If you do not have iTunes 6, you should download it at this time. Now
drag the new movie file into your iTunes library. Put it into a folder or
a playlist of your choice. Connect your iPod to your computer and
synchronize it with your iTunes.

Now if you would like to play the movie, select the Videos and then the
Movies option from your video iPod Main Menu. All available movies will
be listed in alphabetical order. Go ahead and select the desired movie to

But what do you do if you want to watch episodes of your favorite
television show from your iPod, on your TV? Do not worry; here are some
quick and easy steps for you to be watching them in no time:

First, you will need some items, a video-capable iPod, and iPod-
compatible video (like the one you just converted in QuickTime), an A/V
cable (these can be bought off eBay if you do not have one for only five
or six bucks). Now you can configure your iPod video options that will
allow you to control how you export video. On the iPod Video Options
screen, you can select how your video iPod will handle the video file

In order to open these settings, first choose Videos / Video Settings on
your main iPod menu. This screen will offer three different settings: TV
Out, TV Signal and Widescreen. Adjust these setting to pick the video
playback style that you need.

Whenever your iPod plays a video file, it will either play the video on
the built-in screen or it will transmit the video signal out of the
microphone jack. To control which one your iPod does, go to the TV Out
option. If you choose No, the playback will remain on the iPod. If you
select, Yes then a TV signal is produced. If you would like the iPod to
ask you every time it plays a video file, select the Ask option.

Now that you know how to convert video files on your computer into iPod
compatible video, and you know how to get movies or video on your iPod to
play on your television set, you should be set to go with your new video

Five Ideas For Using Your iPod In The Classroom:

What? You can use your iPod for educational purposes? Yes!! The iPod is a
perfect tool for learning, as well as for listening to music. With the
ever growing amount of iPod owners, most being younger people still in
school, the iPod is a great tool to use in the classroom.

Apart from getting your students to think you are cool for owning an
iPod, there are other ways for it to be put to good use. From foreign
language class, to music class, to even art history and more, the iPod is
making a big hit in the classroom.

So, you   are a student sitting in music class, and all of a sudden instead
of your   teacher putting on a song in an old music player, they connect an
iPod to   their computer and out plays Beethovens 5th Symphony. Using your
iPod is   great for any music class.

The iPod allows you to store and keep all your music in one easy place
and lets you set up pre-determined playlists, and is very portable for
anyone. The iPod is an easy way to get your students to listen to your
music selections, and with the ease of iPod music upload anyone is able
to do it.

Maybe you are not a music teacher; maybe you have a foreign language
class that is in need of something updated and fun. Using your iPod to
play podcasts in foreign languages is simple. Or, you can always make
your own podcast to play if you plan on being out one day. Knowing a
foreign language is now a more and more important thing to know and
having a new and exciting way to learn one is always going to be easier
for the students.

Perhaps one of the most useful things a teacher can use in a classroom is
podcasts. A teacher can easily search for podcasts relevant to the daily
classroom discussion or lecture. Did you know even the Supreme Court has
podcasts? You are now able to listen to the deliberations of the Justices
when you in the classroom!

The popularity of the iPod has reached a new, higher level when the
Supreme Court is using them. Recently, the teacher of a government class
I am taking surprised us all when she started playing a podcast of the
daily Supreme Court deliberations. It got all of our attention, to say
the least. Most people in the United States have never heard the Supreme
Court deliberate, and the iPod helps bring something new to listeners all
over the world.

Maybe you are an art history teacher, or maybe you just need to show a
photo slideshow in class. An iPod is an easy way to store the photos you
need and in a specific order that you are able to use it in a classroom
setting. The iPod is a very portable device and by storing your photos
for the classroom on it, it is simple to bring them in and share with
your students.

Now, if you are lucky enough to teach in a school with a seemingly
endless budget, then you could be able to buy iPods for your students
that already have all the forms and documents that they will need for
your class. This allows the student to keep everything they need for the
classroom in one easy place. Now, if you are like most of us and money is
limited then just using your own iPod to store all of your documents and
files for the class is an easy way to keep it all in one place and will
cut down on the time and stress it takes looking for them.

These are just some of the many ideas that you can use in the classroom.
There are many, many more. The iPod is becoming a popular thing to own,
for students and teachers alike. Owning an iPod opens up many
possibilities that you might not otherwise have. From podcasts, to photo
slideshows, to music lessons, the iPod is making an appearance in
classrooms all over the world. Its as if the iPod is taking over the
world, but it is good to know that you can use the iPod for educational
purposes and not just for entertainment purposes.

The Life And Times Of The Ipod Battery:

When you purchase an iPOD, what do you think about? Are you imagining
what songs you’ll put on it? Do you think about all the accessories and
kits that you’ll get for your iPOD? Can you picture in your mind all
the places you’ll take your iPOD? Of course you’re thinking about all
those things. Are you also thinking about the lithium iPOD battery that
powers your device, and how it works? Probably not.

The iPOD is a remarkable device that has changed how people transfer and
enjoy music and information, but little is paid attention to what makes
an iPOD work. We know how it works, and what it can do, but what enables
it to do all those cool things? The answer is a small but powerful
lithium iPOD Nano battery.

Lithium iPOD batteries are more powerful than standard nickel-cadmium
batteries. Because of this, lithium batteries last longer and don’t
require to be charged as regular batteries. This allows you to max-out
the times you need to change your iPOD battery. Now, with any form of
battery – lithium-ion or otherwise – you will eventually need to
purchase an iPOD or to simply replace the iPOD battery itself. After all,
it won’t last forever, but it’s sure close!

A lithium-ion iPOD Nano battery works better for two reasons:

1. Lithium is lighter than nickel
2. Lithium batteries have smart “fast-charge― technology

Let’s focus on point number one. Because lithium-ion is lighter than
crystal, which means that your iPOD doesn’t have to work as hard to
charge a light material vs. a heavy material. So, your iPOD battery uses
less power to fully charge up. That’s good for you, because having
lithium iPOD batteries gets your device charged up faster. It also saves
you the expense of having to frequently purchase iPOD Nanos.

On the second point, iPOD batteries are smart charging. Now, you can’t
use your iPOD Nano battery to help study for a test! Rather, they’re
smart because they can tell the charger when they’re almost full. When
your iPOD is charging, it charges up to 80% capacity in no time flat.
Then, the iPOD battery tells the charger to slow down, so the charging
process goes from warp speed to snail’s pace. This ensures that the
battery doesn’t overcharge, and makes certain that you’re spending
your time with your music, and not spending your cash on iPOD batteries.

With any battery, every time you charge it, it loses a bit of its
performance and power. Over time, that battery will die, and after you
give it a proper funeral, you’ll have to change it. The same is true
with your iPOD. Eventually, you will have to replace the iPOD battery.
You can either change the iPOD battery itself or purchase a new iPOD Nano
. But, because your iPOD battery is a lithium-ion beast, you won’t need
to worry about that for a while!

How to Find the Cheapest Deals at an Ipod Sale:

Thinking of buying a cheap ipod? Well before you even start thinking
about getting out your credit card you should find out where an ipod sale
is currently taking place. This is easily done by using your personal
computer to go on to the internet and by typing the words 'Ipod Sale'
(without the quotes) into Google or any other top search engine, such as
Yahoo or MSN.

If you already know what you want you can enter more information in the
search string such as 'Ipod Classic Sale' or even 'Ipod Touch Sales'. If
you are looking for a particular storage capacity you should add that
too, as in 'Ipod Touch 16GB Sale' or 'Ipod Classic 80GB Sales'.

Ignore any other words like 'mp3 player' or 'Apple' etc as this may
return too many irrelevant results and this could waste your valuable
time. As all ipods are now available in different colors you might want
to add your favorite color to the search string too, just as in 'Pink
Ipod Nano Sale'. Always use the shortest and most concise search string
possible for better targetted results.

An online ipod sale really is the best place to buy cheaper or discounted
ipods. Whatever model you desire, whether it is Apple's ipod touch, nano,
classic or shuffle the best time for getting the cheapest deals will be
during the sales when all types of mp3 and digital media players will be
found at a discount.

If you have the patience to wait for a sale and then perform the
necessary research and keep a check on the best deals to see if the price
drops any more, then you will easily be able to save a large percentage
of the cost of an ipod sold at the normal online price. If you are in a
hurry you may find that you will have to pay more.

The big electronics and gizmo sites will often have sales where you
should be able to pick up a nice cheap ipod or other mp3 player of your
choice. However you will need to make inquiries before the ipod sales
take place to ensure you know when the sale starts and to compare against
the standard prices, so you know when you are getting a great deal.

Also never buy a new model as soon as it is released because at this time
you will be paying a premium, which by waiting a month or two you will be
able to avoid.

Two of the best sites for ipod sales and discounts are the ipod store at
Amazon and ipod auctions on Ebay. These websites always have many
products for sale and in general some of the best prices online.

Amazon always have some of the best priced ipods online as they sell
ipods for other discount companies as well as themselves. You may have to
watch the prices for a while to get the best deals on Amazon as they can
fluctuate a lot. However it will be worth the wait.

Great prices are available all day and every day at Ebay, but it pays to
bid in the same way as the professionals to ensure you get your ipod
cheap. Leave it until the very last moment and just place a single bid on
your ipod of choice just a second before the end of the auction. If you
fail with that bid there will soon be another ipod sale to bid on.

Prolong Your IPod Battery Life:

Most MP3 consumers would agree that the iPod is one of the best choices
for an MP3 player, unique cutting edge styling coupled with superb sound
quality and durability. There has been however, numerous moans and groans
from various sources of MP3 authority that the iPod battery is something
that could be improved upon. Isolated cases of iPods going dead after
only as few months have been reported and by reading this article you
should have a basic grasp on how to prolong the battery life of your iPod
and general care.

An absolute must is to download the very latest software for your
portable device. In an age where software updates are as about as
frequent as the weather changes, it is imperative that you keep up to
date with software and firmware changes. Secondly, use the HOLD switch.
Yes thats right. How many times have you slipped your iPod inside your
coat, jacket or trousers only to discover the next time you plug in them
earphones you iPod is as dead as a dodo.

Speaking of earphones, remember if you use all them fancy accessories to
make your iPod stand out from the crowd that actually this drains more
resource power from your iPod so if you plan on using your iPod on a long
car or train journey then maybe leaving some accessories at home is a
good idea.
Temperature control is another factor in looking after your iPod battery.
Your machine will work best at room temperature (at about 20 degrees). If
you have left your iPod outside or even in the car overnight, then let it
warm up inside first before using. As well as cold temperatures the same
principle applies to extreme warm aswell. Be mindful of not letting your
iPod out in the sun or leaving it laying on the dashboard of your car in
the summer.

Regular charging of your Ipod is also very advisable. Do not let your
iPod go dead flat. Try to get into the habit of leaving your iPod on
charge at least once a week or even better every night before you go to

Do you really need the backlighting facility? This is one of the major
sources of power consumption on your iPod. There is an option to switch
this off and you will be amazed on how much longer your iPod will last
for before the need of a re-charge. Also try to avoid changing tracks to
often if you can help it. Pressing the forward and back button on your
machine executes major hard disk activity on your iPod which in turn
drains massive battery power.

Finally, turning off the equalizer and using compressed songs is also
good advice on keeping your iPod stay charged up for longer. Optimum
cache size for your iPod is about 8 to 9mb so if your files and songs are
longer then this then split these files in half. By following this short
guide you will be sure to prolong the battery life of your iPod without
the need for a recharge.

Using The New Ipod To Watch Videos And Listen To Music:

The new iPod is now lighter, slimmer and cooler looking, it has new
features that surpass other mp3 players. The best new features of the
video iPod concern the sound quality. The iPod video is small, compact
and sleek, it is very easy to use, and it has tons of great features that
are second to none and can only be found on iPods.

Taking portable video entertainment to a different level than it ever has
been, it features a color screen and video playback capabilities. The new
Apple video iPod is pushing the envelope with technology by combining mp3
music and video in one device.

Consumers embraced the new iPod, it allows consumers to keep all of their
music and video in one place, the device is light weight and is portable
so all the videos and music can go where ever you go. The iPod has a 5-
inch color display that lets you take your music videos wherever you go.
Unlike in the music versions, Apple did not include an option to rip
movies to play on the Video iPod.

If your priority is storing music over video, get the iPod Video. Many
automobiles have the normal AM/FM Stereo and CD player, but many
automobile manufactures are including and jack so you can plug in your
mp3 player. Most of the people who benefit from the iPod are those people
who want to listen to music, watch movies or TV shows or who want to keep
photos You can listen to all your music. You can do more than just listen
to music. Many manufactures have created accessories so you are able to
listen to your iPod in your car, these gadgets work very well and are
worth the investment. Until just recently, you used to have to have an
expensive CD player and a multitude of CDs with you in order to listen to
whatever you want, whenever you want.

It is very exciting when you receive your new video iPod, you now have
the ability to watch videos on a mobile video player. Once you download
the movie or video you can simply transfer it to your iPod, however if
you want to be able to watch the movie on your DVD player while at home
then you might want to think about this. If you're like many new Video
iPod owners, you are excited about the idea of carrying your movie
collection along with you wherever you go.

According to the informational websites, the number of video downloads
have reached and might have passed the one million downloads since it was
introduced. There are many companies that have created software that will
convert to the iPod format, some even come with extra software so you can
view the pictures or videos before the conversion process starts, this
comes in handy if you want to view the information before putting it on
your iPod. You can download, convert and transfer and you have the
ability to watch all kinds of movies, home movies and TV shows.

Five Alternative Uses For Your iPod:

So you might already know how to upload music and play music on your
iPod, but maybe you want to do something else other than music playing
with it.

The iPod has become somewhat of an American phenomenon. With the ever-
growing popularity of this little gadget, more and more people are
starting to use the iPod for things other than just playing music. Below
are five alternative uses that you can use your iPod for:

Probably the most popular alternative use of the iPod is podcasting.
Podcasting is like running your own radio stations, except you are the
boss and can do whatever you want. Podcasts have become very popular with
iPod owners of all ages and walks of life. Creating your own podcast is
fairly easy and you have the ability to reach thousands of people.

Your podcast can be about anything you want; the FCC does not have any
restrictions on podcasting, so you are pretty much free to say whatever
you want. Maybe you want to tell the world about your religious or
political views, or perhaps, you just want to share the music that you
love. Once you have made your own podcast, there are numerous websites on
the Internet that will allow you to display your podcast for people to

Maybe you do not want to create your own iPod podcast. Maybe you just
want to use your iPod skills for your own personal use and satisfaction.
The notes feature on your iPod is an ideal, useful little tool. You can
add some notes from your classes to it for easy and portable access, or
just little reminder notes for your daily life. Your iPod is very
portable and having your notes wherever you go will make sure that you
never miss another birthday or important meeting again.

Another alternative use for your iPod might be picture-oriented. You are
able to store a good deal of photos on your iPod. This might be useful if
you have a photo presentation and want to have your pictures with you, or
if you just came back from vacation and want to show off by giving your
friends a view of all the things you did. Again, the iPod is very much a
portable device and will allow the user to carry around their different
media files for quick and easy access.

One alternative way that people are starting to use their iPod for is
education. What, education? Yes, the iPod is not only for entertainment
purposes but can actually be used as a learning device. There is an
endless amount of ways for you to learn with the iPod. Some might be that
you have a music history class and need to listen to some songs for an
upcoming exam. If you have a foreign language class, your iPod can easily
download a podcast in the language that you are taking. The Supreme Court
is even getting on the iPod bandwagon with podcasts for your listening

If you are the working type, then your iPod will help you with that, as
well. The notes feature of your iPod can easily be used to store quick
notes on a previous meeting or conversation that you need to remember.
Perhaps, you are into writing and need to store a project that you are
working on. The notes feature can help you do this, and you are able to
review your material whenever you want to (please do not read over your
material while driving though). Storing some of your work on your iPod
may also help for when you need to show people what you are currently
working on.

From podcasting to education to work, your iPod is able to help you with
just about anything that you need. The portability of the iPod makes it
an ideal device to use for any occasion that calls for easy access to.
Not only is your iPod a superior music player, it is now becoming a
superior life tool as well. It might not be too long before everyone in
the United States, maybe even in the world, will have his or her own
The iPod is helping people from all around the globe better communicate
with each other by podcasting, or just by having something in common.

An iPod Accessory Takes Your iPod To The Next Level:

Just ten years ago iPod technology seemed impossibly futuristic. Ten
years ago we were all listening to compact disks, and even that
technology was a relatively recent development that had only recently
unseated analog cassettes as the music medium of choice. Yet today, only
a few short years since its introduction, the iPod has been at the
forefront of a musical revolution and that revolution is showing no signs
of slowing down.

An iPod is a portable media player that can fit in the palm of your hand,
yet it can store an entire library of music and video that can be enjoyed
anywhere. They are smaller than the compact disks they replaced, yet they
can store information of hundreds, or even thousands, of those very same
disks when that information is downloaded from a host computer. There are
several different models of iPods on the market, and while their list of
features might lead one to believe that there is nothing they can not do,
in reality there are desirable features that iPods lack, and that is why
there is such a large iPod accessory market.

There exists an iPod accessory to enhance nearly every element of your
iPod. Perhaps the most popular iPod accessory is an iPod case. Due to
their small size you can take your iPod everywhere, so an iPod that lacks
the protection of a case can quickly acquire nicks and scratches that
detract from its looks, value, and possibly function.

Another popular iPod accessory is the iPod docking station. iPods require
frequent charging of their batteries – usually every eight hours or so –
and a docking station allows the iPod owner to plug in and charge up when
they are away from their computer. Further, some iPod docking stations
have their own speaker system, so one can listen to music while

Listening to your iPod while driving is a natural combination because
there is no other way to have thousands of songs, all in digital quality,
at your fingertips. However, your car stereo and your iPod are not
perfect mates without the help of another must-have iPod accessory, the
FM Transmitter. An FM Transmitter not only acts as a docking station
which maintains your iPod’s battery charge, it wirelessly broadcasts your
music allowing you to “tune it in” on your car’s FM radio. No wires, no
fumbling through compact disks, just your entire catalog of music at the
touch of a button right on your car radio.
The latest iPod accessory to hit the market is an iPod remote control
which allows you to operate your iPod from anywhere in your home. This is
especially helpful for those who like to listen to their iPod through
their home audio system. An iPod remote control makes your iPod as
versatile as your full sized audio components, but at a fraction of the

iPods are certainly here to stay, and their size, performance, and
features make them appealing to any music lover. But despite their myriad
functions, there is an iPod accessory that can enhance your enjoyment.
Docking stations that come in all shapes and sizes, adaptors that allow
your iPod to play in a cassette player, and countless other offerings
make the iPod accessory market nearly as hot as the iPods themselves.

What To Looking For Quality Ipod Case:

iPod is the new innovation and revolution of music players in modern era.
There is no one, especially teens and young adult know do not know iPod.
If you are the one who already have has iPod, so congratulation. What
become after you have purchased iPod players is to get additional
accessories for your iPod such as headphone port covers, Click Wheel
protectors, pop-open Dock Connectors etc. However, the most popular
accessory that people looking for is iPod case. This is because iPod
player is something that very sensitive to temperature and vibrations, so
it is strongly suggest that you should get a case for your iPod as soon
as possible to give maximum protection for your iPod. But there are
plenty of iPod cases available in the market and this may be difficult
for you to make decision. However, there are several online communities,
where iPod lovers gather together and discuss only about iPod topics and
certainly they have some kind of review for iPod case, which you can find
it very useful to help you making decision.

As mentioned above that there many suppliers produce iPod cases for
users, unfortunately that not all of them see importance of producing
good quality iPod cases. As a result, for people who use iPod cases
produced by these companies still have problem about their iPod damage
from accident. Sometimes, even though you can find the good quality iPod
cases but it could not provide comfortable and practical to access
control of the iPod when it is in the case.

The quality of iPod case some time can be determined by the price of the
case itself. Usually we can get a fair quality iPod case by spend only
about 20-30 USD. However, I recommend that you should buy this only when
you really have limited budget or in case of you just only need adequate
protection, but for some of you who may be able to afford more expensive
iPod case, I strongly suggest that you should buy it for premium quality.
Particularly if you have the latest model of iPod as they need maximum
protection as well as functionality. You may have to look for the case
that cost about 100 USD or above. Also, there might be some people who
has unlimited budget and ready to invest for designer case for multi-
hundreds or thousands of dollars. Because designer case for iPod often
have other option that could support you when you have to carry iPod such
as clips, wrist straps etc.

iPod cases are also available in many type of materials, here are the
brief description of the materials that commonly use to produce iPod

Metal case: There are many advantages of using metal case, it could be
the most durable material among other kind of case material and metal
gives you felling of modern and it is also super thin and lightweight.

Leather case: This is probably the most valuable type of iPod case. You
can get adequate protection at a reasonable price by using leather case.
They are also available in millions of colour and this could be the most
distinct advantage, if compare to metal case However, leather may have
some disadvantage is that they usually have sides that are open and
unprotected, leaving your iPod vulnerable on the sides.

Tips On How To Use your iPod As A Hard Drive:

At some point most people have needed to transfer files from one computer
to another. Floppy drives are virtually obsolete. Not all computers have
a CD burner and unless you use a re-writable CD you can only use it for
files one time. So how can you do it? Ever thought of using your iPod?
Few people realize the iPod can be used for much more than listening to
songs and watching videos. The device can also be used as a hard drive to
store every kind of file you will need. Here are a few tips on how to use
your iPod as a hard drive.

First, connect your iPod to your computer. Once the iPod has been
connected open the iTunes window. Then open the iPod preferences window.
In the iPod preferences window you can select Manually manage songs and
playlists or Enable disk use. If you would like to use your iPod for disk
storage and you would still like for iTunes to automatically update your
iPod library then choose Enable disk use. This will allow your iPod to
store files and play music.

Once you have set up your iPod to store files you can drag the files you
want to store into the iPod window. When you have finished moving the
files click the iPod eject button in the lower-right corner of the iTunes
window. The iPod screen will show Ok to disconnect when it is safe to
unplug it.
You can also use your iPod as a hard drive without using the iTunes
window. First connect your iPod to the computer that has the files you
would like to store. Then go to My Computer. You will see the iPod listed
as an available drive. Double click the drive and copy the files you want
to store into the root folder. Alternatively, you can create a separate
folder for storing your files to avoid confusing your files with the
files the iPod needs to operate. Do not put anything in the folder
labeled iPod_Control because that folder contains music and video files
and information required for the iPod to read music and video files

If you are using your iPod without having iTunes running you will need to
manually disconnect the iPod from the system. Open My Computer. Browse to
the drive that lists your iPod. Select the drive and drag it to the
recycle bin. Once the drive has been deleted, you can safely detach your
iPod from the computer. Avoid detaching your iPod from the computer with
going through these steps first. Doing so can result in corruption of
important files.

The iPod shuffle can also be used for storing files. Using a USB flash
drive does this. To configure the iPod shuffle to store files, open the
iPod preferences window from within iTunes. In the iPod preferences
window use the slider to choose how much of the drive you would like to
use for storing files and how much you would like to use for storing
songs. You can add files in two ways. The first way is to drag and drop
the icon for the file you would like to add onto the iPod folder in the
iTunes screen. The second way is to navigate to the iPod drive through My
Computer and add file. If you have the file open you can save it to the
iPod by going to File, Save As. In the location window click on My
Computer and select the iPod drive.

The iPod shuffle must be removed in a similar way to a regular iPod. If
you are working through the iTunes window click the iPod eject button in
the lower-right corner of the window. When the iPod screen shows Ok to
disconnect you can safely remove your iPod. You can also remove the iPod
shuffle if you are not working in iTunes by deleting the drive icon from
the My Computer folder. As with a regular iPod, be careful not to detach
the iPod shuffle from computer without first removing it in one of the
two ways described above.

Hassle no more with emailing files to yourself in order to access them
from another location. As long as you have your iPod and the USB cord or
your iPod shuffle, you can access and store all the files you need.

For iPod Beginner, FAQ 3:

Q1. How to use my iPod on different computers?
My iPod shuffle is 512MB. I always surf online in the net bar. Every time
when I set up iTunes and connect with iPod, it will show, "this iPod
doesn't keep in step with iTunes! Please click OK" Then all the music is
gone and you should refresh. If you don't click OK, you cannot connect
the iPod with iTunes. How can I solve this problem? Can my iPod use on
different computers?

I have ever met this problem before, and I also find a very good
resolution. Here share with you
First, Connect your iPod with a computer and input the music wanted with
Second, do go back. Here is the key step: Now in iTunes "file"? "export
database", click it choose a list in the coming-up dialogue box, and then
Enter to back up the database.
Third, Make the iPod work as a portable disk in the iTunes. (If you have
done this before, forget it.) Then click "iPod Disk" in "My Computer" and
copy the database which you baked up just now in the iTunes into it, and
then out. Now connect your iPod with another computer. Don't make it keep
a step with iTunes but click "input database", and click the database
backed up. Can you all your music files back? That is it. Now you can go
on inputting music or video etc. in the database. At this moment, connect
with your iPod. After it is in a step with iTunes, it will remind you
that you cannot find some specific songs and it cannot be copied into the
When you turn on your iPod, you will find the songs are still in your
iPod. In this way you can use your iPod on different computers without
limitation but just remember to back up database every time after you
make the two keep in a step. In addition, you can set your iPod to be
updated by hand in which way you also can make them in a step but not
covered, but it is troublesome. Maybe if you are not careful enough, all
files will be deleted. I have ever lost hundreds of songs. But it is
still one resolution, a formal one.

Q2. How to put the movies in my computer into my iPod? Recently, I bought
a new iPod MP4, but I have tried many times and methods to put the movies
into my iPod, but all failed. I couldn't add it into the database and
keep them in a step.

iPod can support MP4 and H.264 video form, but the original video should
be converted to the form that iPod can support. There are lots of
softwares can do this job. And the software I am using is pretty good.
Its name is Agile iPod Video Converter which is very easy-to-use. Click
the file you want, and select your iPod type, and then click "Convert",
then after converting; you can put the video into "movie" in the iTunes.
If you have iPod 6, you can add videos into your iPod and keep it in a
step with iTunes. If you set iTunes to "manage music by hand", you can
also put the video or video player list into the iPod in the iTunes
source list. Now you have finished a half.

The followings are the steps how to finish it,
1). Connect iPod with your computer, and then open iTunes;
2). Click "Preset" in the iTunes;
Mac User: "Preset" in the iTunes;
Windows User: "Preset" in the "Edit";
3) click "iPod" tag "video" tag
4) choose one of the following video synchronous options,
#1. If you want to make all videos in the iTunes keep in a step with iPod
with iTunes, then click "Automatically update all videos"
#2. if you just want to synchronize the videos in the play list into your
iPod with iTunes, click "Automatically update selected playlists only",
and then click the box beside the play list.
#3. if you don't want to add any videos into your iPod, click "Don't
update video". Note that if you have already synchronized the present
videos with iPod, you will delete them from the iPod when you click this
5) Click OK.
Once you close the "preset" in the iTunes, iTunes will start to update
the iPod as the settings in the "preset".
Attention: If you manage the audio files by hand, you should do it with
videos by hand, too. If you set the iPod to update music automatically,
then you should click one of the two automatically update options for
videos, or choose neither of them.

Reasons To Go Manual With Your iPod:

If you are like most iPod owners, you probably have never even considered
using the manual mode on your iPod. Do you even know what the manual mode
is? First consider what exactly the manual mode is and then, why you
should use it.

So, you go to your computer to upload music to your iPod, if you just
plug it in and your iTunes music library automatically starts sending
music to your iPod, then this is the automatic mode, not the manual. This
is the default mode; it is already configured to update the contents
whenever your iPod is plugged in.

When using your iPod, the manual mode, on the other hand, lets you select
only the files you want and then transfer those selected files to your
iPod. To switch your iPod into the manual mode, you first have to go to
your iTunes Source list and select the iPod icon.

When you do this, a new icon should pop appear at the bottom right corner
if your iTunes window. If you click on this icon, the iPod Preferences
window will pop up. Now, to get your iPod to stop updating automatically,
you need to enable the Manually Manage Songs and Playlists option. Click
OK and the Preferences window will close. Now you are ready to start
adding only the music files that you want.

In order to place new music onto your iPod, you need to drag the selected
file from your iTunes library and onto the iPod icon in the Source list
or into one of your playlists. If you wish to create a new playlist, just
click its icon in the Source list and then click on the Plus button at
the bottom.

If you have too many files to move manually, or if you just want to get
music from a particular genre or artist, you can use the iTunes Browser
(press Command-B) and you can select whole genres, albums, or artists to
be moved to your iPod. Now that you have changed your iPod to update
manually, you should not have to do it again unless you want to switch
back to automatically update because this setting is stored on your iPod.

Now that you have changed your iPod to update manually you can easily
connect it to more than one computer. This works for people who have more
than one computer where they have music stored, like at college or work.

If you had your iPod set on automatic and you went to connect it to
another computer, a window will pop up saying that your iPod library is
about to be erased and will be replaced with music stored on this
computer. Manual mode will save the user a lot of time and grief.

Another reason, you may want to use the manual mode of your iPod is
because you are able to play songs that are stored on your iPod through
speakers on the computer that the iPod is attached to. If you wish to do
this, simply click on the iPod icon in the Source list and pick a song
that is shown in the iTunes main window, press play. Or you can play an
entire playlist by selecting it and pressing play.

More and more people are starting to change their iPod to manual mode for
many reasons. For instance, you may be running out of space on your iPod
and wish only to upload a certain few songs. Others want to delete songs
from their iTunes library but want to keep it on their iPod.

However, you will not be able to copy music from your iPod back to your
iTunes library. This is a protection added to try and cut down on the
number of people who pirate music illegally.

Now that you know exactly what the manual mode on your iPod is, how to
switch your iPod to manual mode from automatic mode, and some benefits of
using it, you are now able to be more in control of the music that you
have on your iPod. With the growing number of iPod owners and users,
knowing how to use your iPod correctly is becoming more and more

Can You Get A Free iPod?:

It is the cheapest ipod out in the market today but it already cost
thousands of pesos. It is already expensive considering people without
big paychecks. So if it is expensive, why would you want to have it
anyway if you can't afford it? It is not even a necessity anyway. We
don't exactly need it to live and you are not obliged to buy one.

But having an ipod would be a big benefit because it brings you wireless
entertainment. Plus considering its uncanny portability, it is really a
must have gadget. It can play hundreds of songs even though it is just a
small box. The ipod is simply an amazing and entertaining device. Imagine
a gadget that has the capability to play songs, organize playlists, and
show videos.

But let us go back to reality here, the reality I was mentioning earlier.
These devices are definitely not cheap and it will be hard to buy one.
You will really have to save for it. You might even have to cut short on
other stuff and limit your meals. These high prices deprive of people of
their passion to listen to music.

But what would you feel if someone would give you a free ipod? Now, you
do not have to spend your own money and savings, instead it would be
given to you for free. That would be wonderful, won't it? But the
question there is, where in the world will you get a free ipod?

Nowadays, many people use this free ipod as a gimmick. They could attract
many people for the promise of a free ipod. Most of the promos include a
free ipod as one of their prizes. If you would only join, you would have
the chance of winning a new and free ipod. I guess that they are
including a free ipod as one of their prizes to invite more people to
join the promo because almost every people want an ipod inside their

If you would be one the winners of the free ipod, you will definitely be
excited about it. If you think about it, a device worth thousands will be
yours for free, it is like a gift from heaven.

A promise of a free ipod can also be use for advertising. You can
advertise a certain event of maybe a product given that if they but, they
might win a free ipod. Many would be buying your product or will be going
to your event.

Another example is, if you a restaurant and the number of customers are
low, try on giving a free ipod a prize in a raffle and that they can
acquire the raffle tickets only if they ate at your place. Next thing you
know, there will be a sudden increasing in the number of your customers.
The results may be shocking.

You would be surprise see that many people would be eating at your place
because they want to have a chance on winning that free ipod. A free ipod
brings wonders to your life. Now, it is no longer just a device for
entertainment but for business as well.

But why and how does a free pod do this? As we all no, gadgets is the in
thing today and the ipod is one of the front runners in that category.
Although we hate to admit it, it is human nature to want what is in. Even
if people cannot afford it, they really still crave for it. That is why a
free ipod is so attractive and catchy for those poeple who want it but
don't have the money to purchase it.

But is it all about being in? In my opinion, a free ipod is attractive
because it will bring you entertainment with comfort because it is
portable and is easy to use. You can listen to music and watch videos
with one click. This is like the extreme gadget for music lovers. And
music doesn't only include those of the rich, it goes all the way down to
the middle class and the poor.

And for their love of music, a free ipod is all that's left for them to
have this magnificent device and enjoy music.

Tips To Justifying Your iPod To A Non-Technical Person:

So you just bought your iPod and you proudly bring it home or to work to
show it off to your family and friends, thinking they will flock around
you in awe. Not the case, they ask, why did you go and buy an expensive
thing like that? You, of course, are shocked to think they think so lowly
of your newfound investment. If you have ever encountered an experience
like this, or maybe you will in the not so distant future, here are some
things that you can say that will make your peers understand the iPod
just a little bit more.

First, you might want to tell them that for the price of an iPod, you get
more than your moneys worth. The storage on an iPod is superior to any
other mp3 or music playing device. The ability to store literally
thousands of songs on one little device is something to be proud of.

There are a numberless possibilities to what you can do with an iPod, and
you are not limited to just listening to music. Your iPod already comes
with other devices for you. For instance, you have games that will keep
you busy during down time at work or if you are waiting for the bus. You
also have the ability to store a pretty large amount of photos for you or
someone elses viewing pleasure.

Your iPod already comes equipped with a notes feature for you to store
important remainders or class notes. Of course, the iPod comes with a
contacts and calendar function. Now you can have all the contact
information for the important people in your life right at your
fingertips! You will not be able to forget any of their birthdays or
anniversaries because your iPod has a calendar to remain you of important
events like these.

Did you tell your friends that your iPod is also a communication tool as
well? You can make your own podcast to share with anyone in the world.
Just think your own radio station right at your fingertips. Your friends
thought you blew your money on another mp3 player. Podcasting is becoming
more and more popular and celebrities are starting to use them to add a
level of intimacy with their fans.

Did your friends know that your newly bought iPod could be used as a
learning device? They did not? Well, perhaps you should inform them that
your iPod could help you store notes for class that you will be able to
review at any moment you want. You can also listen to educational
podcasts at any time of the day. The iPod is not just for music
enthusiasts anymore. You can even store a writing project on your iPod by
using the notes feature. Who would object to buying an iPod when it will
help you learn? I know your parents would not be able to argue with you
when you tell them that!

Your iPod is also an ideal device if you have more than one computer that
you use. For example, a college student who has a computer at home but
also a computer at school that they use. With an iPod you are able to
transfer music from both computers onto the iPod.

The iPod also has a great battery life. If you are going on a long plane
ride or road trip, your battery will probably outlast them both, coming
in at just under fifteen hours before it dies, the iPod is an ideal
device for long trips.

So, the next time someone asks you why you want an iPod or why you bought
an iPod, just remember all the things you are able to do with an iPod.
From communicating with people from all over the world, to learning, to
even helping you with work, the iPod is a universal device that is not
just for listening to music anymore. When your parents ask you why you
want an iPod, simply tell them that it will help with your education and
will also keep you busy when on long trips. Or, if you need to make a
person realize just how useful an iPod truly is, you should point out
everything that an iPod is capable of doing.

How Is iPod Download Websites?:

iPod has soared in glorification and now the world's finest selling
digital multimedia musician
thanks to its infancy in belated 2002. Millions of population are in
possession of iPod now and this resulted to the birth of various iPod
download websites all over the internet. It is important to distinguish
the best iPod download websites for you to get the best contents for your
iPod. These best iPod download websites benefit all iPod users giving
them more options to get the best deals for their iPods in more
reasonable price.

This dissertate selected the four peak iPod download websites in the
internet today. These are the notably obvious and widely used iPod
download websites now. Unlike particular download websites these sites
don't have reminder or per download charge which works on anybody even on
those who have a tight budget and still want to enjoy the latest craze
and downloads for their iPods.

Services groove on MyiPodownloads, iPodBlender, FeedMyiPods and
YouriPodMovies are the blessing download websites in the net today. You
can never one's darnedest mean with these sites with stretched-out
download goods for your iPod and it will only cost you a few bucks with
one time payment and you can pack your iPod with everything you love from
music, movies, videos, games, TV shows and even sports events.

The biggest and tremendously down pat blessing iPod download website is
MyiPodownloads. Most if not all iPod users fell in salacity with this
iPod Download Website. One item that brought approbation to this download
website is the taking easy to use software that even beginners will find
themselves downloading contents in minutes. Registration is easy and it
will only take you 2 minutes to register. This is the number 1
recommended best iPod download website for iPod users with access to over
95,000,000 media files with excellent download speeds and easy iPod
transfer with outstanding quality. It also includes free iPod converter

iPodblender is the top PSP download website and it converts non-iPod same
hymn or movies interest iPod-compatible assembling succulent with
charming DVD quality downloads. It provides an easy to follow step by
step guide on downloading, searching, playing and burning your favorite
movies, music and other downloadable contents. iPodBlender users will
find a lot of free software to download. This is definitely one of the
best iPod download websites today.

FeedMyiPods is new peak download website with it's elementary to navigate
prospect interface and in rag you can have gate to colossal music,
movies, TV shows, sports and a lot more. They have easy to follow
tutorials and great 24 hour technical support. Excellent DVD quality and
fast downloads.

The push on but not the head is YouriPodmovies which is one of the best
iPod download websites today. You could download iPod like music, TV
shows, sports, DVD cast movies and a syndicate more. You can stack up
gold/platinum packs which enables you for unlimited downloads of
software, games, music and a lot more or choose movie packs which gives
you unlimited access to all DVD quality movies you want and you can also
find brand new titles not yet released on DVD.

Indeed, these first iPod download websites knock around offers four
gorgeous options that you can flip over anytime and anywhere. You can
acquire the boon deals for your iPod with monster savings. Why spend too
much when you can have access to these sites in affordable one time
payment and enjoy unlimited downloads.

Tips for Troubleshooting and Repairing the Top Three iPod Repairs:
There are two ways to handle just about any repair for your iPod. You can
either repair iPod yourself using a Do-It-Yourself Kit, or have a
professional iPod technician complete and guarantee the work for you.
Read about the pros and cons associated with the top two iPod related
repair issues and what to look out for in the process.

Screen Repair

The leading cause of an iPod in need of repair is a broken or damaged LCD
screen. Even though the iPod may still work with a cracked, scratched, or
broken screen, this severely reduces the usability and aesthetic appeal.

If you were one of the first to get the iPod Nano, you may be entitled to
a free replacement. After numerous complaints, Apple admitted that a
small number of Nanos (less than one tenth of a percent) were shipped
with faulty screens due to a manufacturing problem.

For the rest of us, there's the choice between a do-it-yourself
replacement screen or professional repair. Apple has engineered many of
its new products specifically to be customer friendly when it comes to
repairs. By doing a search for "iPod LCD screen repair" you'll find kits
for all models of iPods that can be ordered online for between $79 and

Those who aren't comfortable opening their iPod and replacing the screen
themselves can opt for professional repair. It's important to choose a
company that specializes in iPod repair. Some companies offer a free
diagnostic check for your iPod. If your iPod was damaged in a fall and
you're not sure if there is additional damage beyond the screen, this may
be the best option. Although a little more expensive than a do-it-
yourself kit, you won't risk causing additional damage to your iPod
during the repair.

Battery Replacement

Replacing a battery seems simple enough until you take into account that
iPod isn't designed to be opened easily. Opening the iPod to change the
battery can damage the devise if you're not using the proper tools. The
battery used by the iPod generally lasts about 500 cycles. For an average
iPod user, this equates to about one year of use.

As time passes, your battery will hold its charge for shorter periods of
time and need to be charged more often. You can find a battery for your
iPod at Best Buy, CompUSA, Circuit City or online store. The service
professionals can help you find the right battery for your model. You can
also download your model's instruction manual on Apple's website for

Many iPod owners opt to leave battery replacement to a specialty iPod
shop. Apple offers a battery replacement service for $59, a reduction in
price from their original $99 price. Specialty iPod repair shops often
offer incentives with battery replacement, including lifetime Platinum
Battery Program where you get a free yearly battery replacement for as
long as you own your iPod.

There are a few simple tips for getting the longest lifespan from your
battery. Make it a habit to let your iPod charge long enough to obtain a
full charge which takes about 4 hours. Charging the battery for short
periods of time repeatedly can reduce the battery's lifespan. Turning off
unnecessary features such as the back lighting and the equalizer will
also extend the battery life. Compressed songs that are 9 MB or smaller
take the least effort for iPod to cache, also reducing the power needed
from the battery.

Apple has made it simple for iPod owners to make choices about how they
prefer to handle their repairs. No matter your choice, it's important to
verify that the place where you purchase your part or have your repair
done specializes in iPod service.

iPod iTunes - Sharing A World Of Music:

The iPod is a compact, small piece of stereo equipment that has in
today's society become very popular due to the fact that it is convenient
and has the capability to store massive amounts of information and music.
Purchasing an iPod has also become a sort of fad as well, as numerous
people, both old and young, have a feeling that they must join the fad
and go out and buy an iPod for themselves.

In many situations an iPod MP3 player comes in handy. For example, in
addition to music you can store what are known as podcasts from the
Internet that can be listened to while you're outside on the road. Famous
for their computer reliability and knowledge, Apple Computer is the
manufacturer that produces and holds the patents for this popular device.

Because information can be downloaded from the Internet onto iPods, iPod
iTunes are also a significant part of this craze, due to the fact that
there are thousands upon thousands of songs to pick from that are
available to be downloaded onto your iPod. This is one of the most
popular ways to get music onto your iPod that you enjoy listening to.

Popularity Of the iPod iTunes And Its Spread In Modern Culture

As the uses for iPod technology are many in modern society, its primary
function or what its most popular for is its ability to download music as
well as its storage capability of these small machines. Despite the fact
that these devices are small enough to fit into your pocket, their
storage capacity is very significant to be able to store thousands of
songs at any one point in time. For many people, this is difficult to
conceive, however it satisfies the consumers demand for listening to
music while on the go at the same time making it convenient and easy.

The fact that you don't have to carry around a bunch of CDs with you or
having to listen to static on a radio station or the commercials that go
with it is a significant benefit in the majority of most people's minds.
Many MP3 players, which are usually less expensive, does not have the
downloading and saving capacity of an iPod.

Apple Computer's website makes available the downloads which are called
iPod iTunes for people who own the iPod. This website has a selection of
thousands upon thousands of different kinds of songs and music for
individuals to place on to their own players.

Just as there are those who download legitimately iPod iTunes from this
site, there are also those known as "hackers" who have discovered
numerous ways to copy the music without having to purchase the iPods.

This form of activity is illegal and has a penalty associated with it,
but it is extremely challenging to law enforcement officials to
effectively prosecute people who do this due to the fact that the vast
amount of people on the Internet today make this activity difficult to

Ironically, there are even books published on different ways to hack the
iPod's iTunes website in order to retrieve the music. In this way, it
slightly lessens the demand or necessity of having an iPod as it
otherwise would have been if this capability were not present on the
Internet. Regardless, the popularity of the iPod is still at an all-time
high due to its ease of use, high storage capacity and additional

How To Put Movies And Videos Into Your iPod Video:

Apple recently surprised the market with its new iPod video, also know as
the last generation of iPods. This powerful new gadget doesn't just play
music; it plays videos and photos as well and serves to be an all-in-one
portable entertainment platform for the market. The new video function is
a great addition but many owners will require some technical help to put
videos into the iPod.

Firstly, you should know that the iPod can play H.264 / MPEG-4 encoded
videos with AAC audio tracks. Due to this fact, the resolution is rather
limited, together with the limitation of the bit rates that you can use
on the device.
For the new iPod video, this limits means (for the H.264 video) up to up
to 768 Kbps, 320 x 240 and 30 frames per second. For the MPEG-4 video,
the limits are up to 2.5 mbps, 480 x 480 and the same 30 frames per
second. Even more, the AAC audio bit rate is around 160 Kbps. After
establishing these limits, the next step is to establish the source of
the video, which can be either from a DVD or a video of the computer.

As the company Apple claims, in a purely informative ad which is posted
on the official website, that the new iPod video can store 25,000 photos,
15,000 songs and not less than 150 hours of video.

The first thing you need to do to put a DVD video into the iPod is to
insert the DVD in the device. After this, you should open (in case it
doesn't immediately open by itself) the DVD, using file and open DVD from
the menu. Check the options in the DVD menu, to set up everything as you
like, meaning language, subtitles or chapters.

Begin playing the movie, using the DVD menu to navigate. When the movie
begins, you should press the record button and select the folder in which
you want to store the recorded files. When you want to end the recording,
simply click the stop button and if the recording goes well, there will
be a screen confirmation that you have converted your file successfully.

If you wish to convert a video from your computer to your iPod video,
then the first thing that you should do is go to the menu file and click
open video file. At this point, your video will begin to play and you can
adjust the video however you like.

Also, you can set the perfect moment to start the recording, using the
bottom playback controls. When you decided this, click the button record
and feel free to stop it at any time. After recording, just like in the
case of importing videos from a DVD device, there will be a message on
the screen saying that everything went on successfully.

If done correctly, the movies and videos will be stored properly in your
iPod video for your portable entertainment. However do be aware that the
iPod offers limited space and resolution, which means that you should
decide carefully what to keep and what to erase.

The new iPod video is an innovative and feature-rich product that
combines music with videos, offering for the first time, the possibility
of playing video on such a small digital device.

Downloading Tracks For Your Ipod: What Lies Beneath?:

Music is everybody`s passion and there is rarely anyone in this world who
doesn`t listen to music. Some people listen to music for relaxing; others
do it just for their love for it. Some people are too addicted to it and
prefer carrying an ipod while they are on the move to ensure they can
listen to their favorite numbers anywhere anytime. However, there is
something every music player user needs to know about ipod: downloading
of songs from different sites on the internet. Hence, more than music,
you should listen to the expert advices offered at different sites before
downloading any tracks.

When you want to store music in a hassle-free way, downloading music from
the internet becomes the best choice. There are several website locations
offering wide range of choices to download music. Transferring songs on
to your ipod is performed with a software called Itunes. In some cases
this software is in-build with your ipod. Otherwise, this can be
downloaded from the web. This is the only software that allows you to
download songs to the music platform of your ipod. This useful software
is also necessary to purchase from the Itunes music services.

The particular use of the ipod software is to transfer your favourite
songs from the hard disc of your computer to your music player. Itunes
library is the location that contains all the songs and music that you
want to download. It is available on the left hand panel of the Itunes
software. For easier and faster transfer of music you can use the drag-
and-drop process through the Itunes library.

The other thing you can notice that if you are downloading from P2P (peer
to peer) clients, you may not get the Itunes library. You will have to
add them manually following some simple procedures. You can look for the
services available allowing you to get songs of your choice in your ipod.
Several internet sites allow lifetime membership for downloading music.
It has got some advantages as well.


There are many sites offering lifetime membership where you can pay once
and download as many times and as many number of songs as you wish.

Once you have paid for your membership you are legally allowed to search
for songs and download them at your own convenience.

An ipod is the device where you music will be downloaded and stored. With
it, you can avail other download services such as movies, games videos,
TV shows and others.

The sites meant for downloading ipod music have been proved to be the
cost effective once. Think of the cost of the CDs. They will be expensive
compared to the one-time payment to such sites.

If you are accepting the membership of such sites you will get some
software bundles free with it. The sites have tuned out to be money
savers along with downloading music to ipod.

The best of downloading music to an ipod lies in following proper steps
of keeping your Itunes library updated. Whenever you need to download
music you just have to plug in the ipod to the USB of your computer. You
will get the option of adding new songs from Itunes library which you can
do by just drag-and-drop process. Now it is ready! Find yourself in the
new world of music with your ipod.

It is said that an ipod is as good as the quality of tracks it contains.
There is no doubt that every one of us tries to improve the quality of
our songs that we download and this is where the quality downloading
sites come into the picture. However, in the online music market, quality
always comes with a price tag. You need to know which sites offer such
downloading facilities, and at what price.

Daily Dealings With The iPod - How To Avoid Those Cosmetic Problems:

Everyone wants to keep their iPod looking as good as new, but this can be
difficult sometimes, especially since the product seems to attract

Purchase a case to cover the iPod. Cases are available in a variety of
colors and material. They usually have a vinyl material that covers the
screen. Sometimes cases can be bulky and inconvenient. Not only that,
they hide the sleek design of the iPod.

The Apple store offers trendy socks that are fitted to the iPod. The
socks come in a set of six different colors. To use, simply slide the
iPod into the sock to keep it from being exposed to elements that will
scratch its surface. One of the drawbacks to using a sock is that you
will have to slide it in and out of the sock whenever you need to use the
click wheel. The iPod sock is compatible with all iPod models except iPod

Also available from the iPod store are iPod nano Tubes. As the name
suggests these are designed specifically for the iPod nano. The tubes
come in a set of five colors. The tube is made from silicone and is
resistant to dirt and stains. There is clear cover for the display screen
and it allows the user to access the click wheel and hold button.

iSkin designed specifically for the iPod Nano designed to protect your
iPod during athletic activities such as running or exercising. iSkin
offers iSkin slims and iSkin DuoBand, both as exercise companions. Both
have a polycarbonate layer that allows the user to view the device screen
and access the click wheel to adjust volume or change songs.

Purchase a shield or film product. These kinds of products cover the
scratchable surface of the iPod with a clear film that keeps the body
from getting scratched. Since these products are clear, you can still
keep the look of the iPod and keep it free from scratches.

There are several options available. The first is invisibleSHIELD. This
is a clear cover that is made from a material that is also used to
protect helicopter blades. The film is cut perfectly to cover everything
except the corners of the iPod. The cover uses an adhesive to stick to
the iPod and claims not to leave a residue. Screen protectors and click
wheel covers are available if you do not wish to cover the entire iPod.

Power Support offers two film covers; one for the iPod Nano and one for
the 5G iPod. Both films are made from a more rigid material. Some users
claim this film is more durable than the soft flexible films. The Power
Support film does not leave a sticky residue because it uses a static
cling to adhere to the product. The sets include three pieces: a film for
the front of the iPod (excluding the click wheel), a film for the back
cover, and a cover for the click wheel. The film set does not cover the
sides so that there are no hanging edges that could eventually peel. Both
the invisibleSHIELD and the Power Support Film Sets are thin enough so
that a case can still be used if desired.

To remove scratches that are already on your iPod you can use Brasso. The
product is available in most grocery and hardware stores. Apply Brasso to
a cotton ball or cotton round and scrub the parts of the iPod that have
scratches. Be careful not to confuse the dirt and grime with thinking
your iPod is melting. This is just the product doing its job. If you are
cleaning an iPod nano, you might want to use a cloth that is less
abrasive than cotton balls to avoid adding new scratches. You can use
water to rinse the Brasso from the iPod after you have finished scrubbing
the scratches.

Since there are various methods to protect your iPod, you can decide the
one that is best for you by first deciding if you want to accessorize
with color or preserve the sleek look of your iPod. If you want to add
some color to your protection, an iPod case is the best selection for
you. On the other hand, if you want to sport the sleek look of the iPod
without adding extra color, the shield and film products are best for
you. Of course, you can always double the protection and do both.

iPod Battery Replacement:

After the iPod hit the market, it seemed as if Apple could do no wrong.
Now everyone, regardless of their software camp, could enjoy one of
Apple's classically cool and beautiful toys. It wasn't until about 12
months after the iPod's launch, when it came time to replace the first
set of iPod batteries, that Apple hit a bump in their groove.

The iPod isn't built for easy battery replacement like a cell phone. In
order to replace the iPod battery, the casing must be completely removed,
exposing all of the internal components and introducing risk of damage.

Apple initially offered a battery replacement service for $249. They
later offered a one year extended warranty for $60 that covers the
battery. However, it's important to note that when Apple sends the
replacement, it will be in a refurbished model iPod, not your original.
Today you can find qualified iPod repair shops to replace the battery for
as little as $59 or do-it-yourself kits between $19 and $39 depending on
the model.

The caution with the do-it-yourself (DIY) kits however, is that the iPod
wasn't designed for the average user to change the battery. Plenty of
people have been able to change their iPod batteries without problem
while countless online forums divulge a long list of complications faced
as a result of users trying to change the battery.

Many specialty iPod repair shops will do the replacement for little more
than the cost of the battery itself. Some offer additional incentives
such as consumer-friendly lifetime battery replacement program. Under the
program, the company will replace the battery once a year for life. Even
better, your iPod is back in your hands within 48 hours with 30% more
power than Apple's original battery.

Should you choose to replace the battery yourself, there are a few tips
you'll want to keep in mind:

- Some models like the iPod Nano require soldering directly onto the
board. Be sure to check the details of the battery replacement before
sending off for a DIY kit.

- Have a small thin tool on hand to pry apart the casing. Once the screws
that hold the case together are removed, you still need to apply some
force to open it and reveal the circuitry. Many have damaged their cases
by trying to pry their iPods apart without the proper tools. Many
replacement batteries come with special tools to help pry the case open.

- When disconnecting the battery, don't remove the rubber pad located on
the hard drive.

Regardless of the battery complications, people still love the fun and
freedom that the iPod offers. Do a little research before deciding how to
handle your battery replacement as it's a routine that you'll need to
repeat about once every year. Even if you're not thrilled about the fact
that your iPod will need to go through major surgery every year, there
are customer-friendly iPod specialty companies available to make the
process smooth and simple.

Sound The Alarm! Waking Up With Your iPod:

There is another use for your iPod other than just listening to music or
watching videos. You can actually set up your iPod to wake yourself up in
the morning. Whether you like waking up to that BEEP, BEEP, BEEP sound
from your old worn out alarm clock, or the static that come from your
clock radio, the iPods alarm clock has them all beat. It will change your
morning routine forever.

This should work with any iPod except the iPod Shuffle. The iPod needs to
have firmware 2.1 or newer software. If you only have 2.0 or older
software, do not worry. Firmware can be downloaded from apple website. A
pair of speakers will also be needed.

The alarm clock feature on the iPod can be found with all of its other
features, like the calendar and notes under the iPods Extra menu. This is
also where you can find the games, too.

To begin setting your alarm, go to iPods main menu and select extra. Then
go to clock and choose alarm clock. Once all of these are chosen, set the
alarm clock to preferred time you would like to wake up.

The iPod can be set to play a song from your song list when the alarm
goes off. Make sure to turn the alarm on. The icon for the alarm looks
like a bell. It will come into view on the right side of the screen when
the alarm feature is set. You will need to attach a pair of speakers
where the headphones are usually plugged into the iPod.

Make sure that you double-check the volume on your iPod. Play a song just
to make sure. This way you will be to set the volume on your iPod to make
sure it is loud enough to wake you up in the morning. You will also want
to make sure the iPods battery has a good charge. If it does not, or the
battery goes dead, it will not be able to wake you up the next morning.
Just to be on the safe side, you may want to plug into the iPods AC
adaptor and not have to worry about the iPod not waking you up in the

It is also a good idea not to only make sure that the time is set
correctly on your iPod, but also that the correct date and time are also
set. To do this you will need to go to Extras and choose clock. At this
point you should be able to check that your date and time are correct.
You may want to make sure your computer has the correct date & time
too. Every time that you iPod is docked on to your computer, the iPods
date and time settings will get synchronized to the computer.

If you would like to wake up with your iPod playing songs from your
playlist, you will need to create a playlist for the iPod to play when
the alarm goes off. This playlist can hold many songs or as little as one

If you need to make up a playlist and you are away from your computer,
there is a way that you can make an On the Go playlist. Heres how to do

Go to the song you would like to choose using scroll wheel. Press and
hold center button until song flashes over and over again. It will now be
add to the On the Go Playlist. To add more songs to this playlist just
repeat this last step. To view your On the Go playlist go to Music and
select playlists and you should be able to see all the songs in this
playlist. To remove a song from the playlist repeat this last step by
holding down the select button on the song you want to remove until name
flashes over and over again.

Now you should be able to rock n roll your way right out of bed in the
morning waking up to your favorite music. This should be able to get your
day started in the right direction. You will bebop your way into the
shower and be skipping all the way to work with all of your favorite
songs still in your head.

Shuffling Along With Your iPod:

No matter how great the next gadget is, there is always a better one
right around the corner. Thats exactly what Apple keeps doing with the

The iPod Shuffle is the smallest of the iPods. It is a little more
simplistic, making it less confusing to use for some people. It is
basically just for music, but can also be used for storage. With this
model it is more affordable than many of the other iPods. Starting at $69
this little iPod has a lot to offer.

The iPod shuffle is also more compatible with MACs or PCs than many of
the other iPods available. It is so compact, weighing maybe as much as a
car key. Or, it is about the size of a pack of gum. But, this little
device has a capacity to hold from 120 to 240 songs and can play for 12
hours straight. It can charge in as little as four hours. Do not worry
about having another charger in the house because with the iPod shuffle
it uses a USB port as its charger.

Do not let the iPod shuffle fool you. The shuffle can be set to play
playlists in the order that they appear. Or it can be set to shuffle.
Shuffle is not its only feature. You will love its simplicity and its
cool and relaxed style. The autofill feature will help save time and keep
your shuffle full of your favorite songs. There is also a dock for the
shuffle. This can be purchased and will also autofill, or it can be used
as a charger for your iPod shuffle.

The iPod Shuffle is great for walking, running or any other physical
activity because of its size. Also, it is very popular to take along on
activities because it is skip free and can have 12 hours of continues

One of the neat features of this device is that it has a navigational
wheel. The center is the play/pause button. This same button can also be
used to put iPod into Hold mode. Just hold the play/pause button about
three to four seconds and Hold should be set. To adjust volumes press the
top or bottom of the wheel. For previous or go to next song press left or
right. To fast-forward or rewind press left or right on the wheel and
hold for a few seconds.

There is also a LED green light that indicates that the iPod is receiving
and performing all the given commands. An orange light will be seen if
there is any sort of errors. There is a battery indicator located on the
shuffle. Green light means good, orange means running low and the red
means that it is running very low. If it does not respond at all, that
means it is dead and needs to be recharged.

It seems like any other iPod when you use it with iTunes, but there are a
few features that only the shuffle has. It is much more convenient to put
songs on the shuffle than other iPods. An autofill box will appear at the
bottom of the iTunes window. This is where you can choose your source of
music. You can pick iTunes library or a playlist. Otherwise, you can just
choose songs at random. This can replace all your songs on the shuffle
each time you choose autofill.

To get the most out of your iPod shuffle you will want to go into your
preferences and you will want to choose the option - Convert Higher Bit
Rate Songs to 128kbsp AAC for this iPod.

With the shuffle only able to hold one gigabyte of   songs and this feature
can be very important to use with the shuffle. The   shuffle will not allow
songs that are AIFF or Apple Lossless files. These   types of song files
can really weigh your iPod shuffle down. But thats   what is so nice about
that built in feature.

Once   this option is set and iTunes is used it will turn that once fat
file   in to 128 kbps AAC as it syncs with the shuffle. But the original
size   of the song file will be kept the same in iTunes. Using this type of
sync   can be a bit slow, but it will benefit you on the many songs you
will   be able to keep on your iPod shuffle.

Unfortunately this is a feature that is only available on the shuffle.
Maybe with the iPods growing popularity it will also be an option put
into other iPod models.

What You Probably Didn’t Know About Ipods:

An iPod is a device that can store all the music you love, which you can
carry around with you everywhere you go. And did we mention the hundreds
and thousands of songs you can put in it? Ever since the release of the
first iPod in 2001, it’s been considered iconic. Today there is a lot we
know about iPods. But there is also a lot about them that are out of this
The first iPods had a body made of white Lucite and chrome. A couple of
years later the iPod Mini was released, which was a third smaller than
the original iPod. Then came the smallest of all the iPods, which was the
Shuffle. In fact, the Shuffle is the size of a stick gum. Yes, we know
about these iPods and their very familiar white headphones.

The iPod is an incredible thing. Let’s now talk about the larger iPod and
iPod Mini. These babies use a very tiny hard disk for storage. The
Shuffle utilizes a kind of memory called flash. This shouldn’t be
compared to the memory found in computers. What’s good about flash memory
is all the contents do not get lost when you switch the power button off.
Over time, storage capacity of all iPods increases as the costs and
capacities of the hard disks and flash memories keep falling.

iPods were iconic and it’s beginning to ring true for their wonderful
accessories. In the beginning, there were scratch-resistant cases. Then
there were colorful ear buds and high-fidelity speakers that transformed
the music player into a digital boom box. Ipod accessories have become so
popular, the value of the iPod accessory market has been estimated to be
$1 billion.

And that’s not all when it comes to iPod accessories. The market seems to
have a knack for all things strange and simply outlandish. Imagine
getting your iPod a leather thong case. Yes, that is just one of the
things you can get to add on to your music player. Or how about a dock
that also serves as a tissue holder for your bathroom? In the world of
iPods, anything is indeed possible.

While some will consider these wacky accessories to be more of a stylish
addition than something useful, there are quite a few that still prove to
have a slightly higher purpose. There are accessories like the iSticky
Pad, which you can use to stick your iPod in your car so it doesn’t move
around too much. Who wouldn’t admit this isn’t a fun accessory as well?

There are many reasons to get excited about iPod accessories. You might
be the type who simply wants to protect your third arm, a.k.a. your iPod.
On the other hand, you might simply want to personalize your iPod
experience. iPods are generally pretty good looking devices with their
simple and sleek designs. So there’s much room to improvise on your own

Next, you might know one shop that sells cheap iPods. But did you know
there are cheap ways to buy an iPod? It all boils down to making a buying

First, try getting the model before the latest ones. It may not have all
those new and sophisticated features, but it can still store all the
music you want. You may also get a used iPod from reputable sources such
as eBay and Amazon. There are actually many used iPods that are still in
top condition. For even better quality, go for refurbished iPods, which
were rarely used but still given new parts so that they look just like
new. Don’t forget to look out for coupons and discounts.
As you can see, there is a lot more to iPods than music and videos. IPods
do create a whole new meaning for fun technology!

How to Turn an iPod into a Remote Control:

Users of the Apple iPod could not get enough of the music experience.
These are some of the features of the Apple iPod that makes it so
attractive to music lovers and techies:

1. The Apple iPod have so much space available of up to forty gigabytes
that it can store up to about five thousand songs.
2. The Apple iPod also comes with the ergonomically designed Click Wheel
wherein you can do fast forward, play, reverse, pause and access the menu
with ease.
4. The Apple iPod can be used up to 12 hours non-stop due to its long
life battery.
5. The Apple iPod was also designed in such a way that you would have the
ability to set up your own play list and it also has a shuffle function
to introduce randomness during playing.

iPod Hacks

Through the years, however, the Apple iPod has been modified by techies
by using iPod hacks, bent on providing more power to the user in terms of
customization and personalization of their Apple iPod.

Strictly speaking, iPod hacks are anything that   gives changes to your
iPod in terms of appearance, either in terms of   software or hardware.
Various firmwares that provides iPod hacks, are   available on the Internet
websites like the iPodWizard that is capable of   changing the graphic and
text of the Apple iPod.

Some users of the Apple iPod are already content with their iPod simply
for playing music, however, some people use iPod hacks because they want

Turning an iPod into a Universal Remote

Latest technology capabilities have provided a user power to modify his
Apple iPod. These iPod hacks can even transform a normal Apple iPod into
a universal remote.

The Apple ipod can be used to control any home electronic equipment in
your house. It can control your television, DVD player, Media Center,
even a robot. This is the power of iPod hacks.
Simply put, you can use a Pocket PC to possibly record the waves an
infrared remote produces. Transfer these waves to your iPod and start
changing your TV channels. You now have a new universal remote control.

The following are required before starting this example project of iPod

1.   An Apple iPod
2.   A Mac or Personal Computer with a sound recording software installed.
3.   A Pocket PC, could be a Pocket PC 2002 or 2003.
4.   A total remote software and IR device

The following procedure guides you through changing your iPod into a
remote control using iPod hacks:

1. The most important element in this iPod hacks project is the sound or
wave to infrared converter.

First, install the total remote software on the MAC or PC. This software
is meant to extend the range of the Pocket PC to include consumer IR

2. Record the infrared signal by using a sound-editing program that can
modify sounds and remove channels. An example of such sound-editing
program is SoundForge.

Input the infrared signals from your remotes to the PC by using the
software. Input all infrared signals of the home electronic equipment
that you want to control.

You can observe if you have recorded the sound effectively if you'll hear
weird beeps or pulses. This is basically what an infrared signal would
sound like. Using the SoundForge, you can actually view the pulses and
signals on a graphic representation of the wave.

Do not forget to increase the right channel. Then mute it. The process
through the IR device would not function properly if you missed this
important step.

3. Convert the signals into sound files (actually saved as WAV files).

4. On the Apple iPod, make a new playlist and add the WAV files to the

5. Now, you can test the new universal remote. Use the Apple iPod to play
the sounds through the converter for remote controlling any home
electronic equipment.

This basic example of iPod hacks is obviously very easy to understand.
Softwares are already available that users can use to modify their Apple
iPod hacks are still, however, very risky with regards to its effects on
your iPod device. Unless handled by a professional technician, the Apple
iPod could malfunction if the modification is not right.

Free Up Some Space - Tips To Deleting Songs On Your iPod:

No matter how much space you may have on your iPod, there is going to
come that day that you will want to free up some space by deleting some
songs or playlists off of your iPod. Knowing this ahead of time that you
cannot delete songs or playlists off of your iPod itself without a
computer will help you out in the future. You need to go through your
computer and through iTunes to manage your song files. This is the only
safe way to really manage your songs and playlists.

In order to do this, you will want to hook up your iPod to your computer.
Next, you will then want to delete the songs or playlists in iTunes and
revise your iPod. iPod was not designed to delete songs or playlists off
manually with out a computer.

There are two different ways to delete songs or playlists and revise your
iPod with iTunes. You can do this automatically or manually, whatever
type of technique you may choose depends on the preferences that you set
up in iTunes. Unless the settings are in iTunes, it will automatically
update the iPod when you go to hook it up to your computer after you have
followed the steps to delete songs and playlists automatically. If you
cannot do this, you should follow the instructions for doing it the
manual way.

There is a setting that can be set so that the iPod syncing preference is
in iTunes. To do this, you need to connect the iPod to the computer. Open
iTunes and select iPod in iTunes source list. Press the option button in
far right bottom corner. The option button will not appear if the iPod
was not selected in the step from above. iPod preference window appears.
Click to select automatic option or manual update option. If the select
Automatically Update Selected Playlist Only option is chosen, make sure
playlist that you want to delete from your iPod is not selected.

You can have songs or playlists automatically deleted. Open up your
iTunes. Pick a song or playlist that you would want to delete from your
iPod. Then from the edit menu, choose clear or press the delete key. If a
dialog box appears pres yes. Song or playlist should be deleted from
iTunes. If the connection from the iPod to the computer chooses to update
the songs on your iPod from file menu or the connection from your iPod to
the connection to your iTunes will automatically revise iPod and delete
songs or playlist that was deleted from above.

When you are ready to delete songs or playlist manually, open iTunes.
Select iPod in source list. Choose song or playlist you would want to
delete from iPod. Deleting playlist or a song from playlist will now get
rid of song from iPod.

Next go to edit menu, choose clear or press delete. Press, yes if dialog
box appears. The song or playlist should be deleted from the iPod.
Manually deleting songs or playlists from iPod you do not want to delete
a song or playlist from iTunes. Deleting a song from playlist will not
eliminate song from iPod. Choose iPod in iTunes source list and find song
that you would like to delete.

Do not format iPod to erase songs or playlists. Do not use any sort of
disk utility programs like Disk Utility, Drive Setup or Windows Explorer
to wipe out iPod. Wiping out songs this way can hinder the iPods music
playing capabilities and you may have to revise or reset your iPod to get
it to work properly again.

To reset iPod with Scroll Wheel and iPod with Touch Wheel:

Connect iPod to power adaptor and plug into an outlet or connect iPod to
Macs built in FireWire port.

Press the Hold switch on & off.

For about 6 to 10 seconds press and hold Play/Pause and the menu button
until the Apple logo can be seen on the screen. Repeat these steps if

To reset iPod with Circle Wheel:

Connect iPod to power adaptor and plug into an outlet.

Press the Hold switch on & off.

For about 6 to 10 seconds press and hold play/pause and the menu button
until the Apple log can be seen on the screen. Repeat these steps if

To reset an iPod with a Click Wheel:

Press the Hold switch on and off.

Press and hold for about 6 to 10 seconds the menu and select buttons
until the Apple logo appears on the display screen.

With all the tips from above, your iPod will have plenty of free space
and work like new.

Extend Your Ipod For New Amusements:
iPod has revolutionized the trend of listening music. The chic device is
a must-have for the new era music lovers and hence, has created a special
space for itself in the hearts of people.

Every owner knows listening music from an iPod and downloading new music
files to it. But iPods have several more functions. With the right tricks
and right software or peripherals, it can deliver awesome performances.
It can perform the task of a video game player, address book, calendar
and much more.


Besides music, you can play games in your iPod. The new Classic and Nano
iPods come with games like iQuiz, Vortex and Klondike. However, there are
certain games that are specifically developed for some versions of the
players and are not compatible with other models, not even with
computers. Apple games meant for iPod are available from the iTunes
stores. You can preview the games in the stores before purchasing.

iPod Arcade has a full range of of trivia quiz, adventure text games and
many others. Games like Grab Tetris, Pac-Man and Sudoku puzzles are among
the most popular games. You simply have to download and sync the games,
once you buy them, through iTunes. Some of the games require video iPod.
Hence, it is wise to check your device model before purchasing any game.

iPod Sync:

Interestingly, you can now turn your iPod into a PDA. For the users of
Windows, there is a tool, iPod Sync, to keep the Microsoft Outlook
Calendar. With the help of this you can synchronize your emails, tasks,
notes and contacts between your PC and iPod. You can even use your iPod
Syncs to synchronise weather forecast, news and movies from the web.

At the top of it, the iPodSync can transfer Outlook contacts, notes,
emails, appointments and task to your device. Isn`t it interesting? You
just need to specify the information you need to sync and let the iPod do
the rest of the job for you. The iCal Calendar program of Apple enables
you hold your address book and calendar with you.

iPod Disk:

Want to get music off your iPod? Well, think of iPodDisk. It is a useful
tool to copy music from it. If you set your device in disk mode, the
iPodDisk allows copying all the music and transferring them. You can
store a lot more that just music in it. And if the device is in iPodDisk
mode you can transfer large file from it. Introducing your iPod to Disk
mode gives you better facilities to extract music and files from it.

Added applications:

You can add numerous applications from Apple to your iPod. They include
Apple consumer software, Image Editing Software, Educational Software,
etc. The peripherals and add-ons to your iPod can make it easy-to-use,
faster and more feasible.


There are some other ways though which you can add more functions and
features to your iPod. Use of iPDA software from ZappTek allows you sync
the documents created in Word, Acrobate, Pages and some other programs
with your iPod. It literally increases the productivity of it. Now, you
can prolong the life of your iPod battery. However, it requires deleting
all your music files and start afresh. Hence, before attempting it, make
sure that you have back up of the music files. The new programs added to
it enhance its fun and functionality.

No doubt why there is a booming popularity of iPod. There are lots of fun
and entertainment associated with it. You just need to discover the
hidden features of it and see the changes that your iPod can bring with

Ipod Accessories - Means To Protect Your Passion:

Many people mistake each and every portable music players like mp3 player
or mp4 player for iPod. Few people know that iPod is an invention of
Apple Inc. So how does it differ from an mp3 player or mp4 player?
Perhaps, the biggest difference between an iPod and a general mp3 or mp4
player lies in the battery.

iPod is the prime choice of numerous music lovers around the world.
Having some cool features that empower the listeners to easy, comfortable
and rich listening, It has become the largest selling music players in
the international market. This has also given rise to a number of
accessories that not only provide security to the device but also adds
elegance to it.

Among all iPod accessories, some accessories such as scratch remover and
leather case have been found to be used predominantly among the users.
However, there is a wide range of other accessories that are also in
demand among the owners. Let`s take a look at the most commonly used iPod
accessories in the market:

Car charger:

The main objective of owing an iPod is to be able to listen to your
favorite tracks anywhere and everywhere. However, the only thing that can
deter you from your passion is the low charge in your music player
especially when you are on the move. This is where an iPod car charger
plays an effective role. With it you can stop worrying about if your
device will die while you are enjoying the tunes of your most favorite
track in your iPod. Just plug in and forget your worries.

Cassette adapter:

At times we want to groove to the best tunes in our iPod, especially when
they are played with the help of stereo. A cassette adapter facilitates
playing songs in your iPod with your stereo when you use a cassette
adapter that is compatible with your dcevice.

Leather case:

You care about your iPod a lot and want to protect it from dust,
scratches and other external elements. Just buy a leather case and it
will act as an effective shield against such external threats. Make sure
the leather case looks a bit chic and glossy and goes well with the color
of device.

Mains charger:

An iPod mains charger helps your gadget stay charged up to ensure it runs
relentlessly. This is one of must have iPod accessories you can ever
think of owning.

Scratch remover:

Despite your best effort, your music player gets scractes and you wish
you could have something to remove those ugly spots on your swanky iPod.
Don`t worry about those scratches anymore since various scratch removers
are readily available in the market and even at online stores. So just
browse through some of those sites and buy yourself an iPod scratch

If you think buying some of these accessories cost money, then you should
probably know that not buying them can sometimes cost you more. Imagine
your recently iPod gets scractes only after a couple of days of your
buying. From the moment you buy one, it is always prone to the some or
other external threats. Hence, it makes perfect sense to go for some of
these accessories according to your specific needs. Your iPod being your
most privileged possession needs proper care to last long and run
smoothly. This being said, it is really worth spending a few bucks on
some essential accessories to make sure you keep your music player safe,
clean and in good shape all that time.

The PDA Substitute - The Apple iPod:
You do not need to buy a PDA if you already own an iPod. Simply use your
iPod as a PDA. Your iPod can do more than just play music. Your iPod
already has the capability of storing such things as your contacts,
calendar information, and your notes. Although the iPod is not in the
running for PDA of the Year, it can serve as a ready backup for contact
and calendar info while you are traveling or if your normal one is

If you have never tried using your iPod as a PDA, you should probably go
check out your iPods Extra menu. This Extra menu is where you will find
your iPods Clock, Contacts, Calendar, Notes, and of course Games. Besides
storing your latest music files, your iPod is able to store phone
numbers, addresses, web site URLs, and other important information that
you may need, up to 1,000 contacts! If you wish to export this
information about your contacts, you can do so via vCard format from
Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Palm Desktop, or any email
applications that support the vCard.

To start inputting your contact information into your iPod, go to the
Extra menu and choose the Contacts options. If you currently do not have
any contacts, your iPod will give you instructions on how to do so. If
you are going to import your contacts information, your Windows XP needs
to recognize your iPod as hard drive before it can start exporting to
your iPod.

Once you connect your iPod to your computer, double-click on My Computer
and select your iPod icon. If you are using Outlook 2003 or Outlooks
Express with iTunes 6, you can go ahead and automatically synchronize
your contacts using iTunes and your iPod. Go to the Edit menu and select
the Preferences option. Now select the iPod option and the Contacts
button. Now choose Outlook or Outlook Express from the Sync Contacts From
on the drop down menu. This is where you can choose if you would like to
sync all of your Outlooks contacts or you can go ahead and choose only
those you wish to export to your iPod. Click on OK to confirm these

If you would like to export calendar information from Outlook or Outlook
Express, you can do so by going through the same steps you did for
exporting your contact data. In addition to keeping your contact and
calendar data, your iPod is also able to store text data. After you save
your text as a text file, save it to a folder of your choosing that is
located on your local hard drive. No you are able to drag and drop the
text file onto your iPods Notes directory.

However, you cannot do this with .RTF files. If you are using Microsoft
Outlook 2003 or Outlook Express 6 or later, as well as iTunes version 6,
it will be very easy for you to maintain your iPods data. Simply go to
the iTunes File menu and select the Update iPod option. Take note though,
if you are using an older version of Outlook, you will have to update
your calendar data manually or you will need to use a third-party sync

Even though your iPod may never come close to replacing the PDA you
normally use, your iPod can serve as a good backup incase you leave your
PDA somewhere or if your PDA is broken. Your iPod should be able to help
with your day-to-day activities by storing contact information, calendar
data, and notes that contain important information.

For people using iPods on their Mac computers, they have the advantage of
the iCal function as well as storing their contacts with more relative
ease than those using Windows computers. Windows users, if syncing your
contacts becomes a hassle, you can purchase iPod Sync 2.24, which retails
for around $15. This software program will allow you to synchronize your
iPod like it is a PDA. It will store all of your Outlook data, from your
schedule to all of your email. Also, the iPod photo units will let you
store complete PowerPoint presentations on your iPod for easy portability
and use.

iPod Technology Has Advanced Music As We Know It:

The Apple Ipod has grown tremendously popular since its release in late
2001. In fact over 100 million of them have been sold to date with no
sells drop in sight. There are many accessories for them such as
speakers, earphones and carrying cases.

It has revolutionized the way we listen to our music. There are Ipods out
on the market now that have more gigabytes than many brand new computers.
Other mp3 player makers have modeled their mp3 players to resemble it's
competitor in appearance and functionality. There have been some slight
problems associated with Ipods in the past though.

Issues over the audio volume came to the Apple   imprint in the form of a
lawsuit. Since then Ipods can be locked so the   volume can't pass a
certain point. People had complained about the   possibility of hearing
loss if the player were turned all the way up.   Even violence has been
associated with the Ipod.

Due to the unique headphones that the Ipod has, people have become
victims of robberies. The attacker can see your earphones and know that
you have an Ipod which probably cost you a few hundred dollars. It is
advised no to use the Ipod earphones if you are going to listen to music
while you are out.

There are several different types of Ipods that vary in gigabyte space,
color and functionality out on the market. Some are only available in
certain countries. Gigabyte space ranges from as low as 512 MB all the
way up to 160 gigabytes of space. With fifteen styles to choose from like
the iPod shuffle, iPod nano, iPod touch and iPod classic, you can mix and
match with the gigabyte space to get the one that's right for you.
Ipods were originally made for just music. However, this has recently
changed. You can now get audio and video Ipods with photo settings along
with it. The newer Ipod Touch allows for audio, video, photo and limited
internet use. Some of the best features on the Ipod include its small
size, resolution display and its playback time. Although each model is
different, this seems to be the prevailing opinion as to what attracts
people to buy the Ipod instead of the many other mp3 players brands.

It is common practice for a health club to include complementary Ipods
for use during work outs. One story out of India detailed of one woman's
fascination with her Ipod. She would eventually go on to married to the
30 gigabyte Ipod in a private ceremony. People caused a huge stir when
they began to auction off the pre owned Ipods full of music. We have had
to think about issues that were just impossible not that long ago.

Yet today, we are debating   whether or not a person can sell a product
that holds songs with song   already stored on it. Nike and Ipod recent
teamed up to make the Ipod   shoe. One of the shoes has an Ipod stored in
the sole of it. One of the   biggest complaints with the cd players was the
skipping whenever a person   with move in a motion that didn't agree with
their cd.

The Ipod puts an end to that once and for all. This has got to be one of
the biggest reasons many people switched from their cd walkman to the

The iTrip FM transmitter:

The iPod has revolutionized the way people to listen to music all over
the world. Although the iPod was not the first portable music player, it
is by far the most popular digital music player on the planet. In fact,
the iPod is perhaps the only music player that has accessories
manufactured by third party companies. With so many iPod accessories
available in the market, it can be difficult finding the right iPod
accessories for your iPod. Here are few ‘must have’ iPod accessories:
The iTrip FM transmitter
The iTrip is one of the most widely sold iPod accessories. Not all car
audio systems support auxiliary input, and the iTrip allows an iPod owner
to ‘transmit’ music on a predefined FM channel. The iPod owner can
then ‘tune into’ the FM channel that is being transmitted by the
iTrip. The iTrip is manufactured by Griffin and Apple, and is a ‘must
have’ when it comes to iPod accessories. The iTrip also has multiple
broadcast modes to ensure greater quality and distortion free music.
iPod speakers
A large number of companies produce iPod speakers. Unlike other digital
music players, iPod speakers are available in a variety of formats. Most
iPod speakers are available in a ‘dockable’ format where the iPod is
docked into the speakers, with the speakers on either side of the iPod.
Like most iPod accessories, iPod speakers are compact and portable.
Klipsch Audio is currently offering iPod speakers that sport a 3.5―
aluminum woofer and .75― titanium dome compression driver and an 8―
iPod travel case
Irrespective of the make of your iPod, an iPod travel case is a must.
Most iPod travel cases have separate compartments to carry cables, an
iTrip and other iPod accessories. Make sure the travel case you buy is
made from weather resistant materials and has enough space to carry all
your iPod accessories.
iBoost battery pack
Instead of looking for the nearest power outlet or USB port, you can
carry a battery pack with you when you are on the go. A battery pack is
nothing but stored energy for your iPod. Using an intuitive interface, an
iPod can be docked into the battery pack while keeping the playback
going. If you are planning a long trip, the iBoost battery pack is a
The iSplitter is perhaps the smallest of all iPod accessories. The
iSplitter is a ‘Y’ shaped jack that allows an iPod owner to split the
output from an iPod so that two people can listen to music at the same
time. The iSplitter has a gold plated jack for better signal quality and
If you are bored with the way your iPod looks, then a look at the iSkin
is a must. The iSkin is available in 9 colors and allows easy access to
all outlets while protecting the screen and keys. Made from high grade
silicone, the iSkin has a clear screen protector and also has small pores
that allow your iPod to ‘breathe’ during extended playing sessions.
iDirect remote control
If you have docked your iPod into your music system, the last thing you
want to do is get up and mange the iPod every time you want to change
tracks. The iDirect remote control allows an iPod owner to remotely
control his/her iPod through an IR (infrared) remote. The iDirect
receiver fixes itself on top of the iPod and an owner can control the
iPod from across the room effortlessly. The five button pocket sized
remote can allow basic music functions like play, pause, forward, rewind,
volume and power. In addition, the iDirect receiver has an auxiliary pass
through that allows users to connect the iPod to a speaker system through
the ‘auxiliary in’ lead. All in all, the iDirect is a quality
lifestyle product.

Video Ipod`s Accessories:

Different accessories are compatible with iPod video, fact that increases
the importance and great success of the new video device. There are cases
for all tastes, requirements and preferences. You may not worry about the
age or special preferences of the persons you may bring as a gift the
iPod and the case for .

Other accessories are the chargers, the earphones, headphones of
different models. There is also a speaker especially created for the new
iPod video. You may also find different types of skins, sticker decals,
carrying cases, pouches, remote control, iPlug 3.5 splitter, backpack w/
speakers and, of course, various connection cables and adapter very
useful for the new iPod video.

There are also different available adapters – iPod video cassette
adapter for 3.5 mm devices, iPod video 3.5 mm to RCA audio cable adapter,
iPod video car charger cigarette lighter adapter for Apple iPod, iPod
video USB black car charger cigarette lighter adapter, iPod video USB
travel/home charger adapter, iPod video car charger adapter, iPod video
wall-car charger 12V-AC adapter. You may also find different transmitters
for the iPod video and this is the case of the iPod video tune-free audio
FM transmitter and the iPod video WALL-II audio FM transmitter.

Various cables are also of great use and are needed while having the iPod
video - iPod video firewire 1394 data dync dable for Apple iPod &
iPod mini, iPod video retractable USB 2.0 data sync cable for Apple iPod,
iPod video USB 2.0 extension cable, iPod video USB 2.0 data sync cable
for Apple iPod. You may also need iPod video USB data transfer key fob,
extended battery pack w/ carrying case for the iPod video, walet carrying
cases, metal cases of different colors, protector shields of various

There are also some other useful accessories for the new iPod video and
you may choose from different types of cases - Kroo G5 belt clip leather
cases, Kroo Melrose belt clip carrying cases, iPod video Optimum Armband
carrying cases.

You may also buy an iPod video Cellet universal PDA holder and a special
holder for the iPod especially designed for the car. Other accessories
are also useful and have an interesting design – iPod video Cellet
Rhinestones 100, iPod Cellet Rhinestones assorted.

Some other accessories point out the new generation style technology –
iPod video creative CB2530 bluetooth digital wireless headphones, iPod
video Naztech boom station N20 speaker and docking station, iPod video
fold-up amplified portable speakers for MP3 and music players. Other
accessories are iPod video desktop dock cradle, iPod video idock desktop
dock cradle for Apple iPod w/ USB and FireWire .

All these accessories denote the fact that a simple portable audio device
is of a great importance taking into account all different designs for
the carrying cases and skins. The iPod video has many accessories, some
of them are designed for suiting the lifestyle, the preferences and the
tastes of the customers. Others are needed for transferring the
information, for adapting or other useful activities in the technologic
Another important aspect to mention is the fact that all the accessories
are especially designed for the thinner models of the iPod video with a
larger screen and smaller dimensions. The cases, skins and sticker decals
have the role of pointing out the beauty, simplicity or vivid colors. On
the other hand, they have a protective role and a decorative one,
pointing out the personality, the lifestyle of the user. These aspects
are extremely important for the younger users of the iPod video – the

The other accessories are more or less needed taking into account how
much into the fever of the iPods the user is and how much he uses all the
other activities related with the iPod video. Anyway, in a world in
continuous movement, almost all the accessories and special devices may
be of great need for a modern person with a modern lifestyle.

Ipod - The Music Player For All:

iPods seem to be taking over the world. One sees them everywhere one
goes, being used by adults and children alike. One sees them on the
television and in the movies. It seems that people are going insane over
them! It is actually not surprising that this little device is attracting
such fanatical devotion; it is indeed a fantastic device; it might even
be the coolest thing to show up ever!

The iPod is a pocket sized, ultra light hard drive based audio player,
designed and marketed by Apple Computers. All the iPod models are user
friendly in design, and can be used even by young children. They offer a
simple user interface and a scroll wheel to browse the navigation system.
Unlike the other portable cassette or CD players, the iPod stores media
on in-built memory. What this means is that you do not need to insert a
CD or cassette.

An iPod is practical, functional, and cute as well! There are three
different sizes and shapes to choose from. There is the skinny little
iPod shuffle; the slightly larger but even skinner nano, and the most
popular regular iPod that can play all your favorite TV shows and
favorite songs.

Some of the other Mp3 players available might have disadvantages if
compared to the wonder of the iPod. It is not only a question of how many
songs they can hold; the overall quality and the cute look of the little
machines are truly matchless. They can hold thousands of songs and
pictures, they are so tiny, and they come in such wonderful colors. The
iPod mini came in green and pink and blue and other lovely colors. The
nano and the iPod now come in white and black. All the colors are hot and
look great.
What it has come down to is that when you want to go in for a new music
player, you may consider to get an iPod. It will hold hundreds of songs;
the battery life is great. You can play it for more than twenty hours
before you need to charge it again.

When you buy the iPod, the iTunes software is included in it. This
software uploads music and photos in the iPod and it has been likened to
a jukebox. The function of this software is to play, store and organize
all the music and video files on the iPod. With iTunes, you can connect
to the iTunes Music Store and buy music files for playing on the iPod.
Although iTunes has been developed by Apple, it will work with Windows
2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 operating systems. ITunes is
also freely downloadable on the web.

Apple Corporation released the iPod in October, 2001. Since then, the
iPod has become the biggest selling portable hard disk player. It has
sold around twenty million units in 2001-2005. The way the iPod was
initially marketed also contributed to its enormous popularity, with
excellent ads playing the coolest tunes in the background.

The tiny size of the iPod is its biggest advantage, and you can take it
with you wherever you go. This can have its problems, as the iPod is
delicate, and the screen and case are prone to scratching, even during
normal use. So now a huge market has opened up, offering cases for your
iPod to protect it from damage so that you can take it literally
anywhere. The cases have options for clips and straps, so your iPod need
never leave your side, until you want to put it away yourself.

iPods Go Hi Fi - The Reason Is Why?:

Ever wish you could play the songs on your iPod aloud on your stereo,
rather than having to listen to them through headphones? Or, you tried to
play the songs through your laptop, but the speakers are too small to
produce a quality sound. iPod Hi-Fi might be the solution for you.

iPod has reinvented the home stereo system. The iPod Hi-Fi, reminiscent
of a boom box, comes complete with an iPod and a speaker box, allowing
you to play your tunes aloud instead of listening to them through

Now you can feature your favorite songs at your next barbecue or get
together with your friends. The high-fidelity speaker system works
seamlessly with the iPod. The iPod connects to the speaker through a dock
on the top of the speaker. Once the iPod is docked onto the speaker, a
speaker menu is displayed allowing you to customize the sound for the
You can increase or decrease the treble and bass to create the sound you
want. The speaker can also be purchased separately and works with any
iPod, even the iPod shuffle. If you have an iPod shuffle, or another
model without a dock adapter, you must use an audio cable to hook up to
the speaker.

The iPod Hi-Fi is a   one-piece three-way speaker, including two custom
designed wide-range   speakers. The complete package, iPod and speaker, is
priced at $349. The   speaker can be purchased separately for $50. So if
you already have an   iPod, this is a less expensive way to get quality

The iPod Hi-Fi was designed to be completely portable. It comes with
handles to make transporting easier. The speaker is included with an
Apple wireless infrared remote that allows you to control the sound from
wherever you may be sitting or standing.

Another feature that makes the iPod Hi-Fi ideal for portability is that
it can be powered through a wall socket or by using six D-cell batteries.
You can take the iPod Hi-Fi almost anywhere you want. Sit it in your car
and use it instead of your car radio. Take it to the beach and listen to
your music instead of someone elses. There are limitless possibilities as
to where you can go with Hi-Fi. All it takes is a little imagination.

There are some other third-party speakers, but none that produce the
quality sound of the iPod Hi-Fi speaker at the price at which Hi-Fi is
available. Perhaps Apple saw this as an opportunity to provide something
to iPod users that was not being offered by anyone else. The iPod Hi-Fi
is comparable to other speakers made for iPod manufactured by JBL and

Although the Bose speaker produces a clear and crisp sound, it is
expensive, large, and weighty. There are few sound controls and the iPod
does not fit perfectly into the speaker. The product offered by JBL does
not have a battery option and therefore, is not truly portable. Even
though it is reasonable priced, the sound quality does not do justice to
iPods reputation for sound. Since these were two of the major products on
the market, it seemed necessary for Apple to product a speaker product
that would do justice to the iPod.

It may strike some as odd that Apple would offer such a product when
there are others on the market. The iPod hi-fi is designed to be uniquely
different from existing iPod speakers. The Hi-Fi speaker has two handmade
80mm cones that sit on either side of a 130 mm dual voice-coil woofer.
The side speakers provide mid- and high-range frequencies while the
woofer enriches low frequencies. It includes two ports that increase
airflow and fortify natural bass. The result is voluminous sound that
fills any room.

To provide the best sound performance, the iPod Hi-Fi should be placed on
a sturdy hard surface that is away from the floor and ceiling. In order
for air to flow effectively, give iPod Hi-Fi room to breathe on all
sides. This also means centering it between any walls. For the best
sound, place iPod Hi-Fi at ear level.

You can use Hi-Fi for an alarm clock or set it to a sleep timer. The
Apple remote ensures you never have to leave your seat to change songs or
adjust volume. Designed for work and for play, the iPod Hi-Fi was
designed to deliver quality stereo sound with convenience and

Seven Tips To Avoid iPod Repair:

When spending a lot of money on pleasure components like an iPod, life
gets a huge kink in it when iPod breaks down. Everyone knows the
convenience of the iPod makes listening to music easy when doing
practically anything. Instead of going out and buying a new iPod,
consider trying some other ideas. Here are some tips that may put the
dance back in your step, letting you avoid repairing your iPod by a
professional iPod repairman.

First, you should obviously use a hard protective case to avoid
scratching the screen of your iPod. The hard cases are better because if
you drop your iPod while in a hard case in water, your iPod is usually
protected in up to three feet. Plus, if you drop your iPod, a hard case
help protect your device from sustaining damage to its internal devices,
which are necessary for proper function, and external cosmetic damage to
your iPod.

Second, Dont use your pockets, backpacks, or a purse to carry your iPod
tunes. LDC screens are pliable under pressure, which is easily created if
you bend down, sit down, sit on your backpack or purse or if you fall
down. This will put pressure on your iPod, which can bend or crack your
LCD screen. You might also think of your screen when left in your car
such as extreme heat or cold.

Next, you should always avoid pulling, wrapping, or causing any other
type of tension to the cord attached to your headphones. This can break
your headphone sockets. Avoid letting your wires get tangled up when you
are not using your iPod. You would not want a short in your headphone
wires. It would also be totally inconvenient having to untangle your
headphones each time you go to use them. Another tip is if your iPod does
not boot up as it usually does, you might try charging it. Sometimes,
when you are to low on juice your iPod cant boot up.

Also, when you buy your iPod, you could also purchase an extra battery
and battery replacement kit. This is ideal for when your battery dies.
You dont have to go anywhere to replace it. The average iPod battery
takes about three hours to fully charge. What if your iPod would not shut
down? You have checked that the hold switch is turned off, and you know
your battery is fully charged, and then you need to reset your iPod,
deplete your battery all the way, and then update your iPod.

Another tip is that you should also check for regular updates for your
iPod, just like your home computer. You want it to continue to work
properly. If the LDC screen on the front of your iPod shows a not so
happy face, this means that you should check that the requirements for
your iPod match your computer. If so, try to restore your iPod by putting
it in disc mode and then restore. Remember restoring your iPod is not the
same as updating. Make sure you back up your music files before you
restore. To update plug your iPod into your computer and down load the
newest version of iPod updater. You could try plugging your iPod into a
different fire wire or USB port connecting to your computer. Then restart
your computer, and reinstall your iPod or iTunes software.

To check your iPods hard drive for errors, run the scan disk feature. If
the face with an upside down smile comes up then the problem cant be
fixed at home.

Last, if you are constantly on the go, running, skating, dancing, and
your iPod is always being jarred around, you might have a problem. Your
iPods internal protection function will come on, which will freeze your
iPod up. Fix your frozen iPod, hold the select and the menu button at the
same time. If you have an older iPod, hold the play button down for a few
moments, which should repair your iPod issue.

These are only a few basic ways to avoid iPod repairs. For a more in-
depth look into solutions, most companies have websites, which
corresponds with the brand of iPod you own. If you iPod is still under
warranty and you are still having problems, return your iPod to the
manufacture that can exchange it for a new one.

Keeping Time With Your iPod:

Your new iPod not only offers you the ultimate in music downloads and
portability, but it is also very versatile. Did you know that your iPod
has a time feature that you can use to help wake you up in the morning?
Talk about a great feature.

Now you can set your iPod to wake you to music you have specially chosen
and that you love. No more waking up to boring morning radio chatter or
songs that you hate. Simply use the iPod Clock feature to switch off your
iPod automatically after you fall asleep. You can even set the iPods
alarm to wake you up in the morning. This is very handy in the event you
have a power shortage and your alarm does not go off.
You will be your boss favorite when you never show up late for that 7:30
meeting. It is also a perfect feature for traveling. No more worries
about missed wake up calls.

When you choose to use the time feature on your iPod, you can use the
alarm function and set the clock to tell the time. If you want to see
what time it is, go to the main menu and choose :Extras: and then

Changing the time on your iPod is simple, too. If you need to change the
time zone on your iPod, you will need to go to the main menu and choose
:Settings: and then :Date & Time:. Now choose :Set Time Zone: and
choose your time zone from the list.

To set the date and time on your iPod, you will need to go to Main Menu
and then choose :Settings: and :Date & Time:. Choose :Set Date &
Time: The hour will be illuminated and show up and down arrows. Use the
scroll wheel to adjust the hour to your desired time. Follow this same
procedure for setting the minutes, AM/PM, date, month and year

Instead of setting the iPod time zone, date and time manually, you can
simply synchronize your iPod clock with your Mac. To synchronize your
iPod clock with your Mac, make sure your Mac is running OS X 10.2 or
later, and that its date and time are correct. Now, connect your iPod to
your Mac. The iPod clock will automatically synchronize to the date and
time of your Mac

In addition, you can use the sleep timer mode very easily on your new
iPod. You can set Sleep Timer preferences to switch off your iPod after
15, 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes. When you set Sleep Timer preferences, the
iPod will play for that amount of time and then switch off. The Sleep
Timer then automatically resets to its default of :Off:. You will need to
set the Sleep Timer each time you wish to use it.

To set the Sleep Timer, From the Main Menu click to select Extras - Clock
- Sleep Timer and click to select the duration you want (15, 30, 60, 90,
or 120 Minutes). tice that when you set the Sleep Timer, a clock icon and
the number of minutes left until iPod turns off will appear in the Now
Playing screen. When the iPod turns off, the Sleep Timer automatically
resets to :Off:. You will need to set the Sleep Timer each time you wish
to use it.

Alarm Clock

You can use iPod as an alarm clock to wake you up in the morning or to
set reminder alerts.

To set an alarm: From the Main Menu click to select Extras - Clock -
Alarm Clock. Now select Alarm and to set it to On. Scroll to (and click
to select) Time. Scroll through the time (hours, minutes, AM/PM) and
click to select the desired time. Scroll to Sound. Scroll among the
sounds and click to select the one you want.
Note that if you select Beep, the alarm will be audible through the
internal speaker. If you select a playlist, you will need to connect
speakers or headphones to your iPod to hear the alarm

Keeping time with your iPod is relatively easy, once you get the hang of
it. Along with all of its other features, you will not want to be without
it for long! The iPod offers the ultimate in versatility.

Ipod Classic With Its New Look And Features:

You might be a proud owner of an eye-candy shiny ipod classic. But the
questions that trouble every owner of a new ipod are where to begin and
how to get the best from the handy and trendy tool.

You might be thinking of getting loads of fun with it there is a lot more
to learn when you want the best use of your ipod. Ipod classic is the
most innovative and newly released ipod. This portable media player is
marketed by Apple and is the most sophisticated model of the ipods. There
have been six generations of ipod classics and ipod classic is the latest
one. With advanced technology of user interface, operating system and
some other features ipod classic is the latest ipod by Apple.

Though ipod classic has got many things similar with its previous
generation ipod the advanced technology lies in its whopping hard drives.
With the minimum of 80GB and maximum of 160GB size, it is an ideal for
archive of any song. The other change that you can notice inside the ipod
classic is OS that has been upgraded with the menu system. The other
major change that is noteworthy is the battery life. In smaller version
with 80 GB, you can get 5 hours of video and 30 hours of songs. The
larger version with 160 GB memory you can get 7 hours of video and 4
hours of music.

If you look at the features o the ipod classic you will find many pros
and cons. The first thing that will catch your fancy is the dual screen
menu system. In this system you will find the menus covering only half
the screen. But, it would be beneficial only if you need to see something
else in the same screen. Otherwise, it is just a waste of space on the
screen. In the sixth generation ipod classic Apple has introduced a more
powerful search system. You are going to store a lot of files in this
device and the search by spelling system is a pretty useful upgrade.

Of course there is no doubt about the better battery life. 30 hours of
audio playback and 5 hours of video on 80GB version and forty hours of
audio and seven hours of video on 160 GB version is the new interface.
The video of the ipod classic is not much different from the ipod but you
can get a marginally better quality in ipod classic. The better thing is
that, you can play a full length of film on your ipod classic in one

The games that you can play with your ipod classic, such as vortex,
iQuiz, Klondike are all new and have much improved graphics. The better
aspects of the ipod classic are the greater capacity, longer battery
life, superior animated menus and coverflow, scratch resistance metal
surface and glass screen, and three free games. On the downside of ipod
classic is that this device is not well-suited for 5G games. Even there
is no other game available other than these three games. And the chances
are also there that the polished metal back is prone to scratches.

The chief difference between ipod classic and its previous version is its
capacity of 80GB and 160GB, its new software and smaller shape. Ipod
classic is thinner and lighter. Basically, it is a refinement of 5th
generation ipod. And you can find it as an evolutionary step by Apple in
the field of ipod than a revolutionary one. However, people preferring
large iTunes library and watching movie and TV shows during their travel
can find it a more useful device. User seeking a truly new experience
with ipod can find ipod classic as a handy tool.

For iPod Beginner, FAQ 2:

Q1. If iPod shuffle is infected Virus. Win32. VB.bu
When I inspect virus with Anti Virus, I find that there are two more
unknown files (hidden files) with the same virus in my iPod shuffle. I
also use my iPod as flash disk. Once I delete the virus, "Removable Disk"
cannot be opened and a dialogue box comes up to remark that you should
choose program to open the file. I have ever tried to restore it to the
factory settings, but it took a long time and remarked, "It couldn't be
recovered. Unknown mistakes happened (1418)" I wanted to format my iPod,
but it is heard from my classmate that the system would disappear once
formatting, then iPod could not work again. Computers can not read it
either. What should I do then?

The Virus info from Anti Virus 6.0:
Virus: Virus.Win32.VB.bu
File: h:\explorer.exe
The file contains the Virus but cannot be deleted.

Q2. How to use iPod if I have no my own computer?
I want to get an iPod before University. After reading the instruction of
iPod, however, I find that it should be used together with iTune, so I
should have a PC. Is it useless or inconvenient if I don't have my own
notebook? Can anybody give me this kind of information?
Secondly, I want to buy an iPod in order to save money because it can be
used as a movable hard disk and it is also very convenient to save files.
If I want to surf online, just need to go to some public net bar or
internet café. Is it safe to do so? You know viruses are everywhere. I
don't want my iPod to be a "Virus Infector". Maybe someone can tell me a
more adaptive Music Player than iPod (of course that the quality of music
playing should be good.)

1)That's right. iPod should be used together with iTunes, so if you don't
have your own computer, you should put the software and musics in your
iPod first. It is definitely troublesome in this way. If you want to
download music to iPod, you should setup iTunes onto the computer and
then put the music you want into the music folder in your iPod.
2)If you put some file with virus into your iPod, your iPod will be
definitely a media of virus. Any carrier used as hard disk could be the
spreading root of virus. It is unavoidable. However, you can anti virus
in your iPod directly.
3)If you feel troublesome, you can get a hard-disk MP3 with big capacity
but without any professional software. You just need to put the music
into mp3 and listen to it without any software. If so, SONY-P series mps
is a good choice (the only one has the function of dragging), big
capacity and professional software is not needed. You can listen to the
music after dragging. Surf online you can find it.

Q3. How to use the iPod player? Now I just use my iPod as U disk. How to
upload music into my iPod? When I open iTunes, I find that it cannot keep
in step with iPod. When I connect iPod with it, it has no any hint,
either. Can anybody tell me how to do that in details?

First set up the two ends of USB well, then turn on it press the button
on top, enter the system?open F disk in "My Computer"? copy the music you
want from your computer to F disk. Then go back to your iPod, choose the
music? press the key on top, "right" or "left" key for picking music and
the key in the middle is for playing, the up key is for back, to press
the up key for a long time is to back to the Menu.

Q4. There is no any response of iPod, how can I solve this problem? When
I use the iPod mini, I format it under the Windows system. Now when
connected with USB, it is shown that it is recharging and no response in
the computer. How can I solve this problem? Thanks!
P.S. in the iPod, the "OPTION" shows, "Not connection with iPod".
Now my iPod cannot be used as Flash Disk. No response when connected with
USB just can be recharged, so I think it is nothing to do with the data

My advice is below,
1)Cancel the disk function (Can you do that? It is in the Preference ?
iPod option) then close iTunes.
2)Down the latest update program on Apple official website.
3)After setting up this program (Perhaps you should restart your
computer), run it, choose "Restore" to the factory settings.
4)Open iTunes, it will remark you whether using a new music folder or
not. (It is probably this meaning. It is inspected to be connected with a
new iTunes), then Enter and update.
5)After 1 or 2 second, it will be finished.
6)Try to add one or two songs to see whether this problem will happen

A Trip Down Memory Lane - Sony Walkman To Apple iPod:

There may be some of you reading this, that can remember something called
a Sony Walkman. Now if you are not old enough, just ask your parents or
even an older brother or sister. What you will see is this kind of smile
come over their faces. Boy, does time fly and technology goes even

You see, if you lived back in the 1980's, the Sony Walkman was the
coolest thing on the planet. Now if you did live back then, you probably
owned one of these. This product was the rave. This product was
everywhere, in the airports, the malls, on buses, everywhere. You would
see the kids in the back seat of the family car, listening to their own
thing, using the Sony Walkman. Their parents would be listening to
something else (Dean Martin or Perry Como), which the kids hated.

A phenomenon is a term that implies that something is here today and then
gone tomorrow. The Walkman was beyond a phenomenon, it was a mainstay. It
was a staple of the society in which it was introduced. If there was a
time capsule created to represent the 1980's, the Walkman would have to
be included. If you were to not include it, would be the same thing as
discussing technology of the 21st century and leaving out the part about
the internet.

Now for the next generation of personal entertainment devices, from the
Walkman to the iPod. I am not sure how you could avoid not knowing about
the Apple iPod, unless you happen to be living in that time capsule we
talked about earlier. So, you have seen them, they are everywhere (sound
familiar?). If you ask 10 people to explain what an iPod is, you'll
likely receive 10 different answers; and all of them will likely contain
some element of fact and logic. Introduced by Apple Computers in 2001,
the iPod is technically defined as a portable music player; and even this
doesn't do it justice. Today it is so much more.

Now the Walkman was really for the kids, that is who mainly used it. Not
today and the iPod. It is not just for kids anymore. You see more than
just kids walking around with these little white wires sticking out of
there ears.
The Apple iPod is a truly amazing product. It has crossed the demographic
consumer lines. You see people of all ages wearing these things: from the
teachers, the kids (big and small) to the senior citizens, the athletes
who manage to keep the ear buds in place despite doing whatever there
sport happens to be.

Now, don't panic if you haven't entered the iPod country yourself. There
are so many to chose from: the iPod classic, iPod shuffle, iPod nano, the
iPod mini and so much more. And lets not forget about all the iPod
accessories that go along with this. Though the iPod are so incredibly
popular, there are still enough people out there who haven't tried one
yet. And there are still people out there who have the iPod and haven't
even taken it out of first gear yet. Why is this?

The reason is because technology can seem confusing and despite its small
size, figuring out the in's and the outs of the iPod can seem
intimidating and time consuming. In fact, nothing could be further from
the truth. The iPod is built around the reputation of Apple which is base
things on simplicity and ease of use. Just like the Mac computer. The
iPod is as easy to use as a DVD player, or maybe even easier.

In closing here are some facts about the Apple iPod that you may not be
aware of. I am sure you know this that the iPod is the #1 selling digital
music device. What does it take to be the #1 selling device in this
competitive marketplace? Here are some facts. Since 2001 there have been
110 million devices sold world wide. That is:

18 million devices/year
1.527 million/month

Now if that does not make you go WOW, to the Apple iPod popularity, I am
not sure what would. It's no wonder, given these awesome sales total,
that the question most people ask these days isn't: are you getting an
iPod, but rather: where is your iPod?

From Here to There with an iPod Case:

Almost every electronic device has a case. From cell phones to digital
cameras to portable gaming systems, cases not only protect these gadgets,
they ensure that every component stays together. With cases, cables stay
put and memory cards are not lost along the way; headphones are not
separated or broken, and batteries, games and even instruction manuals
never slip where they cannot be seen.
However, many of these cases are bulky; rarely is any socialite seen
walking around with his or her cell phone slipped into a belt buckle
carrying case. While older women or construction workers might not see
the absurdity in this design, others do. Cases are, for the most part,
the opposite of delicate, and in a world where electronic manufacturers
are marching ever so quickly toward the smallest, the coolest, the
thinnest and the sleekest, many users will go without the protection of a
case to maintain the look and presence of their devices. Yet the iPod
case is a different story.

In this shallow world of universal concern for everyone else's
appearance, rarely is any iPod user ever seen without a case. While the
case does, once again, protect a multi-hundred dollar investment, the
iPod case is sleek, it is cool, and in many ways, it allows the user to
express his or her beliefs, personality and desires in a way the iPod
itself cannot.

Listen to the Rainbow

Most older iPods were available in either black and white, and while the
new Nanos and Shuffles offer a larger selection of colors, the variety is
still limited. However, the iPod case is available in a rainbow of
colors, designs and patterns. If a user wants a purple iPod, or an iPod
graced by the logo of a certain band, he or she can find a case to
transform his or her iPod into a work of art. The iPod case is also
offered in numerous materials, each serving a specific purpose and each
tailored toward the specific need of potential buyers. Some cases are
nothing more than a knit sock that slides of the iPod to protect it from
minimal dirt and dust.

Others are rubber sleeves that offer grip as well, beside protecting the
iPod from water and other damaging agents, and protecting the screens
from the elements. An iPod case can even be made from metal, clipping
around the iPod to provide the ultimate shield, while also maintaining an
aura of awe and splendor with its futuristic look and feel.

Color and material are only the beginnings, however. An iPod case is also
designed with certain uses in mind. While most allow the user to keep his
or her iPod protected while still utilizing its functions, some are more
or less aimed toward carrying the iPod while it is not in use. Others are
arm bands that slip around the upper arm of a listener, holding the music
player in place whether he or she is on a tread mill, in the weight room
or at a yoga class. The iPod case is as varied in uses as it is in colors
and materials, but in the end, a listener can make a rather loud
statement when he or she protects his or her device with one of these

How iPod Shuffle Sets Apart From Other iPods:
Apple has proven with the iPod that, like cheese and wine, it just gets
better over time. The iPod is currently available in three versions:
iPod, iPod Nano, and iPod Shuffle. The iPod, available in 30 and 60GB
storage capacities, can store up to 15,000 songs.

The iPod Nano, a smaller version of the iPod, is available in 1, 2 and
4GB storage capacities and can store up to 1,000 songs. Yet it is the
iPod shuffle that stands out from the others. Available in 512MB and 1GB
storage capacities, the iPod shuffle is proof that bigger is not always

One of the major things that sets iPod shuffle apart from other iPods is
the element of surprise. People love a good mystery and they get exactly
that with the iPod shuffle. Out of 120+ songs, you never know what you
are going to hear next. Its like having your own personal radio station,
only without the commercials.

With a regular iPod, you set the playlist you want to hear and the songs
are played in that order every time. The iPod shuffle adds fun to the
listening experience because the playlist is completely random.

Not only is the order of the songs random, the playlist can be random as
well. Using the iTunes Autofill feature, the iPod shuffle can be randomly
filled with up to 240 songs. The Autofill defaults to the entire iTunes
library, but you can change the setting so that it chooses songs from a
specific playlist.

So if one day you are in the mood for Classical you can fill using your
Classical music playlist. If on the next day you want to hear some Rock,
you can fill using your Rock playlist. Autofill can also completely
replace the existing playlist on your iPod shuffle or replace only songs
that you select for it to replace.

Another one of the things that makes the iPod shuffle unique from its
sister devices is its design. The iPod measures 8.38 x 2.49 x 0.84
centimeters and weighs 22 grams. At less than an ounce, that makes the
iPod shuffle lighter than some car keys. That makes the iPod shuffle
ideal for physical activities. Since the new design uses flash memory
rather than hard disk storage, skipping is no longer a concern. It comes
with a lanyard so that it can be easily worn around the neck.

Since there is no menu to navigate through, there is not a touchpad in
the shuffle like there is on other iPod versions. The buttons on the
front of the shuffle perform similar operations to the touchpad on the
regular iPod allowing you to play/pause, skip/reverse, fast
forward/rewind, and adjust volume.

The backside of the shuffle includes a battery indicator light and a
switch that allows you to power off, play songs in order, or play songs
shuffled. The battery indicator light shows three battery stages: green
indicates a good charge, yellow, for a low charge; and red for a very low
charge. If the battery indicator light is not on at all, then your
battery has no charge remaining.

The iPod shuffle can be connected directly into the USB port on your
computer. This means there are no bulky cords and plugs needed to change
the playlist or charge the battery. A fully charged battery lasts up to
12 hours between charges. The USB plug is neatly hidden beneath an
attached cap. A traditional wall charger can be purchased for $29.

The iPod shuffle can be used for more than listening to music. You can
also store documents and other data on it by using it as a USB flash
drive. iTunes allows you to specify how much of the drive you want to use
for files and how much you want to use for songs. File storage is
possible on other versions of the iPod but it is much more difficult to
configure the settings and transfer files.

Sometimes less is more. Plenty people would rather pay $69 for 120 songs
that they will listen to rather than pay $399 for 15,000 songs that may
never get heard. If there really is an iPod for everyone, then iPod
shuffle is one for the masses.

Portable Pleasure: The iPod and Earbud Carrying Case:

The iPod has revolutionized the music industry, from how music is sold,
packaged and enjoyed. Never before has so much music been offered in such
a small package, and never has one device dictated the progress of an
entire artistic movement. However, the iPod truly is a small package, and
an expensive package at that; like any hard drive or computer, the
hundreds of dollars spent on it can easily be wasted if the device is not
cared for properly. While Apple has improved the durability of the iPod,
it still cannot withstand constant abuse; crushing it, dropping it or
exposing it to water or extreme heat is a sure death sentence.
Thankfully, the market for iPod cases is flourishing, and listeners can
easily invest in the protection of their iPods as well.

However, what many individuals forget is that the iPod is useless without
its headphones. Many users purchase higher-quality earbuds in order to
truly take advantage of the iPod's capabilities: earbuds that reproduce
the entire spectrum of music, from the lowest bass to the highest treble.
These headphones should be protected as well with the purchase of an iPod
and earbud carrying case, because an iPod is nothing without sound.

The Many Shapes and Sizes

While the iPod itself can be protected with sleeves, metal cases, knit
socks and various other rubber products, this usually leaves the
headphones exposed to the elements. Other carrying cases, while not
designed to protect the iPod while in use, do not always have enough
extra room for earbuds, cables and other accessories. However, an iPod
and earbud carrying case will protect both investments. Often times, the
iPod and earbud carrying case will include a separate compartment for the
earbuds, so the two pieces do not get jostled together. Other times, the
carrying case is physically split into two separate cases: one to hold
the iPod, the other to hold the earbuds. The earbud case can even attach
to a keychain for easy access, and constant availability: unless the user
forgets his or her keys, the earbuds will always be in reach.

Earbuds are popular due to their compact size. Traditional headphones are
rigid; they cannot fold up, and they take up space equal to the size of
the user's head. Earbuds are a lot simpler; they are simply two speakers
attached to the cables that fit snuggly into the ear. Often times they
come complete with multiple inserts to fit the wide range of ear sizes.
But the cables can easily tangle, and the inserts can be lost in the
hustle and bustle of life. An iPod and earbud carrying case, however,
will keep the earbuds safe, orderly and in one piece. The earbuds can
also be wound on a kind of reel, a kind of iPod and earbud carrying case
truly designed to prevent tangles in the cables and connections.

An iPod and earbud carrying case is available to purchase from numerous
manufactures, including Apple and many companies specializing in the
production of speakers and headphones. This case is also available in
many colors and materials, from nylon to leather and from black to
purple. It all depends on the needs of the user, and the type of
protection he or she seeks: waterproof or padded, keychain or reel. In
the end, however, an iPod and earbud carrying case is almost as important
an investment as the iPod itself.

Icon Identification - What Those iPod Symbols Mean:

If you are a new user of the ever-popular iPod, you may have noticed that
it takes some time to learn what those little icons mean and want to know
when you should be alarmed or bothered. Every one of them has a purpose
and we all know how much of a drag it is to read the Users Manual.

Would not it be easy if someone just spelled it out in plain English for
all to see? Instead of digging through a manual full of technical jargon,
here we will discuss the meanings of the icons popping up on your screen.

You will see a Battery icon when your battery is low. You will need to
plug in your iPod to your computer or the nearest electrical outlet. Let
it charge for at least a few hours or longer if possible. After charging,
if the battery icon still appears on your screen, you may have a bigger
issue at hand. You may need to do a bit of troubleshooting or replace
your battery.
To trouble shoot your battery, you should make you sure you have the
latest firmware upgrade. Then, you need to discharge your battery and
just let your iPod play without interruption until it dies. Then, you
need to recharge the battery. To replace your battery, you can contact
your manufacturer or retailer.

If you see the Folder icon this means you have a software problem. It is
suggested that you restore your entire iPod by updating the system or
erasing your iPod. To erase and restore your iPod you need to open :My
Computer: on your Desktop. Then, choose :IPOD: which should be located
near your C drive. Now, right click and chose :Format:. Select :FAT 32:
and :Format: and then reboot your Computer. After you have erased your
iPod, you will need to engage the Restore function from the iPod Updater

To restore your iPod, do the following: Connect your iPod to your
computer using the FireWire/USB cable that came with your iPod. Now, open
iTunes. In the event that your computer knows the iPod is connected, it
may ask you to install the proper software. If it does not, download the
newest version of the iPod Updater application. Install and open the
application iPod Updater.

To continue, once you click on Restore, you may be asked to type in an
Admin users name and password. When the alert box appears to confirm you
want to restore iPod click :Yes:. When the factory settings have been
restored, unplug the FireWire/USB cable from iPod. You will be prompted
by the iPod to reconnect the FireWire/USB cable after it has turned on,
and you see the message :Do not disconnect:.

If prompted, type a name for iPod in the space provided. Deselect the
:Automatically update my iPod: option if you wish and click done. The
iTunes main window appears, and the download status is displayed in the
iTunes display. Wait until the iTunes display says the update is
complete. Quit iTunes.

Next, you will need to disconnect the FireWire/USB cable from iPod. In a
short time, the language display appears on the iPod screen. Pick a
language. Quit the iPod Software Updater application. If the iPod does
not turn on at all, disconnect it from power and let it sit unconnected
for approximately 24 hours. Then do this all over again.

If your iPod is still under warranty, go to the AppleCare iPod Support
Page to arrange for service. If your iPod is out of warranty, you will
need to contact a repair service for further options.

No one wants to see the Sad Face iPod. Once again, you should try to
erase and restore your system. If the sad face still appears on your
screen, you will need to replace the hard drive.

You may see the electrical outlet icon when you are updating or restoring
your iPod. First, disconnect your iPod from your PC and connect it to a
power adapter for iPods. The electrical power will help finish the
process of updating. If your iPod does not have a wall charger, you will
need to get one.

The Do Not Disconnect Icon will be familiar if your iPod is connected to
a PC.

The Magnifying Glass Icon will appear at times. This is the iPods
internal checking system where it checks the hard drive for problems. If
you see a disk and checkmark, this is a good thing. Your iPod passed the
hardware scan. If you see a disk and arrow, this means problems were
found. You should erase and restore your system as soon as possible.

A disk with an exclamation point signals caution and means the scan
failed. In this case, you need to reset your iPod by holding the Menu and
Play buttons down for ten seconds. The scan should automatically start
again. A disk with an :X: means the scan was cancelled.

Looking For A Cheap iPod Online?:

I was definitely not one of those people that were out of the loop with
the iPod craze, in fact I believe I was the ring leader! For those that
live under a rock, an iPod is a product made by Apple that plays MP3s
among other media depending on which iPod you have! These cool little
gadgets come in different sizes as well as colors. And if you're a trendy
tech junkie then you probably have one of these, and if you don't then
you definitely need one! The very first one I bought was the iPod
shuffle, it's really small and really simple. But I just needed something
to listen to my music on. The next one I got was the iPod touch. Consider
the "craze" people went through for the shuffle and multiply that time
500 and you have got yourself an image of what people acted like when the
iPod touch was coming out! Here's a few stats on the different iPod's
available to you right now

iPod Shuffle -
Five colors to choose from - silver, green, blue, pink, orange, red,
1 GB model & 2 GB model
up to 500 songs
Weighs 15 grams
Second generation

iPod Nano -
Five colors to choose from - pink, silver, turquoise, product red, mint
green, black
4 GB & 8 GB model
4 GB holds up to 1,000 songs, 3,500 photos or 4 hours of video
Watch TV shows, movies, video podcasts and more
Third generation features 2 inch screen

iPod Classic -
Two colors to choose from - Silver & Black (older versions have other
160 GB model
Holds up to 40,000 songs or up to 200 hours of video

iPod Touch -
8 GB model
Holds up to 1,750 songs, 10,000 photos, or 10 hours of video
Cool touch screen
Watch movies and TV shows, listen to music, iTunes movie rentals, Surf
the web, send email and more

I love my iPod touch, it's the best thing since white bread. As said
above on the shuffle and nano, there are several different "generations"
with some of these products. Lets just call it updating and leave it at
that! There are also products in the Apple line up such as the Apple
iPhone which is like having a TV, ipod, DVD player, phone, computer
anything else you can think of, all wrapped up in one sweet little
package and the Mac book air (among other macs)! The original prices for
these products range from $49 for the shuffle on up to $2,799 for the Mac
Pro. Fortunately for places like eBay you can buy a brand new shuffle for
$18 or less and the Mac Pro for $700 or less. Sounds good, don't it!?!

You can also check out other sites like BestBuy or Circuit City but don't
expect to beat the prices on eBay. In fact, if you want anything close to
the prices eBay has the only other place you could go would be Amazon.
With both of these sites you can pretty much decide if you want an Apple
product, new, used or refurbished. Have fun picking the best Apple
product for you!

You can also check out these non Apple products as listed below. All of
these products are out, so there is no waiting around!

Philips HDD100 Digital Jukebox (15GB)
Rio Karma (20GB)
iRiver HP-100 MP3 Jukebox (10GB)
Toshiba Gigabeat (20GB)
Creative Nomad Jukebox Zen NX (20GB)

iTunes And iPods: Get The Maximum Out Of A Perfect Combination:
iPods and iTunes seem to be a match made in music heaven. One is a
virtual jukebox. The other is one of the most popular music players

iTunes was started by Apple in January of 2001 as an application for
playing music. It acts as a link between your computer and your iPod,
connecting your computer to the iTunes Music Store where you can purchase
music and movies for personal use. It is free to download and compatible
with Macs and some Windows operating systems. New iPods are also carrying
the program.

With the iTunes program, you can run many things from your computer. You
can purchase and organize your favorite music and movies into play lists,
burn your own CDs for personal use, and download music to your iPod. You
can also use it for playing music on your own computer or other mp3

The Play List is one of the best features for iPod users. Besides being
able to organize your music, you can also set play lists on different
settings to play your music. You can have it go in order of download or
on a mix. Mixes can be set just to play songs from a certain part of your
play list or from the entire thing. A Party Shuffle will play popularly
rated songs at a greater rate than those that received a lower rating or
none at all.

For example, a four star rated song will have a higher chance of getting
played during the shuffle time than a two star rated song. You can add
and delete songs as you want, or even have your iPod get automatic
updates of new songs as they come up. You can organize your play list in
a variety of fashions: by genre, by artist, by popularity, or by personal

In June of 2005, Apple added pod casting. This feature allows access to
Apples official pod casts, as well as the ability to download different
types of videos. This feature makes it possible for anyone to pod cast,
from putting college lectures on your iPod to family movies. Pod casting
has become a popular way of information sharing between iPod users.

In October 2005, Apple introduced an updated iTunes that made it possible
to download movies to your iPod. You can get everything from the latest
theatrical releases to television shows, to new movie trailers. Download
them to your iPod, and you have an instant personal entertainment center
to use anytime and any where.

The iTunes Music Store allows iPod users to buy and download music and
movies from their computer to their iPod. Millions of songs have been
downloaded this way since it opened in April 2003. You can preview music
or check ratings there as well.

Downloading music from your computer to your iPod is easy to do. There
are a variety of ways to do this.

Dragging allows you to drag tracks from your play list on your computer
to your iPod. In the Portable window, click on the iPod under Attached
Portable Devices and just drag music from the play list to your iPod. Or
you can select an entire play list the same way and drag it over. This
works best if you are just moving one song or one play list.

For large groups of songs, it may work easier to sync library, as this
will download all music to your iPod. Again in the Portable window, you
should click on the iPod. Under the Options menu there is a Sync tab with
Complete Library Sync. Or you can use the same function but select
Selected Play list Sync instead and select the play lists that you would
like to download.

The sync features can also be set to be done whenever you plug your iPod
into your computer. To set this up, under the Sync tab check the box
Automatically sync on device connection. Your music will then be
automatically downloaded whenever your iPod is hooked up.

With iTunes, you and your iPod have access to all the music and movies
that you could ever want - or that your iPod could ever store. It is just
one more way to personalize your iPod exactly how you want it.

IPod Music Downloads - Full Disclosure About Download Sites!:

iPod music downloads sites have sprung up over the past year, offering
more than one place to download music for your iPod. So you have bought a
new iPod or already own one and are thinking if you should be purchasing
membership to one of the many iPod music downloads sites? Although iTunes
is great and has a huge library and variety of music, it certainly is not
the cheapest place to download music for iPod. Each song costs you less
than a dollar and by normal standards is considered affordable, but when
we are talking about downloading more music, it all adds up. Read on to
find out where folks are merrily downloading unlimited iPod music for a
one time charge.

What are some of the benefits in using membership sites that offer
unlimited iPod music downloads? Well, enough reason for more than 10
million users to be downloading at these sites.

1. Cost of Membership

The one-time membership charge for lifetime access to unlimited iPod
music downloads has won them many loyal followers. This beats paying per
download or buying a CD at the music store. New music, bands and singers
will keep sashaying onto the music scene, and you never have to worry
about paying an extra dollar for their songs.

2. Media Files Other than Music
How does it sound to you if you not only have access to unlimited number
of iPod music downloads, but millions of movies, music videos and TV
shows as well? Surely this sounds like a fantastic deal.

3. Compatible File Formats

These sites would provide you with free bundled software to convert songs
and movies to MP3 and H.264 video format that is iPod-friendly. You need
not cough out a single cent to purchase expensive video conversion

While all seems rosy, there are some pitfalls to watch out for. Some of
these iPod music downloads sites are the black sheep of the lot.

1. Legality of Music Downloads

Several of these sites are plain scams that offer you nothing but
copyrighted music. Be wary of what you are downloading and the source of
the music. If you are not careful, you could be infringing on copyright

2. Ultra-slow Download Speeds

Some sites are notoriously slow where downloading is concerned. This
could well be because website owners are skimping on hosting services. If
they cannot be bothered with improving their network access speeds to
cope with the traffic, you simply do not need to waste time with them.
There are better choices.

3. Lousy Customer Support

Good customer and technical support is important to you as a consumer.
Several of these sites failed terribly in this aspect. Slow response to
customer feedback and request for help are what one should be expecting
when you download at these iPod downloads sites.

I hope this article has prepared you to open your eyes wide when choosing
a site to download music for your iPod. Speed up your shopping for a
download site and read reviews of excellent and trusted membership sites
for iPod music downloads at my blog.

The content of this article is provided for the purpose of education and
illustration only and is in no way associated with Apple, iTune, or any
company or subsidiary of Apple. This article may be freely reprinted or
distributed in its entirety in any ezine, newsletter, blog or website.
The author's name, bio and website links must remain intact and be
included with every reproduction.

Lose Weight With Your Ipod Shuffle:
Many of us ate too much at Christmas, drunk too much at Christmas and
didnt do any exercise to burn off the excess calories. I am one of those
people but luckily for me (or unluckily for me, depending on your
viewpoint) Father Christmas delivered for me a tiny little present sent
from the Gods in the name of an iPod shuffle.

This tiny little box of tricks ( you must of seen the ads on television
about them) is what gets me round the field that is just 50 yards backing
on to my house, otherwise known as hell on earth. Those of you of a
certain age will remember the Sony Walkman. Yes, thats right, that chunky
tape cassette player which we all clunked around with us, trying to look
very cool.

I have to admit I am very new to all this MP3 technology. In fact my
computer or PC is about 7 years old and with the help of my 16 year old
son I managed to install the software which is required to transfer
downloaded songs from the internet or music CD from the disk drive onto
the iPod. I was very sceptical on how such a small piece of equipment
would actually play music and if I am totally honest the quality is very
good, much better than my old 12 inch vinyl records.

So how does all this help in my never ending quest to loose weight and
get fit? Well, I choose my music very carefully. None of this rubbish
teen, hip hop, gangster in your face trash. I like to choose motivational
tracks for my iPod. Anthems from bands like U2, The Darkness and
Metallica are personal favourite and you just cant beat the theme from
War of the Worlds to get your blood pumping and inspire you run (or walk
in my case) that little extra distance.

So what are the actual mechanics of using your iPod? Well, firstly after
you open the natty little box, usually the MP3 player needs charging up.
Simply plug in the charge lead into your PC port which must be USB, if
your PC does not a USB port then you can get an adapter. I have an
adapter on my computer because it is ancient like me!

Next, when little light changes colour or stops flashing you know that
your MP3 player is charged from your PC. You now have to access the
software from Apple. It is called iTunes and basically it is the software
interface that allows you to transfer songs from your computer to your
iPod. Always perform checks to make sure you have the latest version by
accessing the official site at Apple. The whole process is easy (it must
be if I did it) and before long you will have all your favourite tracks
neatly bundled onto your iPod. No more scratched records or damaged album
sleeves, marvellous. I have yet to find out on how to remove tracks from
my iPod but I guess I have my son to help me on that score.

iPod - The Non-Stop Entertainer:
iPod is an ultra-portable digital music player that enables you to bring
your music collection with you, wherever you go. It provides you the
flexibility that you crave for. Listen to music in the bus while
traveling, when taking a jog, at the gym, and even when you are at work.
No more heavy baggage of CDs. The iPod weighs just a few grams and you
can load over 10,000 songs in it. It comes with varied storage capacity

It was in the year 2001; Apple introduced the iPod with a memory of 5 GB.
It was the memory which never heard of then. The latest i.e., the 5th
generation iPod was introduced in October 2005 with 30 and 60 GB sizes.
It can play songs, movies and photo slideshows, and with the recent one
you can store up to 60 GB of any type of file you want.

Apple has continuously made innovations in its product. The current
generation of iPod players includes:

iPod shuffle which has 1-GB capacity. The only problem is that it can
play songs but display is not available.
iPod nano which can play digital audio and display digital photos. Its
available in 2, 4 and 8GB storage

iTunes is the integrated media-player software that comes along with an
iPod. It is installed on the computer/laptop with which one can use for
organizing, playing, converting and downloading files from an external
source to the computer and even from the computer to an iPod.

The iTunes Store lets iPod users purchase music, movies, podcasts,
audiobooks and music videos with a click. The Store offers 3.5 million
songs, tens of thousands of podcasts, 3,000 music videos and 20,000
audiobooks, as well as TV shows, feature films and iPod video games. One
can directly watch or listen to the files through iTunes on the computer
and download them to the iPod.

The Click Wheel is easy to navigate. Its very fun to select playlists,
scroll through artists, and select the song. Even a child can do it
playfully. Apples iPod is the best portable digital music experience
possible with highest sound quality possible. Some of the notable
features include:

Digital Audio:
You can have access to 20,000 songs in 80-GB iPod whereas for 30 GB model
iPod, one can store up to 7,500 songs. It supports MP3, WAV, AIFF, AAC,
Apple Lossless and Audible 2,3 and 4 audio files.

Digital Video:
The 80-GB version can hold up to 100 hours digital quality video. It
supports H.264 and MPEG-4 files as well as MOV files which can be
converted to iPod video through the iTunes software.
Digital Photos:
The 80-GB iPod can store up to 25,000 photos. The important feature of
the iPod is that it can support files which are converted from JPEG, BMP,
GIF, TIFF, PNG and PSD. You can download your photos to the iPod from
both Mac iPhoto and Windows Adobe Photoshop Elements/Album.

Other Uses of iPod:

Functions as handy hard disk, carrying all types of files for computers.
Calendar/contacts syncing
Download and create games
Car integration with iPod player into the sound system.

Rather than buying the iTalk for 40 USD, you can install a program called
Podzilla on your iPod and use a regular old microphone to record high
quality audio. All iPods, except for the shuffle, come with calendaring
functionality built in, so you can sync your desktop calendar to your
iPod and keep track of where you are supposed to be and when if you are
out and about. Using Griffins Total Remote Software and IR device, you
can set up your iPod as a remote for any number of devices, including
your TV, DVD player, Xbox, and Roomba.

The best notable feature of Apples iPod is that it can work with both Mac
and Windows machines.

So with a 30GB or 80GB iPod in hand, one can enjoy music, movies, TV
shows, iPod games, podcasts, audiobooks, photo albums, and, of course an
entire library of music. In other words, iPod is a pocket-size prodigy.

You can continuously listen to the iPod songs up to 20 hours. Or else, if
you want to watch movies and TV shows you can have the nonstop
entertainment up to six-and-a-half hours.

On the whole, iPod can give you a non-stop entertainment of 20,000 songs,
25,000 photos, and 100 hours of video or any combination of each. Thus
its aptly said with iPod in hand one can enjoy the whole world as a

Ipod As The Most Popular Mp3 Mp4 player:

This is an mp3 / mp4 player that music lovers acknowledge the most in the
modern time. US-based Apple, one among the largest producers of
computers, notebooks and computer hardware and software, introduced iPod
in 2001 with a single model for the international music market. Apple
kept on introducing new iPods for each generation. The latest one is the
iPod 5G. Apple also came up with two different variants: the iPod Shuffle
(without digital display), the iPod Nano (the smaller version of iPod).
Recently, Apple came up with the new-generation of iPod, the iPhone that
integrates the conventional MP3 and video player with an internet ready
mobile phone.

This article compares each iPod by its special features. One of the most
popular model is the iPod 5G that comes with 30 or 80 GB storage
capacity. It is not just an mp3 / mp4 player, you can store, view and
share complete music videos, movies, podcasts, play games, share photos,
playback music and videos, connect to a video output device, and much
more. It can play your favorite music for up to 20 hours as this iPod
boasts of higher battery life.

The iPod Nano has many of the same features as the full-size iPod, but
with much lesser storage capacity. It comes in 2 GB, 4 GB and 8 GB
models. It has up to 24 hours of battery life and is comparatively
lighter and smaller. It also suffers from some limitations; the iPod Nano
doesn't support voice recording and media storage via third-party
peripherals. iPod Nano is a great mp3 player for people who would just
like to listen to audio files.

Apple's most-pocket friendly iPod is iPod Shuffle. It offers a host of
advantages: it's affordable for everyone; its sound quality is as good as
that of any other iPod; it has flash memory rather than a hard drive; and
it's really portable. However, the disadvantage is that it doesn't
include a screen for steering up to specific songs. It has a limited
storage capacity, 512 MB to maximum 1 GB. So it's good for those who want
to be in fashion, yet can compromise on memory space. But the size of
this mp3 player is so small that you can easily clip it to your clothes.

With digital music being in-vogue, many portable jukeboxes hit the
market, since Apple kick-started the music revolution of our time. Other
portable MP3 and MP4 players, besides iPod, are available in the
entertainment world of mp3 / mp4 players. There are many Chinese, Korean
and Japanese brands manufacturing low cost players in bulk. These are
much cheaper, but have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. The
fact remains that iPods are the most popular among all, and hold the
biggest share of this market. There are enough iPod users in the market
and a lot of new things are getting developed around iPods.

Some people just can't do without their iPods, from jogging time to bed
time. It sticks to their ears. Obviously, the battery drains out of the
device. The latest buzz is that Andrew Schneider, a student from New York
University, is exploring a solar-powered bikini that can charge iPods.
Yes, it is true! The bikini will soak up the sun rays thru photovoltaic
film strips. That means, while the iPod user is getting a sun tan, his
mp3 / mp4 player is also getting a charge of 6.5 volts of solar power.

iPod has become a very desired mp3 / mp4 player around the   world. iPod
player just seems to be ahead of its competitors. Not just   by delivering
good quality products, but also in providing new solutions   for eager
electronic consumers. Let's just wait what will be next in   the iPod
Apple iPod Touch 8 GB 2nd Generation Review:

If you're looking for an iPod that's double the fun but can do all the
things that previous models have done, then the Apple iPod Touch 8 GB 2nd
Generation should be your focus. And what's better? You can get it at a
reduced price - less than $200. You'll get a sleek iPod that doubles up
as a mini-PDA too. Let's look at it piece by piece:


At the risk of over-emphasising just how sleek it is, let's talk a bit
more about looks: next to the other iPod models, this one is by far a
winner. Its much slimmer and the chrome rounded back will cup perfectly
into your hand (great for gamers). What's more, where the other iPods had
a black lip all around the screen, with this one, the black lip extends
from the chrome back cover so that you have a beautiful shiny edge. Let's
just say it's an iPod being soft, but with powerful-as-ever features.

It has been created to accommodate dedicated volume keys on the side
panel as well, but they will not interfere with your hold - they fit
snugly into the body of the iPod.

The antennae in the Apple iPod Touch 8 GB 2nd Generation is ellipse-
shaped, not chunky and in the corner like on other iPods. The port for
your headphones is also recessed, and will accept non-Apple headphones,
definitely a plus should you lose or misplace the set that comes with it.

The screen? You get 3.5 inches of 320 by 480 pixels widescreen -
definitely an excellent screen for gaming.


You still get the Genius Mix application that has made iPods so popular;
it will pre-arrange music play lists for you based on what it notices
that you like a lot. It also comes loaded with Apple 2.1 software and you
can get on directly to the App Store (older owners can only access these
2 pieces of software if they buy them from iTunes).

Compared with the original iPod, which had lots more black space and less
icons, this one is different. You have lots of icons (App Store, Email,
Weather, Notes, Maps, Stocks and more), and you can rearrange the order
of the icons using a simple drag and drop. You can do the same to swap
them around so that you get Quick Launch. With this one, Apple was
definitely aiming for personalization which has been lacking in previous

The Apple iPod Touch 8 GB 2nd Generation is also special because you can
buy a few additional pieces of software and hardware and extend its usage
to beyond gaming, music and email. If you spend a few dollars on a Nike
and pedometer, you'll get a shoe sensor. You can also get mic-enabled
earphones that will. While some argue that this doesn't seem fair because
Apple is making users spend more money on bits and bobs to make their
Apple iPod Touch 8 GB 2nd Generation better, it can also be the reason
why you can get this little iPod at such a great price - they give you
what they could for less than $200 and then give you the choice to pick
extras if you want. Performance

Although there is no touch screen, it's still a great interface,
especially with Apps allowing you choose between so many applications.
The audio, like all older iPods, can be said to be good 'not great, but
Apple promises to fix this with coming models. Compared to other phones
in its category though, it's still much better quality of sound.

The Maps feature is also a useful one for those who want to track their
location, but you can switch it off if you feel you don't need it. This
conserves battery life as well.


There were gripes about the original iPod - it was pricey and just didn't
seem to perform very well for that price, even at 16 GB. The Apple iPod
Touch 8 GB 2nd Generation seems to have addressed them, and done more
because of the chic new design. It may not have GPS, 3G and a camera, but
for that price, it's definitely a great iPod to go for especially for
those who aren't heavy users!

Inspect and Mend iPod by yourself:

The General Knowledge of iPod malfunctions Resolutions

When you own an iPod, do you want to know some methods to resolve the
malfunctions ? Or do you want to know some special settings in iPod? If
yes, the followings are the answers you want:
The fault resolutions and testing steps: If you cannot turn on your iPod,
you can try the ways below,

    Check the status of the "Hold" and confirm that it is on the position
far away from the earphone hole.
    Turn on your iPod and connect it with a charger. Wait for several
minutes, and then try to turn it on again.
    Reset your iPod. If it has no response or something like system
halted, connect it to the charger and turn on "Hold", and then turn it
off. Now it is on the position far away from the earphone hole. At this
time, press "Play/Pause" & "Menu" at the same time till the Apple
logo appears.
    Before resetting, you should release all the electric power. If the
steps above do not work, you Do not connect your iPod with the
electricity supply for 24h, and then connect with the electricity supply
and reset it.
    Updating the iPod software. After the above steps, if you can turn on
your iPod, you should use the latest "iPod updater" to update your iPod.

If the Apple logo is shown in your iPod and still be there after reset,
you can try the methods below:

    Connect your iPod with a charger or a computer with 1394 connection;
or make sure your computer is on but in the statue of sleeping.
    Turn on and then off the "Hold" to make sure "Hold" is on the
position far away from the earphone hole.
    Press "Play/Pause" and "Menu" at the same time till the Apple logo
    When the Apple Logo appears, you should press "Previous" and "Next"
immediately till "Do not cut" or the icon of live wire appears, and then
you can use iPod updater to restore your iPod.
    If "Do not cut" or the icon of live wire does not appears after
several times of the above operations, your iPod needs repairing.
    If "Do not cut" or the icon of live wire appears, you can run the
latest relative "iPod Updater".
    Click "Restore", it will restore to the primary status.


    If reset, all the songs and data in your iPod will not be gone, but
some personal settings will need resetting possibly. If restore, all the
songs and data will be gone, so before restoring, you should back up all
the data in your iPod.
    If necessary, you can use the tool of formatting in the system to
format first, and then run the latest relative iPod Updater to restore.
    Except the new iPod, the old iPod can not be format into different
forms of hard disk. It is strictly forbidden for using Mac on Windows or
Windows on Mac, so for any problems caused, it is out of warrantee.

2. The meanings of some icons and some methods.

A. The icons of battery and exclamatory mark: The electric power is low
in the battery; you should connect your iPod with a charger or a computer
with 6-core 1394 connecter

B. The icons of folder and exclamatory mark: The causes are possibly

1). It is possible that the electric power is a little. Connect your iPod
with a charger or a computer with 6cores 1394 interface.

2). Incorrect iPod soft wares. Some iPods need some special or updating
soft wares. Run the latest relative iPod Updater to update or restore
your iPod.
3). Incorrect mode of hard disk. It is possible that your iPod is
formatted into the irrelative form of hard disk, which mainly means to
format with Windows form of hard disk on Mac or format with Mac form of
hard disk on Windows. Run the latest relative iPod Updater to restore
your iPod.

3. The method of entering iPod Diagnostic Mode:

1). Press "Menu" and "Play" till the Apple logo appears.

2). When the Apple logo appears, please immediately press [Backward] +
[Forward] and Enter at the same time for several seconds. Remark: [Enter]
is the key in the middle of the operating keyboard. After entering the
diagnostic mode, please be careful. When some strange sounds come out and
the Apple logo is inversed, it is in the diagnostic mode.

The Diagnostic Mode Tests:

1. 5 IN 1
3. KEY
8. A 2 D
10. LCM
11. RTC
14. OTPO
16. RUN IN

Remark: Under the diagnostic mode, the operating keyboard will not work.
Use [Backward] and [Foward] to scroll up and down, [Enter] for OK, [Play]
for out of Menu.

The Evolution Of Ipods – From Their Appearance To The Ipod Video:

The newest and most popular innovation in iPod technology is, for sure,
the iPod video. Still, getting to this innovative device is just the
result of a long research through the history of the iPod making at .
The appearance of the iPod was owed to an increased marketing request:
the lack of quality of the digital music players was noticeable to the
interested consumers, as opposed to the growing number of digital
devices, such as cameras, camcorders and organizers. Due to this fact,
the Apple industries established a team of qualified engineers in order
to develop the mechanism and design of the soon to be first iPod, which
resulted in less than a year of technical and practical research. The
launching of the new and exiting product was held on the 23rd of October
2001 and soon, the market embraced the new product. The evolution from
the first iPod, which was revealed almost 5 years ago, till the iPod
video reveals the intense and permanent research of the specialized
engineers. The next significant step in the evolution of this device was
the release of the 2 versions iPod, for both Mac and Windows users, which
highly increased the sales and the number of potential customers.
Actually, the iPod sold at such a high rate, that the permanent
improvement of the product, in order to maintain the leading position on
the market, was a necessary request (the selling rate recorded over 42
million units since the release of the product).

In 2005, the new and better iPod was revealed, when celebrating the 4th
generation of these devices; the new model introduced, for the first
time, the color screen. In the spring of 2006, the Samsung company
announced that they were about to provide the media processor for a new
iPod model, an improved version of the Apple’s device. Soon after, the
5th generation of iPods introduced the iPod video, meaning it has video
playback capacities, video playing and better organization features. The
launching was celebrated together with the innovative new models of
iPods: the iPod nano, with color screen and the iPod shuffle, which were
the best sellers of 2005.

The 5th generation of the iPod was about to reveal many new and exiting
features of the small device, all under the slogan One more thing...
Basically, the iPod video or the video iPod was available on the market
in both 30 GB and 60 GB capacity models, had ability to play both MPEG-4
and H.264and much higher resolution, up to 480/480. Having a 16-bit color
screen and being able to display all kinds of videos on a TV set, the new
product was a market hit since its appearance. Regarding the design, the
new iPod comes, as the previous iPod (the nano model of the 4th
generation) in 2 colors, white and black, but it has a multitude of
applications and improved features: World Clock, Stopwatch, and Screen
Lock applications, a smaller earphone, a thin slipcase, AC adapter and
FireWire cable. Regarding the dimensions, the new iPod is 4.1 x 2.4 x
0.43Â inches for the 30Â GB version and 4.1 x 2.4 x 0.55Â inches for the
60Â GB version (which, in the case of the new model, are marketed at the
same price). The screen size was modified to 2.5Â inches (6.35Â cm)
diagonally, 0.5Â inches (12.7Â mm), meaning that the video iPod screen is
larger than the previous one. Even more, the product is thinner than the
last model, iPod nano, and the battery life increased from 16 hours to 20
hours. Still, being a video device, watching movies reduces the life of
the battery to around 2 to 3 hours.

With an exiting and evolving history, the iPod manages to be one of the
most innovative products on the digital devices` market, with millions of
customers all around the world and increasing sells.
Why Do We Love The IPod?:

The IPod has become a symbol of a generation, something every teenager
and child longs for especially when there is a new model out. However its
worth looking at just why the IPod and its many variations have been
become so popular. Many people dont realise that there were mp3 players
before Apple released their own and that many consumers and even fans of
Apple were sceptical about the player when it debuted.

The first and most obvious thing we noticed was the space. Even with the
first IPod classic there was over 6gb of space for all of your songs,
this was due to the mini hard-disk placed inside the player. This was a
revolution at the time since nearly all mp3 players used solid state
drives that would average between 32 and 64mb. Consumers suddenly
realised that it would be possible to store your entire music collection
on a single device and take it anywhere with you. Even today it is quite
amazing the storage capacity of even the standard IPod which weighs in at
over 120gb. There are very few people in the world that couldnt fit their
whole music collection onto an IPod, no matter what kind of music they
are into!

The IPod also had a design like no other. It was smooth and white all
over with no clunky buttons or switches. It was often remarked that if
Microsoft had designed the IPod it would have about a hundred more
buttons to do the same thing. The scroll wheel in the centre of the
player was also a stroke of genius, with one flick of your thumb you
could now navigate hundreds of albums in seconds with pin-point accuracy.
Its widely thought the IPod would never have been as big a success
without the scroll wheel, can you imagine trying to navigate 100 albums
with a forward and back switch?

Apple is not just a software company but also a hardware one so it was a
natural extension that they create an amazing piece of software to allow
people to move and organise songs onto their IPod. ITunes was released
with the first player and became an instant hit. Up until this point most
players where just hard-drives where you browsed the folders but now you
could sort hundreds of songs by name, artist, genre and even how many
times you played it. A unique feature of ITunes found in no other mp3
player software was it allowed you to purchase complete songs and albums
online to download straight to your IPod. Many people were still nervous
about p2p applications like Napster and the legal and safety implications
of downloading copy written files. However due to the unique licensing
deals struck by Steve Jobs with several major record companies people
could enjoy thousands of hours of cheap and instant music at the touch of
a button.
Portability has to be another factor of not just the IPod but mp3 players
in general. In days long ago when you went to a party you may have
brought a LP record with you, and not that long ago a cd. But these days
you can be guaranteed that any party will have an IPod speaker system
were anyone with their player with them can simply plug in and show the
whole world what kind of music they are into. This is due mainly to just
how small the IPod and particularly the IPod Shuffle and Nano are. They
take portability to a new level to the point were going to a gym these
days is like going to your local Apple store. Never has an electronic
device been such a hit with joggers and runners. This is mainly due to
having no moving parts and solid fibre casing.

As you can see when you look at the facts it really is a wonder why
anyone ever doubted this amazing device that has fast become the must
have accessory for anyone from 8 to 80. Now we know why mp3 player means

The Sales Of The New iPod Video:

The iPods have been a market hit since their launching in 2001. With the
appearance of the new iPod video on the market in 2005, the iPod became
even more popular, as it achieved high umbers in sales and an increased
interest from the public. The sales of the iPod video were, in general,
better than the expectations. Considering the fact that the new product
brought, indeed, something new to the market, which was never tested
before and the customers were used to the idea that iPod stands for music
and, in a smaller part, it stands for photos, the sales surprised the
producers just like the product surprised the customers and the users.

Basically, the iPod video present 2 variants of the device: the 30 GB
model and the 60 GB one, which both play QVGA H. 264 videos. Over the
last holiday season, the sales were very high, as people seamed to be
more interested in purchasing such an item before taking the summer
vacation. Due to this fact, the new iPod video turned out to be a great
choice of spending the time during the holiday. In fact, the last holiday
season brought a 30 % increase of the sales, which is a consistent
amount. Even more, the new iPod video turned out to be an excellent
Christmas present, as the sales indicate the fact that the sales of the
iPods increased significantly before this important religious holiday.
Another sales hit in the history of the iPods was the Apple iPod + hp,
which was launched in the year 2004. In the first months of 2006, Apple
reported sales of 565 million dollars, which was the highest number in
the company’s history. In fact, Apple managed to ship 6, 16 million
iPods during the first months of 2005, meaning a 66 % increase over the
same period of time in 2004.
The new range of iPods are supposed to be even more improved and have a
new variety of features and new accessories, which will increase even
more the popularity of these products. After the famous exposition called
Macworld, which was held on the 10th of January 2006, the official
speakers reported sales over 42 million dollars, which included a part of
14 million dollars, gained in the first quarter of the year. With even
more expectations in sales for the future, the engineer team of Apple is
focusing even now in producing a sixth generation of even more optimized

Till the appearance on the market of the iPod video, the best selling
product of the iPod series was the iPod nano, which had great results
since the launching. The studies and researches show the fact that most
of the part of the consumers want and easy personalization of their video
content, meaning quality and inexpensive solutions that satisfy their
needs. IPod video brought, at its launching, a new set of features that
were about to change the perception that people had about this small, yet
powerful device. With a memory that could now include a play list of 15,
000 songs, 25, 000 pictures and up to 150 of hours full with videos and
movies, the new iPod was an innovative new product and the market
embraced its originality and new and exiting features.

Making a Sound Decision When Buying an IPod For Your Teenager:

Like most parents in North America, when it comes to getting gifts for
our kids we are always inclined to get the newest, or the hottest, or the
flashiest. This year the model with buzz was the iPod Touch. And while
several of my friends were getting their kids the iPod Touch, I had my
doubts that this would be the right choice for our son.

Don’t get me wrong, the iPod   Touch provides great entertainment and would
make a great gift, but after   some reflection we decided to get the iPod
Classic. There are number of   factors that went into our decision, but
three stand out as being the   most important.


As everybody knows by now one of the great features of the iPod Touch is
the ability to access the Internet wirelessly. This allows the owner to
surf the net. To get updates on weather and the stock market. To download
their favorite YouTube videos. And to access their e-mail as well as

But the problem is, at high school student my son will be spending most
of his time in an environment where either he is discouraged from surfing
the net for his own entertainment-and probably for good reasons; or a
wireless connection is simply not available. Consequently much of the
functionality of the iPod Touch will be lost to him.

In the days of the transistor radio and the CD Walkman, portable
entertainment was all about audio; the future is all about video. So we
knew we just had a get an iPod that had a decent screen. Now the
granddaddy of the big screen iPods is of course the iPod Touch-coming in
with a 3.5 inch (diagonal) widescreen display.

But if you have a teenage boy and if you’ve ever handled an iPod Touch,
then taht sound in your head is the sound of glass shattering! Because
the one thing that impresses you most about the iPod Touch is the amount
of surface area that is breakable. So in our opinion, the iPod Touch was
just too vulnerable to destruction from the inevitable banging, and
dropping, and general bumping our son would give it.

But try viewing a movie on the iPod Classic and its 2.5 inch (diagonal)
color LCD display, and you come away surprised by the experience. For a
handheld device the video quality is pretty impressive. And a ratio of
extremely easily breakable surface area to easily breakable surface area
is much smaller.


For our money, this is the main reason for buying the iPod Classic. At
160 GB the storage capacity of the iPod Classic blows away all of the
other models-the nearest competitor is the iPod Touch which tops out at
32 GB. The reason why memory was so important to us is twofold.

Firstly, remember I said that video is both the present and   the future?
Well video takes up a lot of space. For instance, let’s say   that his
tastes run toward watching movies like “Superbad”-and whose   tastes
wouldn’t. If he were to download this movie to his iPod, it   would take up
1.25 GB of storage space.

If his iPod were the iPod Touch, then he would only be able to have 25
movies on his iPod. This would leave very little room for music, photos,
or other files. Now with his iPod classic, he would be able to keep over
100 more movies on his iPod. Many people would say that that’s way too
much space. In fact I hear echoes of what I said many years ago when I
opted for a two gig hard drive over a 10 gig hard drive on my computer in
the belief that I could never use more than two gigs of storage.

And this brings me to my second point. When we bought this iPod it was in
the hope that it would take him through most of his high school career.
And because high school is such a busy time in people’s lives, it is
unlikely that our son will have time to switch out files on a regular
basis from his iPod to his computer. So we bought the iPod classic with
all of this memory counting on an accumulation of music, video, and
photographic files.

When my son asked the inevitable question of why the Pod Classic versus
the Touch, I was able to point to the limited functionality given his
environment. I also reminded him of the necessity for having a screen
that while still being able to watch a movie on, was not vulnerable to
the inevitable bumps and shocks that it would receive. Finally there was
all that storage for all that music, all those movies, all those photos-
all those memories - that he will collect throughout high school.

Modern Audiobooks Can Be Played In Your Ipod:

If you are bored, you can pull out a book from the shelf and flip its
pages. Through technology, audiobooks were invented. It started with
cassette tapes. With the boom of the CD industry, audiobooks were also
produced in that format. Similarly enough, because of the Ipod trend,
audible audiobooks can be downloaded and purchased from the iTunes Music
store, as well as First-Class-Audiobiiks.

If you have nothing better to do as you wait for your turn in that long
queue or you want to be productive while you are riding the subway, bring
out your iPod and listen to your audible audiobook. These work best with
the iPod 1.2 software or with the later models.

Originally invented as the modern WalkMan or discman, iPod listeners have
discovered a pleasure of having the gadget. They can listen to their
audiobooks while they are on their way to work or during their exercise

iPod is compatible with Audible formats 2 which is the small file size
but of maximum compression, Audible format 3 which is the best quality
compression and Audible format 4 which is aa format that is compressed
into larger mp3. iPod 1.2 software and the later models are compatible
with the Audible files bookmark feature.

The Bookmark feature makes it easier for the consumer to remember where
specifically he stopped listening to the audiobook. It is like a bookmark
that you insert between the pages of the book you are reading. Bookmarks
are compatible with the Audible files (those that have the .aa file
extension) and Audiobooks that have been bought from the iTunes Music
Store. These are the ones that come with the .mb4 file extension.

If reading a book means you only have to insert the bookmark between
within the page that you stopped reading, bookmarking an audible file in
your iPod entails the following procedures.

Press the Stop of Pause button while you are listening to your audiobook
on your iPod. The iPod will serve as your bookmark because it will
remember that specific spot automatically so the next time that you
listen to your audiobook on your iPod, you will be able to listen to that
very bookmarked spot because it will immediately play from there.
Did you know that if you buy your audiobooks on CD format, you can
actually transfer them into iTune format by importing it into iTunes. In
doing so, you can listen to your CD audiobooks on your iPod. But it will
be easier, if you get your audiobooks from or the iTunes
Mustic Store. These audiobooks are manufactured as one or two files.
Their total duration averages to ten hours each. This makes it easier for
the purchaser to manage and to listen to his iTunes Library.

Audiobooks are pretty expensive. Can you believe that they are even
pricier than the paper books you get at your book stores? At least with
First-Class-Audiobooks, the iPod audiobook listener is provided with the
audiobook content, you own the file. This is also the same with the
iTunes Music Store.

The difference between and iTunes Music Store is that the
former has a broader selection of audiobooks but it does come with a
monthly subscription fee. If you want only one audiobook, then you can
just check out the latter because it is much cheaper.

If you are the type of iPod listener who does not really tune in to
audiobooks regularly, then you can just buy the individual audiobooks
from either the iTunes Music Store or Audible. You can check out the
selection of audiobooks that are available by going to the main page. It
is so easy to buy an audiobook. It is like buying a song but the download
will be longer. Naturally! What do you expect from a 14MB file.

After purchasing audiobooks from or iTunes Music Store, these
are added to your library automatically. Organize them in whichever way
you prefer. Audiobooks is indeed another purpose of having an iPod. You
can be entertained not just by music but also by the spoken words from
literary creations.

The DVD Goes iPod:

Since the latest versions of iPod enable video viewing, it only makes
sense that the next step would be to create a way for D.V.Ds to be viewed
on the device, as well. There are freeware utilities that exist to allow
you to transfer D.V.Ds to your hard drive and then import them onto your
iPod for viewing. Adding the videos to your iPod library will make video
storage while traveling much easier.

Transferring DVD to iPod, for the most part, involves taking the content
from the DVD, also called ripping, adding it to your hard drive, then
copying it from your hard drive you your iPod via iTunes. There are
several different utilities that allow you to do this. Here are some
overviews for the most commonly used utilities.
One of the most frequently used utilities is HandBrake. To use HandBrake
first put the DVD into your D V D drive. Then launch the program. Once
the program has launched it will scan the disk. Sometimes the disk cannot
be read due to special app protection. In this case you will receive a
message saying, no valid title found. After the program has read scanned
the disk, it will display a list of titles.

The titles will include all the viewable files that are on the disk: the
movie, any documentaries, deleted scenes or other extras. Select the file
you wish to rip. If you cannot locate which file is the movie, it is
usually the one that has the longest duration. After you have selected
the file, next choose the appropriate settings and click the Rip button.
The program will begin ripping the D V D. The process can take up to a
few hours to complete. Once the program has completed, you can add the
file to your iPod library.

Another utility is Xilisoft DVD to iPod Converter. This product can be
purchased for $29.00 from the manufacturers website. This utility allows
you to compress files to any size and allows you to preview the ripping
progress. Xilisoft is easy to use for beginners, but also includes
various setting controls so that the product is great for veterans as

There are several other utilities available for converting D.V.Ds to a
format that can be viewed on the iPod. To find more of these utilities,
you can do an Internet search for Convert iPod to DVD. This will give you
links to various utilities. You can select the one that has the ease of
use and price range you desire.

Since DVD files are so large, it is best to store them on 30 and 60GB
iPods. If you use an iPod shuffle or an iPod with a lower storage limit,
you may not be able to store many videos, if you are able to store any at
all. You should also be aware that the more D.V.Ds you store on your
iPod, the fewer songs you will be able to store.

There are still legal implications involved with copying D.V.Ds to iPod.
Ripping the content from videos by bypassing the copyright-system used on
D.V.Ds and is illegal under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.
However, the law does not specifically state that it is ok to copy the
content from your own personal collection for your own personal use. It
may seem that you are well within your rights as owner of the D V D to
copy the content to a portable viewing device.

There have been some court rulings that have said D V D copying is ok as
long as it is not used for infringement purposes. However, the Motion
Picture Association of America holds that it does not matter the reason,
any content ripping from DVD violates the DMCA.

Since the law does not specifically state whether DVD copying is legal if
used only for personal reasons, it is necessary for each user to access
their views. Many people believe that copying D.V.Ds for personal reasons
is legal until there are laws that state otherwise.
Perhaps in the near future D.V.Ds may be available in a digital format
that can be purchased and downloaded directly from the Internet to your
iPod without using a third-party utility. For now, you will have to use a
utility to rip the content and then add to your iPod.

Reviews About Ipod Video:

The new iPod video has stirred a lot of reactions, a lot of reviews,
discussing the advantages and disadvantages of its utility, quality and
features. These reviews are important especially because of the fact that
the new iPod video was launched without a serious study of the market, of
the customer’s tastes and wishes. From this point of view this is a
daring initiative and a great step in the video development.

The reviews usually point out the amazement and the great success
concerning the new iPod video, but also highlight some aspects that may
contribute to its improvement. For example, the great advantage of
connecting the iPod video to the TV set and playing the videos on it is
well-received. But on the other hand, the fact that the iPod video cannot
be connected to the computer is seen as a disadvantage. The transfer from
iPod to computer is not possible and this fact may be a suggestion for
the designers and creators of the iPod video.

Some customers are in love with this device because of the possibility of
watching the favorite TV shows and ABC hits like “Lost― and
“Desperate Housewives― even in the road. The stress of loosing the
relaxing TV show or film may be very unpleasant especially in the case of
difficult days at work. Therefore, the possibility of watching them on an
iPod video is an excellent idea. Besides, the iPod video matches the
crazy contemporary lifestyle, giving the opportunity of checking the e-
mail, of finding out the time in other cities very useful especially in
the case of people that travel a lot.

Satisfaction and pleasant remarks are the main notes for the new iPod
video, as it is really a great product. The fact that it has more
features, more quality, longer battery life and smaller dimensions,
thinner display is enjoyed a lot. A small disadvantage, compared to the
great new benefits, is the fact that the images, photos from the iPod
video transferred to the TV set are too bright, although very clear and

Another great advantage is the fact that the customers may listen to the
music over 14 hours (it depends on the model). But the reviews point out
a disadvantage – the fact that the video playback time is only 2 hours.
Another disadvantage is the fact that the iTunes from the iTunes Music
Store are too expensive, but taking into account the great quality of the
sound this may not be such a great disadvantage. Besides, the equalizer
may be set for a better quality sound.

Some other reviews highlight the fact that the screen quality is clear
and maybe clearer than of the most TV sets. This aspect may be put
together with the fact that the screen is better and bigger although the
display is smaller and thinner.

A special attention may be paid to the fact that, as in other cases, some
defect items may be in sale, but it may be exchanged within 14 days.
Another disadvantage that completes the fact that the iPod video cannot
be connected to the computer is that it doesn’t work well with wireless
FM transmitters. This problem may be also managed with a cassette adapter
for the iPod at so that it would work great.

Unresponsiveness and freezing video images are other problems mentioned
in the user reviews. Hardware problems and the low quality of some songs
may be other possible problems according to the reviews of the customers.
These aspects seem to point out the fact that this technology is not
mature enough and the new iPod video is from some point of view an
experiment and a way of testing the market.

Anyway, the fact that the new iPod video has reduced dimensions and may
fit any pocket. Besides, the high resolution and the great quality of the
songs are exclusive advantages and are mentioned by the customers with
joy and satisfaction.

How to Get the Most out of Your iPod:

Have you every bought something, like a new car or new kitchen device,
and months (or even years later), someone comes by and introduces you to
a feature that you never knew existed?

Well, if this has ever happened to you; take heed: you aren't alone!
There are so many features and gadgets and settings on today's modern
devices, that it sometimes feels that you need to take a school course in
gadgetology just to ensure that you're enjoying your item to its fullest
capacity. So, in an effort to ensure that you're getting the most bang
for your buck, let's take a look at some of the advantages of your iPod
(whether you own it now, or are in the market to buy one).

Some of these advantages may seem very straightforward to you, while
others might be an eye opener. Remember, too: you may not use a
particular feature or advantage right now, but that doesn't mean the
opportunity won't arise in the future for you to enjoy something new.
After we've looked at the advantages of the iPod, our next section will
explore various shortcuts and hints for you to further enjoy these
marvels of modern technology.

Size Does Matter!

While you're obviously aware that your iPod can store your music for you
while you're on the go, you might not be aware of just how much space
there is to some of the new 4th generation iPods on the market right now.
Current versions offer 20 gigabyte and 40 gigabyte storage capacities,
which is enormous for most audiophiles. Of added convenience, the new
iPods also offer a new music menu, and support for multiple playlists.

The Shuffle Feature

iPod's shuffle feature allows you to listen to music you've selected
yourself, such as listening to a radio station that plays only the music
you like. That's why Apple added the "Shuffle Songs" feature - this saves
you from having to activate the shuffle in the iPod's settings menu and
then browse through several levels just so you can select songs.

Not Just for Music...

The iPod was originally marketed as a device for listening to music; and
this made sense, since that wonderful teenage demographic spends more
than the other groups put together! Yet as the iPod has matured, so has
its target market. The educational market has now caught on to the
advantages offered by the iPod; and this is a driving reason why many
people who might not otherwise buy an iPod are finding one in their

For example, take the case of Duke University in North Carolina.
University officials provided 1,650 of the 20 GB iPods to freshmen. These
sets of iPods came pre-loaded with campus information, orientation notes,
and an academic calendar.

And here's the most interesting part: the Duke iPods adopted the format
of the iTunes store so students can purchase academic materials, course
outlines, language lessons, and yes of course: music. We look
specifically at iTunes in the fourth section of this book. In addition,
there's also the thriving audiobook market. We've come a long, long way
from a binder full of tapes! Now, entire books can be downloaded onto an
iPod, and enjoyed on the go.

These audiobooks include everything from young fiction to romance, from
business books to self-help, and everything in between.

So if you're currently using your iPod just for music - or that's what
you plan to do when you buy one - remember that it can indeed be used for
so much more.
Improve Your IPod Using IPod Hacks:

iPods have become a very famous portable media player that is being used
worldwide nowadays. It was designed and marketed by Apple Inc. These are
new generation devices that have made the conventional world proud. Let
us take a look…………………

iPods - A Quick Look:

iPods are nothing but portable media players that are used worldwide
today. They store media in a internal hard disk. Other iPods store
information in a Micro drive Miniature hard disk. The hard disk based
ones include the iPod classic, iPod Touch which involves a touch screen
system. iPod nano which is capable of storing videos. Others include iPod
shuffle and iPhone. The iPod Shuffle has no screen so it cannot store
videos. Also iPod mini and spin-off iPod Photo were used previously.

iPods - Are they Reliable?

However they have been sometimes subject to criticism for their life
spans and for their hard disks which are not good enough. Their failure
rate too is very high as found in a recent survey. They are mostly due to
the reasons of poor durability of the hard disk which is the essential
part of the iPod. Also the other reason why iPods are not suggested is
their screen which can get affected by rough handling.

iPod Hacks:

If you want more from your iPod, more than music and multimedia, then you
can go for hacking. An iPod hack is nothing but changing the inner
workings. In broader terms, for hacking an iPod, you need to change its
hardware, software, firmware or operating system. Though it is not
advisable to do so, but it is still being done to bend the iPod to cater
to one’s needs. Most of the hacks are carried out by changing the
operating system LINUX, which is an open source one. The LINUX user
interface called podzilla helps LINUX to be ported in an iPod manually.
By this way the iPod is made to play media files like Ogg files.

Also one can download the schemes and modules for the podzilla from the
internet. The schemes allow the user to change the appearance of the
podzilla. The Modules are important and are used with iPod LINUX
operating system. You will feel that with LINUX installed, your iPod will
become more like a handheld computer than a good MP3 Player.

This hacking process has been carried out only in the first, second and
third generation iPods, but reports also assert say that these are now
being carried out in fourth and fifth generation ones as well. To stop
this process of hacking, nowadays iPod companies clear state that
installing LINUX means “NO WARRANTY”. Well as seen earlier, installing
LINUX opens a new world of operating an iPod. The possibilities are
endless and to make use of these possibilities, hacking is carried out.
Play games:

If you love playing games, then now you can plan in your iPod too. With
these LINUX modules, now you can play your favorite games. The LINUX
module iDoom allows the users to play a game called as Doom. Besides
there are various other modules which allows the users to play games like
iGems, Invaders, Magic-8 Ball, iPod MAME, Pod Pod Revolution.

Other Applications:

Looking for something better other than games, you can manually change
your iPod’s functions and make it look the way you want it to be. The
iPodWizard now lets you change the style and icons in your iPod. With it
you can also remove some of the error messages that may annoy you.

Also now you can turn your iPod into a virtual Remote Control that can be
used anywhere. Just attach an infra red device on to your iPod’s
headphone part and software too is needed. By recording the Infra Red
Pulses from the remote, you can now control your iPod the way you want.

Also if you thought hacking is a crime or something bad, think again as
this method can save your data from getting lost. The Module Podsmith
unlocks the screen, files and applications in your Macintosh Computer. So
rest assured that your data and privacy are safe by carrying out this
process and many say it is a very effective one.

Also now with this hacking process, you can make changes to the software
options that you have in your iPod. You can now install software that is
good to make your iPod rock!! For example you have software like
TrailRunner, VoodooPad and Apollo. The TrailRunner software helps you
keeping your personal agenda. The VoodooPad software helps in writing
like it provides an interface similar to Notepad. The Apollo Software is
used as a video converter and it helps in optimizing the video for
playing in iPod.

The Ipod Touch-The Best Accessories and Apps Around?:

The iPod Touch is the most talked about iPod product next to the iPhone.
It's basically a stripped down version of the iPhone which is a portable
media player that has external volume controls and a built in speaker.
iPod Touch is also Wi-Fi capable and includes Safaris web browser so you
can surf the web and go on a favorite website such as You Tube to watch
videos. Things that are also included within the iPod Touch is a
Calendar, Access to Email, Clock, Calculator, Contacts, etc. There are
many different kinds of accessories that you can purchase to maximize the
experience with your Ipod Touch.
Basic Accessories include:

Hi-Fi Noise Reducing ear buds: These can bee used with your computer,
laptop, any IPods, radio, and other media devices. These ear buds fit
very comfortably in your ears and reduces the music so that it wont harm
your ears and they also reduce the outside noise.
House and Car chargers: Are more like a necessity to keep your device
charged and ready to go whether you are at home or on the road.

Screen Protectors: these might be a good idea to buy if you are
constantly scratching up your belongings. These screen protectors
basically just protects your iPod for minor damages and scratches and
finger smudges.

Skins and Cases: You can purchase   these from many different styles and
many different colors to show off   your personality. There are many types
of cases such as leather, leather   flip cases, silicone cases, hard cover
cases in colors from black to any   color or design that you can imagine.

Pouches: You can also purchase these to protect your phone and have your
phone connected to your belt so that you will not have to carry it around
all day or risk it getting scratched by putting it in a purse or bag with
other items. It will be a good idea to buy a pouch with pockets and
zippers so that you can carry other IPod accessories in it also.

Stylus Pen: You can use this pen instead if you do not want to smudge up
your phone with your finger prints.

More Personal Accessories

Charging Docks: These are just docks that you can buy to charge your iPod
while listening to your favorite music at the same time. . This dock can
also have speakers built into it or an alarm clock to make it ever

Stereos: Are similar to the socking stations but are built specifically
to enhance the sound and quality of your music. With most stereos a
remote control is included for more convenience.

Transmitters: What these do is transfer the music from your iTouch t the
car stereo. It also tunes into the clearest FM station all while charging
your device at the same time.

Armbands: These are mostly made for the more athletic person that likes
to run, jog, and do various sports. Well the armband makes it so that you
can enjoy your music while working out with the attachable ear buds.
Portable IPod speakers so that you will be able to share your media with
friends for less than 10bucks.
Bluetooth headsets with the portable adapter to make watching movies,
videos, and talking on the phone easier
There are many more accessories that you can buy for your iTouch Phone.
Most of the accessories you can get for well under 50 dollars especially
if you can find a good deal on eBay.

iPod Video Sales: The Facts:

The sales of the new iPod video are surprisingly good, taking into
account the fact that no research has been made for the customer market
and their needs or requirements.

A possible disadvantage for the sales may be the fact that the negative
advertising has been made. This negative advertising concerns the
vulnerability of the screens, the easy scratching surfaces and other
several features. However, the sales are up due to the great success
among the teenagers, among very busy people who travel a lot.

Some researches show that instead of the iPod video success and publicity
the Amazon online store the most popular iPod is the nano model. However,
the sales are ahead expectations and in the case of other stores are
outselling the popular iPod nano.

These high sales may be due to the high storage capacity, video features
and reasonable prices. From this point of view, a selection of users may
be made, as the nano edition iPod attracts more MP3 users. Therefore, a
new trend and a new profile of user appeared taking into account the high
sales for the new video iPod.

Another aspect of the great sales concerns the fact the new iPod video is
not a competitor for the TV industry, but more a complementary device.
Although the rating of some TV shows or films may lower, the iPod video
may also contribute to the fame extend of some TV shows or films. The
sales may be also triggered by the trendy urban lifestyle and capacity of
influencing the preferences and needs of the others.

The fact that the episodes of the TV series such is the case of Lost or
Desperate Housewives may have contributed to the great success and great
sales of the new edition of the iPod.

Other sales were going up as they developed from the new edition of the
iPod and this is the case of the iTunes Music Store. In this type of
store you may buy episodes of the famous TV series, music videos and
pictures. The parallel development of two complementary services the
handheld video device and the special store for it - is a great
Besides, the iPod is the best selling music online store and it will
probably be the best music video online store. The sales may also rise
due to the new available TV series or TV shows of the famous TV Channels.

Taking into account the fact that the iPod is the best seller in the
United States, being the most successful music player, it was easy to
predict high sales for the new edition, even it is a video iPod.

The prices were lower as the lower-cost players were introduced on the
market in the last years, but the nano edition has increased the prices.
With the new iPod video the price has been pushed beyond the average
selling price.

That is why the sales of 100 iPods every minute may seem not surprising
at all and sales of 14 millions in the first quarter of the fiscal year
2006 are considered not bad at all for such a company. The sales for the
iPod video may also rise together with the spreading worldwide of the
popularity of this edition of iPod.

However, the iPod video doubles the Apple's sales. The sales were made
skyrocket due to the great success of the new iPod video outselling in
some cases other types or editions of iPods.

Nevertheless, the maximized sales are due to the new video features,
longer battery life, more options and more memory space enough for a lot
of music, music videos, TV shows and episodes, and even lots of photos
for the photo album.

These features and improvements make the new iPod video so popular and
fashionable. These aspects and others (games, possibility of checking the
e-mail, possibility of finding out the time in other cities and other
useful features) suit very well the contemporary lifestyle.

Simple Ways Of Dealing With Your Ipod Related Problems:

iPods are a small devices, basically designed to play music and video.
Though they are very easy to use, they have their own share of problems
and issues and at times you get worried with their troubles and find no
solution for that.

But there are some minor problems that you can combat with and keep your
iPod performance remain the same. Here, you can find some common problems
and their simple solution that you can handle yourself.

There are chances when your iPod stops to response and just freezes.
Thousands of questions come to your mind in a moment and you think of
getting it fixed as soon as possible. The simple solution to this problem
is to restart it. If the it does not start check the hold switch to
ensure that it is off even though it appears to be so. Or you can put
into a power adaptor to charge it.

Restore the latest software updater that is compatible with your with
your player to mount iPod to the computer. If it does not work the
battery may need to be drained completely. If the it is more than 18month
old, the battery may be dead and should be replaced.

There are situations when the it does not mount or appear in iTunes or
the iPod software utility. Make sure that the music player is not plugged
into a low-powered USB port, as it will not be recognized in such
situation. Always plug it into a high-power USB port or FireWire USB.

iPod requires almost all the power that a FireWire delivers. If it is on
the chain of devices connected to the FireWire, it will not be able to
get sufficient power. Or check the device whether it is locked up.
Another way of making it respond to the computer is to restart the iPod.

At times you will find your iPod displaying a folder with an exclamation
mark when it starts up. Your music device may be running out of power,
charge it. Update the latest version of the iPod updater that is
compatible. Many time the incompatible software can not cooperate with
the music player and displays various difficulties. The appearance of the
symbol may be due the reason that the hared drive of the device was
formatted with an in incompatible utility.

Sometimes a battery with an exclamation point appears on the iPod screen.
It is the indication to charge the battery from a working power source;
the battery may be out of juice. Check the music player if it is locked
up. If it is, reset the iPod.

In the first three generation of computer, if you start the built-in
scanning test of the iPod you will notice the symbol of a spinning disk
and magnifying glass. Plug it into the power source as it may drain the
battery quickly while scanning. If you are not interested to continue the
process, just reset it.

If you are getting the picture of a power adaptor and wall plug on your
iPod, be sure that it needs to be plugged into power outlet. This problem
arises if the music device is inserted to a USB port or un-powered
FireWire port. The sad iPod icon symbolizes that it is broken and all the
data stored in it is lost; you need to repair your iPod immediately. Many
people complain that their new iPod displays black screen after using it
for ten minutes. It may be a defective unit or has got overheated.

If your favourite iPod does not cooperate and gives you unnecessary
troubles, it is surely a matter of concern. Simple problems can be
handled anyways. If the symptoms seem somewhat complicated and
perplexing, rush to the nearest iPod repairing centre.
iPod Video - A General Overview:

The iPod is revolutionizing the personal entertainment experience. When
the iPod was first introduced, it only played music. Then, it added a
color display and the ability to store and view photos. Next, came
podcasts similar to newscasts, but designed for the iPod listening

In its latest editions, iPod gives users the ability to download and
watch their favorite music videos. With video viewing capabilities, iPod
has increased the width of the LCD screen to 2.5 inches to enhance the
viewing experience.

The new iPod video is not limited to playing music videos. You can watch
slideshows of your photo memories complete with music, video podcasts,
television shows, and movies. There are over 25,000 podcasts, 2,000 music
videos, as ABC and Disney television shows available for download from
the iTunes Music Store. You can download them to your Mac or PC and sync
them to your iPod. An audio cable can be used to play the music from your
stereo or an S-video cable to play on your TV.

Just like you can create music playlists on previous generation of iPod,
you create video playlists to group videos by genre or any other category
you wish. With the ability to store over 150 hours of videos you can
create a playlist of all your favorite videos to watch on a plane, on
lunch break, in the park, or variety of other places. If you stop in the
middle of a video, the iPod bookmarks where you left off and starts there
when you replay the video.

iPod video supports two video formats. The first format, H.264 video,
supports up to 768 kilobytes per second and a picture size of 320 pixels
wide by 240 pixels high (the exact size of the iPod screen). The iPod can
play H.264 files at 30 frames per second. Applications must be encoded
with the Baseline Profile. Audio should be encoded as AAC up to 120
kilobytes per second, 48 kilohertz, in stereo or mono. Files can be
QuickTime movie or MPEG-4 movie file with the extensions .m4v, .mp4 and

The second format is MPEG-4 video. This type supports up to up to 2,500
kilobytes per second, and a picture size of 480 pixels wide by 480 pixels
high. This resolution is three times as many pixels as the iPod is able
to display. This means the iPod will have to shrink the file in order to
display it on the screen. MPEG-4 files are typically larger resulting in
less storage space for additional songs and movies. Audio encoding and
file extensions are the same as H.264 video specifications.

While the H.264 offers higher quality video and smaller file size, it
takes a longer time to covert the file to a compatible iPod video.
Because of the higher pixel size, MPEG-4 formats are ideal if you plan to
watch videos on your TV.
There are several ways to determine if a video can be played on your
iPod. Open iTunes with your iPod connected and drop the file into your
iPod library. If the file is copied, then it is compatible. To do this,
you will have to make sure that you have selected to manually manage
songs and playlists in the iPod tab of your iTunes preferences. Another
way to test compatibility is to add the video to the iTunes library. Once
it has been added, right click the video and select Convert selection to
iPod. If it is already compatible, iTunes will give you a message saying
so. If it is not compatible, it will be converted into a compatible

You can add videos to your iPod from any computer that has iTunes
installed. If your iPod was originally formatted for PC you can add
videos from Mac or PC. If your iPod was formatted for Mac you can only
add videos from another Mac computer. If you have QuickTime Pro you can
easily convert movies and videos into a format that is compatible with
your iPod.

The iPod video includes a few other amenities in addition to its video
capabilities: a screen lock to keep sensitive information private, a
world clock displaying the time in major world cities, and a stopwatch.

Bring New Life to Your iPod:

There are many methods that are used to hack and mod iPods and in this
article we will examine three popular methods: iPod Linux, Rockbox and
iPod wizard. Each one requires some technical understanding to insure
proper usage and installation. The reason for this is because during the
installation process, serious problems may occur if it is not done with
care. The iPod may be ruined, the data can be lost, and it might be
difficult to recover the iPod.

Mods and hacks for iPods expand the usability of the device and give
added customization. The MP3 playlist is not that complete, or if one is
not satisfied with the way artists or the titles of the songs are
organized. Sometimes the volume is too low or you wish to install a
different icon or font. These are just a few of the potential complaints
a person can list toward their iPod.

iPod Linux and Rockbox are operating systems which can work as another
firmware for the iPod and are more powerful compared to other hacks which
simply represent a modified version of the basic ones. This will mean
that users will be given the ability to give their iPod a totally
different look, thanks to a wider range of customization options, or by
adding a new theme to the device. But this also allows for additional
changes since possibilities arise for new text document creation, new
games, new playlist organization, video playback, and so on.

Also these additional operating systems are constantly updated allowing
for the latest version to be installed. However, using a new operating
system to hack the iPod like iPod Linux for example means you must first
be aware of the challenge it offers not so much in terms of its usage,
but mainly for its installation since it replaces your iPod's original

Using Rockbox as an operating system is not that dissimilar from the
Linux one. Aiming at providing even more high quality updates and
experiences, Rockbox may be considered one of the best operating systems
which focus on improving audio performance by expanding audio format

The increased audio format compatibility includes: FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, AC3,
WMA, MP3/2/1, WavPack, Speex, WAV, AIFF, Apple Lossless, ACC, Musepack,
and more. Other unique feature includes speaking menus support which
allows one to navigate the iPod blindly, plug-in support and advance
audio tuning. Rockbox does not remove the original firmware on your iPod
instead it is loaded via a boot loader. This makes the risk of
installation much lower compared to iPod Linux.

The iPod Wizard is more like a modification utility than a totally
different firmware. Itss basically used to work on the quality of the
images, changing text, adding icons and its installation is not that
challenging. Since this support is only about images and text, others
mods exist which only deal with audio, and their focus for example is
shifted to increasing the maximum volume perceived in the headphones.

There are many other hacks and mods which can give you added features you
never thought possible on an iPod. From transforming your iPod into a
remote control to playing the classic 3D first person shooter DOOM, to
even just modifying the way your iPod looks on the exterior. If you're
interested, explore the internet and discover the new abilities your

How to Get Videos onto Your IPod Video:

The iPod video is known as the last generation of iPods, which surprised
the market and the sales since its appearance. Basically, this new device
is able to play videos. If this seems like fun, the technical part might
need some guidance.

Firstly, you should know that both the PSP and iPod can play H.264 /
MPEG-4 encoded videos with AAC audio tracks. Due to this fact, the
resolution is rather limited, together with the limitation of the bit
rates that you can use on the device. For the new iPod video, this limits
means (for the H.264 video) up to up to 768 Kbps, 320 x 240 and 30 frames
per second. For the MPEG-4 video, the limits are up to 2.5 mbps, 480 x
480 and the same 30 frames per second. Even more, the AAC audio bit rate
is around 160 Kbps. After establishing these limits, the next step is to
establish the source of the video, which can be either from a DVD or a
video of the computer.

In other terms, the company Apple claims, in a purely informative ad
which is posted on the official website, that the new iPod, as they call
the new iPod video, can store 15, 000 songs, 25, 000 photos and not less
than 150 hours of video.

If wanting to get a video from a DVD, then the first thing you should do
is to insert the DVD in the device. After this, you should open (in case
it doesn't immediately open by itself) the DVD, using file and open DVD
from the menu. Check the options in the DVD menu, to set up everything as
you like, meaning language, subtitles or chapters. Begin playing the
movie, using the DVD menu to navigate. When the movie begins, you should
press the record button and select the folder in which you want to store
the recorded files. When you want to end the recording, simply click the
stop button and if the recording goes well, there will be a screen
confirmation that you have converted your file successfully.

If you wish to convert a video from your computer to your iPod video,
then the first thing that you should do is go to the menu file and click
open video file. After this, your video is supposed to begin to play, the
perfect moment to adjust the video as you like. Also, you can set the
perfect moment to start the recording, using the bottom playback
controls. When you decided this, click the button record and feel free to
stop it at any time. After recording, just like in the case of importing
videos from a DVD device, there will be a message on the screen saying
that everything went on successfully.

If respecting these basic rules, the videos and movies will be stored
carefully in your iPod and you will be free to watch them, at any time.
Still, be aware of the fact that the iPod offers limited space and
resolution, which means that you should be picky when deciding what to
keep and what to delete. The new iPod video is a challenging and
innovative product that combines music with images, offering, for the
first time, the possibility of playing video on such a small digital

What makes iPod Docking Station a truly worthwhile buy!:
Know what more an iPod Dock can do for you and how it enhances the
overall audio-visual experience. With iPod Dock, you can watch video on
big screen, and listen to music through your through your funky Hi-Fi
speakers. What more can you ask for? By using this guide you can get iPod
Docks of excellent quality with high performance, but it all depends on
your budget and exact needs.

iPod Docks can be termed your iPod 's most flexible, friendly and
functional companion. Let 's find out how!

If you happen to spend considerable time watching video on your tiny
iPod, we are sure that you've also yearned to watch it on a full size
screen when at home. You've also probably wished to listen to your iPod
music through your funky Hi-Fi speakers instead of irritating earbuds. An
iPod Dock grants you both the wishes!

An iPod Dock acts a practical solution to both of the above-mentioned
problems you often face. You simply need to slot your iPod into it, and
connect the Dock to your television and Hi-Fi. Once you do this, you are
all set to enjoy your videos and music. You can do so by simply using the
remote control to choose your favorite videos and music - comfortably
seated in your armchair.

An iPod Dock is a multi-faceted instrument. Let 's follow what more an
iPod Dock can do for you:
- It connects to your PC, so you can easily sync your MP3 files using
- You can use your iPod to hold your music/video collection, rather than
having to use a DVD player and CD player.
- It 's much more convenient to see a video with friends if it 's on a
big screen, than if you're all crammed round a small sized iPod!

Based on their quality and performance, iPod Docks vary in price! But it
all depends on your budget and exact requirements. Keeping in mind the
fact that modern technology ensures optimum output even from the cheapest
electronic goods, there seems to be no apparent advantage in paying over
the odds for a Dock. You'll get pretty much the same audio & video
quality either way. If you want, you may also purchase iPod Docks, with
built in speakers. However, you will need to spend a lot of cash to get a
good audio quality (especially bass) as you would from a normal Hi-Fi
system, or even normal PC 2.1 speakers (with a subwoofer).

With some iPod Docks, you can connect the Dock to a speaker of your
choice; Hi-Fi speakers obviously being the best bet. There are also good
quality PC speakers available at a reasonable cost, which will give you
adequate bass. Many iPod Docks, which come with smaller speakers,
generate audio output that is similar to a pocket `tranny' (transistor
radio), but you might get disappointed by it.

iPod Dock also recharges your iPod 's battery even while it sits in the
dock. This ensures that you never run out of power when on the move. If
you keep your iPod in your Dock, rather than lying around, you are much
less likely to forget where you kept it! iPod Docks generally come with a
set of different sized iPod adaptors, so they'll fit most of the
different iPod models that are on the market. In every sense, iPod Docks
are very flexible and convenient to use!

Based on their quality and performance, iPod Docks vary in price! But it
all depends on your budget and exact requirements. Keeping in mind the
fact that modern technology ensures optimum output even from the cheapest
electronic goods, there seems to be no apparent advantage in paying over
the odds for a Dock. You'll get pretty much the same audio & video
quality either way. If you want, you may also purchase iPod Docks, with
built in speakers. However, you will need to spend a lot of cash to get a
good audio quality (especially bass) as you would from a normal Hi-Fi
system, or even normal PC 2.1 speakers (with a subwoofer).

With some iPod Docks, you can connect the Dock to a speaker of your
choice; Hi-Fi speakers obviously being the best bet. There are also good
quality PC speakers available at a reasonable cost, which will give you
adequate bass. Many iPod Docks, which come with smaller speakers,
generate audio output that is similar to a pocket `tranny' (transistor
radio), but you might get disappointed by it

Pros And Cons On The New Ipod Video:

On the 12th of April 2005, the company Apple announced the upcoming iPod
video. The product was about to reveal a new feature of the device,
meaning the capacity of playing videos.

As any new item that appears on the market, the iPod video managed to get
fans and critics, at the same time. Due to the fact that it is a new and
innovative item which brought something different to the concept of iPod,
the new iPod video started many debates regarding its practical usage,
accessories, qualities and all types of technical, visual and aesthetical

The reviews so far explain that the quality of the image of the new iPod
is very good and even the texts are highly visible. Still, the usage of
the new device is more confusing. While some critics say that it
revolutions the concept of iPod, which till now, it just meant hearing
and not watching, as well, others sustain that the item is not that
practical. Due to the fact that watching movies is a relaxant activity
which requires a comfortable space and a certain amount of time, the iPod
seems to promote the idea of watching movies on the run, while walking or
doing some other activity. Even more, some people prefer to live the
movie, with a wide screen in front of them, in the movie theatre or in
their home. So, the idea of the iPod basically limits to watching music
video clips or short episodes of comedy series. Even more, the battery of
the new model of iPod dies after 2 hours of playing, which, in case of
many movies, is not enough time to end. Still, while waiting at a line in
the city or while sitting in the cab during a long ride, the iPod
definitely provides the best way to spend the time.

On the other hand, the new iPod is not all about playing movies or
videos. Even thought the battery works perfectly for just 2 hours when
playing a movie constantly, the estimated battery life is 20 hours (when
listening to music), in comparison with the 16 hours that the last model
of iPods offered, which is a big plus. Even more, the new iPod video has
the largest color screen since the appearance of the devices in 2001,
which can be used, besides playing videos, for a good visibility of the
pictures and an increased sharpness of the text; plus, the new iPod video
provides full-size thumbnails for photos imported from various cameras.
Another plus in accessories is the protection sleeve for the main device,
which comes as a result after iPod nano, meaning the previous generation
of these product, which was easy to scratch. The sleeve is made of a
synthetic material, in a pale nuance of grey with visible stitching and a
velour-like inner surface. Besides the technical and practical qualities,
the reviews also discuss about the new aspect of the device, which looks
sharper and more elegant, in black and white colors.

The new model of iPod shows, without any doubt, that the popular company
and brand Apple are trying to evolve in order to satisfy the consumer’s
needs, which are becoming more and more pretentious. Based on this, it is
expected the new type of iPods to be improved even more with new video
settings and accessories.

Tips To Pretty Up Your iPod:

Is your iPod a wallflower? Maybe it is time you make it stand out in the
crowd. Give it some pieces of flair. Make it unique. You don`t want your
iPod to look like everyone else on the block. You`ve got to be able to
differentiate your personal style from someone else`s. Give your iPod a
personality. All iPods look the same until their owners pretty them up.
There are many ways to jazz up your little buddy and they don`t require
spending lots of cash either.

You can decorate your iPod using socks. They are fun and practical and
are available in a variety of colors including green, purple, blue,
orange, pink, and gray. These protect your iPod from scrapes and scuffs
that occur in daily life. Keep your iPod in pristine condition and don`t
let it look like your watches and rings do after years of use. Change out
the colors as the seasons change. Put on a red one for Valentine`s Day
& Christmas and a pastel color for Easter. Get a green sock for St.
Patrick`s Day and an orange one for Halloween. Or you can have one for
each month.
Dress up your iPod like you would dress up your poodle in dog sweaters.
The options are endless. You can even decorate the sock with your own
sewing addendums, like an embroidered design, your coat of arms, buttons,
ribbons, or whatever way your creative juices take you.

Young kids and teens with iPods have been sporting stickers and other
adhesives to their iPods to make them cuter and cooler. How cool is an
iPod without puffy, stinky stickers? Not very. Kids are looking for ways
to make their iPod different from everyone else`s and distinguishable in
a crowd. They are able to express their personalities when decorating
their iPods. They can put their school mascot sticker on it or a sticker
from the clubs they are in at school. Change out stickers on a seasonal
basis depending on the holidays. Almost like personalizing their folders
for class, they can make their iPod a part of their fashion statement as

Colorware can paint your iPod in a range of hues for $64, making it stand
out in the crowd. You can also put some tattoos on your iPod. HP`s
removable stickers let you temporarily personalize your `Pod. If you
bought an HP-branded iPod from certain stores you get a free, preprinted
musical-artist Tattoo (with a Gwen Stefani or Maroon 5 design, for
example), but the company also sells printable versions in packs of ten
for $15. You can download Tattoo designs from HP or create your own, and
then print them at home on your ink-jet printer. Each Tattoo should last
about one month before the adhesive begins to dissolve (although you can
remove them anytime without leaving residual goo).

Get a Podskinz which a more sturdier plastic shell for your pod. PodSkinz
are thin, hard-plastic shells that cover and protect your iPod`s front
white surface and rear chrome section. Decorations range from solids to
prints, flowers and state and national flags. Or get a Graphic cling, for
full size iPods, to wrap around your iPod for an added feature. PopTunes
are removable stickers in an assortment of prints you can wrap around
your iPod mini. PopTunes for the iPod mini are priced $9 each and
available in eight great designs such as leopard and heartbeats. PopTunes
for the iPod nano and shuffle come in a package of 12 different designs.
iPod skins are like removable stickers in popular prints like Doublemint
Gum, or Shufflement, and Juicy Fruit, or Juicy Tunes.

Jazz up your iPod with jewelry, stickers or other fun craft items. Put on
some beads, feathers, pearls, coral, gemstones, whatever is not glued
down. What iPod wouldn`t look great bedazzled? Pull out your craft box
and add glitter, confetti, scrapbook stickers, punches, calligraphy, and
anything you want to personalize your Ipod in your own way! Your iPod
should be a reflection of your individuality and your style. Use your
creativity and imagination to dress up your iPod. You will never lose
your iPod in the crowd again.

How Do You Add Music Videos from Your Hard Drive to Your iPod?:
Getting a music video that you have saved on your computer's hard drive
on to your new iPod is not as simple as you might think. Apple has done
an excellent job of making it difficult to put non-iTunes products onto
their devices. The goal, of course, is to force you to buy your videos
from iTunes and increase their bottom line, but there are, of course,
ways around this problem. You just need some specific software and a
little bit of patience.

The Specs

The first step towards getting that music video onto your iPod is making
sure it is in the right specs. The iPod supports MOV, M4V, and MP4
formats, and the video must be no more than 768 Kbps, 30 fps, and 320-by-
240 pixels. If your video has an audio track, it must be AAC-LC and must
be 160 Kbps or smaller. If you downloaded the video off of the Internet,
it is probably in the correct format, although some downloads are WMV
format. However, if the video came from a video sharing site, you may
have a video that is in MPG or AVI format. You are going to have to
encode the video to use on your iPod.

Encoding the Video

You will need to use QuickTime 7.0.3 (or a later version) as the codec to
code your video. This is available to download for free from the Apple
website. It may take quite a while to encode the video, so if it is a
large file, you may want to let it work overnight, or your computer will
be out of commission for a while.

The File Transfer Using QuickTime Pro

One of the easiest ways to get the video to your iPod is to use QuickTime
Pro. It combines the codec you need with a simple uploading interface
that makes it easy to get the file into iTunes and onto your iPod. This
program works with Windows or Mac. It is not free, however, but it is the
easiest to use. You will pay $30 for it, and you will have to pay $30
again when Apple upgrades the program.

With QuickTime Pro, all you need to do to upload the video is open the
movie, select "file" and then "export," and choose the option for "Movie
to iPod." The program will then automatically create a 320-by-240 M4V
file with the correctly coded audio tract and place it on your desktop.
The default settings in the program work well for most music videos, but
you can fine-tune them if you want to change the way the video displays.

There are other third-party programs you can use to convert the video to
the correct file format, but this one works the best. If you are going to
try a free program, be sure to practice with a small video first to make
sure there are no bugs in the program.

Getting the Video onto the iPod
Once the video is converted to the correct file format, you will need to
import it to iTunes. To do this, open iTunes, choose "Movies" and choose
"File" and then "Import." Select the movie, click on it once, and select
"Advanced, Convert Selection for iPod." This will create a new file in
your iTunes library. Once the new file is there, simply sync your iPod
with iTunes the video will download to the device.

If you do all of these steps and find that the file has no sound, there
is a problem with the original music video file. This is called having a
muxed sound file. If the format on the original video is MPEG1 Muxed or
MPEG2 Muxed, it will not play sound on your iPod. The only fix is to find
a third party application that can convert this file to an AAC-LC file.

4 Essential Tips For The iPod Music Store ITunes:

You will find that one of the most popular online music stores for the
iPod is iTunes. Apple Computer has done a lot to try and get things right
for the consumer including some innovative design electronics. With
iTunes as your iPod music store you can construct your own digital music
library and easily listen and arrange your collection of music files. You
have the ability to create customized audio CDs and download your music
to a portable Apple iPod digital music player. You also have the ability
to mix classical, rock, country, rap, or other music that you wish to
have in your collection. By buying individual tracks, you have the
ability to separate the songs that you like from individual albums and
compile them into one album.

Each song cost $0.99 (which may or may not change at some point), which
makes it very competitive in terms of the price of CDs. ITunes is a free
download for Windows XP, Mac OS X, and Windows 2000 from Apple computers
website. You can also purchase videos from its built-in music store.
ITunes also has the ability to provide playlists that a person can
publish for others to use if they wish. The iTunes store has the
capability to accept payment through credit cards, PayPal accounts,
iTunes store gift certificates, the iTunes card and allowance account
balances, all accepted as forms of payment.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of an iPod store such as

1. iTunes Radio

There are many radio stations to pick from when your in iTunes using the
'Radio' button. If you happen upon some radio station you like, you can
begin to stream it into iTunes by picking the Advanced -- Open Stream,
and then and then manually putting in the URL.
2. Album Artwork

It is possible the have picture of the album that is being played to be
displayed. You have the ability to add your own pictures and retain the
music cover that was downloaded from the music store and keep it in
place. If you like to do this, go to 'Get Info' and click on 'Artwork'.
You can then add the image by going to where you have stored the image on
your computer.

3. Edit Songs

If space on your iPod is limited then long songs can be kind of annoying.
With iTunes you have the ability to edit your music by taking out the
part you don't want. If you want to do that then go to 'Get Info' --
Options and then pick the start and stop point.

4. Shopping Cart

By default iTunes gives you the ability to buy music using the 'Buy'
button when your at the store which lets you download instantly. For the
most part most people would rather use the shopping cart to do the
downloading of their music. To accomplish this go to 'Preferences --
Store' and choose ' Buy' with the shopping cart. When your at the Music
Store inside the source pane will be the cart.

As an iPod Store It Has But One Challenge

If there is but one small negative, if you can call it a negative, it's
that Apple Computer decided to make all of its songs in proprietary AAC
format. What this means is that you can only play these songs either on
your iPod or on your computer but nowhere else. Let's say you were to
decide to switch to a different MP3 player from a different company, and
these songs would become useless. However, the popularity of the iPod
didn't get to the status that has without a good reason; people like
them. That being the case it's likely that you won't be interested in
switching to anything different. Despite the fact that iTunes was from
the start created as an online store to service the iPod customers music
requirements, the video iPod has spawned an entire new market for content
that is that can be downloaded. You can go to the iTunes store and it
will provide unemployed users with access to numerous amounts of the
latest movies and television programs. For a few dollars apiece you can
get individual episodes. However the cost from episode to episode may
very somewhat.

Cool IPod Functions You Do Not Know About:
It is better than having an iPod. Finding out about cool new functions,
of course. The evolution of the iPod has become a major trendsetter over
the past few years. Even furniture and clothing manufactures are making
iPod friendly products, which makes carrying around your iPod easier
without the risk of bending or cracking your screen.

With each generation of iPod, the size and look become new designs
showing their glossy exterior and collections of sizes, and the superior
amounts of gigabits generate more downloading power. This makes extreme
amounts of music downloads possible. As each generation of iPods is born,
new more improved functions flood the airwaves with intensity, clarity,
and volume. Here are some awesome new iPod functions you may not know

The iPods new click wheel provides you with easy with window
accessibility. By clicking the top of the wheel, there is a shuffle mode
to play songs in a casual random order. You can also play, forward,
rewind, and stop and pause all located on the click wheel.

You can also learn how to duplicate hidden files from your iPod to
complement your computer by right clicking on iPod and selecting tools
the folder options. This takes you to the control panel and you can
select view tab, hidden files click, show hidden files, making all your
files visible. The intent of this information is not to be used to steal
music, only to copy music you previously purchased onto your computer.

Your iPod will play MP4 files, too. All you have to do is drag your
ffmpegx on to the summary page and select MP4. Then click on the video
tab and set the task to three hundred and twenty pixels click encode and
drag your file into iTunes. This will allow you to view pictures as a
slide show or a movie that you have taken from your digital camera.

Your iPod also includes a functional stopwatch and time zone clock
utility. Your iPod has a small iTunes control that sits at the bottom of
your screen. This permits you to use rewind, fast forward, and ratings,
pick play list, and add to favorites. The list saver function permits to
back up and restore, so that you can move your library. You play lists,
reinstall you operating system. In addition, use list saver to back up
and restore your iPod. Use your macs built in text to speech to adapt any
document web page or document into MP3, this utility also loads Word,
PDF, RTF, Apple works, Text and HTML.

From the iPod functions in your menu bar, you can program your iPod for
syncing and eject. You can sync your address book, calendars. You can
purchase an optional dock, which you can use as a remote control for your
iPod, which allows you to listen to music from across the room through
your television or stereo speakers. You can sync your iPod to view
pictures, which are on your iPod. It can hold around twenty thousand

There is an audio books feature, which allows you to look through over
nine thousand book titles from the iTunes library to download and sync
with your personal computer, iPod also features a book mark so you do not
lose your spot while on the go. There are now parental control features,
which will limit your childs use of podcasts, explicit language, and
shared music limiting your childs access from other people who might have
content your child may be interested in.

From audio books to calendars, games, clocks, alarms, exercise workouts,
music contacts and photos, there is fun for everyone no matter your age.
Entertainment has never been easier than it is today, nor has it been so
convenient to do what you want to do when you want to do it.

There is so much potential that has evolved from the digital era. It is
almost amazing what people can do at the touch of a button, or by
speaking into a microphone giving a machine command that it obeys with
out question. Maybe someday there will be iPods that allow us to tell
them what song you want to hear and how long we want to hear it, or an
iPod that gives us vocal directions, helping us get to our destinations.

Small In Size But Big In Performance:

If you are a music buff or simply enjoy music, chances are you are
already in possession of some sort of a music system. Gone are the days
when we had to laboriously wind up the gramophone or put the needle on
the exact spot on the record-player and when we were traveling we had to
be content with a good old portable radio. But, with new advances in
technology, first came improved versions of the stereo, then the cassette
player and now we are simply spoilt for choice because the market is
inundated with newer and better audio and stereo products. The mind
boggles at the wide array of choices and it can certainly confuse anyone
looking to buy the latest equipment.

With shrinking spaces but advancing technology, it is now possible to buy
a mini system of stereo and audio device which is also high on quality.
If you are living in a small apartment or a dorm room, you might just
want a mini system like an iPod or a MP3 player. These can come with
speaker docks which you can put up in your rooms or office. The basics of
a mini stereo system consist of a stereo receiver and speakers.

Portable CD players, iPods, MP3players have all but replaced the portable
radio. Now, no matter where you go, you can always put your mini system
in your pocket and be assured of enjoying your favorite music. What a
relief especially on mind-numbing long-distance flights! Your morning
walks can also be pepped up with music coming into your ears.

Some mini systems let you enjoy CDs and are also capable of charging your
iPod. They have remote control and reflux speakers for better sound. It
is possible to use the mini-stereo system for other purposes also. You
can use it for an alarm clock or you can play a single CD or play music
directly from the iPod. The mini system of stereo and audio device
players come in a wide range from portable CD players to simple AM/FM
radios. They also come with a wide selection of speakers.

The technology is so advanced that it does not matter whether you have
the iPod nano, iPod shuffle or IPod video. You can convert any of these
into a full-fledged music system with portable iPod speakers. The iPod
stereo docking system provides optimum functionality. And, even if you do
not have an iPod, you can still listen to music with a MP3 micro system.
It is a fallacy to think that these will not work in a small stereo. In
fact, an iPod or Mp3 player makes an important core component in a mini
stereo/audio system and even a small DVD or CD player is able to run a
big home theatre. So, you can easily combine your home and mobile stereo

Many MP3 players offer a whole lot more than simply play the digital
audio. They are capable of letting you watch videos, listen to radio and
are thus more versatile than people think them to be. Different players
have different memory storage and depending upon that, you can store as
many hours of music as you like literally in your pocket. The advantage
of these mini systems is that their audio outs perform like any other
audio part. Just imagine being able to carry your music with you wherever
you go without the bulk.

Mini system of stereo and audio device player has come as a boon because
you no longer have to allocate large areas in already shrunk spaces for
your music system and a simple set of speakers will work wonders with the

An Overview Of Linux Relationship With The Ipod:

Apple makes iPod for Mac and Windows, but not for the open source
operating system Linux. Because of this, Linux developers began working
on an iPod solution for Linux. When developers began testing Linux with
iPod it was partly just to see if it could work. It did. However,
initially there was no real need for it and no benefits for users who
installed Linux onto their iPods. They just simply had two operating
systems on their iPod were the Apple firmware and iPodLinux. Once the
concept was proven, more work was done to tweak the system and its
capabilities. Now, installing Linux on the iPod is a way to add
capabilities and enhancements beyond the basics.

Podzilla is the name for the standard iPodLinux interface. It is similar
to the Apple interface but has a crisper font and switches between menus
between one and two seconds faster because there is no animation for menu
changes. Once of the cons is that the Linux operating system uses more
The iPodLinux includes an Extras menu that expands to four other items.
First, is the Recording Menu that allows you to do Mic or Line in Record.
Line In recording is for recording the audio output from other sources.
This enables you to make instrumentals of your favorite songs without
having to buy a program to do it on your Mac or PC. With Mic recording
you can use the left earbud of the iPod headphones and record mono audio
at up to 96 kHz. Using the Apple firmware, you are able to create
recordings as well, with an add on device that must be purchased and at
only 8 kHz. Once you have recorded audio on your Podzilla, the recordings
are saved as WAV format. They can then be downloaded to your Mac or PC
later and converted into a different format if desired. The next two menu
items are the Calendar and Calculator. These are not significantly
different from the Calendar and Calculator that come installed with the
Apple firmware. Last is the Games Menu. The Podzilla comes with 5 games
are Asteroids called Steroids, Othello, Tetris , Pong, and Minesweeper.
Now, you have options if you get tired of listening to music on long

Another feature of Podzilla is the File Browser. This function allows you
to see all of the files on the iPod, even the hidden ones. It can also
display GIF, JPEG, and BMG files in black and white. This is a feature
that earlier generations of iPod did not have. Surely, it does not turn
it into an iPod photo, but it can be useful for looking at diagrams and
other simple drawings. Since images are displayed with 2 bit grayscale,
those with a lot of contrast will look better on the Podzilla than those
with subtle color distinctions. Podzilla can display text files as well.

Installing the iPodLinux operating system on your iPod does not delete
the Apple firmware that comes installed on the iPod. Both operating
systems can co exist on the iPod without any trouble. It is possible to
re boot the iPod in either system if you wish.

this project is an open source project, which means that the source code
is published and made available to the public. Anyone can copy, modify,
and redistribute the source code without paying fees or royalties. One of
the things that makes open source successful is that it is a community
effort. One of the cons is that enhancements may not happen as frequently
and the software may be buggy.

it has some great nice to have features, but is still working on
perfecting the ability of Podzilla to play music as well as Apple of
firmware. Songs do not play at the same quality and can sometimes skip.
If you attempt to play a game while listening to a song, the song will
stop. It is not a big problem as you can easily switch between the
operating systems to play games and listen to music.

Linux developers are constantly working to improve the iPodLinux
software. Developments are underway to provide the capability to watch
video on 1, 4 Generation iPods and to allow Game Boy games to be played
on the iPod as well. Since Apple is not a part of the effort, the
developers are figuring out how to make these enhancements through a
little reverse engineering and a lot of trial and error.
Ipod Shuffle As The Proud Possession Of Music Enthusiasts:

It is said that creation follows recreation and vice versa. Entertainment
is really an indispensable means of relaxing and refreshing yourself
especially after a hectic schedule. There are numerous ways of unwinding
yourself. However, music has always been and will always remain the prime
source of entertainment for most of the people in the world.

With the advancement in technologies around the world, new kind of
gadgets are being manufactured to cater to the needs of the millions of
music-lovers thereby, tapping the potentiality of this growing music
industry. This process has brought a revolution in the electronic-gadget
industry as we have been witnessing a phenomenal rise in the sales of
different music-related gadgets across the globe.

Among all types of music-related electronic gizmos, iPod Shuffles have
become a roaring success ever since they were invented. iPod Shuffles are
regarded as the most easy, convenient and comfortable means of listening
to your favorite music on the move all the time. iPod Shuffles are
actually an advanced and improved versions of MP3 players and they offer
a number of additional features that enhance the quality of sound
providing a whole new meaning to the concept of music-listening. It is no
wonder then why iPod stands as the best selling MP3/MP4 players in the
world market today. Its success can be largely attributed to its sleek
design, unique user-interface, elegant look, and superlative sound

The concept of iPod came into being in October 23, 2001 when Apple
Corporation first released its iPod Shuffle. At present, we are on the
5th generation of iPod. This high-end MP4 player boasts of 60 to 80 GB
memory storage, video capability and a host of other attractive features
that can potentially entice millions of music enthusiasts, gizmo geeks
and techno junkies around the world. So, if you are one of those die-hard
music lovers and have been pondering over buying yourself an iPod
Shuffle, be aware of its pro and cons. The following are a few very
useful facts that you should know about iPods before you settle for one.
Take a peek:

Internal Memory:

Internal Memory of an iPod can vary from 512MB to 80 GB depending upon
the size as well as price factor. The latest edition of iPod Shuffle from
Apple comes in two different versions, one with 512MB that offers storage
of about 120 songs and, the other with 1GB allowing the users to store up
to 240 songs. iPods having higher storage facility will cost you more.
So, choose the one according to your need.

Battery Life:
It is extremely important to check the battery life of the iPods while
buying one. Usually, most iPods come with a built-in rechargeable
battery. However, you should ensure that the iPod Shuffle you are buying
has an AC/DV adaptor for quick battery charge. The current edition from
Apple includes a 12-hour rechargeable battery.


iPods can be found in a wide-range of sizes. When it comes to the size of
an iPod, more often than not, it depends on the features of a particular
player. For instance, iPods featuring large screen, video capability, and
hard drive facility can be big in size. As a result, they cost more. Be
specific about your need; know what you want from an MP3 player, and then
pick the one that suits you the best.


Universal Serial Bus or USB is a standard feature of all iPods. This
helps you plug and connect the player to your PC enabling you to drag and
drop music files from your PC into your iPod. The latest model of iPod
supports USB 2.0 transfer.

Audio Format:

Make it a point to check whether the iPod you are buying supports some
specific audio formats. Typically, all iPods, MP3 and MP4 players
invariably support MP3 format. However, some players do not support all
audio formats. For Instance, you may not be able to listen to a
downloaded track just because your player does not support that
particular music file which is in WMA format. Check the player`s
specifications before buying it and make sure that your iPod supports
most standard audio formats.

Additional Features:

Most MP3 players, MP4 players and iPod Shuffles are now available with a
host of additional features like FM tuner and audio recording facility.
Some players might cost you more just because they include these
additional features. There is no point in paying more if these features
are not of much interest to you. So, just look before you leap!!!

iPod - A Music Device Of 21st Century:

In 2001, Apple Inc. launched portable media players of 21st century with
a brand of iPod. The new range of iPod presents iPod classic which is
hard drive based, iPod touch with a touch screen, iPod nano with video
display and screenless iPod shuffle. Apart from them, the classic range
of iPod includes iPod mini and iPod photo.

These digital music players can be used as external data storage devices
but their capacities vary for each model. Music is transferred to the
device with the help of iTunes software by Apple Inc. One can store music
collection, and also play, tingle or split music from a CD with this
software. In addition to that, photos, games, videos and calendars can
also be transferred to the iPods that support such features. Apple`s
iPods are easy to use.

iPod has created a history by selling 110 million units worldwide since
September 2007. Apple`s CEO, Steve Jobs, decided to develop portable
music device which is easy to use. He collected his team of hardware and
software engineers and launched the product on October 23, 2001. This
digital device used to have 5GB hard drive with a capacity to store at
least 1000 songs. Apple took Portal Player`s and Pixo`s support to
develop this product. Later Apple continued to develop refined versions
of iPod.

iPods have the ability to display many audio file formats like MP3,
Protected AAC, Audible audiobook, etc. whereas, file formats like JPEG,
BMP, GIF, TIFF and PNG can be viewed with iPod photo. Similarly, upgraded
versions of iPods can play the most advanced file formats. Though Apple
doesn`t support Microsoft WMA format, but a converter for Window`s
version of iTunes is provided for the same. When an iPod is associated
with a computer, music libraries or playlists are synchronized manually
or automatically with iTunes. 5G iPods come with click wheel to control
the volume and 5 buttons which are used to play, stop, and go to next
track, etc.

In order to provide songs for iPods, Apple launched an iTunes Store which
can be accessed through iTunes. Rate per song varies from country to
country. Buyer can purchase as many songs as he wants and enjoy the
protected content. This Store became extremely successful immediately
after its launch and then Apple made videos also available for sale in
2006. The purchased songs were downloaded with added encryption of AAC
format as FairPlay DRM system. Later, DRM was made free in order to cease
the manufacturing of pirated CDs.

In 2007, Apple reduced its rates for iTunes Plus songs and also of DRM
coded tracks. Since iPod doesn`t play songs from its rival DRM
technologies, it has bounded it`s user to iTunes Store only. With this
Apple made limited profit, but later it enables to play music from online
stores like eMusic or Amie Street. In 2007, Apple launched iTunes WiFi
Music Store that enables a user to download songs from his iPhone or
iPod. The downloaded media from iTunes Stores is transferred from iPods
to computer with the help of software called iTunes 7 or above.

The sound quality on iPod can be enhanced with the equalizer, but one
should keep in mind that high volume can cause bass distortion. The use
of hardware in iPods like microcontroller, batteries, Audio chips etc.
exclusively depend on the version of iPods. Upgraded iPods are available
with more advanced technology. These days lots of accessories are
marketed for iPods not only by Apple but also by other parties too. These
accessories may enable a user to have FM radio tuners, wired remote
controls etc.

iPods have marked their importance in the field of Education also, as it
enables the user to download information, lesson plans etc. Apple is
continuously working to bring upgrade versions of iPods.

Looking Inside An Ipod:

iPod represents a wide array of moveable media players which have been
designed and are sold by Apple Inc. It was first launched in October
2001. iPod models generally cover digital audio players with a central
click wheel to iPod Shuffle that uses various buttons because of its
small size. iPod Nano, a fifth generation, was launched in September
2006. This led to discontinuation of iPod mini, which it stored the data
on an internal hard disk. iPod Shuffle and Nano employ flash type of
memory for smaller size. These devices also act as an external medium for
data storage.

iPod was inspired by the shortcomings of existing digital music players,
which were not physically compact and the user interface were not very
friendly. Apple assembled a group of engineers and within a year, it
unveiled the iPod. It was launched as a product which was Macintosh
compatible with a hard drive of 5 GB. Apple used PortalPlayer`s reference
for its software. The company Pixo helped iPod for developing user
interface. But these were refined by Apple after development. The naming
of the device as `iPod` was suggested by Vinnie Chieco, who is a
freelance copywriter. Coincidently, Apple had the name registered for
`internet kiosks`, but it never used it for this purpose.

iPod can run MP3, M4A/AAC, AIFF, Protected AAC, Audible Audio book and
WAV format. It also introduced the displaying of images ability with PNG,
TIFF, GIF, BMP, and JPEG formats. The 5th generation models can even play
MPEG 4. From the 2nd generation model, the software also started working
with Windows along with Macs. It doesn`t support Microsoft`s WMA audio
format. WMA and MIDI files can be changed using iTunes, a service
provided by Apple through which you can view and download latest songs
and movies on your device player. iPods having colored displays use texts
and graphics which are anti-aliased and sliding animations. The operating
system is stored in a dedicated storage medium of the device. Each device
player has 32 MB Ram, though later ones have 64 MB Ram. Most of it is
used to cache songs through the storage medium.

Apple also added PDA type functionality so that text files can be viewed
and an address book can be maintained through a computer. Also, some
built-in games like brick are also included. In fifth generation iPod,
the brightness of the screen can be adjusted and games can be downloaded
from iTunes Store. For first and second generation models, as well as
Nano and Shuffle, internal lithium polymer batteries are used and for
third and fifth generation models, internal lithium batteries are used.
Initially, iPods came with a FireWire connection for charging the device,
but with introduction of multipurpose USB ports, they became outdated.
Recent iPod models can be charged using USB 2.0.

Many accessories, even by third parties, have been made for iPods. Some
additional accessories developed by Apple were sound recorders, FM Radio
Tuners, Remote Control and Audio-Visual Cables for TV. Other accessories
are external speakers, protective cases, and wireless earphones. Third
parties manufacturing most of these accessories are Griffin Technology,
Belkin, Bose, and SendStation. BMW was the first car company to launch an
iPod automobile interface, thus allowing newer vehicles to control iPod
through steering wheels. Later Apple made this technology available to
many other car brands too. Even certain Airlines started provided iPod
connectors in the seat.

Apple markets its own iPod earphones and claims that they are better
fitting for ears and provide better sound quality. Since it was launched,
iPod has been market leader in digital players because of their high
quality, supreme aesthetics and ease of use. With more cash flowing into
research every year, there is no reason for this fact to change.

Ipod Verses MP3 Who is Winning the Music War:

Todays technology buzz is constantly sweeping in new trends for every
consumer needs. It is impossible to keep up with the latest versions on
the market. Consumers wonder which player is unique and offers the
superior utility for their dollar. Which one will compliment their needs?
With the latest trends at their doorsteps, consumers want to know who is
winning the music war, the MP3 player, or the more popular iPod. Both
devices have similarities, yet they are constantly trying to outdo each

The competition between Sony and Apple does not look like there is any
end insight. It seems that before long, they will be racing to invent the
iPod or MP3 player cell phone. With only a few differences, it looks like
there is a close tie among reviewers, although the public seems to prefer
the iPod over the MP3 player. There are many differences that are offered
in the rapidly advancing digital era, which in many ways can confuse a
consumer. Here are some pros and cons between iPods and MP3 players.

First, the MP3 players can play both WMA files and MP3 files, where iPod
can not. WMA files have to be converted into iPod format. MP3 is an audio
data file formatted, which differs from an iPod because an iPod is an
electronic device made to read and play MP3 files.

Second, the size of the MP3 player wins over the iPod, with a player as
small as a fifty cent piece. When using an iPod you can only use iTunes,
instead of having a choice to use windows media player.

Another consideration is the price. Price wise, the MP3 outdoes the iPod.
With a MP3 player, it has a multitude of features, which are comparative
to higher priced iPods. Also, iPods are the only player that can handle
ACC Format. A lot of people do not like to be trapped into only using
iTunes, which is what happens when you buy an iPod because other digital
media players allow you to use windows media player which then gives you
a choice of where you want to buy your music from. Mp3 players come in
different sizes depending on how much music you wish to lug around with
you in your portable music player. An MP3 players comes in different
sizes such as 128, 256, and 512 megabytes of memory and if that is not
enough, you can purchase extra memory cards to hold your different styles
of music so you can listen to what you feel like at any given time. MP3
players come stocked with video games. MP3 player also have a variety of
add on accessories you can purchase to compliment your MP3 player.

iPod offers video and picture capabilities, parental controls, calendar,
clocks and alarms, games, audio books, unlimited digital music. The
youngest iPod is the fifth generation, which has spiked the interest of
consumers throughout the U.S. This version allows consumers video
capabilities that allows you to watch movies and television on a two
point five inch screen, which will hold over a hundred hours of video.
iTunes have a feature which lets consumers buy television programs right
off their network so that when you are on the go, you can still catch
your favorite television programs and movies. This version packs a
whopping thirty gigabyte version and a sixty gigabyte version, which can
hold up around fifteen thousand songs. iPod also come with a variety of
accessories to play around with. iPods and MP3 players have compatibility
to use USB cords to connect to your personal computer this allows you to
sync your portable music player with your computer, making it easy to
switch music files and to select which play list you want to put on your
portable music device.

Whether you opt for an iPod or an MP3 player, you should always look for
qualities that will make you feel happy for the decision you have made.
It is not easy finding the perfect product, but with all the competition
out there, it is hard to follow which brand does what and which brand
does not. This makes things seem even more important in terms of making
sure you stick with your own preferences. Although it seems as if iPod is
winning the music war, the treaty depends on you and the style of digital
media you prefer.

The Latest In Ipods – Ipod Video:
IPods have been a great market hit since their appearance in 2001, almost
5 years ago. Since listening to music is one of the favorite activities
of today’s individuals, the constant evolution of this device was an
important request, so the new product presented a diverse range of new
features, accessories and capacities. The iPod evolved from a simple and
basic music player to a sum of music player, recorder, and photo viewer
and now to a both music and video device.

The most important new feature of the latest generation of iPods, meaning
the 5th generation, is the video. Basically, these inventive and
technologically advanced, yet small devices support both MPEG-4 and H.264
videos at significantly high resolutions, which are not far from a VSH
tape. Actually, in more precise terms, the H.264 codec can play video at
frame rates up to 30 frames per second, video bit rates as high as 768
kilobits per second and pictures as big as 320 pixels wide by 240 pixels
high. Comparing the iPod video with the TV 27 FPS or the movies 24 FPS,
it is obvious that the small device it is much better. Regarding the
audio qualities, comparing to a CD quality, the iPod video is superior.
On the other hand, the MPEG-4 video supports a bit rate of 2,500 kilobits
per second and pictures as big as 480 pixels wide by 480 pixels high,
meaning three times the size of the actual screen (in comparison with the
H.264 video, which supports pictures the same size as the screen pf the

The reviews on this item are so far, excellent – the quality of the
motion images is great, with almost perfect colors, even when the device
is connected to a TV set in order to watch a video. Even more, watching
the videos on the actual iPod is possible due to a larger screen, which
also allows the high visibility of sharp texts and photos. Still, even
though the battery is claimed to last around 20 hours, which is an
evolution since the last iPod model, the battery is much rapidly consumed
when watching videos.

The range of improvements since the last model of iPod is impressive: the
new video iPod comes with a new design, but in the same black and white
colors and with a new set of accessories, which range from world clock,
smaller earphones and a thinner slipcase to AC adapter and FireWire
cable. Concerning the new package design, the iPod video comes with a new
look: the box is flat and in a square shape; the color of the new box is
black with silver accents, such as the Apple logo and the text.

The latest generation of iPods surprised the market in many ways: from
the video capacities to the other improved features since the last model
in 2005 and from the design and package changes to the wide and evolved
range of accessories that are available together with the new iPod video.
The evolution of the iPod shows an increased interest in constantly
developing this device and always considering the needs and desires of
the consumer. It is expected that the next generation of iPods to be even
more optimized, with a lot of changes in the video settings and a longer
capacity of the battery when watching videos.
You Are A Pod Person. Ipod Highlights For The Tech Challenged:

If you are not a computer genius, picking up an electronic device like
the the iPod can seem like translating Greek or another foreign language.
However, the iPod is gaining popularity and you do not want to be left
out in the cold. Face it, even the youngest of children are learning how
to work these new devices with ease. Learning how to use your iPod does
not have to be difficult. Once you learn the basics, it will become
second nature.

The iPod is a portable digital music and video player made by Apple.
Apple designed the iPod to work with the iTunes media library software,
which lets users manage the music libraries on their computers and on
their iPods. iTunes can automatically synchronize a users iPod with
specific playlists or with the entire contents of a music library each
time an iPod connects to a host computer. Users may also set a rating out
of 5 stars on any song, and can synchronize that information to an iTunes
music library. Apart from iTunes there are also several third party
applications available that can be used to transfer songs to the iPod.
iTunes lacks the ability to transfer songs from iPod to computer because
of legality issues, although there are third party programs that tackle
that issue.

The iPods other than the iPod shuffle have five buttons

1. Menu which backs up one level in the menus

2. Play and Pause which plays or pauses the track in play

3. Previous which skips back through tracks in play

4. Next which skips forward through tracks in play

5. Center the button in the center of the scroll wheel this selects a
menu or a menu item

A Hold switch also exists on the top of the unit. Setting this switch to
display orange will make the buttons and scroll wheel unresponsive, so
that users do not activate them accidentally.

There are many varieties and types of iPods. Do not get confused when you
go shopping for your new portable music device. Shop and compare and if
you are computer challenged, do a little research. An iPod and a run of
the mill MP3 player are not the same thing. Before buying, know what you
are looking at before going to the store. Also, another good thing to
remember when shopping for an iPod is that when you download music off of
the Internet, it is most likely not free. Most legal music download sites
will charge some fee per downloaded song. In addition, be careful and
know what you are downloading before doing so. Not all of these sites are
the same.

Fourth and fifth generation iPods, second generation iPod minis, iPod
nanos and iPod shuffles automatically pause playback when headphones are
unplugged from the headphone jack. They however, do not start playing
again after insertion of the headphones by default.

The iPods with FireWire ports can be put into FireWire Disk Mode, in
which it behaves like a FireWire hard drive without any of the additional
iPod functionality.

An iPod unable to start due to either a firmware or a hardware problem
displays the sad face.

All iPods come with headphones with white cords and earbuds, the color
matching that of the initial iPod. The white cords have become symbolic
of the iPod brand, and advertisements for the devices feature them
prominently. Despite the fact that new generations of the iPod now appear
in black as well as white, the cords remain white. In addition, you can
spice up your plain iPod by purchasing all sorts of decals and skins for
your device. There is no need to have a plain iPod when you can
personalize it to your hearts content.

Some users add extra bass to the standard white headphones by using
Griffin Earjams a clip on accessory that makes it possible to insert the
headphones into the ear, using soft rubber adapters. However, using
Earjams can be uncomfortable to some users with sensitive ears. Apple
themselves have an alternative to the default earphones the in ear
headphones, which have significantly better sound quality and bass
response, and also come with different size caps for comfort.

There are three models of iPod on the market today. These are under

iPod 30 GB and 60 GB.

iPod nano 1 GB, 2 GB, and 4 GB.

iPod shuffle (512 MB and 1 GB).

Can the iPhone connect with iPod Accessories?:

If you are a new owner of an apple iPhone, than you have probably not let
your new cell phone leave your hands for several days. This is to be
expected, however, many people have questions concerning their new iPhone
and its compatibility with other electronic devices, especially those
within the Apple product family. Perhaps the most widely asked question
about the new iPhone's is whether or not they are compatible with other
iPod accessories? While many people may think that they wouldn't be
compatible, they are greatly mistaking.

All of the iPhone's are compatible with most iPod accessories, thus
making your iPhone even more convenient and user friendly. But another
question that many people still have is what exact iPod accessories can
you use with your new iPhone? Of course, many people love to use their
iPods not only for personal music enjoyment, but also to feel a party
with their favorite tunes. And if you no longer carry around your iPod,
but rather your iPhone, you may be worried that you aren't going to be
able to connect your iPhone to the speaker system your iPod used to
connect with. Yet, with all it's amazing glory, the iPhone has the same
connectivity port as the iPhone, thus it will connect seamlessly to any
iPod speaker systems as well as car docks.

Of course, there are some accessories that have been altered to better
fit the iPhone. You are able to use standard headphones with the iPhone,
however, if a call comes through, than you may experience slight
difficulty taking the headphones out and answering the phone. This is why
Apple has made a set of headphones that are designed to work seamlessly
with the iPhone. These amazing headphones provide you with excellent
sound quality, however, they also have a microphone built into the cord,
thus when you receive a phone call, your song is paused and you are able
to answer the phone, as well as end the call, by clicking a small button
on the microphone. Another great feature about these headphones is the
fact that you are able to hear your friends through more than one ear,
which is a very unique, and interesting, experience.

Another reason why this iPhone headphone set is such a great accessory
for your product is because it provides you with safety. How many times
have you been driving throughout traffic only to miss your exit or almost
hit another vehicle because you were focused on holding your cell phone?
While it is advised that you never drive while talking on your phone, for
working professionals, and those with a booming social life, this is not
a possibility. Thus, you need a product that allows you to have both
hands on the steering wheel, as well as the freedom t move your head back
and forth to view all traffic around you.

With the iPhone headphones, you are able to keep your conversations
moving forward, without having to worry about holding your cell phone.
The added benefit of this is great because not only will you be able to
talk with your business partners, or friends, in true stereo, but you are
also able to focus completely on the road and not on holding your cell

The Ipod Generations:
The original iPod (mp3 mp4 player) introduced on 23 October 2001 marked
the first iPod generation, and the latest iPod introduced on 12 October
2005 marked the fifth iPod generation, which was subsequently revised
with a revision iPod model on September 2006, often referred to as
generation 5.5. Note that the generations are referred with reference to
the model name and not with reference to the date of release.

For a better understanding about iPod generations, check the following:

On October 23, 2001, the first generation of iPod was released. The model
name was iPod and had the storage capacity of 5 to 10 gb. It used
FireWire connection to computers and it had a mechanical scroll wheel.

On July 17, 2002, the second generation of iPod was released. It had the
storage capacity of 10, 20 gb. It used FireWire connection to computers
and it had a touch-sensitive wheel. The Hold switch was revised. The
FireWire port had a cover.

On April 28, 2003, the third generation of iPod was released. It had the
storage capacity of 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 gb. It used FireWire connection to
computers (USB for syncing only), and it had a central row of touch
sensitive buttons. New backlit screen was introduced. Dock connector port
was introduced.

On January 6, 2004, the first generation of iPod mini was released. It
had the storage capacity of 4 gb. It used FireWire or USB connection to
computers, and it introduced the "Click Wheel", which was later adopted
by the fourth generation iPod. It was available in 5 colors.

On July 19, 2004, the fourth generation of iPod was released. It had the
storage capacity of 20, 30, 40, 60 gb. It used FireWire or USB connection
to computers, and buttons were integrated to form "Click Wheel". The
monochrome model was replaced in June 2005 by the color display with
photo viewer, which was introduced in October 2004.

On January   11, 2005, the first generation of iPod shuffle was released.
It had the   storage capacity of 512 mb, 1gb. It used USB connection to
computers,   and it had no screen, no click wheel. It used flash memory
instead of   hard drive storage.

On February 22, 2005, the second generation of iPod mini was released. It
had the storage capacity of 4, 6 gb. It used FireWire or USB connection
to computers , and it had longer battery life, and brighter color
variants. Gold model discontinued. No AC adapter. The body color matched
the click wheel lettering.

On September 7, 2005, the first generation of iPod nano was released. It
had the storage capacity of 1, 2, 4 gb. It used USB connection to
computers (FireWire for charging only), and it was the successor of iPod
mini. Slimmer design, flash memory, color screen and lyrics support.
On October 12, 2005, the fifth generation of iPod was released. It had
the storage capacity of 30, 60, 80 gb. It used USB connection to
computers (FireWire for charging only), and it had large screen with
video player and lyrics support. No AC adapter, Universal Dock, or A/V
cables were included. It had black and white color variants. This model
was revised in September 2006 (often called as generation 5.5) had a
brighter display, a music search function, and a longer video battery

On September 12, 2006, the second generation of iPod shuffle was
released. It had the storage capacity of 1 gb. It used USB (via dock
only), and it had the aluminum case with smaller form factor. Built-in
clip. Later multi-colored models were also released.

On September 12, 2006, the second generation of iPod nano was released.
It had the storage capacity of 2, 4, 8 gb It used USB connection to
computers (FireWire for charging only), and it had the anodized Aluminum
case in 6 colors. Music search function, longer battery life, and
brighter screen.

When more refinements are carried out with respect to features, size,
weight and etc., a new generation is announced of the respective model.
The distinguishing landmarks were the replacement of the mechanical
scroll wheel by touch-sensitive click wheel, the replacement of the hard
disk by the flash memory, and the replacement of the monochrome display
with color displays. Earlier generations are usually discontinued in
favor of newer generations. Earlier generations had bundled software
compatible with Macintosh only, while later iPod (mp3 mp4 player)
generations have both Macintosh and Windows compatible versions.

Why Is IPod So Popular:

I have seen the bestseller list of Mp3 players for several big online
retailers; the iPods were crushing the competition. The biggest Mp3
players sales were for Apple iPod nano 4 GB Silver (3G), Apple iPod
classic 80 GB 6G (Black), Apple iPod nano 8 GB Black (3rd Generation),
Apple 80 GB iPod classic Silver (6G) and Apple iPod touch 8 GB with
Software Upgrade .

Apple's iPod has dominated the portable audio market completely over the
past few years. Giants like Sony and Microsoft where insignificant
players in the mp3 players market.

But what makes iPods so special? Why are people crazy about them?
First let us see the current iPod product line-up (in 2008). The line-up
includes the hard drive-based iPod classic, the touchscreen iPod touch,
the video-capable iPod nano and the screenless iPod shuffle.
"The product was elegantly designed in classic Apple fashion," says David
Carey, president of Portelligent.
Apple did product design from the outside in and that was one of the key
factors for their success. This outside-in perspective helped determine a
number of the components - battery, hard drive and circuit board - to be
layered, one atop the next. That idea made the player look cooler and

Apple has successfully secured a design patent for its iPod digital music
player. The United States Patent and Trademark Office on Tuesday issued
Apple Computer a patent for the ornamental design of its third-generation
(3G) iPod media player.

The new iPod includes an alarm clock function and the alarm sounds even
if the iPod isn't hooked to a stereo or headphones.
On-The-Go function allows you to listen to a particular group of songs on
the iPod without connecting it to a computer.
Equalizer function. iPod software allow you to control the equalization
or "EQ" of a song, you can assign that song one of 22 equalizer presets.
Once you assign a preset to a song, iTunes will use it each time you play
the song. When you copy the song from your computer to iPod, the
equalizer preset you chose in iTunes is also copied, and iPod will play
the song with the same preset.
Smart format function. If the iPod is formatted on a Mac OS X computer it
uses the HFS+ file system format, which means you can use it as a boot
disk for a Mac computer. If it is formatted on Windows, the FAT32 format
is used.

Sound quality
iPod has one of highest sound quality for a Mp3/4 player. If you want to
get better sound quality it is a smart idea to purchase optional
headphones, which can deliver even more accurate sound than the
recognizable white earbuds that come with an iPod.

The controls are backlit and touch sensitive. There is no longer a
spinning wheel that collects dirt.

The HDDs for the iPods are huge: Apple iPod classic has an 80GB HDD; the
new Apple iPod nano has an 8GB HDD and Apple iPod Video has a 30GB hard
drive. The king for now is the new Apple iPod classic with 160GB (holds
up to 40,000 songs).
Of course you will find iPods with smaller hard disks like iPod nano
(4GB, 2GB) and iPod shuffle with just 1GB.

Battery life
The iPod uses the latest lithium ion battery technology from the leading
battery manufacturers, such as Sony and Sanyo. When new and fully
charged, the battery provides up to 8 or 12 hours of battery life,
depending on your model.
Apple marketing team was smart and used the iPod brand well. Apple Ipod
had a successful advertising campaign comprising of magazine and
television advertisements focusing on the target market (teenagers and
young adults). Promotions. Apple iPod used a direct method to induce
customers to purchase their product by offering any iPod accessory per
customer for half the value price with every purchase of a new Apple
iPod. This method allowed the business to directly measure the success of
the campaign by observing the sales rate of the promotional tool.
The correct marketing approach made people fell in love with the iPod and
offered a fantastic experience. Apple didn't build just a brand, they
have built a lovemark.

All iPods look great and use the latest technologies; they are very smart
and trendy gadgets so almost everyone wants to have one.
Apple created a great product and used the correct marketing approach
making iPod a lovemark.
So why are iPods so popular? The Apple Ceo, Steve Jobs has the answer:
"With iPod, Apple has invented a whole new category of digital music
player that lets you put your entire music collection in your pocket and
listen to it wherever you go," the Apple CEO said when he introduced the
product in October 2001. "With iPod, listening to music will never be the
same again."

Various Brands of IPod Speakers:

In October 2001, Apple launched iPod, a brand of portable Media player.
The iPod is perhaps one of the best known and loved gadgets of this
decade. Currently, the line up consists of hard drive based flagship iPod
classic, iPod touch, iPod nano and the low end screen less iPod shuffle.
iPod can also serve as an external data storage device. We can say that
iPod has changed the way people think about music on the move.

In course of time, iPod speakers came into existence. Companies like
Logitech, Zeppelin, Ferguson, Altec Lansing, Chestnut Hill, etc.,
manufacture various kinds of iPod speakers. Let's look at the features of
the iPod speakers of the above mentioned companies.

The B&W Zeppelin is oblong in shape and houses two woofers, two
tweeters and a subwoofer behind its soft cloth non removable grille. The
speaker has a loud sound with well defined bass. The egg shaped remote
has a silver rear panel with a rubber plug that hides the non
rechargeable battery. The controls are limited to track forward and
backward buttons, play/pause, volume up and down, power, and a toggle
button that pauses the iPod and switches to the aux input and vice versa.
Ferguson Hill FH007 and FH008 sound really good and look very beautiful
too. In this speaker the tweeters and the woofers for each channel are
housed in separate acrylic enclosures, instead of within one wood speaker
block like we find in most of the traditional speakers. They work
perfectly with a personal computer or an Apple iPod. Because of its
irregular shape, this speaker system will need a little more shelf space
than most other speakers. The woofers, housed in clear spheres with the
front side cut away, have an eight inch diameter. Since the speakers are
so light in weight, a heavy bass rumble produced by the sub woofer could
potentially vibrate them enough to cause movement.

The distinctive 8.5 inch wide screen in Altec Lansing iMV712 is its major
selling point. The screen, which sits between the speakers, is designed
for viewing iPod content or videos from external devices like camcorders.
The system comes with a membrane button remote that includes all the
necessary functions. There is also composite video cable added with usual
array of plastic dock adapters for each and every iPod model.

Apple iPod Hi Fi is a three way combination speaker and can be controlled
by two touch sensitive buttons for adjusting the volume. Aside from the
power jack, the only port is an auxiliary audio input, which accommodates
either 3.5 mm analog cables or optical digital cables. If the personal
computer or external USB sound card has an optical output then this
digital input is excellent for getting sound.

The iPod Hi Fi comes with the standard Apple wireless infrared remote.
The set up of the speaker is as simple as plugging it in or inserting
batteries. Placing the speaker in the audio lab about 10 inches from the
rear wall and equidistant from the sidewalls keeps the sound as smooth as

The George, an audio system by Chestnut Hill, is meant for fourth
generation Apple iPods. It has super cable and puts up unbelievably good
sound. The speakers are neither upward angled nor detachable. The left
and the right speakers are roughly 6 inches apart.

Are There Any Cheap iPods Out There?:

If you were to say that the Apple iPod has revolutionized the music
business that would be a huge understatement. If you are the type of
person who loves to take your music or other media with you, then iPods
are definitely the best way to go. iPods are alive with the ability to
upload and store the music or videos of your choice and they also make
great accessories for the person on the go. It is true that they can be
costly but there are several ways to purchase them at a discount. Here
are a few suggestions for locating cheap iPods right now.

My first recommendation to you would be to begin your search on the
Internet. Ask your friends for suggestions as well of where to look
online. Auction sites, especially, are the best places to find bargains
on iPods, including cheap or used iPods. The technology will continue to
advance causing many people to upgrade to the latest iPod models. This
one fact itself easily lends itself to the opportunity to get a good
quality player that is still relatively new but still a great starter

Keep in mind that online auctions are not the only place to pick up cheap
iPods on the internet. There are also quite a few discount stores online
that also will occasionally feature cheap iPods that can cost anywhere
from thirty to seventy percent off the retail cost of a new one. Again,
ask your friends where they shop online and check those places too. So,
if you spend a little time checking out the prices on cheap iPods all
over the Internet you can probably save yourself a whole lot of money.

Another great place to look for cheap iPods is the classified section of
your local newspaper. There are probably a lot of ads for these wonderful
little devices from various sellers in your town. People that are not
interested in going to the trouble of setting up an online auction often
take advantage of the fact that lots local of local newspapers offer free
classified ads these days. The best day to start looking would be the
Sunday classified ads, as those often feature the most items during the

Here's another idea for you to find cheap iPods. I'll bet that you have
at least one electronic store in your town that may also have a few cheap
of these in stock. Most of the time these iPods will be refurbished but
almost as good as new. While the selection will probably be pretty
limited overall, there is still a good chance that you can find at least
one or two cheap iPods to choose from that will be exactly right for you.

I would also ask your family or friends if they knew of any place to look
for iPods as well since they may know of another friend, co-worker or
family member who has recently gotten a newer model and no longer needs
their old one. If you really do your research and follow through, chances
are high that you can find cheap ones with just a little extra effort. If
you are in the market for an iPod, try one or more of these ideas today
and you may have yourself an iPod to enjoy as early as tomorrow.

Facts You Should Know About iPods:
iPod is one of the most successful consumer electronic products in
history. It is the best selling mp3 / mp4 player in the market today. The
combination of sound quality, sleek design and unique user interface,
made the iPod a hit, causing an entire industry of accessories to emerge
almost overnight.

The Apple Corporation first released the iPod on October 23, 2001.

Presently we are now on the 5th generation of iPod.

The first generation - Mp3 player with mechanical scroll wheel and four
The second generation - It has touch-sensitive wheel, 10 GB and 20 GB
hard drives.
The third generation - It has touch-sensitive bottoms and USB
The fourth generation - It has click-wheel and only two hard disk
version, 20 GB and 40 GB.
The fifth generation - Mp4 player with 60 GB memory storage and video

iPod has won several awards ranging from engineering excellence, to most
innovative audio product. Very often it receives favorable reviews on
looks, designs and handling.

iPod was designed as an mp3 / mp4 player for people with an active
lifestyle. It is compact, sturdy and lightweight enough to take with you
wherever you go. It was designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your
hand or to be carried into a pocket or purse for easy transportation.

It comes in many storage capacities from 512 MG to 80 GB. The amount of
memory it can hold, depends on the model or on the compression rate of
your songs.

As an mp3 player it was designed to provide the best quality sound. It
has a powerful 60 MW amplifier so it can deliver audio as loud as you
want. It also has a 20 MZ to 20 KHZ frequency response, which means you
can hear distortion free music at the lowest pitches.

iPod built-in rechargeable battery provides between 8 to 20 hours of
music playtime depending on your model. Using the appropriate stereo
adapter your iPod will sound great on your home or car stereo system. All
iPod`s come as standard with a non removable lithium rechargeable
battery. The battery charge will last about 14 to 28 days without use.
The lcd display shows the battery level on the upper right corner of the
screen. You may charge your iPod by connecting it to an Apple iPod Power
Adapter or connecting it to a USB port of a computer. A full charge takes
approximately four hours while 80% charge will require at least one hour.

Apple has designed the iPod, as an mp3 player, to work with the iTunes
media library software, which allows you to select your music on your
computer and on your ipod. iTunes can automatically synchronize this mp3
player with specific playlists or with the entire content of a music
library each time you connect your iPod to a host computer.
The first three generations of iPod used two ARM 7TDMI derived CPUs
running at 90 MHZ, while later models have variable speed chips which run
at a peak of 80 MHZ to save battery life. Another great feature of owning
an iPod is the fact that someone can record a discussion and then post
the audio file on the internet. This means people can download the file
and listen to the file on their iPod. As an mp4 player, with iTunes 4.9,
you can now browse and subscribe to podcasts at the iTunes Website.
Podcasts are radio shows or other audio/video programs that are
downloadable over the internet.

In order for you to be a more satisfied iPod customer, as to the
usability and longer battery life spam of this mp3-mp4 player you should
consider the following tips:

- Keep it turned off when not using it.
- Update to the latest software.
- Keep it at room temperature whenever possible.
- If you are not using the backlighting, turn it off.
-Turning off the equalizer will save you battery.
- Use compressed songs.

With the availability of compact audio format, we have had mp3 players
such as iPod, which provided an unprecedented portability to eager
electronic consumers. Now iPod, as mp4 players, is already able to
deliver video capability and a whole new set of features and services yet
to come.

Ipod Classic - The Revolutionary Music Player:

Apple has introduced the iPod classic - a medial player that is portable.
It is the pride of the iPod family of Apple. Till now the market has seen
six generations of the iPod classic. The term `classic` has been used to
the sixth generation of the device. It made its debut on 5th September
2007. Hitherto the generic term used was just `iPod`.

All iPods have colour displays using anti-aliased graphics as well as
text with sliding facilities for animation. All have five buttons but the
later ones - from the 4th generation onwards - use a click wheel. This
makes the gadget free from cluttering and the minimum of interfacing. The
common five buttons are the menu, center (for selecting an item on the
menu), play or pause button that is also used for switching on and off
the set, skip forward and skip backwards. The special characteristic of
the iPod is its storage capacity. The hard disk can spin up and copy of
30 MB of songs coming in into a RAM. This saves on power.
The first generation of iPod classic made its debut on 23rd October 2001.
It had a 5GB hard drive that had the potential to store 1,000 songs. The
best thing about the iPod classic was its small size. It used a 1.8``
hard drive while its peers in the market used 2.5`` ones. Thus iPod is
easier to navigate by controlling a scroll wheel, button for selecting
center as well as 4 subsidiary buttons placed around the wheels. The
battery lasted 12 hours.

The second generation of iPod classic made its entry on 20th March 2002.
The body was the same but the hold switch consisted of a new design. The
fire-wire port came with a cover. The mechanical wheel was done away
with. Instead there was a touch sensitive wheel. The corners and edges of
the front plate were rounded. The price was also reduced while the
capacity strength increased to 20 GB.

The third generation of iPod classic that made its debut on 18th April
2003 was totally new in looks and mechanism. The fire-wire port was
replaced with a dock-connector. The touch wheel was totally non-
mechanical with the buttons placed in a row sandwiched between the screen
and touch wheel. A wired remote connector was used. This generation of
the iPod classic had a 4-pin jack next to the headphone port. The battery
life however was lessened to 8 hours due to the use of lithium iron
battery. Previously lithium polymer battery was being used. All the iPods
were compatible with Mac and PC. iTunes and musicmatch all crowed inside
the iPod classic. Later musicmatch was discontinued.

On July 24th the 4th generation of iPod classic appeared on the scene. It
was much slimmer. The button arrangement was different. The touch wheel
was replaced with the click wheel. The price too was reduced thus making
it within easy reach of a larger consumer group. The strength went up to
40GB and the battery life extended to 12 hours.

The 5th generation was one step ahead and entered the market on 12th
October 2005. It came to be known informally as the iPod video having a
QVGA screen. The click wheel was smaller. An alternative colour scheme
was introduced together with `Signature iPod White.` It has a front plate
that is fully flat.

On 5th September 2007 the world was introduced to the sixth generation
iPod classic. The body was slimmer with a remarkably improved battery
life. Up to 40 hours of music can be played and 7 hours of video. The
front plat is anodized aluminum and polycarbonate plastic. This time the
signature model of white was replaced by silver.