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        Editor’s Note                                 Contributors
  We’re back! It was strange not doing
an issue last week, and it’s going to be                     Bret Hudson
weird again this upcoming weekend. We                                  Editor
did have some much needed relaxation               Controls the pawns below
time during the extra week, so this issue
wasn’t as rushed as the last two or three.
                                                      Vadim Dyachenko
   Now, where’s the new design? I figured                           Designer
since most of our content was from                 Draws pretty pictures for
September, we’d recycle the design for                          indie(Mag);
another issue.
                                                            Ezra Zigmond
   Let’s try to reach the numbers we did                              Writer
in views with Issue #15, totaling 469            Collecting hollow diamonds
views in two weeks! That’s a jump up
from other issues, that generally get 200-
300 views. Spread the news!                                Erik Paldanius
  If you haven’t already, you can now
                                             Doesn’t know his triangles from
subscribe to the magazine (and radio) to
get notified of when new releases are                               Sqwares
available. That way, you don’t have to
track down our twitter or forum topics!                              Maple                            Guest Writer
                                             Enjoys writing complex tutorials


Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle                                   GameMaker:HTML5 Beta
Yet another Humble Indie Bundle has been released! This        If you want GameMaker:HTML5, you better get
time, you get Frozen Synapse for any price you want. Pay       your hands on it now! It’s currently only $99,
over the average and you receive the Humble Frozenbyte         which is $100 off of its normal price. If you include
Bundle as well! Trauma was added as a bonus game, and          the coupon code, the price drops yet another $20
as of right now, the average is $4.64. Ten days left, better   for the low(er) price of $79! Also, a rumor is going
get your bundle before time runs out!                          around that if you buy GM:HTML5, you get at least
                                                               $99 off of GameMaker Studio. Fantastic deal, if
                                                               you ask me!
Just Ask Kong!
@RDisher (Randy D) asks: “@Kongregate Who was the              StencylWorks 1.2 Features
first ‘major’ developer to upload a game on Kongregate?        Stencyl announced all the new features
#newsletter”                                                   StencylWorks 1.2 will include: Mochi ads/scores,
                                                               lightweight actors, and being able to import
                                                               arbitrary code and libraries into a project. To read
Kong’s Response: "You can actually see for yourself if you     more about the features, follow this link:
sort all our games from oldest to newest. DrNeroCF was
one of the first with his game Fancy Pants Adventures, as
was Flipline Studios, now most famous for their Papa's
Pizzeria type games. Jmtb02, who now works for Armor
                                                               Tululoo Updates
Games, also joined up early. And many of these games           Tululoo, the new “HTML5 Game Maker”, has been
were uploaded within a few days of each other! Many of         also been pumping out tons of updates. The
these developers have gone on to make many exciting            current version came out hours ago, with v1.0.8.
new games, and are still behind some of the most popular       The Linux version was also released.
games on the site. More than that, they've paved the way
for other developers to do the same, so we all get a lot of
awesome games to play each day! We're pretty sure
that's the best benefit of all.“

Construct r57-r60
Scirra’s been pumping out updates like there’s no
tomorrow. Construct r57 introduced collision polygons
and global objects, r58 had the new physics behavior,
which runs Box2DWeb, r59 and r60 were mainly bug fixes
with the new features.

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   ZACK BANACK is a Game Maker developer, and has
created over 30 games up to this date. Zack was the
  612th person signed up for Game Jolt, and has an
  average game score of 4.1, meaning he’s definitely
                  worth checking out.



                          TIMESTILL II                                                   FIRE WITH A RIOT
     The awaited sequel to Timestill. Control time to                    “Fire is one of man’s greatest discoveries.
  complete a challenging 30 levels. Intriguing visuals will          Flamethrowers; one of man’s greatest inventions.”
    keep you entertained as you struggle through the                 Run around the city through twenty levels burning
   game. Can you unlock all the achievements and the                 everything to the ground. Just make sure you don’t
                   secret game mode?                                                   run out of gas!

                        AMMO RAWR                                                         PAPER DREAMS
   As Zack says, it’s a mix of Super Crate Box, Super Big            A hand-drawn game made in two games for a Game
     Gun Adventure, blood, creative difficulty, and of                Jolt Jam. Three difficulties, three game modes, and
     course, love. When you shoot your gun, you are                 different styles of art through each mode. Shoot things
  pushed in the opposite direction. This unique element              and collect positive signs. Avoid the negative ones at
         makes the 12 level game very difficult.                                              all costs!

   Platformer Tileset
Maple, the artist of the 3rd place game in the Ludum Dare Jam, sent us a
link to a tutorial he made and wanted in the magazine. Read on about
          making efficient tilesets for platforming adventures!

                    ARTICLE BY MAPLE

I made this quick example to show you how my tilesets           Column:
are set out:                                                    3 - top / Air up, left, right. Solid center.
                                                                9 - middle / Air left, right. Solid center.
                                                                15 - bottom / Air down, left, right. Solid center.

                                                                18 - left / Air up, down, left. Solid center.
                                                                19 - middle / Air up, down. Solid center.
                                                                20 - right / Air up, down, right. Solid center.

                                                                Single Block:
You could also add another row or so of additional tiles        21 - single / Air up, down, left, right. Solid center.
used to give variation or imperfection to the world. For
example, you could have variations of tile 7 that are           Corners and Edges:
sometimes used instead of tile 7 (I just used tile 7 as an      4 - top left corner / Air bottom-right. Solid center.
example because it’s usually the most commonly used,            5 - top right corner / Air bottom-left. Solid center.
but you can have variations of any tile, obviously), or tiles   10 - bottom left corner / Air top-right. Solid center.
of external things like branches or cobwebs.                    11 - bottom right corner / Air top-left. Solid center.
                                                                16 - top edge / Solid bottom. Air center.
Let’s run through what each tile is for:                        17 - right edge / Solid left. Air center.
(id - name / surrounding blocks)                                22 - left edge / Solid right. Air center.
                                                                23 - bottom edge / Solid top. Air center.
0 - top left / Air up, left. Solid center.                      Note: Corners and edges have a transparent
1 - top middle / Air up. Solid center.                          background so that they can be used on the same
2 - top right / Air up, right. Solid center.                    grid reference as may be required by other corners
6 - middle left / Air left. Solid center.                       or edges.
7 - middle middle / Solid all around. Solid center.
8 - middle right / Air right. Solid center.
12 - bottom left / Air down, left. Solid center.
13 - bottom middle / Air down. Solid center.
14 - bottom right / Air down, right. Solid center.


                                                                  Also, if you’re still not understanding corners:

                                                                  Now this is the quickest and easiest and way I can
                                                                  think of to make a tileset from beginning to end
                                                                  following the tileset structure above:

                                                                  1. Sprite tile 7, the center block, and make sure
A - 3 edges must be used on this grid reference, so as you        that it loops nicely by placing a few of those tiles in
can see they are layered and have transparent                     a larger square.
backgrounds like corners.
B - The base tile here is a middle left square tile, and          2. Copy tile 7 onto 0, 1, 2, 6, 8, 12, 13, 14.
layered on top of it is a top left corner tile because there
is an air block to the bottom-right of this grid reference.       3. Sprite an edge over tile 1, then over 6 and 8, and
The corner tile is transparent everywhere except the              finally 13. If your tileset supports it, you could even
corner itself, so that tiles beneath it can be seen, such as      just copy and flip or rotate the edge only of one of
other corner tiles potentially.                                   these tiles over the other 3. (You wouldn’t copy
                                                                  and flip or rotate the whole tile unless tile 7 loops
C - Similar to B.                                                 nicely when mixed with flipped and or rotated
D - Similar to B.                                                 versions of it).
E - Similar to B.
F - Similar to A.                                                 4. For tile 0, you can copy the right side of 1, and
G - Similar to A.                                                 the bottom side of 6 and paste over each other
                                                                  and then sprite in the missing corner. You can do
Remembering that edge tiles are placed on an air block,           the same for tiles 2, 12 and 14, copying the
objects in-game will not collide with these tiles, but will       opposite sides of the 2 tiles next to it like with 0 (1
collide with the actual solid block that the edge tile is next    and 6).
                                                                  5. The square is now completely done.
Corner and edge tiles are transparent and layered over
other tiles so that you don’t have to create single tiles for     6. For the column (3, 9, 15), copy the left side of 0,
every single tile possibility. For example A, B, C, D, E, F and   6 and 12, and paste it over the left side of 3, 9 and
G would all be their own tile otherwise.                          15, then copy the right side of 2, 8 and 14, and
                                                                  paste it over the right side of 3, 9 and 15. Done.

7. For the row (18, 19, 20), copy the top side of 0, 1 and 2,   Now here is the order in which to draw the tiles
and paste it over the top side of 18, 19 and 20, then copy      correctly in the game world:
the bottom side of 12, 13 and 14 and paste it over the
bottom side of 18, 19 and 20. Done.                             1. Everything except corners and edges. It doesn’t
                                                                matter which order within this list because these
8. For tile 21, the single block, copy the top-left corner of   tiles won’t overlap.
0 and paste it over the top-left corner of 21, then copy the    2. Corners. Again, it doesn’t matter which corners
top-right corner of 2 and paste it over the top-right corner    are drawn first, because they shouldn’t be
of 21, then copy the bottom-left corner of 12 and paste it      overlapping each other.
over the bottom-left corner of 21, then copy the bottom-        2.5. Please note that the character, and most
right corner of 14 and paste it over the bottom-right           objects and NPCs / enemies are usually drawn
corner of 21. Done.                                             here.
                                                                3. Edges:
9. For the corner tiles (4, 5, 10, 11), you want them to        -3a. Left and right edges.
match up to the edges of tiles 1, 6, 8 and 13, so               -3b. Bottom edge.
somewhere off the tileset, make a 3x3 grid and then copy        -3c. Top edge.
tile 13 to the top middle of the 9 squares, then tile 8 to
the left, tile 6 to the right and tile 1 to the bottom. Now     It’s hard to say when additional tiles (if any) are to
the 4 corners of this 9-square grid will be your 4 corner       be drawn because it depends what it is. For
tiles. Copy tile 7 onto these corners, then sprite these        example you may want cobwebs to be drawn after
corners so they match up to the 2 edges they will be            2. but before 3., so that it can be used on a solid
touching. Then cut away the 3/4 of the tiles you didn’t         block (the front of a wall), but also be behind any
sprite over. Try to keep the corners equal or less than 1/4     edges if it was on an air block next to a solid block
of a tile size, because remember, these corners will need       (i.e. the corner of a room, the side of a wall, etc.).
to be able to be placed onto the same grid reference if         If it was something like a pole, you may want it to
needs be, so you don’t want some of the under-layer             be drawn before 1. so that it is behind solid blocks,
corners to be noticeably overlapped. Now copy these             or even drawn after 3. if it’s meant to connect to
corners back into tiles 4, 5, 10 and 11, like the tileset       the front of a wall. As you can see, you’ll have to
image above. Corners done.                                      use your own common sense and judgment to
                                                                know when to draw additional tiles to the game
10. Edges, if you want any. (Particularly useful for long       world!
grass, etc). Tiles 16, 17, 22 and 23 are the edges. Now
what you want to do is copy the square (tiles 0, 1, 2, 6, 7,    Remember, from first drawn to last drawn is the
8, 12, 13 and 14) onto a space off the tileset, and now         bottom / furthest layer (from the camera) to the
sprite the edges onto the outside of the 4 square side tiles    top / closest layer (to the camera).
(1, 6, 8, 13). Then see that these loop nicely horizontally
and vertically respectively. Then copy and paste the edges      Note that the tileset used as an example at the
into their respective tileset places. Done. (Of course,         head of this tutorial can be used commercially
perhaps you only want to have a top edge, and no bottom         without credit given.
or side edges, etc., or no edges at all. Keep this in mind.)
                                                                The End.

SilentWorks Interview
We talk with the creator of the new Game Making tool Tululoo.


Who were you in the indie community before Tululoo?            easy-to-use IDE, which does the "dirty? job, like
My first program designed for public use was Silent Walk       handling resources and binding the elements of
FPS Creator. This was my first attempt to create a tool        the game, so that the good part, the creation is left
which helps users to create their own games without any        for the developer. I also believe that once we have
programming knowledge. Before that I made 3D games             free technologies like HTML5 and JavaScript, it is
tested by the online community and I got lots of nice          our task to connect these to get something that is
feedback. Park Racer for example has more than a million       entertaining, and makes us happy and gives us the
downloads worldwide. Apart from games and game                 great feeling of creation. I wanted to join the indie
creator programs I've written several small tools which        community and share my program with those who
basically help the development of big projects. Looking at     like creating games and have a similar vision. I also
the number of downloads it appears that they are still in      believe that these programs not only help people
use, I am very proud of them.                                  to create games, but also motivate them to move
                                                               on and learn programming.
How much programming knowledge do you have?
I’ve been working as a web application developer since         What is it programmed in?
2001. I use PHP, SQL and JavaScript. Before my current job     The Editor is written in PureBasic. It is an extended
writing programs was a hobby, and I created small games        version of the well known BASIC language, with
and all kinds of random stuff to improve my technical          thousands of cool features. The engine is a
knowledge. The first computer I ever used was the              JavaScript program that runs in modern browsers
Commodore 64 in 1986, and I started to write programs          using the upcoming web standard HTML5.
around 1988. I am interested in music and was in a band
for some time, so my first real program was a polyphonic       Why did you choose PureBasic? What benefits
synthesizer, written in BASIC. Later I also learned Pascal     did it provide?
and C. I don’t have a degree in computer programming,          PureBasic has a real compiler. The compiled
but I took some university courses in Mathematics.             program is very fast, and since it is using low level
                                                               resources you don't need to install any special
What was the original motivation for creating Tululoo?         DLLs or external libraries. Also, programs can be
Making a tool that allows people to create their own           compiled under Linux and OSX systems. Tululoo is
game or application is a challenging task. It is a thrilling   to be released for these systems very soon.
experience and you get feedback on your knowledge and
vision. During the past few years I've tried and               How long was it in development?
investigated lots of game creation tools and game              The major part of the editor was written in three
engines. All of them had some great features and also          weeks, and the JavaScript engine took about a
some annoying ones. I wanted a program that is dynamic         week. I started the whole project around the end
enough to support users? creativity, but has a friendly and    of August.


Although the program is released and downloadable,             Where do you hope to take Tululoo? Will there
there are still lots of features that I want to implement in   ever be a "pro" or "paid" version?
future versions. Also, I got nice feedbacks and suggestions    Currently I am not planning to create two different
which help me a lot. It is important to listen to users?       versions. I would like to keep the Windows version
reactions.                                                     free, however the Linux and MacOS version might
                                                               need some external help, as there might be some
Updates have been coming out quite frequently. Do you          OS specific issues that need to be solved by a Linux
think they'll continue to come out at the pace they're         or MacOS guru. Generally, I want Tululoo Game
coming out at?                                                 Maker to be a game creation tool available to
                                                               anyone who wants to develop a game or needs a
I love working on the program. Having those great              tool that improves programming skills. I would like
feedbacks motivates me to continue and improve the             Tululoo Game Maker to be a well known and
program. Besides the bug fixes, I am constantly adding         useful game creation tool in the game industry.
new features from my to-do list as well.
I am also working on the engine. This is basically a           Check out Tululoo at
JavaScript program, but it needs more optimization and
code clean-up. So, right now my main focus is Tululoo
among my projects.

• Complex game creation
• Built-in code editor with syntax
highlighting and code
• User friendly Scene Editor
• Single and animated sprites
(via sprite sheets)
• Audio support (WAV, OGG,
• Per scene background
• Collision checking (box and
circle shapes)
• Keyboard and mouse handling
• Real-time object creation
• Custom event based scripts
• Font support
• Drawing functions
• Offline web storage
• Generates clean JavaScript
             Game Reviews
This week we covered three games, including Diamond Hollow II, Sqware, and Give Up Robot.

Diamond Hollow II
            by Arkeus

                                                                                     Genre: Arcade-Platformer
                                                                                Language: Flixel

                 ARTICLE BY EZRA ZIGMOND

   If you didn’t have a chance to play the original Diamond
 Hollow when it came out, you’ve really been missing out. If you    has you stuck. The story mode consists of seven
 are familiar with the original, you’ll be thrilled to know that    chapters, and some of the later chapters took me
 Diamond Hollow II takes what the it’s predecessor did so well      upwards of twenty minutes. This plus the other modes
 and makes it even better.                                          in the game make a truly remarkable lifespan not
                                                                    usually seen in Flash games.
      While the original game was more of an escape game
 where your goal was to climb as high as possible while killing
 enemies with your gun, the revolves primarily around a story            The graphics in Diamond Hollow II certainly won’t
 mode. The objective is still to travel up, but the game is no      appeal to everyone, but I’ve always been a sucker for
 longer a race against the always advancing screen and the          pixel art and loved the style that was maintained from
 enemies encountered are more varied and challenging. The           the original game. While the slimes and other enemies
 addition of boss battles also breaks the sometimes repetitive      don’t look particularly fierce, the graphics are really
 gameplay, but the battles are often more annoying than             polished and are part of what has struck me so much
 engaging as the lack of advanced AI results in a complete          about both games. The music and sound effects are not
 dependence upon reflexes. The number of upgrades available         quite as impressive as the graphics. The music was
 through the collection of diamonds (hence the name of the          catchy at first, but the tracks got a little bit repetitive
 game) adds a lot to the game as your character becomes largely     over the lengthy game. For an average Flash game, the
 customizable. The collection of new guns such as a missile         music would have been plenty, but I would have liked a
 launcher and equipment that allows for double and triple           bit more variety given the lifespan.
 jumping break the monotony of climbing upwards by
 introducing new hazards and challenges.
                                                                         Despite my minor complaints over the somewhat
      However, if climbing upwards endlessly appeals greatly to     competitive gameplay and limited music tracks,
 you, an escape mode reminiscent of the original is available for   Diamond Hollow II is one of the finest Flash games I
 unlock. Several other modes such as a boss challenge and a         have ever played. Even for those sick of endless escape
 runner mode can be unlocked through the collection of red          games, the innovations in gameplay that Arkeus brings
 gems hidden throughout the story mode. I particularly liked        to the table are remarkable.
 that upgrades purchased carry over throughout all modes, so
 you can collect some diamonds in escape mode if story mode

                                                                //Flixel Game

Sqware by Rawr Developmen

                                                                                 Genre: Launcher
                                                                                Engine: GameMaker


     Sqware is a platformer developed by Rawr
  Development. Although it claims to be ridiculously hard,
  it's for the most part just simply challenging. Although the
  promise is held on some particular parts of the levels, this     One of the flaws in the game is that some levels
  makes the whole game a lot harder since almost all of            require you to do something that's absolutely not
  your mistakes either kills you instantly or forces you to kill   hard in any way and only time consuming at the
  yourself.                                                        start of the level, for example in the screenshot
     As the game progresses, the levels seems to get longer        above, to complete the level you need to jump
  and longer. The combination of that, and the fact that           down and activate the motion detector before
  almost every mistake is fatal makes the game extremely           proceeding.
  frustrating. You’re very likely to rage-quit early on, this is      This is bugging me since the game is hard and
  especially true when you die at the end of a level.              therefore you die a lot and waste a lot of time
     The game has a couple of music tracks and these fits          doing something completely unnecessary.
  the game very well and contributes a lot to the feel of it,         If the levels were shorter and the platforming
  however sound effects are completely missing.                    more polished this game would be extremely fun,
     The graphics in the game could use some work since it's       however the game is punished a lot by these
  extremely simple, if they were more polished it would            issues I've mentioned and that drags the total
  help the game a lot since that's one of the few major            score down to a 6 out of ten.
  problems with it.                                                   However, I highly recommend giving this game a
     The puzzles are nicely designed and require some              shot, especially if you find platformers easy.
  thought to solve, however they never require much                I also suggest playing the tutorial before jumping
  thinking but it still helps keeping the game interesting.        on to the classic mode of the game since there's
     The platform engine is a bit buggy from time to time          no hints when new objects are introduced to you.
  and there's one very annoying glitch that makes your
  character stuck if you move into a block with no block
  under it from the right.
   When standing on the ground you can change the gravity
  180 degrees by pressing space, this is one of the few
  puzzle elements of the game, however it's not used as
  much as I'd like it to and the game mostly would have                                                 Exe    cutable
  worked fine without the ability to switch the gravity.      //GameMaker

Give Up Robot by Matt Th

                                                                                Genre: Impossible Platformer
                                                                            Language: FlashPunk

                  ARTICLE BY BRET HUDSON

    Matt Thorson once again lives up to the standards he’s
  created for his games. Give Up Robot is yet another
  infuriating platformer with pixel perfect movements.              The graphics in this game are very simple, most
  Featuring the unique grappling hook mechanic, Give Up          of them being squares. The squares changed
  Robot will keep you entertained until you run out of hair      colors as the game went on. The robot was nicely
  to pull out of your head.                                      animated, and so were the grappling animations
                                                                 with the rotating blades. The smooth animations
    50 levels of insanity await you. You must jump, grapple,     were just as smooth as the gameplay. The
  and swing your way through each levels. When you               transitions were entertaining as well as the
  grapple, if the end of your grapple touches a rotating         introduction message.
  blade, it pulls you with it. While grappling, you can extend
  and retract it, allowing you to wiggle your way through           The music could not fit the game better. It’s high
  some of the toughest levels. The neon blocks are just fine     pitched noises will keep you on edge, and combine
  to touch, but the red ones will fry your circuit board.        it with the difficulty of the game and your hair will
                                                                 fall out without even needing to pull it. The music
     The controls are simple, and should be able to be           was perfect for this game.
  picked up quickly by any casual or hardcore gamer. Move
  left and right with the arrows, jump with the up arrow, X,       Give Up Robot was published with Adult Swim
  S, or space, and use your grapple with A or Z. While           Games and was so popular, Matt Thorson made a
  grappling, move up and down using the corresponding            sequel that was surprisingly even better than the
  arrow keys.                                                    original, with TONS of new features and puzzles.
                                                                 The genius knows how to get you to give up,
     Matt was able to keep this game fresh with the base         because you’re nothing but a robot.
  mechanic, and some other elements in the game, such as
  the moving platforms and the voice your robot hears that
  tries to make you give up. The physics engine was perfect,
  since letting go of a rotating blade will send you flying in
  that direction. However, some levels require the most
  precise timing you’ll ever have to have in a game.
                                                                                                           k Game

tristan Tristan O’Tierney
Objective-C++ is like the Human Centipede of programming environments.

gnysek Piotr Gnys
I've reported my 50th bug into GameMaker. Shouldn't celebrate, but at least I'm
not bad tester :)

Erifdex Erifdex
Tweak this, tweak that, forget to save, ah crap. #gamedev

andrewbrophy Andrew Brophy
somehow a hole has appeared in the crotch area of two of my pants over the past
24 hours. what is the world telling me?

bentosmile bentosmile
I think I'm allergic to stress o___o haha (there's nothing else as consistent as that)

retroremakes Rob Fearon
Day 2 of fiddling with HTML5 stuffage. Day 2 of thinking "man, this is like building
a website for IE6 at times"

ludumdare Ludum Dare
...and we've reached our goal!! Thanks again to everyone!! May your year be filled
with 48-hour game jams!! #LD48 #FUNdraiser

Next Issue

What’s in Issue #17

So far, we have an interview with Vlambeer scheduled, and possibly might snag a SECOND interview with Connor
Ullmann. When Chevy Ray’s not so busy, he said he’d do an interview as well. For games, we’ll have to see what
comes our way over the next two weeks. We’re conducting a survey on indie games to the public, and are writing
an article on peripheral games, if they’ll ever come back and hit the indie market. The Game Jolt/indie(Function);
competition winners will be announced. That, and more, will be in the next issue of indie(Function); Magazine.


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