EMMS PTA Meeting Minutes for November 29_ 2010

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					               EMMS PTA Meeting Minutes for April 18, 2011

I.     Call to order by Patty Brown Introduction of the Board Members present
       a. Sign-in

II.    Old Business
       a. Bulletin Board is up for the 6th Grade hallway. We are working to get a
          plaque for the Bulletin Board; Donated by the PTA.

III.    New Business
       a. Treasure’s Report – Currently we have $4,500.00. We are nearly to our
          goal for Chorus Uniforms.
       b. Re-elections will happen in May and we have two openings: Vice
          President and the Treasurer. Kim Paige is interested in the VP position
          and Mimi Doyle for Treasurer. It was discussed that in the future we
          should reach out to the incoming 5th grade parents as well.
       c. Committee reports – next dance April 29th, and the last dance for all 3
          grades is May 20th. The 8th grade dance is June 3rd. The 8th grade dance is
          being run by the 8th grade teachers.
       d. Teacher Liaison report – the Polo shirt was ordered for the Teacher of the
          Year. The Teacher of the Year is Mr. Gordon.
       e. Administrative Assistants Day – April 21st. PTA to buy our Admin.
          Assits. lunch and cards to say thank you.
       f. Teacher Appreciation Week – May 1 (total staff 83, 1 nurse, 2 admins, 2
          secret, 2 counselors, 2 intervent., 9 cafet., 9 custodians, 56 regular staff).
          PTA to give Teachers gift sets/stationary sets: one person can make a
          difference. The cost is $2.65 each. PTA approved this item.
       g. Next year we will be re-adding PBS to the Budget as a line item. We will
          also be in a position to add other expenditures into the budget as line items.
       h. The PTA wants to re-introduce awards for graduating seniors at both High
          Schools. The idea is to have two $500 prizes. One for each school.
       i. PTA website is up and running! Check it out at
          go to parents and click PTA. We are open to suggestions.
       j. 8th Grade Awards – June 7th at 7pm.
       k. Olivia came in to thank the PTA for funding her speaker. This was for 7th
       l. Mr. Bell spoke about the upcoming 5K Relay for Life Monday, May 23rd
          with a vendor fair. Table space is $20 per table.
       m. Speaker for May meeting was discussed. Patty suggested a local
          Chiropractor who specializes in holistic ADHD therapy. Parents at the
          meeting expressed the desire to have someone come in and discuss the
          summer reading. There is 1 book this year for summer reading. Parents
          are also interested in ways to keep kids engaged in learning during the
          summer. We will work to have the Chiropractor in next year as a speaker.
IV.    Upcoming Events
       a. April 29th – Next Dance, collecting gently worn books for Appo summer
       b. May 20th – Last Dance for all 3 grades – sell map of Japan for $1.00 to
       raise funds for Miyagi Japan.
       c. May 24th – Last General Meeting for the year.
       d. May 24th – Family night at the book fair.
       e. 8th Grade Dance set for June 3rd. It will be 6:30 to 9:00pm, and will be
       dress up.

V.     Request for funds
       a. Request for funds for – PTA to give Teachers gift sets/stationary sets: 1
       person can make a difference. The cost is $2.65 each. PTA approved this
       b. Request for funds for – Lunch for the Administrative Assistants. And $30
       for flowers. The flowers were supplied by the FFA, and funds go to this club.
       Both items were approved.
       c. Request for funds for – Lunch at the end of the year for the Custodians.
       This item was approved.

VI.    Q & A/Discussion and Concerns

VII.   Next PTA Meeting
       a. May 24h at 7:00 PM in the Library
       b. Ask parents to bring snacks/donate snacks for last PTA meeting/Family
       Night at the Book Fair.

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