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					                                             6116 S. Pennsylvania Centennial, Colorado
                                                      80121 303-794-6643

                                            November-December 2005/ Tishrei – Kislev

                                                       Rabbi Jeffrey Kaye, President Phil
              Congregation Beth              
   RABBI’S REFLECTIONS                    in the Rocky Mountain Region. It is a
                                          great day of community building and
       The next two months are truly a    celebration. I look forward to
time of celebration! We are blessed       greeting and seeing many of you at
to share with the Congregation Beth       this marquee event!
Shalom family the Bar Mitzvah of our             This Thanksgiving, may we all
son Doniel on Saturday, December          count our blessings and be thankful
10th, at 9am. Please see the invitation   for all in our midst, and for the
inside this edition of the newsletter.    sustenance with which we are
We cherish all of your love and           nurtured. And during the Festival of
support, and greatly look forward to      lights, may we count our blessings for
celebrating this simchas with our         the cherished freedoms we have as
Congregation Beth Shalom                  Jews and as Americans. Indeed, the
community!                                next few months are a time to give
       On Sunday, December 11th, I        thanks and to celebrate!
would like to invite you to the Rose             With gratitude for all of you; who
Medical Center annual Community           you are; and what you do!
Channukah celebration. This year,
the event will be held at the Denver      Rabbi Jeffrey Kaye
Campus for Jewish Education (2450
south Wabash Street, Denver, CO
80231). This day of food, fun, games,
community booths and entertainment
is completely FREE, and runs from
10:30am until 2:30pm. For those in
religious school, we invite you to
come join the festivities at noon. The
event draws several thousand from
the metro Denver area, and is
arguably the largest Jewish gathering

CBS News November/December 2005                                                        Page 1
PRESIDENT’S COMMENTARY                                                The walkways at Babi Yar Park are laid out in the shape of a
                                                                      Jewish Star. A visitor cannot tell from the ground. However,
                                                                      perhaps the victims who died there can look down and see it.
On October 9, 2005 over the weekend between Rosh Hashanah
and Yom Kippur a large group of CBS members and their older
                                                                      Phil Klass, President
children spent the morning working hard laying gravel walkways
at Babi Yar Park in Denver. The weather started cloudy and
deteriorated during the morning into a light rain. By the time
lunch was served, it was raining steadily. Most of the over two       SCHOOL NEWS
dozen CBS volunteers departed after lunch, so no one got too
soaked.                                                                         The High Holidays have come and gone and once again
                                                                      we have had a remarkable group of youngsters who came to
However, while we were all there working hard moving heavy            enjoy and participate in our Children's Service. I want to thank
wheelbarrows, smoothing and tamping down the new walkways             the adults who also attended the services. We had a very
at the park, all those involved got to know each other a little       enjoyable and meaningful time together. We had a huge crowd
better, met some of the older kids in our religious school, and       for all of the services.
got to appreciate the meaning and significance of Babi Yar.                     Our school field trip to the Babi Yar Park for a
                                                                      community clean-up was well received by all who attended. It
Babi Yar was a stone quarry in the Ukraine outside of Kiev.           was a wonderful opportunity to help with a community service
Before World War II the Ukraine was home to a large                   project and a fantastic time for our students and parents to
population of Jews, many living in the cities, Kiev and Odessa,       spend a morning together engaged in a mitzvah project. Yasher
and many living in shtetls, traditional agricultural villages, some   Koah to all. This is wishing you strength!
dating back to after the expulsion of Jews from Spain in 1492                   Our Sukkot Luncheon was indoors due to the colder
by the Roman Catholic Church. Anatefka, the fictional village         weather but our Sukkah was filled to overflowing as Rabbi Kaye
immortalized in “Fiddler on the Roof,” was just such a place. As      and our students, staff and parents were observing the
demonstrated in the play, the Ukrainian Jews were surrounded          mitzvah of dwelling in the sukkah and blessing the Lulav and
by a sea of non-Jews that accepted the ugly racist stories            Etrog. The luncheon was terrific. Thank you to the Sisterhood
about Jews and hated us. Into this setting marched the                and to all of the parents for helping to set up, cook, and clean
Wehrmacht of Adolf Hitler. After sweeping through the poorly          up! This was a spectacular event.
trained and equipped Russian Army in the Ukraine, the Nazis                     Our Simchat Torah Service and Consecration Service
began to methodically collect Jews, homosexuals, gypsies and          is such a fun filled evening as we heard the end of the Torah as
other “undesirables” and began shipping them to Babi Yar.             well as the beginning of the Torah! As our students, parents,
There long mass graves were dug. The Jews and others were             and other congregants participated in the hakafot (the 7
lined up at the edges of the graves and shot by the Nazi              encirclings), we enjoyed singing and celebrating not only the
soldiers. Over the course of the Nazis’ occupation of the             joyous holiday of Simchat Toarah but also the newest members
Ukraine, an estimated 200,000 lost their lives at Babi Yar. By        of our school were honored by receiving a small Torah and
all accounts, most of the local non-Jewish Ukrainians were            certificate of Consecration.
pleased, or at least not offended, by this. German commanders                   Our next really big school event will be our Chanukah
began reporting to Berlin that their soldiers who were involved       Bazaar which will be on Sunday morning, December 11, 2005.
in the killing were showing debilitating psychological effects of     We will have many vendors, games, and items for sale. Following
the murders they were committing. These reports prompted              our Bazaar will be a community-wide Chanukah celebration
the Nazi leadership to innovate more efficient and less               sponsored by the Rose Foundation. There will be more specific
personal methods of murder. Those innovations culminated in           information coming soon!
the horrors of Auchwicz.                                                        Thank you all for the continued support of our
                                                                      wonderful School. We are pleased to be partnering with our
My mother’s family came to North America from Odessa                  Sisterhood and celebrating each month with a different
before the war. My father was born in Kiev and emigrated with         Mitzvah project. We are thrilled to see our students and
his parents in 1923. Both families left behind extended families      parents involved in these worthwhile projects. Parents, please
that were never heard from again after the war. We can only           feel free to stop in our classes to see what we are doing! We
guess at their fate. Undoubtedly some met their end at Babi           welcome your visits.
Yar. Even if they didn’t, Babi Yar is a sobering reminder and          B'Shalom,
memorial of our people’s troubled past.                                                   Michelle S. Weinberg,

CBS News November/December 2005                                                                                               Page 2
WELCOME NEW MEMBERS!                                          MEN’S CLUB
The past couple months have seen our CBS family grow          The Men‟s Club will meet November 6 for Sunday brunch at
once again. Please join in and welcome them into our          10:00 a.m. for bagels and lox and again on December 4.

Blake, Ali, Jacob (1st) and Tyler (Pre-K) Adkins
                                                              B’NAI MITAVAH
John, Rachael, Sarah (3rd) and Sydney Bunn
Jeff, Melissa, Rachel (8th), Ethan, Sammy and Sarah Edelman   Caitlyn Kayen will come to the bimah for Bat
Ken, Marissa, Rachel (1st) and Daniel Finger                  Mitzvah on Saturday, November 19, 2005 at 10:00
Michael Freed, Jamie Adashek-Freed, Sara (4th) and Jordan     a.m.
           (Pre-K) Freed
                                                              Doniel Kaye will lead services for his Bar Mitzvah on
Todd Levy, Julie Elkins and Analise Levy
Nicholas and Veronica (4th) Lubofsky                          Saturday, December 10, 2005 beginning at 9:00
Leslie, Rachel (8th) and Ethan McGivern                       a.m.
Jeffrey, Jennifer, Rhyan (Pre-K) and Jack Meyers
George Allen, Janet Slate and Samuel (6th) Slate              All members are welcome and encouraged to attend
                                                              our Saturday B’nai Mitzvah services and share in
NEW BOARD MEMBERS                                             the “nacches.”

The following volunteers are the board members for            2005-2006 SCHEDULE
2005/2006. Please contact any of them if you have
questions, concerns or praise about any CBS issue.            In addition to the Friday Shabbat service on November 4,
                                                              there will be a Family Shabbat Dinner on December 2. Bring
Phil Klass - president                                        a non-meat dish to serve 12 and please RSVP to Phil and
Rick Wertheimer - vice president                              Pat Klass at the CBS phone, (303) 794-6643.
Dave and Joan Banko – co-treasurers
Ellen Lean - secretary                                        On December 11 beginning at 10:00 a.m., we will hold our
Darryl Winer - past president                                 annual Chanukah Breakfast and Bazaar. There will be
Pam Wertheimer and Michelle Kayen - sisterhood                latkes and lots of reasonably priced gifts available.
Perry Eckerling - school board president &
         newsletter editor                                    Friday evening Shabbat services resume every two weeks
Joel Lederman and Tom Kayen - at-large, building              after the New Year on January 6.
Martha Menin – at large, membership comm.
Steve Altman - at large                                       TEEN MOVIE NIGHT –
Elliot Troy – at large
                                                              1ST THURSDAY       OF EVERY MONTH         @ 7:00PM
                                                              Our next movie will be shown Thursday evening November
HIGH HOLIDAY SERVICES                                         3, 2005 at 7:00 p.m. The movie on will be “The Hunt for Red
                                                              October.” The next movie will be shown on December 1,
This year‟s Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services were        2005, the title to be announced. Please RSVP to Aaron
wonderfully led by Rabbi Kaye. They were well attended and    Klass at if you are coming.
Beth Shalom saw many new faces. Most non-member
visitors made donations to CBS as requested.
                                                              SHARING THE LIGHTS: AN
There will be a regular Friday evening Shabbat service on                                    th
                                                              Please join us on November 20 from 5:00pm to 7:30pm to
November 4 beginning at 7:30 p.m. An adult                    participate in a discussion. Cynthia Heller will be speaking
education/discussion is included. Bring your thinking caps!   about the holiday dilemma (Christmas and Chanukah).
                                                              Dinner/refreshments and baby sitting will be provided. RSVP
                                                              by Nov. 15th to Ceil Lookner at 303-773-0619 or e-mail her
                                                              at The discussion is open to the
                                                              community. Friends and neighbors are welcome.

CBS News November/December 2005                                                                                   Page 3
                                                            CBS VOLUNTEER OF THE MONTH
The membership committee has been busy this summer                   MARTHA MENIN
getting the word out about CBS to the South Denver          Many of you have seen our wonderful volunteer
Jewish community. Irene Reeves, Ceil Lookner and            of the month, Martha Menin, as she guides
Martha Menin have assembled new membership materials        members in Aliya, or readings on the bima during
and Rick Wertheimer has commenced a mailing campaign        our services. Martha is pivotal in inspiring
to bring out those for whom CBS might be a good fit.        participation by members of our congregation.
The results of the school registration are due in part to   Days before a service, she asks if you will
these efforts. Do you know anyone who would enjoy our       participate, and then makes sure you know the
community? Let them know and bring them to one of our       right "moment" to walk up and be part of the
events.                                                     service in a very special way. She always offers
                                                            thanks, encouragement and even a hug, when
PRAYER BOOKS                                                you return to your seat. Martha has been part of
                                                            Beth Shalom for many years and is a past
                                                            president of the Shul. She serves on the Board
CBS purchased several dozen additional prayer books
                                                            and is an active member of the membership
for our regular services earlier this year. This was done
                                                            committee as well as the Sisterhood. She has a
in part in anticipation of several upcoming events at
                                                            warm heart, a keen sense of timing; she asks the
which we expect high attendance rates. The
                                                            right questions and is a terrific problem solver and
congregations’ tremendous response to the call for
                                                            a good, good friend. We are so fortunate that
dedications in the books has supplemented our funds for     Martha Menin is part of Congregation Beth
the expense of the new books. However, we will still need   Shalom. We celebrate her as our Volunteer of
as many siddurim as we can get. If you find that you have   the Month! Thank you Martha for all that you do
any CBS prayer books at your homes, please return them      and are!!
to the synagogue. This will enable us to have as many
available for guests as possible.                           KINGS SOOPERS CERTIFICATES
KEEP THE FLOW OF PRAYER BOOK                                We all have to buy food! Pat Winer continues to have Kings
DONATIONS GOING                                             Soopers grocery certificates available at services, Sunday
                                                            school, Sisterhood and most other functions. The
                                                            certificates cost you nothing and five percent (5%) goes to
We have currently received donations for 62 Prayer          support Congregation Beth Shalom. The anonymous family
Books. Thank you to everyone who has contributed thus       who has been matching the return to CBS has been
far. Current donations represent about a third of books     generously continuing this challenge grant. Let‟s take
                                                            advantage of this great fundraising method and buy some.
purchased. We encourage everyone to consider                Remember to bring your checkbook to CBS next time you‟re
additional donations. With each donation, a bookplate is    there.
inscribed with your name and any event or celebration
you wish to commemorate and honor. The bookplate is         ENERGY CONSERVATION AT CBS
placed in the prayer book at Shul.
Commemorations include Anniversaries, Bar and Bat           With the coming of winter, CBS always experiences
Mitzvahs, Memorials, Marriages, Births, Graduations etc.    an increase in its expenses for the heating of our
A flyer is included in the November dues statements         building. The media has warned all of us to expect
which can facilitate your donation. Special thanks to       dramatic increases in our bills for natural gas this
Perry Eckerling for printing each of the bookplates, and
                                                            year. This fall, several of our members including
                                                            Perry, Sherry and Drew Eckerling, Tom Kayen and
Miss Mimi and Marge Fisch for inserting the bookplates
                                                            David Gordon have spent their time doing a number
into the siddurim. They look lovely!
                                                            of projects around Beth Shalom to make our energy
                                                            use more efficient. Thanks for their efforts.

CBS News November/December 2005                                                                                Page 4
                                                                   October was King Soopers Gift Certificate
SISTERHOOD NEWS                                                    month – focusing on Hachnasat Orchim or
                                                                   Welcoming Guests Into Our Midst
In September, Sisterhood jump-started the year with
                                                                   November focuses on fighting Hunger -
new faces and new enthusiasm. We reviewed last
                                                                   Ma'akhil R'evim or FeedingtThe Hungry
year’s events and fine-tuned the schedule for this year.
We send a heartfelt thank you to Irene Reeves, our
                                                                   December is about Child Health Awareness-
“retiring” Sisterhood co-facilitator, who worked
                                                                   Bikkur Cholim or Visiting The Sick
tirelessly for the last two years.
                                                                   January is about Animal Rescue – Tza'ar
Our October meeting included socializing and a
                                                                   Ba'alei Hayyim or Compassion To Animals
member trivia scavenger hunt. We found out some
interesting things about new and old members with an
                                                                   February is about Saving the Rain Forest – Bal
icebreaker set of questions. Try to identify the member
                                                                   Tash'hit (Preserving The Earth)
                                                                   March will be announced shortly
1.  Was born in Ashtabula, Ohio?
2.  Worked as a TTY (deaf phone operator) in
                                                                   April will be announced shortly
3. Who met their spouse at a Denver Zephyr’s game
                                                                   May is about Cancer Awareness – Bikkur
    (baseball team before the Rockies)?                            Cholim or Visiting the Sick
(Answers at the end of the article.)
                                                           As part of the MoM program, we had a contest to see
We had fun and still had time to set up for the Oneg       which class could buy the most in KS gift certificates for
for Rosh Hashanah. Sisterhood also sponsored the           the month of October. Below are the final results:
Yom Kippur Break-the-Fast Oneg. We want to thank all
of our volunteers who set up for Rosh Hashanah and                 Pre-K/K $762.50
especially those who helped set up seating for 185 for             1st/2nd         $437.50
the Break-the-Fast. After the fast, many hungry people             3rd/4th         $525
came through the buffet and a great time was had                   5th/6th         $587.50
by all. And why DO they call it a “Fast” when it seems             7th/8th         $537.50
to go so slow?                                                     Total:          $2850 !!
Thank you to Darryl and Pat Winer and company – for        Great job!
the delicious baked goods for Rosh Hashanah and the
wonderful Blintzes for Yom Kippur. I am sure we will       November’s meeting will be the annual pre-
partake in many more delicious meals in the newly          Channukah Jewelry show. Come nosh, browse and
dedicated WINER CAFÉ.                                      shop for those holiday gifts.
Sisterhood has developed the Mitzvah of the Month          December we will be planning our 2nd Annual Mitzvah
(MoM) program. Each month will have a specific             Day for April and getting ready for Channukah.
theme – Hunger, Child Health, Animal Rescue, etc – to
focus on, along with a corresponding Jewish Value –        Remember, Sisterhood dues are only $20 for the whole
thanks to Rabbi Kaye for giving us the value to go with    year! If you haven’t yet paid, bring dues to the
each monthly mitzvah. Below is the schedule of             November meeting. We hope to see you there!
MoM’s, details of each month will be sent out at the
beginning of the month.                                    Answers to the Trivia: 1. Ceil Lookner 2. Michele
                                                           Kayen 3. Irene Reeves
Watch the newsletters, website, emails and handouts
– we will be announcing the details of each Mitzvah of     Pam Wertheimer and Michele Kayen
the Month.                                                 Sisterhood Co-facilitators.

CBS News November/December 2005                                                                                Page 5
CONTRIBUTIONS – YEAR END TAX                                      collected 38 books, and Miss Mimi's and Shelly's class
                                                                  collected 36 books. Also, a special thank you to Kira
PLANNING                                                          Gressman and her family for contributing many excellent
                                                                  books to our own CBS library and for Israel.
If you itemize, you can lower your 2005 tax bill by donating
to charities. Donations made by check are deducted in the         Our computer center is moving along with the additional
year that they are given, even though your bank account           assistance from a new member of the congregation, Scott
may not be debited until the next year. You may also get a        Nathanson, and again to Toby Bartlet for getting the ball
bigger “bang for the buck” by donating appreciated stock          rolling. Additional thanks to Irene Reeves for contributing a
you have held for more than a year. You can deduct to full        screen, and for everyone else for helping in starting this
market value and avoid paying tax on the capital gains.           center. This is really a big job and we all appreciate everyone's
Funds donated to CBS will be used responsibly to pay our          help in organizing and setting up this center.
increased energy bills, property improvements, our
mortgage loan, etc. As always, donations to CBS are fully         Our N-scale model train set is close to completion. We are
tax deductible and are greatly appreciated.                       just putting the finishing touches on it this month. The train
                                                                  will go all around the major cities of Israel. Our students will
                                                                  be assigned the art work for it.
                                                                  Lastly, we have added to our Bible Story art gallery, two new
CBS has had a very exciting first half of the year. We have       outstanding prints. One is by Israeli artist Raphael Abecassis
many new smiling faces in our classrooms and many new             of "King David's Harp," and one is by Israeli artist, Amram
library readers. We are really growing lots of "bananas" on       Ebgi, of "Jacob's Dream." Information about these artists is
our palm tree in our Discovery Center. Our reading program        provided by their pictures. They have had interesting lives.
"Hang Out and Read," is just booming! Thanks to our school        Our art gallery, for all our new (and old) members is located in
store, membership donations and the Molner Foundation, we         the educational building, on the lower level, by the small
are able to provide many new and used books to our library.       chapel. These two exceptional works are really something to
Many thanks to our teachers for involving our students in this    see! I attended a special Israeli art show in Denver and
fun reading program.                                              selected these two pictures. They come from the Safrai Fine
                                                                  Art Gallery in Jerusalem. I hope you all like them. Let me
We will be starting this year two very exciting new projects.     know. They were funded by the Lillian Molner Foundation,
One will be centered on the main theme, being the 350th           with special thanks to Jim Barnard, Trustee, for assisting us
anniversary of the first Jews coming to America, and the          with these purchases.
second will focus on a more in-depth study of a facet of
Judaism. I'm going to hold you in suspense for awhile. I will     We welcome Marge Fisch to our library committee. And, and
be mailing out more details about these two projects this         if anyone else wishes to help, please let me know. We can use
month. I'm sure you will find them most interesting and           help with the school store on Wednesdays before Hebrew
somewhat challenging.                                             school and after Sunday school. We can always use help in
                                                                  the library. For more information just call me at (303) 791-
The library and school has had two very successful                6070.
assignments. One was to write or draw a picture on "How I
Would Make the World Better," and the second a book drive         Have a very happy Chanukah time and many thanks for all
for Israel. Mrs. Weinberg's 3rd/4th grade Sunday school class     your continued supportiveness and assistance.
had the most entries into that contest. Congratulations!
However, all the entries were excellent and it was wonderful      Miss Mimi and the Library Committee
to see the responses to this important question. Many thanks
to George and Susie Cohan for judging all these entries (it
took them about 2 hours). All the entries will be on exhibit in
                                                                  CBSNEWS ARTICLE SUBMISSION
our student lounge.
                                                                  Contact Perry Eckerling if you have something you
We collected many boxes of books for Israel, and many             would like included in the CBSNews or on the CBS
thanks to Elliot Troy for coordinating this special "mitzvah"     website ( You can contact him
project. We are so lucky to have such energetic and caring        at, or call him at (303)
members in our congregation. The two top classes that             971-6695.
collected the most books were Miss Shannon's pre-k/k class

CBS News November/December 2005                                                                                            Page 6
THE GREAT TOWER OF FOOD                                       THANK YOU
We are building a TOWER OF FOOD this month as                 The following people donated to the General Fund:
part of our Mitzvah of the Month program. Our tower          Elaine and Mel Cantor in Memory of Marcelo Behar
will start with canned goods on the bottom and               Joan and Dave Banko in Memory of Jonnie Altman
proceed to non-perishable boxes toward the top.              Qwest of Colorado on behalf of Rick Wertheimer’s
Please bring canned goods for the weeks of Nov 6,             volunteer hours at CBS
13 and boxed goods for the weeks of Nov 20, 27. On           The Molner Foundation continues to donate generously
Nov 27th - we will construct our tower at the school
                                                              and substantially to the purchase of educational
entrance. Keep your donations in your classrooms.
                                                              materials for our religious school and library as well as
The class with the most donations will be awarded a
prize. Let's see how tall we can build our fantastic          for advertisements of our programs in the local press.
TOWER OF FOOD. Who thinks we can build it to the
top of the wall? The resulting donations will be given       Thank-you to Principal Weinberg and our religious school
to Jewish Family Services.                                    students for their recent donation to the American Red
Also, bring $1.25 for a Hunger Site bracelet to show
your support. We are giving 300 cups of food by               The following people donated to the
buying bracelets.                                             Sandy Gudowitz Memorial Education/Library Fund:
                                                             The Molner Foundation for advertising, school and
See the flyers around CBS for facts about hunger
                                                              library supplies
                                                             Ceil and Bill Lookner in Memory of Michelle Weinberg’s
DONATIONS                                                     Mother and Aunt

Your charitable donation to Congregation Beth Shalom          The following people donated to the Rabbi’s Fund:
will be acknowledged in the next issue of CBS news.
Your contributions are tax deductible and help us            Ralph and Marjory Fisch in Loving Memory of Marcelo
preserve and expand our programs, school and                  Behar
synagogue. Please send donations to Dave and Joan
Banko at P.O. BOX 685, CASTLE ROCK, CO 80104                  ATTENTION VETERANS
          Siddur Sim Shalom ($25)
          Herz Chumash ($30)                                  From Jim Barnard,
         General Fund                                         Commander, Capt. Ellis David Greene Post 344
         Sandy Gudowitz Memorial Education/Library Fund       Jewish War Veterans of the U.S.A.
         Building Fund
         Rabbi’s Fund                                         All veterans are invited to join the JWV. Our next
         Other                                                meeting will be Sunday, 13 Nov 2005, at 10:00 hrs, at
                                                              Temple Sinai. A bagels & lox breakfast will be available.
Please accept my donation in the amount of $________.         Cost is $5.00 per person.
Personalized to say:                                          For more information, call (303) 791-6114.

CBS News November/December 2005                                                                                   Page 7
FOR THOSE IN NEED OF HEALING:                               Jan. 5      Teen Movie Night                  7:00 p.m.
MI SHEBEIRACH                                               Jan. 6      Shabbat Service                   7:30 p.m.
                                                            Jan. 8      Men‟s Club/Sisterhood Meeting    10:00 a.m.
                                                            Jan. 15     No Religious School
Mi she-bei-rach a-vo-tei-nu
                                                            Jan. 20     Shabbat Service, Adult Education 7:30 p.m.
M'kor ha-bra-cha l'imo-tei-nu                               Jan. 28     President‟s Dinner                7:00 p.m.
May the Source of Strength
Who blessed the ones before us,                             Emergency number for Wed. and Sun.: 303 901-2902
Help us find the courage,
To make our lives a blessing                                RSVP:
And let us say, 'Amen.'
                                                              Presidents Dinner, Family Shabbat Dinners, Sukkot,
                                                                Father’s Day events:
Mi she-bei-rach I-mo-tei-nu,
M'kor ha-bra-cha l'a-vo-tei-nu                                      Pat or Phil Klass 303 730-7131
Bless those in need of healing,                               Tu B’ Shevat Seder, Purim, Simchat Torah, Shavuot,
With r-fu-a sh'lei-ma                                           Sukkot and other school events:
The renewal of body,                                                Michelle Weinberg 303 791-6804
The renewal of spirit,                                        Sisterhood events:
And let us say, „Amen‟                                              Michele Kayen: 303 290-8800 or
                                                                    Pam Wertheimer: 303 221-1669
LEAH COHEN FESTIVAL OF JEWISH BOOKS AND                       Men’s Club and Passover events:
                                                                    Darryl Winer 303 791-1088
                                                              CHAI and Sharing the Lights Discussion:
Nov. 27 - Dec. 18, 2005
at the Mizel Center for Arts & Culture,                             Ceil Lookner 303 773-0619
350 S. Dahlia St., Denver                                     Young Judaea:
New Book Sales -                                                    Janet Smith 303 755 4333
JCC, 350 S. Dahlia St., Denver                                Teen Movie Night:
M - Th. 9:00 AM - 6:00 P.M.                                         Aaron Klass 303 730-7131
Fri. & Sun. 10:00 A.M. - 3 P.M.
Admission Free
For more information: 303-316-6360

Nov. 3      Teen Movie Night                   7:00 p.m.
Nov. 4      Shabbat Service, Adult Edu.        7:30 p.m.
Nov. 6      Men‟s Club/Sisterhood Meeting     10:00 a.m.
Nov. 19     Caitlyn Kayen Bat Mitzvah         10:00 a.m.
Nov. 20     Sharing the Lights Discussion      5:00 p.m.
Nov. 23     No Hebrew School
Nov. 27     No Religious School

Dec. 1      Teen Movie Night                    7:00 p.m.
Dec. 2      Family Shabbat Dinner               6:30 p.m.
Dec. 4      Men‟s Club/Sisterhood Meeting     10:00 a.m.
Dec. 10     Doniel Kaye Bar Mitzvah             9:00 a.m.
Dec. 11     Chanukah Breakfast / Bazaar       10:00 a.m.
Dec. 11     Rose Medical Center Chanukah
            Celebration           10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Dec. 21     No Hebrew School
Dec. 25     No Religious School
Dec. 28     No Hebrew School

Jan. 1      No Religious School

CBS News November/December 2005                                                                              Page 8
                                      With the richness of tradition
                                      and the promise of tomorrow,
                                      we invite you to share this special moment
                                      as our son

              ‫דניאל‬                   Doniel Gershon
                                      becomes a Bar Mitzvah
                                      On Saturday, December 10, 2005
                                      At nine o’clock in the morning
                                      9 Kislev 5766

                                      Congregation Beth Shalom
                                      6116 South Pennsylvania Street
                                      Centennial, Colorado 80121

                                                      RSVP to Rabbi Jeff & Rhonda Kaye
                                                      By November 18 at:
             In honor of this special occasion,
Doniel will make a contribution to Hadassah Youth Aliyah
          Children at Risk Youth Village in Israel
                                      CBS ADVERTISING

Congregation Beth Shalom member Mickey Rovner has been the number one
sales representative at Burt Toyota for 13 consecutive years. Nationally and
regionally recognized by Toyota for sales and customer service excellence, he
guarantees a no hassle, pressure free experience and vows never to lose a sale
due to price. Call him at 303-250-2124 or 303-789-6525 for any auto or truck
needs, Toyota or other, new or used. He will donate $100 to the shul for any
vehicle sold to a Congregation member or referral. Just remember to say you
heard about him thru the CBS newsletter or from a synagogue member.

                                  WANTED: U.S. Coins
If you or someone you know has a collection or estate of U.S. coins to sell, please call Bruce Goldstein.
I will give you a valuation and a fair offer. Thank you! (720) 641-5231
                     UPCOMING EVENTS

                           Sunday, November 6, 2005
                            10:00 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.

                          Sponsored by CBS Sisterhood

                      Variety of jewelry in all price ranges
                   Domestically-made and Israeli-made Jewelry

                   Get your shopping done early for Chanukah


                           Sunday, November 20, 2005
                             5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

                             Non-members welcome

                            Facilitator, Cynthia Heller

                         Babysitting available for children

    R.S.V.P. Ceil Lookner by November 15, 303-773-0619 or

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