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Macquarie Bank Term Deposits by liaoqinmei


									Macquarie Bank
Term Deposits
Client information

Macquarie Cash Solutions
Macquarie Bank Term Deposits – lock in a fixed rate
for greater income certainty

 ■   Competitive interest rates across a range of terms
 ■   No establishment or account keeping fees
 ■   Easy application and management through your adviser

Competitive interest rates across                                  Features and benefits at a glance
a range of terms                                                    Minimum investment              $10,000
Whichever term you choose, you can be confident that you            Competitive interest rate       4
will receive a competitive interest rate on your Macquarie
                                                                    Term                            You can choose a term
Bank Term Deposit.
                                                                                                    between one month and
Please ask your adviser for the current interest rates:                                             two years. Once you have
                                                                                                    opened your account, the
  Term                           Rate as at*:      /      /                                         deposit amount, term and
                                                                                                    interest rate are fixed until
 1 month                                                      pa                                    maturity
 2 months                                                     pa    Account keeping fees            Nil
                                                                    Interest payment                Interest is paid on maturity
 3 months                                                     pa
                                                                                                    for terms of up to one
 4 months                                                     pa                                    year, and annually on the
                                                                                                    two year term. Interest may
 6 months                                                     pa                                    be electronically credited
 9 months                                                     pa                                    to your nominated bank
                                                                                                    account or upon maturity,
 1 year                                                       pa                                    reinvested to your term
                                                                                                    deposit account
 2 years                                                      pa
                                                                   Macquarie Bank Term Deposits are also available on
                                                                   Macquarie Wrap and are SMSF-ready.

                                                                   Easy application and management
                                                                   through your adviser
                                                                   ■   Quick and easy application process through your adviser
                                                                   ■   Online access to view your Macquarie accounts
                                                                   ■   Ability to give your adviser access to view your account
                                                                       and manage it online on your behalf
                                                                   To easily transfer funds from an existing Macquarie cash
                                                                   account into a Macquarie Term Deposit, and have your
                                                                   adviser manage this for you, simply complete an Adviser
                                                                   limited third party authority – authorisation form.
Frequently asked questions                                               Exceptional service
                                                                         Macquarie Bank Term Deposits are supported by our
How long will it take to set up my term deposit?
                                                                         specialist staff who are renowned for their efficient, friendly
Your term deposit can be set up on the same day. The                     service and product knowledge.
account will begin to accrue interest if your application is
                                                                         Our commitment to service means you speak to a real
received by Macquarie before 3pm on any business day,
                                                                         person every time. For Macquarie, it is all about delivering a
either by post or fax to 1300 736 967.
                                                                         great client experience.
Can I withdraw my funds early?
You are able to withdraw funds from your term deposit before
the agreed maturity date, however fees may apply.

What happens at maturity?
When your deposit matures, you have a number of options.
You can:
■    rollover the initial deposit and interest into another term
■    rollover the initial deposit into another term deposit and
     have the interest paid to your nominated bank account
■    change the amount or term of your investment when it rolls
■    have the initial deposit and interest paid to your nominated
     bank account.
If you do nothing, your term deposit principal and interest
automatically rolls over for the same term at the rate quoted
on that day. Your adviser can help manage this for you.
If you have any questions or require more information, we
recommend you speak to your financial adviser.

    Market leaders in cash management
    Macquarie has been a leader in cash management for three decades. Macquarie’s cash management solutions are used by
    more than 400,000 investors and more than 10,000 financial advisers.
    Macquarie has built this position through exceptional service and innovative features and functionality, purpose-built for
    advised clients.
    Suite of Macquarie Cash Solutions

                      Term Deposit                           Cash Management Account               Cash XL

     Description      Competitive interest rates across a    The next generation cash hub with     High rate, online cash account
                      range of terms                         a competitive rate

     What’s it for?   Lock in a fixed rate for greater       Central cashflow management           Maximise growth on cash
                      income certainty                       system                                needed soon
                                                                          For more information speak
                                                                          to your financial adviser
                                                                          or contact Macquarie.

                                                                                   1300 739 980

 * Rates are indicative and subject to change, the rate you get is the rate on the day your deposit is banked. Interest rates apply on balances of between $10,000 and $1 million. Interest is paid on maturity for terms
   of up to 1 year, and annually on the 2 year term. For other rates and terms please call 1800 005 056.
 Macquarie Group is regulated by APRA, the Australian banking regulator, as the holding company of an Australian bank (Macquarie Bank Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Macquarie Group). Macquarie Bank Limited
 has been a licensed bank since 1985. Macquarie Bank Limited is an authorised deposit taker under the Australian Banking Act 1959.
 The Macquarie Bank Term Deposit, the Macquarie Cash Management Account and Macquarie Cash XL are deposit accounts provided by Macquarie Bank Limited ABN 46 008 583 542, AFSL 237502. Fees and
 charges may be payable. Terms and conditions are available upon request.
 This information does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Therefore, in deciding whether to acquire or continue to hold an investment in the above products, you should consider the
 relevant offer document, which is available from us.
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