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					2008 Year in Review
  VNA of Hudson Valley
Letter from the President

  I am pleased to present our annual report for
    2008 for the VNA of Hudson Valley and our
  family of organizations. The year was full of
                                                       and consistent provider
                                                       of the highest quality
                                                       services. Although we
  challenges and firsts, but a constant remained:       did experience a drop
  the level of quality care we provided to the         in donations, we were
  community.                                           able to maintain our
                                                       fiscal stability due to
  Home care continues to be in great demand as         the proactive approach
  there are ever increasing needs from a population    in minimizing expenses
  that continues to live longer and wishes to          throughout the entire
  remain in their homes. There is a push towards       organization.
  community based services as they have proven
  to be cost effective and successful in helping       With a 111 year history
  individuals recover and rehabilitate.                of providing the highest quality home care services
                                                       in Westchester County, the VNA of Hudson Valley
  The expansion of our Telehealth program              is firmly established as a leader in the home care
  increased the number of individuals who can          field. With the continued support of our friends
  be served by remotely accessing their vital signs    and community, we will continue our tradition
  as well as having the capability of viewing and      well into the future positively affecting the health
  speaking with them; often avoiding unnecessary       of our families, friends and neighbors.
  trips to the hospital. Technology continues to
  offer more options in patient care and supports      Thank you for your confidence in us.
  the efforts of our dedicated professionals whereby
  acting as an enhancement to our services.            Sincerely,

  2008 brought about a financial crisis that our
  nation has not seen in some time. This economic
  challenge re-enforced the need to continually        Michele A. Quirolo
  maximize resources in order to be a productive       President & CEO


      VNA & Hospice Care Foundation of Hudson Valley                                                   02

      Visiting Nurse Association of Hudson Valley                                                      03

      Hospice Care in Westchester & Putnam                                                             05

      VNA Home Health Services                                                                         07

      Honor Roll of Donors                                                                             09
                        VNA & Hospice Care Foundation of Hudson Valley

I n 2008, the entire nation was affected by a financial crisis,
  the scope of which hasn’t been felt in several decades.
Our organization felt it with a decrease in contributions.
Although we did experience the drop in donations, we had
many donors who continued to renew their commitment to
our mission.
Fundraising in these economic times is more challenging
than ever. We rely on public support to help with insurance
reimbursement shortfalls and to fund programs that we
offer free of charge to our patients and the community at
large. Our dedication to serving the public’s healthcare
needs drives the programs offered at no cost, especially
to underserved members of the community including
homebound seniors. We will continue to pursue our work
towards offering health services for the benefit of the entire
We thank all of our donors in 2008 as well as those in past
years and ask that you kindly remember us when making
your philanthropic decisions. Your support of the VNA of
Hudson Valley contributes to the well being of all residents
who need our services.

Board of Directors
Visiting Nurse Association of Hudson Valley
Hospice Care in Westchester & Putnam
VNA Home Health Services
George T. Erbe, Ph.D.                                                                  Chairperson
Janet Ready                                                              Vice Chairperson/Secretary
John Heimerdinger                                                                        Treasurer
Peter Burchell                                                                    Member at Large
Martha Nierenberg                                                                 Member at Large
Richard Halevy, Carla Herman, Thomas Poccia, John Spicer, Clark Walter

VNA & Hospice Care Foundation of Hudson Valley
Nancy Borner                                                                           Chairperson
Hope Levene                                                          1st Vice Chairperson/Secretary
John Heimerdinger                                                                        Treasurer
Peter Burchell                                                                    Member at Large
George T. Erbe, Ph.D.                                                             Member at Large
Charles Barton, Adela Elow, Virginia Flood, Maryrose Furci,
Richard Halevy, Sue Kelly, Suzanne Swanson
                                                                     Year in Review    2008   2
Visiting Nurse Association of Hudson Valley

        Reaching out to those
  “     in need is at the heart
        of what we do.            “
    3   Year in Review   2008
                                             Visiting Nurse Association of Hudson Valley

Q     uality, performance and fiscal responsibility are ingrained
      in what we do, and are at the core of the VNA’s mission.
For the third consecutive year, the Visiting Nurse Association
                                                                                    Patients Served
                                                                              (Unduplicated): 4,409
of Hudson Valley has proven that it continues to deliver on
its mission of commitment by being named a Home Care                                        Total Visits:
Elite Agency for 2008; a designation given to organizations
which rank in the top 25% of Medicare-certified providers
                                                                                 Patient Satisfaction:
How do we achieve this? With over 110 years experience,
highly trained and compassionate staff, and access to the latest                                 97%
technology, the VNA of Hudson Valley delivers – serving all
who need us regardless of their ability to pay.                             Average Length of Stay:
Staying ahead of the curve, the VNA continually seeks out                                  26 days
new ways to deliver cost effective care utilizing state-of-the-
art technology. The acquisition of new Telehealth units has
allowed us to expand our patient-based technology initiatives,
                                                                             Patient Demographics:
doubling the capacity of patients who are served. The new                             Female: 62%
machines enable daily transmission of patient vital signs for                           Male: 38%
monitoring and offer educational components for patients
to become more pro-active in their care. The VNA was the                           Caucasian: 80%
first home healthcare organization to introduce Telehealth to                African-American: 15%
Westchester County back in 2003 and continues to offer the
largest and most advanced program in the area.
                                                                                      Hispanic: 3%
                                                                                         Asian: 1%
Responding to the continued push for healthcare providers to
move to a paperless environment, the VNA had over 97% of
its nursing staff working on laptops in 2008. VNA therapists,                               Age Profile:
social workers and other direct care professionals were also                              Under 18: 5%
trained on laptop usage for patient visits. Computerized
technology has reduced processing time and expenses, helping
                                                                                           18 - 64: 18%
the VNA make strides toward becoming more efficient and                                    65 plus: 77%
certainly “Greener.”

Reaching out to those in need is at the heart of what we do.        Maternal Child Health Program:
The VNA has expanded its community outreach program by                       140 newborns/mothers
providing education and screening services to those residing                         139 pediatrics
in senior housing facilities throughout Westchester County.
Funded solely by the VNA, these workshops offer participants
the opportunity to learn about topics ranging from diabetes                                 Telehealth:
and heart disease to exercise and aromatherapy; all designed                               133 patients
to educate the individual on issues that affect their health and
encourage greater self-care.
                                                                             Community Outreach:
The VNA continues to work closely with area schools including
Pace University and Dominican College, offering clinical
                                                                             1,500 flu inoculations
training sites for nursing students. Graduate students from                15 blood pressure clinics
Mercy College and Fordham University are also mentored by
executives in the organization, offering an invaluable experience
in the world of home care.

Providing quality care, reaching out to those in need, and
helping to train future home care professionals are aspects that
punctuate why the VNA continues to be a leader in home care
and an important part of the healthcare community – locally
and beyond.
                                                                         Year in Review      2008   4
Hospice Care in Westchester & Putnam

       Making the most of every
 “     moment for our patients
       and their families.         “
   5   Year in Review   2008
                                                     Hospice Care in Westchester & Putnam

A    s the largest provider of end of life hospice services in
     Westchester County and the only provider in Putnam
County, Hospice Care provides a comprehensive array of
                                                                   Patients Served (Unduplicated): 612

programs designed to treat the physical, emotional and                        Total Care Days: 32,293
spiritual needs of the individual and their family. Hospice
Care also serves the community at large by offering an                            Total Visits: 20,542
extensive array of bereavement programs offered free of
charge to all residents.                                                                8,337 nursing
                                                                                    1,545 social work
Those who have used hospice services know the numerous
benefits to the patient and family, but many individuals are                              337 chaplain
unaware of how hospice can help. Community outreach                                        2 dietician
and education are vital components to making sure that
hospice benefits are recognized by the medical community
                                                                               9,943 home health aide
and general public. In 2008, Hospice Care continued its                                  113 therapist
participation as a sponsor for the End of Life Coalition                              265 healing arts
which served to educate the community and healthcare
professionals about end of life care. Staff members at
Hospice Care are also actively involved in community                  Average Length of Stay: 50 days
outreach including working with cancer support teams,
area hospitals, nursing homes, and other disease specific                       Volunteer Hours: 2,105

Providing care in the home includes serving individuals                        Patient Demographics:
residing in adult homes, nursing homes or those requiring
hospitalization. Hospice Care in Westchester & Putnam
                                                                                       Female: 61.9%
also works closely with the Veterans Administration                                      Male: 38.1%
to coordinate care for any veteran requiring services.                                Caucasian: 90%
Construction began on the Hospice Rooms at Northern
Westchester Hospital Center. These rooms are made                             African-American: 5.7%
available to Hospice patient’s who must be in an acute                                Hispanic: 2.5%
care setting and wish to have their family with them. By
opening a pocket door between two specially designed
                                                                                          Other: 1%
hospital rooms, a suite is created offering accommodations
for family members to stay with their loved one. These                                       Age Profile:
rooms are slated to open in 2009.
                                                                                          Under 18: 1%
In addition to our highly trained staff, an integral part of                             18 - 64: 12.5%
the Hospice program pertains to the selfless work done by
our highly trained volunteers; being a friend, offering an ear
                                                                                         65 plus: 86.7%
to listen or a hand to hold or giving a family member some
respite time. During the year, there were 63 volunteers                          Bereavement Support:
who gave 2,105 hours of their time to assist with caring
for Hospice patients.
                                                                                  657 counseling visits
                                                                             62 support group sessions
Our pastoral support program serves to provide one on one
visits with patients and families as well as to train members
                                                                              7 educational workshops
of numerous religious organizations to help prepare them to
assist with their own congregants facing end of life illness.                        The Caring Circle:
We also hold annual memorial services open to all family
members offering an opportunity to remember loved ones
                                                                                    183 children served
and to be with others who have experienced a loss too.                              113 families served
Focusing on quality of life, Hospice Care combines
traditional medicine, holistic and alternative therapies,        Healing Arts Program: 382 total visits
spiritual counseling and volunteer support to assist the
patient and their family during life’s most fragile moment.
                                                                            Year in Review   2008   6
VNA Home Health Services

       We’ve been providing
 “     evaluations, guidance, and
       caregivers to assist families

       for almost two decades.
       Year in Review   2008
                                                                VNA Home Health Services

A    s our population continues to live longer, many more
     people are faced with questions like: “Who can help
our loved one, when we cannot be there?” “Where do I go
                                                                                Patients Served
                                                                            (Unduplicated): 309
to get Mom help staying at home?” “What services are
available to Dad now that he is home from the hospital?”             Hours of Service Provided:
The answers to these and many more are found at VNA
Home Health Services. We’ve been providing evaluations,
guidance, and caregivers to assist families faced with these
challenges for almost two decades.                                      Average Length of Stay:
In 2008, VNA HHS expanded VNA Caring Link, a
                                                                                       90 days
Geriatric Care Management Program, by partnering with
social workers and elder care attorneys. Individuals who                 Patient Demographics:
are in the process of having an attorney apply for Medicaid
benefits can now receive immediate assistance from VNA
                                                                                  Female: 94%
HHS while their application is pending. This can mean                                Male: 6%
the difference between staying home or moving to an                            Caucasian: 97%
institutional setting – the place of choice being home.
                                                                        African-American: 13%
Responding to a shortage of home health aides, VNA                                Hispanic: 1%
HHS reinstated a training program for home health aide
certification that was sanctioned by the NYS Department
                                                                                    Other: 1%
of Health. During the year, 18 students who participated
in one of three courses offered, graduated and were
                                                                                        Age Profile:
offered employment. The curriculum is taught by VNA                                   41 - 60: 10%
professionals from many disciplines including registered                              61 - 80: 75%
nurses, physical therapists and hospice specialists. Students
must pass all course requirements and complete supervised                             80 plus: 15%
patient visits in order to receive certification. The home
health aide training program serves a two fold purpose:               Patient Satisfaction: 97%
providing assistance to many senior residents in the county,
while offering employment opportunities in an economy
with high unemployment rates.                                             18 students trained as
                                                                            Home Health Aides
Serving Westchester and Putnam County can be challenging
at times as many of the northern areas are more remote
and there is limited access to public transportation. VNA
HHS continues to offer its van service to transport aides
to and from individual homes, serving those who reside in
hard to reach areas.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has indicated that
employment is expected to increase by 15.6 million jobs
during a ten year period that began in 2006. Almost 75%
of this growth will be in service positions. In the number
three spot is home health aides with a projected growth
of 48.7%. It is clear that this trend is in direct response
to our population living longer and wishing to remain
in the comfort and safety of their own homes. VNA
HHS continues to be pro-active in meeting the needs of
individuals requiring assistance and those wishing to gain
employment in a growing industry.

                                                                     Year in Review     2008   8
Honor Roll of Donors

  A & T Healthcare                               Mr. and Mrs. Raymond M. Brett
  Mr. David Aaron                                Ms. Linda Buckiewicz
  Ms. Randi Abramowitz                           Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Bumstead
  Mr. Michael Accocella                          Mr. and Mrs. Peter Burchell
  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ahrens                     Ms. Olga F. Burgett
  Mr. Charles Aitcheson                          Johst and Anna Burk
  Alexander, Troy & Company                      Mr. and Mrs. John B. Burke
  All Aboard on the Hudson, LLC                  Mr. John B. Burke, Jr.
  All State Air Control                          Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Bushel
  Mr. and Mrs. Andrew D. Allison                 Cabrini of Westchester
  Mr. and Mrs. John Almeida                      Cadwalader Wickersham & Taft
  Ancient Order of Hibernians                    Mr. Bruno Campea
  Mrs. Karin H. Anderson                         Dr. Neil J. Capolongo and Dr. Gina Lodolini
  Ms. Carin M. Andresen                          Ms. Catherine Cardillo
  Jean and Jan Anthony                           Careseekers, Inc.
  Mr. and Mrs. Peter Appel                       Ms. Patricia A. Carey
  Arborscape Inc.                                Ms. Joan A. Carney
  Mr. and Mrs. Lee L. Archer                     Mr. and Mrs. Lee V. Carrozzi
  Mr. and Mrs. Philip M. Arena                   Mr. and Mrs. Mark Castiglione
  Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Atkins                  Ms. Rosemarie Cerrone
  Ms. Renee L. Aubry and Mr. Michael Rodriques   Mr. Hollis Chase
  Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Aufsesser              Cherry Tire Service Inc.
  Auto Body Craftsmen’s Guild                    Ciba Corporation
  Automated Control Logic Inc.                   Clark Associates Funeral Home
  Dorothy A. Baldwin                             Clark, Gagliardi & Miller, P.C. Attorneys &
  Allison and Mark Bamford                       Counselors at Law
  Mr. and Mrs. George O. Baratta                 Ms. Mary L. Clifford
  Mr. and Mrs. David Barnett                     Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Clinton
  Mr. Andrew J. Baroncelli                       Coffee Distributing Corporation
  Reverend and Mrs. Charles R. Barton            Mrs. Alice S. Cohen
  Mrs. Elizabeth Beardsley                       Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Cohen
  Mrs. Suzanne R. Beatty                         Ms. Shannon Cohen
  Mr. and Mrs. John C. Beck                      Mr. and Mrs. Joe Colao
  Bedford Village Lions Club                     Cold Spring Lions Club
  Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bennett                      Concept: CARE
  Ms. Susan Berkow                               Mr. and Mrs. Frank Connelly
  Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Berman                    Dr. and Mrs. John J. Connolly
  Best Round Golf Car Repair                     Consolidated Plumbing Supply Company Inc.
  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Beyer                      Contemporary Club of Pleasantville
  BioScrip, Inc.                                 Ms. Elaine Cooney
  Ms. Edith E. Bishop                            Christina A. Coons
  Ms. Laura B. Blau and Mr. Michael Citro        Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Corlett
  Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Bluestone               Mr. and Mrs. Albert W. Cornachio
  Mr. and Mrs. David Boies                       Mr. and Mrs. Skip Cornelius
  Bolnick & Snow LLP                             Corporate Benefit Solutions
  Mr. Eugene L. Bondy                            Mr. and Mrs. Derek Correia
  Mr. and Mrs. Steven P. Borner                  Barbara and Ernie Cortegiano
  Mrs. Lillian M. Bosio                          Ms. Melinda Cosention
  Mr. Paul Bourquin                              Vincent Costa
  Mr. and Mrs. Philip Bowers                     Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Costello
  Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Bradley                   Mrs. Christina M. Cowles
  Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Bradlow                  Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd B. Cox, Jr.
  Mr. Robert R. Branson                          Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd B. Cox III
  Rev. and Mrs. Brian C. Brennan                 Mr. and Mrs. J. Jeffers Cox

     9     Year in Review      2008
                                                                 Honor Roll of Donors

Ms. Camille Cristofero                           Mr. Louis M. Ferrara
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Croese                        Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Mrs. Sally S. Cross                              Fiduciary Trust Company International
Mr. and Mrs. David Crummy                        Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Filippone
Ms. Allyson Curtis                               Financial Medical Systems, Inc.
Mr. Robert A. Cutting                            Mr. John Finegan
Mr. Mario J. Daddino                             Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Finn
Mrs. Ann T. Darcy                                Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas B. Finn
Dave & Bunny Center Family Foundation, Inc.      Ms. Patricia M. Finn
Mr. Robert J. Davis                              Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Finn
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard T. De Luca                   First Congregational Church
John and Lenore deCsepel                         First Manhattan Co.
Clem DeFelice                                    First Presbyterian Church of Yorktown
Ms. Evelyn D. Delanoy                            Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Fiscella
Ms. Francesca A. DeLasho                         Mrs. Kathleen Fischbein
Robert Dell Angelo                               Ms. Marilyn Fishman
Mr. Anthony DeLuca and Ms. Theresa Gallagher     Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Fleming
Ms. Linda P. Denison                             Mr. and Mrs. James J. Flood
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Denyko                    Mrs. Citty Foley
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Dickey                   Mr. and Mrs. Andrew H. Forrester
Ms. Virginia DiMase                              Ms. Harriet L. Foster
Peter M. DiPaola                                 Four Winds Hospital
Dominican Sisters Family Health Services, Inc.   Mrs. Patricia Fournier
The Dow Chemical Foundation                      Mr. Peter Freund
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Dowling                    Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Freydberg
Edith and Arlene Dreyer                          Mr. Donald Fried
Ms. Shari Dubray                                 Mr. and Mrs. Tom Furci
Dr. Marian Dunn                                  Ms. Angelina Fusco
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Dunnigan                     Mr. and Mrs. Philip Gach
Ms. Lauren Dustin                                Mr. and Mrs. James Gallop
Ms. Cynthia Dwyer                                Mr. and Mrs. George M. Garfunkel
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Dyche                   Ronald Garfunkel
Eastchester Democratic Committee                 GE Foundation
Mr. John A. Ebner                                Mr. and Mrs. Scott L. Gerber
Mr. and Mrs. Levent Edepli                       Mr. Joseph Gershenov
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Egan                      Mrs. Virginia Getz
Elena’s Boutique                                 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Ginnel
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Elow                       Ms. Gina Givone
Mrs. Elizabeth M. Emmerich                       Mr. and Mrs. James D. Glascott
Dr. Maureen D. Empfield                           Mr. and Mrs. Peter Glaser
Mr. and Mrs. Howard D. Epstein                   Glickenhaus Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. George T. Erbe                      Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Glickman
ESD                                              Mr. and Mrs. Patrick C. Golden, Jr.
Mr. Ronald Esposito                              Mr. David M. Goodson
Ms. Joyce L. Espy                                Mr. William Gormley
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Evison                        Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gottsegen
Excellerx Inc.                                   Mr. and Mrs. William Gourd
Extended Care Concepts                           Granna’s Restaurant
Ms. Gertrude E. Fahey                            Mr. Harry C. Gray
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Faitakes                         Kathy and Brian Green
Robert Falise                                    Ms. Joan Greene
Mr. and Ms. George Fancher                       Greenrock Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence M. Farley                  Ms. Susan T. Greenstein
Harold Federman, M.D.                            Ms. Susan E. Greenwald
Mrs. Kirk P. Ferguson

                                                                 Year in Review      2008   10
Honor Roll of Donors

  Mr. and Mrs. Donald Gregg                    Ms. Donna Javier
  Dr. Gerald B. Greitzer                       Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies
  Ms. Suzanne E. Griffiths                      Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Jones
  Mrs. Claire Grimes                           Mr. John T. Jones
  Mr. Jesse Gross                              John and Ruth Jones
  Ms. Mary S. Gruning                          Nancy and Timothy Joyce
  Mr. and Mrs. Gennaro Grutteria               Mr. and Mrs. Stefan Kampe
  Ms. Marie M. Guerin                          Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kanarek
  Guideposts                                   Ms. Wendy Katt
  Ms. Kathleen Haas                            Keegan Agency
  Mr. and Mrs. Richard Halevy                  Ms. Patricia H. Keesee
  Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Hall                      Mr. and Mrs. Edmund J. Kelly
  Mr. and Mrs. John J. Halleron III            Ms. Sue Kelly
  Mr. and Mrs. Richard Handler                 Ms. Marion G. Kendall
  Handy and Harman Foundation                  Mrs. Kerry Kennedy
  Mr. and Mrs. William P. Harrington           Hon. and Mrs. Henry V. Kensing
  Mr. and Mrs. Kurt B. Harrison                Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Kern
  Mr. and Mrs. Maurice H. Hartigan II          Leona and Ralph Kern
  Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Hartmann              Mr. and Mrs. Francis Kernan, Jr.
  Mr. and Mrs. Pete Haskell                    Marguerite and Sohaib Khan
  Ms. Louise Hawley                            Mr. and Mrs. Wilmot H. Kidd III
  Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Hawryluk               Mr. and Mrs. John Kilgallon
  Ms. Lauren G. Hayes                          Mr. Donald J. Kilgus
  Dr. Scott Hayworth                           Kenneth and Wanda Kilroy
  Ms. June D. Heffernan                        Ms. Julie N. Kim
  Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Heffernan               Mr. Paul Kinkel
  Mr. and Mrs. John F. Heimerdinger            Ms. Florence Kirkwood
  Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Heironimus            Dr. Samuel C. Klagsbrun
  Ms. Audrey Helps                             Kleen Sweep Container Service Inc.
  Mr. and Mrs. Ralf Hennig                     Dr. Ivo M. Klima
  Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Herzog                 Knights of Columbus
  Highland Food Sales, Inc.                    Mr. and Mrs. James E. Koegel
  Mr. Donald E. Hill                           Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Kortick
  Mrs. Joyce Ho Tai                            Ms. Janet Krikorian
  Mr. and Mrs. John G. Hoare                   Mr. and Mrs. James B. Lahey
  Mr. and Mrs. William Holler                  Lake Mahopac Rotary Club
  Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Horn                   Mr. H.K. Lampert
  Horticultural Solutions LLC                  Carolyn and Craig Lancaster
  Ms. Katherine A. Hrabsky                     Mr. Jeffrey A. Lander
  Ms. Margaret Hudson                          Ms. Janet Langsam
  Hudson Valley Hospital Center                Lanier
  Ms. Maria Hughes                             Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. LaPorta
  Human Resources Agency of New Britain Inc.   Ms. Alison Larkin
  Mrs. Dawn Hyland                             Ms. Bridget Lawlor
  IBM Corporation                              Mr. and Mrs. John P. Layendecker
  IBM Employee Services Center                 Ms. Hyacinth E. Lee
  iGive.com Holdings LLC                       Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lee
  Mr. and Mrs. Peter Igoe                      Ms. Rosemarie D. Lehman
  Ms. Jeanne Irwin                             Margaret Lenci and Michael McKenna
  Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Italie                    Ms. Judy Leo
  J.D. Hendler/Associates LLC                  Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Levene, Jr.
  Jackson Lewis, LLP                           Dr. and Mrs. Abe Levy
  Ms. Carol Jaconetti                          Lewisboro Senior Adults
  James M. Gargan CPA                          Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan A. Lipman

     11    Year in Review      2008
                                                            Honor Roll of Donors

Mr. Gill Lipuma                             Ms. Josephine Minerva
Live Wire Security                          Ms. Angela M. Minogue
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Loftus                 Mrs. Sandra C. Miranda
Mr. and Mrs. Philip G. Longo                Ms. Claudette Mobley
Ms. C. Lowell                               Mrs. Priscilla Moehrle
Ms. Susan R. Luceno                         Dr. Louis and Mrs. Paulette Molinari
Ms. Nancy A. Lyons                          Ms. Ann Marie Monahan
Ms. E.A. Maccarone                          Ms. Virginia Moriarty
Machinery Mountings Inc.                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Morin
Mr. Stephen A. Macknowski                   Mr. and Mrs. John Morris
Ms. Karen Maddalena                         Mount Kisco Elks Lodge #1552
Madison Approach Staffing & Reinhard Temps   Maureen and Jim Murphy
Ms. Jennifer Maestri                        Thomas and Suzanne Murphy
Malina Foundation, Inc.                     Mr. and Mrs. William Murray
Ms. Lauren Malone                           National Association for Home Care
Michael Mancini                             National Security Law Branch of the FBI
Mr. Robert Manley                           George and Camille Navarro
Ms. Sheila Mannix                           Ms. Dorothy L. Nelson
Chris and Kathleen Mara                     Ms. Ellen Nelson
Mark Boyland Real Estate                    Mrs. Lynn M. Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Markhoff               Ms. Sylvia Nelson
Mrs. Nancy A. Marks                         Mr. Michael S. Ness
Kathryn and Edward Marolda                  Dr. and Mrs. Piero Niceta
Mr. Manton C. Martin                        Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Nierenberg
Grace and Edward Marwell                    Northern Westchester Hospital
Ms. Maria T. Mateus                         NYPD Manhattan North IRT
Mr. Elia Mattioli                           Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. O’Brien
Mr. Bill Mayo-Smith                         Mr. Walter P. Odland
Mr. and Mrs. William McCarthy               Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Ohler
Mrs. Donna McCauley                         Mr. and Mrs. Miguel Orrach
Mr. and Mrs. Brian X. McCormack             Ms. Joan Ortiz
John McCormack                              Mr. Eric H. Oxboel and Mrs. Lynne P. Oxboel
Mr. and Mrs. Mike McCormack                 Pace University
Ms. Eileen F. McEntegart                    Ms. Barbara Pacifico
Mr. and Mrs. John P. McGarry, Jr.           Ms. Dolores T. Pacifico
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald McGrath                 Mr. Theodore Papes
McGraw Hill Companies                       Mr. and Mrs. Foxhall A. Parker
Mr. and Mrs. John McHugh                    Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Patalino
Ms. Susan McIntyre                          Patterson Rotary Club
Ms. Hope M. McLeod                          Peach & McPherson CPA’s
Ms. Jean McMahon                            Ms. Cynthia Pearson
Mr. John J. McMahon                         Mr. Steven Pecorini
Ms. Eileen McNamee                          Ms. Karen Pennella
McNaughton-McKay Southeast Inc.             Pepsi Bottling Group Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Stephen C. Meier                        Ms. Ingrid Pergament
Mrs. Gloria Meixner                         Mr. and Mrs. James Pergamo
Mr. and Mrs. William O. Melvin, Jr.         Mr. and Mrs. Chris Perkins
Mr. and Mrs. John Mendelson                 Ms. Jane Perl
Ms. Ruth Merrill                            Lupce and Katica Petreski
Mr. and Mrs. Christian W. Meyer             Mr. Fred V. Pfisterer
Nancy Meyer                                 Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Michael J Neeley Enterprises Inc.           Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Piazza
Ms. Suzanne Michels                         Mr. and Mrs. Rocco Picciano
Mrs. Marie Milbrandt                        Pinnacle Healthcare

                                                           Year in Review       2008      12
Honor Roll of Donors

  Ms. Martha Piper                                        Mr. and Mrs. Brad R. Sacks
  Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Pitassy                         Ms. Marilyn A. Salvati
  Ms. Janie E. Pittendreigh                               Ms. Judith Sanders
  Mrs. Virginia O. Plumb                                  Santomero Family Foundation
  Mr. Robert J. Polastre                                  Mrs. Helen S. Sauerhaft
  Mrs. Ann C. Poll                                        Mr. and Mrs. James J. Savage
  Mr. and Mrs. Michael Poppo                              Savvis Family
  Pound Ridge Community Church Women                      Mr. and Mrs. Frank Scala
  Preferred Business Forms                                Mrs. Catherine Scanlon
  Professional Placement Associates                       Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Schaefer
  Ms. Rita Proulx                                         Ms. Diane Scheinman
  Putnam County Savings Bank                              Ms. Cornelia M. Schimert
  Putnam Hospital Center                                  Mr. and Mrs. Douglas E. Schimmel
  Pyramid Capital Group, Inc.                             Mr. and Mrs. Donald Schindel
  Ms. Helen Quinn                                         Mr. Robert Schlimme, Jr.
  Mr. and Mrs. Louis E. Quirolo                           Mr. and Mrs. Chris Schreiber
  Mrs. Mary Radcliffe                                     Ms. Doris M. Schupp
  Reactrix Systems Inc                                    Schwab Charitable Fund
  Mr. and Mrs. James Ready                                Ms. Brigitte E. Segmuller
  Reelex Packaging Solutions Inc.                         Doris Seidlitz
  Mrs. Estelle C. Reifenstuhl                             Mr. and Mrs. Joel Seligman
  Mr. Kevin Reilly                                        Service Directions Inc.
  The Honorable Patricia Reilly and Ms. Joan F. Stewart   Mr. and Mrs. Paul Shaffer
  Mrs. J. Squier Reimer                                   Mary Agnes Shelley
  Reinhard-Madison Approach Staffing                       Mr. Theodore P. Shen and Ms. Mary Jo Wright
  Mr. Chris Repetto and Ms. Kassie Souply                 Mr. and Mrs. Lee J. Shultz
  Resurrection Parish                                     Judith L. Siegel
  Ms. Peggy S. Rice                                       Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell A. Sime
  The Rice Family Foundation                              Mr. and Mrs. Philip B. Simoni
  Barbara Rich                                            Mr. and Mrs. John T. Sinnott
  Richard and Ann Solomon Family Foundation               Mr. and Mrs. Warren Sinsheimer
  Mr. and Mrs. Michael Riley                              The Sloman Foundation
  Mr. and Mrs. Frank Riordan                              Mr. and Mrs. John Small
  Joan and Mills Ripley                                   Ms. Charlotte Smith
  Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Robinson                       Dr. and Mrs. William Smith
  Mr. and Mrs. Clark K. Robson                            Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Solomon
  Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Rockefeller                     Sons of the American Legion Mahopac Squadron 1080
  Mr. and Mrs. Steven Rockefeller                         Sound Shore Medical Center of Westchester
  Ms. Maria Roemer                                        South Salem Animal Hospital
  Epifanio Roman                                          Mr. Harvey Spector and Ms. Connie Kaiser
  Mr. Alex Rooney                                         Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Speegle
  Mrs. Oren Root                                          Mike and Pat Sperry
  Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Rose                               Columbia and Lawrence Sposato
  Mrs. Frederick P. Rose                                  St Athanasius School
  Dr. Kathy Rose and Mr. Hal Vogel                        St John’s Church Wilmot
  Mrs. Rose M. Rosenberg                                  St. James Episcopal Church
  Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ross                                  St. John’s Riverside Hospital
  Ms. Lucille Rowinski                                    St. Matthew’s Church - Outreach Commission
  Rupe Inc.                                               St. Paul Travelers Foundation
  Mrs. Christa A. Russo                                   John and Joetta Stanley
  Ruth and Seymour Klein Foundation, Inc.                 Ms. Rosemarie Stasiak
  Ryan Printing                                           State of New York, Department of Taxation and Finance
  Rye Hospital Center                                     Mr. Michael G. Stepanovich
  Mr. and Mrs. David Sachs                                Mrs. Barbara Stepanski

     11     Year in Review       2008
                                                                        Honor Roll of Donors

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Stern                                VIP Healthcare Services, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Stern                                Ms. Barbara S. Vircillo
Walter and Betsy Stern                                  Visiting Nurse Service of New York
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Stoker                               Visiting Nurse Services in Westchester Inc.
Mrs. Anna Stone                                         Ms. Lee M. Vogelstein
Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Sturz                              Mr. George Vondung
Sunnyside Federal Savings and Loan                      Arthur J. Voute Jr.
Ms. Patricia Surgeon                                    Mr. and Mrs. E. Peter Walker
Mrs. Shirley E. Swartz                                  Mr. and Mrs. Peter Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Szymanski                          Mrs. Joseph Walsh
Mrs. Lisa R. Takahashi                                  Ms. Marianne Walsh
Mr. and Mrs. John Talty                                 Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Walsh
Ms. Michele Taylor                                      Wappingers Congress of Teachers
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron W. Taylor                            Mr. and Mrs. John Warden
TD Bank                                                 Mr. and Mrs. William M. Waterman
Ms. Janice Tedesco                                      Mr. James J. Waters
Ms. Judy Tenney                                         Ms. Catherine Wecker
The Byne Group                                          Ms. Susan F.C. Weil
The Court Officers of the Bronx Supreme Court            Ms. Anna Weintraub
Criminal Division                                       Mr. William Weizner
The Edelweiss Foundation                                Ms. Eileen Caslin Welsh
The Hope for Youth Foundation Inc.                      Mr. and Mrs. Barry Wenglin
The Ladies Auxiliary of the Yorktown Elks Lodge #2324   West Babylon HS Special Education Department
The Matson Family                                       Westchester County Department of
The Selz Foundation Inc.                                Senior Programs and Services
The Stewart and Constance Greenfield Foundation          Westchester Library System
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Tingue                          Westchester Medical Center
Mr. and Mrs. Herb Tinsley                               Westorchard Elementary School
Mr. Roberto Tinti                                       Mr. Howard A. White
Mr. Charles Tisi                                        Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Whitman III
Town of Patterson, Ms. Ginny Nacerino,                  Mrs. J. C. Wilberding
Deputy Supervisor                                       Ms. Deborah D. Wilder
Mr. Adam Tracy                                          Ms. Cathy Wilkinson
Marjory and Andrew Trainor                              Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Williams
Ms. Antoinette Trapasso                                 Martha and Mel Williams
Ms. Lauren A. Tregor                                    Windemere Chateau Inc.
Mr. Joseph Tripodi                                      Ms. Theresia Windischmann
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Trotta                           Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wolff
Dr. Melissa Tsai and Mr. Joshua Kraus                   Women of St. Matthew’s Church
Ms. Susan Tucker                                        Women’s Association Mt. Kisco Presbyterian Church
Ms. Linda Lee Turtenwald                                Women’s Civic Club of Katonah
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Tweedy                          Jane Peirce Wood
Mrs. Rita Tyndall                                       Mrs. Ellen Wright
United Way of Tri-State                                 Yannantuono Funeral Home
United Way of Westchester & Putnam, Inc.                Yorktown Volunteer Firemen Benevolent Association
UWUA Local 380                                          Mrs. Nancy B. Zweig
Mr. Gregory J. Vahle
Ms. Marnie Vallely
Ms. Beatrice Vann
Vassar Brothers Hospital
Mr. and Mrs. James Verboys
Verizon Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Vernon
Mr. Gennaro J. Vetrano

                                                                       Year in Review       2008    12
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