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Emails and Memos


									Emails and Memos

Emails and memos are a vital part of the formal communication system in most
organizations. The use of emails has replaced memos within organizations as well as
replacing letters, phone calls and faxes externally.

You will be able to determine when a memo or an email is the most appropriate form of
correspondence by asking yourself these questions.

   1. Will it give me a chance to draft and redraft my message to make sure it is not
   2. Do both parties need a record of this message?
   3. Is it necessary for the message to be received immediately?
   4. Do I need to speak to the recipient (remember they will not see facial expression
      or hear tone in you voice)?
   5. Does the recipient need to store information electronically

Use emails/.memos to
   1. request information
   2. respond to information
   3. give notification (instructions/procedure)
   4. report on events
   5. forward data electronically

When Not to use emails/memos

   1.   giving bad news
   2.   sending ‘pep up ‘ messages
   3.   conveying personal news
   4.   if the matter is urgent
   5.   distributing material that is not related to work
   6.   In the heat of the moment

Advantages of using emails
  1. Immediacy
  2. Retrieval – easily stored
  3. Record - both parties have a copy
  4. Distribution – can be sent to multiple parties
  5. Ability to attach other material

Tips for writing emails/memos
    Keep emails and memos concise
    Check spelling and grammar
    State you purpose clearly – informative subject line
    Use face to face language – be direct and personal
    Monitor background signals and tomes – re-read it aloud and make sure it does
       not sound artificial and the correct message is conveyed (remember it can be
       stored and retrieved)

  1. You are a teacher at St Marks College. You have recently been nominates as the
     chairperson for the OH & S committee. You want to hold a meeting on the 15th
     April with the other committee members. You would like to know whether the
     other members have any issues they would like to raise and add to the agenda you
     are organizing and will have out by the 7th April.

  2. As the head o the fundraising committee at Glebe Public the time has come where
     all money for the chocolate drive need to be collected for all grades 712. Yon ed
     to inform all classroom teachers that money needs to be collected by Friday the
     5th April.

  3. The staff are leaving old and forgotten food in the fridge at St Anne’s. It is
     becoming a problem as the food is beginning to mold and smell the fridge. It is
     attracting rats and other pests. As the heads of the Staffroom committee you need
     to inform the staff.

  4. Next Friday you have a doctor’s appointment and have informed the Principal that
     you need time off. The Principal agrees and asks you to swap your lunch duty
     with another teacher’s aide. You need to ask all teachers aide if one of them can
     swap duties with you.

  5. The Teachers at Holy Family are arriving to school well after the morning bell
     and many are arriving to work in unprofessional attire. As the AP you need to
     inform the staff of the schools expectations on arriving on time and remind the
     staff of the dress code outlines in the staff handbook.




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