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									                                                   Email Policy
Purpose                                                           for personal usage, according to the followings
The purpose of this policy is to ensure the proper use of
                                                                   Users could not expect any privacy to their
the Company’s email system.
                                                                      personal and non job related emails Information
Scope                                                                 passing through the corporate network or stored
                                                                      on company’s personal computer. It can and
This policy applies to all authorized email users covering            will be monitored.
the appropriate use of any electronic message sent from            Personal use of email should never interfere
the company account.                                                  with work.
Policy                                                             Personal emails must also adhere to the
                                                                      guidelines in this policy.
1.1. Prohibited Use                                                Personal emails must be archived or deleted on
     Company email are to be used strictly for business               a daily basis to free up the email storage.
     purpose, prohibited use includes but not limited to           Forwarding of unnecessary emails such as chain
     the followings:                                                  letters, junk mail, jokes executables, etc is
      Creation or distribution of any disruptive or                  forbidden.
        offensive messages, including but not limited to           All messages distributed via the Company’s
        offensive comments about race, gender,                        email system, including personal will become
        disability, age, sexual orientation, religious                Company’s property.
        belief and practice, political belief, or national   1.3. Signatures and disclaimers
      Creation or distribution of emails that contains            Signatures in Emails and other electronic
        the Company’s confidential information without              messages may contain some or all of the
        any form of authorization.                                  following only:
      Forging of email or sending of emails using                  a. name,
        other person’s email account                                b. title,
      Mass mailing of emails (including to, CC and                 c. section name, department name, name of
        BCC) without any form of authorization namely                   company,
        for G_ALL, G_JPB, G_JPL or manually selecting               d. workplace contact information (phone
        large number of users.                                          number, fax number, mailing address, Email
      Sending of email larger than 10MB without                        address)
        authorization.                                             Signatures must reflect professionalism; it shall
      Creation or distribution of chain emails,                    need to follow standard guideline as follows:
        phishing, viruses or other scams of any type.               a. All fonts must be in black and white.
      Use of the company’s name in any unsolicited                 b. Use of company logos or any other types of
        email on behalf of, or to advertise, any service                images are prohibited.
        or product without the explicit written                     c. Use of Quotations, such as proverbs,
        permission of the company.                                      witticisms, etc., are not allowed
      Posting the same or similar non-business-related            All company related emails need to be
        messages to large numbers of email users.                   appended with the standard disclaimers. Any
      Creation or distribution of emails that contains             company related emails without a disclaimer
        executable attachments such as .exe, .com,                  would not be under the responsibility of the
        .bat, .inf etc without proper authorization                 Company for any future consequential loss.
      Creation or distribution of emails that contains             Standard disclaimer for JPB and JPL are in
        images or multimedia attachments which                      appendix 1 and 2 respectively.
        belongs to the followings:                           1.4. Size limit
        a. Non business related
        b. Confidential images without any form of                 All email users are provided with a predefined
             authorization                                          email server storage limit, it is the user
        c. Business related images without any form of              responsibility to ensure their email storage limit
             authorization                                          is not exceeded.
        d. Unauthorized subscribing to newsletters                 The email system shall automatically block any
             either business or non business related.               sending or receiving of emails for those who
                                                                    have exceeded their storage limit. Standard
1.2. Personal Use                                                   storage limit is currently set at 30MB per user.
     Although the Company’s email system is meant for
     business use, the Company allows the use of email

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                                                   Email Policy
1.5. Email retention
      All business related emails must be securely               1.6. Email Account and System Monitoring
       archived and backed-up by the email users, for
       ease of future references.                                        All email accounts maintained on the email
                                                                          systems are property of the Company.
      Emails are automatically removed from the
                                                                          Password should not be given to other people
       Email Server during archival process, it is the
                                                                          and should be changed regularly.
       user responsibility to categorize the emails,
                                                                         Staff must have no expectation of privacy in
       establish its period of retention, archive and
                                                                          anything he/she creates stores, sends or
       backup. Backup can be in any forms including
                                                                          receives on the Company’s computer system.
       but not limited to backup to a file server,
                                                                          Their emails can be monitored without prior
       backup to the PC and to CD or external storage,
                                                                          notification if the Company deems necessary.
       printing and filing etc.
      User must ensure all backups are properly kept
       by performing regular checks.
Applicant’s Acknowledgement

I have read, understood and acknowledged receipt of Acceptable Email policy above. I hereby agree to comply with the rules and
regulations as stated in the policy and understand that failure to comply will result in severe disciplinary action.
Name:                                      Sign:                              Date:

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