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					Over the years technology has made vehicles more advanced. Automobile designers have
shifted focus from basic design to features that make cars safer, easy to operate and
consumer friendly. One such feature is the Global Positioning System (GPS) in cars.

GPS was first used by the United States Military for defense operations. It continues to be
operated by the United States Defense authorities; however it is now also freely available to
the public.

GPS is operated by 24 satellites that orbit the Earth. These 24 satellites orbit the Earth twice
a day to provide accurate time and location information. GPS can provide reliable location and
time information at any place on the Earth and at any time. No matter how bad the weather
your GPS system will never fail you!

Vehicles can use GPS navigators in the form of inbuilt navigation systems that come along
with the car, alternately a small GPS device can be purchased and then fixed on the cars dash

A GPS unit when installed in a car can provide useful information on the following;

It gives the driver the car’s exact position and also provides information about the best
possible travel route to a stated destination. The GPS system has a monitor on which the
relevant directions will show on a map.

The system is so consumer friendly that the driver does not have to look away from the road
to see the directions, the GPS system is often voice compatible. The system announces loudly
the directions for the driver.

A vehicle GPS system allows the driver to make specific choices; the driver can order the
system to display directions that are free of highways or free of local roads. If the map is
detailed enough, it will also provide the locations of the nearest gas station, supermarket,
restaurant, hotel, and ATM machine.

The Vehicle GPS system also keeps a track of the total distance covered on a specific trip. It
records information about distance traveled, mileage and speed. If you leave your vehicle
with another driver you can keep a track of where the driver went, how long did he spend
there and the general use of the car by another person.

GPS allows speedy recovery of a stolen car. The GPS system notifies the owner through
phone or email when the car alarm buzzes and can tell the exact location of the car.

While these are personal vehicular uses of GPS, courier companies and transportation
services can effectively use GPS to improve services. GPS in rental car services aides the user
to find locations in a new city, at the same time transport companies can keep track of where
their delivery boys are and how many deliveries have been completed. GPS also allows for
unauthorized use of the vehicle by employees to be checked.

Keep in mind then that with a vehicle GPS system you will never have to pull over and ask for
directions to a place again. Step out and get the perfect navigation system for your vehicle.

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