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Subliminal Messages Negative or Positive


									In our daily life, we often receive subliminal messages unconsciously. These subliminal messages influence our moods, attitudes,
course of actions, behaviors, values system and belief systems. The influence could either be positive or negative. In your life, do
subliminal message affect you positively or negatively?
Before trying to decipher the influence as to whether for your development or the opposite, you need to know the meaning of
subliminal message. The origin of the word Subliminal comes from the Latin words Sub and limen, meaning under or beneath and
threshold, respectively. Thus, subliminal message refers to under threshold or sensory threshold. It is a message or signal that is
rooted in another medium, which is designed to surpass the normal limit of human mind's insight. Based on the psychologist, the
famous or well known and often used types of subliminal messages are the following:
Backmasking. Often used by musicians wherein the spoken messages are recorded backward into a track or tape/disk that is
intended to be played forward. 25th Frame. These are written messages or images that are speedily flashed in videos.
As of now, there are many subliminal technologies nowadays that are not included above as famous type like the subliminal audio,
subliminal mp3 and many upgrades. The reason for this is that, the development of technology has something to do with it, wherein not
all have the link to the high technologies. At any rate, subliminal audio is the same as the backmasking, it was only upgraded in the
sense that before the materials used was tapes but now they use disks and other compact or nano technologies.
Observe around you, what do you often hear? See? Touch? Unconsciously, you are being influenced by what surrounds you- and that
is for either good or destruction. Try to check some advertisement billboards, if it's about food and you always pass through it, one of
the possibilities is that sooner or later you'll buy that product. That's the influence in you that you consciously did not mind but it was
absorbed and processed by your subconscious mind. Below are some fields where subliminal message could develop or destroy us:
Advertisements Health Music Education IQ development Personal development
In the above fields, the influence of the subliminal message to you depends on how you program messages that will be stored within
your subconscious mind which will eventually mold or develop you. So instead of letting the many different advertisements negatively
influence you, make your own subliminal messages that would change you for better. For example, instead of listening to daily news
that are all negative, buy or make your own recordings of short but positive or inspiring messages that you will play upon waking up.
Using the so called Law of Attraction, where you evade using negative words or messages that could give you doubt but rather
choose to use positive words repetitively that will soon be possessed by you. For instance, you took an exam, do not say "I hope I will
not fail" but prior to the date of exam, during and after the exam say to your self "I will pass the exam". Now, in your life, do you
consider subliminal message negative or positive?
Try our range of free subliminal audio today or try our positive thinking subliminal album and make a change in your mind now.

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