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					Serious Materials Attracts Green and Building Materials Leaders
Newly formed Board of Advisors helps company lead in sustainable building materials SUNNYVALE, CA —January 16, 2008 — Serious Materials today announced that it has formed a Board of Advisors to help guide its strategic growth. The group brings together leading experts in building materials, green practices, business, and government. The Board of Advisors includes: Robert Watson - a pioneer of the modern green building movement and "Founding Father of LEED" Ann Edminster - an environmental design consultant and one of the principal authors of LEED for Homes Bruce King - director of the Ecological Building Network, multi-time author, and engineering consultant T.J. Glauthier - former Deputy Secretary and COO of the U.S. Department of Energy Alan Thielemann - former Vice President of Building Products Marketing for Georgia Pacific Corp. Robert Rugg - Executive Director of The Drake Group, an association of leading building material dealers Andrew L. Shapiro - Founder and CEO of GreenOrder, a sustainability strategy and marketing firm Gregory Kats - Principal Advisor in developing $550 million of green low income housing and leading expert on green buildings and clean technology financing John Straube - an engineer, building scientist, consultant and educator at the University of Waterloo Mort Miller - co-founder of The GemROI Company, a sales and marketing firm for a number of major millwork and building materials manufacturers “I am honored that such a prestigious group of influential leaders has joined us,” said Kevin Surace, president and CEO of Serious Materials. “To have access to such a wealth of knowledge with an incredible diversity of perspective is truly exciting. I am confident that their expertise and counsel will be invaluable in guiding our future growth.” “Green building has become the new focus for leading builders and developers,” said Robert Watson, CEO and Chief Scientist of EcoTech International Group. “Demand for LEED certification has exploded and in some markets you can’t have a Class A building without it. I look forward to being part of Serious Materials’ leadership efforts to provide cutting edge building materials that provide superior performance and make a significant contribution toward addressing the threat of unmanageable climate change.” Serious Materials develops and manufactures sustainable green building materials that dramatically reduce the impact of the 'built environment' on the climate. Currently, over 51 percent of the total U.S. greenhouse gases come from the built environment - 39 percent to operate it and 12 percent to produce building materials. Manufacturing and installing common building materials including cement, steel, glass and drywall contribute as much carbon dioxide to the atmosphere as 100 million cars and light trucks on U.S. roads today. The negative consequences of climate change demand a new approach to building materials that are ultra-sustainable, cost-effective and energy-efficient throughout their lifecycle.


“Federal, state and local organizations are searching for companies, like Serious Materials, that can lead the way on carbon reduction while driving economic growth,” said T.J. Glauthier, former Deputy Secretary and COO of the U.S. Department of Energy. “Green building materials can have a big impact on the health of our environment while simultaneously creating new jobs and stimulating our economy - a formula for success for any political leader.” "Working towards promoting healthy homes and buildings through manufacturing innovative green building products has not only been a career for me, but a cause that I have supported for a long time," said Alan Thielemann, Consultant and former vice president, building products marketing for Georgia-Pacific. "I'm dedicated to working with Serious Materials to promote quality solutions to green building challenges and I look forward to seeing success in this important work." “As founder of a strategy firm that helps large enterprises benefit from sustainable innovation in areas including greenhouse gas reduction and green building, I’m excited to be an advisor to Serious Materials,” said Andrew Shapiro, founder and CEO of GreenOrder. “This industry has a lot of potential to help reduce carbon emissions that are contributing to global climate change, and I believe Serious Materials has the business strategy and technological innovations to be a leader in this regard.” This year, Serious Materials was voted #1 at Cleantech Venture Forum XII; was named to AlwaysOn’s Going Green Top 100; as well as Greentech Media’s Top 10. For more in-depth bios on the Board of Advisors please see: About Serious Materials Serious Materials develops and manufactures sustainable green building materials that considerably reduce the impact of the 'built environment' on the climate. EcoRock™, coming in 2008, is an eco-friendly drywall that uses virtually zero energy in its core production, resulting in zero CO2 emissions. This gives it the lowest carbon footprint of any drywall product by an order of magnitude, making it especially well-suited for sustainable development and LEED projects. Quiet Solution, a division of Serious Materials, makes QuietRock® and related soundproofing products that enhance livability and encourage sustainable land use such as denser housing and urban infill. Serious Materials has 23 patents pending. The company’s environmentally friendly products are manufactured in multiple plants in the United States and widely available through building products dealers in the U.S. or and Canada. For more information, visit Contacts: Steve Weiss, Serious Materials +1-408-541-8055, Jason Aiken, PR@vantage,+1-415-984-1970 x110,

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Description: Press Release announcing Serious Materials Board of Advisors. A truly incredible group of luminaries in the areas of green technology, building materials and materials science