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Reprogram Your Subconscious With Subliminal MP3


									There is much speculation on the effectiveness of subliminal mp3 and whether it can reprogram your subconscious. Though users who
have found success swear by it, others, especially researchers and academicians are far from convinced. Most producers and
advertisers of subliminal message showcase its success through apparently satisfied customers; however the concept of subliminal
messaging through subliminal mp3 is still under constant scrutiny, especially in the scientific field.
The experiment conducted by Eskenazi, Pratkanis and Greenwald evaluated the effect of outer labeling of the subliminal audio tape
on the mind of its users. They came up with some very interesting results, showing how mind influences the concept of subliminal
messaging. They obtained different tapes of subliminal mp3 meant for different purposes, which could be exchanged with each other,
with the appropriate label. They then changed the label on the tapes, for instance the label of subliminal audio tape meant for boosting
self-esteem was changed with that labeled for memory improvement. The tapes were then given to the test group to get the results.
The people of the group were asked to report their experience after listening to the mislabeled subliminal mp3 tapes. The test group
reported positive experience with regard to the label on the tape. For instance, user who listened to the tape labeled for memory
improvement reported improved memory. However, when memory was actually tested for that user, no significant improvement in
memory was seen.
Such experiments have categorized subliminal message as more of a placebo. The research is generally based on controlling the
factors influencing the mind with respect to subliminal mp3. The experiments are conducted using the double-blind technique,
performed with two or more researchers and a minimum of three test groups. It wouldn't be wrong to assume that the results will be
very similar to those obtained using subliminal mp3 tape.
Research on this subject has also been conducted under clinical environments. There are several such clinical procedures; however
the most definitive among them is using instrument testing, where the result is studied against a set standard, both before and after
the group was exposed to subliminal mp3 or other subliminal techniques. Here the research is based on existing measurement
standards and not on reports from the users. The results confirmed that the improvement in memory reported by the users was not
true, that is clinical experiments showed no effect of the subliminal mp3 on the group, as claimed.
These points indicate that the reports on the positive effects of subliminal audio programs that were not derived from research are
largely subjective. The effectiveness of subliminal mp3 can only be confirmed through extensive research on larger population, rather
than a small group. Also, the endorsements made by users may not be taken on face-value, and need to be suitably substantiated.
Though producers and supporters of subliminal technique may call it a scientific therapy, this can only be established through enough
research. Even if testimonials may claim otherwise, the clinical results of effect of subliminal mp3 and its ability to reprogram your
subconscious leaves ample scope for further investigation through appropriate experiments.
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