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					                NMT Student Association Minutes Tuesday July 19th, 2011
  I.   Call to Order (8:08)
 II.   Roll Call
           a. Avery—absent
           b. Alan—excused absence
           c. Richard –excused absence
III.   Approve Agenda (approved)
IV.    Approve Minutes (approved)
 V.    Open Forum/ Announcements
           a. (Jake) some students requested Mac computers in some of our computer
                    i. It would be good for Apple users if they had access to Mac’s on
                   ii. It would help with format issues as well
           b. (Joaquin) Trying to organize a cleanup around town, maybe Thursday or
           c. Website needs to be updated to show when meetings and events are. How is
               the issue of informing people of SA events being solved?
                    i. (Ashley’s response) We are working on putting together an email list
                       for those who wish to receive emails. We cannot take the
                       administration’s email list because they have to be voluntarily given.
                   ii. (Victoria) Have you considered putting it in the “This Week at Tech”
                            1. (Ashley’s response) I had never even heard of that newsletter
                                until earlier at our meeting but it is being considered for SA
           d. (Joaquin) What is breakdown of student activity fee over summer semester?
               Where is $95 going?
                    i. (Sohaib’s response) We have the budget breakdown and would be
                       glad to meet with you over office hours to discuss.
           e. (Caitlin) Why was there only one issue of Paydirt over the summer?
                    i. (Victoria’s response) There were restrictions on our budget and to be
                       in financially safe during the year, only one issue was published in the
                       summer, but the back to school issue is considered a summer
                       publication as well.
           f. Are there .pdf files of current and old Paydirt issues available on the website?
                    i. If looking for something specific hard copies are kept in office dating
                       back to mid 90’s and sporadically through the 80’s.
                   ii. We do archive digitally as far back as we can but this last semester is
                       still being uploaded to the website.
         g. (Caitlin) I am still receiving emails for the SAB position
                 i. (Ashley’s response) The computer in my office has been broken for
                    the last 3 weeks. It is now fixed and that will be changed tomorrow.
VI.   Reports:
         a. President (Sohaib)
                 i. Student Handbook will be made to help make future SA
                    administration transitions easier.
                        1. Was attempted in the past but never carried through.
                ii. Meeting Scheduled with Student Associations from around NM to
                    discuss tuition spikes and budget cuts.
                        1. Current administration will meet with Dr. Lopez to better
                            inform ourselves and to be better representatives of NMT.
               iii. Work study is preferred because it is a more “financially smart” move.
         b. Vice President (Ashley)
                 i. There are two accounts for student work in each department
                        1. Work study student fund and part-time student fund
                ii. Work study employees are paid with 25% from department budget
                    while other student employees use 75% of department budget for
               iii. PR & Legislative Standards Committee need to meet
                        1. I’d like a member of PR committee at all SA events obtaining
                            emails for a contact list
                        2. Suggestion to use “smart contact” if obtaining too many email
                            addressed to make contacting students interested in receiving
                            SA info easier.
         c. Chief Financial Officer (Jake)
                 i. Has been meeting with Eric weekly
                ii. Deficits from last semester are being worked out.
         d. Dean of Students (Chelsea)
                 i. nothing
         e. SAB & Sports Club (Melissa)
                 i. not present but nothing to report
         f. SA Technical Director (Jason)
                 i. Nothing to report
                ii. (Joaquin) How is wiring going in the SAC
                        1. (Jason) Chris is doing the wiring and I am in charge of the
                            paperwork and inventory.
                        2. (Sohaib) We have Chris working voluntarily on wiring aspects
                            while Jason works on inventory for the SA
         g. Student Activities Director (Xavier)
                    i. Movie Night today
                           1. Was moved into Workman after the meeting due to bad
                   ii. Snow cone day this upcoming August 19
                  iii. I am still looking for committee chairs
                           1. A club could do an entire committee and it would be a great
                               way to get volunteer hours
           h. Student Regent (Omar)
                    i. not present
           i. KTEK(Brad)
                    i. AC in bad shape in KTEK have a replacement lined up
                           1. They estimate $1000 but I can do it for $50
                   ii. Introduction of Geoffrey Trapp (new music director)
           j. Paydirt (Victoria)
                    i. Some issues submitting yearbooks, will be delivered at end of
                   ii. Goal of 12 Page issue of Paydirt for “back to school issue”
                           1. Extra copies to be made for parents of freshman to take home
                               at orientations
                  iii. 6,000 letters to alumni sent out asking for porphyry donations.
                           1. We have raised $350 in the first 800 letters sent out.
                  iv. Can submit articles, comics, or pictures for pay to be published in
                   v. How many issues will there be for fall since cut down for summer?
                           1. 7 issues of Paydirt will be made for the fall semester
                           2. Would usually be 8 but Thanksgiving hinders that
           k. GSA
                    i. Not present
           l. Supreme Court (Glenn)
                    i. Notified that an emergency election will need to be held at the
                       beginning of next semester.
           m. Committees
                    i. nothing to report
                   ii. (Ashley) I would like if Glenn could assist the Legislative Standards
                       Committee in redoing the Constitution so we have one current set of
                       laws to look at.
 VII.   Recess (skipped)
VIII.   Old Business
  IX.   New Business
   X.   Discussion
         a. (Brad) Is there someone researching more into Work Study issue?
                 i. (Ashley’s response) Not as of now because we just met with Annette
                    and Melissa earlier and it is policy and not considered discrimination.
         b. (Moaaz) Who sets the limit at 20 hours a week for full time students?
                 i. (Chelsea) It is federally mandated
         c. (Victoria) Is it following Robert’s Rules to have discussion during Reports?
                 i. (Ashley’s Response) As I understand it is my right to run the meeting
                    how I see fit and thus can allow discussion during reports but it will
                    be looked into further
                ii. (Sohaib) I believe Ashley can allow discussion if she so chooses but
                    can also refuse discussion until open forum/discussion
XI.   Adjourn (9:02)
         a. next meeting scheduled for August 2, 2011 at 8pm in Workman 101

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