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									May 2010

Priest-in-Charge        Canon Harold Stephens
                       (Team Rector of the Dorchester Benefice)
Team Vicar:             Prebendary John Good
                       The Rectory, Martinstown DT2 9JZ
                       Telephone     01305 889466
The Parish of the Winterbournes
Each Parish Church retains its own local committees, but there is now a single
Parochial Church Council for Abbas, Martinstown, and Steepleton
       Dick Corbett-Winder 889410 Bruce Robertson
       John Crawford 889377              Martin Hartley 889239
       PCC Hon. Secretary                Rosemary Duke 889555
       PCC Hon. Treasurer                Bruce Robertson

The Parish of Saint Thomas of Canterbury, Compton Valence
Churchwarden            Jeremy Russell 01308 482227
         PCC Hon. Secretary       Tessa Russell 01308 488227
• Any of the above can be approached in the first instance for Baptism,
Marriage, Home Communion or just a visit. The Clergy would welcome
being kept informed when people are ill or in distress, and have answerphones
for you to leave a message.
• If you want us to remember anything or anyone in the public prayer of the
Church, we are glad to do this as long as the permission of the person involved
is assured.
• Harold and John usually take Thursday as a day-off

Morning Prayer is said on Mondays, Tuesdays ,Wednesdays and Fridays
08.30 in Martinstown and at 0815 on Fridays at Abbas. All of whatever
Christian tradition are welcome.
Fourth Sundays 11.00 at Martinstown is generally more an informal
Eucharist to which we encourage parents and children.

                                                                      May 2010
         May in England is said to be one of the most beautiful months. Life
abounds everywhere, the countryside is full of crops and young animals; winter
is (almost) a chilly memory. The May Queen was a way of celebrating nature
with flowers and garlands, a festival rooted in the goddess of Spring and
Fertility; the hawthorn associated with fairies and “enchantments”, the maypole
another obvious image! There was a dark side which involved human sacrifice.
Today there are those who revive the ancient beliefs promoting earth-based
spirituality, “life force” and political activism rather than the Jewish-Christian
God many believe is the source of the universe, all creation and life, and justice
on earth.
         Thank you for Easter. The services from Palm Sunday through Maundy
Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday in all four churches each had their
own special feel; Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday were particularly well
attended with an early Eucharist at Abbas and over ninety at Martinstown for
breakfast, blessing of Palms, and gathering for St Luke’s account of Christ’s
Passion. On Easter Day there were seventeen at Compton Valence and over one
hundred at Martinstown. Thank you for the cooking and catering, cleaning,
flower arranging and music making, but primarily for the spirit in which you
entered so warmly into the greatest of Christian festivals.
         Pentecost falls fifty days after the Sunday of Christ’s resurrection. It
marks a day when those who followed Jesus were transformed. Today we still
speak of those who move us, impress and inspire us as “charismatic” They are
people with the gifts of leading and showing us how to be fully alive and
genuinely and wholly human.
         Trinity Sunday at the end of this month is a personal mile-stone for me.
It marks the day in 1970 when +Robert Mortimer, then Bishop of Exeter,
ordained me priest in the Church of God. I am very conscious this is not “an
achievement” but a witness to the nature of the Christian Church – people of
compassion, forbearance, kindness, discipline, endurance, and vision in their
faith – they (and you for the past twelve months) have carried me and my family
through our own journey with enormous generosity and patience.

                                Thank you, John
                 HOME GROUP
     Held at Turnpike Cottage, Weymouth Road,
on 3rd Monday of each month from 10.30 to 12 noon.
          May 17 th , June 21st, and July 19th
We shall be studying “Miracles, signs of God’s Glory”.

  Please call Sarah Sclater for details. 01308 482231.

                   100 CLUBS
 February    £25 Sally Webb
      £10 Katie Hardy     £5 Di Bailward

 February £25 Mitchell (Rob & Sandy Malplas)
        £10 Nigel Brooke        £5 Chris Roberts

The next issue of Valley & Valence will cover two months
  JUNE and JULY – closing date for copy is 16 th May

                      PARISH DIARY
 (For church events and services see back cover and pages 6-10)
Date Time                Event          & Venue
                             (If not Martinstown Village Hall)
25th 7.30pm Free Film “Gigi”                  Brewers Arms

26 th 6.45pm Valley Club meet at     Poundbury Garden Centre
      7.30pm Village Hall – AGM

2 nd From 2pm      Family Fun Run (page 17)    Village Green

8 th   2pm   Cancer Research Jumble Sale (page 17)

9 th   10am PTFA Fun Run (page 14)             Village Green
       11.30am PTFA Duck Race (page 14)        Brewers Arms
       Noon PTFA BBQ (page 14)                 Brewers Arms

24 th Martinstown PC meeting (page 18)         Parish Office

28 th pm     PTFA prepare for Carnival day (page 14) WV School

30 th 7pm    MCC Auction of Promises and BBQ Brewers Arms

                 ANOTHER SILLY SIGN
                     (In a Swiss restaurant)
           Our wines leave you nothing to hope for
The Way Ahead
                         Jinga Cottage
                           Grove Hill
                      Martinstown DT2 9JP
  Telephone 01305 889895    e-mail
                                                                  May 2010
        On an unusually serious note, at least for me, I hope that all of you
will exercise your right to vote on 6th May regardless of your preferences.
I can’t advise the Irish recommendation to “Vote Early, and Vote Often”
but if you don’t vote at all you can’t reasonably complain about the
        My “Youth Hat-trick” of Scouts, Guides, and Brownies, last
month has been replaced by a wall of silence this time! As Shakespeare
(??) said “You can’t win ‘em all!” Maybe another reminder before the
June/July double issue will produce results.
        The Entertainment event continues to win publicity with a special
DVD (see page 29)
        The PTFA continues to raise funds in entertaining ways and I am
looking forward to yet another Duck Race and BBQ on 9 th May.(see page
.      I was so impressed with the Valley Club visit to the RNLI College
in Poole that I gave it a write-up on page 25
       There are various well known signs that “summer is acumen in”
and as Editor I recognised one sign at once. A letter from Lewell Fruit
Farm asking to advertise in the next few issues for their PYO fruit. I can
give them a personal recommendation based on many pounds of
strawberries consumed both on the spot and afterwards.
                                  Brian B
        From VOTE FOR LOVE (Nanette Newman)
        “If I had a vote, I’d vote for the Christmas Party!”
                                                       Sandra aged 6

                   FIRST SCHOOL PTFA

Hello everybody,
       Our Wildlife Garden working party was a great success and I
think we were all surprised at how many families turned up to help work
on the garden and enjoy the Easter Egg hunt. Thankfully the weather
held for us and we even managed to make a profit – which was
completely unexpected. The garden is coming into bloom and I for one
was amazed at how good it looked – a big THANK YOU to all who
have helped with time, effort and plants. I'm sure the teachers and
children are looking forward to making the most of this new resource.
       The next event is the Fun Run and Duck Race on Sunday the
 th of May. The Fun Run will start at 10am and Duck Race at
11.30am followed by a BBQ at noon. The fun run will start on the
green outside Martinstown Church and will be signposted as usual. The
children from the school will get duck numbers sent home for them to
buy at £1 a duck and other numbers will be available to buy at the
Brewers Arms, Martinstown shop and the farm shop as usual. Our
thanks to John and Jacqui at the Brewers Arms for letting us have our
BBQ there as well as quenching our thirst!
       Following the duck race we will be entering the Dorchester
Carnival on Saturday the 19 th June where we are planning to have a
walking float to fit in with the Mother Nature theme of the carnival.
Many of you will have tried crafting using willow at the wildlife garden
day and we will hopefully be having an afternoon at the school on the
28 th May to help get costumes ready and do further willow weaving for
the carnival and if you are suitably endowed with creative talents then
please get in touch.
          Lesley Lewis, Chairperson, PTFA 01305 889134

       Wildlife Garden at Winterbourne Valley First School

             The wildlife garden is progressing well and with all the
              hard work by parents and friends of the school at the end
              of March it is now in a fit state for the children to use. The
              bulbs and shrubs which were planted in the autumn are
              thriving and the crocuses look stunning. The daffodils are
              just coming into flower whilst the buddleias, lavenders
              and other shrubs are all showing signs of growth.
        The benches and table are sturdy and functional and the six sign
boards that have been put in will display the children’s work as well as
being information boards. Thank you to everyone who has helped us to
raise funds, donated plants, contributed to the planting or in any other
way! The project is ongoing so money raised this year will continue
to be used for the garden as there is still lots we can do. As always, if
anyone has any unwanted plants do let me know as we can always fit
more in!
        I hope you enjoy the photos on the Martinstown website
showing how the garden has developed. As you can see it has come a
long way.
                         Tessa Ferguson 889077

      There are currently vacancies for governors at our school. If
  you are interested in helping our children’s education, and can
  volunteer some of your time you could become a governor. You
  need no formal qualifications, just enthusiasm, team skills and a
  commitment to the school

       For further information or to discuss becoming a Governor
  contact Dorset Governor Services on 01305-224156 or contact
  the School Clerk on 01305-889297


In Martinstown, Toddlers meet every Monday morning in our
village hall. In case any mothers are otherwise engaged on a
Monday and would still like to make use of a Toddlers’ group, there
is a similar group which meets in Portesham Village Hall from 10
to 12 noon on Thursday mornings during school terms.

I have been asked to say that they would welcome anyone from our
 own area who would like to join them. Kay Dawson (01305
 889140) can let you have more details of the Portesham group.
                          Brian Braidwood

               FAMILY FUN RAMBLE
                WITH A DIFFERENC E
 1)       Follow a simple map.
 2)       Find clues to match with photographs.
 3)       Collect various items.
        SUNDAY, 2nd MAY Start any time between 2 to 4 pm
      1 mile, 1 stile - Meet on the green
      50 pence per entry        Prize for best completed sheet
           Further details from Maggie and Bruce Robertson

                     TO ALL OUR CUSTOMERS
In an effort to make the Post Office network more efficient we are
implementing certain temporary measures one of which detailed below
affects this office.
       REDUCED HOURS - From Monday 29th March 2010
The new opening hours 'will be:-
Monday                9.00 – 1.00              2.00 – 5.30
Tuesday               9.00 - 1.00              Closed
Wednesday             Closed                   Closed
Thursday              9.00-1.00                Closed
Friday                         Closed                  3.00-5.30
Saturday              Closed
Sunday                Closed
     This action will be reviewed after 20 weeks (mid August).
There is a form for your views at the counter.
                                      Post Office Ltd, Registered Office
                                  148 Old Street, LONDON EC1V 9HQ


      Eight new choir robes are currently needed due to the
      addition of several new members and the deterioration of
      some older ones.
      Jack Smith and Jane Brown were married in the church
      last month. So ends a friendship that began in their

                         The Trouble with Irish
         (or the English, Depending on your Point of View)
        Title of a book by Leonard Patrick O’Connor Wibberley

        “Each 17 th March brings to a head the inability of some English
to deal with the Irish problem, in a sense that Ireland is a problem
because it exists. Their difficulty arises from the fact that despite a
glorious empire, two worlds wars, the Falklands, Margaret Thatcher,
and a Queen Mother who retained an impressive capacity for gin and
Dubonnet well into her nineties, the English refuse to celebrate St
George’s Day! No one knows when it is and in any case St George is also
claimed as celestial patron by Alsace. So it’s just not fair to let all these
Paddies make such a fuss for the Irish saint, who was Welsh anyway!”
       I have just got Wibberley’s book from Dorchester library and I
was amused by the above extract It paints a picture in stark contrast with
events in Martinstown. By the time you read this, thanks to John Good
and others, we will have celebrated St George’s Day (or even Tide!) in
some sttyle with a concert. It was suggested I should not resurrect the
Irish Trouble by wearing shamrock!
                                 Brian B

                                                                with the
                                                                gallons of
                                                                into the
                                                                sea, no
                                                                tern was

        The March meeting of the Parish Council took place on 22 nd
March and the meeting started with the news that it is possible that an area
might have been found which could act as a space where a football could
be kicked about with safety. The Parish Council thanked the person
concerned for all the hard work put into this project and nothing more will
be said for the moment.
        The main meeting discussed the stream and noted that warning
reflector posts had been put on the stream side opposite Burnside cottages
and that we now wait to see if anything more definitive will be done by
the highway authority.
        The allotments on land kindly donated by the owners of West End
House have been handed over to the four people who asked for this
facility in the village. We will be viewing their efforts over the summer
and hope that not too much produce gets scrumped.
        The Council is going to approach the highway authority about
traffic slowing measures and ask if mock gate entrances to the village
could be installed rather like those at Portesham. Painted 30mph signs on
the road will be investigated and the use of speed devices held by local
people. A recent blitz by the police had shown that most people stopped
for speeding were locals living in the valley.
        No significant planning matters were reported, dog fouling persist
and the next meeting of the Council will be on 24 th May
                         Patrick Jeffrey, Chairman

   The Summer BBQ for all the family will be held in The Secret
   Garden* on Saturday 19 th June starting at 12 noon.
   Anyone who would like to have a stall with 505 profits each
   way, should contact Dick Corbett-Winder on 01305 889410.
   Full details will appear in the June/July issue of the magazine.
   *Exact location to be disclosed later!!

         By the time you read this the 2010 cricket season will be underway.
This year there will be more cricket than ever at our ground at Ashton with
softball for the very young, youth teams at ages under 11, under 13 and under
15, two evening league sides, two Saturday league sides, a full programme of
Sunday friendlies and also a good number of midweek friendlies against sides
touring Dorset. We always welcome spectators at any of our matches. Full
details of all games can be found on the club website or if you would like a fixture card please contact Mike Clarke on
01305 889364.
         We are always looking for new players and there is cricket available
whatever your age or standard. Wednesday is practise night for the softball,
under 11 and under 13 groups and Friday’s are the night for under 15’s and
adults. If you or a member of your family would like to become involved,
please contact club captain John O’Brien (01305 889345) or Youth Organiser
Jon Nichols (01305 889565). You will be very welcome.
         The social side of the club is, of course, very important. One
forthcoming social event to which everyone in the valley is invited is our BBQ
and Auction of Promises which will be held at the Brewers Arms, Martinstown
(thanks to John and Jackie) on Sunday May 30th .starting at 7pm. Do come along
and enjoy a drink and something from the BBQ as well as the chance to pick up
a bargain from the Auction. All profits from the BBQ and Auction go to club

  LONDON TO PARIS CYCLE RIDE - 2nd – 5th June 2010
     For Prostate Cancer Research Foundation
  You may recall that in 2004 I cycled from Lands End to John O’Groats
  and raised a staggering £10,000 for the British Heart Foundation.
  This year I aim to complete a rather more modest ride from London to
  Paris and my chosen charity is Prostate Cancer Research Foundation.
  Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in the UK, it kills
  one man every hour.
  I appreciate that many businesses, like my own, have had to endure an
  economic recession, however I would be most appreciative if you would
  support both myself and PCRF by way of sponsorship.
  Cheques may be made payable to Prostate Cancer Research Foundation
  (PCRF) and sent to the address above, or alternatively, should you wish,
  you can donate online at

             News and events
       ANN MATTHEWS Telephone 889248
                      WITH SHORT MAT BOWLING
              The equipment can now be booked with the
               hall through Tessa Clark. So - why not get
                  a group of friends together one day?
                    BINGO ON FRIDAYS
                         14th & 28th May
                Please come along and bring a friend.
                  The Booking Secretary is Tessa Clark
                            Telephone 889493
                  (Please call between 9am to 8pm only)

   CANCER RESEARCH                           JUMBLE SALE
                  Martinstown Village Hall
                 Saturday 8th May 2pm – 4pm
  Please bring your jumble to the hall from 10am
      Further details from Jenny Jones 01308 482406

                       We are looked after by our
     Community Beat Officer Sandy Redford (PC178) assisted by
       Sarah Pilcher (PCSO 5410) and Jacqui Allen (PCSO 5396)
On Wednesday 12th May Sarah will be at Stevens Farm shop from 1pm
to 2pm and at Manor Court Community Centre from 2pm to 3pm
      On Thursday 13th May she will be at the Coach and Horses from
11am to 12 Noon. On Thursday 20th May the PACT vehicle will be on
the village green from 2.45 to 4.15pmAll visits are subject to operational

                                                             May 2010
        On 12 th April 2010 we had our normal meeting combined with our
        Details of our Outing on Monday 14th June are below. The cost will
include Tea or Coffee on the outward journey. Please give your payments
to Eileen as soon as possible - thank you.
        25 Members attended the meeting and the Committee announced
the decision of the Questionnaire as 22 in favour (4 against ) for meetings to
be held on the second Wednesday of the month. Doors to open at 6.30p.m.
Please note the next meeting date in your diary - Wednesday 12 th May
6.30pm. New members would of course be welcome.
        From the AGM Reports, Cerry our Secretary reminded us of our
successful outings - one to Brownsea Island and Moreton Church,
fundraising events, and donations to Village causes, the Hall and our
        Jan - Finance:- By keeping costs in check we have a healthy balance
and hope to be able to make another village donation this year.
        Jill - President, Thanked Committee and members for their loyalty
to Martinstown WI, they make it the pleasant meeting it is.
        The present Committee and President were unanimously voted to
continue in office.
        We ended the meeting with a humorous Quiz involving the Village
and delicious desserts, calorie content ignored!
                       Jill Pearce (p/p Angela Barrett)
                      Monday 14 th June 2010
           Coach to Bishops Lydeard (north of Taunton)
    Return trip on West Somerset Steam Railway to Minehead
           (allowing 2 hours in Minehead for lunch, etc)
     Coach departs Martinstown at 8.15 am Returning by 5 pm
                          Cost: £21.50
       (inc. morning coffee & commentary on train + tips)
          To book contact Eileen Brotherton on 889459
                    Non WI members welcome
                      THE VALLEY CLUB
                                                                May 2010
       Thank you to everyone who attended our AGM in March. Over
the past year we have enjoyed a variety of talks, outings, a social evening
and a Barn Dance.
       We were able to donate £650 from the proceeds of the Barn Dance
to ‘The Fortuneswell Cancer Trust’. I would like to thank all the
Committee for their continued support and hard work which has again
resulted in a very successful year for the Club. Thank you also to Jean
Berry who has produced another very professional programme leaflet for
us again this year. We have another full programme for this year, so if
anyone has not renewed their membership and would like to do so, please
contact Eileen Fisher on 889584.
       Following the AGM, Richard Collier gave a superb two screen
presentation on ‘The Lake District’. We were not only treated to
outstanding photography, but he also included history, travel, geography
and tourism within his entertaining talk. He left us in no doubt that the
Lake District is rightly named as an area of outstanding natural beauty.
       Our next event is our visit to Salisbury Cathedral on Wednesday
   th May where coach travel plus a choice of a Cathedral Tour(£14.25
members, £16.25 non-members) or Tower Tour(16.50 members, £18.50
non-members) is included in the price.
Future events:
       Mon. 21 st June         ‘Life of a Vet’ by Martin Fielding.
       Thurs. 8 th July        Early Evening Walk around Dorchester
                              with Alistair Chisholm, the Town Crier
                         Pat Willetts – Tel. 889597

                        ADVANCE NOTICE
  2pm to 5pm on Sunday 13 th June in Martinstown Village
                     Raffle and Local Crafts Stalls

         On 19 th April Sonia and I went with The Valley Club to the RNLI
College at Poole. We were all most impressed with the excellent lunch
and guided tour which followed.
         Five years ago the new college was completed at a cost of £25
million. The building combines training facilities with hotel standard
accommodation for training staff and classes. This has saved the RNLI
£1.3 million a year by not having to use local hotels and brought an
income of £1 million a year from letting the hotel accommodation
between training terms. With other activities, the building has paid for
itself in the first 5 years!
         We saw the training pool where courses are subjected to 40
minutes in a life raft in rough seas, darkness, thunder and lightning effects
and cold torrential rain (from a fire-hose!).
         In the simulator we entered a lifeboat bridge surrounded by a
screen depicting the sea outside. Although the bridge never moved, the
view outside certainly did. To “amuse us” we approached a huge tanker
in mountainous seas as we swayed with the motion on screen. Aircraft
and helicopters flew around us and then to our horror a nuclear submarine
surfaced about 100 yards ahead! This was followed by two more
submarines within a few minutes.
         Our excellent guide had taken part in several of the training
exercises and so had first hand experience of the effects. Seasickness on
the bridge was one. She said she had to take the helm once when
searching for a man in the water. The good news was that she found him
successfully. The bad news was that she then ran straight over the top of
         At the depot next to the college is one of each class of lifeboat in
service. These are used to replace boats around the UK and the Republic
of Ireland when necessary. Old lifeboats going out of service have
recently been sold to China and the college has provided a training
package (in Poole) for the Chinese crews.
         Finally, we were told that since starting in the early 19 th century,
the RNLI has saved 137,000 lives!! So – don’t just sit there, become a
member (and get members discounts on accommodation at the college!)
                                   Brian B
PS Our guide asked me “What is the Valley Club?”
                   ROYAL BRITISH LEGION
                     (Abbotsbury & Portesham Branch)

         Our Branch Annual Dinner was held in March at Weymouth Golf
Club. Guests included the Chairman of Weymouth Branch of the Royal
Naval Assocn., and two serving TA soldiers of “The Rifles” and one of their
partners. As part of the proceedings a County Shield was presented to Jeff
Tucker (Branch Membership Secretary) in recognition of the Branch’s
recruitment achievements in the recent membership year - being the best
record for a “small” branch in Dorset. A County Certificate of Appreciation
was presented to Des Baker in recognition of his work both for our Branch and
other duties at County level. Presentations were made by Michael Tuck,
BEM., JP, County Vice President/County Treasurer. Towards the close of
the proceedings the Chairman, John Perry, presented an envelope to each
soldier, which on opening was found to contain an application form for RBL
Membership - we never give up trying to gain new members, particularly from
the younger generations
Committee Members are reminded of the quarterly Branch Committee
Meeting at Portesham Methodist Church Hall at 7.30 p.m. on Thursday, 6th
May, 2010.
Our annual holiday, to Snowdonia this time, is fully booked and goes ahead
on 9th May, 2010.
Special Occasion: On Sunday, 6th June, 2010, our old Branch Standard is
being laid up and the new Standard will be dedicated, at St. Peter’s Church,
Portesham. The service will be conducted by Rev. A. Whittock and begins at
3 p.m. The service will be followed by a parade from the church to Portesham
Village Hall. It is hoped that many village residents of our area will wish to
attend the service, not least former members and Poppy Appeal collectors and
their partners. Come and join us in celebrating 62 years of service given to
the community by the Royal British Legion - a commitment which goes on just
as compassionately today as ever. The event will conclude with light
refreshments in the village hall. All are welcome.
Our Annual Branch BBQ will be held at Portesham Village Hall Patio on
Friday, 23rd July, 2010. An addition to the evenings events this year will be a
shove-ha'penny competition.
We still have a few tickets left for the “Sound of Music” on 23 rd September,
2010, so if you hurry you just may be lucky!     (Contact the writer).

            Des Baker (Entertainments Chairman) 01305 267617

Sun 2 Spring Birds at Chesil
Join a walk to see breeding terns, waders and migrants. No dogs
Meet Chesil Centre, 13:30

Sun 9       Spring Flowers at Ferrybridge
At this time of year many coastal areas are coated by a layer of pink
as the thrift begins to bloom. Chesil is possibly one of the best
locations to see this beautiful sight. Why not join our local guide as
we delve into the thrift and other flora that can be found. Meet Chesil
Centre, 10:00

Sun 23     Fossils at Pirates Cove
As the tide falls leaving the Fleet foreshore exposed, now is the
perfect time to explore the seabed for fossils (sea urchins a speciality).
Join one of our guides to help you identify your finds. Meet Camp
Road, 10:00
       For more information about walks please contact the Chesil
Beach Centre on 01305 760579, visit the website at , or visit the Centre on the Portland Beach Road,
Portland, DT4 9XE.

The Fleet Observer

        With warmer waters, the Fleet is really starting to spring to
life, making this a great time for a trip on the Fleet Observer, our glass
bottom boat. The Fleet Observer is a shallow drafted boat specifically
designed to operate in the Fleet lagoon. Join one of our local skippers
as we explore Chesil and the Fleet, both above and below the water.
        For more information please contact the Fleet Observer on
01305 759692, visit our web site or pop
into the Chesil Beach Centre.

                           Did you miss this event
             or would you like to relive the experience?
              If so, you can watch a DVD of the show
on Saturday May 22nd at 8pm in the bar of the Brewer's Arms.
     Orders for the DVD can be taken on the night - .Price £5.
 All profits to the Village Hall! Hope to see you there! Fran Taylor

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