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CV of Shahidul Alam - Drik by qingyunliuliu


									                                                                                          Shahidul Alam CV
                                                                          House 58, Road 15 A (new) Dhaka 1209 ,Bangladesh
                                                        Phone: +88029120125  Fax: +88029115044  E-Mail:

Executive Profile
      Shahidul Alam is a Bangladeshi photographer and writer with a special interest in education and new
      media. He set up the award winning Drik Picture Library, the Bangladesh Photographic Institute,
      Pathshala, the South Asian Media Academy, the DrikNews photo agency, and Banglarights, the
      Bangladesh Human Rights portal. His work has been shown in leading museums including The
      Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts, the Royal Albert
      Hall, the Photographers Gallery and Tate Modern in London, Le centre Georges Pompidou in Paris.

      He is only person of colour to have ever chaired the prestigious International Jury of World Press
      Photo, considered the United Nations of photography. He is a recipient of numerous international
      awards and was the first Asian to receive the prestigious, Mother Jones International Award for
      Documentary Photography. His work has been published in numerous publications all over the world,
      including National Geographic, Time Magazine, Newsweek, The Guardian, Le Monde, etc. He is the
      only Bangladeshi to have been commissioned to photograph the cover of Time Magazine. In 2009, he
      was given the rare privilege by the Nelson Mandela Foundation to make an exclusive portrait of Nelson

      He has received the Daily Star-Standard Chartered Bank “Celebrating Life 2011” award for lifetime
      contribution to photography, in September 2011.

      Alam‟s ongoing work, “Crossfire” received international acclaim, and mobilized a massive public protest.
      The government closed down the show, but facing court action was forced to withdraw.

      His short film “In Search of the Shade of the Banyan Tree” has been shown in festivals in the UK,
      Germany, Malaysia and Bangladesh.

      Alam‟s current book “My journey as a witness” is published by Skira and Bengal Foundation and will be
      launched at the Bengal Gallery 23 September 2011. The book has introductions by Sebastiao Salgado
      and Raghu Rai.

Executive Positions

         Managing Director Drik Picture Library Ltd. 1989-present
         Principal Pathshala South Asian Institute of Photography (currently South Asian Media Academy).
         Director Chobi Mela International Festival of Photography 2000-present
         Chairman Majority World CIC 2007-present
                                                                             Shahidul Alam CV
                                                                                                Page 2

      Other Academic Positions

      • Visiting Professor: Sunderland University UK.                            2007-present
      • Regent Lecturer: UCLA USA                                                2008-present
      • Member of the Board of the Program for Narrative and                     2011-present
         Documentary Practice Tufts University

Academic Qualifications

      • PhD in Organic Chemistry: Free Radical Reactions of Heteraromatic               1983
         Compounds. London University.
      • BSc in Biochemistry and Genetics. Liverpool University                          1976


      • Member Advisory Board: National Geographic Society, Eugene
         Smith Foundation
      • Board Member: Drik Picture Library Ltd., Pathshala, South Asian
         Institute of Photography, Majority World CIC, Panos South Asia,
         PRIP Trust
      • Fellowships: Honorary Fellow, Royal Photographic Society 2001,
         Bangladesh Photographic Society 1989.

Positions Held

      • Chairman of International Jury World Press Photo.
      • President Bangladesh Photographic Society for three terms, 1989,
         1988, 1987
      • General Secretary Bangladesh Photographic Society for three
         terms, 1986, 1985, 1984
      • Founder Principal Bangladesh Photographic Institute, 1987-1989
      • Chairman, Masterclass nominating panel for Asia, World Press
         Photo Foundation, 1996 - present.
      • International Jury Member: World Press Photo, China Humanist
          Photography Award. China Press Photo Contest, Czech Press
          Photo Contest, International Photography Biennial of the Islamic
          World in Iran, Commonwealth Photo Contest.
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      • Guest Lecturer: Harvard University, Stanford University, UCLA
         and USC, USA. Oxford University. London University,
         Sunderland University, Durham University, Bolton University,
         UK. Ateneo University, Philippines. National Institute of Design,
         India, Universidade Eduardo Mondlane in Mozambique, Dhaka
         University, Bangladesh. Griffith University Australia

Produced Work/Exhibitions/Publications

      • Curator: “Water The First Element”, OIC Conference Kuala       ,,
         Lumpur for National Art Gallery Malaysia. “Where Three Dreams
         Cross” Whitechapel Gallery London and Fotomusuem
         Winterthur, Switzerland. “Bangladesh 1971” Rivington Place.
         London. “The War We Forgot” Bangladesh National Museum.

      • Exhibitions: A Struggle for Democracy; Positive Lives (Curator and
         Photographer) A Brahmaputra Diary; Bangladesh 1971 (Curator);
         Portraits of Commitment; Nature‟s Fury; Crossfire.

      • Festival Director: Chobi Mela (CM) International Festival of
         Photography CM I: Differences Unframed, 2000; CM II: Exclusion
         2002; CM III: Resistance 2004; CM IV: Boundaries 2006; CM V:
         Freedom 2009; CM VI: Dreams 2011.

      • Still Photography: Migrant Labour; A Struggle for Democracy;
          When the Waters Came; Cyclone 1991; Tsunami; Kashmir
          Earthquake; Climate Refugees; Hemayetpur Mental Hospital; A
          Brahmaputra Diary; Out of Focus; Women of the Naxalite
          Movement; Positive Lives; A Two Day Visa; Everyday Life in
          Bangladesh; Senior Citizens; Ibn Batuta; Travel Snapshots;
          Dancing Amidst the Baobabs; Crossfire.

      • Books: “My Journey as a Witness” (Author) Skira and Bengal
         Foundation, 2011.
      • Joint Curator :“Blink” 100 contemporary photographs. Phaidon, New
          York, 200
       Picture Editor: State of Democracy in South Asia (Lokniti)
                                                                        Shahidul Alam CV
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 Contributing editor: Chapter on “Families of Man” page 94-103 in
       This Critical Mirror: 40 Years of World Press Photo. Thames
       and Hudson, 1995.
 Editor: Chobi Alor Basha (Photography the Language of Light) by
       Azizur Rahim Peu, Drik, 2006.
 Guest Editor: New Internationalist NI 403, August 2007.

   Monographs: Nature‟s Fury, Concern Worldwide UK, 2007.
   Portraits of Commitment, UNAIDS, 2009.

   Books with significant contributions:
      1. Chapter 1 “The Majority World Looks Back” page 51-66 in
         The Weight of Photography, Academic and Scientific
         Publications, 2010.
      2. “ Emerging from the Shadows” Curator‟s introductory text
         page18-22 in Where Three Dreams Cross: 150 Years of
         Photography from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
         Fotomuseum Winterthur, Steidel , 2010.
      3. Contributor: “What matters: The World's Preeminent
         Photojournalists and Thinkers Depict Essential Issues of
         Our Time”, Sterling, 2008.
      4. Photographic documentation for Bangladesh Splendours of
         the Past: Pictorial account of Bangladesh heritage. Cosmos
         Printing and Publications, 2001.
      5. Photographic documentation for “Shanghai in the eyes of
         the World‟s Top Photographers”, Shanghai Publishing,
      6. Disrupted Borders: Book and exhibition Rivers Oram Press,
      7. Photographic documentation for Chapter on Bangladesh in
         A Cause for Our Times: Oxfam the First 50 Year, Oxfam
         UK and Ireland. 1992.
      8. Photographic documentation for Children at Crisis Point :
         stories from projects in Asia. Save the Children Fund, Andre
         Deutsch, 1992.

      9. A Dry Roof and a Cow, A book of portraits published by
                                                                                      Shahidul Alam CV
                                                                                                              Page 5

                  Friesens and Sons. Was one of the seven international
                  photographers featured in this work.
             10. Photographic documentation on Sher-e-Bangla Nagar
                 (National Parliament Bangladesh) in “Louis L. Kahn: In the
                 Realm of Architecture,” [Book on the works of architect
                 Louis Kahn]. Museum of Contemporary Arts, LA, 1992.

         Selection of Journal Articles:
                  “Majority World: Challenging the West‟s rhetoric of
                   Democracy,” Amerasia Journal Volume 34 Number 1 2008;
                   Asian American Studies Center Press, UCLA, pages 89-98;
                  “The Photography of „Resistance‟,” Inter-Asia Cultural
                   Studies 1469-8447, Volume 9, Issue 1, 2008. Pages 106-115
                  “Dayanita Singh: Through the Cracks of a Mirror,” Culture
                   and the Human Body: Prince Claus Awards 2008; Prince
                   Claus Fund, Amsterdam 2008), pages 80-85
                  “A Caged Peace,” Culture and Conflict: Prince Claus Awards
                   2007; Prince Claus Fund, The Hague 2008, pages 14-20;

Other Achievements

             Introduced email to Bangladesh in 1993 and effectively initiated „Digital Bangladesh‟.
             Set up the first Front Projection Studio in Bangladesh, for the Film Development Corporation
              in 1985.
             Founder director of FotoWorld (then the most sophisticated photographic studio in South Asia)
              in 1984.
             The first Bangladeshis to go to the Everest Base Camp in Nepal.
             Member of the National Bridge Team from 1984 – 1987.
             Won the Plate Trophy in the Bangladesh National Squash Championship in 1984.
             Captain of the Bridge, Chess, Squash, Badminton, Tennis, Table Tennis and Swimming teams in
              Bedford College, London University.
             Has been on assignments in approximately sixty countries across all continents.

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