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CSE Mail Center Enterprise Hosting Installation

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					CSE Mail Center Enterprise Hosting Installation

CSE Mail Center Enterprise Hosting web application requirements:

     Windows XP/Vista/7, windows Server 2003/2008.
     IIS ver. 6 or better installed
     SQL Express installed
     Web Deploy installed
     Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0 client (x86 and x64) installed

Only the main computer, which the installation programs will configure as
a server, would require all the above.
All other computer on the network only requires the Microsoft.NET
Framework 4.0 client (x86 and x64) installed

HOW TO INSTALL on window XP SP3 Professional

The Internet Information Service (IIS) manager must be installed to

check to see if Internet Information Service (IIS) is installed on the

To find out if IIS installed, open control panel then click on
administrative tools.

if IIS is not in the administrative tools then you do not have IIS

How to install IIS? Open control panel, open all programs,

on the left task pane click Add/Remove window component

in the open dialog box, check "Internet Information Service (IIS)" in the
component list

then click next

When prompt, insert your Windows XP disk then click continue

then wait for installation to complete.

After verifying that IIS installed.

Run Setup to install the IIS ver. 6 web server.

After IIS installed then run the SQLEXPR32 setup program

After SQL Express installed then run the WebDeploy_x86_en-US setup
When the web deploy installation completed, copy the host folder to the
C: drive, if you are installing the 2.0 version then copy the
Host(asp_net_2) folder.

On the desktop click Start, click all Programs, click on IIS7.0
Extensions, then click on Web Deploy command line a console window will
appear with a prompt.
Type the following at the prompt: cd \host or cd \Host(asp_net_2) and
press enter.

Then type CSEMailCenterHost.deploy.cmd /Y and press enter

With only the Y flag the CSEMailCenterHost application will install on
the local computer.
To install on remote server user additional flags [/T|/Y]
[/M:ComputerName] [/U:UserName] [/P:Password] [/G:UseTempAgent]
[Additional msdeploy.exe flags ...]
After completed Close the console.

Open the internet explorer and browse to

     Note* If a CSEMailCenterHost Service web page do not appear then the
IIS is not configured properly.

a CSEMailCenterHost Service web page should appear, then close the

    Note* If a server error page appeared then you must configure the
folder security to allow internet users write access, open IIS manager in
the administrative tools
then expand websites, expand default web site then expand
CSEMailCenterHost then right click on App_Data then click properties then
click folders then check write access then click ok then close.

If you having problem after the above note then Try configuring windows
group policies,
to configure group policy, click start, click run, type in gp.exe and
then click ok.

You cannot continue until all the above is successful.

If all is success then run the CSEMailCenterEnterprise setup.

Complete the setup wizard to install the CSEMailCenterEnterprise.

When the option panel dialogue box appears, select the User Setup tab.

In the Service location textbox, have default link
If you installed the mail center host on remote server, replace localhost
with the domain name. ex.

Then click change button

Type in a name you plan to use as a user name, the first signup name is
the administrator name.

type in password
type in email address
click Add New

Click on the Create User button.

close the window

right click the CSEMailCenterEnterprise icon on the notification bar on
the bottom right corner of your desktop

click on login

login in with your username



Run the CSEMailCenterEnterprise setup program.

After the program installed, login in with your Admin or Username

In the administrator window in select "Service location" in combo box
then change the URL from http://localhost/CSEMailCenterhost/ to where is the name
of the website, computer_name or IP of the computer running the
CSEMailCenterhost service.

Example. If the computer name is "SaraMach" then the URL would be
http://saramach/CSEMailCenterhost/ or if the computer IP is ""
then the URL would be

Then close the window.

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