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                                                OANM News
 Volume 3 Issue 1                                                                                 October 2009

 If you would like to contribute an
 idea or topic to our newsletter,
                                             thanked the OANM for allowing him to       17th Annual ABO Educational
                                             speak. Unfortunately, for us and others    Conference 2009!
 please e-mail Sheri Red Shirt:              Michael DiSanto lost his battle with                                                                 Once a year we have the opportunity to
                                             cancer and died at the age of 60 on        meet, greet, and network with one
Editor’s Note:                               Monday, May 25, 2009. Our industry         another. Our appreciation for the work
Remember, you don’t have to be               will not be the same without him. His      we choose to do can be shared with
nationally certified to join the Opticians   professional commitment led to formal      seasoned opticians and new opticians.
Association of New Mexico, OANM. If          education through his books written to     Please join us on Friday November
you would like to become a member,           encourage professional opticians to        13, 2009 OANM Reception. The
all you have to do is visit our website.     become ABO Certified.                      OANM reception is known for a night of
Memberships are available for                                                           socializing, mingling, and of course
individuals ($55.00/ year) and                                                          dancing! The OANM Conference will
commercial firms ($125.00/year). The                                                    be held on Saturday November 14,
membership year runs from October 1,                                                    2009. The following speakers will make
2009 to September 30, 2010. Current                                                     this years conference memorable:
members will receive a renewal sticker                                                  Janice Miletich- Strategic Account
during our annual conference. Should                                                    Manager for DEFINITY with Essilor of
you need your name changed or                                                           America, Inc. She has been in the
address updated please let us know.                                                     optical industry for over 30 years. She
This newsletter is also posted on the                                                   is a certified optician and an expert on
OANM website. See the Useful                                                            DEFINITY lenses and DUAL ADD
Connections section for website                                                         Technology. Her course will discuss
location and other important websites.                                                  the advantages of upgrading your
                                                                                        patients to new eyecare technologies.
Career Opportunities                                                                    David Kindel- Regional Manager
Are you looking for a qualified                   Mr. Michael DiSanto, ABOM             Essilor Labs of America, Inc. An
employee or are you seeking                   Photo ABO/NCLE OANM Speaker 2008          Eastern New Mexico University
employment where your skills will be                                                    graduate with a double major in Biology
appreciated? If so, you can list or view     In honor of his life’s work, the OANM      and Chemistry, David has been part of
career opportunities by clicking on the      would like you to join us in keeping his   paraoptometric technology since 1973.
opti-board link on the OANM website.         passion alive. We are requesting our       David became District Sales Manager
                                             member’s post a sign at your place of      for Essilor earning District of the Year
Farewell to a True Master                    work to recognize our ABO and/or           2003.
During our last meeting we witnessed         NCLE certified professionals. For more     Raymond Dennis- Professor, Program
one of our industries true masters in        ideas on how you can Honor Mr.             Coordinator of the Ophthalmic Design
Opticianry, Michael DiSanto, ABOM.           DiSanto’s memory, stop by the OANM         and Dispensing Program at Middlesex
Last year, he brought a wealth of            vendors table. Be proud of your career,    Community College in Middletown,
knowledge, laughter and excitement to        as he was, and encourage others to         Connecticut. Mr. Dennis has been an
our conference. We gave him our              become certified professionals. Mike’s     Editor and Author of continuing
undivided attention, took photos and         career goal was to let the public know     education for Review of Optometry,
even asked him for his autograph. In         opticians are competent and qualified      Vision Care Product News, Lenses and
parting, he expressed a desire to return     to do what we do best- care about          Technology, 20/20 and the American
to New Mexico in the future and              vision.                                    Academy of Ophthalmology.

“And the Survey Says…”                         and the setting. The assumption was         typically are employed include
Last year’s Salary Survey will go on           made that the Dispensing Opticians          optometrist and ophthalmologist
record as a baseline assessment taken          reflected here were working an              offices, hospitals and outpatient care
by the Opticians Association of New            average of 40 hours per week with a         centers. Other Industries that employ
Mexico. In the future, we would like to        total of 2080 hours per year.               dispensing opticians: Medical
increase the numbers of surveys by             Dispensing Opticians Salary: Median         equipment and supply manufacturing,
distributing the surveys to member’s           Hourly and Annual-HOURLY-                   employment agencies, government and
and non-members.                               Dispensing Opticians median salary is       colleges also employ these healthcare
                                               $16.10 per hour. The lowest 10% earn        workers.-Benefits -Fringe benefits such
Question 1: 80% of people surveyed             $9.76 per hour and those in the upper       as vacation, health insurance and
indicated certified personnel work at          10% earn more than $23.63 per hour.         retirement plans will vary depending on
their place of employment.                     ANNUALLY-On an annual basis the             the work setting and size of the
Question 2: 66% of people surveyed             median Dispensing Opticians Salary is       employer. Individuals in private
indicated a certification increases pay.       $33,480. The lowest 10% earn a salary       practice will have similar benefits
Question 3: 70% of non-certified               of $20,300 per year while the upper         enjoyed by self-employed or sole
workers are paid $10-$13 per hour.             10% earn more than $49,160 per year.        proprietor businesses. A typical
Question 4: 65% of certified workers           These salaries are calculated as a          employment benefits package is worth
are paid $12- $18 per hour.                    mean or average, Lowest and Highest         over $20,000 per year.
Question 5:                                    Dispensing Opticians Salary. The
Based on your experience, what should          lowest paid Dispensing Opticians earn       Support Your Vendors!
the average pay be for a new hire with         less with mean or average wages               As members of the OANM, you can
no optical background?                         below $9.00 per hour. Presumably this       also benefit from purchasing directly
Average Survey Response: $9.38                 is offset by costs of living and other      from the vendors at our conference.
Question 6:                                    factors. The lower pay levels are           Purchasing authority varies from one
What should the average pay be for a           associated with rural areas and             business to another. So, plan ahead by
new hire with formal training/ education       schools. The highest pay levels             talking with your employers purchasing
and no experience?                             are found in major population areas         authority to discuss how to buy directly
Average Survey Response: $11.17                where the mean or average wage is           from vendors.
Question 7:                                    over $24.00 per hour. Demand and low          In addition, your membership will help
What should the average pay be for a           supply seem to be a significant factor in   the OANM continue providing
new hire with two years experience?            fueling higher salaries. The top FIVE       continuing education credits at annual
Average Survey Responses: $12.72               paying states to earn an Dispensing         conferences. Without your support and
Question 8:                                    Opticians salary are Massachusetts          membership, our conference would not
What should the average pay be for a           $49,460, New Jersey $48,340,                be a success. So, thank you for your
new hire with five years experience?           Connecticut $47,550, New York               support and membership!
Average Survey Responses: $15.04               $47,190, Nevada $46,680.-top 5
                                               Metropolitan Areas-The best city or
                                                                                           Upcoming Events
Question 9:                                                                                **OANM 2010 Board Elections**
What should the average pay be for a           metropolitan areas to earn an
                                               Dispensing Opticians salary are             If you are ready or know someone
new hire with a two year degree from                                                       who could serve as an effective
an Accredited Opticianry School?               Boston-Cambridge-Quincy, MA NECTA
                                               Division $60,070, Nassau-Suffolk, NY        Board Member- Nominate them!
Average Survey Responses: $16.40                                                           Nominations for President, Vice-
                                               Metropolitan Division $56,280,
                                               Leominster-Fitchburg-Gardner, MA            President, and Treasurer /
If you have a topic you would like                                                         Secretary will be accepted by e-
surveyed, please contact an OANM               $56,040, Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk,
                                               CT $54,100, Hartford-West Hartford-         mailing: All
Board member with your idea. We also                                                       nominations must be received by
invite you to participate in this year’s       East Hartford, CT $51,960-Private
                                               Practice Vs Employment-Given the            midnight 01 DEC 2009.
survey during our conference.
                                               nature of the work these professionals
Dispensing Opticians Salary:                   perform Dispensing Opticians are            Useful Connections-
Information from: Health Care Salary On-Line   primarily employed rather than in           -OANM-
Website                                        private practice.-EMPLOYMENT                -National Federation of Opticianry
The average Dispensing Opticians               DATA-According to the US Department         Schools (NFOS) -
Salary is calculated by the US                 of Labor nationally there are over
Government Bureau of Labor Statistics          70,090 Dispensing Opticians who earn        -Dispensing Opticians Salary
from a variety of sources. According to        a salary through being employed.- 
the Bureau of Labor, Dispensing                Where They Work -Of all the                 -ANSI Online
Opticians work in a number of settings         Dispensing Opticians employed in the
including hospitals, clinics and               United States over 25,740 of them           -Vision Council of America (VCA)
schools. A Dispensing Opticians Salary         work in health and personal care  
may vary depending on the location             stores. Healthcare settings where they      - ABOC/ NCLE Website

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