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					                         CURRICULUM VITAE

                         Christopher Patrick Boyle
                         Third Bearing Limited

    Date of Birth        8 March 1967

    Nationality          New Zealand

    Education            Master of Business Administration, Executive Programme, Massey University
                         New Zealand (1994)
                         Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

    Other Training       Various management training programmes from 1988 to date.

    Languages            English             :   Mother tongue

    Professional         Member, Institution of Professional Engineers, New Zealand
    Affiliations         Associate Fellow, New Zealand Institute of Management
                         Member, Institute of Directors New Zealand
                         Member and Assessor, Australasian Institute of Enterprise Facilitators

    Key Qualifications

                            Qualified professionally in engineering and management.
                            Motivated in sales and client relationship management.
                            Effective manager of staff and project teams.
                            16 years' experience in top management positions.
                            25 years' experience in the electricity industry.
                            Licensed Dale Carnegie training instructor.
                            Adviser to businesses on strategic planning.
                            Mentor to business executives.
                            Recognised by businesses and in the community as a capable leader and
                            International experience.
                            Raced superbikes, enduro, desert crossings, world rally navigating and
                              adventure racing.
                            Published journalist for Australian Motorcycle Magazine and Top Gear Magazine.
                            Adventure travel through China, Mongolia, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belgium,
                              Netherlands, Poland, Germany, France, Maldives, America, Australia, Italy,
                              Switzerland, Ireland in ABC Documentaries, 100 year old motor race re-
                              enactments, and motorcycle tours.
                            Guide to overseas Magazine Editors in touring New Zealand in automotive
                            Raced internationally in adventure race, mountain bike and multisport teams
                            Professional public speaker with many corporate and public presentations

    Countries of Work Experience
                         Australia, Bhutan, Nepal, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States of America,

March 2004               Curriculum Vitae : Christopher Boyle                                                 1
      Employment Record

                 No.           From-To                     Employer/Position          Description of Duties

                1.       2000 – Present              Director, Third Bearing     Management and business
                                                     Ltd                         consultant.
                                                     Director, Fabrum            Manage composite R&D
                                                     Solutions Ltd               operation.
                                                     Director, Martin            Manage fuel tank manufacture
                                                     Engineering Ltd             for aviation and petroleum
                                                     Journalist, Australian      Testing and writing reviews of
                                                     Motorcycle News             new motorcycles and related
                                                     Acting CEO Manfeild Park    events
                                                                                 12 month role
                2.       1999 - 2000                 General Manager New         Responsible for new business
                                                     Ventures, CentralPower      development.
                                                     Ltd, New Zealand
                3.       1995 - 1999                 General Manager,            Responsible to Chief Executive
                                                     Electricity, CentralPower   for all aspects of electricity
                                                     Ltd                         distribution including
                                                                                 engineering, marketing and
                                                                                 commercial functions.
                4.       1993 - 1995                 Network Manager,            Responsible to Chief Executive
                                                     CentralPower Ltd            for all aspects of electricity
                                                                                 distribution network including
                                                                                 planning, construction,
                                                                                 operation and maintenance.
                5.       1991 - 1993                 Business Account            Management of major
                                                     Manager, Manawatu-          accounts.
                                                     Oroua Electric Power
                                                     Board (later
                6.       1990 - 1991                 Commercial Engineer,        Responsible for customer
                                                     Manawatu-Oroua Electric     contracts for the provision of
                                                     Power Board                 line and energy services to
                7.       1989 – 1990                 Senior Industrial Sales     Responsible for engineering and
                                                     Engineer, Manawatu-         customer service functions for
                                                     Oroua Electric Power        industrial users. Engineering
                                                     Board                       design.
                8.       1988 – 1989                 Research and                Electricity distribution system
                                                     Development Engineer,       technical investigations and
                                                     Manawatu-Oroua Electric     design.
                                                     Power Board

February 2011        Curriculum Vitae: Christopher Boyle                                                          2
      Relevant Experience

                   Business and Management Consulting
                   Director, Third Bearing Limited, Management Consultants
                   September 2000 - Present

                   Setup and develop new consulting practice with two business partners. Solely
                   responsible for client management and sales of services. Provide services into
                   financial, insurance, professional services, manufacturing, utilities, distribution and
                   retail industries. Consultant to several businesses on the development of strategic
                   plans, visions and values and on change management. Coach to business
                   executives on organisation performance and development. Advisor to companies
                   on governance roles and responsibilities. Merger and acquisition support to retail
                   business expansion. Policy development and project management for tertiary
                   institution for the implementation of a trade’s apprenticeship scheme. Managed
                   sale of technology business to an international party.

                   Performance improvement, including business process analysis and design,
                   management information and Corporate Performance Management processes and

                   Analysis and setting of financial and operational KPI’s for organisations, linking
                   them to key business strategic outcomes, including ongoing monitoring of plan
                   implementation and value release.

                   Consulting on supply chain review, specifically purchasing and procurement
                   processes, utilisation and alignment of IT systems to support business processes,
                   and quality review processes.

                   Revenue and cost control/ reduction assignments for tertiary authorities and
                   energy utilities. Multiple general financial review and planning projects, linked to
                   capital expenditure planning, operational budget setting and scenario planning.

                   Secondment to Tertiary institution as GM/Head of Faculty while incumbent was on
                   three month sabbatical – role included restructure of international marketing
                   group, overseeing strategic activities, and reporting to Council on faculties

                   Facilitate strategic planning and implementation of plan for Territorial Authority to
                   incorporate the community outcomes determined through the LTCCP process
                   (Long term Council Community Plan).

                   Executive lease as CEO of Manfeild Park for twelve months (three days a week) –
                   newly formed Trust owning 80 hectare facility (including motorsport race track,
                   agricultural facilities and building). The role involving developing and implementing
                   10 year strategic plan, gaining support of key stakeholders and settlors of Trust,
                   securing $20m funding for capital development plan, promoting and securing
                   significant new events.

February 2011      Curriculum Vitae: Christopher Boyle                                                       3
                Develop asset maintenance planning, pricing methodology, and non-core asset
                divestment for national transmission company.

                Presenter of training programmes in management, leadership, and customer
                service improvement. Presenter of Dale Carnegie management training courses.
                Strategic planning and performance coaching including in the United Kingdom.

                Extensive involvement in the change management of a NSW Utility, including
                mentoring managers and facilitating vision and values workshops, and
                implementing performance management processes.

                Twelve month role as Acting CEO for Manfeild Park upon Trust being formed. Key
                roles where reorganising staff resources, capturing new funding streams, and
                development short and long term Strategic Development plans for the Park.

                Journalist, Australian Motorcycle News, Motorcycle Magazine sold throughout

                Test ride and write reviews of recently released motorcycles in Australia and New
                Director, Fabrum Solutions Limited, Composite R&D Engineering operation
                June 2004 – Present

                Manage the promotion of the business to new clients, structure R&D contracts with
                Government and international businesses. Develop relationships with Universities
                to access and partner immerging IP. Manage operation of business including the
                commercialisation of new products and technologies.

                Director, Martin Engineering Limited, Heavy Engineering operation
                January 2003 - Present

                Oversee the operation of the business, specifically the manufacture of 50,000 litre
                twin walled fuel tanks for use in the petroleum industry, mining and aviation
                industries. Build relationships with petroleum organisations to secure supply
                contracts, and set up agencies throughout Australasia for the promotion and sales
                of the tanks. Secure manufacturing license from American manufacturer.

                New Business Development
                General Manager New Ventures, CentralPower Ltd
                1999-August 2000

                Responsible for developing new business systems and ventures including the
                possibility of diversification into the telecommunications industry, the provision of
                fault response and construction contracting services, and the establishment of
                joint-venture asset management services for electricity lines companies and water

February 2011   Curriculum Vitae: Christopher Boyle                                                     4
                Seconded for ten months to American Utility Consulting business (UMS) based in
                Australian office performing performance improvement work for several Australian,
                New Zealand and UK based utilities and infrastructure organisations. Managed a
                business plan review project for a Victorian electricity distribution company with a
                focus on adding value and preparing the business for sale. Performance
                improvement for New South Wales utility, revising contracted relationships for
                service, organisation structure and service delivery processes. Implemented revised
                investment planning, risk management and asset management in UK water utility.

                Electricity Lines Business Management and Operation
                Various roles, culminating in the position of General Manager, Electricity

                Responsible to the Chief Executive for all aspects of electricity distribution,
                including engineering and commercial functions, retailing and marketing activities
                and customer account management. Significant work undertaken and experience
                gained during this period included the following:

                General Management Experience

                    Build client base and manage ongoing client relationships.
                    Project management of multi million dollar projects, management of project
                    Management and leadership, including delegation and performance review.
                    Handling multiple corporate projects and meeting pre-determined deadlines.
                    Identifying, quantifying and managing problems and helping resolve conflicts.
                    Selecting, training and reviewing the performance of staff.
                    Establishing and reviewing remuneration levels.
                    Establishing, training and motivating staff teams, and developing systems and
                     processes for mentoring and coaching at all levels.
                    Providing constructive input as a team member and leader.
                    Identifying new management tasks and strategies to strengthen the company's
                     focus on service, followed by the development of delivery strategies and
                    Planning, monitoring and controlling capital, marketing, sponsorship and
                     overhead budgets and subsequent expenditures.
                    Reviewing project requirements, including scope and resource needs.
                    Reviewing and approving implementation programmes for major projects.
                    Reviewing and approving the prioritisation and allocation of resources.
                    Negotiating use-of-network and energy delivery contracts.
                    Building relationships, within the industry and at local and national levels, with
                     community and business leaders and government officials.
                    Quality control management.

                Asset Management

                    Introduced formal asset management systems to the company’s electricity
                     distribution network business.
                    Implemented life-cycle maintenance planning.
                    Developed revenue protection concepts and expanded them to a company-
                     wide risk management programme and management plan.
                    Developed a business plan for a power distribution company in the State of
                     Victoria (Australia), identifying opportunities for cost reduction, performance
                     improvement and better service level delivery.

February 2011   Curriculum Vitae: Christopher Boyle                                                       5
                    Conducted asset management strategic planning and review workshops for
                     electricity distributors in the State of New South Wales (Australia).
                    Initiated a joint-venture asset management business in New Zealand, focussing
                     on long-term asset management and service provision contracts

                Strategic Planning and Development

                    Member of management team responsible for setting a new strategic direction
                     for the company, following legislative changes and reform of the electricity
                     supply industry.
                    Responsible for separation of the company's asset management and
                     contracting functions, the introduction of service agreements, and
                     establishment of internal reporting requirements. The work included
                     development of agreed performance standards.

                Electricity Retail

                    Managed all aspects of electricity retail business including metering, meter
                     reading, billing, and revenue collection.
                    Developed and managed a revenue protection programme to reduce non-
                     system losses
                    Developed an e-business solution to provide electricity consumers and energy
                     retailers with a real-time fault restoration and contract management service.
                     The system served most retailers operating in the company’s service area and
                     their operations in the lower North Island. The system was internet and call
                     centre based.
                    Facilitated the management of the company’s corporate image during the
                     divestment of its retail business, and the accompanying staff reductions. The
                     company re-focused its activities on network operations with a re-positioned
                     profile and brand.
                    Developed and maintained the company’s brand, image, marketing, promotion
                     and sponsorship programme.
                    Implemented a customer account management programme for the company’s
                     industrial customers, managing the associated client relationships, addressing
                     service delivery issues, maintaining quality assurance procedures, and
                     negotiating delivered energy and use-of-network charges. This work entailed
                     the creation of a new business management team.

                Change Management

                    Responsible for re-structuring the company’s electricity network business in
                     response to legislative changes that required the separation of ownership of
                     lines and energy retailing functions.
                    Member of management team responsible for acquiring ElectroPower Limited
                     and merging its electricity lines and energy retailing businesses into the
                     company’s operations. The work included additional network interconnections
                     and the merging of operational systems and protocols, as well as the merging
                     of the two teams and the re-building of team structure, culture and profile.
                    Conducted in-house leadership and human relations skills workshops to assist
                     in developing staff communication skills, internally and externally.

February 2011   Curriculum Vitae: Christopher Boyle                                                   6
                     Considerable emphasis was placed on team-building. The programme
                     culminated in the company receiving a Service Business Award in 1998.
                    Member of management team responsible for an earlier merger of the
                     businesses of the Manawatu-Oroua and Tararua Electric-Power Boards to form
                     CentralPower Ltd.
                    Conducted workshops for an electricity distributor in the State of Queensland
                     (Australia) to facilitate the introduction of better work practices and to re-
                     define operational processes.

                Project Consultant
                Secondment to Meritec Ltd
                2001 (1½ months)

                Assisted Meritec deliver a change management program in the Maldives with
                STELCO (State Electricity Company). The project was focussed on up skilling the
                management team in leadership and management competencies, as well as
                implementing customer service charters at a frontline level. The program required
                a significant amount of facilitation at all levels in the organisation to provide
                competencies in the areas of corporate objective setting, delegation, performance
                management, project and contractor management and staff development.

                Project Consultant
                Secondment to Meritec Ltd
                1996 (1½ months)

                Assisted a Meritec (then Worley International Ltd) team in Bhutan with the
                preparation of a Rural Electrification programme for the Division of Power,
                Government of Bhutan. Responsibilities included assisting with the development of
                a comprehensive load forecasting model and the preparation and conduct of
                training programmes.

                Assisted a Meritec team with the review of a corporatisation strategic plan,
                prepared by Meritec and the Nepal Administrative Staff College for the Nepal
                Electricity Authority.

                Motorsport Involvement

                I started racing motorcycles in 1987 at National level both circuit and off road.
                Won two New Zealand titles in circuit racing in first three years of competition.
                Competed in motocross, enduro and cross country events from 1990 winning age
                group and capacity classes in regional events. Continued to race off road and
                circuit racing up to the present day, with a move on the off road participation to
                less formal desert crossings in Australia (BMW R1100GS, F650, KTM950) and
                testing new motorbikes for Australian Motorcycle News – for example back to back
                comparisons of the KTM Adventurer 950 and 990, the Australian release of the
                Yamaha 2006 WR250 and WR450. This also included riding the NZ Six Day Enduro
                (2007 ISDE) course prior to the actual event as part of a test report. I also

February 2011   Curriculum Vitae: Christopher Boyle                                                   7
                   competed at the 2000 Easter Weekend Motorcycle racing at Bathurst in Australia
                   gaining six top five finishers in a field of over forty motorcycles.

                   I raced in the NZ Winter Series National Go-kart championships in 1997 wining my
                   class in the first year.

                   I competed as a navigator in the 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 World Rally
                   Championships in the New Zealand rounds as well as he NZ Championship finishing
                   second overall in the first year of competition.

                   I build all my own motorcycles and maintain them. I have a background in
                   Motorcycle mechanics as well as Mechanical and Electrical engineering.

                   In addition to this I started the ‘New Entrants’ motorcycle programme with Tim
                   Gibbes providing motorcycles, riding gear and tuition to young talent in both road
                   racing and off road racing. Two of these young riders went on to win NZ titles both
                   in circuit and off road racing and compete competitively in International events
                   including the Isle of Man TT. I also ran a NZ based superbike team competing in
                   the NZ National Championships in 1997, 98 and 99.

                   Through my Engineering business we have developed and manufactured many
                   carbon and Kevlar race products for circuit racing and specifically for the KTM

      Community and Board Involvement

                   Horizons Energy Distribution Company Limited
                   Board member, 2007 – Present

                   Public listed company of the NZ Stock Exchange, an electricity distribution
                   company supplying network services to the Bay of Plenty region.

                   Manfeild Park Trust
                   Board member, 2004 – 2010 (Acting CEO 2005/2008-9)

                   Trust owning and operating 80 hectare events facility in the Manawatu, including
                   motorsport racetrack, agricultural facilities, equestrian events centre, performance
                   technology park, motel, agribusiness centre, corporate facilities.

                   Triathlon New Zealand
                   Board Member, 2007 – Present

                   National Body for the sports of triathlon, duathlon, multisport and adventure
                   racing, selecting elite athletes for world championships and Olympics, and running
                   round of ITU race, and national series. Supporting New Zealand clubs in growing
                   and hosting the sport.

                   Chairperson, 2001 – 2009, Trustee 2009 - Present

February 2011      Curriculum Vitae: Christopher Boyle                                                    8
                Regional Sports Trust overseeing participation in active living, sport development,
                club and code capability development, and health outcomes on behalf of District
                Health Board.

                Enterprise MidWest
                Board member 2001 – 2005

                Organisation representing three regional economic development agencies to secure
                government funding for enterprise training program.

                Manawatu Commerce Centre and Chamber of Commerce
                Board Member, 1997 – 2005
                (Deputy Chairman 1997-99)

                Commerce representative group pursuing initiatives necessary to support regional
                business needs.

                Vision Manawatu Economic Development Agency
                Deputy Chairman, 1998 – Present

                The aim of this agency, funded by territorial local authorities and businesses in the
                region, is the promotion of investment and employment in the area.

                Electricity Industry Standards Panel
                Committee Member, 1997 – 1999

                Electrical Engineers Association
                Executive Committee Member, 1997 – 1999

                Other Community Activities
                Led public speaking and leadership training workshops for young sports leaders in
                secondary schools.
                Instructor in public and corporate leadership, management and customer service
                training courses.
                Instructor in the first Dale Carnegie youth programme in New Zealand.
                Motivational speaker for community, sports and school groups. Business motivator
                speaking at National conferences for various industries.

                Sporting Involvement

                Adventurer – including riding 100 year old three wheel French motorcycle from
                Beijing to Paris through Russia (15000km, 59 days) in 2005; multiple desert
                crossing by motorcycle in Australia (unsupported), mountain climbing in Argentina
                and Himalayas.
                Superbike racing (New Zealand and Australia), Enduro and Cross Country 1988 –
                Navigator International Rallying 1995 – 2000
                Multisport (Coast to Coast etc) 2000 – Present
                Adventure Racing (Southern Traverse 2000, Geoquest Australia 2002, China 2003,
                China 2004)
                Soccer (PNBHS, Canterbury University, Manawatu Plunderers – not to be taken
                Road Cycling and Mountain Biking, Down river kayak racing
                Downhill Mountain Biking, Mountain Running, Alpine Climbing
                Triathalon – Xterra, NZ Tri Cup series 2006/07, 2007/08
                Ironman – 2007 NZ Ironman, Rotorua Half Ironman 2006, Tauranga Half Ironman

February 2011   Curriculum Vitae: Christopher Boyle                                                     9

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