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					                                  The Current

April	2011                                         Free Complimentary Issue


                             o     ivit
                    Spring Int Creat y
                                          at the
                        Oshkosh Seniors Center	              920.232.5300
                                                 Welcome to the
                                                                      seniors center
                                                               Oshkosh Seniors Center Mission Statement
Glance Inside
                                                            To	enrich	the	quality	of	life	for	adults	50	and	over.
Center	Spotlight	              3	
Programs	                 4	–	7	
Special	Programs	         8	–	9	
Exercise	&	Fitness	          12	
Wellness	News	               13	
Available	Services	          14	
                                                   Tax Assistance Appointments
FOSC	                        15	                   April 1 through April 15, 2011
Seniors	Tours	          15	–	16	                   Thursday and Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Volunteer	Information	       17                    With the last appointment at 2:45 p.m.
Weekly	Activities	           18	                   The	Tax	Assistance	program	provides	help	to	low	and	middle-
Thank	You	                   19                    income	taxpayers	and	individuals	over	60.	Volunteer	Counselors	

                                                    assist	individuals	with	the	preparation	of	their	tax	returns	in	
                                                     accordance	with	the	guidelines	established	between	the	IRS,	
South Facility                                        AARP	and	VITA.	APPOINTMENTS ARE REQUIRED!
                                                       Call 651-3060
200	N	Campbell	Rd	
                                                s	Ce

Oshkosh	WI		54902	                                         Bus Passes
Phone:	920-232-5310	
Fax:	920-232-5307	                                          City	of	Oshkosh	bus	passes	will	no	longer	be	
Hours:	M.–Fri.,	8:00	a.m.	–	4:00	p.m.		                     sold	at	the	Oshkosh	Seniors	Center.
North Facility                                                Drug Drop
                                  Oshko 	Senior

234	N	Campbell	Rd	                                             Oshkosh Safety Building
Oshkosh	WI		54902	                                             420 Jackson St
Phone:	920-232-5300	                                            Safely dispose of unwanted or
Hours:	M.–Th.,	6:45	a.m.	–	2:45	p.m.	                            expired medications.
Fri.,	6:45	a.m.	–	11:45	a.m.		                                    Safe and secure, 24 hours a day, everyday.
Friends of the                                           
Oshkosh Seniors Center, Inc.

200	N	Campbell	Rd	                                                   The Oshkosh Seniors Center is NOT a drop off
Oshkosh	WI		54902	                                                   for medications.
Phone:	920-232-5312	
Hours:	M.	–	Fri.,	9:00	a.m.	–	3:00	p.m.
A	nonprofit	organization	staffed	
by	volunteers	
Center Spotlight

                                          o     ivit
                                 Spring Int Creat y

               Creativity requires whole-brain thinking, right-brain
               imagination, artistry and intuition, plus left-brain logic
               and planning.
              The	Center	hosts	a	multitude	of	

               CREATIVE EXPRESSION		program	opportunities:	

              •	Learn	a	new	language	–	Spanish,	French	or	German
              •	Paint	a	masterpiece	in	watercolor,	oil,	or	acrylic.	
              •	Join	a	book	club.
              •	Build	a	bench.
              •	Assemble	a	decorative	wooden	tray.	
              •	Join	the	poetry	theater.
              •	Share	patterns	and	techniques	at	the	knitting	&	crocheting	or				 	
               	 stitchery	groups.	
              •	Craft	a	bowl	-	roll	,	pinch	,	sculpt,	press,	or	coil	it.		
              •	Glaze	or	paint	bisque	and	greenware	ceramic	pieces.
              •	Write	a	book	or	poem	–	tell	your	story	in	words	&	pictures.

  April Programs
          North Facility (NF) South Facility (SF)

Reader’s Poetry Theater (SF)                              Fitness Assessments - How Fit Are You? (NF)
Tuesdays and Thursdays, February 15 – May 13              Tuesday, April 5, 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.                                     Wednesday, April 20, 12:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.
Do	you	like	to	perform?	How	about	enjoying	               A	nurse	and	an	exercise	specialist	provide	fitness	
performing	with	no	memorizing	required?                   assessments.	All	assessments	are	FREE.	Call	232-5300	
The	Oshkosh	Seniors	Center	will	be	hosting	               to	schedule	your	appointment	today.	
a	“Reader’s	Poetry	Theater”	with	rehearsals	on	           See page 10 for more details.
Tuesdays	and	Thursdays	at	the	Oshkosh	Seniors	
                                                          OSC Red Hat Society (SF)
Center	south	facility	from	1:00	p.m.	-	3:00	p.m.	and	a	
                                                          Red Hat-A-Tude Meeting
performance	on	Friday,	May	13	at	1:00	p.m.	All	sizes,	
                                                          Friday, April 1, 1:00 p.m.
shapes	and	voices	are	encouraged	to	participate;	
men	and	women	are	needed!	Participants	will	be	           Who	are	the	Red	Hat-A-Tude	ladies?	We	are	ladies	
encouraged	to	approach	it	as	professionals	who	           that	throw	most	of	the	rules	to	the	wind	but	still	
simply	want	to	have	a	lot	of	fun!	The	Poetry	Theater	     remember	our	manners	when	we	gather	in	public.	
will	use	some	poets	you	may	recognize	–	some	             What	do	the	Red	Hat-A-Tude	ladies	do?	We	enjoy	life	
classics	include	Edgar	Lee	Masters,	Robert	Frost,	        and	go	places	in	the	Oshkosh	Area	–	exploring	and	
Carl	Sandberg,	Alfred	Noyes	and	Edgar	Allen	Poe.	         having	fun.	For	more	information:	Contact	Linde	
Mrs.	Betty	Butcher	will	direct.	For	more	information,	    Andresen	at	426-4246.
please	contact	Molly	at	232-5308.
                                                          Computer Enrollment Fair (SF)
Zumba® (NF)                                               Wednesday, April 6, 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
Mondays and Thursdays,
February 21-May 26, 4:45 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.                 Come	to	the	Enrollment	Fair	to	sign	up	for	computer	
(No class on 4/21 or 4/25)                                workshops	for	April.
Cost: 20 -class punch card $70, 10 -class punch card
$40, or $4 per class
                                                          Weight Management Support Group (SF)
                                                          Thursday, April 7, 1:00 p.m.
Ditch	the	routine	and	join	the	party!		Zumba®	fuses	
hypnotic	Latin	rhythms	and	easy	to	follow	moves	to	       Learn	tips	for	eating,	shopping	and	increasing	your	
create	a	dynamic	fitness	program	that	will	blow	you	      activity	level.	Everyone	is	welcome.
away.	All	fitness	levels	are	encouraged	to	attend;	no	
dancing	skills	are	needed!	The	class	will	be	taught	      Cooking For 1 or 2 Cooking Class (SF)
by	Emily	Dieringer,	certified	Zumba®	instructor.	         Thursday, April 7, 1:00 p.m.
                                                          Cost: $10; Preregistration and payment required by
Participants	are	able	to	join	the	class	at	any	time.
                                                          Monday, April 4

        RETREAT! RELAX! RENEW!                            Preparing	nutritious,	tasty	meals	for	one	or	two	
         Women’s Wellness Retreat                         people	can	be	a	challenge,	especially	if	you’re	used	to	
               Sunday, April 10, 2011                     cooking	for	a	family	–	or	find	it	hard	to	get	motivated	
               10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.                     to	cook	for	just	you.	Join	Chef	Peter	Buck	as	he	
                Cost: $12 per person                      teaches	you	how	to	prepare	delicious	meals	for	one	
                                                          or	two	people.	Be	sure	to	come	hungry,	as	you	will	
         Open	to	women	aged	50	and	older.
                                                          be	able	to	enjoy	all	of	Chef	Peter’s	mouth-watering	
   Registration	forms	are	available	at	the	Oshkosh	       creations!
     Seniors	Center	North	and	South	Facilities.
   Registration deadline: Monday, April 4, 2011          {4}
   April Programs

Watercolor “Fun-Shop” With Sue Spanbauer (SF)             left	on	the	ice	cap,	undisturbed	for	fifty	years.	Several	
“Backyard Garden Gate” with Sue Spanbauer                 expeditions	to	locate	them	in	the	1980’s	found	they	
 Saturday, April 9, 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.                 were	buried	under	268	feet	of	ice.	This	power	point	
 Fee: $16.00 Oshkosh residents, $16.50 nonresidents       presentation	will	show	how	a	determined	group	of	
                                                          people	overcame	astonishing	odds	to	finally	rescue	
Learning	special	techniques	is	what	watercolor	is	        one	of	the	P-38’s	in	1992	and	bring	it	back	to	flying	
all	about.	Learn	many	different	techniques	when	          status	in	2002.	It’s	a	compelling	modern	adventure	
painting	the	“Backyard	Garden	Gate.”	Create	your	         story.
own	white	fence	with	hanging	ivy	and	a	wonderful	
arbor	covered	gate	opening	into	a	sunlit	wooded	          Social For The Single Senior
back	lot.	Plant	your	own	garden	of	beautiful	flowers	     Friar Tucks, 1651 W. South Park Ave.
just	inside	the	fence	and	accent	it	with	your	personal	   Tuesday, April 12, 11:30 a.m.
creations,	maybe	a	birdbath,	or	chairs.	Come	join	us	     Reservations required by Monday, April 11
in	the	backyard	and	paint	your	own	special	garden	        Call 232-5300
gate.	Beginners	welcome!	Bring	your	paints	and	
brushes.	Paper	is	available	at	class.                     Exercise Basics (NF)
                                                          Wednesday April 13, 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.
For	questions:	Call	Sue	at	232-0359.	To	register	call	
Sara,	at	the	Senior	Center	232-5300.                      Learn	the	components	of	a	balanced	exercise	
                                                          program,	the	benefits	of	proper	breathing,	counting,	
Basket Weaving Class (SF)                                 warming	up	and	cooling	down.	
“Flared Bun Basket”
 Monday, April 11, 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.                  Handbell Concert (SF)
 Cost: $21 Oshkosh resident and $21.50 nonresident        “Welcome Back Snowbirds” – Spring Concert
 Reservations required by Friday, March 11                Thursday, April 14, 6:30 p.m.
This	decorative	basket	is	8	inches	by	8	inches	and	       Encore!	is	a	non-profit	group	of	experienced	
features	a	decorative	bow.	The	reed	colors	are	           community	musicians,	passionate	about	the	art	of	
determined	by	the	basket	makers	–	enjoy	selecting	        hand	bell	and	chime	ringing.	Established	in	2008,	
your	favorite	comibination	of	colors.	Beginners	are	      under	the	skillful	leadership	of	Director	Cara	Davis.
welcome.	Everyone	takes	home	their	completed	
basket.	Call	the	Center	at	232-5300	to	register.	         See page 9 for more concert details.

The Lost Squadron And The Resurrection Of                 Finding Reliable Health Information (SF)
The P-38 “Glacier Girl” (SF)                              Thursday, April 14, 10:00 a.m.
Monday, April 11, 10:00 a.m.                              Sponsored	by	Aurora	Health	Care
Dick	Campbell	will	share	the	story	about	The	             Learn	how	to	filter	through	which	websites	are	good	
Lost	Squadron	and	the	Resurrection	of	the	P-38	           or	bad	and	how	to	evaluate	whether	they	are	credible	
Glacier	Girl.	In	1942,	a	World	War	II	flight	of	eight	    or	not.	The	course	covers	where	to	start	looking	
U.S.	Army	Air	Corps	P-38	fighters	and	two	B-17	           with	some	peer-evaluated	and	reputable	websites	
bombers,	with	27	crewmembers	on	board,	took	off	          in	addition	to	providing	information	for	evaluating	
from	Goose	Bay,	Labrador,	headed	for	England.	            sources	on	your	own.	David	Ruby,	Aurora	Health	
What	followed	was	a	life-threatening	landing	of	the	      Care	librarian,	will	also	show	participants	the	Aurora	
entire	squadron	on	a	remote	ice	cap	in	southeast	         library	resources	(on-line)	and	how	to	navigate	both	
Greenland.	Miraculously,	none	of	the	crew	was	lost	       the	library	website	and	some	of	the	other	resources	
and	all	were	rescued,	but	their	new	airplanes	were	       linked	to	the	website.
  April Programs

Free Screening for Parkinson Disease (SF)                Presentation by: Jerry Antoon, Security and Crime
Oshkosh Seniors Center                                   Prevention Dept. – FVTC
Friday, April 15, 2011 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm                Topic Details
Have	you	noticed?                                        •	3D’s	of	Home	Security:	Deter,	Detect,	and	Delay
                                                       •	Strengthen	home	security	through	doors,	windows,		
Problems	getting	out	of	the	car?	Dragging	of	feet?	
                                                        		locks	and	lights
Stooped	Posture?	Soft	Speech?	Smaller	Handwriting?	
Tremor?	Difficulty	with	balance?	Increased	saliva?     •	Home	security	checklists
                                                       •	Contact	information	for	a	free	security	survey	of					
You	may	have	early	symptoms	of	Parkinson	disease.	
                                                        		your	home.	
The	Wisconsin	Parkinson	Association	in	conjunction	
with	board	certified	neurologists	with	the	Regional	    Severe Weather Preparedness Workshop (SF)
Parkinson	Center	is	offering	a	free	screening	to	       Monday, April 18, 10:00 a.m.
detect	signs	of	early	Parkinson	disease.	The	test	for	  Sponsored by American Red Cross
Parkinson	disease	is	a	clinical	exam	of	signs	and	
symptoms.                                               This	program	will	consist	of	severe	weather	
                                                        preparedness	in	regards	to	Flood	and	Tornado	
Contact Raven at 414-219-5768 today to make your        Awareness.	Get	informed	on	the	importance	of	
reservation.                                            preparedness	kits,	creating	a	plan	and	ways	to	be	
                                                        informed.	Learn	safety	tips	for	each	of	these	severe	
Parkinson’s Support Group (SF)
                                                        weather	disasters.
Tuesday, April 19, 2:00 p.m.
Jonathon	Klein,	Research	Coordinator	from	the	           What Do I Do When I Turn 65? (SF)
Regional	Parkinson	Center,	Milwaukee	will	be	our	        Wednesday, April 20, 1:00 p.m.
guest	speaker.	He	will	discuss	the	basics	of	clinical	   Registration is recommended by calling 232-5300.
research,	the	Parkinson	pharmaceutical	research	that	    Learn	the	various	parts	of	Medicare,	what	choices	
is	going	on	in	Milwaukee	and	some	of	the	new	PD	         you	need	to	make	when	you	become	Medicare	
medications	that	are	on	the	horizon.	Persons	with	       eligible,	and	what	the	timelines	are	for	those	choices.		
Parkinson’s	Disease	and	their	spouses	or	caregivers	     Learn	answers	to	questions	such	as:	how	do	I	sign	
are	invited	to	attend.                                   up	for	Medicare;	what	if	I	am	covered	under	my	
                                                         spouse’s	insurance;	I	am	still	working…do	I	need	
Be A Partner In Crime Prevention – Travel
                                                         Medicare;	what	exactly	is	Medicare	A,	B,	C	and	
Safety                                                   D;	what	are	the	new	private	Medicare	plans?	This	
Thursday, April 21, 1:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.                informative	workshop	will	be	presented	by	Candace	
S.A.L.T. (Seniors & Law Enforcement Together)            Corbett,	Benefit	Specialist	for	Winnebago	County.
formerly TRIAD
FVTC – Appleton Free                                     Thursday Bingo (SF)
Must RSVP Space is limited!                              Thursday, April 21, 1:00 p.m.
Call Deb Tauer at 426-0150.
                                                         Everyone	is	welcome!	Win	great	bingo	prizes	that	are	
Bus Transportation Available:
                                                         donated	by	the	Friends	of	the	OSC.
First Pick Up: Oshkosh Public Library 12:30 p.m.
Second Pick Up: Menasha Senior Center 1:00 p.m.
   April Programs

A Healthier You! (SF)                                    Senior Motorcycle Rides
Monday, April 25, 1:00 p.m.                              Begins April 27
                                                         Rides will continue on the 4th Wednesday of each
The	workshop	will	be	presented	by	registered	            month through September 2011
dietician	and	diabetes	educator,	Dena	Mayer	of	          10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. (will stop for lunch)
Aurora	Health	Care.
                                                      Each	month,	seniors	who	love	to	ride	motorcycles	are	
Newsletter Folding (SF)
                                                      invited	to	participate	in	the	“Senior	Motorcycle	Ride.”	
Tuesday, April 26 at 1:00 p.m.
                                                      Each	ride	will	begin	at	the	Oshkosh	Seniors	Center	
 Choice	Bank	will	provide	refreshments.	The	          North	Facility	parking	lot.	The	Seniors	Center	will	
 newsletter	will	be	ready	for	delivery	on	Wednesday,	 be	looking	for	volunteers	to	serve	as	“Road	Captain”	
April	27	Your	assistance	in	folding	and	delivering	   and	plan	a	route	each	month.	If	interested,	please	
 newsletters	is	appreciated.	                         contact	Molly	Butz	at	232-5308.	Carol	Kaufmann	will	
 Book Club (SF)                                       serve	as	Road	Captain	for	April.	Come	on	out	and	
“Meet the Authors of Penny Loafers And Bobby Pins” enjoy	the	ride!
  Tuesday, April 26, 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
                                                        “Adjust Your Life” Workshop Series (SF)
The	four	Sanvidge	sisters,	whose	birthdates	span	the	 “Chiropractic Care”
Baby	Boomer	period,	tell	the	story	of	growing	up	in	 Thursday, April 28, 1:00 p.m.
the	1950s	and	1960s	in	Oshkosh.	Each	sister	shares	
the	facets	of	her	childhood	that	she	remembers	best.	 Chiropractic	is	a	health	care	profession	that	focuses	
Everyone	is	welcome	to	join.	The	club	is	free	and	      on	disorders	of	the	musculoskeletal	system	and	the	
open	to	the	public.                                     nervous	system,	and	the	effects	of	these	disorders	
                                                        on	general	health.	Doctors	of	Chiropractic	–	often	
Favorite Flowers And Feathered Friends (SF) referred	to	as	chiropractors	or	chiropractic	
Wednesday, April 27, 10:00 a.m.                         physicians	–	practice	a	drug-free,	hands-on	approach	
Join	Gary	Stieg,	Seven	Oaks	Custom	Landscaping,	        to	health	care	that	includes	patient	examination,	
as	he	discusses	a	variety	of	flowering	shrubs	and	      diagnosis	and	treatment.	Chiropractors	have	broad	
flowering	perennials	for	your	home.	Learn	the	plants	 diagnostic	skills	and	are	also	trained	to	recommend	
individual	needs	and	care	needed	throughout	the	year.	 therapeutic	exercises,	as	well	as	to	provide	nutritional,	
Gary	will	also	discuss	attracting	birds	to	your	yard	   dietary	and	lifestyle	counseling.	Dr.	Stephanie	
including	feeding	changes	that	come	into	play	as	we	 Krueger	from	Krueger	Family	Chiropractic	will	
start	the	spring	and	summer	seasons.	Birdhouses	will	 discuss	the	benefits	of	chiropractic	and	what	
also	be	discussed.                                      chiropractic	can	do	for	you.
Living Healthy After 50 (SF)
“Carpal Tunnel”                                            SOUP’S ON (NF)
Wednesday, April 27, 1:00 p.m.                             Thursday, April 28, 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
 Registration is required by calling 232-5300 by           Enjoy	a	bowl	of	Chicken	Noodle	Soup,	crackers	
 Monday, April 25                                          and	homemade	cookies.	Donations	appreciated.	
Dr.	Loren	Potter	of	Aurora	Health	Care,	fellowship	
trained	hand	and	upper	extremity	orthopedic	surgeon	
will	discuss	treatment	options		for	Carpal	Tunnel	
syndrome.	He	can	also	answer	questions	about	
general	orthopedics	as	well.		
See page 8 for more program details.
Free Screening For
Parkinson’s Disease (SF)
Oshkosh Seniors Center
Friday, April 15, 2011
12:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Have	you	noticed?
Problems	getting	out	of	the	car?	Dragging	of	feet?	Stooped	posture?	
Soft	speech?	Smaller	handwriting?	Tremor?	Difficulty	with	balance?	
Increased	saliva?
You	may	have	early	symptoms	of	Parkinson’s	Disease.	The	
Wisconsin	Parkinson	Association	in	conjunction	with	board	certified	
neurologists	with	the	Regional	Parkinson	Center	is	offering	a	free	
screening	to	detect	signs	of	early	Parkinson’s	Disease.	The	test	for	
Parkinson’s	Disease	is	a	clinical	exam	of	signs	and	symptoms.
Contact Raven at 414-219-5768 today to make your reservation.

                              Living Healthy After 50 (SF)
                                      “Carpal Tunnel”
                                      Wednesday, April 27, 1:00 p.m.
                                       Sponsored by Aurora Health Care
                                       Registration is required by calling 232-5300
                                       by Monday, April 25
                                      You’re	working	at	your	computer	or	you’re	waking	up	in	the	
                                      middle	of	the	night	trying	to	ignore	the	tingling	or	numbness	
                                      you’ve	had	for	months	in	your	hand	and	wrist.	Suddenly,	a	sharp	
                                      piercing	pain	shoots	through	the	wrist	and	up	your	arm.	Is	this	
                                      just	a	passing	cramp?	Or	is	this	Carpal	Tunnel	Syndrome?	Carpal	
                                      Tunnel	Syndrome	is	a	painful	progressive	condition	caused	
                                      by	compression	of	a	key	nerve	in	the	wrist.	Dr.	Loren	Potter,	
                                      fellowship	trained	hand	and	upper	extremity	orthopedic	surgeon,	
                                      will	discuss	treatment	options	for	this	syndrome.	He	can	also	
                                      answer	questions	about	general	orthopedics	as	well.	
Special Programs

     Handbell                         Concert (SF)
          “Welcome Back Snowbirds – Spring Concert
          Thursday, April 14, 6:30 p.m.
          Everyone welcome
          Refreshments following the concert
           Encore!	is	a	non-profit	group	of	experienced	community	musicians,	passionate	
           about	the	art	of	hand	bell	and	chime	ringing.	Established	in	2008,	under	the	skillful	
           leadership	of	Director	Cara	Davis.
           The	mission	is	to	promote	the	appreciation	of	hand	bells	throughout	the	community	
           by	providing	an	opportunity	for	skilled	ringers	to	perform	a	challenging	collection	of	
           familiar	songs	and	original	compositions.	The	diverse	musical	selections	range	from	
           traditional,	classical,	holiday	and	spiritual	to	more	contemporary	numbers	and	jazz	
           pieces.	Encore’s	purpose	is	to	have	fun,	while	bringing	quality	interactive	musical	
           performances	to	the	community.
           Encore!	is	fortunate	to	have	among	its	members	a	group	of	talented	instrumentalists	
           with	Emily	Loper	(cello),	Virginia	Rogers	(harp),	and	Kim	Lee	(flute).	These	musicians	
           enrich	the	versatility	and	concert	experience	for	Encore!	audiences.

 A   Grand Partnership
     The	Oshkosh	Seniors	Center	and	The	Grand	Opera	House	
     have	teamed	up	to	provide	seniors	an	opportunity	to	see	a	
     show	this	spring	for	a	special	price.

     Monroe Crossing
     Thursday, May 19th, 2011 at 7:30 p.m.
     Oshkosh Grand Opera House

     Registration and payment due at the North Facility by March 21
     Group	of	10	or	more	(15%	discount)	$23.75	Premium/$20.50	Circle
     Group	of	25	or	more	(20%	discount)	$22.50	Premium/$19.25	Circle

         Oshkosh Grand Opera House Box Office
         100	High	Ave.	•	Oshkosh,	WI	•	920.424.2350	•
  Exercise & Fitness

Fitness Assessments - How Fit Are You? (NF) Scheduled Nurse And Exercise Specialist
Tuesday, April 5, 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.          Hours In Fox Fitness Center
Wednesday, April 20, 12:30 – 2:30 p.m.
                                                             Do	you	have	questions	regarding	diet,	nutrition,	
A	nurse	and	an	exercise	specialist	will	be	providing	        medication,	disease	prevention	and	management,	
fitness	assessments.		                                       or	the	use	of	equipment	in	the	Fox	Fitness	Center?		
                                                             Would	you	like	your	pulse,	pre	or	post	exercise	BP	
Each	30-minute	assessment	consists	of:
                                                             monitored?	Join	us	for	one	hour	each	week	in	the	
    •	Blood	pressure	check                                   Fox	Fitness	Center.		
    •	Calculation	of	body	mass	index
    •	Risk	assessment	for	metabolic	syndrome                 Tuesday        April 5       8:00 – 9:00 a.m.
    •	Upper	and	lower	body	strength	and	flexibility	
                                                             Wednesday      April 13      9:30 – 10:30 a.m.
    •	Cardiac	endurance	test                                 Thursday       April 21     10:00 – 11:00 a.m.
    •	Balance	and	agility	test
    •	Individual	consultation	regarding	results              Wednesday      April 27     11:00 – noon

All assessments are FREE. Call 232-5300 to schedule
your appointment today.

                      7th Annual                                                                  Open
                                                                         n for                     50 a to anyone
                  Silver Star Triathlon                            tratio May 1
                                                              Regisilable                              nd ol

    Monday May 2: Swim – Oshkosh North Pool
     Wednesday May 4: Bike – Menominee Park
 Friday May 6: Run/Walk – Oshkosh Seniors Center                             Save the Date!
             All events are at 9:00 a.m.                       National Senior Health and Fitness Day
Two	different	course	options:                                           Wednesday, May 25
Red course:	1/8	mile	swim,	45	mile	bike,
                                                                     8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. on the
2	mile	run/walk
                                                                   Oshkosh Seniors Center campus
Blue course:	1/4	mile	swim,	9	mile	bike,	5k	run/walk
                                                                            Sponsored by:
There	is	a	non-refundable	registration	fee	of	$12.	
Completed	registration	forms	must	be	returned	by	
Thursday, April 14.	Registration	forms	are	available	
at	the	Oshkosh	Seniors	Center.	Participants	are	able	
to	participate	in	one,	two,	or	all	three	of	the	events	in	
the	course	of	their	choice.	

Routine Nail Care (SF)                                    Tepp Funds Available For Telephone For
Nail	Care	is	provided	by	a	Registered	                    The Hard Of Hearing
Nurse	at	the	South	Facility.	The	                         Completion	of	a	simple	request	form	is	all	that	is	
suggested	donation	is	$20.	                               necessary	to	obtain	a	grant	of	$100	for	a	quality-
Call 232-5300 for an appointment.                         amplified	telephone.	There	is	no	age	or	income	limit.	
                                                          The	cost	of	the	telephones	are	approximately	$100	-	
Blood Pressure Checks By A                                $150.	Many	phone	models	will	require	a	co-payment	
Registered Nurse                                          of	$5-$40.	If	you	would	like	to	view	several	specialty	
Blood	pressure	measures	the	force	of	blood	against	       phones	or	get	an	application,	make	an	appointment	
the	walls	of	your	arteries	as	your	heart	pumps	blood	     to	see	the	nurse	at	the	Center,	232-5300.
through	the	body.	There	are	usually	no	signs	or	
symptoms	of	high	blood	pressure.	This	single	risk	
factor	can	put	you	at	risk	for	developing	diseases	
such	as	heart	attack,	stroke	or	kidney	failure.	There	     Free Screening for
is	only	one	way	to	know	if	you	have	high	blood	
pressure—get	it	checked.	Appointments	for	a	BP	            Parkinson’s Disease (SF)
reading	by	a	registered	nurse	are	available	by	calling	
                                                           Oshkosh Seniors Center
232-5300.	Suggested donation of $1.50 per visit.
                                                           Friday, April 15, 2011 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm

       Parkinson’s Support Group (SF)                      Have	you	noticed?
            Tuesday, April 19, 2:00 p.m.                   Problems	getting	out	of	the	car?	Dragging	
   Jonathon	Klein,	Research	Coordinator	from	the	          of	feet?	Stooped	posture?	Soft	speech?	
    Regional	Parkinson	Center,	Milwaukee	will	be	          Smaller	handwriting?	Tremor?	Difficulty	
    our	guest	speaker.	He	will	discuss	the	basics	of	      with	balance?	Increased	saliva?
    clinical	research,	the	Parkinson	pharmaceutical	       You	may	have	early	symptoms	of	Parkinson’s	
      research	that	is	going	on	in	Milwaukee	and	          Disease.	The	Wisconsin	Parkinson	
  some	of	the	new	PD	medications	that	are	on	the	          Association	in	conjunction	with	board	
    horizon.	Persons	with	Parkinson’s	Disease	and	         certified	neurologists	with	the	Regional	
   their	spouses	or	caregivers	are	invited	to	attend.      Parkinson	Center	is	offering	a	free	screening	
                                                           to	detect	signs	of	early	Parkinson’s	Disease.	
                                                           The	test	for	Parkinson’s	Disease	is	a	clinical	
                                                           exam	of	signs	and	symptoms.
                                                           Contact Raven at 414-219-5768 today to
                                                           make your reservation.
  Available Services

Senior Information and Assistance (SF)
                                                           Free Bus Transportation To The Oshkosh
Many	seniors	want	to	stay	in	their	own	homes.	They	        Seniors Center
want	to	feel	safe	in	their	daily	activities.	They	can	
shovel	the	sidewalk	after	a	light	snow,	but	not	after	     The	Center	is	offering	this	free	service	to	
a	blizzard.	And	those	pesky	home	tasks	-	a	light	          encourage	participants	to	utilize	the	bus	service	as	
fixture	needs	fixing,	heavy	furniture	needs	moving,	       they	participate	in	the	many	programs	and	services	
some	boards	on	the	deck	need	replacing	or	the	             available	at	the	Oshkosh	Seniors	Center.	To	make	
house	needs	a	thorough	cleaning.	It’s	these	items	         use	of	this	service,	stop	at	the	front	desk	of	either	
that	make	many	a	homeowner	want	to	throw	in	               building	and	ask	for	your	no-cost	participation	card.	
the	towel.	The	dilemma	is	who	do	you	call?	Most	           Then,	whenever	you	come	or	go	from	the	Center,	
maintenance	or	remodeling	businesses	only	want	            show	your	card	to	the	bus	driver	for	your	FREE	
large	jobs.		                                              ride.	Contact	the	Center	at	232-5300	with	any	
                                                           questions.	This cannot be used as a free bus pass
If	this	sounds	like	your	situation,	Senior	Connection	     to anywhere in the city.
can	help	with	a	list	of	pre-screened	workers	for	
hire.	To	access	this	list,	as	well	as	information	on	a	    Housing Improvement Loan Program
variety	of	subjects	such	as	senior	housing	resources,	
                                                           The	City	of	Oshkosh	is	inviting	seniors	to	apply	
support	groups,	transportation	and	other	pertinent	
                                                           for	the	City’s	2011	Housing	Improvement	Loan	
topics	and	services	available	to	adults	age	50+	and	
                                                           Program.	Applications	will	be	accepted	through	
their	families,	call	Mary	Kay	Rathe	at	920-232-5304	
                                                           March	15,	2011.	This	program	has	been	in	
or	e-mail	at
                                                           existence	for	over	20	years	and	has	benefited	many	
The Feds Are Phasing Out Paper Checks                      seniors.	There	is	no	interest	on	the	loans	and	they	
For Public Benefits                                        are	not	repaid	until	the	house	is	sold.	

The	Dept	of	the	Treasury	has	announced	that	it	            To	qualify	for	the	loan,	your	house	must	be	
will	phase	out	paper	checks	for	Federal	government	        in	the	City	of	Oshkosh	and	must	have	at	least	
benefits	by	March	1,	2013.	This	new	rule	will	extend	      one	structural,	plumbing,	heating,	electrical	or	
the	safety	and	convenience	of	electronic	payments	         other	substandard	condition.	The	program	pays	
to	millions	of	Americans.	People	who	do	not	have	          for	repairs	to	the	home	such	as	roof	repairs	or	
electronic	payments	for	their	federal	benefits	by	         replacements,	plumbing	and	electrical	repairs,	
that	time	will	receive	their	funds	via	a	pre-paid	debit	   furnace	replacements,	exterior	painting	and	other	
card.	Called	the	Direct	Express	Debit	MasterCard	          items.	The	program	will	also	address	accessibility	
card,	it	is	issued	by	Comerica	Bank	as	the	financial	      needs	and	all	lead-paint	hazards	if	necessary.	You	
agent	of	the	U.S.	Treasury.	Persons	applying	for	          will	be	considered	for	a	loan	if	you	meet	the	
Federal	benefits	for	the	first	time	from	six	agencies	     following	income	requirements.	
on	or	after	May	1,	2011,	will	receive	their	payments	      	      Family Size            Annual Income
only	through	direct	deposit	to	their	bank	or	                     1                      $38,300.00
credit	union	account	or	to	a	Direct	Express	Debit	                2                      $43,800.00
MasterCard	card.	The	programs	affected	include	                   3                      $49,250.00
the	Social	Security	Administration,	Supplemental	
Security	Income,	Veterans	Affairs,	Railroad	               Please	call	Kenneth	Gresser	of	the	City	of	Oshkosh	
Retirement	Board,	Office	of	Personnel	Management,	         Planning	Division	at	236-5056	if	you	have	any	
and	the	Department	of	Labor(Black	Lung).	More	             questions	or	if	you	wish	to	receive	information	and	
info:            an	application	packet.
Friends of the Oshkosh Seniors Center

  FOSC Monthly Board Meeting                Winnebago Seniors Tours
  Thursday, April 28, 9:00 a.m.
                                            The Best of Southwest Wisconsin
  Be a Friend, Support the OSC!             “Where Imagination Comes to Life”
  $15 per year (single)                      Date: Friday, April 29, 2011
  $20 per year (couple)                      Cost: $79     Guides: Cindy Glatz & Betty Litjens
                                            If	you	like	to	visit	unique	houses,	caves,	and	
                                            buildings,	join	us	for	this	trip	to	Southwestern	
                                            Wisconsin.	We	will	be	visiting	the	House	on	the	
Welcome New Friends of                      Rock,	Cave	of	the	Mounds	and	Little	Norway.		
The Oshkosh Seniors Center!
                                            Holland Tulip Festival Grand Rapids, MI
Honey	L.	Bigelow
                                            Date: Tuesday, May 10 thru Friday, May 13, 2011
Urban	and	Elaine	Blank
                                            Cost: $439 per person
Cathy	and	Ben	Goyke
                                            Guides: Faye Helstrom & Rose Balsewicz
Judy	Hanson
Reuben	and	Judith	Hartman                   Come	with	us	and	enjoy	a	taste	of	spring!	We	will	
Rosemary	Lowney                             see	acres	of	tulips,	enjoy	shows,	visit	the	Gerald	
Paula	Marine                                Ford	Museum,	cruise	on	“The	Grand	Lady”,	and	
JoAnn	Oldenberg                             enjoy	authentic	Dutch	food,	visit	Windmill	Island	
Duane	and	Laura	Lee	Peppler                 Gardens,	and	much	more!	
Rick	and	Jan	Picard
Marilyn	Schmidt                             A “C” Country Day - Rosendale area
Janet	Weisse                                Date:Thursday May 19, 2011
Ethel	Yarbro                                Cost: $49.00   Guides: Cindy Glatz, Jo Hagene
                                            Let’s	take	a	“C”enic	tour	into	the	country.	First	we	
                                            will	stop	at	the	Rosendale	Mega	Dairy	Farm	to	
 FOSC Board Members                         see	how	they	operate.	Then	it	is	off	to	Jasper’s	for	
                                            lunch,	followed	by	a	show	and	tour	at	the	famous	
 Ann	Marie	Kosek,	President
 Audrey	Robbins,	Vice	President             Larson’s	Clydesdales.	Did	watching	the	show	make	
 Pat	Roberts,	Secretary                     you	hungry	for	a	cool	treat?	We	will	stop	at	the	
 Judy	Abraham,	Treasurer                    Pickett	Co-op	for	an	ice	cream	cone	(dutch	treat)	
 Mary	Berger                                and	then	our	final	stop	is	the	Utica	Energy	Plant	
 Nancy	Underwood-Dehn                       before	arriving	back	at	the	Senior	Center	late	
 Pat	Krohn                                  afternoon.
 Trisha	Liethen
 Betty	Litjens
 Elsie	Meland                               Tours Continue on page 16....
 Rick	Picard,	Center	Board	Representative
 Nancy	Samida
 Betty	Schober
 Mary	Swanke                                 Winnebago Senior Tours
 Jean	Zimmerman                              Desk Hours:              Phone: 920.232.5312
                                             Monday – Friday
                                             9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Winnebago Seniors Tours

Patsy Cline – A Closer Walk With You – at               Manitowoc & Two Rivers
the Fireside                                            Date: July 27, 2011
Date: Thursday, May 26, 2011                            Cost: $49.00      Guides: Jo Hagene & Pat Krohn
Cost: $90.00                                            Do	you	like	ships,	Victorian	mansions,	flower	
Guides: Rose Balsecwicz & Faye Helstrom                 gardens,	and	“energy”?	Then	join	us	on	this	trip	to	
                                                        see	the	Wisconsin	Maritime	Museum	and	enjoy	a	
Come	join	us	at	the	Fireside	for	a	musical	tribute	
                                                        sandwich	buffet	at	the	Court	House	Pub.	Next,	we	
to	Patsy	Cline.	You	will	hear	all	the	favorites	
                                                        will	visit	the	Rahr	West	Art	Museum	&	Victorian	
such	as;	“Crazy,”	“Sweet	Dreams,”	“Walkin’	After	
                                                        Mansion	where	a	piece	of	the	Sputnik	IV	landed.	
Midnight,”	and	“A	Closer	Walk	With	Thee.”
                                                        The	day	continues	with	a	visit	to	the	6	acre	estate	
Baraboo Circus World & Museum                           of	the	late	Ruth	&	John	West	featuring	Japanese,	
Date: Thursday, June 9, 2011                            rose,	and	sunken	gardens.	Finally,	we	make	a	stop	
Cost: $50.00                                            at	the	Point	Beach	Energy	Center	in	Two	Rivers.	
Guides: Pat Krohn, Jo Hagene
                                                        Duluth – Disoriented Express
Do	you	enjoy	the	circus?	Come	join	us	at	the	           Date: August 16 – 18, 2011
Circus	World	Museum	in	Baraboo.	Stop	at	the	            Cost: Estimate $379
Tours	desk	for	more	information.	                       Guides: Kathy Kietz, Cindy Glatz
Second Annual Quilt Show Tour - St. Paul                If	you	like	trains,	solving	mysteries,	boat	rides,	
Date: June 16-18, 2011                                  unique	bridges,	and	good	food,	then	come	join	
Cost: $249                                              us	on	this	3-day/2-night	trip.	We	will	start	out	
Guides: Carol Kaufmann, Pat Krohn                       visiting	the	Fred	Smith	Concrete	Park	where	things	
If	you	are	a	quilter,	join	us	for	the	second	annual	    are	made	out	of	glass/concrete,	etc.	Then	its	on	
Quilt	Tour.	This	year	we	will	travel	to	St.	Paul,	      to	Little	Bohemia	for	lunch	and	check	out	John	
MN.	The	trip	includes	a	stop	at	two	Minnesota	          Dillinger	memorabilia,	(we	will	also	be	watching	
quilt	shops	before	arriving	in	St.	Paul.	There	is	      the	movie	Public	Enemies	on	the	bus	trip).	In	
plenty	of	time	to	check	out	the	quilt	show	itself.	     Duluth	we	will	take	a	train	ride	and	solve	a	murder	
Afterwards,	we	will	have	a	“show	and	tell”	time,	       mystery	along	with	visiting	the	Aerial	Lift	Ridge,	
and	stop	at	two	more	Minnesota	shops	in	Red	            Glensheen	Mansion,	Aquarium,	Railroad	Museum,	
Wing	on	the	way	home.                                   Veteran’s	Memorial	Hall,	and	take	a	cruise	on	the	
                                                        Vista	Star	with	supper	at	the	JJ	Astor	Revolving	
A Day at Iola, WI (Car Show & Swap Meet)                Restaurant.	On	the	way	back	we	will	stop	in	Eau	
Date: Friday, July 8, 2011                              Claire	for	a	taste	of	homemade	pies	at	Norske	
Cost: $49                                               Nook.	
Guides: Cindy Glatz, Betty Litjens
                                                        Brewers Game & Tailgate Party
Calling	all	“guys”	and	“gals”	that,	who	love	cars.	     Date: Thursday, August 18, 2011
We	will	leave	the	North	facility	at	8	a.m.	for	a	day	   Cost: $49
at	the	39th	Annual	Iola	Car	Show	and	Swap	Meet.	        Guides: Faye Helstrom, Pat Krohn
A	barbeque	lunch	will	be	sponsored	by	the	Iola	         Take	me	out	to	the	ball	game,	peanuts,	popcorn	
Lions	Club.	We	will	return	to	the	Seniors	Center	       and	Cracker	Jacks!	Join	us	for	a	fun	day	without	
late	afternoon.                                         the	worry	of	driving	or	parking.	Tour	includes	
                                                        ticket,	lunch,	and	transportation.
  Volunteer Information

                                                          Oshkosh Senior Center

Volunteers	at	the	Oshkosh	Seniors	Center	come	to	          applicant	to	set	up	a	convenient	time	for	both	to	
us	in	all	shapes,	hair	colors,	and	past	experiences;	      meet	and	discuss	more	specifically	what	each	of	the	
clearly,	a	painter’s	palette	of	people	who	share	their	    listed	volunteer	opportunities	involve.	Some	of	those	
time,	talent	and	sometimes	creative	ideas	that	create	     opportunities	may	be	working	for	special	once	a	
our	ever	changing	canvas.                                  year	projects,	being	on	a	regular	weekly	or	monthly	
                                                           schedule,	or	maybe	having	your	name	and	number	
The	“creative”	process	of	becoming	a	valued	               on	a	call	list	to	come	in	to	help		on	an	unexpected-
volunteer	at	the	Center	begins	with	the	desire	to	         last-minute-quick-we-need-	your-	help-	right-	now-	job	
help	everyone	who	walks	through	the	doors	of	              (yes—sometimes	this	happens!).	During	this	one-on-
both	buildings	of	the	Oshkosh	Seniors	Center,	have	        one	visit,	the	applicant	finds	out	about	some	of	the	
a	“wow”	experience.	The	“everyone”	refers	to	              fun	activities	at	the	Center	and	how	their	unique	
participants,	presenters,	delivery	people,	teachers,	      skills	can	help	to	make	them	happen.	Between	the	
other	volunteers	and	even	staff.		                         applicant	and	Linda,	it	will	be	discovered	what	the	
One	important	way	that	a	volunteer	application	            applicant	really	wants	to	do	with	their	valuable	spare	
may	be	obtained	is	when	you	become	a	supporter	            time.	No	one	is	expected	to	do	“	busy	work”	just	to	
of	the	Friends	of	the	Oshkosh	Seniors	Center	with	         pass	the	time.	The	interview	will	conclude	with	a	very	
a	donation	of	$15	for	a	single	or	$20	per	couple.		        enlightening	on-site	tour	of	both	of	our	buildings	and	
(Becoming	a	supporting	Friend	does	not	mean	that	          a	glimpse	into	where	future	volunteer	opportunities	
you	must	become	a	volunteer.)	The	Friends	desk	is	         take	place.
located	at	the	South	Building.	Regular	applications	       Linda	looks	forward	to	meeting	with	you.	The	
are	available	at	the	information	desk	at	either	the	       Oshkosh	Seniors	Center	will	be	a	better	place	with	
North	or	South	building.	After	the	application	is	         your	help!
filled	out	(both	sides	please!),	the	application	makes	
its	way	to	the	desk	of	Linda	Verwiel,	Volunteer	           Don’t Forget to Scan Your Time!
Coordinator	for	the	Center.	Linda	will	then	call	the	

   Attention: Newsletter Volunteers
   Your	continued	support	in	helping	with	the	folding	and/or	delivery	of	the	
   Oshkosh	Seniors	Center’s	newsletter,	“The Current,”	is	so	greatly	appreciated.		
   The 2011 Newsletter folding schedule is listed below and as always begins at 1:00 p.m.
   January 25         April 26           July 26                October 25
   February 22        May 24             August 23              November 22
   March 22           June 28            September 27           December 27
   The	newsletters	will	continue	to	be	ready	for	delivery	on	the	Wednesday	following	folding	dates.
   Weekly Activities

	 6:45	a.m.	–	2:45	p.m.		Fitness	Center		    (NF)        	 8:00	p.m.	–	12:00	p.m.		Open	Wood	Shop		 (NF)
	 8:00	a.m.		 Totally	Toning		               (NF)        	 8:30	a.m.		 Cardio	Mix		                      (NF)
	 8:30	a.m.		 Cardio	Mix		                   (NF)        	 8:30	a.m.		 Watercolor	&	Acrylic	Painting	Lab	 (SF)
	 9:00	a.m.	 Watercolor	&	Oil	Painting                   	 9:10	a.m.	 Absoutely	Abs	                     (NF)
	 	           Instruction	                    (SF)	      	 9:00	a.m.		 Chess/Cribbage		                  (NF)
	 	           (except	2nd	Monday	of	Month)	        	     	10:30	a.m.		 Music	in	Motion		                 (NF)
	 9:10	a.m.	 Absoutely	Abs	                  (NF)        	12:30	p.m.		 Sheepshead/Cribbage		              (SF)
10:30	a.m.		 Music	in	Motion		               (NF)        	 1:45	p.m.	–	3:40	p.m.		Digital	Camera	Chat		 (SF)
	11:30	a.m.		 Canasta		                       (SF)
	12:30	p.m.		 Sheepshead		                    (SF)       Thursday
	 1:00	p.m.		 Advanced	Line	Dancing		        (NF)        	 6:45	a.m.	–	2:45	p.m.		Fox	Fitness	Center		    (NF)
	 1:00	p.m.	 Mixed	Media	Painting	Instruction	(SF)       	 8:45	a.m.		 Flex	‘n	Stretch		                  (NF)
	 2:45	p.m.		 Bingo		                         (SF)       	 9:00	a.m.		 Knitting	and	Crocheting	Lab		       (SF)
                                                         	 9:00	a.m.		 Pinochle		                          (SF)	
Tuesday                                                  	11:00	a.m.		 Spanish		                           (SF)
	 6:45	a.m.	–	2:45	p.m.		Fox	Fitness	Center		    (NF)    	12:00	p.m.		 Wisconsin	Warmers		                (NF)	
	 8:00	a.m.		 Ceramics		                          (SF)   	12:00	p.m.		 Tai	Chi	(Beginner)	                (NF)
	 8:00	a.m.		 Cribbage		                          (SF)   	12:00	p.m.	–	2:30	p.m.		Open	Wood	Shop		        (NF)	
	 8:00	a.m.	–	11:00	a.m.		Open	Wood	Shop		       (NF)    	 1:00	p.m.		 Tai	Chi	(Advanced)	                (NF)	
	 8:45	a.m.		 Flex	‘n	Stretch		                  (NF)    	 1:45	p.m.	–	3:45	p.m.	Computer	Lab		            (SF)
	 9:00	a.m.	–	11:00	a.m.		Creative	Writing		      (SF)   	 2:30	p.m.		 French		                            (SF)
	10:00	a.m.	–	11:15	a.m.		Gift	of	Years	Group	    (SF)
	10:30	a.m.		 Spanish		                           (SF)   Friday
	12:00	p.m.	–	12:00	p.m.		Open	Wood	Shop		       (NF)    	 6:45	a.m.	–	11:45	a.m.		Fox	Fitness	Center		   (NF)
12:30	p.m.	 Sheepshead	                           (SF)   		8:00	a.m.	–	11:30	a.m.		Open	Wood	Shop	        (NF)	
	12:30	p.m.		 Intermediate	Line	Dancing		        (NF)    	 9:00	a.m.	 Instructor	Choice	Exercise	Class	   (NF)
	 1:30	p.m.		 Beginner	Line	Dancing		            (NF)    	10:30	a.m.		 Music	in	Motion		                  (NF)
	 1:45	p.m.	–	3:45	p.m.		Computer	Talk		          (SF)   	12:30	p.m.		 Sheepshead		                        (SF)	
                                                         	 1:00	p.m.		 Open	Bridge		                       (SF)
	 6:45	a.m.	–	2:45	p.m.		Fox	Fitness	Center		    (NF)
	 8:00	a.m.		 Totally	Toning		                   (NF)

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Dan Becker	–	poker	table	for	the	North	Building
Jane Bradley	–	fabric	and	yarn	for	Wisconsin	Warmers
                                                                 Tours Continued...
Choice Bank	–	newsletter	folding	finger	guards                   A Day in Milwaukee
Glen Clements	–	Birthday	Celebration	door	prizes
                                                                 Date: Friday, September 2, 2011
Beverly Coats	–	embellished	greeting	cards
Sue Drexler	–	Monday	bingo	prizes
                                                                 Cost: $50     Guides: Jo Hagene, Pat Krohn
Bob Green	–	pens,	pads	of	paper,	bags	and	chip	clips             Start	your	day	with	“Senior	Celebration	Day”	
Delores Keene	–	Birthday	Bingo	door	prizes!                      at	the	Milwaukee	Zoo.	Lunch	will	be	at	Moe’s	
Christa Kjemus	–	CD’s,	books	and	bingo	prizes
                                                                 Irish	Pub.	Then	it	is	off	to	tour	the	Miller	
Konrad –Behlman Funeral Homes	–	magazine	subscriptions	for		
	                                 South	Building	reading	area	
                                                                 Brewing	Company	and	the	Pabst	Mansion.	
Audrey McBrair	–	kitchen	hand	towels                             More	information	is	available	at	the	Tours	desk.
Menominee Casino – Bingo –Hotel	–	playing	cards
Joann Pable	–	birthday	celebration	door	prizes
                                                                 Experience Racine County
Donnie & Joyce Quint	–	quilt	material	for	WI	Warmers             Date: Thursday, September 8, 2011
Rita Wright	–	birthday	bingo	door	prizes                         Cost: $54
Art Howard                                                       Guides: Rose Balsewicz, Faye Helstrom
Meta & John Feren	–	Memory	of	Mae	Ziebell
Fleet Farm	–	gift	card
                                                                 Have	you	tried	the	famous	“kringle”?	We	will	
Deborah & Fred Ludington	–	in	memory	of	Mae	Ziebell              be	taking	a	tour	of	Larsen’s	Bakery	to	learn	
Elaine Miller	–	in	memory	of	Mae	Ziebell                         how	kringle	are	made	with	a	free	sample	and	
Lois Mercado & Elizabeth Heinen	–	in	memory	of	Mae	Ziebell       “tour	bus”	specials	Then	it	is	on	to	SC	Johnson	
Tom & Val Williams	–	in	honor	of	Ann	Cider                       Corporation	headquarters	(designed	by	Frank	
                                                                 Lloyd	Wright).	Lunch	will	be	at	the	Spinnakers	
Business Or Corporations & Individuals Who                       overlooking	Lake	Michigan.	After	lunch	we	visit	
Have Donated $250.00 or Greater                                  the	oldest	and	tallest	working	lighthouse	on	
Valley	VNA	Health	Systems	Inc.                                   Lake	Michigan	-	Wind	Point	Lighthouse	before	
FA	Financial	Architects	LLC                                      our	trip	home.

Business or Corporations Who Have Donated                        New York/The Big Apple
                                                                 Date: September 29 – October 5, 2011
$100.00 or Greater
                                                                 Cost: $749 Guides: Betty Litjens, Cindy Glatz
Gabert	&	Rusch	Properties        Janice	A	Netzer
Encore	Event	Planning	LLC        D.	M.	Lord                      Join	us	for	another	exciting	week	in	New	York	
Swanson	Wiper	Corp               Avis	Lindow                     city.	As	you	roll	along	and	relax	on	a	deluxe	
Town	of	Nepeuskun                Eric	B.	Wilson,	M.D.
                                                                 motor	coach,	anticipate	the	sights	you	will	
Bob’s	Mini	Mart                  Florence	M.	Sarres	
                                                                 see:	Central	Park,	Rockefeller	Center,	Times	
Colonel	A.	Geo	W	Johnson         	 (Living	Trust)
Cletus	&	Rita	Schroeder          Norman	E.	&	Elsie	Meland        Square,	American	Museum	of	Natural	History	
Gail	Pierson                     DuWayne	F.	Besaw                and	more.	More	information	is	available	at	the	
Josephine	Eichel                 D.R.	or	M.A.	Wolter             Seniors	Center.
Dale	C.	or	Sandra	J.	Weitz       John	R.	&	Suzanne	C.	Vette
Gilbert	F.	Koelbl                                                Upcoming Tours:
                                                                 New	London	Rawhide	Boys’	Ranch	
Individual’s Who Have Donated $500.00 or                         Friday,	July	15
Greater                                                          Warrens	Cranberry	Festival	
                                                                 Friday,	September	23
Robert	&	Marilyn	Cornell
Viola	Margie	Bradley
                Oshkosh	Seniors	Center                                                                            Standard
                200	N.	Campbell	Rd.	                                                                             U.S.	Postage
                Oshkosh,	WI	54902                                                                                 PAID
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                                                                                                              Permit	No.	92

Oshkosh Seniors Center South                  Center Staff
200	N.	Campbell	Road                          Mark	Ziemer,	Director of Senior Services
Oshkosh,	WI	54902                             Sara	Barndt,	Information/Clerk Typist      Lutheran Social Services
920-232-5310                                  Judy	Brewer,	Activity Coordinator          Sarah	Hammond,	Day	Services	Manager
                                              Molly	Yatso	Butz,	Wellness Coordinator     920-232-9535
Oshkosh Seniors Center North                  Paula	Stephens,	Nurse
234	N.	Campbell	Road                                                                     Advocap Mealsite
                                              Linda	Verwiel,	Volunteer Coordinator
Oshkosh,	WI	54902                                                                        Jo	Pinkerton,	Manager
920-232-5300                                  Senior Connection                          920-420-3191
                                              Mary	Kay	Rathe,	920-232-5304

Oshkosh Committe on Aging                     Center Board                               Friends Board
Harold	Singstock,	Chairman                    Bob	Cornell,	President                     Ann	Marie	Kosek,	President
Kimberly	Bauer,	Vice Chairman                 Barbara	Goldthwaite,	Vice President        Audrey	Robbins,	Vice President
Peggy	Bellin,	Secretary                       Dale	Sonnenberg,	Treasurer                 Pat	Roberts,	Secretary
Corky	Abraham                                 Don	Christman                              Judy	Abraham,	Treasurer
Claude	Benedict                               Cindy	Glatz                                Mary	Berger
Lurton	W.	Blassingame                         John	Hauser                                Nancy	Underwood-Dehn
Dr.	Jean	Caudle                               Ellen	Hofeldt                              Pat	Krohn
Jesse	Fillmore                                Dennis	Penney                              Trisha	Liethen
Kathryn	Glander                               Rick	Picard                                Betty	Litjens
Ann	Jungwirth                                 Judy	Pierson                               Elsie	Meland
Xandy	Kloeckl                                 Judy	Smith                                 Rick	Picard,	Center Board Representative
Ruth	McGinley                                 Don	Wolter                                 Nancy	Samida
Glen	Steinbrecher                             Harold	Singstock,	Oshkosh COA Delegate     Betty	Schober
                                              Ann	Marie	Kosek,	FOSC Representative       Mary	Swanke
                                                                                         Jean	Zimmerman
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