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Catalogue by xumiaomaio


Community   Empowerment   Creativity

    “the future is ours”
                             Mission of COFTA
       “COFTA as a network will promote sustainable development of African
     producers into successful Fair Trade businesses through capacity building,
                      increased market access, and advocacy.”

Table of Contents
Safari beads              2
Kisac                     3
Perfect Plus              4
Beacon of Hope            5
Salon Enterprises Ltd     6
Sanata Charitable Trust   7
Sanabora Design House     8
Monda African Art Ltd     9
East Afric Designs        10
Marie-Sar Agencies Ltd    11
Uganda Crafts 2000        12
Chrisams                  13
Organisation details      14
COFTA details             16


    Safari Beads Ltd
                      Safaribead Ltd is an established business trading in quality hand made products.
                      A skilled team of artisans and Maasai women who cut, bead, sew and finish the
                      product by hand. Safaribead ltd use variety of materials, leather, natural, recy-
                      cled materials and other fabrics to produce a collection of quality footwear, belts,
                      bags, accessories, jewelry and gift items with fine beaded details.

                                                   Christmas Crackers
                                      Hand made christmas crackers: Eco-
                                    Ethical & Animal print range with Hand
                                         Made/recyled gift, Hat & a Joke.

                                Sandals                                      €12.50

                                Hand made beaded leather Sandals:        per box of six
                                Circles on strap: Sky blue/Pink/           crackers
                                Pearl & Silver colour beads: Brown


                     per pair
                                              Hand made beaded leather
                                              Belt: Savanna: Pearl beads:
                                                          Brown leather


                                                                         per belt
                                           Safaribead Ltd
       P.O. Box 76618–00508, Nairobi, Kenya. Tel: +254 0721 826 244 or + 254 0720 757 484
         Email: or Website:

                                                                Kisac Fair Trade Ltd
Kisac offers the richness of hand carved soapstone products coupled with
world class logistics and customer service. Anchored in village life and in-
volved in our community; we are also a professional team offering the timeli-
ness, quality and fair prices which have given us an impeccable track record
of customer satisfaction.

                             Description of the product
                             Kisii stone Mother and child 7”

                   01€                           Description of the product
                                                Kisii stone Elephant mask black 6”

                              Description of the product                              01€
                              Kisii stone cartoon elephant 4”                        €3.50


                                            Kisac Fair Trade Ltd
           P.O.Box 1896-40200 Kisii, Kenya, Tel: +254 20 241 5986 Fax: +254 20 241 5994
              Email:, Website:

    Perfect Plus Ltd
              Perfection Plus is a producer of functional crafts with inspirational messages out of
              sustainable woods. Located on the outskirts of Nairobi, we work with vulnerable indi-
              viduals in the Kikuyu area. Our products are ideal for the home or office and include
              pens, clocks, pen holders, key holders and knife racks among others.

                                                           Smiling face
                                                   Jacaranda Pen holder

                      Bamboo ball pen
                      Bamboo ball pen with Jacaranda
                      top connected with elastic to
                      avoid loss.


                                                       Savings Banks
                                           Ply wood savings bank with
                                             padlock & a plastic valve.



                                                                         Beacon of Hope
Beacon of Hope is a faith based non-governmental organization formed in 2002 to
bring hope in the lives of those infected and affected by HIV and AIDS in poor
communities, with special focus on women. We seek to help people living with and
affected with HIV and AIDS to find hope in their future by nurturing their spiri-
tual, physical, emotional, economic and family needs. To bring hope to the com-
munity, Beacon of Hope offers training in home-based care and sustainable income
generating activities for women affected and infected by HIV/AIDS.

                                Door mat

                         €22                           Place Mats

                               Kikoy Scarves

                                                                    Set of six


                             Beacon of Hope Centre, Magadi Road,
       P.O. Box 4326 – 00200, Nairobi Kenya, Tel: +254 716 642 469, +254 20 202 0793,
      Fax:: +254 20 222 5602, Email:, Website:

    Salom Enterprises Ltd
    Salom Enterprises is an ethical trading company working with the marginalized producers in various
    parts of Kenya to economically empower them through Fair Trade. We produce high quality competitively
    priced African artifacts ranging from households accessories, jewellery, basketry, Fabrics, Gifts, etc.
    and we have now recently introduced ethically sourced/fairly traded top quality Kenyan coffee and tea
    into our range. All our products are from environmentally friendly materials and our designs/styles are
    market driven.

                                                              Kamba Basket
                                                     Made out of coloured sisal

                           ST2017 - Salom
                           Set of three baskets                                   €8
                           Size 40cm to 80cm

                                                  Made out of soapstone.
                                                   Available in different
                                                        sizes and colours


                      Office No 1, Wood Avenue Court, Wood Avenue, Kilimani, Nairobi;
                             Also P.0. Box 4396, Code 00-200, Nairobi - Kenya.
                      Tel: +254 20387 3460, Mobile: +254 715 663466 & 723 548705

                                                            Sanata Charitable Trust
Naturally Sanata produce hand-made, quality bags and accessories from
natural African textiles. Our objective is to promote fair-trade practices adn
generate valuable employment opportunities to uplift the community of Gilgil
and of Kenya. All profits from the selling of our products goes to The Sanata
Charitable Trust, a non-for-profit charity that homes and educates over 600
orphanes, abandoned and street children of all ages, giving them a promising
and brighter future

                           Kanga bag
                           Canvas and printed cotton material,
                           plastic beading. Every bag individually
                           beaded (but can be designed to order)
                           with a variety of linings of various
                                                                         Kitchen Set
                                                                 Printed cotton material

                            Kikoi Bag
                            Canvas and printed traditional
                            kikoi material, plastic beading.
                            Every bag individually beaded
                            (but can be designed to order)
                            with a variety of linings of vari-
                            ous colours.


                                Contact - Hettie Meggy Email:

    Sanabora Design House
                                Sanabora Design House is a limited company established in 2004 with a
                                mission to contribute to society’s wellbeing through encouraging effec-
                                tive use of design. We operate within the realm of ‘sustainable Design and
                                Manufacturing, to bring you a widerange of unique bags, jewellery and other
                                gift items. Products offered by Sanabora are realized through partnerships
                                with small-scale producers spread-out across Kenya.

                                                            Clutch bag
                                              Made out of Beaded leather

                          Canvas Bag                                                             DSC06258

                          Made out of Kente
                          canvas material.
                          Size: L30cm H30cm

                                                             Leather handbag
                 €7.60                                  Materials leather Fur-on
                                                     Size: L30cm H26cm W10cm

                                   Agua Plaza, Muranga Road Opposite KIE
                         P.O Box 7689 00100 GPO Phone: +254 20 3741240, 3741246
8                                         Email:

                                                          Monda African Art Ltd
Monda is an award winning business with membership of Kenya Federation of Alterna-
tive Trade (K.E.F.A.T), Confederation of Fair Trade in Africa (C.O.F.T.A) and the World
Fair Trade Organization (W.F.T.O). Our Mission is to create and produce top quality
accessories and home decor articles that are highly competitive both in the local and
international markets; using sustainable and environmentally-friendly materials.

                               Made out of horn,
                               amber and shell

CIMG2155                 €20
                                                        Cowhorn bangles on

                         horn and bone
                         pendant + pompom


                                        Monda African Art Ltd,
         P.O Box 34959, 00100 G.P.O. Nairobi, Kenya. Tel: +254-723-140-105, 0725-140105.

     Easy Afric Designs
     The Company produces its art and craft mainly out of Barkcloth, an Internationally recognized Ugandan
     cultural Heritage fabric, from the skin of an indigenous fig tree specie known as the Ficus Natelensis,
     locally called “Mutuba”. On top of manipulating a cultural niche for many livelihoods, Easy Afric Designs
     identified the product design and adaptation factor and made it the main path to success, taking the
     company to various levels.

                                                     Xmas tree hanging Deco,
                                                 other design in earthy shades

                                   Circular wall hanging,                        €1.20
                                   Also in various colours, smaller                                        GSC
                                   and bigger size

                                                                Cushion Cover
                                                    2panel square cushion cover
                                             Also in various colours, single panel

                                                                                                        AMD 1

      Contact Persons: Nakisanze Sarah cel No. 256 0772439767, Ntongo Norah, cell No. 256 0712983651
                         Easy Afric Designs Limited P.O.Box 10560 Kampala, UGANDA

                                                           Marie-Sar Agencies Ltd
Trendy bark cloth gifts and home accessories by Marie-Sar are brought to market
through processes that incorporate farmer training in tree planting and artisan skills
building; to protect the heritage and generate alternative rural incomes. Innovatively
raffia couched for a longer life-span, products are functional, aesthetic and exclusive.

                               Cushion cover
                               Made out of Bark cloth
                               and raffia

                                                        Writing cases A4, A5
                                                           Made out of Bark cloth
                                                                       and raffia

                                  Laptop sleeve
                                  Made out of Bark cloth
                                  and raffia


                                        Marie-Sar Agencies Ltd
                                           Sara Katebalirwe
                          P.0. Box 10086 Kampala, Uganda Tel: +256 77 431227
                           Email:, Website:                            11

      Uganda Crafts 2000
                                                     Uganda Crafts 2000 Ltd. Started its operations in 1983.
                                                     The focus of our work is on disadvantaged women groups.
                                                     We are experts in making raffia baskets of various colours,
                                                     designs and sizes (from 4 to 61 cm diameter).
     Through our work we try to achieve sustainability and improved livelihoods for the Ugandan communities.

                                                                  Jewellery Box
                                                 Circular shape coiled with raffia
                                                       and with a flap or lid cover.
                                                Available in three different sizes.


                                     Oval Bread Basket
                                     21 inches long including handles
                                     x 5.5 inches wide x 4 inches


                                                                Raffia Basket
                                                  Banana stalk coiled and raffia,
                                                     dyed in various colours and
                                                                  assorted sizes


                                              Contacts: Betty Kinene

Chrisams Designs Limited is a Ugandan company that was registered
in 1987 and has therefore been around for 21 years enjoying good
relationship with many institutions of higher learning like Makerere
University in Uganda. We are a strong vibrant manufacturing enter-
prise producing quality products for local and export markets and
contributing to strengthening of Uganda’s economic capacity through
training entrepreneurs.

                                   Elephant napkin holder
                                   Various materials used according
                                   to customer specifications

                                                            FAIR TRADE
                                                      Graduation Gown set
                                                         Various materials used
                                                         according to customer


                                   Zippped shopping bag
                                   Various materials used according
                                   to customer specifications


                                Contacts: Christine Luboga, Agnes Mugabi

 KENYA                                Beacon of Hope
                                      Contacts: Mrs. Jane Wathome
 Salom Enterprises                    Email:
 Contact: Pauline N Ntombura
 Monda African Art Ltd.               Contacts: Tabitha Gichia, Liza Barett
 Contacts: Caroline. M. Monda;        Email:;
 Martin Dartey              
 Email:,                Sanabora Design House
                                      Contacts: Beatrice Mwansi, Anne Moraa
 Perfection Plus                      Email:
 Contacts: George Johnson Kinuthia,
 Ruth Macharia
 Email:             Malindi Handicrafts Co-operative Society Ltd                     Email:;
 Sanata Charitable Trust
 Contact: Hettie Meggy                Jacaranda Workshop
 Email:        Contact: Tina Dass
 Kisac Fair Trade Ltd
 Contact: Daniel Apepo Ombasa         Cima
 Email:,             Contact: Susan Maina             Email:

Bombolulu                                TANZANIA
Contacts: Marcia Kayoro,                 Quality Crafts/Cracode Co. Ltd.
Esther Mwanyama                          Contact: Fuhiya W. Kishimbo
Email:        Email:          

UGANDA                                   Zetu Arts
Uganda Craft 2000 Ltd                    Contact: Cuthbert
Contacts: Betty Kinene, Nusulah Kinene   Email:,
Email:              Kitaponda Enterprises
                                         Contact: Rose Makoyola
Easy Afric Designs Ltd         ,
Contacts: Norah Ntongo,
Sarah Nakisanze, Olivia Nakkazi          RWANDA
Email:        Cards from Africa
                                         Contact: Steven
Marie Sar Agencies Ltd.                  Email:
Contact: Sara Katebalirwe
Email:                   COPARWA                           Contact: Anastasia Uwimabewa
Chrisams Designs Ltd           
Contacts: Christine Luboga,
Agnes Mugabi                             KOHUM
Email:         Contacts: Vestine                         Email:

                                         Contact: Odette

                    Community                  Empowerment                   Creativity

                                             “the future is ours”

     The Cooperation for Fair Trade in Africa – COFTA       The organisaitons are building a strong network in
     was established by African producers and regis-        which information forwards, costs are shared and
     tered as a Fair Trade organization in 2004. The        trade events (promotion strategies) are planned as
     aim has been to support Fair Trade Organizations       a group. MAP coaches each group in Quality Con-
     in Africa and grow the Fair Trade movement in the      trol, Product Development, Marketing, Trade Lo-
     continent and to address the particular needs of       gistcs and HR Management, depending on the need
     Africa as a region.                                    of each organization.
     Advocacy & Lobbying is promoting Fair Trade and        Communication & Information is running our web-
     the Voice of African Producer and protecting Af-       site –, our newsletter, and the bian-
     rica Cultural Items through Intellectual Property      nually published magazine (English and French).
                                                            The Sustainable Fair Trade Management System
     The Membership and Market Access Programme.            – SFTMS, is piloted by us in five African countries.
     Cofta is growing, especially our country networks      It is a management toll, which assists organizations
     are doing great promotion for Fair Trade, attract-     to grow their businesses, monitor their processes
     ing more and more producer groups to join and to       and meet Fair Trade Standards. Once implemented
     stand strong for Fair Trade in Africa. MAP is pilot-   organizations will be able to use the SFTMS Logo
     ing a project, which allows organizations from East    on their products to promote their business and all
     African Countries to work as one group together.       product as Fair Trade.

                        Cooperation for Fair Trade in Africa
                          Market Access Programme (MAP)
                                   P.O. Box 46337
                                    00100 Nairobi
                             Phone +254(0)203866007
                      Contact Alexandra Farrington-Schomburg

     MAP Logo: Designed by Monda African Art Ltd., Nairobi, Kenya.
           Cover Photo: A. Farrington-Schomburg, COFTA, Nairobi.


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