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									                            Probate Investing As Your Option

One of the investment opportunities in real estate that is often ignored is probate
investing. This is also one area that you can look into aside from wholesaling,
foreclosures and other ventures. Motivated sellers are common in this area as the heirs
will sell to pay for the property arrears and will sell quickly for a huge discount.

To give you an idea what probate is, it is the method of turning over the rights of the
estate of the departed person to his or her beneficiaries. Probate court will choose on who
gets the property and it would be a lot easier if a will is present. They will check if it is
valid, pay for taxes and debts first, before it will be distributed to the heirs. But if there is
no will, the procedure in claiming the estate will take longer.

The kins who inherit the property usually have their own homes already and they do not
feel the need to have another one. Especially if there is a mortgage or upkeep involved,
they would worry the property may turn into an extra baggage. Maintenance is costly, so
they may feel it is not practical to keep a another property. They may not want to list with
an agent thinking that it will not sell even at a discount. Some investors may close it in a
week and that can be a big relief to a mourning family.

Some of them may be living far from the inherited property, they could be staying at
another state and it is too much of a hassle if they have to be concerned about the
extended property. Having to take care of it if they live from afar is quite tough for them
to handle. In order to save them from the trouble of holding on to it, this is where you
walk in and proffer your help. So it is common in these cases for them to merely get rid
of the property and the burden.

But before you think of ways in getting your hands on these properties, you also have to
to consider the family that you will be dealing with. It will not be simple to just go
straight up to them and offer your assistance. They just lost their loved ones and that they
have other things to think about like paying the proceeds from this estate, bills and
unresolved debt. It may take time before a family is ready to move on and sell the
property, if that is really what they want.

Many people shy away from probate investing as a consequence of the fact that you will
have to deal with a grieving family. So you can try going to probate courts as well and sit
in on the process and you may learn of properties that you will be interested in. If no
property is listed, you can acquire names from local obituaries and check the will as it is a
public record. Then contact the heirs to find out if they will be interested to sell the

With probate investing, you may find sellers who intend to sell and not sellers who are
forced to sell their property just like foreclosures. It is important that you show your
condolences, act professional and make certain that if they are ready to deal with the
deceased estate, that they can keep you in mind if they come to a decision to sell later.
Once you get started with probate investing, it should not be hard for you in keeping a
steady flow of properties coming your way. Establish a good reputation in the market and
you will have a nice business going in probate real estate.

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