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                                                    Making Christian Disciples
                                 Published monthly by First United Methodist Church – Appleton, W isconsin

                                                                                 September , 2011 – Volume 50, Number 9

                                                              Prayer in the Chapel
2 Reflections
2 A Thank You to Shelby Knezel           We would like to announce that the chapel is open for prayer! During the
3 Church Records                      week, the chapel will be open for you to come in and pray. You may pray for
3 Rides to Church Ministry            the concerns you have and/or there will be a prayer list available. You are
3 Interactive Web Calendar            welcome to use that prayer list to pray for concerns of the church. There will
3 Kum Dubls Road Rally                be a boom box playing soft meditative music.
3 Volunteer at Warming Shelter           Additionally, the staff involved in the Sunday worship service will be
3 Rummage Sale                        praying in the chapel for the service Sunday mornings at 8:15 a.m. You are
4 CROP Walk                           welcome to come in and join in those prayers.
4 September M.O.M.
4 Jewelry Sale Thank You!                                 New Faces in New Places
5 Interfaith Gathering
5 Mothers of Growing Disciples
                                         There will be some new faces in leadership positions within the music
5 Phoebe Circle
                                      department beginning this fall. Please get acquainted and welcome them to
5 Adoption Support Group
                                      their areas of service within the music ministry at First Church:
5 Wednesday Dinners
6 Orphan Animal Rescue
                                                   Mary Catterton, Genesis Choir and One Voice, Director
                                                         Sara Brannon, Sonshine Singers, Director
6 Youth Ministry
                                                        Christy Go, Sonshine Singers, Accompanist
7 Christian Education
                                                         Anthony Capparelli, Grace, Accompanist
8 Free Organ Concert
                                                    Gabriella Guilfoil, Soprano Sanctuary Choir Intern
8 Choirs Begin
                                                         Zoie Reams, Alto Sanctuary Choir Intern
Insert Adult Education Booklet
                                         Mary Catterton is well-known to the members of First Church. She has
                                      served as the worship leader for The Blend, which meets in the chapel at 10:30
                                      a.m. on the third Sunday of each month. Welcome, Mary, as you expand your
                                      ministry here at First Church.
                                         Sara, Christy, Anthony, Gabriella, and Zoie are all Lawrence University
                                      students. They will continue the long-standing tradition of using Lawrence
                                      students as part of the music program of First Church. This has proven to be a
                                      vital, two-way ministry between Lawrence music students and the
                                      congregation at First United Methodist Church.
          Articles due for
                                         Audrey Goodman, Jaclyn Kottman, Jaimie Lowe, Zach Monteith, Chris
        October newsletter
      Thursday, September 22          Roebuck, and Taylor Jacobson have been serving here in the music ministry
                                      for the past several years. As members and friends of the congregation here at
                                      First Church, our lives have been enriched by their ministry among us. It is
                                      with a sense of sadness that we see them leave our church, but we wish them
                                      much success as they move into new careers and new opportunities in their
                                      lives. We offer our thanks for the time and energy they invested here at First
                                      Church. They will be missed, but we bid them Godspeed as they enter into
                                      new avenues of ministry and service.
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                                         choose from, day and evening –
                                         and as you can see we are
                                         launching a new Disciple One
                                         class on Sunday morning.
Dear Members and Friends,
                                              All these classes will offer
    As I write this letter, we are in    growth opportunities, but I
the midst of wrapping up August          unashamedly promote our
and moving in to the cooler days         Disciple One class on Sunday                Shelby Knezel began 42 years of
of September. What a wonderful           morning. Disciple One is a             continuous weekly ministry here at
summer it has been, quite busy,          foundational course that will give     First United Methodist Church in
but quite wonderful. We have             you a broad and in-depth               1969. Over the years, she has
been blessed with lots of heat and       understanding of the entire Bible.     served in a variety of areas with
humidity – which we will                 The format is shorter than the         most of them relating to the children
appreciate the memory of come            weekday version and you are            and youth of this congregation.
February. (                              already in the building if you         Shelby was a long-time Sunday
                                         worship at the 9:00 a.m. service.      school teacher, worked tirelessly in
     We have enjoyed our regular         If not, it will be worth a return      the confirmation program for 10
worship schedule in addition to          trip. Child care is already            years, and then became the director
our three outdoor worship                provided. Please read through the      of Christian Education for 6 years.
services on the fourth                   booklet enclosed in this newsletter    Her most recent area of ministry,
Wednesday’s of these three               and if you have any questions,         and the one in which she has served
summer months. Due to weather,           feel free to call me or one of the     the longest, was as director of the
two of the three had to be moved         Adult Education Team members.          Genesis Choir. It has been a treat
into the Fellowship Hall. But,           (Nancy Hermanson, Linda                for the congregation to enjoy the
August 24 was a dream come true          Dawson, Wendy Anzelmo, and             fruits of Shelby’s labors as the
evening; great weather, great            Melanie Gardner) It’s going to be      Genesis Choir has ministered in
attendance, great music, great           an exciting fall!                      church on a regular monthly basis
service, and great dinner. A                                                    along with the many special
million thanks to Deborah                     Thank you to all of you who       musicals they have presented.
Becher’s family, Snow Adams,             have been faithful in your giving           Over the years, choir enrollment
and our kitchen team who                 this summer, and another thank         totaled 540 little singers. Allowing
provided our delicious dinner. It        you to the 49 families we know of      for repeats because of the 3-year
just couldn’t be any better, topped      who participated in our Tithe in       program, this translated to 275
off for me when eight beautiful          July Campaign. Interestingly,          individuals. The choir averaged
British labs were brought down           there was another six or seven         approximately 32 singers per year
the aisle to be apart of our pet         thousand dollars additional giving     with over 45 enrolled one particular
blessing. All I can say is               that we have not seen in the past      year.
wonderful!                               10+ years. All that is to say that          Thank you, Shelby, for your 42
                                         we are in better shape to begin the    years of ministry here at First
     I love September for in the         fall and hopefully end our year in     Church. Your impact on the
tradition of the church, we bring        a healthy way. It’s all because of     families of this congregation has
our wide range of programs into          your generosity and faithfulness.      been great. You have made an
full swing. We hope you will                                                    impression on many lives. We do
consider ways you may grow your              Enjoy these coming days.           express our grateful appreciation
faith and expand your community          Know you are prayed for and            and wish you much success in future
this September. We hope to see           appreciated.                           endeavors. We know that you are
you back on the pew! Join one of                                                not going into retirement, just
our choirs. Have a close look at             Grace and peace,                   reassignment! May God’s blessings
the enclosed booklet of Adult                                                   be upon you as you continue to
Education classes to be offered              Pastor Doyle                       serve Him.
this fall. There are so many to
Page 3                               visit our web site at           First United Methodist Church

     Church Records                   event. You can also do a word
                                      search of an event or meeting on
                                                                             drive or bring a snack, dessert or
                                                                             beverage to share. If you are
Deaths                                the calendar. The calendar is also     unable to make the September
8-23-11 Tim DuVall                    printable. Our events that are open    event, but would like to be included
8-24-11 Virginia Phillips             to the public even have a map          on our e-mail or phone list, let us
                                      icon so visitors can find their way    know that, too.
Weddings                              to our church.
8-6-11 Adam Nagel and
        Megan Loeck                                                           VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY AT
8-13-11 Phillip Roberts and                                                     THE WARMING SHELTER
        Casey M Kaiser                                                         October 30 - November 5
8-5-11 Greyson Coley, son of                                                       First Church will provide the
        Greg and Sherry Coley                                                 evening meals and evening/overnight
Baptisms                                                                      hospitality services at the Fox Valley
8-28-11 Deklan Graverson                   Kum Dubls is a couple’s
                                                                              Warming Shelter for one week
                                      group open to adults of all ages
                                      who would like to meet new
                                                                              beginning Sunday, October 30
Rides to Church                       people and have a good time.            through Saturday, November 5.
Ministry                              Events are planned for every other      Many volunteers are needed to
                                      month on Saturday evenings fall,        prepare and serve the evening meal
     We are currently in need of      winter and spring. Almost all           and help throughout the night. Each
more volunteers to pick up some       will start out at church, are no or     night will conclude by helping with
of our homebound members and          low in cost, and promise to be          breakfast the following morning. This
bring them to and from church.        high in creativity and fun.             is a wonderful way to assist our
The goal is to have enough                 A good sized group gathered        community and help the many
volunteers so that you would only     for the preliminary Kum Dubls           homeless.
need to do this once per month on     appetizer/get-to-know-you-event              Watch for sign-up information in
a rotating schedule.                  this past April. All were               our “You Can Count on Me” bulletin
     If you are interested in this    enthusiastic about making new           insert in September and October.
very important ministry of First      friends and the group activities
United Methodist Church, please       planned for the 2011/12 season.
contact Denise Anderson, at               Our first event is a Road          Rummage Sale or        Rally on September 17th at 6:30
739-0706. Thank you for making        p.m when teams of two or three              Well, another rummage sale is
this your ministry!                   couples will be pitted against the     over. I would like to say thank you
                                      clock to see who can find and          to all of you who donated, sorted,
Interactive Web                       decode the clues to take them full     priced, or bought items at the
                                      circle around our city and take
Calendar                              home the prize. Look for zany
                                                                             August Church Rummage Sale.
                                                                                  A Huge Thank You goes out to
                                      twists and turns.                      our co-coordinators Jane Steffen,
     We now have a new
                                           Future slatings include a         and Joy Johnson for all of their
interactive church calendar on our
                                      progressive dinner, murder             amazing work. Also, thank you to
web site. Just go to the home
                                      mystery, learn to dance night, and     Amy McAloon and Tracy
page . Click
                                      even an Olympic night. Sign-up         Thibodeau.
on “Church Calendar” and the
                                      for the September 17th event in             We made a profit of $1,641.
interactive calendar will open.
                                      the “You Can Count on Me”              All proceeds will go towards the
     You can click on a church
                                      bulletin insert or by e-mailing        church budget.
event to open another box that
                                      Birdie Schottmuller at                      Left over items went to Harbor
will give you the opportunity to
                             or by         House, Clothes Closet, and the
send an email reminder of the
                                      calling, 788-5451 and leaving a        Thrift Store.
event to yourself or send an email
                                      message. Let us know if you can
to a friend to invite them to the
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                                      needs of the people; touch my          interdenominational, non-profit
                                      heart that it may bring warmth to      Christian Mission affiliated with
                                      the despairing; teach me the           the Tennessee Conference of the
                                      generosity that welcomes               United Methodist Church. As part
                                      strangers; let me share my             of their ministry to rural areas, they
                                      possessions to clothe the naked;       have recently set up a Family
                                      give the care that strengthens the     Resource Center. They are in
                                      sick; make me share in the quest       particular need of the following
                                      to set the prisoner free. In sharing   items: dish soap, bars of soap,
                                      our anxieties and our love, our        powdered laundry detergent,
                                      poverty and our prosperity, we         shampoo, conditioner, men’s and
Fox Cities CROP                       partake of your divine presence.”      women’s deodorant, and
                                           I would also like to share a      toothpaste.
Walk October 9                        poem with you from English Poet,            Many of these items cannot be
                                      John Donne, 1572-1631:                 purchased with food stamps. The
Communities Responding to Over        “From Devotions XVII...                VIM Team will transport them to
come Poverty both locally and         No man is an island, entire of         Tennessee in October.
world wide comes the statement:       itself. Every man is a part of the          All donations may be placed in
“We walk because they walk.”          continent, apart of the main           the appropriate large wooden bin
Throughout Africa and Asia,           (land). Any man’s death                by the Wesley Room. Thank you
hundreds of thousands walk miles      diminishes me, because I am            in advance for your generosity. We
each day in search of clean water     involved in mankind, and               know we can count on your support
and enough food to survive            therefore never send to see for        for these worthy causes.
another day.
                                      whom the bell tolls. It tolls
     Church World Services
(CSW) developed CROP Walk             for thee.
over 60 years ago. A positive          Dave Petersen,
response to world wide hunger          CROP Walk Coordinator of
and disease. Millions survive, but     First United Methodist Church
                                                                                  We asked for and you Gave...
millions die from poverty. Last                                              and Gave...and Gave us your gently
October, First Church members         September Mission                      used Jewelry. So much, in fact,
walked with many other members        of the Month                           that we far exceeded our last year’s
of faith communities. Some 2,200                                             total of $1,600 of sale at Art at the
communities throughout the                                                   Park. The grand total for this year
                                           This month the Mission Team
United States and hundreds more                                              is $3,000. It couldn’t have
                                      is asking for your donations for
throughout the world will respond                                            happened without the overwhelm-
                                      two very worthy causes. One is
to the call on October 9, 2011.                                              ing donations from you, the church
                                      the Women’s Jail Education.
There will be 1, 3, and 6 mile                                               members, and all the other
                                      Christie Blanton is a teacher at the
route options. Registration begins                                           individuals who helped sort, bag,
                                      jail and assures us they are always
at 12:30 p.m. and the CROP walk                                              pin, set up, sell, and take down the
                                      in need of the following three
starts at 1:00 p.m. at Memorial                                              jewelry sale. A HUGE thank you
                                      items: 1) lined white paper; 2)
Presbyterian Church, 803 E.                                                  goes out to everyone who
                                      pocket folders; and 3) #2 pencils.
College Ave., Appleton. You are                                              participated.
                                      This is an excellent time of year to
needed to walk. You DO make a                                                     The money will be used to help
                                      buy such supplies, and any
difference. Please, put a team                                               fund the Volunteers in Mission
                                      donations you can make will be
together, set your pledge goal and                                           Trip to Tennessee in October. If
                                      greatly appreciated!
join hundreds of others from the                                             you, a family member, neighbor,
                                           Our second collection is in
Fox Valley who “think globally                                               friend, or co-worker, ever has
                                      conjunction with the adult
and act locally!” Last year there                                            jewelry to donate anytime during
                                      Volunteers in Mission trip to
were 20 walkers from First                                                   the year, please bring it to the
                                      Tennessee. We will be working
Church, backed by 53 donors.                                                 church office, and a staff member
                                      through Mountain T.O.P.
     From Zimbabwa: “Open my                                                 will get it to the Mission Team.
                                      (Tennessee Outreach Project), an
eyes that they may see the deepest
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Gathering                                 Phoebe Circle will meet
                                          Tuesday, September 13,
    The 12th annual Interfaith            9:15 a.m. in the Wesley
Gathering hosted by the Fox               Room. Bev Kemp and Lona
Valley Islamic Society will be on         Heublein are hostesses.
Sunday, September 11. The
                                                                              Wednesday Dinners
                                          Ellen Roe will tell us about
Gathering of an expected 200              her trip to New Zeeland.
people of faith will begin at 3:00                                                 Are you tired of cooking on
p.m. and conclude with a feast.                                               Wednesday nights? There is relief
    Mohammed Isa Sadion,                                                      insight. The Wednesday Night Live
former Executive Director of the                                              (WNL) crew will be cooking up
                                                                              something yummy for supper on
Milwaukee Art Museum, will be          Adoption Support                       Wednesdays starting September 7,
the featured speaker. The Fox
Valley Islamic Society, 103
                                       Group                                  4:45 p.m. - 6:15 p.m. Come and
Kappell Drive, Neenah, is on                                                  join us for fellowship, laughs and
County Road “G,” one mile east              Church members Kim                good food. You don’t have to
of Highway 41. Access “G” from         Houlton and Carol Knuth, both          participate in a class or choir after
County Road “A” or Highway 76.         adoptive mothers, are starting an      dinner. Prices will remain the same
    In the case of inclement           adoption support group this fall.      at $5 per person or $11 per family
weather, the Gathering will meet       The group will meet monthly.           in one household.
at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church,         Intention of the group is to                This is the start of our 19th year.
140 S Green Bay Road, Neenah.          educate and support individuals        We have had basically the same
                                       who are contemplating adoption         crew of women and men
                                       or actively involved in an             throughout with few changes. We
Mothers of Growing                     adoption process.                      are blessed to have such a great
Disciples                                   Topics will be tailored to the    group to work with each week.
                                       specific interest of the group. We          In the 2010-11 season we
     Do you struggle to be the         will call on experts and resources     served about 4,998 meals. Through
Mom you want to be? Do you             throughout the Fox Valley to           careful meal planning and
need support and fellowship in         provide information and guidance.      shopping, we have been able to
raising your kids to be Christian           We are currently seeking to       make several donations using the
disciples? We’re looking for           gauge the interest level within the    profits: new stove and refrigerator
Mom’s who want to develop              church. Please email Kim,              in the youth kitchen, hymnals, a
faithful friendships and give or           display rack for brochures and
support to one another as they         Carol, by           announcements, ten Christmas
strive to be the best they can be!     September 15 if you are interested     banners, two Hosanna banners for
     We are changing our meeting       in attending or supporting the         Palm Sunday, replacement of a
times to better accommodate            group. Please indicate in your         refrigerator gasket, a new sprayer
working Moms and grow our              email if:                              in the kitchen sink, a wall mounted
group. Join us for a range of          • You are an adoptive family or        TV to view the funeral services,
faith-based activities including            adoption professional and are     VBS groceries, and a donation to
devotionals, inspirational                  willing to provide information    Heifer International.
messages, discussion and practical          and/or mentor a family.                The LOGO’s children, grades
tips. We will also focus on topics     • If you are considering               1-9 will be served dinner in the
raised by the group.                        adoption or foster care.          fellowship hall at 6:00 p.m. It is
     Mark your calendars for our       • If you are actively involved in      through participation in the WNL
first meeting, a fun pizza night on         adopting a child.                 program that our church family is
Monday, September 19, 6:00-7:30                                               able to share our love with others in
p.m., in room 214 (across from the         The first meeting will be at       the community and other churches.
chapel). Childcare will be             the beginning of October and will      Much good fellowship goes on
provided.                              be informational in nature.            during dinner time.
Page 6                                 visit our web site at           First United Methodist Church

Orphan Animal                           the younger kids and will learn        in Bayou La Batre, Alabama. The
                                        what it means to be a disciple of      Holy Spirit worked in the lives of
Rescue                                  Christ, and a role model. There is     the participants. Our team shared
                                        also some worship time at the end      God’s love at Kid’s Club, an
    Our last Wednesday summer           of dinner geared specifically for      afternoon VBS-type experience
worship service, held August 24,        the older kids. Students then          filled with games, skits, crafts, and
had a blessing of the animals. 28       attend “youth group” style classes     reading to the children ages 4-12.
animals were blessed at the end of      where they learn how to take           The joy seen on the faces of the
the service. Through the plate          ownership of their faith and           children will forever be in our
offering and the proceeds from          interact with it in everyday life.     memory. We also shared God’s
dinner that evening, we were able       Eighth and ninth grade LOGOS           love at three homes where
to send $543.06 to the Orphan           participation is part of the           scrapping and painting in 100
Animal Rescue and Sanctuary,            Confirmation requirement.              degree heat offered participants an
Inc. in Neenah. Thank you to all             This year, the LOGOS Kick-        opportunity to see the positive
those who donated.                      Off Event will be held on              impact of giving the home owners
                                        September 21st. We will begin at       pride in the appearance of their
                                        6:00 p.m. with a family style          home. Our Youth grew in their
                                        dinner and worship, Then               faith and in the appreciation of how
                                        continue with games and                we are blessed to be a blessing.
                                        fellowship until 8:00 p.m. Cost is          In July, 20 Junior High Youth
     The LOGOS program is based         only $3.00 per person for dinner.      and Adult Leaders served in Wind
on Acts 2:42. “They devoted             You do not need to be registered       River, Wyoming. The trip was
themselves to the apostles’             for LOGOS or a member of the           filled with joy as God worked in
teaching and fellowship, to the         church to attend. Come find out        the lives of the participants. The
breaking of bread and the               what LOGOS is all about, and           spiritual growth and personal
prayers.” Like Jesus’ apostles, we      how you can be a part of this          breakthroughs of the Youth and
study, play, eat, and worship           important ministry!                    Adult Leaders was amazing. This is
together. There is room in the               To enroll, volunteer, or if you   an excerpt from my journal that
program for everyone who wants          have any questions, please call        sums up the week in Wyoming.
to have fun learning and serving        Lacey Reinhard at 809-8909 or          “Foot Washing + Youth + Tears +
God. The program runs for most          leave a voice mail at church on        Kleenex + Prayer + Letters from
of the school year on Wednesday         extension 324.                         Mom Dad + the Crazy Love of
nights.                                                                        Jesus = THE BEST MISSION
     Grades 1-5 meet 4:30-6:30                                                 TRIP EVER!”
p.m. This group of students starts
                                        Youth Ministry
                                                                                    Next summer, we will once
with fun games to get them active                                              again offer two mission trips in
and interacting. During Bible                School is starting and summer
                                        is quickly fading. I would like to     which Youth and Adult Leaders
Study they will learn about faith                                              will be given the opportunity to be
and Jesus. They also learn ways to      highlight our first summer
                                        together. John Wesley used the         the hands and feet of Jesus Christ.
participate in and lead worship,                                               The Senior High trip will be June
and will do so through the year.        Quadrilateral to show how there
                                        are four parts to living a Christian   16-23 to Boston. We have already
During Dinner/Worship time, the                                                filled the 24 Youth and 6 Adult,
kids have a chance to interact with     life. One leg is Experience. I
                                        believe that we spent the summer       and have started a waiting list. The
family and older kids in order to                                              cost is $450. The Junior High trip
have a sense of “belonging” in the      offering Youth and Adult Leaders
                                        opportunities to Experience what       will be July 8-13 to Cincinnati. We
church. Through this, they see                                                 have filled 11 of 18 Youth and 5 of
where their journey down the path       it means to authentically follow
                                        Jesus Christ. It is important and      6 Adult Leader spaces. The cost is
to Jesus can lead them.                                                        $350. We strive to give as many
     Grades 6-12 meet 6:00-8:00         healthy to look back and celebrate
                                        what God has done in the lives of      people opportunities to serve. So
p.m. and focus more on learning                                                far, we have 20 first time mission
about their faith and how it plays      our Youth and Adult Leaders.
                                             In June, 19 High School           trip participants ready to serve next
a part in every day life. They start                                           summer! continued on page 7
with Family dinner/Worship with         Youth and Adult Leaders served
Page 7                               visit our web site at           First United Methodist Church

continued from page 6: Youth          • JH Fall Retreat @ Lake               December. Lisa Nerenhausen, after
     We have our Fantastical Fall        Lucerne: October 14-16              14 dedicated years of service in this
Kick Off scheduled for Saturday,      • SH Convo @ Chula Vista:              ministry area, is unable to lead our
September 17-18, 4 p.m. - 9 a.m.         November 11-13                      theatrical efforts this fall. Both
The First Annual JH/SH YUK            Brian Stahl, Director of Youth &       women have truly blessed our
FEST & Lock In is where we will       Young Adult Ministries                 programs through their efforts, and
“enjoy” many games and                                                       will be missed as members of our
challenges involving food and                                                volunteer team. If you are
mess. Youth are asked to wear                                                interested in learning more about
old clothing or bathing suits, and                                           either of these opportunities, please
bring a towel and a change of                         Christian              contact Jill immediately!
clothes. We will have a Pasta Bar                                                FUMC has compiled a list of
and Lock-in following YUK                            Education               youth willing to babysit. If you
FEST. The cost is $2. JH Youth                                               would like a copy of that list,
Group will meet the 1st and 3rd                           It’s time for      please contact Jill and one will be
Sundays 4:30-6:00 p.m. The SH         back to school already! I hope         made available to you. Please
Youth Group will meet the 2nd         everyone enjoyed a safe and fun        understand, however, that we
and 4th Sundays 4:30-6:00 p.m.        summer break. FUMC is gearing          cannot recommend the skills or
     Confirmation will begin on       up for fall Sunday school              qualifications of any youth
Wednesday, October 5.                 programming. Classes will              contained on the list. They have
Confirmation is a two year            resume on September 11th for all       not been screened by FUMC in any
process. All Youth in 8th and 9th     children age 2 – grade 5 during        way. The list simply contains the
grades are encouraged to be part      the 9a.m. service. As always, we       contact information for youth
of the process. Confirmation is       rely on the help of many dedicated     willing to consider babysitting
held during LOGOS Wednesday           youth and adults to volunteer in       opportunities. Families can and
evenings 6:00-8:00 p.m.               our classrooms. Many                   should screen all potential
     The Annual JH Fall Retreat is    opportunities are listed in the        caregivers in a way they see fit.
October 14-16. Once again we          “You Can Count on Me” insert in            Watch your newsletters and
will be staying at Lake Lucerne.      our Sunday bulletins. Now is the       bulletins for further information
The theme for the weekend             time to contact Jill and get           about all of the opportunities we’ve
is “What Does God Require?”           involved in our Children’s             got in store this fall. Our new
The weekend costs $60 for Youth       Ministry programs!                     Acolytes will be installed, our 3rd
and $30 for Adult Leaders.                Join us for Rally Sunday on        graders will receive Bibles and
Deadline is October 1.                September 18th! We’ll celebrate        learn to use them, and we’ll have
     As always, we are looking for    the start to another fantastic year    extra-special programming the
dedicated and passionate Adult        of Sunday school by enjoying           weekends of Thanksgiving and
Leaders who will walk alongside       treats and “Bible Olympics”            Christmas. Hope you can join us as
our Youth on Sunday afternoons.       games during coffee hour.              we get involved in the life of our
Remember, this is everyone’s          Weather permitting, we’ll be           church!
Youth Ministry, so if you have        outside in the courtyard (if it            As always, if you have any
any questions, suggestions, or        rains, find us downstairs in the       questions or feedback about our
comments do not hesitate to let       Gym).                                  Christian Education opportunities,
me know.                                  We are in need of some key         please contact me. I would love to
                                      leaders in the Christian Education     hear from you! I can be reached at
Upcoming Youth Ministry               Department this fall. First, we’re     church Tuesday through Friday,
Opportunities:                        looking for an Acolyte                 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., or Sunday
• JH/SH YUK FEST & LOCK               Coordinator. After nine years of       mornings.
  IN: Sept 17-18 @ 4 pm – 9 am        faithful ministry in this area,        Many Blessings,
• JH/SH Octoberfest Parking           Barbara Best has stepped aside
  Fundraiser: Sept 24, 8am- 4 pm      from this important role in our        Jill Geurts, Director of Christian
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  October 5                           for someone to direct our
                                      children’s Christmas Program this
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Free Organ
concert Monday,                         “Come, we that love the Lord and let our songs abound!”
September 12                                       Sanctuary Choir – Adult men and women, room 301
                                                 Rehearsals begin Wednesday, September 7 at 6:30 p.m.
     You are invited to a free
organ concert here at First                     Genesis Choir – Kindergarten through 2nd grades, room 308
Church on Monday, September
                                                  Rehearsals begin Wednesday, September 7 at 6:30 p.m.
12, 1:45 - 2:45 p.m. in the
sanctuary. The guest organist
will be Don VerKuilen. Don will
                                                  Sonshine Singers – 3rd through 5th grades, room 316
also talk a bit about the organ                  Rehearsals begin Wednesday, September 7 at 6:30 p.m.
and how one plays the organ.
     Don is 17 years old and a                                   Wesley Handbell Choir
native of Appleton. Today, Don                   Rehearsals begin Wednesday, September 7 at 6:30 p.m.
is starting to become a well-
known organist around the                   Bass Clef – Adult men, room 301 – Rehearsal time to be announced
world. He was a competitor in
the International Albert                                     Grace – Adult women, room 301
Schweitzer Organ competition                       Rehearsals begin Sunday, September 11 at 6:30 p.m.
and in the National Oklahoma
City University Organ                                One Voice – 6th through 12th grades, room 301
competition. Don has performed                    Rehearsals begin Sunday, September 25 at 10:30 a.m.
in Italy, the Bahamas, and others
in the U.S. He was also an E.            Don’t miss out! Be part of the ministry of music and worship
Power Biggs Fellow to the Organ           At First Church as we...“...Sing of God’s steadfast love!”
Historical Society.

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