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Interaction prediction and classification of PDZ domains


									Table S1. PDZ domain interactions
PDZ domain            Peptide       Interaction
Magi-2-(6/6)          AcvR1         non-binding
Magi-3-(5/5)          AcvR1         non-binding
ZO-1-(1/3)            AcvR1         non-binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)     AcvR2         non-binding
Lin7c-(1/1)           AcvR2         binding
Magi-3-(5/5)          AcvR2         binding
Mals2-(1/1)           AcvR2         binding
OMP25-(1/1)           AcvR2         binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)          AcvR2         non-binding
SAP102-(3/3)          AcvR2         non-binding
SAP97-(3/3)           AcvR2         binding
Scrb1-(3/4)           AcvR2         binding
Semcap3-(1/2)         AcvR2         binding
Shank1-(1/1)          AcvR2         non-binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)     AcvR2b        binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)   AcvR2b        binding
Lin7c-(1/1)           AcvR2b        binding
OMP25-(1/1)           AcvR2b        binding
SAP97-(3/3)           AcvR2b        binding
Scrb1-(3/4)           AcvR2b        binding
b1-syntrophin-(1/1)   AN2           non-binding
Cipp-(9/10)           AN2           non-binding
Erbin-(1/1)           AN2           non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)   AN2           non-binding
Grip2-(5/7)           AN2           non-binding
HtrA3-(1/1)           AN2           non-binding
Lnx1-(2/4)            AN2           non-binding
Magi-2-(5/6)          AN2           non-binding
MUPP1-(5/13)          AN2           non-binding
Pdzk3-(1/1)           AN2           non-binding
PDZ-RGS3-(1/1)        AN2           binding
SLIM-(1/1)            AN2           non-binding
ZO-1-(2/3)            AN2           non-binding
ZO-2-(1/3)            AN2           non-binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)     APC           non-binding
Cipp-(8/10)           APC           non-binding
Cipp-(10/10)          APC           non-binding
Dvl3-(1/1)            APC           non-binding
Erbin-(1/1)           APC           non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)   APC           non-binding
Gm1582-(2/3)          APC           non-binding
Harmonin-(2/3)        APC           non-binding
HtrA1-(1/1)           APC           non-binding
HtrA3-(1/1)           APC           non-binding
Interleukin-16-(1/4)  APC           non-binding
Lin7c-(1/1)           APC           non-binding
Lnx1-(2/4)            APC           non-binding
Magi-3-(5/5)          APC           non-binding
Mpp7-(1/1)            APC           non-binding
MUPP1-(1/13)          APC           non-binding
MUPP1-(10/13)         APC           non-binding
MUPP1-(11/13)         APC           non-binding
MUPP1-(12/13)         APC           non-binding
nNOS-(1/1)            APC           non-binding
PAR6B-(1/1)            APC           non-binding
Pdzk3-(2/2)            APC           non-binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           APC           non-binding
SAP102-(3/3)           APC           non-binding
SAP97-(1/3)            APC           non-binding
SAP97-(3/3)            APC           non-binding
Scrb1-(3/4)            APC           non-binding
Shank1-(1/1)           APC           non-binding
ZO-2-(1/3)             APC           non-binding
b1-syntrophin-(1/1)    Aquaporin-4   non-binding
Cipp-(8/10)            Aquaporin-4   non-binding
Cipp-(9/10)            Aquaporin-4   non-binding
HtrA1-(1/1)            Aquaporin-4   binding
Magi-2-(6/6)           Aquaporin-4   non-binding
Magi-3-(5/5)           Aquaporin-4   non-binding
MUPP1-(13/13)          Aquaporin-4   non-binding
OMP25-(1/1)            Aquaporin-4   non-binding
PAR3B-(1/3)            Aquaporin-4   non-binding
PAR6B-(1/1)            Aquaporin-4   non-binding
Pdzk1-(1/4)            Aquaporin-4   non-binding
Pdzk3-(1/1)            Aquaporin-4   binding
Shroom-(1/1)           Aquaporin-4   non-binding
TIP-1-(1/1)            Aquaporin-4   non-binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)      AXL           non-binding
Cipp-(10/10)           AXL           non-binding
Dvl3-(1/1)             AXL           non-binding
Erbin-(1/1)            AXL           non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)    AXL           non-binding
Gm1582-(2/3)           AXL           non-binding
Harmonin-(2/3)         AXL           non-binding
HtrA1-(1/1)            AXL           non-binding
HtrA3-(1/1)            AXL           non-binding
Interleukin-16-(1/4)   AXL           non-binding
Lin7c-(1/1)            AXL           non-binding
Lnx1-(2/4)             AXL           non-binding
Lrrc7-(1/1)            AXL           non-binding
Mpp7-(1/1)             AXL           non-binding
MUPP1-(1/13)           AXL           non-binding
MUPP1-(10/13)          AXL           non-binding
MUPP1-(11/13)          AXL           non-binding
MUPP1-(12/13)          AXL           non-binding
nNOS-(1/1)             AXL           non-binding
PAR6B-(1/1)            AXL           non-binding
Pdzk3-(2/2)            AXL           non-binding
PSD95-(1/3)            AXL           non-binding
PSD95-(3/3)            AXL           non-binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           AXL           non-binding
Scrb1-(1/4)            AXL           non-binding
Shank1-(1/1)           AXL           non-binding
ZO-2-(1/3)             AXL           non-binding
HtrA3-(1/1)            Cacna1a       binding
Cipp-(3/10)            Caspr2        binding
Dlgh3-(1/1)            Caspr2        binding
HtrA3-(1/1)            Caspr2        binding
Mpp7-(1/1)             Caspr2        binding
OMP25-(1/1)            Caspr2        non-binding
PAR-3-(3/3)            Caspr2   binding
PSD95-(3/3)            Caspr2   non-binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           Caspr2   non-binding
Semcap3-(1/2)          Caspr2   non-binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)      Caspr4   non-binding
Cipp-(5/10)            Caspr4   binding
Cipp-(10/10)           Caspr4   non-binding
Dvl1-(1/1)             Caspr4   binding
Dvl3-(1/1)             Caspr4   binding
Erbin-(1/1)            Caspr4   non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)    Caspr4   non-binding
Gm1582-(2/3)           Caspr4   non-binding
Harmonin-(2/3)         Caspr4   non-binding
HtrA1-(1/1)            Caspr4   binding
HtrA3-(1/1)            Caspr4   non-binding
Interleukin-16-(1/4)   Caspr4   non-binding
Lin7c-(1/1)            Caspr4   non-binding
Lnx1-(2/4)             Caspr4   non-binding
Mpp7-(1/1)             Caspr4   binding
MUPP1-(1/13)           Caspr4   non-binding
MUPP1-(10/13)          Caspr4   non-binding
MUPP1-(11/13)          Caspr4   non-binding
MUPP1-(12/13)          Caspr4   non-binding
nNOS-(1/1)             Caspr4   non-binding
PAR6B-(1/1)            Caspr4   non-binding
Pdzk3-(2/2)            Caspr4   binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           Caspr4   non-binding
Shank1-(1/1)           Caspr4   non-binding
Tiam2-(1/1)            Caspr4   binding
ZO-2-(1/3)             Caspr4   non-binding
Magi-3-(5/5)           Cav1.2   binding
NHERF-2-(2/2)          Cav1.2   binding
PDZ-RGS3-(1/1)         Cav1.2   non-binding
Shank1-(1/1)           Cav1.2   non-binding
Shank3-(1/1)           Cav1.2   binding
Gm1582-(2/3)           Cav2.2   non-binding
HtrA3-(1/1)            Cav2.3   non-binding
a1-syntrophin-(1/1)    Cav3.2   non-binding
b1-syntrophin-(1/1)    Cav3.2   non-binding
Chapsyn-110-(2/3)      Cav3.2   non-binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)      Cav3.2   non-binding
Cipp-(10/10)           Cav3.2   non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)    Cav3.2   non-binding
Lrrc7-(1/1)            Cav3.2   non-binding
Magi-2-(5/6)           Cav3.2   non-binding
MUPP1-(12/13)          Cav3.2   non-binding
nNOS-(1/1)             Cav3.2   non-binding
OMP25-(1/1)            Cav3.2   non-binding
PSD95-(1/3)            Cav3.2   non-binding
PSD95-(3/3)            Cav3.2   non-binding
SAP97-(1/3)            Cav3.2   non-binding
SAP97-(3/3)            Cav3.2   non-binding
Scrb1-(1/4)            Cav3.2   non-binding
Scrb1-(2/4)            Cav3.2   non-binding
Scrb1-(3/4)            Cav3.2   non-binding
ZO-1-(1/3)             Cav3.2   non-binding
ZO-2-(1/3)             Cav3.2       non-binding
ZO-3-(1/3)             Cav3.2       non-binding
b1-syntrophin-(1/1)    Cftr         binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)      Cftr         non-binding
Cipp-(8/10)            Cftr         non-binding
Cipp-(10/10)           Cftr         non-binding
Dvl3-(1/1)             Cftr         non-binding
Erbin-(1/1)            Cftr         non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)    Cftr         binding
g2-syntrophin-(1/1)    Cftr         binding
Gm1582-(2/3)           Cftr         binding
Harmonin-(2/3)         Cftr         non-binding
HtrA1-(1/1)            Cftr         binding
HtrA3-(1/1)            Cftr         non-binding
Interleukin-16-(1/4)   Cftr         non-binding
Lin7c-(1/1)            Cftr         binding
Lnx1-(2/4)             Cftr         binding
Magi-2-(6/6)           Cftr         non-binding
Magi-3-(5/5)           Cftr         binding
Mpp7-(1/1)             Cftr         non-binding
MUPP1-(1/13)           Cftr         non-binding
MUPP1-(10/13)          Cftr         non-binding
MUPP1-(11/13)          Cftr         non-binding
MUPP1-(12/13)          Cftr         non-binding
MUPP1-(13/13)          Cftr         binding
nNOS-(1/1)             Cftr         non-binding
PAR3B-(1/3)            Cftr         binding
PAR6B-(1/1)            Cftr         non-binding
Pdzk1-(1/4)            Cftr         binding
Pdzk1-(3/4)            Cftr         binding
Pdzk3-(1/1)            Cftr         non-binding
Pdzk3-(2/2)            Cftr         non-binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           Cftr         binding
SAP102-(3/3)           Cftr         non-binding
SAP97-(3/3)            Cftr         non-binding
Scrb1-(3/4)            Cftr         binding
Semcap3-(1/2)          Cftr         binding
Shank1-(1/1)           Cftr         binding
Shank3-(1/1)           Cftr         binding
Shroom-(1/1)           Cftr         binding
TIP-1-(1/1)            Cftr         non-binding
ZO-2-(1/3)             Cftr         non-binding
Lrrc7-(1/1)            c-KIT        non-binding
Cipp-(9/10)            Claudin-1    non-binding
HtrA3-(1/1)            Claudin-1    binding
ZO-1-(1/3)             Claudin-1    binding
ZO-2-(1/3)             Claudin-1    binding
Cipp-(8/10)            Claudin-10   non-binding
HtrA3-(1/1)            Claudin-10   binding
MUPP1-(10/13)          Claudin-10   non-binding
Pdzk3-(1/1)            Claudin-10   binding
ZO-1-(1/3)             Claudin-10   binding
ZO-2-(1/3)             Claudin-10   binding
Cipp-(9/10)            Claudin-11   non-binding
HtrA3-(1/1)            Claudin-11   non-binding
Pdzk3-(1/1)            Claudin-11   binding
PDZ-RGS3-(1/1)         Claudin-11   binding
ZO-1-(1/3)             Claudin-11   binding
ZO-2-(1/3)             Claudin-11   non-binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)      Claudin-14   non-binding
Cipp-(9/10)            Claudin-14   non-binding
Cipp-(10/10)           Claudin-14   non-binding
Dvl3-(1/1)             Claudin-14   non-binding
Erbin-(1/1)            Claudin-14   non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)    Claudin-14   non-binding
Gm1582-(2/3)           Claudin-14   non-binding
Harmonin-(2/3)         Claudin-14   binding
HtrA1-(1/1)            Claudin-14   binding
HtrA3-(1/1)            Claudin-14   binding
Interleukin-16-(1/4)   Claudin-14   binding
Lin7c-(1/1)            Claudin-14   non-binding
Lnx1-(2/4)             Claudin-14   non-binding
Mpp7-(1/1)             Claudin-14   non-binding
MUPP1-(1/13)           Claudin-14   non-binding
MUPP1-(10/13)          Claudin-14   binding
MUPP1-(11/13)          Claudin-14   non-binding
MUPP1-(12/13)          Claudin-14   non-binding
nNOS-(1/1)             Claudin-14   binding
PAR6B-(1/1)            Claudin-14   non-binding
Pdzk3-(1/1)            Claudin-14   binding
Pdzk3-(2/2)            Claudin-14   non-binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           Claudin-14   non-binding
Shank1-(1/1)           Claudin-14   non-binding
ZO-1-(1/3)             Claudin-14   binding
ZO-2-(1/3)             Claudin-14   binding
Cipp-(9/10)            Claudin-15   non-binding
HtrA3-(1/1)            Claudin-15   binding
Pdzk3-(1/1)            Claudin-15   binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           Claudin-15   non-binding
ZO-1-(1/3)             Claudin-15   binding
ZO-2-(1/3)             Claudin-15   binding
Cipp-(9/10)            Claudin-16   non-binding
Magi-2-(2/6)           Claudin-16   binding
Magi-2-(6/6)           Claudin-16   non-binding
OMP25-(1/1)            Claudin-16   binding
Pdzk1-(3/4)            Claudin-16   non-binding
Shank1-(1/1)           Claudin-16   binding
Shank3-(1/1)           Claudin-16   binding
ZO-1-(1/3)             Claudin-16   binding
Cipp-(9/10)            Claudin-18   non-binding
HtrA3-(1/1)            Claudin-18   binding
ZO-1-(1/3)             Claudin-18   binding
ZO-2-(1/3)             Claudin-18   binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)      Claudin-19   non-binding
Cipp-(10/10)           Claudin-19   non-binding
Dvl3-(1/1)             Claudin-19   non-binding
Erbin-(1/1)            Claudin-19   non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)    Claudin-19   non-binding
Gm1582-(2/3)           Claudin-19   non-binding
Harmonin-(2/3)         Claudin-19   non-binding
HtrA1-(1/1)            Claudin-19   binding
HtrA3-(1/1)            Claudin-19   binding
Interleukin-16-(1/4)   Claudin-19   non-binding
Lin7c-(1/1)            Claudin-19   non-binding
Lnx1-(2/4)             Claudin-19   non-binding
Mpp7-(1/1)             Claudin-19   non-binding
MUPP1-(1/13)           Claudin-19   non-binding
MUPP1-(10/13)          Claudin-19   non-binding
MUPP1-(11/13)          Claudin-19   non-binding
MUPP1-(12/13)          Claudin-19   non-binding
nNOS-(1/1)             Claudin-19   non-binding
PAR6B-(1/1)            Claudin-19   non-binding
Pdzk3-(2/2)            Claudin-19   non-binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           Claudin-19   non-binding
Shank1-(1/1)           Claudin-19   non-binding
ZO-1-(1/3)             Claudin-19   binding
ZO-2-(1/3)             Claudin-19   binding
HtrA3-(1/1)            Claudin-2    binding
ZO-1-(1/3)             Claudin-2    binding
ZO-2-(1/3)             Claudin-2    binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)      Claudin-22   non-binding
Cipp-(10/10)           Claudin-22   non-binding
Dvl3-(1/1)             Claudin-22   non-binding
Erbin-(1/1)            Claudin-22   non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)    Claudin-22   non-binding
Gm1582-(2/3)           Claudin-22   non-binding
Harmonin-(2/3)         Claudin-22   non-binding
HtrA1-(1/1)            Claudin-22   non-binding
HtrA3-(1/1)            Claudin-22   non-binding
Interleukin-16-(1/4)   Claudin-22   non-binding
Lin7c-(1/1)            Claudin-22   non-binding
Lnx1-(2/4)             Claudin-22   non-binding
Mpp7-(1/1)             Claudin-22   non-binding
MUPP1-(1/13)           Claudin-22   non-binding
MUPP1-(10/13)          Claudin-22   non-binding
MUPP1-(11/13)          Claudin-22   non-binding
MUPP1-(12/13)          Claudin-22   non-binding
nNOS-(1/1)             Claudin-22   non-binding
OMP25-(1/1)            Claudin-22   non-binding
PAR6B-(1/1)            Claudin-22   non-binding
Pdzk3-(2/2)            Claudin-22   non-binding
PSD95-(3/3)            Claudin-22   non-binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           Claudin-22   non-binding
SAP102-(3/3)           Claudin-22   non-binding
Semcap3-(1/2)          Claudin-22   non-binding
Shank1-(1/1)           Claudin-22   non-binding
ZO-2-(1/3)             Claudin-22   non-binding
Magi-1-(6/6)           Claudin-23   binding
Magi-2-(6/6)           Claudin-23   binding
Magi-3-(5/5)           Claudin-23   binding
SLIM-(1/1)             Claudin-23   binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)      Claudin-3    non-binding
Cipp-(9/10)            Claudin-3    non-binding
Cipp-(10/10)           Claudin-3    non-binding
Dvl3-(1/1)             Claudin-3    binding
Erbin-(1/1)            Claudin-3    non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)    Claudin-3    non-binding
Gm1582-(2/3)           Claudin-3    non-binding
Harmonin-(2/3)         Claudin-3   non-binding
HtrA1-(1/1)            Claudin-3   binding
HtrA3-(1/1)            Claudin-3   binding
Interleukin-16-(1/4)   Claudin-3   non-binding
Lin7c-(1/1)            Claudin-3   non-binding
Lnx1-(2/4)             Claudin-3   non-binding
Mpp7-(1/1)             Claudin-3   non-binding
MUPP1-(1/13)           Claudin-3   non-binding
MUPP1-(10/13)          Claudin-3   binding
MUPP1-(11/13)          Claudin-3   non-binding
MUPP1-(12/13)          Claudin-3   non-binding
nNOS-(1/1)             Claudin-3   binding
PAR6B-(1/1)            Claudin-3   non-binding
Pdzk3-(2/2)            Claudin-3   non-binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           Claudin-3   non-binding
Shank1-(1/1)           Claudin-3   non-binding
ZO-1-(1/3)             Claudin-3   binding
ZO-2-(1/3)             Claudin-3   binding
Cipp-(9/10)            Claudin-4   non-binding
HtrA3-(1/1)            Claudin-4   binding
ZO-1-(1/3)             Claudin-4   binding
ZO-2-(1/3)             Claudin-4   binding
HtrA3-(1/1)            Claudin-5   binding
ZO-1-(1/3)             Claudin-5   binding
ZO-2-(1/3)             Claudin-5   non-binding
HtrA3-(1/1)            Claudin-6   binding
ZO-1-(1/3)             Claudin-6   binding
ZO-2-(1/3)             Claudin-6   non-binding
Cipp-(9/10)            Claudin-7   non-binding
HtrA3-(1/1)            Claudin-7   binding
ZO-1-(1/3)             Claudin-7   binding
ZO-2-(1/3)             Claudin-7   binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)      Claudin-8   non-binding
Cipp-(9/10)            Claudin-8   binding
Cipp-(10/10)           Claudin-8   non-binding
Dvl3-(1/1)             Claudin-8   non-binding
Erbin-(1/1)            Claudin-8   non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)    Claudin-8   non-binding
Gm1582-(2/3)           Claudin-8   non-binding
Harmonin-(2/3)         Claudin-8   non-binding
HtrA1-(1/1)            Claudin-8   binding
HtrA3-(1/1)            Claudin-8   binding
Interleukin-16-(1/4)   Claudin-8   non-binding
Lin7c-(1/1)            Claudin-8   non-binding
Lnx1-(2/4)             Claudin-8   non-binding
Mpp7-(1/1)             Claudin-8   non-binding
MUPP1-(1/13)           Claudin-8   non-binding
MUPP1-(10/13)          Claudin-8   non-binding
MUPP1-(11/13)          Claudin-8   binding
MUPP1-(12/13)          Claudin-8   non-binding
nNOS-(1/1)             Claudin-8   non-binding
PAR6B-(1/1)            Claudin-8   non-binding
Pdzk3-(2/2)            Claudin-8   non-binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           Claudin-8   non-binding
Shank1-(1/1)           Claudin-8   non-binding
ZO-1-(1/3)             Claudin-8   binding
ZO-2-(1/3)            Claudin-8   binding
ZO-3-(1/3)            Claudin-8   binding
HtrA1-(1/1)           Claudin-9   binding
HtrA3-(1/1)           Claudin-9   binding
Pdzk3-(1/1)           Claudin-9   binding
ZO-1-(1/3)            Claudin-9   binding
ZO-2-(1/3)            Claudin-9   binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)     CNGA2       non-binding
Lrrc7-(1/1)           CNGA2       non-binding
nNOS-(1/1)            CNGA2       non-binding
PSD95-(1/3)           CNGA2       non-binding
PSD95-(3/3)           CNGA2       non-binding
Scrb1-(1/4)           CNGA2       non-binding
Lrrc7-(1/1)           CNGA3       non-binding
nNOS-(1/1)            CNGA3       non-binding
PSD95-(1/3)           CNGA3       non-binding
Scrb1-(1/4)           CNGA3       non-binding
b1-syntrophin-(1/1)   Cnksr2      binding
Chapsyn-110-(2/3)     Cnksr2      binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)     Cnksr2      binding
Cipp-(8/10)           Cnksr2      binding
Cipp-(9/10)           Cnksr2      non-binding
Erbin-(1/1)           Cnksr2      binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)   Cnksr2      binding
g2-syntrophin-(1/1)   Cnksr2      binding
Gm1582-(2/3)          Cnksr2      binding
HtrA1-(1/1)           Cnksr2      binding
Lin7c-(1/1)           Cnksr2      binding
Lnx1-(2/4)            Cnksr2      non-binding
Lrrc7-(1/1)           Cnksr2      binding
Magi-1-(6/6)          Cnksr2      binding
Magi-2-(2/6)          Cnksr2      binding
Magi-2-(6/6)          Cnksr2      binding
Magi-3-(1/5)          Cnksr2      binding
Magi-3-(5/5)          Cnksr2      binding
Mals2-(1/1)           Cnksr2      binding
MUPP1-(13/13)         Cnksr2      binding
OMP25-(1/1)           Cnksr2      binding
PAR3B-(1/3)           Cnksr2      non-binding
PAR6B-(1/1)           Cnksr2      non-binding
Pdzk1-(1/4)           Cnksr2      binding
Pdzk3-(1/1)           Cnksr2      binding
PDZ-RGS3-(1/1)        Cnksr2      binding
PSD95-(1/3)           Cnksr2      binding
PSD95-(2/3)           Cnksr2      binding
PSD95-(3/3)           Cnksr2      binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)          Cnksr2      binding
SAP102-(2/3)          Cnksr2      binding
SAP102-(3/3)          Cnksr2      binding
SAP97-(1/3)           Cnksr2      binding
SAP97-(2/3)           Cnksr2      binding
SAP97-(3/3)           Cnksr2      binding
Scrb1-(1/4)           Cnksr2      binding
Scrb1-(2/4)           Cnksr2      binding
Scrb1-(3/4)           Cnksr2      binding
Semcap3-(1/2)         Cnksr2      non-binding
Shank1-(1/1)          Cnksr2        binding
Shroom-(1/1)          Cnksr2        non-binding
TIP-1-(1/1)           Cnksr2        binding
ZO-1-(2/3)            Connexin-43   binding
a1-syntrophin-(1/1)   CRIPT         binding
Chapsyn-110-(2/3)     CRIPT         binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)     CRIPT         binding
Cipp-(9/10)           CRIPT         non-binding
Erbin-(1/1)           CRIPT         non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)   CRIPT         binding
Gm1582-(2/3)          CRIPT         non-binding
HtrA1-(1/1)           CRIPT         binding
Lin7c-(1/1)           CRIPT         binding
Magi-2-(2/6)          CRIPT         binding
Magi-3-(1/5)          CRIPT         binding
Magi-3-(2/5)          CRIPT         non-binding
Mals2-(1/1)           CRIPT         binding
MUPP1-(13/13)         CRIPT         binding
OMP25-(1/1)           CRIPT         binding
Pdzk3-(1/1)           CRIPT         binding
PDZ-RGS3-(1/1)        CRIPT         non-binding
PSD95-(1/3)           CRIPT         binding
PSD95-(2/3)           CRIPT         binding
PSD95-(3/3)           CRIPT         binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)          CRIPT         non-binding
SAP102-(2/3)          CRIPT         binding
SAP102-(3/3)          CRIPT         binding
SAP97-(1/3)           CRIPT         binding
SAP97-(2/3)           CRIPT         binding
SAP97-(3/3)           CRIPT         binding
Scrb1-(1/4)           CRIPT         binding
Scrb1-(3/4)           CRIPT         binding
TIP-1-(1/1)           CRIPT         binding
Cipp-(8/10)           CSF-1R        non-binding
Gm1582-(2/3)          CSF-1R        non-binding
GRASP55-(1/1)         CSF-1R        non-binding
Grip2-(5/7)           CSF-1R        non-binding
Magi-2-(2/6)          CSF-1R        non-binding
Mals2-(1/1)           CSF-1R        non-binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)          CSF-1R        non-binding
ZO-1-(2/3)            CSF-1R        non-binding
b1-syntrophin-(1/1)   CtBP1         non-binding
Cipp-(8/10)           CtBP1         non-binding
HtrA1-(1/1)           CtBP1         non-binding
Magi-2-(6/6)          CtBP1         non-binding
MUPP1-(13/13)         CtBP1         non-binding
PAR3B-(1/3)           CtBP1         non-binding
PAR6B-(1/1)           CtBP1         non-binding
Pdzk1-(1/4)           CtBP1         non-binding
Pdzk3-(1/1)           CtBP1         non-binding
Shroom-(1/1)          CtBP1         non-binding
TIP-1-(1/1)           CtBP1         non-binding
ZO-1-(1/3)            CtBP1         non-binding
HtrA1-(1/1)           DDR1          binding
HtrA3-(1/1)           DDR1          binding
ZO-1-(1/3)            DDR1          non-binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)      Dlgap1/2/3   non-binding
Cipp-(10/10)           Dlgap1/2/3   non-binding
Dvl3-(1/1)             Dlgap1/2/3   non-binding
Erbin-(1/1)            Dlgap1/2/3   non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)    Dlgap1/2/3   non-binding
Gm1582-(2/3)           Dlgap1/2/3   non-binding
Harmonin-(2/3)         Dlgap1/2/3   non-binding
HtrA1-(1/1)            Dlgap1/2/3   binding
HtrA3-(1/1)            Dlgap1/2/3   non-binding
Interleukin-16-(1/4)   Dlgap1/2/3   non-binding
Lin7c-(1/1)            Dlgap1/2/3   non-binding
Lnx1-(2/4)             Dlgap1/2/3   non-binding
Mpp7-(1/1)             Dlgap1/2/3   non-binding
MUPP1-(1/13)           Dlgap1/2/3   non-binding
MUPP1-(10/13)          Dlgap1/2/3   non-binding
MUPP1-(11/13)          Dlgap1/2/3   non-binding
MUPP1-(12/13)          Dlgap1/2/3   non-binding
nNOS-(1/1)             Dlgap1/2/3   non-binding
PAR6B-(1/1)            Dlgap1/2/3   binding
Pdzk1-(1/4)            Dlgap1/2/3   binding
Pdzk1-(3/4)            Dlgap1/2/3   binding
Pdzk3-(2/2)            Dlgap1/2/3   non-binding
PDZ-RGS3-(1/1)         Dlgap1/2/3   non-binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           Dlgap1/2/3   non-binding
SAP97-(2/3)            Dlgap1/2/3   non-binding
Scrb1-(3/4)            Dlgap1/2/3   non-binding
Shank1-(1/1)           Dlgap1/2/3   binding
Shank3-(1/1)           Dlgap1/2/3   binding
ZO-2-(1/3)             Dlgap1/2/3   non-binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)      EGFR         non-binding
Cipp-(10/10)           EGFR         non-binding
Dvl3-(1/1)             EGFR         non-binding
Erbin-(1/1)            EGFR         non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)    EGFR         non-binding
Gm1582-(2/3)           EGFR         non-binding
Harmonin-(2/3)         EGFR         non-binding
HtrA1-(1/1)            EGFR         binding
HtrA3-(1/1)            EGFR         non-binding
Interleukin-16-(1/4)   EGFR         non-binding
Lin7c-(1/1)            EGFR         non-binding
Lnx1-(2/4)             EGFR         non-binding
Lrrc7-(1/1)            EGFR         non-binding
Mpp7-(1/1)             EGFR         non-binding
MUPP1-(1/13)           EGFR         non-binding
MUPP1-(10/13)          EGFR         non-binding
MUPP1-(11/13)          EGFR         non-binding
MUPP1-(12/13)          EGFR         non-binding
nNOS-(1/1)             EGFR         non-binding
PAR6B-(1/1)            EGFR         non-binding
Pdzk3-(2/2)            EGFR         non-binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           EGFR         non-binding
Scrb1-(1/4)            EGFR         non-binding
Shank1-(1/1)           EGFR         non-binding
ZO-2-(1/3)             EGFR         non-binding
Magi-1-(6/6)           EphA2        non-binding
Cipp-(8/10)            EphA3        non-binding
Cipp-(9/10)            EphA3     non-binding
Erbin-(1/1)            EphA3     non-binding
Lrrc7-(1/1)            EphA3     non-binding
Magi-2-(2/6)           EphA3     non-binding
Magi-3-(2/5)           EphA3     non-binding
MUPP1-(5/13)           EphA3     non-binding
MUPP1-(10/13)          EphA3     non-binding
MUPP1-(11/13)          EphA3     non-binding
Pdzk3-(1/1)            EphA3     non-binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           EphA3     non-binding
TIP-1-(1/1)            EphA3     non-binding
ZO-1-(1/3)             EphA3     non-binding
Cipp-(9/10)            EphA4     non-binding
MUPP1-(5/13)           EphA5     non-binding
Cipp-(9/10)            EphA6     non-binding
Pdzk3-(1/1)            EphA6     non-binding
PDZ-RGS3-(1/1)         EphA6     binding
ZO-1-(1/3)             EphA6     non-binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)      EphA7_1   non-binding
Cipp-(5/10)            EphA7_1   binding
Cipp-(9/10)            EphA7_1   binding
Cipp-(10/10)           EphA7_1   non-binding
Dvl3-(1/1)             EphA7_1   non-binding
Erbin-(1/1)            EphA7_1   non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)    EphA7_1   non-binding
Gm1582-(2/3)           EphA7_1   non-binding
Grip2-(5/7)            EphA7_1   binding
Harmonin-(2/3)         EphA7_1   non-binding
HtrA1-(1/1)            EphA7_1   binding
HtrA3-(1/1)            EphA7_1   non-binding
Interleukin-16-(1/4)   EphA7_1   non-binding
Lin7c-(1/1)            EphA7_1   non-binding
Lnx1-(2/4)             EphA7_1   binding
Mpp7-(1/1)             EphA7_1   non-binding
MUPP1-(1/13)           EphA7_1   non-binding
MUPP1-(5/13)           EphA7_1   binding
MUPP1-(10/13)          EphA7_1   non-binding
MUPP1-(11/13)          EphA7_1   binding
MUPP1-(12/13)          EphA7_1   non-binding
nNOS-(1/1)             EphA7_1   non-binding
PAR6B-(1/1)            EphA7_1   non-binding
Pdzk3-(2/2)            EphA7_1   non-binding
PDZ-RGS3-(1/1)         EphA7_1   binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           EphA7_1   non-binding
Shank1-(1/1)           EphA7_1   non-binding
ZO-1-(2/3)             EphA7_1   non-binding
ZO-2-(1/3)             EphA7_1   non-binding
Magi-3-(5/5)           EphA7_2   non-binding
Cipp-(9/10)            EphB2     binding
Mals2-(1/1)            EphB2     non-binding
MUPP1-(5/13)           EphB2     non-binding
PSD95-(3/3)            EphB2     non-binding
Cipp-(9/10)            EphB3     binding
MUPP1-(5/13)           EphB3     binding
MUPP1-(11/13)          EphB3     non-binding
Cipp-(9/10)            EphB6_1   binding
Grip2-(5/7)            EphB6_1       binding
Lnx1-(2/4)             EphB6_1       non-binding
MUPP1-(11/13)          EphB6_1       non-binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           EphB6_1       non-binding
SAP102-(2/3)           EphB6_1       non-binding
ZO-1-(2/3)             EphB6_1       non-binding
Cipp-(9/10)            Ephrin-B1/2   non-binding
Magi-2-(6/6)           Ephrin-B1/2   non-binding
PDZ-RGS3-(1/1)         Ephrin-B1/2   binding
Cipp-(9/10)            Ephrin-B3     non-binding
PDZ-RGS3-(1/1)         Ephrin-B3     binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)      ErbB4         non-binding
Cipp-(10/10)           ErbB4         non-binding
Dvl3-(1/1)             ErbB4         non-binding
Erbin-(1/1)            ErbB4         non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)    ErbB4         non-binding
Gm1582-(2/3)           ErbB4         non-binding
Harmonin-(2/3)         ErbB4         non-binding
HtrA1-(1/1)            ErbB4         binding
HtrA3-(1/1)            ErbB4         non-binding
Interleukin-16-(1/4)   ErbB4         non-binding
Lin7c-(1/1)            ErbB4         non-binding
Lnx1-(2/4)             ErbB4         non-binding
Mpp7-(1/1)             ErbB4         non-binding
MUPP1-(1/13)           ErbB4         non-binding
MUPP1-(10/13)          ErbB4         non-binding
MUPP1-(11/13)          ErbB4         non-binding
MUPP1-(12/13)          ErbB4         non-binding
nNOS-(1/1)             ErbB4         non-binding
PAR6B-(1/1)            ErbB4         non-binding
Pdzk3-(2/2)            ErbB4         non-binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           ErbB4         non-binding
Shank1-(1/1)           ErbB4         non-binding
ZO-2-(1/3)             ErbB4         non-binding
Shank3-(1/1)           FGFR3         non-binding
Cipp-(9/10)            FGFR4         non-binding
OMP25-(1/1)            FGFR4         non-binding
Scrb1-(1/4)            FGFR4         non-binding
b1-syntrophin-(1/1)    Frizzled      binding
Chapsyn-110-(2/3)      Frizzled      binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)      Frizzled      binding
Cipp-(8/10)            Frizzled      non-binding
Cipp-(9/10)            Frizzled      non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)    Frizzled      non-binding
Gm1582-(2/3)           Frizzled      binding
Grip2-(5/7)            Frizzled      binding
HtrA1-(1/1)            Frizzled      binding
Lin7c-(1/1)            Frizzled      binding
Lnx1-(2/4)             Frizzled      non-binding
Magi-2-(2/6)           Frizzled      binding
Magi-2-(6/6)           Frizzled      non-binding
Magi-3-(1/5)           Frizzled      binding
Magi-3-(2/5)           Frizzled      non-binding
Mals2-(1/1)            Frizzled      binding
MUPP1-(13/13)          Frizzled      binding
OMP25-(1/1)            Frizzled      binding
PAR3B-(1/3)            Frizzled   non-binding
PAR6B-(1/1)            Frizzled   non-binding
Pdzk1-(1/4)            Frizzled   non-binding
Pdzk11-(1/1)           Frizzled   non-binding
Pdzk3-(1/1)            Frizzled   non-binding
PSD95-(1/3)            Frizzled   binding
PSD95-(2/3)            Frizzled   binding
PSD95-(3/3)            Frizzled   binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           Frizzled   non-binding
SAP102-(2/3)           Frizzled   binding
SAP102-(3/3)           Frizzled   binding
SAP97-(1/3)            Frizzled   binding
SAP97-(2/3)            Frizzled   binding
SAP97-(3/3)            Frizzled   binding
Scrb1-(3/4)            Frizzled   binding
Shank1-(1/1)           Frizzled   non-binding
Shank3-(1/1)           Frizzled   non-binding
Shroom-(1/1)           Frizzled   non-binding
TIP-1-(1/1)            Frizzled   non-binding
Scrb1-(3/4)            GluR1      non-binding
Shank1-(1/1)           GluR1      binding
Shank3-(1/1)           GluR1      binding
Magi-1-(6/6)           GluR2_1    non-binding
Magi-3-(5/5)           GluR2_1    non-binding
PDZ-RGS3-(1/1)         GluR2_1    binding
Shank3-(1/1)           GluR2_1    non-binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)      GluR2_2    non-binding
Cipp-(10/10)           GluR2_2    non-binding
Dvl3-(1/1)             GluR2_2    non-binding
Erbin-(1/1)            GluR2_2    non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)    GluR2_2    non-binding
Gm1582-(2/3)           GluR2_2    non-binding
Harmonin-(2/3)         GluR2_2    non-binding
HtrA1-(1/1)            GluR2_2    non-binding
HtrA3-(1/1)            GluR2_2    non-binding
Interleukin-16-(1/4)   GluR2_2    non-binding
Lin7c-(1/1)            GluR2_2    non-binding
Lnx1-(2/4)             GluR2_2    non-binding
Mpp7-(1/1)             GluR2_2    non-binding
MUPP1-(1/13)           GluR2_2    non-binding
MUPP1-(10/13)          GluR2_2    non-binding
MUPP1-(11/13)          GluR2_2    non-binding
MUPP1-(12/13)          GluR2_2    non-binding
nNOS-(1/1)             GluR2_2    non-binding
PAR6B-(1/1)            GluR2_2    non-binding
Pdzk3-(2/2)            GluR2_2    non-binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           GluR2_2    non-binding
Shank1-(1/1)           GluR2_2    non-binding
ZO-2-(1/3)             GluR2_2    non-binding
HtrA3-(1/1)            GluR2_3    non-binding
Erbin-(1/1)            GluR3      non-binding
Lrrc7-(1/1)            GluR3      non-binding
Scrb1-(2/4)            GluR3      non-binding
TIP-1-(1/1)            GluR3      non-binding
b1-syntrophin-(1/1)    GluR5_1    non-binding
Lin7c-(1/1)            GluR5_1    non-binding
SAP102-(3/3)           GluR5_1         non-binding
SAP97-(3/3)            GluR5_1         binding
Scrb1-(3/4)            GluR5_1         non-binding
HtrA3-(1/1)            GluR5_2         non-binding
PDZ-RGS3-(1/1)         GluR5_2         binding
PSD95-(1/3)            GluR5_2         non-binding
SAP102-(3/3)           GluR5_2         non-binding
SAP97-(1/3)            GluR5_2         non-binding
NHERF-2-(2/2)          GluRdelta1      non-binding
OMP25-(1/1)            GluRdelta1      binding
PSD95-(3/3)            GluRdelta1      non-binding
Scrb1-(3/4)            GluRdelta1      binding
Semcap3-(1/2)          GluRdelta1      non-binding
SLIM-(1/1)             GluRdelta1      non-binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)      GluRdelta2      non-binding
Cipp-(10/10)           GluRdelta2      non-binding
Dvl3-(1/1)             GluRdelta2      non-binding
Erbin-(1/1)            GluRdelta2      non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)    GluRdelta2      non-binding
Gm1582-(2/3)           GluRdelta2      non-binding
Harmonin-(2/3)         GluRdelta2      non-binding
HtrA1-(1/1)            GluRdelta2      binding
HtrA3-(1/1)            GluRdelta2      non-binding
Interleukin-16-(1/4)   GluRdelta2      non-binding
Lin7c-(1/1)            GluRdelta2      non-binding
Lnx1-(2/4)             GluRdelta2      non-binding
Lrrc7-(1/1)            GluRdelta2      non-binding
Magi-2-(2/6)           GluRdelta2      non-binding
Mpp7-(1/1)             GluRdelta2      non-binding
MUPP1-(1/13)           GluRdelta2      non-binding
MUPP1-(10/13)          GluRdelta2      non-binding
MUPP1-(11/13)          GluRdelta2      non-binding
MUPP1-(12/13)          GluRdelta2      non-binding
nNOS-(1/1)             GluRdelta2      non-binding
OMP25-(1/1)            GluRdelta2      binding
PAR6B-(1/1)            GluRdelta2      non-binding
Pdzk11-(1/1)           GluRdelta2      non-binding
Pdzk3-(2/2)            GluRdelta2      non-binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           GluRdelta2      non-binding
Scrb1-(2/4)            GluRdelta2      non-binding
Scrb1-(3/4)            GluRdelta2      binding
Shank1-(1/1)           GluRdelta2      non-binding
TIP-1-(1/1)            GluRdelta2      non-binding
ZO-2-(1/3)             GluRdelta2      non-binding
Cipp-(5/10)            Glycophorin-C   binding
ZO-1-(2/3)             Glycophorin-C   non-binding
b1-syntrophin-(1/1)    GRK6            non-binding
Cipp-(8/10)            GRK6            non-binding
HtrA1-(1/1)            GRK6            binding
Lin7c-(1/1)            GRK6            non-binding
Magi-2-(2/6)           GRK6            non-binding
Magi-2-(6/6)           GRK6            non-binding
Magi-3-(5/5)           GRK6            non-binding
MUPP1-(13/13)          GRK6            non-binding
PAR3B-(1/3)            GRK6            binding
PAR6B-(1/1)            GRK6            non-binding
Pdzk1-(1/4)            GRK6      non-binding
Pdzk1-(3/4)            GRK6      binding
Pdzk3-(1/1)            GRK6      non-binding
Scrb1-(3/4)            GRK6      non-binding
Shank1-(1/1)           GRK6      binding
Shank3-(1/1)           GRK6      binding
Shroom-(1/1)           GRK6      non-binding
TIP-1-(1/1)            GRK6      non-binding
b1-syntrophin-(1/1)    Htr2c     non-binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)      Htr2c     binding
Cipp-(8/10)            Htr2c     binding
Gm1582-(2/3)           Htr2c     binding
GRASP55-(1/1)          Htr2c     binding
HtrA1-(1/1)            Htr2c     binding
Lnx1-(2/4)             Htr2c     non-binding
Magi-2-(6/6)           Htr2c     non-binding
Magi-3-(2/5)           Htr2c     non-binding
Magi-3-(5/5)           Htr2c     binding
MUPP1-(13/13)          Htr2c     non-binding
OMP25-(1/1)            Htr2c     binding
PAR3B-(1/3)            Htr2c     non-binding
PAR6B-(1/1)            Htr2c     non-binding
Pdzk1-(1/4)            Htr2c     non-binding
Pdzk3-(1/1)            Htr2c     binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           Htr2c     binding
SAP102-(2/3)           Htr2c     binding
Shroom-(1/1)           Htr2c     non-binding
TIP-1-(1/1)            Htr2c     non-binding
Cipp-(9/10)            JAM-1     non-binding
Grip2-(5/7)            JAM-1     binding
PDZ-RGS3-(1/1)         JAM-1     binding
Lrrc7-(1/1)            KA-2      non-binding
PSD95-(1/3)            KA-2      non-binding
Scrb1-(1/4)            KA-2      non-binding
Shank3-(1/1)           KCNAB2    non-binding
Cipp-(8/10)            KCNE4_1   binding
Gm1582-(2/3)           KCNE4_1   non-binding
LARG-(1/1)             KCNE4_1   non-binding
MUPP1-(10/13)          KCNE4_1   binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           KCNE4_1   binding
TIP-1-(1/1)            KCNE4_1   non-binding
Cipp-(9/10)            KCNE4_2   non-binding
Interleukin-16-(1/4)   KCNE4_2   non-binding
OMP25-(1/1)            KCNE4_2   non-binding
Magi-2-(6/6)           KCNH1     non-binding
Magi-3-(5/5)           KCNH1     non-binding
Cipp-(9/10)            KCNK3     non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)    KCNK3     non-binding
HtrA1-(1/1)            KCNK3     non-binding
Pdzk3-(1/1)            KCNK3     non-binding
ZO-2-(1/3)             KCNK3     non-binding
b1-syntrophin-(1/1)    KCNK4_1   non-binding
Cipp-(10/10)           KCNK4_1   non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)    KCNK4_1   non-binding
Magi-2-(2/6)           KCNK4_1   non-binding
Magi-2-(5/6)           KCNK4_1   non-binding
nNOS-(1/1)            KCNK4_1   non-binding
Pdzk11-(1/1)          KCNK4_1   non-binding
SLIM-(1/1)            KCNK4_1   non-binding
ZO-1-(1/3)            KCNK4_1   non-binding
Cipp-(9/10)           KCNK4_2   non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)   KCNK4_2   non-binding
Magi-2-(5/6)          KCNK5     non-binding
Lrrc7-(1/1)           KCNK6     non-binding
Erbin-(1/1)           KCNQ2     non-binding
Lrrc7-(1/1)           KCNQ2     non-binding
Pdzk1-(3/4)           KCNQ2     non-binding
PDZ-RGS3-(1/1)        KCNQ2     non-binding
Shank1-(1/1)          KCNQ2     non-binding
Shank3-(1/1)          KCNQ2     non-binding
TIP-1-(1/1)           KCNQ2     non-binding
Cipp-(3/10)           KIF17     non-binding
HtrA1-(1/1)           KIF17     binding
PDZ-RGS3-(1/1)        KIF17     binding
a1-syntrophin-(1/1)   KIF1B     binding
b1-syntrophin-(1/1)   KIF1B     binding
Chapsyn-110-(2/3)     KIF1B     binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)     KIF1B     binding
Cipp-(9/10)           KIF1B     non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)   KIF1B     binding
Gm1582-(2/3)          KIF1B     non-binding
Grip2-(5/7)           KIF1B     non-binding
HtrA1-(1/1)           KIF1B     binding
LIN-7A-(1/1)          KIF1B     binding
Lin7c-(1/1)           KIF1B     binding
Magi-2-(2/6)          KIF1B     binding
Magi-2-(6/6)          KIF1B     non-binding
Magi-3-(1/5)          KIF1B     binding
Magi-3-(5/5)          KIF1B     non-binding
Mals2-(1/1)           KIF1B     binding
MUPP1-(1/13)          KIF1B     non-binding
OMP25-(1/1)           KIF1B     binding
PSD95-(1/3)           KIF1B     binding
PSD95-(2/3)           KIF1B     binding
PSD95-(3/3)           KIF1B     binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)          KIF1B     non-binding
SAP102-(2/3)          KIF1B     binding
SAP102-(3/3)          KIF1B     binding
SAP97-(1/3)           KIF1B     binding
SAP97-(2/3)           KIF1B     binding
SAP97-(3/3)           KIF1B     binding
Scrb1-(2/4)           KIF1B     non-binding
Scrb1-(3/4)           KIF1B     binding
Semcap3-(1/2)         KIF1B     binding
Shank1-(1/1)          KIF1B     non-binding
Chapsyn-110-(2/3)     Kir2.1    binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)     Kir2.1    binding
Cipp-(9/10)           Kir2.1    non-binding
Cipp-(10/10)          Kir2.1    non-binding
Dvl3-(1/1)            Kir2.1    non-binding
Erbin-(1/1)           Kir2.1    non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)   Kir2.1    non-binding
Gm1582-(2/3)           Kir2.1     non-binding
Harmonin-(2/3)         Kir2.1     non-binding
HtrA1-(1/1)            Kir2.1     non-binding
HtrA3-(1/1)            Kir2.1     non-binding
Interleukin-16-(1/4)   Kir2.1     non-binding
Lin7c-(1/1)            Kir2.1     non-binding
Lnx1-(2/4)             Kir2.1     non-binding
Magi-2-(2/6)           Kir2.1     binding
Magi-3-(1/5)           Kir2.1     binding
Mals2-(1/1)            Kir2.1     binding
Mpp7-(1/1)             Kir2.1     non-binding
MUPP1-(1/13)           Kir2.1     non-binding
MUPP1-(10/13)          Kir2.1     non-binding
MUPP1-(11/13)          Kir2.1     non-binding
MUPP1-(12/13)          Kir2.1     non-binding
nNOS-(1/1)             Kir2.1     non-binding
OMP25-(1/1)            Kir2.1     binding
PAR6B-(1/1)            Kir2.1     non-binding
Pdzk3-(1/1)            Kir2.1     non-binding
Pdzk3-(2/2)            Kir2.1     non-binding
PSD95-(3/3)            Kir2.1     binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           Kir2.1     non-binding
SAP102-(2/3)           Kir2.1     binding
Semcap3-(1/2)          Kir2.1     binding
Shank1-(1/1)           Kir2.1     non-binding
TIP-1-(1/1)            Kir2.1     binding
ZO-1-(1/3)             Kir2.1     non-binding
ZO-2-(1/3)             Kir2.1     non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)    Kir2.2     non-binding
Magi-2-(2/6)           Kir2.2     binding
Mals2-(1/1)            Kir2.2     binding
OMP25-(1/1)            Kir2.2     binding
Pdzk3-(1/1)            Kir2.2     non-binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           Kir2.2     non-binding
SAP102-(2/3)           Kir2.2     binding
SLIM-(1/1)             Kir2.2     non-binding
TIP-1-(1/1)            Kir2.2     binding
Lin7c-(1/1)            Kir3.2_2   non-binding
OMP25-(1/1)            Kir3.2_2   binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           Kir3.2_2   binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)      Kir3.2_3   non-binding
Grip1-(6/7)            Kir3.2_3   non-binding
Lrrc7-(1/1)            Kir3.2_3   non-binding
nNOS-(1/1)             Kir3.2_3   non-binding
PSD95-(1/3)            Kir3.2_3   non-binding
PSD95-(3/3)            Kir3.2_3   non-binding
SAP97-(1/3)            Kir3.2_3   non-binding
Scrb1-(1/4)            Kir3.2_3   non-binding
Gm1582-(2/3)           Kir3.3     non-binding
Lin7c-(1/1)            Kir3.3     non-binding
OMP25-(1/1)            Kir3.3     non-binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           Kir3.3     non-binding
Cipp-(8/10)            Kir4.1     binding
Cipp-(9/10)            Kir4.1     non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)    Kir4.1     binding
Gm1582-(2/3)           Kir4.1     non-binding
GRASP55-(1/1)         Kir4.1   binding
HtrA1-(1/1)           Kir4.1   binding
HtrA3-(1/1)           Kir4.1   non-binding
Magi-2-(6/6)          Kir4.1   non-binding
Magi-3-(5/5)          Kir4.1   binding
OMP25-(1/1)           Kir4.1   binding
Pdzk3-(1/1)           Kir4.1   binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)          Kir4.1   binding
Cipp-(9/10)           Kir4.2   non-binding
Dvl1-(1/1)            Kir4.2   non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)   Kir4.2   binding
g2-syntrophin-(1/1)   Kir4.2   binding
Gm1582-(2/3)          Kir4.2   binding
Lin7c-(1/1)           Kir4.2   non-binding
Magi-3-(5/5)          Kir4.2   non-binding
OMP25-(1/1)           Kir4.2   binding
PSD95-(2/3)           Kir4.2   non-binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)          Kir4.2   non-binding
SAP102-(2/3)          Kir4.2   non-binding
Gm1582-(2/3)          Kir5.1   non-binding
PAR3B-(1/3)           Kir5.1   non-binding
PSD95-(1/3)           Kir5.1   non-binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)          Kir5.1   non-binding
SAP97-(1/3)           Kir5.1   non-binding
Magi-1-(6/6)          Kir6.1   non-binding
Magi-2-(6/6)          Kir6.1   non-binding
Magi-3-(5/5)          Kir6.1   non-binding
Gm1582-(2/3)          Kir6.2   non-binding
ZO-1-(2/3)            Kir6.2   non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)   Kv1.1    non-binding
HtrA1-(1/1)           Kv1.1    binding
Magi-1-(6/6)          Kv1.1    non-binding
Magi-2-(6/6)          Kv1.1    non-binding
Magi-3-(5/5)          Kv1.1    binding
Scrb1-(3/4)           Kv1.1    non-binding
Gm1582-(2/3)          Kv1.2    non-binding
HtrA1-(1/1)           Kv1.2    binding
Magi-1-(6/6)          Kv1.2    non-binding
Magi-2-(6/6)          Kv1.2    non-binding
Magi-3-(5/5)          Kv1.2    non-binding
Pdzk3-(1/1)           Kv1.2    non-binding
PSD95-(1/3)           Kv1.2    non-binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)          Kv1.2    non-binding
SAP102-(3/3)          Kv1.2    non-binding
SAP97-(1/3)           Kv1.2    non-binding
SAP97-(3/3)           Kv1.2    non-binding
Chapsyn-110-(2/3)     Kv1.3    binding
Cipp-(9/10)           Kv1.3    non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)   Kv1.3    non-binding
Magi-1-(4/6)          Kv1.3    binding
Magi-1-(6/6)          Kv1.3    binding
Magi-2-(6/6)          Kv1.3    binding
Magi-3-(5/5)          Kv1.3    binding
PDZ-RGS3-(1/1)        Kv1.3    non-binding
PSD95-(1/3)           Kv1.3    binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)          Kv1.3    non-binding
SAP102-(2/3)           Kv1.3   binding
SAP97-(1/3)            Kv1.3   binding
b1-syntrophin-(1/1)    Kv1.4   binding
Chapsyn-110-(2/3)      Kv1.4   binding
Erbin-(1/1)            Kv1.4   non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)    Kv1.4   binding
Gm1582-(2/3)           Kv1.4   non-binding
Lin7c-(1/1)            Kv1.4   non-binding
Magi-1-(6/6)           Kv1.4   binding
Magi-2-(6/6)           Kv1.4   binding
Magi-3-(5/5)           Kv1.4   binding
MUPP1-(10/13)          Kv1.4   non-binding
OMP25-(1/1)            Kv1.4   binding
PSD95-(1/3)            Kv1.4   binding
PSD95-(2/3)            Kv1.4   binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           Kv1.4   binding
SAP102-(2/3)           Kv1.4   binding
SAP102-(3/3)           Kv1.4   non-binding
SAP97-(1/3)            Kv1.4   binding
SAP97-(2/3)            Kv1.4   binding
SAP97-(3/3)            Kv1.4   non-binding
Scrb1-(2/4)            Kv1.4   binding
Scrb1-(3/4)            Kv1.4   binding
Shank1-(1/1)           Kv1.4   non-binding
ZO-1-(1/3)             Kv1.4   non-binding
a1-syntrophin-(1/1)    Kv1.5   binding
b1-syntrophin-(1/1)    Kv1.5   binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)      Kv1.5   non-binding
Cipp-(10/10)           Kv1.5   non-binding
Dvl3-(1/1)             Kv1.5   non-binding
Erbin-(1/1)            Kv1.5   non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)    Kv1.5   binding
Gm1582-(2/3)           Kv1.5   non-binding
Harmonin-(2/3)         Kv1.5   non-binding
HtrA1-(1/1)            Kv1.5   non-binding
HtrA3-(1/1)            Kv1.5   non-binding
Interleukin-16-(1/4)   Kv1.5   non-binding
Lin7c-(1/1)            Kv1.5   non-binding
Lnx1-(2/4)             Kv1.5   non-binding
Magi-1-(6/6)           Kv1.5   binding
Magi-2-(6/6)           Kv1.5   binding
Magi-3-(5/5)           Kv1.5   binding
Mpp7-(1/1)             Kv1.5   non-binding
MUPP1-(1/13)           Kv1.5   non-binding
MUPP1-(10/13)          Kv1.5   non-binding
MUPP1-(11/13)          Kv1.5   non-binding
MUPP1-(12/13)          Kv1.5   non-binding
nNOS-(1/1)             Kv1.5   non-binding
OMP25-(1/1)            Kv1.5   non-binding
PAR6B-(1/1)            Kv1.5   non-binding
Pdzk3-(2/2)            Kv1.5   non-binding
PSD95-(1/3)            Kv1.5   non-binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           Kv1.5   non-binding
SAP102-(3/3)           Kv1.5   non-binding
SAP97-(1/3)            Kv1.5   binding
SAP97-(2/3)            Kv1.5   binding
SAP97-(3/3)            Kv1.5   non-binding
Scrb1-(3/4)            Kv1.5   binding
Semcap3-(1/2)          Kv1.5   non-binding
Shank1-(1/1)           Kv1.5   non-binding
Shank3-(1/1)           Kv1.5   non-binding
ZO-2-(1/3)             Kv1.5   non-binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)      Kv1.6   binding
Cipp-(10/10)           Kv1.6   binding
Dvl3-(1/1)             Kv1.6   non-binding
Erbin-(1/1)            Kv1.6   non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)    Kv1.6   non-binding
Gm1582-(2/3)           Kv1.6   non-binding
Harmonin-(2/3)         Kv1.6   non-binding
HtrA1-(1/1)            Kv1.6   binding
HtrA3-(1/1)            Kv1.6   binding
Interleukin-16-(1/4)   Kv1.6   non-binding
Lin7c-(1/1)            Kv1.6   non-binding
Lnx1-(2/4)             Kv1.6   non-binding
Magi-1-(2/6)           Kv1.6   binding
Magi-2-(6/6)           Kv1.6   non-binding
Mpp7-(1/1)             Kv1.6   non-binding
MUPP1-(1/13)           Kv1.6   non-binding
MUPP1-(10/13)          Kv1.6   non-binding
MUPP1-(11/13)          Kv1.6   non-binding
MUPP1-(12/13)          Kv1.6   non-binding
nNOS-(1/1)             Kv1.6   non-binding
PAR6B-(1/1)            Kv1.6   non-binding
Pdzk3-(1/1)            Kv1.6   non-binding
Pdzk3-(2/2)            Kv1.6   non-binding
PSD95-(1/3)            Kv1.6   non-binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           Kv1.6   non-binding
SAP102-(3/3)           Kv1.6   non-binding
SAP97-(1/3)            Kv1.6   non-binding
SAP97-(3/3)            Kv1.6   non-binding
Shank1-(1/1)           Kv1.6   non-binding
ZO-2-(1/3)             Kv1.6   non-binding
Chapsyn-110-(2/3)      Kv1.7   binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)      Kv1.7   binding
Cipp-(8/10)            Kv1.7   binding
Cipp-(9/10)            Kv1.7   non-binding
Erbin-(1/1)            Kv1.7   non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)    Kv1.7   non-binding
Gm1582-(2/3)           Kv1.7   binding
Grip2-(5/7)            Kv1.7   binding
HtrA1-(1/1)            Kv1.7   binding
LARG-(1/1)             Kv1.7   binding
Magi-2-(2/6)           Kv1.7   binding
Magi-2-(6/6)           Kv1.7   binding
Magi-3-(1/5)           Kv1.7   binding
Magi-3-(2/5)           Kv1.7   binding
Magi-3-(5/5)           Kv1.7   non-binding
MUPP1-(13/13)          Kv1.7   non-binding
OMP25-(1/1)            Kv1.7   binding
Pdzk3-(1/1)            Kv1.7   binding
PSD95-(1/3)            Kv1.7   binding
PSD95-(2/3)            Kv1.7   binding
PSD95-(3/3)            Kv1.7   binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           Kv1.7   binding
SAP102-(2/3)           Kv1.7   binding
SAP102-(3/3)           Kv1.7   binding
SAP97-(1/3)            Kv1.7   binding
SAP97-(2/3)            Kv1.7   binding
SAP97-(3/3)            Kv1.7   binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)      Kv2.1   non-binding
Cipp-(10/10)           Kv2.1   non-binding
Dvl3-(1/1)             Kv2.1   non-binding
Erbin-(1/1)            Kv2.1   non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)    Kv2.1   non-binding
Gm1582-(2/3)           Kv2.1   non-binding
Harmonin-(2/3)         Kv2.1   non-binding
HtrA1-(1/1)            Kv2.1   binding
HtrA3-(1/1)            Kv2.1   binding
Interleukin-16-(1/4)   Kv2.1   non-binding
Lin7c-(1/1)            Kv2.1   non-binding
Lnx1-(2/4)             Kv2.1   non-binding
Mpp7-(1/1)             Kv2.1   non-binding
MUPP1-(1/13)           Kv2.1   non-binding
MUPP1-(10/13)          Kv2.1   non-binding
MUPP1-(11/13)          Kv2.1   non-binding
MUPP1-(12/13)          Kv2.1   non-binding
nNOS-(1/1)             Kv2.1   non-binding
PAR6B-(1/1)            Kv2.1   non-binding
Pdzk3-(2/2)            Kv2.1   non-binding
PDZ-RGS3-(1/1)         Kv2.1   non-binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           Kv2.1   non-binding
Shank1-(1/1)           Kv2.1   non-binding
SLIM-(1/1)             Kv2.1   non-binding
ZO-2-(1/3)             Kv2.1   non-binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)      Kv3.1   non-binding
Cipp-(9/10)            Kv3.1   non-binding
Cipp-(10/10)           Kv3.1   non-binding
Dvl3-(1/1)             Kv3.1   non-binding
Erbin-(1/1)            Kv3.1   non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)    Kv3.1   non-binding
Gm1582-(2/3)           Kv3.1   non-binding
Harmonin-(2/3)         Kv3.1   non-binding
HtrA1-(1/1)            Kv3.1   binding
HtrA3-(1/1)            Kv3.1   non-binding
Interleukin-16-(1/4)   Kv3.1   non-binding
Lin7c-(1/1)            Kv3.1   non-binding
Lnx1-(2/4)             Kv3.1   non-binding
Mpp7-(1/1)             Kv3.1   non-binding
MUPP1-(1/13)           Kv3.1   non-binding
MUPP1-(10/13)          Kv3.1   non-binding
MUPP1-(11/13)          Kv3.1   non-binding
MUPP1-(12/13)          Kv3.1   non-binding
nNOS-(1/1)             Kv3.1   non-binding
PAR6B-(1/1)            Kv3.1   non-binding
Pdzk3-(2/2)            Kv3.1   non-binding
PDZ-RGS3-(1/1)         Kv3.1   non-binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           Kv3.1   non-binding
Shank1-(1/1)           Kv3.1   non-binding
ZO-2-(1/3)            Kv3.1           non-binding
Gm1582-(2/3)          Kv3.3_1         non-binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)          Kv3.3_1         non-binding
Shank1-(1/1)          Kv3.3_1         non-binding
Shank3-(1/1)          Kv3.3_1         non-binding
b1-syntrophin-(1/1)   Kv3.3_2         binding
Gm1582-(2/3)          Kv3.3_2         binding
LARG-(1/1)            Kv3.3_2         non-binding
Lin7c-(1/1)           Kv3.3_2         binding
Magi-1-(2/6)          Kv3.3_2         binding
Magi-3-(1/5)          Kv3.3_2         binding
OMP25-(1/1)           Kv3.3_2         binding
PSD95-(1/3)           Kv3.3_2         binding
SAP102-(3/3)          Kv3.3_2         non-binding
SAP97-(1/3)           Kv3.3_2         non-binding
SAP97-(3/3)           Kv3.3_2         non-binding
Scrb1-(3/4)           Kv3.3_2         binding
Shank1-(1/1)          Kv3.3_2         non-binding
Cipp-(8/10)           Kv4.1           binding
Gm1582-(2/3)          Kv4.1           non-binding
GRASP55-(1/1)         Kv4.1           binding
HtrA1-(1/1)           Kv4.1           binding
Magi-3-(5/5)          Kv4.1           binding
Pdzk3-(1/1)           Kv4.1           non-binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)          Kv4.1           non-binding
a1-syntrophin-(1/1)   Kv4.2           non-binding
HtrA1-(1/1)           Kv4.2           binding
Magi-3-(5/5)          Kv4.2           binding
Scrb1-(3/4)           Kv4.2           binding
b1-syntrophin-(1/1)   L-glutaminase   non-binding
Chapsyn-110-(2/3)     L-glutaminase   binding
Cipp-(8/10)           L-glutaminase   non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)   L-glutaminase   binding
Gm1582-(2/3)          L-glutaminase   binding
HtrA1-(1/1)           L-glutaminase   binding
Lin7c-(1/1)           L-glutaminase   binding
Lnx1-(2/4)            L-glutaminase   non-binding
Magi-2-(2/6)          L-glutaminase   non-binding
Magi-2-(6/6)          L-glutaminase   non-binding
Magi-3-(1/5)          L-glutaminase   binding
Mals2-(1/1)           L-glutaminase   binding
MUPP1-(11/13)         L-glutaminase   non-binding
MUPP1-(13/13)         L-glutaminase   non-binding
NHERF-2-(2/2)         L-glutaminase   non-binding
OMP25-(1/1)           L-glutaminase   binding
PAR3B-(1/3)           L-glutaminase   non-binding
PAR6B-(1/1)           L-glutaminase   non-binding
Pdzk1-(1/4)           L-glutaminase   non-binding
Pdzk3-(1/1)           L-glutaminase   binding
PSD95-(2/3)           L-glutaminase   non-binding
PSD95-(3/3)           L-glutaminase   non-binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)          L-glutaminase   binding
SAP102-(2/3)          L-glutaminase   binding
SAP102-(3/3)          L-glutaminase   non-binding
SAP97-(1/3)           L-glutaminase   non-binding
SAP97-(2/3)           L-glutaminase   non-binding
Semcap3-(1/2)          L-glutaminase   non-binding
Shroom-(1/1)           L-glutaminase   non-binding
TIP-1-(1/1)            L-glutaminase   non-binding
SAP97-(3/3)            Liprin-a2       non-binding
b1-syntrophin-(1/1)    Megalin         non-binding
Cipp-(8/10)            Megalin         non-binding
HtrA1-(1/1)            Megalin         non-binding
Magi-1-(6/6)           Megalin         binding
Magi-2-(6/6)           Megalin         binding
Magi-3-(5/5)           Megalin         binding
MUPP1-(13/13)          Megalin         non-binding
OMP25-(1/1)            Megalin         binding
PAR3B-(1/3)            Megalin         non-binding
PAR6B-(1/1)            Megalin         non-binding
Pdzk1-(1/4)            Megalin         non-binding
Pdzk3-(1/1)            Megalin         binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           Megalin         non-binding
Shroom-(1/1)           Megalin         non-binding
TIP-1-(1/1)            Megalin         non-binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)      Mel1a/b         non-binding
Cipp-(8/10)            Mel1a/b         binding
Cipp-(9/10)            Mel1a/b         non-binding
Cipp-(10/10)           Mel1a/b         non-binding
Dvl3-(1/1)             Mel1a/b         non-binding
Erbin-(1/1)            Mel1a/b         non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)    Mel1a/b         non-binding
Gm1582-(2/3)           Mel1a/b         non-binding
Harmonin-(2/3)         Mel1a/b         non-binding
HtrA1-(1/1)            Mel1a/b         binding
HtrA3-(1/1)            Mel1a/b         binding
Interleukin-16-(1/4)   Mel1a/b         non-binding
Lin7c-(1/1)            Mel1a/b         non-binding
Lnx1-(2/4)             Mel1a/b         non-binding
Mpp7-(1/1)             Mel1a/b         non-binding
MUPP1-(1/13)           Mel1a/b         non-binding
MUPP1-(10/13)          Mel1a/b         binding
MUPP1-(11/13)          Mel1a/b         non-binding
MUPP1-(12/13)          Mel1a/b         non-binding
nNOS-(1/1)             Mel1a/b         non-binding
OMP25-(1/1)            Mel1a/b         non-binding
PAR6B-(1/1)            Mel1a/b         non-binding
Pdzk3-(2/2)            Mel1a/b         non-binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           Mel1a/b         non-binding
Scrb1-(3/4)            Mel1a/b         non-binding
Shank1-(1/1)           Mel1a/b         non-binding
ZO-1-(1/3)             Mel1a/b         non-binding
ZO-2-(1/3)             Mel1a/b         non-binding
Cipp-(9/10)            mGluR1          non-binding
Lin7c-(1/1)            mGluR1          non-binding
Shank1-(1/1)           mGluR1          binding
Shank3-(1/1)           mGluR1          binding
Lrrc7-(1/1)            mGluR3          non-binding
nNOS-(1/1)             mGluR3          non-binding
PSD95-(1/3)            mGluR3          non-binding
PSD95-(3/3)            mGluR3          non-binding
Scrb1-(1/4)            mGluR3          non-binding
Shank3-(1/1)           mGluR3                binding
b1-syntrophin-(1/1)    Na/Pi-cotransporter   non-binding
Cipp-(8/10)            Na/Pi-cotransporter   non-binding
Cipp-(9/10)            Na/Pi-cotransporter   non-binding
HtrA1-(1/1)            Na/Pi-cotransporter   binding
Magi-2-(2/6)           Na/Pi-cotransporter   non-binding
Magi-2-(6/6)           Na/Pi-cotransporter   non-binding
Magi-3-(5/5)           Na/Pi-cotransporter   non-binding
MUPP1-(13/13)          Na/Pi-cotransporter   non-binding
NHERF-1-(1/2)          Na/Pi-cotransporter   binding
PAR3B-(1/3)            Na/Pi-cotransporter   non-binding
PAR6B-(1/1)            Na/Pi-cotransporter   non-binding
Pdzk1-(1/4)            Na/Pi-cotransporter   binding
Pdzk1-(3/4)            Na/Pi-cotransporter   binding
Pdzk3-(1/1)            Na/Pi-cotransporter   non-binding
PDZ-RGS3-(1/1)         Na/Pi-cotransporter   binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           Na/Pi-cotransporter   non-binding
Scrb1-(3/4)            Na/Pi-cotransporter   binding
Shank1-(1/1)           Na/Pi-cotransporter   binding
Shank3-(1/1)           Na/Pi-cotransporter   binding
Shroom-(1/1)           Na/Pi-cotransporter   non-binding
TIP-1-(1/1)            Na/Pi-cotransporter   non-binding
Chapsyn-110-(2/3)      Nav1.4                binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)      Nav1.4                binding
Cipp-(9/10)            Nav1.4                non-binding
Cipp-(10/10)           Nav1.4                non-binding
Dvl3-(1/1)             Nav1.4                non-binding
Erbin-(1/1)            Nav1.4                non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)    Nav1.4                binding
Gm1582-(2/3)           Nav1.4                non-binding
Grip2-(5/7)            Nav1.4                non-binding
Harmonin-(2/3)         Nav1.4                non-binding
HtrA1-(1/1)            Nav1.4                binding
HtrA3-(1/1)            Nav1.4                non-binding
Interleukin-16-(1/4)   Nav1.4                binding
Lin7c-(1/1)            Nav1.4                binding
Lnx1-(2/4)             Nav1.4                non-binding
Magi-2-(2/6)           Nav1.4                binding
Magi-2-(5/6)           Nav1.4                binding
Magi-3-(1/5)           Nav1.4                binding
Mals2-(1/1)            Nav1.4                binding
Mpp7-(1/1)             Nav1.4                non-binding
MUPP1-(1/13)           Nav1.4                non-binding
MUPP1-(10/13)          Nav1.4                binding
MUPP1-(11/13)          Nav1.4                non-binding
MUPP1-(12/13)          Nav1.4                non-binding
nNOS-(1/1)             Nav1.4                binding
OMP25-(1/1)            Nav1.4                binding
PAR6B-(1/1)            Nav1.4                non-binding
Pdzk3-(1/1)            Nav1.4                binding
Pdzk3-(2/2)            Nav1.4                non-binding
PSD95-(1/3)            Nav1.4                binding
PSD95-(2/3)            Nav1.4                binding
PSD95-(3/3)            Nav1.4                binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           Nav1.4                binding
SAP102-(2/3)           Nav1.4                binding
SAP102-(3/3)           Nav1.4   binding
SAP97-(1/3)            Nav1.4   binding
SAP97-(2/3)            Nav1.4   binding
SAP97-(3/3)            Nav1.4   binding
Scrb1-(2/4)            Nav1.4   non-binding
Shank1-(1/1)           Nav1.4   binding
ZO-2-(1/3)             Nav1.4   binding
a1-syntrophin-(1/1)    Nav1.5   binding
b1-syntrophin-(1/1)    Nav1.5   binding
Chapsyn-110-(2/3)      Nav1.5   binding
Cipp-(8/10)            Nav1.5   non-binding
Cipp-(9/10)            Nav1.5   non-binding
Gm1582-(2/3)           Nav1.5   binding
Interleukin-16-(1/4)   Nav1.5   binding
Lin7c-(1/1)            Nav1.5   binding
Lrrc7-(1/1)            Nav1.5   non-binding
Magi-2-(2/6)           Nav1.5   binding
Magi-3-(1/5)           Nav1.5   binding
Magi-3-(5/5)           Nav1.5   binding
OMP25-(1/1)            Nav1.5   binding
Pdzk3-(1/1)            Nav1.5   binding
PSD95-(2/3)            Nav1.5   binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           Nav1.5   binding
SAP102-(2/3)           Nav1.5   binding
SAP97-(1/3)            Nav1.5   binding
SAP97-(2/3)            Nav1.5   non-binding
ZO-1-(1/3)             Nav1.5   non-binding
ZO-2-(1/3)             Nav1.5   non-binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)      Nav1.6   non-binding
Cipp-(10/10)           Nav1.6   non-binding
Dvl3-(1/1)             Nav1.6   non-binding
Erbin-(1/1)            Nav1.6   non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)    Nav1.6   non-binding
Gm1582-(2/3)           Nav1.6   non-binding
Harmonin-(2/3)         Nav1.6   non-binding
HtrA1-(1/1)            Nav1.6   non-binding
HtrA3-(1/1)            Nav1.6   non-binding
Interleukin-16-(1/4)   Nav1.6   non-binding
Lin7c-(1/1)            Nav1.6   non-binding
Lnx1-(2/4)             Nav1.6   non-binding
Mpp7-(1/1)             Nav1.6   non-binding
MUPP1-(1/13)           Nav1.6   non-binding
MUPP1-(10/13)          Nav1.6   non-binding
MUPP1-(11/13)          Nav1.6   non-binding
MUPP1-(12/13)          Nav1.6   non-binding
nNOS-(1/1)             Nav1.6   non-binding
PAR6B-(1/1)            Nav1.6   non-binding
Pdzk3-(2/2)            Nav1.6   non-binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           Nav1.6   non-binding
Shank1-(1/1)           Nav1.6   non-binding
ZO-2-(1/3)             Nav1.6   non-binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)      Nav2     non-binding
Cipp-(10/10)           Nav2     non-binding
Dvl3-(1/1)             Nav2     non-binding
Erbin-(1/1)            Nav2     non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)    Nav2     non-binding
Gm1582-(2/3)           Nav2           non-binding
Harmonin-(2/3)         Nav2           non-binding
HtrA1-(1/1)            Nav2           non-binding
HtrA3-(1/1)            Nav2           non-binding
Interleukin-16-(1/4)   Nav2           non-binding
Lin7c-(1/1)            Nav2           non-binding
Lnx1-(2/4)             Nav2           non-binding
Magi-2-(6/6)           Nav2           non-binding
Magi-3-(5/5)           Nav2           non-binding
Mpp7-(1/1)             Nav2           non-binding
MUPP1-(1/13)           Nav2           non-binding
MUPP1-(10/13)          Nav2           non-binding
MUPP1-(11/13)          Nav2           non-binding
MUPP1-(12/13)          Nav2           non-binding
nNOS-(1/1)             Nav2           non-binding
PAR6B-(1/1)            Nav2           binding
Pdzk3-(2/2)            Nav2           non-binding
PSD95-(1/3)            Nav2           non-binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           Nav2           non-binding
SAP97-(1/3)            Nav2           non-binding
SAP97-(3/3)            Nav2           non-binding
Scrb1-(3/4)            Nav2           non-binding
Shank1-(1/1)           Nav2           non-binding
ZO-2-(1/3)             Nav2           non-binding
Cipp-(5/10)            Neurexin-1/2   binding
Cipp-(9/10)            Neurexin-1/2   non-binding
Gm1582-(2/3)           Neurexin-1/2   non-binding
HtrA3-(1/1)            Neurexin-1/2   binding
MUPP1-(5/13)           Neurexin-1/2   binding
MUPP1-(11/13)          Neurexin-1/2   non-binding
Pdzk3-(2/2)            Neurexin-1/2   binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           Neurexin-1/2   non-binding
ZO-1-(1/3)             Neurexin-1/2   binding
ZO-2-(1/3)             Neurexin-1/2   non-binding
Cipp-(5/10)            Neurexin-3     binding
Cipp-(9/10)            Neurexin-3     non-binding
Gm1582-(2/3)           Neurexin-3     non-binding
HtrA3-(1/1)            Neurexin-3     binding
MUPP1-(5/13)           Neurexin-3     binding
ZO-1-(1/3)             Neurexin-3     non-binding
ZO-2-(1/3)             Neurexin-3     non-binding
Cipp-(3/10)            Neurexin-4     non-binding
Lrrc7-(1/1)            Neurexin-4     non-binding
PSD95-(1/3)            Neurexin-4     non-binding
Scrb1-(1/4)            Neurexin-4     non-binding
Cipp-(9/10)            Neuroligin-2   non-binding
Magi-1-(6/6)           Neuroligin-2   non-binding
Magi-2-(2/6)           Neuroligin-2   binding
Magi-3-(1/5)           Neuroligin-2   binding
Pdzk1-(3/4)            Neuroligin-2   non-binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           Neuroligin-2   non-binding
Shank1-(1/1)           Neuroligin-2   binding
Shank3-(1/1)           Neuroligin-2   binding
Chapsyn-110-(2/3)      NHE1           non-binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)      NHE1           non-binding
Lrrc7-(1/1)            NHE1           non-binding
nNOS-(1/1)             NHE1      non-binding
PSD95-(1/3)            NHE1      non-binding
PSD95-(3/3)            NHE1      non-binding
Scrb1-(1/4)            NHE1      non-binding
ZO-2-(1/3)             NHE1      non-binding
Chapsyn-110-(2/3)      NMDAR2A   binding
Cipp-(9/10)            NMDAR2A   non-binding
Erbin-(1/1)            NMDAR2A   binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)    NMDAR2A   binding
Gm1582-(2/3)           NMDAR2A   non-binding
Lin7c-(1/1)            NMDAR2A   non-binding
Magi-1-(6/6)           NMDAR2A   binding
Magi-2-(2/6)           NMDAR2A   binding
Magi-2-(6/6)           NMDAR2A   binding
Magi-3-(1/5)           NMDAR2A   binding
Magi-3-(5/5)           NMDAR2A   binding
OMP25-(1/1)            NMDAR2A   binding
PSD95-(1/3)            NMDAR2A   binding
PSD95-(2/3)            NMDAR2A   binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           NMDAR2A   binding
SAP102-(2/3)           NMDAR2A   binding
SAP97-(1/3)            NMDAR2A   binding
SAP97-(2/3)            NMDAR2A   binding
Scrb1-(2/4)            NMDAR2A   non-binding
Chapsyn-110-(2/3)      NMDAR2B   binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)      NMDAR2B   non-binding
Cipp-(10/10)           NMDAR2B   non-binding
Dvl3-(1/1)             NMDAR2B   non-binding
Erbin-(1/1)            NMDAR2B   non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)    NMDAR2B   binding
Gm1582-(2/3)           NMDAR2B   binding
Harmonin-(2/3)         NMDAR2B   non-binding
HtrA1-(1/1)            NMDAR2B   non-binding
HtrA3-(1/1)            NMDAR2B   non-binding
Interleukin-16-(1/4)   NMDAR2B   binding
Lin7c-(1/1)            NMDAR2B   non-binding
Lnx1-(2/4)             NMDAR2B   non-binding
Magi-1-(6/6)           NMDAR2B   binding
Magi-2-(6/6)           NMDAR2B   binding
Magi-3-(5/5)           NMDAR2B   binding
Mpp7-(1/1)             NMDAR2B   non-binding
MUPP1-(1/13)           NMDAR2B   non-binding
MUPP1-(10/13)          NMDAR2B   non-binding
MUPP1-(11/13)          NMDAR2B   non-binding
MUPP1-(12/13)          NMDAR2B   non-binding
NHERF-2-(2/2)          NMDAR2B   non-binding
nNOS-(1/1)             NMDAR2B   non-binding
OMP25-(1/1)            NMDAR2B   binding
PAR6B-(1/1)            NMDAR2B   non-binding
Pdzk3-(2/2)            NMDAR2B   non-binding
PSD95-(1/3)            NMDAR2B   binding
PSD95-(2/3)            NMDAR2B   binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           NMDAR2B   binding
SAP102-(2/3)           NMDAR2B   binding
SAP97-(1/3)            NMDAR2B   binding
SAP97-(2/3)            NMDAR2B   binding
Shank1-(1/1)          NMDAR2B   non-binding
ZO-2-(1/3)            NMDAR2B   non-binding
b1-syntrophin-(1/1)   NMDAR2C   binding
Chapsyn-110-(2/3)     NMDAR2C   binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)     NMDAR2C   binding
Cipp-(9/10)           NMDAR2C   non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)   NMDAR2C   binding
Gm1582-(2/3)          NMDAR2C   non-binding
Lin7c-(1/1)           NMDAR2C   binding
Magi-2-(2/6)          NMDAR2C   binding
Magi-3-(1/5)          NMDAR2C   binding
OMP25-(1/1)           NMDAR2C   binding
PSD95-(2/3)           NMDAR2C   binding
PSD95-(3/3)           NMDAR2C   binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)          NMDAR2C   binding
SAP102-(2/3)          NMDAR2C   binding
a1-syntrophin-(1/1)   NMDAR2D   binding
b1-syntrophin-(1/1)   NMDAR2D   binding
Chapsyn-110-(2/3)     NMDAR2D   binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)     NMDAR2D   binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)   NMDAR2D   binding
Gm1582-(2/3)          NMDAR2D   binding
Lin7c-(1/1)           NMDAR2D   binding
Magi-2-(5/6)          NMDAR2D   binding
Magi-3-(1/5)          NMDAR2D   binding
MUPP1-(12/13)         NMDAR2D   non-binding
NHERF-1-(1/2)         NMDAR2D   non-binding
NHERF-2-(2/2)         NMDAR2D   non-binding
OMP25-(1/1)           NMDAR2D   binding
PSD95-(2/3)           NMDAR2D   binding
PSD95-(3/3)           NMDAR2D   binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)          NMDAR2D   binding
SAP102-(2/3)          NMDAR2D   binding
SAP97-(2/3)           NMDAR2D   binding
Semcap3-(1/2)         NMDAR2D   non-binding
ZO-2-(1/3)            NMDAR2D   non-binding
b1-syntrophin-(1/1)   P2Y1      non-binding
Cipp-(8/10)           P2Y1      non-binding
HtrA1-(1/1)           P2Y1      non-binding
Lin7c-(1/1)           P2Y1      non-binding
Magi-2-(6/6)          P2Y1      binding
Magi-3-(5/5)          P2Y1      binding
MUPP1-(13/13)         P2Y1      non-binding
PAR3B-(1/3)           P2Y1      non-binding
PAR6B-(1/1)           P2Y1      non-binding
Pdzk1-(1/4)           P2Y1      non-binding
Pdzk3-(1/1)           P2Y1      non-binding
Scrb1-(3/4)           P2Y1      binding
Shank1-(1/1)          P2Y1      non-binding
Shank3-(1/1)          P2Y1      binding
Shroom-(1/1)          P2Y1      non-binding
TIP-1-(1/1)           P2Y1      non-binding
Cipp-(9/10)           Parkin    binding
Magi-1-(6/6)          Parkin    binding
Magi-2-(6/6)          Parkin    non-binding
PDZ-RGS3-(1/1)        Parkin    binding
NHERF-2-(2/2)          PDGFR      binding
Lrrc7-(1/1)            PDGFRa_1   non-binding
Pdzk11-(1/1)           PDGFRa_1   non-binding
Scrb1-(1/4)            PDGFRa_1   non-binding
Cipp-(9/10)            PDGFRa_2   non-binding
Gm1582-(2/3)           PDGFRa_2   non-binding
Magi-3-(2/5)           PDGFRa_2   non-binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           PDGFRa_2   non-binding
Cipp-(9/10)            PFK-M      non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)    PFK-M      non-binding
Lin7c-(1/1)            PFK-M      non-binding
Magi-3-(1/5)           PFK-M      binding
OMP25-(1/1)            PFK-M      non-binding
Pdzk3-(1/1)            PFK-M      non-binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           PFK-M      non-binding
SAP102-(2/3)           PFK-M      non-binding
b1-syntrophin-(1/1)    PIX        binding
Gm1582-(2/3)           PIX        non-binding
Lin7c-(1/1)            PIX        binding
Magi-3-(5/5)           PIX        binding
SAP97-(3/3)            PIX        non-binding
Scrb1-(1/4)            PIX        binding
Scrb1-(3/4)            PIX        binding
Shank1-(1/1)           PIX        binding
Shank3-(1/1)           PIX        binding
b1-syntrophin-(1/1)    PKC        non-binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)      PKC        binding
Cipp-(8/10)            PKC        binding
Cipp-(9/10)            PKC        non-binding
Cipp-(10/10)           PKC        non-binding
Dvl3-(1/1)             PKC        non-binding
Erbin-(1/1)            PKC        non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)    PKC        binding
Gm1582-(2/3)           PKC        non-binding
Harmonin-(2/3)         PKC        non-binding
HtrA1-(1/1)            PKC        binding
HtrA3-(1/1)            PKC        non-binding
Interleukin-16-(1/4)   PKC        non-binding
Lin7c-(1/1)            PKC        non-binding
Lnx1-(2/4)             PKC        binding
Magi-2-(2/6)           PKC        non-binding
Magi-2-(6/6)           PKC        non-binding
Magi-3-(1/5)           PKC        binding
Magi-3-(2/5)           PKC        non-binding
Mpp7-(1/1)             PKC        non-binding
MUPP1-(1/13)           PKC        non-binding
MUPP1-(10/13)          PKC        binding
MUPP1-(11/13)          PKC        non-binding
MUPP1-(12/13)          PKC        non-binding
MUPP1-(13/13)          PKC        non-binding
nNOS-(1/1)             PKC        non-binding
OMP25-(1/1)            PKC        binding
PAR3B-(1/3)            PKC        non-binding
PAR6B-(1/1)            PKC        non-binding
Pdzk1-(1/4)            PKC        binding
Pdzk3-(1/1)            PKC        binding
Pdzk3-(2/2)           PKC     non-binding
PSD95-(3/3)           PKC     binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)          PKC     non-binding
SAP102-(2/3)          PKC     binding
SAP102-(3/3)          PKC     non-binding
SAP97-(1/3)           PKC     non-binding
SAP97-(3/3)           PKC     binding
Shank1-(1/1)          PKC     non-binding
Shroom-(1/1)          PKC     non-binding
TIP-1-(1/1)           PKC     binding
ZO-2-(1/3)            PKC     non-binding
b1-syntrophin-(1/1)   PMCA1   binding
Chapsyn-110-(2/3)     PMCA1   binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)     PMCA1   binding
Cipp-(8/10)           PMCA1   non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)   PMCA1   binding
Gm1582-(2/3)          PMCA1   non-binding
HtrA1-(1/1)           PMCA1   binding
LARG-(1/1)            PMCA1   binding
LIN-7A-(1/1)          PMCA1   binding
Lin7c-(1/1)           PMCA1   binding
Magi-1-(6/6)          PMCA1   binding
Magi-2-(6/6)          PMCA1   non-binding
Magi-3-(5/5)          PMCA1   binding
Mals2-(1/1)           PMCA1   binding
MUPP1-(13/13)         PMCA1   binding
NHERF-2-(2/2)         PMCA1   binding
OMP25-(1/1)           PMCA1   binding
PAR3B-(1/3)           PMCA1   non-binding
PAR6B-(1/1)           PMCA1   non-binding
Pdzk1-(1/4)           PMCA1   binding
Pdzk3-(1/1)           PMCA1   non-binding
PSD95-(3/3)           PMCA1   binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)          PMCA1   binding
SAP102-(2/3)          PMCA1   binding
SAP102-(3/3)          PMCA1   binding
SAP97-(2/3)           PMCA1   binding
SAP97-(3/3)           PMCA1   binding
Scrb1-(1/4)           PMCA1   binding
Scrb1-(2/4)           PMCA1   non-binding
Scrb1-(3/4)           PMCA1   binding
Semcap3-(1/2)         PMCA1   binding
Shank1-(1/1)          PMCA1   binding
Shank3-(1/1)          PMCA1   binding
Shroom-(1/1)          PMCA1   binding
TIP-1-(1/1)           PMCA1   non-binding
Lrrc7-(1/1)           PTK7    non-binding
nNOS-(1/1)            PTK7    non-binding
PSD95-(1/3)           PTK7    non-binding
PSD95-(3/3)           PTK7    non-binding
SAP97-(1/3)           PTK7    non-binding
Scrb1-(1/4)           PTK7    non-binding
b1-syntrophin-(1/1)   Ril     non-binding
Cipp-(8/10)           Ril     non-binding
Cipp-(9/10)           Ril     non-binding
D930005D10Rik-(1/1)   Ril     binding
GRASP55-(1/1)         Ril     binding
HtrA1-(1/1)           Ril     binding
HtrA3-(1/1)           Ril     binding
Magi-2-(2/6)          Ril     non-binding
Magi-2-(6/6)          Ril     non-binding
MUPP1-(13/13)         Ril     non-binding
OMP25-(1/1)           Ril     non-binding
PAR3B-(1/3)           Ril     non-binding
PAR6B-(1/1)           Ril     non-binding
Pdzk1-(1/4)           Ril     non-binding
Pdzk3-(1/1)           Ril     non-binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)          Ril     non-binding
Shroom-(1/1)          Ril     non-binding
TIP-1-(1/1)           Ril     non-binding
ZO-2-(1/3)            Ril     non-binding
Gm1582-(2/3)          ROR1    non-binding
HtrA3-(1/1)           ROR1    non-binding
Magi-2-(6/6)          ROR1    non-binding
Pdzk3-(1/1)           ROR1    binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)          ROR1    non-binding
ZO-1-(1/3)            ROR1    non-binding
Cipp-(8/10)           ROR2    non-binding
Pdzk3-(1/1)           ROR2    non-binding
Cipp-(9/10)           RYK     binding
HtrA3-(1/1)           RYK     binding
Pdzk3-(1/1)           RYK     binding
ZO-1-(1/3)            RYK     binding
ZO-2-(1/3)            RYK     non-binding
a1-syntrophin-(1/1)   Sapk3   binding
b1-syntrophin-(1/1)   Sapk3   binding
Chapsyn-110-(2/3)     Sapk3   binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)     Sapk3   binding
Cipp-(8/10)           Sapk3   non-binding
Cipp-(9/10)           Sapk3   non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)   Sapk3   binding
g2-syntrophin-(1/1)   Sapk3   binding
HtrA1-(1/1)           Sapk3   non-binding
LARG-(1/1)            Sapk3   binding
LIN-7A-(1/1)          Sapk3   binding
Lin7c-(1/1)           Sapk3   binding
Lrrc7-(1/1)           Sapk3   binding
Magi-1-(6/6)          Sapk3   binding
Magi-2-(2/6)          Sapk3   binding
Magi-2-(6/6)          Sapk3   binding
Magi-3-(1/5)          Sapk3   binding
Magi-3-(5/5)          Sapk3   binding
Mals2-(1/1)           Sapk3   binding
MUPP1-(13/13)         Sapk3   non-binding
OMP25-(1/1)           Sapk3   binding
PAR3B-(1/3)           Sapk3   non-binding
PAR6B-(1/1)           Sapk3   non-binding
Pdzk1-(1/4)           Sapk3   binding
Pdzk3-(1/1)           Sapk3   non-binding
PSD95-(3/3)           Sapk3   binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)          Sapk3   non-binding
SAP102-(2/3)          Sapk3   binding
SAP102-(3/3)           Sapk3     binding
SAP97-(2/3)            Sapk3     binding
SAP97-(3/3)            Sapk3     binding
Scrb1-(1/4)            Sapk3     binding
Scrb1-(2/4)            Sapk3     binding
Scrb1-(3/4)            Sapk3     binding
Semcap3-(1/2)          Sapk3     binding
Shank1-(1/1)           Sapk3     binding
Shank3-(1/1)           Sapk3     non-binding
Shroom-(1/1)           Sapk3     binding
TIP-1-(1/1)            Sapk3     binding
Chapsyn-110-(2/3)      Sema3a    non-binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)      Sema3a    non-binding
Cipp-(10/10)           Sema3a    non-binding
Dvl3-(1/1)             Sema3a    non-binding
Erbin-(1/1)            Sema3a    non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)    Sema3a    non-binding
Gm1582-(2/3)           Sema3a    non-binding
Harmonin-(2/3)         Sema3a    non-binding
HtrA1-(1/1)            Sema3a    non-binding
HtrA3-(1/1)            Sema3a    non-binding
Interleukin-16-(1/4)   Sema3a    non-binding
Lin7c-(1/1)            Sema3a    non-binding
Lnx1-(2/4)             Sema3a    non-binding
Magi-2-(2/6)           Sema3a    non-binding
Magi-3-(1/5)           Sema3a    non-binding
Mpp7-(1/1)             Sema3a    non-binding
MUPP1-(1/13)           Sema3a    non-binding
MUPP1-(10/13)          Sema3a    non-binding
MUPP1-(11/13)          Sema3a    non-binding
MUPP1-(12/13)          Sema3a    non-binding
nNOS-(1/1)             Sema3a    non-binding
OMP25-(1/1)            Sema3a    non-binding
PAR6B-(1/1)            Sema3a    non-binding
Pdzk3-(2/2)            Sema3a    non-binding
PSD95-(2/3)            Sema3a    non-binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           Sema3a    non-binding
SAP102-(2/3)           Sema3a    non-binding
SAP97-(2/3)            Sema3a    non-binding
Shank1-(1/1)           Sema3a    non-binding
ZO-2-(1/3)             Sema3a    non-binding
PDZ-RGS3-(1/1)         Sema3b    non-binding
Magi-1-(6/6)           Sema3f    non-binding
Lrrc7-(1/1)            Sema4a-   non-binding
PSD95-(1/3)            Sema4a-   non-binding
Scrb1-(1/4)            Sema4a-   non-binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)      Sema4b-   non-binding
Cipp-(10/10)           Sema4b-   non-binding
Dvl3-(1/1)             Sema4b-   non-binding
Erbin-(1/1)            Sema4b-   non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)    Sema4b-   non-binding
Gm1582-(2/3)           Sema4b-   binding
Harmonin-(2/3)         Sema4b-   non-binding
HtrA1-(1/1)            Sema4b-   binding
HtrA3-(1/1)            Sema4b-   binding
Interleukin-16-(1/4)   Sema4b-   binding
Lin7c-(1/1)           Sema4b-   non-binding
Lnx1-(2/4)            Sema4b-   non-binding
Mpp7-(1/1)            Sema4b-   non-binding
MUPP1-(1/13)          Sema4b-   non-binding
MUPP1-(10/13)         Sema4b-   binding
MUPP1-(11/13)         Sema4b-   non-binding
MUPP1-(12/13)         Sema4b-   non-binding
nNOS-(1/1)            Sema4b-   non-binding
OMP25-(1/1)           Sema4b-   binding
PAR6B-(1/1)           Sema4b-   non-binding
Pdzk3-(2/2)           Sema4b-   non-binding
PSD95-(3/3)           Sema4b-   non-binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)          Sema4b-   binding
Shank1-(1/1)          Sema4b-   non-binding
ZO-2-(1/3)            Sema4b-   non-binding
Lin7c-(1/1)           Sema4c    binding
Magi-3-(5/5)          Sema4c    binding
OMP25-(1/1)           Sema4c    binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)          Sema4c    binding
SAP102-(3/3)          Sema4c    non-binding
Semcap3-(1/2)         Sema4c    non-binding
b1-syntrophin-(1/1)   Sema4f    binding
Cipp-(9/10)           Sema4f    non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)   Sema4f    binding
Gm1582-(2/3)          Sema4f    binding
Lin7c-(1/1)           Sema4f    binding
Magi-2-(6/6)          Sema4f    non-binding
Magi-3-(1/5)          Sema4f    non-binding
Magi-3-(5/5)          Sema4f    non-binding
Mals2-(1/1)           Sema4f    binding
MUPP1-(11/13)         Sema4f    non-binding
OMP25-(1/1)           Sema4f    binding
Pdzk11-(1/1)          Sema4f    binding
Pdzk3-(1/1)           Sema4f    non-binding
PSD95-(3/3)           Sema4f    non-binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)          Sema4f    non-binding
SAP102-(3/3)          Sema4f    non-binding
SAP97-(1/3)           Sema4f    non-binding
SAP97-(3/3)           Sema4f    non-binding
Scrb1-(1/4)           Sema4f    non-binding
Scrb1-(2/4)           Sema4f    non-binding
Scrb1-(3/4)           Sema4f    binding
Semcap3-(1/2)         Sema4f    non-binding
Shank1-(1/1)          Sema4f    non-binding
Shank3-(1/1)          Sema4f    binding
HtrA3-(1/1)           Sema5a    non-binding
ZO-2-(1/3)            Sema5a    non-binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)     Sema6b-   non-binding
Cipp-(10/10)          Sema6b-   non-binding
Dvl3-(1/1)            Sema6b-   non-binding
Erbin-(1/1)           Sema6b-   non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)   Sema6b-   non-binding
Gm1582-(2/3)          Sema6b-   non-binding
Harmonin-(2/3)        Sema6b-   non-binding
HtrA1-(1/1)           Sema6b-   non-binding
HtrA3-(1/1)           Sema6b-   non-binding
Interleukin-16-(1/4)   Sema6b-   non-binding
Lin7c-(1/1)            Sema6b-   non-binding
Lnx1-(2/4)             Sema6b-   non-binding
Lrrc7-(1/1)            Sema6b-   non-binding
Mpp7-(1/1)             Sema6b-   non-binding
MUPP1-(1/13)           Sema6b-   non-binding
MUPP1-(10/13)          Sema6b-   non-binding
MUPP1-(11/13)          Sema6b-   non-binding
MUPP1-(12/13)          Sema6b-   non-binding
nNOS-(1/1)             Sema6b-   non-binding
PAR6B-(1/1)            Sema6b-   non-binding
Pdzk3-(2/2)            Sema6b-   non-binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           Sema6b-   non-binding
Shank1-(1/1)           Sema6b-   non-binding
ZO-2-(1/3)             Sema6b-   non-binding
Grip1-(6/7)            Sema6c    binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)      SERCA2A   non-binding
Lrrc7-(1/1)            SERCA2A   non-binding
nNOS-(1/1)             SERCA2A   non-binding
PSD95-(1/3)            SERCA2A   non-binding
PSD95-(3/3)            SERCA2A   non-binding
Scrb1-(1/4)            SERCA2A   non-binding
Shank3-(1/1)           SERCA3    non-binding
b1-syntrophin-(1/1)    SSTR2     non-binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)      SSTR2     non-binding
Cipp-(3/10)            SSTR2     binding
Cipp-(8/10)            SSTR2     binding
Cipp-(9/10)            SSTR2     binding
Cipp-(10/10)           SSTR2     binding
D930005D10Rik-(1/1)    SSTR2     binding
Dvl1-(1/1)             SSTR2     binding
Dvl2-(1/1)             SSTR2     binding
Dvl3-(1/1)             SSTR2     binding
Erbin-(1/1)            SSTR2     non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)    SSTR2     non-binding
Gm1582-(2/3)           SSTR2     binding
GRASP55-(1/1)          SSTR2     binding
Grip2-(5/7)            SSTR2     binding
Harmonin-(2/3)         SSTR2     binding
HtrA1-(1/1)            SSTR2     binding
HtrA3-(1/1)            SSTR2     binding
Interleukin-16-(1/4)   SSTR2     non-binding
Lin7c-(1/1)            SSTR2     non-binding
Lnx1-(2/4)             SSTR2     binding
Magi-2-(2/6)           SSTR2     non-binding
Magi-2-(6/6)           SSTR2     binding
Magi-3-(5/5)           SSTR2     binding
Mpp7-(1/1)             SSTR2     non-binding
MUPP1-(1/13)           SSTR2     binding
MUPP1-(10/13)          SSTR2     binding
MUPP1-(11/13)          SSTR2     non-binding
MUPP1-(12/13)          SSTR2     non-binding
MUPP1-(13/13)          SSTR2     non-binding
nNOS-(1/1)             SSTR2     non-binding
OMP25-(1/1)            SSTR2     non-binding
PAR3B-(1/3)            SSTR2     non-binding
PAR6B-(1/1)           SSTR2        non-binding
Pdzk1-(1/4)           SSTR2        non-binding
Pdzk11-(1/1)          SSTR2        non-binding
Pdzk3-(1/1)           SSTR2        binding
Pdzk3-(2/2)           SSTR2        non-binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)          SSTR2        binding
Shank1-(1/1)          SSTR2        non-binding
Shank3-(1/1)          SSTR2        non-binding
Shroom-(1/1)          SSTR2        non-binding
TIP-1-(1/1)           SSTR2        non-binding
ZO-1-(1/3)            SSTR2        binding
ZO-2-(1/3)            SSTR2        non-binding
b1-syntrophin-(1/1)   Stargazin    non-binding
Chapsyn-110-(2/3)     Stargazin    binding
Cipp-(8/10)           Stargazin    binding
Cipp-(9/10)           Stargazin    non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)   Stargazin    non-binding
Gm1582-(2/3)          Stargazin    non-binding
HtrA1-(1/1)           Stargazin    non-binding
Magi-2-(2/6)          Stargazin    binding
Magi-2-(6/6)          Stargazin    non-binding
Magi-3-(1/5)          Stargazin    binding
Magi-3-(2/5)          Stargazin    non-binding
MUPP1-(13/13)         Stargazin    non-binding
OMP25-(1/1)           Stargazin    binding
PAR3B-(1/3)           Stargazin    non-binding
PAR6B-(1/1)           Stargazin    non-binding
Pdzk1-(1/4)           Stargazin    non-binding
Pdzk11-(1/1)          Stargazin    non-binding
Pdzk3-(1/1)           Stargazin    non-binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)          Stargazin    non-binding
SAP102-(2/3)          Stargazin    binding
SAP97-(2/3)           Stargazin    binding
Shank3-(1/1)          Stargazin    non-binding
Shroom-(1/1)          Stargazin    non-binding
TIP-1-(1/1)           Stargazin    non-binding
HtrA3-(1/1)           Syndecan-1   binding
SAP97-(2/3)           Syndecan-1   non-binding
ZO-1-(1/3)            Syndecan-1   non-binding
ZO-2-(1/3)            Syndecan-1   non-binding
Cipp-(9/10)           Syndecan-2   non-binding
HtrA3-(1/1)           Syndecan-2   binding
ZO-1-(1/3)            Syndecan-2   non-binding
ZO-2-(1/3)            Syndecan-2   non-binding
HtrA3-(1/1)           Syndecan-3   binding
ZO-1-(1/3)            Syndecan-3   non-binding
ZO-2-(1/3)            Syndecan-3   non-binding
b1-syntrophin-(1/1)   TAZ          non-binding
Cipp-(8/10)           TAZ          non-binding
Cipp-(10/10)          TAZ          binding
Dvl1-(1/1)            TAZ          binding
Dvl2-(1/1)            TAZ          binding
Dvl3-(1/1)            TAZ          binding
Gm1582-(2/3)          TAZ          binding
HtrA1-(1/1)           TAZ          binding
Magi-2-(2/6)          TAZ          non-binding
Magi-2-(6/6)           TAZ     binding
Magi-3-(5/5)           TAZ     binding
MUPP1-(12/13)          TAZ     binding
MUPP1-(13/13)          TAZ     non-binding
PAR3B-(1/3)            TAZ     binding
PAR6B-(1/1)            TAZ     non-binding
Pdlim5-(1/1)           TAZ     binding
Pdzk1-(1/4)            TAZ     binding
Pdzk3-(1/1)            TAZ     binding
Scrb1-(3/4)            TAZ     binding
Shank1-(1/1)           TAZ     binding
Shank3-(1/1)           TAZ     binding
Shroom-(1/1)           TAZ     non-binding
TIP-1-(1/1)            TAZ     non-binding
Whirlin-(3/3)          TAZ     binding
ZO-1-(1/3)             TAZ     binding
Lrrc7-(1/1)            TIE1    non-binding
nNOS-(1/1)             TIE1    non-binding
PSD95-(1/3)            TIE1    non-binding
SAP97-(1/3)            TIE1    non-binding
Scrb1-(1/4)            TIE1    non-binding
Shank3-(1/1)           TPC1    non-binding
Magi-2-(6/6)           Trip6   non-binding
Magi-3-(5/5)           Trip6   non-binding
Shank1-(1/1)           Trip6   non-binding
Shank3-(1/1)           Trip6   non-binding
Gm1582-(2/3)           TRPC1   non-binding
PAR3B-(1/3)            TRPC1   non-binding
Shank1-(1/1)           TRPC1   non-binding
Shank3-(1/1)           TRPC1   non-binding
ZO-1-(1/3)             TRPC1   non-binding
Lrrc7-(1/1)            TRPC2   non-binding
SAP97-(1/3)            TRPC2   non-binding
Tiam2-(1/1)            TRPC2   non-binding
ZO-1-(1/3)             TRPC2   non-binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)      TRPC3   non-binding
Cipp-(10/10)           TRPC3   non-binding
Dvl3-(1/1)             TRPC3   non-binding
Erbin-(1/1)            TRPC3   non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)    TRPC3   non-binding
Gm1582-(2/3)           TRPC3   non-binding
Harmonin-(2/3)         TRPC3   non-binding
HtrA1-(1/1)            TRPC3   non-binding
HtrA3-(1/1)            TRPC3   non-binding
Interleukin-16-(1/4)   TRPC3   non-binding
Lin7c-(1/1)            TRPC3   non-binding
Lnx1-(2/4)             TRPC3   non-binding
Mpp7-(1/1)             TRPC3   non-binding
MUPP1-(1/13)           TRPC3   non-binding
MUPP1-(10/13)          TRPC3   non-binding
MUPP1-(11/13)          TRPC3   non-binding
MUPP1-(12/13)          TRPC3   non-binding
nNOS-(1/1)             TRPC3   non-binding
PAR6B-(1/1)            TRPC3   non-binding
Pdzk3-(2/2)            TRPC3   non-binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           TRPC3   non-binding
Shank1-(1/1)           TRPC3   non-binding
ZO-2-(1/3)             TRPC3   non-binding
a1-syntrophin-(1/1)    TRPC4   non-binding
NHERF-1-(1/2)          TRPC4   binding
NHERF-2-(2/2)          TRPC4   binding
Pdzk1-(1/4)            TRPC4   binding
Pdzk1-(3/4)            TRPC4   binding
Scrb1-(3/4)            TRPC4   non-binding
Shank1-(1/1)           TRPC4   binding
Shank3-(1/1)           TRPC4   binding
Pdzk1-(1/4)            TRPC5   binding
Pdzk1-(3/4)            TRPC5   binding
Scrb1-(3/4)            TRPC5   non-binding
Shank1-(1/1)           TRPC5   binding
Shank3-(1/1)           TRPC5   binding
Shank1-(1/1)           TRPC6   non-binding
Shank3-(1/1)           TRPC6   non-binding
Cipp-(9/10)            TRPM3   non-binding
Magi-3-(1/5)           TRPM3   non-binding
PDZ-RGS3-(1/1)         TRPM3   binding
Lrrc7-(1/1)            TRPM5   non-binding
PDZ-RGS3-(1/1)         TRPM5   non-binding
PSD95-(3/3)            TRPM5   non-binding
Lin7c-(1/1)            TRPM6   non-binding
NHERF-1-(1/2)          TRPM6   binding
Pdzk1-(1/4)            TRPM6   binding
Pdzk1-(3/4)            TRPM6   binding
Scrb1-(3/4)            TRPM6   non-binding
Shank1-(1/1)           TRPM6   binding
Shank3-(1/1)           TRPM6   binding
HtrA1-(1/1)            TRPM7   binding
ZO-1-(1/3)             TRPM8   non-binding
ZO-2-(1/3)             TRPM8   non-binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)      TRPP2   non-binding
Cipp-(10/10)           TRPP2   non-binding
Dvl3-(1/1)             TRPP2   non-binding
Erbin-(1/1)            TRPP2   non-binding
g1-syntrophin-(1/1)    TRPP2   non-binding
Gm1582-(2/3)           TRPP2   non-binding
Harmonin-(2/3)         TRPP2   non-binding
HtrA1-(1/1)            TRPP2   non-binding
HtrA3-(1/1)            TRPP2   non-binding
Interleukin-16-(1/4)   TRPP2   non-binding
Lin7c-(1/1)            TRPP2   non-binding
Lnx1-(2/4)             TRPP2   non-binding
Mpp7-(1/1)             TRPP2   non-binding
MUPP1-(1/13)           TRPP2   non-binding
MUPP1-(10/13)          TRPP2   non-binding
MUPP1-(11/13)          TRPP2   non-binding
MUPP1-(12/13)          TRPP2   non-binding
nNOS-(1/1)             TRPP2   non-binding
PAR6B-(1/1)            TRPP2   non-binding
Pdzk3-(2/2)            TRPP2   non-binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)           TRPP2   non-binding
Shank1-(1/1)           TRPP2   non-binding
ZO-2-(1/3)             TRPP2   non-binding
b1-syntrophin-(1/1)   TRPV3   binding
Chapsyn-110-(3/3)     TRPV3   binding
Gm1582-(2/3)          TRPV3   binding
Lin7c-(1/1)           TRPV3   binding
Lrrc7-(1/1)           TRPV3   binding
Magi-1-(6/6)          TRPV3   binding
Magi-3-(5/5)          TRPV3   binding
MUPP1-(5/13)          TRPV3   non-binding
MUPP1-(11/13)         TRPV3   non-binding
OMP25-(1/1)           TRPV3   binding
PSD95-(1/3)           TRPV3   non-binding
PSD95-(3/3)           TRPV3   binding
PTP-BL-(2/5)          TRPV3   binding
SAP102-(3/3)          TRPV3   binding
SAP97-(1/3)           TRPV3   binding
SAP97-(3/3)           TRPV3   binding
Scrb1-(3/4)           TRPV3   binding
Semcap3-(1/2)         TRPV3   binding
Shank1-(1/1)          TRPV4   non-binding
Shank3-(1/1)          TRPV4   non-binding
Cipp-(5/10)           TRPV6   non-binding
Cipp-(9/10)           TYRO3   non-binding

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