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					                  December 2008


                          BEST OF              BAS Medical Center, Paul and
         2008             AWARDS
                                               Judy Andrews Women’s Hospital,
                                               Fort Worth
                                                                                    BEST OF AWARD: Health Care

Key Facts
Submitted by: MEDCO Construction
Owner: Baylor All Saints, Fort Worth
General contractor: MEDCO Construction
LLC, Dallas
Architect and MEP engineer: Page-
SoutherlandPage, Dallas
Civil engineer: Kimley-Horn and
Associates Inc., Dallas
Mechanical contractor: Century
Mechanical Contractors, Fort Worth and
Electrical contractor: Cummings
Electrical Inc., Fort Worth and Dallas
Drywall contractor: BakerTriangle, Fort
                                          A crowded medical campus and in-
                                          clement weather did not stand in the way
Millwork contractor: MEDCO Millwork,
                                          of the on-time completion of Baylor All
                                          Saints Medical Center, Paul and Judy An-
Terrazzo flooring contractor: American
                                          drews Women’s Hospital.
Terrazzo, Dallas
                                             The project team managed the con-
Glazing contractor: DGB Glass, Fort       struction of the hospital on a jobsite filled
                                          with ongoing projects, including the new
Masonry contractor: Gay & Son Masonry,    construction of a 10-story parking garage
                                          and a six-floor medical office building.
Concrete contractor: Sizelove Concrete    Crews also coordinated the new Women’s          with rebar, the team instead engineered
Construction, Grand Prairie
                                          Hospital tie-in to the fully operational Bay-   special custom connection plates on-site
Fire protection contractor: American      lor All Saints hospital on four of its five     to support the new buildings.
Automatic Sprinkler, Dallas
                                          floors. During construction, the entrance          Despite the fact that construction start-
                                          to the main hospital was moved and all          ed six weeks later than originally planned
                                          traffic into the facility was rerouted, main-   and the building phase experienced 50
                                          taining full access to existing facilities.     straight days of rainfall, the project’s end
                                             Creative solutions to difficult problems     date was still met. The contractor was able
                                          kept the job on track. The team needed to       to make up time in the final months by
                                          build several stories over an existing          rescheduling and completing work on
                                          porte-cochere that serves as the main en-       multiple floors simultaneously.
                                          trance. In order to connect the new steel
                                          floor decking to the existing columns, the
                                          team X-rayed the columns to find existing
                                          rebar. Because the columns were packed

                                          25   Texas Construction   12/ 2008
                            BEST OF                   Raymond and Susan Brochstein
           2008             AWARDS
                                                      Pavilion, Rice University, Houston
                                                                                  BEST OF AWARD: Higher Education

The completion date of the Raymond
and Susan Brochstein Pavilion at Rice
University never changed, despite a fast-
track schedule, a month of rain, critical
path conflicts and 84 owner-initiated
change orders.
   Located in the heart of the university’s
campus, the $7 million project features
natural lighting from floor-to-ceiling win-
dows that look out over a 10,700-sq-ft
wraparound plaza. The exterior seating
area is covered by a 14-ft-wide aluminum
trellis designed to filter light, and is en-
compassed by an elm grove, fountains
and live oak trees.
   On top of 30 documented rain days,
most of which occurred while trying to
get the building out of the ground, the
utilities contractor created a one-month
delay in critical path activities. Additional-
ly, the owner initiated 84 changes to the                                                       Key Facts
scope of the project.                                                                           Submitted by: Linbeck
   Crews were able to provide a custom                                                          Owner: Rice University, Houston
curtainwall system with a custom alu-
                                                                                                Construction manager: Linbeck Group,
minum trellis in which practically all of                                                       Houston
the structure is exposed. The system in-
                                                                                                Architect: Thomas Phifer and Partners,
cluded custom die extrusions for the cur-                                                       New York, N.Y.
tain wall and interior aluminum ceiling,
                                                                                                Landscape architect: The Office of
as well as fabricating and erecting archi-                                                      James Burnett, Houston
tecturally exposed structural steel to exact                                                    MEP engineer: AltieriSeborWieber,
tolerances to accommodate the stricter           from the university’s central plant, requir-   Norwalk, Conn.
aluminum trellis and curtain-wall toler-         ing additional room to convert the chilled     Structural engineer: Haynes Whaley and
ances.                                           water and steam for use by the pavilion.       Associates, Houston
   Custom aluminum perforated light                 The challenge was in the placement of       Geotechnical engineer: Ulrich Engineers
scoops over the roof skylights were also a       three air handlers, a PRV station, trans-      Inc., Houston
quality issue. Crews made the decision to        formers, fire sprinkler tank and all of the    Civil engineer: Walter P Moore and
purchase and fabricate the custom alu-           associated ductwork and piping in a base-      Associates, Houston
minum trellis and light scoops locally.          ment with a small footprint. The solution      Electrical contractor: Design Electric,
This not only resulted in lower final cost       was to utilize building information mod-       Houston
to the owner but also allowed the contrac-       eling. Working in a 3-D environment, the       Plumbing contractor: Humphrey Co.,
tor more control over delivery logistics         team was able to design the most efficient     Houston
and placement in relation to the exposed         use of the available space, which saved        HVAC contractor: Kilgore Mechanical,
structural steel.                                time in the installation process and elim-     Houston
   Services were provided to the building        inated any rework.

                                                 27   Texas Construction   12/ 2008
                          BEST OF                  Marriott Rivercenter, San Antonio
          2008            AWARDS                                                       BEST OF AWARD: Hospitality

The contractor tapped to renovate the
San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter’s 90,000-
sq-ft ballroom floor redefined “fast track”
by submitting a plan for services just two
days after accepting the project and com-
pleting work on a tight, 67-day schedule.
   Demolition of the existing 90,000 sq ft
of space was accomplished in five days,
followed by 60 days of construction in
which more than $8 million in construc-
tion was put in place. The project scope
included the renovation of ballrooms,
meeting rooms, restrooms, elevator lobby
and guest registration area and involved
constructing intricately coffered ceilings
with recessed lighting and elaborate
chandeliers, as well as installing custom
carpet, wall coverings and other finishes.                                                 Key Facts
At one point, 12 different trades were                                                     Submitted by: Constructors & Associates
working on the floor at one time.
                                                                                           Owner: Host Hotels and Resorts,
   Crews saved time by implementing a                                                      Bethesda, Md.
schedule that included two, 10-hour
                                                                                           General contractor: Constructors &
shifts working seven days a week. Three                                                    Associates Inc., San Antonio
weeks were shaved from the schedule by
                                                                                           Architect: RTKL Associates, Coral
implementing a plan for the wood por-                                                      Gables, Fla.
tals millwork that included a hybrid sys-
                                                                                           MEP engineer: Blum Consulting
tem of real wood and veneer wall cover-       were not needed.                             Engineers, Dallas
ing. Additionally, the project team adopt-       In order to maintain the schedule,
                                                                                           Mechanical contractor: TDIndustries,
ed an option proposed by the electrical       crews released equipment prior to finaliz-
                                                                                           San Antonio
subcontractors: a sequencing plan involv-     ing design. The applicable trades pro-
                                                                                           Electrical contractor: Nathan Alterman
ing the delivery and installation of the      cured submittals and immediately re-
                                                                                           Electric Co., San Antonio
light fixtures. This approach not only        leased the purchasing of the dimming
saved time but also money by eliminat-        systems, light fixtures and operable wall
ing the mechanical return air elbows that     repair parts, all of which required be-
                                              tween eight and 14 weeks of lead time.
                                                 The final building inspection approvals
                                              were acquired nine days ahead of sched-
                                              ule. The day after completion, a Harley-
                                              Davidson convention rolled into town as
                                              the first organization to make use of the
                                              new facility.

                                              29   Texas Construction   12/ 2008
                           BEST OF                   Borger ISD New Elementary,
           2008            AWARDS
                                                                                                 BEST OF AWARD: K–12

The decision to seek LEED certifica-
tion for the new Borger ISD Elementary
School makes the new, 122,000-sq-ft
school the first in the West Texas region to
do so. If certification is bestowed, it will
be the second K-12 public school in Texas
to attain the certification.
   The new school was constructed with
high quantities of recycled products.
There also is highly efficient heating and
air conditioning equipment, added insu-
lation and efficient use of natural lighting.
   The project combines two existing ele-
mentary schools built in the early 1950s                                                       Key Facts
under one roof. It includes four wings                                                         Submitted by: MW Builders of Texas
and a core area with a full-size gym, cafe-
                                                                                               Owner: Borger ISD, Borger
teria/auditorium with operable panels for
                                                                                               General contractor: MW Builders of
multifunctional use, kitchen, library with
                                                                                               Texas Inc., Temple
an elevated seating area, two computer
                                                                                               Architect: Parkhill, Smith & Cooper Inc.,
rooms, two music rooms, teacher’s work-
room and teacher’s lounge.
                                                                                               Electrical contractor: American Electric
   The project team faced a challenge of
                                                                                               Co., Amarillo
escalating construction costs due to the
                                                                                               Fire protection contractor: Casteel
dramatic increase in oil prices. In order to
                                                                                               Automatic Fire Protection Inc., Amarillo
meet the established budget, the general
contractor and architect offered a number                                                      Plumbing contractor: Scottco Mechanical
                                                                                               Contractors Inc., Amarillo
of value-engineering ideas.                     40% of the ceramic wall tile. By using a
   The first major change came at the foun-     PVC wall protection material with the          Structural steel contractor: CMC Alamo
                                                                                               Steel Co., Waco
dation level. By reducing the thickness of      same type film material used on counter-
the building’s footprint from 5 in. to 4 in.,   tops, the school district saved approximate-   Painting contractor: Jack C. Thomas &
                                                                                               Son Inc., Amarillo
Borger ISD saved $232,000. The second           ly 50% of the cost for ceramic wall tile.
item, and one of the most extensive to             In the end, value engineering resulted      Masonry contractor: Lonestar Industries
complete, was the elimination of close to       in a $500,000 savings for the district.        LLC, Wolfforth

                                                   The Borger ISD New Elementary
                                                School project finished up three months
                                                early, allowing for students to start their
                                                2008-2009 school year in the new facility.

                                                31   Texas Construction   12/ 2008
                          BEST OF                  One Arts Plaza, Dallas
          2008            AWARDS                                                      BEST OF AWARD: Multifamily

The 24-story, 1.1-million-sq-ft One
Arts Plaza is a mixed-use structure that
includes class A office space, retail and
luxury condominiums. Its grand en-
trance is aligned with the Flora Street ax-
is and the Dallas Museum of Art en-
trance, creating symmetry between the
mixed-use project and the surrounding
Dallas Arts District.
   The construction team faced a tight
schedule: the owner promised its major
corporate tenant, 7-Eleven Corp., a move-
in date of April 2007. That meant the park-
ing levels, lobby and floors seven through                                                 Key Facts
11 had to be completed and available for                                                   Submitted by: Balfour Beatty
occupancy while the remaining six condo-                                                   Construction
minium floors were still in early construc-                                                Owner: Billingsley Co., Carrollton
tion stages. To accomplish the fast-track
                                                                                           Construction manager: Balfour Beatty
delivery, the team spent an extensive                                                      Construction, Dallas
amount of time planning and scheduling
                                                                                           Architect of record (office tower):
every minute of each day to ensure that all                                                Corgan Associates Inc., Dallas
elements of the work were accurately un-
                                                                                           Design architect (condo residences):
dertaken. Crews implemented a 24-hour                                                      MorrisonSeifertMurphy, Dallas
work schedule and seven-day work weeks.
                                                                                           Structural engineer: Brockette Davis
This resulted in completion of the 7-
                                                                                           Drake, Dallas
Eleven portion of the building two weeks
                                                                                           Civil engineer: LopezGarcia Group,
ahead of schedule and allowed 7-Eleven to
                                                                                           (now URS/LopezGarcia), Dallas
move into its new headquarters one week
                                                                                           Landscape architect: MESA Design
ahead of the original schedule.               61 custom condominiums while provid-
                                                                                           Group, Dallas
   Once the corporate tenant’s move-in        ing a safe working environment every day
was complete, crews had to construct the      for 1,000 7-Eleven employees. The team
remainder of the structure and finish out     achieved this by keeping the entrances
                                              clear of clutter and covering walkways to
                                              shield employees. They also implement-
                                              ed a noise control plan during peak office
                                              hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) to further mini-
                                              mize disturbances.

                                              33   Texas Construction   12/ 2008
                              BEST OF               Africa Live!, San Antonio Zoo,
           2008               AWARDS
                                                    San Antonio
                                                                                              BEST OF AWARD: Nonprofit

                                               importance of water and the intricate rela-     construction.
                                               tionship between water, human beings,              The non-linear, curved structure had
                                               wildlife and food production. It includes an    300 drilled piers in a tight, 18,000-sq-ft
The new Africa Live! Exhibit at the San        underwater exhibit of hippopotamuses and        footprint. Because of its proximity to the
Antonio Zoo is an exhibit covering 1.5         crocodiles, as well as tanks for fish from      San Antonio River, the contractor encoun-
acres in a facility open 365 days a year.      Africa. The project included 2.25-in.-thick     tered water at 6 ft below the surface. That
  This exhibit’s educational focus is the      glass to withstand water pressure from the      required drilling oversize, 36-in. shaft
                                               hippo and crocodile pools, along with the       holes, filling them with concrete to create
                                               force of potential impact from the animals.     a water seal, and then drilling into that
  Key Facts                                       With design professionals from Seattle       concrete for installation of the 24-in. piers.
  Submitted by: C.F. Jordan                    as well as many key subcontractors from            Crews delivered the project on time
  Owner: San Antonio Zoological Society,       out of state, site visits were limited, re-     and on budget, despite a record-breaking
  San Antonio                                  quiring photos and e-mails to work out          90 days of rain during the critical site and
  General contractor: C.F. Jordan LP,          details.                                        structural phases of construction.
  San Antonio                                     The exhibit design included prototype
  Architect: Jones & Jones Architects +        technology for life-support systems, in-
  Landscape Architects + Planners,             cluding water hydraulics, filtration, chem-
                                               ical treatment, heat controls and water-
  Engineer: CDS/Muery Services, San            change operations. The hippo pool waste
                                               included extensive solids, which required
  Site work contractor: M&M Contracting
                                               special drum filters to process waste into
  Ltd., San Antonio
                                               existing sewage systems.
  Concrete contractor: Ignacio Villarreal
                                                  The small site required extensive site
  Foundation, San Antonio
                                               staging and remobilizations to avoid
  Waterproofing contractor: Alpha Insula-
  tion and Waterproofing, San Antonio
                                               blocking access to other trades during

  Concrete paving contractor: Boothe
  Bros. Paving Co., Wimberley
  Electrical contractor: Corbo Electric Co.,
  San Antonio
  Decorative shotcrete: The Nassal Co.,
  Orlando, Fla.
  Interior painting and exhibit shotcrete:
  Petraworks, Essex Fells, N.J.
  Landscaping contractor: Milberger’s
  Landscaping, San Antonio
  Flooring contractor: Long Flooring,
  Painting contractor: F. A. McComas Inc.,
  San Antonio
  Stucco contractor: Arahed Lathing
  Corp., San Antonio
  Tiling contractor: J&R Tile Inc.,
  San Antonio

                                               35   Texas Construction   12/ 2008
                            BEST OF                Discovery Green Park, Houston
           2008             AWARDS                                        BEST OF AWARD: Outdoors/Recreation

                                              varied project included a one-acre lake, un-     Crews relocated a 100-year-old oak tree
                                              derground parking garage, children’s play-     with a 35-ft root ball in order to capture
                                              ground, amphitheater, two restaurants, two     the full footprint of the underground
Discovery Green, a 12-acre park locat-        dog runs and a jogging trail.                  garage. The physical move of the tree took
ed directly across from the George R.            The challenge of taking 12 acres, divided   two days, with weeks of preparation and
Brown Convention Center in Houston, re-       into three phases with multiple milestones     work leading up to the move.
quired a diverse construction approach. The   within each area, was unlike any project         The underground parking garage was
                                              previously undertaken by the team. Intri-      completed during what was considered
                                              cate phasing was required to complete          one of Houston’s wettest years in
  Key Facts                                   construction of the underground garage to      decades. A commitment to schedule was
  Submitted by: Miner-Dederick                allow for the sitework and landscape           maintained, with mud slabs being placed
  Construction                                above. At the same time, three independ-       when weather permitted. That allowed
  Owner: Discovery Green Conservancy,         ent structures and associated under-           workers to safely perform their tasks and
  Houston                                     ground utility work were under construc-       concrete crews to do the necessary form-
  General contractor: Miner-Dederick          tion, all necessary for the extensive land-    work and concrete pours.
  Construction, Houston                       scape that would complete the project.
  Architect: Hargreaves Associates,              The project was targeted for LEED gold
  San Francisco                               certification. The project team had to in-
  Architect/MEP engineer: PageSouther-        corporate new materials, methods, and
  landPage, Houston                           mindsets to make it a reality, including
  Structural engineers: Henderson &           construction waste management, indoor
  Rogers, Houston; and Walter P Moore         air quality plans and MEP commission-
  and Associates Inc., Houston                ing implementation. Regional and recy-
  Electrical engineer (site/garage): Hunt     cled materials had to be researched, ob-
  & Hunt, Houston                             tained and documented.
  Landscape architect: Lauren Griffith
  Associates, Houston
  Environmental consultant: TGE Re-
  sources Inc., Houston
  Masonry contractor: W.W. Bartlett,
  Stone and ceramic tile contractor: Can-
  gelosi Marble and Granite, Missouri City
  Landscape contractor: Gibson's
  Landscape Contractors, Houston
  Electrical contractor: Mid-West Electric
  Co., Houston
  Plumbing contractor: Mitchell Chuoke
  Plumbing Co., Galveston
  Glass and storefront contactor: Ranger
  Specialized Glass, Houston
  Concrete contractor: TAS Commercial
  Concrete Construction, Houston

                                              37   Texas Construction   12/ 2008
                           BEST OF                   Eagle Mountain Connection
           2008            AWARDS
                                                     Pipeline, Fort Worth
                                                                                               BEST OF AWARD: Public

The Eagle Mountain Connection
Pipeline was constructed to connect two
reservoirs in East Texas - the Richland
Chambers reservoir and the Cedar Creek
reservoir - to the Eagle Mountain Lake
reservoir northwest of Fort Worth. The
connection was made with a 20-mi
pipeline that extended to an existing
pipeline reaching nearly 100 mi. The
completion of the project allows the Tar-
rant Regional Water District to distribute
up to 350 MGD from their East Texas
reservoirs to the Eagle Mountain Lake                                                          Key Facts
reservoir, which supports a customer base                                                      Submitted by: Garney Construction
of more than 1.6 million in a 10-county
                                                                                               Owner: Tarrant Regional Water District,
region of North Texas.                                                                         Fort Worth
   In addition to the pipeline, the project
                                                                                               General contractor: Garney Companies
required the construction of several large                                                     Inc., Kansas City, Mo.
structures, including the subaqueous in-
                                                                                               Civil engineer: Freese and Nichols, Fort
stallation of an outfall structure in Eagle                                                    Worth
Mountain Lake.
                                                                                               Electrical contractor: TPC Electric,
   The project team had to deal with lime-                                                     Sachse
stone rock for nearly half of the 47,025 lin.
                                                                                               Marine contractor: Boyer Inc., Houston
ft of 84-in. pipe installation. The installa-   process left a 3.5-ft plug in the middle of
tion of the pipe required a ditch width of      the ditch. To remove the plug, a heavy-du-     Tunneling contractor: A.R. Daniel
                                                                                               Construction Services Inc., Cedar Hill
10-.5 ft that could not be blasted. The         ty bucket was designed that attached to a
trench was double-cut by Garney Con-            Komatsu PC 1250 that excavated the plug        Rock trenching: H.L. Chapman Pipeline
                                                                                               Construction, Leander
struction’s trenching subcontractor H.L.        ahead of the pipelaying crew. Approxi-
Chapman, which made two passes with a           mately 23,000 lin. ft of the pipeline trench   Paving contractor: Advanced Paving Co.,
                                                                                               Fort Worth
trencher with a 3.5-ft-wide chain. The          was in rock.

                                                39   Texas Construction   12/ 2008
                          BEST OF               Granite Westchase II, Houston
         2008             AWARDS                                                BEST OF AWARD: Office/Corporate

                                           Early difficulties with materials and          went by with no hoist. Close communica-
                                           equipment threatened to delay progress         tion with the subcontractors helped keep
                                           of Granite Weschase II construction proj-      the job moving. When the old hoist was
                                           ect, but innovation and perseverance kept      deemed unfit for use, Hoar called a meet-
Key Facts                                  the office complex on track.                   ing with the subs affected. They discussed
Submitted by: Hoar Construction               At the beginning of the project, Hoar       the specific issues each sub was facing,
Owner: Granite Properties Inc., Plano      learned that there would be a delay in the     and Hoar worked with each contractor to
General contractor: Hoar Construction,     delivery of the stairs, which would cause      schedule tower crane time for them to get
Houston                                    difficulty in accessing the upper floors for   their materials to higher levels. By work-
Architect: Kirksey Architecture, Houston   the general contractor team as well as         ing together with the subcontractors,
                                           subcontractors. To help maintain the           Hoar was able to help maintain target
Landscape architect: Kudela &
Weinheimer, Houston                        work flow, Hoar installed a set of tempo-      dates and get right back on schedule
                                           rary stairs outside the building to access     when the new hoist was ready.
Structural engineer: Haynes Whaley
Associates Inc., Houston                   floors up to level seven. After out-of-state
                                           travel to check the status of the stairs and
Civil engineer: Lin Engineering Inc.,
                                           discuss the situation with the material
                                           supplier, Hoar and the vendor established
MEP engineer: Day Brown Rice Inc.,
                                           a definite delivery date.
                                              Another major obstacle occurred a few
Mechanical contractor: TDIndustries,
                                           months into the project. The material/
                                           man hoist set up on-site turned out to be
Electrical contractor: D&L Electric Co.
                                           faulty and unusable. Access to upper
Ltd., Houston
                                           floors became a challenge. Between find-
Canopy contractor: Avadek Inc.,
                                           ing a new hoist, dismantling the old one
                                           and installing the new one, three weeks
Drywall contractor: BakerTriangle,
Masonry contractor: Camarata Masonry
Systems Ltd., Houston
Millwork contractor: CRC/Mastercraft
Inc., Houston
Precast contractor: East Texas Precast
Co., Waller
Concrete contractor: Keystone Concrete
Placement, Houston
Landscaping/irrigation contractor:
Pampered Lawns Inc., Houston
Elevator contractor: ThyssenKrupp
Elevator Corp., Frisco
Plumbing/site utilities contractor: TNT
Consultants Inc., The Woodlands
Masonry contractor: Veazey Enterprises
Inc., Houston

                                           41   Texas Construction   12/ 2008
                            BEST OF                Cotton Bowl Phase One, Dallas
           2008             AWARDS                           BEST OF AWARD: Renovation/Restoration (tie)

                                              what would seem to be a simple issue: a
                                              seating plan. However, the seating mani-
                                              fest for this stadium was anything but
The design-build partnership for the          simple. The problem confronting Charter         tinuous throughout the bowl. However,
first phase of the renovation of Dallas’      Builders was the stadium had three differ-      the spacing between seats at the Cotton
Cotton Bowl was put in place around the       ent manifests: Cotton Bowl Athletic Asso-       Bowl varied from seat to seat. All seat
same time construction began. Despite         ciation, University of Texas and University     numbers and locations had to be field ver-
the quick marriage, the contractor, Char-     of Oklahoma. Manifests are utilized to de-      ified and confirmed by the three owners’
ter Builders, and the architect, Heery In-    termine seat numbers on the printed tick-       representatives before it would be accept-
ternational, merged quickly into a unified    ets, however, none of the three manifests       ed. The verification was critical to the
design-build team.                            matched. Therefore, the decision of which       owner’s representatives because it repre-
   One of the team’s biggest hurdles was      manifest to use had to be made. This in-        sented tickets that had already been sold
                                              volved a complicated and lengthy decision       before construction began.
                                              making process that required coordina-
  Key Facts                                   tion with all three stake holders. Ultimate-
  Submitted by: Charter Builders              ly, a manifest was selected.
                                                 However, the actual installation was not
  Owner: City of Dallas, Dallas
                                              that simple. The exact seats at the exact lo-
  Design-build team: Charter Builders,
                                              cation had to be matched seat for seat.
  Dallas; and Heery International Inc.,
  Atlanta, Ga.
                                              Therefore, Charter Builders had to install
                                              each seat assignment section-by-section
  Ornamental handrail and fencing:
                                              and row-by-row. The seat numbers of a
  A-1 Ornamental Inc., Dallas
                                              typical stadium would be installed typical-
  Metal wall panels: Accurate Perforating,
                                              ly at 18 to 24-in. on center and then con-
  Specialty stadium seating: American
  Seating Park, Grand Rapids, Mich.
  Jobsite security: CPS Security Solutions,
  Gardena, Calif.
  Painting contractor: D&P Painting and
  Construction, Grand Prairie
  Masonry contractor: DMG Masonry,
  Utility contractor: Gorrondona &
  Associates, Fort Worth
  Plumbing contractor: Lopez Plumbing,
  Concrete and paving contractor: Sizelove
  Construction, Fort Worth
  Pre-engineered seating: Southern
  Bleacher, Graham
  Natural grass turf: W.O. Adams
  Construction Co., Lancaster

                                              43   Texas Construction   12/ 2008
                            BEST OF                 Mercantile Place on Main, Dallas
           2008             AWARDS                            BEST OF AWARD: Renovation/Restoration (tie)

                                               lost-time accidents.                          material hoists on the exterior of the
                                                  A major challenge was refurbishing the     building while the existing elevators were
                                               68-year-old bricks, windows, limestone,       restored with new motors, cables and
                                               granite and the 115-ft spire atop the tow-    cabs. Off-shift material stocking was key
The historic, 31-story Mercantile Na-          er. The Mercantile Tower was originally       to keeping the material ahead of the work
tional Bank Building had been vacant for       built in the art-deco style, which had mul-   and not hinder vertical access.
more than 15 years when Hensel Phelps          tiple setbacks and more than a dozen dif-        Mock-ups of each major room of the
began a far-reaching renovation project of     ferent roof levels throughout the historic    building’s apartments were created for
the art deco building. Incomplete and in-      tower. An enormous amount of coordina-        the owner and user groups to verify that
accurate as-built documentation on the         tion was required to refurbish the skin       everything was in place before construc-
building complicated the job and crews         while working above the active streets in     tion on the units began. The mock-ups
were forced to address unforeseen condi-       downtown Dallas.                              were invaluable in the selection of finish-
tions on a recurring basis. Despite the set-      A constant challenge was the vertical      es, reviewing anticipated quality expecta-
backs, the new Mercantile Tower was de-        transportation on the 31-story tower. As a    tions by the owner, work sequencing and
livered on time and on budget with zero        solution, Hensel Phelps provided three        scheduling.

  Key Facts
  Submitted by: Hensel Phelps
  Owner: Forest City Residential, Dallas
  Construction manager: Hensel Phelps
  Construction Co., Dallas
  Architect: BGO Architects, Dallas
  Design architect: DiMella-Shaffer,
  Civil engineer: Brockette Davis Drake,
  MEP engineer: NELCO, Richardson
  Structural engineer: Datum Engineers,
  Landscape architect: MESA Design
  Group, Dallas
  Painting contractor: Alpha Applicators,
  Concrete contractor: American Civil
  Constructors, Irving
  Mechanical contractor: Weldon
  Contractors, Arlington
  Fire protection contractor: Western
  States Fire Protection Co.
  Electrical contractor: System Electric
  Co., Plano

                                               45   Texas Construction   12/ 2008
                             BEST OF                McCreless Marketplace,
           2008              AWARDS
                                                    San Antonio
                                                                                                   BEST OF AWARD: Retail

                                               dition, the sitework for the project was ex-
                                               tensive and included several park-like
                                               seating areas as well as a city bus drop-off
                                               station. The HEB portion of the project         site led to several daunting safety issues.
                                               incorporated a separate fuel station and        Typical shoring, trenches and trench box-
                                               car wash.                                       es were insufficient, so the construction
                                                  Each facility was assigned its own onsite    team brought in equipment traditionally
The McCreless Marketplace is a rein-           superintendent and the site work was            used in swamp areas. The slide-rail sys-
carnation of the original McCreless Mall       overseen by one team member. While the          tems installed are not typically used in the
built in San Antonio. Popular throughout       separate assignments made it easier to en-      region except on sites around bodies of
the 60s, 70s and 80s, it began to lose ten-    sure accountability and final success, it al-   water. In some areas, the team couldn’t
ants and customers in the 1990s.               so made communication and coordina-             overcome the collapsing trenches and
   The new project includes a 144,000-sq-      tion that much more difficult. One senior       were forced to dig 50-ft-wide trenches for
ft HEBplus! grocery store, Cinemark the-       project manager was responsible for over-       a task that would typically only require a
ater and 256,000-sq-ft retail center. In ad-   all project coordination. Final success was     few feet. Despite working in the worst
                                               the result of the team’s extensive preplan-     conditions possible, the project remained
                                               ning for site management and sequenc-           accident free.
  Key Facts                                    ing and the use of strategic communica-
  Submitted by: Joeris General Contractors     tions. A centralized office area was estab-
                                               lished for all jobsite trailers. Redundant
  Owner: H.E.B., San Antonio
                                               communications systems were set in
  General contractor: Joeris General
                                               place with direct connections to the Joeris
  Contractors, San Antonio
                                               office, cell phones and two-way radios.
  Architect: Selser Schaefer Architects,
                                                  Site soil conditions at the McCreless
  Tulsa, Okla.
  Landscape architect: Rialto Studio,
  San Antonio
  Structural engineer: Wallace
  Engineering, Tulsa, Okla.
  Civil engineer: Pape-Dawson Engineers,
  San Antonio
  MEP engineer: Clive Samuels and
  Associates, San Antonio
  Mechanical contractor: Jack Laurence
  Corp., San Antonio
  Electrical contractor: Eldridge Electric,
  Concrete contractor: Urban Concrete
  Contractors, San Antonio
  Roofing contractor: Superior Roofing,
  Plumbing contractor: Gulf States
  Plumbing, Houston

                                               47   Texas Construction   12/ 2008
                          BEST OF                  UH-Downtown Shea Street
          2008            AWARDS
                                                   Parking Garage & Building
                                                                 BEST OF AWARD: Higher Education, Design

The new University of Houston-Down-
town Shea Street Building – home to the
university’s College of Business – and
the accompanying 620-space parking
garage - overlook downtown Houston.
Located at the terminus of the METRO
Light Rail line, the new structures an-
chor the redeveloping area.
   The Shea Street Building is a critical
piece of the university’s master plan and
its plans to meet Houston’s higher educa-
tion needs. Its location extends UHD’s
campus to the other side of Interstate 10        Also contributing positively to the over-
and continues UHD’s expansion from a          all impact of the facility are the green de-   Key Facts
single building to a growing five-building    sign components that were employed in          Submitted by: PGAL
campus serving the downtown area. The         the design and construction of the Shea
                                                                                             Owner: University of Houston-Downtown
glass-encased four-story entry inspires       Street Building. Aluminum louvers were         System, Houston
faculty and students and provides expan-      used over the low-insulating glass win-
                                                                                             General contractor: Manhattan
sive views of the downtown Houston sky-       dows to control light and the brick materi-    Construction Co., Houston
line as well as the One Main Building. Lo-    als specified throughout the project were
                                                                                             Architect: PGAL, Houston
cated in a relatively dense urban area, the   produced within 500 mi of the site.
                                                                                             Associate architect: NATEX, Houston
Shea Street Building will serve UHD’s
commuter population and its location, ac-                                                    Structural and civil engineer: Walter P
                                                                                             Moore and Associates Inc., Houston
cessible by light rail, provides convenient
access for students who attend part-time                                                     Mechanical and electrical engineer:
while working downtown. It will provide                                                      Carter Burgess, Houston

further benefit in the near future as plans                                                  Security consultant: Ferguson
progress to locate a new Intermodal Cen-                                                     Consulting, Magnolia

ter in the neighborhood.                                                                     Landscape architect: Knudson and
   Project features include a four-story                                                     Associates, Houston
glass atrium with views of the existing                                                      Audio-visual consultant: PMK
campus, fully integrated technology and                                                      Consultants, Dallas
wireless access throughout the building.

                                              49   Texas Construction   12/ 2008
                          BEST OF                   Clear Springs High School,
          2008            AWARDS
                                                    League City
                                                                                    BEST OF AWARD: K–12, Design

The Clear Springs High School de-
sign team worked closely with communi-
ty members, parents, students, adminis-
trators and teachers to design the new
2,500-student, smaller-learning-commu-
nities-concept high school.
   The 465,000-sq-ft. school incorporates
six houses, each with a little more than
400 students. Each house has its own ad-
ministrative area, which includes an as-
sistant principal, a counselor and staff
workrooms. The communities also in-
clude classrooms, science labs, large and
small group collaboration areas and other
spaces that allow for student interaction
in smaller groups.
   The design of the instruction areas con-    maintained during and after construc-
tributes toward the school’s collaborative     tion, and the heavily wooded site was sub-   Key Facts
learning environment. Classrooms within        ject to stringent landscape and tree ordi-   Submitted by: PBK
each house have been designed in an            nances. A site redesign was required sev-
                                                                                            Owner: Clear Creek ISD, League City
“S”shape. Unlike the traditional box that      eral times to satisfy tree removal ordi-
                                                                                            General contractor: Gilbane Building
has defined classroom layouts for centuries,   nances and eliminate costly tree replace-
                                                                                            Co., Houston
the configuration provides a more versatile    ment. In addition, the U.S. Army Corps
                                                                                            Architect: PBK Architects, Houston
working space for teaching methodologies       of Engineers was involved in the planning
associated with smaller group learning ac-     process while working through federal        Structural engineer: Jones Borne
                                                                                            Engineers, Humble
tivities. By simply reconfiguring furniture    waterway and wetland issues.
arrangements and utilizing angles offered                                                   Civil and MEP engineer: PBK Engineers,
by the S-orientation of the classroom, edu-                                                 Houston

cators can quickly organize small learning                                                  Mechanical contractor: CFI Mechanical
clusters to facilitate different curriculums                                                Inc., Houston

within the same room.                                                                       Electrical contractor: Walker
   The site’s surrounding wetlands re-                                                      Engineering, Houston
quired the design team to configure the
design in order to fit along a small, nar-
row site near Clear Creek, while still ad-
hering to strict city ordinances. The sur-
rounding natural wetlands had to be

                                               51   Texas Construction   12/ 2008
                           BEST OF                   Waxahachie Global High School,
           2008            AWARDS
                                                     BEST OF AWARD: K–12 Renovation/Restoration, Design

The Waxahachie Global High School
design team faced a difficult task: trans-
form the dated, World War I facility into a
modern high school while maintaining
its original design characteristics and pre-
serving its historical significance. Many of
its graduates still lived in the community
and did not want to see the landmark
building demolished.
   To understand what the school’s original
windows looked like, the architect, Huck-
abee of Fort Worth, researched the histori-
cal architecture of the building and also un-
covered one remaining window that the
team was able to match. The team also was
able to discern the original paint color un-
der layers of old paint. Through this           used by administrators during the plan-
process, designers were able to accurately      ning stages of the curriculum and cam-     Key Facts
portray the historical design features. The     pus opening. In phase two, renovations     Submitted by: Huckabee
windows were replaced with new windows          were made to the first and second floors
                                                                                           Owner: Waxahachie Independent School
with low-e, high-energy-efficiency glass. In-   to complete the transformation.            District, Waxahachie
terior solar screens were also placed on the
                                                                                           Architect and structural engineer:
windows to give students and teachers the                                                  Huckabee, Fort Worth
option to control the amount of natural
                                                                                           General contractor: Buford-Thompson
light inside the classrooms.                                                               Co., Arlington
   The Huckabee team also refurbished
                                                                                           Roofing consultant: ARMKO Industries
the original hard wood and concrete                                                        Inc., Flower Mound
floors and exposed ceilings as well as re-
                                                                                           MEP engineer: Estes, McClure and
placed doors and lighting fixtures with
                                                                                           Associates, Tyler
historically accurate materials.
                                                                                           Geotechnical engineer: Fugro
   The renovations took two construction
                                                                                           Consultants Inc., Fort Worth
phases. Phase one renovated the third
                                                                                           Electrical contractor: Bean Electrical
floor classrooms, lecture hall and student
                                                                                           Inc., Fort Worth
alcoves. This allowed the new floor to be
                                                                                           Plumbing and HVAC contractor: Premier
                                                                                           Services, Terrell
                                                                                           Demolition contractor: T&B Demolition,

                                                53   Texas Construction   12/ 2008
                            BEST OF                    Sally Cheever Girl Scout
           2008             AWARDS
                                                       Leadership Center, San Antonio
                                                                                   BEST OF AWARD: Nonprofit, Design

Designed for the Girl Scout Council
of the San Antonio Region, this 30,000-
sq-ft regional headquarters serves the San
Antonio area and nine surrounding coun-
ties. The mission of the facility is to em-
brace the spirit of the Girl Scouts - char-
acter, confidence and courage - and to
maximize sustainability.
   All of the funds for the building were
raised through donations from the com-
munity and matching grants. With a lim-
ited budget, all spaces and building com-
ponents were measured carefully for ef-
fectiveness. Activity spaces were designed
for multiple uses. The cookie warehouse,
for example, also serves as a meeting
room, activity space and overnight camp-          sponds with optimized solar orientation,
ing room for the girls.                           energy-efficient roofing and skin materi-     Key Facts
   The building was designed to be a part         als, natural landscaping and a rainwater      Submitted by: Marmon Mok Architecture
of the site, not an institutional office build-   collection system. Rainwater and water
                                                                                                Owner: Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas,
ing. The exterior is stone, siding and met-       generated by rooftop condensation units       San Antonio
al panel construction that is reflective of       is collected and stored in two, 8,600-gal-
                                                                                                General contractor/construction manager:
agrarian, hill country buildings. The struc-      lon tanks. Pumps pressurize water and         The Keller-Martin Organization Inc., San
ture is sited to flank the front portion of the   provide adequate pressure for landscape       Antonio
site, leaving native trees between it and the     irrigation. The irrigation pipes are purple   Architect: Marmon Mok, San Antonio
street and preserving the majority of the         to indicate that the water is nopotable.
                                                                                                Civil engineer: Pape-Dawson Engineers,
site as an open area behind the building.                                                       San Antonio
The building has two main elements con-
                                                                                                Landscape architect: CFZ Group,
nected by an open lobby space that serves
                                                                                                San Antonio
as a portal from the front entrance through
                                                                                                MEP engineer: Cleary Zimmermann
the building to the nature area behind it.
                                                                                                Engineers, San Antonio
An amphitheater for outdoor activities
                                                                                                Structural engineer: Alpha Consulting
greets visitors as they walk through the
                                                                                                Engineers, San Antonio
building into the natural setting beyond.
   Sustainability is part of the Girl Scouts’
education program, and the building re-

                                                  55   Texas Construction   12/ 2008
                          BEST OF                   Hunt Oil Corporate Headquarters,
          2008            AWARDS
                                                                   BEST OF AWARD: Office/Corporate, Design

The new 475,000-sq.-ft. 14-story
Hunt Oil Corporate Headquarters con-
tains offices, conference rooms and break
rooms. The building’s focal point is its
majestic glass "sail" and cylinder element
that have a pronounced presence at the
north side. The design metaphorically
suggests a drill laboring through the
earth’s strata. A room with dining capacity
for 150 tops the cylinder and is used to en-
tertain guests. This "Treaty Room" takes
advantage of downtown views. The com-
plex also includes a seven-level structured       For long-term durability and water
parking garage and pedestrian sky bridge       tightness, a shop-fabricated, unitized cur-   Key Facts
directly to the south.                         tainwall system was developed integrating     Submitted by: The Beck Group
   Executing the complex ellipse and sail      granite and glass. In order to achieve max-
                                                                                             Owner: Hunt Consolidated Inc., Dallas
design concept was the source of lengthy       imum light and views into the space while
                                                                                             Architect: The Beck Group, Dallas
problem solving for the entire team and        controling heat levels and satisfy energy
required close collaboration across disci-     codes, full height, 10-ft fritted glass was   General contractor: Austin Commercial,
plines. In order to help technically resolve   used on the top and bottom zones.
the intersection of the cylinder and the                                                     Interior design: Gensler, Dallas
sail, the curtainwall subcontractor and                                                      Structural engineer: Brockette Davis
two specialized curtainwall consultants                                                      Drake, Dallas
were brought in early in the process. The                                                    Civil engineer: Raymond L. Goodson,
team worked over a period of months on                                                       Dallas
complicated geometry and engineering                                                         MEP engineer: James Johnston and
questions. Designing the cantilever and                                                      Associates, Dallas
figuring out how to safely support the                                                       Landscape designer: TBG Partners,
weight of the glass were difficult issues to                                                 Austin
solve. The team finally developed the 70-                                                    Curtainwall: CDC, Dallas, and B.J.
ft-long truss design, custom-rolled tube                                                     Swango Consulting, Dallas
element and an elaborate back structure.
To ensure correct construction, members
of the general contractor, Austin Com-
mercial of Dallas, joined Beck’s designers
early in the process and worked closely
with them throughout the project.

                                               57   Texas Construction   12/ 2008
                             BEST OF              Tom Muehlenbeck Center, Plano
           2008              AWARDS                                               BEST OF AWARD: Public, Design

                                             lane lap pool; jogging track; and an out-
                                             door leisure pool.
                                                Designers and project stakeholders de-
A wetland creek was the chief obsta-         cided early in the process that the creek       The project’s design was developed
cle during the design of the 80,000 sq ft    was to be saved and embraced. Pragmati-       through a series of meetings with officials
of buildings. The recreation center’s cam-   cally, it was considered jurisdictional wa-   and numerous stakeholders. The general
pus includes a double gymnasium; multi-      ter, and so modifying it to any substantial   public was engaged on multiple levels.
purpose meeting spaces; babysitting area;    degree would likely delay the project         Neighborhood concerns were recorded
game room; lounge spaces; indoor eight-      through federal permitting process. A hy-     and addressed. Various groups and clubs
                                             drological study was performed defining       such as swim teams, senior citizens and a
                                             the footprint of the wetlands and provid-     table tennis club were invited to provide
  Key Facts                                  ing a tangible floodway basis for design.     direct input.
  Submitted by: Brinkley Sargent                Because the creek bisects the site, the
  Architects                                 program would have to somehow traverse
  Owner: City of Plano, Plano                it to fit. Designers placed the parking on
  General contractor: CORE Construction,
                                             one side and the building on the other,
  Frisco                                     connecting the two spaces by bridges. In
                                             this way, visitors directly engage the wet-
  Architect of record: Brinkley Sargent
  Architects, Dallas                         land by driving and walking across it each
                                             time they visit the center. All the while,
  Design architect: Moody Nolan,
  Columbus, Ohio                             the wetland area is protected from human
                                             intervention and left in its natural state.
  Structural engineer: Stenstrom
  Schneider Inc., Dallas
                                             Parking lot run-off is pre-filtered in
                                             bioswales before entering the wetland.
  Civil engineer: Teague Nall and Perkins,
  Fort Worth
  MEP engineer: M-E Engineers, Wheat
  Ridge, Co.
  Mechanical contractor: H&G Systems,
  Electrical contractor: Groves Electrical
  Service Inc., Farmers Branch
  Aquatic design: Counsilman/Hunsaker &
  Associates., St. Louis, Mo.
  Landscape and site design: MESA
  Design Group, Dallas
  Pool contractor: Sunbelt Pools, Dallas
  Interior design: Brinkley Sargent
  Architects, Dallas
  Acoustical consultant: Acoustic Design
  Associates Inc., Dallas
  Glass art: Ray King Studios,
  Philadelphia, Penn.

                                             59   Texas Construction   12/ 2008
                             BEST OF                 St. Michael the Archangel Catholic
           2008              AWARDS
                                                     Church, McKinney
                                                                                     BEST OF AWARD: Worship, Design

                                                structed by Beck, includes a 1,000-seat
                                                sanctuary and chapel. The 36,400-sq-ft
                                                building’s simple, traditional, cruciform
                                                design contrasted with the unique forms       lowed Beck to postpone construction of
                                                and materials used in the areas of the        the slab-on-grade until after the tilt pan-
                                                building representing the sacraments.         els were completed.
The master plan and expansion of                   The small site dictated a unique tilt-        For the baptismal bowl/fountain, the
St. Michael the Archangel Catholic              wall erection method. Because of its prox-    process of constructing the fountain was
Church serves a congregation that has           imity to an existing building, the Beck       not specified. Beck had to find a foundry
been in existence since the late 1800s.         team could not walk the tilt-wall panels      to create the mold and cast it. Beck also
Phase one, which was designed and con-          into place using a crane, as is the usual     had to identify a consultant to braze the
                                                manner. As a result, the panels were cast     bowl that sits inside the limestone ellipti-
                                                outside of the building footprint, close to   cal base.
  Key Facts                                     the existing sanctuary. At times, Beck had
  Submitted by: The Beck Group                  to rotate the panels a full 90 degrees to
                                                avoid hitting the existing facility.
  Owner: St. Michael the Archangel
  Catholic Church, McKinney
                                                   Another challenge arose during the
                                                construction and positioning of the inter-
  General contractor and architect: The
                                                nal bracing. These elements had to con-
  Beck Group, Tampa, Fla.
                                                nect back to the inside of the slab on the
  Acoustical consultant: Acoustic
                                                tilt panels until the roof-exposed wood
  Dimensions, Dallas
                                                decking was installed. This technique
  Landscape architect and civil engineer:       created a diaphragm that provided the
  Halff Associates, Dallas
                                                bracing with lateral stability, which al-
  Landscape contractor: Parkway
  Landscape, Dallas

  Structural engineer: Hart, Gaugler and
  Associates Inc., Dallas
  Steel manufacturer: Crist Industries Inc.,
  Fort Worth

  Mechanical and plumbing engineer:
  Telios Corp., Dallas

  Mechanical contractor: MIINC
  Mechanical Contractors, Richardson

  Electrical contractor: Prism Electric Inc.,

  Masonry contractor: Garland Masonry,

  Millwork contractor: MEDCO
  Construction LLC, Dallas

  Demolition/earthwork contractor: Weir
  Brothers, Dallas

                                                61   Texas Construction   12/ 2008
              BEST OF             Baylor University Medical Center

  2008        AWARDS
                                  Emergency Department, Dallas

                                                    EXCELLENCE AWARD: Health Care

Recent work at the Baylor University Med-           seamless service.
ical Center at Dallas resulted in the expan-           Medical gasses, emergency power,
sion and renovation of a crowded, 33,000-sq-        nurse call, fire alarm and patient monitor-
ft emergency department into a 78,000-sq-ft         ing systems had to remain active while in-
                                                                                                   Key Facts
facility. The new emergency department al-          tercepting and expanding the systems into
                                                                                                   Submitted by: MEDCO Construction
so includes private rooms for patients, effi-       newly renovated spaces. A complete me-
cient staff space and the features needed to        chanical pump room servicing two hospi-        Owner: Baylor Health Care System,
allow it to function as a stand-alone facility in   tals was entirely relocated without any sig-
                                                                                                   General contractor: MEDCO Construction
case of a mass disaster.                            nificant interruption to the building or its
                                                                                                   LLC, Dallas
   To triple the existing facility’s treatment      occupants.
                                                                                                   Architects: FreemanWhite, Charlotte,
capacity, several existing departments                 Infection control concerns were ad-         N.C., and t. howard + associates, Dallas
were relocated in their entirety. Some of           dressed daily throughout the construction
                                                                                                   Structural and civil engineer: R. L.
the relocations included complete me-               process. Special partitions were construct-    Goodson Inc., Dallas
chanical and electrical rooms, and the              ed and negative air pressure environments      MEP engineer: Meinhardt Consulting
moves had to be made with little or no in-          were created to avoid contamination of air     Engineers, Dallas
terruption in service for the existing emer-        in patient treatment areas.                    Mechanical contractor: TDIndustries,
gency department. Complex planning and                                                             Dallas
off-hour tie-ins were required to maintain

              BEST OF             UT Southwestern Medical Center

  2008        AWARDS
                                  Research Lab & Support Bldg,
                                          EXCELLENCE AWARD: Higher Education

The new University of Texas Southwest-              ensure leak-proof installation. The mock-
ern Medical Center Laboratory Research              up was helpful in another way as well: af-
and Support Building’s proximity to an ex-          ter viewing the mockup, the owner real-
isting building meant crews had to care-            ized it disliked the color and requested to
                                                                                                   Key Facts
fully coordinate activities to minimize im-         change the curtain wall and exterior metal
                                                                                                   Submitted by: McCarthy Building Cos.
pact on the building’s occupants.                   panel system. Ordering these new colored
   The new five-story, 80,853-sq-ft labora-         components caused a long delay. Howev-         Owner: University of Texas Southwestern
                                                                                                   Medical Center at Dallas, Dallas
tory research space at the university’s             er, work had to continue on the inside of
south campus connects to the south end              the building in order to stay on schedule,     General contractor: McCarthy Building
                                                                                                   Cos. Inc., Addison
of Building J. The field team took meas-            so an elaborate temporary building enclo-
                                                    sure system was installed to waterproof        Architect: Perkins+Will, Dallas
ures to control noise, vibration, and even
odor, all of which can have an effect on            the building while crews waited for the        Structural engineer: Structures +
                                                                                                   Haynes Whaley LLC, Austin
sensitive research processes.                       new exterior skin system to arrive.
   The McCarthy team worked with its                                                               Civil engineer: Pacheco Koch Consulting
                                                                                                   Engineers, Dallas
subcontractors to produce exterior build-
ing mock-ups. The mock-ups were water-                                                             MEP engineer: HMG and Associates
                                                                                                   Inc., Austin
tested to allow for a complete understand-
ing of the skin system components and

                                                    63   Texas Construction   12/ 2008
                                                        BEST OF            Houston Baptist University

                                            2008        AWARDS
                                                                           Student Housing, Houston

                                                                                  EXCELLENCE AWARD: Higher Education

                                           The newest dormitory on the Houston rary housing if the finish date was not
                                           Baptist University campus is a six-story,       met. To meet the accelerated schedule re-
                                           130,000-sq-ft structure designed on a ra-       quirements and achieve an August move-
                                           dius with a brick exterior, punched win-        in date, the entire team worked six-day
Key Facts
                                           dows and metal roof.                            weeks throughout the life of the project.
Submitted by: Tellepsen Builders
                                              The project’s design on a radius             Manpower was increased at critical times
Owner: Houston Baptist University,         brought with it challenges to the layout of     with the workforce exceeding 200 people
Houston                                    all components of the construction. To          with extended shifts. Subcontractors were
Construction manager: ChurchWorx,          ensure layout of all components were ac-        pre-selected early and provided valuable
Houston                                    curate, Tellepsen kept a full-time layout       scheduling, material selection and se-
General contractor: Tellepsen Builders,    engineer onsite for the duration of the         quencing expertise.
Houston                                    project to assist all subcontractors and en-
Architect: Gensler, Houston                sure all components of the building were
Structural engineer: Haynes Whaley         coordinated and positioned correctly.
Associates Inc., Houston                      A tight, 392-day construction schedule
Civil engineer: Andrew Lonnie Sikes        was threatened by 55 bad weather days
Inc., Houston                              and a looming move-in date for students,
                                           who would have to be placed in tempo-

                                                        BEST OF            Houston Community College

                                            2008        AWARDS
                                                                           Learning Hub & Science Building,
                                                                                  EXCELLENCE AWARD: Higher Education

                                           The Houston Community College used in the stairway that accesses the sec-
                                           Learning Hub and Science Building is a          ond floor of the building and the exposed
                                           four-story, cast-in-place, 124,000-sq-ft stu-   concrete columns in the library portion
                                           dent learning hub in the middle of a fully      of the project. The project team painstak-
Key Facts
                                           functional campus. The construction site        ingly reviewed several mix designs to
Submitted by: Tellepsen Builders
                                           was surrounded on three sides by stu-           minimize air bubbles and air pockets and
Owner: Houston Community College,
                                           dents and faculty and a major thorough-         fabricated several mock-ups to meet the
                                           fare on the fourth side that stayed con-        intent of the architect’s design and main-
General contractor: Tellepsen Builders,
Houston                                    gested with vehicular traffic. Crews mini-      tain a consistent finish throughout the
                                           mized disruptions by keeping adminis-           project. Pre-pour checklists were created
Architect: Kirksey Architecture, Houston
                                           trative staff onsite and coordinating week-     and strictly adhered to for assurance that
Structural engineer: Jaster-Quintanilla
Houston LLP, Houston                       ly meetings between the entire project          each exposed area would be of the high-
Civil engineer: Othon Inc. Consulting
                                           team. Adjacent areas and access roads to        est quality and match the other exposed
Engineers, Houston                         the jobsite were maintained and cleaned         concrete areas.
MEP engineer: E&C Engineers and            daily to ensure minimal disruptions to
Consultants, Houston                       surrounding activity.
Mechanical: The MLN Co., Houston              One of the unique features of the
                                           building design is the exposed concrete

                                           64   Texas Construction   12/ 2008
             BEST OF            Marriott Solana, Westlake

 2008        AWARDS
                                                 EXCELLENCE AWARD: Hospitality

The 66,280-sq-ft expansion of the ex-            project engineers pondered the idea of
isting Marriott in Westlake includes a           “just vacuuming the loose rock out.” After
new seven-story wing to the hotel, adding        some further investigation and due dili-
94 rooms, a fitness center, junior ball-         gence, that is exactly what the team did.
                                                                                                Key Facts
room, boardroom, pre-function space and          Crews cleared the site using a hydro-exca-
                                                                                                Submitted by: Constructors & Associates
an outdoor terrace.                              vation truck traditionally used for the ex-
   An early setback during the foundation        cavation of soil for utility installations.    Owner: Maguire Partners, Westlake

construction threatened to delay the proj-       Once the solution had been found, it took      General contractor: Constructors and
                                                                                                Associates Inc., Dallas
ect and cut deeply into the project's con-       the team only one week to finalize the lo-
tingency. As crews were drilling piers to        gistics, test the equipment and remove         Architects: HKS Inc, Dallas; Rottet
                                                                                                Studio, Los Angeles and Legorreta +
support the new structure, the team en-          the debris with minimal impact to the          Legorreta, Mexico
countered loose rock. Because piers need         project contingency.
                                                                                                Structural engineer: Ingenium Inc.,
solid ground to secure them, the site                                                           Houston
needed to be cleared of any loose debris.
                                                                                                MEP engineer: Blum Consulting
Traditional method of clearing the site                                                         Engineers, Dallas
with backhoes and dump trucks would                                                             Mechanical/plumbing contractor: Decker
add several weeks to the schedule. During                                                       Mechanical, Cedar Hill
a discussion over the situation, one of the

             BEST OF            Courtyard by Marriott, Pearland

 2008        AWARDS
                                                 EXCELLENCE AWARD: Hospitality

The construction of the 110-room,                utilities could be coordinated and in-
75,000-sq-ft Courtyard by Marriott Hotel         stalled around this area of the project.
was complicated by its location above the        During this time, many of the utilities
retail area of Pearland Towne Center--a          were relocated multiple times to work
                                                                                                Key Facts
143-acre, 1.5-million-sq-ft outdoor retail       around EBCO's swimming pool and pool
                                                                                                Submitted by: EBCO
and lifestyle center.                            equipment building. As part of that coor-
                                                                                                Owner: Pearland Towne Center,
   The new hotel's construction was locat-       dination, the swimming pool was relocat-
ed one story off the ground and atop a           ed to allow more space for the utility ease-
                                                                                                General contractor: EBCO General
slab already constructed. Only one side of       ments for the retail complex.                  Contractor Ltd., Cameron
the hotel was accessible for any kind of                                                        Architect: Mayse & Associates Inc., Dallas
equipment because the retail roof extend-
                                                                                                Structural engineer: McHale Engineering,
ed past the hotel footprint on three sides.                                                     Plano
Also, for a good portion of the project, the                                                    Civil engineer: Carter & Burgess Inc.,
retail contractors required EBCO's only                                                         Houston (now Jacobs Carter Burgess)
accessible side of the building for the bulk                                                    MEP engineer: Halff Associates, Dallas
of all site utilities feeding the retail areas                                                  Mechanical contractor: Raintree
on the south end of the property.                                                               Construction Inc., Austin
   It was three months before all retail

                                                 65   Texas Construction   12/ 2008
                                                        BEST OF            Advanced Micro Devices Lone

                                            2008        AWARDS
                                                                           Star, Austin

                                                                                    EXCELLENCE AWARD: Office/Corporate

                                           The owner's request that much of the             were staged in areas that would ultimate-
                                           Advanced Micro Devices Lone Star's 58-           ly be affected by the buildings' construc-
                                           acre project site remain undisturbed             tion. Austin Commercial strategically
                                           meant Austin Commercial had to imple-            placed a job trailer on the future site of a
Key Facts
                                           ment creative construction and material          basketball court to further reduce the
Submitted by: Austin Commercial
                                           staging methods.                                 amount of site disturbance.
Owner: Advanced Micro Devices,                Although tempted to spread out across            As a candidate for LEED gold certifica-
Austin                                     the site during construction of the corpo-       tion, the project includes one of the
General contractor: Austin Commercial,     rate campus, Austin Commercial, in               world's largest rainwater collection sys-
Dallas                                     some locations, kept all activities within       tems, with a capacity of more than 1.2
Architect: Graeber, Simmons & Cowan,       10 ft of the buildings. Advanced Micro           million gallons harvested from rooftops
Austin                                     Devices's goal was to preserve 20% more          and garages. To assist in storm-water
Structural engineers: Paul Koehler         land than what was allowable by zoning.          management, Austin Commercial in-
Brown, Austin; and Jaster-Quintanilla,     The contractor fenced portions of the site       stalled innovative berms and vegetated fil-
Austin                                                                                      ter strips to facilitate rainwater absorption
                                           to remain undistributed and located con-
MEP engineer: Michael E. James &           struction activities in strategic areas of the   across the site.
Associates, Austin                         site. Cranes were erected and operated on
                                           building pads and construction materials

                                                        BEST OF            Fidelity Express Headquarters,

                                            2008        AWARDS
                                                                           Sulphur Springs

                                                                                    EXCELLENCE AWARD: Office/Corporate

                                           By working overtime, crews were able ished drain is approximately 600 ft long
                                           to keep construction of the new 35,000-          and runs under the parking lot and
                                           sq-ft facility for financial services firm Fi-   around the building's east side.
                                           delity Express on schedule, despite an un-          The site required 8 ft of select fill. Its lo-
Key Facts
                                           expected early site survey redesign and 30       cation was between a creek and a hillside
Submitted by: Harrison, Walker & Harper
                                           bad-weather days.                                with numerous underground springs.
Owner: Fidelity Express, Sulphur Springs      Work included construction of two             Massive drainage kept the site muddy and
General contractor: Harrison, Walker &     joined buildings: a 23,680-sq-ft office          difficult to work. To keep the site dry, a
Harper, Paris                              building and an 11,094-sq-ft warehouse.          temporary 4-ft-tall berm was built around
Architect: Alton Parker Associates,        The two buildings are separated by a             the entire site.
Dallas                                     three-hour firewall.                                The design-build partnership between
HVAC contractor: A&S Air Conditioning,        A difficult site was among the project's      Harrison, Walker & Harper and Alton
Sulphur Springs                            challenges. A creek and sewer easement           Parker Associates resulted in no signifi-
Fire alarm systems: Advance Alarm and      bisecting the site diagonally had to be          cant change orders. The team finished
Electronics Inc., Paris                    temporarily diverted off site while the          the project on time and returned $68,000
Plumbing contractor: Blake Plumbing,       project team constructed an 8-ft-wide by         to the owner upon completion.
Paris                                      4-ft-tall storm drain. It was built on site
                                           using poured-in-place concrete. The fin-

                                           66   Texas Construction   12/ 2008
            BEST OF           Fox Network Center - Houston,

 2008       AWARDS
                              The Woodlands

                                       EXCELLENCE AWARD: Office/Corporate

The new 191,640-sq-ft campus-style             tem was designed to withstand large and
Fox Network Center is the largest master       small missile impact.
control center in the country. It includes a      One of the facility's unique aspects is
two-story broadcast distribution facility, a   its roof. Its only penetrations are well-
                                                                                             Key Facts
central plant and an antennae farm serv-       sealed roof hatches, The mechanical
                                                                                             Submitted by: Gilbane Building
ing all Fox Sports networks.                   equipment is located at ground level and
   Design and construction of the net-         vented out the sides of the building to       Owner: Fox Networks, Los Angeles, Calif.
work broadcast control center complies         minimize the potential risk of equipment      Construction manager: Gilbane Building
with the stringent hurricane resistant         blowing off the roof and damaging the         Co., Houston
standards set forth in the building code of    structure or nearby antenna yard. In addi-    Architect: Archcentric P.C., Greenwood
Florida's Miami-Dade County.                   tion, high- parapet walls diminish the        Village, Colo.
   The facility was designed to withstand a    roof's uplift.                                Structural engineer: Martin/Martin
minimum of a category two Hurricane,                                                         Consulting Engineers, Lakewood, Colo.
with winds of 100 mi per hour. The struc-                                                    Civil engineer: Vogt Engineering LP,
ture is steel and pre-cast concrete panels                                                   Shenandoah
that are 8-in. thick. Mechanical penetra-                                                    MEP engineer: EYP Mission Critical
tions are specially designed to resist water                                                 Facilities, Los Angeles
intrusion. The center's curtainwall sys-

            BEST OF           Armed Forces Reserve Center at

 2008       AWARDS
                              Ellington Field, Houston

                                                    EXCELLENCE AWARD: Public

The airport at Ellington Field in Hous-        new structure is a two-story, 148,000-sq-ft
ton, opened in 1917, was once the na-          building for training Army, Marine and
tion's premiere aviation training facility     Navy reservists.
for armed forces personnel. When World            At the start of the AFRC design
                                                                                             Key Facts
War I ended, however, the need for such        charettes, the undersecretary for army
                                                                                             Submitted by: SpawGlass
a heavily occupied military base dimin-        procurement mandated that there would
ished and Ellington Field slowly fell into     be no changes to the budget. Throughout       Owner: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers,
                                                                                             Louisville, Ky.
decline.                                       the entire course of the project – from de-
                                               sign and beyond construction – the initial    General contractor: SpawGlass
   The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers de-
                                                                                             Construction Corp., Houston
cided to give Ellington Field a modern         budget was adjusted only twice: once for a
                                                                                             Architect: Gensler, Houston
transformation. It includes the new            single value-engineering credit to the gov-
Armed Forces Reserve Center, which             ernment and again for a single addition.      Structural engineer: Walter P Moore
                                                                                             and Associates Inc., Houston
SpawGlass constructed through a design-
build partnership with Gensler. The                                                          MEP engineer: I.A. Naman + Associates,
AFRC allows various recruiting and re-
serve units previously scattered about                                                       Mechanical contractor: The MLN Co.,
Houston in several old buildings to be
consolidated into a single facility. The

                                               67   Texas Construction   12/ 2008
            BEST OF           Dallas Animal Shelter, Dallas

 2008       AWARDS
                                                    EXCELLENCE AWARD: Public

The new 52,000-sq-ft Dallas Animal The energy for the system is generated by
Shelter offers capacity for nearly 800 dogs   a wind turbine that is located at the north
and cats and includes an adoption area,       end of the row of planters. This also has a
holding areas and 12 “get acquainted”         double function as an outdoor sculpture,
                                                                                            Key Facts
rooms. The new shelter replaces the for-      adding a touch of whimsy to the sur-
                                                                                            Submitted by: Alshall Construction
mer shelter, which could offer space to       roundings.
only 400 animals.                                                                           Owner: Department of Public Works,
   The facility was designed and built to
conform to the U.S. Green Building                                                          General contractor: Alshall Construction
                                                                                            Co., Carrollton
Council's LEED Silver guidelines. Fifty
percent of the building materials were de-                                                  Architect: Work Architecture, Dallas
rived from recycled content and 50% of                                                      Structural engineer: Charles Gojer &
the waste generated during construction                                                     Associates Inc., Dallas
was diverted from landfills. Six large                                                      Civil engineer: APM & Associates Inc.,
planters located in the public parking lot                                                  Dallas
house cells that are part of a wastewater                                                   MEP engineer: LOPEZGARCIA GROUP,
treatment system that will clean and                                                        Dallas
reuse up to 10,000 gallons of water a day.

            BEST OF           U.S. 277, Knox County, Munday

 2008       AWARDS
                                                    EXCELLENCE AWARD: Public

The Knox County U.S. 277 project in-          ing the project sequence so work could
cluded construction of four single-span       continue. Phase two was split into two
bridges, four MSE bridges and conver-         parts, allowing work to begin for phase
sion of a 10-mi stretch of U.S. Highway       three even though phase two was not yet
                                                                                            Key Facts
277 from two to four lanes.                   complete. The JCG project staff also de-
                                                                                            Submitted by: James Construction
   The James Construction Group project       veloped alternate traffic phasing schemes,
team had to address a six-month delay in      which included elimination of two un-
                                                                                            Owner: Texas Department of
the relocation of overhead and above-         necessary detours. The shortened project      Transportation, Childress District,
ground utilities. In addition, the crew en-   duration and saved the Texas DOT              Childress
countered utilities not indicated on the      $100,000.                                     General contractor: James Construction
project drawings, some of which were                                                        Group LLC, Belton
never relocated and had to be worked                                                        Engineer: Kennedy Consulting Ltd.,
around during construction. The utility                                                     McKinney
issues had a domino effect, preventing                                                      Concrete contractors: Garza Concrete
scheduled asphalt paving during two win-                                                    Construction, Vernon, and OK Concrete
ter seasons when this activity was critical                                                 Co., Vernon
to progress.                                                                                Reinforcing steel: Lofland Co., Dallas
   JCG addressed the situation by adjust-

                                              69   Texas Construction   12/ 2008
                                                         BEST OF            University of Texas at Austin UFCU

                                             2008        AWARDS
                                                                            Disch-Falk Field Renovation,
                                                                            EXCELLENCE AWARD: Renovation/Restoration

                                            Originally built in the 1970s, the Uni- facilities officials and created individual,
                                            versity of Texas at Austin's UFCU Disch-      detailed game-day plans for each of the 30
                                            Falk Field was in dire need of repair. The    home games. Each game required a spe-
                                            extensive renovation began in 2006 with       cial game-day construction staff to be on
Key Facts
                                            70,000 sq ft of new and renovated space       hand to assist stadium facilities personnel
Submitted by: Flintco
                                            that included abatement of existing as-       with electrical, audio, fire alarm, security
Owner: The University of Texas System,
                                            bestos-containing materials and lead-         and ingress and egress issues.
Office of Facilities, Planning and Con-
struction, Austin                           based paints; renovations and expansion
                                            to the seating areas; and the creation of a
General contractor: Flintco Inc., Austin
                                            modern press box with separate areas for
Design architect/architect of record: DLR
                                            writers, cameras and radio media.
Group, Omaha
                                               Deadlines were critical during the ren-
Construction administration/MEP design:
O'Connell Robertson, Austin
                                            ovation process. Not only was the com-
                                            pletion date a factor for the first 2008
Structural engineer: Walter P Moore and
Associates Inc., Austin                     game, but the facility was under construc-
                                            tion and in-use during the 2007 season.
Civil engineer: Martinez Wright &
Mendez, Austin                              To accommodate the 2007 season, the
                                            Flintco team worked closely with stadium

                                                         BEST OF            The House of Blues, Dallas

                                             2008        AWARDS
                                                                            EXCELLENCE AWARD: Renovation/Restoration

                                            Originally built in 1914 as a food pro- and musical venue's exterior.
                                            cessing facility, the 69,000-sq-ft White        Portions of the original building struc-
                                            Swan Building went through a number of        ture were salvaged and used in the new
                                            uses before its most recent renovation to     venue, but most of the materials were
Key Facts
                                            accommodate the House of Blues.               sold as high-value salvage. In particular,
Submitted by: The Beck Group
                                               The owner and tenant wanted to main-       the timber beams were stored and reused
Owner/developer: Hillwood Property
                                            tain as much of the original appearance       throughout the remaining interior
Group, Dallas
                                            of the façade as possible, requiring care-    spaces.
Tenant: House of Blues Entertainment
Inc., Hollywood, Calif.                     ful dismantling. The building was origi-
                                            nally constructed using gravity loaded,
Construction manager: The Beck Group,
Dallas                                      heavy-timber framing; meaning few
Architects: Corgan Associates, Dallas;
                                            nails were present in the structure. The
and Gensler, Dallas                         general interior demolition and surgical
Interior design (general): Gensler, Santa   dismantling of half of the building struc-
Monica, Calif.                              ture took 60 days. The exterior façade
Interior design (foundation room): Bruce    walls were temporarily braced on both
D. Robinson Architecture, Cincinnati        sides so that they would not topple and
                                            could be retained as the new restaurant

                                            70   Texas Construction   12/ 2008
            BEST OF           The Joule Hotel, Dallas

 2008       AWARDS
                               EXCELLENCE AWARD: Renovation/Restoration

Originally built in 1927 as the Dallas         constructed. All replacement stonework
National Bank, the 1530 Main Street            was hand-carved rather than mass-mold-
building is one of the last remaining ex-      ed and the metalwork was custom-cast
amples of Gothic Revival architecture in       bronze and iron.
                                                                                              Key Facts
Dallas. Its gradual deterioration was halt-       The only reminder of the original inte-
                                                                                              Submitted by: Balfour Beatty
ed with a complete renovation and              rior was the badly damaged Tennessee
restoration of the building, demolition of     pink marble lobby floor. Prior to restora-     Owner: Dunhill 1530 Main LP, Dallas

an adjacent plaza and construction of a        tion, the team created several mock-ups        General contractor: Balfour Beatty
                                                                                              Construction, Dallas
new 10-story structure.                        outlining the process for grinding, polish-
                                                                                              Construction manager: Juno Develop-
  Over the course of several remodels be-      ing and filling in nicks and abrasions.
                                                                                              ment, Dallas
tween 1927 and 2005, much of the build-        Finding the perfect match to the marble
                                                                                              Design architect: Tihany Design, New
ing’s original gothic elements and accents     for surrounding stone work and the re-         York
were damaged or removed and replaced           placement of damaged pieces was an is-         Architect of record: Architexas, Dallas
with simpler, more modern designs. Bal-        sue, but the architect of record and
                                                                                              Structural engineer: Jaster-Quintanilla
four Beatty’s renovation fully restored and    restoration consultant were able to find a     Dallas LLP, Dallas
reconstructed many of the elements.            perfect match to the vintage 1920s stone.      Mechanical and electrical engineer:
Most notably, in the main entry’s archway,                                                    Goetting and Associates, San Antonio
balconnettes and bronze doors were re-

            BEST OF           Johnson County Courthouse,

 2008       AWARDS

                               EXCELLENCE AWARD: Renovation/Restoration

The restoration of the 96-year-old                The stained-glass skylight at the apex of
Johnson County Courthouse is part of the       the courthouse’s atrium required special
Texas Historic Courthouse Preservation         attention. Removal of the skylight re-
Program authorized in June 1999 – the          quired construction of a four-story interi-
                                                                                              Key Facts
largest preservation grant program initiat-    or scaffold. Glass replacement and clean-
ed by a state government.                      ing took more than four months. Original       Submitted by: Harrison Walker & Harper

   The restoration included the complete       glass material was nonexistent, so the         Owner: Johnson County, Cleburne
replacement of the MEP systems; clean-         closest match possible, in color and tex-      General contractor: Harrison, Walker &
ing, repair and sealing of the exterior; a     ture, was made. Because it was so rare         Harper, Paris
new roof on two levels; restoration of the     and historical, even the smallest original     Architect: ArchiTexas, Dallas
stained-glass skylight and marble wain-        glass slivers were preserved on the re-        Historical preservation consultant: Texas
scoting; restoration of all windows and        paired skylight.                               Historical Commission, Austin
restoration of the dome and terra cotta.
                                                                                              Electrical contractor: Buffalo Gap
   Concealing mechanical equipment in a                                                       Electric, Buffalo Gap
historic building is no easy task. Carefully
                                                                                              Roofing contractor: Chamberlin Roofing
placed fur-downs and beams were con-                                                          and Waterproofing, Houston
structed to hide the intrusion while blend-
ing with the building’s interior design.

                                               71   Texas Construction   12/ 2008
            BEST OF           Weber Shandwick Worldwide,

 2008       AWARDS

                               EXCELLENCE AWARD: Renovation/Restoration

The renovation of this public relations        Internet connection and projection capa-
firm's 25,000-sq-ft office was performed       bilities.
between Dec. 1 and Dec. 31, 2007. Weber           To ensure the fast-track project re-
Shandwick Worldwide employees vacated          mained on schedule, MAPP crews held
                                                                                             Key Facts
the space, but the project team still had to   project meetings on a weekly basis with
work around other tenants in the down-         the owner, architect and subcontractors to    Submitted by: MAPP Construction

town Dallas high-rise.                         discuss progress, changes, schedule and       Owner: Weber Shandwick Worldwide,
   The tight timeline required innovative      cost.                                         Irving

scheduling and material procurement. To                                                      General contractor: MAPP Construction,
help ensure the project would not face                                                       Baton Rouge, La.

any delays, MAPP Construction ordered                                                        Architect: iNTERPRISE, Addison
the carpet before it had the contract.                                                       Engineer: Urban Engineering Inc.,
   Also, MAPP worked with Weber                                                              Addison
Shandwick to modernize the firm’s con-                                                       Fire protection: Western States Fire
ference table. Because the table was cus-                                                    Protection Co., Houston
tom made and had sentimental value to                                                        Mechanical contractor: New Generation
the client, MAPP to rough in electrical                                                      Mechanical, Dallas
and data wiring in the table to allow for

            BEST OF           Lake Travis High School &

 2008       AWARDS
                              Middle School, Austin

                               EXCELLENCE AWARD: Renovation/Restoration

The $65 million renovation of Lake             2008 spring semester. This avoided phas-
Travis High School and Middle School           ing the work over two summers and al-
was completed on time while keeping the        lowed the work to start two months earli-
entire 155-acre campus fully operational       er than planned. By taking advantage of
                                                                                             Key Facts
through two complete school years.             this earlier start date, crews were able to
                                                                                             Submitted by: American Constructors
  The scope of work included expanding         re-sequence other work, reduce the six-
                                                                                             Owner: Lake Travis ISD, Austin
the high school's capacity from 1,500 stu-     month schedule to five months and com-
dents to 2,500 students by adding 310,000      plete the kitchen/dining work prior to the    General contractor: American
                                                                                             Constructors Inc., Austin
sq ft of new building space and renovat-       start of school in the fall.
                                                                                             Architect: Pfluger Wiginton Hooker
ing 240,000 sq ft of the existing high                                                       Architects, Austin
school. A new weight room, middle
                                                                                             Structural engineer: Datum Engineers,
school gymnasium and indoor football                                                         Austin
practice facility were also added.                                                           Civil engineer: Baker-Aicklen and
  A six-month kitchen renovation and                                                         Associates, San Marcos
restoration was simplified by American                                                       MEP engineer: MEP Engineering, Austin
Constructors' plan to bring in a mobile                                                      Mechanical contractors: RM Mechanical,
food service company to serve hot meals                                                      Austin; and Mtech, Austin
for a six-week period at the end of the

                                               73   Texas Construction   12/ 2008
                                                      BEST OF            Universal Toyota Dealership,

                                          2008        AWARDS
                                                                         San Antonio

                                                                                              EXCELLENCE AWARD: Retail

                                         The new 91,000-sq-ft Universal Toy- als. Authentic windows were also restored
                                         ota dealership includes 60 service bays,       and installed in the barn. A barn pulley
                                         vehicle showroom and training facilities.      from the 1940s, discovered among the
                                         Sustainable features include a water           vintage wood, was also installed at the
Key Facts
                                         reclamation system that captures the con-      barn’s pinnacle. A special sprinkler had to
Submitted by: Koontz McCombs
                                         densate water from the rooftop units for       be installed due to the highly flammable
                                         reuse on the surrounding landscaping.          nature of the products used.
Owner: McCombs Family Ltd., San          The system provides an estimated 1,500            Universal Toyota’s new dealership is
                                         gallons of water per week.                     the largest USA II Toyota dealership in
General contractor: Koontz McCombs         Crews accommodated special requests          the Gulf States region.
Construction, San Antonio
                                         by the owner, including the construction
Architect: Guajardo & Associates,        of an authentic Texas barn built in the
San Antonio
                                         showroom. The structure was construct-
Structural engineer: Faraklas            ed from reclaimed long-leaf pine wood to
Engineering, San Antonio
                                         provide a conversation piece for cus-
Civil engineer: Hartnett Engineered      tomers and add charm to the showroom’s
Solutions Inc., San Antonio              interior. Builders sifted through 5,000 ft
                                         of old wood to obtain the needed materi-

                                                      BEST OF            CrossRoads Fellowship, Odessa

                                          2008        AWARDS
                                                                                            EXCELLENCE AWARD: Worship

                                         Budget savings realized through con-           CrossRoads Fellowship more than
                                         struction efficiencies allowed for addition-   $600,000, which was reinvested into the
                                         al project enhancements during construc-       scope of the project. One direct benefit of
                                         tion of the new 79,000-sq-ft CrossRoads        the savings was the installation of a more
Key Facts
                                         Fellowship. The new worship facility, for-     sophisticated, directed lighting system.
Submitted by: The Beck Group
                                         merly called Temple Baptist Church, in-        While the up-front cost of the system is
Owner: CrossRoads Fellowship, Odessa
                                         cludes a 1,050-seat worship center, chil-      higher, the overall life-cycle cost of operat-
Design-builder: The Beck Group, Dallas   dren and student ministry centers, adult       ing the directed system is lower, thereby
Structural engineer: Armstrong Douglas   education facilities, administrative space     saving the fellowship money.
Partners, Dallas
                                         and a 300-seat chapel.                            The 79,000-sq-ft facility was completed
Civil engineer: Landgraf Crutcher and       The $16 million, phase one budget was       in 14 months and exceeded the grand
Associates, Odessa
                                         based on funds raised and could not            opening date announced to the congrega-
Mechanical engineer and electrical
consultant: Telios Corp., Dallas
                                         budge. From the earliest days of design        tion before construction began.
                                         development, construction was involved
Acoustical contractor: Acoustic
Dimensions, Addison                      in assigning up-to-the-minute cost and
Mechanical contractor: Bosworth          identifying more cost-effective means of
Mechanical Contractors, Midland          achieving the same end vision. As a re-
                                         sult, The Beck Group was able to save

                                         74   Texas Construction   12/ 2008
             BEST OF           Butterfield Elementary School,

 2008       AWARDS

                                            EXCELLENCE AWARD: K–12, Design

The new Butterfield Elementary                  nearly two years later, the design team
School was constructed using an insulat-        and the contractor are convinced that it
ed concrete forming system – an ap-             turned out to be a better system than orig-
proach that had not been used in a Texas        inally anticipated.
                                                                                               Key Facts
school project.                                    The 12-month schedule, while usually
                                                                                               Submitted by: Huckabee
   Huckabee performed detailed research         sufficient for a typical elementary school,
of ICF, which promised to deliver the           initially proved daunting due to the use of    Owner: Sanger Independent School
benefits of a high-performance, energy-         the new, relatively unknown ICF system.        District, Sanger

efficient, structurally superior exterior       With the exception of a few scheduling con-    Architect and structural engineer:
wall system.                                    flicts noted by the contractor, the ICF wall   Huckabee, Fort Worth

   To ensure the Texas construction mar-        system, in the end, actually saved approxi-    General contractor: Plyler Construction,
ket was ready for the new product, the          mately one month in construction time.         Sherman
Huckabee team brought in four construc-                                                        Civil engineer: CHA, Sanger
tion companies, various manufacturers                                                          MEP engineer: Romine, Romine &
and multiple vendors for a discussion                                                          Burgess, Fort Worth
about ICF as it related to the new ele-                                                        Structural steel contractor: Plyler
mentary school project. The discussion                                                         Fabrication and Erection, Sherman
group accepted the forming system and,

             BEST OF           Hector P. Garcia Middle School,

 2008       AWARDS

                                            EXCELLENCE AWARD: K–12, Design

The available area for the new Hector           steel skyrocketed. The team made a
P. Garcia Middle School was a con-              strategic decision to change the primary
strained 13.4-acre site sloping as much as      structure of the school to cast-in-place
15 ft in opposite property corners. To fa-      concrete with limited steel structure for
                                                                                               Key Facts
cilitate the desired site program and park-     long-span program spaces such as the li-
                                                                                               Submitted by: Perkins+Will
ing requirements, the school is designed        brary, dining area and gymnasium.
                                                                                               Owner: Dallas Independent School
with a compact footprint and the program           It was difficult to quantify the end-re-
                                                                                               District, Dallas
distributed on three floor levels.              sult cost savings because the change was
                                                                                               Program manager: DMJM Management,
   The overall site plan identifies shared      made in the middle of the design phase,        Dallas
use of the site and building functions with     but the savings was estimated to be about      Construction manager: KJM & Associ-
other nearby educational facilities and the     $1.2 million.                                  ates, Dallas
larger surrounding community. The fully                                                        General contractor: Satterfield &
accessible facility is zoned strategically to                                                  Pontikes Construction Inc., Irving
allow public access to the gymnasium, li-                                                      Architect: Perkins+Will, Dallas
brary, cafeteria and performance venues                                                        Structural engineer: APM & Associates /
during or after school hours.                                                                  L.A. Fuess Partners, Dallas
   When Perkins+Will was in the early                                                          Civil engineer: APM & Associates, Dallas
stages of design development, the price of

                                                75   Texas Construction   12/ 2008
                                                         BEST OF            Pershing Middle School, Houston

                                             2008        AWARDS
                                                                                       EXCELLENCE AWARD: K–12, Design

                                            During the design of the new Pershing             Accommodations in the design allowed
                                            Middle School, designers studied the pos-      for minimal changes to the existing site
                                            sibility of saving a previously threatened     location, which lies within a flood plain.
                                            1940s natatorium. The natatorium was           It was imperative that the design comple-
Key Facts
                                            salvaged, renovated and integrated into        ment the existing residential community
Submitted by: PGAL
                                            the new 187,000-sq-ft school and 30,000-       that was established prior to the 1890s.
Owner: Houston Independent School           sq-ft gymnasium’s design.                      Retaining old-growth trees and the inher-
District, Houston                              The rescued structure represents the        ent character of the community was ac-
Program manager: Gilbane, Houston           only existing middle school natatorium in      complished.
General contractor: Miner-Dederick          the Houston Independent School District.
Construction, Houston                          Design elements that significantly in-
Architect: PGAL, Houston                    creased the natatorium’s usability includ-
Structural engineer: DYDA Structural
                                            ed the addition of natural lighting, new
Engineers, Houston                          exterior cladding and overall increased
                                            functionality. A full-size exterior basket-
Mechanical, electrical and civil
engineer: I.A. Naman + Associates,          ball court with new scoreboards, re-
Houston                                     tractable interior basketball goals and
                                            lockers complete the renovation.

                                                         BEST OF            Mansfield Legacy High School,

                                             2008        AWARDS

                                                                                       EXCELLENCE AWARD: K–12, Design

                                            Located in the second-fastest-growing          move to a three-story facility. The vertical
                                            school district in Texas, the design of the    solution significantly reduced the foot-
                                            new Mansfield Legacy High School faced         print of the building and minimized trav-
                                            hurdles before the first line was drawn.       el distances for students moving between
Key Facts
                                               Large sites, particularly for a 425,000-    classes. The three-story portion of the
Submitted by: Huckabee
                                            sq-ft facility with accompanying athletic      building focuses on core curriculum
Owner: Mansfield Independent School
                                            fields, field houses and thousands of          while extracurricular activities and elec-
District, Mansfield
                                            parking spaces, were becoming increas-         tives are pushed to the single-story ends
Architect: Huckabee, Fort Worth
                                            ingly difficult to obtain. The new high        of the campus.
General contractor: Hunt Construction
                                            school design for what would become the           The compact solution also addressed
Group, Dallas
                                            fourth high school in the district would al-   the client’s desire to be able to segregate
Structural engineer: Huckabee, Forney
                                            so become the new prototype for future         freshmen, if desired. The third story, with
Civil engineer: Adams Engineering,
                                            high school facilities.                        its central minicommons, offers the pos-
                                               That meant the design team had to de-       sibility of minimizing freshmen interac-
MEP engineer: Romine, Romine &
Burgess, Fort Worth                         velop a compact solution that would al-        tion with upperclassmen by opting for a
Geotechnical engineer: C & C Engineering,   low future designs to fit comfortably on       grade-level division of classroom func-
Dallas                                      small sites.                                   tions in lieu of the departmental divisions
                                               The design team’s solution was to           currently in use.

                                            76   Texas Construction   12/ 2008
             BEST OF           Center for the Sciences and

 2008       AWARDS
                               Student Services, St. Agnes
                               Academy, Houston
                                            EXCELLENCE AWARD: K–12, Design

The new Center for the Sciences and as efficiently as possible.
Student Services at St. Agnes Academy              Lobbies function as student lounges
celebrates the centennial anniversary of        and double as gathering and work spaces.
the 840-student, all-girls' college prepara-    Corridors are outfitted with built-in seat-
                                                                                              Key Facts
tory private school. The three-story build-     ing alcoves and power outlets to provide
                                                                                              Submitted by: Turner Partners
ing serves as a premier science laborato-       students the opportunity for individual
ry/lecture space and the campus' new en-        study.
                                                                                              Owner: St. Agnes Academy, Houston
trance housing the student services center.        The science classrooms, which were
                                                                                              Architect: Turner Partners Architecture,
   The structure is designed to be a low-       designed with maximum flexibility, allow
energy-consuming building. The rotunda          the opportunity for any of the various sci-
                                                                                              General contractor: Fretz Construction,
is partially tempered rather than condi-        ence classes (biology, chemistry, physics,    Houston
tioned by surrounding conditioned               or general science) to be taught in any or
                                                                                              MEP engineer: Holste and Associates,
spaces and by return air passing back to        all of the classrooms.                        Houston
the air handlers. The rotunda is protected
                                                                                              Structural engineer: Pinnacle Structural
against solar gain by insulated low-e                                                         Engineers, Houston
curved glass. The mechanical system is                                                        Civil engineer: Landtech Consultants
designed to provide comfort and high-                                                         Inc., Houston
quality indoor air for all occupied spaces

             BEST OF           Azure Condominium Tower,

 2008       AWARDS

                                    EXCELLENCE AWARD: Multifamily, Design

The new 31-story Azure high-rise is the            The project team overcame obstacles by
tallest condominium residence tower in          reorganizing the owner and general con-
Uptown and the first in the Harwood district.   tractor team and dividing responsibilities.
   The 375-ft tower, built in stone with        Contingency plans were updated daily
                                                                                              Key Facts
metal detailing and sheathed in blue-tint-      and tracked by the owner, and equal value
                                                                                              Submitted by: Harwood International
ed glass, is highlighted by a blue light that   or superior materials and labor were al-
illuminates the building façade. It has 156     ways made available.                          Owner: Harwood Living, Dallas

luxury homes, views of the Dallas skyline,         The team met milestones by imple-          Design architect: James KM Cheng
                                                menting additional staffing, accelerated      Architects Inc., Vancouver, B.C.
a junior Olympic swimming pool, fitness
center, private 18-seat film theater and        subcontractor schedules and the utiliza-      Architect of record: Perkins+Will, Dallas
landscaped podium gardens.                      tion of temporary power and dry-in.           General contractor: Balfour Beatty
   The landscaped and raised podium                                                           Construction, Dallas
supporting the pool and waterfalls pre-                                                       Landscape architect: SWA Group, Dallas
sented cost and scheduling challenges for                                                     Interior architect: Gensler, Dallas, and
the owner, design and construction team.                                                      Harwood Design Studio, Dallas
The fixtures, furnishings, equipment and                                                      Structural engineer: Thornton Tomasetti,
stone purchased overseas added logistical                                                     Dallas

                                                77   Texas Construction   12/ 2008
                                                          BEST OF           Cypress Creek Family YMCA

                                              2008        AWARDS
                                                                            Programs Building, Houston

                                                                                   EXCELLENCE AWARD: Nonprofit, Design

                                             The new 17,000-sq-ft Cypress Creek on transitioning gradually to surrounding
                                             Family YMCA Programs Building was              lower areas around the building. Accord-
                                             planned on an existing YMCA site, situat-      ingly, storm mitigation was re-evaluated,
                                             ing the building within the 100-year flood     enlarging the existing lake on the site.
Key Facts
                                             plain and the revised 10-year flood plain         The Programs Building serves approxi-
Submitted by: Brave/Architecture
                                             set up after Tropical Storm Allison and        mately 300 children for after-school and
Owner: YMCA of Greater Houston,              adopted in June 2007.                          summer programs. Clad in metal panels
                                                Often, the 10-year flood plain places       and stone, the pre-engineered steel struc-
General contractor: PrimeTex Corp.,
                                             more stringent conditions on the eleva-        ture offers flexibility in the floor plan's or-
                                             tion of the finished floor. In this case it    ganization, allowing all secondary pro-
Project manager: The Mathis Group,
Sugar Land                                   put the finished floor of the structure 24     grammatic spaces to orient around the
                                             in. above the base flood elevation. To meet    large exercise room.
Architect: Brave/Architecture, Houston
                                             this requirement, the slab was raised and
Structural engineer: CSF Civil, Structural
& Forensic Engineering Solutions, Hous-      the site regraded with approximately 5 ft
ton                                          of select fill.
Civil engineer: Johnston LLC, Houston           Because of the building's increase in el-
                                             evation, the landscaping design focused

                                             78   Texas Construction   12/ 2008
  BEST OF        Awards of Merit

            AWARD OF MERIT: Educational
            TSTC Industrial Technology Center, Waco
            Submitted by: Harrison Walker & Harper
            Owner: Texas State Technical College, Waco
            General contractor: Harrison, Walker & Harper, Paris
            Architect: BRW Architects, Dallas
            Roofing, demolition, carpentry, drywall and acoustical ceilings contractor: We Build, Paris
            Concrete contractor: Stephens and Sons Concrete, Paris

            AWARD OF MERIT: Health Care
            Children's Medical Center at Legacy, Plano
            Submitted by: Austin Commercial
            Owner: Children's Medical Center, Dallas
            General contractor: Austin Commercial, Dallas
            Architects: Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Partnership, Los Angeles, and PageSoutherlandPage, Dallas
            Glazing contractor: Oak Cliff Mirror and Glass Co., Dallas
            Flooring contractor: American Terrazzo Co., Garland
            Masonry contractor: DBI Inc., Garland
            Waterproofing contractor: Chamberlin Roofing and Waterproofing, Dallas

            AWARD OF MERIT: Higher Education
            University of Texas at El Paso Garage, El Paso
            Submitted by: C.F. Jordan
            Owner: UT System, Office of Facilities Planning and Construction, Austin
            General contractor: C.F. Jordan LP, El Paso
            Architect: Mijares-Mora Architects, El Paso
            Engineer: Robert Navarro & Associates, El Paso

            AWARD OF MERIT: Multifamily, Concrete
            Mosaic on Hermann Park, Houston
            Submitted by: Baker Concrete Construction
            Owner: Phillips Development & Realty, Houston
            General contractor: JE Dunn Construction, Houston
            Architect: The Preston Partnership, Atlanta
            Engineer: Echelon Engineering LLC, Atlanta
            Concrete contractor: Baker Concrete Construction, Houston
            Glazing contractor: Admiral Glass & Mirror Inc., Houston
            HVAC contractor: Atlas Comfort Systems, Houston

            79   Texas Construction     12/2008
  BEST OF        Awards of Merit

            AWARD OF MERIT: Office/Corporate
            Sysco Facility, Houston
            Submitted by: D.E. Harvey Builders
            Owner: Sysco Corp., Houston
            Developer: Hines, Houston
            General contractor: D.E. Harvey Builders, Houston
            Design architect: HOK, Houston
            Architect: Kendall/Heaton Associates, Houston
            Interior architect: Kirksey Architecture, Houston
            MEP engineer: I.A. Naman + Associates, Houston

            AWARD OF MERIT: Public
            State Highway 36, Cameron
            Submitted by: James Construction
            Owner: Texas Department of Transportation, Bryan District, Bryan
            General contractor: James Construction Group LLC, Belton
            Engineer: Parsons Brinckerhoff Quade & Douglas Inc., Dallas
            Erosion control: ABC Erosion Control Inc., Leander
            Paving contractor: Kellystone Inc., Pflugerville
            Sheet pile installation: MB Western Industrial Contracting Co., Pasadena
            Electrical contractor: Mica Corp., Fort Worth

            AWARD OF MERIT: Worship
            Lake Pointe Church Firewheel, Garland
            Submitted by: MEDCO Construction
            Owner: Lake Pointe Church, Rockwall
            General contractor: MEDCO Construction LLC, Dallas
            Architect: HH Architects, Dallas
            Structural engineer: Datum Engineers, Dallas
            Civil engineer: Halff Associates, Dallas
            MEP engineer: Blum Consulting Engineers, Dallas
            Concrete contractor: T.A.S. Commercial Concrete, Dallas

            AWARD OF MERIT: K–12, Design
            Carter Lomax Middle School, Pasadena
            Submitted by: Bay Architects
            Owner: Pasadena Independent School District, Pasadena
            Architect: Bay Architects, Houston
            Program manager: Jacobs Facilities, Pasadena
            General contractor: Skanska, Houston
            Structural engineer: Conti Jumper Gardner and Associates, Houston
            MEP engineer: Kalmans Marshall Engineering, Houston
            Civil engineer: Sparks-Barlow-Barnett, Pasadena

            81   Texas Construction    12/2008
  BEST OF        Awards of Merit

            AWARD OF MERIT: K–12, Design
            Katherine Smith Elementary, Houston
            Submitted by: Brave/Architecture
            Owner: Houston Independent School District Bond Office, Houston
            General contractor: Prime Contractors Inc., Houston
            Architect: Brave/Architecture, Houston
            Structural engineer: Matrix Structural Engineers, Houston
            Civil engineer: TTL Corp., Houston
            MEP engineer: Hirsch & Associates, Houston
            Mechanical contractor: MAA Mechanical Services, Houston

            AWARD OF MERIT: Public, Design
            South Central Police Station, Dallas
            Submitted by: Perkins+Will
            Owner: City of Dallas, Dallas
            General contractor: CORE Construction, Frisco
            Architects: Perkins+Will, Dallas, and Roth Sheppard Architects, Denver
            Structural engineer: L.A. Fuess Partners, Dallas
            Civil engineer: Charles Gojer & Associates Inc., Dallas
            MEP engineer: Meza-Piazza Engineering, Dallas

            AWARD OF MERIT: Public, Design
            Bernie Guerra Bridge, Houston
            Submitted by: Reynolds, Smith and Hills
            Owner: City of Houston and Texas Department of Transportation, Houston
            Design engineer: Reynolds, Smith and Hills Inc., Houston
            General contractor: Lone Star Road Construction, Houston
            Drilling contractor: WW Foundation Drilling, Houston
            Paving contractor: GMJ Paving Co., Houston
            Painting contractor: J.H. Painting Co., Houston
            Steel contractor: Martinez Steel, Sealy

            AWARD OF MERIT: Private, Design
            Laversab BTS, Sugar Land
            Submitted by: Powers Brown Architecture
            Owner: Laversab
            General contractor: E.E. Reed
            Architect: Powers Brown Architecture, Houston
            Civil engineer: TAC Worldwide, Houston
            MEP engineer: Project Solutions Engineering Inc., Houston
            Structural engineer: Bihner Chen Engineering, Houston
            Security consultant: Infrastruct Security, Houston

            83   Texas Construction   12/2008
  BEST OF        Awards of Merit

            AWARD OF MERIT: Worship, Design
            Chase Oaks Church, Plano
            Submitted by: F&S Partners
            Owner: Chase Oaks Church, Richardson
            General contractor: MEDCO Construction LLC, Dallas
            Architect: F&S Partners Inc., Dallas
            Structural engineer: Brockette Davis Drake, Dallas
            Civil engineer: BSM Engineers, Mesquite
            MEP engineer: Blum Consulting Engineers, Dallas
            Theming consultant: Haven Productions, Franklin, Tenn.

            AWARD OF MERIT: Public, Design
            Texas Department of Transportation Management Center,
            Submitted by: Rees Associates Inc.
            Owner: Texas Department of Transportation, Mesquite
            Architect: Rees Associates Inc., Dallas
            General contractor: Mitchell Enterprises Ltd., Sherman
            Structural engineer: Jaster-Quintanilla Inc., Dallas
            Mechanical engineer: Meza Engineering Inc., Dallas
            ITS engineering: PB Farradyne, Dallas
            Landscape architect: MESA Design Group, Dallas

            84   Texas Construction    12/ 2008
                            BEST OF              Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart,
          2008              AWARDS
                                                                                 JUDGES AWARD: Construction (tie)

Completion of the Co-Cathedral of
the Sacred Heart capped eight years of
collaboration between the general con-
tractor and owner. Linbeck worked with
the archdiocese and project consultants
to analyze materials, building systems,
schedules and costs to maximize the
scope of the project.
   The analysis required development
and repeated refinement of many finan-
cial models. For each phase, Linbeck’s
conceptual financial models depicted al-
ternatives that helped the owner make
informed project decisions.
   The project team’s greatest challenge
was the building shell’s 80-ft-tall con-
crete walls that are as important for the
building’s acoustics as its structure. >>

  Key Facts
  Submitted by: Linbeck
  Owner: Archdiocese Galveston-Houston,
  Construction manager: Linbeck
  Construction, Houston
  Architect: Ziegler Cooper Architects,
  Civil engineer: Walter P Moore and
  Associates Inc., Houston
  Geotechnical engineer: Ulrich Engineers
  Inc., Houston
  Structural engineer: CBM Engineers
  Inc., Houston
  MEP engineer: CHP and Associates,
  Acoustical consultant: Kirkegaard
  Associates, Boulder, Colo.
  Steel erection: Bosworth Steel Erectors
  Inc., Dallas
  Mechanical contractor: MLN, Houston
  Plumbing contractor: Mitchell Chuoke
  Plumbing Co., Galveston
  Electrical contractor: Fisk, Houston

                                            19   Texas Construction   12/ 2008
Best of 2008 Awards

                                             diverse height, width and weight re-              inside the concrete walls. This required
                                             quirements of the individual trades               knowing where the electrical device was
                                             while also complying with state and               going before the walls were formed and
                                             OSHA regulations.                                 poured. Every conduit and audio speak-
                                                For the ceiling plaster application, two       er space was drawn into the plan and el-
                                             temporary wooden plank “dance floors”             evation views nearly two years before
                                             were built on top of interior scaffolds, one      the first pour occurred.
                                             at 55 ft and another at 100 ft above the floor.      Two 12-ft-tall, 13,000-lb sculptures
                                                Approximately 48 mi of wiring went             hang 6 ft above the cathedral floor. An
                                             into the cathedral, much more than                Italian engineer designed mounting
With no floors to work from, the walls       what is used in a typical sanctuary. To           plates on the back of the statues, but plac-
had to be plumb for the application of       ensure superior electrical installations,         ing them on the walls of the co-cathedral
exterior stone and interior stone and        the designers and contractors began dis-          was a complicated engineering feat.
plaster. Every concrete pour had numer-      cussing wiring two years before the                  Linbeck’s team designed a unique sup-
ous angles and openings.                     technical equipment was installed.                port system to stand up and then rotate
  To avoid the nightmare of multiple            The design of the building called for          the sculptures once they arrived in their
scaffolding, the team invested more          concrete structural walls with cement             crates. After performing a dry run with
than $1 million and an entire year erect-    plaster applied directly to the concrete,         an 8,000-lb test weight, they found ways
ing 78,000 sq ft of multilevel scaffolding   which left no chase space for the me-             to modify and improve the process. Ulti-
inside and outside the shell. Scaffold       chanical or electrical infrastructure.            mately, the intricate mounting process
builders were able to accommodate the        Therefore, all conduits had to be placed          took Linbeck workers two weeks.

                                             20   Texas Construction   12/ 2008
                            BEST OF                Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long
           2008             AWARDS
                                                   Center for Performing Arts, Austin
                                                                                   JUDGES AWARD: Construction (tie)

While the 162,000-sq-ft Joe R. and
Teresa Lozano Long Center for Performing
Arts replaces the outdated Palmer Audito-
rium, the new facility repurposes more
than 65% of the old facility’s materials.
   The building’s exterior has maintained
the ring beams and columns from its
predecessor to create a distinctive entry
plaza and outdoor space. Hail-damaged
roof panels from the Palmer Auditorium
dome have been reclaimed, tinted with
bold colors and mounted to create a tex-
tured motif.
   Glass from the Palmer Auditorium’s
curtainwall was formed into panels that
now feature names of the Long Center
donors. Of the 44 million lbs of debris –
including steel, concrete, dirt and glass –   fills and was recycled or reused at the      the Palmer Auditorium as an open win-
resulting from the original building’s        Long Center or somewhere else.               dow to the skyline of Austin.
demolition, more than 97% avoided land-           The Long Center includes two perform-       Combining an old structure with a new
                                              ance venues: the 2,400-seat Michael and      one wasn’t easy. The dome of the existing
                                              Susan Dell Foundation Hall and the Debra     building and its associated structure were
  Key Facts                                   and Kevin Rollins Studio Theatre. A flexi-   demolished, leaving the stagehouse to be
  Submitted by: Austin Commercial             ble performance space seats between 80       retrofitted for the new performance hall.
  Owner: Arts Center Stage and Greater        and 240 people. Supporting the venues are       Because the stagehouse was structurally
  Austin Performing Arts, Austin              several lounge areas and the City Terrace,   braced for wind loads by the frame of the
  General contractor: Austin Commercial,      which has reclaimed the structural ring of   dome, this portion of the structure >>
  Architect of administration: Nelsen
  Partners Architects (formerly Team
  Hass), Austin
  Architect of record: Zeidler Partnership
  Inc., West Palm Beach, Fla.
  Structural engineer: Architectural
  Engineers Collaborative, Austin
  Civil engineer: LOC Consultants, Austin
  Landscape architect: Roberto Garcia,
  MEP engineer: TLC Engineering for
  Architecture, Deerfield Beach, Fla.
  Mechanical contractor: The Porter Co.,
  Electrical contractor: JMEG Electrical
  Contractors, Austin

                                              21   Texas Construction   12/ 2008
Best of 2008 Awards

                                                                                                Electrical conduits for the lighting and
                                                                                             theatrical sound systems required exten-
                                                                                             sive coordination. Incorporating the vari-
                                                                                             ous acoustical systems required for various
                                                                                             performance types was complex and re-
                                                                                             quired an experienced acoustical subcon-
                                                                                             tractor. Solutions developed by Mark Hold-
                                                                                             en/Jaffe Holden Acoustics included a flex-
                                                                                             ible orchestra shell that can be used as an
                                                                                             orchestra pit for theatrical performances or
                                                                                             repositioned to serve as stage during sym-
                                                                                             phony performances.
                                                                                                Additionally, the Dell Hall was acousti-
                                                                                             cally sealed to prevent vibrations from af-
                                                                                             fecting adjacent performance halls. It was
                                                                                             acoustically isolated from the rest of the fa-
would have been unable to stand alone in      planned a temporary shoring and bracing        cility to prevent any background noise
the unbraced condition while the new struc-   scenario to be included as part of the demo-   from entering. Any utilities crossing the
ture was being built around it. Working       lition bid package. The plan included taking   “acoustic joint” were handled with devices
with an independent structural engineer       the load off of the tension ring while the     to eliminate the transmission of sound
and the demolition subcontractors, Austin     roof of the dome was being dismantled.         across the joint.

                                              22   Texas Construction   12/ 2008
                             BEST OF                 Walter P Moore Office, Houston
           2008              AWARDS                                                                JUDGES AWARD: Design

When Walter P Moore and Associates plan with lowered divider walls.                             throughout the space.
wanted to relocate, it turned to its clients       Flexible conference rooms were built           A collaborative effort between Gensler
to determine what changes needed to be          into the arrangement of offices along the       and Walter P Moore’s engineers resulted
made. The design provided by architec-          core. In addition, a large, impressive stair-   in the most prominent example of inno-
tural firm Gensler offered a more collabo-      case now connects all three floors of the       vative design in the office. Instead of pre-
rative environment and a space that             office, providing access to public areas on     senting the firm with its own design for a
helped define the engineering firm as a         each level and encouraging more interac-        central stairway, Gensler asked the firm’s
forward-thinking company.                       tion between employees.                         engineers to come up with a design for a
   Previously, engineers occupied enclosed         Using a large open plan for the office       gravity-defying stairway. Gensler selected
offices, and CAD drafters were separated in     meant lots of echoing and poor noise con-       the winning design of the “floating” stair
their own “open plan” by tall dividing walls.   trol. An acoustical technician was intro-       that utilized the same advanced materials
The new design encourages more interac-         duced to the project to provide solutions       that the firm routinely used in large sta-
tion, with CAD drafters interspersed with       for the many different workspaces.              dium projects.
groups of engineers in a primarily open            The firm decided to leave ceiling struc-       The stairway’s primary structure >>
                                                ture exposed, which provided an added
                                                function of serving as an educational fea-
  Key Facts                                     ture for the young structural engineers in
  Submitted by: Gensler                         the office. The challenge arose, however,
  Owner: Walter P Moore and Associates          when the exposed elements needed to be
  Inc., Houston                                 presentable while accommodating both
  Architect: Gensler, Houston                   acoustical and lighting control. To con-
  General contractor: D.E. Harvey
                                                ceal the acoustical solution and reflect
  Builders, Houston                             light to the workspaces, Gensler posi-
  Structural engineer: Walter P Moore and       tioned white drop ceilings, or “clouds,”
  Associates, Houston
  MEP engineer: Wylie Consulting
  Engineers, Houston
  Security consultant: SST, Stafford, Texas
  Acoustical consultant: HFPA Acoustical
  Consultants Inc., Houston
  Lighting consultant: CharterSills,
  Mechanical contractor: TD Mechanical
  Contractors, Houston
  Electrical contractor: Melton Electric,
  Lighting consultant: CharterSills,
  Graphics: Rigsby Hull, Houston
  Acoustical consultant: HFP Acoustical
  Consultants, Houston
  Millwork contractor: CRC Mastercraft,

                                                23   Texas Construction   12/ 2008
Best of 2008 Awards

                                                           is drawn from its basic elements – guard-
                                                           rails and stair treads – resulting in a min-
                                                           imal form that does not require tradition-
                                                           al stair stringers. Cables typically used in
                                                           long-span roof construction are incorpo-
                                                           rated into the design as guardrails and
                                                           form the top chords of the Vierendeel
                                                           truss system.
                                                              Separate precast panels of Ductal make
                                                           up the treads, which collectively function
                                                           as the bottom chords of the truss. Finally,
                                                           the truss web is made up of the solid ver-
                                                           tical posts of the guardrail. Vertical steel
                                                           members at the top of each flight support
                                                           the cantilevered guardrails, resulting in a
                                                           floating sensation.
                                                              A hanging custom-tuned mass damper
                                                           – like those typically used to control sway
                                                           in high-rise buildings – controls vibration
                                                           from the “floating” stair from the base of
                                                           each flight.

                      24   Texas Construction   12/ 2008

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