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Wholesale Product catalogue 2010


									Wholesale Product
   catalogue 2010
aBout delIcIoso
Delicioso UK Ltd is dedicated to the import and distribution of a wide range of high-quality authentic
Spanish foods, drink and kitchenware to delicatessens, retailers and restaurants throughout the UK.
Since the business was launched in 2004, we have developed good working relationships with suppliers
throughout Spain; many are small family-run businesses, which helps to ensure that our products are
original and of high quality.

Delicioso was delighted to be awarded ‘Speciality Importer of the Year’ by the Guild of Fine Food in
2008. Since then we have continued with our success in being awarded Gold Taste Awards, including
a two-star award last summer for our popular – and very delicious! – Fig Bombons, and together
with our importation of the Supreme Champion Cheese from the World Cheese Awards in 2008, we
feel that that our aim to import high quality products from Spain and provide a consistently high
standard of service to our customers is being achieved in large part. We are committed to improving
our service and standards, and, to this end, we are undertaking accreditation for the Global
Standard for Storage and Distribution by the British Retail Consortium.

We are pleased to report that for 2010 – exchange rate and market conditions permitting – we will
be maintaining the majority of our prices at last year’s levels. There are a few increases, but also
a number of reductions wherever possible – and remember that to help you with costs we have a
case discount of around 5% for all non-weighed items. But you are still perfectly welcome to order
smaller numbers of units, whichever you prefer – there is no minimum order!

Please do not hesitate to ring us if you have any queries or questions; we will be delighted to talk
to you. You are also welcome to come to visit us at our showroom near Oxford; just ring for an

tel:           01865 340055
FaX:           01865 340055
                                                                        NEW PRODUCT
WeB:                               JJJ     AWARD WINNING PRODUCT
CHARCUTERIE                       PAGE 06
mEALS                             PAGE 09
CHEESE                            PAGE 10
SEAFOOD                           PAGE 12
SALSAS                            PAGE 15
vEGETABLES                        PAGE 16
OLIvES & ENCURTIDOS               PAGE 17
PULSES & RICE                     PAGE 18
SPICES                            PAGE 19
OLIvE OILS                        PAGE 20
vINEGARS & SNACKS                 PAGE 21
FRUITS & NUTS                     PAGE 22
BISCUITS & TURRON                 PAGE 24
SHERRY, CIDER & WATER             PAGE 26
WINES & ACCESSORIES               PAGE 27
TERRACOTTA DISHES                 PAGE 28
PAELLA PANS                       PAGE 29
HOW TO ORDER                      PAGE 31
PAGE 04    IBerIco haM & charcuterIe
                                                                                                              Weight per unit   Price per unit   Price per case   Case size

            Spain is the world’s leading producer of air-dried hams. There are two main types of cured ham, Jamón Ibérico and Jamón Serrano; we
            offer a selection of both the hams themselves and their charcuterie.
            IBerIco haMs
            Ibérico (Pata Negra or Black foot) pigs are descended from Wild Iberian Boar, and roam freely through the great oak forests of the Dehesas in
            southwest Spain; it is this diet of acorns and semi-wild existence that gives the meat its characteristic nutty flavour and melt-in-the-mouth quality.
            Our Ibérico Hams come from our award-winning supplier, Bernardo Hernandez (‘Beher’) in Guijuelo near Salamanca; winner of a number of gold
            medals in Spain and throughout Europe, including our award of ‘Best International meat Product’ at the 2006 Food and Drink Expo in Birmingham.
            As well as the Bellota (fully acorn-fed) and Recebo (fed on mixed grains including acorns) hams, we now also have ‘Paleta’, the front leg of the pig –
            smaller, with a firmer texture and less marbling – an alternative to a Jamón. Or for the top of the range you are welcome to order the most famous of
            Iberico hams from Jabugo: Cinco Jotas.
            h9               Ibérico de Bellota gold label ham                                                 7-8kg         49.75/kg
                             Top of the range, fully acorn fed, cured for 36m minimum
            h1               Ibérico de Bellota Black label ham Fully acorn-fed, cured for 30/32m              7-8kg         34.95/kg
            h2               Ibérico 'recebo' red label ham                                                    7-8kg         24.90/kg
                             Fed on mixed grains including acorns, cured for 24/28m
            h6               Ibérico Red label ham - off the bone In two vacuum-packed half pieces             1.5 or 3kg    47.50/kg
            h11              Ibérico red label ham piece                                                       1kg           47.50/kg
            h18              Paleta Iberica de Bellota Fully acorn fed shoulder, cured for 18/22m              4-5kg         18.05/kg
            h7               cinco Jotas (5J) Iberico de Bellota                                               7-8kg         69.95/kg                     By Order Only
                             Fully acorn-fed, cured for 36m minimum

            IBerIco charcuterIe
            Delicious acorn-fed Ibérico de Bellota chorizos from Guijuelo are flavoured with smoked pimentón and garlic; the Ibérico de Bellota salchichón (the
            Spanish version of salami) is made with nutmeg, oregano, garlic, salt and pepper. Both are then packed in natural skins and cured naturally over a
            three month period. The Lomo Embuchado, cured pork loin with paprika, is also from the same fully acorn-fed Pata Negra pigs. We have added a
            really delicious thin, horseshoe-shaped Ibérico de Bellota chorizo and salami from the same supplier for this year.
            ch57              chorizo 'longaniza' Iberica de Bellota                                        450g           14.30/kg
                              Long thin horseshoe chorizo from acorn-fed pigs
            ch58              salchichon 'sarta' Iberica de Bellota                                         450g           14.30/kg
                              Long thin horseshoe salami from acorn-fed pigs
            ch48              chorizo and salchichón Mixed pack                                             660g           8.95/unit
                              Two half-pieces of chorizo and salami in a vacuum-pack (2 x 330g)
            ch5               chorizo Ibérico de Bellota In natural skin                                    1.5kg          16.40/kg
            ch7               salchichón Ibérico de Bellota In natural skin                                 1.5kg          16.95/kg
            ch3               lomo Ibérico de Bellota Cured acorn-fed pork loin, half-piece                 750g           32.00/kg

          call: 01865 340055 • eMaIl: • WeBsIte:
                                                 serrano haM & charcuterIe                                                                                       PAGE 05

                                                                                                 Weight per unit   Price per unit   Price per case   Case size

serrano haMs
Serrano hams come from white pigs such as the Duroc, and make up 95% of Spain’s pig production. Ours come from the famous ham-
producing area around Teruel, in Aragon, which provides ideal conditions for natural curing as the high mountain air is cold and dry. The name
‘Serrano’ is derived from ‘de la Sierra’, denoting just such conditions, when traditionally the air blew through open ‘secaderos’
(drying sheds) high in the mountains.
h4               serrano ham 'Bodega' Naturally cured Serrano ham cured for 16m                      7-8kg        9.50/kg
h3               serrano ham 'reserva'                                                               7-8kg        9.95/kg
                 Naturally cured Serrano ham cured for a minimum of 20m
h5               Serrano Bodega - off the bone Boneless, 16m cured                                   5kg          11.20/kg
h8               Serrano Reserva - off the bone Boneless, 20m+ cured                                 5kg          12.15/kg
h10              serrano reserva Block Cleaned, 20m+ cured                                           4-5kg        15.20/kg
h12              serrano reserva ham piece Cleaned, 20m+ cured                                       1-1.5kg      15.50/kg

SeRRano ChaRCuteRIe - foR CookIng
chorizo, Spain’s most famous food: a sausage made using garlic, paprika, salt and herbs; available in a thousand varieties throughout Spain, thick and
thin, dry-cured or smoked, the leaner versions to be sliced as a tapa, the more fatty ones to be cooked and used in stews. The smoked or un-smoked
paprika adds colour and seasoning but also has preservative properties.
chistorra is a long thin mild air-dried chorizo made in Pamplona, traditionally eaten during the ‘Fiesta de San Fermin’ (part of which is the legendary
bull-run through the streets of Pamplona); great with fried potatoes or scrambled eggs – or in pasta dishes.
Morcilla are blood sausages which are either made freshly or smoked to preserve them; we have the smoked morcillas from Asturias which are used
in making Fabada Asturiana and other stews like Cocido madrileño as well as adding flavour to many other dishes.
Panceta: The belly of pork, made into a streaky bacon by dry-curing; the skin is rubbed with smoked paprika and a little garlic to add depth of flavour.
ch18           chorizo de la rioja dulce                                                        1.25kg       6.55/kg                        6
               Quality cooking chorizos from La Rioja, 18 sausages per bag
ch19           chorizo de la rioja Picante                                                      1.25kg       6.55/kg                        6
               Spicy cooking chorizos from La Rioja, 18 sausages per bag
ch66           smoked chorizo de la rioja                                                       1.25kg       6.95/kg                        6
               Lightly smoked cooking chorizos, 18 sausages per bag
ch46           Mini chorizos mini ‘cocktail’ size chorizos                                      1kg          6.55/kg                        6
ch25           chistorra de Pamplona Long thin mild chorizo from Pamplona                       210g         1.80/unit        20.50         12
ch21            Morcilla asturiana                                                               3kg               5.45/kg                           2
                Smoked blood sausages from Asturias, 30 sausages per bag
ch51            Panceta de la rioja                                                              500g              7.45/kg                           12
                A piece of streaky bacon dry-cured with smoked paprika and garlic

                                            to order by case simply add B to the end of the product code (eg PF7B)
PAGE 06    charcuterIe
                                                                                                             Weight per unit   Price per unit   Price per case   Case size

            SeRRano ChaRCuteRIe - foR SlICIng
            Firm-textured chorizos are used for slicing as a tapa, or as part of an assorted meat platter with some ham, salchichón, the Spanish version of salami,
            and some lomo, the cured loin of pork flavoured with smoked paprika and a little garlic. Or there are smaller diameter chorizos called ‘Longanizas’
            which can be used sliced or in cooking, and a delicious soft peppery salami from Cataluña called ‘Fuet’ which won a gold medal in the 2008 Great
            Taste Awards.
            sobrasada is the national sausage of the Balearic Islands; the climate is too humid for an air-dried chorizo so the sausage-meat is made into a soft,
            spreadable chorizo, often spread on toast for breakfast – even with a little honey drizzled over!
            cecina: We are pleased to introduce Spain’s most famous Cecina from ‘Cecinas Nieto’ in Leon. Beef has been dry-cured in this region of Spain since
            the 4th century B.C. using very similar techniques to this day – carefully chosen cuts of the finest beef are salted, slowly wood-smoked then dried
            naturally in the cool mountain air for over 12 months.
            ch11             chorizo Bodega Big sticks of dry-cured chorizo for slicing                        1.5kg          8.45/kg                   3
            ch12             chorizo Picante Big sticks of chorizo made using a spicier paprika                1.5kg          8.45/kg                   3
            ch15             chorizo Vela A finer textured big stick of chorizo for slicing                    1.5kg          7.45/kg                   3
            ch63             chorizo longaniza dulce                                                           280g           2.45          46.55       20
                             A thin horseshoe chorizo for slicing or cooking
            ch26             chorizo longaniza Picante                                                         280g           2.45          46.55       20
                             A spicier horseshoe chorizo for slicing or cooking
            ch47             sobrasada de Mallorca Spreadable chorizo from mallorca                            600g           7.75/kg                   12
            ch13            salchichón Bodega Big sticks of salami for slicing                               1.5kg             7.95/kg                           3
            ch17 J J J      Fuet catalan Thin peppery salami from Cataluyna, GTA Gold 2008                   200g              12.99/kg                          18
            ch14            lomo embuchado Cured half-piece of loin with smoked paprika and garlic           1kg               14.60/kg                          4
            ch30            cecina de leon A piece of beef, dry-cured for over 12 months, with an IGP as     1kg               24.50/kg
                            a mark of its quality

            slIced serrano charcuterIe
            Useful and very popular packs of pre-sliced ham, chorizo and salami, as well as an assorted charcuterie pack – great for picnics or for portion-control
            in catering – from the same hams as our whole Serrano hams to ensure their quality.
            ch41             serrano assortment                                                             150g          3.85           43.90           12
                             Serrano ‘Reserva’ ham, chorizo, salami and lomo slices in a mixed pack
            ch42             serrano reserva ham Serrano ‘Reserva’ ham slices                               100g          2.45           27.95           12
            ch43             serrano salchichón Salami slices                                               100g          1.90           21.65           12
            ch44             serrano chorizo Chorizo slices                                                 100g          1.90           21.65           12
            ch50             serrano ham A useful catering-size pack of Serrano ham slices                  500g          8.90           50.75           6
            ch54             serrano chorizo A useful catering-size pack of chorizo slices                  500g          5.95           45.25           8

          call: 01865 340055 • eMaIl: • WeBsIte:
                                                                                                                  charcuterIe                                   PAGE 07

                                                                                                Weight per unit   Price per unit   Price per case   Case size

slIced IBerIco charcuterIe
The sliced Iberico charcuterie is always popular: we have added some well-priced ‘Red Label’ ham slices for this year and are re-introducing the
‘Gourmet Assortment’ pack of five assorted slices in a presentation box.
ch35             Ibérico de Bellota 'gran gourmet' assortment                                  500g           23.80          113.00        5
                 Five individually packed slices - Ham, lomo, chorizo, salami & panceta - in a
                 presentation box
ch36             Ibérico de Bellota ham                                                        100g           11.05          262.45        25
                 Fully acorn-fed ham slices - the top of the range
ch49             Ibérico ham Iberico ‘Recebo’ ham slices from pigs fed on mixed grains,        100g           6.95           165.00        25
                 including acorns
ch37             Ibérico de Bellota lomo Slices of cured acorn-fed Iberico loin                100g           5.49           130.35        25
ch38             Ibérico de Bellota salchichón Slices of cured acorn-fed Iberico salami        100g           2.85           67.70         25
ch39             Ibérico de Bellota chorizo                                                    100g           2.70           64.15         25
                 Slices of cured acorn-fed Iberico paprika-flavoured chorizo
ch40             Ibérico de Bellota panceta                                                    100g           1.60           38.00         25
                 Slices of cured acorn-fed Iberico streaky bacon with paprika

WIld Boar and VenIson chorIZo and salaMI
The province of Aragon, which stretches from the Pyrenees down to valencia, has a long tradition of game-hunting for deer and wild boar. Our new
wild boar and venison horseshoe chorizos and salamis and thin ‘Fuet’-type peppercorn-coated salamis from Teruel, in the ‘Sierra de Albarracín’ are
therefore full of mountain-flavours, lightly smoked to help conserve them and requiring only ambient storage.
ch31             Wild boar chorizo                                                             250g           3.30        37.65          12
                 A horseshoe-shaped wild boar chorizo in an attractive presentation box
ch32             Venison chorizo                                                               250g           3.30        37.65          12
                 A horseshoe-shaped venison chorizo in an attractive presentation box
ch34             Wild boar salami                                                              250g           3.30        37.65          12
                 A horseshoe-shaped wild boar salami in an attractive presentation box
ch33             Venison salami                                                                250g           3.30        37.65          12
                 A horseshoe-shaped venison salami in an attractive presentation box
ch55             Wild Boar fuet with peppercorn coating                                        150g           2.25        42.75          20
                 A thin wild boar salami covered in peppercorns
ch56             Venison fuet with peppercorn coating                                          150g           2.25        42.75          20
                 A thin venison salami covered in peppercorns

                                            to order by case simply add B to the end of the product code (eg PF7B)
PAGE 08    ChaRCuteRIe & Paella kItS
                                                                                                            Weight per unit   Price per unit   Price per case   Case size

            ChoRIzo, MoRCIlla and MIxed ChaRCuteRIe PaCkS
            The northern region of Asturias lies between the Picos de Europa mountains and the Cantabrian coast; it receives a lot of rain and so rather than
            dry-curing its meats the area has become famous for wood-smoked charcuterie. This selection of chorizos, morcilla (the blood sausage) and panceta
            have been carefully and slowly wood-smoked in a small village in Asturias, with no need for the addition of preservatives or other additives. They are
            then vacuum-packed in small boxes and may be stored at an ambient temperature.
            ch22            chorizo dulce Three mild smoked chorizos per box                                250g          2.75           41.80         16
            ch23            chorizo Picante Three spicy smoked chorizos per box                             250g          2.75           41.80         16
            ch24 J J J      chorizo Primera Four medium-spicy chorizos, GTA Gold 2008                       350g          3.40           51.70         16
            ch27            Mixed charcuterie pack                                                          300g          2.90           44.10         16
                            Smoked chorizo, morcilla and panceta for making stews
            ch28            Ingredients for Fabada asturiana                                                750g          7.45           42.45         6
                            Two chorizos, morcilla, panceta and faves beans for making Fabada Asturiana
            ch29            Morcilla asturiana Three smoked blood sausages from Asturias                    280g          2.20           33.45         16

            Paella kItS and gIft SetS
            We have a range of paella kits of different sizes and gift sets such as a kit for making
            Fabada Asturiana available. Two are shown below, but please contact us directly for details
            of other options.
            k1              essential Paella kit for 4                                             14.45
                            This kit includes a steel paella pan for four persons (30cm),
                            500g Bomba rice in a cotton sack, 250ml ‘San miguel’ extra-virgin
                            olive oil in a pretty glass jug, 15g Paella seasoning sachets and a
                            recipe, packed with soft wood wool and tied with raffia.
            k4              classic Paella kit for 6                                               21.95
                            Contains a vitreo-ceramic paella pan for six persons (34cm),
                            500g Bomba rice in a cotton sack, 250ml ‘San miguel’
                            extra-virgin olive oil in a pretty glass jug, 15g Paella seasoning
                            sachets, 1/2g saffron (D.O. La mancha), 75g sweet smoked
                            Pimentón de la vera and a recipe, packed with soft wood wool
                            and tied with raffia.

          call: 01865 340055 • eMaIl: • WeBsIte:
                                                                                                                                             Meals               PAGE 09

                                                                                                 Weight per unit   Price per unit   Price per case   Case size

In addition to the ready-to-eat charcuterie and seafood discussed in previous sections, we have some ready prepared meals which just require
Fabada asturiana is the flagship of Asturian cooking, the centerpiece of which is the Faba bean – expensive as it is only grown in limited quantities –
but fine-skinned with creamy firm flesh, ideal for slow-cooking with chorizo, morcilla and panceta. From madrid we have Cocido madrileño, a stew of
chick-peas with meat and vegetables, and a rich stew of tripe with ham.
gazpacho comes from the Latin ‘caspa’, meaning leftovers, and the base for a Gazpacho Andaluz is still the original mixture of bread, garlic, salt,
vinegar and oil, usually with the addition of tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers, always served cold as a refreshing dish on a hot summer’s day.
Available from early summer.
PF3              Fabada asturiana 'gourmet'                                                   425g            2.95          33.65           12
                 A traditional Asturian stew with faves beans in a one-portion boxed tin
PF1              Fabada asturiana 'gourmet'                                                   880g            5.90          33.65           6
                 A two-person boxed tin of this traditional Asturian stew with Faves beans
PF20             cocido Madrileno 'gourmet'                                                   425g            2.15          24.50           12
                 Gourmet-quality chick pea stew with meats and vegetables from madrid
PF21             callos con Jamon 'gourmet'                                                   380g            3.05          17.40           6
                 High quality traditional stew of tripe with Serrano ham from madrid

V48             gazpacho andaluz This traditional soup made with tomatoes, cucumber and
                peppers will be available from early summer, details to follow

stuFFed PIquIllo PePPers
Small sweet piquillo peppers are typical of Navarra and La Rioja; they are grilled over open wood fires and then skinned, before being stuffed. The
smoky flavour and sweet spiciness of the pepper combine well with seafood, meat or mushrooms, and we have a selection to suit all palates.
PF7            Piquillo Peppers stuffed with Seafood                                            270g           2.75          31.35          12
               Crab, monkfish, langoustine and prawns
PF8            Piquillo Peppers stuffed with Cod & prawns                                       270g           2.75          31.35          12
PF22           Piquillo Peppers stuffed with Smoked Salmon                                      270g           2.75          31.35          12
PF23           Piquillo Peppers stuffed with Bonito de norte tuna                               270g           2.75          31.35          12
               Delicately-flavoured white tuna
PF24           Piquillo Peppers stuffed with Iberico ham Iberico ‘Pata Negra’ ham               270g           2.75          31.35          12
PF6            Piquillo Peppers stuffed with Marinated Partridge                                270g           2.75          31.35          12
               Lightly pickled red-legged partridge
PF19           Piquillo Peppers stuffed with Porcini mushrooms                                  270g           2.75          31.35          12
               With Boletus edulis (Ceps) and Oyster mushrooms

                                             to order by case simply add B to the end of the product code (eg PF7B)
PAGE 10    cheese
                     Spain’s widely varying regions with their diverse climates – from        cheeses are regularly brushed with
                     the rain-soaked coast of Galicia to the semi-desert conditions of the    olive oil and paprika to give a spicy
                     Canary Islands – have led to a huge variation in the types of cheeses    aroma, a nutty, salty taste and
                     available from Spain. We carry a range of classic Spanish cheeses, all   slightly dry, grainy texture.
                     made in traditional fashion and carrying a Denomination of Origin
                     (D. O.) from their respective areas as a mark of their origin and        Mahon: Our mahon comes from
                     quality. We also have the World Cheese Award Supreme Champion            the only remaining cheese-
                     Cheese 2008 from the Canary Islands!                                     maker in menorca to use
                                                                                                  un-pasteurised cow’s milk
                     Manchego is the best                                                         and traditional artisan
                     known Spanish cheese; ours                                                   methods, turning the
                     are artisan-made using the                                                   cheeses regularly and
                     pure un-pasteurised milk                                                     brushing them with olive oil and paprika
                     of the manchega sheep.                                                        during the curing to give an aroma of peaches. We now have
                     We have both semicurado,                                                      these semicurado, cured for 2-3 months, and curado en cavas,
                     cured for 4-5 months, and                                                     matured in natural caves for 6-10 months.
                     curado, cured for a whole
                     year to produce a cheese                                                      tetilla: A soft, buttery pasteurised cow’s milk cheese from
                     with a rich, full flavour. Eat as                                             Galicia with a pale yellow rind and distinctive cone shape; this
                     a tapa with some membrillo                                                    is often eaten as a tapa or dessert with membrillo, the quince
                     (Quince jelly) or Pan de Higo,                                                jelly.
                     our pressed fig and almond
                     wheel.                                                                         Valdeon: Blue pasteurised cow and goat’s milk cheese from
                                                                                                    the Picos de Europa mountains, matured for three months in
                     Idiazabal: made using the                                                      natural caves, rich in Penicillium mould, which penetrates and
                     pure un-pasteurised milk of                                                    blues the cheese, creating its strong but not overpowering
                     the long-haired Lacha sheep                                                    flavour, much like Roquefort but less salty; great with our new
                     from the Basque country, high                                                  bitter-sweet pickled green figs.
                     in the Pyrenees. After 5 months curing the cheeses
                     are then lightly wood-smoked to give a piquant nutty taste.

                     Murcia al vino: Known as the ‘Drunken Goat’, this medium-textured
                     goat’s milk cheese from murcia is cured in wine to give a spicy
                     aroma to the cheese.

                     cabra al romero: A small round of medium-textured mild-tasting
                     goat’s cheese from murcia coated in fragrant rosemary leaves. This
                     is excellent with fruit or our Fig and almond wheel.

                     ‘arico’ goats cheese with paprika: The World Cheese Award
                     Supreme Champion 2008 from the Canary Islands! made using
                     pasteurised goat’s milk and matured for six months, these rusty-red
                                                                                                                               Photo Courtesy of The Guild of Fine Food

          call: 01865 340055 • eMaIl: • WeBsIte:
                                                                                                                  cheese                 PAGE 11

                                                                         Weight per unit   Price per unit   Price per case   Case size

SheePS MIlk CheeSeS
q11         Manchego wedge Semi-cured vacuum-packed wedges               275g              14.60/kg                          12
q2          Manchego semi-curado Semi-cured small round                  1kg               13.90/kg                          6
q3          Manchego semi-curado Semi-cured large round                  3kg               13.60/kg                          2
q14         Manchego curado Twelve month cured large round               3kg               15.45/kg                          2
q4          Idiazabal Smoked cheese from the Pyrenees                    1kg               15.10/kg                          6

goatS MIlk CheeSeS
q20         Murcia al vino mini round                                    350g              5.20/unit                         12
q5          Murcia al vino Small round                                   1kg               13.15/kg                          3
q21         Murcia al vino Large round                                   2.2kg             12.75/kg                          1
q18 J J J   'arico' with paprika Small round                             1kg               14.95/kg                          8
            World Cheese Award Supreme Champion 2008
q19 J J J   'arico' with paprika Large round                             2.5kg             14.95/kg                          6
            World Cheese Award Supreme Champion 2008
q12         cabra al romero Goat’s cheese with rosemary                  500g              13.15/kg                          6

CoWS MIlk CheeSeS
q6          Mahon semicurado Semi-cured small round                      850g              9.99/unit                         6
q22         Mahon curado en cavas Cured in caves for 6-10 months         850g              12.25/unit                        6
q9          Mahon semicurado Semi-cured large round                      2kg               10.95/kg                          2
q7          tetilla Cone-shaped soft, buttery cheese                     1kg               8.25/kg                           6

Blue cheeses
q13         Valdeon mini round                                           450g              14.25/kg                          12
q15         Valdeon Large round, wrapped in maple leaves                 2.5kg             13.90/kg                          4

                                      to order by case simply add B to the end of the product code (eg PF7B)
PAGE 12    seaFood
                                                                                                                Weight per unit   Price per unit   Price per case   Case size

            anChoVIeS - Salted and In VInegaR
            ‘Engraulis encrasicolus’ are recognised as being the finest flavoured anchovies. On the coasts of Spain they are often eaten fresh, but usually they are
            preserved either by salting in barrels over a long period of time, or by marinating in vinegar and then serving as a tapa with a little garlic and parsley.
            We are very proud of the quality of both of these types of anchovies: trimmed and packed by hand, the Salted anchovies are lightly salted only, and
            therefore require to be kept refrigerated; they won a Great Taste Award in 2006, and the Boquerones in vinegar won a Gold Great Taste Award 2008.
            s1              salted anchovies in olive oil In a new format, 75g drained weight.                 110g          2.55          29.07            12
            s6 J J J        Boquerones in olive oil with garlic and parsley In a new format garnished          110g          2.40          34.20            15
                            with garlic and parsley, 75g drained weight. GTA Gold 2008
            s4 J J J        Boquerones Our award-winning Boquerones in a tub, 550g drained weight.             700g          15.45         88.00            6
                            GTA Gold 2008
            s2              salted anchovies 'el roma' New size; high quality salted anchovies in a tub,       350g          9.30          70.65            8
                            225g drained weight
            s45             salted anchovies Salted anchovies in a tin, 600g drained weight                    1kg           8.95          51.00            6
            s34             Banderillas with anchovy Pickled red pepper, baby onion & stuffed olive            1kg           14.27         54.20            4
                            wrapped with an anchovy, 28 units approx per tray, 600g drained weight

            We stock the Yellow-fin tuna (‘Atun Claro’) and White tuna, usually called ‘Bonito del Norte’, the smallest of the tuna family, white-fleshed and full
            of flavour; line-caught off the coast of Cantabria. In line with concerns over world-wide Tuna stocks we do not stock Blue-fin tuna. As well as tuna
            ‘loin’ chunks in olive oil, we have ‘ventresca’, the belly fillets of the yellow-fin tuna, considered a particular delicacy and the part of the tuna used in
            Japanese sushi. We also have ‘mojama’ – salted, wind-dried tuna, a speciality of the hot, windy Atlantic coast of Huelva; slice thinly, marinate in olive
            oil for a short while and serve with toasted almonds and a glass of chilled manzanilla sherry.
            s3                Bonito del norte tuna                                                                200g           2.70          30.75          12
                              Delicately-flavoured white tuna loin chunks in olive oil
            s44               Yellow-fin tuna A useful kilo size tin of high quality tuna in olive oil             1kg            7.99          91.00          12
            s31               Yellow-fin tuna Excellent value for a large tin of tuna in vegetable oil             1.8kg          10.99         83.50          8
            s38               Ventresca The best belly fillets of yellow-fin tuna, ‘sushimi’-quality               111g           3.60          41.00          12
            s40               Mojama Salted, dry-cured yellow fin tuna in a block, vacuum-packed                   100g           3.60          34.20          10

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                                                                                                                                    seaFood                      PAGE 13

                                                                                                 Weight per unit   Price per unit   Price per case   Case size

Spaniards love fresh fish and seafood, but canned seafood is held in high regard throughout Spain as a way of preserving the more delicate gourmet
foods and capturing their essential flavours. These preserved sea foods (‘Conservas’) come from the coasts of Cantabria and Galicia; either presented
plain in brine or olive oil, or with a light sauce to enhance their flavour. The Octopus (‘Pulpo’) is traditionally served in Galicia at fairs on wooden
‘Pulpo’ boards, which we now stock in two sizes – for details please see the kitchenware section towards the end of the catalogue.
s13              sardinillas                                                                          111g            1.45           16.50         12
                 Small, delicately flavoured sardines hand-packed in olive oil
s14              Zamburinas de rias gallegas                                                          111g            2.50           28.50         12
                 ‘Calico’ Scallops, with a sauce of tomatoes, onion and peppers,
                 olive oil and spices
s15 J J J        navajas Razor clams from Galicia in brine, delicious grilled with                    111g            3.95           45.00         12
                 garlic and parsley. GTA Gold 2009
s16              Mejillones                                                                           111g            2.45           27.95         12
                 Big juicy mussels from Galicia ‘en escabeche’ - lightly pickled
s17              Chipirones en su tinta                                                               111g            3.25           37.00         12
                 Small squid stuffed in their own ink, a speciality of Galicia
s42 J J J        Berberechos de rias gallegas                                                         111g            5.65           64.40         12
                 Small ‘Heart’ clams (cockles), in brine. GTA Gold 2009
s43              Pulpo en salsa gallega Small tender octopus pieces with paprika                      111g            2.80           31.90         12
                 ‘Galician’ style

Back by popular demand are our dried seaweeds, harvested by hand using ecological methods from the coasts of Galicia. They have a high nutrient
content, rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, and are used in a variety of vegetarian, British and Japanese dishes. Cooking suggestions are included!
s18              Wakame -                                                                           25g          2.40          34.20         15
                 Undaria pinnatifida - oyster-flavoured, for soups and crispy seaweed
s19              nori/laverbread - Porphyra purpurea - a seasoning for fish soups and in            25g          2.15          30.65         15
                 Welsh cooking
s22              Sea Spaghetti - Ulva rigida - prawn-flavoured, used for example in sushi           25g          1.85          26.35         15
s23              Irish Moss/carageen - Chondrus crispus - used in Irish recipes; also a             25g          2.15          30.65         15
                 vegetarian substitute for gelatine

                                            to order by case simply add B to the end of the product code (eg PF7B)
PAGE 14    Pates & saVourY conserVes
                                                                                                           Weight per unit   Price per unit   Price per case   Case size

            Red-legged partridge is a classic Spanish game-bird, often eaten marinated, ‘en escabeche’, but here used to make a delicious pate, together with an
            Iberico de Bellota pate flavoured with raisiny Pedro Ximenez sherry, and artisan-made black and green olive pates, all presented in pretty jars with
            hand-stamped labels and wax seals. Then we have a range of vegetable pates from Extremadura, made simply using traditional fresh ingredients and
            olive oil.
            g8               red-legged Partridge pate                                                      200g          3.85           43.90          12
            g22              Iberico de Bellota pate with Pedro Ximenez sherry                              200g          3.85           43.90          12
            g6               Black olive Pate                                                               200g          2.95           33.65          12
            g7               green olive Pate                                                               200g          2.95           33.65          12

            g25            green olive and red pepper pate                                                 180g              2.55             29.00            12
            g26            green olive and almond pate                                                     180g              2.55             29.00            12
            g28            red pepper and aubergine pate                                                   180g              2.55             29.00            12
            g29            asparagus pate                                                                  180g              2.55             29.00            12
            g27            Porcini mushroom pate                                                           180g              2.85             32.50            12

            saVourY conserVes
            From Toledo in central Spain, these savoury preserves are made using onions and red peppers gently sautéed by hand to bring out their natural
            sugars; the flavour of the onions is enhanced by the addition of Pedro Ximenez sherry during the cooking.
            V3               onion marmalade with Pedro Ximenez sherry                                     200g        2.70          30.80         12
                             Caramelised onions sweetened with a little Pedro Ximenez Sherry
            V2               sweet red Pepper Marmalade                                                    200g        3.50          39.90         12
                             Caramelised red peppers, great with cheeses and meats

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                                                                                                                                               salsas                PAGE 15

                                                                                                     Weight per unit   Price per unit   Price per case   Case size

Salsa denotes a mixture of ingredients forming a sauce, sometimes spicy, to serve either hot or cold – you will find here authentic Spanish
sauces from Cataluña, the Canary Islands and La mancha, as well as Tomate frito, an essential fried tomato base found throughout Spain.
canarY Island salsas
Mojo salsas are based on a mix of oil and vinegar with garlic, chilli peppers and spices. This is a flavoursome range of authentic Salsas direct from the
beautiful island of ‘La Gomera’, one of the smaller Canary Islands, made naturally and free from colorants and preservatives.
sa11             Mojo picon rojo Spicy red pepper sauce                                              200g         2.70         35.90          14
sa12             Mojo rojo suave mild red pepper sauce                                               200g         2.70         35.90          14
sa13             Mojo picon verde Spicy green pepper and herb sauce                                  200g         2.70         35.90          14
sa16             Mojo picon rojo & mojo verde Two salsas in a presentation pack                      2 x 120g     3.95         67.50          18
sa20             Picante canario Canary Island Hot sauce - similar to Tabasco                        140ml        1.65         37.60          24
sa17             Mojo Picon rojo Catering size spicy red pepper sauce                                1litre       6.35         36.20          6
sa18             Mojo Picon Verde Catering size spicy green pepper and herb sauce                    1litre       6.35         36.20          6

salsas FroM cataluÑa
The traditional Catalan ‘Alioli’, garlic mayonnaise, is made simply using purple garlic and olive oil, with a little salt and lemon juice. New for this year is
another classic Catalan sauce: ‘Romesco’, made using tomatoes, Romesco peppers, ground almonds and garlic, served with fish and seafood. And the
popular ‘Salsa Brava’ from madrid; a smooth spicy tomato sauce classically served with potatoes (‘Patatas bravas’).
sa4              salsa ali-oli Garlic mayonnaise with olive oil and garlic                           200g             2.65          20.15         8
sa21             salsa Brava Spicy tomato sauce for ‘Patatas Bravas’                                 200g             2.25          17.10         8
sa22             salsa romesco                                                                       200g             3.35          25.45         8
                 Romesco peppers and almonds form the basis of this classic sauce for fish

toMato Based salsas
Tomate frito, a fried tomato puree with olive oil and garlic, is an essential base for many Spanish dishes, while Pisto manchego – sautéed vegetables
similar to Ratatouille – was mentioned by Don Quixote in his travels around La mancha in the 16th Century.
V67              tomate Frito                                                                      340g           2.15        24.50         12
                 An essential base of high quality fried tomatoes with extra-virgin olive oil
V35              tomate Frito                                                                      3kg            3.95        22.50         6
                 Catering-size tin of this useful fried tomato sauce with a hint of garlic
V68              Pisto Manchego                                                                       340g             2.15             24.50            12
                 The Spanish version of Ratatouille with aubergine, tomatoes and peppers
V65              Pisto Manchego                                                                       3kg              4.75             27.05            6
                 A catering size tin of this useful mixture of sautéed vegetables

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PAGE 16    VegetaBles
                                                                                                                Weight per unit   Price per unit   Price per case   Case size

            Spain has for centuries been famous for its prepared vegetables, with irrigation systems set up by the Arabs still being used in La Rioja, where many
            of our vegetables are grown. There are Piquillo peppers: small triangular-shaped sweet red peppers, roasted and peeled; blanched white asparagus
            spears and small ‘extra’ quality artichoke hearts in olive oil. Then in the larger catering size tins we have morrón (or Bell peppers), whole and now also
            sliced, together with purple garlic from Las Pedroñeras, a town so famous for its garlic that it holds a yearly garlic festival. New for this year is a pretty
            jar of sun-dried tomatoes flavoured with oregano in olive oil. We also receive fresh deliveries of Padrón peppers each week from Galicia – these are
            available most of the year round, weather permitting, with the high season being from April to October. They vary in spiciness, so most will be gently
            peppery, but one in about 20 will be hot; as the Galician saying goes – ‘one hot, others not’.
            V40              Pimientos Piquillo Whole wood-roasted skinned small sweet triangular-                 314g        2.45            27.95         12
                             shaped peppers in their own oils
            V27              Pimientos Piquillo 80/100 Whole roasted skinned small sweet triangular-               3kg         8.95            51.00         6
                             shaped peppers in their own oils
            V28              Pimientos morrones Roasted skinned whole bell peppers                                 3kg         6.75            38.50         6
            V73              Pimientos morrones en tiras Roasted pre-sliced bell peppers                           3kg         6.45            36.75         6
            V47              'Padron' peppers Fresh small green peppers                                            400g        4.45            42.25         10

            V14             artichoke hearts 'extra' quality Small artichoke hearts in olive oil                 430g             4.25             48.45            12
            V34             artichoke hearts 50/60 Small artichoke hearts in brine                               3kg              9.90             56.45            6

            V13             White asparagus 6/8 Thick spears of blanched asparagus in brine                      580g             2.75             31.35            12
            V31             White asparagus 80/100 Thick spears of blanched asparagus in brine                   3kg              10.70            61.00            6

            V32             Purple garlic chopped Chopped purple garlic from Las Pedroñeras                      1kg              5.45             31.00            6
            V33             Purple garlic paste Purple garlic paste from Las Pedroñeras                          1kg              5.45             31.00            6

            V21             sun-dried tomatoes with oregano                                                      200g             3.95             45.00            12
                            Sun-dried tomatoes with oregano, in olive oil, from La Cuna in Toledo
            V45             Whole Black truffles Tuber Aestivum, drained weight 19g                              25g              3.95

            enCuRtIdoS - PICkled VegetaBleS
            vegetables pickled in vinegar – garlic cloves in a herb vinaigrette, baby gherkins, capers and caperberries (the flower bud and fruit of the caper
            respectively), as well as guindillas – a long hot chilli pepper – and piparras, a small sweet-spicy pepper which is a speciality of La Rioja. We also have
            Banderillas: olives, chilli, gherkins and baby onions on small sword-shaped skewers
            V70              garlic cloves with mixed herbs 250/350                                              150g          1.10           25.10          24
                             Whole sweet purple garlic cloves with a herb vinaigrette
            V71              gherkins 300/400 The smallest size pickled ‘Pepinillos’                             150g          1.10           25.10          24
            V72              capers Small pickled capers                                                         150g          1.28           29.20          24

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                                                                                  olIVes & encurtIdos                                                               PAGE 17

                                                                                                    Weight per unit   Price per unit   Price per case   Case size

V44             Piparras Small thin sweet-spicy chillies from La Rioja                              180g              1.60             24.35            16
V41             guindillas Large hot pickled chillies                                               370g              1.40             15.95            12
V50             guindillas A large jar of hot pickled chillies, 700g drained weight                 2kg               4.75             27.05            6
V36             caperberries Small-size caperberries, the fruit of the caper                        340g              2.15             24.50            12
V52             caperberries Large Caperberries, 1kg drained weight                                 2kg               8.95             51.00            6
V37             Banderillas Pickled olives, baby onions, chilli, red pepper and gherkin on          340g              2.09             23.80            12
                sword-shaped skewers
V51             Banderillas Pickled vegetables on sword-shaped skewers, 1kg drained weight          2kg               9.15             43.45            5

olIVeS - taPaS JaRS
New for this year is a gourmet range of plain and stuffed olives in attractive small ‘tapas’ jars, non-salty and full of flavour. We also have delicious firm
manzanilla olives with a subtle flavour of anchovy.
a33             Manzanilla olives whole                                                              150g          1.10            25.00         24
a34             Manzanilla olives pitted                                                             150g          1.20            27.35         24
a35             Manzanilla olives stuffed with red peppers                                           150g          1.20            27.35         24
a36      J J J Manzanilla olives stuffed with garlic GTA Gold 2008                                   150g          1.50            34.20         24
a37             Manzanilla olives stuffed with almonds                                               150g          1.90            43.35         24
a11             Manzanilla olives stuffed with anchovy                                              350g              1.10             12.55            12
a10             Manzanilla olives stuffed with anchovy                                              1.5kg             4.35             24.80            6

olIVeS - CateRIng tInS
Our catering size tins of olives are consistent in quality and not too salty, available whole and pitted. The drained weight of these 5 kg olives in brine is
2.5 kg for the whole olives and 2.2 kg when pitted. We have added a 5kg tin of the most popular stuffed manzanilla olive with red peppers.
a1              Manzanilla whole 240/260                                                             5kg           10.45         29.80          3
a2              Manzanilla pitted 240/260                                                            5kg           11.65         33.20          3
a32             Manzanilla olives stuffed with red peppers 240/260                                   5kg           12.75         36.35          3
a4              arbequina 401/500 Small, nutty green/brown olives                                    5kg           10.50         29.90          3
a6              aragon empeltre 410/460 Naturally black whole oval-shaped olives                     5kg           10.15         28.90          3
a7              Black pitted 280/300                                                                 5kg           11.25         32.00          3
a27             gordal whole 80/90                                                                   5kg           13.50         38.50          3
a30             gordal pitted 80/90                                                                  5kg           15.85         45.15          3

                                              to order by case simply add B to the end of the product code (eg PF7B)
PAGE 18    Pulses & rIce
                                                                                                               Weight per unit   Price per unit   Price per case   Case size

            drIed Pulses
            For centuries beans, lentils and chick-peas have been the basis of many substantial dishes in Spain, often paired with pork, but also providing an
            important source of protein. Castilian chickpeas like Garbanzo Pedrosillano were brought to Spain by the Romans, and are considered a delicacy, while
            haricot beans like Alubias and butter beans like Judion de la Granja originate from South America and were brought over by the Conquistadores.
            V57              alubia blanca Dried white kidney beans                                          1kg            3.85          36.55         10
            V58              Judion Dried large white butter beans                                           1kg            4.30          40.85         10
            V59              garbanzos Pedrosillanos Dried small chick peas from El Pedroso in               1kg            3.15          29.95         10
                             Castilla La mancha
            V60              lentejas Dried brown lentils                                                    1kg            3.05          28.95         10

            Cooked PulSeS
            V17             alubia Blanca White kidney beans                                                   720g              1.70             19.40            12
            V18             garbanzos Large chick peas                                                         720g              1.55             17.65            12
            V19             lentejas Brown lentils                                                             720g              1.35             15.40            12
            V46             Judion de la granja Large white butter beans from La Granja in Segovia             720g              2.85             32.50            12

            Cooked PulSeS - CateRIng tInS
            V29             garbanzos Large chick peas                                                         3kg               4.25             24.25            6
            V30             alubias blancas White kidney beans                                                 3kg               4.25             24.25            6
            V63             Judion de la granja Large butter beans from La Granja                              3kg               5.25             29.95            6

            Paella rIce
            valencia is considered the birthplace of Paella, Spain’s national dish. The rice used in Paella and other traditional Spanish rice dishes needs to be short-
            grain, capable of absorbing a lot of liquid, and not sticky when cooked. The best rice for this is Bomba, which increases up to three times its original
            volume during cooking whilst the grains remain separate. However, the more moderately-priced Bahia rice can also be used successfully. Both carry a
            Denomination of Origin from valencia as a guarantee of their quality.
            V25              Bomba In a cotton sack                                                             500g           2.35          44.65         20
            V26              Bomba Catering size sack                                                           5kg            18.55         70.50         4
            V42              Bahia In a cotton sack                                                             1kg            2.45          23.25         10
            V43              Bahia Catering size sack                                                           5kg            10.20         38.75         4

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                                                                                                                                               sPIces             PAGE 19

                                                                                                  Weight per unit   Price per unit   Price per case   Case size

The finest D. O. La mancha grade saffron stamens are used in these attractive small boxes. The price for saffron may be subject to fluctuation
sP5              Saffron stamens (d.o. la Mancha)                                               1g             4.75         45.00           10
sP54             Saffron stamens (d.o. la Mancha)                                               0.5g           2.50         47.50           20
sP16             Saffron powder 1/8th capsules                                                  0.125g x 50                 23.50           50
sP44             10g Saffron                                                                    10g            27.00        255.00          10

We have several different kinds of Pimenton, the Spanish paprika. The first is the most well-known, a smoked paprika from La vera in Extremadura. It
is said that Christopher Columbus first brought chilli peppers back with him from the New World and gave them to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella
in the monastery near La vera in Extremadura. They have been grown there ever since, slowly smoked over oak fires in the traditional way, before
being ground on stone wheels. We have sweet (dulce), medium hot (agridulce) and hot (picante) varieties, all with a Denomination of Origin from
La vera. In murcia, paprika peppers are laid out in the sunshine to produce sun-dried paprika, in both sweet and hot versions (D. O. murcia), with a
vibrant colour and intense flavour. We also have a simple dried paprika for catering purposes.
sP8               Pimenton de la Vera dulce Sweet smoked paprika                                75g           1.25         14.25          12
sP51              Pimenton de la Vera agridulce medium smoked paprika                           75g           1.25         14.25          12
sP9               Pimenton de la Vera Picante Hot smoked paprika                                75g           1.25         14.25          12
sP47              Pimenton de la Vera dulce Sweet smoked paprika, catering size                 750g          6.65         63.00          10
sP48              Pimenton de la Vera Picante Hot smoked paprika, catering size                 750g          6.65         63.00          10
sP15              Ñoras Whole dried sweet ‘ Ñoras’ paprika peppers                              80g           1.35         15.40          12

sP10            Pimenton dulce ‘el ruisenor’ Sweet sun-dried paprika                              75g               2.78             31.70            12
sP11            Pimenton picante ‘el ruisenor’ Hot sun-dried paprika                              75g               2.78             31.70            12
sP23            sweet Paprika Catering size tub                                                   500g              4.25             24.25            6

Paella seasoning, the essential flavours for creating authentic paella, both in individual sachets and catering sizes. The seasoning sachets contain
saffron and come in a display box of 30.
sP14            Paella seasoning sachets                                                            15g            1.20         34.20         30
                Paprika, garlic, saffron, bay, thyme and colorant in 5 x 3g individual sachets
sP25            spices for Paella For an authentic tasting paella                                   450g           4.95         28.20         6
sP53            spices for Pinchos Morunos Spices for making ‘moorish’ kebabs                       450g          4.75          27.00         6
sP22            Bird-eye chillies very hot small chillies - ‘Ojos Pajaros’                          175g           4.25         24.25         6
sP45            exotic peppercorn mix                                                               300g           7.25         41.35         6
                Pink, green, white, black and Jamaican peppercorns provide a fragrant blend
sP28            ground cumin Used in many Andalucian dishes                                         400g           4.95         28.20         6
sP26            colorant For paella                                                                 450g           4.25         24.25         6

                                             to order by case simply add B to the end of the product code (eg PF7B)
PAGE 20    olIVe oIls
                                                                                                                 Weight per unit   Price per unit   Price per case   Case size

            olIVe oIl
            Even during Roman times Spain exported olive oil to other mediterranean countries, and today Spain is the largest producer of olive oil in Europe.
            Sixty percent of the olive groves are in Andalucia, where our supplier ‘Hacienda la Laguna’ expertly combines the olive varieties Arbequina, manzanilla
            and Picual to form the ‘Gran selección’ Coupage Blend used in our prettily-shaped jugs. Then we have a great extra-virgin olive oil made using fruity
            manzanilla olives in Extremadura, available in 1 litre and 5 litre tins. It is also the basis for our flavoured olive oils. Please note that the price for olive
            oil may vary with the market.
            ol1              Manzanilla eV olive oil Extra-virgin olive oil from manzanilla olives                   5 litres      21.05          79.99          4
            ol14             Molino de Zafra ‘ecologico’ Unfiltered, ecologically-made extra-virgin olive oil 5 litres             24.50          69.80          3
                             from spicy, fruity ‘morisca’ olives
            ol17             Manzanilla eV olive oil Extra-virgin olive oil from manzanilla olives                   1 litre       4.62           52.65          12
            ol4              Madrid 'Fajin' gran seleccion                                                        500ml            5.65             80.50            15
                             Coupage blend extra virgin olive oil with a rustic raffia sleeve
            ol3              Fenicia Coupage blend extra virgin olive oil                                         500ml            5.20             59.30            12
            ol13             san Miguel Coupage blend extra virgin olive oil                                      250ml            3.45             39.35            12

            FlaVoured olIVe oIls
            made using the same fruity manzanilla extra-virgin olive oil as our 5 litre tins, these flavoured oils from Extremadura contain whole chillies and
            peppercorns, lemon, garlic and mushroom slices and chopped basil – essential mediterranean flavours in elegant glass bottles.
            ol18 J J J     olive oil with garlic GTA Gold 2008                                                  250ml         3.25         37.00          12
            ol19           olive oil with chilli                                                                250ml         3.25         37.00          12
            ol20           olive oil with Peppercorns                                                           250ml         3.25         37.00          12
            ol21           olive oil with Porcini mushrooms                                                     250ml         3.25         37.00          12
            ol22           olive oil with sweet Basil                                                           250ml         3.25         37.00          12
            ol23           olive oil with lemon                                                                 250ml         3.25         37.00          12

          call: 01865 340055 • eMaIl: • WeBsIte:
                                                                                       VInegaRS & SnaCkS                                                          PAGE 21

                                                                                                  Weight per unit   Price per unit   Price per case   Case size

truFFle oIl and VInegar
Real pieces of truffle and an award-winning olive oil are used in this gourmet white truffle oil and balsamic vinegar with black truffle, presented in
elegant tall bottles – at a very good price!
ol11             White truffle olive oil Tuber magnatum pico                                       100ml         6.45          73.50          12
Vn7              Balsamic vinegar with black truffle Tuber melanosporum                            100ml         6.45          73.50          12

sherrY VInegar
Sherry vinegar is made from the best-quality sherry wine, matured in oak barrels using the ‘solera’ method, whereby vinegars from different vintages
are mixed gradually. Our 30 year old ‘Francisco de Cala’ sherry vinegar was given top marks in a Saturday Times taste test as being ‘the real deal, with
a sharp taste and a floral smell’. For something a little different, we have a sherry vinegar sweetened by the addition of a little Pedro Ximenez sherry.
Vn1             'Francisco de cala' reserva sherry Vinegar                                          250ml        2.95             67.25       24
Vn5             dios Baco sherry Vinegar with Pedro Ximenez                                         250ml        4.10             46.75       12
Vn9             'el cocinero' sherry vinegar                                                        750ml        3.95             45.00       12

FlaVoured BalsaMIc VInegar
From the same supplier as our flavoured olive oils comes a new range of delicious Balsamic vinegar condiments, flavoured with figs, cherries and
honey – try these as a salad dressing or to flavour sauces for duck and other meats. Pictured with the flavoured olive oils on the previous page.
Vn10            Balsamic vinegar condiment with figs                                             250ml         3.45            39.35         12
Vn11            Balsamic vinegar condiment with honey                                            250ml         3.45            39.35         12
Vn12            Balsamic vinegar condiment with cherries                                         250ml         3.45            39.35         12

tRadItIonal SPanISh SnaCkS
Classic tasty snacks made using dried broad beans, toasted giant corn, and salted sunflower seeds. Broad beans were introduced to Spain by the
Romans, while the corn was an introduction from America; both are now an intrinsic part of Spanish food culture. These small bags are available in
box quantities only.
F30              habas Fritas Fried and salted broad beans                                     125g                       5.95          10
F31              Pipas Giant roasted and salted sunflower seeds (in their husks)               100g                       5.25          10
F32              kikones Giant roasted and salted corn                                         125g                       6.50          10

                                             to order by case simply add B to the end of the product code (eg PF7B)
PAGE 22    FruIts & nuts
                                                                                                             Weight per unit   Price per unit   Price per case   Case size

            Almonds are grown all along Spain’s mediterranean coast from Cataluña down to malaga; the main varieties grown are the marcona, soft, round and
            buttery in flavour, and the Largueta, which are longer, crunchier and lower in oil-content. They have a high nutritional value with essential oils good
            for the heart. They are eaten all over Spain as an appetiser, roasted, salted or with sugar, but also used in the making of turrón, marzipan, cakes and
            biscuits as well as in savoury salsas like our new ‘Romesco’ sauce.

            We offer a range of the best almonds from Cataluña picked and prepared by hand by a family-run company, in small batches to ensure their quality,
            together with a catering-sized bag of roasted and lightly salted large marcona almonds.
            F6 J J J        sugared (garrapiñadas)                                                       100g                       18.15         6
                            Largueta almonds with a crunchy sugar coating, Great Taste Award 2006
            F7              toasted Largueta almonds in their skins                                      100g                       17.35         6
            F8              toasted & salted marcona almonds toasted and lightly salted                  100g                       19.30         6
            F10 J J J       caramelised almonds                                                          100g                       19.95         6
                            Largueta almonds with a rich caramelised coating, Great Taste Award 2005
            F27             assorted caramelised nuts                                                    100g                       19.95         6
                            Caramelised Cashews, Hazelnuts, Largueta and marcona almonds
            F33             salted Marcona almonds Large (grade 16+) marcona almonds, salted             500g         6.60          62.70         10

            Pressed FruIt Wheels
            The fig tree was brought to Spain by the Romans and is now grown especially in the south of Spain in areas like Extremadura, where our range of
            artisan-made fruit wheels and wedges are made. The Fig bread ‘Pan de Higo’ is the most famous, eaten with a coffee or cheese, but all are delicious!
            They are made simply using pressed fruits with almonds – no added sugar; the mediterranean assortment and the fig wheels and wedges are lightly
            flavoured with aniseed and cinnamon.
            F14 J J J       Fig and almond wedge GTA Gold 2009                                            250g            1.95         33.35         18
            F13 J J J       Fig and almond wheel GTA Gold 2009                                            500g            3.50         39.90         12
            F16             date and almond wedge                                                         250g            2.45         41.90         18
            F28             apricot and almond wedge                                                      250g            3.15         53.85         18
            F29             Mediterranean assortment Figs, dates, prunes, almonds and walnuts             400g            3.50         33.25         10

            PICkled fIgS
            New for this year from the same supplier as the membrillo is a very interesting and unusual product: bitter-sweet pickled green figs, made in the
            mountains of Leon. Unripe whole figs from Bierzo are pickled in a sweet-sour mix of sugar, vinegar and mustard: fantastic with cheeses such as man-
            chego and the blue valdeon, or as an accompaniment to cold meats.
            F5              Bitter-sweet pickled green figs                                                 314g          4.25          48.45         12
                            Whole pickled figs, great with cheese and meats

          call: 01865 340055 • eMaIl: • WeBsIte:
                                         MeMBrIllo conserVes & honeY                                                                                                PAGE 23

                                                                                                    Weight per unit   Price per unit   Price per case   Case size

MeMBRIllo - QuInCe JellY
membrillo, a Quince paste, is traditionally served with cheeses – but is also ideal with lamb and duck. The quinces used for our membrillo have been
home-grown by our supplier in the region of El Bierzo; the membrillo is smooth in texture and full of flavour because it is made using 60% quince –
and only the best parts of the fruit, so there is no graininess! We have added a smaller size for 2010; as with the 320g size this is presented in rustic
hand-made wooden boxes.
F34            carne de Membrillo Quince paste in a hand-made wooden box                           210g          2.80           63.85          24
F22            carne de Membrillo Quince paste in a hand-made wooden box                           320g          3.55           40.50          12
F23            carne de Membrillo Quince paste in a catering size tub                              1.3kg         6.50           12.35          2

We are delighted to introduce these artisan-made jams, made using classic sun-ripened Spanish fruits in the Coto de Doñana, Andalucia. Citrus fruits
are said to have arrived in Spain with the Arabs, and amongst them is the unusual but now very fashionable Kumquat, a miniature, slightly bitter
orange with a thin, edible skin, its flavour enhanced here by the addition of a little whisky to the recipe. mulberries are a delicious fruit, related to the
Fig, which look and taste similar to blackberries; our jam, enhanced with a little gin, is great on ice-cream, as is the strawberry jam with Cava! And
the ‘mountain’ fig jam is superb with the addition of a sweet moscatel wine. Or for something a bit different, why not try the Kiwi with Brandy or the
Blueberry jam sweetened with rum?
J10             strawberry and cava conserve                                                         250g           3.35         63.65           20
J11             Mulberry conserve with gin                                                           250g           3.35         63.65           20
J12             kiwi Conserve with Brandy                                                            250g           3.35         63.65           20
J13             kumquat Marmalade with Whisky                                                        250g           3.35         63.65           20
J14             ‘almonteño’ Fig conserve with Moscatel                                               250g           3.35         63.65           20
J15             Blueberry conserve with rum                                                          250g           3.35         63.65           20

Spain’s most famous honey is the fragrant multi-flower honey from high in the Alcarria mountains of Cuenca - a wild, untamed landscape where only
wild flowers, gorse and umbrella pines flourish – along with hundreds of bee colonies. This honey is used in making many of Spain’s traditional sweet-
meats, such as turrón, but also often mixed with nuts and drizzled over ice-cream.
M2              honey with mixed nuts                                                           200g          4.05         46.15           12
M7              orange Blossom honey                                                            200g          3.35         38.20           12
M9              Multiflower honey                                                               1kg           5.25         59.85           12
M10             Multiflower honey In a hand-made terracotta jar with a wooden honey spoon 500g                5.40         61.55           12

                                              to order by case simply add B to the end of the product code (eg PF7B)
PAGE 24    BIscuIts & turron
                                                                                                             Weight per unit   Price per unit   Price per case   Case size

            many types of traditional biscuits are found throughout Spain, often, as with the marzipan, made by nuns. They are usually soft, made from ground
            almonds, and individually wrapped to keep their freshness. Indeed, Polvorones, the softest of these biscuits, takes its name from the word for powder
            (‘polvo’) as they are often crushed to a powder before being eaten.

            tortas de aceite: Hand-made olive oil biscuits from Seville, gently flavoured with sesame and anise seeds, and then with a choice of toppings – a little
            salt to make a savoury biscuit, ‘Saladas’, great with cheese; lightly caramelised sugar, the original ‘Tortas de Aceite’; or topped with chopped almonds
            and crunchy granulated sugar for a sweet treat – ‘Almendras’.

            Savoury breadsticks: Bread is the most important basic foodstuff of the Spaniard. It is said that the Spanish would rather do without a meal altogether
            than have one without bread, and so even when a tapas dish, especially ham, is being served, very often it will be accompanied by these mini-bread-
            sticks, made using extra-virgin olive oil, in the shape of very small bread-rolls.
            c1              spanish Biscuit assortment In a hexagonal box                                      180g        2.35          26.80        12
            c11             dulces de espana                                                                   200g        3.25          18.50        6
                            Deluxe Spanish marzipan and Pastries in a hexagonal box
            c12             deluxe spanish assortment                                                          370g        4.65          79.50        18
                            Turron, marzipan, pastries and chocolates
            c2              Polvorones from the convent Assortment of soft almond biscuits                     350g        2.85          32.50        12
            c34             traditional delights from the Convent                                              300g        3.70          42.20        12
                            Assortment of marzipan and pastries
            c43             tortas de aceite The original hand-made olive oil biscuits, flavoured with       180g              1.35             25.65            20
                            sesame and aniseed
            c57             tortas saladas Olive oil biscuits, lightly salted; great with cheese             180g              1.35             25.65            20
            c58             tortas de almendras                                                              210g              1.90             36.10            20
                            Olive oil biscuits with chopped almonds and crunchy sugar
            c42             Picos artesanos Savoury breadsticks                                              230g              1.25             23.75            20

            A sweet delicacy brought to Spain by the Arabs, Turrón uses a mixture of almonds and honey, both plentiful in valencia and Alicante, still the centres
            of turrón production. Traditional turrón is made with roasted chopped almonds mixed with honey, bound with a little egg white and covered with
            wafers – Turron Duro ‘de Alicante’ – or the block of Turron duro is then beaten to make a paste and re-bound with egg white – Turron blando ‘de
            Jijona’. We also have turrón made with a rich mixture of almonds and chocolate.
            c44              turrón duro de luxe Hard almond nougat                                          200g        2.45          46.55            20
            c45              turrón Blando de luxe Soft almond nougat                                        200g        2.45          46.55            20
            c33              turrón de chocolate Chocolate and almond nougat                                 200g        2.60          49.40            20

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                              MarZIPan, chocolates & desserts                                                                                                     PAGE 25

                                                                                                  Weight per unit   Price per unit   Price per case   Case size

The nuns of the San Clemente convent in Toledo are credited in Spain with the invention of mazapan, by grinding almonds in a pestle (‘maza’) with
sugar to make a sweet bread (‘pan’). Using ground almonds rather than almond essence produces a gently-flavoured marzipan, which is then shaped
into small figures.
c22              Marzipan figurines                                                           100g          1.45          33.06         24
c23              Marzipan assortment from the convent                                         250g          3.60          20.50         6

Our delicious Brandy truffle-filled figs from Extremadura are dipped in dark chocolate, and have won a coveted two-star Gold Great Taste Award in
2009: we have them in two sizes, a tray of nine figs, and a cute little box with just three – at a very good price for this gourmet treat! And, something a
little different, we have chocolate-covered almonds shaped to look like green and black olives, presented in a little bag.
c54                chocolate 'olives' Chocolate covered almonds                                      150g          2.99          85.20          30
c59 J J J          three Fig Bombons GTA Two-star Gold 2009                                          47g           1.75          99.75          60
c21 J J J          nine Fig Bombons GTA Two-star Gold 2009                                           142g          4.65          86.35          20

SPanISh dRInkIng ChoColate and ChuRRoS
Thick, rich and creamy hot chocolate from Barcelona, in small sachets, a 1kg bag and also a pretty tin – this is the thick hot chocolate traditionally
drunk at breakfast-time or for dunking with ‘Churros’, the Spanish doughnuts! We also have the mix for making the Churros themselves, and (in the
accessories section of the catalogue), the Churro-maker as well.
c53              hot Chocolate in presentation tin                                              180g              2.95          28.00         10
c25              hot chocolate sachet                                                           180g              1.00          19.00         20
c26              hot chocolate                                                                  1kg               4.25          64.60         16
c56              churro Mix                                                                     500g              1.99          22.70         12

tradItIonal sPanIsh dessert MIXes
We are very excited about our new range of traditional Spanish dessert mixes from one of the most famous food companies in Spain – ‘Royal’. They
come with easy to follow instructions and just require the addition of milk, butter or eggs to create a delicious pudding. There is ‘Flan de Huevo’ –
the Spanish national dessert – a baked custard with caramel topping; ‘Crema Catalana’, the Catalan version of Crème Brulée; ‘Tarta de Santiago’, an
almond tart eaten by pilgrims on reaching Santiago de Compostela, adorned with the cross of the Knights of St James in icing sugar. We also have a
chocolate mousse mix and a mix for making an Oreo Cake to eat frozen or ambient.
PF38            Flan de huevo An egg custard with caramel topping                                 114g           1.35         15.40          12
PF33            crema catalana Catalan Cream                                                      120g           1.45         16.55          12
PF37            tarta de Santiago Almond tart                                                     410g           4.45         50.75          12
PF36            chocolate mousse mix                                                              225g           3.30         37.60          12
PF35            oreo cake mix Available from Summer onwards                                       215g           3.30         37.60          12

                                             to order by case simply add B to the end of the product code (eg PF7B)
PAGE 26    sherrY, cIder & Water
                                                                                                               Weight per unit   Price per unit   Price per case   Case size

            The word ‘sherry’ comes from the name of the town where it is made: Jerez in Andalucia. The grape variety Palomino fino in mainly used as it is able
            to withstand the dry climate; only 6% of the vines are Pedro Ximenez and moscatel, which provide sweeter flavours. Palomino grape is first fermented
            to produce a dry white wine which then develops a layer of white yeast, the ‘flor’, in the cool damp air of the bodegas. Wines with a particularly good
            flor will become Fino, with its characteristic hint of bitter almonds, while those without much flor will be made into Oloroso, a stronger sherry with
            the addition of more spirit, which kills off the flor and allows the wine to mature in the air. Amontillado develops from an aging Fino after its flor has
            died, allowing oxygen into the wine to continue the maturation process. The sun-ripened Pedro Ximenez grapes are used to make a very rich, sweet
            sherry with a raisiny flavour, fantastic poured over ice-cream! All are then matured using the Solera y Criadera system, whereby the sherry is moved
            down through a series of barrels over a period of many years until fully mature.
            sh4              Fino                                                                              750ml          9.35         106.60          12
            sh5              Manzanilla                                                                        500ml          5.75         65.55           12
            sh6              amontillado                                                                       750ml          9.99         113.90          12
            sh7              oloroso                                                                           750ml          9.99         113.90          12
            sh8              cream                                                                             750ml          7.95         90.60           12
            sh9              oxford 1970 Pedro Ximenez                                                         500ml          8.15         92.90           12
            sh10             oxford 1970 Pedro Ximenez                                                         750ml          12.25        69.80           6

            Sidra is Asturias’ regional drink, with two main types: ‘Natural’, a still, cloudy cider with a dry, tart flavour, served throughout Asturias in the many
            Sidrerías to be found in every town. The custom is to pour a small amount of the cider from a great height into a flat rustic glass to introduce air and
            open up the flavour. The second type is ‘Champañada’, a sparkling cider; clear and dry but with a softer flavour – and mostly drunk throughout the
            rest of Spain rather than in Asturias itself!
            W38              sidra el gaitero                                                                       700ml          2.55         29.00          12
            W40              sidra trabanco                                                                         700ml          2.95         33.65          12

            MIneral Water
            Pure mineral water from the famous spa of Solan de Cabras, (Spa of the Goats) in Cuenca, La mancha. Said to have been discovered by a goat-herd,
            even in Roman times the water was said to have healing properties. A spa was developed there in the 18th century, with several Spanish Kings and
            Queens visiting for treatment. The distinctive blue bottles have made this one of the most famous mineral waters in Spain; we have the plastic bottles
            as the glass ones are returnable in Spain, something we are not able to do from the UK.
            W39             solan de cabras                                                                500ml        0.63            14.35        24

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                                                                                WInes & accessorIes                                                               PAGE 27

                                                                                                  Weight per unit   Price per unit   Price per case   Case size

The climate of La Rioja is balanced between the Atlantic and the mediterranean, giving it the perfect climate for growing grapes, in particular the
Tempranillo for red wines and the viura for white. These are matured in French and American oak barrels to produce this world famous wine.
W5              rioja Vega tinto                                                                750ml          4.25          48.45          12
W23             rioja Vega Blanco                                                               750ml          4.25          48.45          12
W30             rioja Vega rosado                                                               750ml          4.25          48.45          12
W6              rioja Vega crianza 2005                                                         750ml          6.45          73.50          12
W7              rioja Vega reserva 2004                                                         750ml          9.99          113.90         12

rIBera del duero
Less well-known than Riojas, these wines are very highly regarded in Spain. They are from an area next to Rioja, along the banks of the River Duero;
harsh and inhospitable, with blazing hot summers and bitterly cold winters. This, together with being matured in oak barrels, produces a fruity, dark
red wine, complex in flavour.
W16            Montevannos roble 2007                                                           750ml         5.66           32.25         6
W17            Montevannos crianza 2003                                                         750ml         7.99           45.55         6
W18            Montevannos reserva 2005                                                         750ml         10.99          62.65         6

Moscatel dessert WIne
This delicious and beautifully presented dessert wine, made from 100% moscatel grapes in valencia by a company founded in 1885, has won a
number of awards including the award for Best Spanish moscatel, ‘Nariz de Oro’ (the ‘Golden Nose’). It has aromas of citrus fruits and toasted wood
from the aging in French Oak barrels; perfect with foie gras, cakes and fruit desserts.
W44 J J J        ‘Fusta nova’ Moscatel                                                        500ml          6.49           73.99          12

Two styles of ham stand, one made primarily of wood, the other with a more ornate wrought iron upright, together with a long, flexible thin knife for
carving the ham and a hand-made wooden presentation box with Castilian-style metal handles. Then we have a Churro-maker, to make the Spanish
doughnuts traditionally eaten for breakfast dunked in rich, creamy hot chocolate, and new for this catalogue, two sizes of wooden boards for serving
‘Pulpo a la Gallega’, Octopus Galician-style. This was traditionally prepared by women travelling round Galicia to attend street fairs, and so instead of
ceramic dishes they used wood as they were less likely to break on the journey. Other seafood dishes may also be served using these boards.
B9               Jamonero 'Bodega'                                                                              24.95
B10              Jamonero 'guijuelo'                                                                            24.95
B2               ham knife                                                                                      5.25
B3               Wooden box for ham                                                                             17.50
B4               churrera - churro maker                                                                        7.95
B11              small Wooden Pulpo board                                                         18cm          4.25
B12              Medium Wooden Pulpo board                                                        22cm          4.75

                                             to order by case simply add B to the end of the product code (eg PF7B)
PAGE 28    terracotta dIshes
                                                                                                           Weight per unit   Price per unit   Price per case   Case size

            terracotta dIshes
            A range of high-quality terracotta kitchenware from Regas, makers of high-quality ceramics in Breda, Cataluña since 1821. These traditional pots are
            glazed inside and out, and require soaking in water before the first use. Conforms to all EU standards for lead levels etc.
            cZ15            8.5 cm dish, flat base                                                            8.5cm          0.83       99.35         126
            cZ1             10 cm dish, flat base                                                             10cm           1.06       96.65         96
            cZ13            11.5 cm dish, flat base                                                           11.5cm         1.18       49.35         44
            cZ23            13 cm dish, flat base                                                             13cm           1.28       65.65         54
            cZ2             14 cm dish, flat base                                                             14cm           1.40       31.95         24
            cZ3             17 cm dish, flat base, handles                                                    17cm           2.05       38.95         20
            cZ4             23 cm dish, flat base, handles                                                    23cm           2.99       28.40         10
            cZ5             28 cm dish, flat base, handles                                                    28cm           5.85       44.45         8
            cZ24            13cm round casserole with lid                                                   13cm             3.50             53.20            16
            cZ6             17cm round casserole with lid                                                   17cm             5.10             48.45            10
            cZ7             23cm round casserole with lid                                                   23cm             7.45             35.40            5
            cZ8             17cm tagine                                                                     17cm             15.45            44.00            3
            cZ21            20cm tagine                                                                     20cm             19.50            55.55            3
            cZ9             28cm tagine                                                                     28cm             24.20                             1
            cZ12            half litre Jug                                                                                   5.99             68.30            12
            cZ11            one litre Jug                                                                                    7.75             44.15            6
            cZ10            one litre jug with six glasses                                                                   16.75            63.65            4
            cZ22            19cm Flat plate                                                                 19cm             4.45             50.75            12
            cZ25            14cm olive dish                                                                 14cm             2.85             108.30           40
            cZ29            Painted olive dishes                                                            15cm             3.95             75.00            20

            taPas toWer
            An elegant design of wrought iron stand which holds three of our 13cm terracotta dishes to make a great centre-piece for the home, tapas bar, or
            restaurant. Or add a further three rings of the same size or three smaller ‘salsa’ rings to the outside to make a tower with six.
            cZ31            tapas tower with 3 rings                                                                          29.95
            cZ26            tapas tower with 6 rings                                                                          39.95
            cZ27            large rings for 13cm dishes                                                                                     15.00   3
            cZ30            small salsa rings for 8.5cm dishes                                                                              10.50   3
            cZ15            8.5 cm dish To fit the small rings                                                  8.5cm         0.83
            cZ23            13 cm dish To fit the large rings                                                   13cm          1.28

          call: 01865 340055 • eMaIl: • WeBsIte:
                                                                                                                  Paella Pans                                   PAGE 29

                                                                                                Weight per unit   Price per unit   Price per case   Case size

PaelleRaS (Paella PanS)
These are the large flat open frying pans from valencia which have given ‘paella’ its name; traditionally made from iron or steel, both of which require
oiling after use and are not suitable for dishwashers. The more modern finish is a vitreo-ceramic one, which doesn’t rust and is less prone to sticking.
New for this year are some pans for induction cookers, with a heavier, more even bottom to give a better union with the cooking surface. We also
have a selection of gas burners for use with bottled gas (supplied without hose and regulator), and a sturdy adjustable tripod.
steel Paelleras
P31               24cm (1 person)                                                                 24cm          3.30          18.80         6
P1                26cm (2 person)                                                                 26cm          3.55          20.25         6
P2                30cm (4 person)                                                                 30cm          4.05          23.10         6
P9                34cm (6 person)                                                                 34cm          4.90          27.95         6
P31               38cm (8 person)                                                                 38cm          6.20          35.35         6
P4                43cm (10 person)                                                                43cm          7.50          42.75         6
P11               46cm (12 person)                                                                46cm          8.70          49.60         6
P34               50cm (14 person)                                                                50cm          10.60         60.40         6
P13               65cm (25 person)                                                                65cm          25.60                       1
P22               70cm (30 person)                                                                70cm          33.30                       1
P14               90cm (50 person)                                                                90cm          64.00                       1
VItReo-CeRaMIC PaelleRaS
P5                26cm (2 person)                                                                 26cm          4.90          27.95         6
P6                30cm (4 person)                                                                 30cm          5.90          33.65         6
P10               34cm (6 person)                                                                 34cm          7.30          41.60         6
P7                38cm (8 person)                                                                 38cm          8.95          51.00         6
P8                43cm (10 person)                                                                43cm          11.25         64.15         6
P12               46cm (12 person)                                                                46cm          13.95         79.50         6
P18               50cm (14 person)                                                                50cm          16.50         94.00         6
P35               65cm (25 person)                                                                65cm          34.50                       1
InductIon Paelleras
P36              30cm (4 person)                                                                  30cm          8.95          51.00         6
P37              34cm (6 person)                                                                  34cm          10.25         58.40         6
P38              38cm (8 person)                                                                  38cm          14.95         85.20         6
gas Burners and trIPod
P15              30cm gas Burner (1 ring)                                                         30cm          24.50
P16              50cm gas Burner (2 rings)                                                        50cm          59.00
P20              70cm gas Burner (3 rings)                                                        70cm          135.00
P17              adjustable tripod                                                                              24.50

                                            to order by case simply add B to the end of the product code (eg PF7B)
PAGE 30    olIVe oIl SkIn CaRe PRoduCtS
                                                                                                             Weight per unit   Price per unit   Price per case   Case size

            olIVe oIl SkIn CaRe PRoduCtS
            BathrooM essentIals
            A useful range providing essential daily products that are good for the skin: Olive oil soaps containing anti-oxidants, vitamin E, carotene and glycerine
            to aid rehydration: Hand and nail cream is soothing and healing to delicate skin. The Exfoliant gel is made using extra-virgin olive oil together with
            finely-ground olive stones and mineral salts from thermal waters to provide gentle yet effective exfoliation to leave skin radiant and glowing. And
            there is a lip balm which combines extra-virgin olive oil and white beeswax with a protective SPF of 15 to soothe and protect.
            oc1               soap A block of lemon-scented soap                                               300g           1.55          17.65          12
            oc2               hand and nail cream                                                              75ml           2.75          52.25          20
            oc3               lip Balm Olive oil and white beeswax with SPF 15                                 4g             1.55          73.60          50
            oc4               Bath and shower gel                                                              500ml          3.90          66.70          18
            oc5               Mini-soap Guest-size lemon-scented soaps                                         20g            0.25          78.40          330
            oc6               liquid hand soap                                                                 500ml          3.35          47.75          15
            oc7               exfoliant gel                                                                    150ml          3.30          37.65          12
            natural edItIon
            An organic range formulated using organic extra-virgin olive oil, thermal waters and olive-leaf extract, in a clear and simple eye-catching presentation.
            oc19              Bath and shower gel                                                              250ml          3.25          61.75          20
            oc20              gentle shampoo                                                                   250ml          3.65          69.35          20
            oc21              Moisturising Body Milk                                                           250ml          3.95          75.05          20
            For WoMen
            Formulated with organic extra-virgin olive oil, thermal waters and olive leaf extract, combined with vitamin E and Alginic acid to fight free radicals,
            these products are formulated to cleanse, tone and protect delicate skin.
            oc32              anti-aging hand cream With SPF8                                                  50ml           3.25          61.75          20
            oc33              lip Protection Balm With SPF8                                                    10ml           1.50          85.50          60
            oc34              olive Water toner                                                                250ml          3.10          58.90          20
            oc35              Purifying cleansing Milk                                                         250ml          5.55          105.45         20
            For Men
            Organic extra-virgin olive oil, thermal waters and olive leaf extract, together with vitamins B and E,Carotene and Glycerine provide soothing and
            protective products for men. The after-shave balm also contains alfa-bisabolol, which has anti-inflammatory properties.
            oc36              energizing Face-zone gel                                                         50ml           5.60          106.40         20
            oc37              revitalising shampoo                                                             250ml          4.15          78.85          20
            oc38              shaving cream                                                                    150ml          2.95          56.00          20
            oc39              after Shave Balm                                                                 250ml          3.85          73.15          20
            gIft PaCkS
            oc40              Small travel gift Pack for women                                                 3x15ml         2.15          122.55         60
            oc41              Small travel gift Pack for men                                                   3x15ml         2.15          122.55         60

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You can place an order in any of the following ways:

By Phone:     01865 340055
By Email:
By Fax:       01865 340055

We are always happy to discuss your requirements before you place an order. There is no
minimum order quantity, but case orders of non-weighed items do now have an approx 5%
discount. We do make a charge for delivery depending on the weight of your order.
The minimum delivery charge is the same as last year, at £6 for orders up to 40kgs in weight.

All prices exclude VAT where applicable, and are effective from 1st March 2010. We will try to
hold prices for the duration of this list; however, due to fluctuations in harvests and exchange
rates, we reserve the right to alter our prices without notice.

For new customers, or if we only trade with you occasionally, we prefer to take payment at the
time of ordering. Credit accounts are available for established businesses. Our credit terms are
payment by 30 days from the date of the invoice – please ask for a credit account form if you wish
to set an account up.

Deliveries are made by courier between 9-5 Monday to Friday. Please let us know within 24
hours of delivery if there are any shortages or damage to your order. Check your goods carefully
on arrival, and please note on the driver’s delivery sheet if there are signs of damage or
shortage of boxes so that we can claim from the courier: Delicioso cannot be held responsible
for damaged goods received but not signed for as such.
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