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                                                                                                                                                   PERMIT NO. 102
                                                                                                                                                Commerce, Texas 75428

January 2010

                                                          A Publication of the Commerce Chamber of Commerce                                     Volume 8 - No.1

                                                                   celebrates Citizen of the Year
Citizen of the Year Criteria ............. 2

Ribbon Cutting ............................... 3
                                                                                                              with Big Band | Big Business at Annual Banquet
Profile ............................................. 4
                                                              On Thursday, February                                               Hospital Auxiliary, Fire
Calendar of Events .......................... 5               18, 2010 the Chamber                                                Fighter of the Year by
Campus Connection ..................... 6                     of Commerce will be                                                 the Aglaia Club, Public
                                                              celebrating the Citizen of                                          Safety Officer of the Year
Our Town COCA Show...................... 8                    the Year and its 101st year                                         by the Lions Club and
Member Spotlight .......................... 9                 at the Chamber Annual                                               Community Builder Award
                                                              Banquet. The Chamber                                                by the Masonic Lodge.
City Connection .............................. 9              will be “Striking Up the Big
CEDC ............................................ 10          Band” in the Sam Rayburn
                                                              Student Center at the Texas
                                                                                                                                  N   omination Forms for the
                                                                                                                                  Citizen of the Year, Golden
CISD .............................................. 11        A&M-Commerce campus.                                                Service and Distinguished
Member Spotlight ......................... 12                                                                                     Community Service are in
                                                              T  ickets go on sale January                                        the Chamber office as well
Member Directory ......................... 13                 18th and space will be                                              as in this edition. Citizens
                                                              limited, so plan on making                                          are encouraged to nominate
                                                              your reservations early                                             people for those awards.
                                                              to make sure you get to
                                                              attend “The 101st Annual
                                                              Chamber Awards Banquet”.
                                                                                                                                  T  here will be a Business
                                                                                                                                  Card Exchange Contest
                                                                                                                                  before the Banquet at
                                                              M   any awards will                                                 the Welcoming Event
Be a part of the action during this                           be presented at the Banquet from various         as well as throughout the evening. Bring
months busy men and women’s
                                                              organizations in town as well as the Chamber.    plenty of cards to share with new faces,
home basketball schedule.
                                                              The Citizen of the Year is announced as          you may win a prize. We are also currently
                                                              well as Distinguished Community Service,         looking for businesses interested in
                                                              Golden Service, Agriculturalist of the Year,     donating prizes in exchange for shout-outs
                                                              along with Employer and Employee of the          from the stage, the more the merrier.
                                                              Year by the Rotary Club, Outstanding Youth
                                                              Community Service by the Kiwanis Club,
                                                              Distinguished Health Care Worker by the
                                                                                                               S end your nominations or inquiries to banquet@
             Bois d’ Arc Capital of Texas                                                             or 903.886.3950.
   Page 2

                                                                                   CONN CTION                 e            CHAMBER      Board of Directors
                                                                                                                                                                            January 2010

                                                   B AN Q U E T                                2 0 1 0                      Executive Board
It’s that time of year again to think about the outstanding professionals within our town. On February 18th                 President                                   Lisa Arnold
we will present these prestigious awards to our outstanding individuals. This annual presentation goes to one               President - Elect                           Linnea Smith
who has attained and embodies the highest level of professional excellence in his/her business or profession                Past President                              Marsha Morrison
and has devoted time and energy to improve the quality of life for others in our community.                                 Secretary | Treasurer                       Kathy Beverley

 A Nominee for this award must have accomplished during the 2009 calendar year an act or acts of                            Board of Directors
outstanding public serve and betterment for the Commerce community.                                                         Jennette Burnett                           Stan McKee
GOLDEN SERVICE AWARD 2010                                                                                                   Trey Chaney                                David McKenna
A Nominee for this award must be 65 years of age or older and have accomplished during the 2009                             Verlin Conkle                              Dion Miller
calendar year an act or acts of outstanding public serve and betterment for the Commerce community.                         Blake Cooper                               Michael Odom
DISTINGUISHED COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD 2010                                                                                  Rocky Dority                               Yogi Patel
A Nominee for this award must be a resident of Commerce or have committed the act for which he/she is being                 Kent Holbert                               Linnea Smith
considered on behalf of Commerce. A nominee’s act s of public service or betterment are not limited to the 2009 calendar    Brenda Johnson                             Beckey Thompson
year, but may have occured over a period of years. Both individuals and organizations will be considered for this award.
                                                                                                                            Dan Jones                                  Mike Williams
Please fill out the application form (available here and at the Chamber office) and return in sealed envelope               Gary Little
to the Chamber of Commerce office 1114 Main Street, no later than 5:00 p.m. February 10, 2010.
Awards will be announced at the Chamber Annual Banquet.                                                                     Chamber Manager                             Trey Boyles
                                                OFFICIAL NOMINATION FORM

Name of Nominee                                              Nominator’s Name                                               The COMMERCE CONNECTION N e w s l e t t e r C o m m i t t e e
Address of Nominee                                           Address                                                        Trey Boyles
                                                             e-mail                                                         Bonnie Hunter
Qualifications of Nominee                                                                                                   Michael Odom
(please use sperate piece of paper if needed)                Phone
                                                                                                                            Carolyn Thompson

                                                                                                                            1114 Main Street,
                                                                                                                            P.O.Box 290
                                                                                                                            Commerce, TX 75429
                                                                                                                            f 903.886.8012

                                                                                                                            To place an ad in the CONNECTION e-mail

                                                                                                                                         Holiday Inn Express
                                                                                                                                         2207 Culver St.
        400 Maple Street                                                                                                                 Commerce, TX 75428
        Commerce, Texas 75428                                                                                                            Ph: 903-886-4777
        903-886-3153                                                                                                                     Fax: 903-886-8737

                                                                                                                                         Stay Smart
  Page 3                                   COMMeRCe
                                                                   CONN CTION         e                                                         January 2010

                                                                                 COMMERCE CHAMBER                      Ribbon Cuttings

To the Editor:
Every year a growing concern of parents and community members
in Commerce is the safety of our children after the graduation
ceremonies. It has become a tradition for the parents of the Commerce
High School graduating seniors to host a “Drug Free and Alcohol
Free Post-Graduation Party” on the evening of their graduation.
This function requires that the young people stay in one place with
adult supervision for several hours, thus lessening the probability
that drugs and alcohol can be included in their evening plans.
The parents of the Senior Class of 2010 want to give their children
a memorable, yet fun-filled party. We are asking for donations to be
used as door prizes on our event night.These prizes can be in the
form of monetary donations and/or items. Examples include gift cards,
theme baskets or event tickets.This is a perfect opportunity for you to
promote your business and show support for our community. Please                                                                            Photo by: Carolyn Thompson
help us make this event become a reality for the seniors of 2010.              Russell Cellular
We would appreciate any contribution that is made. If you                      2008 Live Oak Street
                                                                               Andrea Warren Store Lead 903.886.3865
have questions, would like to make a donation, or would like
more information, contact Elaine Nelson at 903-886-8742.
                                                                               Russell Cellular recently joined the Commerce Chamber of Commerce. On
Thank you!                                                                     January 18, Brooke Ottensen, District Manager, cut the ribbon in front of there
CHS Project Graduation 2010                                                    Live Oak location. The Chamber is honored to welcome Russell Cellular
                                                                               to its membership. They are a Verizon Wireless product and service provider
                                                                               and also provide Direct TV Satelite Service. They are a great source for voice
                                                                               and data transmission and are happy to troubleshoot anyones problems.

Grant Writing 101
The first of a series of seminars sponsored by the Chamber will be presented Thursday, February 25 at the Sam Rayburn
Student Center on A&M-Commerce campus.The topic will be Grant Writing 101, perfect for churches, ministries, non-profit
organizations and educators. The event will begin at 9:00 a.m.Tuition is $60 for non-members and $50 for Chamber members.
Space is limited. For details, contact the Chamber.

                                                     MAK’S PLACE
                                                      COUNTRY COOKIN’
                                                        Mel & Tina Kohn

                                                       1229 Washington St
                                                             (on the square)
                                                   Commerce, TX 75428
                                                    Phone: 903-886-7700

                                              Open Tuesday thru Sunday
                                               BANQUET ROOM AVAILABLE
  Page 4                                  COMMeRCe
                                                                CONN CTION                                    e                                                     January 2010


Serving the Commerce Chamber

                                                                              Photo by: Don Beverley
with distinction, again.

Kathy Beverley                                                                                         After leaving Nextel she spent five years working for Sprint Wireless in the
During the past ten years Kathy has been a co-owner of two local                                       engineering department. Her department was responsible for acquiring
Commerce businesses. All American Self Storage, a 175 unit storage facility                            land to build cell sites, and once built, implementing the necessary software
providing a selection of different sized storage units including climate                               and phone connections to activate the cell sites for consumer use.
controlled units. Valentine Properties rents single family homes and
                                                                                                       She has served as Director of the Chamber of Commerce for nine
apartments in Commerce.
                                                                                                       years. First, with two consecutive terms of 3 years each and after a year
Kathy moved to Texas in December of 1998 from Southern California.                                     off she came back in 2008 to serve another 3 year term. She is active
In California she worked in the engineering departments of both Nextel                                 in the community, a member of the Louise Drake Garden Club, past
and Sprint wireless companies. At Nextel Wireless she worked as the                                    board member of the Board of Adjustments, graduate of Commerce
Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Engineering. While there she                              Leadership Institute, and member of the Southern Bells Bell Choir.
assisted in Nextel’s conversion of CB radio frequencies to be used on
Nextel’s state-of-the-art wireless network. The launch in Los Angeles made
                                                                                                       She is married to Don Beverley and has two stepchildren Allison and
Nextel the only provider to combine both cell and push-to-talk
                                                                                                       Adam who live in Virginia along with two grandsons, Michael and Ben.
capabilities in the same handset.                                                                      Kathy enjoys traveling and spending time with the grandkids.


                                                                                                                    1312 Washington street - CommerCe, texas 75428
                                                                                                                 903 / 886-2126 - Fax 903 / 886-4552 - metro 972 / 226-0969

                                                                                                            member FdiC
                                                                                                                                                                   EQUAL HOUSING
 Page 5                                                               COMMeRCe
                                                                                                           CONN CTION       e                                                                      January 2010

                  Calendar of Events                                                                                   CHAMBER
                                                                                                                                   New Members
 Group Fitness Classes Spring 2010 ................................................Jan. 19-May 8                        The Commerce Chamber of Commerce is proud to introduce the
 Morris Recreation Center 2600 S. Neal Street visit
                                                                                                                        following new members. We appreciate our newest members and
 Lions Basketball (H) vs. East Central.....................................................January 20                   encourage you to use chamber members when doing business in
 A&M Fieldhouse 2600 Neal St. W-6:00pm. - M 8:00 pm. visit
                                                                                                                        Commerce. Look for geen ribbon name tags at Chamber events and
 Lions Basketball (H) vs. Central Oklahoma............................................January 20                        introduce yourself to the latest members to join the Chamber.
 Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo ......................................................February 5                                                Russell Cellular
 The Sr. Adults leave from City Park at 8:00 a.m. RSV to Laci, 903-886-1150
                                                                                                                                                 2008 Live Oak Street
 Delta Co. Chamber of Commerce “Harlem Ambassadors” ...................February 5                                                                Andrea Warren Store Lead
 Cooper High School Gym, 7:00 PM                                                                                903.886.3865
 Northeast Children’s Museum...............................................................February 6                                            Commerce Office of Cultural Affairs
 2nd Annual Daddy Daughter Dance
 Lions Basketball (H) vs. Northeastern State (early)................................February 6
                                                                                                                                                 Carolyn Thompson
 Annual Chamber Banquet.....................................................................February 18                                
 Citizen of the Year, Golden Service and Distinguished Community Service Awards

 Mane Event Preview Day ..................................................................... March 6
 High schoolers and families on campus day

 The Big Event.........................................................................................April 10
 University, City, County Clean-Up Service Day

 Special Olympics Track & Field Meet......................................................April 10
 Relay for Life .........................................................................................April 16
 Chilifest .................................................................................................April 24
 Planetarium “Galileo: The Power of the Telescope”................................Fridays

                                                         First Baptist Church
                                                                           On the corner of
                                                                       Washington and Sycamore

                                                                  Sunday Morning Bible Fellowship
                                                                              9:30 a.m.
                                                                      Sunday Morning Worship
                                                                             10:50 a.m.
                                                                           Sunday Evening
                                                              First Family Bible Study in Small Groups
                                                                              6:00 p.m.

                      Dyer Insurance Agency, Inc.
                           Serving Commerce and the University
                                                   for over 75 years
                                                                                                                        1510 Live Oak St., P.O. Box 776                       Phone 903-886-3141
                                                                                                                        Commmerce, TX 75428                                         800-878-5972
                                                                                                                                                                               Fax: 903-886-6426
                                                                                                                                            Commerce’s Hometown Florist Since 1929
                                                                                                                                                     Gladys Gray, Owner

                          1504 Washington St.,                  Commerce, TX 75428                                          Fresh and Silk Custom Designs, Gifts & Gift Baskets, Weddings & Special Occasions
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                                                             CONN CTION         e                                                  January 2010

             Campus Connection
                        Spring Assembly                Looks Ahead to 2010

By: Ashley Johnson

COMMERCE,Texas - Dr. Dan Jones, president        with new logos, New LED scoreboards
of Texas A&M University-Commerce, kicked         and backboards will soon be installed
off the spring 2010 semester at the Spring       and a handicapped-accessible ramp has
Assembly Jan. 14 in Ferguson Auditorium.         been added to the east entrance.
The university-wide assembly provided            Crosswalk improvements have begun
faculty and staff with a look back at the        on Culver Street in front of Whitley
university’s accomplishments in 2009, and        Hall, with work to follow on Highway
a glimpse of what’s to come in 2010.             50/24 between Smith Hall and the main
Among the projects discussed for 2010 were       campus. These improvements should be
the addition of stadium seating for the east     completed by the time classes begin.
side of Memorial Stadium, updates on the        Dr. Jones thanked Bob Brown, vice president
music building construction, Field House        of business administration, and his staff for

                                                                                                                                                  Photo by: Paul Bryan
renovations, and crosswalk improvements.        their prudent management of university
The bleacher-style stadium seating at Memorial funds that have helped to make the
Stadium will accommodate 3,000 fans and         aforementioned projects possible. Jones also
will be complete in time for the 2010 football recognized Randy VanDeven, vice president
season. The seating area also will include rest for institutional advancement, for his efforts.
                                                                                                A&M-Commerce continues to grow in
rooms, concession stands and a press box.       This fall, students also will benefit from      innovative ways, the university will need to
Work continues on the music building,           new programs in accounting, construction        seek out new sources of funding. He cited
despite weather delays.The university           engineering, paralegal studies, and             Vice President, Randy VanDeven, as a key
is still on track to occupy the building        education. According to Dr. Larry Lemanksi, player fostering a culture of philanthropy
by July, and have it ready for students by      University Provost and Vice President           within the university community.
the beginning of the fall semester.             of academic affairs. A nursing program
                                                                                                For a complete audio recording of the
                                                is also in the development stages.
Renovations continue at the Field House.                                                        Spring Assembly, visit
The main gym floor has been refinished          In closing Jones acknowledged that as

           Chaney’s tobaCCo station

                       We Cash all types oF CheCks
                Western Union               money orders
                bUdgegt home                phone serviCe
                prepaid Cell phones         bill payment Center

        1601 live oak                             903-886-8080
  Page 7                                        COMMeRCe
                                                                           CONN CTION         e                                                                         January 2010

                                                                      A&M-Commerce Pursues
Student Guided                                                        Hispanic Outreach Enrollment Initiative
Thesis Support Groups                                                  By Brent Lyday

By: Brent Lyday                                                       Luis Franco’s journey to Texas A&M University-      steps towards making the campus more
                                                                      Commerce began 17 years ago,when his                Hispanic- friendly, like creating English-
COMMERCE,Texas – “Student Guided Thesis Support Groups,”              family moved to the United States from Mexico       Spanish Websites and marketing materials,
a thesis written by four Texas A&M University-Commerce                to provide a better future for their family.        as well as hiring recruiters, faculty and
Honors College students and Dr. Raymond Green, dean of the            Franco took advantage of his parents’ ambitious     staff that speak and write Spanish fluently.
Honors College, has been accepted for publication in                  decision by earning his bachelor’s degree
“Honors in Practice.”                                                                                                 According to Luis, all initiative-related changes
                                                                      from A&M-Commerce in 2005.
                                                                                                                      will be based on one main goal helping
“Honors in Practice” is an annual journal that publishes articles     “Graduating from college was a goal I set for   students and their families overcome the
about innovative practices in individual Honors programs, as          myself at a very young age,” said Franco,       financial, cultural and language barriers that
well as practical and descriptive essays, successful Honors           director of Hispanic outreach at A&M- Commerce. have made a college education
courses and other issues relevant to Honors Colleges                  “As I walked across the stage and was           appear out of reach.
and programs.                                                         handed my diploma, I was filled with a sense
                                                                                                                      “Our initiative to raise Hispanic enrollment is
                                                                      of accomplishment. I knew I was setting an
“This is our university’s first publication in this outlet,” Green                                                    not just about numbers,” said Franco.
                                                                      example for my two younger siblings.”
said.“Publishing in this venue is a huge milestone for the                                                            “A&M-Commerce wants to build a relationship
Honors College and particularly the students By publishing            Now, Luis is working to make a college          and a presence in the Hispanic/Latino
here we will elevate the profile of the university and the            education a reality for other Hispanic students community. As Professor Mayo stated,‘no
Honors College.”                                                      as A&M-Commerce works to increase its           industrious youth shall be denied an
                                                                      Hispanic enrollment from 8.7 percent            education if I can prevent it.’ Our initiative
A&M-Commerce undergraduate honors students Jennifer                   to 25 percent with the Hispanic Initiative.     supports that idea; it’s something that would
Beard, Ryan Shelton, Amanda Stevens, and George Swindell,                                                             make our founder proud.”
along with Green, came up with the thesis after receiving             “As a Hispanic individual, alumni and now
information about how support groups are used at other                staff member of Texas A&M University-           For further information contact
                                                                      Commerce, I feel extremely proud of our new or
graduate schools.
                                                                      initiative,” Luis said.“As a state institution,
“A handful of them read the information and realized it would         it is our duty to educate and serve Hispanic    or call 903.468.8699 En Español
be potentially useful to alter the model to fit their needs,”         families, a segment of the population that
Green said. “Upon doing so they made fantastic progress on            grows more and more every day, but is
their theses.They had done so well that I asked them if they          underrepresented in higher education.This

                                                                                                                                                                                         Photo by: Carolyn Thompson
were interested in sharing their acquired wisdom with each            initiative will help us accomplish that.”
other. They were excited by the idea of trying to write               The university’s first step towards achieving
something up.”                                                        the goal was to put together a Hispanic
The thesis will be included in the spring issue of                    Serving Institutional Advisory Council.The
“Honors in Practice.”                                                 council advised the university to take several

                                                                                                                           Pictured left to right Gilbert Hernandez, Stephanie Holley,
                                                                                                                           Trey Boyles and Luis Franco.

                                                                                                      CONWAY COMPANY CPAs, PC
    Hydro creates a more viable society by developing natural
    resources and products
    in innovative and efficient ways.                                                                        ACCOUNTANTS & ADVISORS
 Hydro Aluminum                                                                                              
 2000 Economic Drive
 Commerce, TX 75428                                                                         Office 903-886-2123                                           1021 Park Street
 (903) 468-5000                     
                                                                                            Facsimile 903-886-6580                                     Commerce, TX 75428
 Page 8                                   COMMeRCe
                                                                 CONN CTION        e                                                     January 2010

                                                                                          Our Town

A&M-Commerce Receives Texas Higher
Education Star Award                                                         New Art in Windows show in Commerce
By Brent Lyday                                                               By Michael Odom

                                                                             The second installment of the Art in Windows Series is up and running
                                                                             in Commerce. Sponsored by the Commerce Office of Cultural Affairs
COMMERCE,Texas – Texas A&M University-Commerce and Mesquite                  in conjunction with American Eagle Properties and Texas A&M
Independent School District’s received a Texas Higher Education Star         University-Commerce, the exhibition series presents works by area
Award Dec. 5 at the 9th Annual Star Awards Ceremony at the Westin City       artists in a monthly rotation in the display windows of a former
Center Dallas.The award recognized the schools’ partnership geared           department store on the city’s old town square.
towards providing quality educational opportunities for all students.
                                                                             The current exhibit includes sculptures by Treacia Stewart and
“We are ecstatic that this long-standing partnership has                     Patricia Dye. Both are students at A&M-Commerce.
received this recognition,” said Dr. Mary Hendrix, Vice President
for Student Access and Success at A&M-Commerce.                              Stewart’s piece, Aspiration, which was made in 2007, comprises two
                                                                             light boxes with colorful, translucent self portraits.The smaller of the
A&M-Commerce and Mesquite ISD began their partnership in 1991 with a         two seems to look up at her larger self, suggesting a bittersweet psycho-
focus on addressing the need for quality teachers in Texas, increasing the   logical dimension. Illuminated from within, the two boxes glow with
number of minority graduates with teaching certificates and increasing       saturated colors in the front and cast more delicate hues of pink and
the number of students graduating with a bilingual or English as a second    blue onto the walls behind them.
language teaching certificate.The collaboration also focuses on increasing
the participation rate in higher education among Hispanic students.          Dye’s sculpture likewise benefits from night viewing, as scores of white-
                                                                             painted eyeglasses cast shadows around the space of the window. The
The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board has been recognizing           lenses also concentrate the spotlights that illuminate them into tiny
public and independent institutions of higher education with                 droplets of light on the back walls and floor. Careful looking will reveal
Star Awards since 2001.The awards meet one of more goals of                  tiny hand-cut bird silhouettes on each lens, a gentle joke about how
“Closing the Gaps by 2015,” the Texas higher education plan                  we all sometimes come up short of seeing the world with clarity.The
adopted in October 2000 with objectives of closing the gaps in               exhibition will run through the second week of February on the square
student participation, student success, excellence, and research.            corner of Washington and Main.
Overall, 51 Star Award nominations were submitted this year, and13           For more information about the Art in Windows Series,
finalists were selected for consideration. Six awards were presented at      contact:
the ceremony, with three being partnerships between universities and
school districts. It is the second Star Award for A&M-Commerce.The

                                                                                                                                                          Photo by: Vaughn Wascovich
first was received in 2005 for its partnership with Navarro College.
“All the finalists are very special,” said Dr. Mary Smith, Assistant
Deputy Commissioner for Academic Planning and Policy for the
Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.“They are all helping
students in our state succeed in achieving our education goals.”

                                             Beverly Sloan, RN                                                903-886-2355
                                             Nocona Clark, RN
                                          101 Kings Plaza, Suite H
                                          Commerce, Texas 75428
                                       (903) 886-2666 - Fax 886-3773
     Page 9                                                                   COMMeRCe
                                                                                                                       CONN CTION   e                                                         January 2010

                       Member Spotlight                                                                                                 City Connection
                                                                                                                                        City of Commerce
Edward Jones Investments                                                                                                                M O N T H LY           R E P O RT
Does tax season and the new year have you thinking investments?                                                                • The Clean Commerce Campaign will take place in Section B on
                                                                                                                               January 27, 2010.This is for residents who live on the south side of
By: John Cummickel, Elis h a H o l l i s a n d H o wa r d R o b e r t s o n , S t u d e n t s TA M U - C U n i v e r s i t y
                                                                                                                               Live Oak Street, the north side of Culver Street and the west side of
Edward Jones is the world’s largest financial firm in the nation,                                                              Park Street.
with over 9000 offices throughout North America.The Commerce                                                                   • Plans are being made for the 7th Annual Cowhill Chili Fest/BBQ
                                                                                                                               Cook Off to be held April 23 - 24 on the Square downtown.
office for Edward Jones Investments, located at 1225 Washington
                                                                                                                               • The first day to file for a place on the Commerce City Council
Street, is represented by Michael Bates, who is a financial advisor,                                                           ballot will be February 8. The seats up for election are Mayor, Place 2
and has been advising customers for over twenty years. As a                                                                    and Place 4.These seats are currently held by Quay Throgmorton,
financial advisor, Mr. Bates does financial planning, management,                                                              Billie Biggerstaff and Bob Monday. Applications will be available in
and brokerage for individuals and small businesses.                                                                            the City Secretary’s office at City Hall, 1119 Alamo.
                                                                                                                               • The Commerce Parks and Recreation Basketball games will begin
Mr. Bates’ office is in the top twenty percent of Edward Jones                                                                 January 16. Boys and girls in grades 3 through 6 participate in games
offices in the nation. Edward Jones offers its customers a variety of                                                          that begin at 9:00 a.m. and are held at the City Gym. Admission is
long term planning services for retirement, business investment,                                                               $1.00 per person all inclusive. Located on Pecan St. next to the fire station.
marriage, or college savings. Mr. Bates sets himself apart from other                                                          • Baseball, Softball and T-Ball registration will begin on February 1.The
                                                                                                                               cost will be $30.00 for children who live inside Commerce City Limits
financial planners by keeping regular contact with his clients,                                                                and $40.00 for those who live outside of Commerce City Limits.
providing them with in-depth explanations about their accounts,                                                                • The Senior Adults will be going to the Fort Worth Stock Show and
and staying accountable to them by being open and honest.                                                                      Rodeo on February 5.The cost for the trip is $30.00, which includes
                                                                                                                               their ticket and the ride to the event.The bus will leave from City Park
His years of experience have allowed him to keep his branch of                                                                 at 8:00 a.m. and will return approximately 9:30 p.m.To reserve your spot
Edward Jones Investments doing well despite the national economic                                                              on the bus, contact Laci, Commerce Parks and Recreation, at 903-886-1150.
problems. In a personal interview, he stated that he wanted the                                                                • The Commerce City Council meets the first and third Tuesday at
community to understand that Edward Jones is here to help and                                                                  6:00 p.m. Council meetings are held at City Hall and are also broadcast
that they are “going to be here, through good times and bad.”                                                                  on KETV Channel 3.The public is invited to attend at City Hall,
                                                                                                                               1119 Alamo.
As well as being a member of the Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Bates
is a prominent member of the community and provides support by
sponsoring local parks. He is committed to providing the best service
to the people of Commerce, and plans to continue doing so for many
years to come.

                                                    Making Disciples of Jesus Christ
                                                  by Connecting, Growing and Serving

                              Sunday Worship Services 8:45 & 10:50 a.m.
                              Sunday School for all ages      9:45 a.m.
                              Youth Group             Sunday, 5:30 p.m.
              Wesleyan Campus Ministry                         903-886-2953
            Religious Life for Students, Faculty, & Staff of A&M - Commerce
      1709 HWY 50, Commerce                                                                          903-886-3220
Page 10                                           COMMeRCe
                                                                  CONN CTION            e                                                    January 2010

                                       Economic Development Corporation

Texas Wide                                   Open f o r B u s i n e s s
                                                                                                    with GIS Planning
                                                                                                             By: Jennette Burnett, Executive Director

At the TexasOne Annual Conference in Austin           can access a general list, or a refined search,      and medium size businesses (SMB), which
– December 2009, Governor Rick Perry stated,          of available properties.They can obtain a            actually create most new jobs. (Over the
                                                      comparison list or view the sites on the map.        past decade small business net job creation
“The State of Texas and GIS Planning are              The program can access demographics that             fluctuated between 60 and 80%.) The new
working together to bring jobs and economic           show expenditures, business and workforce.           website provides sophisticated site selection
growth to Texas.” GIS Planning is a California-
                                                      On the new website, you will be able to              analysis for SMB communities. Commerce will
                                                      get very specific data, such as employee             be able to promote our community through a
based economic consulting firm.                       commute time, radius report and much                 connection link which will provide an excellent
Trends in Economic Development indicate               more, with the option to export the data to          competitive advantage by raising our visibility!
the top three most effective marketing                Word, PDF, Excel, email or just print it.
strategies by Economic Development                                                                         There is a constant communication between
Organizations are: #3. Out of town meetings           Geographic advantages will be available in           economic development professionals, new,
with businesses, #2. Site Selection Consultants       various views: street, map, satellite, terrain,      expanding, relocating businesses and site
and familiarization tours and #1. Internet |          earth view and Google earth. Users will be           selection consultants / corporate real estate
Website. Texas intends to take advantage of           able to navigate north, south, east or west          brokers. will
these trends.In January 2010 the State will           and turn layers of information on/off. Users         enable Commerce to make the connections
launch a new website, www.TexasSiteSearch.            will have numerous layer options to chose            that matter that will bring jobs and
com the website will make it easy for site            from – aerials, airports, colleges, flood zones,     economic growth to our community.
selectors to get answers to their questions as        golf courses, hospitals, parks, railroads,
well as drive site selectors traffic to Texas.        schools, water, zip codes and even enterprise
                                                      zones. A user could actually enter an address
Contact made by site selectors during the             and see if it is in an enterprise zone.
initial stages of the process typically utilize
Economic Development Organizations’ websites.         Businesses choose the optimal communities
It is not until the “short list” is being analyzed,   to start-up, expand, or relocate based on
that personal contact is as vital as the website.     characteristics that matter to them – i.e.,
Therefore it is critical that Commerce Economic       geography + property type + community
Development Corporation and Texas’ websites           + search = Right Location.This program
provide fresh, accurate data about available          provides a source for getting our community
sites and buildings. Users of TexasSiteSearch         discovered by expanding businesses, and small

                                                                                                         America’s Drive-In

                                                                                                            1617 Hwy 50
                                                                                                         Commerce, Texas 75428
Page 11                                   COMMeRCe
                                                          CONN CTION           e                                                         January 2010

                         Commerce Independent School District

Hats off                                    Schools Finish Strong in UIL Academic Competition
to CISD                                     By: Ludonna Smithers

Trustees                                     Schools finish strong in UIL academic
                                             competition. Over 90 elementary students and       Additional students placing and winning events include:
Commerce ISD joins hundreds of               50 middle school students participated in UIL      Second Graders
districts across Texas this month in         academic competitions held in mid December.             Maggie Robinson and Sejal Bhasin
saluting the contributions and                                                                  Third Graders
                                            First place winners include:                             Morgan Guinessey, Luca Banineaux,
commitment of local boards of trustees.
                                            Sydnee Brown, third grade, music memory                  Lanie Scaff
By: Ludonna Smithers
                                            Sarah Anthraper, third grade, spelling              Fourth Graders
Trustees serve for three-year terms,        Raquel Medrano, fourth grade, art                        Joseph Jang, Cayla Alexander, Marcus
receiving no monetary compensation;         Claire Dobbs, fifth grade, art                           Rogers, Justin Page,Emma Hailes and
                                            Grayson Shepard, fifth grade, maps,                      Sabastain Stephen
however, their impact on
                                                 charts and graphs                              Fifth graders winners were
Commerce students is far reaching.          Philip Weise, sixth grade, maps, charts                  Elizabeth Wolcott, Abby Taylor, Clair Dobbs,
The Board faces the challenge of                 and graphs                                          Keshai Kirby, Zoe Royal, Caitlin Wells,
providing for increased academic            Emily Gruver, sixth grade art                            Diana Santiago, Gladys Marcos, Rachel
                                            Jackson Singleton, sixth grade, calculator apps          Scarcelli, Michael Weise, Rodney Hawkins,
student achievement financed by             Campbell Reid, seventh grade, art                        Nicolas Smith and Noah Cramer
dwindling resources.The District will       Amelia Martin, seventh grade, listening skills      At CMS, sixth grader students who placed were
honor the seven board members               Andres Cadena, seventh grade, maps, charts               Kaylei Whalen, Dustin Songer, Michael
                                                 and graphs;                                         Elwell, Lori Pattillo, Patara Ogunc, Jordyn
during the regular board meeting
                                            Daniel Neel, seventh grade social studies                Sharp, Alyssa Bell, Aislinn Jones, Courtney
scheduled January 19 at Commerce            Chanel Cooper, seventh grade, impromptu                  McCloney, Austin Morgan and
Middle School. After they are treated            speaking;                                           Chelsey Beane
to a special dinner with CISD               Amelia Martin, seventh grade, ready writing         Seventh graders were Jennifer Mojica, Dee
                                            Ahnaliese Bell, eighth grade, art                        Ann Lowery, Jacob Fairweather, Cody
administrators, each campus will            Mac Robinson, eighth grade, maps, charts                 Benson, Greysen Anderson, Forest
present gifts in appreciation for their          and graphs                                          Dickson, Chanel Cooper & Rachel Sheehan
support. Board members include Willie       Spencer Sullivan, eighth grade, social studies      Eighth graders winning were Emily McGuyer,
Blow, President; Bob McLeroy,               Cricket Ellison, eighth grade, modern oratory            Amiee Adams, Zach Royal, Skylar Green,
                                            Mac Robinson, eighth grade, number sense                 Laney Davidson, Bailey Weaver, Abel Arce,
Vice President; Russell Armstrong,                                                                   Ben Montgomery, Spencer Sullivan,
Secretary;Ted Oats, Donna Tavener,                                                                   Mason Inman, Katie Rex and
Randy Starks and Medley Wilson.                                                                      Ben Montgomery

                                                                                            THE BARGAIN BOX
                                                                                        IN DOWNTOWN COMMERCE
                                                                                              1223 Washington Street

                                                                                          Open Tuesday thru Saturday 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.
                                                                                   Offering small household items, clothing, books, collectibles
                                                                                                      Donations Accepted

                                                                                          Hunt Regional Community
                                                                                            Hospital - Commerce
  Page 12                                  COMMeRCe
                                                                    CONN CTION         e                                                     January 2010

                      Commerce Independent School District
                                                                                                          Our Advertisers
                                                                                                          make this publication possible.
                  New school calendar rewards high                                                        As with all Chamber publications we want to
                                         achieving secondary students                                     encourage you to shop local and support your
                  By: Ludonna Smithers                                                                    local businesses.
Commerce ISD administrators are proposing a 10-11 school calendar that would release
successful secondary students early for summer. Middle school and high school students who                Hunt County Satellite
pass all their coursework, all sections of the TAKS and have good attendance and discipline will
be released on May 24 instead of June 2.                                                                  Title Office to close.
    Called the Optional Flexible Year (OFY) Program, sanctioned by the Texas Education Agency, the        Due to budget considerations, the Wednesday
program gives students an incentive to do their best on the TAKS tests and offers additional time         Hunt County Tax Office satellite office at the
for small group and one-on-one instruction before the next round of TAKS testing.                         Commerce Chamber office will cease
    Many Texas schools are already using the OFY calendar to encourage their students to do their best.   operations effective January 30, 2010.
   Another feature of the proposed calendar is that school will be closed the entire week                 Commerce residents will need to purchase
of Thanksgiving.                                                                                          automobile tags and registration in
    Citizens are encouraged to express their opinions about the proposed calendar on the district         Greenville after that date.
website at calendar will be presented for Board approval in February.
                                                                                                          We want you.
             Member Spotlight
AIS Financial Services Honesty, Integrity & Excellence
  J. Russell Armstrong , a Certified Financial Planner practitioner has been offering investment

services to clients in the Commerce area since 1995. Today, the company offers comprehensive              As part of our effort to enhance membership
financial planning and investment services to clients in thirteen states including Texas. Initial         benefits and to support our mission to
consultations are free. Russell is a member of the Financial Planning Association and the                 promote development in Commerce, we’re
National Institute For Estate Planners®.                                                                  creating a series of seminars sponsored by
    In addition to his financial planning practice, Russell serves as a Vice-Chairman and Director        the Chamber. Please submit your ideas for
of The First National Bank of Emory. He is also a member of the First Baptist Church of                   seminar subjects you would be interested
Commerce and the Commerce Rotary Club.                                                                    in learning about. Contact the Chamber at
   Russell may be contacted at (903) 886-8050 or by email at          

         Hunt Regional Medical Center - Greenville
                     Hunt Regional Community
                       Hospital - Commerce
                           We’re growing to serve
                  the Commerce community’s health care needs

   Hunt Regional Community Hospital           Hunt Regional Medical Center
              Commerce                                 Greenville
        2900 Sterling Hart Drive                 4215 Joe Ramsey Blvd
             903-886-3161                            903-408-5000
   Page 13                                      COMMeRCe
                                                                       CONN CTION               e                                                         January 2010

             Business Directory
A C C O U N T I N G – C P A’ s                        C AT E R I N G / M E E T I N G FAC I L I T I E S            ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT
Conway Company CPAs, PC                   886-2123    The Lodge/Catering Company                       886-7586   Commerce Economic Dev. Consultants         886-1121
Kenneth Foust                             886-3106    CELL PHONES AND SERVICE                                     EDITORIAL SERVICES
Naeem Ahmad, CPA.P.C.                  214-808 0551   Flying L Cellular                                886-1062   Word Magic                                 886-6498
ADVERTISING SPECIALITIES                              Russell Cellular                             903-886-3865   EDUCATION
DirectMail Monthly                   903-413-4000     CHILD DEVELOPMENT                                           Texas A&M Univ.-Commerce                   886-5081
E-Club Promos                             450-0033    DNJ Learning Center                              886-2414   Commerce Independent Schools               886-3755
Giggles & Grins                           450-4746    Wee Care at Sha’s Sha’s World Care Center 886-4911          Paris Junior College                       782-0330
Wilde Advertising, Inc.               972-771-9936    CHIROPRACTORS                                               ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS
AIR AMBULANCE                                         Beacon Chiropractic                              886-3100   KCC Electric            903-246-6245 / 903-246-6062
Air-Evac EMS, Inc. (Texas LifeStar) 903 274-9987      Jensen Chiropractic                              886-4333   ELECTRONIC SUPPLIES
A/C and PLUMBING SERVICES                             CHRISTIAN SCIENCE PRACTITIONER                              Kartridge Korner                           886-3312
DMP Services                          903-274-7637    Judy Biggs                                   903-413-5086   EMBROIDERY/GARMENT PRNTG/
AIR CONDITIONING/HEATING                              CHURCHES                                                    PROMO PRODUCTS
Progressive Air and Heat                  886-8322    Commerce Community Church                        513-2699   All Star Enterprises                       886-0300
AMUSEMENT/ENTERTAINMENT                               CrossTrails Cowboy Church                        886-9114   EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES
NE Tx Children’s Museum                   886-6055    Disciples of Faith Bible Fellowship              886-3644   Kelly Services                             454-4227
Planetarium                               468-8652    Epiphany Episcopal Church                        886-7359   ENGINEERS
APARTMENTS                                            Faith Baptist Family Fellowship                  886-2091   Hayter Engineering, Inc.                   785-0303
American Eagle Properties                 886-4430    First Baptist Church                             886-3189   FA R M S U P P L I E S
Bradford Place Apts.                      886-8855    First Presbyterian Church                        886-3783   Huffman Farm Supply                        886-3368
Churchill at Commerce Apts. (Culver)      886-4444    First United Methodist Church                    886-3220   FINANCIAL SERVICES
Gant Apartments                           886-6863    Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship            886-8585   Active Wealth Management                   455-6956
Maple Place Apartments                    886-4050    Healing Waters Assembly of God                   886-7112   AIS Financial Services                     886-8050
Oak Meadows Townhomes                     886-1555    New Life Congregational Methodist Ch.            886-6340   Continental Credit                         886-8500
Prairie Crossing Apartments               886-1055    Ridgecrest Baptist Church                        886-6034   Edward Jones & Company                     886-3333
Stonegate Apts. on Walnut                 455-5852    St. Joseph Catholic Church                       886-7135   Robert Peek Financial Services             886-2823
Valentine Properties                      886-8881    Word of Life Family Church                       886-0917   ViewPoint Bankers Mortgage             903-455-1477
ART GALLERY/STUDIO                                    CLEANERS                                                    FLORIST
Creative Expressions Studio/Gallery       366-2825    Country Cleaners                                 886-1609   Bickham Florist                            886-3141
Commerce Office of Cultural Affairs       217-8050    COMPUTER SERVICES/FORENSICS                                 FOOD STORES
ATTORNEYS                                             Wolf Security Analysts                           366-6721   Brookshires                                886-3252
Curtis, Alexander/McCampbell & Morris 455-8113        CONSTRUCTION                                                FUNERAL HOMES
Edgar J. Garrett                          886-3146    Bowen Family Homes of Texas                      886-3310   Commerce Funeral Home/Cremation Serv. 886-8600
The Law Offices of Jim D. McLeroy         885-6476    D. L. Lennon, Inc.                               886-3174   Jones-Walker & Son Funeral Home            886-3131
 AUTOMOBILE DEALERS                                   Oglesby & Associates                         972-742-5099   FURNITURE
Commerce Auto Group                       886-4014    CONVENIENCE STORES                                          Affordable Furniture & Etc.                886-6096
North TX Hyundai of Greenville            455-4949    Flying L Fast Mart                               886-8091   Government
Williams Motors                           886-2188    New Way                                          886-7684   City of Commerce                           886-1100
AUTOMOBILE SERVICES/PARTS                             COSMETICS                                                   State Representative Dan Flynn             455-0971
D & E Auto Supply                         886-8040    Mary Kay Cosmetics - Victoria Williams           886-6707   GRAPHICS
Hoover’s Automotive                       886-7781    Verlin Conkle, Mary Kay Rep.                     886-2258   1st Choice Spirit, Grvl                    454-8326
J J’s Quick Lube                          886-8775    Violet Spell, Avon Cosmetics                903-453-5916    HANDYMAN
O’Reilly Auto Parts                       886-1755    COUNSELING                                                  Jim of all Trades                      903-217-4999
Talley Auto Parts                         886-2191    Hunt Co. Mental Health                           454-6853   HARDWARE
BAKERIES                                              Ronald W. Anderson, PhD.                         886-4388   Commerce Hardware & Feed                   886-7917
Sweeties Donut Shoppe                     886-6111    COUNTRY CLUBS                                               HEATING/AIR CONDITIONING
BANKS                                                 Sand Hills Golf/Country Club                     886-4455   Ken Parker Service, Inc.                   886-6990
Alliance Bank                             886-3244    CREDIT UNIONS                                               H O M E H E A LT H
Cypress Bank                              886-7425    Lone Star Credit Union                      800-588-6928    1st Choice                                 886-2666
Guaranty Bond Bank                        886-2274    DANCE STUDIOS                                               Encompass Home Health                      886-8877
Heritage Land Bank                        455-2835    Li-Sher Dance Studio                             886-6431   HOME REPAIR/MAINTENANCE
Inwood National Bank                      886-2126    DENTISTS                                                    American Eagle Home Maint/Remodeling 886-4430
BOOK STORES                                           Cozart’s Dental Office                           886-3081   HOSPICE
East Texas Book Store                     886-3248    Mary/Marc McDaniel, DDS                          886-6945   VistaCare Hospice                          454-1107
CABINET MAKING                                        DISTRIBUTORS                                                HOSPITALS
Keystone Mfg. Co.                         886-1551    Ben E. Keith Company                             886-2158   Hunt Reg. Comm. Hospital-Commerce          886-3161
                                                      Coca-Cola Bottling Co.                       903-784-3336   Hunt Regional Medical Center-Greenville 408-5000
  Page 14                                     COMMeRCe
                                                                 CONN CTION            e                                                     January 2010

            Business Directory
                                                                                                        RESTAURANTS (continued)
HOTEL/MOTELS                                        ORGANIZATIONS (continued)
                                                                                                        Mi Casita                              886-4000
Best Western, Sulphur Springs            885-7515   Coterie Culture Club                     886-6263
                                                                                                        Panda Chinese                          886-4008
Best Western Monica Royale Inn & Suites 454-3700    Kiwanis Club                             886-4733
                                                                                                        Pizza Hut                              886-9600
Comfort Inn, Greenville                  455-7700   Lions Club                               886-4034
                                                                                                        Sonic Drive-In                         886-7166
Commerce Inn                             886-8756   Louise Drake Garden Club                 886-6263
                                                                                                        Uncle Charlie’s Restaurant             886-0777
Holiday Inn Express, Commerce            886-4777   Masonic Lodge                            886-3549
University Inn, Commerce                 886-3165   N. Hunt Co. Retired Teachers Assn.       886-7695
                                                                                                        ServPro                            972-736-2001
HOUSING                                             Odd Fellows Lodge #234                   886-6515
Commerce Housing Authority               886-2046   Prevent a Litter, Inc.                   366-1997   RETAIL
INSURANCE                                           Psychology Club                          886-6078   Pampered Chef – Victory Williams        886-6707
Diversified Insurance                    886-6943   Rotary Club                              886-7047   Wal-Mart                                886-3108
Duncan Insurance                         886-2183   Sigma Chi Fraternity                     217-3821   RETIREMENT/ASSISTED LIVING
Dyer Insurance                           886-2131   Sigma Tau Delta Upsilon Beta Chapter     886-5260   Colonial Lodge, Retirement Inn Grvl     454-6636
Farm Bureau Insurance                    455-6782   Silver Leos Writing Club                 468-7391   Country Homes Estates                   886-7754
State Farm Insurance                     886-7774   Texas A&M-Commerce Alumni Chapter        886-6175   ROOFING
INTERNET/COMMUNICATIONS                             Texas A&M-C Interfraternity Council      468-3087   The Original I.C.S. Roofing, Inc.   903-455-8466
eNet                                     886-8767   Thalian Culture Club                     886-6209   SATELLITES
Embarq                               800-788-3500   Woman’s Culture Club                     886-2624   Video Technology Service                886-3785
LEGAL/WILLS/ID THEFT SERVICES                       P AY D AY L O A N S                                 SELF-STORAGE FACILITIES
Pre-Paid Legals                214-228-7489         Cash Express                             886-6252   All American Self Storage               886-7575
LIBRARIES                                           PECANS                                              Bluebonnet Self-Storage                 886-8800
Commerce Public Library                  886-6858   Campbell Pecans                          366-6833   The Guard House Self-Storage            886-6040
Briarcliff Health Center             903-455-8729   C&P Bark & Purr                          886-2524   American Sign and Design                886-8553
                                                    Pet Degrees                              886-8469   TANNING SALONS
MANUFACTURING                                       PHARMACIES                                          Healthy Glow Tanning Salon              886-0100
Alliance Carpet Cushion Co.       886-4153          Total Care Pharmacy                      886-8888   TAX PREPARATION
Covidien                          886-3153          PRIVATE CLUB                                        H & R Block                             886-7252
Hydro Aluminum Metal Products     468-5012          The Drunken Mule                         886-3289   Jackson Hewitt Tax Service              886-6175
Legacy Housing                    886-7394          PLUMBERS                                            TITLE COMPANY
Zurn/Pex Hydronics                886-2580          Ashley Plumbing                          886-2355   North Texas Title of Hunt County        454-3364
MARKETING | COMMUNICATIONS | DESIGN                 Texas Plumbing Services              903 366 2056   TOBACCO
Carolyn Thompson                  886-8517          RADIO STATIONS                                      Chaney’s Tobacco Station                886-8080
MASSAGE THERAPY                                     E TX Broadcasting, Inc. (95.9)           885-1546   TRANSPORTATION
Top Knots Therapeutic Massage     886-8311          KETR 88.9                                886-5848   Hill Grain Company                      886-3133
MEDICAL SERVICES                                    RAILROADS                                           TRASH HAULING-COMMERCIAL
Hulsey Therapy Services           886-7669          Blacklands Railroad                      438-1324   City Sanitation                         886-2314
Live Oak Professional Ctr.        886-8818          RANCHES                                             TRAVEL AGENCIES
Lowery Medical Supplies           395-4508          Oats Ranch                               886-7951   All World Travel                        886-2555
MENTAL HEALTH                                       REAL ESTATE                                         TRUCKING
Lakes Regional MHMR           903 455-5770          Century 21 First Group                   886-1200   BL II Logistics L.L.C.                  886-2900
                                                    Jack Chapin Real Estate                  886-6373   UTILITIES
NEWSPAPERS                                          REAL ESTATE INSPECTIONS                             Atmos Energy                        800-460-3030
The Commerce Journal                    455-4220    JK’s Professional Inspections            886-3069   FEC Electric                            455-1715
The Commerce Connection                 886-3950    RESALE SHOP                                         Oncor Electric Delivery             888-313-6862
                                                    Goodwill Industries of NE TX             886-3600   Times Warner Cable                      455-0012
OFFICE EQUIPMENT                                    My Sister’s Closet (WIN)                 886-1224   VETERINARIANS
Advantage Copy Systems              903-885-3375    The Bargain Box                          886-8306   Commerce Vet Clinic                     886-7941
OFFICE SUPPLIES/PRINTING                            RESTAURANTS                                         Gregg Animal Clinic                     886-3911
Latson Office Supplies/Printing         886-2710    BlackJack BBQ                            886-8160   VIDEOS
Personalized Printing                   886-7173    Braum’s                                  886-6149   Family Video                            886-2243
ORGANIZATIONS                                       Domino’s Pizza                           886-2116   WEBSITE DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT
A&M-C Intercollegiate Athletics         468-3033    Lone Star Eatery, Grill and Bar          886-2121   Luminous Productions                 903-851-3183
Aglaia Club                             886-1968    Los Mochis Mexican                       886-8200   WEDDING
American Legion Post No. 1              886-8479    Lulu’s Burgers                           886-3888   Celebrations-Wedding Cakes              886-3248
Celebrate The Children, Inc.            886-8365    Mak’s Place Country Cookin’              886-7700   WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR
Commerce Classroom Teachers Assn.       886-3758    McDonalds # 10645                        886-7771   Sam’s Club, McKinney                469-952-2417
Commerce Humane Society                 496-2412
 Page 15                                              COMMeRCe
                                                                        CONN CTION                                                                             January 2010

  COMMUNITY                                                                Commerce Chamber of Commerce
                                                                           Mission Statement
Christmas Raffle drawing winner announced.                                 The purpose of the Chamber of Commerce shall be to promote the common business interest
                                                                           of merchants and citizens living and working in the city of Commerce, Texas, and in the

Congratulations Beckey
                                                                           immediate area; promote the free enterprise system; encourage the commercial, industrial,
                                                                           agricultural development of the City of Commerce and the immediate area; and assume a role
                                                                           of active leadership in community improvement. The Chamber shall stand for local harmony,
B y : G o r d o n D. ( Pa t ) S k a u g e                                  cooperation and progress and shall be non-partisan, non-sectarian and
                                                                           non-sectional in its activities.
Commerce Masonic Lodge #439 gas grill giveaway.
The Lodge held its Christmas raffle drawing for a gas BBQ grill at its
December 14th meeting. Congratulation to Beckey Thompson for
                                                                           We want
                                                                             you t o j oin us and network locally.
winning the grill. She just happened to be at the Lodge helping with
Commerce Lil’ Angels when the drawing was held. She was given
the good news right then and there. By Grand Lodge of Texas laws,
                                                                                                  Chamber Membership Levels
all proceeds of Masonic raffles MUST go to charity. This year the
Lodge was pleased to give the proceeds to the following charities:                                Individual . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $50
Commerce Lil’ Angels, Friends of Commerce Public Library, Oak
                                                                                                  Clubs and Churches . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $50
Manor Nursing Home, Commerce Meals on Wheels and Commerce
ISD Clothe a Child.                                                                               Business Membership . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $150

Upcoming Lodge activities include a pot luck dinner at the                                        (1-10 full-time employees)
February 8th stated meeting, dinner at 6:00 p.m., and a stew
                                                                                                  Business Membership . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $200
dinner to honor Commerce Police officers and Fire/Rescue
scheduled for a yet to be determined date.                                                        (over 10 full-time employees)

                                                                                                  Hotels, Motels & Apartments . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $200

                                                                                                  Banks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $250
                           ALL STAR ENTERPRISES                                                   Manufacturers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $500
                         1930 Live Oak Street, Commerce, Texas 75428
                                                                                                  Utility Companies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $500
                       Custom Embroidery / Garment Printing
                                                                                                  Website Link Fee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $25
                                            Promo Products
                                                                           Call 903.886.3950 to join the Chamber today!
                          903-886-0300                                                                                     of commerce

                                MY SISTER’S CLOSET
                                       Women In Need                              Oak Meadows Townhomes
                                    (Non-Profit Thrift Store)
                                                                                 150 Maple Street                                          Commerce, TX 75428
                        Men’s, Women’s and Children’s Clothes
                                 Household Items                                                                   903-886-1555

                          Open to the Public Mon-Fri 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.                                       Hours 8:30-5:30 M-F
                                     Sat 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
                                                                                                      Call or Come by for our
                903 886-1224 2206 Live Oak Street, Commerce                                              MOVE-IN SPECIALS
Advertsing                             COMMeRCe
                                                              CONN CTION           e                                                     January 2010

                                                                                           5th Hunt Regional Healthcare
                                                                                                 Foundation Gala
                                                                                  Laughter is the Best Medicine
                                                                                                sets sail
                                                                                                Feb. 6 !
                 50 PER PERSON                                                                                          With Mark
      Helping fund the urgent and emerging                                                                                 “It’s seldom that you
      healthcare needs for those in our area                                                                               find a really funny,
                                                                                                                          clean comedian, and
                                                                                                                          it’s seldom that you
                                                                                                                         find a really good,
                             Emceeing this year’s comedy gala is
                                                                                                                          captivating speaker. It’s
                          Dr. Dan R. Jones, president of Texas                                                             nearly impossible to
                          A&M University-Commerce. And                                                                      find one who is both.
                          this year, the gala will take place                                                               Mark Mayfield is one
                          within the new Sam Rayburn                                                                        of the rare individuals
                          Student Center on the campus of                                                                 in the world who is
                          A&M-Commerce. Reception begins                                                                equally accomplished at
                                                                                                                     performing comedy shows
         at 6:30 p.m. on the second floor of the student center,                                                    or delivering high content
         followed by dinner and entertainment.                                                                      keynote speeches.”
                                                                                                                            FAR OUT!

             CALL 903.408.1064 TODAY FOR RESERVATIONS

                   Produced by the HRH Foundation’s Special Events Committee with Cruise Directors Barbara Cullen and Tubby Adkisson

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