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Arnott’s Australia & New Zealand
Health & Wellbeing Update
Autumn 2008

HealtH and wellbeing
A healthy lifestyle including balanced nutrition
is a cornerstone of personal wellness.
This update highlights Arnott’s ongoing commitment to contributing
to the health and wellbeing of Australians and New Zealanders through
research, innovation and nutrition.
looking back

This year, Arnott’s celebrates 100 years
since the first bakery in Sydney opened.

In 1908, due to rapid growth                               The site contained the most up-to-date
and in order to keep up with                               machinery of its time. The bakery was
                                                           designed for the old reel ovens, with their
                                                                                                                         Did you know?
Australians’ demand for their                              ferris-wheel-type action – but also for brick,                Some of the first biscuits
                                                           three-pan travelling chain ovens. The cost
biscuits, Arnott’s moved                                   of the project, including fencing, was
                                                                                                                         manufactured at the
                                                                                                                         Homebush bakery included:
production from Newcastle                                  10,400 pounds.
                                                                                                                         – Milk Arrowroot
and opened a new bakery                                    Right from the start, the Homebush bakery                     – Scotch Finger
in the Sydney suburb of                                    could not keep up with demand and there                       – SAO
                                                           was constant expansion to cope with more                      – Iced Vo Vo.
Homebush.                                                  and more machinery. In 1990, after 86
                                                           years, the Homebush bakery was closed
                                                           and Sydney operations were moved to
                                                           Today, the site is known as the ‘Bakehouse
                                                           Quarter’ and is home to Arnott’s head office
                                                           in Australia.

An old friend
Milk Arrowroot, an Aussie favourite
for 120 years!
Milk Arrowroot was launched in 1888 and has been                                                              An occasional treat
a staple for Australian families ever since. At the turn   A new favourite                                    Tim Tam Crush
of the last century arrowroot was a common source          Shapes Sensations                                  Australia’s favourite chocolate biscuit, Arnott’s
of starch, so this biscuit was seen as a good food         Australia’s number one biscuit brand, Arnott’s     Tim Tam recently launched an exciting new format.
for young, growing children. Milk Arrowroot soon           Shapes, has launched a range of sensational        Arnott’s Tim Tam Crush is available in three flavours
became the food of choice for Australian mothers and       new flavours. Shapes Sensations are a thinner      including, Toffee Nut, Honeycomb, and Mocha
their children as it was easily digestible. It was often   and crispier Shapes biscuit that come in a range   Hazelnut. Each flavour offers a delicious Tim Tam
crushed and served with milk for babies starting on        of flavours including Vintage Cheddar & Chives,    biscuit base topped with velvety flavoured cream,
solids. Then as kids grew up, it was packed in school      Cheddar & Peppercorn, Tomato & Chilli, and         then sprinkled with either crisp pieces of toffee and
lunch boxes. Today, Milk Arrowroot is still made from      Roasted Garlic and Parmesan. Arnott’s Shapes       crushed nuts, honeycomb, or roasted hazelnuts, and
wholesome ingredients including flour and arrowroot        Sensations are baked not fried, and free from      then smothered in smooth Tim Tam chocolate. Tim
and contains less than 1 gram of fat per biscuit.          artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.    Tam Crush is a delicious treat for special occasions.
Here and now
Introducing a new look Vita-Weat –
Vita-Weat Grain Snacks
Arnott’s have recently launched a healthier snack for Australians
and one of the first Arnott’s products to display the Percentage
Daily Intake (%DI) label.
New Vita-Weat Grain Snacks are light and crispy bite-sized snacks
that are full of flavour and contain Vita-Weat’s 100% natural
wholegrain goodness. Containing only natural ingredients, Vita-
Weat Grain Snacks are a healthier snack that can be eaten straight
from the pack and are perfect to enjoy alone or share with friends.
Vita-Weat Grain Snacks are available in four delicious flavours
including Tomato & Linseed, Original with Sea Salt, Cracked
Pepper, and Sesame. They are a source of fibre* and contain no
artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Best of all, they taste
great too!
Vita-Weat Grain Snacks are available in either a box or a multi-pack
containing 10 single serve packets combining Tomato and Linseed,
and Original with Sea Salt. The single serve packets have no more
than 365 kilojoules per packet – an ideal solution for a healthier
snack at work or the kids’ lunchbox.
*excluding Sesame.

Arnott’s Vita-Weat – You can’t top ‘em for goodness,
you can’t top ‘em for taste!
For more information on the Percentage Daily Intake (%DI) labeling
scheme visit:

Arnott’s Employee Health and Wellness                                    Health Claims update
Program update                                                           On April 11, 2008 Food Standards Australia
All of us can do with some reminders about the                           and New Zealand released the final assessment
importance of a healthy, balanced lifestyle.                             report for Standard 1.2.7 Nutrition, Health
Here at Arnott’s we have taken on the challenge                          and Related Claims. Arnott’s supports the
to help each other make the right choices with                           development of this new Standard and believes
an Employee Health and Wellness program                                  it can provide a credible, safe and useful system
which provides information and encouragement                             for consumers, the food industry and regulators
for all our employees at head office and at our                          to use and manage health claims.
manufacturing sites.                                                     Arnott’s is supportive of the ongoing use of content claims and
                                                                         will continue to make use of these claims such as “source of fibre”
As part of our commitment to the health and wellbeing of our             and “97% fat free”.
employees, activities for Heart Week in May were arranged for
each of our seven manufacturing sites and our Head Office.               The development of pre-approved high level health claims will
They included:                                                           help highlight to consumers the foods which may help in the
                                                                         control of chronic illness like osteoporosis.
– Healthy lifestyle tips displayed each day to educate employees
  about heart health and healthy living                                  Under the current proposed Standard, we will also be able to
                                                                         educate consumers about foods containing high levels of
– The nutrition team co-ordinated two cooking demonstrations             wholegrains and/or fruit.
  using heart healthy recipes in the Nutrition and Culinary Centre
                                                                         For example, on Vita-Weat we could make such claims as:
– Fresh fruit was available to staff at Head Office.
                                                                         – Diets rich in wholegrains such as those found in Vita-Weat
Feedback from the week was very positive. Our next Employee                help maintain a healthy heart
Wellness initiative will focus on Diabetes Awareness Week in July.
                                                                         – Eating wholegrain foods such as Vita-Weat helps to control
                                                                           your sugar levels.
                                                                         However the proposed nutrient scoring criteria will prevent some
                                                                         better-for-you product options from carrying health claims. For
                                                                         example, under current proposals, Snack Right products would be
                                                                         ineligible, despite the fact that they are low in fat and saturated fat,
                                                                         contain fruit and carry the National Heart Foundation’s Tick.
looking forward

Coming up in the Spring issue:                                       – continuing our investment in new technologies and manufacturing
                                                                       to support innovation and reduce costs of manufacture
— A new look Arnott’s!                                               – constantly communicating with our customers, suppliers,
                                                                       regulators and other experts in the industry.
— Packaging information at a glance –
                                                                     3. How do you think the Australian food industry and the
  Simple goodness, wholesome ingredients.                            government can work more closely together?
                                                                     I think the debate over wellness and nutrition has shown the
                                                                     importance of working together in good faith – not sitting in
                                                                     opposite corners. The food industry has taken some great initiatives
                                                                     in response to what our consumers want – like introducing
                                                                     percentage daily intake labelling. But we need certainty about the
                                                                     future if we are going to continue to innovate and give customers
                    Meet Steve Graham,                               the ability to choose healthier options. For example, our research
                    Arnott’s new VP Research                         and development process to develop Snack Right took several
                                                                     years of commitment, including an investment of approximately
                    & Development/Quality                            $200,000 in research and an additional $150,000 in capital for
                    Assurance                                        manufacture. Certainty about the regulatory environment is critical
                                                                     to ensure our commitment in time, people and capital to product
                                                                     and manufacturing innovation is sound.
1. What do you think is the biggest challenge facing food
manufacturers today?                                                 4. How do you think the Australian food industry will change
Responding to the complexity of consumer needs. Our consumers        over the next five years?
today are seeking quality and convenience; old family favourites     There will be increased communication between food
and new taste sensations; nutrition and great taste. And of course   manufacturers, scientists and health experts about ways our food
they are also managing their household budget!                       can contribute to population health. High quality, fresh produce will
                                                                     continue to be the basis of the best Australian food manufacturing.
2. How does Arnott’s address such challenges?                        New technologies will continue to change the way we produce,
By listening to our consumers first and foremost. And managing       purchase and consume food. We need to take action now to ensure
all parts of our process to respond to these needs, including by:    that growth of the industry is not limited by skills shortages in the
– sourcing the best quality, best value raw produce                  coming years.
  from Australian farmers
– providing the right level of information for consumers to help     5. Finally Steve, what is your favourite Arnott’s biscuit?
  them choose the best products for their family                     I enjoy Vita-Weat for a healthier snack and a Monte Carlo or Gaiety
– supporting our research and development teams                      as an occasional treat!
                                                                     For more information about Arnott’s commitment to health
                                                                     and wellbeing, please contact:

                                                                     Steve Graham
                                                                     Vice President R&D/Quality Assurance
                                                                     Arnott’s Asia Pacific

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