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Newsletter of the American Society for Gravitational and Space Biology                Volume 18, Number 3
                                                                                      Fall 2002
 Stephen B. Doty, President
                                                         Dear Fellow ASGSB Members and Colleagues:
 Hospital for Special Surgery
                                                                Welcome to the 18 th Annual Meeting of the
 Charles Fuller, President-Elect
 University of California, Davis                         ASGSB. The venue and the Scientific Symposia
                                                         will be especially interesting this year. Paul
 Victoria P. Friedensen, Secretary-Treasurer             Todd has organized a session on Space Radiation
 National Academy of Engineering
                                                         Health—a subject long overlooked as a potential
 Marian L. Lewis, Immediate Past President               limiting factor in long-term space flight. Gloria
 University of Alabama
                                                         Muday has put together an excellent group of
 Patricia Russell, Executive Director                    speakers to discuss Gravity Induced Changes in
 Universities Space Research Association                 Signaling Pathways. And the Symposium orga-
 Jeffrey Alberts–2003    William J. Landis-2004          nized by Robert Cassanova will have you
 Indiana University      Northeastern Ohio               amazed with some presentations on the topic of
 Wendy Boss-2004
                                                         Advanced Space Concepts.
 N.C. State University   Bonnie McClain–2002                    You will note two attractive additions to
                         Colorado State University       the Program that were not in the Preliminary
 Chris Brown-2003
 N.C. State University   Gloria Muday-2003               Program published in the Spring issue of the
                         Wake Forest University          Newsletter. One is a presentation by Bruce Yost,
 Bruce Bugbee–2002       Paul Todd—2004
 Utah State University                                                                    (continued on page 2)
                         SHOT, Inc.

 Tom Dreschel–2002       Richard Wassersug—2003
 Dynamac Corporation     Dalhousie University

                         Michael Wiederhold–2002
 Volker D. Kern-2004
 Lockheed Martin         University of Texas
                          Health Science Center
                                                                        18 TH

 Boeing Company
 Seal Beach, CA
                  QSS Group, Inc.
                  Lanham, MD
                                                                   A NNUAL MEETING
 Lockheed-Martin, Inc.   SHOT, Inc.                                  C APE C ANAVERAL, FL
 Moffett Field, CA       Greenville, IN
                                                                     N OVEMBER 6-9, 2002
 Science & Technology Corporation
 Hampton, VA

 ASSOCIATE CORPORATE MEMBERS                                             Also In This Issue:
 Mains Associates, Inc. Orbital                          ASGSB 2003—19th Annual Meeting Preview (p. 3)
 Berkeley, CA           Germantown, MD                   ASGSB President-Elect/Governing Board
 Bionetics Corporation    ORBITEC, Inc.                      Candidates’ Vision Statements (p. 4-7)
 Kennedy Space Center, FL Madison, WI                    ASGSB-Student Association News (p. 9)
                                                         ISS Update (p. 10-11)
 INTRINSYX                  RECOM Technologies           ReMAP Task Force Report to NASA (p. 12)
 Los Altos, CA              Roseville, CA                Education & Outreach (p. 12-13)
                                                         Opportunities (p. 14)
 Litton Space Systems      Universities Space
 College Park, MD           Research Association         ASGSB in the News (p. 15)
                           Div. of Space Life Sciences   Life Sciences Calendar (p. 39)
                           Houston, TX
 Stanley Roux                                             2002 ASGSB M EMBERSHIP D IRECTORY
 Janet V. Powers                                                          PAGES   16-38
                                 ASGSB President’s Welcome (continued)

        John Hines, and Ken Souza on the use of Free Flyers as a source to access
        space for those projects that might not require ISS or Shuttle flights. This
        presentation will be held at 5 p.m. on Thursday, just prior to the Recep-
        tion. And on Saturday, at lunch time, Kristina Lagel will moderate a
        discussion of research on ISS, which will include presentations by Gary
        Stutte and Bob Morrow, who will describe their experience with research
        activity on ISS from a “hands on” point of view. We also plan to have
        guests from the NASA research centers and from NASA Headquarters to
        provide new and relevant information to our members.
                As you can see, there will be a lot to keep you busy at this year’s
        meeting, with plenty of opportunity for discussion, formal or not, concern-
        ing all aspects of space biology and space research activity. You will
        discover many good reasons to be optimistic about the future of space
        biology, and gain motivating insights on how you can be involved in
        building this future.

        Steve Doty
        President, ASGSB

      ASGSB Poster Now Available                       Newsletter Articles Welcome
        As you plan your attendance at
    other professional society meetings,                  Your newsletter is what you
    please consider representing the ASGSB            make of it. Thanks to the contribu-
    to your colleagues there. We now have             tors to this issue of the ASGSB
    mylar large format and foam core                  Newsletter.
    versions of the ASGSB poster which                    All ASGSB members are invited
    made its debut at the 2001 annual                 and encouraged to submit materials
    meeting. In displaying this poster at a           that they feel would be of interest to
    variety of gatherings, we can inform our          society members, including meeting
    friends, colleagues and the general               announcements, reports or summa-
    public about the mission and programs             ries, book announcements and
    of our society, and maybe even get some           reviews, brief research highlights,
    new members.                                      member news, and editorials.
        Contact Chris Brown                               Please submit all materials to
    (cbrown@ncsu.edu) with the dates of               ASGSB Publications Committee
    your meeting and shipping address                 Chair Stan Roux at
    information. He will have it sent di-             sroux@uts.cc.utexas.edu
    rectly to the meeting site and arrange                The deadline for input to the next
    for its return. All you have to do is put         issue of the Newsletter is January 5,
    it up and take it down.                           2003.

2      ASGSB NEWSLETTER 18 (3)   Fall 2002
                                 Getting Ready for ASGSB 2003

     The 19th annual meeting of the ASGSB will be
held November 12-15, 2003 at the Huntsville
Marriott, 5 Tranquility Base, Huntsville, Alabama.
Conveniently located, the Marriott is only 10 minutes
from the Huntsville International Airport and a five-
minute drive from Marshall Space Flight Center and
Redstone Arsenal. The hotel provides complimen-
tary shuttle van service to and from the airport.
     Hopefully we will be permitted on site at the
NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC). If so, a
NASA bus tour will take us to view components of
the International Space Station (ISS), rocket test
stands, and other areas. MSFC is responsible for
designing and building the life support systems that
provide the crew of the ISS a comfortable environ-
ment in which to live and work. More information
on MSFC activities is available at
     The Marriott is located on the grounds of the US
Space and Rocket Center. On Thursday evening, the
reception will be held in the Center’s museum, a
short walk up the hill from the Marriott. We can look             (Photo credit: Huntsville Convention
forward to ambience and camaraderie among historic                and Visitors Bureau)
spacecraft, images from past and future missions,
and space travel simulators. A showing of the              attractions such as museums, the botanical garden,
current IMAX feature film in the 67-foot, curved-          and historical sites in the Huntsville area. Two other
screen Spacedome Theater is planned. For adventur-         websites (http://huntsville.areaguides.net and
ous attendees, there will be an opportunity to journey     www.huntsville.org) provide additional information
across the Red Planet in the motion-based, Mars            about Huntsville, its climate, activities, history, and
Mission simulator.                                         attributes.
     The Marriott is about five minutes by freeway              The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH)
from Huntsville’s historic downtown area. Ten miles        is located hardly three minutes north of the Marriott
north of the Tennessee River and 300 miles north of        just across I-565. A beautiful campus replete with a
the Gulf of Mexico, downtown Huntsville is 600 feet        lake and Canada geese, UAH is one of the nation’s
above sea level, with some areas within the city limits    major international centers for advanced technologi-
rising to 1,800 feet ASL. A city of 180,000, Huntsville    cal research. The 2003 Annual Meeting will provide
covers 148 square miles and is surrounded on three         an opportunity for interaction among ASGSB mem-
sides by the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.       bers and UAH researchers and students. More
Big Springs Park, a lake, the Huntsville Art Museum,       information about UAH is available at
and the Von Braun Convention Center border                 http://www.uah.edu.
Huntsville’s town square on the west side. Several              The 2003 Annual Meeting promises to offer an
excellent restaurants can be found along the square.       exciting venue in the town that put rockets into space
     Traveling to Huntsville is easy. The Huntsville       with a vision for the future, a handful of skilled
International Airport is served by 70 jet flights daily.   German rocket scientists, and a make-it-happen
These include Delta Air Lines, American Eagle,             attitude. The scientific program is shaping up to
American Airlines, Northwest Airlines, COMAIR, US          include symposia in the general areas of microgravity
Airways, Continental Express, and US Airways               impact on cytoskeletal structure and function,
Express. The airport has direct jet service from hubs      nanobiology and biomolecular engineering, and
in Chicago, Dallas, Washington, Atlanta, Charlotte,        astrobiology. Looking forward to seeing you in
Cincinnati, Houston, and Memphis. Annual passen-           Huntsville in 2003.
ger boardings are in excess of 1,000,000. For flight
information and schedules, check the website at            Marian L. Lewis
http://www.hsvairport.org. This site also provides         Program Chair 2003 Annual Meeting
information on restaurants, local weather, and

                                                                         ASGSB NEWSLETTER 18 (3)    Fall 2002    3
                                                                       President-Elect Candidates

           John Kiss, Professor of Botany at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio
                 As I begin this statement on my vision for ASGSB, I’d like to say a few words on
           what the Society means to me on a personal level. I have been a member of ASGSB
           since 1987 and feel that I have “grown up” in the Society. The first meeting I attended
           in October of that year was in Logan, Utah just as I started a post-doc position. I was
           struck by the friendly, open relationships among members from very different sub-
           disciplines who had a common interest in gravitational and space biology. As a new-
           comer to the field, I felt immediately welcome, even by established, well-known
                 My initial impressions have proven to be valid for me today just as they were at
           that first meeting. Thus, I’d like to mention my opinion of the four strengths of the
           Society. First, the interdisciplinary nature of our field is alive and well in ASGSB.
           Attending talks and interacting with neurobiologists, bone and muscle physiologists
           provide a fascinating opportunity for intellectual cross fertilization for a plant biologist
           (i.e., me) to learn about many other interesting fields.
                 Another key strength of ASGSB is that the Society is international in character.
           This also was evident at the first meeting when I met such scientists as Andreas Sievers
           of Germany and Augusto Cogoli of Switzerland. At the moment, about 20% of our
           members are from outside the United States, and this trend should continue as we
           share facilities on the International Space Station (ISS).
                 A third strength of our society is that we are very welcoming of students. ASGSB
           recognizes the need to cultivate, stimulate, and encourage the next generation of
           scientists in our field. I am pleased to note that the “student friendliness” of the Society
           has been increasing in recent years. The Society has been providing travel grants for
           students to attend our meetings. In addition, the student poster competition (both at
           the undergraduate and graduate level) has been well-attended and provided for very
           lively discussions at the meeting.
                 Fourthly, ASGSB has been very active in outreach efforts at many levels. We have
           a fine Web site (maintained by Tim Mulkey) that is packed with lots of information,
           including downloadable slide sets, interesting fact sheets, and numerous educational
           links and materials. The president, board members, and regular members have all
           been active in promoting our research and NASA life sciences on Capitol Hill.
                 My goal as president would be to directly build on these four strengths of ASGSB
           as we continue to move into an era with many opportunities and challenges for space
           life sciences. What are some of the challenges ahead for us as a society? Clearly the
           funding situation at NASA and other international space agencies is an ongoing
           problem. As the hardware costs for the ISS continue to escalate, will we have funds to
           do high quality scientific research? Will we have a sufficiently large crew on the ISS to
           perform important experiments? As president, I would try to follow in the footsteps of
           our current leadership who have worked very hard to educate NASA and the Congress
           on the importance of maintaining funds to space life sciences. In fact, many times in
           the recent past, our society members have come together in helping to restore many
           funding cuts to life sciences that were initially proposed. We must maintain our
           continued vigilance in this area.
                 A related concern at ASGSB has been sustaining and expanding our membership.
           As president, I would make this a high priority and build on existing efforts in expand-
           ing membership at all levels: student, regular, and corporate members all are important
           for the health of ASGSB. I appreciate the opportunity of being nominated for the
           presidency of our society, and, if elected, would be honored and proud to serve the
           members of ASGSB.

4   ASGSB NEWSLETTER 18 (3)   Fall 2002
Present Their “Vision” for ASGSB

       Tom Scott, Professor of Biology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
            I believe the American Society of Gravitational and Space Biology (ASGSB) stands at a precari-
       ous cross road. We look upon ourselves proudly as the premiere fundamental science group seeking
       to advance our understanding of the relationship of gravity to life at all its levels of complexity. The
       membership of the Society has a track record of truly astonishing accomplishments. Yet, in the last
       several years, there have been setbacks to maintaining the necessary momentum to allow continued
       progress in the field. The three most substantial difficulties, and ones ASGSB is well suited to deal
       with, have been the continuous decrease of funding for basic research by NASA, the drastic cutbacks
       in flight experiments, and the ever-changing priorities and diminishing promise of the International
       Space Station. These problems confound NASA perennially and only seem to worsen. Sadly, it is our
       membership that suffers as much or more than any group.
            I therefore further believe that it is the time for the members of the ASGSB to decide what kind of
       future we want and how we want to get there. Clearly we must be willing to act and interact in new
       and more efficient ways. Below are some ways I believe we can best achieve success and growth for
       the Society:
            1) The ASGSB should champion multidisciplinary studies related to gravitational and space
         biology. There are innumerable science questions that beg multidiscipline approaches and the
         ASGSB has worked to identify them and has had a good record of getting PIs and groups together.
         The presentation of many symposia of different yet interacting topics have born this out for years.
         We work with the concept routinely. Yet we should make a very strong case to NASA that
         multidisciplinary research projects are very often better than the sum of their parts and that they
         can yield excellent cost benefits. The ASGSB can do much more to bring people and ideas together
         before it is “proposal-time.” Young investigators and our international partners might benefit
         greatly by interacting more with the PI community currently being funded. And vice-versa. I
         propose the Society should set up some apparatus such as “an Idea Clearinghouse” for PIs to
         deposit research notions that would facilitate the teaming up with others having overlapping and
         interacting thoughts and ideas. Such a communication device should be relatively easy to set up in
         such a way to operate without unduly threatening the turf of those involved.
            2) The ASGSB should develop an alliance with the Astrobiology Institute, the advanced life
         support community, and other like-minded societies. Again, there is much to be gained by
         exchanging ideas and information with groups that inevitably have overlapping research interests,
         approaches, and goals. We should encourage members of the Institute and others to join and
         contribute to our Society.
            3) ASGSB is in need of more members. Our current membership has been declining in the
         past few years. Participation at the annual meeting has, too. It is clearly time to launch a new
         membership drive. Foremost in such a drive should be extra efforts to attract more students by
         offering more encouragement as well as greater inducements and financial support for attendance
         at our meetings.
            4) ASGSB must greatly increase fund raising. There is much ahead of us to be accomplished
         and society dues cannot pay for most of it. Additional corporate and other donors must be sought
         so the Society can increase support for small research efforts and other projects. We should endow
         more prizes for members and increase monetary incentives for students. Therefore, in addition to
         seeking new members, ASGSB must mount an ambitious fund raising drive.
       These are the concerns I have as a long–time devotee of the Society. I was a founding member of the
       ASGSB, I have served on its Governing Board two times, and I am committed to our society’s pur-
       pose and to its future. I served as Program Scientist for the Space Biology Program in NASA’s Life
       Sciences Division at NASA Headquarters from 1992 to 1997. In addition, I have served on the
       Biology faculty at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for 33 years as well as serving as
       Chairman for 10 of those years and Research Director for the University for 5 years. In sum, I feel I
       have the experience and the time and energy to help bring about the changes I have outlined above.
       I will work very hard to make the Society better and stronger.

                                                                        ASGSB NEWSLETTER 18 (3)   Fall 2002       5
                                                         Governing Board Member Candidates
Tim Jones, Professor of Surgery and Physiology, School    Richard Mains, President/Principal Scientist of
of Medicine, University of Missouri at Columbia           Mains Associates
     We live in a time of exceptional scientific               Please consider this an Action rather than a
promise. The tools are now available to link genes,       Vision Statement. There is likely general agree-
function, and the environment. Multidisciplinary          ment within the current Board members and the
research teams have considerable advantage in             current candidates on the vision for ASGSB. The
pursuing these issues. Increasingly biologists must       challenge is to clearly define actions that the
turn to physical scientists and mathematicians to         Board, with the members, can implement to
tackle biological issues in complex environments.         advocate for Space Biology Research (I fully
National agencies expect successful research              support Ken Baldwin’s excellent statement, Fall
programs to be organized into cohesive                    2001, on this topic). Annual visits to Capitol Hill
multidisciplinary efforts. The ASGSB is uniquely          are not enough, but joining with similar groups
suited to bring such diverse expertise together for       (including the international space biology com-
the exchange of information and ideas in all areas        munity) who are effective advocates for funding
of gravitational and space biology. Out of such           biological and biomedical research is a great first
exchange will emerge the teams of the future              step. The interdisciplinary ASGSB research focus
linking genes, gravity sensing and adaptation to          needs to be linked to similar research communi-
altered gravitational environments in plants and          ties that are better known. We need to become
animals. ASGSB should continue to lead the way            visible and seen as an effective community that
by providing the foremost scientific forum for these      provides benefits to space exploration, funda-
endeavors. ASGSB should continue to seek ways of          mental biology, and Earth benefits for all. Let’s
facilitating the formation of research teams and          build an ASGSB advocacy group and put it in
streamlining processes related to information/data        action.
exchange and publication. ASGSB should bolster
its efforts to engage and inspire young scientists as
well as new investigators from all disciplines to         Karen Plaut, Chair, Department of Animal Science,
take up the quest for understanding biology and its       University of Vermont, Burlington
complex interaction with the physical world on                In order for research in gravitational and
Earth and in space.                                       space biology to continue into the next millen-
                                                          nium and be considered a fundamental research
Howard G. Levine, Senior Research Scientist,              discipline, the Society must: 1) promote high
Dynamac Corporation, Kennedy Space Center, Florida        quality research and 2) educate people. Under-
     In recent years there have been too few oppor-       standing the relationship between gravity, space,
tunities for scientists selected through NASA’s peer-     and biology is interesting to many people but not
review process to fly their experiments in space.         compelling. The Society needs to promote high
This has at times concluded in their being “dese-         quality science that directly relates to the effects
lected,” resulting in the loss of precious time and       of gravity or the space environment on living
resources for them, their research team, and the          systems so that the scientific accomplishments are
NASA/contractor personnel supporting them. This           clear to the scientific community and the public.
lack of manifest slots must be corrected; otherwise       In addition, the Society needs to help educate
NASA should enact the ultimate cost-saving                other scientists, the public, and students to
practice of stopping the solicitation of proposals.       appreciate the relationship among gravity, the
One potential remedy is to shift away from the            space environment, and living systems. Through
single PI concept to a multi-PI approach, where           these efforts the Society can serve as a spokesper-
teams of investigators would collaborate in the           son for the space and gravitational biology
design of experiments and subsequently share the          community to promote research opportunities on
materials/tissues flown in space. This approach           the ground and on the Space Shuttle and the
would expand the pool of investigators participat-        International Space Station.
ing in spaceflight experiments and could lead to
repeated access to flight materials over time,
enabling researchers to either follow-up promising
avenues of investigation, or bring new technologies
to bear on their research questions.

 6      ASGSB NEWSLETTER 18 (3)    Fall 2002
Present Their “Vision” for ASGSB
     April Ronca, Director, Laboratory for Developmental              Joan Vernikos, former Director, Life Sciences
     Gravitational Biology and Research Scientist, NASA Ames          Division at NASA Headquarters
     Research Center                                                        ASGSB has evolved into a political and
          Like the space life sciences, the ASGSB is still in its     scientific force to be reckoned with. Trends in
     infancy, having been established only 18 years ago.              NASA’s research budgets, diminishing access
     Yet, the future of our society and of gravitational and          to flight, evaporating intramural science
     space biology in general depends on our ability to meet          expertise, make this an ideal time to step up to
     the new challenges facing us. My vision for our society          fill the scientific leadership void. We must:
     is three-fold. First, I’d like to see us foster and grow               Educate the public about gravitational biology.
     our membership, particularly across international and                  Educate the science community at large at joint
     interdisciplinary lines. Bringing greater awareness of           meetings; sessions at Cell Biology Meeting.
     the ASGSB through an organized campaign to enhance                     Educate next-generation scientists; coordi-
     our visibility to other scientific societies is an important     nate, develop curricula; commission Gravita-
     step toward broadening our membership base. Sec-                 tional Biology Textbook; create flight opportu-
     ond, increased effort should be made to help augment             nities.
     the establishment of new research initiatives and                      Educate students to politics of science; serving
     funding in the space life sciences, particularly in these        3 months on Hill, OMB, OSTP.
     times of ISS cutbacks and setbacks. Can we do more to                  Educate NASA, develop implementation
     communicate to the American public and to Congress               plan response to the reports of the Research
     the importance of the space life sciences? Third, our            Maximization and Prioritization Task Force
     students are the future. To help our society attract and         (ReMap) and TGRISS; offer ASGSB scientist as
     educate a new cadre of space biologists, I’d like to see         rotating Staff Assistant to Office of Biological
     increased emphasis on research funding and profes-               and Physical Research (OBPR) Associate
     sional development for young investigators. There are            Administrator (AA). Encourage OBPR AA to
     untapped resources available to help societies like ours         contribute regular column to ASGSB Newslet-
     foster the careers of post-doc, graduate student, and            ter. Visit AA regularly; work with Chief
     undergraduate members. In these ways, our society                Scientist.
     can continue to achieve its mission to promote re-                     Educate legislators to sponsor dedicated
     search, education, training, and development in                  mission and/or Decade of Development and
     gravitational and space biology.                                 Aging; participate in Bone and Joint Decade.
                                                                            Let’s do what we do best—Educate.
     Jack J. W. A. van Loon, Assistant Professor, Free Univer-
     sity, Amsterdam, The Netherlands and currently managing           Charles Wade, Senior Scientist, Life Sciences
     the science-related user support activities in the Netherlands   Division, NASA Ames Research Center
     via the Dutch Experiment Support Center, DESC                         The ASGSB was founded to bring together
          My main view for future gravitational biology               those individuals in North America who had a
     would be a better and further integration of flight and          research interest in gravitational biology. While
     ground-based research opportunities. Most science is             the Society has grown in international stature,
     focused on only one side of the gravity spectrum,                its function must still be focused on garnering
     microgravity. However, knowledge of the impact of                research support and opportunities from the
     weight onto systems may also be gained by studying               United States government for its members.
     the upper limits of acceleration. Doing so enables               The present state of NASA and the Interna-
     young people to get easily involved in gravity-related           tional Space Station afford the opportunity for
     research. The latter also pertains for microgravity              ASGSB to influence the direction of these
     simulation projects. Being from Europe, the second               programs. Furthermore, the ASGSB can
     important contribution I would like to make to our               continue to bring the research of the members
     society is to foster international relationships—student         into international prominence by cooperation
     exchange, joint international meetings (a next one in            with other scientific societies, both within and
     Amsterdam?). Finally, in light of the International              outside of North America. The ASGSB must
     Space Station, I would like to actively encourage close          maintain an aggressive posture in the coming
     international collaborations for the use of this unique          years to assure the future of the research
     facility and also to have our collective (scientist) voice       disciplines and opportunities for the members.
     heard by all international policy makers within the ISS.

                                                                                ASGSB NEWSLETTER 18 (3)      Fall 2002         7
                                      Floating Students at Work

    16 September 2002. There are students who do
    research in laboratories, but for some this is just
    too normal. They want to take their ideas into
    space. Well, that might not be possible just yet,
    but a persistent student can get the opportunity
    to do the next best thing: parabolic flights. It’s a
    way of creating a weightless environment using
    an airplane, and yes, it is very exciting.
        This year’s Student Parabolic Flight Cam-
    paign, organized by ESA’s Education Office,
    involved 32 groups of students from various
    universities across Europe. They were the best
    from over 120 teams that sent in a proposal to
    conduct an experiment in weightlessness.
    Sixteen groups flew during the second week;
    their colleagues flew the week before.
        The Student Parabolic Flight Campaign, a
    project of ESA’s Education Programme, aims to
    enhance the students’ knowledge of science and
    technology and encourage them into a career in              Weightlessness during a parabolic flight.
    space. The existing interest the students have for
    space forms an opportunity for education.

    Insects, Smoke and CDs                                   resistance from the ground that stops you from
                                                             falling down is the experience we call “weight.”
         The topics are as diverse as the origins of the          ESA’s parabolic flight campaigns are carried
    students. A group of Italian students has been           out using an Airbus A300, operated by the French
    researching the behavior of an insect species            company Novospace. It is a standard passenger jet
    called Talitris, an adaptive inhabitant of shorelines    with a few modifications. The biggest difference
    that runs in and out with the waves. The students        compared to a normal airplane is the removal of all
    are investigating the ability of the Talitris to adapt   the seats in the mid-section. This area is covered
    in weightlessness and hypergravity.                      with a soft material and serves as the experiment
         A team from Finland is investigating the            area.
    quality of CDs recorded under different gravita-              To fly a parabola, the pilot makes the airplane
    tional conditions, which is both relevant for            climb sharply at maximum speed, and then allows
    taking the technology into space, but might also         it to “fall,” which means the thrust of the engines is
    be of value in improving the quality of the              levelled to precisely match the drag of the airplane.
    equipment. A group of Portuguese students is             The airplane is steered in such a way that the
    studying the detection of smoke in space, one of         wings deliver no lift at all, so it is in a state of free
    the most important dangers in a space station.           fall. Everything inside the airplane is now weight-
    They are also looking at the behavior of smoke           less. About 20 seconds later, when the nose is
    and a possible way of removing it quickly from           pointing down 42 degrees, the pilot pulls it up
    the air.                                                 sharply. After a short break, the whole process is
                                                             repeated. During a normal parabolic flight, the
    Weightlessness and Parabolic Flights                     pilot flies 31 parabolas.
                                                                  Besides the parabolic flight campaign for
        These experiments cannot be done well in             students, ESA carries out two professional para-
    earthbound labs, due to the ever-present influence       bolic flight campaigns per year.
    of Earth’s gravitational force. Parabolic flights are
    a perfect test bed for performing space experi-          For further information, see the European Space
    ments without actually going into space. Being           Agency’s Education page: http://www.esa.int/
    weightless is in fact very easy: jump. Weight            export/esaHS/education.html
    could be defined as “the inability to fall.” The

8        ASGSB NEWSLETTER 18 (3)      Fall 2002
                  ASGSB-Student Association Plans for the Fu-
Wenonah Vercoutere
President, ASGSB-SA

     On Tuesday, July 23, 2002, NASA            help students get to know each other and
 Chief Sean O’Keefe addressed the stu-          the established scientists.
 dent interns of NASA in a video-confer-             For example, at the last meeting, we
 ence linking all the NASA Centers. He          had a significant amount of feedback
 was seeking student opinions of NASA.          asking that the student mixer be a more
 Individual students from around the            organized and formal event. We are
 country brought up important issues,           planning to do this: the officers will be
 including how NASA research is relevant        there to introduce themselves, and facili-
 to every-day life, and the accessibility of    tate introductions among all the students.
 NASA job opportunities.                        We will also hold a business meeting early
     As students in space life sciences, we     in the schedule to carry out elections; we
 represent a segment of this population,        will be ready to discuss the conference,
 and many of our concerns are the same.         including some background on the scien-
 Imagine if students were recognized as         tists who are presenting. This way we
 speaking not only as individuals but also      will know each other as the meeting
 as representatives of all NASA students.       progresses, and also have a sense of
 With a student organization, we can            context when we go to the presentations.
 create a stronger voice that can facilitate         Please bring your thoughts about the
 this. This is a crucial time, because right    goals and direction that NASA should be
 now the new administration is listening.       following to our business meeting. We
     The American Society of Gravita-           believe that a student letter to Chief
 tional and Space Biology Student Asso-         O’Keefe and the House Committee on
 ciation has established its infrastructure     Science addressing these issues would be
 with an informative web-site, an email         well received right now, and we would
 server, and recognition by the ASGSB           like to discuss the contents. With enough
 board as an active entity within ASGSB.        support, we could produce a draft that
 As we now enter our fourth year, we can        students could approve by the end of the
 begin to focus on connecting with each         conference.
 other. The best way for us to make                  We would like to use our email list to
 important choices about which graduate         send out information about interesting
 school to go to, or where to take a post-      student projects, programs, and opportu-
 doctoral position, or whether to go into       nities that relate to space life sciences. If
 industry, is to talk with someone who          you have any interesting projects or
 has been there. We are our own best            opportunities that you believe would
 resource!                                      interest other ASGSB students, please let
     We would also like to help build           us know. As with all email lists, we
 relationships between students and the         should agree on certain rules for content:
 established researchers of ASGSB. We           please post only space life sciences infor-
 can learn a lot from those who have gone       mation, or items of related interest.
 before us. Internships, graduate student            As before, we look forward to the
 positions, and other research opportuni-       exciting opportunities that await us!
 ties in space life science laboratories will   Questions and comments would be appre-
 be more accessible by knowing about the        ciated; these can be directed to the group
 locations, the research, and the principal     at asgsb_students@asgsb-sa.org, the
 investigators in the field.                    officers at officers@asgsb-sa.org, or my-
     For now, we will focus on what can         self, at wvercoutere@mail.arc.nasa.gov.
 be done during the Annual Meeting to

                                                          ASGSB NEWSLETTER 18 (3)   Fall 2002   9
       NASA Administrator Names Whitson First ISS Science Officer

          NASA Administrator Sean O’Keefe on September 16 named Dr. Peggy Whitson
      as the first NASA ISS Science Officer. In making the announcement, Administrator
      O’Keefe noted that with the space station nearing its second year with a perma-
      nent crew living on board, it’s time to increase emphasis on the orbiting outpost’s
      main mission—research. Dr. Whitson, who has a doctorate in biochemistry from
      Rice University in Houston, became the station’s first resident scientist when she
      arrived at the ISS June 7, 2002, as an Expedition 5 Flight Engineer.
          “Dr. Peggy Whitson is an obvious choice for NASA’s first ISS Science Officer,”
      said Administrator O’Keefe. “In addition to a doctorate in biochemistry, she is the
      recipient of numerous awards and fellowships. Before her selection as an astro-
      naut, Dr. Whitson’s NASA career included time spent as a researcher. She helped
      develop experiments to fly on the space shuttle, served as the project scientist for
      the Shuttle-Mir program and was the co-chair of the U.S.-Russian Mission Science
      Working Group.
          “Dr. Whitson has dedicated her career to the pursuit of scientific knowledge,
      and she recognizes that some of the problems we face today here on Earth have
      answers that will be discovered in future activities on the International Space
      Station,” added Administrator O’Keefe.
          The NASA ISS Science Officer is a new duty assignment that will be made for a
      NASA astronaut on each ISS Expedition Crew. For now, the Science Officer will
      focus on U.S. research conducted aboard ISS. NASA will explore with its 15
      international partners the potential to expand the Science Officer role as the
      station’s research capabilities are increased.
          The NASA ISS Science Officer will work with the U.S. research community to
      understand and meet the requirements and objectives of each ISS experiment. This
      will help achieve maximum scientific research returns. The Science Officer will
      continue to be the point-of-contact for the ISS crew with NASA-sponsored princi-
      pal investigators as well as payload developers, integrators and trainers.
          Dr. Whitson’s Science Officer duties will continue when she returns to Earth
      for those experiments conducted during Expedition 5. Her post-flight responsi-
      bilities include participation in “debriefs” with NASA principal investigators and
      active collaboration with their analysis of experimental observations.

                                 Lindbergh Spirit Lives On

                      On September 30 Reeve Lindbergh, daughter of
                  legendary aviator Charles Lindbergh, visited Johnson
                  Space Center to receive a copy of her father ’s Pulitzer
                  Prize winning book , The Spirit of St. Louis, from STS-108
                  astronauts Linda Godwin and Mark Kelly. Linking
                  Charles Lindbergh’s spirit of aviation with modern space
                  flight, the STS-108 space shuttle crew carried the book
                  into space last December and autographed it while in
                  orbit to honor the 75th anniversary of Lindbergh’s
                  celebrated flight over the Atlantic.

10   ASGSB NEWSLETTER 18 (3)   Fall 2002
Recent ISS Activities: New Residents, New Growth, and the Lili Episode

     On September 29, 2002, an unmanned Russian
resupply craft successfully docked to the Interna-
tional Space Station, bringing almost a ton of food,
fuel and supplies to the residents on board, and for
the next trio of space travelers, who will arrive on
the ISS in November. The Progress 9 vehicle linked
up to the aft docking port of the Zvezda Service
Module of the ISS. Some of the supplies included
clothing and personal items for the Expedition Six
crew, consisting of Commander Ken Bowersox and
Flight Engineers Nikolai Budarin and Don Pettit.
They will be launched aboard Endeavour on the
STS-113 mission in November to replace the current
crew of Commander Valery Korzun, NASA Inter-
national Space Station Science Officer Peggy
Whitson, and Cosmonaut Sergei Treschev, who will
                                                           Astronaut Peggy A. Whitson, Expedition Five flight engineer, works
have completed 5 months on board the ISS by that
                                                           in the Destiny laboratory on the International Space Station (ISS).
time.                                                      ISS005-E-15406 (23 September 2002).
     The Progress docking cleared the way for the
launch of Atlantis on the STS-112 mission to deliver the $390 million, 14-ton Starboard 1 (S1) Truss to the
station. The S1 Truss is the next major addition to the station’s Integrated Truss Structure, which will eventu-
ally span more than 300 feet to carry power, data and environmental services for the station. Three space walks
will be needed to install the new truss section.
     Hurricane Lili provided a unique opportu-
nity for Mission Control in Houston to put into
practice a contingency plan for temporarily
transferring control of the ISS to a support
group in Moscow. As Hurricane Lili ap-
proached the Gulf coast on Wednesday, Octo-
ber 2, power at Mission Control Center in
Houston was turned off in a carefully planned
sequence, and its electronic equipment covered
with waterproof plastic sheets. Members of the
Houston Support Group in Mission Control
Moscow took over control of the station’s U.S.
segment. The Houston Support Group, U.S.
flight controllers and others based in Mission
Control Moscow, and Mission Control Houston
had practiced for just such a contingency less
than three weeks before.
                                                      Digital still image of the ISS recorded by STS-110 crew members on
     The group followed this contingency plan,
                                                      board the Space Shuttle Atlantis following the undocking of the two
setting up a Backup Control Center (BCC) in
                                                      spacecraft. The ISS was newly equipped with the 27,000 pound S0 truss,
Mission Control Moscow. They communicated             visible in this image. S0 was the first segment of a truss structure which
with the station using Russian and U.S. ground        will ultimately expand the station to the length of a football field.
stations, and remained in close telephone             STS110-E-5912 (17 April 2002).
contact with flight control teams gathered in a
conference room at Johnson Space Center. While the BCC was in operation, high-rate data downlink from the
station was not available. Since they were unable to monitor the movement of the solar arrays, flight controllers
put them in a fixed position. As a result, power to some station payloads and systems was reduced.
     Houston flight control of the station was resumed about 6 p.m. Thursday, October 3, a little over 12 hours
after reactivation of Mission Control Houston, begun when it became apparent that Lili would not hit the area.
With Houston’s Mission Control Center back in operation, the deliberate power up of the International Space
Station proceeded smoothly. The huge U.S. solar wings were freed from the fixed position they held during the
perceived threat from Hurricane Lili and began tracking the sun again.

The above news article is adapted from International Space Station Status Reports, which are available on line at:
                                                                                 ASGSB NEWSLETTER 18 (3)      Fall 2002       11
              ReMAP Task Force Makes Recommendations to OBPR

          The Research Maximization and Prioritization Task Force, known as ReMAP, evaluated
      research productivity and priorities for the entire scientific, technological, and commercial
      portfolio of NASA’s Office of Biological and Physical Research (OBPR). Their findings and
      recommendations provide a framework for prioritizing a productive research program for
      OBPR and for the International Space Station (ISS).
          ReMAP Chair Rae Silver and co-chair David Shirley wrote in their cover letter, “We
      believe that the findings and recommendations in this report will enhance the probability
      that a credible and productive research program can be established for OBPR, beginning
      with current ground-based capabilities, access to the Shuttle for research purposes, and ISS
      U.S. Core Complete configuration, and continuing with an expanded research program
      through significant enhancements to the ISS research capability.”
          The final report, which was made available on September 10, identifies two
      overarching programmatic goals: the first involves research enabling human exploration of
      space and the second involves basic research of intrinsic scientific interest. The Task Force
      noted that the majority of OBPR research falls in one or both of these categories, and that it
      is NASA’s responsibility to prioritize the research. Task Force members recognized the
      need to enhance ISS research capabilities in order to accomplish these goals.
          Commercial space research was also considered by the Task Force, which noted that it
      is part of public policy for NASA to facilitate the commercial use of the ISS.
          Recommendations included encouraging NASA to continue coordination with ISS
      international partners, in particular to expedite development of the ISS centrifuge facility
      (currently provided by the National Space Development Agency of Japan (NASDA)). Other
      findings and recommendations focused on OBPR organization and management, with an
      emphasis on conducting interdisciplinary research, exploring alternative research solicita-
      tion methods, and attracting quality scientists.
          The ReMAP final report, news, task force biographies, and other information may be
      found at the ReMAP web page, http://spaceresearch.nasa.gov/general_info/remap.html

                                          Education News

Not Just Another Mission: NASA Helps Launch New Education Center in Phoenix

NASA Headquarters, Washington—October 4, 2002. Astronaut Carlos Noriega and Estrella Mountain
Community College President Homero Lopez launched a new education era today with the dedication of the
NASA Center for Success in Math and Science in Phoenix.
     The newly dedicated student academic-support center, located on the Avondale, Arizona, campus of
Estrella Mountain Community College, was established to inspire and support socially and economically
disadvantaged students in their pursuit of higher education in science, technology, engineering, and math
     “NASA recognizes our nation has no greater task than motivating our youth to reach their full potential,”
said George E. Reese, Assistant Administrator for Equal Opportunity Programs, NASA Headquarters, Wash-
ington. “Through our best efforts, we can help build a brighter future for the next generation by focusing on
the needs of children in the classroom today,” Reese said.
     In naming the Center, Estrella College recognized NASA’s commitment to inspiring the next generation of
leaders and explorers. The NASA Center for Success in Math and Science is committed to developing students
prepared to take part in Arizona’s knowledge economy. The Center also will serve as a vital link for
underrepresented students as they successfully prepare for careers in a high-tech tomorrow.
     Through the Center, NASA will provide educators with unique resources to create learning opportunities
that support educational excellence. In addition, the Center will encourage family involvement and will work
to establish links with business and community groups.
     Sponsored by NASA’s Office of Equal Opportunity Programs, the partnership between Estrella Mountain
and NASA will not only reach out to local Hispanic students in metropolitan Phoenix, it will also engage
Hispanic Serving Institutions currently not involved in NASA programs, especially community colleges.

12     ASGSB NEWSLETTER 18 (3)    Fall 2002
                                    Education and Outreach
    Teachers’ Creativity Soars at NASA                        KSC Awards Grants Supporting
            Science Workshop                                   Future Spaceport Technology

     More than two dozen educators from 14 states              Kennedy Space Center’s Education Programs
attended a 10-day workshop for teachers at the            and University Research Division recently
NASA Ames Research Center from June 23 through            awarded several grants to support future space-
July 6, 2002.                                             port technology work relating to student intern
     Nearly 250 other educators attended similar          activity and technical activity.
workshops at 10 NASA centers across the nation.                The technical activity supports two areas:
The National Science Teachers’ Association is a           cryogenics and life sciences. In the cryogenics
partner with NASA in this teacher workshop pro-           area, University of Central Florida and Southern
gram.                                                     University (Baton Rouge, LA) will work indepen-
     “The NASA Education Workshop (NEW) is the            dently to investigate cryogenic switch technology.
best-kept secret in education,” said JoAnn Arthur, a           In the life sciences area, Ohio State University
mathematics teacher at Richey High School in Richey,      will be teaming up with Dr. John Sager, autono-
Mont. “All teachers should fight for an opportunity       mous harvester for plants in space, and others to
to attend.” Arthur successfully competed with             look at technology for harvesting food on longer
hundreds of other educators for one of 25 spots in the    duration Space Shuttle missions.
NASA educational workshop at NASA Ames.                        “This is an excellent opportunity for NASA to
     “NASA is about inspiring the next generation of      leverage the current automation research in the
explorers,” said Donald James, chief of the NASA          university community that is applicable to our life
Ames Education Branch. “These educators are               support project goals,” said Dr. Sager. “This work
partners on the front lines.”                             will advance NASA’s objectives, will keep basic
     “I have seen various technologies not available in   work in this area active, and will increase our
Montana. I hope to be able to bring back content to       collaborative efforts with academia.” This project
be implemented in my classroom and awareness of           may also have technology transfer potential for
what scientists do at NASA,” said Frank Hallett, a        production agriculture such as citrus producers
physics and chemistry teacher at Fergus High School       interested in automating some of their harvesting
in Lewistown, Mont.                                       activity.
     “The NASA education workshop program is a                 In the student programs, three grants were
unique combination of scientific and technological        awarded. The first brings interns to KSC from
information and hands-on experience,” said NASA           Penn State’s Minority Engineering Program. The
Ames educational specialist Tom Clausen, who              second recruits engineering students from Florida
organized the workshop at Ames.                           International University.
     During the two weeks, the teachers learned about          “Both of these programs will bring a diverse
cutting-edge NASA projects, visited NASA facilities,      group of engineering students to KSC to get a
attended seminars by NASA researchers, engineers          taste of engineering in the nation’s space pro-
and technicians, and studied topics ranging from          gram,” said Gregg Buckingham, KSC’s university
aeronautics to interplanetary exploration. Compo-         programs lead. “It will also give us a chance to
nents of the workshop are devoted to professional         get to know some talented students who may
collaboration, in which teachers share ideas and          become future employees.”
strategies for translating their experiences into              The third program is a grant to Alabama
valuable classroom activities and materials.              A&M University to work with their statistics
     The Ames program included educators from 14          department in drafting interns and supporting
states including Arizona, California, Colorado,           curriculum changes at their institution.
Kansas, Hawaii, Missouri, Montana, Oklahoma,                   Each of the grants is approximately $100,000
Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Washington, and        and lasts for one year. KSC received twelve other
Wyoming.                                                  grant proposals, which will be held pending any
     For additional information about the teacher         future funding availability.
program, please contact Clausen by telephone: 650/             Visit http://www-pao.ksc.nasa.gov/kscpao/
604-5544, or by e-mail: tclausen@mail.arc.nasa.gov        educate/edu.htm for information about KSC’s
     Images of the teachers, as well as individual        Education Programs and University Research
news releases with quotes from each teacher, are          Division.
available at:

                                                                   ASGSB NEWSLETTER 18 (3)     Fall 2002      13

        NIAC Releases Call for Proposals                       NASA Education Programs Brochures
     The release of the National Aeronautics and Space
Administration Institute for Advanced Concepts                   The NASA brochure, “NASA Education Pro-
(NIAC) Phase I Call for Proposals, CP 02-02, is a           grams,” is now available on NASA Spacelink. The 12-
continuation of the process to identify and nurture         page publication contains descriptions and contact
revolutionary advanced concepts that may have a             information for the following NASA education pro-
significant impact on the future of aeronautics and         grams: NASA Summer High School Apprenticeship
space. I invite you to respond with innovative and          Program (SHARP and SHARP PLUS), Undergraduate
technically credible advanced concepts that will initiate   Student Research Program (USRP), Graduate Student
a paradigm shift and redefine the possible in aeronau-      Researchers Program (GSRP), NASA Resident Re-
tics and space. Check the NIAC website                      search Associateship Program (RRAP), NASA Faculty
http://www.niac.usra.edu/ periodically to receive any       Fellowship Program (NFFP), The National Space
updates or additional guidance regarding CP 02-02.          Grant College and Fellowship Program (Space Grant),
The complete text of this CP, along with other poten-       and NASA Experimental Program to Stimulate
tially relevant information, are also on the NIAC           Competitive Research (EPSCoR). The brochure is
website. Proposal due date is February 17, 2003.            located at the following Internet address:
     The NIAC is particularly interested in receiving            http://spacelink.nasa.gov/products/
proposals for innovative and visionary concepts from             NASA.Education.Programs.Brochure/
disciplines that are normally focused on non-aerospace           An updated version of the “Summer High School
endeavors and may have the potential for innovative         Apprenticeship Research Program (SHARP)” brochure
application in the aerospace sector. These concepts         is available on NASA Spacelink. SHARP offers a select
may be emerging at the interface of traditional disci-      group of approximately 200 high school students the
plines where innovation often springs forth in non-         opportunity to participate in an apprenticeship
aerospace fields.                                           program. It is designed to increase underrepresented
     The Universities Space Research Association            students’ participation in the fields of science, math-
(USRA) has established the NASA Institute for Ad-           ematics, technology, engineering, and geography.
vanced Concepts (NIAC) under contract from NASA             Download the brochure for information about contacts
Headquarters through the Goddard Space Flight               at participating NASA locations:
Center. The NIAC has been formed for the explicit                http://spacelink.nasa.gov/products/
purpose of being an independent source of revolution-            SHARP.Brochure/
ary aeronautical and space concepts that could dra-
matically impact how NASA develops and conducts its         Related NASA resources—NASA Education
mission.                                                    Homepage:
Robert A. Cassanova, Ph.D.
Director, NIAC

                             NSIP Resource Guides for 2002-2003 Available

       The 2002-03 resource guides for the NASA Student Involvement Program (NSIP) are available at
       The NASA Student Involvement Program (NSIP) is a national program of investigations and design chal-
   lenges for grades K-12. Students may participate as individuals, teams, or whole classes, depending on the
   competition. The titles for 2002-03 are:
       Aerospace Technology Engineering Challenge (5-8)
       Design a Mission to Mars (5-12)
       Space Flight Opportunities (9-12)
       My Planet, Earth (K-4)
       Science and Technology Journalism (K-12)
       Watching Earth Change (5-12)
       Entry deadlines are January 15, 2003, for Space Flight Opportunities, and January 31, 2003, for all other
       The NSIP 2002-03 guides may be accessed also at this Spacelink (NASA’s Education Division resource)
   website: http://spacelink.nasa.gov/Educational.Services/NASA.Education.Programs/Student.Support/

   14       ASGSB NEWSLETTER 18 (3)   Fall 2002
                                           ASGSB in the News

Corporate Member News                                        People in the News

          SHOT Tapped for Homeland                                Emily Holton (NASA Ames) was awarded the
                                                             Ames Research Center’s H. Julian Allen Award, which
               Defense Effort
                                                             recognizes the published scientific or engineering
                                                             paper of outstanding technical merit and signifi-
GREENVILLE, Ind. (August 19, 2002)—For the past 14
                                                             cance. The paper must have had significant impact
years, SHOT has focused on providing equipment and
                                                             on the field. She received the award in recognition of
services to NASA. Now the company can add the
                                                             her 1979 paper, “Space flight and bone turnover
United States Department of Defense to its client list
                                                             correlation with a new rat model of weightlessness,”
with its selection for a contract to develop a design for
                                                             published in the journal BioScience. Since publication
a device that may be employed in homeland defense
                                                             of Dr. Holton’s paper, the number of researchers
efforts. The Phase One Small Business Innovation
                                                             using the model or reviewing data from the model
Research (SBIR) contract will be administered by the
                                                             has grown almost exponentially. In the first 6 years
U.S. Crane Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center
                                                             following publication, only about 50 papers ap-
(NSWC Crane), in Crane, Ind.
                                                             peared; while in the last 6 years, over 400 papers
     “Naturally, the hardware we develop for NASA
                                                             have been published that use or discuss this model
must be small, lightweight, rugged and very efficient,”
                                                             for simulating weightlessness.
said SHOT President and CEO Mark S. Deuser.
“Taking on an equipment development project for the
                                                                  The Space Medicine Branch of the Aerospace
Defense Department is actually a small step for our
                                                             Medical Association awarded in May 2002 the
engineers and scientists to take. And at this time,
                                                             Hubertus Strughold Award to Earl H. Wood (Mayo
when effective homeland defense is so vital, it’s a step
                                                             Clinic). The award is the Branch’s highest award and
which we as a company are eager, and in fact honored,
                                                             is presented to a member for dedication and out-
to take.”
                                                             standing contributions in advancing the frontiers of
     The proposed Modular Environmental Situational
                                                             Space Medicine. Dr. Wood’s accomplishments span 7
Awareness Technology (MESAT) device is a small
                                                             decades. His doctoral thesis, “The distribution of
portable monitoring station which will autonomously
                                                             water and electrolytes between cardiac muscle and
acquire environmental, meteorological, geographic,
                                                             blood serum with special reference to the effects of
and seismic data, and provide this data to authorities
                                                             digitalis,” was the first work to demonstrate the
in real-time. It may be useful in a number of fields in
                                                             intracellular Na, K, and water interchanges related to
both government and commercial applications.
                                                             the effects of digitalis.
     From a military perspective, the device could be
used to provide information on the environmental and
meteorological conditions which may affect the
propagation or lethality of a released biological or
chemical agent. It could be used at sites such as ships;
military bases; government buildings; nuclear, chemi-             Along with the detailed technical feasibility
cal, or biological research, storage, and production         study SHOT will perform under this Phase One
facilities; battlefields; power plants; centers of popula-   agreement, the company also plans to submit a
tion; and anywhere else deemed to be particularly            proposal for a Phase Two SBIR contract under which
susceptible to a bioterrorism attack.                        it would construct a MESAT prototype.
     Additional uses for MESAT could include the                  “We’re excited about this project not only because
detection of meteorological conditions that may be           of the interesting technical challenges involved, but
detrimental to air traffic at spot locations, such as the    also because it represents a new customer for us, and
end of runways on both civilian and military land-           perhaps ultimately a new product line,” said SHOT
based airports. This could be especially useful to assist    engineer Mark Ainsworth, who will serve as the
the military during site selection for, and after the        principal investigator for the MESAT contract.
establishment of, mobile airports in forward areas                Founded in Indiana in 1988, SHOT specializes in
during a time of conflict.                                   developing space flight hardware, scientific research
     The MESAT could also be used as a part of the           devices, biochemical purification equipment, diag-
response to accidents at, rather than attacks against,       nostic/testing devices, embedded systems and
nuclear, chemical, and biological facilities. The            instrumentation. Equipment produced by the
portability of the device also makes it useful for           company has launched on seven space shuttle
supporting responses to truck and railroad accidents         missions and three sub-orbital rocket flights.
that may occur during the transportation of hazardous             For further information, see the SHOT website at
materials.                                                   http://www.SHOT.com
                                                                         ASGSB NEWSLETTER 18 (3)    Fall 2002     15
                               2002 ASGSB Membership Directory

       The following directory of the American Society for Gravitational and Space Biology
contains a listing of members as of July 1, 2002.
       Telephone numbers and e-mail addresses are included as provided by the members.
Please notify the Executive Director (e-mail: asgsb@usra.edu) if there are any corrections to
your listing. You may also make corrections via the online ASGSB Membership Database at

Saare Abera                             Dr. Sara B. Arnaud                        Mr. Tom Bardal
Pharmacology Department                 Life Sciences Division                    NTNU, Norway
Morehouse School of Medicine            NASA Ames Research Center                 Institutt for fysikk
720 Westview Drive                      Life Sciences Division                    Trondheimb 7491
Atlanta GA 30310                        SLR 239-1                                 Norway
404-756-5228                            Moffett Field CA 94035-1000               4773593641
abukha@msm.edu                          650-604-6561                              tom.bardal@phys.ntnu.no
Imad Abukhalaf                                                                    Dr. Amir Bar-Ilan
Morehouse School of Medicine            Karin Arnold                              14 Tamar St.
720 Westview Drive                      Honeywell Canada Inc.                     Neveh Monosson
Atlanta GA 30310                        3333 Unity Drive                          60190 Israel
404-756-5228                            Missiscuria                               972-8-9409679
                                        Ontario L5L 3S6
Prof. Jeffrey R. Alberts                905-608-6000                              Dr. Charlie Barnes
STAR Enterprises, Inc.                  Karin-arnold@honeywell.com                NASA Headquarters
P Box 1748
 .O.                                                                              Code UL
Bloomington IN 47402-1748               Bhrani Ashokan                            300 E Street, SW
812-855-3309                            NJ-NSCORT                                 Washington DC 20546
alberts@indiana.edu                     1200 Florence-Columbus Road               202-358-2365
                                        Bordentown NJ 8505                        cbarnes@hq.nasa.gov
Prof. Nina Stromgren Allen              609-499-3600 x221
Department of Botany, Box 7612          riben@aesop.rutgers.edu                   Dr. Joyce E. Barrett
North Carolina State University                                                   Space Life Sciences
Raleigh NC 27695-7612                   Hernan Aviles                             NASA Ames Research Center
919-515-8382                            Department of Microbiology,               MS 236-5
nina_allen@ncsu.edu                     Biochemistry and Immunology               Moffett Field CA 94035-1000
                                        Morehouse School of Medicine              650-604-3816
Marikis Alvarez                         720 Westview Drive, SW                    jbarrett@mail.arc.nasa.gov
Tuskegee University                     Atlanta GA 30310-1495
112 Campbell Hall                       404-752-1549                              Mr. Nick Basso
Tuskegee AL 36088                       sonneng@msm.edu                           University of Toronto
334-727-8333                                                                      124 Edward Street
                                        Ms. Dianne Babski                         Toronto Ontario M5G 1G6
Mr. Aldwin Anterola                     Spaceline                                 Canada
Institute of Biological Chemistry       7514 Wisconsin Avenue                     416-979-4921
Washington State University             Bethesda MD 20814                         nick.basso@utoronto.ca
Pullman WA 99164-6340                   dbabski@usuhs.mil
509-335-4643                                                                      Mr. Ted Bateman
anterola@mail.wsu.edu                   Dr. James F. Baker                        CB 429
                                        Physiology Department                     Colorado University
Mr. Douglas Armstrong                   Northwestern University Medical School    Bioserve CB 429
Department of Biochemistry              Ward 5-017, M211                          Boulder CO 80309
  and Cell Biology                      303 E. Chicago Avenue                     303-492-8015
Rice University                         Chicago IL 60611                          ted.bateman@colorado.edu
6100 Main Street                        312-503-1322
Houston TX 77005                        j-baker@nwu.edu                           Alain Bautz
713-368-2715                                                                      Biologie Expesimentale Immulogie
da@rice.edu                             Dr. Kenneth M. Baldwin                    UHP Nancy France
                                        Department of Physiology and Biophysics   Boulevard des Aiguipettes B.P. 239
                                        University of California at Irvine        Vandoeurve-Les-Nancy 56506
                                        Irvine CA 92717                           France
                                        949-856-7192                              383912569
                                        kmbaldwi@uci.edu                          abautz@scbiol.u-nancy.fr

16       ASGSB NEWSLETTER 18 (3)    Fall 2002
                             2002 ASGSB Membership Directory
Anne Bautz                          Mr. Carlton Bellows                    Dr. Jeffrey S. Borer
Biologie Expesimentale Immulogie    Faculty of Dentistry                   The New York Hospital
UHP Nancy France                    University of Toronto                  Cornell Medical Center
Boulevard des Aiguipettes B.P 239   124 Edward Street                      525 East 68th Street New York NY
Vandoeurve-Les-Nancy 56506          Toronto Ontario M5G 1G6                10028
France                              Canada                                 212-746-4646
383912569                           416-979-4921
abautz@scbiol.u-nancy.fr            c.bellows@utoronto.ca                  Reinhard Born
Silvia Bayon                        Michael Benoit                         Friedrichshafen 88090
Saint Louis University              University of Colorado                 Germany
4166 Lindell Blvd Apt 2A            Bioserve                               49-7545-85696
Saint Louis MO 63108                Campus Box 429                         reinhard.born@astrium-space.com
341-534-1893                        Boulder CO 80309
bayons@slu.edu                      303-492-2968                           Ms. Sybille Boser
                                    benoitm@ucsub.colorado.edu             Gravitational Physiology
Dennis Bazylinksi                                                          University of URM
Department of Microbiology          Isaac Berzin                           Albert Einestein Allee M
Iowa State University               MIT                                    Ulm 89081
207 Science I                       62 B Beaconwood Road                   Germany
Ames IA 50011                       Newton MA 02461                        49-731-5024565
515-294-2561                        617-868-8086                           sybille.boser@biologie.uni-ulm.de
dbazylin@iastate.edu                iberzin@mit.edu
                                                                           Prof. Wendy F. Boss
Roger Beachy                        Sharmila Bhattacharya                  Botany Department
Danforth Plant Science Center       NASA Ames Research Center              North Carolina State University
7425 Forsyth, Suite 385             140 Cambrian View Way                  Box 7612
St. Louis MO 63105                  Los Gatos CA 95032                     Raleigh NC 27695
314-935-5755                        650-604-1531                           919-515-3496
rnbeachy@danforthcenter.org         sbhattacharya@mail.arc.nasa.gov        wendy_boss@ncsu.edu

Mr. Anthony Beas                    Dr. Gail Bingham                       A.J. Both
University of Arizona               Space Dynamics Laboratory/USU          NJ-NSCORT
P Box 210088                        1695 North Research Park Way           1200 Florence-Columbus Road
Tucson AZ 85721-0088                North Logan UT 84341                   Bordentown NJ 08505
520-621-4667                        435-797-4320                           609-499-3600 x221
acbease@u.arizona.edu               gail.bingham@sdl.usu.edu               riben@aesop.rutgers.edu

Dr. Kathleen Beckingham             Dr. Elison B. Blancaflor               Adelia Bovell-Benjamin
Institute of Biosciences            Plant Biology Division                 Tuskegee University
  and Bioengineering                Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation        112 Campbell Hall
Rice University                      .O.
                                    P Box 2180                             Tuskegee AL 36088
MS 144                              Ardmore OK 73402                       334-727-8333
6100 S. Main Street                 580-221-7364
Houston TX 77005                    eblancaflor@noble.org                  Mr. Robert N. Bowman
713-348-4016                                                               NASA Ames Research Center
kate@bioc.rice.edu                  Dr. John Blasiak                       1471 Amber Court
                                    Biology Department                     Gilroy CA 95020
Dr. Donald R. Beem                  University of Massachusetts            650-604-1566
AIBS                                221 Morrill Science Center             rnbowman@mail.arc.nasa.gov
6500 Ridenour Way East, #2-D        Amherst MA 01003
Eldersburg MD 21784                 413-577-1816                           Dr. Janet Braam
410-552-4764                        blasiak@bio.umass.edu                  Department of Biochemistry
dbeem@aibs.org                                                               and Cell Biology
                                    Dr. Diana Blazis                       Rice University
Tesfaye Belay                       CASSLS                                  .O.
                                                                           P Box 1892
Department of Microbiology,         Marine Biological Laboratory           Houston TX 77251-1892
Biochemistry and Immunology         7 MBL Street                           713-285-5287
Morehouse School of Medicine        Woods Hole MA 02543                    braam@bioc.rice.edu
720 Westview Drive, SW              508-289-7535
Atlanta GA 30310-1495               dblazis@mbl.edu

                                                                      ASGSB NEWSLETTER 18 (3)   Fall 2002      17
                               2002 ASGSB Membership Directory
Dr. Markus Braun                         Dr. Bruce Bugbee
Botanisches Institut, Zellbiologie       PSB Department                        Mr. David K. Chapman
  der Pflanzen                           Utah State University                 Dynamac Corporation
Universitaet Bonn                        Logan UT 84321                        Mail Code DYN-3
Venusbergweg 22                          435-797-2765                          Kennedy Space Center FL 32899
Bonn D-53115                             bugbee@cc.usu.edu                     321-476-4328
Germany                                                                        david.chapman-1@ksc.nasa.gov
49-228-73-2686                           Dr. Raymond J. Bula
mbraun@uni-bonn.de                       AgSpace Technologies, LLC             Vimal Chheda
                                         7872 Deer Run Road                    Texas A&M University
Dr. Enno Brinckmann                      Cross Plains WI 53528                 6516 MD Anderson Blvd
MSM-GF                                   608-798-3772                          Houston TX 77030
ESA-ESTEC                                bula@execpc.com                       713-500-4186
Postbus 299 Noordwijk                                                          djvims@tamu.edu
NL-2200AG                                Hubert W. Burden
Netherlands                              Anatomy and Cell Biology              Inho Choi
31-715655014                             East Carolina University              234 Maeji-Ri
Enno.Brinckmann@esa.int                  Brody Building                        Henungup-Myon
                                         Greenville NC 27858                   Wonju, Kangwon-Do 222-710
Elaine Bromfield                         919-816-2854                          Republic of Korea
Tuskegee University                      burdenh@mail.ecu.edu                  -934
112 Campbell Hall                                                              ichoi@dragon.yonsei.ac.kr
Tuskegee AL 36088                        Matthew Calhoun
334-727-8333                             University of Alaska                  Dr. Vimlarni Chopra
                                         7000 Fairweather Drive                Department of Gynecologic Oncology
Johniece Brooks                          Anchorage AK 99518                    University of Texas Medical Branch at
1836 Metzerott Road                      907-830-1571                          Galveston
Apt. 2026                                calhoun_matthew@hotmail.com           317 CSB, Route 0587
Adelphi MD 20783                                                               Galveston TX 77555-0587
301-434-1143                             Dr. Tom Cannon                        409-747-0366
johniece@msn.com                         Walter Reed                           vchopra@utmb.edu
                                         12321 Middlebrook Road, Suite 150
Dr. Christopher S. Brown                 Germantown MD 20874                   Dr. Susanne E. Churchill
NSCORT/Dynamac                           301-916-1007                          Office of Research
North Carolina State University          tcannon@spacebio.com                  Harvard Medical School
Box 7612                                                                       Gordon Hall, Room 412
Raleigh NC 27695                         Daniel Cappiello                      25 Shattuck Street
919-544-6428 ext 15                      NASA Ames Research Center             Boston MA 02115
cbrown@unity.ncsu.edu                     .O.
                                         P Box 257                             617-432-1594
                                         Moffett Field CA 94035                susanne_churchill@hms.harvard.edu
Ian Brown                                jcappiello@mail.arc.nasa.gov
Lynntech, Inc.                                                                 David Chynoweth
7610 Eastmark Drive                      John Carver                           Department of Agricultural and
College Station TX 77840                 The Bionetics Corporation             Biological Engineering
979-693-0017                             Mail Code:BIO-3, Hangar L,            Unviersity of Florida
ian.brown@lynntech.com                   Bldg.1732                              .O.
                                                                               P Box 110570
                                         Cape Canaveral Air Station FL 32899   Gainesville FL 32611-0520
Dr. Jay Buckey                           407-853-7828                          352-392-1864x291
Department of Medicine                   John.Carver-1@ksc.nasa.gov            chyn@agen.ufl.edu
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
One Medical Center                       Robert A. Cassanova                   Dr. Kathryn I. Clark
Lebanon NH 03756                         NASA Institute for Advanced Con-      Human Space Flight
603-650-6570                             cepts                                 NASA Headquarters
jay.buckey@dartmouth.edu                 555-A 14th Street NW                  Code M-4
                                         Atlanta GA 30318                      300 E Street, SW
Dr. Bernd U. Budelmann                   404-347-9633                          Washington DC 20546
Marine Biomedical Institute              bcass@naic.usra.edu                   202-358-2208
University of Texas Medical Branch                                             kclark@hq.nasa.gov
301 University Boulevard                 Dr. Stephen K. Chapes
Galveston TX 77555-1059                  Division of Biology                   Dr. Robert E. Cleland
409-772-3661                             Kansas State University               Botany Department, Box 355325
bubudelm@utmb.edu                        19 Ackert Hall                        University of Washington
                                         Manhattan KS 66506-4901               Seattle WA 98195-5325
                                         785-532-6795                          206-543-6105
                                         skcbiol@ksu.edu                       cleland@u.washington.edu
18       ASGSB NEWSLETTER 18 (3)     Fall 2002
                              2002 ASGSB Membership Directory

Dr. Augusto Cogoli                     Dr. Gary W. Conrad                      Mr. Roger Croll
Space Biology Group                    Division of Biology                     Department of Physiology and
ETH Technopark                         Kansas State University                 Biophys.
Technoparkstrasse 1                    Ackert Hall                             Dalhousie University
Zurich CH-8005                         Manhattan KS 66506-4901                 Halifax
Switzerland                            785-532-6662                            Nova Scotia B3H 4H7
411-445-1270                           gwconrad@ksu.edu                        Canada
cogoli@spacebiol.ethz.ch                                                       902-494-6417
                                       Dr. Jean Cornier                        roger.croll@dal.ca
Dr. Marianne Cogoli-Greuter            Life Science Depar tment
Space Biology Group                    Intospace GmbH                          Dr. Judith Croxdale
ETH Technopark                         Sophienstr 6                            Department of Botany
Technoparkstr. 1                       D-30159 Hannover                        University of Wisconsin
Zurich CH-8005                         Germany                                 430 Lincoln Drive
Switzerland                            49-511-30-10-924                        Madison WI 53706
41-1-445-1270                          cornier@intospace.de                    608-262-2743 or 262-9799
marianne.cogoli@spacebiol.ethz.ch                                              croxdale@facstaff.wisc.edu
                                       Dr. Melanie J. Correll
Jacob Cohen                            Department of Botany                    Mr. Luis Cubano
400 East Remington Drive, #B212        Miami University                        Tulane University
Sunnyvale CA 94087                     Pearson Hall                            204 S. Saratoga Street, #612
408-736-8323                           Oxford OH 45056                         New Orleans LA 70112
jcohen@stcnet.com                      513-529-4207                            504-988-6630
                                       correlmj@casmail.muohio.edu             lcubano@tulane.edu
Ms. Kathleen S. Cole
Department of Biology                  Dr. Gary Coulter                        Ms. Patricia Currier
University of Louisiana at Lafayette   Department of Microbiology              The Bionetics Corporation
P Box 42451                            Colorado State University               BIO-3
Lafayette LA 70504-2451                1840 Trappers Glen Court                Kennedy Space Center FL 32899
337-482-6631                           Colorado Springs CO 80919               407-853-2360
ksc2208@louisiana.edu                  719-266-4993                            Patricia.Currier-1@ksc.nasa.gov
Eric Collins                                                                   Ms. Bonnie Dalton
Institute of Biological Chemistry      Mr. Thomas M. Crabb                     NASA Ames Research Center
Washington State University            Orbital Technologies Corporation        M/S 240-10
100 Dairy Road                         1212 Fourier Drive                      Moffett Field CA 94035
WSU/IBS/Clark Hall Room 299 /          Madison WI 53717                        650-604-6188
MS 6340                                608-827-5000                            bdalton@mail.arc.nasa.gov
Pullman WA 99164-1120
509-335-0586                           Dr. Bruce John Crawford                 Punita Dattani
                                       Department of Anatomy                   IAM & ISRO
Guillermo Colon                        University of British Columbia          5-1 Avanti Building, Anuvbat Marg
Chemical Engineering                   2177 Westbrook Mall                     89, Marine Drive
University of Puerto Rico              Vancouver BC V6T 1Z3                    Mumbai Maharshtra 400 002
P Box 9046                             Canada                                  India
Mayaguez PR 00681-9046                 604-822-6568                            91-22-2816399
787-832-4040                           crawford@interchange.ubc.ca             punitadattani@rediffmail.com
                                       Bernard Creswick                        Kathy Daues
Reinaldo Colon                         Miriam Hospital                         Advanced Life Support
Chemical Engineering                   Brown University                        NASA Johnson Space Center
University of Puerto Rico              164 Summit Avenue                       2101 NASA Road 1
P Box 9046                             Providence RI 02906                     Houston TX 77058
Mayaguez PR 00681-9046                 401-793-4627                            281-483-1370
787-832-4040                           crbernie@yahoo.com                      katherine.r.daues1@jsc.nasa.gov
                                       Dr. Mark L. Crispi                      Dr. H. J. Daunicht
Mr. Tod Companion                      3 Nostrand Avenue                       Institute of Horticultural Sciences
NASA Life Sciences                     Staten Island NY 10314                  Humboldt University Berlin
1909 Lewis Avenue                      718-982-8737                            Koenigin-Luise-Str. 22 D-14195
Rockville MD 20851                     dr.plant@prodigy.net                    Berlin
202-358-1672                                                                   Germany
tcompanion@hq.nasa.gov                                                         49-30-314-71261
                                                                          ASGSB NEWSLETTER 18 (3)    Fall 2002       19
                               2002 ASGSB Membership Directory

Dr. Eric Davies                         David DeVilliers                 Dr. Dominique Driss-Ecole
Department of Botany                    Cornell University               Lab CEMV
North Carolina State University         20 Plant Science                 University of Paris 6
2214 Gardner Hall, Box 7612             Ithaca NY 14853                  4 Place Jussieu
Raleigh NC 27695                        607-255-3177                     Paris Cedex 05 75252
919-515-2727                            dsd5@cornell.edu                 France
eric_davies@ncsu.edu                                                     33-1-4427-4899
                                        Mr. Michael W. Dickinson         Dominique.Driss@snv.jussieu.fr
Philip Davies                           Tapeta Farm
Lockheed Martin                         100 Piney Creek Lane             Alan Drysdale
NASA Ames Research Center               North East MD 21901              Boeing
MS 240 A-3                              410-287-4567                      .O.
                                                                         P Box 21233, MC 7218-L420
Moffett Field CA 94035-1000             mwd@dol.net                      Kennedy Space Center FL 32815-
415-604-3608                                                             0233
                                        Dr. Thomas J. Dietz              321-383-2857
Dr. Laurence Davin                      26 Egret Way                     alan.e.drysdale@boeing.com
Institute of Biological Chemistry       Mill Valley CA 94941
Washington State University             415-274-6853                     Sandy Dueck
P Box 646340                            tdietz@pacgrow.com               Lockheed Martin
467 Clark Hall                                                           NASA Ames Research Center
Pullman WA 99164-6340                   Tanya Do                         MS T20-G
509-355-3445                            721 Tanner Hall                  Moffett Field CA 94035
davin@wsu.edu                           Macomb IL 61455                  650-604-1946
                                        309-298-3497                     sdueck@mail.arc.nasa.gov
Mr. Javier de Luis                      mailtanya99@yahoo.com
Payload Systems Inc.                                                     Dr. Pauline Jackie Duke
247 Third Street                        Frances Donovan                  Dept. of Orthodontics and Dentofacial
Cambridge MA 02139                      Lockheed Martin                  Orthopedics
617-686-8086                             .O.
                                        P Box 168 M/S T20G-2             University of Texas Health Science
deluis@payload.com                      Moffett Field CA 94035           Center
                                        650-604-5639                     UT Dental Branch
Dr. Adarsh Deepak                       edonovan@mail.arc.nasa.gov        .O.
                                                                         P Box 20068
Science and Technology Corp.                                             Houston TX 77225
10 Basil Sawyer Drive                   Dr. Stephen B. Doty              713-500-4186
Hampton VA 23666-1340                   Hospital for Special Surgery     jduke@mail.db.uth.tmc.edu
                                        535 E. 70th Street, Room 424
Mr. Rolf DeGroot                        New York NY 10021                Ms. Paula Dumars
SRON                                    212-606-1417                     Lockheed Martine Engineering
Sorbonnelaan 2                          DotyS@hss.edu                      and Science
Utrecht                                                                  NASA Ames Research Center
3584 CA                                 Ms. Tamara Doukas                MS 236-5
The Netherlands                         NASA Ames Research Center        Moffett Field CA 94035
-2532526                                T20G-2                           650-604-3139
r.p.de.groot@sron.nl                    Moffett Field CA 94035           pdumars@mail.arc.nasa.gov
Dr. Mark Edward DeSantis                tdoukas@mail.arc.nasa.gov        Dr. Randall L. Duncan
Department of Biological Sciences                                        Department of Orthopedic Surgery
  and WWAMI Program                     John F. Doyle                    Indiana University School of Medicine
University of Idaho                     SHOT, Inc.                       Clinical Building Suite 600
P Box 443051                            7200 Highway 150                 541 Clinical Drive
Moscow ID 83844-3051                    Greenville IN 47124-9515         Indianapolis IN 46202
208-885-7468                            812-923-9591                     317-278-3482
starfish@uidaho.edu                     jdoyle@shot.com                  rduncan@iupui.edu

Mr. Mark S. Deuser                      Dr. Thomas W. Dreschel           Mr. F. Ronald Dutcher
SHOT, Inc.                              Department of Horticulture       Spaceline
7200 Hwy 150                            University of Florida            USUHS
Greenville IN 47124                     Mail Code: YA-E4                 7514 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 500
812-923-9591                            Kennedy Space Center FL 32899    Bethesda MD 20814
mdeuser@shot.com                        321-867-2926                     301-295-2708
                                        thomas.dreschel-1@ksc.nasa.gov   fdutcher@usuhs.mil

20       ASGSB NEWSLETTER 18 (3)    Fall 2002
                              2002 ASGSB Membership Directory

Dr. Kamla Dutt                        Dr. Glenda Evans                      Kimberly Fountain
Morehouse School of Medicine          Orthopedic Research                   Department of Microbiology,
720 Westview Drive                    Mayo Clinic                           Biochemistry and Immunology
Atlanta GA 30310                      200 First Street SW                   Morehouse School of Medicine
404-752-1769                          Rochester MN 55905                    720 Westview Drive, SW
                                      507-284-1981                          Atlanta GA 30310-1495
Dr. Danita Eatman                     evans.glenda@mayo.edu                 404-752-1549
Department of Pharmacology/                                                 sonneng@msm.edu
Toxicology                            Dr. Michael L. Evans
Morehouse School of Medicine          Department of Plant Biology           Philip Fowler
720 Westview Drive                    Ohio State University                 Dynamac Corporation
Atlanta GA 30310                      1735 Neil Avenue                      DYN-3
404-752-1702                          Columbus OH 43210                     Kennedy Space Center FL 32899
                                      614-292-9162                          321-976-927
Dr. Richard E. Edelmann               evans.20@osu.edu                      philip.fowler-1@ksc.nasa.gov
Electron Microscope Facility/Botany
Miami University                      Dr. Robert J. Ferl                    Mr. Jonathan Frantz
352 Pearson Hall                      Horticulture Science                  Utah State University
Oxford OH 45056                       University of Florida                 76 South 200 East
513-529-5712                          1137 Fifield Hall                     Smithfield UT 84335
edelmare@muohio.edu                   Gainesville FL 32611                  435-797-2605
                                      352-392-1928                          slvty@cc.usu.edu
Marceline Egnin                       robferl@ufl.edu
Tuskegee University                                                         Cheryl Frazier
112 Campbell Hall                     Dr. Martin J. Fettman                 Dynamac Corporation
Tuskegee AL 36088                     Office of the Dean                    Mail Code DYN-8
334-727-8333                          Colorado State University             Kennedy Space Center FL 32899
                                      College of Veterinary Medicine and    321-853-5296
Ms. Reza Ehsanian                     Biomedical Sciences                   frazicm@kscems.ksc.nasa.gov
San Jose State                        Fort Collins CO 80523-1671
1720 Coralee Drive                    970-491-7592                                        .
                                                                            Ms. Victoria P Friedensen
San Jose CA 95124                     martin.fettman@colostate.edu          NASA Headquarters
650-604-0077                                                                300 E Street, SW
rehsanian@mail.arc.nasa.gov           John Fisher                           Washington DC 20546
                                      NASA Ames Research Center
Jonathan Eisen                        Mail Stop 239-15                      Dr. Bernd Fritzsch
T.I.G.R.                              Moffett Field CA 94035-1000           Department of Biomedical Sciences
9712 Medical Center Drive             650-604-4440                          Creighton University
Rockville MD 20850                    jfisher@mail.arc.nasa.gov             Omaha NE 68178
301-838-0200                                                                402-280-2915
jeisen@tigr.org                       David Fleisher                        fritzsch@creighton.edu
Ms. Carol Elland                      1200 Florence-Columbus Road           Nobuyoshi Fujimoto
Lockheed Martin                       Bordentown NJ 08505                   NASDA
NASA Ames Research Center             609-499-3600x221                      Takegono 3-12-4-401
1023 Bluebird Avenue                  riben@aesop.rutgers.edu               Tsukuba 305-0032
Santa Clara CA 95051                                                        Japan
650-604-6817                          Mr. Mark Flynn                        298-52-2772
celland@mail.arc.nasa.gov             Lockheed Martin                       fujimoto.nobuyoshi@nasda.go.jp
                                      NASA Ames Research Center
Ms. Rene’ D. Elms                      .O.
                                      P Box 168 MS 240A-4                   Keiji Fukui
Department of Chemical Engineering    Moffett Field CA 94035                Japan Space Forum
Texas A&M University                  650-604-1335                          1-29-6 Hamamatsu-che
1500 Saddle Lane                      meflynn@mail.arc.nasa.gov             Mirato, Tokyo
College Lane TX 77845                                                       105 0013
979-696-0404                          Rebecca Forth                         Japan
davina96@hotmail.com                  European Space Agency                 81-3-3459-1653
                                      ESA MSM-GAL, Keplerlaan 1             kaifukui@jscorum.or.jp
Don Elrod                             Noordwijk
Lynntech, Inc.                        NL-2200AG
7610 Eastmark Drive                   The Netherlands
College Station TX 77840              31-71-565-5959
979-693-0017                          rebecca.forth@esa.int
                                                                       ASGSB NEWSLETTER 18 (3)      Fall 2002   21
                                  2002 ASGSB Membership Directory
                                                                                 P Box 9046
Dr. Charles A. Fuller                       Dr. Illona Gillette-Ferguson         Mayaguez PR 00681-9046
Section of Neurobiology,                    Department of Anatomy                787-832-4040x2592
Physiology & Behavior                       Case Western Reserve University      n_gordils@hotmail.com
University of California, Davis             10900 Euclid Avenue
One Shields Avenue                          Cleveland OH 44106-4930              Dr. Scott Gordon
Davis CA 95616-8519                         216-368-3214                         Human Performance Laboratory
530-752-2979                                ixg14@po.cwru.edu                    East Carolina University
cafuller@ucdavis.edu                                                             371 Ward Sports Medicine Building
                                            Dr. Simon Gilroy                     Greenville NC 27858-4353
Ms. Sophie Gaboyard                         Biology Department                   252-328-2879
Neurobiologie et Developpement              Pennsylvania State University        gordonsc@mail.ecu.edu
 du Systeme Vesibulaire                     108 Mueller Laboratory
Universite de Montpellier II - CO 089       University Park PA 16802             Dr. Katsumasa Goto
Place E. Bataillon 34095                    814-863-9626                         School of Medicine
Montpellier Cedex 5                         sxg12@psu.edu                        St. Marianna University
France                                                                           2-16-1 Sugao, Miyamae
                                            Ms. Bev Girten                       Kawasaki
Dr. William F. Ganong                       Lockheed Martin                      Kanagawa 216-8511
University of California, San Francisco     NASA Ames Research Center            Japan
School of Medicine                          MS 236-5                             +81-44-977-3915
San Francisco CA 94143                      Moffett Field CA 94035               goto@po.sphere.ne.jp
415-476-1869                                650-604-0579
wfganong@aol.com                            bgirten@mail.arc.nasa.gov            Linda Graham
                                                                                 Department of Botany
Ms. Helena Garces                           Aviv Gladman                         University of Wisconsin
Department of Plant Biology                 University of Toronto                430 Lincoln Drive
University of Lisbon                        70 Alexander Street                  Madison WI 53706
Ed - C2                                     Toronto Ontario M4V 3B6              608-262-2640
Piso 1, Campo Grande                        Canada                               lkgraham@facstaff.wisc.edu
Lisbon P-1749-016                           416-925-5375
Portugal                                    aviv.gladman@utoronto.ca             Ms. Lynn Gravatt
351-1-7573141 x1515                                                              University of Minnesota
                                            Dr. Gregory D. Goins                 916 9th Avenue SE
Ms. Alison Garcia                           Advanced Life Support                Minneapolis MN 55414
Walter Reed                                 Dynamac Corp.                        512-305-3701
Bldg 503 Rm 1E20 Forney Drive               Mail Code DYN-3                      grav0120@tc.umn.edu
Forest Glen Annex                           Kennedy Space Center FL 32899
Silver Spring MD 20910                      407-853-4158                         Chris Gregson
301-319-9297                                gregory.goins-1@ksc.nasa.gov         NJ-NSCORT
agarcia@spacebio.com                                                             1200 Florence-Columbus Road
                                            Dr. Catherine Golden                 Bordentown NJ 08505
Todd Gary                                   NASA Ames Research Center            609-499-3600 x221
Tennessee State University                  107 S Mary Avenue #88
330 10th Avenue North, Suite 265            Sunnyvale CA 94086                   Dr. Daila S. Gridley
Nashville TN 37203                          goldencl@yahoo.com                   Depts of Radiation, Medicine, and
615-963-7150                                                                       Microbiology & Molecular Genetics
                                            Ms. Heather Goldsmith                Loma Linda University SOM
Jennifer Gelinas                            Brown University                     Cancer Research Center,
University of Alberta                       Box 5785                             Room A-1010
9815 175 Avenue                             Providence RI 2912                   11175 Campus Street
Edmonton Alberta                            401-867-6818                         Loma Linda CA 92354
T5X-5V5 Canada                              Heather_Goldsmith@Brown.edu          909-558-8361
jgelinas@powersurfer.com                                                         dgridley@dominion.llumc.edu
                                            Anuncia Gonzalex-Martin
Tom Gianfagna                               Lynntech, Inc.                       Dr. Elizabeth A. Grimm
NJ-NSCORT                                   7610 Eastmark Drive                  Tumor Biology Department
1200 Florence-Columbus Road                 College Station TX 77840             U.T.M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Bordentown NJ 08505                         979-639-0017                         Box 79
609-499-3600 x221                                                                1515 Holcombe Boulevard
riben@aesop.rutgers.edu                     Nilda Gordils                        Houston TX 77030
                                            Department of Chemical Engineering   713-792-3667
                                            University of Puerto Rico            egrimm@notes.mdacc.tmc.edu

22       ASGSB NEWSLETTER 18 (3)        Fall 2002
                               2002 ASGSB Membership Directory

Dr. Richard Grindeland              Jason Hatton                          Mr. Steven Hing
Life Sciences Division              NCIRE                                 NASA Ames Research Center
Ames Research Center                VAMC, 4150 Clement Street             M/S 244-19
MS 239-11                           San Francisco CA 94121                Moffett Field CA 95014
Moffett Field CA 94035-1000         415-221-4810                          650-604-3171
415-604-5756                        hattonjason1@aol.com                  shing@mail.arc.nasa.gov
                                    Ms. Cynthia Havens                    Dr. Helmut G. Hinghofer-Szalkay
Mr. Doug Gruendel                   Lockheed Martin                       Physiologisches Institut
Bionetics Corp.                     NASA Ames Research Center             University of Graz
BIO-3                                .O.
                                    P Box 168                             Harrachgasse 21
Kennedy Space Center FL 32899       Moffett Field CA 94035-0168           A-8010 Graz
407-853-3165                        650-604-1609                          Austria
Douglas.Gruendel-1@ksc.nasa.gov     ehavens@mail.arc.nasa.gov             +43-676-300-9022
Ms. Ellen Grund                     Mr. Johan Heersche
UCSF                                Faculty of Dentistry                  Ms. Jackie Ho
VA Medical Center (116A)            University of Toronto                 University of Western Ontario
4150 Clement Street                 Toronto                               176 Commissioners Road E
San Francisco CA 94121              Ontario M5S 1G6                       London Ontario N6C 2T1
415-221-4810                        Canada                                Canada
grund@itsa.ucsf.edu                 416-979-4920                          jho7@julian.uwo.ca
Mr. Carl T. Guastaferro                                                   Dr. Alexander Hoehn
InDyne, Inc.                        Ingo Heilmann                         Bioserve Space Technologies
500 E Street, SW Suite 200          Brookhaven National Laboratory        University of Colorado
Washington DC 20024                 Bldg. 463, 50 Bell Avenue             Campus Box 429
202-479-9030                        Upton NY 11973                        Boulder CO 80309-0429
carl.guastaferro@hq.nasa.gov        631-344-5360                          303-492-5875
                                    heilmann@bnl.gov                      hoehn@spot.colorado.edu
Dr. Bernard P Halloran
Department of Medicine              Dr. Donald L. Henninger               Dr. Ronald B. Hoffman
VA Medical Center 111 N             Advanced Life Support                 Mitretek Systems
4150 Clement Street                 NASA Johnson Space Center EC          7525 Colshire Drive
San Francisco CA 94121              2101 NASA Road 1                      McLean VA 22102-7400
415-750-6928                        Houston TX 77058-3696                 703-610-2156
bhallor@ITSA.UCSF.EDU               713-483-5034                          rhoffman@mitretek.org
Dr. Thora W. Halstead                                                     John Hogan
1622 Woodmoor Lane                  Erika Hess                            NJ-NSCORT
McLean VA 22101-5159                210 7 E. Bowie                        1200 Florence-Columbus Road
703-356-1397                        Harlingen TX 78550                    Bordentown NJ 08505
thorah@juno.com                     echess456@hotmail.com                 609-499-3600 x221

Ms. Doris Hamill                    Ms. Bridgit Higginbotham              Dr. Emily Holton
SPACEHAB, Inc.                      Kennedy Space Center                  MS 239-11
1331 Gemini Avenue, Suite 300       UB-E                                  NASA Ames Research Center
Houston TX 77058                    Kennedy Space Center FL 32899         Moffett Field CA 94035-1000
281-853-1032                        321-867-6168                          650-604-5471
dhamill@spacehab.com                bridgit.higginbotham-1@ksc.nasa.gov   eholton@mail.arc.nasa.gov

Dr. Marcia Harrison                 Esther Hill                           Dr. Eberhard Horn
Department of Biological Sciences   Lockheed Martin                       Department of Neurobiology and
Marshall University                 PO Box 168-LMSO                       Gravitational Physiology
Huntington WV 25755                 Moffett Field CA 94035-0168           University of Ulm
304-696-4867                        650-604-0726                          Albert-Einstein-ALLEEI
harrison@marshall.edu               ehill@mail.arc.nasa.gov               D-89081 Ulm
Dr. Karl H. Hasenstein              Jill Hill                             49-731-502-4565
Department of Biology               Tuskegee University                   eberhard.horn@biologie.uni-ulm.de
University of Lousiana              112 Campbell Hall
P Box 42451                         Tuskegee AL 36088
Lafayette LA 70504-4241             334-727-8333
hasenstein@louisiana.edu                                             ASGSB NEWSLETTER 18 (3)   Fall 2002      23
                            2002 ASGSB Membership Directory

Kevin Howard                                     Hideo Ishikawa                         Ms. Christine Jayarajah
Science and Technology Corp.                     Ohio State University                  University of Toronto
2603 Skylark Drive                               1735 Neil Avenue                       Box 5, 70 St Mary Street
San Jose CA 95125                                Columbus OH 43210                      Toronto Ontario M5S 1J3
650-604-0507                                     614-292-0084                           Canada
khoward@stcnet.com                               ishikawa.1@osu.edu                     416-978-6568
Dr. Millie Hughes-Fulford                        Noriaki Ishioka
218 Reed Circle                                  NASDA Japan                            William M. (Mace) Jennings
Mill Valley CA 94941                             Tsukuba Space Center                   SHOT, Inc.
415-221-4810 x2749                               Sengen 2-1-1                           7200 Highway 150
Milliehf@aol.com                                 Tsukuba 305-8505                       Greenville IN 47124-9515
                                                 Japan                                  812-923-9591
Dr. Makoto Igarashi                              -3966                                  mjennings@shot.com
University Research Center                       ishioka.moriaki@nasda.go.jp
Nihon University                                                                        Tabmitha Jervey
8-24, Kudan Minami, 4-chrome                     Maria Ivanchenko                       Hampton University
Chiyoa-ku Tokyo 102-0074                         Department of Botany and Plant         321 Lalncing Way
Japan                                            Pathology                              Chesapeake VA 23323
81-3-5275-8266                                   Oregon State University                757-727-5267
igarm@cin.nihon-u.ac.jp                          Cordley 2082                           jerveyty@picuset.com
                                                 Corvallis OR 97331-2902
Madoka Ikemoto                                   541-737-5279                           Ms. Esther K. Johnson
University of Tokushima                          ivanchem@bcc.orst.edu                  Life Sciences Library
3-18-15 Kuramoto-cho                                                                    NASA Ames Research Center
Tokushima 770-8503                               Dr. Akemi Izumi-Kurotani               Mail Code 239-13
Japan                                            Space Utilization Research Center      Moffett Field CA 94035-1000
81-88-633-9247                                   Institute of Space and Astronautical   650-604-5387
ikemoto@nutr.med.tokushima-u.ac.jp               Sciences                               ejohnson@mail.arc.nasa.gov
                                                 3-1-1, Yoshingodai, Sagamihara
Dr. Donald Ingber                                Kanagawa 229-8510                      Dr. James N. Johnson, Jr.
Departments of Pathology and of Surgery          Japan                                  Department of Zoology
Childrens Hospital, Enders 1007                  81-427-59-8360                         University of Oklahoma
300 Longwood Avenue                              kuro@pub.isas.ac.jp                    Norman OK 73019
Boston MA 02115                                                                         405-325-4821
617-355-8031                                     Dr. Daniel Jackson                     jthompson@ou.edu
ingber@a1.tch.harvard.edu                        Department of Biology
                                                 Dalhousie University                   Dr. Barbara Johnson-Wint
Ms. Shunda Irons                                 Halifax                                Department of Biological Sciences
Department of Physiology                         Nova Scotia B3H 4S1                    Northern Illinois University
University of Missouri                           Canada                                 Dekalb IL 60115
P Box 7014                                       902-426-4353                           815-753-0777
Columbia MO 65205                                jacksondl@mar.dfo-mpo-gc.ca            barbara-johnson-wint@niu.edu
IronsS@missouri.edu                              Mr. Justin Jagger                      Scott Jones
                                                 Lockheed Martin                        Department PSB
Dr. Jacob S. Ishay                                 .O.
                                                 P Box 168                              Utah State University
Department of Physiology and Pharmacology        Moffett Field CA 94035-0168            UMC 4820
Tel-Aviv University, Ramat Avia                  650-604-6573                           Logan UT 84322-4520
Sackler School of Medicine                       jjagger@mail.arc.nasa.gov              435-797-2175
Tel-Aviv 69978                                                                          sjones@mendel.usu.edu
Israel                                           Patrick James
972-3-6409138                                    Eltron Reseach Inc.                    Dr. Timothy A. Jones
physio7@post.tau.ac.il                           4600 Nautilus Court South              Departments of Surgery &Physiology
                                                 Boulder CO 80301                       School of Medicine, UMC
Akihiko Ishihara                                 303-530-0263                           202 Alton Building, DC 375.00
Lab. Neurochem., Facul. Int. Human Studies       pjames@eltlron_research.com            Columbia MO 65212
Kyoto University                                                                        573-884-6183
Sakyo-ku, Kyoto                                  Harry Janes                            jonest@health.missouri.edu
606-8501                                         NJ-NSCORT
Japan                                            1200 Florence-Columbus Road
81-75-753-6881                                   Bordentown NJ 08505
ishihara@life.h.kyoto-u.ac.jp                    609-499-3600 x221

24      ASGSB NEWSLETTER 18 (3)      Fall 2002
                             2002 ASGSB Membership Directory

Deborah Josefson                      Dr. Peter B. Kaufman                  Tasneem Khaleel
Department of Pathology               Department of Biology                 Montana State University
Creighton University Medical Center   University of Michigan                1500 North 30th Street
VA Medical Center                     830 North University Street           Billings MT 59101
4101 Woolworth Avenue                 Ann Arbor MI 48109-1048               406-657-2017
Omaha NE 68105                        734-764-1464                          tkhaleel@msubillings.edu
402-346-800 ext 3387                  pbk@umich.edu
debdoc@aol.com                                                              Jinseong Kim
                                      Fumi Kawano                           Lynntech, Inc.
Jitendra Joshi                        Osaka University                      7610 Eastmark Drive
NASA Peer Review                      Toynaka City                          College Station TX 77840
NASA HQ                               Osaka 560-0043                        979-693-0017
500 E Street SW Suite 200             Japan                                 jennifer.brantley@lynntech.com
Washington DC 20024                   -12807
202-479-9030                          kawaco73@msb.nisig.net                Myoung Kim
jjoshi@hq.nasa.gov                                                          Institute of Biological Chemistry
                                      Toda Kazuo                            Washington State University
Dr. Elizabeth B. Juergensmeyer        Tokyo Medical and Dental University   Pullman WA 99164-6340
Department of Biology                 1-5-45, Yushima, Bunkyo-Ku            509-335-3435
Judson College                        Tokyo 113-8549                        kimmk@wsu.edu
1151 North State Street               Japan
Elgin IL 60123-1498                   81-3-5803-5445                        Neeta Kirpalani
708-695-2500                          k-toda.cnb@tmd.sc.jp                  Dept. of Biology
bjuergensmeyer@judson-il.edu                                                Wake Forest University
                                      Michael Keck                          Winston-Salem NC 27109
Dr. Margaret Juergensmeyer            Emporia State University
Division of Microbiology              1200 Commercial Street                Dr. John Z. Kiss
Montana State University              Emporia KS 66801                      Department of Botany
109 Lewis Hall                                                              Miami University
Bozeman MT 59717                      Lee Kerkhof                           Oxford OH 45056
406-994-3072                          Rutgers University                    513-529-5428
margiej@montana.edu                   71 Dudley Road                        kissjz@muohio.edu
                                      New Brunswick NJ 08901-8321
Ali Kakavand                          732-932-6555                          Dr. David Klaus
Lockheed Martin                       kerkhof@imes.rutgers.edu              Bioserve
P Box 168 M/S T20G-2                                                        University of Colorado
Moffett Field CA 94035                Dr. Volker D. Kern                    Campus Box 429
650-604-1881                          Lockheed Martin Space Operations      Boulder CO 80309
akakavand@mail.arc.nasa.gov           NASA Ames Research Center             303-492-3525
                                      P O. Box 168                          klaus@spot.colorado.edu
Dr. Nick Kanas                        Moffett Field CA 94035-0168
Human Interactions in Space           650-604-4232                          Dr. Brenda J. Klement
N/CIRE                                vkern@mail.arc.nasa.gov               Department of Anatomy
4150 Clement Street                                                         Morehouse School of Medicine
SFVAMC (116A)                         Dr. Laura Kerns                       720 Westview Drive, SW
San Francisco CA 94121-1545           Walter Reed                           Atlanta GA 30310-1495
415-750-2072                          3045 Porter Street NW                 404-752-1637
nick21@itsa.ucsf.edu                  Washington DC 20008                   klement@msm.edu
Masachiro Kanematsu                   lkerns@spacebio.com                   Dr. William M. Knott
NASDA Japan                                                                 Biological Sciences Branch
Tsukuba Space Center                  Mr. Mark Kerr                         Kennedy Space Center
277 Sengen Tsukuba                    University of New Mexico              Mail Code YA-D3
Ibaraki 305-8505                      705 16th Street NW                    Kennedy Space Center FL 32899
Japan                                 Albuquerque NM 87104                  321-867-6998
-3028                                 505-242-1678                          william.knott-1@ksc.nasa.gov
kanematsu.masahiro@nasda.go.jp        okiwi@msn.com
                                                                            Mr. Gustav Koerner
Katsuko Kataoka                       Prayrana Khadye                       Dynamac Corp, NASA - KSC
School of Medicine                    Clemson University                    Mail Code DYN-3
Hiroshima University                  110 Sumter Lane Apt A                 Kennedy Space Center FL 32899
Hiroshima 734-8551                    Central SC 29630                      407-853-7703
Japan                                 864-356-3335                          gus.koerner-1@ksc.nasa.gov
-5373                                 pkhadye@clemson.edu
kataoka@mcai.med.hiroshima-u.ac.jp                                     ASGSB NEWSLETTER 18 (3)    Fall 2002     25
                               2002 ASGSB Membership Directory

Mr. Yoshimitsu Kono                        Dr. Yasuhiro Kumei                     Dr. William J. Landis
CHIYODA Corporation                        Biochemistry Graduate School           Department of Biochemistry and
2-12-1, Tsurumichou, Tsurumi-ku            Tokyo Medical Dental University        Molecular Pathology
Yokohama 230-8601                          500-69 Shimo Hiro Oka, Tsukuba-City    Northeastern Ohio Universities
Japan                                      305-0042                               College of Medicine
81-45-506-3267                             Ibaraki 305-0042                       4209 State Route 44
ykono@ykh.chiyoda.co.jp                    Japan                                   .O.
                                                                                  P Box 95
                                           81-3-5803-5474                         Rootstown OH 44272
Susan Koreen                               kumei.bch@tmd.ac.jp                    330-325-6689
Monmouth University                                                               wjl@neoucom.edu
273 Cummings Avenue                        Dr. Oleg A. Kuznetsov
Long Branch NJ 07740                       Department of Biology                  Ms. Patricia Larenas
732-229-6125                               University of Louisiana at Lafayette   NASA Ames Research Center
susan.koreen@monmouth.edu                   .O.
                                           P Box 42451                            T20G-2
                                           Lafayette LA 70504-2451                Moffett Field CA 94035
Dr. Bethene E. Krauser                     318-482-5230                           650-604-6521
Krauser and Associates, Inc.               oleg@louisiana.edu                     plarenas@mail.arc.nasa.gov
P Box 950758
Lake Mary FL 32746                         Antonios Kyparos                       John Ledesmo
407-324-9590                               University of Houston / NASA JSC       325 Lometa Avenue #3
krauserassoc@aol.com                       359 Science and Research Bldg 2        Sunnyvale CA 94086
                                           Houston TX 77204-5001                  650-725-7758
Dr. Robert W. Krauss                       713-743-2660                           ledsmo@cmgm.stanford.edu
River Bend Farm                            akyparos@uh.edu
P Box 291                                                                         Ms. Bang Bonnie Lee
Denton MD 21629-0291                       Ron Lacey                              M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
410-479-3319                               Texas A&M University                   1515 Holcombe Boulevard
                                           201 Scoates                            Houston TX 77030
Dr. Karlheinz Kreuzberg                    College Station TX 77843               713-792-3394
Strategy and Plan Development              979-845-3967                           blee@mdanderson.org
European Space Agency                      ron-lacey@tamu.edu
8-10 rue Mario-Nikis                                                              Kalin Lee
Paris Cedex 15                             Dr. James Lackner                      Purdue University
F-75738                                    Graybiel Laboratory                    1025-0 Hawkins Grad House
France                                     Brandies University                    West Lafayette IN 47906
+33 1 5369 7403                            Boyce Farm Road                        765-495-7537
kkreuzbe@hq.esa.fr                         Lincoln MA 01773                       kclee@purdue.edu
Dr. Abraham D. Krikorian                   Lackner@brandeis.edu                   Mark Lee
P Box 404                                                                         ORBITEC
Port Jefferson NY 11777                    Dr. Paul E. Lacy                       1212 Fourier Drive
631-473-7016                               Department of Pathology                Madison WI 53717
adkrikorian@earthlink.net                  Washington University School of        608-827-5000
Dr. Anxiu Kuang                            47 Fairway Drive                       Mr. Peter Lee
Department of Biology                      Mount Vernon OH 43650                  Brown University
University of Texas - Pan American         740-392-6043                           Box G-8293
1.340 Life Sciences Building               Placy@columbus.rr.com                  Providence RI 02912
Edinburg TX 78539                                                                 401-331-8500 ext 34275
956-381-2953                              Ms. Kristina Lagel                      Peter_Lee@brown.edu
akuang@panam.edu                          Lockheed Martin
                                          NASA ARC M/S 236-5                      T.C. Lee
Anil D. Kulkarni                          Moffett Field CA 94035                  NJ-NSCORT
Department of Surgery                     650-604-0654                            1200 Florence-Columbus Road
University of Texas Health Science Center klagel@mail.arc.nasa.gov                Bordentown NJ 08505
Houston Medical School                                                            609-499-3600 x221
6431 Fannin Street, MSB Suite 4.164
Houston TX 77030                                                                  Mr. Jacques Lehouelleur
713-500-7303                                                                      INSERM U632 - CNES
anid.d.kulkarni@uth.tmc.edu                                                       Universite Montpellier II
                                                                                  Montpellier 34095
26      ASGSB NEWSLETTER 18 (3)      Fall 2002
                                 2002 ASGSB Membership Directory

Gregory Leonard                       Dr. Marian L. Lewis                      Milan Lombardi
Mains Associates, Inc.                Department of Biological Sciences        124 Raymond Avenue, Box 2449
2039 Shattuck Avenue, Suite 506       University of Alabama                    Poughkeepsie NY 12604
Berkeley CA 94704                     Wilson Hall, Room 360                    845-451-3127
510-548-1262                          Huntsville AL 35899                      gateplayer@aol.com
gleonard@mail.arc.nasa.gov            256-824-6391
                                      lewisml@email.uah.edu                    Peter Loomer
Dr. A. Carl Leopold                                                            University of California
Boyce Thompson Institute              Dr. Norman G. Lewis                      1530 5th Avenue #202
   of Plant Research                  Institute of Biological Chemistry        San Francisco CA 94122
Cornell University                    Washington State University              415-502-7896
Tower Road                             .O.
                                      P Box 646340                             loomer@itsa.ucsf.edu
Ithaca NY 14853                       467 Clark Hall
607-254-1234                          Pullman WA 99164-6340                    Dr. Hoi Pang Low
ACL9@Cornell.edu                      509-335-3412                             Department of Neurology
                                      lewisn@wsu.edu                           University of Massachusetts Medical
Janet Letchworth                                                               School
Kennedy Space Center                  Jennifer Lewter                          55 Lake Avenue North
MS YA-E6                              Department of Biology                    Worcester MA 01655
Kennedy Space Center FL 32899         Arkansas Tech University                 508-856-1128
321-867-3331                          330 South Commerce Avenue                hoipang.low@umassmed.edu
janet.letchworth-1@ksc.nasa.gov       Russellville AR 72801
                                      501-890-9988                             Richard Lueptow
Mr. Alejandro Gabriel Levi            Russian_White@yahoo.com                  Department of Mechanical Engineering
2600 Deodar Circle                                                             Northwestern University
Pasadena CA 91107                     Mr. Kurt Liittschwager                   2145 Sheridan Road
818-354-4671                          NASA Ames Research Center                Evanston IL 60208
AGLevi@computer.org                    .O.
                                      P Box 168                                847-491-4265
                                      Moffett Field CA 94035-0168              r-lueptow@northwestern.edu
Dr. Howard G. Levine                  650-604-1699
Gravitational Biology Laboratory      kliittschwager@mail.arc.nasa.gov         Dr. Timothy M. Lynch
Dynamac Corporation                                                            Science Department
Mail Code DYN-3                       Mr. Bruce Link                           William Penn Charter School
Kennedy Space Center FL 32899         Department of Biology                    3300 W. Schoolhouse Lane
321-476-4321                          Penn State University                    Philadelphia PA 19144
howard.levine-1@ksc.nasa.gov          208 Mueller Lab                          215-844-3460
                                      State College PA 16802
Julie Levri                           814-865-3752                             Dr. Anna Lysakowski
NASA Ames Research Center             BML111@psu.edu                           Department of Anatomy
M/S 239-8                                                                        and Cell Biology
Moffett Field CA 94035                Dr. Philip Lintilhac                     University of Illinois
650-604-6917                          Botany Department                        808 S. Wood Street, M/C 512
jlevri@mail.arc.nasa.gov              University of Vermont                    Chicago IL 60612
                                      March Life Sciences Building             312-996-5990
Dr. A. G. Lewis                       Burlington VT 05405-0086                 alysakow@uic.edu
Department of Oceanography            802-656-0433
University of British Columbia        plintillh@zoo.uvm.edu                    Ms. Jin Ma
6270 University Boulevard                                                      Department of Pharmacology
Vancouver BC                          Dr. David R. Liskowsky                   UC Irvine
V6T 1Z4 Canada                        Life Sciences Division                   Irvine CA 92697-4625
604-822-3626                          NASA HQ, Code UL                         949-824-7433
                                      350 E Street, SW                         jma1@uci.edu
Kevin Lewis                           Washington DC 20546
University of Illinois                david.liskowsky@hq.nasa.gov              Robert Mah
614 W. California                                                              NASA Ames Research Center
Urbana IL 61801                       Dr. Terri L. Lomax                       Mail Stop 269-1
217-384-0649                          Department of Botany and Plant           Moffett Field CA 94035
klewis1@uiuc.edu                      Pathology                                650-604-6044
                                      Oregon State University                  rmah@mail.arc.nasa.gov
                                      Cordley 2082
                                      Corvallis OR 97331-2902

                                                                          ASGSB NEWSLETTER 18 (3)   Fall 2002        27
                                2002 ASGSB Membership Directory
                                           Mr. Christoph Masseguin
Mr. Richard C. Mains                       Inst. Neurosciences                      Avery McGuire
Mains Associates, Inc.                     MNR 0 CNRS 7629 -MPNC                    Department of Biology
2039 Shattuck Avenue, Suite 506            7 Quai S. Bernard                        Wake Forest University
Berkeley CA 94704                          Paris 75005                              Box 7325
415-548-1262                               France                                   Winston Salem NC 27109-7325
rmains@mainsgate.com                       33-1-99-27-31-43
                                           christophe.masseguin@snv.juss.fr         Mr. Bill McLamb
Ms. Rhonda Maple                                                                    Bionetics
Department of Animal Sciences              Ms. Betsy Masson                         Mail Code BIO-3
University of Vermont                      Spaceline                                Kennedy Space Center FL 32899
101 Terrill Hall                           7514 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 500         407-853-3165
Burlington VT 05405                        Bethesda MD 20814                        william.mclamb-1@ksc.nasa.gov
802-656-0008                               301-295-5661
rmaple@zoo.uvm.edu                         emasson@usuhs.mil                        Herve Membre
                                                                                    Biologie Experimentale Immulogie
Dr. Charles H. Markham                     Dr. Patrick H. Masson                    Faculte des Sciences
Department of Psychology                   Laboratory of Genetics                                                 .
                                                                                    Boulevard des Aiguillettes B.P 239
University of California, Santa Barbara    University of Wisconsin                  Vandoeurve-Les-Nancy
4149 Creciente Drive                       445 Henry Hall                           cedex 56505
Santa Barbara CA 93110                     Madison WI 53706                         France
805-569-3304                               608-265-2312                             383912504
                                           pmasson@macc.wisc.edu                    membre@scbiol.u-nancy.fr
Dr. Garry M. Marley
Department of Microbiology and             Dr. Anabelle Matos                       Kano Mihoko
Microbial Genetics                         Plant Science and Technology             University of Tokushima
Oklahoma State University                    Research Unit                          3-18-15 Kuramoto-cho
1200 N. Perkins Road #G-11                 USDA - ARS                               Tokushima 770-8504
Stillwater OK 74075-7132                   Eastern Regional Research Center         Japan
405-780-7783                               600 East Mermaid Lane                    81-88-633-9247
gmarley@gateway.net                        Wyndmoor PA 19038                        kanou@nutr.med.tokushima-u.ac.jp
Michelle Marquette                         amatos@arserrc.gov                       Ms. Teresa Miller
801 East Dove Ave                                                                   P.O. Box 218
Harlingen TX 78550                         Ms. Sabrina Maxwell                      Falkville AL 35622
956-425-3935                               Boeing                                   256-544-7815
                                           100 Boeing Way                           teresa.miller@msfc.nasa.gov
Dr. Daniel A. Martinez                     Titusville FL 32780
Department of Biology and Biochemis-       321-383-2838                             Ms. Nicole Mills
try                                        sabrina.maxwell@boeing.com               FCCD
University of Houston                                                               Ames Research Center
369 Science and Research Bldg. 2           Mr. Peter McCaffery                      Mail Stop 261-3
Houston TX 77204-5001                      E.K. Shriver Center                      Moffett Field CA 94035
713-743-2662                               200 Trapelo Road                         650-604-2615
ddam@uh.edu                                Waltham MA 02452-6319                    nmills@mail.arc.nasa.gov
Ms. Maria Angela Masini                    pmccaffery@shriver.org                   Douglas Ming
Univ. Genova Italy                                                                  NASA Johnson Space Center
Dibisaa - S Viale Benedetto XV             Ms. Bonnie J. McClain                    2101 NASA Road 1
Genova 16132                               Code UP                                  Houston TX 77058
Italy                                      NASA Headquarters                        281-483-5839
3.90104E+11                                Washington DC 20546-0001                 dming@ems.jsc.nasa.gov
masini@unige.it                            202-358-2181
                                           bmcclain@hq.nasa.gov                     Bobby Mitchell
Ms. Gioia Donna Massa                                                               NIAC/ANSER
Biology Department                         Mr. Roberteen McCray                     555 A 14th Street NW
Pennsylvania State University              Bionetics Corp.                          Atlanta GA 30318
208 Mueller Laboratory                     Hangar L., Bldg. 1732, Mailcode: BIO-3   404-347-9633
State College PA 16803                     Kennedy Space Center FL 32877            bobby@naic.usra.edu
814-863-9625                               321-853-7701

28      ASGSB NEWSLETTER 18 (3)       Fall 2002
                               2002 ASGSB Membership Directory

Dr. Cary A. Mitchell                Dr. Robert C. Morrow                      Dr. Mary E. Musgrave
Horticulture and Landscape          Orbital Technologies, Inc.                College of Natural Sciences
  Architecture                      1212 Fourier Drive                          and Mathematics
Purdue University                   Madison WI 53717                          University of Massachusetts
1165 Horticulture Building          608-827-5000                              712 A Lederle Graduate
West Lafayette IN 47907-1165        morrowr@orbitec.com                         Research Tower
765-494-1347                                                                  Amherst MA 01003-4522
mitchell@hort.purdue.edu            Nick Moseyko                              413-577-4712
                                    Department of Plant                       musgrave@nsm.umass.edu
Swati Mohan                           and Microbial Biology
Cornell University                  University of California, Berkeley        Dr. Jack Myers
11390 Fairwind Court                111 Koshland Hall, #3102                  Department of Zoology
San Diego CA 92130                  Berkeley CA 94720                         University of Texas
607-253-8405                        510-642-9877                              Austin TX 78712
sm273@cornell.edu                   moseyko@uclink4.berkeley.edu              512-471-1686

Dr. Oscar Monje                     Dr. Gloria K. Muday                       Ms. Niki Myers
CBS Group                           Department of Biology                     UAH / Sverdrup
Dynamac Corp.                       Wake Forest University                    95 Indian Creed Road, #195
DYN-3                               Box 7325                                  Huntsville AL 35806
Kennedy Space Center FL 32899       Winston Salem NC 27109                    256-971-9507
321-476-4326                        336-758-5316                              niki.myers@hsv.sverdrup.com
oscar@mendel.usu.edu                muday@wfu.edu
                                                                              Dr. Barbara M. Myklebust
Dina Montufar-Solis                 Dr. Timothy J. Mulkey                     Department of Health Care Sciences
University of Texas, Houston        Department of Life Sciences               The George Washington University
DB Room 371                         Indiana State University                  2100 M Street, NW, Suite 203
6516 John Freeman Avenue            Terre Haute IN 47809                      Washington DC 20037
Houston TX 77030                    812-237-2418                              202-496-8370
713-500-4185                        mulkey@biology.indstate.edu               mykleb@gwu.edu
                                    Dr. Jack Mullen                           Nitya Nair
Mr. Stephen Moorman                 Department of Biology                     Rutgers University
Department of Anatomy               Indiana University                        71 Dudley Road
Case Western Reserve University     1001 E. 3rd Street                        New Brunswick
School of Medicine                  Jordan Hall 142                           NJ 08901-8321
10900 Euclid Avenue                 Bloomington IN 47405                      732-932-6555
Cleveland OH 44106-4030             812-855-2179
216-368-6667                        jmullen@bio.indiana.edu                   Yukihisa Namiki
sjm8@cwru.edu                                                                 Department of Biomedical Engineering
                                    Edwin Muniz                               University of Southern California
Ms. Megan Moran                     809 E. Bloomingdale Avenue, #421          1450 Marine Avenue, #14
NASA Ames Research Center           Brandon FL 33511                          Gardena CA 90247
MS 239-11                           813-814-3380                              310-532-6039
Moffett Field CA 94035              physioed@aol.com                          navelorangemiki@msm.com
mmoran@mail.arc.nasa.gov            Elizabeth Murray                          Dr. Anton W. Neff
                                    Marshall University                       Medical Science Program
Catalin Moraru                      400 Hal Greer Blvd                        Indiana University School of Medicine
NJ-NSCORT                           Huntington WV 25701                       Jordan Hall 204
1200 Florence-Columbus Road         304-696-2366                              Bloomington IN 47405
Bordentown NJ 08505                 murrye@marshall.edu                       812-855-7055
609-499-3600 x221                                                             neff@indiana.edu
                                    Dr. X. J. Musacchia
Ms. Amber Morgan                     .O.
                                    P Box 5054                                Emily Nelson
University of Florida               Bella Vista AR 72714                      NASA
4252 SW 21st Place Apt G            501-855-9462                              M/S 105-1, 21000 Brookpark Road
Gainesville FL 32607                                                          Cleveland OH 44107
352-392-9147                                                                  216-433-3268
anmorgan@phys.ufl.edu                                                         emily.s.nelson@grc.nasa.gov

                                                                         ASGSB NEWSLETTER 18 (3)   Fall 2002       29
                              2002 ASGSB Membership Directory

Dr. G Nelson                             Ms. Esperanza Nunez                     Ralphenia Pace
Department of Radiation Medicine         SLSTP / RIT                             Tuskegee University
Loma Linda University Radiobiology       8320 SW 65th Avenue Apt 5               112 Campbell Hall
11175 Campus Street                      Miami FL 33143                          Tuskegee AL 36088
Chan Shun Pavilion, Room A-1010          princesa2000@hotmail.com                334-727-8333
Loma Linda CA 92354
909-558-8364                             Richard Ocampo                          Mr. Michael Palm
gnelson@dominion.llumc.edu               Swarthmore College                      Department of Biological Sciences
                                         500 College Avenue                      Northern Illinois University
Dr. Dava Newman                          Swarthmore PA 19081                     DeKalb IL 60115
Aeronautics and Astronautics             610-690-3729                            815-753-0776
Massachusetts Institute of Technology    rocampo1@swarthmore.edu                 mpalm@niu.edu
Room 33-307
77 Massachusetts Avenue                  Dr. Ron O’Dor                           Maria Palmieri
Cambridge MA 02139                       Department of Biology                   819 S. Elm, Apt. 1
617-258-8799                             Dalhousie University                    Oxford OH 45056
dnewman@mit.edu                          Halifax Nova Scotia B3H 4J1             513-664-6064
                                         Canada                                  palmiem@muohio.edu
David Niesel                             902-494-2357
Department of Microbiology               odor@is.dal.ca                          Dr. Scott Parazynski
  and Immunology                                                                 Code CB
University of Texas Medical Branch       Dr. Seigo Ohi                           NASA Johnson Space Center
301 University Boulevard                 Departments of Molecular Biology,       Astronaut Office
Galveston TX 77555-1070                   Genetics, and Pediatrics               Houston TX 77058
409-747-6842                             Howard University and Hospital          281-244-8879
dniesel@utmb.edu                         2121 Georgia Avenue, NW                 Scott.E.Parazynski1@jsc.nasa.gov
                                         Washington DC 20059
Takeshi Nikawa                           202-806-4317                            Hyekyeong Park
University of Tokushima                  SeigoOhi@aol.com                        Tsukuba Space Center
3-18-15 Kuramoto-cho                                                             2-1-1 Sengen
Tokushima 770-8505                       Dr. Yoshinobu Ohira                     Tsukuba city
Japan                                    Physiology and Biomechanics             Ibaraki 305-8505
81-88-633-9248                           National Institute of Sports Medicine   Japan
nikawa@nutr.med.tokushima-u.ac.jp        Shiromizu 1, Kanoya City                81-298-52-2757
                                         Kagoshima Pref 891-2393                 park.hyekyeong@nasda.go.jp
Karl Niklas                              Japan
Department of Plant Biology              81994464931                             Dr. Anna-Lisa Paul
Cornell University                       ohira@nifs-k.ac.jp                      Department of Horticultural Sciences
Ithaca NY 14855                                                                  University of Florida
607-255-8727                             Mr. Matthew O’Keefe                     1301 Fifield Hall
kon2@cornell.edu                         University of Arizona                   Gainesville FL 32611
                                         4179 W. Golder Star Place               352-392-4711 x331
Takeshi Nomura                           Tucson AZ 85745                         ALP@UFL.EDU
Nagoya University                        520-621-2279
Toyonaka City                            okeefem@u.arizona.edu                   Ms. Vickey Payne
Osaka 560-0043                                                                   1692 Eldorado Drive
Japan                                    Camellia Okpodu                         Superior CO 80027
81-6-6850-6032                           Hampton University                      303-543-8844
nomuken@space.hss.osaka-u.ac.jp          1328 Andrews Blvd                       paynen@colorado.edu
                                         Hampton VA 23669
Joey Norikane                            757-727-5150                            Dr. Michael Pecaut
Dynamac Corporation                      Camellia.Okpodu@hamptonu.edu            Department of Radiation Medicine
Mail Code DYN-3                                                                  Loma Linda University
Kennedy Space Center FL 32899          Hiromi Okumura                            11175 Campus Street
321-853-3207                           NASDA                                     Chan Shun Pavilion, Room A-1010
norikj@kscems.ksc.nasa.gov             2-1-1 Songen                              Loma Linda CA 92354
                                       Tsukuba 305-8505                          909-558-8379
Dr. Kelly Norwood                      Japan                                     mpecaut@dominion.llumc.edu
Bionetics Corp.                        81-298-52-2757
BIO-8 Cape Canaveral Air Force Station okumura.hiromi@nasda.go.jp                Michele Perchonok
Kennedy Space Center FL 32899                                                    NSBRI/NASA Johnson Space Center
321-853-2628                                                                     2101 NASA Road 1, Mail Code SF3
kelly.norwood-1@ksc.nasa.gov                                                     Houston TX 77058
30      ASGSB NEWSLETTER 18 (3)      Fall 2002                                   mperchon@ems.jsc.nasa.gov
                              2002 ASGSB Membership Directory

Imana Perera                            Dr. B. W. Poovaiah                         Feng Qiao
Department of Botany                    Department of Horticulture                 NJ-NSCORT
North Carolina State University         Washington State University                1200 Florence-Columbus Road
Raleigh NC 27695                        Pullman WA 99164-6414                      Bordentown NJ 08505
919-515-3544                            509-335-2487                               609-499-3600 x221
imara-perera@ncsu.edu                   poovaiah@wsu.edu
                                                                                   Peter Quinn
Dr. Alessandra Perna                    Marshall Porterfield                       Walter Reed
University of Naples                    Biological Sciences                        WRAir Room 1E20
Viale Dei Pini n 10                     University of Missouri - Rolla             Silver Spring MD 20916
Naples 80131                            1870 Miner Circle                          301-319-9203
Italy                                   Rolla MO 65409                             pquinn@spacebio.com
3.90816E+11                             573-341-6336
alessandra.perna@oinna2.it              mporterf@umr.edu                           Christopher Rahaim
                                                                                   Saint Louis University
Dr. Robert W. Phillips                  Matthew Potthoff                           1793 Westmeade Drive
Department of Physiology                Zoology Department                         Chesterfield MO 63017
Colorado State University               University of Oklahoma                     314-210-3683
Fort Collins CO 80523                   Norman OK 73019                            cpr@msn.com
970-484-1888                            405-325-2001
rwphil@lamar.colostate.edu              potthoff@ou.edu                            Javier Ramirez
Karen Pickering                         Janet V. Powers                            1200 Florence-Columbus Road
Advanced Life Support                   Spaceline                                  Bordentown NJ 08505
NASA Johnson Space Center               7514 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 500           609-499-3600 x221
2101 NASA Road One                      Bethesda MD 20814
Houston TX 77058                        301-295-2706                               Mr. Ross Ramos
281-483-2688                            jpowers@usuhs.mil                          NASA Ames Research Center
karen.d.pickering1@jsc.nasa.gov                                                     .O.
                                                                                   P Box 168
                                        Jane Poynter                               Moffett Field CA 94035-0168
Prof. Proto Pippia                      Paragon SOC                                650-604-6509
Dipartimento di Scienze Fisiologiche,   810 E. 27th Street, Suite 104 Tucson       raramos@mail.arc.nasa.gov
Biochimiche, Cellulari                  AZ 85713
Sassari University                      520-903-1000                               Mr. Daniel Rappolee
Via Muroni, 25                          jpoynter@paragonsdc.com                    Wayne State University
Sassari 07100                                                                      275 East Hancock Avenue, Room 243
Italy                                   Amanda Price                               Detroit MI 48201
0039.79.228613                          Lyon College                               313-577-1228
pippia@ssmain.uniss.it                  2300 Highland Road, Box 994                drappole@med.wayne.edu
                                        Batesville AR 75201
Ms. Heidi Platt                         870-307-7314                               Mr. Aaron Rashotte
SHOT, Inc.                              ap8985@lyon.edu                            Department of Biology
7200 Highway 150                                                                   Wake Forest University
Greenville IN 47124                     Dr. Gordon K. Prisk                        Box 9325
812-923-9591                            Department of Medicine, 0931               Winston Salem NC 27106
lconstant@shot.com                      University of California, San Diego        336-758-4349
                                        9500 Gilman Drive                          rashotam@wfu.edu
Dr. Karen Plaut                         La Jolla CA 92093-0931
Department of Animal Science            858-455-4756                               Dr. Peter Raven
University of Vermont                   kprisk@ucsd.edu                            Department of Integrative Physiology
102 Terrill Hall                                                                   UNT Health Science Center
Burlington VT 05405                     Sean Pruitt                                3500 Camp Bowie Boulevard
802-656-0131                            Lockheed                                   Fort Worth TX 76107
kplaut@zoo.uvm.edu                      NASA Ames Research Center                  817-735-2074
                                        Moffett Field CA 94035                     PRB0001@HSC.UNT.EDU
Anthony Pometto                         650-604-5992
NASA FTCSC                              spruitt@mail.arc.nasa.gov                  Mr. David Reed
2901 S. Loop, Suite 3700                                                           Bionetics Corporation
Ames IA 50010                           Barry Pyle                                 BIO-3
515-296-5383                            Microbiology Department                    Kennedy Space Center FL 32899
apometto@iastate.edu                    Montana State University                   407-853-4144
                                        109 Lewis Hall
                                        Bozeman MT 59717
                                        pyle@montana.edu                      ASGSB NEWSLETTER 18 (3)   Fall 2002         31
                                2002 ASGSB Membership Directory

Ms. Debra Reiss-Bubenheim              Dr. Farrel R. Robinson              Dr. Karen Russell
Space Life Science (SLO)               Department of Biological Sciences   Department of Pharmacology/
Ames Research Center                   University of Washington            Toxicology
MS 236-5                               Box 357420 Seattle WA 98195-7420    Morehouse School of Medicine
Moffett Field CA 94035-1000            206-685-0614                        720 Westview Drive, SW
415-604-3605                           robinsn@u.washington.edu            Atlanta GA 30310-1495
dreiss-bubenheim@mail.arc.nasa.gov                                         404-752-1875
                                       Dr. Edward L. Robinson              russelk@msm.edu
Matthew F. Reyes                       Section of Neurobiology,
936 NW 30th Avenue                     Physiology and Behavior             Ms. Patricia Russell
Gainesville FL 32609                   University of California, Davis     USRA
352-375-6538                           One Shields Avenue                  300 D Street, NW Suite 801
defiance@mindspring.com                Davis CA 95616                      Washington DC 20024
                                       530-752-9698                        202-488-5142
Ms. Julie A. Reynolds                  elrobinson@ucdavic.edu              prussell@hq.nasa.gov
Entomology Department
Pennsylvania State University          Luis Rodriquz                       Andy Rutherford
501 ASI Building                       NJ-NSCORT                           Lynntech, Inc.
University Park PA 16802               1200 Florence-Columbus Road         7610 Eastmark Drive
814-863-7663                           Bordentown NJ 08505                 College Station TX 77840
jar309@psu.edu                         609-499-3600 x221                   979-693-0017

Mr. Jeff Richards                      Dr. April E. Ronca                  Ms. Corinne Rutzke
Kennedy Space Center                   Life Sciences Division              Biological and Environmental
Mail Code: DYN-3                       NASA Ames Research Center              Engineering
Kennedy Space Center FL 32899          Gravitational Research Branch       Cornell University
321-476-4215                           Mail Stop 261-3                     120 Riley Robb Hall
richajt@kscems.ksc.nasa.gov            Moffett Field CA 94035-1000         Ithaca NY 14853
                                       650-604-2644                        607-255-2467
Mr. David W. Richman                   aronca@mail.arc.nasa.gov            CFJ4@cornell.edu
NASDA Centrifuge Programs
The Boeing Company                     Ryan Roper                          Vadim Rygelov
5301 Bolsa Avenue - H011-C111          BMSB 345C                           Dynamac Corporation
Huntington Beach CA 92647              Morehouse School of Medicine        Mail Code DYN-3
714-896-1032                           720 Westview Drive                  Kennedy Space Center FL 32899
david.w.richman@boeing.com             Atlanta GA 30310-1495               321-476-4279
                                       404-756-5216                        rygalve@kscems.ksc.nasa.gov
Mr. GRichter                           smlsrc@msm.edu
213 Amblewood Way                                                          Dr. Fred Sack
State College PA 16803                 Dr. Stanley J. Roux                 Department of Plant Biology
814-231-8807                           Section of Molecular Cell           Ohio State University
grichter@psu.edu                         and Developmental Biology         1735 Neil Avenue
                                       University of Texas                 Columbus OH 43210-1293
Dr. Danny A. Riley                     Austin TX 78712                     614-292-0896
Department of Cell Biology,            512-471-4238                        sack.1@osu.edu
Neurobiology & Anatomy                 sroux@uts.cc.utexas.edu
Medical College of Wisconsin                                               Dr. John C. Sager
8701 Watertown Plank Road              Rosa Ruiz                           Biological Science Branch
Milwaukee WI 53226                     UT Pan American                     Kennedy Space Center
414-456-8468                           418 1/2 W. Samano Street Edinburg   YA-D3
dariley@mcw.edu                        TX 78539                            Kennedy Space Center FL 32899
                                       rnrruiz@cs.com                      321-476-4270
Michael Roberts                                                            john.sager-1@ksc.nasa.gov
Dynamac KSC                            Mr. Nicholas Ruppel
Mail Code DYN-3                        Department of Botany                Sinafikish Sahlu
Kennedy Space Center FL 32899          Miami University                    Pharmacology Department
321-476-4272                           Oxford OH 45056                     Morehouse School of Medicine
michael.roberts-1@ksc.nasa.gov         513-529-4200                        720 Westview Drivei
                                       ruppelnj@muohio.edu                 Atlanta GA 30310

32      ASGSB NEWSLETTER 18 (3)    Fall 2002
                              2002 ASGSB Membership Directory

Dr. Elizabeth Sajdel-Sulkowska           Mr. Kevin Sato                      Dr. Marianne Schuber
Harvard Medical School / B.W.H.          Lockheed Martin                     MUSC
75 Francis Street                        NASA Ames Research Center           DLR Institute of Aerospace Medicine
Boston MA 02115                          MS 236-5                            MUSC, Linder Hoehe 23b
617-732-5859                             Moffett Field CA 94035              Cologne 51147
esulkowska@rics.bwh.harvard.edu          650-604-1104                        Germany
                                         ksato@mail.arc.nasa.gov             +49-2203-601-0 x-3523
Ms. Nancy Sample                                                             Marianne.Schuber@dlr.de
CSA                                      George Savage
100 Sussex Drive                         CalRecovery, Inc.                   Andrew Schuerger
Ottawa                                   1850 Gateway Blvd., Suite 1060      Dynamac Corporation
Ontario K1A 0R6                          Concord CA 94520                    Mail Code DYN-3
Canada                                   925-356-3700                        Kennedy Space Center FL 32780
613-990-3703                             gsavage@calrecoveroy.com            321-476-4261
nancy.sample@space.gc.ca                                                     schuzac@kscems.ksc.nasa.gov
                                         Dr. Ronald L. Schaefer
Dr. Gary L. Sanford                      Lockheed Martin Space Operations    Dr. Tom K. Scott
Department of Biochemistry               NASA Ames Research Center           Department of Biology
Morehouse School of Medicine             N236-5                              University of North Carolina
720 Westview Drive, SW                   Moffett Field CA 94035-1000         CB #3280
Atlanta GA 30310-1419                    650-604-4438                        Chapel Hill NC 27599
404-752-1501                             rlschaefer@mail.arc.nasa.gov        919-929-1280
sanford@link.msm.edu                                                         tscott@email.unc.edu
                                         Steve Schatz
Delia Santiago                           Bionetics Corp.                     Nancy Searby
Ames Research Center                     BIO-3 Hangar-L                      NASA Ames Research Center
P Box 168                                Kennedy Space Center FL 32899       MS 236-7
Moffett Field CA 94035                   321-476-4234                        Moffett Field CA 94035
650-604-1880                             sschatz@cfc.rr.com                  650-604-6794
dsantiago@mail.arc.nasa.gov                                                  nsearby@mail.arc.nasa.gov
                                         Dr. Walter Schimmerling
Adam Santone                             Life Sciences Division              Dr. Mori Shigeo
Department of Horticulture               NASA HQ Code UL                     Research Institute of Environmental
Purdue University                        300 E Street, SW                    Medicine
1165 Horticulture Drive                  Washington DC 20456-0001            Nagoya University
West Lafayette IN 47907                  202-358-0220                        Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku
765-496-2124                             wschimmerling@hq.nasa.gov           Nagoya 464-8601
santone@purdue.edu                                                           Japan
                                          Mr. Elbert Schmitt                 81-52-789-5004
Dr. Orlando Santos                        809 Lakemere Crest                 mori@riem.nagoya-u.ac.jp
Space Station Biological Research Project Suwanee GA 30024
NASA Ames Research Center                 770-886-7857                       Mr. Toru Shimazu
Mail Stop 244-19                          drwillchem@aol.com                 Japan Space Forum
Moffett Field CA 94035                                                       Hamamatsucho Central Bldg.BF
650-604-1968                              Dr. Victor S. Schneider            1-29-6 Hamamatsu-cho, Minato-ku
osantos@mail.arc.nasa.gov                 Life Sciences Division             Tokyo 105-0013
                                          NASA HQ, Code UL                   Japan
Daniela Santucci                          300 E Street, SW                   81-3-3459-1653
Vole Regireo Elena 299                    Washington DC 20546                shimazu@jsforum.or.jp
Roma I-00161                              202-358-2204
Italy                                     vschneider@hq.nasa.gov             Hitoyata Shimokawa
39-06-69902039                                                               Tokyo Medical Dental University
sentucci@iss.it                           Ms. Teri Schnepp                   1-5-45 Yushima, Bankyo-ku
                                          Lockheed Martin                    Tokyo 113-8549
Dr. Atsushige Sato                         .O.
                                          P Box 168 MS 19-24                 Japan
Space Utilization Research Programme      Moffett Field CA 94035-0168        81358035469
National Space Development Agency of      650-604-0424                       h.shimokawa.hpha@tmd.ac.jp
Japan                                     tschnepp@mail.arc.nasa.gov
2-1-1 Sengen
Tsukuba-shi Ibaraki 305

                                                                        ASGSB NEWSLETTER 18 (3)   Fall 2002        33
                             2002 ASGSB Membership Directory

Reiko Shimokawa                         Alfred Soboyejo                   Mr. Stephen Stout
Tokyo Medical Dental University         Ohio State University             Louisiana State University
1-5-45 Yushima, Bankyo-ku               2491 Calais Way                   302 Life Sciences
Tokyo 113-8510                          Columbus OH 43210                 Baton Rouge LA 70503
Japan                                   614-292-1368                      225-388-1391
81358035849                             soboyejo.2@osu.edu                stephenstout@hotmail.com
                                        Dr. Gerald Sonnenfeld             Dr. Raymond Stowe
Dr. Andreas Sievers                     Department of Microbiology,       Department of Pathology
Botanisches Institut                    Biochemistry and Immunology       University of Texas Medical Branch
Universitat Bonn                        Morehouse School of Medicine      Kieller Building
Venusbergweg 22                         720 Westview Drive, SW            301 University Boulevard
D-53115 Bonn                            Atlanta GA 30310-1495             Galveston TX 77555-0609
Germany                                 404-752-1586                      409-772-2173
49-228-732684                           sonneng@msm.edu                   rpstowe@utmb.edu
                                        Mr. Kenneth A. Souza              Richard Strayer
Michelle Simeoni                        Girvan Institute of Technology    Dynamac Corporation
Istituto Sup - Sanita                   NASA Research Park                DYN-3
V. Le Regina Elena 299                  MS 19-46                          Kennedy Space Center FL 32899
Rome 00161                              Moffett Field CA 94035-1000       321-476-4274
Italy                                   650-604-5736
39-6-4990-2039                          ksouza@mail.arc.nasa.gov          Dr. Vernon Strength
                                                                          The Boeing Company
Mr. Dennis Sindrey                      Dr. Dorothy B. Spangenberg        5301 Bolsa Avenue
Millenium Biologix                      Department of Pathology           Huntington Beach CA 92647-2048
6850 Goreway Drive                      Eastern Virginia Medical School   714-896-3127
Mississauga                             700 W. Oliney Road                vernon.e.strength@boeing.com
Ontario L4V 1V7                         Norfolk VA 23507
Canada                                  757-446-5652                      Peter Strom
905-677-0831 x300                       dbs@borg.evms.edu                 NJ-NSCORT
drs@millenium-biologix.com                                                1200 Florence-Columbus Road
                                        Dr. Rajagopala Sridaran           Bordentown NJ 08505
Mr. Kanika Singh                        Department of Physiology          609-499-3600
Microgravity Biotechnology Laboratory   Morehouse School of Medicine
University of Alabama, Huntsville       720 Westview Drive, S.W.          Ms. Elizabeth Stryjewski
3690 Hebden Bridge Lane                 Atlanta GA 30310-1495             Dynamac
Alpharetta GA 30022                     404-752-1684                      Mail Code DYN-3
256-890-6553                            sridaran@msm.edu                  Kennedy Space Center FL 32899
kanika-email@yahoo.com                                                    407-853-4158
                                        Dr. Bratislav Stankovic           liz.stryjewski@ksc.nasa.gov
Ms. Kimberly Slater                     Wisconsin Center for Space
Payload Systems Inc.                      Automation and Robotics         Dr. Jack Stuster
247 Third Street                        University of Wisconsin           Anacapa Sciences, Inc.
Cambridge MA 02139                      545 Science Drive                  .O.
                                                                          P Box 519
617-868-8086 x25                        Madison WI 53711                  Santa Barbara CA 93102
slater@payload.com                      608-265-8247                      805-966-6157 x21
                                        bstankovic@facstaff.wisc.edu      jstuster@anacapasciences.com
Virginia Slater                         www.engr.wisc.edu/centers/wcsar
Oregon State University                                                   Dr. Gary W. Stutte
493 S. Nebergall Loop                   Dr. Marianne K. Steele            Plant Research Group
Albany OR 97321                         Lockheed Martin Engineering       Dynamac Corporation
541-737-5279                              and Science                     Mail Code DYN-3
slaterv@onid.orst.edu                   NASA Ames Research Center         Kennedy Space Center FL 32899
                                        P Box 168                         407-853-7703
Fred Smith                              Moffett Field CA 94035-1068       gary.stutte-1@ksc.nasa.gov
Advanced Life Support                   650-604-0523
NASA Johnson Space Center               msteele@mail.arc.nasa.gov         Liping Sun
2101 NASA Road One                                                        MIT/Payload Systems
Houston TX 77058                        Ms. Katherine M. Stolp            247 Third Street
281-483-9232                            1212 Fourier Drive                Cambridge MA 02139
frederick.d.smith1@jsc.nasa.gov         Madison WI 53717                  617-868-8086
                                        608-827-5000 x321                 sun@payload.com
34      ASGSB NEWSLETTER 18 (3)     Fall 2002
                              2002 ASGSB Membership Directory

Dr. Sarah Swanson                     Dr. Myrtle Thierry-Palmer           Tai Tran
Department of Biology                 Department of Biochemistry          University of Illinois
Penn State University                 Morehouse School of Medicine        808 W. Illinois, Apt 33
208 Mueller Lab                       720 Westview Drive                  Urbana IL 61801
University Park PA 16802              Atlanta GA 30310                    taitran@uiuc.edu
814-238-0138                          404-725-1505
sjs31@psu.edu                         thierrm@link.msm.edu                Terry Tri
                                                                          Advanced Life Support
Dr. Lucinda J. Swatzell               Dr. David J. Thomas                 NASA Johnson Space Center
Department of Biology                 Science Division                    2101 NASA Road One
Southeast Missouri State University   Lyon College                        Houston TX 77058
Cape Girardeau MO                     2300 Highland Road                  281-483-9234
swatzell@biology.semo.edu             Batesville AR 72501                 terry.o.tri1@jsc.nasa.gov
Dr. Arthur Sytkowski                  dthomas@lyon.edu                    Dr. Barbara Triplett
Harvard Medical School                                                    USDA-ARS
LCMB 21-27 Burlington/BIDMC           James Thompson                      Southern Regional Research Center
P Box 15709                           Zoology Department                  1100 Robert E. Lee Boulevard
Boston MA 02215                       University of Oklahoma              New Orleans LA 70124
617-632-9982                          Norman OK 73019                     504-286-4275
asytkows@caregroup.harvard.edu        405-325-4821                        btriplet@nola.srrc.usda.gov
Dr. Sadayoshi Taguchi                                                     Dr. Audrey Trotman
Graduate School of Human              Dr. Charles M. Tipton               Dept. of Agricultural Science
  & Environ. Studies                  Department of Physiology            Tuskegee University
Kyoto University                      University of Arizona               Tuskegee AL 36088
Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8501              Gittings Building
Japan                                 Tucson AZ 85721                     Demos Tsairides
81-75-753-6877                        602-621-6992                        Lockheed Martin
staguchi@ip.media.kyoto-u.ac.jp       tipton@email.arizona.edu            1028 Rhine Way
                                                                          Pleasanton CA 94566
Muneo Takaoki                         Dr. Marc E. Tischler                650-604-2155
Space Utilization Research Center     Department of Biochemistry          dtsairides@mail.arc.nasa.gov
NASDA                                 University of Arizona
Tsukuba 305-8505                      1501 North Campbell                 Dr. Russell T. Turner
Japan                                 Tucson AZ 85724-5042                Orthopedics Department
81-298-68-3697                        520-626-6130                        Mayo Clinic
takaoki.muneo@nasda.go.jp             tischler@u.arizona.edu              200 First Street SW
                                                                          Rochester MN 55905
Dr. Joseph S. Tash                    Dr. Paul W. Todd                    507-284-4062
Department of Molecular               SHOT, Inc.                          turner.russell@mayo.edu
   and Integrative Physiology         7200 Highway 150
University of Kansas Medical Center   Greenville IN 47124-9515            Ms. Galina Tverskaya
3901 Rainbow Boulevard                812-923-9591                        Lockheed Martin
Kansas City KS 66160-7401             ptodd@shot.com                      400 East Remington Drive, #B216
913-588-7421                                                              Sunnyvale CA 94087
jtash@kumc.edu                        Dr. David L. Tomko                  650-604-6689
                                      Life Sciences Division
Dr. Ichiro Tayama                     NASA Headquarters                   Georgiana Tynes
Space Project Department              Code UL                             Dynamac
CHIYODA Corporation                   300 E Street, SW                    Mail Code DYN-3
2-12-1, Tsurumichuo, Tsurumi-ku,      Washington DC 20546-0001            Kennedy Space Center FL 32899
Yokohama                              202-358-2211
Japan                                 dtomko@hq.nasa.gov                  Dr. M. Christina Ubach
045-506-7302                                                              Department of Environmental
itayama@ykh.chiyoda.co.jp             Michael Trachtenberg                  Horticulture
                                      20 Ag Extension Way                 University of California, Davis
Dr. James G. Taylor                   New Brunswick NJ 08901              One Shields Avenue
Ouachita Baptist University           732-932-8875                        Davis CA 95616
OBU Box 3688                          miket@aesop.rutgers.edu             530-754-8692
Arkadelphia AR 71998                                                      nop25892@mail.telepac.pt

                                                                     ASGSB NEWSLETTER 18 (3)        Fall 2002   35
                                   2002 ASGSB Membership Directory

Peter Uchakin                               Dr. Jacqueline S. Van Twest         Dr. Daniel von Deutsch
Mercer University                           Human Resource Facility             Department of Pharmacology/
1550 Collge Street                          Lockheed Martin                     Toxicology
Macon GA 31207-0001                         Mail code S03                       Morehouse School of Medicine
912-301-2728                                2400 NASA Rd 1                      720 Westview Drive
uchakin-ph@mercer.edu                       Houston TX 77058                    Atlanta GA 30310
                                            281-335-2787                        404-752-1773
Dr. Bruce L. Umminger                       jacqui.vantwest@lmco.com            ddeutsch@Texasconsulate.com
Office of Integrative Activities
National Science Foundation                 Monique Vance                       Ms. Candace Waddell
4201 Wilson Boulevard                       Department of Microbiology,         Department of Biology
Arlington VA 22230                          Biochemistry and Immunology         McGill University
703-306-1040                                Morehouse School of Medicine        1205 Dr Penfield Avenue
bumminge@nsf.gov                            720 Westview Drive, SW              Montreal Quebec H3A 1B1
                                            Atlanta GA 30310-1495               Canada
Dr. Petri T. Urvil                          404-752-1549                        514-398-6451
OB/GYN, Division of Infectious Diseases     sonneng@msm.edu                     candance_waddell@maclan.megill.ca
University of Texas Medical Branch
301 University Boulevard                    Mr. Donald E. Vandendriesche        Dr. Charles E. Wade
Galveston TX 77555-1062                     NASA Ames Research Center           Life Sciences Division
409-772-1133                                6268 Desert Flame Drive             NASA Ames Research Center
purvil@utmb.edu                             San Jose CA 95120                   Mail Stop 239-11
                                            650-604-6641                        Moffett Field CA 94035-1000
Shiin-ichi Usami                            dvandendriesche@mail.arc.nasa.gov   415-604-3943
Shinshu University                                                              cwade@mail.arc.nasa.gov
3-1-1 Asahi                                 Ms. Marilyn Vasques
Matsumoto 390-8621                          Life Sciences Operations            Charles Walker
Japan                                       NASA Ames Research Center           The Boeing Company
81-263-37-2666                              MS 236-5                            1200 Wilson Blvd
usami@hsp.md.shinshu-u.ac.jp                Moffett Field CA 94035-1000         Arlington VA 22209
                                            650-604-6120                        703-465-3436
Bianca Maria Uva                            mvasques@mail.arc.nasa.gov          charles.walker@boeing.com
Univ. Genova
Dibisaa University Genova                   Dr. J. Paul Veldhuijzen             Dr. Kerry Walton
5 V.le Benedettoxv                          Department of Oral Cell Biology     Department of Physiology
Genova 16132                                ACTA-Vrije Universiteit               and Neuroscience
Italy                                       V.D. Boechorststraat 7              New York University School of
3.90104E+11                                 1081 BT Amsterdam                   Medicine
uvab@unige.it                               Netherlands                         550 First Avenue
                                            +31 20 44 48663                     New York NY 10016
Dave Vaccari                                jp.veldhuijzen.ocb.acta@med.vu.nl   212-263-5432
NJ-NSCORT                                                                       kerry.walton@med.nyu.edu
1200 Florence-Columbus Road           Mr. John C. Vellinger
Bordentown NJ 08505                   Space Hardware Optimization               Baou Wang
609-499-3600 x221                       Technology, Inc.                        Tuskegee University
                                      7200 Hwy 150                              112 Campbell Hall
Dr. Jack J.W.A. Van Loon              Greenville IN 47124                       Tuskegee AL 36088
Dutch Experiment Support Center(DESC) 812-923-9591                              334-727-8333
ACTA - Free University Amsterdam      jvellinger@shot.com
Dept. Oral Biology,                                                             Hsiao-Ting Wang
Medical Faculty Room D-247            Ms. Wenonah A. Vercoutere                 BioServe
van der Boechorststraat 7             PO Box 5309                               University of Colorado
Amsterdam 1081 BT                     Santa Cruz CA 95063                       CB 429
The Netherlands                       650-604-6390                              Boulder CO 80309
31-20-4448686                         wvercoutere@mail.arc.nasa.gov             303-492-8015
j.van_loon.ocb.acta@med.vu.nl                                                   hsiaotin@colorado.edu
                                      Dr. Joan Vernikos
                                      44 Wolfe Street                           Jeffrey Wang
                                      Alexandria VA 22314                       Cornell University
                                      703-684-5875                              0310 South Baker
                                      thirdage@earthlink.net                    Ithaca NY 14853

36       ASGSB NEWSLETTER 18 (3)      Fall 2002
                                   2002 ASGSB Membership Directory

Dr. Calvin H. Ward                       Mr. Bill Wells                        Dr. Krisstina Wilmoth
Energy and Environmental Systems         Bionetics Corp                        Colorado State University
Institute                                Hangar L., Bldg. 1732,                4096 Piedmont Avenue, #310
Rice University                          Mailcode: BIO-3                       Oakland CA 94611
6100 Main, MS 316                        Kennedy Space Center FL 32899         510-654-8254
Houston TX 77005-1892                    321-853-7701                          kwilmoth@mail.arc.nasa.gov
wardch@rice.edu                          James Wesley                          Ms. Kathleen Wilsen
                                         Tuskegee University                   Department of Biology
Ms. Liz Warren                           112 Campbell Hall                     Umass Amherst
Department of Neurobiology,              Tuskegee AL 36088                     Morrill III
Physiology & Behavior                    334-727-8333                          Amherst MA 01375
University of California - Davis                                               913-545-2698
One Shields Avenue                       Dr. John B. West                      kwilsen@bio.umass.edu
Davis CA 95616-8519                      Department of Medicine 0623A
916-752-9698                             University of California, San Diego   Ms. Kimberly Winges
lewarren@ucdavis.edu                     9500 Gilman Drive                     NASA Astrobiology Institute
                                         La Jolla CA 92093-0623                 .O.
                                                                               P Box 14171
Dr. Richard J. Wassersug                 619-534-4192                          Stanford CA 94309
Department of Anatomy/Neurobiology       jwest@ucsd.edu                        650-497-1455
Dalhousie University                                                           kimwin@stanford.edu
Sir Charles Tupper Medical Building      G. Donald Whedon
Halifax NS B3H 4H7                       880 Mandalay Avenue, Apt N-1014       Dr. Debra J. Wolgemuth
Canada                                   Clearwater FL 33767                   Genetics and Development
902-424-2244                             813-441-1455                          Columbia University College
tadpole@is.dal.ca                                                                of Physicians and Surgeons
                                         Dr. Raymond M. Wheeler                630 West 168th Street
Cris Waterhouse                          NASA Kennedy Space Center             New York NY 10032
Walter Reed                              Mail Code YA-D3                       212-305-7900
Bldg 503, Rm 1E20 WRAIR Forest           Kennedy Space Center FL 32899
Glenn Annex, Forney Drive                321-476-4273                          Mr. Chris Wolverton
Silver Spring MD 20910                   raymond.wheeler-1@ksc.nasa.gov        Department of Plant Biology
301-319-9811                                                                   Ohio State University
cris@spacebio.com                        Dr. Ronald J. White                   1735 Neil Avenue
                                         NSBRI                                 Columbus OH 43210
Dr. David Watson                         Baylor College of Medicine            614-292-0238
NSBRI                                    One Baylor Plaza, NA-425              wolverton.7@osu.edu
InDyne, Inc.                             Houston TX 77030
18108 Point Lookout Drive                713-798-7412                          Dr. Earl H. Wood
Nassau Bay TX 77058                      rwhite@bcm.tmc.edu                    Department of Physiology
281-335-9191                                                                     and Medicine
dwatson@nsbri.com                        Dr. Michael L. Wiederhold             Mayo Medical School
                                         Department of Otolaryngology          504 Norwest
Mr. Doug Watt                            University of Texas Health Science    Rochester MN 55905
McGill University                        Center                                507-284-9209
3655 Drummond Street                     7703 Floyd Curl Drive MSC 7777        wood.earl@mayo.edu
Monreal Quebec H3G 1Y6                   San Antonio TX 77229-3900
514-398-6025                             210-567-5655                          Mr. Richard Worsfold
watt@med.mcgill.ca                       wiederhold@uthscsa.edu                CRESTech
                                                                               4850 Keele Street, 2nd Floor
Dr. Chungtang Wei                        Dr. Darrell Wiens                     Toronto Ontario M3J 2K1
Department of Botany and Agbiochem       Biology Department                    Canada
University of Vermont                    University of Northern Iowa           416-665-5473
Burlington VT 05405-0086                 Cedar Falls                           worsfold@admin.crestech.ca
802-656-0701                             IA 50614
cwei@zoo.uvm.edu                         319-273-6880                          Edward Worthington
                                         wiens@uni.edu                         Southern Oregon University
Mr. Jay Well                                                                   160 Alida Street #7
Department of Botany                     Ms. Tara Williams                     Ashland OR 97520
  and Plant Pathology                    Wyle                                  541-621-3414
Oregon State University                  19200 Space Center Blvd., #1233       tiwaz_rune@hotmail.com
Corvallis OR 97331-2902                  Houston TX 77058
541-737-5279                             281-483-4774
wellj@ucs.orst.edu                       tcwillia@ems.jsc.nasa.gov
                                                                          ASGSB NEWSLETTER 18 (3)   Fall 2002   37
                              2002 ASGSB Membership Directory

Dr. Bruce D. Wright                              Carol Yin                               Lisen Young
International Space Station                      Toffler Associates                      Department of Genetics
The Boeing Company                               62 N. Wilson Avenue                       and Biotechnology
816 Buckingham Drive                             Pasadena CA 91106                       University of Wisconsin
Friendswood TX 77546                             626-793-9360                            425 Henry Mall, #3330
281-336-4164                                     cyin@toffler.com                        Madison WI 53706
bruce.wright@sw.boeing.com                                                               608-265-2313
                                                 Mr. Thomas L. Yoder                     lsyoung69@hotmail.com
Dr. Thomas J. Wronski                            15020 Spiritwood Loop
Department of Physiological Sciences             Elbert CO 80106                         June Yowtak
University of Florida                            719-495-0156                            2603 Fairbrook
Box 100144 JHMHC                                 yoderti@codenet.net                     Irving TX 75062
Gainesville FL 32610                                                                     972-255-4119
352-392-4700 x 3844                              Neil Yorio                              nicnerc@aol.com
wronskit@mail.vetmed.ufl.edu                     Dynamac
                                                 Mail Code DYN-3                         Ms. Diane Yu
Chang-Yu Wu                                      Kennedy Space Center FL 32899           Lockheed Martin
Department of Environmental                      321-476-4267                            NASA Ames Research Center
  Engineering Sciences                           neil.yorio-1@ksc.nasa.gov               Moffett Field CA 94035
University of Florida                                                                    650-604-1557
P Box 110457                                     Mr. Kenji Yoshimura                     dyu@mail.arc.nasa.gov
Gainesville FL 32611-6450                        SURP, NASDA Japan
352-392-9845                                     Tsukuba Space Center                    Mr. Louis Yuge
cywu@ufl.edu                                     2-1-1 Sengen                            Faculty of Medicine
                                                 Tsukuba Ibaraki                         Hiroshima University
Dr. Charles C. Wunder                            305-8505-3026                           2-3-1-chome Kasumi Minami-ku
Department of Physiology and Biophysics          yoshimura.kanji@nasda.go.jp             Hiroshima 734-8551
University of Iowa                                                                       Japan
702 West Park Road                               Dr. Toshitada Yoshioka                  -5602
Iowa City IA 52246                               Aomori University of Health and         ryuge@mcai.med.hiroshima-u.ac.jp
319-351-2872                                     Welfare
charles-wunder@uiowa.edu                         58-1 Mase, Hamadate,                    Joani Zary
                                                 Aomori City, Aomori                     Brody School of Medicine,
Dr. Sarah Wyatt                                  030-8505                                Dept. Anatomy and Cell Biology
Department of Environmental                      Japan                                   East Carolina University
  and Plant Biology                              +81-177-65-2102                         600 Maye Blvd
Ohio University                                  t2yoshi@auhw.ac.jp                      Greenville NC 27858-4354
Athens OH 45701-2979                                                                     252-816-2855
740-593-1126                                     Mr. Bruce Yost                          zaryj@mail.ecu.edu
sarah-wyatt@ncsu.edu                             SETI Institute
                                                 M/S: 239-20                             Esther Zeledon
Yue (Jeff) Xu                                    Moffett Field CA 94035                  Swarthmore College
Cellular and Molecular Imaging Facility          650-604-3543                            500 College Avenue
North Carolina State University                  byost@mail.arc.nasa.gov                 Swarthmore PA 19081
Botany Department                                                                        610-690-3710
Box 7612                                         Dr. Laurence Young                      ezeledo1@swarthmore.edu
Raleigh NC 27695                                 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
919-515-3525                                     MIT, 77 Mass Avenue                     Hu Zhao
jeff_xu@ncsu.edu                                 Bldg. 37-219                            Department of Plant Biology
                                                 Cambridge MA 02139-4307                 Ohio State University
Kazuyoshi Yamamoto                               617-253-7759                            101 Curl Drive, #384
Department of Botany                             lry@mit.edu                             Columbus OH 43210
Miami University                                                                         614-292-0238
Oxford OH 45056                              Dr. Linda Mull Young                        zhao.91@osu.edu
513-529-4200                                 Department of Biological Sciences
yamamok@muohio.edu                           Ohio Northern University                    Cara Zuccarelli
                                             Room 170 Meyer Hall                         LLU Radiobiology Program
Dr. Masamichi Yamashita                      Lincoln Avenue                              11175 Campus Street, CSP A-1010
Institute of Space and Astronautical Science Ada OH 45810                                Loma Linda CA 92354
3-1-1 Yoshinodai                             419-772-2438 or -2534                       909-558-8375
Sagamihara Kanagawa 229-8510                 l-young@onu.edu                             mpecaut@dominion.llumc.edu
38      ASGSB NEWSLETTER 18 (3)      Fall 2002
                                   Life Sciences Calendar
November 27-29, 2002
43rd Meeting of the Indian Society of Aerospace Medicine, New Delhi, India. Further information: Secretary,
Indian Society of Aerospace Medicine Directorate General Medical Services, Air HQ (RKP), West Block 6, RK
Puram, New Delhi 110066; E-mail: isam@vsnl.in ; http://www.isamindia.org

February 13-18, 2003
AAAS Annual Meeting, Denver, CO. Further information: AAAS, 1200 New York Avenue NW, Washington,
DC 20005; E-mail: webmaster@aaas.org ; http://www.aaas.org

March 20-22, 2003
“Pushing the Envelope V—Medicine in Extreme Environments,” Galveston, TX, sponsored by University of
Texas Medical Branch, Department of Preventive Medicine Residency. Further information: http://

March 27-30, 2003
2003 National Convention of the National Science Teachers of America (NSTA), Philadelphia, PA. Further infor-
mation: NSTA Conventions, 1840 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, VA 22201. (703) 243-7100; http://www.nsta.org

April 2-4, 2003
European Low Gravity Research Association (ELGRA), Munich, Germany. Further information: http://

April 9-12, 2003
Annual Meeting of the Association of Southeastern Biologists, Arlington, VA. Further information: http://
www.asb.appstate.edu/ or http://www.howard.edu/asb2003.htm/

April 11-15, 2003
Experimental Biology 2003, San Diego, CA. Further information: http://www.faseb.org/meetings/eb2003/

May 4-8, 2003
74th Annual Meeting of the Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA), San Antonio, TX. Further information:
Aerospace Medical Association, 320 S. Henry St., Alexandria, VA 22314; http://www.asma.org

May 18-22, 2003
14th IAA Humans in Space Symposium, Banff, Alberta, Canada. Further information: (613) 990-3702; E-mail:
HumansinSpace2003@space.gc.ca ; http://www.space.gc.ca/humansinspace2003

July 7-10, 2003
33rd International Conference on Environmental Systems (ICES), Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Further information:
SAE Headquarters, 400 Commonwealth Drive, Warrendale, PA 15096-0001. (724) 776-4841; E-mail:
meetings@sae.org ; http://www.sae.org/calendar/aeromtgs.htm#2003

July 26-30, 2003
Plant Biology 2003 (Annual Meeting of the American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB), Honolulu, HI. Further
information: (301) 251-0560; E-mail: info@aspb.org ; http://www.aspb.org/

September 29-October 3, 2003
54th International Astronautical Congress, Bremen, Germany. Further information: E-mail:
newopportunities@space ; http://www.iac2003.org

October 5-9, 2003
51st Annual International Congress of Aviation & Space Medicine, Madrid, Spain. Further information: Secre-
tary of the Congress, Sandra Ruis, C/Hermosilla no. 30, 6a Planta, 28001 Madrid, Spain; E-mail:

November 12-15, 2003
19th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Gravitational and Space Biology, Huntsville, AL. Further infor-
mation: E-mail: asgsb@usra.org ; http://www.asgsb.org
                                                                   ASGSB NEWSLETTER 18 (3)   Fall 2002      39
                How to Join the American Society for Gravitational
                                and Space Biology

      ASGSB welcomes members interested in space biomedical research, plant and animal
      gravitational biology, cell and developmental biology, biotechnology/biophysics, space
      flight technology, exobiology/astrobiology, and advanced life support. Membership
      information may be found and applications completed online at http://www.asgsb.org;
      or obtained from ASGSB, P.O. Box 12247, Arlington, VA 22219; e-mail:

                                  ANNUAL MEETING
                                  HUNTSVILLE, AL
                                  N OVEMBER 12-15, 2003

P.O. BOX 12247

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