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									Emergency Procedures
Emergency Protective Actions                                                          IN CASE OF EMERGENCY
In the event an emergency occurs on campus, you may be asked to take
                                                                                      Call 911 or UMass Police
certain protective actions. The most common protective actions
                                                                                      at (413) 545-2121
requested will be: Shelter-in-Place or Building Evacuation.
To Shelter-in-Place:                                                                  What to Report:
  Get/stay indoors.                                                                   Emergency Type:
  Secure doors and windows; turn off any air conditioning units in room.              Building:
  Stay indoors until notified it’s safe to go outdoors.                               Room:
For Building Evacuation:                                                              Name:
  Evacuate building using nearest exit (or alternate exit if blocked).
  Take personal belongings (backpacks, keys, purses, wallets, etc.).                  For Emergency Info go to:
  Do not use elevator.                                                                www.umass.edu
  Secure hazardous materials or equipment.
  Follow instructions by faculty, staff, or emergency personnel.
  Move away from building.

                                         General Protective Actions
Fire                                     Hazardous Materials Release           Active Threat/Act of Violence
  Activate nearest fire alarm.             If emergency or anyone’s in           If you can, evacuate the
  Call 911.                                danger, call 911.                     building.
  Evacuate the building.                   Move away from hazardous              Remain calm; try to determine
  Do not enter the building until          location to safe location or          location of threat.
  authorized by emergency                  evacuate building.                    If safe exit exists, take
  personnel.                               Alert others to stay clear of the     immediately.
                                           area.                                 If you cannot evacuate the
Severe Weather/Tornado                     Notify emergency personnel if         building, find safe location and
If Indoors:                                you have been exposed or have         call 911.
    Seek shelter in lowest level of        information about the release.        Take shelter in the nearest
    building.                                                                    office, classroom, closet or any
    Stay away from exterior windows      Power Outage
                                                                                 area that can be secured.
    and doors.                             Secure any hazardous materials        Barricade or lock doors and
    If “drop and tuck” position is         or operations.                        block windows.
    used: low squat, knees and chin        Move cautiously to a lighted          Turn off lights silence cell
    to chest, facing wall with hands       area. Exits may be indicated by       phones; remain quiet.
    interlocked over head.                 lighted signs if emergency
                                                                                 Look for possible escape routes,
    Do not go outside until threat         power is operating.
                                                                                 such as windows and other
    has passed.                            Consider switching
If Outdoors:                               off/unplugging sensitive
                                                                                 Do not approach police officers.
    Try to seek shelter indoors            equipment.
                                                                                 Police officers will give you
    immediately.                           Evacuate.
    If unable, get to a low area such
                                         Suspicious Object                     Suspicious Person
    as a ditch or ravine or depression
    works well.                            Do not touch or disturb object.       Do not confront person.
    Lie flat in ditch or low area.         Call 911.                             Do not let anyone into locked
    Lie face down and cover your           Notify Faculty, staff or              building/office.
    head and face.                         supervisor.                           Do not block person’s access to
                                           Alert others to stay clear of the     an exit.
High Rise Building:
                                           area.                                 Call 911- Provide as much info
    In a high-rise building, go to a
                                           Evacuate area.                        about the person and directions
    small, interior room or hallway
                                                                                 of travel.
    with no windows.

UMass Amherst Emergency Management                                                        Revised 10/5/2009

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