accept (receive)                     birth (childbearing)
except (leave out)                   berth (place of rest)

access (approach)                    board (plank; food)
excess (too much)                    bored (drilled; uninterested)

adapt (change)                       born (given birth to)
adopt (choose)                       borne (carried)

advice (suggestion)                  break (smash, split)
advise (to recommend)                brake (stopping device)

affect (influence)                   canvas (fabric)
effect (result)                      canvass (examine)

aisle (space between rows)           capital (city; wealth)
advise (to recommend)                capitol (building)

allot (assign, distribute)           censor (prohibit)
a lot (a large amount)               sensor (measuring device)

already (previously)                 choose (to select)
all ready (completely prepared)      chose (past tense of choose)

allude (suggest)                     coarse (rough)
elude (escape)                       course (way, path)

allusion (suggestion)                complement (make complete)
illusion (deception)                 compliment (praise)

altar (church table)                 conscience (moral sense)
alter (change)                       conscious (aware)

altogether (entirely)                council (committee)
all together (completely prepared)   counsel (advice; adviser)

ascent (climb)                       cursor (computer marker)
assent (agree)                       curser (swearer)

always (at all times)                dairy (milk-producing farm)
all ways (all methods)               diary (daily book)

bare (uncovered)                     dessert (sweet food)
bear (carry; the animal)             desert (dry land)

bazaar (market)                      device (a mechanism)
bizarre (weird)                      devise (to arrange)
dissent (disagreement)                 hole (opening)
descent (movement downward)            whole (entire)

dual (having two parts)                holy (sacred)
duel (fight between two people)        wholly (entirely)

dye (color)                            human (of people)
die (perish)                           humane (merciful)

elicit (draw forth)                    immigrate (come in)
illicit (improper)                     emigrate (leave)

eminent (noteworthy)                   its (possessive of it)
imminent (impending)                   it’s (contraction of it is)

ensure (make certain)                  know (be aware)
insure (indemnify)                     no (negative, not yet)

envelope (noun)                        later (subsequently)
envelop (verb)                         latter (last thing mentioned)

everyday (ordinary)                    lead (metal)
every day (each day)                   led (guided)

exercise (activity)                    lesson (instruction)
exorcise (drive out)                   lessen (reduce)

fair (just)                            lightning (electric flash)
fare (food; fee)                       lightening (make less heavy)

faze (disturb)                         loose (not snug)
phase (stage)                          lose (to misplace, fail to win)

formerly (at an earlier time)          maybe (perhaps)
formally (according to a pattern)      may be (could be)

forth (forward)                        meat (food)
fourth (follows third)                 meet (encounter)

gorilla (ape)                          miner (excavator)
guerilla (fighter)                     minor (person under a given age)

hear (perceive)                        pair (two)
here (in this place)                   pear (fruit)
                                       pare (peel; reduce)
heard (perceived)
herd (group of animals)                passed (went by)
                                       past (an earlier time)
heroin (drug)
heroine (principle female character)   peace (absence of war)
                                       piece (part, portion)
peer (look; equal)                       tack (angle of approach)
pier (pillar)                            tact (sensitivity, diplomacy)

personal (private)                       taut (tight)
personnel (staff)                        taught (past of teach)

perspective (angle of view)              than (word of comparison)
prospective (in the future)              then (at that time)

plain (simple; flat land)                their (possessive of them)
plane (flat surface; smooth off)         there (in that place)
                                         they’re (contraction of they are)
pray (ask, implore)
prey (hunt down; what is hunted)         threw (past of throw)
                                         through (by way of)
principle (rule)
principal (chief, chief person; sum of   to (in the direction of)
        money)                           two (the number)
                                         too (also)
prophecy (noun)
prophesy (verb)                          waist (middle of torso)
                                         waste (squander)
quiet (silent)
quite (really, positively, very much)    weak (feeble)
                                         week (seven days)
rain (precipitation)
reign (rule)                             wear (carry on the body)
                                         where (in what place)
right (proper, entitlement)
rite (ceremony)                          weather (atmospheric conditions)
                                         whether (if, in case)
road (path)
rode (past of ride)                      which (what one)
                                         witch (sorceress)
scene (setting, stage setting)
seen (perceived)                         whose (possessive of who)
                                         who’s (contraction of who is)
sense (perception)
since (from that time)                   write (inscribe, record)
                                         wright (builder)
set (to put)                             right (correct)
sit (to be seated)
                                         your (possessive of you)
shone (past of shine)                    you’re (contraction of you are)
shown (displayed)

stationary (not moving)
stationery (writing paper)

straight (not curved)
strait (narrow place)

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