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									 A R T S A N D C U LT U R E

                          N EXCITING

FOR ART                            —interview with Dr Christine Gunn-Danforth

                                                the crowds – the lilies of the eld, the sow-
                                                er, the woman who lost a coin. Christians in
                                                the Arts can learn much from His methods
                                                of communication.
                                                     Our work can re ect and resonate to
                                                people our personal belief in the Creator
                                                God. I was appointed to the Congress team
                                                to help us embrace the Arts as part of the
                                                Church’s mission.

                                                TELL US ABOUT THE NEW ARTS
                                                AUCTION INITIATIVE IN MAY?
 Dr Christine Gunn-Danforth
                                                We are holding a silent auction in Cape

        r Christine Gunn-Danforth is the        Town to celebrate the Arts in the Global
        Arts Director for Cape Town 2010:       Church. We have commissioned a group
        The Third Lausanne Congress on          of world-renowned artists in many dif-         that’s where this began. Let me step side-
World Evangelisation, to take place 16-25       ferent genres – painting, ceramics and         ways for a moment, to explain what we
October. This Congress will draw 4 500          beading for example – to create pieces         could call a ‘Lausanne Movement value’.
evangelical leaders and in uencers from         for sale. They will be displayed on the        John Stott, the British pastor-theolo-
200 nations - leaders in the Church and in      ‘Current Issue’ page of the JOY! Magazine      gian who is Honorary Chairman of The
the professions – to seek God’s wisdom as       website If you would           Lausanne Movement, and who built its
we look at strategy for world evangelisation    like to make a bid, this is where to do it.    infrastructure, once described the move-
over the coming decade. We inteviewed           The auction will open on Saturday 22 May.      ment rather beautifully as ‘an exchange of
her with regards to this congress and the                                                      gifts.’
role that art plays in the Christian context.   WHY PROFILE AFRICAN ART?                            Christ gave gifts to His Church to share,
                                                All around the world, African peoples are      and each national church brings the gifts
HOW DO THE ARTS AND THE                         associated with the Arts. Our handcrafts,      it has received to share with others. Africa
GOSPEL GO TOGETHER?                             our music and singing, our stories. Per-       is host continent for this major event in the
The Lord Jesus used storytelling as a pow-      haps it is our oral cultures which have        life of the global Church, and this is one of
erful medium. He painted word pictures for      given Africans such a love for stories. So     the gifts we want to bring to the table.
                                                                    Ancient Mosaic of Jesus Christ found in the Basilica of San Marco in Venice, Italy

SO IT’S AN AFRICAN GIFT FOR                  bols speak with immediacy, and reso-               of lambs, pearls, bread, wine, doves –
THE GLOBAL CHURCH?                           nate values.                                       each holding a wealth of meaning. The
Yes, that’s right. I would love to think
we will see a Renaissance of story arts in
evangelism around the world. We have
                                               Christians in the Arts can learn much from Jesus’ meth-
used Art and Craft to tell Africa’s story      ods of story-telling communication. Our work can reflect
over many centuries – from hieroglyph-         and resonate to people our personal belief in God.
ics in Egypt to ceramics in South Africa.
These tell stories of people and they
create symbols which instantly commu-        TAKE US BACK AGAIN TO THE                          writers of Scripture established through
nicate a message.                            BIBLE’S USE OF STORY...                            stories, a Biblical framework of symbols.
    We use symbols today perhaps more        Jesus and the Ancient Old Testament                The Kingdom of God was explained and
than ever. Logos and branding are forms      writers spoke and wrote to a predomi-              often transcribed in pictures – on the
of art. Think of the golden arches of        nantly oral culture. Images were used              catacombs, and in the homes of the early
McDonalds and the Nike swoosh. Sym-          widely to explain truth. Think of the use          Christians celebrating their faith.       »
                                                                                                                                JOY ! MAGAZINE 37



 The Kiss of Judas, a Fresco painting by Giotto di Bondone

                                      This Wedgewood
                                                             lery. We trust these pieces will inspire the   branding, media and technology all give
                                      Anti Slave Cameo
                                         made by Josiah      Church globally through their creative         new wings to these means of declaring
                                       Wedgewood was         form.                                          God’s character and His message.
                                          adopted as an
                                                                 We will also have a lm festival. There
                                          symbol of the      are highly gifted Christians in lm. We         WHERE DID YOUR LOVE FOR
                                             abolition of    want to share some of the wonderful sto-       STORY ORIGINATE?
                                         slavery during
                                                             ries of how this medium has been used to       As a young girl I loved Jesus and I loved
                                      the 1700’s. It is an
                                         eample of how       bring home the message of the Gospel.          stories; and like most children I loved to
                                       cultural artifacts    We can all name major releases which           listen to stories of Jesus. The stories in
                                       are used as pow-
                                                             have communicated the truth of the Gos-        my ‘Children’s Bible Storybook’ were il-
                                      erful symbols and
                                         prophetic tools
                                       to communicate
                                                injustice      Jesus and the Ancient Old Testament writers spoke and
                                                               wrote to a predominantly oral culture. Images were used
This was frequently done using a story-
board of pictures of the prophet Jonah, the
                                                               widely to explain truth and symbols used extensively.
shepherd, the ICTHUS sh symbol, and the
dove as the symbol of reconciliation and                     pel like ‘Chariots of Fire’ and ‘The Passion   lustrated with paintings from Biblical
peace. These were used long before the                       of the Christ’, but there are also deeply      days. While my mom or dad read the
cross became the central Christian symbol.                   inspiring stories of modest lms carried        story, I was looking at these paintings.
                                                             around in vans and shown on small pro-         So from when I was very young, the Bi-
HOW WILL THE CONGRESS SHOW                                   jectors to audiences in rural communities      ble came alive in images from the an-
CASE ART AS STORYTELLING?                                    across Africa and Asia.                        cient world, and connected seamlessly
The commissioned pieces to be auc-                               At the Congress we want to share in        with my life.
tioned will each have a story to tell. Af-                   the gifts God has given in all forms of art
ter the auction they will be on display by                   – including painting, craft and the per-       HOW DOES THIS RELATE TO
appointment at the Ellermen House gal-                       forming arts. We’ll also be looking at how     YOUR WORK IN TV AND FILM?
A ceramic piece by Zeblon Msele of Ardmore Ceramic Art (a South-African company)                                A religious painting by South African Christian artist, Portchie

  The Creation of Adam is a section of Michelangelo’s fresco Sistine Chapel ceiling painted circa 1511

Before coming to serve on the Lausanne                           low script developers who are Christians.     and my father is English-speaking. My
Congress team as Arts Director, I spent 14                       Symbolic frameworks and artistic render-      family moved to New York when I was
years looking at the connection between                          ing occur in abundance in the ancient         ten years old, where I learned American
Biblical stories and Hollywood stories. I                        writings of the Bible. They have set a pat-   English for two years before I returned to
found the ancient little book of Jonah a                         tern for us to embrace, I call this pattern   complete my schooling in South Africa.
key. Here was good storytelling - artisti-                       of story-telling art ‘JONAHRE’. (Jonah Of-    I now live in Chicago with my American
cally written, with hyperbole, images, hu-                       fers New Artistic Hope Reforming Enter-       husband and children.
mour and irony. (I am talking here about                         tainment/Evangelism).                              Jesus is the One in whom everything
the writer’s means of relating history – I                                                                     holds together. He unites the diversities
am not suggesting it was only a story.)                          YOU HAVE SPENT MANY YEARS                     of cultures through the transformation of
    This same craft was being mimicked                           IN THE USA. TELL US ABOUT                     our hearts. In Him we can truly live in uni-
in Hollywood. I talked about it with                             YOUR SOUTH AFRICAN ROOTS                      ty. This unity in Him is multi-coloured and
friends in Hollywood; with the Director of                       I grew up in South Africa, speaking mainly    very rich, drawing together all peoples,
the Writers Guild of America; and with fel-                      Afrikaans. My mom is Afrikaans-speaking       including Jew and Gentile, Hutu and Tutsi,                          »
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       A R T S A N D C U LT U R E



                                                                         Above Left and Far Right: Catacomb images of the earliest Christian art dating 250AD

                                                                        black, white and coloured. It is this vision             now. But let me give you just one glimpse:
                                                                        of reconciliation in Christ and speci cally              I spoke with Porchie shortly before this in-
                                                                        of reconciliation to God through Christ (2               terview, an African artist whose painting
                                                                        Cor 5:19) which drives my passion. Telling               will show how we should give to the Lord
                                                                        this story through the arts is what we want              with joy, with open and generous hearts.
                                                                        to see explode around the world.                         His painting depicts a boy on a bicycle,
                                                                                                                                 carrying a chicken.
                                                                        DO YOU THINK THE STORYTELL                                   It is easy to give out of abundance
                                                                        ING ARTS CAN BE SPIRIT FILLED?                           but not easy giving out of need. This is a
                                                                        If we critique injustice in the world through            poor boy. He has perhaps three chickens;
                                                                        our art, we can communicate that critique                and with so few, he knows each of them
                                                                        prophetically. Paintings can also inspire                by name. Giving one of these chickens is

                                                                          It is with great anticipation that we profile the arts
                                                                          pieces being commissioned for the auction as they will
                                                                          showcase a Biblical Renaissance from Africa.
‘Jonah and the Whale’ by Bonnie Ntshalintshali of Ardmore Ceramic Art

                                                                        their viewers to a new vision. Through our               costly, truly a gift from the heart. Porchie’s
                                                                        prophetic imagination, art can communi-                  painting is a metaphor of how we each
                                                                        cate with Spirit- lled e ectiveness; it can              must give. Through declaring the work of
                                                                        still bear witness to Biblical Truth in life and         the Holy Spirit in the life of this boy (for a
                                                                        culture in a compelling way. This is the mis-            generous spirit is a Grace, a gift from God),
                                                                        sion of ‘JONAHRE’ art and lm.                            Porchie is bringing a story to bless the wid-
                                                                                                                                 er Church. I encourage readers to look at
                                                                        WHO WILL CREATE THE PIECES                               our website to see other painters who are
                                                                        FOR THE AUCTION?                                         giving their work for the auction.
                                                                        We are very honoured to have a piece
                                                                        from Ardmore, an African ceramic collect-                WHAT WILL HAPPEN WITH THE
                                                                        ible sold internationally by Christy’s and               PROCEEDS RAISED?
                                                                        Sotheby’s. We will unveil the other artists              The funds raised through the art auc-
                                                                        over the next few weeks on the JOY! Mag-                 tion will be divided between support-
                                                                        azine website and the ‘JONAHRE’ website,                 ing a social concern (e.g. nature conser-
‘The Annunciation’ by Petros Gumbi of Ardmore Ceramic Art               and don’t want to give too much away                     vation, HIV, needy women and children
                                                                    The Management Board is calling for
                                                                      applications for the position of:
                                                                             Applicants are required to go to
                                                             and complete the
                                                                     online application with all required information.
                                                                    Applications will close on 31        May 2010
                                                                    The King’s School Robinhills is a co-educational Chris-
                                                                    tian school for 750 learners from pre-primary to matric
                                                                    in the Johannesburg area. The school has a reputation
                                                                    for offering quality Christian education with high aca-
in Africa) and furthering arts initiatives through the global
Church. It is with great anticipation that these arts pieces are
                                                                    demic standards and an emphasis on the development
being commissioned for showcasing a Biblical Renaissance            of the whole child. More information about the school is
from Africa. These art pieces representing storytelling from        available at
Africa from some of the best South African artists will be un-
veiled in the next Biblical Renaissance JOY! articles and we
invite all readers to participate in the auction online in the
next three months.

With the funds raised, 50% of each piece raised will benefit
compassion ministries of global concern and the remainder
50% of the funding will benefit the Renaissance of storytell-
ing arts in the Global Church. The auction bidding will start
on May 22. Please go to or www.jonahre.
com to learn more. The patrons of such storytelling arts
pieces will be using these pieces to bring expression to the
Biblical Truth in picture forms and be eligible to be invited as
guests to Ellerman House and Contemporary Gallery to see
the pieces in person.
    The celebratory function
will be held to complete the
auction bidding as a silent
auction held at the spectacu-
lar Ellerman House and Con-
temporary Gallery in Cape
Town where the pieces will be
on display as graciously spon-
sored by owner and arts pa-
tron, Mr Paul Harris. 

the author of ‘Transforming Culture’ pic-
tured right. For more info regarding the
auction see: or email                               Tel: 011 792 1420/1/2/3 • Fax: 011 792 4539                                                    Email:
                                                                   For admissions enquiries:
   A R T S A N D C U LT U R E

R      Renaissance

                                                         t’s been said that the Renaissance “…could
                                                         not have become a real movement in-
                                                         volving a whole society until that society
                                                      had a positive need to learn about the clas-
                                                                                                            —by Dr Christine Gunn-Danforth

                                                                                                         Africa. The pieces will bring a message
                                                                                                         through Biblical storytelling art for the glo-
                                                                                                         bal Church and for society from Africa. Two
                                                                                                         such artists commissioned include Stellen-
                                                      sical past.” Today in the 21st Century, we are     bosch based painter and sculptor, Portchie
                                                      closer to First Century oral culture than at       and American painter, Hyatt Moore.
                                                      any time before. World wide, the media age
                                                      has made us prefer to learn through story          Is Portchie your birth name?
                                                      like the earliest church who portrayed their       No. Actually it dates back to high school
                                                      faith in Bible picture storyboards on the          where as soon as it became known that I
                                                      walls of the catacombs in 250AD.                   came from a family of vegetable growers
                                                           This is how the testimony of the Chris-       and merchants, I was nick-named ‘Portu-
                                                      tian faith was rst communicated pictur-            guese’ later shortened to Portchie.
                                                      ing the Bible stories. The Arise Auction has
                                                      commissioned art pieces as commemora-              Did you intend a career in art?
                                                      tive pieces from world renowned artists            I drew pictures from early on but never
                                                      to inspire a new Biblical Renaissance from         thought of it as a profession. I rst worked

The Church and clock (1800 x 585). Christian themes   Hyatt Moore adding the nishing touches to ‘Her Eyes on The Cross’. You will notice the cross in her
often feature in Portchie’s art                       pupils. This piece is being auctioned at the Arise Auction.
in business as a transport economist and
then transitioned into art at age 27. Now
I travel extensively and gather universal
story themes and paint with images that
celebrate life.

The white-steepled church is
a characteristic image in many
of your paintings. How far back
does your connection with the
church go?                                     Above: Portchie’s latest piece, to be auctioned at the Arise Auction. Above left: a bronze sculpture
I was raised in the church but it was only     by Portchie
when I was 16 that my faith became part        Your commissioned auc-
of me. In university I went on missions        tion painting features a
trips to build churches in the Transkei that   fence made up of cross-
I now often depict in my paintings. The        es. What is the signi -
painting of people bringing their chick-       cance of this addition?
ens to the church is my re ection on giv-      The fence is made up of poles with
ing from the heart. Each day I re ect on its   crosses that envelop the boy and
message as it speaks about how we must         the gift he is bringing. As I painted
bring our gift to the church. It is more       this soon after Easter, this addi-

  “At certain times I find myself in different roles in the
  painting – I am the person in the church; I am the
  giver and at times the receiver of the gift.” - Portchie

than bringing nances which is often a          tion resonates with the reason for
Western perception of giving. It is rather     the boy’s gift - the signi cance of
the gift that costs you personally.            the Cross that has out given us all
    I think of the Biblical story of the       and from which ows our grati-
widow giving her last coin to the Tem-         tude in giving sacri cially.
ple and the sacri ce of Jesus, the Son as
the greatest gift God gave us. The image       Is your art a form of story
of the boy giving one of his three chick-      telling?
ens is impactful because he likely knows       Painting is a story without words
them each by name.                             – you create your own words       »
                                                                                         Self portrait - Portchie
                                                                                                                              JOY ! MAGAZINE 49

R  Renaissance

and because of that everyone adds their
words until the story becomes their own.
I nd myself at di erent times in di erent
roles in the painting – at times I am the
                                                  He became a composite of all the colours
                                                  on the brush as I walked to and fro com-
                                                  pleting the painting. This in itself has a
                                                  message of incredible meaning that adds
person sitting in the church at other times I     to this painting’s story which I often share
am the giver and also at times the receiver       with audiences at speaking engagements.                                             Hyatt Moore
                                                                                                      Copyright,, used by permission
of the gift.
                                                  What inspires you to paint?                        Is painting a form of storytelling
Hyatt, You’re an internationally                  I paint many things but I love painting peo-       with a message?
recognised artist, how did you                    ple as God’s highest creation. My paintings        Actually, it’s the moment that a painting
start out?                                        of ethnic people introduce the viewer to           captures. The larger story might be some-
I began painting in 1998 when, waiting at         another world that they might not other-           thing immediately obvious or need ex-
a stop light, I saw a painting and thought        wise know or appreciate. Many are those            plaining. Most viewers see these paintings
to myself “I can do that.” I was still with       whom I had contact with while serving              as people of interest and possibly beauty
Wycliffe Bible Translators USA, a 32 year-        with Wycli e. Among my latest are some             and dignity. Christians will see that and
career with five years as president.              monumental faces beginning with ‘Her               more - as individuals representing peo-
                                                                                                     ple of high value and for whom God also
                                                                                                     cares. At least I’m grateful when the paint-
  “I love painting people as God’s highest creation. My paint-                                       ings convey that message.
  ings of ethnic people introduce the viewer to another
                                                                                                     We invite the JOY! readers and
  world that they might not otherwise know.” - Hyatt Moore                                           Christian businesses to partici-
                                                                                                     pate in the auction process and
Tell us about your unique ren-                    Eyes on the Cross’. It’s a 6ft by 8ft oil paint-   to nd out more about the art
dition of Da Vinci’s Last Supper                  ing depicting a young girl from Cameroon           pieces...
- ‘The Last Supper with Twelve                    with her eyes xed on the Cross as visible          The art in this article are available for bidding
Tribes’.                                          in her pupils.                                     and will bene t compassion ministries in Af-
This was a painting I did as a mural for a            This piece (featured on the opening            rica and Arts initiatives in the global Church.
backdrop at a booth displaying art for my         page before) is being auctioned at the             Portchie is also printing 50 signed canvas
wife. It was as I walked back and forth be-       Arise Auction and is one that I feel has sig-      prints of the original available to readers
tween painting the twelve tribal people           ni cant depth. Paintings are like poetry,          for purchase at R2 500 ex postage. To learn
that I added the colour to Jesus’ face and        with meaning at multiple levels.                   more please go to 
The Last Supper with Twelve Tribes: Hyatt Moore


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