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Further Information:

1973: (Age 18): My husband disappeared when our child was born (mainly) because we had
nowhere to live. The Local Authority labelled me ‘intentionally homeless’ when my
(“wealthy,” acrimoniously divorced), parents refused to pay for a room in a Bed & Breakfast
hotel, provided by the Homeless Family Unit.

For the next 15 years, my child and I, were forced to move more than 250 times from
inadequate, temporary, private accommodation in 3 UK cities. I was unable to find and
secure decent housing because subsequent Local Authority investigations into my
circumstances concluded that I was ‘intentionally homeless’ due to that incorrect label.

1988: I was still homeless. I was walking the streets and almost dead, when a squatter, who
I did not know, kindly offered me a room in a big, semi-derelict house in Stamford Hill, north
London, used as the local squatters HQ. The floor-boards were rotten, there was a large pile
of rubble and soot on the floor where a fireplace had once been. There was no electricity
supply. But this was preferable to being outside and unsheltered in the middle of winter. I
gratefully accepted the very kind offer. There was a (clean!) mattress on the floor. I just
wanted to collapse and die - but not in the gutter.

When I opened my eyes again, 5, maybe 6 days later, it was twilight - the room had a weird
orange glow due to the street light. I was surprised to see a small group of squatters huddled
cross-legged on the floor on the other side of the room, quietly chatting. To be polite (even
though I am shy), I got up and went to sit with them. I smoke roll-ups, so when I looked down,
I wasn’t surprised to see I was holding a 'Lucky Strike' match box in my hand. But there
was only one match left inside. Not wanting to waste this match, to help overcome my
embarrassment, I stared at the box for ages, then I started carefully taking it apart, and
putting it back together again, using different configurations.
Pictures formed in my mind. Because I had trained as a fashion designer, specialising in
Trend-forecasting, I realised I was visualising something! So I sat very still and
concentrated - until clear images formed. I studied those images. And then I started

The squatters quickly turned their eyes towards me as if I had gone crazy. So I told them
what I had just been thinking about. They listened attentively to my explanation concerning
how life could be one day (see: Project it / Study a Box). When I had finished speaking,
they just looked enquiringly at each other, and then they each indicated their approval, by
nodding their head!

"Do it for people like us,” one of them said. "Nobody is going to rescue us…"

Our eyes met. Their faces spoke a thousand words… They were young (aged approx. 18 –
20 years), yet they looked worldly-wise and so… beautiful. I looked at our dirty jeans - our
holey jumpers, the skin on their arms- smeared with grime.

I did not know any of these kids, but something happened to me in that room… Call it love,
or empathy. I don’t know exactly what it was, but I was over-whelmed by the deepest
emotion I have ever felt! I made a solemn oath. I told them I would do everything I could, to
help people like them.

A few weeks later, I received news that a chance meeting with a solicitor a few months
previously, had enabled me to overcome my ‘intentionally homeless’ label.

1989: My child and I were “re-housed.” We moved into a flat, in London… but I did not feel
any joy or contentment. My experience of being Homeless for over 15 years had hurt me
too deeply to allow me to ‘just forget it.’

I had made a commitment to those who are still suffering, and I fully intend to honour it.
                                                                                                 PROGRESS REPORT

                                                            He said: “You obviously haven’t considered road
PROGRESS REPORT:                                            widths.” He sighed heavily.
                                                            “Sizes could vary” I mumbled.
1989: “THE YEAR OF INVENTION”:                              He looked at it again. “It’s too complicated to
                  Toshiba      held      a                  patent” he said decisively.
                  competition to find the
                  best invention.                           (What did they say to the inventor of the
                  I could not enter it                      submarine? They told Alexander Bell, the
                  because I was not                         inventor of the telephone, that talking down
                  under-25 years of age.                    2-wires would never work. They said the flying
                                                            machine would never work. Running the
                        (Picture: The LOGO used to          4-minute mile was said to be ‘an impossible
                        advertise the competition).         dream’ but more than 700 athletes have now
                                                            done this…)
                          August 1989: I took the
idea to LENTA (the London Enterprise Agency).               (“Human progress is about overturning
I explained I had designed a shelter to help the            accepted ideas. People were content to light
Homeless. I was advised to get a Confidentiality            their homes with oil lamps until Edison came
Agreement signed before any disclosure to a                 along…”)
possible manufacturer.
(I also tried 3 other ‘enterprise’ agencies, none of        Mr. Clifford said: “I’ll tell you something about
whom helped me).                                            patent.” He picked up a heavy bundle of folders
                                                            stuffed full of papers. “Look,” he said “This is a
August 1989: I went to a Patent Agent (a firm               German Patent application. This is an American
called Mark & Clarke, in Holborn, London).                  application. This is the British. All these
                                                            applications are for the re-design of a handy little
                                                            metal pipe cutter for the DIY market. Notice how
                                                            the drawings are all slightly different? See how
                                                            this clever British chap has worked out how to
                                                            alter the mechanism, by simply putting in this tiny
                                                            wheel just here, so the cutter will operate slightly
                                                            more efficiently? Now, if you had invented a way
                                                            to make an even better type of metal pipe cutter,
                                                            I could help you.”

                                                            Mr. Clifford concluded, by saying: “I don’t
(Picture: The mess of Building works outside the            want to waste your money. Patent applications
              Patent Agent’s office).                       go on for years and years. I suppose it is rather
                                                            a fashionable item… I suggest you Copyright
(“You can’t invent a design. You can recognise it,          it.”
that is, with your blood, and bones, and eyes.”)
                                                            I felt despondent- rejected.
Mr. Alan Clifford looked at my design for the               Will The Response Always Be:           "We don't
basic module. He smiled. (Did he recognise it?              waste pearls on swine" ?
Had he seen something like it before? I don’t
know). He seemed to like it! He tried to sketch it          But afterwards, when I thought about what he
in his notepad several times- unsuccessfully.               had said, I realised he was saying:
Then he suddenly snapped, saying: “How wide                 No Such Thing Could Be Patented.
is it? How high is it? Will it fit on roads? I bet
you haven’t of that!”                                       I then realised Patent would be inappropriate.
I said: “It’s like a tube-train” (Thinking: “It’s as        The whole point of Patenting is to limit
broad as it is long?” It could be a foot or so wider,       production to only licensed manufacturers.
a bit shorter; it needs more head-room for                  Patent would defeat my desire that as many
comfort; it would of course have the upstairs               people as humanly possible get involved
deck- as much space inside as a double-decker               with the production of Modules.
bus. It’d be great if its size does not have to be          I decided to follow Mr. Clifford’s kind advice. He’s
restricted to road widths. It’s a sort of the               the expert.
middle-of-the-road thing!)

(“I’ll pay the price and risk my reputation on a          retail outlets (High Street stores & a Mail Order
hunch.”)                                                  catalogue). He offers customers 0% finance.
1/9/1989: ‘Project it’ was Copyright protected            (“His Habitat stores made their name by selling
at Stationers Hall, in London (Registration               trendy, well designed household items to young
Number B9/91834373). (The date of its                     couples…”) Sir Terence has so many contacts!
conception was: 18/6/1989).                               A quick chat on the golf course and it could be
                                                          done! A trusted employee could “just see to it.”
I did this to verify the date of its conception and
my ownership of the design – and to prevent it            I needed to ask him if he could work out the best
being Patented by anybody else. (Some                     interlocking technique i.e. “Could you please
unscrupulous companies actually use patent                use your knowledge of Joinery - your carpentry
to stop good inventions coming onto the                   skills… in the quest for something better…” i.e.
market).                                                  How should these be shaped? I know they are
I Hereby Give My Permission: If you like the              molded…
idea of Modules, please feel free to produce              July 1989: To affect a meeting, I sent Sir
this kind of Module, without payment to me.               Terence “an intriguing letter.”
                                                          (Not written by me! But by a friend - a journalist).
I took the idea to SHELL UK (see: Modern                  The gist of that letter was: “Would you spend 2
Building Materials).                                      minutes listening to a caveman who has
                                                          invented bricks without straw?”
I wrote to David Gilmour (of Pink Floyd fame)
(their songs impart a genuine desire to help                        THE HIDDEN MEANING:
the needy). I was granted an interview, but when            “Are you the WISE man of the woods?”
I arrived David was not there! His manager-                 “… ready or not, I’ll give you this world.
Steve O'Rourke, greeted me. I was dismayed                      Nothing could disturb its peace,
(and shocked by the ton of gold round his neck).          give you everything you are looking for, and
I explained my mission: “I’ve designed                                   even more…”
something to help the Homeless. I need some
help getting it off the ground.”                          The timing seems very appropriate to me.
Mr. O’Rourke laughed, and asked me: "How                  Everybody is saying: “Go for it!”
much money do you need? £1 million?” Then,                (but no-one is specifying what ‘it’ is!)
without stopping for breath, he said: “How are we
going to tell people about it?"                           There is no guarantee that any manufacturer
                                                          taking up the idea, will use the idea to provide
My immediate thoughts were: Why TELL                      affordable products- there’s always the very
people about it? Just make it ASAP!                       real risk a manufacturer will push the price
But before I could say a single word, 2 seconds           up to make excessive profits so the product
later, I was manoeuvred out of the door and put           becomes something only the wealthy can
out onto the street.                                      buy.
I wrote to David again.
The response: I was given permission to use               Modules MUST be AFFORDABLE for those
the words from one of Pink Floyd’s songs to help          who need a STARTER Home…
promote Project it:
"… NO MORE TURNING AWAY FROM THE                          In a bid to overcome this, I felt it was necessary
WEARY AND THE DOWN-TRODDEN, AND                           to set Sir Terence a simple test. Prior to our
THE WORDS THEY SAY..."                                    meeting, I asked him to provide me with a
                                                          blackboard (to assist me with the presentation of
I took the idea to SIR TERENCE CONRAN                     the design), and give me a bowl of lemon
because he is someone I greatly admire. As a              mousse (my favourite dessert i.e. to reward me
fledgling designer, naturally I sought the opinion        for safely delivering it into safe, capable
of “a design guru.”                                       altruistic, caring hands. That is my task as I
I wanted Sir Terence, who is widely respected,            perceive it). If these items were provided, I would
to champion it.                                           take this as reassurance of his good faith. And
People would listen to him. Just think what could         tell him everything I knew.
be achieved if he pioneered Modular Living!
                                                          September 1989: Sir Terence granted me an
He has what I lack i.e. access to the best design         interview.
studios, CAD / CAM, a host of manufacturers,

                                                                                              PROGRESS REPORT

On arrival at his offices (in Docklands), his            I only want to DESIGN!
secretary said: “He’ll see you for 15 minutes.”          I know I am being a baby but… WAH! I DON’T
Uh Oh! The requested items were not                      WANT TO BE CRUCIFIED!
provided.                                                (“It’s a thorny old problem.” “Some are born to
                                                         it. Some are chosen.”
Surprisingly, we enjoyed an instant rapport... Sir       “You make your choices and you have to live
Terence was welcoming, friendly! Sincere? Not            with them.”)
at all austere. I gave him a copy of my
(hand-drawn) design for the basic module. He             What chance would I have? I had to leave school
glanced at it very quickly, smiling (knowingly?)         at 14! I wouldn’t get a beep in.
Then he pushed my design aside!
He sat back in his chair, and began to talk. He          Only one female Architect managed to speak
said     he    had    designed     a     portable        out- she tried to interject some basic sense into
accommodation         shelter    several    years        the indifferent debate- by advocating the
previously, after hearing that poor people were          planting of trees to save people the £20,000
‘living’ inside his discarded wooden packing             fees paid to landscape architects- who
crates in the Middle East. He said his idea had          invariably use concrete paving to cover the
not worked. Why? He did not elaborate. (I                ground whilst planting poisonous berry bushes.
suspect these had been made using the recycled           She was silenced by an extremely pompous,
wood).                                                   older male architect.
                                                         ATTITUDE: “We know it all.” Ah! I just wonder.
Then he said: “You are not the first! They               Would they KNOW HOW to Make BASIC
started talking about the need for affordable            MODULES ?
homes in the 16th Century.” (Oh! Only that
long ago?)                                               Sir Terence, still lecturing me, then
(Surely this nightmare has been going on for             congratulated me for the work I have done on it,
1,000’s of years! Since man lived in caves,              and said I am to be applauded! DOUBLE
man has wanted to find a better way! We                  HORRORS! “Fame is the food dead men eat.” I
NOW have the opportunity to achieve the                  have been a recluse for many years because I
very thing man has always desired).                      prefer peace. I am not a front man!

Sir Terence reeled off names of ‘famous’ authors         We briefly discussed ‘Vulture Culture’ i.e. about
who have apparently written books on the                 how the market is controlled…
subject, none of whom I had heard of. (“He’s full
of it, but he knows his stuff.”)                         EG. UK shops are stocked with tons of clothes
Then, he started talking about Prince Charles!           etc., all made from Polyester derived from oil.
He referred to His Royal Highness as: “… the             What a waste of resin!
champion of affordable homes.”                           (“The man that invents a way to recycle fibres
Panic gripped me. I felt as though I was                 from clothes will make a fortune!”)
drowning! Prince Charles is a staunch supporter
of traditional architecture- he loathes ugly             Sir Terence then said: “You’ve got to go where
‘modern’ architecture.                                   the money is.” He suddenly looked tired, sad
(The Architects debate was in full swing when I          and defeated. I knew then ‘the money-men’ had
met Sir Terence).                                        got to him. With mounting dismay, I realised I
(Sir Terence did not know I had already written to       was too late to persuade Sir Terence to follow
Prince Charles who, charmingly? had not                  his heart and stay with his love of DESIGN.
replied).                                                (I did not know Sir Terence was heavily involved
                                                         with Docklands) (see: Docklands).
To quickly change the direction of this
conversation, I made a snipey comment about              Sir Terence talked, and talked! And I am
how the architect’s debate is getting us nowhere.        ashamed to admit- that I fell asleep! (Or did I fall
Sir Terence laughed! And then he said I “would           into a coma, suffering paralysis?) (The sun was
be a good person to take on the architects”!             glaring in through all the glass windows. I had not
HORRORS.                                                 slept the night before due to a crisis... I had met
                                                         Steve O’ Rourke in the morning, and to pass the
WAH! I don’t want to take anybody on!                    time before this appointment, I had made the
I only want this kind of Module to be made               error of drinking ½ a glass of wine, instead of

eating at lunch-time - I can’t drink alcohol-            “The popular use of Hard Wood for DIY.” How
alcohol always makes me sleepy…)                         ironic. I had designed it to provide an
The next thing I can recall was his secretary            ALTERNATIVE so that RAINFORESTS need
coming in to complain: “You have spent an                no longer be cut down.
hour chatting. Other people are waiting to see
you…”                                                    (How many TONS of wood are rubbished
I felt heavy-headed. I looked anxiously at Sir           from failed DIY projects?)
Terence. He smiled at me! I inwardly cursed my           Once the DIY book went on sale, I felt Sir
extreme stupidity. I had wasted this precious            Terence would not be able to credibly champion
time! I had not managed to ask a single question!        it. I sat up all night soul-searching. Sadly, and
WE HAD NOT DISCUSSED MODULAR                             reluctantly, the next morning I returned “his” DIY
DESIGN!                                                  book, praying Sir Terence would agree with my
                                                         comments and change his mind about releasing
Sir Terence walked me to the door. I was ½ way           the DIY book with his name on it.
through the door when he promised he would
“seriously consider” my project. I sensed I              DESIGN REJECTED:
was saying good-bye to a great man, but one              2 days later, Sir Terence Conran sent me a
who was probably just as confused as I was- but          short letter rejecting Project it.
we were on opposite ends of the spectrum. I              He returned my model (broken- not surprisingly),
wanted so much to help him… but all I had                but my design drawings were not returned.
managed to do was to give him some drawings,             I wrote back to protest.
without complete specifications, plus a pathetic         I then received another letter, dated 13/9/1989
model I had made- using unfired clay (which              (and eventually, my drawings).
looked more like Fred Flintstone’s house). (I also
left behind some small objects I had made to             Amalgamating his letters, this is what Sir
demonstrate the difficulty I was having with the         Terence wrote:
interlocking technique (without any explanation          “Dear Gillian,
as to what these were, he must have thought I            … Life has been particularly busy and stressful.
was mad? Why didn’t he ask me?)                          I can assure you that many, many people have
                                                         dreamed like you of the mass-produced house
God! How many times have I wanted a proper               and innumerable ideas have been produced
model of a Module to instantly demonstrate               from the likes of Buckmaster Fuller to Charles
what I am trying to describe? All done to scale          Emmes. Nobody could be anything but
etc. A matchbox toy!                                     impressed by your ingenuity and enthusiasm,
Sir Terence then told me he was launching a              but I am afraid your project has 3 insuperable
book to promote Hard-wood for DIY projects.              problems:
He insisted on giving me a complimentary copy
(even though I tried to decline the offer because        1. Planning and zoning permissions and
the book was too heavy for me to carry without a         building regulations;
real struggle). He told me 10,000 copies of his          2. Cost of land; and
book were at the printers awaiting distribution.         3. Cost of infrastructure i.e. roads, drainage,
                                                         water, gas, electricity, plus telecom supply.
That night, despite lacking sleep (and food) I           Also the financial institutions are unwilling to lend
studied the DIY book. The book had a long list of        on anything unconventional, however cheap.
contributors. There were so many bad designs,            The other problem to be faced is the cost of a
I wanted to cry. These people had achieved a             conventional brick-built house is probably
“career” but I am (still) unemployed. Frustration        cheaper at this time than any other form of
welled up inside me. Without thinking, I scrawled        construction.
comments on “his” DIY book alongside the                 I remain convinced the answer to the
offending illustrations. EG. No! A child could           conundrum that you pose is the mobile home
fall through this ‘banister!’ No! Ceramic tiles          or common caravan.
on a bathroom floor are slippery! This was very          This is cheap, mobile and gives people a start in
unprofessional of me but then, I am not a                the place they want to be. Certainly not ideal,
professional. All these ‘experts’ ‘at the top,’          but it could be a lot better with some of your
LACKING attention to detail! Attention to                ideas implanted.
detail is so important!                                  I am not a defeatist but I am experienced realist.
                                                         Although I know you will be disappointed and

                                                                                                  PROGRESS REPORT

probably wont agree with the problems that I                          Bricks are cheaper? Because of the
identify.                                                             HIGH cost of BRICK-built houses,
I do hope we might be able to use your talents in                     people need an AFFORDABLE
the future in some way. Conran Roche is                               ALTERNATIVE. The materials and
considering a future involvement in Social                            labour would cost  ? far less…
Housing but probably more from refurbishment                    4. What is the best way forward? Your
and rehabilitating aspect than by new buildings.                   answer is: “a MOBILE home i.e. “…the
                                                                   common caravan.” (see Chapter 2). Are you
I am sure your passion could be used to see                        sure? OK. Try moving 250,000
that our architects and planners think like                        caravans, then get back to me, OK? WAH!
human beings. I am returning all your material. I                  it is a mobile home!
am not really used to signing legalistic
documents when somebody brings me a project                   Conundrum (means: “… a riddle, hard or
to look at, but let me assure you I will not exploit          puzzling question.”)
any of your ideas for low cost housing and I will             The conundrum begging an answer is:
certainly not pass on any of your ideas to                    What will move it?
third parties. Let me also tell you I remain an
enthusiast for the idea of low cost housing.                  Did he understand it? Did Sir Terence think it
Best of luck, Yours sincerely, Sir Terence                    was a structure made of wood or metal?
Conran.”                                                      Don’t we need more variety?
                                                              “Variety is the spice of life.”
                                                                     “SOME WILL TAKE AN ETERNITY
“Something went wrong in our communication                                    TO BELIEVE
but that doesn’t mean I should give up!” “This is                  it LENDS ITSELF TO EVERYTHING.”
not going to be the end of it, this I know. He’s a
nice bloke but…”                                              (“This bird aint lost its song.”)
Project it was rejected for invalid reasons.
                                                              For a world-class Designer not to be willing to
“YOU KNOW, it DOES DESERVE A SECOND                           break with convention… there must be
CHANCE.”                                                      something very wrong going on.
(“Most people don’t get a second chance to start
over.”)                                                       (A few months after Sir Terence wrote to me, the
“Couldn’t we, just for the record, go through it              following news story was released:
again?”                                                       “CHIEF QUITS: The founder of STOREHOUSE
                                                              PLC, millionaire designer, Sir Terence Conran, is
(I am sorry Sir, if this upsets you. It isn’t meant to.       to take a back seat. Although still chairman, he
I’m just trying to make it work).                             has not been involved in running the company
“Oh, see the light!”                                          for 6 months. ½ year profits for the group have
 “Let’s get it straight. End the confusion.”                  fallen from £23 million to £9 million. Habitat is
                                                              £2.5 million in the red… Storehouse could
 Insuperable (means:          “…    impossible      to        actually be £500,000 in the red… Last night Sir
overcome…”) ?                                                 Terence said: ‘He had planned to retire- it seems
                                                              an     appropriate    time     to    reduce     my
  1. UK Planning Permission rules do not ban                  responsibilities’…”)     (Sir     Terence     then
     Modular constructions.                                   concentrated on restaurants, recommending, I
        Building Regulations (see Chapter 3).                 believe, chips cooked in horse’s fat. Yuk).
  2. it   does NOT require traditional
     infrastructure, or connection to the                     To my complete surprise, on 27/11/1989, the
     National Grid. Hasn’t he heard of mobile                 executive director of The Design Museum
     phones?      it   would      provide     an              (set-up by Sir Terence Conran), then wrote to
     ALTERNATIVE to having crumbling                          me:
     infrastructure + do away with all the                    “Dear Gillian,
     problems associated with conventional                    Sir Terence Conran asked me to look at your
     power (see Chapter 6).                                   proposals. Let me say at the very beginning that
  3. Councils used to offer folks 100%                        I applaud your energy and initiative. I have been
     mortgages…                                               very interested in low cost housing since the
                                                              beginning of my career. I also have this

messianic thing about new materials and                          Project it was ostracised unjustly. "Hell hath
systems. Personally, I can think of very little                  no fury like a woman scorned?"
that is more important in the public domain.                     NO it has nothing to do with revenge. The sad
One of the projects I am considering for the next                truth of this matter is that it should be HELPING
few years is to build a house of the future,’                    PEOPLE, and SAVING LIVES NOW!
partly in response to the Prince of Wales
challenge to architects. If I succeed in getting                 Why isn't it? That is what really matters.
sponsorship, I would certainly like to talk to you
about your ideas. In the meantime, best of luck!                 Most people would have given up after such a
With best wishes, Stephen Bayley.”                               stony response, but there was something inside
(Mr Bayley then left the Design Museum and                       me that would not give up. Yes, I was hurt, but
set-up his own design company called IQ. He                      not completely broken. Whilst other people
then went on to become The Creative Director                     cleverly avoid the issue, manipulating the
of London’s Millennium ‘Dome.’)                                  GENERAL situation to make money out of all
                                                                 the misery and suffering, because of all the
                                                                 troubles I endured (caused by people not
                                                                 behaving honourably), I can’t push it to one
                                                                 side and pretend it doesn’t mean anything! I
                                                                 tried to convince myself that it just isn’t meant
                                                                 to be. But I simply do not believe that. Despite all
                                                                 the put-downs, I still have the utmost confidence
                                                                 and faith in it.

                                                                 I had designed it but even I didn’t fully
                                                                 understand it! When I first visualised it- I could
                                                                 see people at some near future time going in and
                                                                 out of Modules, leading their lives in an
                                                                 everyday kind of happier way- but the rest was
                                                                 blank- how to get it to that moment in time was
                                                                 totally beyond my comprehension.

                                                                 (The difficulties caused by “PRIOR
                                                                 DISCLOSURE”: I just could not think of
(Cartoon: Magazine for Architects, artist & date unknown).       anywhere else I could go, to enlist help).

“TOO MANY MEN HAVE FAILED BEFORE.”                               “Instead of trying to lose myself in bars or movies
                                                                 as most people do…”
31/12/2000: WAH! “… it SHOULD BE                                 Suddenly      (possibly     because     of    Steve
INTEGRATED BY NOW!”                                              O’Rourke’s comment) I had the overwhelming
They say to despair is a sin. I must be a sinner! I              need to find the answers to some very
spent the Millennium trying hard not to cry at the               important questions:
sight of the giant TENT erected to herald The                    What is the best material to use?
New Age! (Yes, I do have a thing about it!)                      Can it be done?
“A monumental reminder of man’s ignorance.                       Just what are the pro’s, and the cons?
A historic event marred by the shallow,                          Has it been done before?
spurious Parties.”                                               If so, why didn’t it succeed?
                                                                 What is impeding its progress?
I was left to struggle with this on my own.                      What is GOING ON in “the big, bad world?”
 I couldn’t stop wondering if only I had done this,
or that, maybe things would have turned out                      I decided to do some research. I hadn't done
differently?                                                     any! (This was necessary for my education).
Perhaps. Then again, perhaps not.
                                                                 “The truth is out there somewhere…”
I’ve often wondered- has Sir Terence ever even                   “If you don’t know what to look for, you look at
given it a 2nd thought?                                          everything. That’s how Science works. You
Maybe he sussed it after he wrote to me? He’s                    guess, you make connections, then if it fits, you
no fool. And he has had plenty of time to work it                prove what you guessed in the first place…”

                                                                                                   PROGRESS REPORT

1990 – 1991: I studied Desk Top Publishing at                 where my search would lead. I kept expecting
the Artech, and put the Design drawings on disc.              to find information that would show it is not
                                                              feasible, but the reverse has turned out to be
1992 - 2005: I tracked Key debates (as well as I              true.
could. If I have missed anything vital, please let            I discovered:
me know!) For the 1st time ever, I read
newspapers. I didn’t buy them- by coincidence I               •      it offers even far greater viability and
just happened to come across most of the                             versatility than I ever imagined
comments and information included in this book.               •      it is perfectly feasible... "Where there is a
I somehow managed to scribble at the speed of                        will, there is a way..."
sound; sorting 1,000’s of scraps & notes that                 •      there is more than enough reason to do it
filled many carrier bags. I put the bits (of this             •      other people have tried to do something
puzzle) together (thanks to Information                              similar- but got the mix wrong...
Technology IT), somehow sensing this                          •      if we manage to get it right, it has the
information was going to be needed.                                  capability to pull us out of the doldrums...
My fear: it may continue to be a                              •      it could really help Humanity,
misunderstood / forgotten / neglected                                advancing man; quite possibly helping
solution. I regard it as ‘insurance’ for                             to ensure our future survival for 1,000's
human-kind.                                                          of centuries...
                                                              •      if we don't make it... Catastrophe? That
“A BOOK FOR EVERY SUBJECT?”                                          is how important it is!
“They are only interested in the sex-lives of
butterflies.”                                                 I hereby offer (a summary) of my Research as
1989 – 2005: I wrote to publishers and literary               evidence to support the afore-mentioned
agents.                                                       statement.
Some of their comments:
“I don’t think we could make your idea work. It’s a           "FACTS ARE FACTS": My research journal
novel not enough people would buy.” “We wish                  provides indisputable proof that it could be
you every success placing the work elsewhere.”                done. Indisputable evidence is required to assist
“Regrettably, it is not quite right for our present           and hopefully finally establish full feasibility for
list.” “It’s a bit too controversial.” “We only publish       this vital concept.
famous authors who have had books published
before.” “You either have to be famous, or a                  This Journal contains crucial (Educational &
criminal (infamous) these days to get a book                  Reference) information.
published.” “If it’s about saving the world-
we’re not interested.”                                        This is a Historic (TRUE) record for CRITICAL
(I did not describe my book as having anything to             REVIEW purposes.
do with ‘saving the world.’ Their comment
suggests to me other people, with similar                     The record of my research contains some
concerns had approached them).                                Copyrighted material, the use of which has not been
98% of the publishers I contacted did not reply.              specifically authorised by the Copyright owner. This
                                                              material is presented under the provisions of Fair
I did try Richard Branson, but the Virgin                     Use.
Publishing Group told me: “We don’t publish
books about the homeless.”                                    "… it is necessary for Social, economic
                                                              and Environmental reasons."
I asked ‘The Big Issue’ magazine to help with
publication. They said they were interested, but              I am making such material available in my efforts
I would have to pay £10,000 to cover the cost of              to advance understanding of Democracy,
production.                                                   Economic, Environmental, Human Rights,
                                                              political, Scientific, and Social Justice issues.
(I don’t have any money. I am not in receipt of a
wage or welfare). (That I managed to do this                  Whenever possible the contributor’s name has
book at all, is thanks to a good friend who                   been accredited.
supports me).                                                 My Compilation is not plagiarism- it is artistic
                                                              licence i.e. by recycling these comments etc.,
Researching was emotionally gruelling, yet                    and linking these together to make a historic
illuminating. I had no pre-conceived idea                     record… a CLEAR/er picture emerges to help
us find our way (i.e. the invaluable potential
will not remain lost, confused and

I hope the originating authors find it in their
hearts to forgive me for including their crucial
and inspiring work in this journal.

Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy.
If anything is not in its correct context, the error is
entirely mine.

My sincere thanks to the Media. Without their
skill and diligence, this book would not have
been possible. (I hope someone else does the

2001: My much loved Apple Mac (computer)
expired. I had to get another (2nd-hand). That
computer broke 2 weeks later. The shop, despite
the guarantee, refused to do a repair! I managed
to get another- an IBM but that meant having to
re-type my research again! I type only with 2

SEPT, 2005: I gave my manuscript to a
publisher, and paid to have this book printed to
avoid heavy editing. After waiting for a year, I
realised it wasn’t going to be published (even
though I had a 3 month contract). (Delays were
caused by competitors trying to put the publisher
out of business). So I produced a shorter version,
hoping that could be produced quickly. Months
later, I was still waiting…
(My thanks to for not
giving up on me).

“… it seems like an eternity…”

Now you know why.

I’m sorry, so very sorry I could not make it
happen, and things are this way.

“… it’s getting there slowly but surely.”

“Better late than never.”

                   RESEARCH JOURNAL

                            MAIN INDEX:









                                                                               MAN INDEX







EVIL: 175


GREEN: Highly Intelligent. True. Perfect. Natural. Environment. God / Allah.
PINK: “In the pink!” Serenity.
BLUE: True. Gentle. Kind. Humane. Human. Calm. Patient. Sad.
RED: Wrong! Warning! Dangerous! Uh-Oh!

                                                        FAVOURITE THING?
RESEARCH JOURNAL:                                       PARENT: “Kids love bath toys. Plastic things
This is for history. “To bring it Home.”                that float… If it sparkles, it’s cool -    a
                                                        “My kid loves: Bob the Builder. Project: Build
Take a look at this. Ask yourself: “What good           it! Bob’s (plastic) ‘Mobile’ Home, in Sunflower
would it have done? What GOOD will it do?               Valley, hooks up... It features a detachable
                                                        roof and a fold-down front.
NOTE: “… it is the UNDER-CURRENT…”

"The aim of Education is the acquisition of
knowledge, facts and values."
"Education is the best way to avert the creation
of an underclass."
"KNOWLEDGE = Being in the LIGHT."                       Bob's favourite phrases are: "Great work
“Knowledge is strength. Don’t be afraid of              team!" "Can we fix it?" "Let's Get Moving!"
intelligence.”                                          “We can build bigger and better…”
"LACK of Knowledge = Being in the Dark.”                (BBC, April 2005) BIGGER is Better ?
BOREDOM = “Lack of knowledge.”
“Ignorance is evil.” “EVIL means: Wicked.               A MODERN DOLLS HOUSE: The (plastic)
Futile CONFUSION.”                                                    Kaleidoscope Dollhouse
“Complacency is evil.” “Discontent and                                (by artist Laurie Simmons and
ignorance bring ruin and misery.”                                     architect Peter Wheelwright) is
                                                                      the house of her dreams
1990: “A MODERN education for a MODERN                                and yours. Reminiscent of
GENERATION?”                                                                     Gerrit Reitveld's Schroeder
"We'll teach them everything?"                                                   House       1925,      this
"In England you have to conform to fit in. You          interactive set is an architectural gem with
can't be yourself." Uh?                                 sliding, interchangeable translucent color
                                                        walls. Playing house with this guarantees either the next
                                                        Frank Lloyd Wright, or just a kid with good taste” (ref:
NURSERY & PRIMARY                                       CHILD: “… it’s like so cool…”
Do YOU CARE about children?                             THE       NEED         FOR       AFFORDABLE
Do you love to see their HAPPY                          CHILD-CARE:
smiling faces?                                          "Every government says they will provide
                                                        child-care whilst CLOSING NURSERIES.
If you answer YES the rest of it is easy… it            They never actually provide it."
should all come perfectly naturally…                    "Only 1 in 4 children, under 5 years of age has a
HAPPY CHILDREN =                                        place in a State nursery school, where they
Other people are HAPPY! “Make someone                   could learn basic skills. 66% of children are
HAPPY and you’ll be HAPPY too!”                         denied a place at Nursery school..." (Whitehall
"Teach your children well - how to protect              figures, June 1993).
their health…"                                          "The WOODEN PLAY-HUTS are nearing
“School should be the best years in your life.”         completion. Work began 4 years ago...”
                                                                  Strong? SAFE? Warm? Dry?
"These days children are so smart! They are             “When something needs to be done
much more advanced than we were at their                QUICKLY…” (Play equipment etc., could easily
age..." “They’re as quick as a flash…”                  be fitted inside the Module/s…)
"That's EVOLUTION for you..."                           "...The wooden play-huts were burnt down by
“Mankind- programmed by a million years of              arsonists..."
                                                         “… and THE SOLUTION is…?”
“We might be on the verge of an evolutionary            "Wouldn't it give our children a better start in
breakthrough…”                                          life?" “We need something like that here, NOW!
                                                                                               CHAPTER 1: Education

Why On Earth can’t we get it?”                             something has to be done. Too bored.
“I hope you find a way…”                                   Cooped up. Doing my head in. She’s so active,
PARENT: “Is it me, or are children screaming               so advanced for her age. She’s just got to get a
a lot more these days?” “I don’t understand                placement basically…”
it! We’ve tried everything- smacking, putting
him in his room. I tell him to calm down but he            WAITING LISTS: "We don't have waiting lists
won’t! He screams for hours, making himself                any more. Too many Mums are on our books
sick. He’s very badly behaved. Nice one minute,            needing a place. Parents are really desperate...
nasty the next. We’d like consistent behaviour.”           A lot of mothers would do paid work if given the
EXPERT: “He hasn’t responded. Very wilful.                 chance..."
Very bright child. And articulate. Is a softer
regime required? Talking it through with the               "The drive for FREE NURSERY EDUCATION
child? More discipline? A change of diet?                  FOR ALL that want it… starting school earlier
What is a correct analysis?”                               reduces juvenile crime and saves Tax-payers
(“Yeh. COM 'on. Talk me through it…”)                      money. John Major sees it as a vote winner
PARENT: “WHAT ARE YOU DOING NOW?”                          and has pledged to introduce Nursery
CHILD: “Following in your foot-steps…”                     education for all when the country can Afford
EXPERTS: “These are attention seeking                      it…” (Evening Standard, 18/2/1994) Using what kind
tactics…” "Children achieve better results when            of buildings?
praised. Praising works better than criticism.”
“STAR charts work wonders. Kids love                       "That problem - what to do with kids at
thinking about the stars… Give them an                     week-ends?"
incentive EG. a visit to somewhere they enjoy -            “… it would be ideal…” “… it’s something
the opportunity to earn stars for jobs well                for the kids…” "… it's a kid's thing.
done.” “Children love earning (merit) points!”             Somewhere the children could play safely and
EXPERT: “He wont sleep without a light?… He                have fun - expend energy and not do damage -
cries all the time? “Many children are afraid of           so we can get some peace...”
the dark…” “Children need to be relaxed at
bedtime. He’s very active…” “Try telling kids it’ll        EXPERT: “If you want to help children,
be OK… speak quietly… to calm…” “Gently                    PRIORITISE!”
PARENT: “We were never taught anything
about how to handle kids…”                                 PLAYGROUNDS:
EXPERT: “You’re the adult - you’re going to                “ARE YOU HAVING FUN?”             “Skip to it…”
have to find out the best way…”
EXPERT: “Children need a routine. To FEEL                  A HARD surface =
SAFE things need to be predictable…”                                  Many Accidents.
(“Maybe he’s feeling… INSECURE?”)                                     “Screams instead of laughter.”
EXPERT: “Children are very good at sensing                            WAH! “DOWN AND HURT.”
things…” “They can always somehow sense
when something is wrong - not quite right…”                                PARENTS: “Don’t run so fast!
“Oh, I’ll think about it” said a harassed Mum-             You’ll trip! You might BREAK your neck!
whose 5 year old junior is still going through ‘the        IF you were on a LAWN you could race more
terrible 2’s…”                                             safely…”
Child Psychologists: “Ignore it and it’ll go               “IF only children could blossom…”
away.”                                                     "Children have to learn how to take all the
PARENT: “Fine in theory but in practice that               hard knocks in life. Some make it, some don't"
doesn’t work! Do these people have any                     said a builder discussing 'the hard facts of life'
children of their own?”                                    (1992) I'd prefer it if the children were spared all
PARENTS: “It really gets to me sometimes…” “I              the hard knocks...
miss adult conversation!” “We miss having                  “In one week, 3 children have fallen in the
some QUALITY time together. We don’t get                   playground and broken their arm! There
any time…”                                                 wasn’t a day when the Head teacher wasn’t in
PARENTS: “Oh, what would I give for 5 minutes              the casualty department…”
to myself!” “Stuck here with the kid/s all day is          (Too busy to give it another thought?)
enough to drive anyone up the wall.”
“I am losing the will to live…”                            PARENTS: “Kids these days seem to think
“The child does nothing but cry. For my sanity             everywhere is a soft play area!” “Of course I

want the best for my child…” “We can’t wrap            water…"
them in cotton wool! Children have to
experience the real world…”                            BIG SCHOOLS: "Frightening!" "Can't find my
EXPERT: “Parents are in 2 minds about it.              way around." "I feel lost in here."
They don’t know HOW to protect their kids
from the every day dangers that surround               "... has to travel miles away to nearest school-
them.”                                                 a risky journey that takes hours there and
                                                       back. It's dark by the time she gets back."
EXPERT: “A parent’s role is to make sure
their world is SAFE.”                                  "ARSON ATTACK ON 8 SCHOOLS... 1 school
                                                       50% destroyed. 'The damage is just awful.' The
HOW to TRANSFORM to a place of SAFETY?                 police do not know the motive" (Manchester,
“BLOOMING IN THE PLAYGROUND: A                         18/4/1993)
school in one of London's toughest areas has           PEOPLE SAID: "Obviously, he didn't like
found a way to defeat the playground bully.            school..." ”He’s making a bonfire of the rules.”
Flowers and plants. Like 100's of schools              “Use fire retardant buildings, who knows, end
across the country, Winton primary school in           result might be less retards? I thought you
Kings Cross, once had a tarmac playground.             are on an economy drive! You need to go on a
The rough, unwelcoming surface seemed to               £2 million tour before deciding? You are seeking
be reflected in the children’s behaviour...            to promote… This is all a tragedy really. Put
Bullying was common and every tumble                   the Moody Blues on. We’ll meet again…”
resulted    in   scraped     knees...    Then
Headmistress… turned the playground into a             “£19 BILLION TO BE SPENT to repair school
GARDEN and now the 300 children play in                buildings… How will this money be raised?
safety and are less disruptive and violent             Tax-payers should worry” (15/7/1998).
towards each other... Today, very young
                                                       “MODERNISING SCHOOLS = Investing in
children will go from one concrete
                                                       infrastructure to create many benefits.”
Environment straight to another… The scheme
transformation received enthusiastic support
                                                       “RE-BUILD WORK FIT FOR THE                   21st
from the council… the Environmental charity
                                                       CENTURY = £millions have been allocated…
'Learning through Landscapes,' carried out the
                                                       will be spent to fund building projects, replace
'Greening' of the school playground" (Evening
Standard, 6/12/1993).
                                                       old buildings and create an Environment
                                                       suitable for 21st Century learning… The
                                                       building programme is already underway… ‘it
SCHOOL BUILDINGS:                                      means we will be able to get rid of temporary
                                                       class rooms’… Our sites will have ‘modern
"State schools are in such A STATE!
                                                       accommodation’…’and provide a quality
                                                       Environment in which to learn’…” (December, 2004)
So much maintenance required! EG. Flaking
                                                       What style of ‘new’ buildings have they got
Paint, slates & guttering falling off, roof
                                                       planned? More Bricks & Mortar, Wood,
moss, cracked glass- a never-ending list!
                                                       Glass and Steel?
Portakabin-style class rooms supported on
                                                       “A good Labour government initiative” =
piles of crumbling concrete…
                                                       Another missed opportunity?
"What an education! School shored (propped)
                                                       Tony Blair visited a newly built school. He
up with wood..." “SKOOL'S FALLING
                                                       looked up at the massive atrium - and seemed
DOWN!" "ROTTING wooden frames, rotting
                                                       to be in shock at the design - the 1st floor
walls." "What a dump."        "HORRIBLE
                                                       balcony with the open glass “banister,” and
buildings! It's not good enough."
                                                       the long drop down to the ground floor…
"A school … has a flat roof- a so-called
'Modern' building, which had a life-span of 10         “COLD SNAP: 100’s of schools closed due to
years, when opened - that was 20 years ago.            deep snow, blizzards. Artic conditions. The
Disgraceful. Classes have to be cancelled when         cost of heating… B’rrr. Keep warm…
it rains heavily- the roof leaks and the floor         somehow… any old how…” (22/2/2005).
becomes too slippery." "It is very difficult to
provide a good education when you are                  2005: PUBLIC MEETING: The Head Master
continually re-arranging desks to avoid falling        said: “The idea is a better education for our

                                                                                             CHAPTER 1: Education

children. £1.1 million has been allocated for a            dangerous building materials. We’ll put up
building to join the infant school with the                hoarding to stop vandals getting into the site.
junior school, so we can get rid of the horrible           Vandals will steal anything so we will use
‘mobile’ existing buildings (mouldy, damp,                 massive steel shipping containers to lock
crumbling 1970’s ‘portakabins.’) This is a                 everything away. THE DIRTY OPERATIONS:
Pre-Planning Permission application meeting to             There will be a lot of drainage works for the
discuss the Health & Safety aspects i.e. the               foundations. Pile Foundations = Bang, Bang,
hazards. To allay any fears.”                              Bang. The banging, the hammering &
                                                           chipping, the dusty operations will
The ARCHITECT (privately contracted to the                 unfortunately disrupt you. Keep your windows
local council) said: “The new building                     closed. Dust suppression = Wetting. Won’t be
(comprising of 3 additional class-rooms + new              done continuously. Will residents be able to use
admin & dining facilities in the gym / hall, with a        their gardens? Liaise with me on a daily basis.
large central foyer), will be built over the               Work on site will be Monday – Friday,
existing playground. All the kids can share the            vehicles arriving 7am, work starting 8am.
other (tarmac) playground.”                                They might go into weekend working for
Mixing 5 year olds with (often aggressive) 10              dangerous occupations i.e. when no children
year olds – does not work!                                 around. The answer is to walk to school, or bring
“Building      Materials       =    ‘Sympathetic’          in a traffic warden or possibly close the road for
brickwork + different type of brick, painted               pedestrians and cars. Yes, there will be diesel
concrete render & timber, rather than metal                engines running all the time. I do understand
clad. A (long) polycarbonate covered walkway               there are domestic properties close by. This is a
(corridor) with steel frame will connect the 2             public service. It’s in your best interests. It’s
buildings.”                                                going to help you…”
Schedule: “Work commences November 2005,
due to be completed July 2006 = 38 weeks of                Me: “You are not getting rid of the
disruption.”                                               dilapidated ‘portakabins’ used by the Junior
                                                           school (only the portakabins being used as a
Local Residents said: “We’ve gone through                  Nursery)! Where are the Nursery-age children
this before. All the banging! We nearly went               going to be situated? The proposed extension
mad! The mess!” “They didn’t listen to me the              to the Junior school to be linked to the Primary
last time.” “They cracked my garden wall.”                 school via a very long tunnel – have you done
“Couldn’t use of these lorries be minimised?               a time and motion study - will everyone need
As it is now cars are having to drive on the               roller-skates? Have you considered putting a
pavements…” “These plans will reduce parking.              Modular structure between the 2 (old) school
Where will parents & staff park? Already a                 buildings-     where     the    Junior    school
nightmare.” “A child is going to get killed…” “We          portakabins are, using one end for the infants,
won’t be able to use our gardens or hang out               the other end for the Junior’s replacement
any washing.” “All the builders swearing!”                 class-rooms, with an admin section in the
(Why?) “I’m concerned what noise levels the                middle, thereby saving the playground?”
children will be subjected to.” “Please don’t plant
trees! We have to clear the leaves…”                       School Governor: “What is most important is
                                                           getting the best value for money and the best
The Health & Safety Officer said: “We do                   foundation-building for the children. The best
understand there are issues. Parts of the site             possible Environment. The new Nursery will be
are sloping, access is very tight- limited, so very        in the new building… er, um in the Junior school
difficult. This will have to widened. Removing             (not the infant school!) A modular building would
builder’s rubbish also very difficult. Deliveries          be long and thin and wouldn’t last so long. We
very difficult. The construction companies                 need the portakabins! Our budget is not
these days want to protect their image so they             finite!”
will work with you by using smaller vehicles.
Delivery of building materials to the site:                Me: “I also want the best Environment for our
How to make this task as safe as possible for              children. A modular structure could be
pupils, staff & local residents? All the site huts         Pre-fabricated and precision-made to any
for the builders… all the construction                     shape, or size - it’s appearance is up to the
vehicles… all the heavy goods coming in, all the           imagination of the architect. Modular
rumbling… Anything damaged will be replaced -              structures using maintenance-free materials
that is standard. We won’t               use any           - offer less expenditure + a longer life.

Modular = Speedy construction, reduced                  (June 1990).
heavy traffic, reduced impact on local                  "Lessons made disinteresting."
residents, pupils, parents and staff. The               "Most lessons are so BORING!"
costs saved by opting for improved thermal              "Get your lecture over with..."
performance will enable you to invest in                KIDS MOST COMMONLY USED PHRASE:
Energy Efficient heating…”                              "I'm BORED."

The (young) Architect said: “Modular                    “This is England - warts and all. The real world.
buildings are inappropriate. The old 1970’s             Real tears…” "Crisis hit schools..." The
styles! This scheme has already been decided            Teachers Union said: "Everything may be
upon and is the best option” (May 2005) UPDATE:         superb in politician’s heads, but in schools, a
No dust suppression done. The wooden clad               nightmare has arrived" (14/8/1990).
extension, with a sloping metal clad roof,               “EDUCATION SYSTEM IN STATE OF
attached to the crumbling 1960’s (temporary?)           EMERGENCY" (4/9/1990) "Isn't there another
metal clad (painted brown) school hall is still         way?"
being built. The earth from the playground has          "WHY SO MUCH STRESS?"                 "Arrested
been mounded i.e. a slope created leading               development..." “God! They’re trying to tie us
down to large glass doors… Let’s hope it                down to a life of slow decay! Steps taken are
doesn’t rain! (September, 2006). Lovely?                sleep-walking. We will never reach that
HARD ‘CHOICE’: Old, crumbling, or ‘new’                 dreamed of world. There’s a HUNGER that’s
brick and metal.                                        unsatisfied…”

                                                        1990: CHILDREN SAID: “We’re not allowed
CURRICULUM:                                             to study our favourite subjects! Supposing I
                                                        want to study Art, the Humanities and Marine
                                                        Biology? They won’t let me!"
"Are all the children being prepared for The
                                                        "I know what I'm good at. They have only to ask.
New Age?"
                                                        I want to study Nature Conservation. But I'm
                                                        stuck inside a class room all day doing
“… it means nothing to me…”
                                                        compulsory maths."
“When I was at school, I couldn’t see the reason
                                                        "School hours are so long, and home work too
for learning. I wish someone had explained it to
                                                        much strain. BOREDOM in-between."
                                                        "I'm BORED. Bored out of my skull."
 “… it must be made clear in Education…”
                                                        BORING: “I don’t want to be stuck inside a class
                                                        room for years. WAH! I want to be out there
                                                        travelling the Stars…”
                                                        “They don’t like it when we’re late…”
GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: "They are filling
                                                        "Self-Defence is not on the curriculum!"
their heads with miscellaneous DROSS."                  BASIC SURVIVAL SKILLS are not on the
"Engaged in irrelevancy."
                                                        curriculum. First Aid, How to Grow Food etc.
                                                        "Teach me to be self-reliant."
“… it’s not advisable…”
                                                        "We are not taught how to relate..."
"... it is not on the curriculum..."
                                                        "Why can't we learn what we want to know?
“Huh. We’ll rebel against that!” =
                                                        Nothing in the adult world makes any sense!"
                                                        "I love knowledge. Just make it easy for
                                                        me!" “Inspire me!”
"The trouble with exams is they test your
                                                        "I'm good at it..." "It's the only thing I want to
ability to remember facts temporarily, so that
                                                        do." "I'm really into it." "It doesn't frighten or
you can recite parrot-fashion, but do not test
                                                        bother me." "Please don't give me a hard time
your intelligence i.e. your ability to put
                                                        over it..."
knowledge to GOOD use."                                 "I'll do what I like anyway with or without your
INTELLIGENCE = “They don’t show you
                                                        help or encouragement. But if you don't want
HOW to use it.”
                                                        trouble, ENCOURAGE it!"
                                                        “They're being pig-headed about it. They don't
INTELLIGENCE = “Got it on top?”
                                                        want to FREE the slaves… ‘This is a
Education = How to lay a brick.
WAH! "I don't want to be a brick-layer!"                competitive institution’ they say. Well, I
"We should be teaching Navigational skills" said        don't want to compete. It's not about
a teacher. "I'd rather give them Astrology…"            competition."
                                                                                             CHAPTER 1: Education

“SINCE WHEN WAS it A COMPETITON?”                         “No compulsory attendance. We’ll attend
“Competition = We’ll kill others. Every time I            because we love going there! We are still
hear that word ‘competition’ I shudder.”                  taught general knowledge, but much less of this
“Competitions all too often bring out the                 - it's put to us in a different kind of way...”
worst in people… taking it too seriously…                 “We could have sound-proofed, see-thru
pushing too hard.”                                        booths to assist audio learning...”
"Don't I want to work hard and be top of the              “There shouldn’t be any HASSLES about
pile? I'd rather people weren't fighting each             joining or leaving classes! Teachers should
other! That's MADNESS."                                   provide one-to-one or team GUIDANCE...”
“No! I don’t see why I should have to fight.              ”Everyone treated with respect, kindness and
Surely, it’s my Right…”                                   courtesy. We learn self-discipline & self
“We’re not into sweating, slaving, fighting,              control.”
racing, fretting, confusion, wasting time and             “The ideal is NO name calling, hitting,
minds. Any waste of effort isn’t part of my               shouting or sarcasm.”
design…”                                                   “We learn how to study - and our ability to
“We’ll never be able to make a go of it? The              understand the information is tested regularly
winner could be the occasion itself.”                     but informally - through role-playing / games etc.
(Ah! “Through the eyes of youth, nothing is               We are given access to information and
impossible…”)                                             equipment we desire, when we desire (if
                                                          requests are reasonable.”)
(“At ALTERNATIVE games, the emphasis is on                “Don't make anybody do what they don't
participation not perspiration. And each                  want to do!”
receives a prize - given by the other side.               “Our study centre should be small’ish and
With it, everyone’s a winner!”)                           situated near our door-step... so we don’t get
WORRIED PARENTS: "So many of the                          “We should be encouraged to be athletic all our
children are enthusiastic to learn but they               lives - physical activity should not cease when
won’t teach them what they want to know."                 we leave school...” “Parents would love it! It’s
“… it would be educational- it broadens                   somewhere for them too.”
intellectual horizons…”
“… it’s progressive…”                                      “Isn't this a MORAL proposition? Wouldn’t
                                                          this teach us how to be more independent?
TEACHER: "CONFORM TO OUR STANDARD.                        Learn when we want to. Eat when we want to.
Don't argue! Don't you dare to talk back!"                Work when we want to.”
                                                          “… it would be more grown up…”
CHILDREN SAID: "IDEALISM drummed out                      "... it is definitely worth getting up in the
of my head…"                                              morning for..."
"They force you to do what they want. They                 “… woke up this morning feeling fine, with
say either do this, this way, or you're out!              something special on my mind. Something tells
BLACKMAIL!”                                               me I’m into something good…”
"They're wrecking my life."                               “Let them become the person they’re trying to
"Life's not fair. Why don't they just let me live?        be.”
Yes, my head is full of childish fantasies.               “… it’s for multi-opportunities so you’ll get a
Science fiction stuff. That's my prerogative. It          lot more good out of it…”
doesn't do harm. It keeps me focused. I don't             “… it brings boring subjects to life…”
need permission!"
"They're very good at stereo-typing. Trying to            "PLAY WORKS: People just a need a bit of
make everyone the same as everybody else...               help and support, They don't need to be
That's insane when EVERYONE IS AN                         frightened or bullied into it!"
                                                          “… it’s not about hard work. What matters is
"I've not got a lot to look forward to."                  DEDICATION. It’s all about motivation and
"Where's the incentive?"                                  belief.” “… it’s going to take energy and
                                                          vision.” “And a proper diet…”
HERE'S HOW WE WANT TO DO it:                              “… it may take courage to do it.”
"We need teachers bursting with talent."
“We (esp. the older kids), want to have a say             “MAXIMISE POTENTIAL! It broadens the
in what kind of building we study in…”                    mind…”

"Are YOU up for it?"                                        TOO MUCH DISCIPLINE = Rebel                    i.e.
“SYNCHRONICITY: Get it right and students                   REACTIVE BEHAVIOUR…
will be appreciative and grateful. It will be very
fruitful. Have a defined strategy and a clear               “PROCEEDURAL              BREAKDOWNS…”
idea of what you will accomplish. Be educators              “Every day, kids are losing the battle…”
in a certain way. That is a responsibility. Feel
very strongly. Be very aware of that - it’s                 WICKED: (Fashionable Trend): Kids now think
important.      Don’t      provide         shallow          it is good to be bad, to be hard… So ‘wicked’ in
entertainment. Do you want to be victims or                 their vocabulary now means ‘good’ (1990).
principals? You’d better start taking notes…”
                                                            TEACHERS SAID: “You’ll do what I say
“We’ve worked ‘it’ out - the way we want to                 whether you like it or not.” "I don't want to
go! But they don’t know still! Are they thick,              hear it - you'll do as you are told." "Sit down
tricksters or working hand in hand with the                 and be quiet." "Stop your agitating. It won’t do
government- this fascist system controlling us              any good." "Don't keep going on about it!"
all? We’d better find out. Till we know, I’m on my           “Oh, there’s no rest for the wicked…”
own. Can’t say anything to anyone- they                     "If you don't do it, you'll only regret it for the
might think I’m mad and put me away!”                       rest of your life…"
                                                            LACK LUSTRE: "I don't know what's gone
A BASIC UNDERLYING TREND? “We can’t                         wrong with the youth of today. I just don’t
really go into it. We can’t really get into it much.        understand. They’re alive, but brain-dead. So
Told to keep quiet about it.”                               aggressive! No respect for anybody, or
“It wasn’t ever mentioned…”                                 anything!" “It’s as if they are numb- in another
                                                            dimension…” (The twi-light zone?)
EXPERT: “Young people need challenging                      "We need something more suitable for our
projects that express their idealism.”                      needs..." "We owe it to every child to
EXPERT: “Talk it through…” “… it’s no good                  provide the best care we can..."
moaning- do something about it!”                            "We can't go on as if nothing has happened! All
                                                            this irresponsibility and inactivity. It's got to
“Is it all going in one ear…?”                              stop!"
POLITICIAN: “You’re growing up too smart and
I don’t like to be irritated…” “’Anarchic’                  "Are the government responsible for
behaviour must be stamped out at all costs.”                causing Juvenile Delinquency? Government
                                                            says that it's rubbish… ”
"A CAMPAIGN TO BRING BACK THE CANE                          (“Depends if honest mistakes, or not...”)
to discipline children in state schools was
launched by Conservative backbench MPs was                  "We are all being sorely tested."
signed by more than 55 Tories. The use of                   "... it could be your test..." "Put it to the test,
corporal punishment was abolished 3 years                   then put your mind at rest."
ago by a European court but Conservative
MP's believe they have found a way to get                   “TECHNOLOGY          TO    RELATE        MORE
around the court decision" (June 1990).                     STRONGLY TO LIFE. New subject - designing
                                                            toys for toddlers - brain-storming sessions.
“FAILURE: The provision of suitable                         Complaints: Emphasis not on craft skills but on
amenities for young people. £50 million                     problem solving. Should be concentrating on
promised” (18/10/1990)                                      making       things,    practical     products-
                                                            pneumatics, mechanics, electronics - made
“… it’s not allowed. That’s unjust.”                        relevant. But there is pressure for more
                                                            traditional approach…” (BBC1, 17/12/1992).
“Many CRAFT LESSONS have been CUT.
Level of ability has dropped considerably”
(1990).                                                     "ICI (Imperial Chemical Industries) have kitted
                                                            out a caravan to take round schools to
EXPERT: “IF YOU PUNISH THEM when they                       persuade 8 + year olds to go into science when
think they have a VALID reason…” = “We’re                   they graduate from school - to join ICI" (BBC
                                                            Radio 4, 25/5/1993).
                                                            "SCIENCE COURSES SCRAPPED for 1,000's
“The more you try to discipline them, the more
                                                            of pupils because there are not enough qualified
they rebel…”
                                                            teachers." "There are fewer passes in science"
                                                                                                 CHAPTER 1: Education

“… it’s so simple a child could do it!”                      "Anger, opposition.” "Minister is not worthy of
"The BBC have launched a children’s                          his high position."
competition called 'It will never work?' The                 "John Patten forced to abandon his speech at
idea is you send them a drawing of your                      the annual Teacher's conference."
invention and they'll make it for you!"                      “The Education Secretary, John Patten, made a
(4/11/1993)                                                  passionate plea for children to work harder…”
PEOPLE SAID: "They are looking to youth to                   (Evening Standard, 5/5/1994).
provide the answer..."
"It's not child’s play. There's more to it than              “There’s a defeated army camp atmosphere
that!"                                                       about the place. If they could relate their work to
                                                             something that would make things simpler -
"Mindless (?) bureaucracy... Mountainous                     easier for them to do. We could teach them
paperwork…”                                                  better. We are not sure how to motivate them
                                                             better. If they had a sense of achievement…”
"Closure of Youth Clubs…"
“Yeh. There was lots to do at the youth clubs -              'SAFE' is a word that features a lot in young
like play pool. But there aren’t any jobs where              people’s conversations.
you need to be able to play pool…”                           Also the phrases: “… it’s unreal!” “Later. Yeah,
                                                             man. Later…”
THE YOUNG BELIEVE: "The party's on the                       “LET’S GET it STARTED…”
dance-floor. If you find out too late, that's too
late. Pump it up..." “When you dance, it’s in                “The Labour government rejected a
your heart and soul. Let’s dance, yeah.                      fundamental overhaul of the Education
There’s a world far away. We can feel a                      system… Will make exams (based on old, out
dream. We can never let go…”                                 of date subjects), harder. ‘It’s a bureaucratic
                                                             cock-up from start to finish’…” (re: findings of The
"PLASTIC FEVER is a new music group...                       Tomlinson Report, 22/2/2005).
Songs on their 1st album: The Black Empire,
Waiting, Maybe, Overload, No Sense..."                       "POOR DIET: Many children are filling up on
(1992).                                                      snacks and unhealthy fast food. Their diet is
                                                             unhealthy. The World Health Organisation
POPULAR CHILDREN’S PHRASES: "Keep it                         (WHO) wants to improve their diet. The need
real!" “… it’s all good!”                                    for fresh fruit and vegetables... Contractors
“Get real!” Also: "Let's get JINKY with it!"                 find this difficult..." (2/3/1994).
                                                             "Locally produced, healthy food could be
“So many kids are in trouble because                         provided for school dinners..." “Fresh fruit and
they’ve got nothing to do.”                                  veg always tastes better…”
                                                             Schools could grow fruit and veg using spare
    "WORRIED ABOUT YOUR FUTURE?"                             school land… the children could grow food as
                                                             part of their Education. That would be a good
                                                             way of keeping costs down…
                                                             “Children enjoy eating food they have grown...”
                                                             “The simple pleasure of growing your own
                                                             healthy produce! Nothing beats that.”
                                                              “See! When you try new things, it’s nice!”
                                                             “Freshness. Freshness! It’ll brighten up your
    (Picture: Advert for a Bank aimed at youngsters).        face…”
                                                             “One school is selling fresh fruit to children
"Learning to communicate effectively and                     instead of crisps etc., as fruit found to improve
accurately, expanding vocabulary would help.                 behaviour and help performance…” (BBC1 SE,
We are held back by language difficulties..."                June 1999).
"Language support teachers cut" (22/10/1993).
                                                             “10% of children are emotionally disturbed,
“You can either spread JOY, or cheek…”                       20% of adolescents are mentally ill, 273 in
                                                             every 100,000 attempt suicide…” (3/2/1999).
TEACHER TRAINING CUTS!"                                      “At the National Teacher’s conference…
"Reforms are wrong, unworkable, not                          speaker after speaker complained of pupil’s
properly thought out."                                       constant questioning of authority. There is a
worrying trend…” (2005)                                   BULLYING, but this does not make it right.”
“They are trying to find an answer to it…” (it
means: All the problems).
SO MANY PROBLEMS: “There’s no simple                      TRUANCY:
answer?”                                                  "If that's how you feel about it, you can keep it."
                                                          “I’m out of it…”
"Are teachers (role models) really aware of               "Maybe if kids were better motivated they would
the need for this thing in society?                       truant less?"
                                                          EXPERT: “Bunking off is often a sign the child
                                                          needs some help…”
ABERRATIONS (of Behaviour):
“They’ve only got to get in with the wrong                "Special police squads are scouring housing
company…”                                                 estates to round-up truants and vandals"
“… she bottles everything up inside. She’ll only          "We've got to get a better partnership between
talk about it when she wants to…”                         home and school" said Labour (BBC, 26/11/1993).
properly because of hang-overs, a shock report            “Truants = Fast-tracked... prosecutions. 1 in
reveals. The sheer quantity of alcohol being              10 pupils truanting. 500,000 pupils a day…”
consumed should be a concern to us all" said a            “£1 BILLION spent trying to reduce truancy.
Head master.                                              More pupils than ever are truanting… The
“Give me your dinner money or else…”                      Labour government said: “We must stop it as
“Do you suffer from AGGRO-phobia?”                        early as we can.” Parents of truants can now
“CHILD-LINE reported a dramatic increase in               be imprisoned…”
the number of children being bullied,
particularly at school" (March 1990).                     CRITICS SAID: “Could we think of 1st class
"10 children a year commit suicide due to                 places to help them get back their lives? A
BULLYING at school (That's Life, BBC, March               Teen-start programme. There are some very
1994).                                                    broken children…” (January, 2005) (Ignored).
"Many suffer bullying not only in schools... but
by parents, siblings. Bullies and the bullied have
a big problem. It's all a matter of knowing how           EXCLUDED:
to defend yourself…"                                      “I’M A REJECT.” "You don't know what it feels
                                                          like to be DUMPED" shouts an angry teen-ager.
“How do you deal with bullies?” “You need                 "Leaving me out of it..." "I'm being denied an
strength…” (Karate: Avoid if you’re not into              education. You don't know how much that
loads of chops and hurt hands…) (Aikido does              hurts - to be a nothing!"
not focus on striking of one's opponent, but on
re-directing their negative energy so you gain            “… Children feeling isolation, removed from
control…”)                                                the system- rejected..." (First Sight, BBC,
"BULLYING affects 1 in 3 primary school                   “I don’t know why he failed - he lacked
children, 1 in 4 secondary school children. It            something…”
blights lives of many youngsters... (it means:
Bullying). Devastating consequences- they                 BBC Mori POLL: "66,000 CHILDREN are
carry the scars because of it. 75% of children            excluded from education…”
are afraid. 'We want them to have the                     “We need something for children even if they
confidence to talk about it. Too many children            fail…” (July 2004).
are living in fear, in silence. Hopefully this
campaign will encourage them to speak up                  “… Conservatives want ‘excluded without
about it. Schools are determined to stamp it              Appeal’ to be introduced” (29/11/2004).
out" (21/11/2004)                                         “Excluded. There is little help. ‘Very boring
Ah! “They’re doing everything to discourage…              with nothing to do.’ More community projects
it…”                                                      are needed - a back-up service provided by the
EXPERT: “BULLYING is found IN ALL                         Local Education Authority” (10/12/2004).
ASPECTS of life - in the workplace –
EVERYWHERE. Our society is based on

                                                                                               CHAPTER 1: Education

EDUCATION BUDGET:                                          what else do they get from taxes? Unforgivable.
"How can this country Afford decent                        A sense of outrage exists” (Country File, BBC1,
Education for those that want it?"
                                                           OVER-CROWDED: "Class rooms are more
BILLION. Has to be agreed with the Defence
                                                           overcrowded now they have ever been…”
industry the MILITARY" (1990)
                                                           “Parents want smaller class sizes” (BBC1,
“Education budget cuts to fund a Tax cut for               “It is necessary for the well being of the
the next General Election. Couldn’t a reduction            country to have small class sizes” (1/6/1995).
in Tax be got from elsewhere?” (7/2/1995).
                                                           "TO INCREASE CHOICE… the (Labour)
                                                           government will allow parents and
                                                           independent groups to set-up their own
TUITION FEES: "Government is making                        schools using public money. Grant
education into a status product.”                          maintained schools…”
                                                           “CASH CUTS: Schools are heading for
"WILL EDUCATION BECOME A LUXURY…                           disaster. Schools opting out of Local Authority
FOR THE RICH? The Elite? They don't want                   control are in big trouble... Large number of
people to be Educated / people to know too                 government grant maintained schools… not
much. Education = Power, in the government's               enough money for maintenance (of traditional
view!"                                                     buildings).”
PREDICTED: “Information may become very
expensive.”                                                “I think parents would like to see new schools
                                                           set up, with a greater diversity of what is taught.
                                                           Market forces will prevail” said John Patten,
CHOICE:                                                    (22/6/1977).
"SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL: Pupils from small
village schools do better, a Warwick
university study has revealed. Children at small           HIGHER EDUCATION:
village schools are more likely to do well in              "COLLEGE BUILDINGS PLIGHT: ... many
exams and end up with good jobs. The study will            further education buildings are in an advanced
be used to argue that Local Authorities are                state of disrepair... Nearly 80% of 185
wrong to close 100's of small village                      colleges leaders consider their existing
schools throughout Britain...” (17/5/1990).                accommodation is inadequate... Students
                                                           are working in increasingly cramped
Could parents run the school themselves?                   conditions, many in temporary buildings…”
In most cases schemes such as this short lived.
But there are a few happy endings. A few years             "It's not easy being a student..."
ago, at Ticknall school, the parents took over             "Many students’ halls are in HIGH-RISE
and it now has over 60 pupils and has become               blocks..." "The noise! Sound systems, people
a thriving, independent, non-fee paying,                   coming and going..."
person centred, Co-operative. There’s a                    "He needs somewhere to study..." “Students do
fortunate combination of teachers who                      better if they have a dedicated study area.”
passionately believe in small schools, and                 “Can anyone give this poor struggling medical
parents who want to do much more than                      student tips on how to save money on digs?”
occasional fund raising. Some help with the                “TYPICAL STUDENT ACCOMMODATION?
teaching. Every parent can contribute in some              Uninspiring.”
way towards the £45,000 needed each year to
keep the school going. Parents even run a craft            "COLLEGE BOXES CLEVER to house
shop at the local stately home - all the profits go        students. Mass-produced homes hailed as
to the school. Parents follow a rota working for           housing for the 21st century have been
nothing with the backing of a large number of              bought by the University of Wales... the
educationalists… Along similar lines is another            self-contained study-bedrooms cost £6,400
pioneering school which only has 13 pupils.                each and 64 modules have been stacked
They want to set-up a network of schools                   together and encased in brick... to form a hall
linked together to share facilities. When                  of residence. The modules, made from a
village schools close the heart of the                     composite of steel and fibre-reinforced
community dies. There’s no street lighting- so             cement... measure 20' x 10' x 8.' .... idea
conceived by John Prewer, Technical Director                   “Unable to spare funding… Architecture
at Trinity Modular Technology (TMT of                         courses cut” (December 2004).
London). He teamed up with building engineers Ove
Arup & Partners, and Styling International, which fits        “Very little is changing in higher education.
car interiors, to turn his ideas into reality. Their          People from poorer backgrounds are still not
1st design was a £23,000 micro flat, envisaged                going on into higher education. They think it’s
as a pied-a-Terre for business people... but                  not for them. This is a big problem”
when the university's finance director read                   (19/1/2005).
about the module... he decided a scaled down
version would be perfect for his undergraduates.
                                                              THE ALIENATION OF TEENAGERS:
'The building trade loves to create products
that require lots of maintenance... which is a                “…it all suddenly hits you when you are a
real problem when housing students’ he said.                  teen-ager…” “Their youth comes crashing
'So we looked for a solution... and these fitted              to a halt…”
the bill.' The students are delighted. 'I love it. It         “You know it’s started when they won’t get
looks small but there's lots of room really. I've             up in the mornings…”
got my own shower - it's everything I want.'
Next year the university intends to buy improved              “As they become teenagers, you know what it’s
Mk 2 unit that will cost only £5,500 each. Mr.                like, they just want to chill out somewhere
Prewer believes the modules could be slotted                  really cool…”
into redundant office buildings and used as                   “… it will appeal…” “I know a nice place you
overflow hotel rooms or bed-sits for the                      could go…” “… it’s a cool, chill-out zone…”
Homeless" (The Times, 31/1/1994)                              "Have you got a groovy kind of love?"
Well, it just goes to show. I am not the only one
who believes in solving problems with                         “I can’t see it happening…”
MODULES. “Let’s see. Could we train a very                    “There’s a WAR going on here…”
large team…”
                                                              “What are you kids doing here?”
"CAN'T GO TO UNIVERSITY UNLESS YOU                            “We just want a bit of peace and quiet…”
GET A MEGA-LOAN…"                                             “You can’t stay here. Clear off! We don’t want
                                                              you lot hanging around. Off you go or I’ll call
“There is a funding crisis. An alternative is                 the police…”
needed…" (Talk Back Radio, 20/8/1993).                        “Where are we supposed to go? The bike
                                                              shed? The graveyard? There’s nowhere for us
"I'm so heavily in debt! I'm only 20. Christ! Is              to go! No-one wants us around. It’s not fair! I
this how the rest of my life is going to be? Never            can’t even invite a friend into the house. You lot
being free?" "I'm on the run from the                         are so selfish!” “Everything you say adds up
authorities because I can't Afford to pay back                to one big zero…”
the cost of studying to be a social worker. I
qualified but I couldn't get a job. I'm being
"More than 600 STUDENTS taken to COURT
for defaulting on their student loans... Real
alarm. Many students feeling the pinch.
Government denies loans deter people from                           WAH! “I NEED MY OWN SPACE!”
higher education" (BBC, 13/10/1993).
                                                              EXPERT: “Kids just need to know how to ask for
"More than ½ the students who want to follow                  it calmly.”
ART courses will be disappointed. Cuts in
courses. Will have to opt for Science subjects                TEEN-AGER: “My parents are
instead. Joy faded. Feel LET DOWN by the                      always in my face. I just want them
system" (BBC, 25/8/1993).                                     to leave me alone. They’re always
                                                              nagging at me. I’m going seriously
"There is going to be a dire shortage of                      nuts…” “They’re screwing up my
Chemistry graduates... Many students believe                  head!” “NAG, NAG, NAG. This
more money is to be made by studying                          is an ASSAULT! They're on my back all the
Psychology... Universities are closing                        time. I have to leave for my SANITY. They
laboratories" (August, 2004) Uh-Oh!                           don't like my friends, my hair, my clothes, and

                                                                                              CHAPTER 1: Education

my attitude. Huh. I'll see whatever mates I want,         is the opportunity…”)
when I want."                                             “Mom, I’m sorry I’ve been such a nightmare.”
“My friends pick me up when I’m down…”                    “That’s OK. It doesn’t matter…”
“My friends lift me, try to fix me, guide me
home…”                                                    LOW SELF-ESTEEM: "I'm going down, down,
(Ah! “You have to have something or                       down - getting really depressed. Can't get up
somebody you can believe in - a ‘rock’ to cling           in the mornings. I really need to be doing
to in the storm - something to help keep their            something…"
heads above water, stop them from                         "My Dad dictates. Dad wants to fight. Say's
drowning…”)                                               he's always right. He wants me to work hard.
                                                          Say's I should be locked up for wanting a
"FRUIT-LESS, DESTRUCTIVE,                FUTILE           GOOD time!"
SQUABBLES…"                                               PARENT: “What are we going to do with Miss it?
                                                          She says she just wants a fresh start…”
“Pushed around, kicked around…” “They’re                  TEEN-AGER: "Daddy doesn't understand it. I'm
giving me a really hard time!” “This is really            ready for it. Pity he isn't."
HEAVY man.”                                               ALL THE BAD VIBES…
“Just when you need them most…”                           "The Feud could kill us..."
“My parents don’t want me to have any                      (“Oh! Anything for a quiet life…” ?)
freedom! How can I find myself?”
                                                          EMOTIONAL STARVATION…
EXPERT: “You need to spend some time with                 TEEN-AGER: "I'm not sure I can take this much
yourself away from everything, with nature…”              longer. I can't wait to leave ‘home.’ I never
TEEN: “Chance would be a fine thing!” “I’ve               want to see this place again..." ANGUISH:
thought about it. I’m going to stay true to               "You ‘care’ more about property than you
what I believe…” “I just want to be me…”                  care about ME! Your own flesh and blood!"
                                                          “They blame me because they have to work so
PARENT: “I’m not interested.                              hard!" "Momma doesn't understand it." “They
I don’t want to know!                                     say ‘it's not the easiest way to start off life
I can’t Afford to spend any more                          with’! ‘You'll be up against it’..." "This place is
time dealing with the likes of                            a flaming mad house. … in this ‘life’ there is no
you- I’ve got better things to                            meaning…”
do …”                                                     YEARNING: "I want my independence- some
                                                                    freedom now. What's wrong with
PARENT: “Go to your room! And think about                           having the best of both worlds? Is it
it!” MOAN GROAN. “When she is here she                              too much to ask for?" “I think it’s a
only treats this place like a convenience!”                         GOOD thing…”
“Look at the state of your room! What’s wrong                      “… if I even make a sound…” “I’m
with you? I won’t have it! Tidy up this instant!                  treading on egg shells…”
Or GET OUT!”                                                          "I wish I could… run away?"
"You need a bloody good hiding. Mother.
What are we going to do with this weird wolf?"            "Just split man." “If you stay, you’ll only get
                                                          screwed up.” “Let’s just make a run for it.” "No.
PARENT: “WHAT TIME DO YOU CALL                            If you leave home without ever settling the rift
THIS?”                                                    neither you nor your parents will be happy."
(“TROUBLED YEARS…”)                                       “… it’s no good running away from it - it will
                                                          still be there… You think this ‘thing’ will go
PARENT: "You're a whore! Whilst you're living             away? Well, it won’t. It will follow you…”
                                                          "Your parents only want what's best for you."
in MY HOUSE, you'll do as you're told!"
                                                          "They've got a very odd way of showing it!"
TEEN-AGER: "I just want Mum and Dad to be                 "If you run away you'll only get into trouble.
proud of me." “I don’t want us to fight                   How will you live? By begging?” "Keep on
anymore...”                                               running? What a waste of energy!"
 “How can we get Mum and Dad to be real                   “Who is going to support you?”
sweet to us?” "I wander through the night
searching for the words to make it right. I've got        “I JUST NEED TO GET MY HEAD AROUND
to make you see..." (“He needs your approval.             it.”
He will live up to your expectations. All he lacks
EXPERT: “That’s what every kid says when                   somewhere only we know…”
they’re in TROUBLE.”                                       EXPERT: ”The bottom line is - it’s all about
“… in a restless world like this is, love has ended        PARENT: “She only abuses it…” “You can’t
before it’s begun…”                                        trust anyone these days…”
“What are we putting these young folk                      TEEN-AGER: “When I get the opportunity…” "...
through? Maybe it’s too much, all of this?”                it would be nice to have a place of my own…”
EXPERT: “How is all THIS affecting their                   “… it would be such a weight off our shoulders
mental health?”                                            if we could act in a responsible way…” “We're
EXPERT: “At a time like this, COMPASSION is                going to have it out sooner, or later... or we'll
needed.”                                                   be bickering till hell freezes over!"
                                                           “We don’t really know each other, do we?”
PARENT: “Are you willing to call a truce? Put it
all behind us?” “For a bit of peace and quiet,             "Hey! Dad, something's happening here and
drop it?”                                                  I'm trying to tell you about it. I got to be part of
TEEN-AGER: “I feel I don’t have any Rights in              it... Oh, why don't you understand?"
your house…” "Look, I'm ashamed of running                 "There's A TRANSFORMATION taking place
away, OK, but I can't just deal with this heavy            among young people…"
load on me!” “It's coming for me … and I don't             PARENT: “You need a 9 – 5 job, with a
know what it is!” “I’m so scared! Scared. All              pension…” "Jobs don't grow on trees, son.
the time!” “Do you know what I really need?"               Tough, isn't it?"
"Oh! it's not you… I've just got to find out what          TEEN-AGER: "I'll wait till 'money' does grow on
my dream is..."                                            trees..” "I got it so bad - you don't know how
“Someday, I’ll wish upon a star…”                          bad I got it. You got it easy! You ‘live’ without
                                                           a CARE! But you don't know a thing about it.
PARENT: “Uh-oh! Here comes little Miss                     I don't want to be here no more!"
Independent…”                                              "I'll go into the next room and pack my bags.
TEEN-AGER: “Is it wrong to be independent?                 You'll never see me again... except at meal
Does it hurt you? Would you rather I was                   times and odd moments of the day and night for
wrapped around your finger, like justice,                  a cup of tea and a bun."
blowing in the wind? You decide…” “If there                WAH! I FEEL SO LONELY!”
was any justice in this world, it would be
here now!”                                                 PARENT: "You'll have to face up to
                                                           responsibilities when you're grown up - pay a
EXPERT: “… it will help them grow up, give                 mortgage..."
them a sense of responsibility and make                    TEEN-AGER: "Gee, Dad. That doesn't sound
them appreciate what you do for them.                      like much fun!"
Learning independence is an important                      PARENT: "Give it up lad. Where's it going to
development for kids. It stops them taking                 get you?" "You have to do lots of things you
things for granted…”                                       don't want to! If you want something in this life
EXPERT: “Taking some responsibility for his                you have to work HARD for it - really put your
own life has made him show what he’s made                  back into it - really slave at it, if you are ever
of...” “… it’s character building…”                        going to get anywhere... It's no laughing
                                                           matter. It's not funny! What is funny about it?
PARENT: “It’s every Mother’s nightmare that                You don’t know how we have suffered all these
she’ll just get a boy-friend and go off with him…”         years…"
“… it’s for your own protection, believe me…”              TEEN-AGER: “How patronising! I’ve watched
“They’re not going to allow it sugar…” means:              you all these years, slaving away…” “Yes,
“They will say we only want it for a                       you’re right, Dad. It’s no joke.”
love-shack…                                                PARENT: “Wipe that silly grin off your face. If
                                                           you don’t, I’ll do it for you. Slagging me off!
TEEN-AGER: “You’re messing up my                           Well! I’m NOT having it.”
dreams…” “I’ll never mess things up, not if I              "I'm just trying to explain...”
can help it…” "Click, Click. See you later. Ain’t          “I don’t care what it is. You’re not having it!”
that better?" (Ah yes! “Break free but do not              “Daddy, can’t we work it out…”
do away with them from my life…”)                          "SHUT UP! Or I'll slaughter you, you little
“Do they think we’ll all fly off? They’re bringing         mongrel."
us down!” “WE’LL MEET AGAIN…” “Oh, it’s                    TEEN-AGER: “No, you don’t understand!

                                                                                            CHAPTER 1: Education

Please listen to ME…” “Couldn't you at least              Teenager: “I admit I need help with calming
think about it?" "You try and talk to them about          down…” “I’M A MESS ‘cos I’ve got nothing to
it and they snap your head off!"                          focus on to help improve myself. I can spend all
WAH! “They never listen to ME!”                           my time doing nothing. Oh please! I need
                                                          some HELP getting it together. Don’t give up
DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILIES…                                   on me…”

EXPERT: “Don’t expect it to come together                 A TESTING TIME: "What do you do with your
over-night!”                                              daughter when you both want to go
                                                          separate ways? DUMP her?"
TEEN-AGER: “Aren’t I allowed any say                      "Mom knows best" ?
about my life?”
PARENT: "Don't answer me back! I won’t                     Can't you see the GAP?
have it! You snivelling little brat. All you want         “… it’s staring us in the face, isn’t
from me is MONEY!!! Damn and blast you.                   it?”
GET OUT! You're not wanted here. You've got
no Rights. It's MY house, not yours! And don't            MOTHER: “Our own child needs something
you ever forget it!" "Do yer hear me? It's MA             we're not giving her... and we don't even know
hoose." "I've had it with you..." "I'll whip the          what it is!" "We could make it not so hard for
skin off your back..." "Don't you get smart with          them to go…"
me! You'll live to regret it!"                            MOTHER: “I am so sick of being blamed, being
“Will I indeed? Huh. We'll just see about that.”          hurt at every opportunity. My existence is
“GET OUT! Never darken my doorstep again!                 negated. I wish there was some magical thing I
Mother. Where did we go wrong?"                           could do…”
( Ignore it - it'll go away... it won’t!)                 TEEN: "Mum will do it for me." ("A mother's
“How could she treat us so thoughtlessly? We              love is stronger...")
sacrificed and struggled most of our lives. What          MOTHER: "Never. Not in a million years. It
did we do that was wrong? We gave her                     takes a man to know what's what. I've had a
everything money could buy.”                              very hard day.” “I’m beyond caring quite
(“A decent home is not something money can                honestly.”
buy.”)                                                    EXPERT: “Your Mom gave you a start in life but
                                                          she doesn't owe you a life."
"Don't you dare to ever come back here                    (“WHAT is getting in the way of you having a
again or you'll be sorry." “I’ll make you wish            little bit of happiness?”       “Is happiness
you were never born!” “I’ll knock you into                wrong?”)
tomorrow.” BANG! “I wish I had never had
you!” BANG!                                               TEEN: “If the only way to get housing is to
“I’m sorry! I DIDN’T MEAN it…”                            have a BABY…”
PARENT: “You’ve made your bed - now you                   EXPERT: “You can’t have it both ways…” “If
can lie in it. And find out the hard way what I’ve        you want independence, how is having a baby
been telling you all these years is right. Go             going to help?”
away. GET LOST!”
TEEN-AGER:           “You’re     not    Human!”           EXPERT: “You want everything to be there in
“Farewell is such a lonely sound…”                        an instant! But it doesn’t work like that…”
EXPERT: “These kids are thrown out of their               “You kids expect everything to be perfect!
‘safe’ environment into the hub-bub…”                     When it isn’t, you take it out on everyone else!
                                                          You can’t expect your parents to provide your
"PLEASE DON'T LOCK ME OUT! I need a full                  every comfort! When you are ready to deal with
life! "Aw. Come on, Mum. Get it together..."              it and process it, then you’ll be going home…”
                                                          (PERFECT means: “As good as it can be.”)
Mother: “GO! AND GET A LIFE!”
Teenager: “I CAN’T! I’m not into clubbing…                EXPERT: “You need a chance of being in a
but if that is all there is…”                             situation whereby you can have responsibility
                                                          without all their rules & regulations… We need
“Rebellious HELL RAISERS. Into rock, heavy,               to define a set of ground rules… you all agree to.
heavy metal. ‘Live’ for today. Death-wish                 Then there can’t be any argument. The family
mentality. Craziness. So many kids feeling                need to have fun together.”
lost, angry.

TEENAGER: “I’m plodding along. I feel                        away…” “Dry your eyes now. Say, it’s not for
shut-down.” “Oh, it’s nothing to do with you.                me. I’m off…”
I’ve said it 400 times… Oh! leave me alone…”                 "UNWANTED. Down. Isolated. Hopeless."
PARENT: “I feel devalued! It’s hurt my                       "We're just wishing our lives away."
feelings being spoken to like that!”                         "I got to walk down the streets feeling all
EXPERT: “When your teenager is shouting                      alone." "The tears flow... governed by... each
‘leave me alone’ - withdraw.”                                passing... heart..."
EXPERT: “You’ve got to grow up. How are we
going to do it?”                                             ALL Put Down to: Bad behaviour - kids’
PARENT: “I don’t know what your problem is!”                 moods; they are being ‘difficult,’ ‘lazy’…”
“Can you help? I’m sure you’ll think of
something.”                                                  EXPERT: "EMOTIONAL SECURITY? Parents
TEEN: “I wish I could be a baby again- go                    often misjudge their children..."
back…Wow! I’d find that really exciting?”                    EXPERT: "Children who have suffered
PARENT:         "You've got an answer for                    abuse from their parents often punish
everything! Well, I don't want to hear it. No-one            themselves for failing to live up to their parents
wants to hear it. I'm sick of paying for you - all           expectations... Children all too often think they
your food, gas, electricity… I'm sick of you.                are responsible, that they are to blame (for what
I'm sick and tired of everything in this                     has gone wrong.”) "As if that isn't bad enough...
god-damned world. I just want a bit of peace! I              the children are being blamed for the world's
ain’t got time for any of this shit right now." “I’ll        ills!”
teach you about what life feels like when
no-one cares. BASH!” “THE PARTY IS                           EXPERT: "Parents put their children through
OVER! GO TO HELL. Go on. Bugger off. Don't                   hell. 'I'm going to kill you.' Lamentable. Parents
talk back! I want you out TONIGHT! Now go.                   seem to have so little faith in their own flesh
Clear out! Move out immediately - sooner                     and blood, whilst being so trusting of politicians
preferably. You've not even got the Rights of                - those who are responsible for causing the
a lodger. Yes, I am throwing you out."                       conditions that cause so much heart-break
TEEN: “That’s your answer to everything.                     and hardship! Why don't you ‘cripple’ the
Chuck it out! Well, thank you very much for                  enemy, not your daughter?"
helping me get through this. Now I’m just                    EXPERT: “You’ve invested a lot in your kid/s.
rubbish!”                                                    It’s too important for you to give up…”
PARENT: "Oh, let them go. Let them get on                    EXPERT: “All this is normal family life!
with it! There's nothing we can do about it.                 Relationships have ups and downs…”
They've got to chase their dreams. They'll grow              PARENT: “If this is ‘normal’ I’d hate to see
out of it eventually…"                                       abnormal!”

“When things go wrong…”                                      WAH! “… it’s a CRY FOR THE CHILDREN…"
"KICKED OUT…"                                                "So many SAD children! So miserable! Tear
"Physical violence! They threw me out. I was                 streaked, dirty little faces, their little frail bodies-
just trying to explain..." "Chucking me before I             scantily dressed - even in winter, no home,
can fly. I know what happens to birds that leave             no-one to feed or protect them!
the nest too soon." “I love my Mummy and                     "Do it for the children’s sake!"
Daddy so much. I’m so scared…”                               Member Of the Public: “I can’t be bothered
“Mental, verbal and physical abuse…”                         with any of it.” (Ah! “Love don’t live here
"Battered, abandoned, threatened..." "Given                  anymore…it’s gone, like yesterday…”)
the royal order of the boot." "Dumped. Cast out
like refuse!" "We've been disowned!" "Putting                "A child must find his way ALONE?"
me in the gutter…" "A really BAD, HEAVY                      "PROBLEM PARENTS:" “… screaming at
situation." “I have no connections…”                         their kids as if there’s no tomorrow…”
ANGUISH: "You're the meanest old woman                       "… It's so hard for parents to get it right..."
I've ever seen." "Now, I've nowhere to stay.
The only thing I wanted was a place of my                    “WHY can’t we do it another way?”
own!" "My family can't AFFORD to keep me any                  “There’s something missing…”
longer! I haven't a clue what to do." "I get sick,           ("… it's a living thing, a giving thing. What a
feel lost..." "I'm scared we'll die young,                   terrible thing to lose...")
lonely, without ever knowing love..."                               “… it should be cut & dried by now!
“Dry your eyes mate. You’ve got to walk                                      But it’s not, is it?”

                                                                                                  CHAPTER 1: Education

“These kids are in a terrible situation and it’s          seek overall funding to stop the funding for
going to get tougher...” “The problems will get           these 10 beds being cut” (December 2005) (re:
worse as house prices rise… as more young                 The Children's Society
people find they cannot Afford to leave their
parents…”                                                 “My daughter keeps running off- she’s got
“It’s so embarrassing to still be living with my          psychological problems…”
parents!” “I’m back here living with my Mom.              “Hello. Can you help? She needs a SAFE
How do you think I feel? Truthfully, you’ve got to        place…”
get me away from here…” (2003).                           “It does sound like the poor child is in a terrible
Parent: “If only I could get away from the noise          situation…Have you tried phoning...?”
they are making! I need something for my own              “The Social Services wont help!”
sanity and comfort!”                                      “BEEN THERE … TRIED THAT…”
                                                          “The NSPCC are the only agency empowered
“If life was less CHAOTIC, wouldn’t that make             to oversee the Social Services. The NSPCC has
life easier?”                                             180 projects nationwide (but no children's
          NOW You Know What it is…                        homes). I’m sorry. The NSPCC can only call the
“Always look on the bright side… Maybe                    Social Services in an Emergency…”
parents would be less irate?”                             “… We can’t discuss it with you! The Data
“Wouldn’t it be lovely to say it’s no problem!”           Protection Act…”
“You could have it so much better…”                       “I’ve tried 15 UK Agencies set-up to help
“You could all be having (good, clean) fun…”              children in need of protection. Not one will
                                                          help by providing a SAFE refuge! It annoys
                                                          me these people are being paid to do a job
RUN-AWAYS:                                                when they are NOT doing it!”
“350,000 children, in the UK, are in danger, at           SOCIAL WORKER: “We don’t think the child
risk in their homes…”                                     has any issues…” “We’ll arrange a meeting…
“100,000 children a year run away, facing                 We’ll discuss it next week…”
Alarming DANGERS on the streets…                          So many agencies get involved! And still
Charities have called for a chain of hostels to
                                                          nothing gets done!
be built across the country. Pilot schemes                RUN-AWAY: “WAH! I come from a BROKEN
come to an end next year. The Children's                  home… Now do YOU understand why I need
Society wants something up and running to                 it?” “They’ve let me down so badly. I don’t
replace     them    soon.    The    need    for           know who to trust anymore! You know how
ALTERNATVES…” (Sky News 27/2/2005).                       much I want it all to work out right. Now you’re
                                                          ignoring me again…”
“Social Services can only offer a form of                 “Sometimes you’ve got to trust…”
respite to children who have run away and are
on the streets because they are physically /              6 MONTHS LATER, the poor kid is still on the
beaten or sexually abused… MENTAL                         streets! “The meeting was adjourned – no
CRUELTY is not in our remit. She has to go                decision was taken…” “THIS IS TORTURE!”
back ‘home.’ The police will take her back. Our           (“Everyone sooner or later cracks when being
only choice is a place in a ‘secure’ unit. That           tortured.”)
will take at least a couple of weeks to arrange…
But that’s not the answer. ‘Secure Units’ are             If you dare to openly ask what the hell are they
extremely damaging places (emotionally)…”                 all doing? They conveniently refuse to speak
How can they disregard the child’s mind?                  to you! They go into denial! So easy for them
                                                          to go into denial… to protect themselves! They
SOCIAL WORKER: “We can’t have                             collude… You are accused of ‘hampering’
Homeless children on the streets!” “There                 ‘interfering’ ‘causing problems’ & ‘harassing
are so many children in the same awful                    them!’ Anything! Rather than just simply
circumstances we can’t help!” “It’s a shame               provide the one bit of essential kit!
we couldn’t do more but we haven’t got the
budget…” (November, 2005).                                “An attractive face… they’re so convincing…”
                                                          “We’re doing our best to help, but the issues
“In the whole of the UK there are only 10                 are very complicated…” “There is nothing we
(safe) beds for run-away children. In March               can do to help. That is our final decision, I’m
2006, MP’s will put a Bill before Parliament to           afraid…” (2006).

CHILDREN IN CARE:                                         "CHILDREN IN CARE PLEAD FOR HELP:
 “… it’s not going to be for long. It’s for the           Britain's   scandal-hit   children’s    homes...
best…”                                                    Child-line has revealed that a high proportion of
Parents with NO ALTERNATIVE, as a last,                   calls come from children in ‘care’..."
desperate measure, put their children into the
‘care’ of the Local Authority - because they              "The       government's       definition   of   a
want to safeguard their child/ren and ensure              'correction centre'..."
their protection and well-being… Their                    "...they'll be good girls and boys in the memorial
parents may be Homeless, jobless, in                      homes for colonial wasters of life and limb..."
prison…Other children are removed from their
parents for safety reasons EG. “He was beaten             "IN ‘CARE’: MASSIVE UNITS!"
to one inch of his life. He’s had a rotten life…”         "We should have smaller units - little homes
Q: “Why did you assault your child?”                      or something like that" said a child in care.
A: “I couldn’t see an alternative… I snapped!”            "Constant changing of staff, being moved
                                                          around again and again - controlled. Feel
“These kids are damaged. They’re hurting                  insecure. Others discuss my life, write long
inside…” EG.                                              reports about me, make decisions for me. All
“I’m SORRY! Oh, why is it always me?”                     they say is no, no , no. Does my head in. A lot
                                                          of messing around. They don't listen to our
A SOCIAL WORKER (on TV) SAID: “The                        views. They don't care."
consequences of getting it wrong are so high,
and we have to live with that…”                           "Youngsters needs are being overlooked.
                                                          Children     accused of being difficult,
“ERRORS OF JUDGEMENT COST LIVES.                          ungrateful...”
Let’s just make that perfectly clear, alright?”
                                                          "Detained in a children’s home... had their
WAH! “… it’s not even understood by the                   bones fractured by government staff. Blamed:
beautiful and good…”                                      Lack of complaints procedure."
       “The wide eyed asleep need to                      "Plans said to be for economic reasons.
                                                          Treatment described as TACTICS NAZIS
                  WAKE UP!”                               USED. Campfield House Young Offenders
                                                          Institution. The use of over-restraint…
“I need to speak to someone urgently. I need              Supposed to be place where youngsters are
some help…”                                               trained…"
 “She’s away on a training course right                   "Kids don't have an avenue." Let down by
now…” “She’s not in the office today…” “She               system supposed to help them. 'It's all to do
can’t come and see you. She’s on duty…”                   with funding' they say over and over again.
“Sorry. He’s in a meeting…” “I’ll have to speak to        "Hard to accommodate their wishes" said
my boss. I’m afraid she’s ‘tied up’ at the                carers. "These difficulties have to be worked
moment… No, I can’t reach her…”                           out or these children will become adults with
("If we lose the time before us...")                      problems" (Radio 4, BBC 8/4/1993).
“BUTTERING       THEIR      OWN      BREAD”:              "Permission       granted     for   FORCIBLE
“They’re very good at passing the buck…                   RESTRAINT to be used against difficult to
and fobbing us off. They should get off their             control children- to stop them running away"
backsides   and     do     something    really            (28/4/1993) What are they running away from?
constructive to help all these poor kids…”                EXPERT: “Restraining children does not
                                                          alleviate the problem - this makes them want
"450 ‘SECURE’ CHILDRENS’ HOMES -                          to get away from you, makes them feel
CHILDREN HELD UNDER LOCK & KEY:                           unloved, unwanted, swept under the
Might damage themselves. 75% have been                    carpet…”
abused by their parents. Children have                    “80% OF CHILDREN IN ‘CARE’ OF LOCAL
developed     self-destructive     tendencies-            AUTHORITY         ARE     ABUSED      sexually,
banging their heads against brick walls…                  physically, mentally, by other children and
Some do manage to run away. Some                          staff supposed to look after them" (BBC,
disappear. When something goes missing, all               13/5/1992).
the children are regularly strip searched" (ref.
Conservative government, 16/3/1993).                      “Children are on drugs, using alcohol,
                                                          sniffing substances…”
                                                                                                CHAPTER 1: Education

(“Ah! It’s so hard to gloss over…”)                         smashed desks, chairs and windows and
                                                            started small fires. 19 children were
"60,000 CHILDREN IN LOCAL AUTHORITY                         arrested."
‘CARE’ HOMES. ¾ of children have no
qualifications. ¼ of people in prison were in a             "MUCH PUNISHMENT TAKES PLACE: Britain
Local Authority ‘care’ home" (4/5/1993).                    should follow the rest of Europe and move
                                                            away from physical punishment of children.
"... the disturbance is the 2nd this month.                 A reward system works best. Corporal
Another home was closed when youngsters                     punishment is ritualistic, medieval and
ran riot, smashing furniture and breaking                   humiliating. A normal loving family Environment
windows" (23/3/1993).                                       involves discipline – (lightly) smacking the child
"’CARE’ HOMES OUT OF CONTROL:                               sensibly. Another way to punish a child is
Investigated by the Evening Standard...                     deprive them of the thing they love the
Complacent social workers... Parents not                    most..." (Debate, March 1994)
satisfied children are safe... These people
need more care... Are subject to abuse...                   "ARSON PROBE: ... a suspicious fire swept
Council's failure to hold an investigation. The             through a council owned children’s home..."
government promised a full inquiry" (re:                    (20/12/1993).
Islington, BBC, 28/7/1993).
                                                            (UK: "15,000 CHILDREN NEED ADOPTING:
“A softer more caring and considerate                       An adoption agency 'Parents for Children'
regime wouldn’t hurt.”                                      believes every child has the Right to a family
                                                            life - but is fighting for survival... they used to
"CHILDREN ARE A BLESSING: Stanley                           receive government funds...")
Wilson, a great Socialist, started a home for
sad children who lost everything during WW11.               (AUTISM = "… lack of contact with reality.
'We don't withhold from the children - they've              Constant danger... the windows... Unable to
suffered enough' he said. 'Nor do we punish or              differentiate what is safe and what isn't.
have regulations. We didn't have children of our            'Denis's accommodation is unsuitable... but
own - instead, we were honoured to know and                 so is all the other accommodation on offer..."
care for 250 children'..." Ah! “The secret is not to        Radio 4, BBC 8/4/1993).
be hard.”
                                                            “Kent has so many children in council care
 “Children are as good as gold.”                            they are at CRISIS point…” (June, 2005).
"HOME is what you make it."                                 SHOCKING: CHILDREN’S JAILS: … 32,000
                                                            children are held in Young Offenders
"PRIVATISE CHILDRENS SECURE UNITS?:                         Institutions… the closed environment of
"Make money out of locking up children?                     custodial centres… holding children for
Meetings run by accountants? Make a profit                  dubious reasons… shock at some of the
out of children’s misery? 'I don't see what's               practices…” (ITN & Channel 4, 16/2/2006).
wrong with making a profit. Homes are run at a
loss.' ‘We are failing children lamentably. If we           “WAH! YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT it’s LIKE!”
leave it to politicians they will make a hash               =
of it. Instead, reduce the cost of it, and raise            Growth in Self-Harming. Children are cutting
standards’…" (16/8/1993).                                   themselves!
                                                            “What’s the matter with her?” “We don’t know.
"… Agencies accused of not tackling the root                We’re the professionals and we don’t
causes of their problems" (Greater London Radio,            understand it! What’s the answer?”
                                                            SECURE? “The system is screwed up”
“I don’t want to work for the Social Services any           (2006).
more. They haven’t got their priorities
right…” “Britain has a shortage of good                     THE FUTURE? “To Hell With it?” “It’s so
foster carers…”                                             awful to look after children… Don’t have any?
                                                            Develop other forms of surrogacy to ‘liberate.’
"RIOT: Pupils at a school for children in care              Children brought up entirely by the State
ran riot causing £70,000 of damage. Squads of               system? (God forbid!) Parents merely visit
police went in as 30 children - many of whom                once a week for an hour?”
have a parent in jail - rampaged. The children
“A dysfunctional person costs Tax-Payers
£25,000 a year. Officially, there are 1.3 million
dysfunctional people in Britain. Tony Blair’s
‘thing’ is social exclusion: How to deal with?
His solution? A new computer to pinpoint
future hoodlums from birth, a range of social
services, health visitors etc. No new money for
this- will be shifted from elsewhere. Children
may be removed from (alcoholic / single /
‘unsuitable’ ) parents.
PROTEST: ‘A child going through the ‘care’
system is a bruised child’…” (BBC, 31/9/2006).

SITUATION: 1/3rd of the youngsters who are
attracted by the bright lights in the city... end up
Homeless…           are       approached          for
PROSTITUTION and forced to beg on the
streets… The government's determination to
end 'benefit culture' has caused 'street culture'
which is far more dangerous.
… leaving to try and find work and excitement -
instead they end up in a poverty trap.

The perils facing them grow more dangerous
every day. To change the system, the
Government could help them get a home
which will help them get employment.

Centrepoint helps approx. 1,500 youngsters a
year. Those sleeping rough went up from 53%
to 78% in 1987" (1989).

(stalked) BY PAEDAFILES..." (1990).
"… the growth in the RENT BOYS trade..."

"GET ME OFF THE STREETS! I want a place
to stay. Make my day!"
"WAH! I wanna go home. I haven't got a
home, but that don't stop me wanting one..."

"... Neilsen EXPLOITED the situation facing
the Homeless... he murdered 13 young
drifters - luring them easily... He looked for
would-be suicides who were wondering how
they could survive another day - who were
looking for the chance of a meal, a bed for the
 “There are 10,000 unknown paedophiles…”
(UK, March 2005).

"Not much of a world for the young to inherit…”

                                                                                          CHAPTER 2: The Homeless

                                                         just remember."
CHAPTER 2: THE HOMELESS                                  "… it's just a dream you can't twist round your
"FLAT BROKE”: "I can't Afford the rent for
                                                         "… it's better than death - slow suicide,
a bloody flat. I ain’t got enough money for a            broken romance, lost friends..."
house..."                                                “… it’s not so bad. It’s not so bad. It’s not so
"...THE DRIFTER. He is looking for the most
excellent place of all..."                               "… it's my small survival place, y'know?"
"I was staying with friends, but it's easy to             “It would be a completely new start for us…”
outstay your welcome." "It hurts too much to             "… it's where I'll find my Heaven."
stay around when the magic's gone..." “This              "I want it, and I think it's pathetic that they say
house aint a home…” "I have to find something.           we can't have it." "They only want emptiness
I don't know what it is, but when I find it, I'll        inside us. That isn't right. They're pretending
know." "Me? Oh, I'm looking for a new life..."           not to know the difference…”
"… it's a new address for this young man." "…            "Just give me some place I can go...”
it's a new start!” "It'll keep me happy!"”               "Understand it, so we can say it's a fine life! It's
                                                         something we have wanted for years!"
THE TRAMP: A Hobo. A migratory worker:                   "YOU could have happiness- everything, if you
"Britain      used      to     have       special        just let it be."
accommodations for tramps- they could go                 "… it heralds the change. Never give up the
from one place to another, always finding a              dream for a GOOD FUTURE."
place to stay..."                                        “Is it only a dream?”
A good example of a tramp is: "Charlie Chaplin -         "To me it's not a remote dream."
the world's most lovable tramp..."                       "… it's where I long to be!"
"A tramp is a person who counts riches by what           "… it's my rightful place." "I can't do without
he hasn't got. The birds and Sun greet him.              it. It's the real thing."
His Freedom is his happiness."                           "Our purpose for living is to find Perfection.
"Sleeping out under the stars! I prefer it. Makes        Let it shine forth!"
me feel really happy!" "To sleep under the
stars. The sky is one roof that will never               WAH! “How Long must we WAIT for it?”
collapse on you. It's the one roof you know will         "It's HARD waiting!" “We’ll just have to wait
still be there in the morning when you wake."            no matter how long it takes.”
(Ah! you want to be certain, as sure as the sun           “I hope it wont be very long…”
rising in the East...”)                                  "The prayer for salvation keeps me going…"
"Wishing things could be different..."                   "We've got nothing left but faith."
                                                          “… it will happen IF we wait long enough…
1990: THE HOMELESS SAID:                                 for the truth to happen… and when it does, I
“Where is the so-called ‘safety net’? I can’t            hope it happens for us…”
find it!”                                                              "MAKE it SNAPPY!"
"I wish I had a place where I could dry out…"
"I feel like a Frisbee, tossed from place to
place!"                                                  "DILEMNA CONCERNING THE HOMELESS:
"I've tried so hard to settle down..."                   Charities who have to deal with rough sleepers
"I'm looking for Mercy Street…”                          said the initiative by the Dept. of Environment
"Me? Oh, I'm looking for a new life..."                  would fail unless the government assured
“I want to stop the rot, get back on my feet,            people they could Afford the homes (flats)
form some sort of a base…”                               they were trying to provide…”
 “We need a real home, not one stuck in the
Dark Ages.”                                              "’HELP’ IS ON THE WAY..."
"It's a damp night. Of course, I'd rather have           "KNOCK AND WAIT…" "Another advice
one..." Ah! “They can see the light…”                    service is being set-up...”
"… it's the way I want to live..."
                                                         THE HOMELESS SAID:
“Where is the catch in it?” "I tell you man,             "They offer the usual
it's the only fool-proof system..."                      excuses…"
(“… although it’s not fools I worry about...”)
"… it's the one thing they can't take away -
"I've been advised not to leave home! They are           persuade them not to leave, grants to voluntary
still trying to get my blood out of the                  organisations…' 'The UK has the highest rate
carpet..."                                               of Homelessness in Europe' said Shelter.
“GO BACK to ‘your’ homes.” “Terrific.”                   'That's not true. Look at America!' said Mr.
“WAH! I DON’T WANT TO GO BACK to that                    Spicer. 'Where is the £250 million going to be
place!”                                                  spent?' (Question unanswered). 'An enormous
“I can't find any support!”                              reduction in house building last 10 years. The
"Surreal. They're giving me advice just when I           private sector is very worried about this need - a
want to live making my OWN decisions!”                   weak link in the chain. There has to be money to
"We don't need you to explain it to us!"                 buy land, we have to build more Affordable
                                                         homes... Trouble is people just fall through the
               STREET WISE:                              hole.' 'A lot of people are in physical danger -
"Do it, and be done with me!" “If you won’t              having a lot of trouble. Very real problems. Once
share, you’ll be stuck with me.”                         they find themselves in terrible conditions, how
                                                         do we help them avoid crime?' 'Whatever we
ADVICE WORKERS SAID: "Children can't                     do, we mustn't encourage people to come to
Afford to buy property!"                                 the cities. 150,000 people have done just that.
"I get so depressed sometimes. I really do               The trouble is the market rents.' 'Places now
wish we could do something better to help all            really difficult to stay in... not safe to live in...
these kids…"                                             housing has declined.' 'It's happening in
"… he just broods... His home was everything...          most metropolitan cities. An extremely
He's so terribly unhappy..."                             unfortunate position for youngsters.' '1 in 20
                                                         people are struggling to keep a roof over
RESPONSE: “It’s SELFISH TIME NOW. YOU                    their head. That's 3 million people in Britain.'
can WAIT for THE SHOW to begin.”                         'What chance do people see of keeping a
                                                         roof over their head for life? NONE…" (DEF 2.
THE PUBLIC SAID: "The government are                     BBC, 25/4/1990).
completely out of touch with public
opinion." “The government haven't the                    "Who    causes      more    Homelessness?
slightest conception of what they are dealing            Conservative or Labour?”
with." "Look, if you want these kids off your            “Who cares? Just get me off the streets!"
back... they need their own place."
the only connection they feel."                          HAS HIT RECORD LEVELS..."

DOCUMENTARY: "WORDS APART: "Tonight,                      “As a matter of urgency we are considering
more than 5,000 young people will sleep in               what further comprehensive action we need to
shop door-ways, in car parks, under fly-overs,           take to alleviate the problem...” said Mr.
bridges...    The       government    do    not          Spicer… Mr Spicer said this was an
understand it… Is there a re-occurring                   international problem and the government
problem? 'Yes. Since the 1980's it can be                was looking at one of the causes... He agreed it
traced…’ The government say they have                    is a matter for the government to make sure
helped the Homeless! £250 million set aside              there is adequate accommodation for the
for next 2 years. 'Our publicity campaign to tell        Homeless…” (9/3/1990).
people to stay at home, warns them of
unhappiness should they become Homeless.' 'I             "… The government claim they care about the
can never go back...' 'The government does               Homeless, but then say it is not for central
not understand they cannot go back home.'                government to generate the growth in the
'DEEP UNHAPPINESS.' 'Children now leaving                Housing sector which the Homeless so
home at 13 and 14! This is new, not natural -            desperately need! Then the government say
something is going on.' ‘People choose to                they will ‘bring in special measures to
sleep rough rather than ‘the alternatives’ of            prevent local government from generating
going ‘home.’ 'Leaving home is a natural                 growth’! How much potential is being wasted in
transition.' 'They'll leave home between 16 - 25         shop doorways? How many opportunities
depending on their maturity and circumstances.           could have grown - could still grow - out of the
I do see that as a Right.' 'There are scores of          people who have no home of their own and
housing agencies advising young people. We               hence no opportunity? The opportunity to own a
have a massive hostel programme... to                    home and pass it on is one of the most
                                                         important Rights an individual has in a free
                                                                                            CHAPTER 2: The Homeless

society. A Right to Clean, Decent, Affordable              became an Emergency... 15% of Homeless
Housing should be Guaranteed, and if all else              men have TB (consumption)... existence
fails, it is incumbent on the government to                breeds despair... 'He walked down the stairs
safeguard that Right..." (SPEECH by Glenda                 from the night shelter, straight into the river
Jackson MP, House of Commons, 20/11/1992).                 Thames. It was all over very quickly.' Their
                                                           neglect is obvious. Nowhere to go. 'No-one
THE HOMELESS BEG: "Can you please spare                    housed him even though he was dying.' No
a little change?"                                          likely help on streets for at least another 3 years!
”… just a little change… (as true as it can                So many people waiting! This Christmas,
be…”)                                                      how many more will be dying for a home?"
“Sorry! I’m not into small change…”                        (ITV, 10/12/1992)

"If there wasn't a shortage of decent                      NOT  ONE   Government                minister    is
(Affordable) accommodation, people wouldn't                ACCOUNTABLE!
                                                           “It would help them do something for
Terry Dicks (Conservative MP) said: “I see no              themselves. And be so much easier to cope with
reason for cardboard city to exist. Most of the            when you are in your own space… Hard to get
people there are beggars and tinkers. There                self-contained space... Shared toilets and
are people who come to London expecting                    bathrooms... What do you want? Paradise on
tax-payers to provide a home for them. They                this Earth?” (World In Action, Channel 4, 5/4/1993)
should go back where they come from. This                  YES! YES! YES!
sort of behaviour should be stamped out..."
(7/7/1993).                                                "HOMELESS FORCED OFF THE STREETS:
                                                           "Further ‘persuasion,’ not coercion, is our
ATTITUDE: “Yes, but you lot are the dregs…                 strategy.' Numbers down by ½. Hostels only
you don’t matter. I know this world is cruel and           option. Dangerous places. 'New hostels are
wicked but what ALTERNATIVE is there?”                     very different to old hostels. Behind these is
"REHABILITATION in the NEXT DECADE?                        ‘permanent’ housing' (flats). Not tackling
Homes will be built for you one day, if you                causes of Homelessness…”
survive that long! Ha, ha."                                “RAPID ACTION TEAMS WILL OPERATE 24
"Ashamed to face us? Penniless! I presume                  HOURS A DAY =
he died?"                                                  “HEALTH CARE and other street services
                                                           WITHDRAWN… Those who remain on streets
"I'm walking the streets... no energy to do                reported to police. The Salvation Army warned
anything. I sit down every so often. I feel really         people will become more excluded”
ill…”                                                      (31/7/2003).
 "Let me talk to the hard rock pavement moving
by..." “It’s not hard to fall…”                            "NUMBER OF HOMELESS COULD BE
“Life taught me to die.”                                   HIGHER: An unrecognised army of people
                                                           are sleeping rough or in hostels... doctors claim
1990’s: THE ATTITUDE of the DESTITUTE,                     the current figures are unreliable. In
DYING on the streets:                                      Westminster, the study, published by the BMJ,
          "I'm DYING for it."                              suggests there are 5,000 Homeless people...”

"DYING FOR A HOME: Officially, 670 people                  "CHRISTMAS SHELTERS CLOSED… the
died sleeping rough last year. Under-nourished,            Homeless went back to ‘sleeping’ on the streets,
and alone. Homeless. Died before they could                their condition deteriorating..." (30/12/1993)
get housing. The deaths could have been                    “The Homeless don't just need shelter for
prevented... 234 suicides.... Frail old people             Christmas you know...”
rummaging through dustbins... Badly assaulted
- died... Horrific murders - 7% of deaths fall into        “What do you suppose he’s wishing for?”
this category... 40% are caused by drinking                “I don’t know, but I hope he gets it.”
themselves to death. 40% of deaths are alcohol
related hypothermia. EG. Man found under a                 “The GOVERNMENT HAS CHANGED the law
bush, in snow, frozen to death. Rejected,                  for care of people on the streets:
despised, but all are people... They've got to             EMERGENCY ACCOMODATION does NOT
live somewhere. 'None of us can get proper hot             have to be provided.” “The government
food, heating, light...’ Health neglected till it          should be doing more, not less!" (25/2/1994)
“… it should be mandatory!” “You should be                      "… it'll be alright Mummy. Don't worry."
able to walk right in…”                                         "My generation will put it right..."
                                                                1988: “11,270 families were living this way...
“An invisible city of excluded, vulnerable                      The expensive insanity of B & B... one
Homeless people exists today trapped in                         hotelier (in Bayswater) received £250 million
circumstances that leaves them on the fringe of                 from council budgets to temporarily
society. Many trapped for years… Their                          accommodate Homeless families for one year.
dilemma not recognised as a priority by                         Spiralling Homelessness... soon there will be
policy-makers…” (Crisis report, 2004).                          no spaces left in B & B’s... Already councils
                                                                are turning away people legally entitled to
                                                                be housed" (Assoc. of London Authorities, 1989).

                                                                "TOLD TO LIVE IN A CAR: A living hell: A
                                                                family with 3 young children were kicked out
1960's: "What's it all about, Alfie?"                           of their council house for £1,000 rent arrears...
1966: "CATHY COME HOME shocked the                              Now their car is their 'home.' 'I don't want our
nation... A pregnant woman, with 3 children                     family to split up.' The children live on fry-ups
evicted onto the streets by a private land-lord                 made by Mum on a portable gas stove and
who said children would ruin his property... 'I                 wash in public toilets. The council's housing
want to live in something good.' ... But until                  officer said: 'The family are intentionally
the government accepts there is a crisis..."                    Homeless.' Karen said: 'I am desperate to get
                                                                a proper roof over the children’s heads'..." (Daily
"HEART-BREAK HOTEL:... the room is bare                         Mirror, 13/6/1990) "We've been DEBASED!"
apart from a single bed, a table and chair,
clothes soak in the hand basin. This bleak room                 "A NATIONAL EMERGENCY: …children in B
is their 'home.' ... Homelessness has proved to                 &    B…   facing  malnourishment     and
be BIG BUSINESS for the owners of this 350                      psychological damage...” Protests outside
room hotel... the over-crowded conditions are                   the Dept. of Environment. SLOGAN:
a health hazard... scabies outbreak... ...                      ‘CHILDREN NEED HOMES’…" (2/7/1990).
isolation... Noise levels severe... hard to
sleep. Nowhere to keep food - food gets stolen...               "CATHY STILL HAS NOWHERE TO LIVE...
the stove (for 20 families) doesn't work -                      Diabolical... The 'Cathy Come Home'
nowhere for kids to play... Since 1979, the                     documentary led to the formation of the charity
numbers of people ‘living’ in places such as                    'Shelter.' But cuts continued. Chance of
these       have       doubled...     government                licking the housing crisis lost. Nothing really
expenditure on housing cut by 80%... The                        changed... How to communicate with
average length of stay here is 18 months - 3                    bureaucracy?
years" (Time Out magazine, 28/4/1983).
                                                                There should only be one side: Fair
"SIGN on the door says: NO COMPANY                              HOUSING FOR ALL.
ALLOWED:” "The walls of this hotel are
paper thin. I wish I couldn't hear a thing." "The                'They are being weaned off the drug of
place smells horrible. Can't open the window -                  dependency' said a housing minister. The
so stuffy in here, I've got a permanent                         separation of ‘sheep and goats.’ 'Go
head-ache." "I'm in the basement. No windows!                   somewhere else.'
Always dark. No natural light. Have to keep
the meter fed with shillings." "We have to sleep                All we have is arguments, pressure.
in the same bed as the children." "This is the
11th room they've put us in." "I don't know this                ... it could be a significant leap to help first-time
area. I feel lost. I'm so miserable I could die."               home buyers...
"Getting out of here would be a very heavy
burden off my soul." "I can't remember when I                   Why must we live in higher densities?
last smiled." "No Nursery place, so I can't get
a job." "I can't live like this! I hate this place. It's        Only the state can Afford to build houses at a
driving me crazy." "I can't live up to the image of             price people can Afford... In the old system,
the loving Madonna. I'm an angel being torn                     government used to care... It's never seen
apart." "The city lights tell me there are no                   as a Human Right… We've got to build homes
stars." "What to do? What to do?" "I want to                    again for people who want to help
find out what it’s all about."                                  themselves..." (Jeremy Sandford, BBC, 9/7/1990).
                                                                                           CHAPTER 2: The Homeless

"THE DISPOSESSED: "... there are 6,500                    only temporary, so after about 6 months or so,
people registered on (this) waiting list we               families will be back on the streets again, so
cannot house. Council has a commitment to the             they can re-apply for another 6 month stint in
Homeless. 4,465 applied to Westminster                    temporary shelter…” (letter by Michael Burrell, Kings
council for accommodation. ... 3041 people                Cross Homeless Project + 19 other Homeless
were rejected as not assessed to be in priority           Projects, Evening Standard, 25/1/1994).
need. A priority Group = Disabled or
pregnant... That means if you are mentally ill, if        “David Gilmour sold one of his houses and gave
you have Aids, you have children, are                     £3 million to the charity ‘Crisis,’ who hope to
long-term Homeless... You do NOT qualify! ...             build a village for 400 residents. Crisis still
'On your way' say the police. 'Nice country to            needs £50 million” (21/5/2003) Affordable?
live in, isn't it?'..." (Channel 4, 30/11/1992).
                                                          “Many people believe the crisis of rough
CAUGHT IN THE POVERTY TRAP: "A new                        sleepers has been done away with. The Key
report says 43,000 children are living in                 to solve this is to prevent Homelessness…”
temporary accommodation- living out of a                  “No, it’s not all going very well. They say ‘it’s
suitcase, in and out of B & B, affecting their            only a lunatic fringe element that want it.’ Are
health and education. Local Authorities should            they insane?”
be allowed to use their assets to build low-cost
accommodation" (BBC, 27/5/1993).                          “THE HIDDEN HOMELESS. You can’t see
                                                          them but they are still there. The problem
"3 Homeless families are challenging the                  has NOT gone away. 100,000 families are
council's housing policy in a High Court                  officially Homeless. Number has doubled last
action. Forced to accept a squalid private let            7 years. (The Labour) Government has pledged
away from their family... They need council               £150 million… but this is a drop in the Ocean -
accommodation... in the long term B & B costs             and will not solve the problem” (13/12/2004).
more than the cost of building a house..."
(17/12/1994).                                             "I have MERCY! Do YOU?"

Government proposals to remove the Rights                 SQUATTERS:
to permanent Housing from Homeless                        1983: Housing London's Homeless. Squatters
families do not only affect single parents - they         have an ACTIVE network:
hit every Homeless family in Britain, including           Squatter’s groups      know what's going on
those on council Waiting lists. By defining a             locally… The squatters, bless their hearts, go
family as Homeless only if the family is living           out everyday on foot, on bicycles, watching out
on the streets, Sir George Young has revealed             for council-owned (empty) property in the
the real purpose of these ‘reforms’ - to change           process of being boarded-up… keeping careful
what Homelessness means, so that the                      lists. Homeless people ask the squatters to help,
government’s appalling record on housing                  usually as a last resort, rather than face being
disappears like magic. The record shows the               on the streets. EG. the elderly, students,
number of homes available to rent (both public            single-parents, single people, ex-convicts-
& private) has shrunk by 1.5 million &                    anyone rejected by the housing departments.
Homelessness has doubled since the                        'There are so many down-trodden people
Conservative government came into power                   who the State does not help.' These poor
in 1979. The thrust of the proposals is that              people are invariably cold, starving - having
families must be without shelter before they can          not eaten sometimes for a week, exhausted,
ask for Emergency housing. IF accepted,                   penniless and almost heartbroken. The
Homeless families will be placed in short term            squatters welcome them into their squats -
hostels or forced to accept private tenancies             warm them with hot drinks, meals and friendly
of as little as 6 months. It doesn’t matter that          chats. Then the squatters go out and try to find
one of the fastest growing causes of                      them shelter - risking a jail sentence by
Homelessness is eviction from privately                   opening derelict council buildings for them,
rented accommodation. Nor does it matter that             just so these poor souls have some place to call
private tenants may be harassed, live in the              home. The squatters even negotiate with the
worst conditions without adequate fire                    councils to ensure the elderly have a few
precautions or pay high market, poverty-trap              blankets, a heater, and some food… The
rents. Is this really what the Homeless                   squatters ask for nothing in return.
deserve? Of course, this accommodation is
 I wonder over the years, how many lives did               "Can't Get A Job. Can't Get any dole Money.
these kind squatters save?                                 No Wage Increases. Constant Rising Prices
                                                           and TERRIBLE HOUSING CONDITIONS!"
Human KINDNESS. Getting to be a rarity
these days.                                                "PROVOKED THEY HAVE BEEN..."
                                                           "Trouble stewing...."

                                                           "We are the dead." "We are not dead yet."
      "I love helping my fellow man."
"I'm going to spend my whole life making the               "… Government plans to criminalise squatting
time right."                                               will leave 50,000 people, 1/3rd of them families,
                                                           under the threat of immediate Homelessness.
1986: SQUATTERS SAID: “We only occupy                      Home secretary, Michael Howard, announced
empty council or Housing Association property.             that squatters who refuse to leave within 24
Housing stock is diminishing. We believe it is             hours of being served with an eviction notice
criminal social housing is left to stand                   will face arrest… The new law will deprive
empty when people need a home…”                            many of what little shelter they have, and the
                                                           new law will criminalise the Homeless"
“SQUATTERS want a BETTER deal FOR                          (9/11/1993.)
Squatters’ leaders bombarded a Town Hall                   DEBATE: "Making Homeless, most needy
for 5 days...                                              people deliberately Homeless again, through
The squatters have come up with a 5-point                  no fault of their own, is DISGUSTING."
peace plan... to stop councils taking tough legal          "Where are all the evicted people supposed
measures against squatters.                                to go?"
Squatters’ groups want to be told which
properties are on the let-able or un-let-able lists        "Are the government saying people have NO
- anything un-let-able can be squatted until               Right to Safe, Decent, Secure, Permanent
allocated, if the squatters live responsibly,              Housing?"
they will be considered for housing.
Squatters say this will reduce Homelessness,               "Ferocious rationing due to the lack of
fill empty properties and bring in council rents.          Affordable homes..."
Once properties habited, this would deter                   "What one wants is an imaginative, positive
vandals and thieves, they would stave off                  solution!" (Greater London Radio, 18/11/1993).
damp and decay and would halt the blight on
many estates... in many cases squatters try to             Stamford Hill Estate: "The police (armed with
make the place as pleasant to live in as                   riot shields, helmets, flail batons...) evicted 150
possible... " (Time Out magazine, 1985)                    squatters - who left peacefully. Some will miss
Their plan was not accepted.                               out on having a nice Christmas" (local newspaper
                                                           report, 12/12/1993).

“VOIDS SCANDAL: Local Authorities own
                                                           Here’s      What      Actually     Happened:
100,700      empty     homes,     government
                                                           “…BUILDERS, Heavies hired by the council,
departments own 35,100 empty properties (the
                                                           who turned up with no warning while we were
Ministry of Defence owns 13,000 homes that
                                                           out, smashed down doors, took our personal
are not being used), there are 589,000 empty
                                                           belongings - putting these into rubbish skips,
private properties, (94,000 in London),
                                                           taking anything valuable - stealing these, they
Housing Associations have 21,800 empty
                                                           towed away our vehicles. When we arrived back,
homes..." (1990).
                                                           the flats were boarded up. Our pets were also
                                                           missing! No-one at the council knew anything
                                                           about this of course. This happened in
ILLEGAL: Squatters actively campaigned for
                                                           mid-winter. With frozen hands and feet, and
no new laws against squatting. The threat to
                                                           nowhere to go…”
criminalise the Homeless!...”
                                                           “The only thing we could do is walk away…”
"EVICTIONS must be made FASTER" said Mr.
K. Baker (Conservative Party chairman). "Make
                                                           "There's lots of room in the gutter."
it an offence to occupy empty property. All
suffer from squatters."
                                                                                          CHAPTER 2: The Homeless

                                                        "They say ‘you can't change anything.’ They
                                                        want you to get out of LOVE…"
                                                        "Love, free as running water. Free as you and
                                                        me. That's the way it's got to be..."
                                                        "If we had love before, we can love again."
                                                        "… it is in my heart, it's in my soul…”

                                                        "… can't carry on this way…" (re: Stoney
“We walked 20 miles a day…”                             Cross, UK., June 1986. Photos kindly supplied by: Fred
“… songs helped to keep us going…” EG.
"HOW DO WE DANCE WITH THIS FIRE? We                     "These GUIDING LIGHTS, slipping away..."
are lost. We are freaks. We are crippled. We            "These are the ones with the best ideas..."
are weak. We are… the true answer to the
world…" (song by: New Model Army).                      CAPITALIST: “Dreams don’t put food on the
                                                        table.” “Ideas are 10 a penny…”
“A few local residents complained to the police,
that we shouldn't be allowed to walk past their         (“Ah! But a good idea is priceless.”)
(Ah! “You just don’t love enough…”)
 “… others brought us food..." thinking:                NEW AGE TRAVELLERS:
“… it’s your generation WHO WILL HAVE TO
SAVE THE PLANET because we’ve made                      Many (evicted) squatters joined the (convoy of)
such a mess of it!”                                     New Age Travellers.

                                                        “They're OK. Warm hearted. Welcoming.
"We set up a make-shift camp, using what little
                                                        Genuine... exceptionally KIND, CARING and
we have, on wasteland, in the pouring wet..."
                                                        HONEST HUMAN BEINGS. But man- they’re
("When you need a light, in the night...")
                                                        SUFFERING really, really terribly! What is
                                                        happening to them (and all that they love) is
"DAWN RAIDS by police… Grim scenes...”
"Bloody hippies. Take that!"                            "… More clashes with police in full riot gear...
"Hey! Go easy, man! There are children                  Motorway across 2 counties blocked when a
here!" "God! They're trying to KILL us!"                convoy came to a standstill..." "750 police,
                                                        from 6 counties, advanced… New Age
                                                        Travellers gave Nazi-style salutes to the police
                                                        and fighting broke out. 'You beat up little
                                                        children!' Then police closed roads - towed
                                                        away vehicles - remaining people put on a
                                                        pointless route…"

                                                        'Why don't you go to a proper mobile home
                                                        site?” “Because there isn't one!”

                                                        “… a motley collection of (rusting) caravans,
                                                        coaches, cars, ambulances, buses, fire
                                                        engines, tents and tepees…”
"The police have taken everything we've got,            “Now squatters on council- owned land…”
again. What do we do now?"
                                                        “Despite the 12' high fence…”
"Jesus, Jesus. What's it all about?"
"WHY do THEY TREAT us this way?"                        'Why can't the police do something about
"We are GENTLE FOLK. Tender. Naturally                  it?' 'One of the agencies should address this
sweet …"                                                situation...' 'The issues are not simple. Would
                                                        YOU like to live in a caravan here for 7 days a
"HOW can WE be STRONGER? I've often                     week?' 'No, I wouldn't!' 10 children in one
wondered..." "What we need is not 'security,' it        caravan – that is too big to go on road. 'Where
is more than a loan, and a law..."                      could they move to? Away from the housing
                                                        estates and pylons?'…”
“A MEETING is arranged to air views. ‘It will be           have a good time like simple folks used to
unstructured.’ 'Make a request and we will                 have many moons ago..."
consider it. Is it for their benefit or ours?' asks        “Communities used to be so colourful and
the council.                                               cheerful…”

“Patch-way has been a temporary site for 17                "TRAVELLERS LOSE COURT BATTLE: New-
years…”                                                    Age Travellers lost their High Court battle to
LOCAL RESIDENT: “Why can't you find                        force Local Authorities to provide them with
them somewhere to live, where they want to                 camp sites. The Judge upheld the decision of 3
be, so WE would not have this confrontation                Authorities... " (3/11/1993).
with people WE do not want to alienate, but
we have to because they are constantly on our              "DO people have the RIGHT to an
backs, with a council we have to constantly                ALTERNATIVE LIFE-STYLE?
fight because they don't listen to what we                 "I see some of your vans have windmills on the
want them to do?”                                          roof - for an Alternative Energy supply?"
“The delays lead to more HASSLE for                        “Yeh. They should get hip to the silicon chip..."
everybody - arguments…”                                    “We have an ALTERNATIVE life-style... not
                                                           an ideal life-style, not as nice a life-style as we
“Avon (county) is aiming to have 100 spaces /              would really like it to be - we can only
pitches for caravans... viewed with suspicion by           improvise... but this has given us great ideas
travellers. 'We don't need site wardens to                 how we would like it to be…"
run our lives! There's no play areas for our                "... it is WHERE I'LL FIND MY HEAVEN."
children! Sites look like prison camps! Sites              "Many of us are artists, who prefer the
should be a pleasant Environment. We                       greenery of the country..."
haven't found a site without a massive fence!               "… it's not going to go away because the
The integration of people into the community               government don't like it."
must be the thing they - the council, aim at.'
A councillor replies, saying he has to leave               “WHO ARE THE NEW AGE TRAVELLERS?
the meeting. Comments will be passed on.                   ‘… We are living like this because we wish to
'Officers are investigating it.' Consultants               live as cheaply as possible - in a way that does
brought in - cost a lot of money. Another                  not use too much fossil fuel.’ ‘We are not
councillor leaves. 'Run away! sir.'                        middle-class drop-outs. Most of us are trying
                                                           to get out of being Homeless EG. out of B & B.
“The numbers of New Age travellers are                     There is no other way to get out of that. Many of
escalating, increasing many fold, and will                 us would like to buy a piece of land and
continue to do so under the current                        settle down. But planners say definitely not.
economic climate...                                        Police now have the powers to take our 'homes'
Obviously this site is totally inadequate.                 (vans) away from us! This is ruining the lives
Tax-payers angry at misspending of their                   of our children who might have no home
money. 'People are getting pissed off at the               when they come home from school. I might not
system... these people need a home, that's                 be able to get my kids back!’ ‘They might take
all it really is. You still run! We all want the           me away from my Mum.’ Powers are used as a
same - but still you run away! Give them                   sledge-hammer to hurt those who do not
somewhere decent to live so we don't have                  rent a home or buy a house. ‘We are caught in
to put up with this, for Christ's sake'…”                  a no-win situation. Society saying we have to
(Cutting Edge, Channel 4, 4/5/1992).                       conform... They are being intolerant’…”
                                                           (16/3/1994) "… it's us against Hitler's regime.
IN DIRE STRAITS: "Travellers site attacked                 Whoever said Hitler is dead, must be joking."
in Manchester. 2 men hurt. I woman had a
miscarriage" (24/6/1992)                                   “One day, the people who’ll surround it, will
"If it happens, it could be a God-send to some             see the benefit of it and why the hell it means
people."                                                   so much to you and me…”

"POLICE      TACTICS:        Code    Name:                 "One day, we'll get to that place we just want
OPERATION NOMAD: … have succeeded in                       to be, but until that day baby, tramps like us
preventing the travellers camping on private               were born to run..."
and common land" (1/6/1993).                               "The highways are jammed with sad heroes
                                                           just like us."
"There's nothing wrong with wanting to                      "Trouble is, we're dreaming our lives away..."
                                                                                         CHAPTER 2: The Homeless

“There’s a place for us. We’ve just got to              rusting. Heaps of smelly rubbish - councils
find it…”                                               refuse to remove this. Water usually supplied
                                                        by hose-pipes. No baths or showers. NO
“FOR THE GOOD LIFE…” “SET THEM FREE.                    TREES! Hardly a blade of grass!
SET THEM FREE!”                                         "Have YOU ever tried keeping clean without
"Will the traveller remain? He says:                    water?" "You can't live like this and come up
'FREEDOM. Have no fear.' He may lose. He                smelling of roses."
doesn't want to fade away."                             “There are approx. 100,000 travellers in the UK.
"Will they find their way home? The answer my           Land is available… BUT Local Authorities
friend, is blowing in the wind..."                      exempt      themselves      from    provision.
                                                        Travellers want sufficient permanent sites”
                                                        (1990) .
                                                        “Could YOU stand ‘living’ in scrap heaps, day
“NOMADIC people, originated in India;                   and night - all through the winter? Well, could
appeared in Europe in the 15th Century…"                you?” "You'd better do something! I can't
“Romany is a word Gypsies use to describe               take ‘living’ in this dump much longer."
themselves.” (means: “The People.”) Gypsies              “Oh, why don’t you put a sock in it?”
also called 'Travellers.' ‘The travelling folk.’
These people prefer NATURAL open spaces.                "SETTLE DOWN GYPSIES…”                  “Gypsies
What does that tell you?                                don’t get on well with stone walls…”
“They want to be as fresh as a good day in              "WE'RE BEING STONE WALLED: Gypsies
Spring…”                                                protested at Parliament.. Government trying
                                                        to get rid of gypsies. 'They're trying to get rid of
"… it was a warm and friendly way of life…”             us one way or the other, trying to force us into
                                                        (traditional) housing,..”
USA: 1883: "You must join the ranks of the
industrious. You will be colonised."                    “Tough new laws to stop ‘illegal camping’...
1932: "Something must be done!" (said                   changes to a way of life - the way these
Edward V111).                                           people have lived for 1,000's of years!
"Hitler tracked down and killed 600,000                 Accused of trespass, the council evicts. 'See
Gypsies…"                                               you in court - again.' … Recipe for conflict…
1990: "TRAVELLERS NEED SITES: “We                       Desperate need for sites. Shortage causes
want proper integration.”                               fights.' Council fails to provide sites
                                                        because of stiff opposition to caravans -
    “THE LOCAL AUTHORITY RECIPE:                        nobody wants to live next-door to a caravan
                                                        site. Many managed sites are falling apart,
                                                        lacking regeneration funds. No duty to
                                                        provide. Long awaited improvements to
                                                        upgrade sites now in jeopardy... 100's of
                                                        Planning Permission cases rejected, to people
                                                        who bought their own sites. All Appeals
                                                        turned down... 100's of acres could be
                                                        available but local football clubs and
                                                        horse-riders dead against caravans... Why
    Find a spot in the middle of nowhere.               should gypsies be forced to give up their
  Build one toilet. Throw in a few travellers.          way of life? Attitudes getting much harder.
  Add water (if available). Leave to set(tle).          'We don't like encampments.' Confrontations
     A REAL RECIPE FOR DISASTER.”                       won’t help anybody. Where do we go from
                                                        here?" (ITV, 19/3/1993).
EYE-SORES: Sites = A bit of rough ground.
Caravans put ad hoc on mud, concrete,                   "An 18 month old girl was run over and killed
tarmac. Pot-holes, puddles, pools of                    by her father outside their caravan home. Little
blackened oil. Sites sectioned off with barbed          Lisa Morgan had crawled under the wheels of
wire, metal corrugate, crumbling brick walls.           her Dad's truck. Lisa was crushed as he
Lots of rubble lying around (for children to            reversed his pick-up..." (9/10/1990).
throw). Gas cylinders everywhere. "Has the
car battery gone flat again?" Noisy old                 “… it’s TIME TO FACE THE TRUTH…”
generators. Lots of broken engine parts,
“… it’s no sacrifice. No sacrifice at all… some            in my backyard’…”
things are better than just passing through…”              “PITCH BATTLES ACROSS THE COUNTRY:
"Whatever happened to wishes on stars?"                    The gipsies own the land but they are not
“I had a dream I could fly anywhere…"                      allowed to stay. Evicted by the police using
“I think about it every night and day…”                    force. ‘We need understanding – help!” Both
“Starry, starry night… colours of an                       are in short supply. Bailiffs arrive at dawn.
ever-changing hue…”                                        Children, old men, heavily pregnant women
                                                           man-handled, dragged - put out on the
2003: Local council granted government cash                streets. Costing Taxpayers” (How much?)
to set up 2 sites, but applications refused by             “Planning     permission     granted    for     a
Development Control Committee... Devon has                 (profit-making) holiday park but when
approx. 3,000 Gypsies and travellers... the                travellers put their caravans on the site,
majority are law-abiding. Approx. 200 people               permission refused. ‘OK for a business-man,
a year stop at unauthorised encampments... the             not a gipsy.’ Having bad effect on health - the
cost for cleaning up an unauthorised site is up to         stress, the depressions. Councils and
£5,000... 'The alternative is to do nothing.               residents adamant. ‘They have to go.’ ‘We
Unauthorised sites will continue to spring up,             just want to be left in peace in our own home.’
causing disputes, unhappiness and cost to                  10,000 families in England BLIGHTED. ‘Can’t
the public purse'..." (BBC, 21/11/2004).                   educate a child when on the road. 2 days this
                                                           school, 2 days that school.’ The onus is on the
“TRAVELLING LIGHT: An ALTERNATIVE                          government to change the law to provide
ENERGY Initiative: Due to the large number                 sites but that won’t happen as it is not
of requests for funding to provide travellers              popular with voters” (Newsnight, BBC2, 3/2/2005).
with solar panels and other forms of
Alternative Energy, the Trustees will be                   “NEW POWERS TO EVICT gipsies from
launching a one-off Alternative Energy                     camps come into force today, granted by J.
Initiative called ‘Travelling Light’ which will            Prescott, Britain's (Labour Party) deputy Prime
provide 100 free kits (made up of a solar panel,           Minister. ’We can take ‘emergency actions’
inverter and battery) to travellers throughout the         but not against people who are living in their
UK” Comic Relief, BBC, 2004).                              sole residence. The new powers are as good
                                                           as useless. We have to find a solution
“Travellers are a growing community…”                      because there is no ALTERNATIVE.’ The
                                                           thorny question of where to put travellers
“PLANS FOR SITES TO BE DROPPED…                            remains unsolved” (ITV, 8/3/2005).
Conservatives have called for plans to build
sites in Devon to be withdrawn following                   The council said: “We are considering all (?)
opposition. ‘There are many misperceptions                 options i.e. is it necessary to put extra
concerning how these people live… There is                 boulders, metal posts & fences placed over
clearly an issue here that needs tackling’                 site entrances, to keep travellers out?”
said a Devon councillor…” (BBC, 8/12/2004)                 (Western Morning News, 16/4/2005) WAH! “What
                                                           about standards of Human Decency?”
these people with homes and jobs ever give a               “A man is trying to set-up a private permanent
thought to these people who are Human                      traveller’s site (to make a profit). This will be the
Beings? Give them a chance… Gipsies are                    1st in the country with clean shower and toilet
HUNTED by the police everywhere we go!                     blocks and will lead the way” (Radio Devon, July,
We’re not even allowed to stop on the                      2005)
road-side…” said a gipsy. RESIDENTS                        “… it remains to be seen if this trend will
COMPLAIN: ‘We would all like to expand our                 continue.”
homes, build an extension, live in this field - but        “SITE PLANS: … (the) council is to apply for
we’re not allowed to.’ (Nor are gipsies). ‘I live          government money to set up transit sites for
500 yards from this field. The caravans will               gipsies and travellers. No location has yet
devalue property.’ RESIDENT’S PROTEST                      been found, but councillors want to ensure they
slogan: ‘Why not use brown field sites?’                   obtain a share of the cash on offer from the
Many travellers angry saying actions against               office of the deputy Prime minister. Whitehall is
them are Racist. Protestors angry they were                prepared to give 100% grants to establish
not allowed to speak at the ‘public meeting’…”             long and short-term sites, to try and combat a
(BBC, 9/12/2004) “They are all busy saying ‘not            nation-wide shortage… The new Regulations
                                                           on site provision are complicated… it will take a
                                                                                        CHAPTER 2: The Homeless

nation-wide survey to discover exactly what               A good investment? “A new caravan is the
facilities are needed… The council has a duty             same as a car - will depreciate in value by
under the 2004 Housing Act to do a needs                  25% in the 1st year - as soon as it goes on the
survey. The Criminal Justice and Public Order             road.”
Act required Local Authorities to provide                 Average LIFE EXPECTANCY: Maximum 10
alternative sites to control unauthorised                 year manufacturers warranty?
encampments.        Under    Human         Rights         “Life span depends on the WEATHER.”
legislation, gipsies and travellers have Equal
Rights with residents” (Herald Express, 1/2/2006).                     BIG PROBLEM:
                                                              Caravans are NOT WATER-TIGHT !
 “There are approx. 37.2 million adult Gipsies                    The GAP around the door…
in   the    world…     suffering    prejudice,
discrimination, intolerance…” (2004).

“Now I understand… but they will not
"When you no longer enjoy what you are doing,
that's the time to change."
"Just go with it. I swear it's as sweet as
honey. It'll help you relax. It will make
sweetness of you too. It'll make the place a
"Yesterday's gone. Now all I want is a smile..."            "In a few storm-wracked hours, a trail of
                                                            disaster... a devastated caravan park..."
                                                          "HEART BREAKING. Too much of A
“… it’s the freedom to go anywhere, any
time that is particularly attractive… Owning a            INTENDED USE: Cheap accommodation for a
caravan is like having a 2nd home with an                 SUMMER HOLIDAY i.e. for occasional,
ever-changing view…” The desire to live                   recreational use.
self-sufficiently, with little expenditure also
comes into it…                                            Suitable for use in WINTER? NO!
                                                          Caravans are very COLD in WINTER.
“Why are there so many 2nd-hand caravans                  “I’m FREEZING!” “I’ve got goose-pimples on
for sale? "The reality? Caravans do not                   my goose-pimples!” “It’s a full-time job just
satisfy. Everyone loves caravans! Far from it!            trying not to freeze…” “The ice is on the
                                                          inside of the windows!” “… colder inside than
A ‘MODERN’ CARAVAN is a thin metal (tin)                  out!”
box. The metal rusts, corrodes, dents,
crushes, holes easily. Metal FATIGUE is a                 These days a thin wood frame. NO insulation?
common sight EG. around the door. (Areas                  Or insulation provided by polystyrene?
used most frequently EG. the floor near the door,         I feel sorry for anyone who has to stay in a
are not made from strengthened material).                 caravan for more than a couple of days.

             PAINTED EXTERIOR: The paint                  HOMELESS people have to endure a HARD
             scratches,      flakes,    blisters,         SUB-EXISTENCE in caravans for many
             bubbles - exposing RUST.                     YEARS.
             (CHIPS on everything!)
             Are caravans Attractive?                     Do they crave something solid, something
             Caravans remind me of fridges -              warmer…      more robust and protective-
             ‘White Goods’!                               secure-feeling, so they feel… less rattled?
              I don't like the colours either, do
             you?                                         UK: 1988: "Approx. 32,000 people are caravan
             WHY        are    caravans     Only          dwellers."
             Available in: White, Off-White,              "Live in a caravan? I'm sure we could do
             “Dove Grey,” Beige & Cream, or               better than that!"
             Sludge Green?
                                                          Caravans are built to ‘satisfy’ road conditions.
UNDERGEAR: Caravans are HEAVY due to                     Carbon monoxide poisoning. Do not block
the chassis, axle, tyres…                                air vents = Icy cold draughts. Therefore,
"Caravans are (still) a nightmare to tow."               impossible to ventilate and keep warm.
“Drivers are supposed to keep their speed down,          (New Trend: Muggers / Thieves “…putting gas
but many don't…” “Very dangerous towing a                into ventilation vents to drug occupants to rob
caravan in cross winds... the caravan weaves             them during the night” France, 2003).
from side to side...” Caravans BLOW OVER /               KNOWN HAZARDS: = The use of naked
OVER-TURN easily. “The same ACCIDENTS                    flames... If no electricity EG. during power
happen year after year with caravans...” “You            cuts, have to use (matches &) CANDLES.
can always tell when the holiday season has              “Takes 2 hours to heat water over a candle to
started. The roads are jammed because                    make a cup of tea…” “I hope you like iced tea…”
another caravan has over-turned…”                        Some caravanners have wood-burning
                                                         stoves. The very real risk of fire...
 UK: 1992: Average ‘medium size‘ touring
caravan = 22' x 7' x 6' (wheel base span). A             Steam from cooking etc causes condensation
‘Large’ 3 bed measures 37' x 12' - is "too big to        droplets to form on the cold metal (unpadded)
go on the road" i.e. towed. Has to be                    ceilings...
transported i.e. is delivered on the back of a
lorry i.e. is a static, ‘permanently’ sited              HIGHLY FLAMMABLE CONTENTS: “Carefully
caravan. Cost: £15,138.66.                               selected by in-house designers”: Chip-wood
                                                         kitchen units, “attractive” (imitation mahogany or
SITING: When the ground is not level - have to           oak) veneer (coated plywood) panelling used
use bricks to level it out and balance the               extensively throughout the interior EG. on the
caravan! The manufactured support legs = “Tin            door (the only exit), the pelmets for the “plush”
pot” anodized Jack Legs, made of thin metal,             curtains. The soft furnishings: Invariably
possibly painted, more than likely rusting!              stomach-churning, old-fashioned, absolutely
PUSH POWER: "It's hard when you're pushing               ghastly, hideous, repulsive, garish, multi or
and shoving it around." “Push, shove, can't we           puce coloured velveteen’s… The lack of appeal
rise above?”                                             for young people! And then there are the
                                                         carpets which smell.
SYSTEM: “That’s a BIG PAIN.”                             Manufacturers are so behind the times!

ELECTRICITY HOOK-UP: Connect to mains                    The Heavy use of wood! HEAVY WOOD
electricity when sited (metered supply), (not            wardrobes, and beds in MOBILE homes!
always available).                                       Staggering oversights! Glass light shades!
You can power appliances by running your                 Dull lights!)
car battery down.
A ‘PORTABLE’ Electricity Generator =                     HARD KNOCKS: Fitted furniture with sharp
HEAVY,       BIG,     LUMP     OF    METAL.              corners / edges. Chipboard cupboard doors
Cumbersome. Unpleasant: Incessant loud                   open outwards when space is confined, rather
hum / Noise. Petrol driven - smelly fumes,               than glide… & drawers fly open in transit...
smoky (cough, cough…)                                    (“You are not supposed to be inside the caravan
Many caravanners (have to) use BOTTLED                   during transit but many people find that
GAS (i.e. naked flames) for cooking &                    preferable to being squashed in a car…”) The
heating. This is not convenient! Cylinders               kitchen doors fall off! “I don’t even want to fix
are HEAVY. The gas is smelly (this causes                you!”
windows to stream with the condensation), and            WAH! “I need decent storage space!”
costly as the gas is quickly depleted. LACK              INFLEXIBLE: Tables, benches / bunks etc.,
OF SAFETY: Pressurised gas is HIGHLY                     screwed down… can’t be moved or
Flammable and Explosive. During a fire, the              repositioned.
gas bottles, made of thick, HEAVY metal,                  Everything is a problem even if you are a
hurtle through the air… (“Propane gas burns at           standard size! CRAMPED LIVING SPACE:
2,000 degrees.”)                                         “The caravan sleeps up to 6 people…”
The RISK of Gas Leaks… The gas is often                  "If you don't mind being badly squashed..."
connected via hoses which are easy to cut /
snag, the rubber corrodes with age. A draught            That is SPACE AGE?
can blow the flames out… GAS Fumes!                      TO EXPAND: Bed-space expanded by means

                                                                                           CHAPTER 2: The Homeless

of a striped tent… (to match old men’s                     pieces… The Strain… “GET ME OUT OF
pyjamas?)                                                  HERE!”

Enthusiastic members of the Caravan Club re:               A SET OF SAFE (RETRACTABLE) STEPS
INTERIORS: "Most are deceptive. They look                  are not supplied as standard. Make Your Own!
small from the outside but are quite roomy                 Make-do!
inside!"                                                   The STEP/s UP into the caravan = No ramp!
“Come on in! It’s bigger than it looks…”
"Amazing how big it is inside! Thought it would            NOT SUITABLE FOR THE LESS-ABLE
be really cramped! There's room for a food-bar,            BODIED: UK: 1970: “61,000 homes with
a cocktail bar stocked with lots of glasses, a             wheel-chair access are needed.” “By 1986,
table, with seats, a kitchen, a mini-bath, a               only 8,500 have been provided."
double bed, with plenty of head-room. It's all             Doorways also too narrow for a push chair…
kitted out. Lots of storage space. It may not be
as big as Alton Towers for thrills and spills, but         IMPOSSIBLE TO SECURE: Caravans are
it's safe, quiet and accessible. Thank heavens,            very easy to get into- thin, flimsy doors…
it does live up to childhood fantasies. People will        (Pathetic!) a blow with a hammer will do the trick.
think this is really great."                               “Take it - easy!”
                                                           “Child kidnapped through a caravan window…”
EXPERTS: “The interiors work the same as                   (13/8/1990).
yacht cabins…” “… The other brilliant thing - is
that the interior kit is really good… It is usually        Black Rubber Seals around the windows…Put
lightweight, collapsible for easy packing and              on the outside? (“Rubber goes porous in
often has several different functions.                     Sunlight…”) Rubber seals glued… glue gets
                                                           wet, seals fall off…
Caravans have storage solutions most
house make-over TV shows would ‘die’ for:                  Some caravans have aluminium window
Secret compartments, clever shelves, miniature             frames… and Grey (yeuch!) tinted windows
kitchens… In fact, modern caravans seem like               (made of glass or plastic).
Dr. Who’s Tardis… It is this increasing luxury
which is behind the caravanning boom…”                     Lower cost caravans do not have secondary or
                                                           double glazing.
TTI Cyclo- Jet Stream oven made of plastic –               The FROST effect on the ‘bathroom' window.
aerospace polymer - as used in nose cones in               Anybody passing can still see in esp. when the
missiles. Won’t shatter. Won’t burn you if you             light is on - I daren’t strip to wash… that
accidentally touch. Cooks food without oil. Is a           freezing blast of cold air from that gaping
fast microwave. Is truly portable, lightweight.            hole near the floor - needed to vent the toilet…
Is 8 appliances in one. Self-cleans with a little
soap & water” (costs same as a conventional
oven) (NBC Super Channel, December 1994).                  CARAVAN HOLIDAY PARKS:
                                                           ADVERTS: “Free brochures. 24 hour brochure
LACK OF PRIVACY: "I don't mind communal                    order hotline…”
living, but having to share..."
                                                           “New models on display. For sale, for hire,
NON-EXISTENT SOUND PROOFING: “The                          used ones cost even less… Reasonable price.
sound of heavy snoring …” “Who can sleep                   Special discounts. No hidden extras.”
when gulls parade on the tin roof?”
                                                           “… Compared to conventional homes, it is
“DO I PRAY FOR PEACE? Walk on the floor-                   remarkably good value. Because it is a holiday
everything- the whole structure rattles,                   home, many parks allow you to hire it out to
bounces, vibrates… Ever heard the sound of                 other people when you're not using it and to
little feet in a caravan? Try living with 4 kids           help you pay for it….”
in a caravan then you’ll know- it won’t take
long to get through to you…”                               “Additional   Expenditure:     Pitch   Fees,
                                                           transport and site costs - pay separately for
“CABIN FEVER”: After only a short while,                   electric hook-up…”
people SCREAM at each other! People fall to                “… water connected via a hose. Free ample hot

water. Superb facilities…”                                 "You can stay in a hotel for less than that!"
                                                           "I see it's brought the colour back to your
“Self catering. Well stocked shop. Super-market            cheeks!"
and cafe across the road. Delicious food to
satisfy all appetites. Fast food. Licensed shop            “There are now 1.6 million caravanners in the
and take-away. Dishwashing room. 2                         UK. Caravan sites have never been so well laid
laundrettes. Hairdressing room. Sauna.                     out, with the top end of the market providing
Swimming pool/s. Safe bathing. Free                        hard standing, clean toilet and shower
admission. Information room…”                              blocks…” (The Daily Telegraph, 24/4/2004).
(“It all sounds very convenient, doesn’t it!”)
                                                                               "Set it free!"
“Family owned parks. Un-commercialised.                    “… it sounds like an excuse for one long
Family run. It's a family business. Beautifully            holiday…”
kept. Cleanliness assured...”                              "… it will be one long vacation…"
                                                           "… it will be a wonderful healthy place where
“Outstanding Environment Award. Warm                       children can smell and touch animals, and feel
Welcome Award… Area of outstanding                         at home...”
beauty… Panoramic views… Beautiful                          “… it will be less stress for the animals…”
scenery… Well positioned. Ideal centre. Local              “… it’s a garden paradise…”
attractions…        Nestling...      Natural
surroundings… For the nature lover…
Tranquil... A park for peace lovers… Pitches
backing onto hedges... For the discerning
camper. Suits all generations. Something for

“Small, secluded park. 36 caravans set in 2.5
acres of mown lawns and natural unspoilt

“68 caravans on the park. Enjoy real freedom.
Care-free… Secluded… Surrounded by forest.
Abundance        of   trees       and      shrubs.
Surrounded by trees offering shelter.
Landscaped paddocks… Part of a farm.
Offers children the delight of farm animals.
Peacefully relaxed. It's the perfect base. All
homes have their own garden, with patio
table and chairs. Superb facilities all within easy
walking distance. Quiet walks. A quiet friendly
park maintained to a high standard by resident

“Suitable for children. Children welcome. No
fruit machines. No bars or clubs. Stylish club.
Family area. Recreation area provided. Under
5's play area. Playhouse. Games room. Small
play park. Fish ponds. For health and fitness...
Clay pigeon shoots… Volley ball and badminton.
Table tennis. All-weather tennis…” “Dogs not
admitted but Dogs on lead allowed” (Extracts: 'The
Freedom Brochure' 1992, produced by the ‘Caravan
Holiday Home Campaign,’ UK):

Average COST of a caravan park holiday:
UK: “£750 per week in high season for a
caravan sleeping 4 people.” “A slightly more
top-of-the-range model: £1,000 per week”
                                                                               CHAPTER 3: Arrchitecture / Traditional

                                                         “One House = 26,000 – 100,000 bricks.
CHAPTER 3: ARCHITECTURE                                  Average cost at least 8p each brick…” (1990).
                                                         “Because of the poor insulation qualities, an
“The need for a SAFE place to live.”                     additional wall becomes necessary to help
Criteria To Help You Choose:                             sound-proofing and to stop the house becoming
                                                         too cold…”
Churchill said: “We shape our buildings, and             FAST        CONSTRUCTION?              SLOW!
afterwards they shape us.”                               LABORIOUS.
“Do WE have a towering realisation that the
weight of building materials really matters?”            MORTAR:
"Are we doomed to a HEAVY life before we
start?"                                                  Cement = “Mortar… Is mixed with water and
"When you are not beneath this load..."                  sand, for sticking bricks etc., together.”
                                                         “Powdery substance. Crumbles.”
                                                         “Digging for chalk for the cement has turned
TRADITIONAL BUILDING MATERIALS:                          green hills into grey, dusty eye-sores.”
                                                         “High Temperature kilns used in cement
Are HEAVY...                                             industry - plastic ‘waste’ is used as fuel for
                                                         cement kilns. Doesn’t meet ‘strict’ emissions
“Tradition is the cornerstone of our society…"           standards - gives off poisonous Dioxins”
                                                         (BBC1, 13/6/1995).
HEAVY means: "Having weight, DIFFICULT
to lift or move, burdensome, serious, dull,              CONCRETE:
forceful, violent, distressing, sad, gloomy,             HEAVY! A crushing weight.
lethargic, clumsy, oppressive, thundery,                 A COLD, HARD surface.
villainous, pompous..."                                  Requires TONS of water to make. And very
                                                         HEAVY machinery to mix, lift and transport.
STONE:                                                   “Mixing / Laying cement. Back breaking work.
Masonry: The HARD WAY: “All HEAVY                        “Ugh, I’m really feeling it now…”
work.”                                                   “Concrete can be made too powdery or dry…
“HARD LABOUR. Much energy required to                    with too many air bubbles, reducing strength
cut and lift - a SLOW process. HIGH                      and life…”
construction costs. Labour intensive.”                   “Concrete DEGRADES, pits, crumbles - from
“This takes time to build.”                              the bottom, top or middle, CRACKS.
Very COSTLY!                                             Caves-in.”
“These BLOCKS COST THE EARTH…”                           EXPERT: "You need men committed to what
“Pieces of rock detached from the Earth’s                they are doing - according to the book. Or
crust,                                                   DEFECTS EG. Bond at joint faulty, surface
QUARRIES: “1906 to mid-1969 …28 tons of                  voids, irregularities, leakage stains, skimpy
explosives were used daily. The average                  pour - too sandy… Concern - ability of the
daily extraction of 1% ore is 96,000 tons and            materials to withstand stress…
225,000 tons of overburden” (Ref: The Guinness
Book of Records).                                        Pre-STRESSED concrete - more complicated.
“Largest stone quarry planned - will be                  More things that could be done badly EG.
visible from outer space. Will take away the             Forms could lack rigidity to prevent
mountain-side. To provide hardcore for                   displacements, inserts installed off anchorages,
new motor-ways…” (re: Outer Hebrides, BBC1,              ducts improperly secured before the pour,
11/10/1994).                                             crumbling, weakened bonds, future fracture
                                                         lines, debris, water seepage, slippage, no bond
BRICKS:                                                  at all…”
A heavy, rectangular block, measuring
roughly 9” x 4” x 3.” (Could be baked by the Sun)        “CONCRETE CANCER: Concrete can soak
or fired in FURNACES- kilns to 1200 degrees              up water, can become water logged, damp in
C. Left outside to cool for 3 days…”                     foundations etc. Structural problems - very
UK: "The mix re-defined to increase profits by           costly - a terrible problem.”
60%...” (1990) (reducing strength?) Walls built
by layer, with cement joins…                             “Damp air corrodes concrete.”
The costs of putting the bricks together to make         “VAPOURS can seep through                   hairline
one wall… “One square metre = 60 bricks.”                cracks…”
THE CONCRETE JUNGLE:                                        Horrendous! Death watch beetles even in the
"World-wide: HUGE BLOCKS. Everywhere...                     walls! Scary. Our budget has gone through the
identical HORRIBLE BLOCKS...                                roof! ALL the WOOD has to be replaced. To
"Ailing GREY BLOCKS, rotting, infected by                   replace one small house with new oak
some insidious wasting disease..."                          COSTS… £50,000!” "With oak beams costing
"I'm feeling off colour…"                                   £8 a foot, one ceiling cost £5,000..."
"In a state of serious decay..." "What a                    EXPERT: “There’s a HELL of a LOT of
dump!" “Shoddy, substandard, so poor,                       TIMBERS need REPLACING! The house is
run-down."                                                  rotten, falling apart. All the joists, floors -
25 million people trapped here?                             everything! A labour of love. Miles off budget!
1992: "Is this a home, or a prison?"                        It’s time they started facing facts. The plaster
"Life's too HARD."                                          is all shot. All the damp. The ceilings are
"Would YOU be seen dead here?"                              sagging. They really let their heart rule their
"Even the rats have asked for a transfer!"                  head when they bought this pile of…”
(“When it's a complete unknown...")

"Britain's housing is CRUMBLING... estimated                DO it YOURSELF:
repair bill over £54 BILLION. Britain is not a              HAZARDVILLE: “Don’t worry love! I’ll have this
poor nation but too little money is spent on                job finished before you know it...”
housing..." (1990) (I've got a plan..." "Of course,         “DIY for many people spells DANGER,
it's not everyone's cup of tea..."                          disaster…” “ACCIDENTS do happen. Paint
The money saved by providing a low-cost                     gets spilled on the carpet…” “I’m getting really
ALTERNATIVE = Money to improve existing                     annoyed. If I smash my knuckles with that
desirable traditional housing?                              bloody hammer once more, I won’t be able to
"A HOME is supposed to be a LIFE SUPPORT                    hold my rage…” "Is your Father tired of doing
system, isn't it?" "I guess it depends what is on           all that DIY work?" “No dear. Complaining is all
the top of your list of priorities...")                     part of the fun of it.” “I’m not doing this for the fun
                                                            of it, you know!”
                                                            “Uh-Oh! The pressure is beginning to show.”
MAINTAINANCE:                                               “People FIGHT all the time. All the tension,
EXPERT: “Before buying a property, take a                   aggravation…” “DIY can turn the most mild
long hard look, and consider all the                        mannered person into a raving monster.”
“PROFESSIONAL FEES are very expensive.                      "We've been meaning to decorate for years -
The more you can do yourself the better… BUT                somehow we just never got around to doing
they could get it done in a fraction of the                 it…" “It’s a waste of time, if you ask me.”
“The work’s never ending! A nightmare!”                     SHE SAID:"I am going on about it, ‘cos I want it
“A bottomless pit.” EG. “ROT, DAMP…”                        done NOW, OK?"
(“Architect’s Estimate to do up a Period                     “I didn’t go to Havard to spend my life doing up
Property = £500 a square metre…” Relocation                 this shack! WAH! I am NOT interested in
Relocation, Channel 4, 20/42005) (an estimate is            HOW it works! I only want it to work...”
non-binding. A quote is a fixed price).                     "He sits there, like some big greedy
OLD Adage in the Building Trade: “There’s                   over-weight lump, farting for England, making
always surprises round the corner.”                         my sitting-room smell, he watches foot-ball
EXPERT: “People always under-estimate                       non-stop, won’t shift his arse from the armchair,
how much these jobs are going to cost…”                     and then he has the audacity to shout 'Goal!'
“Riddled with Rot. Some people never                        when his team scores. One of these days, I'll tell
learn…”                                                     him where he can stick his bloody goal..."
 “This cost double my budget. Now I owe                     “There’s a baby on the way, I’m expected to
money to the tax man as well and I have no idea             look after 3 kids, do the decorating, cook
how to pay his bill…” “We’ve mortgaged,                                       Christmas lunch and be a
re-mortgaged, our credit cards are up to the                                  wage-earner. I’m sorry! I can’t
hilt. My husband is working, I’m working and                                  do it!” WAH! “I CAN’T do it!”
we still can’t Afford to buy food! We are living off                          "Oh! There's never a man
what we can grow in a poly-tunnel…”                                           about when you need one…"
“All these rotten floorboards, joists,                                        HIGH ceilings… “The dust, the
(support)       beams,        doors,    frames…                               dirt, the spiders, the cobwebs,
                                                                                  CHAPTER 3: Arrchitecture / Traditional

the draughts…”                                              GLASS:
“BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS…”                                   “A transparent, lustrous, HARD, BRITTLE
                                                            material.” “Silicon dioxide. Made by fusing
“Many people FALL OFF ladders…” “Head                       sand and other ingredients… Molten Glass =
injuries, broken bones, fatalities…” “…                     Sand heated up… melted… The furnaces use
48,000 people attended hospital due to falling              a lot of energy, and that costs a lot of money.
off free-standing ladders…” (BBC, 8/1/2002).                Very HIGH Temperatures needed to make
                                                            new Glass EG. For computer screens, so glass
"There are catalogues of ‘Really Useful’ Tools,             won’t sag, drop or lose shape. Could last a very
Nifty Gadgets, Hi-Tech Thingamajigs and                     long time - providing no ACCIDENT occurs…”
Crafty Geegaws." “You need a different tool
for every different task.” "A list of tools and             “GLASS CONSCIOUSNESS”: The weight of
materials longer than your arm..." "You'll need             Glass? Glass is very HEAVY.
to take out a mortgage just to buy those..."
                                                            “A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER…”
“Should we repair the car or the house? We                  “Does GLASS shatter? Is the Pope Catholic?”
can’t Afford to do both…”                                   “If overheated, glass EXPLODES...” “Glass
                                                            blows in, Glass blows out.”
"There's got to be more to life than                         “Flying glass is equivalent to SHRAPNEL.
decorating! Decorating is OK, if you've got                 Shards.” “Jagged SPEARS of GLASS.”
nothing important to do, but oh! isn't this
exhausting! The cost of all that clobber! Oh,               “THE PAINS OF GLASS: Glass CUTS same
it's never ending!" “Are you still at it?”                  as a knife. Very sharp edges. Lacerations.
“Paint hides a multitude of sins…”                          Severs limbs / arteries.
                                                            “CUTS both ways.” Loss of LIFE & LIMB.”
 “That’s it. I give up. Don’t try to talk me out of         “HURTS like HELL!” “Victims of glass- your
it.”                                                        feelings will matter, one day, I hope…”
 “We get 1,000s of letters from people saying               PLATE GLASS: Thicker, and HEAVIER! Used
they don’t have the time for DIY…” (DIY SOS,                to provide large picture windows, see-through
BBC1) (S.O.S. means: “Save Our Souls.”)                     doors, panel/s, enclose, GLAZE LARGE
                                                            AREAS EG. walls of TOWER Blocks i.e.
“My husband’s useless. It’s a skilled job!”                 Floor to Ceiling GLASS windows!
“Everything he touches gets worse…” “When                   “A Saboteur’s dream!”
DIY is more like Destroy it Yourself...” “All
the mistakes! A very painful experience…”                   SOUL-LESS: The DANGERS of GLASS -
“House-holders spend £850 million every year                IGNORED!
calling in professionals to repair damage
caused by DIY DISASTERS” (BBC, 23/8/2002).                  GLOBAL WARMING: HEAT LOSS through
“All the ½ finished jobs! I can’t use the kitchen,
the bathroom is a nightmare, the stairs are                 SKYWALL: “GLASS has become the
dangerous, the hall is frighteningly off-putting,           favoured material for MANY buildings, and is
the kid’s bedrooms aren’t fit to sleep or play in,          known as: "a cheap filler" meaning: Put up a
and I can’t abide being in the living room since            framework, use Glass as cladding. GLASS
he took the ceiling down and lifted the old floor           can be detached from moorings and FALL
up…” (Glue sniffing… caught on, big time…)                  OFF…"

“All the DIY stopped due to ill health…”
                                                            “Very ‘MODERN’ = Glass walls, plate glass
“I can’t be bothered to read the instructions…”             doors… GLASS everywhere!”
“Scientists have come up with the ultimate                  CUTTING EDGE Technology = High-Rise
FOOL-PROOF FLAT-PACK- a furniture kit,                      Glass Towers = “They are STILL putting
with microchips that talk to you!” (BBC, 23/2/2002).        SAFETY LAST!” = This is the new Global
                                                            architecture the UK are exporting across the
“Get it into FOCUS.”                                        world” (April 2005) “The architects have gone
                                                            MAD      rebelling    against   the    Building

 STEEL:                                                  16 storeys high and sited almost anywhere
 “… High grade steel is produced in electric             that land is available…
furnaces… The carbon is burnt off, passing               The plan has been presented to MP’s,
off as CO2…” (Ref. Materials & Structures by E.H.        Housing Associations, landlords and the
Salmon).                                                 NHS. The 1st prototypes are now being
“CORROSION: Steel rusts in contact with air              developed. Urban Settings, the company
and water… impaired state, blight, loss of               behind the scheme, believes it this could halve
quality, efficiency, old-age.”                           the cost of traditional housing… The cost of a
“RUST NEVER SLEEPS: Steel girders and                    single 300sqr ft container would be about
bolts often start to rust before being                   £28,000 and £40,000 for a double (!) They could
concreted over.”                                         be made on existing mass-production lines
“Is Iron Oxide paint toxic?” “Yes.”                      in China or Malaysia… ‘They would not just be
“Galvanised steel does not rust but is easy to           rows of metal boxes. They could be beautiful
Dent.”                                                   buildings, with balconies, open spaces and
“High carbon steels have great tensile                   glazed atria. They can be made very
strength, but are HARD & BRITTLE.”                       attractive.’ … could be stacked higher than
VERY HEAVY! Very heavy machinery                         16 storeys to make High-Rise container
needed to lift, transport etc EG. Cranes.                Towers… but might be better suited for 3 or 4
Steel can twist, bend, crack, be uprooted,               storeys… they could be sited on land that is
knocked over…                                            only available for a few years… they could be
                                                         laid out in many different ways and finished as
HITLER, STALIN – HEAVY INVESTMENT in                     anyone wants. If planners wanted mock
steel. “… calling it ‘the Great Leap Forward:            Tudor containers they could have them, just
Mao Tse-Tung herded peasants into huge                   as easily as loft-style apartments” (Designed by
communal farms… Mao was obsessed with                    Arup Associates , The Guardian, 30/10/2002) (also see:
steel production and ordered every commune               Page 84).
to build a furnace and produce STEEL ingots
day & night…”                                            Ah! They want a highly profitable use for the
                                                         rusting old stock of shipping containers!
“The potential for introducing innovative
techniques into the UK housing market was                WEIGHT OF SHIPPING CONTAINERS? Not
emphasised by a survey carried out by British            as light as a feather, that’s for sure.
Steel framing which showed increasing                    For River-side living? Absurd! Shipping
interest in steel-framed homes as opposed to             containers are NOT WATER-TIGHT !
traditional bricks and timber-frame houses”              Canned Heat: “A METAL box that HEATS up
(Building Design, 11/11/1994).                           FAST… and COOLS off FAST…” Insulation?
                                                         Wood panelling? OK- let’s skip insulation…”
“SELF-CONTAINED LIVING FOR ‘GLOBAL                       "The acoustics of metal ceilings, floors,
NOMADIC’ HOUSING: STEEL shipping                         walls..."
containers      are                                      “Come on people! Let’s get together. Let’s work
being used to                                            together, come on now, every boy, girl, woman
provide ‘a cost                                          and man. Now! Now, people…Make someone
effective                                                happy, make life worthwhile…”
solution’         to
accommodation                                                   “STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING
problems.       Put                                                  and think about it.”
into BLOCKS to
make         ‘little                                     “Our ancestors lived WITHOUT ANY METAL.
villages’…                                               They were very sophisticated. They didn’t eke
A single container                                       out a living on the edge. They had it sussed
= 20 ft….”                                               artistically and spiritually. They were expert
“CONTAINER HOMES ‘hold the Key to                        trackers… hunter-gatherers - who treated
solving the CRISIS’: A group of Britain's                everything, especially the animals, with the
leading architects and engineers have                    greatest reverence. They had an incredible
proposed to the government that key-workers              knowledge of nature… Just 2 generations ago,
(i.e. essential workers) unable to pay for               people had skills - survival crafts that are
(UN)AFFORDABLE (brick?) housing could be                 being lost today but are going to be needed
lodged in Chinese-made, high quality,                    to help us survive in the future…” (Ref: Ray
converted freight containers stacked up to               Mears, BBC2, 27/2/2005).
                                                                                   CHAPTER 3: Arrchitecture / Traditional

WOOD:                                                      ‘We cut down TREES, to give it a 2nd life. We
A HOUSE MADE OF STICKS has to resist: "I'll                do THIS in Jesus’s name. To our Father -
huff and I'll puff. And I'll blow your house               glory. God wants us to do this.’
down..."                                                    Unfortunately, there is no cost solution
TIMBER       CUT      TO SIZE:         Wood      is        arranging the trucking in of 3,000 different
FLAMMABLE, especially when cut thin. And                   pieces of timber..." (11/8/1990)
then wood is not strong. Timber splinters,
rots (wet rot, dry rot), splits, cracks, bends,            “I’m a lumberjack, and I’m OK” ?
warps… Finishes fade, discolour, scratch,                  "No-one can agree. No-one that matters
chip, flake, peel...                                       actually opposes. So nothing happens."
“WOODWORM can reduce beams to
“TERMITES can cause more devastation
than man.” “In the USA, homes have to be
inspected for termite infestation before they
can be sold…”
“Termites EAT wood. If house made of wood
products… they’ll eat it till completely destroyed.
Nests can be controlled but not destroyed -
deadly poisons used - costs £100’s. Colonies
are spreading as temperatures are
UK: “The 1st termite infestation found in Britain            (Picture: Produced by: The Wood Greenies? 1986?)
was unearthed at a property in a north Devon
village by timber preservation workers. An 18              DEFORESTATION:
inch piece of wood had more than 1,000 of the
                                                           God said: "It is called THE TREE OF LIFE...
destructive pests” (Watchdog, BBC1, 30/4/1998).
                                                           ... those keeping fast hold of it are to be
“The majority of houses in Britain are timber
                                                           called happy... God's wisdom founded the
                                                           earth and fixed it so cloudy skies kept
“RISING DAMP.” “Risk of rotten timbers.
                                                           dripping down light rain. May the trees not
                                                           get away from your sight. Safeguard
“He’s going hard at it, using his wood tools…”
                                                           practical wisdom and they will prove to be
UK: 1988: "800 accidents a year involving
                                                           life to your soul. You will walk in security,
chain saws." "Everything from cut fingers to
                                                           when you lie down you will feel no dread.
                                                           You will not need to be afraid of any storm
                                                           upon the wicked..."
across America, using volunteer labour...
                                                           God said: “… LIKE THE DAYS OF A TREE,
Community groups brought together to
                                                           WILL THE DAYS OF MY PEOPLE BE.”
provide low cost, high quality homes for
people in need. ‘RESURGANCE! We will end
                                                           INTERPRETED AS: "I walk with the Lord of
poverty. How can we go wrong?’…”
                                                           dreams sheltered by His path..."
  Here’s a picture of a house they are building:
                                                           “Tree Spirits: Some people believe trees have
    L@@K AT THE HUGE TIMBER FRAME!                         souls or that trees house the souls of Gods.”
  HOW MANY TREES have they used? 60?
                                                           "Lord of the forest. Lord of souls. Precious gifts
                                                           I bring you..." "Trees are spiritual things. In
                                                           olden days, trees worshipped - celebrations
                                                           and festivals. Considered bad luck to chop a
                                                           tree down." "Trees thought to be a good-luck
                                                           charm..." “The magic is in the trees, in the
                                                           air… Can’t you feel it?” ENCHANTING! "Trees
                                                           said to be like Human Beings..." “Love will never
                                                           die while there is a tree.”
                                                           "Forests are PARADISE to all creatures that
                                                           live in them…"
            to make ONE House.
                                                           "…To tribes,      the    Rainforest         is    their
“… 2 armies of 800 people work 24/7 for 3
days to construct 2 houses.
“Trees and animals exist in their own Right.            100 acres per minute..." (1990).
We should RESPECT that.”
“When trees were plentiful, the Oxygen was              "Trees are not replaced on a one to one
rich…”                                                  basis..." “They are supposed to replace every
"Trees regarded as an abundant, cheap,                  tree cut down with 3 saplings but the soil is too
effective building material - you needed                poor. They don’t grow.”
shelter, so you went and chopped a few trees
down..."                                                "TRYING TO RE-GROW A RAIN-FOREST:
“Trees provide HOSPICE. An hospitable                   Deep scars. Urgent. Reforestation project.
place to rest.”                                         Spread seeds of native trees from the air.
"A man wandered onto a mountain. What sort of           Scientists make seeds heavier using a gel
tree is that? A tree 1,000 people can sit under.        coat with water and nutriments, so they will grow.
U’hm. Lovely timber. It will do very well. H'mm.        1 in every 1,000 seeds grow. An encouraging
Jolly good."                                            result (?) This tree is going to be 5 metres tall. It
                                                        is hoped the area will be green again.
TREES = Finders Keepers ?                               International co-operation is needed" (BBC,
"Forest, track, road,                                   Let's hope they don't run out of seeds! Much
town, city... that's how it                             better to give every person 5 seeds to grow
generally goes..."                                      in their backyard. With nurturing, the trees
“Countries not (money)                                  when they are 1/3rd grown could then be planted
rich want to exploit                                    by the community who could continue to water
natural wealth - so they                                and feed them when necessary.
open the forest/s up -
build a road through,                                   1994: "We need the remaining Forests. The
attack forest in a BIG way…”                            TREES ACT AS OUR LUNGS, removing
                                                        poisonous carbon dioxide from the air and
“The world’s forests will have gone in 50               replacing this CO2, with OXYGEN, so that
years” (1989).                                          we can Breathe. THE WORLD ONLY HAS
                                                        ONE LUNG LEFT. We have already
“We are turning land into DESERT for paper              destroyed our other lung."
and wood.”
                                                        “DO YOU LIKE TREES?” “YES” shouted the
"President Bush's $175 million Plan to PLANT            audience (Scolfield’s Quest, ITV, 16/10/1994) Do
a BILLION TREES a year, will lock away 26lbs            something about it then!
of CO2; the USA could thus reduce CO2
emissions by 12 million tons - about ¼ of 1% of         ADVICE: ”If you see a tree being poisoned /
the USA's total."                                       strangled by ivy, SAVE the Tree's life - kill
                                                        the ivy" (1990) (advised to cut the ivy but ivy will
The idea of Replacing TREES dismissed!                  keep coming back. Tree surgeons know how to
What IF we did manage to REPLACE                        kill ivy permanently).
FORESTS AND STOP emissions…                             “TREES ARE SO BEAUTIFUL, so why are
                                                        they left to strangle to death with ivy? After
1990: "87% OF THE RAINFORESTS HAVE                      spending 100 years in bloom, it seems a pity
GONE..."                                                they get strangled and it’s probably dangerous
“… A millennium of life sacrificed for maybe            when the trees fall over. Why aren’t
100 years of utility…”                                  unemployed people offered the job of
                                                        saving them?” (Mrs. J. Hurford, The People,
"Since (natural) Anti-leukaemia drugs were              14/8/1994).
‘discovered’ when scientists talked to forest           THE IVY LEAGUE = NEW JOBS!
tribes, 90 entire Forests have been wiped               All those creepers & suckers need to be got
out…" (July 1990).                                      rid off…

        STOP THE DESTRUCTION!                           UK: Approx. 50% of the remaining few trees
                                                        are being strangled with ivy. No agreement
“90 MILLION TREES cut down every year to                between various agencies - ‘English Nature’
satisfy the UK’s demand for paper and card”             and ‘The National Trust’ both say ivy does not
(ME Magazine, 12/2/1990).                               harm trees! Councils argue: “Funds should be
"FORESTS are being destroyed at a rate of               used for more important projects” (2004).
                                                                               CHAPTER 3: Arrchitecture / Traditional

“The ION-SPHERE has dropped 8 miles                      “I knew they were destroying Rainforests but
towards Earth… because of THE LACK OF                    I’m amazed by the sheer scale of the
OXYGEN... Caused By: Deforestation and                   destruction! ALL the trees have gone -
amount of fuel emissions?”                               chopped down to make way for cattle - for
                                                         beef-burgers!” (Ah! The need for less bull-shit
“27,000 Trees a DAY still being chopped                  in the world!).
down” (November 2005).
                                                         SCENARIO?: "What's happened?"
“We are down to our last breathable dregs                "THE TREES have died, that's what's
of polluted air…” (2006).                                happened. We didn't do anything about it!"
                                                         "Ashes to ashes... dust to dust..."
“DON’T PANIC. GROW TREES!”                               "You always want what you haven't got..."
“Planting Trees = Long Term Development.
"Work out how many trees YOU have used,                  GREEN = PEACE… Do you get it now?
and replant NOW!"
“The average UK family uses 6 trees a year in
paper…”                                                  ROOFS:
“Bring the country to the town.”                         FLIMSY: Traditionally roofs collapse, cave-in
“GO GREEN!” = PLANT TREES NOW!                           and blow off…
Ignored!                                                 A gust of wind can easily rip roof tiles off.
                                                         "The roof's been leaking… “ “The tiles could
“There are only so many trees, and trees take            have slipped, some could just be missing. You
such a long time to grow…”                               may need a new roof! Can’t tell till I get up
“Growth rates vary with altitude, soil type and          there…”
density of tree cover…”                                  “…The rafters got all wet and rotten. The
Q: "How long does it take for an acorn to                main supports are rotting. The floorboards
grow?"                                                   have gone...”
A: "Well, let’s put it this way: When the tree is        “The old ROOF came off… Plastic sheeting is
big and wide, the planter has died."                     the latest stop-gap material…”
“It can take 4 years for a tree to grow 11               “… We need a big bubble to cover this space.
inches.” Which species grow quickly?                     Can’t use power tools in the rain. Our men
                                                         are exhausted. Building a roof is always
PREDICTED: “When the Earth is sick... there              dangerous’…”
will come a tribe of people from all creeds,             “… he fell off the roof…”
colours and cultures, who believe in (good)
deeds, not words and who will restore the                THE HIGH COST of a ‘NEW’ traditional
Earth to its former beauty. This tribe will be           ROOF: All that work, hassle & WOOD = Dead
called 'The Warriors of the RAINBOW…” (Ref.              space in the eaves…” “… the fire hazard
Greenpeace 1974).                                        caused by having a dry, tinder-box attic
(“Greenpeace and Amnesty International
have more members than any political Party…”             “You can raise a traditional roof to vastly
2001).                                                   increase habitable space, but this is
                                                         enormously expensive…”
UK:    “WOODLAND WARS: Only 2% of
ancient woodland left. Lost to quarries,                 ALTERNATIVELY, you just might, one day, be
roads, housing, airports… These trees will               able - at the same time, to fit a much more
be bull-dozed because we need crushed                    Affordable molded ONE-PIECE roof onto a
rock to maintain hospital buildings etc. 350             traditional house – thereby having a
remaining sites under threat. Irreplaceable.             SUPER-STRONG        roof    that   provides
These are our Rainforests. Economy or                    adequate protection. Ah! Yes. The roof over
Environment? Forests should have absolute                your head could be FUN…
Protection” (BBC, 9/12/2004).

“78 million acres of Rainforest are
DESTROYED every year - land the size of
Poland…” (The Independent, 10/7/2004).                   “A loft conversion, for an old Aunt?”
“60% of tropical rainforests are gone…”                  “We need something more… appropriate.”
(February, 2005).                                        “I want something QUICKLY …”
(Ah! Move into this shell, outgrow it, move into             wood. Pre-treated. All with 7 day free delivery.
that shell…)                                                 Project finance available. ‘Most people value
                                                             the Affordable aspect’ said a salesman.
“An extension can cost a lot. TIMBER rafters,                “Oh, this is nice. What do you use it for? Sitting
batons, joists, roofing felt, tiles. 100s of                 in. How typically British!”
pieces…”                                                     “Home-Lodge, started 5 years ago, have
“A WATER-PROOF JOINT = However the roof                      developed a TIMBER-framed FREE-standing
is constructed, the joint between the existing               Extension. He now offers 8 designs ranging
building and the new building has to be made                 from 12 x 12’ for £8,850, to 12 x 30’ which is
weather-proof. This is a frequent source of                  fully fitted for £25.500. Prices include delivery,
trouble. A waterproof junction is made using a               on site assembly, lighting, heating, internal &
‘flashing’ strip made of lead, zinc or aluminium             external decoration, carpets & blinds. With the
alloy materials that are soft, easily bent, which            number of people working from home
overlaps…”                                                   steadily rising, the demand for extra space
FAVOURITE BUILDER’S SAYING: “It’s really                     or simply extra accommodation or leisure
no problem.”                                                 space increases” (Hampstead & Highgate Express,
“Call the builders in, will always take longer               26/9/1993).
than they say.”                                              “I still would rather have something light, more
“I can’t find anybody to dig the foundations…”               practical… and fun!” Why don’t they do any in
“The cost of building the foundation!”                       Green…
“Extending your home can be a nightmare…”
“THE          BUILDING         PROCESS             IS
COMPLICATED and complex…”                                    SUBSIDENCE:
“HORROR STORIES. CATASTROPHIES…”                             Due to drought / flooding…
“… The WIND GUSTS IN. We’ve got a sheet of                    “Subsidence effects on buildings are by no
polythene over the gaping hole in the wall.                  means an unknown phenomenon. Buildings
The rain comes in, down the sides…” "It's so                 have been falling down or becoming seriously
draughty in here!" "There's a gale blowing                   damaged for 100s of years…”
through... In one side, out the other." “We tried            “Tell-tale signs are cracking walls, leaking
to stop the water with tarpaulins and black                  drains and warped door frames…”
dustbin bags. Howling wind! Then air filled with             EXPERT: “The heat-wave / drought caused
soot. A hole in the ceiling. A huge lump fell off -          enormous damage to houses…”
missed me by inches! House looked a terrible                 “Extensive Excavations Required. We will
mess. The cracks appeared first. The roof                    have to make good the damage done.”
started dripping - sagging, pushing the walls out.           NOW FLOODING: “THE FOUNDATIONS
We paid £21,000 and had to throw the builders                LEAK.” “We’re taking in water!” “A flood of
out…” “Rain streamed in doing the most                       problems.” “A filthy base.” “Rising damp and
terrible damage. Had to cover everything                     mould - common problems.” “Damp, fusty
with plastic. The water leaking in smelled foul.             smell.” “My damp patches need looking at.”
The water still drips in the bathroom...” “I’m               “The house is sinking!” “I don’t understand it.
crying now. Far from happy.” “… We had to                    The rain caused mud… Oh, why can’t they build
go up on the roof ourselves to put the cover                 the way it’s meant to be, without that sort of
on…” “Builders! When they are here, they                     thing happening?”
traipse through the house. The whole house has
been affected. We had no idea this was going to
be so traumatic. We may have to go to court.                 HOUSE FIRES:
They say we owe them money!”
"Don't upset the builders! They can get very                 1991: UK: “64,000 house fires. 610 people
nasty, cause lots of problems, hassles,                      died in them."
costly legal battles..." "Gang-handed."                      HORRIFIC! "Your house can burn down in
“The cost of putting all his work right! Plus all the        the time it takes to phone the fire brigade." "Your
legal costs…”                                                house reduced to a shell..."
UK:        “BIG       SALES          PUSH          IN        “The stench of burnt wood! Intense heat…”
CONSERVATORIES made with toughened                           "A fire burning out of control can double in
durable, weather-proof UPVC.                                 size every minute. The heat hot enough to
SELF-ASSEMBLY KITS: ‘Easy Assembly’ =                        bend steel..." TERRIFYING: "... Flames
Can take 2 men 48 hours just to understand                   erupted, spread so quickly! Today’s homes
how to make the bolts work. Also available in                are so dangerous - full of electrical gadgets...
Hardwood. Malaysian timber. Hard or soft                     Fumes - 2 gulps and you could be unconscious.
                                                                                         CHAPTER 3: Arrchitecture / Traditional

Victims badly burnt. Smoke so thick you can't                 "39,000 complaints from one tower block in
see anything. Terrible! You've got a                          London about cockroaches. Only way to get rid
maximum 2 minutes approx. to get out.”                        of them? Dynamite."
WAH! 'I don't want anyone else to go                          "ARSON attacks in tower blocks are on the
through that! I want something done about                     increase. There's a cycle of violence..."
it.'..."                                                      (1/3/1992) They’ve seen the link…
                                                              "Architects ‘dream,’ tenant’s nightmare.
                                                              Good riddance. Glasgow is getting rid of 2
TOWER BLOCKS:                                                 blocks. Totalitarian Architecture. Tenants
“… the loathed 1960’s tower blocks…”                          voted with their feet, couldn't wait to leave"
                                                              "CRIME is up in tower blocks..." "MUGGING
heights." "I'm always afraid my kids will
                                                              in tower blocks... frenzied attacks..."
fall..." "Such a long way to fall." “The only
                                                              "A housing estate with the worst record in the
good thing about being so high up is the view…
                                                              UK for racial violence is being axed from a
of other tower blocks…”
                                                              government          inner-city      regeneration
"The lift's not working again! Now would you
                                                              programme...       a    £50    million   housing
just credit it?" "How the hell am I supposed to
                                                              programme... money would have been used to
climb up all them stairs with the pushchair and
                                                              replace the high-rise blocks with houses for 1,500
me shopping?" “I’ll break my neck on those                    residents... money will go instead to another estate
stairs!” "The council's having a laugh, at our                (Stonebridge)... the estate would have been taken over by
expense." "I don't know what they think                       a Housing Action Trust (HAT), which would have
they're playing at, but I'm sick of it."                      organised the reconstruction... The tenants could
"I hate it in here." "I can hear him coughing 100             then have voted to return to council control, or
floors above me." "I'll chuck myself off the                  run the estate as a Co-operative, or allow a
balcony if I don't get re-housed." "After all that            private land-lord to oversee them... People's
hassle moving in here, the only way I'll get out of           hopes were aroused... the HAT proposal took
here is when they carry me out in a wooden                    18 months and cost £200,000... The
box."                                                         Environment Dept., said there was not enough
"He jumped?" "He thought he could fly... He                   money to meet all demands under the
wanted to fly but..." "He was pushed!"                        programme..." (5/8/1993).
blockbuster film about a stupidly high                        "Can you tell me what is SAFE, SECURE, and
skyscraper, a GLASS TOWER, 120 storeys                                        ECONOMIC?"
high. Lots of rich people go there for a party, the                  "England's fate hinges on it."
tower catches fire…” The TOWER = “A
monument to all the bull-shit in the world..."                “… Lenders reluctant to give mortgages for
WARNING MESSAGE: "One day, 10,000                             High-rise council properties, leaving owners
people will die in a tower block...”                          unable to move...” (14/12/1994).
THE FIRE DEPT SAID: “We can only deal
with fire if buildings are kept to 7 storeys                  DESPAIR: "Prince Charles delivered one of his
maximum'..."                                                  most damning indictments yet on the
"Don't use the lifts in the event of fire!"                   breakdown of society... inner-city children...
“HOW CAN WE GET THEM DOWN? All those                          young people living on soul-less housing
people, stuck up there..." “Put a ladder up to                estates had a feeling of hopelessness and
reach up there? With the risk of all that glass               alienation, were prone to racial tension, crime,
exploding out? Never.” “A giant inflatable                    drug abuse, and unemployment. 'The very
helter-skelter? Air drop parachutes?” “OK then.               fabric of society starts to get eaten away.' ...
What’s the alternative?”                                      Architectural and urban decline... Children are
(Ah! You need an elevator- something that can                 not designed to live in tower blocks... He
rise to the occasion. “You raise me up…”                      warned any solution to the problems of inner
“H’mm. Ah! I’m actually excited by this prospect.             cities could not come from government alone,
I really am!”)                                                but had to be based on participation by the
“A ROBOT has been developed that will                         community... He urged a partnership
(slowly) climb up walls that could help if the                approach by public and private sectors... in
building is on fire” (re: California, BBC, 31/7/2005).        many parts people were coming together,
"1,000s of CRUMBLING HIGH-RISE UNITS.                         determined to put the soul back into their
When no work, no money available to                           local society and create a future for the
maintain property."                                           community..." (26/10/1993).

                                                                   the pants off you..." "Pokey and grimey."
"I am very mindful that people who are living                      "Gone to rack and ruin." Grotty. Shabby. Not
in tower blocks, are the HOSTAGES of bad                           at all chic… "This is hardly Paradise." "I
government."                                                       would love to have a garden. If I had one, I
“The government could announce an amnesty                          would take great pride in it. It's not too much to
relieving harsh Capital punishments,                               ask for, is it?" "All I want is a patch of grass,
life-terms…”                                                       some flowers... a SAFE place where my
                                                                   children can play..." "Sometimes when it all
                                                                   gets on top of me, I go to the bus-stop and
OVERCROWDING:                                                      weep..." "Is the slump over yet?" "The House
CITIES are TERRIBLY OVER-CROWDED =                                 of Pain." "Gruelling."               “I hate this
HELL (on earth). Over-crowding is assessed                         God-forsaken house! I can’t manage… This is
by how many people per room, not how many                          killing us!” "This'll be the ruin of us." "I'm
people per plot - in a square mile.                                walking out of this house. I've had enough! I
I know a good way to reduce over-crowding…                         can't take it anymore." "If one thing doesn't get
                                                                   you, another thing will." “I just can’t hack it
DEPOPULATION: 1983: A journalist in the UK,                        anymore!”
showed me a copy of a LEAKED REPORT
written by a Church of England dignitary,                          "No chance of honest toil. They diddle, they
commissioned by Mrs M. Thatcher. The report,                       cheat - all to try and survive, to eke out a living
with sinister implications said: "... to get the                   on ‘Social Security’..." "You never know
young out of villages, dry up the public                           what's around the next corner..." "Pimps,
transport, this will force them into new                           prostitutes, weirdo men hovering round,
towns..."                                                          perverts, crazed thugs... " "Kerb crawling is
WHY would Mrs Thatcher want to get the                             a real danger..." "Men who hover around are
young people out of villages???                                    always a risk to females / families."
(I am not aware of the remaining content of the report, nor        “… he hovered around just to make sure she
indeed if this report was ever published).                         was safe…”
Since then, people all over the world have been                     "900 girls stand on the street corners in the
migrating to the cities, depopulating rural                        UK plying the oldest trade (for money). Will
areas…                                                             they willingly be herded into zones? Where
                                                                   will the legalised zones be?” “Police videoing
WAH! I WANT TO LIVE SOMEWHERE                                      scantily dressed girls, instead of removing them
QUIET!”                                                            from the streets - will do this until a solution is
                                                                   found..." (re: TV debate to legalise prostitution,
There are LONG lists (kept by every UK council)                    4/10/1991).
of people desperate to move, change their                          (“… it’s happy, it’s cheerful, it would
circumstances and improve their quality of                         brighten any dull corner…”)
life.                                                              “Most women get into the sex trade due to
                                                                   suffering abuse. They don’t like themselves.
DEAD END STREET: “… where nothing ever                             They have a sense of worthlessness…” “She’s
changes…”                                                          a knock-around girl…” "We have to pay the
"I look out of my rabbit hutch, what do I see?"                    rent man." "A girl's gotta eat."
"Mounting levels of FRUSTRATION..."                                “Legalising prostitution is one possibility. What
                                                                   would be better would be reducing the
"MOUNTING DEBTS”: “Council tenants have                            poverty that forces women onto the streets.
faced rent rises between 18 - 91%... Local                         In particular, re-instating Housing Benefit for
Authorities can set whatever rents they like... “                  the under-18’s” (early December, 2004)
                                                                   “There are so many prostitutes…” (2005).
"… Women have relied on council housing -
councils housed more women than men                                PRIVATE HOUSES:
because women could not Afford to buy a                            “The UK Housing Market: A house is viewed
home on their income alone. Many women rely                        as a commodity to help… (profiteers)
on state welfare benefits or maintenance                           accumulate and speculate. Now seems other
payments from estranged partners…" "We're                          countries are copying this BAD idea.”
so hard up." "This ain’t no stairway to Heaven.                    "In the UK, Housing is a LOTTERY..."
One slip down these stairs is enough to scare                      (“… it’s not a lottery…”)

                                                                               CHAPTER 3: Arrchitecture / Traditional

“Housing in the UK is an INHUMANE system.”              That's 500 people a day."
1990: "2/3rd of our income is spent providing
a roof over our heads…"                                 “I’M now HOMELESS! HOMELESS! Why? Oh,
HIGH PRICES: "Prices ARE going out of                   WHY?”
reach, going further and further away from              "Where's all my stuff?" “TAKEN!”
us..."                                                  “Some do ‘rather well’ out of high INTEREST
"To buy a small house is going to cost HOW              RATES... 'All those businesses - the Banks,
MUCH? You are joking? You can't be serious?             solicitors, building societies that make money
Oh, my God! I will never be able to Afford              out of housing! 'We do very well'…”
                                                        "SO MANY PEOPLE IN THIS AWFUL
“Have to go through 100’s of hurdles to get             SITUATION. The council will have to pay to put
here…” BORROW MONEY TO BUY: The                         them in temporary accommodation. A
word MORTGAGE means: Death Lock.                        COSTLY exercise..."
"Borrowing = A HEAVY BURDEN."
"Due to the INTEREST CHARGED… you will                  "CONFUSING: The Conservatives support the
end up paying back roughly 3.5 times the                (traditional) Housing market with HUGE
amount you have borrowed."                              subsidies, fuelling cycles of (artificial) boom
"Seems terribly expensive. Isn't there an               and      slump...”     “Home      ownership     is
ALTERNATIVE?"                                           desirable…But how does one restrict it,
"GIVE UP YOUR SECURITY to get a                         control it?” “It's possible to tinker, to tamper”
LOAN…" Uh?                                              said a Conservative…” (1990).
                                                        "... More Brits have bought, led by the Prime
"You must provide proof you have been in                Minister. Now a tarnished Conservative
employment for 3 years..." "You'll need money           ‘dream’... but Mrs Thatcher still believes bricks
for the deposit, legal fees, moving..."                 and mortar are a safe bet..." (9/4/1990) SAFE?
"I'm not eligible for a mortgage."                      PEOPLE SAID: "But we are LUMBERED with
"I'm too old. I haven't got 25 years left."             the REPAYMENTS! A GAMBLE…”
"I'm on a low wage. I can't qualify."                   “The government's economic management
"I pay £750 rent a month for a 2 bed privately          severely dented. 'Dents can always be
owned flat and can't save for a mortgage."              knocked out' said a Conservative. But PAIN is
"I can't Afford to have all my money tied up            being felt across the country...”
in this!"                                               SCREAM: “SELL THE HOUSE! SELL THE
"THE COMPULSORY PURCHASE TRAP: …                        CAR!”
Ownership."                                              “People are selling up, moving abroad... “
"We had to buy. NO CHOICE. Housing is
crucial. We can't do without it.” "They've got          "Unable to sell, has to drive 250 miles to work
us where they want us."                                 and back every day..."
 "Damned if we do. Damned if we don't."
                                                        "The BOOM has sputtered to a halt. 10s of
"A       ‘MODERN’   DEFINITION        OF                1,000s of people are TRAPPED with huge
SCHIZOPHRENIA: I must pay, I can't Afford               debts and FORCED to resort to OTHER
to pay..."                                              LOANS to meet mortgage bills... The number
                                                        of people who cannot keep up with their
"I'll have to work a double shift, eat cheap            monthly payments has risen to record levels...
food, for 45 YEARS - that means no                      Housing costs are higher then ever!
honey-moon, no reception. We'll be bogged               Mortgage repayments for 9 million home-buyers
down, we won’t have any fun. We'll have to              have risen by 40% since July 1988…”
work ourselves into the ground. You'll have to          WAH! “I want to know what I’m working for!
get a job as well, love... Yeah, OK. Where do we        This is not getting us anywhere…”
sign?"                                                  “It's like a dead weight on our entire
EXPERT: "... everybody is so busy trying to             economy..." (April, 1990).
work out HOW MUCH they can borrow, they
are not asking: Should we?"                             “Overdrafts at 17% Interest: “We're very
                                                        frightened... How much longer can we hold out?
1989 – 1990: “25,000 people registered as               HOW ARE WE GOING TO SURVIVE?”
Homeless following repossessions."
1990: “500% increase in repossessions.                  “The loss of self-confidence...”

“Attention is directed away from... work...              fortune! Where is the SENSE in that?”
Major distractions...”
 ("Don't you get it? No, of course you don't.")          "Prices have gone out of reach... For the young
(“… it’s something for beginners, to help them           - they haven't got a chance..."
get started…”)                                           "... it must be awfully demoralising for the
                                                         young, watching a few other people make huge
1993: "350 REPOSSESSIONS EVERY DAY.                      sums for sitting on their assets..."
Mortgagees     FORCIBLY      EVICTED..."                 "... Anger is the juice we run on..."
"Repossessions fell in 1993. Only 50,000                 “If I have to pay a deposit, I can’t afford it!”
houses seized…"                                          "Look, it’s lack of money that stops me from
                                                         doing it." "Yeah, isn't it for all of us?"
JOKES: "WE’VE discovered a new lethal                    "NO cash. NO hope?"
weapon - kills every time and damages
houses like no other weapon. A Mortgage."                “Of course, the young want                   a   nice
"Here lies Walter Fletcher. He bought a house            life-style…”
and this killed him…"                                    "I want something PRACTICAL!"
                                                         " I need living space QUICKLY!"
EXPERT: “Buying a home is the biggest
investment we make. We really should put a lot           "3 OUT OF 4 PEOPLE WANT A SAY IN HOW
of thought into it.”                                     BUILDINGS LOOK…”
1994: "A TRADEGY... More than 1,000                      PEOPLE SAID: “What we want is value for
repossessions a week!" (12/4/1994).                      money.”
"The courts are booming from the rise in
mortgage and rent arrears… Each hearing                  COMMENTS MADE BY YOUNG PEOPLE
took an average of 30 seconds."                          WHILST HOUSE HUNTING:
                                                         “It’s got to have the WOW! factor.”
PEOPLE SAID: “We just didn’t have the                    ”We don’t want bog-standard 4 walls…”
money…” “She was freaking out. We couldn’t               “I’ve heard of shabby chic but this is
speak about it. We’d get another bill. Then there        ridiculous!”
were the solicitors’ letters. We’d LOST our              “This isn’t really a bedroom. You can’t even fit a
dream,     our    money…       An       absolute         single bed in. And there’s no storage…”
NIGHTMARE…” "We poured all our money into                “I’d prefer something modern, open-plan and
the house. Now its all gone! We've got                   spacious…”
absolutely nothing left!” “We’re having to live          “Finding our ideal home is no easy task.”
like criminals just because we can’t Afford              “It’s a predicament. We’ve seen 35 properties
housing!”                                                but nothing that’s right.”
                                                         “I can’t really describe it. But something’s
"BLACKLISTED (for credit) if you do not get a            not quite right. It’s just a feeling I get…” “It’s just
high-price sale."                                        got to have a bit of something about it. I don’t
ADVICE AGENCY: "There's nothing you can do               know what it is but I’ll know it when I see it.”
about it…"                                               “I like the idea we could move straight in and not
                                                         have to do any work but…”
"Building societies… raked in record                     “I like the lay-out but… and it’s a big but…”
PROFITS- Abbey National £501 million,                    “We’ll be mortgaged to the hilt.”
National & Provincial £107.7 million..."                 “This is so last Century!”
"Barclays Bank with home loans of £7.5 Billion,          “I feel another tattoo therapy crisis coming on…”
raised their interest rate by nearly 1% to
15.7% and this added £30 to an average home              EXPERT: “It’s important you have a good
loan of £50,000..."                                      design and don’t over-stretch yourselves
PEOPLE SAID: “Here we are, struggling with               EXPERT: “Buyers love light, airy houses - they
a heap of debt, wishing we were FREE…”                   sell twice as fast as dark houses. Use light to
"Let's make it easier – life!”                           transform rooms. Light totally changes peoples’
“Make it Affordable!”                                    perception…”
WAH! “WHY DO WE have to do everything
the DIFFICULT WAY? What is so wrong with                  “Levels of debt have quadrupled over the
doing something different?”                              last 5 years” (April, 2005).
“To get somewhere to LIVE, COSTS a

                                                                                      CHAPTER 3: Architecture / Traditional

“Brits (British people) are £25 Billion deeper in            can hold onto..." “You don’t have to do it
DEBT every year…” (Daily Mirror, 9/6/2005).                  yourself…”) “We would like something we
                                                             could do together…”
                                                             1985: "There has been a BIG BANG in
MOVING:                                                      self-build..."
“Moving house is the most STRESSFUL                          “Where will we get the money?” “WHO will
thing we do.” "All the packing, goods going                  be our FINANCIAL saviour?” “Can you do
into storage, all the arrangements one has to                me A REALLY BIG FAVOUR?”
make to get a new life! Stamina needed and                   "Sink micro-bore piles, linked by reinforced
lots of money to pay all the bills..."                       ground beams...” “The pressure is piling on.
“Britons spent over £10.6 Billion moving                     Such a worry…” “We'll need assistance to
house - before moving, on solicitors fees - ½                erect the WOODEN frames. Can you help?
the amount was spent on Stamp Duty (Tax)…”                   We will try and arrange some accommodation
(Woolwich Survey, 9/6/2005).                                 for you..."
                                                             “NONE OF THE BANKS WILL LEND on an
  "IF ONLY WE COULD MOVE THE FLAT!”                          unconventional / experimental design…”
                                                             1989: “… TIMBER FRAMED HOUSES are
                                                             becoming INCREASINGLY POPULAR in
                                                             Britain. …the house owner sees TIMBER as a
                                                             traditional,   attractive  and    renewable
                                                             resource..." "The lavish use of WOOD inside
   Do you need a pair of robotic legs to extend…             and out...”
                                                             "Supposing I want to change the lay-out?"
           “… it’s a… flying HOUSE?”
             “In YOUR DREAMS!”
                                                             MODERN ARCHITECTURE:
THE GROWTH OF MOBILES = “You can Talk:                       1933: “…The German people were starving...
Telecoms via satellites. Confusing contracts                 The Germans tried to make (war) ships from
apply.” “HELLO? I can’t hear you! Can you                    concrete... Hitler provided investment to
hear me? I’ve lost the signal. You’re breaking               enable ICI (Farben division, in Germany) to look
up!” “Er, hello? What did you just say? We’ve                for alternatives to goods (especially building
lost the link…” “My battery’s dying!”                        materials) that were in short supply.
MOBILE TECHNOLOGY = “Multi-media on the                      This was known as: The Ersatz Scheme
move…” “No! Don’t put me on hold! I’m                        (means: Superior Substitute)."
paying a fortune every minute…”                              “Chemists in Germany managed to make
A Typical Kid These Days: Doesn’t care                       artificial wood and plastic metal..."
about their life - so long as they can play with             ("The process for converting coal into gasoline
their mobile…” (UK: 2003).                                   was by then perfected…”)

                                                             "HALTED PROGRESS: Instead of rebuilding
SELF BUILD:                                                  Germany with the new materials that had
“… it’s his pride and joy. He built it himself just          been discovered... Hitler started World War
the way he wanted it…”                                       11.”
“D. H. Lawrence spoke of the dignity of a man                Hitler said: “You have the tools (military
building his house for himself and his                       tanks) to rebuild the Father-land…”
dependents. In many countries of the world,
the majority of houses are still owner built.                NOTE: “Hitler got it back to front…”
Not so in Britain where a succession of                      NAZI ARCHITECTURE: "… There was a type
Regulations make it almost impossible for a                  of Architecture to which the Nazis were
man to do what his ancestors did. Other                      opposed - which they killed off.
forms of adequate but sub-standard housing                   … Individualism… was abhorrent to a Party
are caravans & boats. Here again, an                         obsessed by… control....
intolerable number of Regulations gravely                    THIS is what the future might have looked like,
hamper a lot of those who would like to live in              had tyranny not intervened: GENTLE,
them…” ( ‘Down & Out in Britain,’ by Jeremy Sandford,        ROUNDED SHAPES, ROUNDED ROOFS…”
1971).                                                       (Ref. Jonathan Meades, BBC, 31/10/1994)
"What? Do you mean I could 'build something                  (Ahh! Is it our true destiny?)
with my hands?' " ("Build something you
CORRUPTING: Hitler set man on the wrong

was a hunger for the clean, the uncluttered,
the co-ordinated and the new... Spirit. Life
was too short. The drab old world could be
cleaned and improved by whole hearted
design... the simple moral belief that people
would be happier with virtuously designed
objects... the philosophy of good design could
be applied to new products and new markets
for the benefit of the masses..."                              "PORTABLE UNITS for women who want to
                                                               get back to normal family life, for men coming
1932: “THE ARTS & CRAFTS Movement. … a                         home from war. VERY POPULAR…
self-sufficient, sustainable village… all                      … And considered most attractive. Nicely
healthy, fresh… rallied against stale city air.                spaced. Put anywhere there was space -
Workers cottages… some bespoke… had                            between houses, on playing fields, sides of
lovely gardens as well- no sense of enclosure.                 public parks - any bit of waste ground.
Workplace mingled with where people work                       Gardens established in-between and around
(built around the factory)… it kept the people                 pre-fabs. People very happy. Were a
going. A high standard of living…all services-                 detached property. People very community
a medical centre, dentist… lowest mortality and                spirited. Did not want to move out. Were
highest birth rates. ‘We’re happy boys and                     forced out by deteriorating state of building
girls.’ Modernism. Enlightened. Give workers                   materials - rising damp, bad condensation -
a comfortable workplace. A SUCCESS                             which rusted the frame…”
STORY. 1950’s: Cut short by recession, a
factory fire- factory and whole village sold. Was              1940s: Architects talked of a future
privately run, then council run. Now a far cry                 Environment made perfect by technology - a
from what it was” (re: Silver End, Essex, UK, Ref. ‘The        Utopia. They predicted the next plastics house
Perfect Village by Ptolemy Dean, BBC4, 1/9/2006).              would have fittings and walls made entirely
                                                               from synthetic materials.
1942: “1,000s of people waiting for
homes…”                                                        “WILL THE FUTURE BE BRIGHTER THANKS
“Since the end of the war only 55,000 houses                   TO TECHNOLOGY? Perfect? Magical?
built..” "Never before have we had so little time,             Synthetic material symbolised a fuss-free,
to do so much!"                                                non-stick, wipe-clean world called ‘The
                                                               Plastics Age.’ Exciting! Man no longer
OBJECTIVE: Improved Human Welfare.                             dependent on stone, brick, timber. Dreams
LESS ILLNESS caused by BAD Housing...”                         of A Plastics Age peaked in the 1960s but
                                                               had been growing for decades… Engineers
1943: Conscious for the need for a quick                       set out to build a better world. 1920 – 1930s
answer to Britain's housing shortage, Winston                  was a very exciting period for this
Churchill gave orders for 200,000 temporary                    revolutionary material…”
homes to be built…
                                                               PLASTICS: “A group of synthetic resinous or
"PRE-FABS were supplied in KIT form.                           other substances that can be molded into any
Took 2 men a day to assemble, complete with                    form.”
fitted kitchen cupboards, a cooker, sink and
ice-box. Mainly constructed in UK by prisoners                 “The world’s 1st plastic caravan (a trailer) was
of war, on disused park land."                                 made of Bakelite.”

         “… it’s all in a day’s work…”                         “A SEAMLESS LOOK WAS something to be
               FAB = Fabulous!                                 ASPIRED TO.”

“There was no skilled labour so they had to be                 1941: HEMP as a Viable COMPOSITE:
made so anyone could bolt them together                        “Hemp was tried and tested by Henry Ford
after 1 or 2 day’s training…”                                  who researched Hemp for 12 years...

                                                                               CHAPTER 3: Architecture / Traditional

A composite using 30% resin binders + Hemp               1945: "London, Liverpool and Coventry were
fibres... reported to have 10 times the IMPACT           bomb shattered, dusty piles of rubble. The
RESIST of a steel car, and weighed 1,000                 Labour party won a General Election with
times less...”                                           promises of peace, prosperity and above all,
                                                         proper housing…” “There were photos of
1944: Henry J. Keiser Co. conducted a study              MacMillan cutting ribbon on the 100th block of
into a prototype plastic house… all sections             flats or the 1,000th housing estate. Then
fabricated in a plant...                                 came the word they didn't have to build any
                                                         more homes. We had enough! Even if we didn't,
Keiser documented a series of design                     a crumbling economy meant votes were
objectives and goals that would make the                 bought with promises of higher employment
plastic house superior         to conventional           and lower inflation. All that brave talk about
construction...    including     making     a            homes fit for heroes stopped..."
light-weight unit to take the normal stresses
to which a house is subjected...                         1948: "Abercrombie's Plan: 8 New Towns;
                                                         semi-detached houses, with plenty of parks...”
Keiser's design could be transported flat...
Keiser believed further experiments would                1951: "Conservatives took over - promising
produce a low cost plastic capable of use in             ‘more for everybody.’ How many houses could
construction... A modern, streamlined form,              be built? Build HIGHER, supported by
simplicity was the key, using a modular                  architects…"
                                                         1957: “Monsanto's All-Plastic House”:
"It is recognised a plastic material capable
of being economically molded... would be
the ideal type of material for the
mass-production of houses" (said Keiser
“In the end, it never went into production
due to the low profit margins"
(Ref: Report: Pre-fabricated   Plastic   Housing,
Bancroft Library, Berkeley).
“All this work! And nothing came of it! That
can’t be good.”
“So near and yet so far!”                                             A HUGE structure!

         Hence, the popular expression:                  “… Monsanto teamed up with architects from
               "Leave it out…"                           the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and
                                                         built their vision… the one prototype that
“… it’s unfinished business.” “Leaving a job             seemed to hold the most promise…”
½ done is never a good idea…”
                                                         “They called it a ‘harbinger of what is yet to
"… it is un-buildable? The best way to see if            come in residential buildings.’
something is plausible is to build it."
                                                          It could be taken apart and reassembled
"The best science is done in teams."
1945: “New Plastic is stronger than steel.”
                                                         “Before the house went up for public use,
“Around 1950, researchers came up with
                                                         engineers tested its design…
silicon derived from sand..."
                                                         It passed the test…”
"HOW TO BUILD cities from War-ravaged
ruins? "What the Nazis couldn't do, the Town
Planners did..." “Old housing pulled down...
a heavy handed propaganda campaign...
Government did not curb property speculators...
it was nobodies plan... people would live in
terraced streets.”
(Ah! They didn’t think it through properly!)

“The Monsanto        House     was    virtually        day average of 100lbs. Its walls are made
indestructible…”                                       from foam concrete blocks, held together
                                                       not with mortar but little polythene disks to
                                                       inter-link blocks. A single storey house, with
                                                       exterior tongue & groove plastic boards fitted
                                                       over the concrete blocks.
                                                       The bathroom pre-fabricated as a complete
                                                       separate unit was installed in an afternoon - its
                                                       pipes, fittings and walls all made from various

                                                       1985: "Research indicated people particularly
                                                       preferred lack of conformity- they like shady
                                                       nooks, quaint pathways with lots of
                                                       greenery - a natural feel - not all straight lines
                                                       and hard surfaces."

                                                       "The GLC experimented with a FLEXIBLE
“…it did prove extremely difficult to                  interior Partitioning system..." (Ref: Primary
                                                       Supports Structures and House Assembly Kits - PSSHAK,
demolish…”                                             details: Architects Journal).
“… it would not go down without a fight.
According to Monsanto Magazine, wrecking               1983: "THE LOGICAL ANSWER TO THE
balls literally bounced off the polyester              HOUSING PROBLEM: From GERMANY - a
material. Torches, jackhammers, chain saws             house built to modular standard, simple to
and shovels did not work. Finally, choker              make, cheap to live in, any size you like,
cables were used to squeeze off parts of the           washable with a hose.
house bit by bit to be trucked away.”
"It was a testimony to how STRONG the
house was," said Ray Gomez.

1960’s: “Plastics = Very Space Age.”
“Bend me, shape me, any way you want me, as
long as you love me, it’s alright…”

“It’s all possible with precision molding…”             It sits - a product of the Space Age - like
                                                       some visitor from Outer Space. It seems
“THE FUTURO HOUSE:                                     poised for flight, as if at any moment it could
                                                       take off from its terrestrial anchorage and vanish
                                                       back to the galaxy from which it came…

                                                       The building TESTS (by the Institute of
                                                       Construction Technology in Berlin), on the
                                                       house were extremely severe. Against wind,
                                                       snow and vibration from traffic, it showed a
                                                       resistance and stability 6 times the normal
                                                       SAFETY requirements.
                                                       Against FIRE, it passed the highest German
This plastic, ellipsoid, portable holiday              standards. Against humidity, corrosion and
hideaway (designed by Matti Suuronen) is among         parasites, the result was the same…
the most striking samples of Utopian                   There is no reason why this house should not
Space-Age design...”                                   last 1,000 years.
                                                       … can support a weight up to 5 tons.
“…The International Space-Age craze of the
1960's stirred interest…”                              ECONOMIC VERSATILITY: The elements are
                                                       built to a standardised module, but can be
1963: A British company took a leap towards            put together in a variety of ways so that the
that future. ‘In this experimental house, there        finished house can be any one of a number of
are 3 tons of plastic compared with a present          sizes or shapes.
                                                                                CHAPTER 3: Architecture / Traditional

“The GLASS fibre sandwich walls, although                UK 1989: “Glass Reinforced Polyester was
only 8cm thick, are so well insulated that as            reported to be “selling well.”
much as 50% can be saved on heating bills.
                                                         GRP JOINT DESIGN: … the correct design of
By far the biggest hurdle will be public                 joints. The joints must allow for inaccuracies in
reaction. Eyes that are used to accepting bricks         manufacture and in the supporting structure and
& mortar, that accept steel and concrete will            for deflection; they must resist fire
need time to adjust to plastic.                          penetration and perform the obvious functions
Wolfgang Feierbach now licensed to                       of excluding wind and rain and might
mass-produce his house, believes the time                sometimes have to contribute a degree of
taken to make this adjustment will be quite              mechanical support and restraint…”
                                                         Aha! Water-Tight Joint designs!
They come in 60 different colours. Simple,
humane. A practical home. At last! Instant
housing!" (Ref: Article in UK magazine for               BUILDING REGULATION HEADACHES:
Architects, 1983).                                       “The Fire Regulations for England and Wales
                                                         require building materials to have 0%
                                                         spread of FLAME…”
                                                         (but only in some situations!)
                                                         Strange! Plywood is not banned!

                                                         The 1987 London Building Regulations, state:
                                                         "Polyester Resin cannot be used as a MAIN
                                                         building material - there are problems with
                                                         fire resistance and LACK of RIGIDITY…”
                                                         “(UK) Tests concluded: Polyester is only
                                                         suitable for commercial buildings (i.e.
”QUIET men at work! "What I do, I ENJOY!"
                                                         business premises EG. Warehouses) but not
                                                         Domestic dwellings..."
HOMING INSTINCT: “Since the day I first saw
                                                         (Therefore): “The use of plastic is strictly
you, I have adored you.”
                                                         controlled - plastic is only allowed for window
“Chic! Irresistible!” “A timeless quality.”
“I want you for all eternity. Instantly addictive
                                                         HENCE COMPLAINTS: "We've got Building
“Clarity! Charisma. I WANT ONE!”
                                                         Reg’s like this is 1925!"
                                                         That ONE OFFENDING Building Regulation
Here's another way of putting it:
                                                         is    causing    a    HUGE        BLOCK-AGE,
“ I know I need it. I know YOU need it too.”
                                                         disallowing architects etc., the opportunity to
                                                         create something really worth- while!
   “Suddenly, I know you are: THE KEY.
                                                         ADVERT FOR ICI: “WORLD PROBLEMS,
       Prototyped. Tried & Tested
                                                         WORLD SOLUTIONS…” =
      THIS PROVES it can be done!
                                                         “Developed for the AMERICAN Market:
Where did ‘it’ go?
                                                         MODAR for Strength, Durability, Lightness,
                                                         Colour & Surface finish for designers and
“Resistance to fracture is very important…”
                                                         end-users. Excellent surface finishes.
Their chosen material – POLYESTER
reinforced with Glass fibres. GLASS is
                                                         Low-smoke emission, low toxicity, fire
BRITTLE! = “Don’t KNOCK it!” “One dent
                                                         retardant for specifiers. High productivity.
renders the panel useless…”
                                                         Excellent fire performance. Low levels of
Ah! They can make a 2-storey building using
                                                         combustion products. Good mechanical
Glass to strengthen!
(The resin used to make glass-fibre is
Ease of moldability for processors. In mold                 SAFETY.
times, less than ½ those with polyesters using              “So long as it gives people a happy life.”
the same equipment and mold systems. COLD
press and resin Injection.                                  “I know it’s only a matter of time. I want to
Can be mixed with fibres EG. Carbon.                        know if YOU feel the need for it too. It’s a
Modar FOAM Casting - absence of exothermic                  message that’s just got to get through…”
cracking. Corrosion resistant…”
Applications:      Squash      court      walls,            Could altering that out-of-date UK Building
balustrades…                                                Regulation really make a significant
PROBLEM:         “Modar     –     ‘architectural            difference?
fibre-GLASS’ - is NOT LOW cost. ICI are                     Yes, incredible, isn't it! What a great thing it
going for the LUXURY market. ‘The TOP end of                would be!
the market.
                                                            “The whole world has got problems - is
“… it’s IN THE PIPE-LINE?”                                  banging their heads against the wall.”
1989: I wrote to: Bob Reid, MD of Shell UK., to
ask if Shell could help to identify the best                "The Government are not capable of finding
Super-Strong material.                                      a solution" said Mrs Thatcher. "These are
Mr. Reid referred me to: Shell Ventures UK. I               problems for industry to solve.”
went to their HQ, in London, and I gave Shell
Venture’s representative, a Mr. Newman, a                   WAH! UPDATE housing! “Wouldn’t it
long list of goods that could be made with                  solve everything?”
this material.                                               Dare I say- it might just be A CURE ALL?
A few days later, Mr. Newman responded, in                  I’m not saying it will solve all your problems but it
writing, stating:                                           will go a long way to help.”
“We do not want to take further the ideas you               “… it’s something magic…”
have put forward - many of them are extremely
                                                            Just Remember: "Where Britain leads,
worth-while. We return herewith your dossier,
which has not been copied…”                                 others follow..."
I wrote back to express my hope that Shell use
their research facilities / capabilities to help the        “… the CURING process…. materials that
Public.                                                     can be cured by light processes, or even in the
No response! So I complained, in writing.                   microwave…”
I then received a letter from Shell Venture’s               “I know it’s just going to get harder the longer
Public Relations department advising me go to               you leave it...”
LENTA (the London Enterprise Agency).
I didn’t have the energy to write back explaining           “Today's architects do not predict huge
LENTA had referred me to Bob Reid.                          changes in housing design and materials…”
Instead, I telephoned Mr. Newman and pressed                “Compared to the TECHNOLOGIES of car,
him for information.                                        boat,   aeroplane     or computer    design,
Mr. Newman finally snapped, saying:                         Architecture lags 50 years behind…
 “We’re working on it. Try ICI.”                            Buildings are not prototypes that go into
Yeh? And ICI will say: “Try Shell.”                         production. Everyone always longs for a new
IF only they would put their Heads together!                wonder material but for most GLASS offers
                                                            the most possibilities…”
UK: Cheap polythene is used to make
expensive ‘modern’ FREE-standing public                     "UV RESISTANCE: ... can withstand vigorous
conveniences (toilets / kiosks).                            physical and thermal distortion... up to 30 times
Futuristic?                                                 more UV resistant than competitive materials...
“Is that pathetic, or what?” ‘Fun’ = KICK it.               developed      by    Development         Plastics,
Big dents & consigned to the scrap heap.                    mid-Glamorgan, UK (Plastics Weekly 19/6/1993).

“It would be reassuring to know it is being done            “YOU CAN MAKE RESIN FROM SILICON:
properly…”                                                  Silicon is NOT oil based.
                                                            (Anything that is oil-based catches fire).
THE CHALLENGE: To maximise overall                          Silicon is not flammable at certain
performance. To provide long term                           temperatures..." “The melting point for silicon is:
DURABILITY. To increase HEALTH &                            1414 degrees C.”

                                                                                  CHAPTER 3: Architecture / Traditional

"You can make artificial silicon but it is not             £million. We can’t do that’ said ICI…”(QED,
considered economic* to do so... as there is no            BBC1, 27/4/1994).
shortage of raw ingredients..." (i.e. sand).
“SAND is one of Earth's most common i.e.                   “JET AGE BEDOUINS: … in a world that’s
abundant, elements.”                                       moving… which allows us to live more
EG. "THE SAHARA DESERT is approx. the                      independently… (the desire to) reclaim some of
same size as America (23 million square                    the freedom of Nomads… In an Age of
miles). Each Dune = 1,000s and 1,000s of                   Greater Complexity… we hanker for
tonnes of sand. (Underneath, formed river                  simplicity… for something basic… portable…
beds - land…")                                             and indifferent to the conventional definition of
                                                           home. Why do so many ‘modern’
“STUDY OF NEW MATERIALS: ...Professor                      constructions echo the OLDEST dwellings?”
Rick Smalley, at the University of Houston... has
devised a new molecule - Shape similar to a                “FUTURISTIC HOMES = ORGANIC. Curves,
Hovis loaf of bread... Silicon vaporised by                and a natural play of light. Organic shapes,
lasers... ionised harder than granite... carbon;           forms…”
BONDED = Lightweight... Stable, So STRONG!                 “Many people say living in a circular space is
Absorbs light… So Simple To Make it!                       a sacred form of living…”
Couldn't believe it! So wonderful! Incredibly
Beautiful! Pure! It's a different ball game.               ADVERT: ”Superior Home Building Products:
Creative science at its best! ... A whole range            There is a new construction material that will
of technology... to make houses?” HOMES!                   last over 2,000 years. The home will be
Wow!                                                       completely maintenance free for that entire
Where did it go?                                           period. It is easy to build with, indestructible,
                                                           and very low cost to build higher quality homes
“Well, let’s have some mental exercise whilst we           than any other product in the world!
wait for the best team in the world to show up,            Plastic lumber and posts can also be made
OK? There doesn’t seem much else we can do                 from recycled plastic. Even though plastic is not
right now…”                                                bio-degradable, who wants to live in a
Q: Should we use sand to make silicon, to                  bio-degradable house?
make modules? The UK has little sand. Where
could we get sand from? Exploit Africa/ns?                 The Low Cost Plastic House: A model of the
Buy it from Arabia?                                        completely plastic home building process. It is
A: Produce it with counties who have                       indestructible. 2 people can lift the roof on.
deserts. Trade know-how, production                        It never needs re-roofing and will not ever leak.
facilities & other installations + Silicon -               This plastic has no off gassing problems and UV
manufacturing could be done in the desert...               rays do not harm it…
The silicon given to the countries who have                This truck is pulling up with a complete house on
assisted and need it. From deserts, new life               board.
could grow…                                                2 people can now assemble this entire 2
                                                           bedroom 1300 sq. ft. plastic home in one week,
STAR-LITE: “Amazing scientific potential. This             and they do not even need a hammer or any
laser can burn through steel in seconds but                skills.
not through Star-lite. Based on a polymer - is             It is like a Lego set.
moldable… The importance of Star-Lite has                  The plastic homes are built in a factory. Raw
been acknowledged around the world. It has                 materials form the plastic in molds. The walls
all the characteristics… Imagine, a plastic                are insulated and sent to the construction site
that can withstand heat. Miraculous? …                     ready to go.
Star-lite’s inventor is Morris Ward - an alchemist.        It is even bullet-proof.
The inventor is tired of waiting for a promised            Nothing will damage them for 2,000 years.
future. Morris fends off industrial giants -               These plastic homes withstand hurricanes,
refuses to give the world his formulation…                 tornadoes, Earthquakes, and will not burn.
Star-Lite is a smart material. Very fashionable            They can look like any building style (brick,
area of technology today. ICI tested its flame             wood, Stucco, etc.) up to three storeys, and can
retardancy. It passed this. The manager then               be sold for about ¼ of the cost.
told Morris to go away and not bother
anyone else! ‘Many come here saying                        There are other processes to use plastics. We
they’ve invented a new material, give me a                 can use recycled plastic to build permanent

benches, farm fences, and retainer walls. There            should be helpful, co-operative. Telephone to
is also a new plastic lumber product that is               get name of best person, outline query, ask for
just like wood (you can saw, cut or nail it)” (ref:        advice."
Better World Technologies, 2004).

PORTABLE = Delivered to your site on the                   CONSERVATION:
back of a lorry.                                           CHILD: “The countryside is so boring! Green,
                                                           green, green everywhere!” “Where are the
 Man’s definition of ‘portable.’ H’mm. “Hover
                                                           flowers?” “There should be more flowers…”
on over here - you’ll be with me before too long.”
                                                           “There’s nothing exciting to look at!” “Nothing
“Sorry, I’m too tired. I’ve been doing all the
                                                           exciting ever happens here…”
painting and decorating.”
                                                           NEEDED: "Recreation for local residents..."
UK: PLANNING PERMISSION:                                   "Employment for local people..."
"It must not exceed the height of existing                 UK: CONSERVATION AREA REGULATIONS:
buildings. It must not reduce a neighbour's                Everything must be OLD- fashioned!?
light.” (Blocking light causes dark, dank,                 "It must be in keeping with the look of the area."
conditions no-one wants to live in.”) Ah!
(“The ancient right of homeowners to prevent
the obstruction of light…”)
“It must not stick out onto a public high-way.
Does it occupy land that it shouldn't? Does the
design intrude on the landscape? Does it
blight or blot the area? Will it interfere with the
locality? Do you intend to change use from
residential to industrial? If so, you may not get
permission.                                                  (PHOTO: ’CONSERVATION’ AREA, UK 1989)
Is it over 3 storeys high? If it is you will need a
fire escape. How many people, are going to do              “DO it FOR ENGLAND!” "It's a blueprint for
what? You may need fire-proof doors and floors.            recovery. It would fit in very well, and you know
It must have running water, a kitchen and a                it."
bathroom or the council could decide it is not fit         “Call it a Nature Conserve then it’ll be
to live in. A toilet ideally should not open into a        funded…”
Well! It’s not against the law.                            "All the country-side was beautiful before
                                                           they built up and destroyed it." "In an area
Me: "Hello? Is that the planning department? I             once filled with green trees, steel girders
would like to put a module in my back garden.              have gone up. You want iron trees!"
Could you please tell me if I need to get
Planning Permission?"                                      "THE NEW BARBARIANS: Bricks and
Planning Officer: "Is it like a caravan? A                 mortar! ... Many local residents are up in
touring home is considered to be more                      arms... Planning matters now often bloody.
temporary and does not therefore require                   THE WAR with THE PLANNERS!
planning permission. A mobile home does."
Me: "What is the difference between a touring              NEEDED:        Affordable      Housing.       Not
home, a static home, and a mobile home?"                   over-crowding! 'We do not want to see
Planning Officer: "Good question. A caravan is             bricks, mortar and tarmac ruining our
considered more permanent."                                quality of life.' 'Under the concrete - green
Meaning: If it moves using its own power… it               fields - there used to be Trees.' Concrete v
is viewed as being incidental / temporary… but if          Conservation. ...Village life a gentle pace,
it has to be towed, it is viewed as being more             little havens... Developers want an entire
permanent? Clear as ditch water!                           new town, 12,000 new neighbours, spoiling
EXPERT: “There does not seem to be any                     the view... a quick way for them to make a
definite regional or national policy. Err on the           quick $buck... plans are out of scale... urban
side of caution. Speak to the Enforcement                  sprawl... losing the character of the place... the
Inspector at the Planning Dept., before                    houses will be too expensive for those who
acquiring site... Tackle planners correctly. They          need homes... gone too far up market... too
                                                                                     CHAPTER 3: Architecture / Traditional

many luxury homes... only catering for one               well-being, physical and mental health.
class of person... The mix has gone wrong...             People want to live amongst trees. That's a
Unfettered growth last 50 years... 5,000                 wonderful idea. The spaces in between us -
houses a year still being built... The people are        there's plenty of space in towns and cities to
now saying they want a breather... The                   plant more trees. Housing estates could be
public enquiry was over-ruled... Same as                 vastly improved, progress very rapid.
trying to stop a juggernaut... Developers                There's abandoned grass land, areas
moving abroad... fear of more unchecked                  colonised with brambles, sites covered in
developments... The time will come when                  rubble, old railway sites. People would hear
the community disappears! House builders                 birds singing! Make these places human,
now clamouring for more land. Builders want              please!” (7/1/1993).
to be popular in villages... Someone has to
break the mould… Good will alone will not                "ENGLAND         SUFFERING         DEATH        BY
bridge the gap" (1990).                                  BULL-DOZER: Traditional villages being
                                                         replaced with bland yellow brick estates...
“I love living in this village. You know everyone        continual development... almost 30% of
you meet…”                                               agricultural land lost... in the south east region,
                                                         the concrete tide has covered 400,000 acres
“… It is a crucial time for architecture... An           since 1945... Housing developments are set
effort has to be made to create a strong                 to destroy vast tracts of unspoiled land -
mechanism to enable people to improve their              more than 42 square miles every year. If this
local area and get ahead... We are at the                continues, 2,722 square miles of country-side -
CROSS-roads... The social isolation of poor              20% of England’s 'green and pleasant' land
areas..." (RIBA Journal, November, 1988) Ah yes!         will be urban by the middle of the next century...
The elusive Missing Mechanism…                           The government predicts 2.8 million new
                                                         houses have to be built by 2011 - with them
UK: "THE DIFFICULTIES OF PROVIDING                       come more roads, more estates - their plan
HOUSING IN RURAL AREAS: ... the                          includes 855,000 new houses in the south east
problems of the young people migrating to                to be built between 1991 - 2006..." (Council For the
the towns leaving behind an ageing                       Protection of Rural England report, 11/4/1994).
population... Cottages are being snapped-up
by wealthy business people for 2nd-homes...”             "ACCESS               TO        COUNTRY-SIDE
                                                         THREATENED: ... the merging of 2 agencies
“LAND AVAILABILITY is often determined by                (English Nature & the Countryside Commission
the provision of gas, mains water and                    which protects 12,000 miles of public
electricity supplies, and sewage disposal                foot-paths) ... will threaten the public's Right
facilities...”                                           to    access      and     recreation    in   the
“Housing schemes may have to use special                 country-side... a merger would substantially
materials to satisfy planning conditions                 strengthen land-owners powers over the future
which increase unit costs... Inappropriate               shape of the country-side..." (10/4/1994).
and rigid standards...”
                                                         "Progress? What progress? They've ruined
“The need for Affordable homes. ‘It’s a                  the character of the place!"
beginning. We welcome anything that
recognises the need for high quality design,             "I don't want to live in a house that blots the
and     puts     an     emphasis   on    the             landscape, upsetting the features that have
Environment…”                                            been here for years and years."
“A development that meets needs - gives
opportunity for improvement - the KIND                   "10 Green Field sites lost every year to make
local people are seeking... "                            way for super-markets."
”Conservationists are treading carefully to
re-build the future..."                                  URBAN INTIATIVES: "Let's turn cities
                                                         GREEN!" said Prince Charles. His new book
"… it should be pretty wild..."                          promotes decorating buildings with plants.”
 “...There are places to create woodlands in
the future... Could grow really green and                "400,000 new houses to be built (on green
leafy in just a few years. Good for people.              fields) in Chelmsford, Essex... Central
Nature around you is very important for                  government has swept aside local council
                                                         objections. 'We need to build HOUSES to
satisfy the demand for homes'..."                        PROPERTY DEVELOPER: "Forget dreams.
                                                         I'm talking £ reality. We're really going to
"Plan to build 18,500 houses by 2021, has                upgrade this area - I'll make it worth your
failed - did not get Planning Permission. 'We            while..." "... you'll make money..."
are looking for a policy that offers
Regeneration'..." (15/10/2004)                           "Developers only smile when you mention
(Ah! "They are looking for something suitable            profit." "Never miss a Trick Ltd."
for the future...")                                      "NEW Masters OF THE UNIVERSE. Builders
                                                         of the city. Architecture driven by the
"The local residents said they want                      BANKS..."
Affordable homes..." (November 2004).
EXPERT: “There’s a chronic shortage of                   "LONDON HAS           AN    ABUNDANCE         OF
Affordable housing for families…”                        WASTE-LAND…”
EXPERT: “… there’s a real shortage of small
units… A lot of people would prefer to live              "We asked for very MODERN, very efficient
somewhere that is self-contained rather than             buildings…” =
being forced to share…”                                  “We got Docklands..." on the water front… i.e.
                                                         re-development of old, partially walled
"This yearning is eternal..."                            Docks, demolishing many existing characterful
"WE ARE STILL WAITING FOR THE GREAT                      buildings, replaced with TRADITIONAL
LEAP FORWARD..."                                         buildings.

“Communes are once again the height of                        WHAT IF WATER LEVELS RISE?
fashionable living. Things have changed                             THE RISKS - IGNORED!
since their heyday in the 1960s because they
are no longer the preserve of the great                  “This is the face of the future. A city within a
unwashed. Communes are now models of                     city..." "WE want to build a city for 22,000
sophisticated, stylish existence, actively               people..." =
sought by the middle classes. Those who                  "... A BOOM THAT PROMISED A THRIVING
embark on 21st Century communal living tend              NEW COMMUNITY..."
to hold down respectable jobs as charity                 "Docklands - to bridge the GAP in the
workers, teachers, IT consultants and                    Residential Housing market…” =
engineers: they earn decent money and often
have children, but are happy to give up                  'FREE' ENTERPRISE = "The London Dockland
conventional home ownership and throw in                 Development Corporation is to receive £653
their lot with like-minded souls to build a              million..."
better future…                                           When asked: Why? Mrs Thatcher said:
The Stroud co-housers want to get across a               "Because they wanted it" =
simple message, one of community spirit,                 "HIGHEST Construction Costs Ever: £5
looking after one another, working together              million an acre...”
and supporting one another.
There is no compulsory communality,                      "Docklands - the brainchild of Sir Terence
residents will be able to live as privately or as        Conran who formed Butlers Wharf Ltd..."
publicly as they wish… All of which is laudable,         "... to carry out the scheme... The directors
and there’s no doubt the children growing up             include Lord Mc Alpine and Jacob Rothschild..."
here will find themselves at the centre of a
wonderfully caring and supporting extended               PEOPLE SAID: "No style, no grace.
family…” (The Telegraph, 26/2/2005).                     Stalin’istic." "THE BIG WIGS’ MOVED IN,
                                                         FORCED us OUT!"
POLL: “84% want Green Belt land to remain                "We remain unconvinced."
undeveloped. Biggest threat is house, road               "Won’t be the same round here without the
and airport building” (Mori, 3/8/2005)                   street markets."
                                                         "Sorry, I would have stayed but there's just no
DOCKLANDS:                                               atmosphere here."
We don’t want anything big.”                             MALAISE: "... it is reckoned that a million of its
"We need a NEW model."                                   most energetic and ambitious people will
                                                         move out unless something is done..."
                                                                                    CHAPTER 3: Architecture / Traditional

"450,000 jobs in construction lost" (UK, 1991).            exonerate, and by implication, justify the
"50,000 JOB LOSSES in construction                         present corrupt society..."
forecast... "WE NEED A CURE!" (1992).                      Graham Wenman said: Thank heaven the
                                                           BEIRUT experience has proved that framed
 "Japan invited to help bring back life to                 High-rise is relatively secure during aerial
inner-cities in blitz on decay... Government               bombardment..." (What?)
will put up money to clear land for roads and              John Wells Thorpe said: "... We've got to do
rail links... a series of small Dockland                   something better..."
schemes..." = "It is drastically important for the         John Well said: "The tide has already turned..."
state of Britain because we cannot Afford to let           Richard Saxon said: “Development from here
1,000s of acres rot in our inner-cities. It is no          must rediscover that timeless way and strive to
damn use if we are not prepared to put in                  reconcile the nation's emotional yearning
roads and railways" said John Redwood, ‘our’               with its equally strong wish for technological
Environment minister (7/5/1992).                           modernity..."

                                                           CLOSING COMMENT: "We need something to
THE ARCHITECTS’ DEBATE (Summary):                          widen the debate. When it comes, God will be
"When man has lost and forgotten his way, it               in the detail."
is up to architecture to show him his way."
                                                           UK: "... 7 million viewers tuned into the 1st
1989: THE BATTLE FOR A NEW VISION FOR                      screening of the debate..."
BRITAIN: Prince Charles criticised ‘modern’                RIGHT OF REPLY? The public were not
architecture. RESULT:                                      invited to contribute or consulted!
Charles Jencks said: "... his crusade in favour            The architects were given another
of community architecture, conservation and                opportunity to respond in a follow up TV
classicism is above all a return to Christianity in        programme called "2nd Chance." The
a secular country where only 11% are regular               producer said he wanted to explore 'the
church goers..."                                           buildings of the future'…” (he didn’t get the
"Norman Royce, a former Royal Institute of British         chance to…)
Architecture (RIBA) vice-president told delegates          OUTCOME: 1990: Peter Dorner wrote: "From
of one case in 1988 where 1,000 homes were                 personal experience I prefer a hut to a council
letting in water. 'This is just not good enough.           house... The council house was built to
The jerry-builders in the 1930s did better than            minimum standards laid down by the
that’...”                                                  government... The house was shaped by
Rod Hackney said: "The Prince's crusade to                 assumptions as to how the average working
champion good architecture is positive... we               class family would grow, and what the minimum
shall continue positively addressing the debate...         needs were... the hidden assumption was / is
so that ordinary people in this country can                that the working class is like a compost heap;
enjoy sensitive, delightful and exciting design,           they like to live on top of one another for pig
which will stand the test of time..."                      warmth..." (Ref. Article: Home Is Where The Steel
Ben Derbyshire said: "... To all those who say it          Box Is).
is not possible to find out and respond to what            "Prince Charles was named 'Author of the Year'
people like, I have one message - you are                  for his controversial book slamming modern
wrong..."                                                  architecture - a best seller, now into a 4th reprint,
Patrick Nutgens said: "... High-Rise office                breaking record sales in America" (HRH made
blocks are erected not as an arrogant                      a lot of money...)
celebration of architectural style, but simply to          A few architects produced the usual awkward
make money..." He referred to "... villains                conglomerations of wood, glass, brick, and
laughing all the way to the Bank..."                       block, attracting media attention to their
William Rogers said: "I am sure Prince Charles             practices     by     describing       these      as
approves of St. Georges Hall - a massive                   "Affordable," without defining just who, in the
neo-classical      building     that   dominates           low income brackets, could Afford to buy or rent
Liverpool... A hall that is a monument to the              those (costly) houses & flats…
commercial life of Victorian England and the               thus (almost!) giving the word 'Affordable' a
profits of the slave trade..."                             dirty name.
Bertold Lubetkin said: "... to blame exclusively           "DISCEPTION, disgrace..."
the architectural profession for the distortion
and disfigurement of the Environment is to                 "WE ARE LOST IN THIS MASQUERADE!"

WHY did the Architects FAIL to mention THE                 from local materials, built by local crafts &
DIFFICULTIES     CAUSED by the OLD-                        trades people, for FREE. People lived off the
FASHIONED UK Building Regulations?                         land with just a few chickens… Money
                                                           unnecessary. There were no bills to pay.
WHY did these clever, affluent, well-connected             Heating + Food = What you could gather for
EXPERTS FAIL to come up with something                     FREE. Schooling and Health needs provided
MODERN to DEMONSTRATE the beauty of                        by respected elders…
SPACE-AGE Architecture?
                                                           CAPITALISTS        do     NOT     approve   of
MISSED        OPPORTUNITY:         Lamentable.             SELF-SUFFICIENCY!           Therefore   it  is
Inspired, very enthusiastic, capable architects,           gradually disappearing…
who are struggling to get their practices off the          “I KNEW it.”
ground, are unable to produce the kind of new              “Is it now too far away, to hope, to dream, to
homes that are needed…due to LACK of                       fantasise, we can still find our way? Can love
Funding.                                                   somehow come through, to find a way... so we
                                                           manage to do, what we must do... to save our
IF INDUSTRY had also been invited to                       Planet – OUR HOME ?
participate EG. ICI, Shell, BP, Sponsorship
might have resulted in… "Without their
contribution we may never have the                         NEW BUILDS:
knowledge...”                                              "The COST to build is going up, definitely.
                                                           ‘We are putting a lot of effort into ‘new build’
DEBATE CONCLUSION: "ARCHITECTURE                           said the government. ‘There are a lot of empty
REFLECTS         THE     UGLY     FACE     OF              properties because people couldn't Afford
CAPITALISM: There is a vociferous and                      them.’”
influential sector of society which appears to             Is that logical?
wish... that they are not living in the 20th
century... Architects are not responsible for              NEW BRICK HOUSES: "These are NOT
national political policies... Morro expressed             BUILT TO LAST! They'll only last for 100
his bewilderment as to why architecture has                years, IF we're lucky" said a builder.
been singled out to move backwards... when                 BUYERS SAID: "There's SERIOUS EROSION,
art, science and technology are moving                     DAMP, the roof's sagging..." “These are
inexorably forward... Architecture is change               SHODDY. The standard of workmanship is
and development, not aping the past. Nothing               deplorable… The builder has rushed the job,
illustrates the ugly face of market-place                  doing everything possible to cut corners, to
capitalism better than the architecture                    save money…” “At least this has a 10 year
encouraged."                                               guarantee!”
1989: “’VILLAGE’ RE-THINK: ... 2,000 local                 "WALLED IN: Hailed as ‘a dream town’ in the
residents... criticised plans... Building works            1980's, the (yellow brick) town is now dying
cannot continue due to the high cost of                    from a nervous breakdown... The population
traditional building materials chosen by the               of 18,000... is suffering an epidemic of stress
Prince, who wants to use local quarry slate on             related illnesses, divorce, loneliness and
the roofs of all these houses... the development           debt... the populace screaming silently..." (re:
was to be spread over 25 years..." HRH could               South Woodham Ferriers, Essex, UK. 1990).
have used lighter-weight, man-made replicas -
Eternite roof tiles - for a fraction of the cost…          THE        DESIGN         AWARDS         FOR
“’SELF-SUFFICIENT’ ‘VILLAGE’ SLUMPS:                       ARCHITECTURE (presided by Sir Terence
Prince Charles's vision of ‘self-sufficient’               Conran):
‘villages... his £30 million blueprint... for 3,000         JUDGES COMMENTS: "… Ah! Something
houses, factories and offices has been                     elevated! A sympathetic approach! Better than
scrapped because The Duchy fears the                       storming the BBC with pitchforks! More brow
lavish houses will not sell in a recession...              beating? It's really wonderful. People linked
Objectors say they fear plans will blight the              with other communities! Optimistic. I'm on a
Dorset country-side..." (13/4/1990).                       high! Can't stop talking about it! What could
                                                           this be used for? If you could take this
SELF-SUFFICIENT VILLAGES? Like they                        (heavy) building over to the river... It is
were in the old days? Small villages made                  possible to move a traditional building given

                                                                                 CHAPTER 3: Architecture / Traditional

time, money and much labour..." (1990).                  reveal the full scale of the housing crisis…
                                                         The lack of Affordable housing has a
PEOPLE SAID: "Victorian Gothic taste is                  destabilising effect on the economy and the
back in fashion." "Yeh, cosmic." "Why do we              cost in Human terms is massive. It has now
have to make homes that look like old ones?"             got to a point where it cannot be ignored any
“I’d like you to try and move it, move it!”              longer. 10s of 1,000s of new houses are
                                                         needed…” (The Observer, 7/3/2004).
"MINIMALISM     is the look of the new
Millennium. Clean, uncluttered surfaces..."              “A SURVEY has confirmed what people have
(Ah! “LESS IS MORE…”)                                    known for a long time. We have the lowest
                                                         level of 1st time property buyers for 23
“The British construction industry has                   years…”
important lessons to learn from Japanese                  “The average age people can now buy a house
industrialised building techniques, said a               is 34!
Dept. of Trade & Industry report.
                                                         "PRINCE CHARLES TO SPEARHEAD
The Japanese pre-fabricated technique                    AFFORDABLE HOMES BID: … a new
produces variety from limited components and             campaign to encourage land-owners to
has re-defined the in Japan, which account for           release land for Affordable housing, to help
20% of the market, use in-house designers to             young people get a foot on the housing ladder...
produce pattern books. One, Mitsui, employs              Land-owners and businesses will be advised
external architects but the emphasis is on               how they can help ease the situation...
bespoke housing… … a modular system by
allowing rooms to be created from one or                 'Applying       for     exceptional        Planning
more modules…”                                           Permission is the way forward.' MP Brian
                                                         Saunders warned it will not be easy to convince
“ARCHITECTS BELIEVE THE TIME IS RIGHT                    land-owners who will want the best possible
FOR A REVIVAL in Pre-fabs because 4.5                    price for their land... the main incentive will be
million people need somewhere to live (in                for them to get some (kind of?) return on
Great Britain). (Therefore) Blocks of pre-cast           unused land... The Duchy is working with the
concrete and GLASS WALLING will provide                  Prince's charity - ‘Business in the
BLOCKS OF FLATS. Each cost £130 a week                   Community,’ local housing authorities, groups
to rent. This is ‘Affordable social housing.’            and associations, Banks and building societies,
Will be finished in 3 months. If you want the            and with the Country Land and Business
blocks to be moved, they can be                          Association, which has 7,000 land-owning
dismantled…” (re: Peabody Trust, Hackney, London,        members in the south west of England... who
BBC1, 9/4/1999).                                         will look at land availability, funding and
                                                         planning issues.
“I would rather have something light, more                'Our main task is raising the profile and getting
practical… and fun.”                                     people to pay attention. A lot of businesses
                                                         have brown field sites which may be
“I’ll send a little prayer to you…” “God, I hope         suitable and authorities dealing with water,
we make it through… God, I hope you are                  railways, telecommunications and retail are
the one I build my home with…”                           coming on board to the initiative to see how this
                                                         can work.'
EXPERT: “It would be MUCH BETTER to                      'THE LAND will either be sold or leased to a
offer a product YOUNG People Want!”                      Housing Association… Each case will be
                                                         dealt with on its merits, rather than a ‘one-size
“The (Labour) government has said ‘NO’ to                fits all’ solution.
Pre-fabs, to help the Homeless, because                  The answer to this crisis is never going to
‘they are not quality homes. Pre-fabs will               be building a large development with a load
only last 10 years’…” (BBC1, 3/12/2001) Uh?              of ‘new’ homes (it’s) - much better to have them
                                                         sprinkled throughout existing communities, so
“John Prescott (Britain's deputy Prime Minister)         young people who want to stay in the area can
admitted there was now an effective                      do so..." (West Country News, 12/10/2004).
housing apartheid, with home owners pulling
further away from those yet to get on the                “Charities said they want more cheap rented
property ladder. ‘Increasing supply is a                 housing for the Homeless…”
national priority’ he said. A new report will            (Was I dreaming of a rented place?)
 “New houses being built are at a new historic            Public Policy found that people saw the Deputy
low (17,000 per annum). UK: 280,000 NEW                   Prime    Minister’s   ‘Affordable        housing’
HOUSE-HOLDS ARE FORMED EVERY YEAR.                        schemes as ‘monotonous, characterless
Housing will still be out of reach…” (24/1/2005).         developments designed on
                                                          the cheap.’ People thought
“’Affordable’ homes will be built, each                   the properties would have
costing £60,000 - £120,000…”                              small rooms with thin walls
PEOPLE SAID: “We will enjoy paying that as                and suffer from poor
much as we enjoy having teeth pulled…”                    workmanship… built in
                                                          areas without late-night shopping amenities…
“By 2014, a city the size of Leeds will need to           many people may be unwilling to move into
be built…” (The Observer, 7/3/2004).                      them. ‘… put off by standardised schemes
                                                          without access to local community services
“How I can improve your life” by Sir Terence              or communal green space. Attracting a social
Conran “who now wants to do ‘a Jamie                      mix of people remains a big challenge… People
Oliver’ on our ‘horrid’ homes”:                           want a short walk to a school…’ £6 BILLION
“… houses are so woefully ugly and inadequate             has been invested in the Thames Gateway
for most people’s needs… We should have a                 Development’…” (Daily Mirror, 4/1/2006).
debate about why are the average developer’s
houses such appalling, ticky-tacky little                 PEOPLE SAID: “CHEAP? We want the best,
boxes? … I’ve always tried to put things in               and we wont settle for less.” “We want NO
front of people that are a thoughtful                     WORRIES!”
alternative…” “For many years, Conran has
wanted to make a film… showing how it could               “COWBOY BUILDER… J. Prescott… has
be if a thoughtful, intelligent design was used           massively under-estimated the need for
in every way. What public transport could be like,        cheap homes for the low paid… he plans to
a local school could be like… and how this could          build 200,000… ‘In 10 years time, we will look
be at the same price level… He is in talks with           back at the plans as just a drop in the ocean.
an enthusiastic BBC producer keen to produce              They are not ambitious enough.’ He hopes to
a model house. Architects, such as Norman                 offer the £60,000 new builds with a subsidy…
Foster, have been contacted. And he has been              but the price will be nearer £100,000. The
trying to persuade James Dyson to design an               government said: ‘We are responding to
all-purpose domestic unit that produces hot               demand’” (re: The Institute for Public Policy Research,
water, cool air, Refrigeration, all the services          The People, 20/8/2006).
you need for a house which would then
significantly reduce the cost of building it.             “THE AMOUNT OF ENERGY REQUIRED TO
“We’ve been talking to a company in Japan                 BUILD Houses is…”
about it” Conran says “but the investment to
make it happen is enormous.” “…I don’t think it’s         “FLAT PACK HOUSE KIT ONLY £70,000: …
ever been said to Government, ’Look! You’re               Ikea is to sell flat-pack homes from £70,000
responsible for the welfare of this nation.               each. The timber-framed flats- the 1st in
Why don’t you pay more attention to this                  Britain- have high ceilings, double-glazing,
subject?” (The Times, 25/5/2005) (“I guess you            wooden floors & fitted kitchens, & bathrooms.
could say he’s helped pave the way…”)                     An estate… will be assembled… Council
                                                          member David Napier said: ‘These are cleverly
SCHEME: “… Social Home-Buy: John                          designed, highly energy efficient & they look
Prescott said: ‘For too long, housing in this             fantastic.’ Buyers must be on incomes of
country was not given priority. I have trebled            £15,000 to £30,000…” (re: UK, Daily Mirror,
the amount we spent on housing but the                    8/3/2007).
rising house prices mean sometimes this has
been undermined. So we have a long way to                 The Office of Fair Trading in Britain has
go but we’re definitely on the right track. I want        launched an investigation into the UK's £20
people to have better quality homes…’ “His                BILLION a year house-building sector… to
bid to challenge builders to design a quality             investigate why so many people are unhappy
£60,000 home” = “’CHEAP’ HOUSES =                         with their new (brick) homes... cause for
(More) Yellow BRICK housing ESTATES:                      concern the sector was ‘not working well for
PAPER THIN WALLS, TINY… 1,000’s of                        consumers’... could also refer the industry to
‘cheap’ houses being built… will be left empty            the Competition Commission for further
and unused a report warned… the Institute for             investigation… (will) focus on 2 key areas —
                                                                                   CHAPTER 3: Architecture / Traditional

whether land suitable for development is being              controllers.
used to best effect and the standard of
properties being built…”                                    "... people laughed at Buckminster Fuller's
“… builders accused of withholding available                proposal for a dome over Manhattan but Fuller,
land to push up prices… Builders say they can’t             a real visionary, pointed to this as the way of
build due to planning permission problems, and              architecture for the future..." (Building Design,
that there is a fundamental problem with the                11/6/1993).
design of new homes… 40% of purchasers of                   (i.e. ‘Brave New World,’ copied verbatim
new houses complain…” (Daily Express, 23/6/2007).           because no-one in authority has the imagination
                                                            to achieve anything that strays from that
“NO   NEARER            TO      FINDING        THE          “EXTREME LUXURY SKY PADS”: A UK
SOLUTION…”                                                  roofing materials company advertised in
                                                            magazines for the Building Trade, using
What is the best material?                                  full-page colour- illustrations of HUGE,
Has the ideal material been made, tried,                    SPACE-AGE buildings… that were ROUND /
tested?                                                     curved modern accommodations - Pod-like,
Or, am I talking about a new material?                      positioned on top of a very tall column i.e.
Used as a filler? Separated, shredded / grated?             MODULAR        constructions       sited    on
“You can’t beat a sandwich?”                                DIFFERENT PLANETS i.e. sited safely, in
                                                            hostile Environment/s. The style of building
Here is something for you to work on if you                 could only be made with a moldable, very
are a Research Chemist:                                     robust material (UK:1983)
What is the formula for a LIGHT-weight, very
durable,      Super-Strong,  scratch-resistant,             1994: PEOPLE SAID:
non-toxic,            NON-BIODEGRADABLE,                    "WHAT IF THERE IS A SINISTER PLOT
fire-resistant resin?                                       AGAINST it?" "Maybe they have already
All we need is a simple equation.                           worked out the details?"
“Have a really good think about it, because the             POLITICIANS ATTITUDE: "If it makes them
whole world really needs to know.”                          good, no way. I want it all for myself." "Yes,
                                                            we will do it, but no, you can't have it"
I don’t mind what you call it!                              (PLUNDER)?
You could call it Poly-loopydoopofrelene,                   "ARE THEY SAVING UP FOR A BIG ONE IN
Technoclense,            Teflolensecoproflockrinate,        SUPER-GOLD?"
Strentonomatica… That doesn’t matter, so long
as it’s the right stuff.                                    (It would be better to only make one quality of
Has DURALITE been made?                                     modules - the style could be varied. That way
                                                            EQUALITY is achieved… and resources are
                                                            not wasted).

                                                            PREDICTED: “Smart          Glass        Towers…”
“Extremely costly Titanium buildings to                     “Carbon glass.”
protect governments, paid for by Tax-payers.”
                                                            OUR FUTURE?
(“Carbon fibres weigh less than titanium.”)                 PREDICTED: “1,000s live in this tower. We are
                                                            confined to very high towers made of metal. In
“HEAVIER TAXES            to    pay    for   these          our cells - cameras. Daily health screening.
monstrosities.”                                             Intrusive experimental medical procedures. Diet
                                                            prescribed. Crap food. Compulsory exercise
INCREASED USE OF STEEL: Girders etc.                        regime. No shops. We all dress the same. You
HIGH-TECH Everything! EG. Space stations                    do boring work to pay rent. No view, or freedom.
& space ships.                                              We don’t know what we’re doing here. We have
                                                            no idea who is in control. We’ve no Rights. Who
PREDICTED: Because of Pollution:                            am I? I don’t know.”
CITIES UNDER GLASS: Glass Domes. Only                       “Towers 2 miles high….”
rich people eligible. The Poor locked out…
The Rich charged by an unknown elite for
clean/ed air - supplies shut off at the whim of
                                                          queue. There are other bleeding people who
CHAPTER 4: HEALTH                                         were here before you..."

                                                          PATIENTS SAID: "What is this country
"Will it hurt? I don't want it to hurt."
                                                          coming to?"
The quest for decent pain relief…
                                                          "I'm very attached to it, you know."
“Just give me something to take the edge off!”
                                                          It doesn't make any sense. I feel so insecure.
WAH! "Just do it quickly!"
                                                          I'm a very nervous person. ‘Life’ is baffling. It
WAH! “Just get it over with as quickly as
                                                          beats me. I'm taking pills for it..."
                                                          “God help us!” "There's only one doctor on
“CAN YOU FIX it, doc?”
                                                          duty. 7 patients are dying..." “Doesn’t it
                                                          affect them?” “They have work so quickly!
The need for LOCAL services...
                                                          They’re like machines, robots…”
“40 people died whilst waiting for an
                                                          "BUILDING COSTS OVER-RUN…”
ambulance...” (July, 1992).
                                                          "THE NHS IS DISINTEGRATING….”
"There is no casualty department here."
"Can't you do something? For God's sake. Do
                                                          "THE MONEY RUNS OUT: ... 22 hospitals stop
                                                          waiting list operations. 'I'm in awful pain.' Little
"So if my child is ILL, you won’t help?"
                                                          sympathy (from the government): 'It is up to
“That's right."
                                                          hospitals to organise themselves better. £200
“Many casualty         units     closed down.
                                                          million of extra money put in.'..." (8/12/1992).
Government says a better class of service can
be had by making patients travel 20 miles to
                                                          DOCTORS: "I can see the need for it on all
the nearest big hospital!" (13/10/2003).
                                                          your faces...” “I'm sorry, but there's nothing I
                                                          can do about it. Please forgive me."
                                                          “I try not to think about it. If I did, I’d never come
                                                          into work!” “After a bit, you become immune to it
THESE ACCIDENTS! Fractures... a list of
injuries as long as a mile..." EG. “… she
                                                          “I should try relaxing? I doubt it. Things can only
slipped on the kerb and broke her hip…”
                                                          get better…” “You can either get better or bitter.
“HOW to stop these accidents from
                                                          Bitter people are horrible.”
happening again?"
                                                          “Things could get worse…”
                                                          “Tempers rise. We’ve put it behind us…”
“All this it’s got to be done like yesterday…”
“… it’s just got to be done.”
                                                          "The whole purpose of the NHS was to avoid
“More haste, less speed!” “We don’t need to
                                                          the very problems arising now! We've
rush! We’ve got the rest of our lives to do it…”
“You know you’ve got to speed it up, slow it down…
                                                          already lived through what happens to
you’re making your mind up…” (song). “We’re ALL           people when you base health on money...
searching for a STRESS-FREE life.”                        Health is not about money..." (3/9/1993).

A VERY HEAVY WORKLOAD: "A Junior                                 “… it’s about HELPING PEOPLE.
doctor dropped dead after 86 hours on duty.                        That’s what it is all about…”
'Alan died of exhaustion.' Before his death, he
was working 24 hour shifts..." (1990). "1,200             "It's very important to remember what
doctors are working over 83 hours a week!”                patients need."
                                                          “CLEAN hospitals are a priority…”
EMERGENCY Departments..."                                 SICK BUILDING SYNDROME: "It's very stuffy
“Under the Conservative government: Average               in here." “In air-conditioning all day... "Makes
WAITING TIME: 11 hours, 36 minutes.” “The                 me feel quite ill..."
Labour government want to get this down to 4              “Oh, I'm sorry I brought it up..."
hours.”                                                   "Given anti-sickness drugs."
                                                          The lack of fresh air! "Why can't I just open the
"What's wrong with you?" "I'm cut. I'm bleeding.          window?"
Please help me!"
"Wait over there. You'll have to join the                 “Sorry! Is the light too strong for you?”

                                                                                                 CHAPTER 4: HEALTH

No wonder the bloody building's sick!
“Air ducts- impossible to clean. Dark & moist
in there. Pollutants stew toxic brews…” (Ah!
Use transparent piping…)
“Germs          spread          through     the
air-conditioning...      infecting    staff and
"It's plagued me for a long time..."

"Everything designed to put patients at
 "CLANG, CLANG, CLANG went the trolley..."
"50% of back sufferers will never be able to
work again. Can only do light duties."
"Back pain costs Britain £3 BILLION a year,
and 50 million working days lost."

on alert. OVERCROWDED: Patients lying on
floors, waiting for a bed…”
"CHILDREN ARE DYING: ... lack of intensive
care / specialist treatment. 'We are full.'
Turning children away! 420 refusals in
1992..." (An incubator is a plastic life-support
housing system…)

"... Weekly running costs are very high."
"NHS spending £100 million a day. Budget
increased this year to £1,000 million" (February,
                                                                     (Photos: NHS trying to extend
                                                                    with ‘modern’ metal cladding…)
FOR (traditional) BUILDING WORK. What is
the best way out of this? Cut a department?
Opt out? Get rid of the manager? Cut nurses?"
"35% job cuts in hospitals over next 5 years"
“The difficulties for health professionals at the
sharp end…”

UPDATING... Inefficient, falling apart… BIG
GENERAL Hospitals. Miles of corridors =
Wasted space. So hard for people to find
their way around! So time consuming to get to                      (Photo: A Typical Building site.
where you need to be! Too much walking, too                      The Whittington Hospital, London, 1989).
many stairs...                                           "The need for a fundamental re-think..."
                                                         (4/7/1993) .
“HARD to HEAT…” (I dread to think how much
hospitals pay for 24 / 7 HEATING!)                        ("10,000 people seriously injured in
"The NHS is a HUGE consumer of GAS. Of                   construction every year…")
course there is waste…"                                  ("We kill and injure more people than all the
"A Gas boiler exploded at a hospital..."                 other heavy industries put together" admitted
 (“British Gas announced: 'Cheap' North Sea              the building industry UK, 1993).
GAS supplies are running out. The cost for               (UK: “100 children a year killed on building
gas will rise dramatically” (August, 2004)               sites” 29/3/2005).
(What can the NHS do for an alternative?)                "Staff told to give back their pay-rise to keep the
hospital going - overspent by £35 million"                         Less wastage of the NHS budget
                                                                  + Low electricity / heating costs =
"The new (traditional) hospital cost £202                     BETTER Environments / surroundings for
million..." (1993).                                          patients, sufficient equipment & medication
Who built that- a private company, for profit?                 BETTER patient care = LIVES SAVED =
What materials did you have to use - Concrete                 HAPPYy staff, fewer injuries / accidents =
Blocks, Steel, Bricks, Glass, Wood,                                    NO HEAVY work-load etc.
Plaster-board with false ceilings?
What did the builder charge for materials?                   “People who have been waiting over 4.5
What was the actual cost of these?                           months for treatment can choose ‘an
The consultants fees were how much?                          alternative hospital’ i.e. private or NHS”
How long did building works take?
Was there a heap of mess and loads of
                                                             PROUD UK GOVERNMENT BOAST:
                                                             "The NHS is the Envy of the World":
Does the building now function ideally? Is
internal space flexible?
                                                             means: The NHS is unique? Other countries
Any costly maintenance problems?
                                                             do NOT have a National Health Service? That
What Energy system/s are you using?
                                                             is Terrible!
Yearly running costs?
What is the life expectancy of the building?
                                                             "37 MILLION AMERICAN CITIZENS CANNOT
                                                             AFFORD HEALTH CARE:
"MASS PROTESTS about CUTS in the NHS...
                                                             Hi-tech, high cost system does not work.
'There is no crisis' said the minister" (20/11/1993).
                                                             Clinton wants reform" (17/9/1993)
                                                             Oh! ”You can’t Afford cover?”
“OVER BURDENED: Costs, going up and
                                                             "Bill    Clinton       promised       Affordable
up..." "If it costs too much - Terminal
                                                             Health-Care For Everybody i.e. from the
                                                             cradle to the grave - to definitely make USA
                                                             health-care the best in the world.
                                                             Plan = raising $100 Billion Tax on cigarettes!
One new wing on an old hospital cost £54
                                                             His wife is the architect of the scheme, hailed as
million - raised by charity…" (14/1/1994).
                                                             biggest reform for 50 years" (23/9/1993).
                                                             "USA health care is still in crisis..."
                                                             "45 MILLION ordinary American citizens
                                                             cannot Afford health care” (2004).
“They are closing Respite Care homes for                     Arguments against immigrants centre on the
sick children…”                                              world’s LACK of (Affordable) Housing,
                                                             Health care and Education.
ARE BEING DENIED TREATMENT: ...                              Q: HOW could other COUNTRIES provide an
routinely- people are too old to be worth the                AFFORDABLE National Health Service to
investment... many are suffering from                        satisfy the needs of their citizens?
treatable     diseases...   This    is    age                A: "… it could make ideal small, local
discrimination...    Rows     in   Parliament"               hospitals, if only someone would realise it..."
                                                             "… it looks good, it feels good, and it does
The buildings are too old - not the people!
                                                             you the power of good..." "Patients would
There is no justification…
                                                             love it..."
                                                             Copy the way the NHS is set-up (learn from our
"THE CHOICE ROW: CHOICE               matters,
Labour and Conservative parties AGREE! But
what could it mean for patients? The choice to
                                                             "Britain's National Health Service. Not based
pay, or to wait?" (23/6/2004)
                                                             on ability to pay. NHS = Equal care for all."
             GREATER CHOICE =
                                                             “The NHS is one of the most HUMANE
                                                             achievements of Government (introduced in
    i.e. an ALTERNATIVE LIFE-STYLE =                         1948 by the Labour government…)
          Less spent on buildings =                          "Known as a 'FREE' service..." (the NHS is
                                                                                                  CHAPTER 4: HEALTH

paid for via a National Insurance Stamp - a                flexible plastic tubes in modules... maybe fewer
small weekly contribution is deducted directly             tubes would end up being stuck in people?)
from pay).
                                                           "If it makes you feel better, I want it too..."
Invest in MODERN Modules EG. (Mobile?)
operating theatres, clinics…                               "… it's ideal for rest and recuperation!"
Do a deal with the supplier/s… The money                   "Bless their hearts."
saved on acquisition, maintenance and running
costs - all helps for the provision of                     "We might as well keep this pain?"
Affordable medical services, medicines etc.                “Keep suffocating dreams?”

The need for excellent (mobile?) Quarantine                "If YOU were in pain, all YOU would want is
facilities…                                                for the pain to STOP."

"UNTIL THERE'S          A   CURE...     THERE'S            “It’s very much a life-style issue. 60% of
CONTACT…"                                                  adults in the West could suffer from high blood
                                                           pressure by 2025 due to Western diet and lack
“The Health service has a £7 BILLION black                 of exercise. Hyper-tension linked to heart
hole in funding and needs an extra £18.2                   attacks…” (15/1/2005).
BILLION to pay for more staff, large building
programmes and more expensive drugs…                       INACTIVITY: “BLOOD CLOTS kill more
Paramedics warned of chaos” (13/12/2005).                  people than breast cancer, Aids, and road
                                                           accidents in Britain. 25,000 people die every
“POOR DIET costs the UK’s NHS £6 BILLION                   year- 500 people a week…” (Channel 5, 8/4/2005)
a year, twice the cost of accidents.” (“Weight             “Do you need something to get the blood
loss surgery costs the NHS £3.5 Billion a year”)           moving?”

                                                           The high rate of cancer in society today!
“… it’s in my heart the way I want to live.”
“You’ve got to follow your heart. It’s that
                                                           "... it could be a blockage..."
Basic Instinct: "Listen to what your heart is
                                                           ALL THE GROWTHS... on / inside PEOPLE!
trying to tell you."
"Go on. Get it off your chest- you'll feel a lot
                                                           "CANCER IS BIG BUSINESS: ... Harold
better." ("Let it out.")
                                                           Huxsey cured 1,000 people of cancer, using
"… it might you give quite a boost." "… it
                                                           old, kind of folk medicine- known to native
stimulates the heart and makes YOU
                                                           Americans… (Herbs - listed in 'Hartwell’s
                                                           'Plants). (For external tumours: black-root- a
"Most people don't follow their heart."
                                                           common flower, mixed carefully into a paste
                                                           with periwinkle and zinc oxide...)
"… it's my ticker…” "Oh! Why did my heart
                                                           Huxsey labelled a quack... Why?
miss a beat?" “My heart just can’t take this – it’s
                                                           The medical associations wanted control of
breaking my heart… it's a heart ache…it’s like
                                                           'cancer business.'
there’s a heavy weight on my chest…”
                                                           Blackballing: 'What company is going to allow
"… its heart felt." “My heart can’t take it any
                                                           you to grow a herb in your backyard if they are
                                                           going to lose £millions of profit?'... Eventually,
 "Sorry love, my heart just wasn't in it..." “His
                                                           Huxsey used radio to broadcast his story...
heart attacked…”
                                                           Huxsey could also cure internal tumours... His
"Ah, it's in his heart. Unfortunately, that's not
                                                           trials = 12,000 patients in 17 clinics. There
                                                           were more than sufficient testimonies to
UK: "170,000 people die from heart disease
                                                           substantiate effectiveness..." (Ref. True Stories,
every year" (1993).                                        Channel 4,1/2/1990).
 “… it’s so HARD THESE DAYS to find a
GOOD HEART…”                                               "$35 BILLION spent on cancer research…"
"Only one heart specialist per 8 million                   (Ref. Viewpoint, 1992).
people!..." (UK, October 1991).
 (If some kind soul worked out how to position             "Cancer services cut" (April 1993).
UK: "Over 300,000 cases of new cancer each                   It = Our Natural, Basic Self-Preservation /
year. Specialists do better than surgeons.                   Homing Instinct! It exists in all of us
There is a need for treatment centres and a                  naturally from the moment we are born- it is
greater prevention of cancer" (13/4/1994) (Ah!               just that certain people are more aware of its
The need for a complete cure).                               presence, and sensitive… “You are beautiful,
                                                             but delirious in empty space.”
CANCER: Its hour has come. PDT (Photo                        “It’s inside your head and heart and it shows
Dynamic Therapy) now effective cure. Doesn't                 you…” “You know it’s there. The trick is
risk killing the patient to kill the tumour. Patients        bringing it to the fore-front- putting it in
tolerate it very well. Other uses- enormous                  place…” Ah! It’s all up here… The knowledge,
potential EG. to fight infections, ulcers. A                 the intelligence, the sense, the integrity that
scientific break through…” (Big Science, BBC2                will help you to make it.. Remember this when
3/2/1994) (Widely available? Offered as an                   you’re feeling low…”
alternative form of treatment?)
                                                             “How people UNDERSTAND it, that’s how it is.”
“Early detection is vital.”
"A double-decker bus has been converted into                 "You must retain your sanity..."
a mobile screening service (a heart-disease                  SANITY means: "The ability to evaluate data."
detection unit). This is more accessible..."
WHEN will there be FULL FREE screening?                      PSYCHIATRIST: “You can’t go off the
                                                             PATIENT: “Stay on the rails? I’m not sure that
MENTAL HEALTH:                                               we should! There’s got to be a better way…”
                                                             (We need to get on the right track… i.e. Keep
“I’m depressed. I need some good news.                       up to speed on it- OK. Ah! Get it back on track!)
Where can I get it?”                                         “… it’s got to happen, hasn’t it?” “Could you
                                                             please explain the game they’re playing
“OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND?”                                 here?”
“… it’s not easy to put into words.” "Oh! I can't            PSYCHIATRIST: “I’m not being funny…” “It’s
really explain it!" “I can’t describe it…”                   no game. Think of ‘life’ as a big train going
“… it's not something I can put my finger on…"               down a hill. You either ride in the train or get
                                                             squashed underneath.” “Can you tell me why
The inability to put it into words... to find the            you have a problem with authority?” “Are
right words. So hard to… express it!                         you in DENIAL?” “Oh no. We don’t care
            THIS GULF / GAP...                               about delusionals.”
                                                             DIAGNOSIS: “It’s a defective brain synapse,
“… it’s stuck in my head, going round and                    not a gift from God!” = “Schizophrenia.”
round in a loop…” "What could it be?" “What                  “Schizophrenia. A GENERAL term used to
is it? What is it? That question keeps going                 describe any mental condition they don’t
round and round in our brains driving us                     understand.” ("To understand schizophrenia,
insane…” "I just don't understand it." "Am I                 understand despair.")
going mad, or what?"
"I don't know how to connect..."                             INSANE = Ruling out a Basic Necessity.
                                                             INSANE: “I totally lost it…”
("Understand you can't do it all by yourself."
"We were not created 'to go it alone'...")                   WAH! How can I keep my head together?”
                                                             "It's really getting to me..." -v- “I mustn’t let it
USA: "Psychiatry business worth $50 Billion                  get it to me! I wish I knew how I’m going to be
a year."                                                     happy…”
"The Americans are really mad about it..."
“I NEED A CURE!”                                             "3 - 4 million people are known to be
                                                             depressed in Britain at any one time. Cost of
“You’re doing time in the puzzle factory?”                   anti-depressant drugs is £36 per month, per
"Rehabilitation in a psychiatrist's chair?"                  patient" (18/2/1992).
"You can't do it sitting on your bum!"                       Is their Environment conducive to aid
“SOLUTION: "Get to grips with it!"                           “How do I feel? My liability for bills, the hiatus,
                                                                                            CHAPTER 4: HEALTH

the grave isolation, the general wards, the              “GROWING CONCERN re: over-use of
belief they wont allow it, makes me sick…”               anti-depressant drugs. Many doctors turn to it
                                                         drugs as their 1st option but exercise could be
“THE LACK OF A SAFE PLACE FOR THE                        prescribed as this is effective” (29/3/2005).
MOST VULNERABLE IN SOCIETY…”                              “… it could revolutionise how we treat
"CRISIS: "I'm on the streets. I haven't harmed
anyone and I don't ever intend to. Lists in              “HOW TO END THIS INSANITY? MAKE it
psychiatric hospitals are full. I need a hazard-         REAL. MAKE it REAL!" "Integrate it!" (1990).
free zone. Can you help me?"
 "Go to hospital. You might get some proper              “The Authorities are in 2 minds about it.”
food there. Safer place to be than a cardboard
box" (1993).                                             THE FUTURE?
"If only these people could come out of their            "Whilst everyone is pretending it is not
shells… be productive for once… share a                  true..." “To make us ‘happy,’ they’ve
sense of community values..."                            eradicated       ‘The     God        Complex’:
"Only boredom and mania are available to                 “Compulsory          psychoanalysis           for
us."                                                     ‘everybody’…” “Every person has to donate a
                                                         sample of blood for genetic coding… Genetic
UK: “13 million prescriptions written a year             Modification = Neuro-chemicals to forcibly
for anti-depressants… Patients need careful              modify children’s physiology, crippling traits to
monitoring and counselling, plus other forms             ensure each child is ‘normal’ ‘happy.’ Dogma,
of ‘help’… (Cost?) Anti-depressants are                  instilled…” WAH! How does this help the
addictive… Side-effects EG weight gain, fits,            building blocks in my soul?”
suicidal ideas / self-harm…” (6/12/2004) “I don’t
know why he fainted - he lacked something…”              Alternatively ~ maybe it will happen?
 “Are you in pain?” “Oh, ah- no, it’s nothing…”          “Hey, it’s going to be OK.”

"Hospitals are turning away DESPERATE
people... There aren't any places for these              ALCOHOL:
odd people. 1 in 7 psychiatric patients                  The Wrong Spirit…
commit suicide. These people need safety,                “ALCOHOL IS A DRUG TO EASE ANXIETY…
care, support- facilities on the ground.                 an analgesic to blot out life...”
'Community Care'? With enough resources it
could be made to work, given medical                     "SET 'EM UP!" UK: April 1983: “Substantial
back-up. Sad their only ‘sanctuary’ is the               investments made in Breweries by
street... We spend £2 BILLION a year on                  Conservative ministers...” i.e. Investors reap
health services for the mentally ill. Is more            dividends for every drink served.
money the answer?"                                       (Ah! Paralysed citizens…)
“If you’ve got the will, we’ve got the way…”
“Get depressed when things don’t go right…”              "Alcohol is very popular with young people
“IF YOU CAN SEE SOMETHING OTHER                          who see no harm in it..."
THAN CRAZY, YOU CAN FIX ME.”                             HEAVY drinkers: “Party revellers…” "Lust
                                                         forever- in a ‘happy’ crowd. No-one serenades-
“Schizophrenics need help - not a HARD time.”            the party just gets ‘better’ and bigger."
                                                         “These people that love parties, rushing to them
JOKE: “He hears voices in his head! Where                like a shot. What? Another drink? Oh, we’re
else would he hear them? In his legs? That               only human, aren’t we? I haven’t thought about
would be mental…”                                        it really… “
                                                         “We’re having a party… a party that lasts and
“LAUGHTER IS OFTEN THE BEST                              lasts and lasts… with slap up meals…”
MEDICINE. First, do no harm… If we changed               (Are they copying politicians?)
the conditions, we could change the
programmed        response.     Ah!      The             “Alcohol is poisoning your system...”
non-conformists flunk out because… Where                 UK 1990: "There's drunks all over the place.
does anyone have FUN around here? Don’t let              Not much of an advert for the way the world is
their stupid old rules screw up your life…”              run when ½ the population feel the need to
(Recommended Viewing: Film: Patch Adams) (Ref.           get drunk." )
 “CRAZY kids! A real shame. They think they                DRUGS:
are having a good time…”                                   “PROBLEM CHILDREN: The use of
 “I miss the real laughter. Wonder if we’ll                Amphetamines to treat a little diagnosed
ever get those times back again?”                          attention disorder (Attention Hyperactivity
                                                           Deficiency Disorder) (symptoms include
They Admit: “We’re going a bit mad.” “I don’t              inattention, impulsiveness,       even     violent
care.” “We’re not worried.” “I know getting                outbursts). Neuro-scientist Professor Rose said
hammered and plastered isn’t clever…”                      he is opposed to the widespread use of drugs
                                                           to treat children. 'This isn't a brain problem. It
“I don’t want to survive - I want to live…”                is a problem with society. You shouldn't alter a
                                                           person because they don't fit into society.
“All the pent up rage…” “ALCOHOL PUTS                      There are a few cases when the drug Ritalin
MORE FUEL ON THE FLAME…”                                   may be useful but the condition is being blown
VIOLENCE = Lot’s of pushing… cornering                     up into hysterical proportions. This is not the
people… kicking people when they’re down,                  right way to deal with school difficulties. But
Glassing (using glass bottles and drinking                 there is now a vociferous lobby trying to bring
glasses to cut people…) Banging their head                 the widespread use of the drug into the UK...
against the wall… Gutter-snipes…                           USA: Over 1 million people are on Ritalin- the
(“… it’s a way to stop all this brawling.”)                Federal Drug Enforcement Administration is
                                                           investigating charges that children who might
The Police said: Whenever something is in                  need nothing more than counselling are being
short supply EG Taxis, that’s when people                  given heavy doses of Ritalin instead" (The Big
become aggressive, violent…” “When                         Issue, 1994).
demand outstrips supply, people are bound to               RITALIN: “Inappropriate. Widely used against
cheat…”                                                    school children, drunks, the mentally disturbed.
                                                           70 medical Experts questioned safety”
“DRUNK TEENS IS A MASSIVE PROBLEM.”                        (29/11/2004) “… just about every kid I know has
“These kids are leading a very strange                     been diagnosed as having AHDD but the truth is
existence…” In the twi-light zone?                         they don’t know really know what it is… so
(“They want a 24/7 life-style…”)                           they don’t know what to do with them…”
                                                           "We ignore the growing army of the excluded
"What's it going to be, Johnny? You going to quit          at our peril" (Panorama, BBC 15/3/1993).
it, or what, before it kills you."
"Give it up? Stop wanting it all the time, thinking        "What's so wrong with your life that you have to
about it all time, craving it so much that I can't         do drugs?"
think of anything else? I very much doubt it. It's         "I need drugs! Give me some drugs! I can't cope
what keeps me going! I'd be really totally lost            with this life, how I feel... I need drugs to
without it. So what's wrong with knocking it               brighten this dull world." "The authorities are
back a bit?"                                               very good at bringing us down, so we need to
(“If you could stop drinking your life away -              get high."
you’d be a better person for it…”)
                                                           “Marijuana is a NATURAL HERB, used for
USA: “… Rehab centres often don’t work. Cost               CENTURIES AS A MEDICENE…”
$41,000!” (ITV3, 13/9/2005).
"It is a problem. OK. I admit it. Fix it? How? I           "A soft drug, with therapeutic qualities..."
dunno. CHANGE THE SYSTEM. But I can't do                   Has Opposite effect to Alcohol.
it all on my own." “WAH! I CAN’T HELP it!”
                                                           NOT 100% HARMLESS: Some (minor)
“This is costing the health of our young”                  impairment of balance… Can cause bad
(Question Time, BBC1, 20/1/2005).
                                                           head-aches, Memory loss. Slows reactions
 “’Dealing’ with abusive and obnoxious
                                                           (not good if operating machinery!)
drunks costs (Tax-payers) £20 BILLION a
                                                           OVER-USE: = You can become dopey,
year…” (UK: 6/7/2005).
                                                           sleepy- all the time…
What’s the answer? If caught on streets or                 What are the most used phrases amongst
anywhere over the limit, referral to doctor for            people who enjoy marijuana? "I need a
rehab? Issue Alcohol Ration cards?                         joint!" "I could do with a nice joint." "Do you
                                                           want a joint?" "Are you going to share that
                                                           joint?" "Pass the joint around..." (Dual
                                                                                              CHAPTER 4: HEALTH

meaning).                                                CRACK: A HARD drug. A drug designed (by?)
"It makes you suspicious, it destroys your               to rid the world of ghettos. (Means: Kill the
body, your life, your families. You've got to            people in ghettos). Incredibly addictive. 1st
say 'it's not for me.' We need the words                 high so ‘good,’ you have to do again... But that
young people can relate to" said Virginia                high not so ‘good.’ You need more. Makes you
Bottomley, UK Conservative Health Secretary              go crazy. The person you were has gone!
(14/11/1992) "... it is not a drug..."                   Replaced by a crazed killer. You could kill
Big Scare Tactics = Attempt to control / to              your own sister and mother and your baby- so
make profit out of marijuana. Is banned by               quickly     and     not   care.       REALLY
authorities who fear loss of credibility...              DANGEROUS!
“Let’s cut to the chase… for a world at war”
“Yeh, Love and Peace, man…”                              “We have got to have deterrents... The
“I don’t agree with drugs EG. alcohol, cigarettes        Defence of the Realm...” (22/10/1993)
and cocaine. I’ve seen the harm they can do.             (Ah! Our National Security is threatened…)
But of all the things to ban! What have the
governments got against peace and                        “This is a WAR situation! CRACK is now
enlightenment?”                                          available on almost every street in the UK”
"Cannabis has taken over from alcohol as a               (2004).
relaxant... a social pleasure. It has become
socially acceptable. There is no proof it leads          DRUGS = The lure of BIG money = Dealers =
to other drugs- it is easier to establish a              Big drug cartels. BANNED: But plenty about.
connection           between        cocaine  and         Dealers     getting      rich, their    victims
champagne..." (16/2/1994).                               anguished… They truly desire it..."
UK: "MORE MARJUANA SEIZED THAN ANY                       Ah! Given a decent alternative = Bi-Bi cartels!
OTHER DRUG: ... The UK's Home Secretary,                 Ah! "… it will stop people from becoming
against the advice of the police, wants to raise         addicted in the first place."
fines for possession... to stop 'hard drug
abuse'... '… it is largely a technicality' said          DRUG REFORM (Current Thinking): "Drugs
Michael Howard (3/2/1994) Fined, jailed,                 are not an escape..." Uh?
criminalised...                                          “Doing drugs = “Dangerous: Drugs can kill
"America has declared WAR against...                     you.” But when people still do drugs, that isn’t
marijuana growers! Spending $millions to                 recognised as a need to escape from reality?”
destroy plants, grown in countries where 2 out           duh
of 3 people are below the poverty line and               SOCIAL WORKER: “I believe substance
marijuana helps their economy..." (26/8/1993)            abuse is caused by the need to blot out the
They need an Alternative crop EG. Hemp!                  misery of their existence.”
(“HEMP differs to marijuana - has much less of
the properties needed to get ‘stoned’…” “Hemp            “Don’t YOU realise these kids will die unless
is TCH-free.”)                                           we do something?”
“UK Charities welcomed moves to re-think
classifying cannabis as a Category B (hard)              “No money is           available     to   provide
drug after use linked to causing some people             rehabilitation…”
mental illness- schizophrenia” (19/3/2005) Money,
governments and traditional housing are also             “THE WAR ON DRUGS. “We need new
linked to the causes of schizophrenia. Is                ideas!”
everything that is contributing to mental                "We need to stop thinking of our positions. We
health problems going to be outlawed?                    just need to do the job."
(Does the good outweigh the bad?)                        It’s a war we have to win for our children. 68
                                                         million children targeted. Protecting these
THE NEED FOR AN ALTERNATIVE: A Young                     children must be Priority Number One. I see
Boy said: “I want to get off this drug                   it, not as a problem, but an opportunity to
(Cocaine), stop selling this but I can’t. There          correct the mistakes of the past…”
are no jobs. My name is on police computers. I
can’t sit here all day doing nothing. I need to          CORRECTIVE ATTITUDE: Say: "Don't be mad,
get out of this slum. I got nothing but troubles.        sad. You don't have to wait, just take it gradually.
All the people I grew up with in my gang are             Don't despair." “You should try it. You might
dead - I saw them die. What can I do? My                 prefer it…” "… it will show you... it don't tell no
whole family is in a slum…”                              lies." "… it will get you on a natural
                                                         high..." …it will get you higher..."
Instead of getting people to chant: "I don't              ANYTHING THAT HELPS PREVENT OLD
need it..." duh                                           PEOPLE DYING. Anything!" (BBC, 12/1/1993).
“Make it available.” “… it’s much BETTER!”
                                                          "IF we could help senior people to live more
                                                          independently, IF we could relieve their
SENIOR CITIZENS:                                          poverty, their loneliness, sickness..."
“I wanted to save the world when I was
                                                          "WE WOULD WELCOME it!" “So hard to
younger but you lose it after a while. If you can
                                                          meet people round here. I’m in a community
tell me how, I’ll be right there with you.”
                                                          but I don’t really know it…” "… it's not up my
(Ah! You didn't have the time? Were you
                                                          “BEING ALONE IS SO HARD. It could be
 "I didn't have the courage to do it." "I kept the
                                                          such a comfort…”
dream in mind for a long time. I dreamed it
would last a long time. I keep holding onto it."
                                                          "PLEASE! DON'T PUT ME AWAY!" "I LIKE
"We've spent our lives waiting. Now we're still
                                                          MY INDEPENDENCE..."
waiting…” “We’ve had it…”
                                                           'But you might fall over and hurt yourself!” “I
                                                          know I bruise easily…”
                                                          "Old folk don't want to be shoved into an old
                                                          people’s home and fed Valium until they are
"You don't see many happy old folk these
                                                          put down." "LEFT TO ROT." "Dreadful. The
                                                          rows of sad-looking old people with nothing
                                                          to do but stare out of windows…” (like antiques)
"The trouble is, with so many people, especially
                                                          “… watch the box...” (fantastic?)
the retired- those who have no work to do, is
                                                          "If you're happy and you know it... clap your
they don't know how to keep their minds
occupied and their body’s active..."
                                                          "Oh, no! Not the Hokey-Cokey again!"
Ah! They need to be doing something…”
                                                          JOKE: “At the funeral of the inventor of the
                                                          Hokey-Cokey, they put his left leg in…”
"A stale old mind needs to think young.
NEEDED: FRESH ideas" (1992)
                                                          (“Could life be more exciting?”)
“I think I’ve found a way to make you smile…”
                                                          “I’m FADING… away. I don’t want to live any
"HAPPINESS = Being a kid at heart."
                                                          more. Not in these conditions…”
"… it's better than I ever dreamed possible!"
"They'll find it quite invigorating, you know!"
                                                          "I am past it now. You do it for me,
"One day, someone will take it seriously…”
“Get on with it! None of us are getting any
                                                          "YOU might be old, lonely, and unwanted
                                                          some day, with no-one to look after you."
                                                          "Oh, no. I'll never end up like that! I am
"I feel so old, so cold." "OLD PEOPLE
                                                          beautiful - look at me! I'm a sex goddess.
                                                          They're in such bad shape!"
                                                          What got them into poor shape?
                                                          “Did they get lazy?"
1979: 863 deaths 1980: 596 deaths 1981: 685
                                                          "No dear. They got tired."
deaths 1982: 664 deaths 1983: 538 deaths
                                                          "Ah! You might well wonder what aged them
1984: 555 deaths 1985: 559 deaths 1986: 848
deaths 1987: 827 deaths 1988: 698 deaths…
                                                          “… Decades of worry dim the sparkle…”
"The official statistics have been questioned
many times, in the House of Commons. These
                                                          GREY ROOTS: “That tired, haggard look... a
figures do not take all ages into account.
                                                          grey, sparse mop..."
They reflect only the number of deaths were
                                                          (“Nothing stays looking good forever?”)
hypothermia was stated as the main cause of
                                                          "If they could just come up with a cure for
death. Heart trouble is intensified by
                                                          premature grey hair, I'd welcome it!"
hypothermia, but hypothermia may not be
mentioned on the death certificate" (Age Concern,
1990).                                                    "LOST YOUTH, VITALITY, TONE, THEN
"AGE     CONCERN         WOULD       WELCOME              MIND…"

                                                           CHAPTER 4: HEALTH

"MANY        ARE     CONFUSED,          HAVING
find her way home...” “Now I’ve forgotten for
what I came here for. Don’t worry… it’ll come to
me…” “I’ve forgotten what I was going to say.
Oh, it can’t be anything important…”

LONGEVitY = How long could people live for?
Moses: "… His eyes had not grown dim, his
vital strength had not fled..." (when he died age
120). “Moses brother, Aaron, was 123 when he
died... “
Living on fresh air, a diet of fresh goat’s milk
/ cheese... his skin weathered (dried, wrinkled...
lacking hydration i.e. water) but his form was
as strong and sprightly as... an old goat!
"You are what you eat..."
A HEALTHY DIET = “… it’s vital…”

“… It's becoming apparent - we can change
= Molecular Genetics..."
 "We have the power within us to heal, to
renew, to regenerate =
 The Genetic switch… it's just a question of
engineering =
Drugs available to the public next 5 - 15
“… Should ‘Heaven’ be made to wait?”

BUILDINGS to bring them up to the council's
standard. Social Services budget cut. Homes
having to close…”

“I do object to having to pay! I really do.
Having to pay for everything is really

“CARE     HOMES:       Investigations     have
revealed… the reckless use of pills to silence
old folk…
‘Action on Elder Abuse’ – their goal is to
make social care better for people” (ITV news
web-site 1/8/2005).

“11 million pensioners want a big increase in
pensions, FREE long term care and a discount
on Council Tax…” (16/3/2005) “Will they get it?”

PREDICTED: "The next generation will not
have it so good with jobs for life and pensions...”
(August, 2006).
“You’ll appreciate it when you’re older…”

                                                         ranking GOVERNMENT officials WHO
CHAPTER 5: CRIME                                         ORGANISE     CRIME     AGAINST     THE
“19th  century   radicals believed the                           PEOPLE?"
OPPRESSIVE Capitalist system creates                             “Crush     the   BRIBERY     &
crime and criminals…”                                            CORRUPTION of politicians! EG.
                                                                 Officials who Do Anything For
“THE STREETS ARE NOT NICE PLACES…”                               Money.”
"... there are robbers now, who rob the                          “Wipe out the MISUSE of Public
rapists..."                                                      money.”
CURRENT THINKING: "It's not the place that's
the problem; it's what's inside you..”                   “JUSTICE is sweeter than revenge.”
                                                         "So disappointing the police are not taking
1991: "AN EPIDEMIC OF JUVENILE CRIME!"                   ACTION to Protect the Public."
"Yes, WE are at the heart and mind stage."
"Well, what are we going to do about it? Are we          "1,600 police have died in the line of their
going to have lawlessness?"                              duty to protect us…”
"Violent behaviour is linked to frustration..."
(28/5/1992) "It's a goal!"
                                                         GANG WARS: Kids with guns trying to be
                                                         HARD, BAD… The obsession with knives...
"Improving the local area reduces crime..."              Knife gangs wanting to CUT YOU. Freaky!
"... it will help youngsters by providing an
alternative to crime..."                                 (Is there a link here with all the CUTS made by
"Juvenile crime is now out of control...” "The           politicians?)
answer is to lock up juvenile offenders" (a
decision made by the Home Office) (November              “I wanted to be a cop to help folks who couldn’t
1992) "... it will deter crime..."
                                                         help themselves…”
                                                         “I didn’t want to join the police. I wanted to help
                                                         the community in a different way- doing social
DO WE NEED MORE POLICE?:                                 work or something like that… We do a lot of
                                                         work with the Homeless and drug addicts…
                                                         that’s a service the police do provide. Many
PEOPLE SAID: "See it for once from our point
                                                         of the police would prefer to do work like this. It
of view." The government always say they will
                                                         offers so many good opportunities and it does
solve crime by spending more (Tax-payers)
                                                         have its challenges- like working with people
money on more police. Why are we
                                                         who have murdered the Homeless. The
constantly told to let the police handle it? It’s
                                                         Metropolitan police force really changes lives.
not their job!”
                                                         You see so much deprivation…”
"It can be difficult to get the police to take
                                                         “Didn’t you join to fight evil?”
"It's not our responsibility!" said the police
(in 1986).
                                                         "Young people have immense problems...
                                                         they need some redirection in their lives, to
The Police say: “… it's one of life's little
                                                         gain confidence, some challenge, some
mysteries.” “Forget the planet, just do your
                                                         adventure- trained appropriately. Many
job'..." "They are not construction workers...
                                                         institutions       are     old-fashioned         with
They do not set the standards..."
                                                         old-fashioned values, not relevant to today's
"...'We'll get it sorted straightaway' say the
                                                         times... it's about the facilities available to young
police. 'Wait in a cell'...
                                                         people for leisure, advice, adventure- many
                                                         don't have anywhere to go, or anything to do-
“… it’s a cop out…”
                                                         the street corner is the only place.
                                                         Conservatives undermine that provision."
"Douglas Hog said, in 1990: “When something
goes wrong, that should be exposed, there
                                                         WAH! "All I want is some FUN..."
should be prosecutions and independent
                                                         1993: "We need to make sure the young do
                                                         participate in society. Appalling government
PEOPLE SAID: “Well, don't forget to take
                                                         ignores the young, and denies them
ABUSES OF POWER into consideration..."
                                                         resources to improve their lives.
"Yeh. What about going after the HIGH
                                                                                                 CHAPTER 5: CRIME

The young need the opportunity to do                         “STEALING is stealing no matter why you do
GOOD. It's about actually sharing with                       it.”
them."                                                       “Don’t be a mug. BE HONEST.”
“When do you start to re-educate and                         “… it's the only thing to do.”
"... it would be more socially useful than
locking up petty offenders."                                 WHY DID YOU KILL?:
"Costs £1,500 a week to keep a young                         "MONEY DE-HUMANISES PEOPLE.”
offender in an institution."                                 "TO MAKE POLITICIANS CRY! So you wont
"Oh, it could be so good for you..."                         keep your systems, wont drop your bombs,
                                                             to stop stealing governments, who don't
"The POLICE RALLIED IN PROTEST AT                            care at all, who don't understand our
GOVERNMENT REFORMS: ... due to the                           songs..."
introduction of performance related pay... 'Our              "This is my protest. Get them to look down our
job is to protect INNOCENT people'..."                       way. Hey, we're having a cut-throat, hell of a
                                                             time here, don't you know?"
PEOPLE SAID: "I think you're beautiful, can't
                                                             "What happens to the SOFT ones? The
you see the chemistry? I think it is really
                                                             vultures get them."
beautiful! Why don't we make a rainbow?"
                                                             “Only the fittest survive? Now you know
                                                             that’s wrong.”
“Investment in crime prevention is very
                                                             "Millions of people all crammed in one place-
important..." (3/11/1993).
                                                             hey, what did you expect?"
"There isn't a simple one-off solution to crime"
                                                             "It's all, or nothing?"
said the police (Newsnight, 17/11/1993).
                                                             "Insecurity and loneliness got the better of
                                                             me." "He got a few weeks behind with the rent
1994: "The punishments ignore the cause of
                                                             money... and snapped!" "No more patience.
their bad behaviour- and will not solve crime."
                                                             Who can I kill?" "Could not control my
"CRIME STILL RISING: We really are in dire
                                                             emotions." "The battles raged in my head- I
straits. The police can't cope. Something
                                                             couldn't make sense of them." "Jealousy is a
must really be done" (20/2/1994).
                                                             terrible thing." "Losers get angry." "The
"The Queen made a speech stating it is not
                                                             desperate... can get violent."
enough to deal with the symptoms of crime and
not the cause" (23/2/1994).
                                                             “A desperately violent system…”
"A sense of powerlessness is increasing as
                                                             "Constant portrayal of violence on TV... if
the crime rate increases. We just can't brush it
                                                             violence portrayed as normal, you will have a
aside. It is a security initiative…" (2/3/1994).
                                                             more violent society." "Violent movies etc.,
                                                             give people bad ideas."
compatible. If the authorities can't help us,
                                                             Existing System: So much emphasis is
God help us! A tidal wave of crime could
                                                             placed on learning how to… kill.
engulf us all."
                                                             But so hard to get the BASICS to live!
                                                             "If only people could apply their minds to useful
                                                             things, not devious things."

"I couldn't get enough money to get anywhere                 “A MURDEROUS TIME WE ARE HAVING…”
to live."                                                    Really horrifying murders EG. “…battered with
"I couldn't get a job." "I needed to steal to get the        iron bar….” “… Bashed with a brick…” “… He
money so that I could live."                                 was left on railway lines…” “… She was doused
"There is no alternative. I could not make                   in petrol, set on fire...”
enough money."                                               "696 murders in the UK - a low figure
"We can't Afford the basics in life, never mind              compared to the rest of Europe" (1992).
any luxuries."
"I think its sad we have to stoop so low to get the          "It doesn't really matter to me- I killed a man."
things we want. Society says we have got to                  “Cold bloodied killers - anyone who
have things to be normal. Crime is the only                  deliberately attacks and kills another Human
way." "Crime is the only alternative."                       Being is SICK.”
"Attention seeking?" "It was a cry for help?"
"Lack of mothering?" "We don't nurture our                   “No-one in their right mind would want to commit
young any more?"                                             murder for the hell of it…”
"I like killing. The more passive the victim,              “To beat anti-social behaviour…”
the more powerful I was..."                                “CRACKDOWN ON ‘YOBS’: “11,000 criminals
SERIAL KILLERS: "... they are into bondage,                are electronically tagged to reduce the prison
torture, control..." "... cutting people for               population- largest number in Europe.
pleasure..." "... he was careful, well-planned,            Numbers will double by 2008. TAGGING
methodical, not sloppy... at war against that              does not work… Tags can be taken off. Not
social group... he Enjoyed inflicting                      monitored. Lack of staff. Lack of expensive
suffering on his victims..."                               equipment. So how is this going to stop
That is Evil.                                              crime? Curfews breached. ¾ are re-convicted
                                                           within 1st year (Home Office figure). Tagging is
What did one serial killer say his ‘logic’ was?            a multi-£million (private) business. They are
"It's a lot easier to find a victim than a friend."        making a lot of money out of a system that is
                                                           useless. These murders would have been
"They've got many angles..." "They can                     avoided if they had been taken to court for
break a heart in a moment or two, and take a               breaches. ‘He does stupid things on the
life-time to apologise.”                                   outside.’ Surprisingly, all police forces agree
                                                           with tagging…” (Real Story, BBC1, 25/4/2005).
Existing System: Killers given a 'life'                    “… complaints that ASBO’s merely move the
sentence... then released after a few years later          problem on, and are criminalising children
back into unwitting society.                               without changing their behaviour” (Daily Mirror,
"Oh, my God. There are a lot of SICK ‘people’              26/7/2005).
on the streets..."
PAROLE: "I've changed my ways, I'll never do it            “Nearly 32 million crimes are committed in
again..."                                                  England and Wales every year, according to
“Yeh, right. We believe you” =                             the official Victimisation Survey. That is 87,000
Expecting criminals to be honest!                          crimes a day- or one every second”
“They tell them what they want to hear and
they let them get away with it!”
                                                           “STEEL HOMES: Yob families should be
“I told you lies and you fell for it!”
                                                           kicked out of council estates and sent to live
“When you tell lies someone gets hurt…”
                                                           in vandal-proof steel containers, senior MP’s
And when you kill someone, a part of your soul
                                                           demanded… copy a radical Dutch scheme…
                                                           yobs are already living in customised container
                                                           homes. Each home… has 3 basic bedrooms,
2004: How Strange! To make the young
                                                           a kitchen, a bathroom, and is supplied with
civilised they are being sent to JAIL!”
                                                           heating, gas, elec & hot water…. scheme hailed
                                                           a success and is to be extended
“… the youth ran down the street shouting
‘no-one loves me.’ He smashed a shop
                                                           ‘They can be put under the motorway flyover…
                                                           Campaigners say the container homes are
                                                           needed to stop anti-social offenders, who may
                                                           have drug or alcohol problems, ending up on the
“Help us fill in the gaps…”                                streets… “ (Daily Mirror, 21/6/2005)
 “We are living in an increasingly UNSAFE                  “Tony Blair blamed ‘bad parents’ for ‘the
society. If they continue to fudge the                     rising tide in lawlessness’…”
issue…” (12/1/2005).
                                                           DEBATE: “The government’s ‘new’ action plan
re: “What type of community policing do rural              to tackle anti-social behaviour =
areas want?”                                               Youths can now be taken to court. Police
A police spokesman said: “It shouldn’t be a                have more powers- Dispersal Orders. But
talking-shop. It will enable us to clamp down              where do we disperse the kids to? The
on rowdiness caused by alcohol.” “If there                 answer is more Youth Clubs? What is the
is something that could be done to make                    money raised by alcohol sales spent on?
people feel safer, people need to talk to us
about it. If we find there are any real issues,            When kids go off the rails, what can a parent
we will tackle it.”                                        do?” (Newsnight, BBC2, 10/1/2006).
(Oh! Bring on that day!)

                                                                                                CHAPTER 5: CRIME

“We need progressive leaders who can take                   "The Home Office say they spend a lot of
the bull by the horns. It exists! It’s no good              money- but there is no evidence to show the
saying it doesn’t exist!” (re: crime in Manchester          money has been well spent."
7/8/2006).                                                  WHERE DOES ALL THE MONEY GO?
                                                            "Boredom is the greatest evil in this place."
                                                            "... there should be better protection from
PRISONS:                                                    bullies..."
"Everyone in society is responsible for what                "They want us to suck up to bent screws!"
happens in state-run institutions..." "What goes            ("It's a point of pride.")
on in these places, is done with your
permission..."                                              PRISON OFFICERS SAID: "The daily grind."
"The General public do not understand. They                 "My approach is like steel. It's my job to see
don't care" ? "What sort of a society ignores               that you do it. No slacking..." "… it's not going
the plight of fellow Human Beings?"                         to look good on your record…" "Don't you dare
"What happens in these places, could, one                   damage government property!" "It's simply not
day, be done to YOU!" "You could be sent                    done, is it?" "We're just mugs doing the
here on remand, whilst awaiting a trial."                   government's dirty work. We're not allowed to
                                                            talk about anything that happens in here.” "Our
POLITICAL DOGMA / STRIFE: "Courts seem                      image is bad." "Take it out on 'em." “The load
to have set a new precedent for anyone who                  on us cannot be justified..."
voices       dissent:      Imprisonment         and         "Hard day?" "Yeah, aren't they all?"
psychiatric assessment... even for defacing a
poster, with words such as: 'BLOOD MONEY.'                  "THERE IS NO REHABILITATION- that's a
Even 12 year old children are being locked up               myth. "Prisons don't help people."
in Britain's toughest jails for allegedly stealing a        "They only put you on the streets again."
purse..." (April 1990).                                     "90% of inmates are re-offenders."

UK:     "PRISONS      USED     TO    HOUSE                  "They've sold off the one thing that REALLY
FAILURES..."                                                helped us - the (prison) farms. Looking after
"A hostile shop owner said he saw my blanket                gardens and livestock helps - it was a
move. I was arrested - charged with indecent                fulfilling    activity,  a   healthy,   useful
exposure!"     "You've been charged with                    occupation... it gave us something to look
vagrancy, trying to escape custody. You're in               forward to..."
moral danger…" Uh?                                          "… There are very clear advantages to be
                                                            gained from it. I hope the Home Secretary
THE HOMELESS DO NOT BELONG IN                               takes notice of it” said a spokesperson for the
PRISON! "Categorising the Homeless as                       police (23/3/1993).
'dangerous loonies' and demanding they be
removed from sight to a cell is more about the              “We’re professionals… but we don’t know
comfort of passers-by (and politicians) than                what the answer is… There is nothing else we
meeting the real needs of the Homeless"                     can we do. There is no solution…”
(20/10/1992).                                               "Families distressed and living in limbo..."

“How does locking me up at the Tax-payers                   "THE HIGH RATE OF ATTEMPTED /
expense… repay my debt? But I’m not                         SUICIDES: "DYING INSIDE: The plight of
complaining! Rent-FREE accommodation. At                    Teenagers in prison... self injury, easily
last! What I couldn’t find on the outside… 3                intimidated... Concern over number of
square meals a day…”                                        suicides..."
“The lure of regular meals and lodgings…”                   "The screws said I would only get out of
                                                            here in a body bag."
“In the dirty, dark, damp prisons…” "The DIRT               "Put in solitary, couldn't take it, and killed
everywhere!      DAMP,     DISINTEGRATION.                  himself after 10 days..."
DISREPAIR..." "A FESTERING SORE: "The                       "2 remand prisoners both 19, found hanged by
walls are crumbling and covered in fungi...                 sheets..."
This surely must be a breach of every health                "... he hanged himself in an observation cell..."
and safety standard?" "The conditions drag                  "… he was just a young boy, DREAMING of
us back into the ages of barbarism…"                        that New World..."
“Prisons over-run with cockroaches, mice
and rats. This is a disgusting HELL house.”                 “Teen-agers     need   Affordable     housing!"
“These kids need a loving home to be in…”                Q: "Why are there so many convicted
"The mentally-ill, alcoholics and drug addicts           A: "So many people are excluded from the
should not be held in prison awaiting trial!”            system of things! EG. By silly nationality laws
                                                         - statelessness i.e. living in country you were
“Official Estimate: 1 in 5 people in prison is           born in for 30 years but still cannot get a
mentally ill."                                           passport! This creates Terrorism."
                                                         "Most 'criminals' are VICTIMS of the system.
"Take the blues away”                                    The system sucks. War, governments and
Does Not Mean: Lock 'em all away!"                       poverty go together."
                                                         "It's a warning, not a threat- an investigation
"ASYLUM SEEKERS IN PRISON: The use of                    that must go on."
restraint in prisons has led to unlawful killing"        "I'm not ready for it yet." "No, but you will be."
(27/7/1993).                                             "Crime goes up by 2% when the temperature
                                                         goes up 1%."
“We urgently need new things. Large
institutions don't work. Replace, with smaller           “WILL WE EVER GET BEYOND THE
units. The smaller the better. Manageable units.         NEVER-ENDING CYCLE OF CRIME AND
We could make a good job of it. This place is            PUNISHMENT?”
too large- places like this gobble up                    "Love over gold. It's no mystery to me...Things
resources we can't Afford. I'd be horrified if           will change… one day..."
they should build places like this again" said
the Governor re: Feltham prison" (10/12/1993).           Q: Crime. WHAT'S THE PROBLEM?
                                                         A: "… it's not happening, man."
                                                         “When it's understood by every boy, girl,
PRISONS… Private construction firms to bid
                                                         man and woman, we'll have JOY."
for the prison business" (20/5/1994).

HIGH COSTS: "The staggering cost of a cell in
British police stations is up to £2,000 for a
single night! The Public Accounts Committee              (Tons of bricks, loads of wood…)
criticised the Home Office for paying such                       “To make courts less intimidating for
extravagant bills. The average cost for                          witnesses… cameras installed” (UK,
housing prisoners was £234 a night. (This                         December, 2004).
compares with £130 for a room in the Savoy                “Swear on the Bible…” Uh?
Hotel or £160 for a night at the Ritz). £234             “People with a history of mental illness are not
represents the ‘economy’ end of the scale! In            allowed to testify in court...”
more than 27 cases, housing costs more than              “… the law takes a very dim view of it…”
£500 a night! In one police station the cost to          “Fraud is a crime.” “FRAUD CONVICTIONS
provide one meal is £18..." (1/7/1993).                  = You must have a water-tight case.” “All they
                                                         have to do is deny it…”
PEOPLE SAID: "They're all profiting out of               “The law is a noble thing. It must not be brought
the situation...”                                        into disrepute...”
"There's nowhere for them to go? There is no
alternative accommodation so you have to                 "FULL INQUIRY: We should leave it to Lord
lock up all these people ‘to protect                     Justice Woolf to hold a full inquiry... His report
society’?"                                               could effect life into the 21st Century... He
                                                         may hit a wall of silence..." ("Where there's a
"... the women’s prisons are all jam-packed-             legal will, there's a way.")
1350 inmates in one prison built to house 900
people..."                                               "What will Lord Chief Justice Woolf make of it
"... some women prisoners throw themselves               all?" ("How doth the little crocodile improve his
around their cells and have died as a                    shiny tail?")
consequence... self-mutilation, depression,              The lambs were silenced.
drugs, wailing, crying, shouting, suicide- 36
unsuccessful, horrendous attempts in Holloway            “Concealed unhappiness, carefully averted
last year... all caused by being inside a locked         eyes, cold smiles…”
building...”                                             “… it’s a travesty of justice…”

                                                                                              CHAPTER 5: CRIME

CRIME IN AMERICA:                                         PLEA BARGAINING: “Admit to a crime you
“... it could only happen in AMERICA!”                    didn’t do in the hope you get a reduced
“Grey-matter all over the side-walk, people               sentence… to save HASSLE and Tax-payers
side-step it…”                                            money…” “I have to admit to something I didn’t
"Lives significantly damaged. Nowhere free                do to get off more lightly…” "Admit to it" (it:
of deprivation and decline. Evidence in all               means: Manslaughter). “Are you going to admit
cities, among all colours of people. Concrete             it? No?”
and steel horizons. 'This is my hovel.' 'All we           “Hey! It’s all messed up. Know what I’m
can do is hang around.' Purposeless. 'We've               saying?”
got nothing better to do.' Same as 1930's.                "... the only country in the world that has the
'We're not in a position to do anything about it.'        Death Penalty for children."
We need miracles" (Oprah Winfrey, re: Chicago, TV         "... an indication of the growing state of
21/3/1993).                                               depravity in this country- gangs of kids
                                                          roaming... How did we arrive at sending 15
“If you are poor, you are nobody- you are                 year old girls to the Gas chamber? We're
worse than a criminal…”                                   guilty because we've failed to provide a
                                                          Safety net..."
"We don't like drifters. We like it normal                "We've got to protect good citizens…"
(boring) round here..."                                   “The new electric chair delivers..."
Charged with Vagrancy / Resisting Arrest /                "WAH! I only wanted to be loved! Your answer
Obstruction. Go up in front of the hard Judge.            is Death Row! Executed in 30 days. Why did
Fined. Can't pay? The system is so                        no-one listen to me? You're all BIG
uncharitable! So cruel, mean! Uncaring. Only              BULLIES!"
option is to escape... They love a man-hunt!              "... and this is the Dept. of Corrections..."
Rifles, dogs... What bullies! So violent! Then            "Many States are coming down harder on
they brag!                                                kids.” “Should the death penalty still be
"I know your system. Kick 'em when they're                enforced on teen-agers who might not have
down..." Your system is not just or great- so             understood the impact of their actions?” “What
many people fall by the way-side!                         could your parents and social workers have
                                                          done to put you on a different path?” “I don’t
"Freeze! Or I'll shoot." "Police brutality…”              know.” “Violence perpetuates violence” (Ricki
“The alcoholics. The depressives! The                     Lake, ITV3, 26/8/2005)
psychopaths! The numbers are increasing
everyday... That vacant look…"                            "I hold our Justice system in the highest esteem.
"Riots..." "Things will only get worse the                Your Honour, please restore my faith..."
longer we delay it."                                      “DESIGNING OUT CRIME: “… it’s EASIER
                                                          THAN TORTURE…”
“Why don’t I give money to beggars?                       “I WANT TO BREAK FREE FROM YOUR
Because there’s one on every street                       LIES! God knows…”
corner!”                                                  “There is nothing worse than being accused
“You look like a total loser!” “GET OVER it!”             of a crime you haven’t done… but this is
“Save it for the psychiatrist.”                           compounded when you are wrongly
“You can stuff it where the Sun don’t shine…”             imprisoned maybe for years…” "It's a cruel,
                                                          cruel world that treats you as guilty till you
                                                          are proven to be innocent..."
         “Talk to the hand cos the face aint              Should we just speed the whole legal process,
                                                          making it illegal to remand a prisoner for longer
listening...” "Insulting behaviour is all the
                                                          than a specified period?
rage. Snapping / verbal abuse is the latest
                                                          “LIE DETECTOR tests are easy to fool…”
trend..." (1994).
                                                          “WATCH it CHANGE!” (Should we use a
                                                          non-harmful truth serum? To save people
“Cash to Flash… Is that all we care about?
                                                          being held on remand, to make sure the guilty
We want to look like a drug dealer?”
                                                          are punished - not the innocent. To save the
“No. I’d rather do something honest. Be my
                                                          court’s time, to save public money and help
own boss. Help others…”
                                                          ensure the guilty are caught… ? Will a truth
“Disturbing behaviour… Let the ‘animals’ kill
                                                          serum work? Hypnosis?) (see: True Colours
the ‘animals’?” "Crime spreading alarmingly.              Page                                        170).
Over-crowded jails…”

CHAPTER 6: ENERGY                                             “The powers-that-be, fearful of competition -
                                                              the potential loss of profits... said:
EXPERT: "No country can Afford to get it's                    "There's no profit in it for us." "It won’t work."
Energy policy wrong." (That is very true).                    "It can't be done."
                                                              Thus, the Alternative Energy Movement was
ALTERNATIVE ENERGY:                                           unjustly, and systematically put down..."
        "Man's QUEST FOR PERFECT,
                                                              "People don't want arguments. They want
        PURE,     NATURAL,           SAFE
                                                              constructive solutions" said an analyst (October
        ENERGY..."                                            1990).
        "Seek, and ye shall find..."
        Safe, Abundant, Free, Energy!                         “We only have 3% Renewable Energy power
                                                              sources” (2004).
The Sun, the Wind, the waves! All that Free,
Abundant Energy!                                              "An alternative source            of   power     is
"You hold the Key to people's lives.                          desperately needed."
ALTERNATIVE ENERGY = THE POWER IS                             Join in the suss. FREE, SAFE, NATURAL
YOURS.                                                        ENERGY: "It aint no mystery... Keep it simple."
                                                              “I don’t think we have the energy… but then
1970’s: RESEARCH COMMUNITIES: "People                         maybe we do. Let me show you how easy it
worked together, shared their ideas... "You                   is…”
don't do it like that. You need to do it like this..."
                                                              ALTERNATIVE ENERGY FROM SUN LIGHT:
                                                               "In Spring, when woods are getting green,
EG. “'Integrated Living Systems' (in USA)
                                                                   in summer when the days are long,
prototyped systems for a fraction of the cost of
                                                                 perhaps you'll understand this song..."
industrial proto-typing... ILS developed 'a total
energy-living-system' for 'mass-use by                        A NEW Order (out of chaos!)
autonomous communities' with impressive
results...                                                    The SUN = Alive = Gives life by providing light.
In a mountain laboratory (building = a series of
                                                              “Sunlight fuels life.” “God is light!” “The Sun
Domes), using wind generators and solar
                                                              all around the world worshipped…”
collectors, even in a temperature of -10                      ("Is the Sun Eternal? Who knows? Could burn
degrees F, in deep snow... enough electricity                 up with a sudden flare-up, could burn out any
for space heating and hot water was produced
                                                              second…") SUNPOWER = Brilliant!
(with no back up energy)... The energy
systems functioned normally... "We have the
                                                              “Energy created from this is best of all -
hardware to build a very INEXPENSIVE
                                                              does not cause Climate Change.”
system... " (Ref. Whole Earth Catalogue, 1974).
                                                              The Sun radiates Light = Radiant Energy: How
"WHY did the UK government cancel the
                                                              best to benefit from it?
Renewable Energy Programme?                                   "The heat from the Sun is intense. Don't waste
Foul play? Conspiracy? A political decision -
                                                              day light! It's still light at 6 0'clock at night...
throwing away all the expertise developed!                    Sunlight reflects off water… See how the light
                                                              refracts off the snow?
Nuclear Power put in charge of the program!                   ("… it's not dying… it is shining… it's brighter!")
Did heads falsify reports because Nuclear
                                                              ("See the light pouring out...")
Power could be threatened?
                                                              "HIGH POWER SOLAR CELLS are a miracle.
Alternative Energy concept hard to fault. Unit
                                                              Heat seeking. Light sensitive. Work on
cost comparison: Wave power = 5p                              DAYLIGHT i.e. do not need Sunshine to work-
Conventional power 56p.                                       these still work when clouds hide the Sun.
                                                              Storage cells capture light from day, to
The costs and consequences of turning
                                                              provide energy for night. Ideal for the
away from tested, successful alternatives!
No scrutiny! Re-assess. Give it a chance in                   establishment        of      self-sufficient
the 1990's. If we don't build now, may not have               communities."
the chance in 10 - 15 years..." (UK, 27/9/1990).
                                                                                         CHAPTER 6: ENERGY

DE-REGULATION (PRIVATISATION): "There                  "Do you know they could, with one mile of the
is nothing to stop Communities setting-up              Sahara desert covered in Solar energy
their own power generators, providing they do          devices, produce enough Energy to meet
not sell power." In other words, Communities           the needs of the whole world? It's true. And
could, if the means were available, become             that is without even investing in the technology
Self-Sufficient regarding electricity.”                to produce the best solar energy cells" said a
                                                       scientist (1992).
“EXPERT”: “Charging batteries is probably one
of the best ways of using solar energy.”               "They are planning to use the Sahara desert for
                                                       huge solar farms, using lots of metal... (metal
"Solar power should be completely painless             can be reflective...) Desert = No clouds."
and easy to install!"
                                                       EXPERT: "STORED ENERGY POWER
"Do you know that a company in America came            SOURCES: Solar energy would not be for
up with this GOOD DEAL:                                everybody- only those who could finance
They provide you with a solar Energy                   gigantic Solar Cell Banks who could maintain
system. You carry on paying your usual energy          and expand them. This could widen the rift
bills. The savings you make pays for the new           between the haves and the have-nots..."
equipment over 3 to 4 years. Then your bills           Gigantic?
are reduced to practically zero. You pay
nothing. Much better than all that National            Not if we each had our own supply…
Grid stuff. The National Grid are happy /
content with making and selling the                     IF we concentrated on making a small
equipment - there is plenty of profit in that"         efficient light-weight storage device OUR
(1992).                                                ENERGY problems would be solved!
                                                       One Storm, One Hot Day = Months of Free
EXPERT: “LET ME MAKE YOUR DREAMS                       Energy!
COME TRUE!         Solar power corporation             UNIVERSAL: Obviously this device needs to
products are really excellent... and cheap to          be compatible with everything we use!
                                                       “THE PHOTOCAPACITOR is a new solar cell
EXPERT: "...a well made solar cell should              made in Japan... can convert Sun energy and
generate power forever- requiring no                   store electrical charge - no battery needed.
cleaning or protection from the elements..."           Made using sandwich layers of resin..." (Ref:
                                                       www.physicsweb , 4/11/2004).
(Aha! Maintenance-free solar cells: Could
these be embedded into the main fabric of the          "Laser is an extremely PURE light...”
modules? Positioned all over, to blend in, so          (Laser means: Light Amplification by the
virtually unnoticeable?)                               stimulated Emission of Radiation).

“… even in chilly Britain, enough solar                DESIGN: "...a true laser has a mirror at each of
energy falls onto the roof of the average house                 the tube... the surge flares up and
to heat it several times over...”                               down... growing more and more
                                                              intense...      the    rays    reinforce
Q: “Why are all lights not solar powered?”                     themselves... producing a beam of
A: “We just haven’t got around to doing it                      light... "
                                                                THE MISSING MECHANISM:
We need CORDLESS (auto-rechargeable)
SOLAR powered, light-weight appliances!                    JUST think about it. Are we MISSING
                                                       SOMETHING? Magnify / Amplify the light
For Storage of SURPLUS Energy, we need                 beam/s… within a sealed Tube…
Chips? a plastic card? impregnated with?               How absolutely BRILLIANT!

SOLAR FARMS: "BP is applying solar power               I'm imagining a small enclosed device that
for when the Sun goes down in remote parts of          looks like a capsule (made of resin) fitted in
Africa. BP is selling solar power at standard          every home or module...
electricity prices..." (1990).
(I am looking for the simplest, safest energy                 Energy devices... 4 windmill type pumps are
production & storage method possible... the                   presently operating... with a wind driven
best miniaturised solar cells… energy fed into                generator... based on an old Chinese design of
the ‘capsule’ - fitted into the central core, energy                                        a         horizontal
channelled from there to appliances…)                                                       windmill...
                                                                                            The structure
"QUANTAM MECHANICS: ... can now trap                                                        has been
light inside a chamber- a laser pulse...”                                                   assembled from
(project by NASA and Havard). (Technology                                                   recycled
steered towards 'beam me up' communication                                                  materials... an
/ computing).                                                                               old car
                                                                                            alternator, old
LASER / GOOD USE: "Energies of light                                                        bicycle wheels,
creation... EG. Fibre Optics...                                                gears, a 2nd
transmit light... plug a diffuser in to work all sorts                                      hand storage
of appliances... Use light to heat water, produce                                           battery... Several
steam, drive motors etc" (1990). "Problem:                    solar power units have been produced….
Fibre-Optics: 100's of tiny, fragile strands of               Auroville are awaiting funding..." ((ref. Whole Earth
glass, loose too much light..." (1993) (Use                   Catalogue, 1974).
non-brittle…) (a microwave heats water).
                                                              Global Warming = MORE WIND!
“FOLLOW THE SUN: The 3rd European                             WHY waste it?
conference on Architecture: The Theme:
Exploring the potential for Solar energy...                   NEEDED: SMALL (mini)
Sunrise industries... (One of the highlights                  Wind machines... to harness
was the 1993 solar car prize...) Dr. Baruch Raz               (the almost perpetual motion of)
said that making use of natural energy from                   the wind.
the Sun and reducing even eliminating the                     Lightweight Fan/s - Electricity
use of fossil fuel was the only way forward.                  Generators…
Learning from nature was the solution
suggested a Dusseldorf physicist.... It was not                All that’s needed is one SMALL silent FAN
just a matter of technology but also                          for each house or Module.
management... It would be possible to have a                  Nothing BIG or dangerous!
worldwide electricity grid powered by                         Ultra-modern, safe, resin fans, with a ‘guard’ to
photo-voltaic cells and operated by the Sun's                 protect fingers etc., encased in a plastic resin
rays if there was the political will...                       housing…
'Bionic buildings could be GROWN' said                        Twin fans? Or put in a row… Fitted onto the
Professor W. Nachtgall of Saarland university...              exterior EG. on a roof… to spin…
A passionate plea from architect Bruno                         (Anti-freeze?) (A Vent to open / shut?)
Schindler for 'an architecture of light'... Foster            (To also cool, extract?)
enthused about windmills. Stirring, radical                   (Detachable Mounting? Portable? Useful!)
stuff..." (11/6/1993).
                                                              NOTE: How strongly the wind blows between
"Set your controls at the heart of the Sun..."                buildings…A natural wind tunnel effect...

                                                              Friends      of      the    Earth:      INTERNET
ALTERNATIVE          ENERGY        FROM       WIND            DISCUSSION re: Mini Turbines:
POWER:                                                        Q: "Has anyone actually installed a mini-wind
FREE ENERGY WIND-MILLS: (Old design): A                       turbine on their house? They seem to cost about
BUILDING fitted with a HUGE set of big,                       £1,000. How much vibration gets transmitted
heavy, wooden PADDLES - when the wind                         through to the walls?"
moved the paddles, big, very HEAVY stones,                    A: "I haven't fitted one but the Swift turbine from
for grinding wheat into flour, slowly turned…                 Renewable Devices says that it's virtually
                                                              vibration free. Not sure how they've achieved it,
“MONEY SPINNERS,              IN    AN     ENERGY             but for details:"
CRISIS…”                                                      A: "My advice is talk to the experts and get
                                                              independent advice. EG. in London there's CEN
"LOW      TECH:     ...   simplified     Alternative          (Creative     Environmental           Networks)
                                                     who will help you find grants and
                                                                                                CHAPTER 6: ENERGY

even do the necessary work on planning                       HYDRO-ELECTRICITY            =      "Generating
application if one is required. Because they are             electricity by energy of... falling water..."
working in the field they know what works and                = HUGE CONCRETE DAMS: Stopping the
what doesn't. Their advice is free and could                 flow of millions of gallons of water - holding it
prevent you making an expensive mistake."                    back… building a massive reservoir behind it...
A: "There's also the Windsave one:                           to force it through sluice gates... energy only "                                           trapped at that point- the water flows
A:             "An      interesting          article:        powerfully crashes down and away...
I can't believe that this man is the only person in          Water supply companies could install many
London that has installed a 'domestic'                       SMALL (Hydro-electric) water-wheels at
turbine?"                                                    pumping stations to create electricity- thereby
A: "Someone in Essex installed a 6kw turbine in              helping to lower the price of water…
their garden! They overcame 22 planning                      ("Diesel pumps are used to provide drinking
objections, which is impressive but also                     water..." These should be solar).
confirms my fears about the image that turbines              The mains water supply comes into houses
have”:                                                       via underground pipes. A lot of water
m”                                                           PRESSURE is evident in this supply. As this
A: "6kw is a lot of power."                                  water is pumped… this flow of water in many
A: "In my opinion, a domestic sized wind                     places could be used to generate electricity.
turbine, say 1m diameter should cost no more                 Invest     in    small     efficient  (plastic)
than a food mixer since it contains much the                 Mini-Water-Wheels, installed in water
same ingredients. It would be simply wired in to             systems (esp. by the pump) so when water
the nearest point on the ring-main and turn the              flows through pipes… more energy is created
meter backwards. A device this size would                    than used.
not be intrusive and would produce enough
electricity for efficient lamps, fridge, laptop              Global Warming = Rising water, more water
computer and TV etc. At £100 it would be as                  spreading inland… Stupid not to harness…
cost effective as large scale wind turbines. It              "The Free Energy Flywheel:           Do you
would have to be mass produced of course                     remember the big old water wheels, made of
just as food mixers are. The target price would              wood, designed to trap a small amount of water
£1/Watt because that's the installed cost of                 – the weight of the water, turned the wheel
large scale turbines."                                       perpetually…     as     the    river   flowed
                                                             downstream? The house, built next to it,
WIND-POWER FOR GREEN PERSONAL                                using the energy… to be self-sufficient?
TRANSPORT:                                                   “THE WATER SHED?”
"You could even look at installing your own
wind turbine at home if you want to power                    “IT IS POSSIBLE TO GET MORE ENERGY
your vehicle from 100% renewable energy."                    OUT THAN PUT IN: A Bright New Dawn:
A: “’Good Energy’ have a new tariff that pays                Oscillation of water produces steam... Using a
you for the electricity produced from wind                   simple mechanical resonant steam generator,
turbines etc., so you're (almost) being paid to              more energy is got out than put in. NASA and
drive an electric car!”                                      other scientists have investigated this
A: “Has anyone considered a hovercraft? You                  remarkable phenomenon- to date, unexplained,
can     buy     them    fairly cheaply     from              where this 'free energy' is coming from..." They're efficient, can
move quickly on land or water and are also fairly            “LIGHTNING strikes somewhere on the surface
quiet. And they turn heads on the school run!”               of the Earth about 100 times every second.”
(July 2005).                                                 Q: “What do you think lightning is?”
                                                             A: “NATURAL ENERGY made by water
                                                             under pressure…”
WATER POWER:                                                 LIGHTning = A Bright Spark + Moisture
A NEW AGE = “… it will come!”                                droplets… create intense electrical activity.
"This is the Age of the dawning of Aquarius...               "One storm generated 59,000 lightning flashes.
"                                                            How to harness this Free electricity? 1 bolt
The symbol for Aquarius? …pouring water from                 worth £20 domestic value" (24/9/1993) H’mm.
one (small'ish) vessel to another (small'ish)                Emulate technique for the CREATION OF
vessel... AQUA = WATER                                       LIGHT!? ‘Capture’ via solar collectors…

WAVE-POWER:                                                WATER:
WAVES = Tremendous energy. How many                        “IS THE WATER SAFE TO DRINK?
waves per minute? Buffeting, pounding...                   Danger on Tap: Up to 60,000 people in North
Frequent swells, peaks. Waves finally die on               London had to boil tap water due to bacterial
the beaches- energy dissipated. Tidal                      contamination. Many people were not
currents... flood tides, ebb tides. Tidal flow...          informed of the danger..." "8,000 people in
STORMS = Larger, stronger, more powerful                   Surrey were told to boil water after bacteria was
waves...                                                   found." “In 1984, 2 million people in Liverpool,
Ah! A raft of plastic tubes, anchored, floating,           Chester and Wales drank contaminated water in
95% submerged in the sea (bonus ~ create a                 a similar way and 40% suffered phenol
REEF). Waves push water in / through… turn                 poisoning." "Officially, 19,000 people in the
water wheels inside the PLASTIC tubes…                     UK became ill after drinking tap water" (1989).
(… then Desalination…)                                     "CHLORINE is used to sanitise drinking (and
                                                           swimming pool) water because this is cheap...
                                                           Dioxin, a toxic by-product of chlorine, is
DESALINATION:                                              300,000 times more potent as a carcinogen
"Think of the Sea (water) not as a commodity               than DDT... organochlorines and dioxins do not
but something unique that has to survive for               break down- therefore they bio-accumulate
millions of years."                                        and persist in the Environment... chlorine
                                                           used as bleach... enters rivers in huge
"70% of the Earth is covered by (salty) water.             quantities... the fish... that we eat... We
It is a tragic irony that 400 million people in            should aim to be chlorine Free..."
countries bordering the Sea still lack enough              "They say the water we drink has already
water to drink."                                           passed through 10 people!" Yeuch! I’d much
"Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to                rather have filtered rainwater.”
drink..."                                                  “Despite net profits of £79 million last year…
(SOFT DRINKS: "£5 Billion a year profit. Big               Cost of water bills going up 45% over next 5
business. Too much sugar a bad thing. These                years in SW England… Low income families,
type of drinks make you feel dehydrated so you             pensioners can’t Afford rises…”
will need to drink more…” “Soft drinks with lots           "EEC directives to clean up Britain's water will
of sugar and additives linked to causing                   cost £28 BILLION (£500 per household).
stomach cancer…”)                                          Government wants to delay clean up…"
"I'm still thirsty. LORD. Let me be refreshed."            (22/11/1993).
“All you really need is a drink of fresh, clear,           All drinking water should go through a
cool water. Water will satisfy your thirst."               series of filters designed to remove all
"Water is nature’s goodness. You choose to                 impurities... As an extra / precaution, every
ignore."                                                   home should have a series of water filters /
“Water: The elixir of life…”                               auto-testing / warning system installed.
New-Age             Technology       could      =
Nationally-owned              (non-profit-making)          "Severe water shortage: PHEW! If you could
Alternative Energy Desalination Farm/s in                  come up with a scheme to make industry
coastal regions, to forestall famines / blight             use less water- now that would be really
EG. In Africa, using low cost, LIGHT-weight,               helpful."
easily transported / assembled / installed                 “Do all businesses that use a lot of water have
(mobile?) modular structures… (see Wave                    meters installed?”
Power) Water collected in plastic water tanks &            "To manufacture one car, 100,000 gallons of
heated using Alternative energy… steam rises;              water are needed."
collects on cold glass? arranged in an inverted
V-shape over, moisture runs down, collects… gravity        "Engineers are racing to make... the new-
fed to plastic containers & / or pumped… to provide        style… water meter which will enable water
ample water for drinking & irrigation.                     authorities to track down anyone using a
By-product Sea salt. Impractical? Too                      hose-pipe... This will be less of a nuisance to
complicated?                                               house-holders..." (16/8/1990).
 “In Fiji you can become self-sufficient by                PEOPLE SAID: "I'd throw myself in the river but
using rainwater in large storage tanks, a                  the water's too dirty!"
pump & solar power. You can get a portable                 “Too much water, too little water, water dried
desalination unit…”                                        up… Oh! For Heaven’s sake…”

                                                                                             CHAPTER 6: ENERGY

"The efficiency of saving rain water is               Do we need a different toilet / sewage
dependent upon the size of tank used to store         system?
the water..."                                         SUGGESTION: A CONTAINER SYSTEM:
"Water supply at busy caravan park poisoned           A small modern unit, fitted into wall / panel –a
with creosote. One tank serves 212                    pull-out, extendable- short hose, that blows a
caravans..." (22/4/1994).                             blast of air. Press button control (for cleaning
                                                      toilet bowl).
NEEDED: A radical re-think. ‘Water should be          Toilet Bowl: Light-weight, solid resin (not
RE-NATIONALISED.’ Another excuse to                   heavy     ceramic)    (with/out     wood      seat)
misspend £millions?’ ‘The government should           (semi-circular shape so flat against wall / panel).
get their act together.’ No hope of government        No U-bend.
intervention. The ‘Affordability Review’ was          Under the bowl: Hidden from view: 2 slot-in /
published today. Has the Chancellor looked at         out rigid plastic containers- one on top of the
it?” (2/12/2004).                                     other. Waste enters the top container… liquid
                                                      drains / collects in the lower container.
                                                      Containers changed / collected for recycling
DRAINS & SEWERS:                                      (with other waste, regularly) solid waste put in a
"MOST       DESALINATED,         NATURALLY            hot air, auto-drying tank, the separated liquid
FILTERED / PURIFIED RAINWATER GOES                    recycled…
DOWN THE DRAINS, mixes with the stuff in              Could something like that work? To replace
sewers - and ends up in the Sea!”                     the need for underground sewers? “Yeh. And
The conventional approach = The Water                 then the shit will really hit the fan…” =
Board cleans the water, adds chlorine… You            “We need to get back to Basics.”
pay for ‘drinking’ water you cannot safely            ( make & sell “a composting
drink, you use this water to fill washing             toilet…”)
machines and flush toilets- all this goes
back into the drains, where it mixes with rain        "LONDON’S SEWERS: Designed to cope for
water, it goes to the sewage farm or sewage           900,000 people. Now system used by 9 million
outlet to the river / sea...                          people. Cost to replace £140 BILLION"
                                                      (October 2004) (using traditional methods...)
Going into the Sewers = Airborne Bacteria.            “14 sewage treatment plants in SW England
A JOB NO-ONE SHOULD HAVE TO DO! (If                   need updating…” (2/12/2004).
you must make ROBOTS, use them for                    INSTEAD of completely replacing the existing
dangerous places such as this).                       (underground) sewage system… update /
                                                      reinforce by lining inside existing tunnels
"We face a Global sewage crisis..." “What is          with pipes made from recycled plastic?
the best way to deal with raw sewage? We
                                                      One-way valves- to stop the flow back up? Outlet
cannot carry on dumping effluent into the Sea
                                                      pipes into rivers etc., capped, to stop waste draining
and rivers... We need a viable, cost effective        into rivers...
solution… that can be adopted around the              Fine mesh, made of robust material- filters to reduce
world, to update the way we collect and treat         the amount of debris entering storm drains (and stop
sewage…”                                              rats?).Water i.e. rainwater (and waste water from
                                                      sinks, showers, washing machines etc) should enter
UK: "Our health depends on old Victorian              a separate plastic pipe system, within the building for
sewers- designed 200 years ago, built 150             recycling...
years ago. An OLD system nobody has
bothered to update."        ("In fact, nearly
everything we depend on, is Victorian...")            ELECTRICITY & POLLUTION:
UK: "143,000 miles of underground sewers."            "Plans to install FILTERS in power stations
Sewers = Bricks, concrete.                            to combat acid have been DUMPED by the
"A collapsed sewer is going to take 2 days to         government       ‘to   safeguard     electricity
repair, causing congestion..."                        privatisation plans.’ the filters would have
"Mains sewer cracked- road going to have to           reduced pollution by 90%" (February, 1990).
come up again..."
                                                      "WORLD        ENERGY      CONFERENCE:
“Sewage disposal charges much higher than             BURNING      ISSUES:    World     Energy
cost of water…”                                       consumption is set to double by the year
“Well, water falls out of the sky for free...”        2030 and again by 2100.
PRIORITY: The NEED TO REDUCE                               shines- they cannot be called upon to boil the
CONSUMPTION!             Energy   Efficiency               nations kettles at any time of day or night..."
Energy Efficiency is known as a 'No Regrets'               Ah! “The hardest hour is always before the
strategy..." (January 1992):                               dawn?” What is a winning combination?
                                                           Solar for long summers, wind for blustery
ANOTHER           POWER          CUT!       “What's        winters?
happening?” “Why's nothing working?”
"We're trying to see in the dark!” “Oh, God.               HOT COUNTRIES: Invest in SOLAR power!
Oh! If it’s not one thing, it’s another..."                Use the best device/s (can upgrade later…)
                                                           COLD, wind-swept regions: Invest in
"NEW POWER STATIONS COMING ON                              Mini-Wind machines + powerful Solar collectors
LINE: …will burn stockpiled new rubber                     to capture day-light.
                                                           UNPREDICTABLE WEATHER: Use an
AN UNHEALTHY OVER-DEPENDENCE ON                            intelligent combination of solar, wind & water
GAS, ELEC & CARS:                                          devices… and you might just find, you can get
1990: PEOPLE SAID: "A world totally                        through the night, night after night…
dependant… Bloody dangerous times we're
‘living’ in!" "Is there an alternative? What               "… it can't be done?" The Ideal Home
could it be?"                                              exhibition featured: "... a futuristic house run
"Let's stick together and make it happen."                 on solar and wind power designed by a 15 year
                                                           old boy" (April 1999).
"Oh, my God! This bill is astronomical! We                 The Need for Renewable Energy: Water in
can't keep giving money to these faceless                  rural areas in Africa is still being pumped by
corporations! It's about time we stopped                   diesel. 20 years ago, BP costed investment in
being dictated to! We are being terrorised!                solar (photo-voltaic) in Africa unrealistically
Held to ransom! What if they suddenly                      high.
doubled our bill? It's a stand against                     The investment for alternatives EG. solar
bureaucracy. What should we do? Put a                      and wind power, do not include alternatives for
windmill in the garden?"                                   transport- an alternative fuel for cars.” Uh?
"H'mm. How to get the better of the National
Grid?"                                                     “Whose responsibility is it ? Will we still be
I wonder what Electricity prices will be when              sitting here in 25 years time waiting for the
the Earth cools?                                           innovation to start ?

“Let there be no doubt about it…”                          EXPERT: “RENEWABLES will never provide
"Make the most of it!" "Accept the challenge               100% energy- maybe 20% by 2010, though
and it could be yours."                                    the benefits are considerable…”

A GREEN REVOLUTION is dawning but is it                    “… AFRICA IS GOING FOR Hydro-Electricity.
coming soon enough? The commodity we are                   That’s NOT the right way- going through
running out of is time” (UK, BBC, 31/8/2006).              wire… We’ve got to look at ways of
                                                           providing clean, cheap Alternative Energy.
Governments should provide the necessary                   But we haven’t got that at the moment….”(BBC7,
funding to encourage new JOINT VENTURES:                   March 2005).
Agree a new Universal Standard, pool
resources, expertise. Re-allocate revenues.                EXPERT: "The Environmental impact of any
Realistically budget for new product                       energy system will need to be scrutinised
development… (accounts available for public                meticulously for Global sustainability, for
scrutiny). Bonus payments to projects                      long term security..."
successfully completed.
                                                           (Please apply that logic to Nuclear energy).
“EXPERT”: "Renewable sources of energy will
have a future... but as a generator of electricity,
it does have its limitations- wind or sun power
can only be used when the wind blows or sun

                                                                                         CHAPTER 6: ENERGY

                                                         ("You had better do what you are going to
“UNSTABLE, DIRTY POLLUTANTS                              do before the STORMY weather comes...")
                                                         "Nuclear power is dangerous, expensive,
                                                         exploitive, unnecessary and encourages the
       PERILOUS THREAT!                                  manufacture of Nuclear weapons. As
                                                         consumers we can influence this policy, by
Plutonium: Remains dangerous for 1/4 of a
                                                         protesting against this misuse of our
million years. A few million'th of a gram is
Ruthenium: Flasks contain up to 6 grams.
                                                         “THE ATOMIC BOMBSHELL: Cleaning up
One Flask could cause 175 MILLION
                                                         Britain's OLD nuclear plants will cost £56
What to do with Nuclear waste?
                                                         “The world     already   has   442   nuclear
("Don't make this in the first place.")
SEAL       inside       a       WATER-TIGHT,
SUPER-STRONG NON-BioDegradable                           "BECAUSE        NUCLEAR       POWER      IS
material!                                                EXPENSIVE... customers will now have to pay
                                                         Tax on their bill. Customers should declare
“… it is not materialising…”                             they want Renewable energy instead" (UK,
“Sinister and threatening…”                              1990).
STORAGE = "This waste is stored in
Concrete bunkers..." (see: Concrete).                    “EXPERT”: “… the government must decide to
                                                         maintain Nuclear power as part of the secure,
"COMPLACENCY is the enemy of SAFETY!"                    economical and Environmentally sound energy
"Ever heard of prevention? It only takes a little
bit of attention..."                                     What? SAFE? Efficient? ENVIRONMENT
"What if I'm not a crackpot? What if I'm                 FRIENDLY? Risk of freak weather? The
right ?"                                                 unacceptable amount of Radio-active
 “How do you think people feel about this?”              pollution...
“I’ll see you in heaven because they’ve made
such a mess.” “No sweat?                                 1950 - 1976: "177 major radiation incidents
They’re sweating buckets. People are half                and 270 serious accidents…"
scared out of their wits…”
"The government has admitted the ‘Roll-On,
Roll-Over’ type FERRIES have SAFETY                      “EXPERT”: “Industry in France has the lowest
faults... yet imports of irradiated fuel into            prices in Europe thanks to 55 nuclear
Dover has risen 18 fold since 1988 - much                reactors..."
shipped in ordinary Sealink ferries with no extra
precautions! That shows IRRESPONSIBILITY                 "... in France, a Nuclear power centre was
beyond belief!"                                          damaged… the collapse of pylons carrying
                                                         high tension lines caused the closure of 6
"The government is shipping a consignment of             plants at Gravelines Nuclear centre; a
Plutonium through dangerous waters,                      chimney also crashed down..." (1990).
banned because waters known to be
unpredictable- ship in unsafe condition- a               “If you feel the same way as I do…””… say it
grave risk to public health" (Warning issued by          wont you please!”
Greenpeace, 2/3/1993)                                     “… there’s not a shadow of doubt…”
"A FERRY was marooned for 4 hours outside                “Sometimes we can work out what we want by
Dover- was unable to dock safely due to gales            finding out what we don’t want.”
and mountainous Seas... the coastguards had              “I want to keep the flowers in full bloom!”
no idea that a lorry carrying 4.5 tonnes of              “I don’t want the Sun to fade away!”
Atomic waste was on board!"                              “Do you want all our dreams to come crashing
"One collision every 8 weeks in the English              down?”

“… Process is so expensive. 'There is no                            resources without any regard for the Earth,
logic' said Environmentalists.                                      the needs of future generations, or the
“It's going to make money” said the                                 quality of life."
government. “The health risk is trivial’…” ! ?
“To HELL with the specifics and logic?”                             “DRILLING        IS TOO RISKY FOR THE
                                                                                    ENVIRONMENT: A USA report,
"We need         a        new      LAW      to    ensure                            compiled by a presidential
responsibility."                                                                    taskforce, kept secret... finds
                                                                                    drilling is too risky... the report
“The Apathy of the general public has                                               called for the delay or cancellation
allowed the situation to deteriorate…”                                              of drilling... in some cases it was
                                                                                    found the Environmental effects
Britain's FUTURE ENERGY IS SET TO BE                                                could be unacceptable... the
NUCLEAR: “The Labour Party are drawing                                              USA off-shore oil program is in a
up secret plans for the next generation of                                          death spiral..." (25/5/1990).
Nuclear power stations…” (The Independent,
23/4/2005) Accounts checked?                                        UNTOLD ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGE...
                                                                    ENORMOUS BORE HOLES BEING SUNK…
this will mean Environmental destruction                            "A DIRTY BUSINESS”: “Oil extracted from
and misery for many generations to come…”                           many Rainforest regions. LAND cleared
                                                                    using pesticides etc. LAND remorselessly
“Friends of the Earth said that shows Nuclear                       exploited. ECO-destruction...”
energy is ‘an expensive liability.’ ‘It wont be
the nuclear industry that will foot the bill, it will               "There are 36,000 tanker movements a year
be Tax-payers. It would be madness to                               in the English Channel- the world's busiest
increase our liabilities by building more                           shipping lanes- there is no speed limit. Near
Nuclear power stations’…”                                           misses have increased 400% between 1986 -
                                                                    1991 (said Numast, the merchant shipping officer's
                                                                    union" 3/6/1993).
“We need ACTION! Situation very serious.
The public has to understand HOW serious.                           "60 tons spilled into River Thames... captain
Environmentalists don't agree on the way                            charged with unlawful discharge..."
forward... it is not being done... We have to work
out ways to do it... The government has to put                      "The tanker Nautilus, spilled 260,000 gallons
incentives in place... and society has to want to                   in New York harbour... captain charged with
do it..." (said Roger Higman of ‘Friends of the Earth’ - who        being drunk in charge of a tanker... he is now
believes in renewables…) (Hard Talk, BBC, 9/11/2004)
                                                                    giving driving lessons to other would-be drivers
(*Why can’t we all switch to renewables in a
                                                                    of tankers..."
few years?)
                                                                    “Inherent Dangers. A list as long as the ship
30 new Reactors = 4% of energy needs to fuel                        of things that could go wrong. ‘Bad’ weather
super-growth...."  (Business  Week    Online,
                                                                    can mean the paint does not cure properly.
                                                                    Whole ship could be wrapped in plastic to
                                                                    overcome this. 75m of cable, specially insulated
                                                                    against fire. All very expensive. No 1 risk =
                                                                    Explosion- one spark could ignite…”
"... that rich fossil fuel, that rare precious
jewel, that we need just to live day by day, it's                   "It can take 3 hours for a tanker to change its
the blood of our past, but how long will it last?"                  course.”

"One day, perhaps, it will begin to dawn on                         “Each Oil Spill =
our masters that to plunder in a single                             A HUGE ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTER, with
generation resources that have taken 150                            loss of life to marine life, Sea birds
million years to accumulate, is a crime for                         + loss of a precious commodity…”
which our descendants will never forgive                            PETROL IS CARCINOGENIC...
                                                                    “In 1974, the world was tipped                 into
"Private industry will exploit the Earth's                          recession by hiked oil prices…”
                                                                                           CHAPTER 6: ENERGY

CARS: "THE WORLD RECORD FOR FUEL                         HYDROGEN:
ECONOMY was 145.5 miles to a US gallon,                  Hydrogen: “A highly REACTIVE Gas…”
equal to 174.7 miles on an imperial gallon,              “Very Vulnerable to FIRE.”
using a specially adapted 1956 Austin Healey
sponsored by Shell Research Laboratory"                  SAFE? SUSTAINABLE?
(1974) (Ref. Guinness Book of Records) i.e. They
have the technology to CONSERVE Fossil                   “What assurance can you provide             that
fuel but they have turned their backs on it, to          Hydrogen plants will not explode?”
make more money.                                         “None.”
"Apparently, someone invented a SIMPLE way
to make engines use 3 times less oil. No-one             “Is this risk and potential for loss of life and
in industry was interested."                             limb acceptable?”
"£128 BILLION oil revenue has gone up in
SMOKE! We have WASTED the oil-rich                       HYDROGEN AS A FUEL: "1,000'S of
years...”                                                factories are working to separate Hydrogen
                                                         from water- so Hydrogen (an EXPLOSIVE,
OIL CONSUMPTION: "North America: 849.2                   flammable, colourless, odourless Gas) can
million tons, Latin America 252.3 million tons,          be used as a fuel EG.
OECD Europe 631 million tons, Non-OECD                   HYDROGEN FUEL CELLS: "... for use in
Europe 487.2 million tons, Middle East 153.1             cars..."
million tons, Africa 97.4 million tons, Asia &
Australia 97.4 million tons..." (1990).

UK: "We consume 3 Super-tankers of oil a
day" (2004).                                             SUMMARY:
“THEY’VE GOT US OVER A BARREL…”                          "I believe POLLUTING fuels such as coal, oil
“How much do you spend a week on petrol?” “IF            and nuclear energy will be banned from use
only we had an alternative!”                             after the discovery of a clean free energy
                                                         source" said Arthur C. Clarke.
“Has it Sunk in yet?”
                                                         “Governments have to break up this cartel-like
"GLOBAL DEMAND FOR OIL SET TO                            behaviour and make Energy function like it
INCREASE 60% by 2030…”                                   should do.”

"ASIA'S OIL HUNT: ... China: Real energy                 “… it will     happen     by   Evolution,   not
problems- depending on imported crude oil                revolution.”
and burning coal. Result: POLLUTION (Cost
to Health: £170 Billion a year) + vastly
increased DRILLING...
Future Problems: Clashes re: Pipe-lines,
shipping routes...
Needed: A major re-vamp in Nuclear power?

"G.   W.   Bush      is   trying     to     get
Environmentalists      to   accept      MORE
DRILLING for oil on public land..." (5/11/2004)

“OIL PEAK: … Fewer oil fields being
discovered. Using 3 times more than we’re
discovering – 84 million barrels a day.
Maximum capacity = 95 barrels a day. Harder to
find / extract = more expensive. After that, a
graduation… then the impact of relentless
decline, getting ever worse. No Oil = Very
high unemployment, social unrest… There’ll
be wars…” (Extracts: Video: Oil, Smoke & Mirrors,
5/10/2006) (ref.. ).
                                                                       NOT WATER-TIGHT!
CHAPTER 7: TRANSPORT                                     “… a car will fill up with water instantly…”
                                                         (“…it’ll keep going…” “… it is water-tight…”)
                                                         (see: Amphibious Vehicles)
"Man's dream? A mechanical horse that would              ROADS: A HARD surface:
never stop..."                                            “Let’s hit the road…” OW! “… his injuries
"We now have the horse-less carriage."                   were caused by hitting the road…”
"Chariots of FIRE..."                                    "Here we go, rattling over every pot-hole, all
"IN THE BEGINNING. RELIABLE QUALITY:                     that jolting..." “All the lumps and bumps…”
Henry Ford expressed the view it would be nice           “Your roads are ageing…” “The high cost of
if anyone who wanted a car could own a                   maintaining roads…” “Roads need almost
reliable car, and then he set about making his           constant maintenance.”
vision reality. By providing Affordable, reliable         "WATCH OUT! for HOLES in the road…"
transport, he also opened up the prospects               “Stones / grit / mud flicked up…”
for 100's of enterprises- road building, the             “… lot’s of surface water. Many are roads are
aircraft    industry,    shipping...  providing          impassable…” “Visibility reduced by water
world-wide employment (JOY to millions...)               spray…”
creating happiness as a result of increased              “Condensation misting windows is still a
mobility; communication and commerce                     problem…”
(incidentally; also being responsible for                "FOG, ICE - always a danger."
America’s oil industry). His ideal was to                BLOW OUT = "Tyres can burst..." “VERY
improve the standard of living for the                   Dangerous if this happens at speed…”
masses. By producing something that                      "Motorists WASTE 1,000's of barrels of OIL a
everyone needs, you are not just sitting there           day… because tyres are under-inflated."
bleeding- you are making $millions for yourself."        “…tyres… fly-tipped…”
                                                         "A huge mountain of 10,000 tyres at a depot
"30 years later Ford's dream had turned into             caught fire... all the thick black acrid
a nightmare..."                                          smoke…”
Post-Ford: “CAPITALISE to make more                      "Tyres should be Recycled. 150 million tyres
money.”                                                  (at least) are stock-piled. Tyres don't
“PROFIT Maximisation”: “CHARGE what                      decompose..."
people will pay- what we can get away with.”             (I can think of a much better use for all that
Car manufacturers realised they could make               IMPACT ABSORBING rubber...)
more money selling spare parts…
Therefore…more money to be made selling                  ROAD DEATH TOLLS: EG.
unreliable cars! =                                       UK: 1989: "5,230 people killed. 'Deaths in
"NEVER MIND THE QUALITY, CALCULATE                       rural areas may have been due to increased
THE QUANTITY!"                                           travel in fine weather'... "
                                                         UK: "400 children killed each year. 9,000
A CAR = A COMBUSTION Engine: Gallons of                  seriously injured each year. 10's of 1,000's
highly flammable liquid fuel in the tank...              of people injured..." (1992).
(COMBUST means: "LIABLE TO BURST                         "... 864 deaths in 3 months in Britain. The
INTO       FLAMES,      TO     CATCH       FIRE,         lowest quarterly toll on record the Department
FLAMMABLE material…”)                                    of Transport announced..." (24/6/1993).
“…only takes one spark, to ignite...”                    “8,000 road deaths a year in Italy…” “France
"... the car exploded into a huge fireball...”           has the highest number of fatal accidents…”
“Uh-oh! Can I smell… smoke?”                             USA: “200,000 deaths a year due to wet road
“CRASH & BURN…” "DEATH TRAPS…"                           UK: “55 teenagers every week wish they had
SPEED in a TIN CAN =                                     crossed the road safely…”
HORRIFIC ACCIDENTS. VERY PAINFUL.                        "CARS have taken as many lives as were
Always a mess.                                           lost in World War 11."
"The IMPACT? “Hit very hard.” “The impact of
the collision   killed…”     “SQUASHED.”                 "WHAT A KILLING!"
INJURIES…”                                               WAH! “I CAN’T CONVINCE MYSELF ALL
                                                         THAT IS OK.”

                                                                                        CHAPTER 7: TRANSPORT

“What do you think when someone dies in                 “What's the answer to IMPROVE SAFETY?
an accident? Don’t you just wish you could              “More metal? Side impact bars”? "The safest
put the clock back and change everything to             car with roll bars, completely disintegrated on
make it right? BUT NOTHING ever CHANGES                 impact..." (12/5/1993).
or gets done about it!
                                                        UK: "New GROUP SET-UP called ‘Disaster
“It can’t be much fun trying to travel on those         Action.’ Will campaign for IMPROVED
roads in these conditions…”                             SAFETY standards" ”… it’s something you
“… this aint no upwardly-mobile FREE way…”              might want to look into…”
"WE are trading SOULS for money…"
                                                        These days, new cars do NOT even have
COMMON COMPLAINTS: EG. “Cars are such                   Bumpers! (Fenders).
a pain!” “The battery is dead, again…" WAH!             Oh, Man! You need to spend less time
"It wont start!” “You left the choke on! The            eyeing-up ladies ‘bumpers’…            (men love
engine’s flooded.” “The radiator’s leaking,             curves!)
over-heating…”        “…    the   fan     belt’s        NEEDED (Basic): Protective wide banding (to
flapping…“      “…blown      gasket…”      “The         form a reasonably prominent ‘bump zone’)
cam-belt’s gone again!” “The car’s not worth            made from a water & fire-proof foam (same
repairing!? But I’ve just spent…” “… each               as flip-flops and craft / play mats are made
component…” “The whole engine has to come               from?) i.e. thick, resilient layer, all around the
out…” “The gear stick came out!” "… it's not my         middle of the exterior (replaceable) to absorb
fault the automatics have packed up again!”             (deaden) impact; save lives, diminish injuries +
“The bloody car is out of action again!” “The           stop it getting wrecked.
engine just died…” “The engine cut out!”                Ah! CRASH PADS!
“AARGH! INFERNAL CONTRAPTION! This                      “Different materials have different densities…”
is nothing but a complete PAIN- a worthless
piece of junk. I feel so hard done by! So               The SAFETY Harness: Softer, slightly stretchy,
frustrated. I’m seriously pissed off. God! I            strong - crosses over both shoulders and hips,
HATE ALL this messing about!” “This                     fastening with a snap resin clasp in the middle).
bloody, bloody thing!” “I’ve got a FLAT…”               Neck & Head REST: Should be correctly
“Don’t you just hate that?”                             contoured, height / position (very) adjustable,
                                                        and soft…) (so these don’t cause head-aches!)
"The UK Automobile Association receives                 (Use magnets to keep protected head / gear in
13,000 Emergency calls a day i.e. one call for          place?)
help every second." ",,, the phone number is
always engaged, especially in winter..."                (… it slows if likely collision detected? &
(The Emergency Breakdown’s service centre               Auto-Stops should a collision still occur!)
is a new building made of 95% Glass!)
                                                        Work it out! "... it's no tin pot weakling."
AUTO…"                                                  Q: Do we need radar in cars?
“CANNED PEOPLE”: “Manufacturers do not                  A: “There are too many metal objects EG.
admit they are wrong, the product they are              lamp posts, that radar would pick up…” OK…
making is potentially very dangerous. They
play down SAFETY…”                                      “With finance plans to suit every budget…”
                                                        (if you are employed, you don’t owe any money,
"Building bad cars... Trade Secrets...”                 your credit rating isn’t screwed…)
“MADE TO CRUMPLE: Collision tested by                   Cars AVAILABLE with 0% Finance: Interest
dummies”: These days, the majority of cars are          FREE Deals: “Offered on selected models only,
made of very THIN tin. “’Modern’ thinking is            subject to status. 25% deposit required. A
to… er… um… absorb the impact reduce the jolt           guarantor may be necessary…”
- to reduce injuries = so now the ‘soft’
(SHARP!) metal (TIN) squashes into…                     “Oh, yes, we   ☺
                                                                       like that!” “… IF WE CAN
crumple zones… The car will be a right-off …            KEEP UP WITH THE RE-PAYMENTS…”
but that doesn’t matter…” Uh?
 “Only basic legal requirements..."                     “CAR MAINTENANCE = “PAY OUT. PAY
“The police want to reduce death on our                 OUT…” “We’ve had lots of cars. Always the
roads…”                                                 same. You never stop paying out!
You fix one thing, then another bit goes. The               (Sulphur dioxide – ‘the bad eggs smell.’)
bigger, more expensive the car, the higher                  (NOTE: Sulphur is associated with the Devil).
the cost for repair bills. Computer                         "A catalytic converter only removes 80% of the
diagnostics haven’t helped. They say ‘part                  crap..." "A catalytic converter does not get
3MT’ has gone.’ What the hell are they talking              rid of CO2 (Carbon dioxide), they only
about? All I know is I’ve got to write a cheque for         increase fuel consumption and then
another £1,500. I might as well just give the               produce more CO2..." "... soon, catalytic
garage a blank cheque and tell them to get on               converters will be compulsory throughout the
with it.”                                                   EEC..."
(“…it’s a love / hate thing…”)
"Men really ‘love’ their cars..." ? "Yeh, we really         "… Thick clouds of fumes built up as
enjoy paying road tax, paying for MOT checks,               temperatures soared to 75, choking our
servicing, repairs, petrol, oil, insurance,                 cities and threatening the health of
breakdown cover, parking fees, parking fines-               millions..."
knowing all the while our ‘precious’ cars are               "... Public mislead over pollution risk. … ‘until
depreciating in value, and we've got to start               levels breach World Health Organisation
saving up to buy a new car."                                safety guidelines?’ Levels in car exhausts
(“… it wont ever need servicing… it will go                 have been double the safety level set by
anywhere you want to… it’s more than a dream                W.H.O." (1990).
machine…” “… it’s something to make you feel
special, that treats you right.”)                           "WE MUST CURE OURSELVES OF OUR
MOBILE… THE DANGERS TO OTHERS… (it                          ADDICTION       TO        FOSSIL     FUELS"
could have registration insignia…)                          said   .Jonathon Porrit, former director of
                                                            Friends of the Earth..." (27/1/1990)

POLLUTION:                                                  "POLLUTION in TOKOYO now so BAD
PEOPLE SAID: "The amount of fumes                           people have to go into an Oxygen bar (and
emitted from coaches, lorries, buses and                    PAY!) to get a shot of oxygen…”
trains… is nobodies business..."
                                                            CONCLUSION re: cars: “... slow, inefficient,
"295,000 HEAVY lorries daily" (UK, 1993).                   catastrophic, too expensive..." "We need to
"TON UP: Cars emit a ¼ of their weight every                look for a long term solution" (6/6/1990).
year, in pollution."
                                                            “Sir Clive Sinclair had made a folding bicycle
"50 million cars a day polluting our
                                                            using carbon fibre and plastic composite
atmosphere. Calculate on that basis..."
                                                            throughout..." (18/7/1990).
("It takes 22 TREES to combat the pollution
of one car.")
                                                            "... Market forces will control pollution levels.
                                                            We will only introduce new Taxes" said the
"... the government's plans to increase public
                                                            government (8/10/1992) But the market is being
spending on roads... Speeches re: dangers of
                                                            suppressed        UNFAIRLY        by     existing
pollution = The need for a world-wide effort
                                                            producers… and no-one in the market knows
to curb causes of:
                                                            about it…
The UK's government's transport policy
                                                            "PRICES of CARS LOWERED to increase
which foresees a rise in the number of
vehicles on roads (between 83% - 142% by
2005) in effect WRECKS any attempt to
                                                            UK: "MONSTER ROAD GETS GO AHEAD: ...
control pollution...
                                                            a new wave of fury is set to erupt over
... The road lobby HQ at the Dept. of Transport
                                                            government's plans... 80 wildlife sites, 50
replied       that   (metal)      CATALYTIC
                                                            ancient woodlands are under threat of
CONVERTERS will merely replace Carbon
with a mixture of other gases which
                                                            "... the cost to build one mile is £225 million...
pollute...” (1990).
                                                            570 families had to be re-housed..." (17/5/1993).
                                                            "A new £25 million ‘fly-over’ has been built over
CONVERTERS have little effect in a cold
                                                            a round-about, completed 6 months ahead of
climate. Need time to warm up, to work..." "Old
cars do not have catalytic converters to
                                                            (“You are going about it in the wrong way!”)
change (cancer-causing) Benzene into SO2”
                                                                                           CHAPTER 7: TRANSPORT

"... the government's £23 BILLION ROAD                     PLANET and the people…”
building programme will speed road                         1990: "What does it really mean? Quieter,
building... 500 new schemes planned...”                    safer roads? Less congestion? Lighter traffic?
(4/8/1993).                                                Less pollution? What its shape will be, no-one
"... History bull-dozed, LAND vandalised..."               really knows."
"Could we please get past Shovelogy?"                      ("... it means the end of the road for cars...")
"On the road to ruin..." "No stop roads..." "...           (“…it’s subject to availability...”)
fast lanes..." "... Monstrous schemes...                   'We've got lots of plans for it. I am full of ideas.
upgrading to 10 lanes... American-style 18 lane            I want to discuss every point' said a car
Super-Roads..."                                            designer."
"... 60 children stood in front of the giant earth
diggers..." (October, 1993).                               A CAR = Engine & Chassis – thumping
"This is not progress! This is madness."                   HEAVY lumps of metal. Even so, a spoiler
("Sing of freedom." "Dance it with your foes.              has to be added to stop cars taking off in flight…
Dance it with your fore-fathers. Dance it with
your sons. Dance it alone...")                             Q: “Why aren't cars made with a plastic
"If it were not for the odd protestor..."                  chassis?"
                                                           EXPERT: "The plastic would shatter in a
"Diesel causes asthma, cars cause                          collision. Steel, despite the rust, doesn't..."
carcinogenic soot..."
"Carbon monoxide emissions will rise in next               "An old plastic car got squashed by a lorry on
20 years" (1993).                                          the way to a museum" (1990).
"... Nitrogen dioxide levels risen more than
35% over last 5 years... starves the body of               "FORD'S PLASTIC ENGINE gives silent power:
Oxygen, impairs thinking, slows reflexes,                  The vehicle is being tested in normal road
causes drowsiness...”                                      conditions...    The    director    of    Design
“… No safety limit for Benzene set...                      Development said: ‘The plastic engine
Particles so fine - go deep into lungs..."                 promises new levels of efficiency in the future.
(1/6/1993).                                                Nottingham University and other manufacturers
“GO GREEN? Unleaded petrol has cancer                      were involved in the EEC's Basic Research in
causing Benzene in."                                       Industrial Technology Initiative…" (June 1990).
"Child leukaemia linked with petrol... a report
by a leading Toxicologist..." (4/11/1993).                 "They are planning on making plastic cars
"The Head of the UK Pollution Inspectorate                 that will last 5 years..." (1993)
committed suicide. Verdict: Carbon Poisoning.
Cause: Low morale."
                                                           NO!         WAH! “They don’t want it to last!”
"BOTTLED Oxygen sales up. In EUROPE,                        "... A glass fibre sports car was torn in ½
selling faster than manufacturers can                      when it hit a (METAL) crash barrier. The
produce it…" (1994) Uh-oh! How do they                     barrier sliced through the car same as a can
produce it?                                                opener..."
"TO SAVE THE PLANET, General Motors are
investing in Hydrogen..." “… the only emission             "DIABOLICAL: Concrete blocks could
is water…”                                                 replace plastic cones on motorways to make
“POLLUTION FREE? THINK AGAIN. $1.2                         drivers slow down" (1993).
billion has been cleared to make a                         “A lorry has spilt diesel on the road. Her car
‘pollution-free’ hydrogen powered "freedom                 skidded through 8 concrete bollards before
car." However up to 90% of all the Hydrogen                over-turning…”
will be refined from the burning of fossil
fuels!”                                                    "PLASTICS FOR AUTOMOBILES: Toyota, in
“If you want real freedom…”                                Japan, is building ‘plant’ to make Bio-Plastics,
"... it's not profitable, you say. OK, what do I           using sugar cane, which absorbs C02...
know?" “I haven’t a clue how to get it through to          Expected to produce 1,000 tons of Bio-Plastic
you…”                                                      a year, from 2004..."
“SUFFOCATED DREAMS...” “For over 70                        Brazil: Now runs cars using alcohol made
years the technology that makes the                        from sugar cane - burning this is more
combustion engine OBSOLETE has been                        expensive than petrol- is cause of their
REPRESSED to suit the greed of the oil                     massive debt.
industry. Profit put before the needs of the
Making cheaper fuel using different alcohol but           SAFER AFFORDABLE CRAFTS / vehicles
scheme has problems / high costs..."                      that do NOT pollute. Could we make use of
                                                          existing     manufacturing      facilities   with
FLYING CARS? "... an American inventor has                CAD/CAM etc., to            make      alternative
the solution to traffic jams = the Super-Car,             housings... that would guarantee 1,000's of
called Moller 400, has 8 rotary engines, to               jobs…)
produce enough thrust for vertical take-off or            ROVER: ”There’s nothing more that can be
landing on land or water- will have a flying              done at this stage” said the government (to help
range of 800 miles. Can be driven as an                   save Rover - famous for the very popular Mini
ordinary car. Cost £125,000..." (Daily Express,           car). 6,000 jobs to be lost immediately at the
30/1/1990)                                                UK’s last major British car plant. “How are we
PEOPLE SAID: "I wouldn't like to bump into                going to be able to pay our mortgages?” (April
one!" "God! Most of us have enough trouble                2005).
just trying to stay in control of 4 wheels..."            PROTEST: “… it (?) needs a production line…
                                                          no reason why it (?) should not be assembled
"One day, we might devise something to save               there…”
us, but right now we are overwhelmed with all
the problems."                                              FUTURE ENERGY = NOT burning fuel !
"I think we've made the wrong decision...                      "How to overcome dire economic
straight indecision...”                                   problems?" “How to reduce dependence on
"The deadline runs out for campaigners..."                                 Middle East oil?”
("Haven't they got any leads?")                               "Don't stop thinking about tomorrow..."
                                                             "... it'll be here, better than before..."
"I must admit, I don't quite understand the                    "... all I want is to see you smile..."
'Revolutionary' concept. What is it? A tandem
bicycle? A tri-cycle?" “What’s the big idea? The                Why perpetuate a Bad system?
Alternator?” (1994) Add the Accumulator!                      SET A DATE COMBUSTION ENGINES
LIGHTWEIGHT Apparatus for making                                   ARE TO BE PHASED OUT!
Well, now you know what it is, what are you               PEOPLE SAID: "I wish they'd stop making
going to do about it?                                     cars."
MORE OF THE HEAVY STUFF?                                  Q: "When will they stop making cars?"
What are you going to do? Make a carbon                   A: "When there is something else people can
copy?                                                     use." Ah! An alternative!

"THE SUPER-CAR: ... made of carbon fibre,                 “Make way for the Plastic Road… Plastic
molded... Whole thing is a shell onto which the           improves bonding and makes the roads
doors and boot are snapped-on... Weighs                   survive the monsoons better. Now if only the
about same as a motor-bike... Radical designs.            rest of the country adapted to this, it would kill
Batteries? Forget it! Purely electric driven cars         two birds with one stone” (Ref: Good News India
are not the answer. No scientist believes                 Website, 2002).
battery technology will ever improve... The fuel
of the future has to be a mixture of petrol,              “Have we discovered an Alternative fuel?
diesel or gas... driving not the wheels, but an           Cars (in the north of England) are running on
electric generator... Tested - could do 300               vegetable oil… for ½ the cost - but the smell
miles to the gallon with ease... it's run by a            is terrible.”
computer the size of an orange... Hardly
pollutes the air... it probably wont be made by           METHANOL: Methyl Alcohol is produced either
any of today’s big car manufacturers... it                from natural gas or gases out of oil. Natural
could be put together by a few people in a                Gas is compressed, heated, de-sulphurized,
small factory... Prototypes being built in USA.           and then mixed…” “… a colorless liquid that
Conceived by The Rocky Mountain Institute,                may explode when exposed to an open
America's leading Energy Think-tank..."                   flame… occurs naturally in volcanoes…”
(Earthlings Magazine, March 1994) Cost?                   "HEMP SEED OIL is easily combined with 15%
(Where is the logic in giving car manufacturers           methanol... BURNS 70% CLEANER than
£Millions of public money to enable them to               petrol-based diesel..."
build factories, only then to force them into
bankruptcy? We need speedy, precision                     "G. W. Bush has boosted production of
production– cars replaced with FRIENDLIER,                ETHANOL in the USA... 12 new ethanol
                                                                                      CHAPTER 7: TRANSPORT

factories being constructed- 83 factories               the world- why don’t you make Environment
already in production... and he has boosted             Friendly     vehicles? CARING for the
mileage requirements for trucks by 7%                   Environment = Protecting the world God
(average mileage will be 22 miles per gallon            created. Taking care of it is stewardship. It’s
for 2007 models) (5/11/2004).                           part of loving your neighbour. Would Jesus
“Ethanol: Ethyl alcohol is made from                    drive a large SUV?”
renewable resources such as corn and
other cereal grains…” “US: … subsidising                FORD said: “Ford is committed to this: All our
Corn (maize) (Oil?) production, and conversion          plants (factories) are the cleanest anywhere.
to ethanol, for years. Added to petrol acts as          We convert paint fumes into harmless
fuel, and makes the petrol burn ‘more                   hydrogen. We do need to do more. What’s the
efficiently’ and cleanly... should reduce               alternative? Take all vehicles off the road and
Greenhouse Gas emissions and help reduce                go back to how things were?” (Harmless?)
American dependence on Middle Eastern oil. ..           “The cream of PR departments stave off
$1.4 Billion annual subsidy every year… full            Environmentalist’s campaigns against the
costs are more than the subsidy. By raising the         car manufacturers…”
price of corn they raise costs of food
overall.    Nor does Ethanol help the                   ADVERT (for Honda): “What is the point of
Environment... An acre of corn = 328 gallons of         having dreams if you are not going to make
ethanol.     But   planting,   growing     and          them happen? We make dreams happen…
harvesting that much corn requires about                Our new diesel engine…” (April 2005).
140 gallons of fossil fuels… The energy
economics get worse at the processing                   Time is running out for Environmentalists.
plants, where the grain is crushed and                  The USA is emitting more Global Warming
fermented. As many as 3 distillation steps and          gases than anywhere else. The implications
other treatments are needed to separate the             of a country over-run by OIL Guzzlers = The
ethanol from the water. All these need                  Population can’t escape the bad air, the
energy.” "Put another way, about 70% more               Toxins…”
energy is required to produce ethanol than              "GAS GUZZLERS..." “What will induce
the energy that actually is in ethanol.”                Americans to change?” (Something better!)
                                                        ADVERT: “This car is a beast…”
CAR SICK: "Going to have 35 MILLION cars in
UK soon. A policy that offers choice is                                      MEEK
                                                             Just remember this: "THE
necessary. Cars eat towns. We shop further
from home, schools are further from home...
                                                          SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH..."
Heavy reliance..." “1/3rd of all car journeys
                                                        Are Heavy, Noisy Metal chariots that Reek
are for leisure..."
                                                        POISON, meek? "The prize goes to the swift..."
                                                        ("If you stay true, you will make it.")
“The ½ electric HYBRID car does 50 mpg.
Made in Japan. Now a hybrid with 2 power
                                                        The Swiss now have solar power cars..." ?
system - an internal combustion system, &
                                                        "Solar cars have been tested in Germany,
                                                        America..." “Now it stops being an argument
"Everyone knows- a battery takes 50% more
                                                        about power- it’s more about handling…”
energy to make than a battery produces."
                                                        "Solar cars work, even in the dark..."
“Pollution? Pollutes the same where the
                                                        ("There is a quicker way and we are hoping
Power Station is situated...”
                                                        you don't find it...")
ENVIRONMENTALIST: “Tracing the impact of
                                                        "The only change they are introducing is
oil through the various stages of production
                                                        LONGER      PRISON         SENTENCES for
made me dedicated. Oil money supports
                                                        dangerous driving" (2004).
terrible things. EG. $BILLIONS spent on
DICTATORS in Saudi… Our dependence on
                                                            "Aw come on! How long does it take?"
oil from the Middle East… It is time for
                                                                  “MOVE it!” “MOVE it!”
manufacturers to declare independence
                                                              “BRAINS - WHERE ART THOU?”
from dirty Energy / dirty oil. 280,000 gas
guzzling cars come out of one factory every
                                                        "THE ZERO EMISSION CAR: Compressed
year. Their gestures are tokens. Ford is
                                                        Air Technology (Zevcat). Pressured air
hooked on oil… America can once again rule
"A Covent Garden survey showed business                    “HEAVY SNOW FALLS: Many motorways
for traders improved when roads closed to                  closed… due to accidents. Visibility suddenly
traffic; the creation of all pedestrian                    lost…
thorough-fares..."                                         The authorities are taking it seriously = (As
“RECLAIM THE STREETS”: "York put people                    the snow fell), they are working 24/7 dropping
before the ‘need’ of cars. Pedestrian only areas.          grit on roads.” “The gritting lorry smashed into
In over 30 streets, people can walk in comfort..."         the public house…” (23/2/2005) “You’ve got to
(23/2/1994)                                                love it.”
"… it's so nice!"
                                                           ACCIDENT BLACK-SPOTS: “The Labour
“11 million new cars on the roads and in                   government have now decided not to continue
parks. That’s a lot of parks taken up…”                    investing money in speed cameras which
 "... it (?) is very, very good way of cutting             rip-off motorists- instead they will invest in
down pollution permanently..." (October, 2004).            humps” (December 2005) “Now we’ve all got the
“The government’s National Audit Office                    hump…”
criticised The Highways Agency for not bringing
in modern ways to keep roads free of                       THE FUTURE? “They used pollution to force
grid-lock” (26/11/2004).                                   us into living in high-rise towers… Dealing with
                                                           pollution was easier: A new car now costs
"Pay as you go." Pay as you drive..." "There               £500,000 - £5 million. That way the majority of
are plans to introduce private TOLLS on                    the survivors can’t Afford to travel…“
every UK road..."
UK: Advert for Road Tax: "Can you Afford the
£500 fine? No. Get it."                                    TRAINS:
“…‘We can’t go on like this- widening                      "This used to be a Green, fertile valley..."
existing roads, more roads, more cars, more                Railways LINES are not A PRETTY SIGHT.
exhaust gases.’ Roads swallowing HUGE
tracts of LAND…” (ITV, 13/12/2005).                        “The trains spewing clouds of diesel…”

“… CONGESTION CHARGING nationwide                          "... station closed. No electricity..." "... missed
will cost £23 BILLION and £BILLIONS for                    connections..." "... cold platforms..."
1,000’s of roadside beacons… 73% of                                      “MIND THE GAP!”
businesses believe the London Congestion                   “A train doesn’t do detours-             anytime-
Charge scheme should not be a model…                       anywhere…”
National charging will dramatically affect the             "103 delays. Any excuse!"
way of life for a huge number of people,                   "142% Fare rises…”
especially those who live in the countryside
or cannot Afford to live near their work…” (Daily          "DETERIORATING          RAIL       TRACKS...
Mirror, 26/7/2005).                                        Infrastructure in tatters..." "On the track to
 “One fly-over over a roundabout: Projected                Questions Asked: “Are our railways really
cost £80 million…” (January 2005).                         SAFE?"

UK: “21 car pile-up on the motorway. Long,                  “The UK government announced a massive
long delays… in freezing blizzard conditions.              spending programme... £800 BILLION to
                                                           improve Britain's ANTIQUATED railway
“At least its nice and warm in the car.” “Yeh,             system...” (2002) Did I hear correctly? No, surely
but for how long? The battery will soon run                not! It can’t be!
out if we keep the heat on. We have to leave               For a fraction of that: Alternative Employment:
the engine running to have heat…” (Vehicles                Dismantling, and planting…
could at least have solar power back-up and
solar lights…) (Cars have no insulation either             OLD rolling stock modified to make temporary
– so cars get very hot in warm weather and                 fun places to live in?
freezing inside during winter… )
                                                           “Most major transport projects are estimated
“CAUGHT ON THE HOP due to snow:                            to take 13 years to plan and implement. Is it
Abandoned vehicles… frozen door locks,                     any wonder that Britain has a shambolic
wipers frozen to the windscreen…” (25/11/2005).            transport system?”
                                                                                             CHAPTER 7: TRANSPORT

"LEAVES & SNOW CAUSE PARANOIA…”                         Fasten down the hatches!
"The Railway’s Answer? CUT ALL THE                      But water still slops in...
TREES, despite all the horrified outcry..."
(5/3/1993) ("The Austrians did that and the             MODERNISE BOAT DESIGN!
people have never forgiven them...")                    (Let’s start again, from scratch) (see: Project it).

According to Track Experts: "The worst                  1. Select a light weight SUPER-STRONG,
Trees are the ones that Grow Fastest and                WATER                             RESISTANT,
have the Largest Leaves..."                             NON-BIODEGRADABLE material. Invest in
                                                        one-piece RESIN housings. Resin: At least 1”
                                                        thick. Solid Resin… or a composite i.e. solid
  THE FUTURE? Unmanned NUCLEAR                          resin outers, sandwiched with the STRONGEST,
powered trains?                                         most durable fibres, woven, impregnated /
                                                        soaked in resin.
                                                        (i.e. NOT THIN, loose mats of GLASS
BOATS / SHIPS:                                          strands– painted with resin…)
"A ferry sank. 200 people died" (1986).
ferry capsized, killing 200 people..." (1987)           JUST IMAGINE a round (inflated) plastic ball. Slice
                                                        a 2/3rd section off the ball. This could be the base
This class of ferry now described as 'Roll on,          (hull). Fill the bottom with water (in a separate
Roll over.'                                             accessible, sealed resin tank if desired) The water =
"Boat carrying 1,000 tons of paper sank..."             Ballast (a heavy weight) always in the bottom
(28/12/1990).                                           middle of the hull. See how it performs. It always
"Ship carrying 16,000 tons of Sunflower oil             remains the right way up… upright. (You just need a
sank..." (5/1/1991).                                    bit of air to remain in the top section to achieve this).
                                                        (Warm air rises). Already, you have something
"Captain! Water over the stern!"                        much sturdier… SAFER.
"Abandon ship!"
“My engine’s cut out! Christ! We’ll never make          DOUBLE CASING = Place one smaller “ball”
it!”                                                    inside another “ball”… The inner surface ‘floats’ is
“The engine caught fire…”                               suspended- not fixed… the space filled with water.
"Fire on board..."                                      The outer rotates, the inner remains ‘upright’ = A
"... a WOODEN hull- the speed and ferocity              gyroscopic Frame.
of the flames appalled..."
“… 17 fires on the river Thames in 1992"                The remaining 1/3rd section, makes a lid, or cover...
                                                        with screw threads. Needed: A stubby central
(24/7/1993) "... Following another crash on the
                                                        column attached to the top surface - the lid attaches
Thames, a call for crafts on the river to be            to that – and comes down on screw threads, when
brought up to a proper standard..."                     the Sea swells, to protect / water-tight it (see jar lids,
                                                        plastic shampoo bottles for different lids…) The
DON'T ROCK THE BOAT!                                    auto-functioning lid could be multi-positional… used
CAPSIZE FEAR:                                           as a sail…

Boats lack stability- boats are narrow at the           3. Full ballast tank, float on top of water... No drag!
bottom, wide at the top - to ‘stream line’ i.e.         Propulsion on water? Think of water under
reduce wind resistance &          (supposedly)          pressure... What a powerful jet!
increase performance / speed in the water.              "The octopus travels by blowing out a jet of
Boats are approx. 1/3rd submerged in heavy /            water..."
dragging water to effect propulsion via a
propeller.                                              Empty ballast tank = Lighter weight (it could
                                                        then skim above the water / just take off - ‘fly.’
(“Not    good    is   you     suffer   from
sea-sickness…”): “YOU'RE ON A ROLL”                     Always carry a repair kit! And have the
means: the CHOP, the TILT of the waves…                 equipment on board to desalinate water.
could FLIP the boat over... boats frequently

                 Water sloshing IN over the                       it’S JUST A SUGGESTION!
                sides, SWAMPING the boat.
 "… it can do the job when you're in town,               AIR TRAVEL:
     when you're in winter wonderland,                   "The    ultimate    quest     for   maximum
               in the meadows.                           performance…"
              By the Sea, proud!                         MAN’S DREAM = "To Fly As FREE as a
No going up and down, no chilling... it could            Bird." “I want to be as free as a bird.”
put us in a different world - a lovely world..."
                                                         “…a romantic vision - of a tomorrow in which
        "If you were in deep water…                      each individual could fly freely whenever
            would you turn it down?"                     they wanted. Journalists, opinion polls etc., all
                                                         projected the future of the aeroplane would be
                                                         in the form of individually owned, privately
AMPHIBIOUS VEHICLES:                                     flown aircraft- what people call ‘a family car of
MANY designs are Water-Tight Cars with                   the air!’ Robert Foulton designed ’The
OPEN TOPS!                                               Airphibian’: A propeller easily detached from
                                                         the front of the car- wings and wheels were one
                                                         unit which detaches. Easy to operate, easy to
                                                         fly. Travels 45 mph on roads. Will not be long
                                                         before air coupes would be on sale in Dept.,
                                                         stores! A very popular idea. The reality that
                                                         emerged from this dream was very different.
                                                         A detached faith in technology” (White Heat, BBC2,
          “…bath-tubs on wheels…”
                                                         "400 million Europeans will take a holiday
“… development took 10 years…”                           abroad this year ‘to escape the masses’
                                                         taking the only transport available..." (1990).
”1995: “Nike Topping… his vehicle is 100%
water-tight: No need for a bilge pump… All                    FUSELAGE: NOT WATER TIGHT !
work done in his primitive shed…”
                                                         “Passenger jets can’t take off from or land on
“Turbo-deisel engine… Production ceased.”                water…”
1/5/1999: “13 people killed when an
amphibious vehicle sank…”                                “48,000 pieces.” “THIN Aluminium…”
                                                         STRONG? No. "... ripped apart...”
16/2/2004: SWITZERLAND: “An amphibious
vehicle that can fly. Has foldable hydro-foil            Ultra light?
wings. No production planned. Engine powered             "Are we travelling light today?"
by gas…” (Ref. )                        LIGHT means: “… Not much baggage or
                                                         equipment. Remove a burden, become cheerful.
“Built by Tycon: A small SUV. Aluminium hull             Become less heavy, without encumbrances…”
with polyethylene armour. Cab made from                  "One jumbo jet weighs 400,000 tons..."
fibre-glass. Propeller drive, diesel. 4 wheel
drive…”                                                  "Aviation Fuel, one of the Worst
STILL A PROBLEM: “No-one will sponsor until              “SKY HIGH WASTAGE OF PRECIOUS
the project has started…”                                FOSSIL OIL…”
                                                         "This jet does ½ a mile to the gallon."
THE HEAVY WEIGHTS! THE MATERIALS…                        The amount of fuel used annually is ?

THE PROPULSION SYSTEM. The weight of                     I'm trying to work out HOW MUCH fossil oil
the engine. And the exhausts.                            could be saved...

                                                         COMBUSTION: "... petrol rained down from
… it’s like baking a cake. They’ve tried many            the sky, cars and buildings caught fire. Fire
recipes…                                                 was everywhere…”

IF we could just get the ingredients right…              PEOPLE SAID: “I don’t need no cannon to
                                                         propel me to the promised land…”
                                                                                         CHAPTER 7: TRANSPORT

“No WORRIES?”                                            ADVERT on a door of an Aeroplane:
                                                         “Make it Happen.”
"Heavy reliance on computers, despite so
many computer failures..."                               "50 flights delayed..."
"We've got 8 computers, so if one is faulty..."          “Oh, if I ever get home, I’m going to… Oh, I
What if you've got no power?                             don’t know what I’m going to do… Write to the
                                                         government I suppose. Make them understand
"Whole lighting network on runways is down! Oh,          this is not the only way. Make them hear what
my God. Call the power company! Back up                  we’ve got to say. We could open an old man’s
generator not working. Stack 'em. Several                eye. We could tell them a New Age is
dozen of our ‘birds’ are circling... The weather         coming…”
is affecting all our electronic equipment…”              (“… the colours of the Rainbow, so pretty in the
"Hang on. This is going to be rough. We have a           “STAND TALL! OUR DREAMS ARE THE
freak storm ahead..."                                    SAME as King’s…”
"3rd near disaster in the air this week..."
                                                         "Statistically, it's safer to fly in one of these
Each departure = BOOM! BIG NOISE! (Jet                   things than cross the road."
planes are as loud as an explosion.)                     "That's not saying much, is it?"
 “Amazing how high up in the sky the plane is,
yet the noise down here is still so loud…” "The          “Plane crash… a tyre burst…”
engines screaming overhead..."
"Noise is a pollution…”                                  "To ensure you have a SOFT landing...
(“… it wouldn’t be the same as this…”)                   What will it take till you believe?"
"Number of planes set to increase... we can't
expect to have quiet skies..." (February, 1993) Oh?      “Of course, it may not appeal to those with
Why not?                                                 more money than sense...”

“We apologise for the slight delay…”                     "... the Rocketing       cost   of    Aerospace
“Slight? I don’t call keep us waiting for… How           development..."
am I supposed to make my connection now?”
                                                         "SUPER-JUMBO: ... plans for a plane carrying
“Needed due to economic pressure…”                       1,100 passengers have run into difficulties...
“THE 800 SEATER: ... plans to create the                 How do we evacuate so many people?”
world's largest aircraft... a stupendously
expensive project…”                                      "... a LARGE potential target..."
                                                         “Planes now are always under a Hi-jack
Smaller, lighter, STRONGER would be                      warning…”
("I need a little help, to begin what must be, I         Small = FEWER passengers i.e. potential
mutter under my breath. There is such a                  hostages. LESS RISK.
growing need. Are we to have an unhappy
ending?                                                  “MASSIVE DELAYS at airports- knock on
                                                         effect. Can hardly move! Packed Terminals:
                COMFORT?                                 Severe, HUGE queues (before any security
"Travelling with my knees poking up                      checks). People waiting to get inside. The
somebody’s bum is not my idea of FUN!                    infrastructure is creaking. Security chaotic.
Conditions very cramped.                                 HIGHEST level of alert…”
“Why can't I move around a bit to exercise?"             (Ah! They're taking the fun out of it!)
“Why can’t I take a walk or something?”
“Please sit down – you’re blocking the aisle.”           “We have to sacrifice security for efficiency…”
“Passengers comfort is not really that                   Uh?
important. People want cheap flights…”
                                                         “The alternative is use the train?”
"You miss home comforts..."
                                                          “You mean I’ve got to spend 7 hours sitting on
"British Aerospace are LOOKING FOR A WAY                 a train, with 5 changes, to do a journey that
FORWARD re: air manufacturing..." (7/2/1994).            would take 1 hour to fly there?!”

“AIRPORT EXPANSION: 7 miles of green                        enough forward speed to climb and fly like a
fields covered in concrete. Loss of the                     conventional air-plane...”
community. Pollution. Smell of diesel. More
Greenhouse         Gas          emissions.                  1950’s: “PROJECT Y: (or VZ-9): A secret
UNSUSTAINABLE development…”                                 joint British-Canadian venture… The vertical
                                                            take-off and landing (VTOL) craft… designed
                                                            by the British engineer John Frost… An idea
HELICOPTERS:                                                that came tantalizingly close to breaking all the
“Don’t worry! There’s a chopper coming…”                    rules of the sky, before collapsing in bitter
                                                            disappointment for lack of money and
"Excessive down draught..."                                 faith…
The NOISE! “Can't hear instructions yelled.
Very noisy inside.”                                         “It was to be called the Avro-car, and it would
                                                            spawn a string of civilian and military
“All round vision. We’re surrounded by                      spin-offs…”
                                                            Avro-Angel: An air ambulance that would zip
"Cannot get near enough - blades could hit                  to the scene of an accident and land on the spot,
the cliff..." "… couldn't land - too windy.”                and an Avro-Pelican for Air-Sea Rescues…”
“… helicopters are having difficulty flying in
the heavy rain…” “… the helicopter can’t hover              Original concept: A smooth metal disc…”
in hot and still conditions…” “They couldn't bring           “… a large central fan. A single flat turbojet to
the helicopters in - the blizzards, the blades..."          draw in air from above (!?) and force air out
“Not safe near power lines…”                                through nozzles around the edge (!?) of the
                                                            craft. It would be kept aloft by a cushion of air
“… in the length of time the helicopter                     and pulled upward…”
takes…” Top speed?

"Costs £1,000 an hour to fly" (1988).
How much do helicopters weigh?

"The helicopter went into a spin, crashed and
exploded on impact..."
"Helicopter crashed into a lake and sank..."
                                                            “… it was intended to fly at 2,500mph.”
UK: "1,463 people owe their lives to Royal Air
                                                            “It flew well at low altitudes of 5 – 6 ft feet, but
Force,    Royal     Navy     and    coastguard
                                                            when it tried to rise further it became unstable /
helicopters… 1993: Rescue helicopters were
called out more than 2,000 times to help
                                                            Re-Designed: 3 small jet engines around a
people in distress."
                                                            central fan that would suck in the air through a
“They are brave people. They do a good job
                                                            circular intake at the centre of the disc. The pilot
rescuing people…”
                                                            would sit in a little oval cockpit to one side (!)
 “A Royal Navy helicopter Search & Rescue
                                                            under a Perspex bubble.”
helicopter… crashed into the Sea… in calm
                                                            “Stability problems overcome by a simple
conditions. 4 crew lost their lives…”
                                                            pneumatic control system…”
Helicopters haven’t got what it takes.
                                                            1961: “A huge project. Avro’s team built a huge
                                                            plant to make it… World shown the design…
“Shall we make    it float in the sky?”:
                                                            Could fly faster than any military craft. ‘It was
1932:     “THE    CO-ANGULAR          EFFECT:               ideal. It had 6 powerful jets to provide
Discovered in Bucharest. A saucer shape can                 manoeuvrability & super sonic speeds’...”
suck air down and cause levitation (upwards).”
                                                            NOTE: A weapons designation, though the
“GETOL: Ground Effect Takeoff and                           craft was never designed to be armed.
Landing: Lift on a cushion of air expelled from a
peripheral slot on its underside… taxi until it had
                                                                                             CHAPTER 7: TRANSPORT

“After spending $7.5 million, the US halted all              With the Hovertrek,
funding for the company's researchers. The                   you won't own just a
project was abandoned (?) before the plane                   versatile sport and
had its first test flight.”                                  utility vehicle; you'll
“It is not known why it never went into                      own more than 40
production.” “It is technology that Britain just             years of solid research
                                                             and      development,
‘lost’ and it is a pity the project was abandoned.
Who knows what would have happened if                        engineering,
they had pursued it" (Ref. Numerous articles,                award-winning design, and the only Hover-Craft in
documentaries including The Sunday Times, 26/3/2000)
                                                             the    world      with    effective   brakes…”

“…The 606A model, with fuel cells… the fuel                  “The Hover-Craft is the most secure, the
line… the fan… A radical new source of                       most stable, and the least expensive
energy developed by Lockheed using a                         RESCUE platform available for performing
domestic electricity supply & a coil of wire                 Rapid Response operations - while assuring
(produces levitation).                                       that the rescue team itself is not put in
1991: 100’s of people saw a demonstration of                 harm's way...”
this technology…”
                                                             “Light Hover-Craft General Specifics:
                                                              … for a light Hover-Craft which has broad
HOVER-CRAFT:                                                 abilities EG. operations over thin ice, open
1959: “1st Hover-Craft launched. Wasn't quite                water, swift water, flood water, salt water, mud
the revolutionary thing expected. Hard to direct             and marsh… which will provide good service
(no jets to help steering).                                  and represent value in the eyes of the owner or
FANS… used to direct / steer. Tends to travel                operator:
side-ways. Pilot has to fight against this pull…”            Range… Speed: Calm water 50 – 60 miles (80
                                                             – 96 km).
“The military spent a heap of money                          … must maintain static horizontal hover over ice,
researching the Hover-craft.                                 water or mud in 25 mph (40 km/hr) tail wind.
ATTITUDE: ‘Yeh, hop across the mud flats at
high-speed, to get at people’... But they found               In calm conditions, the Hover-Craft must float
on rough terrain, the rubber skirt gets torn.                indefinitely even if totally submerged…” Uh?
This skims just over the surface. Is OK on water.
But very NOISY.                                              “With 800 lb (364 kg) load… no water should
                                                             enter cockpit during any 5-minute period…
WHIRLWIND: Over sand is nasty- a nasty
cloud tells people where you are = No stealth                Stationary Hover… Must be capable of backing
element to it… so research discontinued in                   up… Reverse…
lots of countries..." Uh?                                    Weight Empty…
 (Helicopters are very noisy; they also make a               Width…
dust cloud… but are favoured by the military…)               Hard structure must not exceed 8 ft 6 in (2,590
                                                             mm) off cushion height… …
"If anyone really discovers the answer to it - we'll         Must operate between -30° F and 110° F (-34
really be getting on!"                                       and 43° C) …
                                                             Engine Icing…
“The Hover-craft was successful financially..."              Powerplant Electric as well as manual start.
"The Hover-Craft Expedition: ...the hover-craft              Gasoline, diesel or other suitable engine(s)…
had to be re-built en-route..." (13/9/1990).                 Power Battery charging 13V minimum of 120
"We're not bothered with a hover" (UK 1990).                 watt at full power…
"… Hover-craft services being cut"                           Protection Fan and engine must be protected
(24/11/1992).                                                from ingress of foreign objects.
                                                             Skirts: Must be easily and quickly replaceable
ADVERT: "... it's A LOT LESS BOTHER with a                   in the field.
HOVER!"                                                      Average use life 100 hours… Trailering…
                                                             Hover-on Hover-off…
ADVERT: “There is no vehicle comparable to a                 Must be equipped with… Emergency kill
Hover-Craft – especially the Neoteric Hovertrek.             (over-ride) switch…
When shut down, Hover-Craft must be capable
of being manhandled…

Hover-Craft must be constructed from all new
materials and components, which will last more
than 25 years under normal use.
Maintenance of structure, power plant and
components must be of a level similar to any
vehicle(s) having the same characteristics…

A range of Hover-Craft options must be
available EG. siren and public address system.

Useful for operation in low visibility conditions:
Spotlight…GPS…            Navigation      lights…
Fire extinguisher.
Partial or full winter cab…
Bilge pump (electric)…
Ship to shore communications.
Portable fuel tank(s)…”

Skirts? Oh, com’on! Put a solid bottom on it! Or
your rear end will be on fire…”


How’s it done? Ah!

                                                                                       CHAPTER 8: THE WEATHER

CHAPTER 8: THE WEATHER                                  Sand-bags do not stop water flowing-
                                                        sand-bags wash away… As the water

                                                        TYPICAL DISASTER: UK: "... 47 deaths,
                                                        400,000 homes still remain without
                                                        electricity... helicopters brought in to search for
                                                        breaks in overhead power lines... Train services
                                                        crippled... 1,000's of people stranded with
                                                        nowhere to sleep... “ = “Ministers considering
                                                        asking the Met office to issue clearer broadcast
                                                        alerts when freak weather on the way..." (1990).

                                                        “150,000 people fled to ‘evacuation centres’..."

                                                        What       if    ‘Evacuation     centres’      i.e.
                                                        traditionally-built schools,    halls etc      are
”The weather is unpredictable…”
(Unpredictable = Dangerous).
                                                                      NO DISASTER PLAN!
“The weather governs our lives…” “Wherever
                                                        We rely heavily on helicopters, rowing boats,
you go, the weather is always with you.” The
                                                        rubber dinghies, canoes, fire engines and
Weather = Our Environment - God! Who
                                                        tractors to rescue stranded people (who are
could make anything happen. Awesome
                                                        wet, cold, frightened- traumatised, possibly
                                                        injured, tired, sad, dejected- and in immediate
                                                        need of dry clothes, blankets, hot / drinks, food,
Traditional Attitude: “You should always be
                                                        a SAFE roof over their heads- somewhere that
prepared for all eventualities!”
                                                        is dry and warm, with people to help and
"Man's battle AGAINST the Weather…”
                                                        comfort them…
MODERN Attitude = “For us to survive, we
                                                                THE STATUTORY DUTY
need to be able to take whatever it throws at
                                                                     TO PROVIDE
us…” “Go with the Flow…” “You’ve Got to
                                                        DECENT EMERGENCY SHELTERS ?
Go with the Flow. No point crying over it.
Life’s like that! Go with it…” “The Key will be
                                                        THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE?
to learn to live with it.”
                                                        HARD REALITY: "We will have to find
                                                        somewhere else to live, whilst we sort all this
                                                        mess, love. Try not to cry love. Tears… won’t
"Britain paralysed by 106 mph winds...”
                                                        help us now…I wish we could get the kettle
"65mph winds whipped roofs off…”
"... rapidly rising water…”
                                                        "WE need an Emergency ACTION plan…”

                                                            Global Warming / Rising Sea Levels =
                                                                    “Can we handle it?”
"The Sea walls are ineffective…”
"AGEING, INADEQUATE, UNDER FUNDED.                                    SOME GOOD ADVICE:
They wait till there's a problem…”                                    "BE PREPARED."
The Erosion Problem =                                                 "Get it TOGETHER!"
You could use liquid resin to coat...
(1938: “Du Pont discovered a white waxey                       "You had better get working on it."
substance and called this slippery stuff
Teflon…” “Teflon is suitable for coating
concrete, bricks, metal, wood…”)                             “Don’t leave   it to the last minute.”
(“Computers don’t survive well in floods or at          ‘living’ in a tent. Tents don’t provide adequate
low temperatures…”)                                     shelter. That is why permanent housing is so
                                                        important… Private charities building breeze
26/12/2000: A tsunami (tidal wave) hit                  block houses. No government help here at
Indonesia, Sri Lanka… Infrastructure totally            all…” (The Village, Sky News, 25/4/2004).
obliterated. Buildings reduced to rubble,
which crushed. Many people badly cut - the              “ONE YEAR AFTER the tsunami hit, where
tin roofs…                                              houses flattened by the wave, now row after
                                                        row of new flimsy wooden, concrete and
EMERGENCY ACTION? How handy if we                       metal corrugate houses… They have taken
could launch Rapid Response. Ideally,                   NO notice of the need for flood protection!”
modules should be made in every country =               (December 2005).
No need to load the planes or use too much              “ANOTHER TSUNAMI STRUCK…” (July 2006).
fuel doing it. We could     instantly deliver
Modular KITS, using Modular transport…                  “PLAN A = We do nothing. We pretend
                                                        nothing has happened or is going to happen and
“Tony Blair, said to be ‘horrified at the               it’s all going to go away. This is the HARD
disaster’ (still on holiday) said: “… a Global          option. It’s not real to us yet…”
catastrophe with consequences for years to              “PLAN B = We do something realistic to sort
come…” (1/1/2000).                                      it out. We just need a Green light. This is the
means: IF we don’t get it right, this is how            soft, nice, kind, option. It’s going to get better
many more disaster ‘relief’ operations will             and better…”
                                                        “By 2030, the Sea level rise could be 7 – 8
Still NO QUESTION RAISED CONCERNING                     metres. Cities now on borrowed time unless
THE     GROSS    LACK   OF   DECENT                     ACTION is taken…” (Horizon, BBC2, 13/1/2005)
                                                        “IF we do everything we could do…”
7 days later: “Call for a new Taskforce for
                                                        DOCUMENTARY: “AROUND THE WORLD,
natural disasters to deal with Climate Change
                                                        Sea defences are being swamped as the Ice
                                                        Caps melt and Sea levels rise.
                                                        Rivers are overflowing regularly…
“We hope this (disaster) wont happen again
                                                        The ‘answer’ is to create inlets, sacrificing
for 1,000 years. Things will return to normal,
                                                        land and villages to protect the majority of the
hopefully, and no-one will know what
                                                        country =
happened” said a spokeswoman (9/1/2005).
                                                        a Dutch plan. The fields will be submerged.
                                                        The Dutch build houses to ‘float’ on the water
13 days later: “£3 Billion pledged…”
                                                        i.e. (traditional houses) built on concrete
“This is an OUTPOURING of EMOTION from
                                                        moorings encased in steel - the moorings will
THE WORLD that something needs to be
                                                        rise and fall with the level of water- and will be
                                                        linked by ‘floating’ roads built on lumps of
The public are ahead of governments. The
                                                        polystyrene-       pontoons,      encased       in
people are the HEARTS wanting GLOBAL
                                                        (Following a devastating flooding disaster in
                                                        1953… sand dunes… clay and huge quantities
                                                        of rocks used to reclaim the land by building a
                                                        Dam… but this was ineffective during a storm…
“A government advice leaflet produced
                                                        Then, in 1975, the Dutch built the world’s
advising should another tsunami hit, find a bit
                                                        biggest Sea Barrier- a Mega-structure - a
of wood- anything that can float…”
                                                        sluice gate consisting of massive concrete
3 MONTHS after the tsunami: “Death toll
300,000. 50,000 children died…
                                                        A crucial element we have learnt is to build with
An Aid worker who raised money independently
                                                        nature. We can try and understand it
to build concrete houses said: “… You can’t
                                                        better…” (Channel 5, 29/8/2005)
promise people something then not do it…”
(BBC1, 11/4/2005).
                                                        Ah! “We need it to bridge the gap for any
4 MONTHS LATER: re: The Victims: “…still                future problems that may arise.”
                                                                                                CHAPTER 8: THE WEATHER

UK: Boscastle: 8” of rain fell in 12 hours. Worst          LARGER FLOOD SHIELDS EG. along a coast
flash flood in UK seen for decades. Water                  (could be transparent) = Interlocking plastic
lapping up to the attic… 140 tons of water per             panels, bottom heavy. METHOD: Positioned
second hit the village. 2 millions tons of                 (ideally! BEFORE the storm…) a row of solid
water.” “100 people had to be rescued by                   plastic sleepers along the ground- slot upright
helicopters…”                                              shields into the sleepers, then slot completed
UK: Boscastle: “New concrete flood                         sections together. You could use a
defences installed will prevent such a                     snap-fastener type system to secure the
reoccurrence…” (“Boscastle flooded again…”)                sleepers to the ground i.e. embed fixings
                                                           permanently in the ground. (Shields & sleepers
“IS THERE A POLITICAL WILL TO KEEP                         stackable for ease of transportation / storage).
THE COUNTRY FLOOD FREE? Warnings of                        Or, install the shield in the ground so it rises up
flooding pumped out by ‘The Environment                    automatically… It could work the same way a
Agency.’ All over the UK Sea coast defences                car windscreen protects you… Even if some
are being re-evaluated. A fingers-crossed                  waves did spray over the top, the risk of
approach is not good enough. £10’s of                      flooding would be significantly reduced.
millions needed to protect coast-lines &
properties. We have to wise up to it and make              ADVERT: “…Permadeck Sea walls are made
some difficult decisions. 2 million houses                 from     100%      recycled       products. The
along rivers… The volume of water coming                   water-proof material is suitable for marine
down off hills… Peak river flows 20% higher                applications…          The         product    is
by 2080, with higher tides… Risks                          maintenance-free and requires no special
increasing every year. Local Authorities taking            tools. Backed by a 50-year warranty against
problems less than seriously. Why are 12% of               warping and cracking, the product is
property developers ignoring Environment                   Environmentally safe… Available throughout
Agency advice? 50 years of neglect re:                     the US” ( ).
Planning. Too much concrete used. John
Prescot’s plans for new (brick) houses on                  ADVERT: “The Floodgate Door Barrier: …a
flood plains- will those be happening? Flood               25mm         boxed       frame…      expands
management… appropriate measures will                      telescopically… horizontally & vertically.
have to be taken. £20 - £75 BILLION going to               Frame = A 7mm thick rubber envelope which
be needed by 2080. People must be aware of                 creates a water-proof seal …in use since 1997,
the risk. People must know what to do if they              clients   include      Councils, Environment
are evacuated. Housing estates may have to                 Agencies, construction companies, Emergency
be relocated.”                                             services and the general public throughout the
Are they mad? Brick by brick? Concrete                     UK and Europe. The expanding metal frame
slab by concrete slab?                                     fits 99% of domestic doorways… In most cases
                                                           the thick rubber cover molds itself to the
FLOOD- GUARDS:                                             doorway, but where the surrounding surfaces
NEEDED: A simple flood guard, made of                      are very rough, a non-permanent sealant is
thick          SUPER-STRONG               plastic.         provided for fitting.”
                                                           (Developed over a period of 3 years, in conjunction with
Non-biodegradable,           rigid,       WATER
                                                           the University of Wales), Floodgate is easy to install,
                                                           re-useable and re-siteable. It provides similar
One Piece of plastic at least. 5ft high, made to
                                                           standard flood damage prevention as 5
fit across door-ways etc., slotted into
                                                           traditional sand-bags. No Permanent Fixings
position...using pre-fixed runners… A central
                                                           Needed. Easy On-site Assembly. Existing
section provides an access door (see how
                                                           Doors can be Opened to Allow Access.
plastic cat-flaps work). A specialist could take a
                                                           Adjustable Width (735mm to 980mm). Height
few seconds to install... (Not a DIY job).
                                                           680mm. Kite-marked. STEEL gate with
                                                           neoprene cover, ratchet spanner, tube of
1999: I asked a U.K. based plastics
                                                           Sealant, Sealant gun: £299.00 +VAT” (2005)
manufacturer, to manufacture this simple                   ( )
flood defence kit. The managing director's
reply was: "There are only 1 or 2 million people           ADVERT: THE FLOOD ARK: “… Fit the
in the U.K. currently affected by flooding.                system in less than 5 minutes. Each board
Therefore the market is not big enough to                  20cm in height allowing you to install only to the
warrant investment in it."                                 height of cover you require.
                      Access to your property               “… people trapped in flooded buildings…”
                      as water recedes or rises             “… water up to the attic, the roof…”
                      is an additional benefit.             (Ah! The need for roof / escape hatches!)
                      Storage of the boards is              “GULF STATE residents…” “500,000 people
                      equally easy because of               flee hell & high water…”
                      the board size and use of             “… the salt water got into ma engine, now it
                      light weight material. The            wont work…”
                      materials             (UPVC           “… there will be 22,000 troops on the ground.
                      planking?) used… are                  1,000’s are standing by, waiting for orders to go
                      impervious                 to         in there but the inability to get around…”
                      weathering               and          “… sludge, sewage, oily water, vermin, debris-
ultra-violet light… Can be fixed to the majority            mainly timber. Sickly heat. Bodies…”
of surfaces” ( (UK: 2005) (Ah! A         “The world can see ‘the mighty power’ can’t
Flood guard similar to my design…)                          cope…”
                                                            “WAH! WE NEED HELP NOW not
                                                            tomorrow…” “… which means the time has
“THE HUMBLING OF AMERICA”:                                  come to move quickly…”
“… the waters of the Gulf have been getting                 “… All the broken glass in the water…”
warmer…”                                                     “… swift river rescue? There are not enough
 “36 hours before the storm hit, mandatory                  rescuers. In each neighbourhood, 1,000’s of
evacuation. Roads jammed…” “Approx. 1                       people need RESCUING from the RISING
million people fled from Florida (in cars)                  water…”
before the storm came in…” “Approx. 100,000                 “… in labour, this pregnant lady had to swim for
people stayed…” “Many people did not want to                30 minutes to try and get help for her asthmatic
abandon their homes fearing looters…” “All their            5 year old son…”          “… given birth, now
money is tied up in their house…”                           homeless…”
29/8/2005 Monday: “HURRICANE Katrina                        “… conditions are deteriorating rapidly…
hit…” “Wind speed 145 mph.”                                 disintegrating into anarchy… the stranded are
“…debris is falling off the roofs and coming into           just wandering around… shots have been
the rooms! We’re scared, very, very scared.                 fired…”
Blown-out windows. It sounds like a BOOM!”                  PLAN: “Fixing the levees are the 1st step to
“Houses collapsed…”                                         restoring normality as water levels continue to
“… it’s having its own way now – it’s no good               rise…” “Sand-bags dropped by helicopters.
trying to fight it!”                                        Ariel drops into the breach. Should have
“… a wall of water about 15’ high hit                       happened earlier but agencies having
Louisiana…” “Traditional levees (walls)                     problems communicating as phone lines
failed… (caused by erosion’ said engineers).                down. Will this stop water from pouring into ‘the
The Sea surge flowed over leaving 80% of                    bowl’? ‘We need to drain the city to un-water
New Orleans under water. The giant pumps                    it’…” “20,000 giant sand-bags will be used-
failed. Apartment blocks collapsed. Houses                  each weighing 3,000 lbs. The depth could be
submerged. US Army Engineer Corps don’t                     25’…” “This is an engineering nightmare…” “We
know what to do. Hurricane Katrina worst US                 don’t know how long it will take or how many
storm ever…”                                                bags will need to be placed as we don’t know
LAND SIZE: “An area the size of Great                       the depth necessary to stop the flow.”
Britain devastated…” “An area with a large                  Q: “Anything else being considered?”
ghetto populated with black & poor people…”                 A: “Rock placements. A steel lined basket…”
“Streets have become rivers…” “… cars                       “… not going to be fixed for 12 weeks?” “At least
completely submerged…”                                      30 days to get the water out…” “When we get
 “… many people fled without shoes…”                        electricity… we can get the pumps
“… the structure of the Super-Dome remained                 working…” (no petrol available to run
intact but large pieces of metal were ripped off            generators?)
the roof…” “… crushing casinos…”                            “We need to get the water out before we can
“… casinos swamped and tossed like dice…”                   get the people stabilised…”
“… a casino building picked up and moved                    1/9/2005: “Based on the latest polls…
200 metres away. The fruit machines                         ‘Getting back to work might not be a bad idea’
scattered…” (that’s got to make you think,                  said George W. Bush (who had been raising
hasn’t it?)                                                 funds for his Party).
                                                            “… no electricity to pump gasoline…”

                                                                                      CHAPTER 8: THE WEATHER

“… it has been declared a state of National              to ensure survivors have sustained…” “…
emergency…”                                              they will be housed in a football stadium in
MISSION CRITICAL: (Priorities): “Security,               Texas. Food, medical supplies - still at the
Food & Water, Medical, Relocation, Levees.”              planning stage…”
“WANTED: Water purification systems, water               “… cots are now available…” (Row after row…)
trucks.”                                                 “… they have lost their privacy…”
“… the need for vessels with low under-water             “The ‘shelters’ are refugee camps… will be
draft…” (i.e. shallow bottom boats).                     there      until   December…”         “SUFFER,
“A HUMANITARIAN AID PACKAGE = Money,                     SUFFER…”
oil.” (Wouldn’t it be better? …it is simple…)            “Bussed to where? To families willing to house
WHAT THEY CAN DO = “Camp beds, water                     them…” “States taking in refugees… eligible for
pumps.” “…pumps and generators are being                 government money…” “… the children will
brought in from around the country to try and            have to go to school there…”
drain the city…”                                         “Hospitals lamenting the lack of water and
“AID OFFERED: Canada: 3 warships loaded                  electricity. Ventilators having to be worked
with supplies. Cuba: Offered to send 1,500               manually…”
doctors who are standing by Mexico: 15                   “Ships carrying soap etc., will arrive there in 5
amphibious vehicles. Italy: Tents. Russia:               days…”
Heavy transport planes loaded              with          “We’re on our own. I feel we’ve been punched
helicopters and generators. Sweden: Water                when we’re down…”
purifying equipment (?) & Emergency shelters             “Panic buying as the water continues to rise.
(tents?) Venezuela: Cheap fuel, Humanitarian             There’s looting, concern about how survivors
Aid & rescue workers. Iran: Offered Aid to the           will survive…”
Red Crescent Qatar: Offered £55 million for              UGLY SCENES: “… people robbed, gangs
victims…” “I suppose there’s a chance they               with guns, women and children raped…”
might receive it…” UK: Planes being loaded to            “… rescue missions are standing down as
bring relief to Washington.” “They all want to           boats too dangerous for the crews because
be seen to be doing something…”                          people have become so desperate- are
USA: “… we are focusing 1st on military                  becoming violent trying to get on the boats. A
facilities, bringing in more State troops to             contradiction. A journalist said people were not
restore order. Squads of National Guard…” (Are           acting in a violent manner but were very
reinforcements coming?)                                  gracious - just happy to be rescued…”
“Disaster growing by the hour…”                          “1,000’s more expected to die…” “How can
 “… had to leave 94 year old father…” “… it              they LEAVE them?… These… POOR…
wasn’t supposed to be this way…”                         people!” “… succumbing to dehydration,
“The IMPACT on Mississippi… special                      disease, despair…”
mortuary teams dispatched. Everything within
2 blocks of the beach flattened. Smashed                 “There is a definite LACK of co-ordination in
homes, smashed businesses. Area has no                   relief efforts. There are too many crooks in
power - same thing happened 6 months ago…                the system. It is bringing out the best in some
Water is 7m deep…”                                       people and the worst in other people…”
“We must now evacuate 20,000 people who                  “If people’s needs were taken care of, these
are ‘sheltering’ in the Dome who have no                 people wouldn’t react with hostility…”
food or water. We will run buses in - whatever           “… it’s going to be unbelievable if nobody does
measures are necessary we will do. Use                   anything about this…”
cruise ships???” (Oh! For Heaven’s sake)                 “A refugee crisis is not something that should
“3,000 – 5,000 people fit on one ship. We will           be happening, but it is…”
need a lot of… cruise ships..”… “… it is                 “… not known how many are stranded. Could
something we have to work on. We don’t have              take a month to pump the city dry…”
any answers right now. We are in crisis mode!            “… helicopters had to be diverted to rescue
We need temporary / permanent houses. We                 people, setting back work by several weeks…”
don’t know HOW to provide folks with the                 “… taking groceries to survive…” “… looting
shelter they need right now. People are                  nappies, clothes…”
shell-shocked…”                                          “… many gun shops looted…”
“We have got to make their living conditions             “… there is no sense of authority. It is The
more decent. It is a logistical nightmare. We’ll         law of the Jungle…” “… over-whelmed by
do it - whatever is necessary EG. walking                state of lawlessness. They need a massive
them to the buses…” “We will work tirelessly             military operation…” “… only the military are

‘good’ at doing that…” “… military police are            (Most newspapers reported: “As Anarchy
moving in to stop it…” (it means: looting).              Erupts…”)
“Is looting justified? “Barefoot, thirsty,               “… couldn’t evacuate… hospital staff and
hungry people - how much can you blame                   patients shot at…” “… they tried to evacuate
them?” “We are all in the same boat…”                    the hospital but patients transferred to the boat
“… the heat for these people 105 degrees                 had to go back again because the Rescue
F…”                                                      centre was under water…” “Ah! Could it be…
 “… Everybody is going insane! People with               they are beginning to realise the importance
SAD faces needing food and water. Scenes                 of it?”
of utter confusion. Increasing squalid                   “There are promises the Pentagon are doing
conditions. Remember, you can’t drive a                  something about it, but today is Thursday…”
truck or a helicopter in a Hurricane…”
“… the airports unable to operate…” (Planes              “G. W. Bush, emerging from the longest
unable to land…)                                         Presidential holiday ever taken, reacted
“Keep it together…”                                      casually…” “When he did eventually turn up 4
“Florida has pleaded for help from the                   days after Katrina, he said: “… there was a
government…”                                             power vacuum. The main purpose of the
“People are DYING because we can’t medical               President is to take the lead. I understand that
supplies to people… People using their own               this will take more than one day’s thought’…”
generators are dying from carbon monoxide                The President described the slow response
poisoning…”                                              as “inexcusable.” He also said: “It is so
 “Don’t eat perishable food that has been                devastating. It is hard to describe it. Entire
without refrigeration…”                                  communities        have      been     obliterated.
“We are racing against time…”                            Re-building will cost 10’s of $BILLIONS. …
“… it is pitiful…” “… it is so hard to witness           it’s going to require a lot of money and private
this…”                                                   help. The task before us is enormous… Where
“… help all these desperate people! 1,000’s              our response is not working, we will make it
are ‘sleeping’ out on the streets, on bridges…           right. We will not rest till we get it done
just waiting and waiting. Is anyone in charge?”          right.”
“This is too big for local officials to handle…”          “… Within hours, troops in armoured tanks
“There really isn’t any plan for it. It is               on the streets. A shoot-to-kill policy for
impossible for somebody to co-ordinate…”                 suspected looters…”
“Our forces are doing a great job…”                      “A year ago, the US Army Engineers proposed
“… calling this ‘a rescue’ isn’t accurate.               to study how best New Orleans could be
We’re just moving people…”                               protected from a Hurricane- but the Bush
Ah! You need to take the quick route to…                 administration ordered the research not to be
“Aid could be another 3 or 4 days- is sent to            undertaken…” (Daily Mail, 27/9/2005) (“Budget for
Alabama, and then to the States to be fanned             flood defences cut from $21 million to $6
out…”                                                    million to help pay for the war in Iraq…”)
 “… no electricity, no phones, no hope. People           “Friends of the Earth said: ‘In the face of
here are hungry, desperate, tired, afraid…”              mounting evidence of rapid Climate Change,
“… specialist teams dealing with collapsed               President Bush has down-played the problem
buildings being flown in. A million (people!)            and refused to take action to tackle it…”
made Homeless…”
“…Bodies are painted with a large red cross and          “THE WORST HUMANITARIAN DISASTER in
left where they are found…” “… Houses                    American History…”
containing the dead marked with a                        “Public Anger: Inadequate precautions…”
spray-painted red cross…”                                EXPERT: “… it is true it is God who inflicted
“HOMELESS and hungry. ‘We just need to                   horrors on America…” UH?
know help is on the way. No job, no home, no             EXPERT: “How quickly the thin veneer of
vehicle. Only a life and I don’t want to live it         civilisation slips away…”
this way. I need somewhere to live-                      “STOP SEARCHING FOR SURVIVORS -
somewhere secure’…”                                      SHOOT LOOTERS!” “Still no rescue or
“Some Aid has arrived in Mississippi but people          recovery plan! Victims blamed for not
who have no homes or vehicles have to ‘go and            evacuating!
get it themselves’…”                                     “But there was no help available- these people
“… armed gangs roaming in trucks,                        did not have cars…” “I can’t believe victims are
outnumbering and outgunning the police…”                 being blamed!”

                                                                                          CHAPTER 8: THE WEATHER

STRANDED: “There are too few boats left to                   oil for the poor (hospitals & schools). (In
pull people off roof-tops. Survivors are                     Venezuela, oil is so cheap- fill your tank for
exhausted. We have too many people still                     $2…”) “The White House said a definite ‘no’ to
desperate. VOICES CALL FOR HELP…”                            a price cap for oil for the whole country…”
“DISORGANISATION: A State of millions of                     “150,000 jobs have been lost…” = “… it has
people are now thinking what are we going to                 cost me my job…” “1 million (people!) made
do next?”                                                    unemployed. Big problems. This will hurt the
“The Red Cross has been given a great deal…”                 US economy badly…” = “400,000 jobs going
“The Red Cross has raised $71 million…”                      to be lost - because of Katrina…” Uh?
Q: “What was put into position before this
storm - because you knew it was going to                      “New Orleans called ‘The Big Easy,’ was
happen?”                                                     America’s big party town…”
A: “It is very unfair of you to blame the Federal             “A huge business in the Mississippi was
government” said the Mississippi governor. “We               GAMBLING. Casinos not going to be rebuilt
begged people to leave. In this case there was               soon…” “… some want the parties and
warning…”                                                    tourism to start again soon…”
A: “Could this have been prevented? If the                   “As a result of Katrina, investors say there
USA had been fully prepared…The scale it is                  will be a SLOW DOWN on JOB CREATION -
needed… it requires planning for it…                         it will have a depressing effect… taking a
Warnings given for years…”                                   percentage off economic growth…” “… there
                                                             could be some movement in the Futures
A: “A Clinton initiated programme for Disaster               market…” Uh?
Relief, ‘Project Impact,’ was cancelled                      (the phrase lazy bums springs to mind…)
outright by the Republicans. This summer, a
request for Federal flood mitigation funds was               re: HEAVY CRUDE: “US releasing oil reserves
rejected by Washington…”                                     to keep the lid on. GW. Bush said: ‘We are
                                                             doing all we can. These are trying times for
LOSSES: “Estimated losses $25 - $30                          the people in these communities. We ask
BILLION, plus uninsured costs…” “Not a case                  them to be patient’...”
of homes being damaged. They have been                       (“Last year, after Hurricane Ivan, 900 million
destroyed…” “… the infrastructure that has                   barrels of oil released…”)
been damaged…” “There is absolutely no                       “After consulting 26 governments… we are
infrastructure left.” “New Orleans is now                    releasing 2 million oil barrels / products a
uninhabitable. Even up-town houses…”                         day from strategic reserves. This will help but
Q: “Can the infrastructure be fixed?”                        we’ve got to get these rigs back up. Oil from
A: “Of course it should be fixed. There’s no                 Europe will help but the effect on the world
question about that…”“… the governor is                      economy – the price could go up to $110 a
planning to re-build the area…” “New                         barrel soon. Where else could Oil come
Orleans will be rebuilt into a shining example               from?” (Well, if he doesn’t know…) (How
for the rest of the world…” “A new drainage                  convenient, the USA oil-men have achieved
plan = 40” dredging pipes…”                                  maximum oil price / profit from this ‘disaster.’)
                                                             “Now restrictions on heavy shipping lanes. This
RESULT OF HURRICANE: “Refineries could                       ‘economic’ activity only represents 1% of the
be out of action for months…” “20 oil rigs are               USA’s economy. This wont damage the
missing. 90% of output is offline. Remaining rigs            economy. Reconstruction costs? Oil is the
trashed, listing, torn apart…” “7 oil rigs adrift. 8         wild card…” “The Netherlands is going to
refineries destroyed. (BP and Shell’s profits                release 30,000 barrels of oil a day…” “If US
up…”)                                                        forced to buy more oil on the international
“In Gulf of Mexico, refineries flooded, oil rigs             market, a worldwide Energy shortage could
drifting…” “95% of USA oil production done                   ensue…” “OPEC will increase oil output. 1
in Gulf of Mexico…” “1/3rd of the nation’s heating           million barrels a day…” “42 million gallons
oil…” = “… risk of severe fuel shortages                     of oil lost each day due to Katrina…”
across the country…”
“… immediate price hikes…” “… there is very                  “Do we need a really vigorous Conservation
little the government can do…” Uh?                           effort so we don’t have a recession ahead?”
“The RAINBOW COHILITION push - Jesse                         asked Bill Clinton.
Jackson teamed with Venezuela’s controversial                “What does it mean in its effects on GDP?”
President Hugo Chavez, to offer the US cheap                 “Analysts will want to study this so they can
                                                             advise other countries how to handle…”
“… every day, lost tax revenue…” “Consumer                  “… the mayor pleading for local people to open
confidence leads the USA economy…”                          their homes to evacuees…”
“POVERTY in the USA is GROWING. These                       “The President arrived in Mobile, Alabama, on
victims are trapped by poverty. It is a class and           an inspection trip and pledged the government
race thing. The poor are proportionately the                would do better. ‘If it’s not working right, we’ll
more        devastated,      lacking      medical           make it work right, and then we’ll duplicate it
insurance…” said Rev. Jospeh Lowery.                        elsewhere’ he said. All around the world,
“… It was dangerous to live in New Orleans                  disbelief at the chaos. The Federal
before the hurricane - people would do                      government’s job…” “WHY can’t the USA plan
anything to get food…”                                      SOMETHING BETTER?”
“2 former Presidents (Clinton & Bush senior) are            “Australia, Japan, Russia, France, Germany,
raising money - to go to the Governors who can              Israel, Canada- even Sri Lanka, Mexico and
spend it as they wish…” (Will ALL the spending              Cuba, have offered help but to date no
be made public?) “… it goes with the                        response from America…”
territory” said George Bush senior. (Glad you               “A CRUEL spectacle for the champion of
said that, I think so too!)                                 ‘security’” said France.
“OCEANS OF DEBRIS. Can this city ever be                    “Sadness, shock & frustration…” “… very
restored?”                                                  desperate civilians with their children looking
NEWS FLASH! “THE SHOPPING MALL IS                           for relief supplies…”
ON FIRE! Other fires breaking out - no-one                  “A military convoy is coming through the flood
to deal with them! A chemical factory is on                 waters, carrying… pallets (of food?) The
fire- if there was anything toxic…” “If these               General’s giving orders - is very concerned
High-Rise buildings catch fire with all the                 these people will think relief is on the way. He
people in there… Is the answer to get men on                believes this is a Humanitarian operation and
the roof with hoses? What if there’s no water /             that that is the way to go…”
pressure?”                                                  “5 DAYS LATER: “Aid is beginning to trickle in.
“… it’s obviously got to be a massive effort…”              G. W. Bush said ‘the response was
“… the hospitals are in very dire straits.                  unacceptable’…” much pontificating? Then he
People are dying due to lack of resources.                  said: “… it’s big, and it’s massive” (it means:
Bodies are stacked in stair wells…”                         just the job…)
“… having disconnected communications is                    “The Mayor is livid. ‘I need 500 buses to get
really horrible…”                                           these people out of here. Get every bus driver
“G. W. Bush toured Mississippi in a caravan…”               here. It’s a major deal’…” Ah! We’re
“The Salvation Army Centre = A trailer and a                determined to do it better.
truck. (He saw the back end, OK?)
“THE LEVEES ARE INADEQUATE…”                                Q: The MERCY CORPS was asked: “What
Helicopters still dropping giant sand-bags                  would you send in there now?”
into a black hole… bull-dozers are pushing                  A: “We’d look at the gaps in the community, for
dirt into the hole… “That is a hopeful sign.                vulnerable people.”
There is no way you can build a levee that will             Q: “In the aftermath, what have we learnt from
keep out a category 4 Hurricane.” (is that                  the tsunami?”
comment symptomatic of a dual-personality?)                 A: “Health is a primary concern. That is a gap.
Flood Protection = Levees because you don’t                 The assistance must reach the most needy.”
want to raise tax to pay for… something                     “There is not a shortage of co-operation…”
better?” (something better should cost                      Congress: “I’m ashamed of America. It’s got
considerably less…)                                         to go right to the people. We don’t want
 “… the water was up to our necks… We’ve                    another Iraq where the money just goes…
lost everything…” victims told the President,               (disappears) ” “A $10.5 BILLION AID
in Biloxi. “He is getting a lot of hugs as he tells         PACKAGE agreed by Congress…”
them help is on the way- the Salvation Army &               “… the sheer volume of people, trash and no
the Red Cross…” “Everything is being done                   air-conditioning…”
that could be done” said George W. Bush, in a               “… they’ve led the people out of the
lack lustre performance…” “George W. Bush is                Super-Dome, they are now waiting outside in
only going for photo opportunities?”                        this humidity as troops arrive…”
“At the Dome in Houston, 12,500 people.                     “At Charity hospital… treating 800 patients an
Dome now closed- can’t handle any more                      hour… the only hospital working now…
people. People bussed there- traumatised-                   conditions very primitive. Disgusting. SEND
don’t want to go inside… A 350 mile trip…”                  HELP!”
                                                                                         CHAPTER 8: THE WEATHER

“… the Basic Necessities of Life: Food,                    A: “We are building capacity. We are getting
Water, Shelter & Clothes. We have to ensure                troops in from all over so it’s working.”
in the post-impact stages to avoid public                  Q: “So many people want to help. What can
health diseases.                                           they do?”
Q: What can we do to limit water borne                     A: “Contributions… People who are evacuated
diseases?”                                                 are stuck there. These are Americans. This is
A: “Evacuate to safe harbours. Make sure there             our mission and this is what we are committed
is safe water & food, evacuate people out of               to. This storm is our enemy. This is phase one.
there. Bottled or boiled water. If these people            There is big government work to do to make
remain     in   this   condition-    infectious            this right.”
diseases-outbreaks…”                                       A: “We’re counting on you, General.”
(“… it’s a simple message, and it comes from               He replied: “It’s not about me. It’s about our
the heart…”)                                               great forces- the police, the coastguards…
                                                           We’re going to make it happen because it’s
“OPERATION CATASTROPHE: They flocked                       a great cause…”
for shelter and found despair.”                            “… Nearly 60 countries… everyone wants to
                                                           see these people taken care of right’ said the
G. W. Bush said: “A new CITY will come. You                Secretary of State…”
just can’t imagine it until you see the level of
devastation…We’ve got plenty of resources                  “WHEN FREEDOM IS ON THE MARCH we
to do more than one thing. Our jobs in                     are stronger. When we are on the retreat we
responsibility are not to be satisfied until it is         are more vulnerable…” “It does us good to
done better. It is going to take a while. We’re            give without being mean about it…” said
talking years- weeks to get the electricity back           Condolisa Rice.
on- days to get people rescued. The more
fuel we have available, we are addressing it.              The Speaker of the House said: “3 Gulf coast
We’ve got to get the ports open, to get more oil           states are in a terrible state. We need housing
to the refineries. There is a need for housing.            for those who are displaced. We need to
PLEDGES: FEMA will be providing lots of                    bring people together… to get these things
temporary housing. We’ll be providing                      together… This disaster is the top priority of the
low-interest loans. People can apply. The                  House. We need structure, Bills. We have
government will supply housing. We will                    never had to face these problems before…”
delegate- get opinions. HOW do you re-build a              “… dozens of helicopters are still winching
city? ‘We’ll listen to people who know what                people off roofs, bridges etc… People are
they’re doing…… remote, coastal & rural                    losing their minds…” The police in tears…
communities who don’t have electricity.                    “…so many people are still searching for
PLEDGE: We’re going to get the power to                    help on the ground…”
the people. 1st things 1st. We’ve got to make              EXPERT: “… it shows the Americans are not
the people safe.”                                          all-powerful…”
(Ah! it’s about not running away from                      EXPERT: “It is an appalling shambles.” “…
responsibility!)                                           the lack of flood control…”
                                                           “Germany is offering portable shelters…”
General Honore (looking drained of energy)                 (Tents?)
said: “If it was easy, it would have been                  RESPONSE: “… we are working with the
done already- if it was simple. We’re going                Colonel of Civil Protection…” “… the UN
back to pick up the next load using the                    can’t send help until the US (administration?)
helicopters. I would best describe it as: The              asks them to do it…”
people on medication are getting worse- once               “… the hospital remains immobilised…” “…
we can get it started- clear the area, get                 the water is disgusting… 1,600 rescued by boat.
helicopters in, get medical personnel in, people           ‘We are seeing 3rd World conditions’…”
need a place to sleep in reasonable degree of              “NEW ORLEANS - many houses made of
comfort. These are families. This is not an                wood. You can’t get a fire engine down those
instant solution. They are frustrated and we are           roads now canals... Look at the density of
too.” (i.e. er, we’ll get back to you on that one,         these houses… The oil in the water will
OK?)                                                       accelerate fires. The fire will jump from one
“… it’s taking so long…”                                   roof to the other… Fires are not far from the
Q: “Where will victims on buses go to?”                    Super-Dome…” “… we should find what it is
                                                           and get it in there…”

“INDIFFERENCE & INCOMPETENCE. Both                         issue here. It will help the people in charge. A
are unacceptable” said Jesse Jackson. “Tell it             former FEMA commander / director will lead…”
like it is, don’t take nothing from it. Don’t say          “… navigate the streets! Fire Depts from New
you’re coming if you’re not...”                            York using jet skis to look for people…
“We made it through the holocaust- that’s what             Helicopters dropping supplies of water and
it was” said survivors.                                    boil-in-the-bag food… The loads…” (Ah!
“Why can’t they get food to the Super-Dome?                Fast-food?)
Why can’t people be put in the unused Airforce              “… rescuers wearing ‘dry suits’…”
/ military bases? There’s nowhere to put                   “Mother Nature has been far from maternal”
people? That’s bull-shit. They DIED because                said Michael Chertoff. (“Some people are
they couldn’t get water! WHY?”                             making very heavy weather of…”) “Houses
“6 DAYS LATER: The criminal justice system is              reduced to matchsticks. The damage to
up and running again. Prison population moved              infrastructure is horrifying. We are going to
to other prisons…”                                         move heaven and earth to restore…” (“I’d like
“The General is the antidote, telling his soldiers         to do something to help but…”)
to point the barrels of their guns down…”                  “We will not allow bureaucracy to get in the
“The biggest problem, no toilet facilities…”               way…”
“300 buses are standing by, going nowhere…”                “94,000 people are in Red Cross shelters
“A needs assessment is still being done to                 across 9 States…” “We have to give them
see which offers of help are needed, if any.”              hope. There will be rebuilding. This set of
“VICTIMS ARE BEING FED A LINE OF                           catastrophes has broken every mold, so we
BULL…” “People here feel very much let down                are going to break every mold in how we
by the people who they thought were going to               respond. We will do whatever it is to get
save them…”                                                people to health and safety…”
“… now, IF they have food or water, they still             “TRAINS used to evacuate… Many patients
have nowhere to go…”                                       still need to be evacuated from hospitals……
“… responsible for co-ordinating Federal                   We are sure we will be able to innovate” said
assistance, FEMA ‘dropped the ball’…”                      Michael Chertoff, Secretary for Homeland
“… efforts being put into repairing a levee                Security. “40 tents being sent up for medical
system we know is not working. We’ve got                   shelters. All the trucks & personnel needed…
to make sure these problems never happen                   will focus on the sickest of the sick…”
again…”                                                    “All the people who want to volunteer… A new
“… all we can do is pour money in to help the              National service launched for health care
people who are helpless…” ?                                professionals to harness ‘all the good energy,’
“… camping out with plastic bags… people                   to relieve the suffering… There hasn’t been a
moving from place to place. These are not ideal            dry eye in the Emergency centre…” “…We have
conditions. It’s a mixed message. There’s long             calluses on our knees from praying so much…”
lines of folks queuing up for buses… There’s
so much garbage everywhere… People are                     Q: “WHY EVACUATION SO CHAOTIC?”
saying ‘Why are we being treated like                      A: “The traditional model… the military… the
animals?’…” ATTITUDE: “Hey, you can go                     legal frame-work… authority in each State
catch a bus.”                                              placed with a governor… under these
“We’ve got to go back to living with faith,                circumstances…      the    unusual    set  of
hope and compassion.”                                      challenges… the need to break the traditional
“$200 million given privately to charities. Stars          model & come up with a new one within the
will hold a Telethon… Stars (i.e. celebrities)             legal framework- that was breathtaking.
endorse… raise levels of contributions…” (“Oh,             Water over-flowing levees- not a template
no. They don’t do Telethons for it…”)                      planned for. It was as if someone took the
“… the impact of losing their homes, being                 traditional model and dropped a nuclear
kept in these conditions, their lack of                    bomb on it. It only became clear when we
control, not knowing what is going on…” “…                 realised this was going to be a category 4
their sense of insecurity…” “Yeh, they’re                  Hurricane… This reminds us, in our
going to need a lot of mental health                       confidence to conquer Nature, Mother
officials…”                                                Nature Is A Very Tough And Very Powerful
‘SECURITY’ BRIEFING: “A FEDERAL JOINT                      opponent. It’s important to have a common
TASK FORCE will be responsible for                         operating plan to enhance security, to make
co-ordinating resources. Logistics are a huge              sure what we are doing is the most efficient.

                                                                                            CHAPTER 8: THE WEATHER

The Gulf coast has been obliterated. We need               are being taken… About 8,000 sick people are
a new ultra-catastrophe model. I would                     waiting at the field hospital at the airport.
ideally like to do it perfectly, ideally to get            Bodies are being put in white cooler trucks… “
closer to it. Everybody has magnificently                   “… Inside the hell of their ‘Super’ Dome
stepped up to meet these challenges. The                   ‘shelter,’ knives, guns, crack, over-flowing
National Defence plan all done within the                  toilets… soldiers armed with assault rifles
existing framework. Is a critical tool- is our             and grenade launchers to stop people trying
validation plan for what is reasonably see-able.           to leave…”
This is outside of what people foresaw but we              “… Another 14,000 cots ready for evacuees at
can adapt.”                                                the stadium at Texas…”
                                                           “Media told to stop using the word ‘refugee.’
Q: “Should FEMA directors resign?”                         Has negative connotations. Must be called
FEMA: “We are in the middle of something                   ‘survivors’…”
that is very dynamic. We can spend a lot of                “The last 5 days has been hell- a disaster.
time looking in the rear view mirror or you can            We were given a choice- bring your pets or
look at where we are going. We are going to                your luggage. We don’t know where we go from
promise people will get their lives back together.         here.” “They were rescued now they can’t wait
My focus is we are doing everything possible               to get out of here…” “Oh, you are so right- it is
to make it as easy as possible. There was a                the beginning of a long road ahead…”
lack of balance. Nature was unhelpful. It                  “In the stadium, 25,000 people with nowhere to
picked up speed, focus. Between preparing                  go. This could be the biggest challenge the
for… Government has to focus on special                    US has ever had to face. Another fire raging in
catastrophic issues.” “He added he had                     the business sector…”
confidence in the US plans to deal with terrorism          “So many dead and dying abandoned pets…”
& disasters.”                                              “Rats and animals are eating bodies…”
                                                           “Whatever it takes to help you rebuild your
“WE’VE LEARNT HOW TO DO THINGS                             lives…” said a host of a displaced family.
RIGHT” said FEMA (Federal Emergency                        “Oh, thank you for your kindness…” “I am afraid
officials). “(Some) civilians are being                    to go back…”
evacuated on school buses and loaded onto                  “If all documentation is lost, how do you
planes to be flown out. We want to get survivors           prove what you have lost? In the old days,
out- that is our mission. FEMA are not focused             Banks held deeds. These days...”
on the death toll. The State has a worked out              “12,400 people rescued so far. They are the
plan to perform their usual functions with that.”          lucky ones. 1,000’s of people are still on
JOURNALIST: “When will we have a rolling                   roof-tops etc. “ “… this litter-basket is
count?”                                                    spinning violently as they are winching to
FEMA: “I don’t know. We will start making                  air-lift someone who is seriously ill…”
breaches in the levees to allow some water to              “Local supplies of fuel are dwindling…”
drain out of the city…”                                    “A SHORTAGE OF military HELICOPTERS
                                                           (as these are in Iraq). Civilian and private
“People are scratching their heads. There are              helicopters hired…”
not enough resources. It’s chaotic. Everyone is
getting the best possible care.”                           “We need to REVALUE! Don’t send ‘smart’
JOURNALIST: “Isn’t that a contradiction?”                  bombs on dumb missions…” Ah! We no
FEMA: “They are getting what they need                     longer believe in your wars!
“Someone should explain it to the International            “There’s no communications between the
Rescue Committee…”                                         various Agencies! From the boat we need to
“…3 or 4 truckloads of Portaloos have arrived.             tell the helicopter there are people down here,
These people might have to ‘sleep’ in the                  but we can’t…”
queues for another couple of nights…”
OUTRAGE! “To move 20,000 people…”                          “Left a bit, right a bit, let’s see now, up a bit more,
“There are not enough buses- so people will                more left… so hard trying to co-ordinate the
get rejected…” “They will have to go back to               helicopter! This side left, more pedal right,
their little patch (on the street, outside the             mind the power lines that are all around…
Convention Centre). The sick and elderly are               From this bird’s eye view, so hard to see into
being put in shopping carts… People want to                buildings to see who is in there… They
stick together. People have no idea where they             continue to wait to be rescued.

The congestion in the skies- about 16                      a lie, deception and the false promise of
helicopters…”                                              making America safe while US citizens who
“… take off as the heat rises from the tarmac.             are actually need their protection, are
The risk of snipers… dozens of choppers in                 deprived and unsafe…”
the air. This is like a war zone! ‘Our problem
was a lot of coward men out there. We wanted               DISASTER       MANAGEMENT?       “…    even
to get the women out 1st.’ ‘The hardest to                 Guatemala can do it better than the richest
rescue are pregnant women’…” “We just don’t                nation on Earth…”
have the facilities or a lot of room on board              “… of course there are things that could be
the helicopter to help these people…”                      done- more sensible housing, taking into
“A rescue helicopter has crashed…”                         account flood plains…”
AIRDROPS: “What it’s like to have lost
everything, be in waist-deep water and then                “TERRIBLE SCENES AT THE AIRPORT. The
have somebody drop pallets of bottled water                injured, many in critical conditions, from
onto you?” “Aid dropped into contaminated                  hospitals and nursing homes, just waiting to be
water… So hard to find. And people don’t want              repatriated…”
to get into the water…”                                    “The Homeless, waiting…”
“Germany offering mobile units to provide                  “Reports of infighting. Will the State do it? ‘I
clean water…” (still no response from the White            don’t know’ said the Mayor of New Orleans. The
House!)                                                    local government’s response: ‘This is not an
“SOS.” “WE NEED HELP!” “… there are 60                     ideological debate. This is a debate about
choppers in the air…” “… it’s just not working             disaster control…”
out…”                                                      “… the flow of people through here could go on
“I keep trying to find resources. I’m screaming            for another 6 days…”
at the President…” said the Mayor of New                   “Let’s see if something can be done for these
Orleans. “For 8 years we have begged for                   poor people long term’ said Bill Scheider,
money for flood defences…” “The Mayor                      senior political analyst.”
wont forget those who are accountable…”
“…The CIA might take me out…” he said. “Now                “Eventually, 54,000 troops will be in the area to
is not the time for further analysis of what has           distribute food and water…”
happened…”                                                 “A $62 million Emergency grant will provide
“HOTELS ARE FULL for 100’s of miles. For                   20,000 temporary jobs for displaced workers-
most of the guests is the worry what                       who will participate in the clean-up of their own
happens when our money runs out?”                          communities…” “100’s of staff will canvass
“…45,000 (people!) are in hotel rooms…”                    neighbourhoods to help people access
“… it’s not an option…” “I’m starting a new                unemployment assistance / grants / insurance =
life…”                                                     A tremendous array of assistance…”
“Just identifying their needs is a very complex            “I can’t cash a welfare cheque without ID.
problem…” (Heavy Sigh).                                    Many had to flee without any wallet…”
“… dozens of dazed victims living in miserable             (“BLUNDER: Mrs Barbara Bush said: ‘So many
conditions…” “Isn’t this sad? I’m Homeless.                of the people were under privileged anyway, so
I’ve never lived like this. I want to go home.”            this is working very well for them’…”)
                                                           “Still about 30,000 people on the ground…” “…
“This ‘instant city’ is beginning to take shape.           I have been wearing the same clothes for
The Astro-Dome stadium. Now 26,000 people                  days now, soaked in toxic water, sewage…”
taken to Houston…”                                         “Who will clean me up?”
EXPERT: “Not suited well to a long term life               “In the hospital- no working toilets or air
here. You’ll want to move them from here…”                 conditioning…”
“They’ll have to be bussed out again…” “All                “NO GREEN LIGHT given to other countries
the mental and physical anguish and it’s still not         wanting to send Aid! The State Department said
done…”                                                     that would only complicate things if no
 “The swamped city…”                                       logistics on the ground to receive it…”
                                                           “The people should have the Right to accept
“The BLAME GAME has started.” “The whole                   or reject the Aid being offered by other
of the Louisiana Emergency Planning                        nations not the State Department…” (Ignored).
responsible should be sacked.”                             “79% of oil output closed down…” “… it will take
re: The National Guard: “… a baseless and                  many months / years for THE GULF STATE to
unnecessary mission whose pretext is based on              recover…”

                                                                                             CHAPTER 8: THE WEATHER

“100,000 people given Aid…”                                    “Housing is going to be at a premium. Every
 “3 cruise ships are heading for the area. Will                rental is going to be filled up…” (re: Covington).
‘house’ 7,000 people for the next 6 months…”                   “100’s are camped out in Churches relying on
“THE HURRICANE SEASON HAS YET TO                               the charity of the congregation…”
HIT ITS PEAK…” “Weather experts warned                         “Outside the affected areas, life is continuing as
Katrina marked only the ½ way point in the                     normal… There are lines and lines of buses
Atlantic Hurricane Season and more major                       going nowhere…” “Countless Aid flights
storms are on the way. Katrina was the 11th                    carrying supplies…”
storm of the season and the 4th to become a                    “The UN’s offer of help has been
Hurricane. The Met Office suggested this could                 accepted…” “The US has asked the EU and
rise to 20 tropical storms, of which 10 could                  NATO for food & medical supplies…”
reach Hurricane status before the end of the                   “KUWAIT pledging $500 million in oil /
season in November” (Daily Mail, 2/9/2005) (“A                 products.”
super-Typhoon with destructive winds of up to                  “Wal-Mart donating $17 million in cash. Will
250 mpk is heading toward Japan…”)                             open mini-stores in areas devastated by
                                                               impact of Hurricanes…”
(“Resource GREEDY People”: “How will you                       “The lack of respect shown for this disaster has
rebuild when there is NO timber or petrol?”                    stirred up a lot of politicians especially
“WHEN YOU HAVE NO OIL, WHAT ARE YOU                            Democrats…”
GOING TO DO?”)                                                 Q: “What was at the core at the breakdown
“… it asks as many questions as it                             of the social fabric?”
answers…”                                                      A: “The government needs to do more to
                                                               help the poor people. Their circumstances
 “Another group of people are mobilising-                      linked to a lack of education…”
an army of volunteers called ‘Angels of the                    A: “A fundamental lack of insight & planning at
Storm.’ ‘Whatever we can do we want to help.’                  the highest level in government. A profound lack
Hand out water, cheques for $1,000’s,                          of understanding. Insulting to the good people
class-rooms opened. Volunteers will live                       to say we didn’t expect the levee to break when
side-by-side with victims to help them rebuild.                we all knew the levee would break!”
Will it say good-bye to their own, old way of                  “What went wrong? What went right? Let’s
life?”                                                         face it.”
“Coroners overwhelmed…”                                        “On Monday, FEMA built ‘an arc of relief’…
“After the Hurricane, people are coming apart                  centres equipped with blankets etc. Then
at the seams! So many domestic                                 roads impassable. FEMA’s relief said to be
disputes…” “… Families- separated- at                          ‘inadequate & missing.’ FEMA were
breaking point…”                                               surprised by the extent of the tragedy.
“FIRES SET BY ARSONISTS…” “… Fireboats                         Where was the relief when it was needed?
are being used. Hydrants are empty. Inept.                     (Studies done- this scenario was predicted in
Indicative of the way G. W. Bush runs                          1995). Now people split - put all over the country.
America…”                                                      Still no communications? People need to find
“We’re going to fix it one at a time if we have to”            their loved ones…Web-sites set-up… FEMA’s
said G. W. Bush.                                               budget was cut. FEMA needs to be
“… it’s wanting to do something for the babies.                independent. Plans need to be exercised…”
That’s right, isn’t it?” said the General. “If there’s         Q: What more could FEMA have done?”
one thing I need its about 3 days of expert time               A: “…A Seamless operation… So many
to plan everything…” “We’re going to turn the                  fire-men are sitting around waiting for a mission.
tide of this situation. We’re gonna find the                   We are going to have a Seamless operation up
solution” said General Russel Honoray.                         and running by the end of tomorrow…”
“Dusk to Dawn Curfew imposed…” “At night                       Q: “They are still talking about setting up a
they stop the rescue missions…”                                plan!?”
AT CHARITY HOSPITAL: “8 – 10 people a                          A: “It’s not a plan, it’s an organisation” said
day dying here. Thick air, a sickening                         James Witt, former FEMA Director.
stench…”                                                       (“… It’s a plan. A good plan… it’s always
“IN THEIR DARKEST HOUR… they are now                           sensible to have a plan…”)
trying to put the pieces together…”                            “The political, economic and disaster model of
“It was horrible, so horrible…” “… God only                    the USA - the scenes! Is NOT the model for
knows where I’m going. I’m lost…”                              other countries to copy.”

“‘This is nature’s doing’ is the primary spin                     “G. W. Bush to ask for $51 Billion in Katrina
from The White House…”                                            Aid…” “Final re-building cost could be $200
“Relief efforts must not be hampered by a                         Billion…”
system designed for much lesser disasters.” “A                    “10 DAYS after… (some) pumps now working”
Commission should be established to                               (spewing the toxic filthy water into the
investigate…”                                                     beautiful lake…) (Comments / Ref: CNN).
                                                                  DEBATE: “Florida has a special fund for this
“How to get these communities back on their                       sort of disaster, so they can rebuild quickly- in
feet?” (“Give positive relief.” “Say it. Come on.                 about 2 months…” (more of the same?) “Not
You need it.”) (“… it’s all about how we respond                  right, that the poor in New Orleans wont have
to fear. We’re going to make it work. Are you                     their homes rebuilt anything like as quickly
with me?” “Let’s cut the crap and get down to                     even though they pay taxes…” “The uninsured
it…”)                                                             wont have anything built for them…” “If you
“… police traumatised- a couple of                                earn over $100,000 in America, you get tax
suicides… “ “Rescuers red-eyed- they wont                         breaks- concessions- a reduction. Isn’t that
give up…”                                                         crazy? That means, the poor are subsidising
(At long last!) “The Duck Bus, Amphibian                          the rich - the money paid by the poor pays for
vehicle being used to evacuate… “ Also, Air                       rebuilding property for the rich!”
Boats (large, noisy fan at the rear, as used in                   “… still without power… THE INQUIRY into the
Florida swamps).                                                  DISASTER was boycotted by Democrats as a
“… so many unhappy faces…”                                        whitewash. i.e. Republicans? are saying ‘we
“I wouldn’t want to ‘live’ on the overpass for                    handled the crisis brilliantly’…”
5 minutes” said a private pilot flying charitable                 “12 DAYS on. The military are leaving. They’ve
rescue missions.                                                  done their job now.” Uh?
“Survivors DYING of heat & starvation as                           “They are trying to work out whose
rescue efforts too slow- aren’t enough                            responsibility it is...“
resources. Coastguard centre overwhelmed
with calls for help. Cries haunting rescue                        “MEGA TSUNAMI: “Many years ago, a WAVE-
workers. The weak and sick expire 1st. They                       the size of a 50-storey building (150 metres
are still working round the clock…” (5/9/2005)                    high) hit this shoreline... (A normal tsunami
(“The USA’s Chief of Justice, a Conservative, has died…”)         reaches 10m maximum). In 1958, a 2nd GIANT
Q: “Are problems going away?”                                     WAVE. Cause: Rock falling off a mountain-
A: No, they are not. Evacuees need new                            landslides... Scientists FEAR a Volcano island-
homes and some want to return to their old                        La Palma, could collapse triggering a GIANT
homes.” “They don’t want to give up the                           WAVE that can cross Oceans- and could hit
security of their badly damaged houses…                           the East coast of America causing Miami,
some don’t want to leave their homes…”                            Boston and parts of New York to be devastated.
(7/9/2005).                                                       The WAVE would take 8 HOURS to hit the
New Orleans: 9 DAYS after the storm:                              shoreline. EVACUATION would have to be
“Drainage starts. One hole secured…” “This                        incredibly EFFICIENT. This is going to
city must be cleaned…” “EVERYBODY                                 happen. We don’t know when…” (Horizon, UKTV
MUST GET OUT, it’s in your best interests to                      History, 2/8/2005)
leave. It’s not safe. New Orleans is a hazard.                    "Who needs tomorrow? We'll be running for
There’s no food or safe water here. Police                        shelter, looking at the stars. How we will wish
forcibly have to make people leave- for                           we had made it to last..."
safety, security. 5 people have died of
water-borne diseases in the Gulf region…                          “Can HURRICANE destruction get worse
Looters put in cages accused of stealing to                       than Katrina? The USA’s Hurricane Centre
make profit…” ATTITUDE: “Out you go.                              director thinks so. ‘I think the day is coming. I
We’re on our way…”                                                think eventually we’re going to have a very
“Now a ‘life’ of uncertainty for displaced                        powerful hurricane in a major metropolitan
persons.” “This is a nightmare. We left                           area worse than what we saw in Katrina and it’s
thinking we’d be gone for 3 days…” “Initially                     going to be a MEGA-DISASTER. With lots of
people will respond to this devastation with a                    lost lives,’ Mayfield said. ‘I don’t know whether
warm welcome. 3 months on, I hope they still                      that’s going to be this year or 5 years from now
respond…”                                                         or 100 years from now. But as long as we
DEATH TOLL: “Significant. Likely to be                            continue to develop the coastline like we are,
1,000’s…” “Everyone is shocked by it. A tragic                    we’re setting up for disaster’…” (Reuters,
situation…”                                                       22/8/2006) “… it’s a universal picture…”
                                                                                         CHAPTER 8: THE WEATHER

ADVERT: “Don’t wait until tomorrow. The                  The new HQ for The British Antarctic Survey
danger is here today.”                                   will be… towed using a bull-dozer.

"In the past 2 million years there have been 30


“Only the hardiest survived The Ice Age.”
“Neanderthal man was wiped out by the last
Ice-Age, but Homo-Sapiens survived. How?
Why? Homo-sapiens used their intelligence                The creation of architects (at London-based Faber
to communicate. Homo-sapiens ADAPTED,                    Maunsell and Hugh Broughton), won a BAS and
they started sheltering in caves to protect              Royal    Institute     of   British Architecture
themselves from the onslaughts of bitter winds,          competition to design a new base for scientists
and snow. They used animal fat to make fires             researching Global Climate Change. Building
which lit the caves and kept predators away.             work is due to start in 18 months” (Ref. Daily Mirror,
They died young, but they survived as a                  20/7/2005).
species, and we are their descendants."
                                                         Remarkable similarities! I started to get quite
“ARE WE SMARTER than the DINOSAURS                       excited… BUT on closer examination, I had to
were 65 million years ago?”                              ask myself how practical will these MODULES
                                                         really be?
UK: A bit of snow = “WE’RE FREEZING!”
1963: “ICE BOX BRITAIN: The Sea froze! So
much snow… 23 people killed in one day…”

SUICIDE = “Letting yourself be snowed

“ANTARCTICA: Wind speeds 200 mph…”
“Battling against strong winds is like
struggling uphill dragging a heavy weight. You
use up all your energy. If your energy intake is
not matched with output…”                                               Inter-Connectable?

“HOW TO ESTABLISH A BASE CAMP? The                       The 1st drawing I did, had skis. I looked at the
need for food supplies, cooking…”                        skis and decided skis are impractical. Skis
                                                         only glide forward and back… A ski could snap
“’PROJECT            LIFE-LINE’:    Severe               off… How will it move if snow packs on top of
miscalculations. All I have is a canoe. Er.              the skis? Or if one ski sunk?
“STAY RATIONAL. Be objective. Make a list of              How long will it take the (diesel-powered?)
priorities. Remember variables. Expect                   bull-dozer to tow and relocate one Module
unexpected problems. Get a grip on                       away from danger? What if the bull-dozer
yourself…”                                               topples…

“AN ICE BASE ON SKIS: … an entire Antarctic              Ah! Hurray! FREE-Standing! But their shape...
research station… built on skis… the                     Stability tested, in a strong wind?
futuristic new base for scientists…”
                                                         Size? Weight? Transported (by ship?) in
Oh! it’s not something for ordinary people?              (pre-fabricated) pieces?

“The Halley V1 Station has legs that can be              Material? A steel frame and aluminium skin?
jacked up above the regions 5’ snowdrifts…               Clunk, clunk, every trip?

                                                            then doom on you” (Film: Ice Age).
Insulation? Power source?                                   What’s it going to be? ADAPT, or suffer
You never know, one day YOU might need it.
“… it could save your life.” “… it could save               THE      WEATHER      IS    CHANGING:
my life.”                                                   “Environmental disaster demands Global
“What you do to prepare to give yourselves
the best chance… if you get it right - it means                 “Let me just say two little words to you.
less will go wrong later on. Can you Afford                                  Flood lights...”
not to get it right?”

“OUR SURVIVAL DEPENDS                  ON    OUR            EARTHQUAKES:
ABILITY TO EVOLVE.”                                         TECHTONICS: “… About land masses
                                                            moving, changing…”
 “Er, you’ll see it later when we’ve organised              “The art of functional design and making...”
                                                            “RESONANCE: Destructive motion- sway…”
JAPAN: “5 metres of snow… roofs creaking                    “THE DOMINO EFFECT: One tall building
under the weight! So much snow, people                      sways, hits another building…”
unable to get out of their houses…” (Early January,
                                                            “A Cathedral has survived since the 16th
IS THIS WHAT THE END OF OUR WORLD                           century because of its squat shape.
COULD BE LIKE?                                              Architects knew its interlocking domes and
"SHACKTOWN: Our makeshift hut is made                       pillars were strong… Many houses are
from old bits of plywood. … Christ! Every                   unprotected- need strengthening- many
surface is crusted with frost. Shivering                    lives are at risk. Cannot find Alternative
compulsively… Frozen sleeping bag… Even                     housing. Faced with an uncertain future. We
the floor's frozen. Frozen tears, frozen mucus,             are all afraid… A neighbourhood group in
frozen teeth, frozen darkness… Cracked lips-                Mexico City is promoting SAFER low-income
painfully blackened, blackened fingers, risk of             housing…”
gangrene / DIY amputations... Useless
batteries, frozen pumps, no petrol, when the                “500 VILLAGES WIPED OUT… 45,000
generator worked it gave us a bad head-ache.                people killed. 2.5 million (people!) made
Monoxide emissions from the stove killing                   homeless. Few helicopters. ‘Sleeping’ in the
everyone. Damn place is TOO BIG to heat.                    open… few tents… now freezing rain and
Abandoned huts, broken glass everywhere,                    snow! They need medicine, food, shelter…”
piles of contorted metal no use to anyone                    “… Trying to get help to survivors =
everywhere. The tarpaulin ripped in the                     Helicopters are the only way. Roads are
storm...The dazzling snow. Snow blindness.                  iced…”
What if we crack up? Tough it out…”
"The Ice Caps slid into the sea. Climate                    “… 3 months on, people still QUEUEING for a
Changed overnight. Tidal waves... Famine,                   tent! 9 people to one tent. Freezing snow.
disease... The disappearance of the Earth's                 1,000 aftershocks! ‘Tents are no match for
Magnetic field crippled radio signals...                    the weather’…”
Computers went mad... Trade rapidly dwindled.
Little oil... No super-markets… No travel.                  “… the deteriorating weather conditions have
Millions died in 1st day... Lost agriculture.               meant it is difficult to move from relief to
Cheques failed to arrive... Military in control...          construction work…”
Population locked in suicidal wars... "
“… it doesn’t have to be this way!”                         “MORE TROUBLE & STRIFE” ?
WAH! “We need it.”                                          “… the ‘solutions’ are not what they promised
“… it’s not too late.”                                      them to be…”
“God, I hope we make it.”
“… it's the only one who'll keep you from the               “In one school, 120 were lost. Over 500 killed
cold..."                                                    in one village. Flattened. Now ‘living’ in a
                                                            shanty town, under corrugate steel… Since
“IF you’re not smart enough to plan ahead,                  the Earthquake, the water pumps nearly dry.
                                                                                        CHAPTER 8: THE WEATHER

Inadequate sanitation. Disease festering in                “What difference will it make           to   the
the heat. Food supplies scarce. Lines of                   Environment?” (4/2/2006)
CHILDREN with begging bowls… The need                      At this rate, none whatsoever.
for a new hospital…” (GMTV, 19/4/1994).
                                                           ARMAGEDDON: "Future scenes of disastrous
THE ENVIRONMENT:                                           "The rebellion of the EARTH..."
“What a glorious place God made for us!”                   "The Mountains came crashing down, the
 “Do you want to continue living on Planet                 EARTH gave a mighty roar like a beast …
Earth?”                                                    The last time I won a world, I made it into a
          “We all need a home…”                            moon..."
        "If I forget thee, oh Earth..."
         “Can you do without it?”
     "God knows, we love this world" ?                     1883: “36,417 deaths were caused by the
                                                           KRAKATOA Volcano &               tidal wave that
“Environmentalists ‘attacked’ Mrs Thatcher                 affected Sumatra, Java & Indonesia. 165 towns
in a powerful call for realism over pollution. Mrs         were destroyed. Tragedy never really
Thatcher said: 'I find some people are thinking            recognised. The hard lesson to be learnt =
of the Environment in an airy-fairy way, as if             The forces of nature should never be
we could go back to village life! Some might               under-estimated. This volcano could erupt
quite like it, but it is impossible to do. There           again. It’s not a case of if. Only when?” Channel
is no way we could do without the great car                4, 22/1/2005).
economy because the economy would
collapse if we do."                                        “…the cinders set fire to the roofs. Tons of
                                                           dust fell…”
"The GOVERNMENT is in a                state   of          “Do NOT breathe the dust in! Clogs your
TERMINAL      SCHIZOPHRENIA"            said    a          lungs…”
Conservative MP.
                                                           JAPAN: “… Huts in danger zones now fitted
“Flooding- a high tide. Roads flooded. Cars                with cameras… Many people worldwide
under water…”                                              facing similar dangers” (Tomorrows World, BBC1,
YOUNG PEOPLE SAID: “Europe BURNING,                        1/3/1990).
then FREEZING. We gotta stick to cars?
WHAT USE ARE CARS GOING TO BE?”                            “America’s favourite national park, Yellowstone,
                                                           is sitting on top of a Super Volcano with the
“What vehicles will we be using when the                   power to kill us all… The ash… Last
heavy snow and ice comes?” “Houses,                        Super-eruption was 70,000 years ago. It could
roads- everything’s going to survive The Ice               happen again anytime…”
Age? Yeh, right. Get real. We might not even
live that long…”                                           TAKE EVASIVE ACTION! Modules could be
                                                           MOVED away Very Quickly and Easily if
"Our will is not our own. CAN WE do our own                danger threatens.
stuff?" “We’ve just got to get inside it…”                 Resin wont melt? I’m sceptical. I personally
“Get it while you can!”                                    doubt any structure could survive burning hot
“Hopefully, the idea for it will snowball from             lava. If it ever came near to crunch time, I
us outcasts to being something more than                   wouldn’t stay around long enough to ever risk it!
mush…” (1994).

CARS: “… a highly profitable (?) but
reckless strategy…”

  NO Alternative Economic Strategy
        in place. Wake Up!

                                                            your crops increase, your fertiliser
CHAPTER 9: AGRICULTURE                                      increases, you swap and start feeling
                                                            "When will there be a harvest for the
“What is the future for farmers? More muck                  world?"
and muscle? Sell land off to developers to
build brick houses? 'We don't think housing is              FAMINES: "½ the world is starving" (1990).
a good idea.'
"Houses built on farmland? Little back gardens              "A switch to ORGANIC farming would cause
are no use to otters, partridges, hares, rabbits...         ‘catastrophic food shortages.’ ‘Key crops would
Suburbia drives out the little creatures.                   be devastated by almost ½ within 2 years, if
Borderlines between urban sprawl creates a                  chemical sprays were banned’... claimed The
haven..."                                                   National Union of Farmers who voted to
'We need to keep farms for traditional farming.'            dismiss demands for a major expansion into
'Turn farms into fun-'fairs'? 'Make more farms              Green (Eco-friendly) agriculture. 'There is no
into major tourist centres?' "Projects costing              evidence of any danger to public health where
£100's of millions... crowds of holiday makers              chemicals and pesticides are used properly'
on land where food once used to grow?"                      said the chairman... Green supporters
"Farmers are at a cross-roads. ’We're not                   attacked the decision as 'short sighted.' 'How
quite concern what the mix should be. We're all             can we be on the brink of starvation if the
confused about it.' What is the future role of              Agriculture minister is busy setting land
the country-side? We must sort this out soon"               aside from production?' asked Friends of the
(BBC, 17/1/1990).
                                                            Earth. 'The opportunity is here for farmers to
"Farmers can't Afford to care." Rubbish.                    use less intensive methods."
Maybe farmers don’t understand it?

"A One Man Farm = 10,000 – 80,000 acres!                    “Enuf. Just do it!” "Do it in a way that's
Imagine that divided into plots for families to             acceptable to Organic gardeners."
use... With orchards, plantations, loads of
different crops - farm animals galore and                   ORGANIC: "… it's not sprayed with anything -
100's of happy, healthy children..." "Who                   it grows on fresh air and Sunshine, basically…"
say's growing food can't be good fun?"
“… it’s for the good of the country…”                       "You can avoid pests by simply rotating
                                                            crops." "Plant cabbages etc., amongst
"Help farmers to stay on the land." "We wish                flowers! This works very well..."
the government/s would."
                                                            "What is the best way to cover the Earth?
UK: “… farmers can build in virtually any                   Go with the Grain- it's easier!" "Imagine
location, in any style, in any colour,                      London, in the Sun, its postal districts packed
regardless of the impact on the rural                       with fields of wheat…"
landscape...”                                               "Why does an empty field look so lonely and
                                                            sad?" ("Too many fields are idle.")
"THE GOOD LIFE: A bid is being launched to                  "OBSCENE: About 100 farmers will be paid
bring new blood into the farming industry                   subsidies under a £300,000 pilot scheme- part
through an ‘Agricultural Tenancy Reform Bill’               of     EEC backed moves to curb food
which will allow farmers greater freedom to                 production" (July 1990)
negotiate agreements to let spare land to
people who want to try their hand on the                    "INDUSTRIAL SCALE FARMING…” "EURO
land" (Evening Standard, 16/11/1994)                        FOOD MOUNTAINS: Britain setting up a
Yippee! "Get back to Mother Nature. This                    think-tank to find practical approaches toward
organic food smells divine. Quite mouth                     ending EC food mountains.... ‘Reform of the
watering in fact."                                          Common Market Agricultural policy is
                                                            essential…” (1994).
"Organics = Fresh, natural. Organics so you
look radiant, with health and beauty."                      EXPERT: “We have produced traditional
                                                            schemes- tourist parks, where once we had
“Shall we all go to the garden centre?”                     woodland. Fields are going to be left to fallow
“No, no, no. That’s not the way to do it. As                is the only ‘solution’…" (12/9/1990).
                                                                                          CHAPTER 9: AGRICULTURE

"The world market is changing! We've got to                  locally grown produce…” “There used to be
ADAPT! What crop/s should farmers grow                       a big farmers market here.
                                                             "Food prices to soar... are going up faster
“Say it with FLOWERS…”                                       than ever before..." (UK: 1989).
1960’s: ‘The Flower Children’: Spread                        "We import food we could grow here..." "All
Happiness, Joy! = “We are stardust, we are                   these travel costs could be saved..."
golden and we’ve got to get ourselves back                   “You’re starving… and you still don’t get it...”
to the garden…” “JOY TO THE WORLD…” =
“FLOWER POWER” = Grow Crops EG.
Sunflowers     to    combat     Environmental                VEGETARIAN/S:
problems (Sunflowers = Oil…)                                 "To be or not to be? Get your facts straight."
Hippies started the movement - giving away                   “Eating fresh fruit and vegetables reduces
free Sunflower seeds.                                        the risk of heart disease and prevents
“… it just started silently and grew…”                       cancers.”
“The best things in life are FREE!”                          "50% of men who eat meat regularly die of
(Protestors hold flowers- offer flowers to the               heart disease. 4% of men who eat no animal
police and soldiers etc., who perhaps don’t                  products die of heart disease."
understand the significance, or the                          "The countries with diets highest in animal
significance is ignored).                                    products have the highest rates of cancer,
"Hippies say they are not mad- they are just                 heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis etc."
loafing around... planting songs of peace..."                "90% of all food borne pesticides are found in
PREDICTED: "The Hippies will enjoy a come                    meat and dairy products."
back." “The coming of this event will be                     "I want to be a vegetarian but my Mum says I
symbolised by a rainbow."                                    have to eat meat because if I don't my health
                                                             will suffer." "Your Mum has been successfully
“LUPINS have very high concentrate of                        indoctrinated by the meat industry. Meat
proteins and Oil…”                                           kills people. Avoiding meat will improve your
“… vegetable oils are non-toxic to the                       health, not damage it" (Dr. Coleman, The People,
Environment, biodegradable if spilled…”                      26/3/1990).
                                                             "16% of teen-agers are now vegetarians.
"OIL PRODUCTION CEASED: Oil ceased                           People are eating less red meat, preferring
production - rapeseed oil, Soya oil, oil seeds.              poultry" (BBC, 11/10/1993).
No acceptable deal to the USA. Fail = Grim                   "If you haven't become vegetarian yet maybe
consequences. $200 BILLION lost in trade.                    you should think about it..."
Gatt Rules: Problem. Change policy?                          "Some of the diseases vegetarians less likely
Subsidies, or stick to rules? USA wants to                   to suffer from are: Cancer, heart disease,
impose tariffs. How is it to be implemented?                 arthritis, high blood pressure, gall stones,
Sector, by sector. Very substantial job                      indigestion, diabetes, strokes, varicose
opportunities. Gains will be lost if talks fail.             veins, piles, gout, and constipation.
Quarrels continue" (The Money Programme, BBC                 Vegetarians also less likely to become
8/11/1992).                                                  overweight. And far less likely to contract a
                                                             food-borne infection. Vegetarians tend to be
"Don't be nuts. Grow nuts! Almond oil?
                                                             fitter than meat-eaters, many of the world's
"Walnut oil? "Sesame oil?" “Lavender oil?”
                                                             successful athletes are vegetarian" (The People,
Cottonseed oil, castor oil,                                  7/8/1994).
"How will it hurt the land? It doesn't stand
out. It just blends in. It's very, very fruity. It's
not just delicious and good - it's golden. It's              DIET:
the call of nature."                                         “Tons and tons of discarded animal FAT is
“… No united front. ...the government has to be              BLOCKING SEWERS…”
part of the team. It needs a coherent effort.
It's a long term affair. The answer is to                    "Eat your heart out?"
become more market developed" (The Money                     "Over-Eating due to too much stress? Are you
Programme, BBC, 1992).                                       trying to eat your way out of depression?"
                                                             Diet! “Are you afraid of sticking at it?”
“40 years ago, we did our shopping in small,                  “½ your body is fat!” “You are 19 stones
local shops and markets, buying fresh,                       over-weight!”

“How do you feel being fat?“ “I am                         "I'll try it. I need a good diet."
MISERABLE and uncomfortable. I suffer
shortness of breath…” “I’m fed up with being so
fat. I want a different life.” “I feel as big as a         GROW YOUR OWN:
house…”                                                    "During the war, when people grew their own
                                                           veg, the nation was healthier than it is today."
“... it's dieting without pain..."
“… it develops co-ordination, improves                     "You get fresh air, exercise and fresh food
confidence… it needs organisation- so join a               from growing your own."
club. Improvise, invent equipment. If you’re               "This is really healthy. You can get fit doing
willing to work at it, it’s a great way to spend           this."
your time. It’ll keep you fit, help you lose               "I haven't had a cold since I've been doing
weight. It offers healthy competition that                 this... so there must be something in it!"
aids survival skills. It involves a lot of                 “Gardening has a therapeutic effect on
techniques and solid understanding. It’s                   mental health…”
open to every age range. We run courses to                 "Having a plot means you can grow
make it attractive, so it becomes less                     something to give - that's always a pleasure."
dangerous. We can make it easy for them.                   "We learn things from each other. We're
Taking the risks out is a very important part of           very social, very kind."
the process. It has been called the ultimate               "You learn skills about planting, different ways
street cred ‘game’ of the 21st Century.                    of cooking, patience, goodness - even religion
Message is: Be ACTIVE. You can do as you                   and the way it blends in…"
like. Encourage, don’t criticise. That’s it. Good          "I love my allotment - it's a complete new
lad. You’re a natural, Jenny. Great. Get Wise.             world..."
Say: I’m going to get it” (Advert for an Activity          "You feel you are in the country."
Centre, 1992) “… it’ll pull your buttocks in…”             "My allotment means freedom - the love of
                                                           creation - everything in the world to me."
“If you must eat meat, only a maximum of twice             "Gardening is BLISS. Most satisfying.
a week. You should be eating organic meat.                 Rewarding..." "Standing in a garden like this is
You are probably not because this is                       absolute JOY. It is what everyone aspires to..."
expensive and hard to buy."                                "Gardening is very therapeutic, very enjoyable
                                                           and relaxing. Can help you live longer..."
THE IDEAL DIET: "Come and Get it!" Goat’s                  “THE GOOD LIFE!” “Plants are like people.
milk / cheese = You will be “As nimble and sure            They need water and food to live. And space
footed as a goat.” “A drink of fresh orange juice          to grow. Press plants down firmly- they need to
a day     is known to reduce cancer risk.”                 feel secure, but be gentle with their roots-
Un-sugared low-salt wholegrain Cereal.                     they can be damaged quite easily…”
Wholemeal bread. Fresh tomato. Dark green
lettuce. Fresh fruit. Raw or steamed fresh                 “GROW YOUR OWN!” "… it's self-funding
vegetables. Frozen still contains vitamins but             and could run itself."
over-cooking destroys. Oily fresh fish..."                 "Children love to grow thing things too." "I
                                                           can help my Dad. I grow peas, sweet corn..."
“A wise man prefers honey..." (By-products:                "My son can put in a lot of energy..." "My
wax, mead, cosmetics…)                                     parents enjoy being here a lot..."
"HERBS: Essential for healthy life. Fast to                A Forest Farm. Land dotted with ponds.
grow. Should be really fresh, fragrant- for                Avocados at head level. At ground level-
good taste, so grow your own..."                           mandarins. It's cool and shady. We can
                                                           show the 3rd World before the crisis comes...
“Anti-Carcinogenic          Fruits:      Mango,            He is interested in ABUNDANCE. The danger
Strawberry, Guava (also prevents cell                      of this system is falling fruit- there's going to be
malformation, decreases cholesterol & prevents             tons..." (said Visionary Bill Mollison, re: Perma-Culture:
cell aging). Pineapple: Good for bone formation;           Channel 4, 1990).
anti-bacterial and anti-viral action. Papaya
reduces inflammation of the feet, good for                 "Rain water is better than tap water for plants."
digestion.      Blackberry     reduces     fever;          VEG: "Select varieties that can grow close
blue-berries also good for circulation…” All ideal         together. Grow in containers. Keep them warm
for SMOOTHIES!                                             and snug and they'll survive - better in a

                                                                                    CHAPTER 9: AGRICULTURE

sheltered position, not exposed, or in                  Help them do it, I say! Just make it possible
extremes. Spinach- grow, then crop as often             for those who do want to do it!”
as you like- it will keep coming back" (BBC,
8/3/1993).                                                        "… it is my belief. God's
“I grow massive vegetables using a mixture                        Kingdom Here On EARTH"
of goat and sheep manure…”                                        (said Tony Benn, Labour MP, 1991).
"Financially this means everything - I don't
                                                                    "You'll see it come to fruition."
have to live off the state. It's self-help.
                                                        "With good loving..."
Means I can support myself."
                                                        "I'll bring it back- you need never feel no
"Do it so valleys bloom again- so there'll be
blue-birds over the white cliffs of Dover..."
"Organic farmers would like a revitalisation
                                                        "LOVE! Fresh as the morning air. Love
of Farms- everywhere, even in the cities!"
(17/5/1993).                                            shared- like a rose under the April snow.
“MANY HANDS MAKE LIGHT WORK!”                           Love! Can certainly grow. Love! Ageless
“SAY it WITH LIVING PLANTS!” "Call in the               and evergreen. Seldom seen. It can make
troops to transform barren areas. Plant the             each night the first- all because we have the
Garden- that's the way to do it. Do a plan to           brightest love. Time we learnt. Love -
scale. Keep it tidy..."                                 ageless as evergreen…"
“Do I like it? I love it!”
"The exchange of food can bind
communities together."                                  UNDER THE WEATHER:
“If you guys have anything surplus we could             “Farmers are lamenting the lack of drought
sure use it…”                                           Aid…”
                                                        "Most farmers are suicidal because of the
Plan: “,,, it will be all over the world"               rain..." (March 1994).
(28/5/1992)                                             "The harvest was ruined by ‘bad’ weather..."
“Let’s all join together now…”                          "FROST i.e. frozen dew, could wipe out much
“I just want to cultivate it… see it growing            of… the crop…”
basically…” “The sweet smell of success                 "We have an acre under glass..."
will come with it!”
                                                        “You’re beginning to realise it’s sink or
"Gourmet country baby food could boost                  swim. You’re dressed in oil skins… growing
your harvest..."                                        corn… for which they say there is no market…
"Look, it's not all going to be bread and water         they buy this off you for less than it costs to
you know..."                                            grow… while you push and shove the wet Earth
"In France you can holiday in regions where             - desperately making barriers to contain the
all the food is home grown and jolly good.              storm water… When will you realise the answer
The children loved it" (1993).                          to solve all your hassles is plastic?”
never grown anything in my life…”                       "... it could bring about an economic
THE ELDERLY: "Many are wise cottage                     miracle..."
gardeners. From this small plot they fed
their family. A simple chicken coop made of a           "Covering the Earth over with sheets of
few bits of plastic and some straw for happy            polythene is the cheapest way to keep the
chicks... Growing flowers among the veg to              Earth warm...""Plastic cloches, big and small,
ensure good pollination and less blight. If you         better than glass houses. Cheaper and
cultivate gardening friends you swap, get               SAFER…"
advice, seeds, plants etc for FREE."
                                                        “… with the surplus grown in my
'Poverty levels have risen 3 times... The               poly-tunnel…” “… it’s the LIGHT at the end of
unemployed need jobs..." (16/2/1995).                   the tunnel!”
"A Conservative minister has suggested the              “… it’s A GREEN HOUSE…” New-style.
unemployed should grow vegetables!!!“                   Transparent? Or tinted to stop plants
                                                        burning? Unbreakable? ”… it’s as tough as
“HANDS UP all those who want GARDEN!”                   growing grapes.”
                                                        "What plants are you going to grow in it?"
“ I think it's a great idea!” “Yeh, RIGHT ON.           “… it’s an ESSENTIAL bit of KIT…”
"Most) plants like to be sprayed with a fine mist         "HALAL MEAT in theory is a humane way of
of water…”                                                killing animals. The knife must be sharp, a clean
H'mm. An automatic variable sprinkler?                    blow delivered to cause as little suffering as
LIQUID FEED = “Hydroponics. Growing crops                 possible. This must be done by a Muslim
in water, with Organic food... Marijuana                  according to the Koran. 'To eat meat not
growers know a lot about Hydroponics...                   produced this way means: ‘Going to Hell.'
Ready-made kits available... Great if top soil            Research has shown only 20% of Halal meat is
lacking.”                                                 produced by this method..." (BBC, 21/7/1994).

“Recycled tyres can be made into porous                   "I thought farmers were supposed to love
pipes to weep water onto plants…”                         their animals? How can farmers allow their
                                                          animals to be so mistreated?" “Do farmers
1970's: “The Green Revolution: Not                        these days even like animals? They seem to
understood by many people. Was very                       ‘have it in’ for all small furry creatures…”
important. The UN (UNESCO) put up                         "Farmers only ‘care’ about the money- what
£millions to develop hardy, disease-free new              price they'll get for each animal.” “Farmers
crops. Crops that could withstand drought,                can't Afford to care...” (“That argument again,
yield much more. As a result much starvation              huh?")
was abated in the 3rd World. It's a thousand
million pities the programme was not                      "I believe those who want to eat meat should at
continued."                                               least witness the killing of (humble) animals
                                                          they will eat. That could save millions of
… it's food for thought."                                 animals every year." "If 10% of the population
"… it's just food on the table."                          became vegetarians that would save 60
                                                          million animals a year."
“’Do something different!’ Lightness, with
strength… Hemp today is used to provide                   Roasted pheasant, fatty duck, monkey’s
inner panels for cars, horse bedding… A happy             brains, cow’s bottom, skinned dog,
ending? If given a few good reviews… this                 eye-balls, testicles… (“What a strange way to
miracle crop could run and run. Here is an                exist! I tell you there’s a better way.”)
alternative crop farmers can grow…” (BBC1,
23/1/2006) “LET it GROW!”                                 “SENTINENT CREATURES: Instead of
                                                          standing on grass, cows now stand on
                                                          concrete. Instead of grazing they are fed on
ANIMALS:                                                  cut grass. There is very little joy left for the
"What are you doing out here?" "Look at that              cow. They are pushed to their physical limits.
poor creature out there in the wet and the                50% are suffering pain from lameness from
cold. They should tie the owner up out there to           standing in slurry. Inflamed udders… The
see how he likes being so mistreated. He says             quality of milk suffers…” (Dispatches, Channel 4,
the animal will come to no harm..."
                                                          WAH! "WHEN WILL THE COWS COME
"ANIMALS     DESERVE                   DECENT             HOME?"
                                                          ANIMAL RIGHTS: "... I conclude there is no
"A total of 15 million cows, pigs, sheep and              point in proceeding with this Bill supporting
other farm animals are slaughtered every                  Animal Rights. There are all sorts of different
week in Britain…”                                         animals! Are we supposed to give Rights to a
"THE MEAT TRADE is a ruthless industry                    fly?" (December, 1989)
that exploits animals." "A 'modern' meat-farm             (House Flies are not animals. Flies are insects
is a car factory in reverse- one dissembling              which can spread disease - flies bite
plant processes 6,000 animals a week..."                  creatures, laying 100’s of eggs inside them -
                                                          the maggots infest their innards, fatally…)
"EEC rules state animals should be properly
stunned before being slaughtered... but rules             "The law to protect (!) animal Rights will be
ignored. Horrific treatment in abattoirs... EG.
RSPCA cannot show film taken in a Spanish                 amended IF The Treaty of Rome accepts
abattoir- too horrific. A screwdriver is used...          animals have feelings…" (12/9/1991)
anything!" (BBC, 11/11/1993).
                                                                                       CHAPTER 9: AGRICULTURE

"If only animals could speak!” "The look on              changes to The Treaty of Rome, allowing
their faces: Please! Don't eat me..."                    animals to be classified as 'sentient beings'
"I don't want to be on one of your lists..."             rather   than     'agricultural    products.'
"I need your love. Then I'll be coming home-             (HURRAY!)
you'll see. Oh, I've hungered for so long…”
"Do I have the chance to grow?"                          “Labour's manifesto demands 'radical change'
"PLEASE HELP US." "We need a miracle                     in the Common Agriculture Policy, and pledges
before we can ask for one..."                            Labour will work for policies which will
"If animals could vote the country-side                  sustain the rural economy- policies that will
would be safe."                                          create jobs, assist small producers and
"Animals may be dumb but they're not                     encourage the protection of land from
stupid."                                                 pollutants. New incentives will be offered to
“ANIMALS DO HAVE FEELINGS. The finer                     farmers to manage land in ways which are
sensibilities. Animals experience happiness,             socially    and     Environmentally        more
grief, fear, anger, love, compassion, pleasure,          acceptable" (Evening Standard, 23/5/1994).
pain… We make good use of their                          "Labour have stalled - vociferous protests
intelligence EG. Guide dogs to help the blind,           from the hunting supporters…” (2004).
Hearing dogs to help the deaf, dogs that rescue
people from drowning, and from the snow.                 "Hunting is a ‘great’ British tradition..."
Trained sniffer dogs… “Chimpanzees are the               TRADITIONAL = Can’t change ?
most intelligent at solving problems…”
                                                         "There's no need to kill! Where has your
“DOLPHINS ARE INTELLIGENT: Scientists                    COMPASSION gone?"
have taught dolphins 60 different sign language          "KINDNESS NOT CRUELTY!"
words. They believe dolphins even have names
for each other…”                                         "HUNTING THESE DAYS IS NOT FOR FOOD.
"A WHALE is no different to a sheep or a cow"            Killing is a way of life.” Uh?
said a Japanese business man.                            Can’t you find another way to keep you
"Wrong! “Whales and Dolphins are                         occupied all day?”
Mammals, not fish!                                       "How would YOU like to be chased for miles
Sheep and cows are bred specially for their              by a pack of crazed dogs- hunted, pulled to
meat. Whales take 9 YEARS to have a baby.                pieces, then eaten alive?”
Their numbers are dangerously low. To
make up the shortage of whale meat, the                  "DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD BE
Japanese are now slaughtering dolphins in                DONE BY is the maxim everyone should live
massive quantities" (1993) "SAVE THE                     by."
WHALES!         Babies        are     completely
defenceless!"                                            "MANS BEST FRIENDS: "Elephant skins sold
"WALL OF DEATH Nets: "... after many hard                to make handbags, Texan cowboy boots and
months of campaigning, Conservationists are              wallets." "Killed for 'white gold' (their tusks).
winning? These nets are going to be                      BARBARIC. The discarded bodies of
outlawed to save dolphins... one day... soon...          elephants litter the African bush. Orphans
we... hope..." (1/10/1990)                               search for their lost mothers... Many
“This is not fishing. This is murder!”                   elephants not killed instantly- sometimes they
"The commercial slaughter continues.                     take days to die..."
80,000 dolphins and porpoises a year are
caught in fishermen’s nets..." (1994).                   "There's still time to save the elephant from
“They are still trying to find a way to stop             extinction...”
dolphins being killed” (2005).                           “… Young Kenyans are risking their lives on a
                                                         daily basis to try and stop the sheer menace of
"There is increased concern for animal                   hunters with guns..." (1990)
                                                          RESIN can be made to look exactly like ivory,
"CLEANER AND GREENER and a better deal                   leather, tortoise shell, Mother of Pearl, marble,
for animals. Labour wants a cleaner, greener             granite…
Europe, something that can only be achieved
through collective action…                               "1.3 million elephants 10 years ago. Now
Labour MEP's have pledged to … demand                    only 6,000 elephants left..." (March 1994).

"I am sure if anyone had known these animals             testing done in utmost secrecy..."
they wouldn't have killed them. Those animals            "There are only 18 Home Office inspectors to
had no enemy in the world, only the men that             check      on    22,000      licensed   animal
killed them."                                            experimenters...”
                                                         "After years of campaigning to stop Britain
“Whilst elephants were being hunted in large             experimenting on monkeys the trade still goes
numbers (one hunter could kill 1,500                     on, attracting substantial sums of money- many
elephants) there were a lot of jokes going               companies invest in vivisection despite public
around about elephants...                                protests" (13/4/1994).
There are now a lot of jokes going around                "I Billion animals killed each year in
about the need to save Planet Earth… (2004).             experiments" (UK: 1995).

"As logging companies open the Forest... so              "Labelled 'Free Range' 'Farm Eggs.' That
chimps and guerrillas are slaughtered by                 means: 7 hens to one metre, 14,000 hens in a
poachers - traders take their orphans and sell           shed - can't move so crowded. No better than
them. Genetically, almost the same as Humans-            battery hen conditions..." (27/6/1994)
they have an IQ of a 5 year old child and                "The term 'Small Farm' (these days) is
experience the same emotions. The need for               meaningless = 12,000 chickens… with
the setting-up of sanctuaries..." (BBC,                  access to only a bit of dirt outside…”
                                                         "One donkey provides enough manure to
“Deforestation creates chimp refugees. As
                                                         fertilise acres."
the demand in the West for hardwoods
                                                         "Donkeys are the latest thing to protect farms
increased, countries allowed logging to improve
                                                         and houses. More than 2,000 guard donkeys
their economies… 90% of Cameroon logged…
                                                         are now employed across Britain watching over
Chimps forced to ‘smash and grab’ to
                                                         live-stock, to guard against attacking dogs,
survive…” (BBC Nature 9/1/2006).
                                                         foxes and coyotes."
                                                         "Animals know when there is danger.
FRANCE: "13 million song thrushes killed by
                                                         Animals are a good early warning of danger.
hunters every year. 1,000's of skylarks
trapped in nets- both are considered
                                                         "The growth of the City Farms to serve the local
delicacies." “Little birds like sparrows are
                                                         community (1,200 people). Goats, herb
trapped, put in black boxes, over-fed, drowned
                                                         gardens for eating and medicines, glass
in alcohol, decapitated and eaten in one
                                                         houses ('greenhouses'). All kitchen waste used.
mouthful…” "... they don't suffer…”
                                                         Growing plants to dye wool. It's good therapy.
                                                         Everyone can join in. Allotments with disabled
WAH! Animals are so misused!
                                                         access... Children        learn   to    respect
                                                         animals..." (London 1990)
UK: “19,000 researchers are experimenting
                                                         "Mixed blessings..." "Making peace with
with animals…”
“… cruel and worthless experiments…”
                                                         "In this world, we are just beginning to
“Products are tested on animals to ensure
                                                         understand the miracle of living..."
safe to use on humans? Ibrufen: Side
Effects: 3443 cases of serious damage done to
                                                         "Let's make this world a beautiful place."
stomachs, 2654 cases of serious liver, kidney or
                                                         "Nature's way..." "Instinct leads to it..." "All
skin damage- 6097 cases of these serious
                                                         creatures are at one with nature. If we learn
adverse side-effects, 1247 cases fatal" (British
Medical Journal statistics, 3/5/1986).                   from their virtues..."

"We feel ethical committees should be set-up             "BRINGING JOY TO SICK CHILDREN: If you
so everyone in the community can have a say.             have a sick child... you can put an animal EG. a
There is far too much secrecy at the moment"             cat, in their lap- they can stroke the animal and
(28/7/1990).                                             this acts as a distraction. If kids are withdrawn- if
                                                         they have blocked everyone out, we find the
"IMPRISONED WITHOUT A TRIAL..." "3                       animal becomes a conversation piece and gives
million animals experimented on in Britain               them a contact with the outside world...
each year" (Anti-Vivisection statistic, 1992).           Parents are helped as well as children" (said a
"LIFE IS HELL: ... the animals suffer such               play specialist at the Ormond Hospital for Sick Children).
pain, their only release is death... Animal
                                                                                        CHAPTER 9: AGRICULTURE

"There is very good evidence that using                      "THE FUTURE OF AGRICULTURE DEPENDS
animals as therapy works with older people.                  ON YOU."
I am convinced of the importance of the
influence and benefit of animals to humans"                  FORECAST: "… it will grow" (UK March 1993).
said the British Psychological Society (10/4/1994).

is something the NHS are now taking seriously.
Therapeutic value. Can help with a wide range
of problems. Doctors agree. Now prescribing
'donkey therapy' i.e. going to a donkey
Companion        Animal       Studies     proves
psychological benefits. EG. reduced risk of
heart disease.
Animals bring back balance to our lives.
Animals don't compete with you. Consistent
improvement in morale of humans.
The chance to nurture, cuddle, love. You
can share, exchange. Increased laughter...
People will live happier, healthier lives just
because of being in (loving) contact with
animals" (Health Check, BBC, June, 1995).

“Children being around animals is good. It
teaches them about birth, life, responsibility,
and death. It’s how children should be
brought    up,  not     stuck      on   some
god-forsaken council estate…”

"A well fed animal is a happy animal..."

Needed: "A simple change of attitude."
"Many animals are in need of a good

Please Hear the call! "We are far from a stable
"This     is    the     crux     of    the   matter-
"All that's holding it up is official clearance."
"Peace to the animals."

“RING THE CHANGES. If they had based
their life on Humanitarian principles..."

"PREPARE FOR LIFE: Let's make another
sound. The sound in my dreams. Say I wont
let it go, no, no, no."

"I wonder what I can do to put things right in
my life, now that I've seen the light..."

"If you want to remain romantic, here's what you
have to do..." "Have the guts to start again."

"Promises can only be met if there's growth..."

                                                           "Newspapers are only using 20% recycled
CHAPTER 10: WASTE                                          fibre… Most newspapers are not recycled.
                                                           They end up in land-fill…”
DUMPED: "You've thrown it away!" "…it's all
gone now." "That's the way it goes... saying               “The GLOBAL DEMAND FOR PAPER IS SET
it's all a load of rubbish! It's not rubbish! It           TO DOUBLE in 25 years…”
isn't rubbish! It isn't rubbish! It's not a heap
of trash. It's plastic - it's worth SAVING!                "PAPER made from TREES is yellow-
Stupid... to throw… it ... all... away!"                   requires chlorine bleach. Huge quantities of
"Please! DON’T waste it…"                                  toxic chlorine discharged into rivers...
                                                           PAPER made from HEMP is Stronger -
WAH! "There could be a SHORTAGE of                         recycled, will last 100's, 1,000's of years..."
plastic soon..."
"Here today, gone tomorrow…”                               "LANDSCAPES ruined by tips."
“You never know what's around the corner..."
The WASTE of it all!                                       "The PONG!" "Landfill sites are badly
                                                           maintained." (Fleas, rats, excreta...)
“Each week container ships leave British                   "Now MORE RATS in Britain than people!”
ports bound for the Far East full with plastic
waste…” (24/8/2001)                                        "750,000 Plastic and paper disposable
Any way they can, they waste and rubbish                   nappies are needed for orphans each day."
plastic. One day they will regret this…                    “… will take 600 - 800 years to disintegrate in
“Germany sends waste to UK. So much                        They should at least use BIO-DEGRADE for
waste! Can't deal with it. Paper and plastic.              nappies and bin bags!
System over-loaded.        400,000 tons of
plastic…”                                                  GLASS RECYCLING: “Glass doesn’t lose
                                                           quality when recycled…”
"Plastics are a growth industry which will                 UK: RETURNABLE! Drinks manufacturers
respond to demand..."                                      used to give you money back for returning
                                                           bottles. People faithfully returned them- no
“LOW HEAT AIDS RECYCLING: A new US                         problem.”
technique allows plastics to re-molded without
using heat to melt / weaken them. MIT                      "6 million tons of paper and cardboard are
(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in Cambs,          imported into the UK every year. ½ is thrown
USA have developed a system whereby plastic                away." "The USA and UK import huge
can be shredded and re-molded 10 times                     quantities of paper... the cost of doing that..."
without changing their properties. Thus
making recycling less energy intensive and                 EXPERT: "Aluminium is one of the most
make recycling more feasible. Molding at room              expensive and POLLUTING metals... the
temperatures could eliminate problems…” (BBC,              metal is mined, much in tropical rainforest
26/11/2003).                                               areas. The mining process destroys large areas
                                                           of natural vegetation, leaving the soil bare. The
JAPAN: “Plastics reprocessed to make                       resultant erosion causes rivers to silt up and
insulation & roofing materials…” (BBC, 20/1/2005).         huge quantities of slag contaminate the water
“Volume of rubbish is reduced by squashing &               “Aluminium costs £1,000 a ton so it is worth
grinding…”                                                 recycling" (1991) (Aluminium is used to make
“Anything that has been shredded and mixed,                cars and planes…)
cannot be recycled.”
                                                           "We discard up to 10 times our body weight
"Every person in London produces almost ½                  in textiles, paper, glass, plastic, metal and
a ton of rubbish a year. Commerce and                      kitchen waste."
industry produce 11.5 million tons a year.                 “80% is recyclable."
1.5 million tons goes to landfill. 500,000 tons
are incinerated. The remainder goes to other               “STOP and TIDY UP! We've got to do it.”
counties, like Essex, to be dumped..." (1994).
                                                           Recycle, using Alternative Energy!

                                                                                               CHAPTER 10: WASTE

"Red-tape is delaying plans to build a waste               "NO PLANS TO INCREASE RECYCLED
recycling centre...”                                       PAPER: “Plans killed for new mills using
                                                           recycled paper. UK not cutting back on paper
"... trouble is, people can't be bothered to               used for newspapers. 'We want to sell
take their stuff to the (recycling) dump..." ?             newspapers. We need the best fibres. But if
                                                           more readers said they want us to use more
“… because the local recycling centre is so                recycled fibres, we would'..." (1990).
popular...    the  recycling    depot     is
over-flowing...”                                           EXPERT: “50 different types of plastic are on
                                                           the market. Each has to be hand-picked.
PEOPLE SAID: “WE ARE ALL DOWN IN THE                       Therefore not considered viable to recycle
DUMPS THESE DAYS…”                                         plastic…”
                                                           ANSWER: Everything clearly labelled (don’t use
“Recycling has to be concentrated on glass                 tiny print). To quickly identify plastic - a
and metal? Plastic and paper not regarded as               manufactured embossed symbol on the plastic
cost effective, say ‘experts’! Has to be                   will do!
recycled into packaging! Over-packaging
costs the Earth. Yet amount of packaging for               EXPERT: "... Some companies have tried
products is increasing all the time. A waste of            blending plastics to make products such as
resources and production. How to control? A                traffic cones and park benches but there is a
tax on packaging? EEC targets unrealistic.                 limit to the number of road cones people
Incineration favoured by many ‘experts’!                   want...”
Burning is regarded as ‘high efficiency’! Make             You could try to widen the range...
less in the first place?" (15/12/1993).
                                                           "‘EXPERTS’ are convinced refuse-derived fuel
WAH! “THEY WANT YOU TO THROW it                            is the best way to dispose of household
AWAY AND BUY A NEW ONE!”                                   rubbish... "
“You should be able to take it back to the                 EXPERT: "Plastics are a good example, as
store and make it good as new again...”                    they are derived from petroleum, and can be
                                                           incinerated as a concentrated form of petroleum
It should be recycled, over and over again!                energy..."

"East Germany had the best system in the world.            Once plastic is burnt, it can never be
Simple packaging!"                                         re-used. For the sake of a few minutes energy,
                                                           we have lost its potential to make something
“… it's ALL A MATTER OF STORAGE”: (The                     really long-lasting and worthwhile.
simple answer is to put food-stuffs etc in                 INCINERATION = WE HAVE TO CARRY ON
re-useable      /   plastic     containers-   like         MINING & CHOPPING TREES TO GET MORE
Tupperware- just make sure brands are clearly              RAW MATERIALS…
identifiable by shape / style / colour. Don’t use
labels that leave load of sticky gunk... )                 "THE MASS BURN INCINERATOR releases
                                                           poisonous gases into the atmosphere.
“Both sides of the Atlantic now suggest                    Difficult to reduce pollution, or control for sure.
recycling may not benefit the Environment                  British Plastics is advocating burning plastic
as much as many believe, and is certainly not as           to release its energy... Looking to make best
economically viable as hoped. Recycling is a               use of oil reserves. We need to re-use- vital.
complicated business. People are now aware of              We have to change. The waste years will wage
how rubbish is collected and sorted, but they              on" (15/11/1992).
forget about the marketing of the end product...
Paper can only be recycled 6 times because                 EXPERT: “Everything chucked in? Car
the cellulose breaks down..."                              batteries contain large amounts of Lead.
Better to re-use 6 times than only once. That              Batteries cannot be economically recycled
will save 6? HUGE FORESTS EVERY year!                      because they contain high levels of highly
                                                           TOXIC materials. Denmark has banned
"If not enough places producing recycled                   Mercury oxide batteries. Rechargeable
paper at low prices, more TREES will be                    batteries have a very high Cadmium
chopped down and the cycle of destruction                  content..."
EXPERT: "Batteries contain Heavy Metal.                     "RECYCLING       WORKS      BEST      WHEN
Contents do not bio-degrade. Should be                      MATERIALS       ARE    PURE…”       Basically,
illegal to throw batteries away. Burning                    nothing should be made unless it can be
rubbish puts a wide variety of DANGEROUS                    recycled. That would be sensible / ideal. We
CHEMICALS in the air- all sorts of                          should aim to recycle 99% (not 25%).
                                                            COMMUNITY ACTION: Just separate the
"Tell me, what do they do with all the LEAVES               (small) stuff you don’t want into 2 plastic bins:
and rubbish you sweep up?"
Council Street Cleaner: "It's all taken to the              One (small’ish) GREEN bin with a lid for (wet)
recycling centre- the (filthy) place where the              fruit & veg waste (keep in the kitchen - just
big lorries drive up... the rubbish is tipped               empty regularly - if you do not have a compost
from the top of the building into huge metal                heap – use a green bin bag) + a bin for (dry)
skips. Then it's taken to the furnaces. The                 waste EG. paper.
council these days doesn't waste…"
                                                            (WET (Uncooked) GREEN vegetable / plant
"LABOUR         PRIVATISING            ‘RUBBISH’            matter / organic EG. used teabags, coffee
DISPOSAL: Liverpool council selling the right to            grindings, egg shells...            Save for
collect rubbish to a French company arguing                 Composting.
this is needed for quality of service" (17/6/1991).         “Think of falling leaves, dying plants and
"ARE FRIENDS OF THE EARTH BEING                             kitchen waste as valuable."
STITCHED UP?"                                               “… it’s good for the garden…”
"There's a growing stench surrounding the                   COMPOSTING: "Helps soil structure,
councils and their business backers..."                     increasing the water retaining properties,
                                                            especially of sandy soil, and returns
"WHERE       THERE'S    MUCK,  THERE'S                      valuable nutrient to the soil." "Rich, organic
BRASS..." "Scrap metal merchants quickly                    compost would do the world a lot of good."
became millionaires..."
                                                            SEAWEED: “I have to laugh. Our council uses a
WHO IS GETTING THE PROFITS FROM                             tractor to ‘remove’ seaweed from the beaches-
RECYCLED WASTE?                                             but then they leave it there in piles. Apparently
                                                            ‘they do not have the money to dispose of it.’”
"Do investors know where their money is                     “Seaweed is the main ingredient of many
going?" “No. Not really.”                                   tomato plant feeds. Seaweed is used
                                                            because this has a balanced range of
UK: “BURNING WASTE IS ‘BETTER’ FOR                          nutrients. Seaweed, washed to remove salt,
THE ENVIRONMENT than burying it in landfill                 and shredded- is an excellent fertiliser for
sites- therefore the Dept. of the Environment               growing Trees...”)
selling the idea to the country by saying these             The Community should decide what to do
will provide ‘Green energy.’ Action is not                  with all the valuable compost...
being taken to reduce the amount of waste we                Advice: Don't use plastic bins to make
generate. 29 million tons is thrown away                    compost! Those form sludge. Let the air, the
every year- 5.5 million tons is recycled and                sun, the rain and grass cuttings break this
composted” (Daily Mirror, 14/2/2006).                       down naturally. Keep branches, twigs
                                                            separate- shred, or burn to create potash (a
“The council charges us for compost made                    natural fertiliser). Do this work at The
from our deposited green matter…”                           Community Recycling Centre.

THE INTELLIGENT NETWORK: “You and I                         WET: (Unwanted) cooked food / raw meat /
paid for it. Giving it away (to them) is not                slops cannot be composted. So, remove
right. It belongs to us - the family..."                    packaging, put in a specially marked container
                                                            kept in the freezer, to reduce putridity until
“SORT it OUT!” = “POWER TO THE                              collected / deposited… or, have a red bin /
PEOPLE!”                                                    bag for ‘smelly, don’t sort.’

“Let’s Do it People!” RECYCLE = "Collect it"                "FOOD SCRAPS MAKE PLASTIC: 22 million
"Save it, save it, save it, SAVE it."                       tonnes of food waste USA each year...”

                                                                                             CHAPTER 10: WASTE

1992: “ICI made a bio-degradable polymer                  This benefits the local community...
(from food scraps) but was expensive... Now               It is an opportunity to provide local
process made cheaper by Natural Institute in              employment, training – an option for the
Honolulu..." (ref. ).                Community to own / manage the Recycling
                                                          Centre, as a Co-operative, using surplus
Old Oil = Keep in a container, when collected-            gains to benefit the (local and Global)
store in a tank - when full tank collected /              community.
replaced. The oil cleaned / reused / recycled.
                                                          The bags containing the goods for recycling
This simple process will eradicate the                    could carry an identification label to show which
disgusting smell associated with rubbish,                 household has deposited each bag - to ensure
will stop rubbish forming a soggy mass, will              residents etc., separate their rubbish correctly.
keep paper, card, textiles etc clean, thereby
make it possible for sorters to handle all the            "CLEANLINESS IS NEXT TO GODLINESS."
goods for recycling.
                                                          “RECYCLING   will        HELP      SAVE      the
LANDFILL = Only old rubble. Put in abandoned              ENVIRONMENT.”
                                                          "… it eases my troubles, that's what it does."
DRY: = Wool (old carpets, mattresses etc,
fabrics = Fibres (can be reused…) paper
(recycled) plastic and wood (all recycled) Metal?
Ahh! (It was in the Earth’s crust to strengthen it.
Put it back now! I can’t think of any other good
use for all the metal!

Wrap broken glass or anything sharp in old
Glass bottle recycling = Sterilise and Re-use /
not smash, melt, reform.

Large items - arrange collection.

EVERYTHING collected, sorted, stored at The
Community Recycling Centre… Could be
recycled at the Recycling centre?

Or, give it to well deserving causes. EG.
In the UK, we could make large plastic water
TANKS, plastic sheets? etc to help collect
rainwater, plastic channelling & water pipes
to provide irrigation etc., plastic buckets,
plastic fly-swats etc., for the people in Africa
simply by using our mountains of waste
plastic… so when the Dry Season comes- life
is substantially easier for the people in
 “Let’s all do it! Let’s all save plastic to help

And / Or, customers collect costed / weighed
amounts – the fee paid = the running costs of
The Community Recycling Centre i.e. wages
for sorters… equipment etc.

NOTE: Name changed - no longer called 'The
Tip,' Rubbish Dump or 'Local Refuse.'

                                                          rates. What is policy framework?" "The
CHAPTER 11: THE ECONOMY                                   government is desperately trying to
1989: "We are looking for a budget that                   formulate a new economic policy." "We're
includes Child care" said the Public.                     looking at inflationary pressure very seriously"

1990: "The General Public are Taxed to the                “MUDDLE FUDDLE…”
point of starvation..."                                   "… it's not in forecast assumptions,
"More than 600 people are being evicted                   calculations. The years ahead are likely to
from their homes every week because they                  show a huge imbalance- £100 BILLION. How
cannot pay their mortgage..." (15/8/1990).                to stabilise the deficit?"
“… We must address these GAPS."                           "… it could be a very long cycle" said
“The task for the 1990's? TO MAKE it                      Norman Lamont (Chancellor).
HAPPEN. Investing in skills of our young
people. A national objective? To further the              “SOCIAL JUSTICE INITIATIVE: Labour's
education of the people…” (John Smith, Shadow             review of the UK's Tax & Welfare benefit system
Chancellor, re: The Budget, 1990).                        = "£12 - £15 Billion handed out to those who
                                                          are NOT poor! John Smith, leader, not in
"We are very worried about the world                      favour of re-distributing wealth to give poor
economy" said Japan.                                      more... NEEDED: A Vision…”
LABOUR: "There needs to be a major                        “1,000 UK businesses going bust every
reassessment of spending but I'm afraid bricks            week…”
and mortar is not the way... The figures are              THE CONSERVATIVE GOVERNMENT SAID:
alarming..."                                              "British business is just going to have to get on
"If something's not done, the recession will              with it." "Something's got to be cut!
get dangerously worse."                                   Something's got to go!"
"… it will turn this recession around. It's the
only way out of recession."                               PEOPLE SAID: "Banks only go where the
                                                          money is, investing in unhealthy projects."
1991: “£680 Billion raised via public                     "When it's so unclear how can we plan our lives?
Taxes…”                                                   And get on with it?"
PEOPLE SAID: “Make them account for every                 "I dunno. What do you make of it all?"
penny!” “But don’t look back in anger…”                   (October, 1992).

1992: Budget: "… it is neither necessary nor              "A sky-rocketing deficit (£50 BILLION):
desirable. This means there will be an                    Government might introduce VAT Taxes on
increase in Tax. I propose a large increase" said         food, travel, children’s clothes, and books -
N. Lamont. (John Major hid his face). Sterling            things like that."
plummeted immediately. Lack of confidence in              Value Added Tax was imposed as an
policies... "                                             additional tax on LUXURY items- yet most of
"A budget intended to help boost the car                  what we are already paying VAT on, are
industry."                                                Essentials! "This takes the biscuit."
"It's business. Some only want to make a quick            "Very HEAVY Tax increases in next budget.
profit."                                                  Panic?"

"Hi. How's business?"                                     "They've closed children’s nurseries! Of all
"Sales in the High street are falling... The              the things not to cut!"
stock is so oh! I don't know! Conservative?"
COMPLAINT: They're sitting on it!"                        "Something must be done. This is the best
PEOPLE SAID: "If they knew what young folk                way to fight unemployment..." (21/11/1992).
EXPERT: "This isn't any old business. It's                "100's of demonstrators against spending
fundamental. Government policy is in a                    cuts. 'A FLAGRANT ABUSE of position
shambles."                                                electors put you in.'          Demonstrators
                                                          hand-cuffed themselves to the railings..."
FUNDAMENTAL (means: Basic).
                                                          UK: "11 million people on or below poverty
“Confusion in the markets... Overnight                    level..." (22/3/1993).
losses... Constant threat of rising interest
                                                                                       CHAPTER 11: THE ECONOMY

"Manufacturers will have to find a                          cold..." In other words, IF the USA gets their
sustainable way of ending the recession" (said J.           policy wrong... every nation could fall like a
Major 26/4/1993).                                           pack of cards...”
"The market is still          stuck    with    the
politicians" (28/4/1993).                                   BUDGET: “A budget for hard working
                                                            families… to stabilise… end the ‘BOOM or
N. Lamont said: "I commend it to the House" =               BUST’ economies of previous years. The
"VAT on domestic fuel and power supplies.                   Chancellor, Gordon Brown, emphasising the
Petrol up 15%. Other motoring Taxes- road                   need for economic stability said: “This is a
Tax up. National Health Insurance up 10%.                   Budget putting competitiveness at the heart
Income tax now 25%. Stamp Duty (Tax on                      of the economy, which must be knowledge
house purchases) doubled. No Mortgage                       based…”
Interest Tax relief..."                                     The CBI applauded. “He is quite right. We do
"Changes will add £12 a week on the weekly                  need     skilled      people-     brick-layers,
bill of the poorest families."                              carpenters…”
Labour called the budget: "A cynical                        “71% dissatisfied with the Budget” (16/3/2005).
betrayal which the Conservative government
will hopefully live to regret."                             “A FEEBLE ECONOMY: Slow Down. Falls
                                                            severe. ‘THE ECONOMY IS FALTERING. We
"Mrs Thatcher said wealth would filter down... I            must keep consumer confidence. We must
see no evidence of it..."                                   keep house-building’ said Sir Digby Jones. But
                                                            the (traditional) housing market is shakey.
"The Chancellor is going to have rule it in, or             Property prices expected to fall again… The
rule it out very quickly, in the next month or              High St is suffering. Gas & Elec prices are
so… If he re-shuffles his cabinet without doing             soaring. What is helping is imports from China
so, the point of the reshuffle will be lost..."             keeping prices down” “But China is using a lot
(26/5/1993) (He's busy shuffling his cabinet?)
                                                            of oil…” (4/8/2005).
"The TRADE GAP has widened- up £960                         “MORE PEOPLE GOING BROKE: Record
million- was $5.6 Billion in the 1st quarter... due         bankruptcies. 40,840 last year. 112 people a
to stock-building of oil, timber... and pink                day” (6/8/2005).
diamonds. The worst figures in Europe! We
must have protection for the pound (sterling).              An entirely NEW ECONOMY = Hemp
Serious errors in economic policy... every day              based…
40 UK companies forced into liquidation!"                   HEMP: “AN EXCEPTIONAL MATERIAL:
                                                            Once a VITAL Crop: Hemp Growers /
"Sir Leon Brittain proposed POOLING IDEAS to                industrial production encouraged during
bring nations together. The trading balance                 WW11...”
between Europe, Japan and USA- all are                      Hemp = Very Tough Fibres Plant is high in
concerned about economics. 'We all have a                   silica content. Fibres cheaper than GLASS
common problem - we should deal with it. We                 fibres...
should look at the common causes of these
problems, and study those.' To enhance                      Hemp OIL Seeds… Hemp Plants = Seeds =
liberalisation? We will have to explore that.               Oil + next crop =
Our thoughts might lead to something..."
(18/2/1994).                                                HEMP should be        RE-INTRODUCED        TO
“Arguments in Parliament re: ‘A Weak                        SAVE TREES...
Britain.’ The government may give incentives                “The wood shortage...” “One acre of hemp
to boost car sales. Car sales are leading ‘the              produces as much cellulose fibre pulp as
recovery’…” “Over 90,000 businesses went                    4.1 acres of Trees…”“Leaves absorb C02.
bust in 1994” (30/12/1994) “The recession is                FAST GROWTH: 20ft height in 3 - 4 months.”
ending! Carpet sales are up!”
                                                            “Can be marketed as an ECO-PRODUCT. A
“THE   ‘FEEL          BAD’       FACTOR         IS          NATURAL, non-toxic material. Eco-friendly.
SPREADING…”                                                 Renewable.”
                                                            “BIO-REFINARIES could inject wealth into
2004: ECONOMIC STABILITY = "America has                     local economies - a new manufacturing
only got to sneeze and the world catches                    sector could emerge...”

“50,000 new products could be derived                        Ah! “Are you not missing everything that
including: Tree-Free paper, non-dairy milk,                  matters? Like true Love?”
cream, cheese... flour... resins…”                           "I was so lonely. All the people around me
                                                             were false. I had all the money I wanted but I
“BIO-Plastic made from HEMP: Ideal for use                   was so unhappy. Then I realised- it's about
in Earthquake and Cyclone regions…                           friends and family- that's what really matters. I
                                                             love my kids more than anything- it's not about
2004: “Hemp is legally grown in 25 countries                 money or materialism..."
who see its value as an Economic crop capable
of being used as an ALTERNATIVE to                           “Greed. Are we really supposed to take
(hydro-carbon)      fossil   fuels...”   (Ref.               more than we need?” ).
                                                             “The Mega-Wealthy live in TAX havens…”
                                                             “The poor deserve everything in the world
FINANCE:                                                     except a decent break?”
"I suppose it ALL comes down to money?"
                                                             "How to invest WISELY? I've got to do
MONEY: "Money was invented to assist                         something with my money."
bartering..."                                                WHAT IS THE BEST SAFE INVESTMENT?
Barter as in: “Give something to get
something…”                                                  "Many of the rich feel GUILTY having so
"A FAIR EXCHANGE IS NO ROBBERY."                             much money... but that doesn't mean giving
                                                             it away!"
THE EXISTING SYSTEM: “It has taken us 30                     Why not? What is wrong with re-distributing
million years to get this far...”:                           some of your wealth?
CAPITALISM:       "The     accumulation of                   "I'd like to help the poor, I really would, but
money…”                                                      how can I? They'd only spend my money on
= “MAN WAS BORN FREE… BUT                                    booze and fags." That is a cop out.
EVERYWHERE MAN IS IN CHAINS…”                                "WHAT’S THE ALTERNATIVE? Show it to
                                                             me and I'll put my money into it. I believe in
Ownership! You can’t own people! You can                     thinking ahead. I believe in investing in the
only have associations with them.”                           future" said a van dealer.
               people to die in large quantities,            "Consider it!" “You could make it so
                 often      violently,     crazily,          everyone’s winning.”
                 insanely due to stressful
                 CONditions…”                                1994:    Every     country       is   embracing
                “If only there was a solution that           Capitalism. If this fails, the only alternative is
               could fix that, smoothly and quickly,         Communism” ? “Dear Oh Dear! Can’t we have
I'd use it, no qualms.”                                      a sensible combination?”

“We need to simply rise above…” “… the                       “In their eyes it’s not appropriate- not now-
DICATES OF MONEY…”                                           while there’s a profit to be made…”
                                                             “You got money on your mind. It wont make
“THE MONEY MOUNTAIN”: "There are vast                        any difference to you.”
amounts of money in the markets.                             "If you're into heavy sex exploitation, fast
Persuading the speculators wont be easy..."                  cars and constant gambling, it's not for you."
“Doesn’t it mean anything to them?”                          “When you no longer care, you’ve lost it,
                                                             you’ll never get it, you’re past it. And then
“What is the point of having all that money if               you realise you’re not so strong- that you
you don’t put it to GOOD use?”                               should have turned dreams- it, into action.”
 “The power of money = THE POWER TO
HELP SOMEONE.”                                               “LET’S MAKE it EASIER…”
“Your money could make dream time come                       “Everyone is changing…”
true!”                                                       “… when it starts to open your heart, let it
                                                             come in. You’ll discover when you look around
 “Do you ‘have it all’ but still think / feel there          you, you don’t have to be afraid… it’s like
is something missing?                                        finding the best lover…”

                                                                                           CHAPTER 11: THE ECONOMY

PRIMAL SCREAM! "Nobody really likes                       “A Research Design Centre is not going to
capitalism but until someone can come up with             get funding” (30/11/1991).
a better system...”
Ah! Until there is an Alternative?                        “It can take 5 years to bring out a new
“FREE! Everyone’s favourite price.”
                                                          “How to make (GOOD) use of technology?”
“Everybody wants something exciting, and
there’s no point living without it…”                      “WE       WANT       SOMETHING            MORE…
CITY-SPEAK: “Well bid” means: “Everyone                   “You tell me it’s good to be flexible, versatile…”
wants it.”                                                “For everyone attracted to the light…”
COMPLAINT: "The City doesn’t understand it”
(1992).                                                   “We need a greater vision of where we are
“The Futures Market…”                                     going” said Brian Gould, Labour MP. “Britain is
“ARE YOU TRADING AWAY OUR FUTURE                          crying for change. We need radical ideas,
OPTIONS?”                                                 which we will examine but these must not be put
WALL STREET: “They're real gamblers. They                 on the back burner” said another MP, (ITN,
call it: “A Sleeping Beauty.”                             8/12/1992).

                                                          “WE’VE LEARNED: If something fails, it is
   "We need an association of          GOOD               essential there’s something there to back it
people. NOT BAD ‘people.’"                                up” (re: the Grand national horse race which
                                                          disintegrated after a series of disasters, April 1993).
How To Get Rich In A Different Kind Of Way:               “… We should analyse market failings. Will
“Just think about it. Talk about it. Very                 it make any difference if we don’t do it?” (The
interesting? Keep listening. Keep your wits               Money Programme, BBC2, 9/5/1993) (“Yeh, planning
about you.”                                               ahead can save heaps of grief.”)
THE ANTI-CAPITALISTS. Who are they?                       “THE FUTURISTIC HOUSE: Project 2020:
Activists- Environmentalists, Socialists,                 Conventional construction / design. Lot’s of
anarchists, trade unionists and reformists                wood. Wooden furniture. Electrical appliances-
Grass-roots associations… What do they                    everything for the lazy” (Exhibition, London 1994)
want?" A Rainbow…                                         “High-Tech = Expensive gadgets.”
(“God’s symbol of reconciliation…”)
                                                          “… There’s got to be science for useful
"They do not know what system could ever                  purposes” (26/5/1993).
replace money." "Money is god."
1956: "Money is being out-moded." Plastic                 “Engineering Employment Federation very
tokens are being slowly introduced...                     worried by downturn in sales. Need: New
 “When all we’ve got is a number, it is so                markets” (14/10/1993).
much easier to get rid of you…”
                                                          "Only 1 in 10 UK companies take innovation
JOKE: “Is this new coin a fake? Feels very thin!”         seriously. Companies must innovate if they are
“Well they’ve got to save metal in some small             to survive…”
                                                          “Flymo Hover mowers turn down 300
“Soon, coin-operated people!”                             inventions every year…”
“Nah, they’re already here, robotically robbing
by over-taxing…”                                          “WHAT WILL THE NEXT 25 YEARS BE LIKE?
                                                          There’s going to be something fundamental
                                                          that we’re going to miss- not because all the
NEW DISCOVERIES:                                          pieces aren’t already here and just waiting to
                                                          sprout, but because although we’ve got all the
“If you put a problem in front of me…”                    ingredients, we don’t actually know what
“… it suddenly dawned on me…” “… it could                 we’re cooking” (The Daily Telegraph, 1996).
lead to something…”

INDUSTRY:                                                   traditional homes to provide insulation” (Study:
                                                            Commissioned by major British companies- ICI. Unilever,
ADVERT for HOOVER: "We can't wait to                        British Gas… who paid £330,000 to assess the future of
recommend it."                                              the consumer market, 1994)
1981: “Famous Hoover building emptied, staff                (* Piers, or the pilotis raise up the construction,
all laid off.”                                              and free a (usable) space under... Pilotis have
                                                            varied appearances in Le Corbusier's
“Unions are shocked by the amount of                        architecture…       sometimes      quite   slender
redundancies. Current events are shattering,                columns, of flared bases with a 'brutalist'
horrifying. It’s a very serious situation”                  look…”)
“Staff cuts brought an avalanche of                         “Business is suffering. So many new
complaints…”                                                regulations, a mountain of paper-work,
“Now is not the time to start a small business”             despite government promises to reduce
                                                            bureaucracy” (July 1994).
“PLAY it SAFE: A decade of disasters- huge
                                                            “What is the best help the government could
losses- the worst in living memory. The Banks
                                                            give to business? Each government
have taken such a hammering- may not be
                                                            department told to reassess. Causing deep
able to fund recovery. ‘It’s so hard to define’
                                                            divisions. Expenditure must be vigorously
said the Bank of England. ‘We’re not seeing it
                                                            reduced. The need for regional development.
happening.’ New investment put on hold.
                                                            Project costs… All Aid may be stopped.
Problem is cost of new buildings and
                                                            Conservative hard rights saying ‘CUT it
equipment, the number needing finance.
                                                            back.’ Britain's shrinking industrial base. No
Expansion         via     portable     buildings?
                                                            agreement…” (BBC1, 1/8/1994).
Companies giving up trying to balance books.
                                                            “Government support for industry may be
They want to be secure at all times. People
                                                            cut altogether. High cost, risky projects… The
are scared to death to lend any money. The
                                                            public spending implications…” (BBC1, 2/8/1994).
good is being held back. It’s not getting
done. Small businesses are the dynamo- the                  “MADE IN GREAT BRITAIN. Not any more.
starter. If we haven’t got them! … They need                How to put the ‘great’ back into Britain?”
to restore confidence, working capital, business            CLOSURES DUE TO: Not good value, not
men putting their money where their mouth is.               producing the goods?
Have we LEARNT from past mistakes? The
price will reflect the risks involved. Will funding         “DO THE GOVERNMENT HAVE THE WILL
the economy become ever more expensive? It                  TO DO THE RIGHT THINGS? What is the best
will be worth every penny. It’s bizarre. Many UK            economic policy?” “A partnership between
companies are desperate for an upturn. They’re              industry is needed. The government has, for
hanging on but worse is still to come. Only the             too long, IGNORED the wishes of industry”
liquidators have lots of new clients” (The Money            (12/5/1995).
Programme, BBC2, 16/2/1992).
                                                            HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN?:
We’ve got economic problems related to jobs,                NEW GENERATION SHOPPERS SAID: "This
related to providing infrastructure...”                     is the new stuff- show it to me, and I'll show it
                                                            to you. It's a subtle one” (1990).
1993: "50,000 small businesses went out of
business."                                                  “BUSINESS NEEDS STABILITY…”
"Is it going to be curtains for all of us?"                 "Here is some sound business advice:
                                                            Know where you are going."
“PREDICTED FOR YEAR 2010: “Flexible                         "What is the Number One Rule of Business?
space – moveable, lightly constructed panels,               RE-INVEST."
which enable the size of the rooms to be
altered according to need. See-thru homes-                  "Every company needs new products to
containing much more            GLASS,      and             survive."
transparent materials than used in houses today.            “To keep yourself on the ball you need to
Houses raised on piers* with cars parked                    DIVERSIFY!”
underneath. Shops open 24 hours a day, 7
days a week as a market place, with a large                 FASHION: “Always looking ahead, seeing
number of office workers working 3 x 8 hour                 the need for change, coming up with new ways
shifts. A garden growing on the roof of                     to SATISFY the market demand…”
                                                                                          CHAPTER 11: THE ECONOMY

"Another rule of business: If something                    could make brilliant NEW business premises,
needs doing, make sure it gets done."                      mobile retail units... for a fraction of the cost...”
Are you looking for something? The ideal                   “I just think it will be very handy.”
product?                                                   "Desperate for a QUICK FIX? "… it'll make it
"Well, it's here for the making!"                          quick and easy for you to get your business
                                                           going..." “… it’s good for Trade!”
          MARKET!”                                         INVESTOR: “I don’t understand this New-Age
          "Let's get down to it." "… it is a               business. You say you don’t want to make
          decent product."                                 money! I’m only interested in getting a big
          “What is good for business?”                     return for my money.”
          Having an ESSENTIAL product                      Hence, there’s NO INVESTMENT in it.
          people want!
                                                           "What have you got to lose? Times are bad...”
INDUSTRY SAID: “We don’t want any                           "Government has spent 20 years running
cut-backs!” "Look, push off! We’re perfectly OK.           down British Industry..."
WE’VE GOT it MADE..."                                      “They are leading the blind away from the
Oh! So you think you’ve got it all worked out…             light…”
 “You think you’ve got it but when feelings are            "… it's just the business to shake off this
involved…”                                                 recession, to keep your business healthy..."
“… it’s a done deal? I don’t think so!”                    PRODUCE it! “… it’ll do the business.”
“We haven’t made it yet.”                                  ADVICE: “If you change the business model
 “There isn’t anybody making it…”                          and pull if off, the rewards will be high…” (London
"… it remains to be seen."                                 Business School).
                                                           INDUSTRY SAID: "There's no money in it for
SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS ADVICE: “Give                          us."
them what they want. And you can’t go wrong.               PEOPLE SAID: "You are turning down a
Aim to please.”                                            SIZEABLE market, saying it's not worth
                                                           anything! Don't you want life to be more exciting?
INDUSTRY SAID: "There's no demand for                      You know what they say? ‘You can't have too
it."                                                       much of a good thing’…”
           Ah! You wont offer it,
                                                           INDUSTRY SAID: "… it's not going to sell."
   until there is a clear demand for it?
                                                           (Ah. Well, that's really up to you. “If the price is
                                                           right... If it's a good product...”
                   Fair enough!                            “PRICE it RIGHT!”
"Now is a good time... It's at the turning point."
           "... it's ON THE BRINK!"                        MASS-PRODUCTION:            BULK      ORDER
 "DO YOU WANT it? Do YOU really want it?                   DISCOUNTS: Could we get a discount if we
    They’re not really sure that YOU do."                  place a bulk order for it? More Manufactured =
                                                           Prices come down."
"Industry says they can make it happen,                    2 for 1 offers? FREE INSTALLATION? “CUT
there is increasing demand but we're cautious.             PRICE”? “Can’t you manage it?”
The Key is consumer demand" (April 1992)
PEOPLE SAID: “We don’t want to                             Made by Government Contract? “If the State
‘consume’ it!”                                             was behind the project this would make it a
                                                           great deal easier.” "… it should be given full
INDUSTRY SAID: "I haven't got the time for                 backing." "You can spend money on
it."                                                       development. Release the £millions you've tied
PEOPLE SAID:"MAKE TIME FOR it!"                            up." "You could manage it."
INDUSTRY SAID: “Who needs it? We
DON’T!”                                                    "… it's good thinking..." “Hey! They could
PEOPLE SAID: “Take your chances. It's about                sell it to the rich and the profits from that could
the way you move... " “BRING it ON!”                       finance the making of it for poor folk.”
                                                           (That’s socialism, isn’t it?)
"… it may be none of my business but...”
“There IS a COMMERCIAL side to it....” EG. it              THE BEST OPTION?
                                                           “… Make participation possible.”
Community Co-operatives i.e. networks of                I don’t want any part of it. Give them a product
‘non-profit’ making Groups…                             they can Afford.”
“Co-ops are entitled to a start-up grant” (UK,          "Don't go for it if they make you take out a
2003).                                                  loan secured against it."

CONSUMER DURABLES: "I'm afraid it may                   “Over The Top Prices for materials. GREEDY
just be one of these tricky things that people          MANUFACTURERS. What they want is
can't do for themselves without professional            excessive."
help..."                                                QUALITY COSTS: "… it could be too
“Consumer groups said they fear it could                costly?" “It could cost more than we’ve got.”
mean higher prices all over Britain…”                   “… it could out-price itself. Needed: Such a
(“This is a misconception if we are talking             good quality.”
about the same thing.”)                                 “If not of a standard / quality – sub-standard-
                                                        not suitable for anybody, especially children.”
PEOPLE SAID: "… it's economical!" "You'll               "It's about saving money but not reducing
find it much more profitable."                          quality." “KEEP it AS SIMPLE AS
“FOLKS WILL LINE UP JUST TO BE                          POSSIBLE!”
THERE.”                                                 "If you think you can't Afford it, think again."
"Work it out!" "Britain needs a strong                  "… it's an easy way to save quite a lot of
relationship with other countries, in industrial        money."
terms. We need to sell products to those
countries. Make it here and EXPORT it."                 "Because there's not enough infrastructure...
"Make it a practicality. British invented." "Is it      materials are not being recycled so industry
advisable for us to miss out on it?"                    can't buy..."
"… it’s a buoyant market…" "… it offers                 "CARTEL        IN    PLASTICS       INDUSTRY...
great opportunity… "                                    accusations made of (illegal) PRICE FIXING"
                                                        (no details given) (BBC1, 6pm news, 28/2/1992).
"… it's somewhat taxing." "Yes, it is. That's
what makes it so worthwhile."                           “PRICE WARS have broken out. Prices are
                                                        falling. Falling costs throughout the economy...
“If we don’t do it, someone else will.”                 Weak market…” (17/11/1993) Raw material
                                                        prices falling?
"… it will help business ‘build’ partnerships in
the community, with community involvement,              “They wont let it happen!”
help ‘build’ morale and create a more positive          "They'll Say: ‘DON'T LET it HAPPEN - it will
working     Environment,     ‘building’  loyalty.       be competition for them..."
Behaving responsibly in the community is                "They'll say: 'What are you doing? I'm not
becoming an important priority..."                      going to let you take business from me'..."
"… it's a good job." “From idle, to IDEAL!”             "That's what the Mafia say..."

Q: “WHAT’S IN it FOR ME?”                               “The monopolies wont allow / encourage it.”
A: "What's in it for you?" "If you get it right         "I don't suppose the Monopolies Commission
this time, you're never going to have to look at        will do anything about it?"
the suffering- you'll know you're really home,          “There should be more referrals to the
and Human. You wont be on the lonely side of            Monopolies Commission.”
the road..." “No more hatred, please!” "Saving          "The Abolition of Restrictive Practices?"
lives!" "Good deeds." “Hey, it’s all good, OK?”         “They're trying hard not to show it."
“Aim to be neither rich or poor.” "We might not
make as much money but we wont need so                  IS THERE A CONSPIRACY AGAINST it ?
much…" “…it's not about BLOODY money!”
“… it’s wrong to do it for the money…”                  “Are we running a trading racket? Well now,
                                                        what proof do you have?”
"Cash in on it?"
PEOPLE SAID: "We need freedom, remember?                “The whole world is sliding into DEEP
It isn't borrowed. It's not about loss, things          DEPRESSION..."
untouchable. Rejects. Piles. Little lost lambs to       “… it’s all a GIGANTIC CON forcing people
the slaughter…”                                         to ‘live’ in squalor...”
“RIP OFF THE NEEDY? Go for a FAIR price or
                                                                                     CHAPTER 11: THE ECONOMY

The powers-that-be argue: "There is NO                 "You wont turn it down, will you? Some things
alternative..." Because they prefer us to buy          are more important than money –
petrol as that makes them rich.                         like saving Humanity, for example."

Petrol BURNT = Appalling Consequences                  "… it's the only way forward."
EG. Pollution, Global Warming                          "... it's in all our interests."
        VITAL LIMITED RESOURCES                        WHO will rise to the Challenge?
           WASTED FOREVER !
                                                       "Are you small enough to care, big enough to
ALL THE PRECIOUS OIL should be made                    make it happen?"
into something useful and Long Lasting, the
oil RECYCLED over and over again…                      "Hey! Check out the new style!"
                                                       "I wish I could."
Happy, Healthy people + 0% pollution.
How Absurd! They wont create the conditions            “ENGLAND: "LAND OF HOPE AND GLORY."
to make it possible… because they fear (!) …           “The atmosphere is far from light.”
a drop in profits.                                     WHAT IS THE POINT OF HAVING A
Instead of loosening their tyrannical grip,            The idea is: "COLLECTIVE WISDOM: Idealistic,
they’d rather leave all the rest of us to die?         noble, self-less public servants... not our
(see page 152)                                         rulers. The people are our masters. Politicians
                                                       merely do our bidding...” “Your wish is my
“Don’t YOU realise if we don’t do it NOW!              command!”
                                                       "It's an issue that should be settled by
      WE’LL ALL BE DEAD MEAT?”                         Parliament." "Members of Parliament (MP's)
                                                       have the power to carry it through."
"It's our last chance to make it."                     THE IDEAL: “… to fight injustice, leave the
“Don’t you CARE at all?                                world a better place than when they found it...
Don’t you want to help the GOOD guys?                  personal advantage is the last thing on their
You’d better decide… Please respond…”                  mind... THE HOUSE OF COMMONS probably
                                                       contains more dreamers than pompous,
"MAKE it WORTH MY WHILE."                              incompetent and greedy opportunists..."
“We run a Dog-eat-Dog business. We don’t do
fair here…” “I’m going to fire you.”                   GOVERNMENT = A REGULATORY BODY.
                                                       "We will take your complaints to the proper
“Wise up.”                                             authority." "It's an issue that should be settled
“And if you can’t be wealthy, be wise.”                by Parliament." "Members of Parliament
                                                       (MP's) have the power to carry it through."
Q: “The misery keeps me in a job! Why                  "If you put your weight behind it, who knows,
should I do anything about it?"                        they might just go for it."
A: "Some people will go to any lengths to make
money." "I don't understand how you can do             A Maxim ALL Politicians Go By: "To will is to
what you are doing.” “They’re out of their             achieve: I want it, it happens."
                                                       "Is it something that is going to be a very
“I guess… it takes… all sorts?"                        great asset to me?"
                                                       "It's a mute point. I prefer a different routine- I
"… it's very appealing to us... it could be            like mansions for a start…”
very lucrative... but I'm not allowed to               "Look, we're only interested in the affairs of
develop it though I know it should be                  very rich people, who want to indulge
developed..."                                          themselves. It doesn't come into it!"
"Businesses don't know HOW to start it…”
“Stick to what we know."                               "GOVERNMENT'S           are    NO      good     at
"Nay. Look after what you LOVE..."                     INNOVATION."
JOKE: "Innovations? Is that what you want?                 well-informed instincts, what is the point of
Actually changing something? It's our job to               having a Parliament?"
make sure they haven't got the time! We need               DICTATORS SAY: "You will follow my style-
crisis’s, panics... not public scrutiny! It is not         do it my way- or no way at all."
up to us to implement popular wishes!" "Oh! I
thought that was your job…"                                DEMOCRACY means: “The Right to a form of
COMPLAINT: “Many good ideas go in, and                     government in which power is invested in the
come out a shadow of it’s former self.”                    people as a whole… Organisational
"Many MP’s are afraid of change. Many are                  members have a Right to participate in the
fearful of the future."                                    decision making process…”

"HOUSING        PROBLEMS          PRE-OCCUPY               "How can we have a Democracy if we have a
MP's…”                                                     monarchy?"
                                                           "The GOOD NEWS is you can keep your
“MP’s have to sit for hours in the chamber of              Queen and have it too." "… it does not need the
The House of Commons. They are there                       Royal Seal of approval."
because they want to make a speech, they
do not go there to listen. Their speech is                 “IF all MP’s were independent, the whips
delivered, another MP rises to make their                  could not use Party loyalty to push through
speech. Result:       A paralysing sense of                unsatisfactory legislation. We would have
frustration. The place is full of tedium,                  true/r Democracy. To be voted in, each MP
obscure procedures, and point scoring. There               would have to be worth their weight to the
is too little detailed analysis…” (wrote Jeremy            Constituency…”
                                                           Why don't they arrange electronic voting via
"... 'it' means: nothing to me. I’m too busy               cash machines, telephones, the internet,
tending to ceremonial pomp."                               inter-active TV etc on ALL issues?" (March
 “Don’t worry. These are professionals” ?
                                                           “We are almost at the point where we could
                                                           do away with Parliament altogether. The
                                                           technology exists for referendums on every
NO. “2 weeks into the job, they are supposed to
                                                           subject using electronic voting. Most
know all about Health, then Education… of
                                                           politicians, not surprisingly, are against the idea-
course, they don’t. It’s quite ridiculous..."
                                                           this could make them redundant- there is also
“You can be appointed in charge of all the
                                                           the fear of what the British public might vote for.
armed forces without any knowledge! You
                                                           Do the public know what they’re talking
wont even have had to carry a 500lb weight on
                                                           about?” (wrote Jeremy Paxman in his book ‘The
your back… That’s not right.”                              Political Animal’).

"...'it's CERTAINLY NOT GOING                 TO           “The media rarely report what was said in ‘The
HAPPEN- I DON’T UNDERSTAND it."                            House.’
                                                           The media concentrate on gossip… and this is
“Something must be done therefore we                       how Parliament likes it.”
must do something? No, no, no! It can’t ever
happen…”                                                   BUREAUCRACY: "We are drowning in
“We don't want you to be happy with it!” "I'm              paper!" "Too tied to a desk to know what the
going to give it a miss."                                  real world is like!"
“If the government don’t like something, it                (Local Government): “THE COUNCIL keeps
has no chance of becoming law.”                            saying they must do something about it…
                                                           Budget… budget… They’ll look into it next
"Politics is a dirty business…"                            year.” “The council are crazy, illogical!”
UK: “WE RUN AN ARISTOCRATIC                                Q: “Haven’t they got contingencies?”
GOVERNMENT, increasingly EXCLUDING                         A: “Yes, but which account should it come
the voter” except during Election times.                   out of?”
                                                            “Councils are incompetent and inefficient.”
Q: "If a government does not reflect the                   Q: "Could Councillors make it happen?"
majority, or voice people's intuitive                      A: "Councils only make local decisions, not on
                                                                                         CHAPTER 11: THE ECONOMY

national matters."

1979: “… orchestrated chaos…”
programmes (ceased funding), and most other
self-help     schemes.     The   Community
Programmes were good for training
youngsters in basic skills EG. Gardening,
caring for the Elderly..."                                   "WE'LL HAVE it LOOKING LIKE A
Industrial Action means: Strike!                             KNACKER'S YARD."
                                                             "PILE ON THE MISERY…" "Last year
Youth Training Scheme: 1985: = “Renew his                    Birmingham council prosecuted 28,000
interest in Carpentry."                                      people for failing to pay General Rates..." i.e.
"This is going to build our future?"                         council services, levied on the value of your
                                                             house. "The system of paying General Rates
"THE INCREDIBILITY GAP: "Low Pay and                         will disappear in April... in favour of THE
Low Morale is Forcing Care Workers To                        (controversial) POLL TAX..." CON: "... to be
Quit..."        “MASS-UNEMPLOYMENT…”                         more efficient..."
“People really suffering…”                                   Pensioners will have to pay TREBLE the
                                                             amount they used to pay..." They will have to
"I'm still wondering how many jobs could be                  use life-savings to pay.
created..."                                                  "Nuns and monks will be exempt- unless they
"Yeh. Me too."                                               teach or do social work." (What?)
"In the ideal world there would be no need for               "... NURSES will be paying more than a
pay rises... or fears about insufficient pay..."             millionaire         overlooking
"I'm a bright spark, me. I'd give everyone a job, if         Regents Park. Millionaires
I could..." “What’s your dream job?”                         will get their Tax reduced…"
                                                             "Everyone over 18 must
Q: “Have you got any work?”                                  pay..." "Even if you ‘live’ in a
A: “No, but I’ll let you know if something comes             tent, a Poll Tax bill will be
up…”                                                         poked through your flap..."

“… Conservatives constantly refuse to listen                 PEOPLE SAID:
to   Grass    Roots.    Electoral  suicide.                  "HELP THE YOUNG!" "HELP ME!"
Back-benchers divided..."
                                                             "Never take anyone's word for it!"
                                                             "We don't have the time. Every time they
                                                             waste a line..."
                                                             "MP’s Self interest = Bad Morals. Leads to
"How long must we wait for this ridiculous
                                                             no activity of a Progressive Kind."
situation to stabilise?"
                                                             "I don't care what you say. TRUE LOVE IS
                                                             TAKING OVER!”
                                                             PEOPLE SAID: "... it's all too much. Cause
1988:    “… analysts expressed hope, and
                                                             property slump... Then 300% Rate rises..."
concern..." "GREED IS TAKING OVER..."
                                                             "So DESTRUCTIVE!" "38 million Electors.
"Welcome little fishes into smiling jaws..."
                                                             What if 28 million lose out?" "18 million
"Greed encouraging a callous disregard for
                                                             people paid General Rates. Now 35 million
                                                             will pay Poll-Tax... 11 million are partners of
                                                             Rate payers."
The Conservative Party were labelled: "THIS
                                                             Q: "What's wrong with this system?"
                                                             A: "Government's not taking into account the
                                                             people's ability to pay..." “…The government
                                                             has done the exact OPPOSITE to what they
"This generation made ICI was it is today."
                                                             should do i.e. a tax on property should mean
“DEAD TO THE WORLD: Conservatives                            BIG House/s = More tax.”
were caught napping…”

THE GOVERNMENT SAID: "Machinery set in                  PEOPLE SAID: "What we think is irrelevant!
motion. If a government makes a law there's             That is the end of it?" THE INJUSTICE!”
nothing you can do about it."                           "Why should we pay the fines? Are we men, or
                                                        miserable fish? Victoria used to be a grand word.
PEOPLE SAID: "WHY do they want OUR                      If he goes, I go too. To Heaven. To the
money?"                                                 Blessed Saints."
A: "To pay for the police, the bad schools, the
fire stations..."
                                                            "GOD SAVE THE PEOPLE!"
"... Councils, tenants groups,        housing
                                                        “BRING BACK THE ROPE: Premier Margaret
workers, Homeless agencies...           joined
                                                        Thatcher led calls for the return of the Death
together to condemn the Tax..."
                                                        (Do YOU believe in Capital punishment?)
Mrs Thatcher BLAMED 'Militants' for:
                                                        "It's wrong to string along..."
                                                        "7 MILLION PROTESTORS PROSECUTED
Mrs Thatcher described protestors as:
                                                        for ‘refusing to pay’…"
“Socialists!” / Left-wing “thugs."
(Socialists are Ordinary people!")
                                                        PEOPLE POWER COMMENTS: "All the brave
                                                        young men... these people who tried to warn
"... policies set to provoke Trouble..."
                                                        you... who want only to help you... who are
                                                        very precious and special to us... found a
PEOPLE SAID: "They are setting people
                                                        place in the chain. They were sent to prison...
against each other. Wouldn't they love it if
                                                        and are WAITING for you (the public) to say
we were at each others throats!"
                                                        'Now Go' (to Thatcher). They fought on the side
"TAX HITS BUILDERS: 100's of small
                                                        of ghosts... they thought they were winning...
builders driven into bankruptcy, unable to
                                                        now the things we wanted are so far away..."
Afford the new Tax, the rise in water charges,
                                                        "He'll still be liable to pay the Tax whilst he
and        the     one-off
                                                        is inside... that is another crazy aspect..."
Infrastructure charge on
                                                        "IF he ever gets out, he'll have to keep on
properties           being
                                                        April 1990: "27 Welfare Benefits CUT..."
“... the police set against
protestors-         violent
                                                        "... the most unpopular Prime Minister ever"
                                                        NICKNAMES: "The Iron Lady." "Bodicea."
                 "God's Truth:
                                                        "Thatcher-the-Snatcher undeterred by public
                                                        opinion." “Less than ¼ of voters (24%) support
                                                        Margaret Thatcher"
                                                        "HYSTERICAL CALLS FOR A CHANGE IN
POWER… people picked up big sticks…”
                                                        LEADERSHIP" (6/4/1990) "A record 64% of
“... Fierce, RAGING BATTLES, in the
                                                        voters in a National Opinion Poll survey telling
streets..." "... mounted police made repeated
                                                        her to go before the General Election..."
"Government sources said Mrs Thatcher was
                                                        "8 LONG YEARS IN CHARGE..." "Split
shocked at the scale and ferocity of the
                                                        opposition ensured Mrs Thatcher won her 3rd
protests, which included RIOTS ALL OVER
                                                        Election." "They voted her back in again!
                                                         I don't believe it!"
                                                        Thatcher: “The objective to protect          the
                                                        Tax-payer has been achieved" (28/6/1990).
HURTING, it isn't working."
                                                        "A master class in Duplicity."
"... the poor can't pay the fines..."
                                                        "A wide-ranging political Conspiracy."
"... find a charge to prosecute them with.
                                                        "... a scandal of criminal proportions..."
That's your job!"
"...that you have no means to pay is
                                                        "THE POVERTY TRAP…" "If they can't see
                                                        better living conditions is not pampering..."
                                                                                       CHAPTER 11: THE ECONOMY

"Poor people should be looked upon with                  roads and transport" said a Conservative MP
sympathy and receive immediate help! This,               (21/11/1991).
now is far from the case."
                                                         "After 12 years of Thatcherism, testing
"I am not able to help the situation until the           everything to destruction, more people now
House rises..." (House of Commons in uproar)             want power from the bottom up…"
                                                         PEOPLE SAID: "When will God send us a
"THE    LARGEST    DISPLAY     OF                        Rainbow?"
MASS-DISOBEDIENCE…” = "Isn't there
something you've forgotten?"                             30/11/1991: Tony Benn said:
PROTESTORS Placards read: "House the                     "You've got to ASK THE PEOPLE whether
Needy, not the GREEDY" (June 1990).                      they want it or not…"

"We'll give them outrageous, disturbing                  THE PUBLIC SAID: "What is ‘it’?”
behaviour!"                                              (not understanding)
"Police fought running battles with nearly
3,000 rampaging teenagers…" (28/8/1990).                 "ASK      THE         PEOPLE!"    Mrs   Thatcher
"Spare me!" "THE HURT isn't hard to hear." "It           demanded!
seems the good die young."
                                                         THE PUBLIC SAID: "Ask us what?"
"9 more Conservatives have resigned the
Chief Whip as a protest. The Conservatives                     Are YOU: FOR or AGAINST           it ?
constantly refuse to listen to Grass Roots.
Electoral suicide. Back-benchers divided..."                                    YES / NO
MORE CUTS: "There are plans to close                     "A STRONGER FORCE of leadership is
libraries, swimming pools, leisure centres               advocated in The House. Unpalatable to
and social services i.e. Public services..."             Socialists who want an alternative i.e. a new
                                                         social fabric. Manufacturing needs ‘a shot in
"THE POLL TAX will INCREASE inflation,                   the arm’- it is wealth creation in the purest
Mortgages, Water, Electricity, Rents- all the            sense. It is the very basis of our national wealth.
costs for home owners... A Terrible burden on            Very serious problems we are up against. Don't
millions... Interest Rates Have Gone Up 11               govern in the short term- look at the long
times... Conservative 'medicine' is hurting,             term- the next decade…"
NOT working... Is hitting Industry...
OPPORTUNITIES MISSED…”                                   "An 83 year old widow was mugged for
"It took them 3 minutes to 'scrap' THE POLL              "Now do YOU understand how POOR and
TAX. They merely changed the name. This is               desperate people are?"
now called: The Community Charge Tax..."                 "Down with TYRANNY!"
"We need to build more houses to re-float                POLL: "87% are DISSATISFIED with the
the economy... This creates jobs, this will help         government's performance" (ITV, 25/2/1993)
the unemployed, the architects. The money                PEOPLE SAID: "They're dead to the world!"
spent on B & B's is a waste. Homelessness                "Leave it out…" "Government's strategy is not
is rising..." said Labour. "You are waffling             working and is wrong." "They're CON
again" said a Conservative (Question Time, BBC           ARTISTS." "Nobody with a conscience would
                                                         vote Conservative." "The inability to change.
"Britain is so depressing!"
                                                         The Old School fear change. A bad
                                                         mistake." "People are too cynical."
Ken Livingstone said: "Britain should help
                                                         "You've got to try and work it out of your
build         relationships-      culturally,
diplomatically. See it through the Iranian's
                                                         "J. Major attacked 'Doom Mongerers'
eyes- build that dialogue." "Improvement in
                                                         (Socialists) for 'Talking Britain down.' (!) He
transport could be made if we have more
                                                         said, proudly (!): "Britain is a world beater..."
‘defence’ cuts and that saving was put into
                                                         "Government accused of 'shirking their
things much more important."
                                                         responsibility’…" (3/3/1993).
REPLY: "Investment is at an all time high in
Conservative: "It's not my problem." "Freeze                twisting done... J. Major accused of asking
'em out, or they'll be demanding blankets, clean            people to vote against their consciences…
sheets..." “I only got rich by being mean...                Shouts: 'Resign! Resign!'..." J. Major said:
Sympathy? I'm not one for sympathy!"                        "Either back me, or sack me." "Where do we go
PEOPLE SAID: "Pity a life without                           from here? To limbo? It still hasn't been
sympathy- you're really at the mercy of others              ratified" (ITN, 22/7/1993).
when you're lying in hospital- imagine a nurse,
with no sympathy, giving injections..." "Yeh. Go            "THREATENED REVOLT BY GRASS-ROOTS
on! DENY it." "Beating people is sick,                      SUPPORTERS..." (Where? Who? Yes, where?
depraved..."                                                Tell me quick. I want to know about it...”)
"The government are making it into a very                   SILENCE!
long, BORING process." "Are they trying to
BORE us to death?" "BORE us into                            "The Growth of the Green Grass Movement
submission?"                                                is to be applauded. It brings individuals into
                                                            the governing process and reduces the
Q: "Is it doomed to fail because the                        dangers of secret government" (Ref:
Conservatives wont be satisfied?”                           ‘Participating in Local Affairs,’ by D. M. Hill, 1970’s).
Q: “The Conservatives don’t frown on FREE                   (‘The Trouble-Makers Tea Party.’ “A book advising
ENTERPRISE, or do they?”                                    Grass Roots             supporters        how       to      get
PEOPLE SAID: "Is it on the Agenda for
tomorrow?" "MP's must take away our pain                    "Which Party will deliver it? Until that
before we may begin again. IF only they could               question is answered..."
carry us like a fire in their hearts. When you
need a light in the lonely night, carry a fire in           "It's going to have to happen in                            the
your heart. Let it start. Let it start. Meantime,           constituencies" (re: Brighton, October 1993).
carry the need, on your knees, if you can..."
                                                            "The Right wing Party (CON) and the Left wing
                                                            (LAB) are known as ‘The Wets,’ and ‘The
"If you're sick of corruption, reconsider
                                                            Dries.’ Liberals just known as ‘Wishy-Washy.’
delivering it."
                                                            THEY HOPE people wont make the
"We aint moving it..." (7/5/1993).
                                                            connection" said J. Smith (16/10/1993) (i.e. “’Wet
"Has J. Major stopped the rot?" (8/5/1993).                 Affairs’ are so called because their operation not
"APATHY STILL RULES, OK? It doesn't seem                    infrequently involve someone getting wet with
worth all the bother." “My conclusion? IF the               blood.”)
government were on our side, we would all
get on a lot better.”                                       "Only when it comes out into the open will
                                                            tensions ease."
PARADOX: “A Century ago, the government
was an infrequent meddler in people’s lives. In             "IF only they concentrated on how to make
times of war, it raised taxes or levied troops, but         people as HAPPY as possible."
most of the time it left people alone. Most of
the population didn’t even pay income tax. If               "We often have to vote for things we are not
they built a house… they were left to their own             happy with. The unity of the Party must come
devices. The experience of 2 world wars                     first" said a Conservative (25/11/1993).
accustomed the British people to an                         PEOPLE SAID: "Modernise Housing, move
all-powerful government…”                                   the people on! Not the Party!"

"Taxes may be increased to pay for                          Q: "What do you people want? Perfection?"
government spending" (24/6/1993).                           A: "It wouldn't hurt." “Wouldn’t you be better
"K. Clarke borrowed £3.7 BILLION in one day                 off funding fewer bodies?”
to balance the Treasury books..." (17/7/1993).
"Government borrowing £1 BILLION a day.                     “Yes, but the public want a broad base…”
The Chancellor says he's not worried..."                    “Peter Lilley said he wanted more people to
"THE GOVERNMENT ARE GOING TO                                take care of their own needs, with less
SEED..."                                                    burden on the Tax-payer. The welfare system
                                                            could collapse." = "Make provision for your
"A NEW SOCIAL CHAPTER: … 15 countries                       own welfare" (26/11/1993) HOW?
want this- only the UK opposes. A lot of arm                (“Give it a go and SAVE Taxpayers money!”)
                                                                                          CHAPTER 11: THE ECONOMY

"THE NEED FOR A NEW STRATEGY:                                THE BRINK OF THE ABYSS…”
"Politicians are determined change will only                 “Anti-sleaze campaign… wasting time.
happen slowly" (23/11/1993) (Now I understand                Procedural nonsense.”
why people to get addicted to Speed…)                        “During an interview, Michael Howard was
                                                             asked the same question 14 times without
"J. Major preoccupied with ‘the nuts and bolts               giving a straight answer…”
problem’ i.e. how to make his ‘Citizens Charter’
effective" (7/12/1993).                                      YEAR 2000: “Parliament marked the new
                                                             millennium  by    opening    yet    more
"Home Secretary, M. Howard, attacked for his                 accommodation for MP’s (built with public
plan to ‘reform’ Local Authorities by closing                money.”)
them down." "50,000 jobs cut in local
government 1993, same again due 1994..."                     “Politicians have become evangellists for a
(January, 1994)                                              system intrinsically incapable of delivering what
“That’s so typical! Don’t offer me another                   is asked of it.”
                                                             PEOPLE SAID: "We need a clear picture to
"Government         accused      OF        FRAUD,            make an accurate assessment."
CORRUPTION & WASTE: £100's of millions                       “We need a balanced and fair discussion.”
wasted…              incompetence               and          "What we know- they know- that's balance."
mismanagement. Report by The Public Audit                    "We must maintain a balance between good
Committee. A devastating catalogue. Poor                     and evil."
cash controls. Inefficient spending. Pile of
problems, failings. Situation getting worse.                 Conspiracy = "ILLEGAL activity."
Throwing money away. 'It is important to                     "WHY WEREN'T WE TOLD ABOUT it?"
ensure honesty.' There has been a decline of                 “… it’s A PRIVATE JOKE.” "You know, it's
standards... “ “J. Major laughed it off" (27/1/1994)         one of those jokes- lots of nudging and winking."
“The Public Accounts Committee which is                      "Aren't you in on it?" "S'hhh. Or they'll all want
not quite the vigorous scrutiny so many                      one!"
fondly believe in…”
                                                             PEOPLE SAID: “Hush it up” ?
"THE PAIN STAYS THE SAME. All the                            "Oh! I am so tired of keeping all this a secret!"
Parties are looking for less painful ways to                 "Can we please stop this nonsense and just
raise cash to maintain public services"                      say what it is?"
(24/2/1994).                                                 “Now is the time to tell people all about it. Be
“… £BILLIONS will be required to finance a
                                                             "It's something you should be made aware
huge number of infrastructure schemes….”
SQUABBLES: "… about which Party costs the                    "… it's time you found out about it."
less money- for housing, rubbish collection /
disposal etc. Harder to establish with Council               “SUPPRESSING           THE      MARKET:        The
Tax. The arguments are going to get very                     powers-that-be still fail to recognise a dramatic
technical, complex. It will take some analysing"             shift in consumer demand! The new trend for
(6/4/1994).                                                  durable, AFFORDABLE QUALITY is based
                                                             on disgust for things that cost the Earth,
The Government said: “The alternatives to                    which break easily, shattering lives - cars
Tax increases are worse.”                                    being only one example. The old school want
                                                             to keep on producing more of the same-
"J. Major is making heavy weather of                         preferring vast, easy profits to actually providing
introducing the 35-hour working week."                       customers with a fair deal. To effect lower
“J. Major refuses to alter his goals." "J. Major is          prices, there should be a new law limiting
getting very snappy and heated. Overwork                     profit margins on essential items. Currently
blamed. Sparks are flying between him, his                   charging what they can get away with
colleagues and the opposition..." (11/4/1994)                (astronomical figures), limits the number of
“We could have 2 days extra off a week IF                    people who can improve the quality of their
productivity was increased…”                                 lives” (1994).
                                                             "Price sensitive information must be
1997: “THE COUNTRY IS TEETERING ON                           available to all, or none."

LOGIC: Wouldn't it be great if everyone was                    discussions, 9/3/1994).
clued up about it!"                                            "There are webs of secrecy in every corner
“The more people that can take part in dialogue                of Whitehall." "The government's routine
the better it is.”                                             suppression of information..." (BBC, 15/4/1994).
"Solutions should be explored."
"We can't tell you about a young idea? That's                  "They are afraid to tell us about it because it
silly."                                                        might blow our minds. You may want it to blow
"Talk it through." "… it's only just beginning..."             our minds. Well, our minds wont be blown"
                                                               “… it wont blow your mind but it probably will
"Don't blow the whistle on their Health &
                                                               change your life.”
Safety regulations?"
“Yeh. Blow the whistle. Expose the CON
                                                               "HOW DO THEY GET AWAY WITH it?
merchants. Then we’d all get some peace.”
                                                               "... it HAS BEEN DELIBERATELY FUDGED..."
"Safety should be their main concern…"
                                                               “Imperial humour…”
 "We need to find out what is going wrong.
                                                               JINKING: means: Move elusively, dodge,
People should be warned of dangers. If these
                                                               elude by dodging, boisterous fun."
people had been warned- they would be alive
                                                               PEOPLE SAID: "Consider this. Our leaders
                                                               will talk and TALK UNTIL THE END OF THE
"It's not knowing that kills you."
                                                               WORLD..." "They've been talking for a
"Personally, I would find it very comforting-
kinder than taking a battering."
"It's comforting to know." "I'm relieved to hear it."
                                                               "... it is the one thing they don't want to
("This so it wont come as a shock...")                         talk about… openly!"
 "It's better than saying 'I didn't expect it. I never
saw it coming. I could kick myself'..." "… it will             "Let's face it. All these problems could be sorted
enable people to better understand what is                     out in a few weeks- I don't know why they don't
happening."                                                    get it all sorted."
                                                               "Oh, if only someone would put it above party
UNRIDDLED = "Out with it!"
                                                               “They haven’t realised how they also need
"… it's much better to get it out into the
                                                               it- not to live in but to make their jobs match our
open…"                                                         dreams…” “Why ignore something that could
"Don't tell anybody?" “I can’t sneak around
                                                               set you free too?” "We've got to get them
any more! It either comes out into the open
                                                               straight." "… it is to their advantage as
now or not at all.”
“Our goal as Human Beings must be the
pursuit of truth.”
                                                               "Make it official. Give it official approval..."
"THE TRUTH = It's time to come clean."
                                                               "What is its release date, please?"
"TELL it LIKE it is." "Say it like you mean it."
                                                               HOW it COULD BE MADE TO WORK BY
"Blurt it out." “Let it all come out.” “TELL ME
                                                               POSITIVE THINKING POLITICIANS:
ABOUT it…” “Speak freely…” "Be honest
about it." "The truth will set us FREE." "The                  "Ah! The bits fall place into place now!"
truth is our greatest ally." "Tell the truth and                “What else can we do but laugh about it?”
shame the devil." "Do you have a mind of                       “It’s a last resort.” "It's an offer of HELP." “It’s
your own and a voice to match it?"                             too good to be true, isn’t it?” "It's jolly good, isn't
“Well, if certain things came to light…”                       it!" "I don't mean to make light of it..." "I think it's
                                                               a splendid idea." "It's an excellent idea."
"If it could be developed it would change the                  “It’s too good an opportunity to miss!”
social structure of our world!"                                "It leads to greater Democracy- a fairer way of
"If the truth were to be known…”                               life" "It's just a Democratic process."
 "There is too much secrecy in the system                      "It will lead to a more prosperous world."
than is good for the public" (the Scott inquiry                "It’s always been an ambition of mine…" "It
revealed, 22/2/1994).                                          seems it will do men good."
OPEN GOVERNMENT = "No unnecessary                              "It's taught us a valuable lesson I'll never forget.”
secrets.”                                                      "It will mean a pleasant start to the day."
"Parliament has a duty not to mislead the                      "It would be better for us- we'd have more fun
public - to tell the truth" (re: the morality of MP's          things to do!"

                                                                                                 CHAPTER 11: THE ECONOMY

"Starting a new way of life will be thrilling!"                  "It could be an Emergency fund?"
"The politics of it are going to be exciting!" "                 "Don't you think it's perfectly reasonable?" "Let's
"It is appropriate." “It could be a brilliant way of             discuss it- no drama." "Have it out, once and for
bringing true Democratic government, with                        all- have a perfectly civilised discussion about
many advantages to Parliament…” "It will be the                  it." "Mold it into other systems?" "It will be good
making of us." "It's a terrific goal- certainly plenty           for morale on ALL sides." "Good God! It's in
to work on!" "MP's take it very seriously. It's                  the interests of national security!" "It is
much better than working!" "… it requires                        easier to achieve." “Yes, by all means, go for
youth" (sad admission). "What's in it for you?                   it.” "It's civilised." "Its got nothing to do with
Peace of mind?" "It's the only way out of this                   taking sides." "You need to get into the spirit of
scandal." "Its ironic- it could save our necks,                  it."
stop us from dying. I think we're ordinary people.               "… it should ease the tensions if it's done
I know our clothes make us look awfully                          properly." "Ask yourself- is it logical? It is the
boring..." "It's going to be an education for me."               logical solution." "It will benefit 8 out of 10."
"It's our best chance." “With a little bit of                    "It's not an option. It's a necessity." "The entire
encouragement from people like you, we might                     world depends on its success, but don't let
to be able to do something about it” (said Neil                  me put you under pressure."
Kinnock, They Think It’s All Over, BBC, 2/12/2004).              "Don't dismiss it." "It is the ultimate solution
"It worried me at first but now, with                            whether you can see it or not." "It'll do the trick-
determination I believe it could be made to                      you'll find out sooner or later." "Take it from me-
work."                                                           it's a very snappy idea." "There are no 'ifs' and
"Realise the potential benefits! It reduces                      'buts' about it." "Admit it." "You can in no way
waste." "It is a sensible precaution."                           deny it." "There's no arguing with it." "It's in a
"… it's economical." "Get to grips with it." "We                 league of its own!" "It's no contest."
are getting to grips with it."                                    "We can't change the past but we can make
"It will be long and good" (said Neil Kinnock, after his         the future easier." "I can do it in the twinkling of
1992 election defeat).                                           an eye." "It's a mere formality." "It wont take a
"We've got to get beyond the politics of                         second." "It's just a matter of policy." "It's no
destruction..." (pre-Election speech, USA).                      trouble." "I'll make it easier for you so that you
"It's better than out-moded convention."                         can work on it."
"It will be kinder than the old way."
                                                                 "Put a time scale on it. Its objectives need to
"… it bridges the gap!" "God, how the poor
                                                                 be met fairly quickly." “Let me handle it.”
people must need it!" "It will greatly relieve
                                                                 "Some day wont do. It has to be dealt with
people who have been waiting- holding on."
                                                                 now!” "It's a priority. It must take priority." "It
"The big question is- will people want to go with
                                                                 needs immediate attention. It deserves serious
it?" "You have to let people decide for
                                                                 attention." "Legalise it." "Order it."
themselves." "The public will vote with their
                                                                 "If we can play a part in its construction, then
feet." (No votes for sale). "It's the ‘in thing’ to
                                                                 that's a useful role for us play" (said M. Howard,
do!" "Its not bad." "It's my humble duty to                      29/5/1992).
present it to you and get it to you." "It's our                  “It grants us a unique opportunity." “It is a
duty." "It will provide realistic progress." "It is              historic opportunity…” "This is 2004! Not the
necessary and I hope it will be understood by                    1900's! WHY are we only doing it now?"
people." "People don't want rapid change. They
want gradual change. INTEGRATE it!" "Try to                      ("I don't want a debate about it." "What could
get it into perspective." "Will it really make a                 you possibly say about it now?" "Don't make it a
difference?” “You'd better believe it." "It would                personal battle.")
be natural change..." "Get it working for you."
"It's a blend of..." “… it compliments..." "It's an              "There's NO excuse for not doing it."
attractive proposition." "You know, it makes                     "Stay with it- it's important." "It'll be fine." "We'll
sense..." "It offers significantly better living                 get around to it one day." "Don't worry. It'll sort
conditions.” "It's something to be grateful for."                itself out- eventually." “Just play it as it comes.”
"Being cosy is important. It's not something you                 "It wont happen by magic" (said J. Major,
turn your nose up at." "Tell them where they can                 26/5/1992).
stick it!" "It stands to reason..." "Well, if you put
it that way... I am going to do it!" "It's an idea               "If your mouths did the work, it would be
gaining ground." "It creates a lasting                           done by now."
impression." "Most folks wont look twice at it. It'll
just be procedure."
"Do it before the country is bored and sickened              EXPERT: “We don’t need competing Parties
out its mind." "It will save the nation from                 right now. A group of highly skilled
despair." "The nation’s health depends on it."               individuals with proven expertise would do
"Well, I hardly refuse it if it's going to help your         much more good for this country than men
education."                                                  who are trained to be mouth pieces for
"We've got the raw ingredients, we've got the                Q: “Why can’t we just be a united TEAM?
money, we've got the time, the land and the                  With a clear message?”
airtime. What's the problem?"
"I'm on to it."                                              “The Green Party is committed to a more
"Come on, out with it." "We're going to get it               just society with the Planet at its heart…”
together." "We're going to do it together."                  (12/4/2005).
"We cannot rest until it is done."
 "We are going to stick with it now we've made               A    Conservative       Party     spokesman   at
the decision."                                               Bournemouth said: "… People want an
                                                             ALTERNATIVE. They want something very
PEOPLE SAID: “Make it so there’s no                          different..." (Sky News, 3/10/2004).
argument about it. Don’t back away from it. Give             Commentator: "Can the Conservatives offer
it a schedule.” “Let’s finish all this.”                     any real alternative?"
                                                             EXPERT: "No" (Channel 4, 5/10/2004).
Q: “What will be its influence on mainstream                 A Voter said: “I wont take your word for it.”
A: PEOPLE SAID: “All we do is disintegrate in                “Are ‘New’ Labour the only Party capable of
front of the box!” “We want people to receive a              delivering it? Labour are slow, often ineffective
different kind of message.” “See you in the                  and governed by double-standards…”
Square.” “Got your kit? Hopefully, this will get
it / you started.” “The Press should make it                 “David Blunket, former Home Secretary
front page news. It shouldn’t need blood-shed                believed in regenerating communities i.e.
/ violence to get the media’s attention!                     more power at local government level…”
Pictures of it should be screened on
mass-television at peak times as a promotion, a              “POWER TO THE PEOPLE PROMISED:
documentary to make people say ‘gorgeous,’                   Labour’s Election campaign will be ‘Power to
‘come on,’ ‘that’s a new sense of direction,’                the People’ i.e. do your civic duty to
‘that’s healthy,’ ‘that’s wise,’ ‘sane,’ ‘I want             regenerate your local community… a national
one.’                                                        scheme…”
SELL THE IDEA TO THEM. Tell people where                     “The message back to the government from
they may find it. HOW to do it’…” “Make it so                the people is: IF you’re serious, give us the
there’s no argument about it. Don’t back away                power to make it possible” (BBC, 10/12/2004)
from it. Give it a schedule.”                                (No reply).
“Why don’t you put it to bed, save a load of
paper, concentrate on quality information and                “Will it be done?” (“… it’s (now) in the laps
spend more time with your families                           of the gods.”)
“One day I hope we can put the past behind us.”              “THE NATURAL LAW PARTY are coming to
“Press on with it…”                                          Britain. Their symbol? A Rainbow.” What do
                                                             they believe in? “Meditation. Change the world
(“No-one could doubt, as impatience grew,                    through the power of thought…” Um
there would be a great deal of news                          Voters said: “We can't ‘protest vote’ for ‘The
re: developments…”)                                          Monster Raving Looney Party’ again!”
 “… and there you have it!”                                  “Oh! Sod it!” “Damn it all.” “What is wrong
                                                             with having a PROTEST vote?”
NEXT GENERAL ELECTION:                                       “Any election papers that are not correctly
                                                             filled in are deemed invalid.”
"A TRUE Social Democracy is needed
                                                             “Belief in the political system is at an all time
throughout the world...”
                                                             low” (29/11/2004).
“The only hope for the Planet is for people
                                                             “Tony Blair is trying to privatise Public
to vote for The Green Party” (Question Time,
13/1/2005).                                                  services. Gordon Brown is bitterly opposed to
                                                             that. The lack of clear Social Justice
                                                             language!          No         clear      Labour
                                                                                   CHAPTER 11: THE ECONOMY

Manifesto…struggling to find a way forward.             Agrees. There is Evidence ICE sheets ARE
PREDICTED: Hung Parliaments” (BBC,                      MELTING        dramatically…”        Labour’s
2/5/2005).                                              Environment minister said: “I do believe this
                                                        is a temporary phenomenon.”
“There is NO opportunity for the people to              Commentator: “… it’s going to be very
state the precise manifesto they want…”                 important to the politicians over the next 5
“Council Tax BILLS are still RISING
UNAFFORDABLY.”                                          EXPERT: “All the political Parties have
“Pensioners protesting because they cannot              kicked it into the long, long grass. They don’t
Afford to pay Council Tax bills… Senior                 want it to be known.”
Citizens- in court… in PRISON…”
                                                        The British Youth Council said: “Politics have
Q: “Just what is Labour’s BLUEPRINT for                 failed young people. Affordable housing is
the future?” (unanswered).                              needed. We have to accept the European
(“… it’s an ALTERNATIVE blueprint, just in              system of renting…”
                                                        “Those with HOUSES vote. Those who don’t
SPEECH: “The Liberal Democrats are the                  have houses, don’t vote?”
real alternative. People want a viable                  “Bizarre! There are some voters who think it is
alternative…” (5/3/2005)                                a big issue!”
“Politicians use that phrase every time there’s         “Politicians are listening to the old because
an Election. People vote for them- some                 they matter. They IGNORE the young
councils then run by them, people carry on              because they don’t matter? Nothing ever
complaining… nothing changes…”                          changes - so don’t vote? Today’s rotten
“This phoney election…”                                 politics are short of ideology.”

“This area has gone downhill…” “… their                 EXPERT: “It’s about pressure. Yes, pressure.
only ‘solution’ is Tax, Spend and Waste…”               Getting people to vote for it.”

“Election Plans are fundamentally flawed…”              “The GREEN Party manifesto has a lot in there
(11/4/2005).                                            I agree with but we’re not going to get a
“… Social Enterprise could help everything              Green MP so I wont be voting for him…”
work much better…”
                                                        A STUDENT SAID: “My advice is focus on
“All Parties have their policies about                  what people need.”
(traditional) housing… 1 in 6 votes will come
from rural communities. ‘We feel very                   “The country flourishes under a low Tax
disillusioned. The problem that concerns us             burden” “But it’s difficult to make those
most: Our young feel alienated from where               savings. We’ve got increase productivity… the
they grew up. A bungalow here costs £440,000!           government has got to look for it. For all
‘New’ building here is only for Tourism not             countries lower Tax is better…” (Radio 4, BBC
Affordable housing!’ ‘If the government                 27/4/2005).
can’t do anything about it, they should tell
us’…” (BBC1, 13/4/2005)                                 “We need radical decisions… The non-radical
Ah! “We trust them to do the proper thing.”             government…”

A young woman told Tony Blair: “It’s                    “Maybe if the people were asked, they would
heartbreaking. We waited for so long for a              express a view on it” said Dr. Kilroy-Silk.
Labour government to get in- then they turn out
to be Conservatives! All our trust is gone.”            “We are storing up more and more problems
Tony Blair said: “We have a government that             for our children, and our children’s children.
involves people fully…” (20/4/2005).                    Ideals are dying, with catastrophic
                                                        consequences for the future. People are
GREENPEACE said: “The Environment is                    failing to grasp the real issues.”
being left off the agenda by irresponsible              “Talking about what needs to be done could be
government…”                                            electoral suicide.”
                                                        “They’re all in it for themselves.” “Politics
“The    government’s   own   Chief   Scientist          these days is all about evasion.”
“Something is missing in this Election…”
“Nobodies got it right.” “Are any of the Parties
really pushing Affordable housing?”
“I’m a floating voter because I don’t believe
any Party will make any difference”

“I wanted to vote for The GREEN Party but
my area has no Green Party candidate!”

VOTER: “I’m an IDEALIST. I expect some
organisation but there’s none at all!”

“After 8 wasted years, Labour won a Historic
3rd term, with the lowest percentage of any
returning Party. Labour lost 47 MP’s.
Conservatives gained 33 MP’s. The GREEN
Party vote was up only 0.4%...”

“How to make future Elections with postal
voting less open to corruption?” “We need to
make them water-tight with safeguards.”
PEOPLE SAID: “Yeh. You need to concentrate
on water-proofing a lot more…”

“…    it’s  about     making     successful
communities” said Labour. (re: Need to delay
reassessment of value of homes for Council
Tax er… um… The Community Charge)
(December 2005).
PEOPLE SAID: “Pull it together or you’ll be
gone and so will we!”

“For the Conservatives to win the next
Election and profit from the discontent with
the Labour Party, they need to convince people
they are ‘the real alternative’…” (Sky news).

“… An important ruling in the High court re:
TORTURE      could   have    wide-reaching

“TO REGENERATE AREAS,          Labour’s
BLUEPRINT IS: 6 Super-Casinos to support
hard gambling…”
("... it's not gambling.")

 “People still think the P.M. has something up
his sleeve. It‘s still a core issue for most
Labour people. The rebels are at their
weakest… The Prime Minister portrays them
as being ‘soft’…”

“… The Prime Minister was criticised for his
domestic policy… Tony Blair hoped to rise
above it…” (27/8/2006) (Much criticism EG: “… if
you want to keep your job, you’d better come
up with something right now!”
                                                                                               CHAPTER 12: INTERNATIONAL

                                                                 BORDERS & IMMIGRATION:
CHAPTER 12: INTERNATIONAL                                        BORDERLINE: A typical sight: Dust. Barren
                                                                 land. Barbed wire. Razor wire. Military
EUROPE:                                                          installations. Patrols. Cameras. Machine
“Population 375 million” (1994).                                 guns. Warning signs. (You are in Hell).

“THE SINGLE MARKET, in Thatcher’s Era =                          UNKIND: “The frontiers are my prison.”
“If Britain can state it’s case…” “We didn’t.”
(Ah! The Singles Market…)                                        “I’m looking for work, the chance of a life…”

1994: re: EUROPEAN UNITY: "A common                              “PEOPLE ALL ROUND THE WORLD ARE
policy is needed- not Britain standing in the                    THE SAME” said John Lennon.
side-lines. We don't want to see it shuffled to
one side as if it's not really happening…"                       THE DREAM: “RELEASE ME! THERE MUST
                                                                 BE SOMETHING BETTER!”
"It's too big a project for one country alone                    “Finding Heaven would help.”
to deal with. It could have very dire                            “THE FREE MOVEMENT OF PEOPLE…”
scenarios.     Europe's     battling.      Russia's              “We want enrichment of cultures round the
economic difficulties... Let's hope they get it                  world. Exchange…”
straight very soon..." (CBI conference, 9/11/1992).              “Aspirations…” “Let’s make our minds up to be
                                                                 KINDER, clean and tidy. Let’s make all the PAIN
"House prices in the UK are considerably                         go     away     now.”         “NOBODY        IS
higher than other parts of Europe... The UK                      INSIGNIFICANT.”
has higher interest rates.... If European
currency becomes united, how will this be                        WORLD CITIZENSHIP: "Henry Kissinger
ratified?" "They are working on it" i.e. House                   believed in a Global society, to end turmoil to
prices are rising through-out the world- out-                    increase security..." (1976).
pricing local people who feel extremely
resentful…”                                                      “FREE CHOICE OF TERRITORY = Remain a
                                                                 citizen of the government to which Taxes (a
"The EEC dismiss it, unconvincingly.                             contribution) is paid (made) and for whose
Resentment is growing..." (1992).                                officers (managers) he / she votes. He / She
                                                                 may at any time change citizenship, his / her
PEOPLE SAID: "What does 'growth' mean to                         allegiance to another government offering more
the EU commissioners?" Brussels sprouts?”                        attractive Tax rates, better pensions,
“Oh! They haven’t a clue.” “Don’t worry.                         personalities… This is to remove them from
Something will crop up…”                                         the grip of governments who are not diffusing
                                                                 power but the citizens themselves. This would
“Europe would like a big role but is in a bad                    avoid putting a large number of citizens in jail,
position. Europe’s 25 nations are struggling                     and war would be administratively impossible.
to find a cohesive policy / action plan…”                        If implemented on a worldwide scale it could
(9/5/2005).                                                      reverse the traditional polarity, making
"… it's a piece of cake" (means: it's easy to                    governments fearfully dependant upon the
achieve, there'll be a greater amount to share).                 favour of their citizenary” (Ref: Book, Systemantics,
                                                                 by Jogn Gall, 1977).
“The markets are depressed…”
                                                                 “… it is YOUR BIRTH-RIGHT.”
Europe’s Population: “730 million people…”
(2005).                                                          “... it’s the one we’re waiting for. How
                                                                 uplifting to have it integrated into our lives.
“Europe’s     vision       for   the   future    needs           Talk about it. Don’t put your head in the
rescuing”     (re:   the     Constitution   Referendums,         sand in the hope it’ll go away…”
EU SUMMIT: “It’s clear something has to                          COSMOPOLITAN = Multi-national.
change. We can’t keep the European                               “I am Neutral.”
model…” (22/3/2005).
                                                                 “I was born a creature belonging to the
“EU meeting re: Proposal to cut the EU budget.                   Universe. My home? The Planet - Earth.”
They are looking for a solution for
“That I was free in my mind- lit my mind! I              (a voluntary National Service could be given
suddenly knew as though I were discovering for           a new fun image & a useful role? (see:
the 1st time the source of freedom is the                Thunderbirds).
HUMAN SPIRIT. I had lived away from it.
Afterwards, I experienced an emotion of                  “REFUSED ASYLUM SEEKERS: NEW ‘GET
well-being so intense I have lived off it ever           TOUGH’ MEASURES: Will now be told ‘Go
since. I came to believe life is Holy. I then            Back or Benefits will be cut.’ They will be
became a man of principle.”                              supported till they go back- or, no support.
                                                         When destitute, Social Services will become
GUNTER GRASS said: "We should aim to                     responsible! Their children will be taken into
have a Confederation. One pass-port for                  care and become the responsibility of the Local
everybody" (1990)                                        Authority. INHUMANE decision by the Home
                                                         Office.      Families split up. No legal
"I am a citizen of the World..."                         entitlement to be a family together! This is a
                                                         very strange, IMMORAL definition of care”
There would be far fewer asylum seekers                  (Channel 4, 4/8/2005)
when Britain & America help other countries              “You’re not thinking! Get it Right.”
                                                         “…Children being held in immigration
“ would ease pressures on ever worrying             removal centres are being damaged by their
minds…”                                                  imprisonment…” (Daily Mirror, 27/7/2005).

ASYLUM (means: PROTECTIVE SHELTER,                       UK: "Council Taxes will have to rise due to
SANCTUARY, SAFETY from imminent                          the strain on Local Authorities put on by
harm… especially for people with psychiatric             immigrants..." (8/8/2006).
disorders… for debtors, criminals…”)
                                                         “Multi-Culturism doesn’t work. In many places,
“There’s no Borderline” ?                                battle-lines are being drawn up…” (UK, 24/8/2006)
“ENTITLEMENTS: Cultural minorities- slightly             (Ah! “Obviously some groups have failed to
neurotic. Some quite happy. Others at each               integrate properly…”)
other’s throats for Centuries. They don’t want
to know about borders being taken down…
And they do care about the significance of
(“... it’s something of a cultural exchange…”)

RACISTS: “I can’t see what it is they despise.”
“I don’t see a colour. All I see is a HUMAN
What has a person’s skin colour got to do with

RESPECT. “Do it with respect.”

“OF MIXED BLOOD: “These people are
important. They are not tied to either side. And
can help each side to establish links…”

UK: "Colonel Blashford-Snell, a Conservative?
explorer... wants to install more discipline in
schools, bring back ‘National Service’ i.e.
Compulsory conscription into the Armed
Forces for people under the age of 20, during
peace time.... He said: 'Nothing worries me
more than young people without motivation, a
sense of curiosity and adventure'..." (Evening
Standard, 8/3/1994)

                                                                                             CHAPTER 13: WAR

                                                          THE BROKEN GLASS."
CHAPTER 13: WAR                                           THE PEOPLE SAID: "NEVER AGAIN."
WAR: “To preserve territorial integrity, to wipe
out invaders- those who raid, loot…”                      CLIMATE OF FEAR: "The German people did
= BLOODY HELL.                                            nothing to stop Hitler" means: "Hitler ripped
                                                          apart political opposition to form a
WORLD WAR 1:                                              Dictatorship..." "... when 40 of his General's
                                                          tried to warn Hitler against this- he had them
(1914 – 1918): "THE WAR TO END ALL                        shot." "The Nazis did not rule by majority
WARS:"                                                    vote, only by fear…”
“… unsecured borders…assassins / terrorists
hiding- controlled by Serb secret police (called          Hitler's warped vision was a world dominated
'The Black Hand') ... Royals shot. Sparked                by his cruel storm troopers."
riots… Homes ransacked... Muslims feared
domination by Serbs… Prestige came into it a              MORAL/S VIOLATED: EG. “The strong must
lot- a Conservative history. Insults could lead           look after the weak.”
to a duel. Power politics… Despite                        “… image of the strong dominating the weak.
impression of grandeur- monarchy were                     Strength = Military might…”
faltering... Their position threatened…
Germany ruled by Kaiser Wilheim 11 (Queen                 “THE HORROR OF THE DEATH CAMPS…”
Victoria's      grandson).    …His      speeches          "Most people died."
resounded with megalomania. 'Your enemy is
my enemy' he told troops. He dreamed of                   “HITLER'S     MONSTEROUS          FINAL
military glory. He basked in the title 'Supreme           SOLUTION: Ghettos. Put EVERYONE in,
War Lord.' He was resolute, unclear and                   no-one can get out. Clone everyone to be
indecisive- not a good leader. He liked                   the same. No individuals…”
flattery- idea of German supremacy. With
lavish finances... Talks held in private / secret         “FEUDAL THIEFDOM: Eichmann tabulated
meetings... They pinpointed a suitable trouble            the numbers of dead alongside the numbers
spot... Serbs deliberately given conditions-              for daily looted wealth...”
an ultimatum, they could never accept i.e.                "All Hitler wanted was the Art treasures-
give up sovereignty. Serbia refused- so war               anything- icons, statues..."
declared. Only Hungary opposed. People                    “The Gestapo terrorised, stole… all for the
cheered- were so enthusiastic…).                          money…”
"They said war could never happen again..."