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Covina Hills Girls Softball by wuyunyi


									Covina Hills Girls Fast Pitch


           P.O. Box 1928
         Covina, CA 91722

•   To promote amateur softball for all girls regardless of race, color, creed, religion, sex, national origin
    or ancestry.
•   To establish and maintain effective communication among and throughout the Board, the coaches
    and managers, the parents and players.
•   To provide proper safeguards in accordance with the spirit of true sportsmanship and establish
    principles for ethical behavior and matters relating to conflict of interest as provided by the ASA
    Council and the Covina Hills Softball League.
•   To educate and train in the proper skills of amateur softball play and rules of the game through
    promoting, organizing, and conducting clinics, seminars and training courses.

Parents’ Responsibilities
Players will have the most enjoyable experience on teams where each parent takes a positive and active
role in supporting the team efforts. Consider each parent’s responsibilities.
    • Timely submission of registration form and fees
    • Transporting players to and from practices and games
    • Notifying Coach/Manager in advance if player is going to be late or absent from a particular
         game or practice
    • Ensuring that your daughter comes to practices and games on time with the proper equipment,
         clothing and water
    • Helping the coach load, unload and stow equipment
    • Ensuring that your daughter has had adequate nutrition prior to all practices and games
    • Openly communicating with the manager/coaches regarding playing skills, positions, problems,
         questions or concerns
    • Observing the No Smoking, No Alcohol and No Animals Rule at all fields
    • Picking up trash after practices and games
    • Volunteering to help the team by taking on one of the many job duties, see page 8.
    • Signing and supporting the Parents/Spectators Code of Conduct

Our Role as Parents
For your daughter to succeed in softball she needs you, and as much time and energy as you can give
her. Your daughter and her team will need you to:
     Provide transportation for your player to and from all practices, clinics, and games. Please
        remember to pick up your player on time unless other arrangements have been made with the
        Team Manager. Managers must stay at the field until all players have been picked up. There also
        must be an adult female present at all team gatherings.
     Attend all League functions whenever possible. These can include parent/coach meetings,
        clinics, games, etc.
     Support the Team Manager and Coach(es), on and off the field. If you have concerns or
        comments, please discuss them appropriately with the Manager or Coach. If you still have
        concerns, please contact your Division Coordinator.
     Keep a positive line of communication open with your daughter's Manager, Coach, and Team
        Parent. Keep each other advised of scheduling changes and problems involving attendance at
        games and practices.

      Encourage your daughter to do her best at practice and in games. Recognize her attempts as
       well as her successes in playing softball.
      Please have your daughter go to practices in proper attire. Cleats are a must. Have your
       daughter leave all jewelry at home for practices and games.

Just a few friendly reminders from the coaches. . . .
      Don't go into the dugout to give instructions
       The girls have coaches, and they have worked hard on developing cohesion and a mental
       attitude toward the game. Yelling out tips, advice, correction, or criticism will in no way improve
       your daughter's performance. The same principle holds true in yelling out advice from the
       sidelines. Keep in mind, the content and accuracy of the information is not the issue. Unsolicited
       help could be considered criticism
      Don't question the coach's decisions during or between games
       As a parent, you have a right to your opinion regarding playing time, attitude, criticism, etc.
       However, we recommend the 24 hour rule - speak to the coach 24 hours after the game. By
       then, the dust has settled, tempers have cooled, and cooler heads prevail. At that time, be
       specific as to your concerns. Beginning at about 14 years old, we believe it is important for you
       to empower your daughters, and teach them to take care of their own needs. Rather than speak
       for them, encourage them to speak up for themselves.

      Don't make a spectacle of yourself during the game
       Loud and rude comments to umpires, opposing coaches, or even opponents may seem
       humorous to you, but your daughter is cringing in the dugout with embarrassment. We know
       this because we're there with them. Always keep in mind that you are their role model. Please
       act on the field the way you would want your child to behave.

      Don't tell your daughter everything she has done wrong on the ride home from the game
       This is not what is considered quality time and sharing. You may think it is helpful, but she feels
       criticized. In addition, she already knows that the error she made in the sixth inning that allowed
       the winning run to score was not good, and does not need to be reminded of it by you.

      Always be positive
       Learn to encourage, not criticize. If you don't have something good to say, don't say it.

      Be a parent, not an agent
       Talk to your daughter regarding her concerns, and help her to learn to take care of most issues
       herself. Rather than criticize coaches and players, and make excuses for herself, take the
       excellent opportunity to teach her how to cope with adversity. Don't make lists of demands for
       the coaches to follow.

      Spend time practicing at home
       In the years to come, you will both treasure the memories of tossing the ball around, much
       more so than of victories and losses.

       Volunteer your time
        Ask us how you can help, and follow our direction. Your daughter will appreciate your positive
        involvement, and be proud to have you as part of her team.

       Attend games and cheer
        As it has been stated on many occasions, we must always keep in mind that positive self esteem
        is the primary goal of sports, not [just] winning or losing.

CHGFP Code of Conduct Expectations
Part I
Covina Hills Softball League is committed to the development of good sportsmanship, leadership and
good citizenship in our youth. Underscoring this commitment is the belief that our children learn best by
our example as responsible parents and accountable adults. We encourage You, Signer of this
document, to inform family members, friends and/or relatives that may attend to watch a game or any
other CHGFP activity that the established Code of Conduct with penalties will be enforced at the
discretion of the Executive Board. We ask all Parents, Managers, Coaches, and Adult Volunteers to read,
sign and support a Code of Conduct as established by the CHGFP.

Part II
California State Law prohibits smoking of any substance and the consumption of any alcoholic beverage
on a school campus. First offense will be first and last warning and will result in compliance to cease
activity. Second offense may result in dismal from the league. In the event of such offense, CHGFP
reserves the right to contact local law enforcement (Covina Police Department) to assist in the removal
of the offender, you, the under signer of this document and dismal may or may not include
player/daughter. All violations will be resolved immediately, upon Board approval, without the need of a
hearing, meeting, or discussion of said violators.

Part III
CHGFP Board of Directors reserves the right to refuse any application, prior to the start of any season
and/or at the time of registration and/or “sign-ups,” for any reason or event having occurred before the
start of any season and/or any past season or during the season where one has been found to be in
violation of the Code of Conduct. Any behavior found to be considered unsportsmanlike, derogatory in
nature, in direct violation of the CHGFP Code of Conduct, ASA Official Guidelines, or considered
unhealthy for our children is subject to immediate removal from the league event and/or school
premises and will be dismissed from the League and all refunds will be denied.

Code of Conduct
Standards of conduct are part of the ASA National Code and Southern California Rules and Regulations.
Every ASA member and CHGFP member shall respect these standards. A Manager, Coach, player, parent
or any other individual affiliated with the team shall not violate any of the following:
1. The Rules of Conduct apply to all participants and spectators at any and all CHGFP functions and
2. Unsportsmanlike conduct or any derogatory action on or off the field. Specifically prohibited are:
    a. Obscene language, profanity and/or gestures.
    b. Verbal or physical attack or threat upon an umpire, “Blue,” or ASA official.
    c. Harassment.

 3. Any form of alcohol or consumption of controlled substances on or near the field of play or at
    practices games or any CHGFP event.
 4. Destruction of property, abusive behavior or violation of state or federal law.
 5. Non-payment of team-incurred debts.
 6. Playing under an assumed name or falsifying an official ASA or CHGFP document.
 6. Writing checks with non-sufficient funds (NSF) or account closed checks to an ASA official, umpire,
    individual, business, to the CHGFP and/or on behalf of the CHGFP.
 7. Commission of fraud or larceny perpetrated against an ASA official, a team or the CHGFP.
 8. Use of any logo or trademarks without express permission.
 9. Commission of any acts that are contrary to the objectives and purposes of the ASA or the CHGFP.
10. Failure to comply with these rules and regulations will be grounds for reprimand, suspension, and/or
    dismissal from CHGFP. All decisions will be made by the Executive Board. In the event that the
    situation involves an Executive Board member, said member will be excluded from discussion on
    that matter.
11. Ejection from a game – If a staff member, spectator, or player is ejected from a game by an umpire,
    the said person shall remove themselves from CHGFP premises. Ejection must be reported to the
    Executive Board member on duty, and noted in the scorebook. That person shall also receive a
    suspension from the next scheduled game.

           Violation of any of the above may result in suspension or dismal from the League.

 Please remember that we are here to promote a healthy environment for our children, players, family
 and friends.

 Financing the League
 The total cost of running the league is now over $125 per girl. Registration fees cover only a part of that
 cost. In addition to uniforms, pictures, yearbooks, equipment, insurance, umpires, and ASA fees, the
 league must continue to maintain the fields, update and repair equipment, and replace worn, lost, or
 otherwise missing items. The League depends heavily on sponsorships.

 Team Sponsors
 Team sponsors of CHGFP help to promote good sportsmanship, mutual respect, cooperation, and fair
 play through their tax-deductible donations to the League. The whole city benefits when our Covina Hills
 business community becomes involved in the growth of our children. You can help the girls in our
 program have a successful season by becoming or referring a team sponsor. Sponsors’ tax-deductible
 donation of $250.00 helps to defray overall costs for the season. Sponsorship applications can be picked
 up from your Team Parent or you can download one from our website,

 All sponsorships must be remitted through CHGFP. Donations are tax deductible, as CHGFP is a
 non‐profit organization. If the team brings in more than the $250 sponsorship, 80% of the additional
 sponsorships will go back to the team to assist with team parties, managers and coaches’ gifts, etc. For
 more information, see the sponsorship forms, which has been provided to all managers and team
 parents and can be downloaded from the website under the ‘Forms’ button.

 Team Funds
 Individual teams have the option of collecting funds from team parents/guardians for the following
 approved items:

    •   Team Banner
    •   Lettering of names on jerseys, visors or hats
    •   Cold weather apparel (e.g., sweatshirts, sleeves)
    •   Team Party
    •   Snack Bar tickets

The board‐approved limit for individual team funds for the year 2010 shall not exceed $50/player.
Team funds must be spent directly on the players in equal proportion.

Banner Sponsorships
You are responsible to create your own, assign a parent, or pay someone to make a team banner. The
cost for the banner becomes part of your team budget. Information to be included on the banner:
     Team name and colors
     Name of manager, coaches and team parent(s)
     Player names and jersey number
     Sponsor

If you like, assign someone to be responsible for hanging and taking down the banner each game.*
Remember it needs to have some type of fastener on the corners to hang from the dugout fence. There
are several vendors available – please contact them and order ASAP. You need to have your banner
completed by Opening Ceremonies for the Parade of Teams.

Each team’s banner will be displayed during all regular and playoff games. The banner usually reflects
sponsor(s) name which is a great way of advertising for any company.

Hit-A-Thon and Pancake Breakfast
Each player is required to participate in the Hit-A-Thon and turn in minimum of fifty dollars. There are
prizes available for Top Seller, Top Team Percentage, etc. Hit-A-Thon information and forms will be
available at Registration and will be posted under the Documents & Forms Tab on the website. A parent
may opt to buyout at a cost of $50.00 for the Hit-A-Thon.

Each family is required to sell five (5) Pancake Breakfast Tickets. Each registered player will be given
five Pancake breakfast tickets at Registration. A parent may opt to buy-out at the cost of $25.00 or their
daughter may sell the tickets and turn in $25.00 at the end of the Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser.

Any player who does not fulfill their financial obligations and turn in their fundraising money will be
benched immediately. If the financial obligation wasn’t been fulfilled at the end of the season, they are
not eligible for playoffs or All-Stars.

Registration will be held on the following dates:

Early Bird Sign Up Dates
Saturday, October 23rd  10:00am – 2:00pm @ Covina Park
Thursday, October 28th  7:00pm – 8:30pm @ Prince of Peace Church

Sign Up Dates
Thursday, November 4th  6:30pm – 8:30pm @ Prince of Peace Church
Saturday, November 13th  10:00am – 2:00pm @ Covina Park
Thursday, December 2nd  6:30pm – 8:30pm @ Prince of Peace Church
Thursday, January 6th  6:30pm – 8:30pm @ Prince of Peace Church
Saturday, January 8th  10:00am – 2:00pm @ Covina Park

Birth Certificates
At registration, all players must provide a photocopy of their birth certificate. If a copy of the birth
certificate isn’t provided, it should mailed to the league within five days of the registration date. Please
send the copy of the birth certificate to:

P.O. Box 1928
Covina, CA 91722
Attn: Player Agent

Players may register by
    1. Downloading the registration form from our website and mailing their registration form and
        check to CHGFP or
    2. Attending one of our Registration Sign Ups dates. Note that CHGFP player fees have increased
        for this coming season.

Early Bird Registration Fees:    Early Bird Special – $115.00 for 1st daughter, $220.00 for two daughters
                                 and $325.00 for three daughters’ fees cover Uniforms, Awards, Pictures
                                 and Yearbook.

Registration Fees:               $125.00 for 1st daughter, $240.00 for two daughters and $355.00 for
                                 three daughters’ fees cover Uniforms, Awards, Pictures and Yearbook.

A $50 fee will be added for NOT volunteering for a team or league position. This fee is due at

If it is determined that a division is close to becoming full or if a cutoff date is established, any player
that registers for that division or registers after the cutoff date will be placed on a wait list. Once it is
determined that there are sufficient teams to be had, players on the wait list will be dispersed to
available spots or if no spots are available a refund will be issued. The cutoff day is typically December

League Insurance
A secondary sports league insurance policy is provided for league participants. Any accidental injury
occurring during practice, games, tournaments and including travel to and from the same is covered.

A secondary insurance policy means that they pay second, after your own personal insurance company
has met their obligation. League insurance will pay the remaining medical fees resulting from League-
related injuries.

An incident report must be completed by the Manager or Coach at the time of injury or no later than 48
hours from the time of injury and turned into the Division Coordinator

If you need to file a claim for secondary Coverage, contact the Treasurer listed in this book. In the event
that you cannot reach the Treasurer, notify any board member.

The secondary league insurance policy has a $250.00 deductible per incident and is the responsibility of
the injured person or their guardian.

Player Evaluation
Player’s skill levels are evaluated by all of the coaches in the division which helps to balance the teams
fairly at team formation. All divisions are required to participate. Please come dressed to play; you will
be hitting, running and fielding.

Volunteers Needed
Covina Hills Girls Softball (CHGFP) is a non-profit, all volunteer organization. All families are required to
volunteer four (4) hours to ensure that CHGFP is successful. Each family must complete this form before
their daughter(s) will be allowed to register. A refundable $50 Volunteer Deposit per FAMILY is
required. This fee will be refunded after completion of your volunteer commitment. We want your time,
not your money. Every family takes on a team job or a league job. BOARD Members, Managers and
Coaches do not pay this deposit.

To ensure the success of each team, volunteers are needed for various positions. Each team must
provide the following:
        Manager                                    Coach (one or more)
        Team Parent                                Scorekeepers - two for each team
        Female Chaperone or Dugout Parent          Field Set Up or Field Preparation
        Snack Bar Parent(s)                        Fundraising Assistant
        End of Season Party/Awards                 Team Photographer or Team Collage Designer

ASA now requires a background check for all adults who volunteer for any of the above-listed
positions. Only ASA-approved volunteers are allowed on the field and in the dugout during games.

League Jobs: The league needs volunteers for some specific jobs. If you are interested in doing or
sharing one of these, please check the box and the league will contact you:

Registration                                              Evaluation Day or All Star Tryout
Yearbook Assistant, Special Events Helper                 Opening or Closing Ceremonies
Pancake Breakfast or Picture Day                          ASA Umpire Clinic
Hit-A-Thon or Clinics

Please contact any of the CHGFP Board Members if you have questions or would like to volunteer for a
position not listed.

CHGFP provides bats, balls, and catcher's equipment to each league team. Players are responsible for
providing their own softball glove and cleats. No metal baseball spikes are allowed. Soft plastic and
rubber spikes are permissible. Soccer cleats are permitted, but not recommended. Players should have
their own helmet and bat. All bats 27" or greater must carry the regulation "Official Softball" marking,
and must have a rubber grip, "Power Pad" grip, or be taped with "friction" tape. Using illegal equipment
may result in a forfeit.

ASA Approved Bats: Beginning January 1, 2000, in ASA Championship Play, players may use only those
bats that meet all requirements of Rule 3, Section 1 of the ASA Playing Rules, and satisfies one of the
     1. bear an ASA approved certification mark; or
     2. are included on a list of approved bat models published by the ASA National Office; or
     3. in the sole opinion and discretion of the umpire, were manufactured prior to 1995 and, if tested,
        would comply with the ASA bat performance standards then in effect.

ASA Document Explaining Ball and Bat Performance Standards (PDF)
Non-Approved Bat List from ASA (PDF)

Equipment Needed
       Softball glove. Please make sure it is large enough for the ball to fit and that it is small enough
        for your daughter to control. (6Uand 8U use a 10” ball. 10U uses a 11” ball, 12U, 14U and HS use
        a 12” ball.)
       Softball cleats. Required for all practices and games. Soccer cleats are okay.
       Softball bat: (It must say “official softball bat” on the bat). Don't buy it too big. No Little League
        bats are allowed!!
       Batting helmet with a faceguard and chinstrap: Both must be ASA approved and the helmet
        must have the ASA emblem stamped on it.
       Bat/Equipment bag: Bags are helpful to keep track of personal equipment.

All personal equipment should be marked with player’s name.

At registration, each girls was given an opportunity to try on the league’s jersey and pants in various
sizes. A Jersey, pants and socks are included in the registration costs. Each player will be given an
opportunity to request three numbers for their jersey. If two girls have requested the same number,
the jersey number is given to the player who has been in the league the longest.

Once the order has been placed, if the jersey or pants are the wrong size, based on the information
provided on the registration form, the parent bears the costs of the new uniform.

Season Calendar
Please look carefully at the league calendar in this website. Some of these dates may change a bit, as
needed. Please plan your family vacation after playoffs. If you expect your daughter may qualify for one
of our "All Star” teams, we hope you'll plan your vacation schedule around the All Star tournament

schedule, if at all possible. All Star tournament play is a lot of fun and we really want our strongest
players on those teams. If you have questions about this, please ask one of the Board members,
especially if you are new to CHGFP.

Team Parent Responsibilities
       The Team Parent is directly responsible to the Team Manager and assists in all communications
        with parents and players.
       The Team Parent should work to build team spirit, unity, and encourage parent participation.
       The Team Parent is the team's representative at picture day.
       The Team Parent is responsible for making up a team roster with players and coaching staff
        names and telephone numbers. Also a team snack schedule if the team chooses to have snacks
        after games.
       The Team Parent should invite the team sponsor to games, picture day, and League events.

Electronic copies of all forms found in Documents & Form tab on the CHGFP Website,

Divisions are formed according to age. Below is a table of divisions for the 2011 season.

  Division      Age Group          Who
  6U            6 & Under          Girls who are 4, 5 & 6 years old as of December 31, 2010
  8U            8 & Under          Girls who are 7 & 8 years old as of December 31, 2010
  10U           10 & Under         Girls who are 9 & 10 years old as of December 31, 2010
  12U           12 & Under         Girls who are 11 & 12 years old as of December 31, 2010
  14U           14 & Under         Girls who are 13 & 14 years old as of December 31, 2010
  18U           18 & Under         Girls who are 15, 16, 17 & 18 years old as of December 31, 2010

6U The philosophy of 6U is to introduce 5 & 6 year olds to the sport of softball in a fun and non-
competitive environment. Basic softball skills include throwing, catching, batting off a tee, base running,
defensive positioning, and hitting coach-pitched balls. The concepts of good sportsmanship,
cooperation, mutual respect, and dedication shall be stressed with a strong emphasis on FUN! All
participants in 6U will receive a trophy provided by the League on Closing Day. This division will have an
all-star team at the end of the season and all eligible girls are encouraged to try out for the team.
Concepts of good sportsmanship, mutual respect, cooperation, dedication, and friendship will be
8U The philosophy of this division is to promote softball skills, particularly pitching, fielding, and batting
(live pitching) to create the “real game” experiences for the players. Scores only will be kept for the 1st
half of the season. A win/loss record will begin at the 2nd half, thus introducing the girls to the
competitive side of the game. Trophies are awarded at the end of the season to all 8U teams in the
division. This division will have an all-star team at the end of the season and all eligible girls are
encouraged to try out for the team. Concepts of good sportsmanship, mutual respect, cooperation,
dedication, and friendship will be stressed.

10U-18U The philosophy of the upper divisions is to continue to promote all softball skills. In these
divisions, win/loss records are kept. Trophies are awarded at the end of the season to all teams in their
division.. All eligible girls are encouraged to try out for the all-star teams at the beginning of May.
Concepts of good sportsmanship, mutual respect, cooperation, dedication, and friendship continue to
be stressed.

Forming of Teams
The 6U, 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U and 18U(HS) Divisions will be formed from an open draft. The coaches will
select their teams in the open draft after watching evaluations. The purpose of the evaluation is to give
the coaches an opportunity to assess each player’s skills. Therefore, it is very important all players
attend the evaluations. If a player does not attend evaluations they will be placed in a pool and will be
selected for a team at random. Sisters may request placement on the same team within the same
division as age permits. We cannot consider convenience or friendship placement.

Practices and Games
Please remember to be prompt and prepared for practices and games. Bring liquid refreshment (water,
Gatorade, etc) and a sweatshirt as well as necessary equipment. It's also very important to pick up your
child on time. The coaching staff would appreciate your consideration in this matter. Ask your coach
what his/her procedure is if you are unavoidably detained at the time practice ends.

The safety of the girls is #1 in CHGFP. We have adapted some guidelines that we would like for you all to
follow. Girls are NEVER to be left alone…not to go to the bathroom or wait for a friend etc. When going
to the bathroom, an adult needs to go to the facility ahead of the girls and check it out and stay with

Drop off and Pick up – Parents should not be stopping and dropping without a physical knowledge that
you or the Manager sees their daughter and PLEASE do not leave the child sitting on the curb awaiting
their parents…someone must always stay with them.

Please make sure the girls are coming to practice with all of their equipment. They may NOT practice on
the dirt without cleats it is not safe.

These items are not solely your responsibility however we need you to stress this with the parents at
your meeting. A female chaperone MUST be at each practice and a female chaperone needs to be in the
dugout during the games or close by for potty runs.

Practice Dress Code
The girls must wear clothing and gear appropriate for "softball" practice. This includes ball glove, cleats,
shirts that can be tucked in, sliding pads, leg and knee pads, long socks, athletic sweats or sport shorts,
sports bra or undershirt and ball caps or visors. The girls should not wear school, tennis shoes or
sneakers, mid-drift, halter or short tops, short socks, jewelry, inappropriate pants or shorts. The coach
may ask the player to sit out of practice if he/she feels the player is not prepared for practice. This is for
the girl’s safety.

Attendance at Practices

There are some rules regarding missing practices and games. If your child misses two consecutive
practices and/or games without prior notification to the coach, she may sit out the following
game. Please take the time to make a call to the coach and tell him or her when your child will not be at
practices and games. We understand there are emergencies and sometimes you can't make that
call. No problem, just give the coach a call as soon as you can. We are trying to teach the girls
responsibility to their teammates and you can be part of that process.

Game Dress Code
All girls must wear their assigned uniforms and have proper gear for games. This includes shirt, pants,
long socks, visor or hat, cleats, sliding shorts, sports bra or undershirt, leg and knee pads and ball glove.
All shirts MUST be tucked in for games or the umpire will stop the game until everyone complies. Girls
are not allowed to wear jewelry during a game, including earrings. This is for their protection.

Practice Schedule
After Team Managers receive a roster for their team, they will be calling to arrange a team meeting. This
meeting is to be attended by all girls on the team. It is very important that each girl have at least one
parent attend the meeting. At this meeting you will receive important information that will be useful
throughout the season. This is an opportunity for you and your child to meet her Manager, Coach,
Division Coordinator, and her teammates. It is a time to organize practice times and locations, answer
questions, and select team volunteers.

Practice fields are assigned according to team per field availability. Each team will have limited
access to “skin” fields, which are at a premium. Practices are limited to three (3) times per
week, with additional practices being “optional” (i.e. batting cages). Once games begin, there
can be no more than 4 assemblies per week (including practices and games). No practices may
be held whenever a league function is scheduled.

Game Schedules
CHGFP games are played on Saturday’s along with weekday games. Make-up games will be played on
weekdays. After Daylight Savings Time begins, each team will usually play one weekend and one
or two Saturday games. Games at unlit fields will vary. Game schedules will be posted on the
league website and given to managers in mid to late February. Division Playoffs will be held
during the last week of the season. All league games will end before May 1st (barring
unforeseen rain‐out make up games).

Covina Hills Division Champions may be invited to participate in Intra‐City Championship games
during the 2nd week of May. More information will be provided by the 2 nd week of April.

An “official game” is 4 complete innings for 12U, 14U and 18U Divisions, and 3 complete innings
for 6U, 8U and 10U Divisions. (If the home team is ahead, the second half of the last inning
need not be played.) No new inning is started after the official time has elapsed. Games tied
after the time limit has expired stand as a tie.


CHGFP follows the official rules of the Amateur Softball Association of America (ASA) and the
Covina Hills Girls Softball Standing Rules. Official ASA rulebooks are furnished to each manager
and can be purchased at most sporting goods stores. The Covina Hills Girls Softball Standing
Rules have been designed to maintain the basic structure of ASA regulations while
accommodating the age and culture of our community and its children. Each manager will be
given a copy of the Supplemental Rules for his/her division. Each family will receive a copy of
the Standing Rules within the Blue Book. The Standing Rules will help you know how the game
is to be played and what the League requires of your children.

Refund Policy/Returned Checks
No refunds will be issued after January 12, 2011. CHGFP will retain a $25 administrative fee returned
checks. The Covina Hills Girls Softball refund policy is as follows: no money will be returned to any
player after the Player Draft unless due to illness, injury or making a high school team (public or private,
no travel teams). Prior to that time, the registration fee will be refunded upon return of the entire
uniform and any outstanding fundraising monies. Refund requests must be sent in writing to:

P.O. Box 1928
Covina, CA 91722
Attn: Treasurer

What if a Problem Arises?
Every year the organization involves several new managers and coaches along with returning managers
and coaches. Each is a volunteer doing a very difficult job. Mistakes may occur. As parents, you can help
by being patient and understanding of the situation. If problems arise, try and discuss it with your
manager and resolve the problem. If the problem persists regarding your manager, coach or parent,
please contact your Division Coordinator. The coordinator will make every effort to reach an equitable
solution for all involved. If the problem persists with a player, please contact the Player Agent. The
Division Coordinator and/or Player Agent will make every effort to reach an equitable solution. Please
contact the President or 1st Vice President to discuss all other issues.

Accident Insurance (Claims)
The Covina Hills Girls Softball League is insured through the Amateur Softball Association. Our accident
insurance is known as excess medical insurance and is designed to pay that portion of your medical bills
in excess of your medical insurance coverage. There is a $250.00 deductible and all claims must be made
within 90 days. For claim forms, please contact the League treasurer or call CHGFP at 598-8967.

Picture Day
Picture day will be on Saturday, March 12th at Covina Park. Each team will be assigned a specific time for
pictures. Each team should arrive 15 minutes prior to their assigned time. All players should be in full
uniform: jersey, pants, socks and cleats. Managers, Coaches, Team Parents, and Sponsors are included
in the team picture. In the event of rain, pictures will be rescheduled. There will be no team picture
make-ups, only individuals. The costs of pictures are included with the registration fees. Additional
pictures may be ordered for an additional charge. An order form will be included in the player's picture
package. Parents must deal directly with the photographer on picture day for any additional orders.

A staging area will be established for pictures and only the Team Managers, Coaches and Team Moms
may enter the staging area with their team.

Opening Day – Games Begin
Games are scheduled to start on Tuesday, February 22nd, weather permitting.

Opening Ceremonies
Opening Ceremonies is scheduled for Sunday, February 27th – 2:00 at Sierra Vista. The teams should
arrive at the field no later than 1:30. The President of the League will introduce dignitaries. The 2011
Board of Directors will be introduced followed by the singing of the National Anthem. The Division
Coordinator will introduce each team. The Team Manager will introduce their team members
individually. After the teams have been announced, there will be a speaker.

Each team will be allowed to hold a fundraiser during Opening Ceremonies. All money earned by the
team may be used for batting cages, team parties, etc.

Roster Books
The Roster Book which contains each divisions schedule will be handed out when printed. The Team
Parent or Volunteer will distribute the roster book after the player’s parent signs for the book.

Cleaning the Stands and Dugouts
Every team needs to clean up after their game! Have your team players encourage their family and
friends to clean up after themselves. Each team will be responsible for cleaning their side of the stands
and dugouts after their games.

Post Season Activities
CHGFP has postseason activities for the all divisions. Playoffs begin for all teams one week after the last
regular season games.

The All Star Tournament is held on the 2nd weekend in June for all divisions. Players are nominated and
selected by a secret ballot vote by the managers within their respective divisions. Each player selected
will receive an award at Closing Ceremonies.

Closing Day Ceremonies
Closing Day Ceremonies will be held at Kahler Russell Park on Saturday, May 14, 2011. Spirit games will
also be played. It is important all teams, players, and parents participate. Closing Day is a family day.
Games and music will be provided. All-star teams will have fundraising booths. Teams are encouraged to
have their end-of-the-season party at this time. Bring out your chairs, blankets, and barbeques for a fun
day in the sun!

Prospective All-Stars will be nominated and selected by their division managers. The CHGFP Board
approves teams, managers, and coaches. The fee will be established and posted prior to the selection of
the All Star Teams.

All-Stars is very competitive and time-consuming for players. All-Star team parents are responsible for
fundraising, and volunteering at our all-star tournament at the beginning of June. To help reimburse
the league for the cost for all-stars, we ask and expect ALL the All Star parents to help the weekend of
the CHGFP All-Star tournament.

All Star Tournaments
All regulations previously listed on the Code of Conduct for Players, Parents, Managers and Coaches
apply to out of town trips. Board members are to assist Managers in enforcing these requirements.

Players are representing the Covina Hills Girls Softball at all tournaments and will not do anything to
embarrass themselves or the organization. The use of drugs, alcohol or tobacco is prohibited at all
times. Use of any illegal substance will result in the player being suspended from the tournament, sent
home at her parents' expense, and may result in dismissal from the team.

Any player caught doing any illegal activities will be suspended from the tournament, sent home at her
parents' expense, and may be dismissed from the team.

If either parent is unable to attend an out of town trip with their daughter, the parent must designate in
writing who is responsible for their daughter. That parent then becomes the designated parent for the
tournament. The player's parent needs to provide an insurance card, description of health problems, a
medical release and contact number for the designated parent. Managers and/or Coaches are not
responsible for parenting or accommodating players with regard to travel and transportation.

League Website
The CHGFP website address is It is important to check it regularly, as
information regarding field conditions, game cancellations due to weather, rescheduled games, and
upcoming events will be posted there. You can also receive e-mails regarding CHGFP information by
joining our e-mail notification list. Just click on the “e-mail notification” box at the bottom of the home
page on the website.

Lost & Found
We will have a lost and found box in the container at Sierra Vista. Try to take ALL of your stuff with you
when you leave the field. If you forget something, ask to take a look in the Lost & Found box in the
container at Sierra Vista the next time it is open. Remember if you forget it, it might not make it in the
Lost & Found, it might end up in someone’s Find and Keep. Time permitting, we will post lost & found
items on Covina Hills’ website.

Additional Options
       Sweatshirts. Each team can decide if they want to buy matching sweatshirts with their name,
        team name, and number on them.
       Player Participation Awards. Trophies provided by the League will be awarded all teams in the
        6U, 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U and 18U Divisions. Trophies and yearbooks will be withheld if there are
        any financial obligations that have not been fulfilled.
       Coaches “Thank You” gifts. Some teams collect money from each player for the coaches’ gifts at
        the end of the season. This is at the individual team’s discretion. Some ideas: trophies, photo

       album, autographed shirts, gift certificates, etc. It is usually the team parent's responsibility to
       investigate, collect money, and order any gifts.

Covina Hills Girls Softball does not encourage or discourage these extras. They are strictly at the
discretion of the individual teams.

Q: What if a majority of the team has a conflict with a scheduled game?
A: Since the schedule is limited by time, field availability, and possible weather problems, games will
   only be rescheduled due to a school or an organized community activity that causes the team to
   have less than eight (8) players available to play. The manager or coach requesting the reschedule
   must do so in writing to their Division Agent at least 14 days prior to the scheduled game. (A
   Request to Reschedule form is furnished in the manager’s packet.) This form must list the names of
   the girls unable to attend the game.

Q: How long are the scheduled games? (Board discussion needed)
A. 12U & 14U/16U: 7 innings or 1 hour and 40 minutes, whichever comes first.
   10U: 6 innings or 1 hour and 40 minutes, whichever comes first.
   8U: 5 innings or 1 hour and 30 minutes, whichever comes first.
   6U: 5 innings or 1 hour and 15 minutes, whichever comes first.

Other Friendly Reminders
   •   No dogs are allowed at Charter Oak Unified School District, Covina-Valley Unified School District
       field/school sites or City of Covina parks. This includes games and practices.
   •   Smoking is prohibited at all Charter Oak Unified School District, Covina-Valley Unified School
       District field sites or City of Covina parks. You are responsible for letting visitors know this.
   •   Please respect parking areas at all field sites. Some of the residential streets are “Homeowner
       only” parking. Please check for postings
   •   We have been assigned bathroom facilities access at Sierra Vista Middle School at the building
       across from Field 1. Please do not use any other bathrooms. Failure to comply with usage of
       the assigned bathroom facilities will ensure that we lose all access to bathroom facilities at
       Sierra Vista.
   •   In the event of multiple rainouts more dates for game makeups will be added to the calendar.
       This can include Sundays or Spring Break.


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