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                            (Reg. No. ER-43/2007)

No. 004 & 005 _ Quarterly Circular _ April & July 2008
 (Draft Circular/Minutes of 29 July 2008, To be further revised after MC Meet)

  (1) Dr. B.C. Nayak                                President                                          Tel: 2203100
  (2) Mr. Arun Kumar Das                            Vice-President                                          2305169
  (3) Dr. Jaganath Swain                            Secretary                                               2422208
  (4) Mrs. Manisha Dandapat                         Joint Secretary                                         2400341
  (5) Mr. Tusharkant Sahoo                          Treasure                                       Mob: 9447574728
  (6) Mrs. Sabita panigrahi                         Member-Social                                           2206106
  (7) Mr. Chinmaya Choudhury                        Member-Cultural                                Mob: 9446543956
  (8) Mr. Netajee Patro                             Member-Finance                                          2204775
  (9) Dr. Sujata Acharya                            Member-Editorial                               Mob: 9447987088
  (10) Mr. Pradip Kumar Patra                       Member-Audit                                            2536469
  (11) Mr. Siddharth Biswal                         Election Officer 2007-08                       Mob: 9847031942
  (12) Mr. Gynaranjan Samant                        External-Auditor                               Mob: 9447209318

      Note: This is the second “Executive Committee” of UTKALIKA-Cochin Oriya Association, Kerala.

  I.         Circular for all members of “UTKALIKA” (Includes Minutes
             of MC Meetings dated 10 Feb, 15 & 30 Mar 2008 and Utkal
             Divas 2008).

       Quarterly circulars are being communicated to members of UTKALIKA through
        EMAIL. This is the fifth circular of UTKALIKA (April and July 2008). The

    quarterly circular for April 2008 could not be issued due to work load for the
    conduct of Utkal Divas - 2008 on 6th April. The same was further delayed due to
    the delay in printing of Souvenir – 2008 and settlement of accounts of Utakl
    Divas which is due in MC meeting on 29 July 2008.

   Honorable Minister Shri Debi Prasad Mishra, Excise and Tourism Minister, had
    consented to be our CHIEF GUEST for Utkal Divas 2008. However, due to last
    minute developments and official engagements, he could not attend the same. The
    final program for the function was as follows:

    UTKAL DIVAS 2008 – Programme details

    Time: 1830-2000 hrs

    1.    Welcome Address by Anchors (Oriya & English)
    2.    Invitation of Guests to the Dias
    3.    Presentation of Bouquets to the Guests
    4.    Lighting of Lamp and Bhajan/ Welcome Song
    5.    Welcome Address by President
    6.    Report by Secretary
    7.    Felicitation by: Mr. A.P.M. Mohammed Hanish, I.A.S.
                           District Collector, Ernakulam
                           GUEST OF HONOR
                          and Launching of Internet Site
    8.    Felicitation by: Mr. V. Chander, Life Member

    9.    Address by:     Rear Admiral Rama Kanta Pattanaik, YSM
                          CHIEF GUEST

                   and Release of Souvenir 2008, CHANDRABHAGA, Vol-2

    10.   Presentation of Mementos by Vice-President
    11.   Introduction of Executive Body Members by Anchors
    12.   Vote of thanks by Mr. S. Dandapat

    (Time: 2000-2115 hrs)

    13.   Cultural Programme: Sambalpuri Folk Dance and Music
                               “NUPUR” Barpali, Orissa
    15. Presentation of Memento/Certificate to Dance Troupe

         The printing of Souvenir 2008, Chandrabhaga (Volume – 2) is completed and it is
          being distributed now. Pending copies will be distributed to members during

         The Internet Site was just ready for the inauguration on 6th April 2008, on the day
          of Utkal Divas. The same will be made up date before the coming AGM 2008.

         The MC meeting on 10 Feb, 15 & 30 Mar 2008 were mainly for the conduct
          of Utkal Divas function on 6th April, Cultural Programme, raising of funds
          through advertisements in Souvenir 2008.

         This circular will serve as minutes for the MC meet on 29 July 2008 and the same
          shall further include the decisions taken by MC for circulation to all members

         The agenda for the discussion is given below in Section II.

II.       AGENDA FOR THE “MC” MEETING (29 July 2008): Accounts
          “UTKAL DIVAS 2008”, AGM 2008 and Family Get Together

                Attendance of Members
                Welcome address by President and Silent Prayer

                Reports by Treasurer

           1. Utkal Divas 2008 - Accounts
           2. Financial Status – Balance in account
           3. Membership status
           4. Recent collections towards Life Membership and Annual Membership, FDs
              in SBI
           5. Pending Payments towards Advertisements
           6. Sanction and accounts resisters – updating

                Distribution of Souvenir 2008

                Land Acquisition – Meeting with District Collector

                Internet Site – Revisions and updating

   Purchase of two cupboards

   Contingency Grants for selected members

   Request of Funds from Orissa Government, Cultural Department

   Momento in brass containing the UTLALIKA logo (& for MC Members)

   Merit Awards for 10th and 12th Standard Children

   Audit of Accounts and filing of Returns

    Internal Accounts: (1) 17-01-07 to 21-07-07, (2) 22-07-07 to 31-03-08
                       (2) 01-04-08 to 20-07-08 for AGM

    Audit by Chartered Accountants:      01-04-08 to 31-03-09

   Nomination of Election Officer and Election Notification

 Election 2008-09 and Family Get Together – Date & Venue

    #      Opening Address & Anchoring – by Dr. Sujata
    #      Lighting of Lamp & Offering of Flowers
           to LORD JAGANNATH - (Organizer: Member-Cultural)
    #      Jagannath Bhajan (To be arranged by Joint-Secretary)
    #      Welcome Speech – PRESIDENT: Dr. Nayak
    #      Annual Report by SECRETARY
    #      Accounts – 2007-08 and balance sheet by Treasure
    #      Election and Oath Taking for MC (by Election Officer)
    #      Formal handing over and taking over (Inventory-2007-08)
    #      Nomination of External Auditor by new MC and approval
           by the AGM
    #      Notification inviting the articles for Souvenir-2009
           (CHANDRABHAGA) by Member-Editorial
    #      Self Introduction – All Members & Families
           (Coordinator: Mr. AK Das)
    #      Cultural Programme, Games & Activities (Dr. Reeta Jayasankar,
           Mrs. Reena)
    #      Lunch: Catering by Petro House - (Mr. AK Das, Mr. Tusharkanta
           Sahoo, Mr. Netajee Patro and Mr. Saroj Kumar Dal Samant)
    #      Antakhyari: Ladies versus Gents
    #      DISTRIBUTION of Certificates (Honorary/Life/Annual

                     Membership, Awards and Prize Winners)
              #      Vote of Thanks - By Mr. AK Das

              Registration Counter:       Mr. Tusharkanta Sahoo, Mr. Netajee Patro,
                                          and Chinmaya Choudhury)

             Quarterly circulars of April & July 2008 (to be issued on 1st July 2008,
              attachments along with the Email)

         1. Utkal Divas 2008_Expenditure Accounts
         2. Election 2008-09 and Family Get Together Notification
         3. Nomination Form

             Utkal Divas 2009
             Proposals for Celebrations/Functions/Picnic etc. during 2008-09
             Souvenir 2009 and Notification for Articles
             Printing of Brochure 2009, Office Pad and Visiting Cards

             List of Pending Jobs

             Additional Points from Members

             Closing remarks – President / Secretary

III.    VENUE FOR COMING MC Meeting:                     Residence of
                                                         Mrs. Sabita Panigrahi,
                                                         (Common Room)

IV.     Date & Time of MC Meeting : 29th June 2008 (Sunday), 1700 hrs.

           Table: Executive Committee Meetings and Purposes
            Date & Time          Venue           Discussion/Remarks
               Details of previous meetings (1 to 12) in previous Minutes
   13     28 October 2007         Mrs. Sabita Panigrahi -     Discussion regarding
                                  Residence, Common           Odissi Dance Programme
                                  Room                        on 4 Nov 2007
   14     08 December 2007        Mr. Netajee Patro           Discussion regarding:
          (1800 hrs)              Member-Finance              Ethnic Food Fest
                                  (Residence)                 (EVENTS INDIA)
   15     20 December 2007        Mrs. Sabita Panigrahi -     Discussion regarding:
          !800 hrs                Residence, Common           Ethnic Food and Cultural
                                  Room                        Fest 2008

   15    10 Feb 2008                 Petro-House,              Discussion regarding
         !730 hrs                    Kochi Refinery            UTKAL DIVAS 2008
                                                               (6th April)
   16    15 March 2008               Mrs. Sabita Panigrahi -   Discussion regarding
         1700 hrs                    Residence, Common         UTKAL DIVAS 2008
                                     Room                      (6th April 2008)
   17    30 March 2008               Dr. B.C. Nayak,           Utkal Divas 2008
         1600 hrs                    President, Residence
   18    29 June 2008                Mrs. Sabita Panigrahi -   Accounts Utkal Divas
         1700 hrs                    Residence, Common         2008, AGM 2008 and
                                     Room                      Family Get Together

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SECRETARY                                             PRESIDENT
                                                      Date: 29 July 2008

         -------------------------   END OF MINUTES ---------------------------


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