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                       Message from                            With my updated résumé, I’m now being courted by
                                                               big-name banks, global companies, and recruiting firms.
                       the Executive                           It’s true that I had almost lost sight of my own personal
                       Committee                               motivation. We all need to be occasionally motivated in
                                                               this period of transition, but we cannot let others be our
                       By Tanya Taylor-Norwood,                sole sources of motivation. We can’t live our lives waiting
                       Cochair                                 for people around us to motivate us; most of the time
                       What’s your motivation?                 we have to motivate ourselves. During times when life
                       Are you lost in the day-to-day          seems to be dragging us down, instead of looking to
                       STUFF and lacking the focus             others to motivate us, make the decision to believe in
                       and motivation needed to get            and motivate yourself.
                       closer to your goals?                   If we’re looking for the opportunity to land because
Me? It’s about being a solid contributor! I knew that          we’re strong contributors, our main motivation has to
all along. I’m going to be the best contributing project       come from within. Know your own values: landing a
manager at XYZ Company. And that’s it! But then I was          status position? being a solid contributor? something
questioned about why I was restricting my search to            else? Don’t be afraid to applaud yourself. We may be
project management. “Go after change, release, and             going through some difficult situations, but all of us
deployment management, Tanya,” one of my former                have the strength to make it through. Motivate yourself
team members said. “You have the best skills in that           to get up, visit your PSG office occasionally, encourage
area anyway.”                                                  yourself (and, yes, sometimes others), applaud yourself,
                                                               and learn to tap into the abundant power of motivation
As I began to take in the words, I knew how valuable           within you.
those skills are. Now I’m focused and motivated every
day to get up, get dressed like a mini Mrs. Chancellor
(longtime character on daytime TV show The Young
and the Restless), and get my résumé in front of as
many change, release, and deployment management
opportunities as possible. Even if I lack one or two skills,   INSIDE THIS ISSUE
I’m a fast learner. I’d be able to make that known when        Staying Focused ......................................................... 2
I make it to the phone screen or interview session.            Membership Committee / New Members ....................3
                                                               Public Relations............................................................ 4
                                                               Training Committee ...................................................... 4
                                                               Laura Caille .................................................................. 5
                                                               The Last Word ............................................................. 6
             L A NDINGS
            Congratulations to members who
           gained employment, and thanks for                                              Mission Statement
                sharing your good news!
                                                                       The Professional Service Group of Mercer County is a
                   Necall Durrant                                self-managed networking and support group, united by a single
                  Denise Kleinman                                  vision: to help talented professionals return to the workplace.
                    Rachel Liu                                      That vision will be achieved through the resources provided
                    Esty Nusca                                        by the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce
                   Paula Plantier                                Development, employer engagement, professional development,
                                                                           networking, and each member’s native talents
                                 Staying Focused: Fortune Favors the Bold Job Seeker
                                 By Ed Han

                        In his work Phormio, Roman                           them! Talk about one of them when you deliver your
                        playwright Terence introduced                        elevator speech—and if you attend a regular job
                       the expression fortes fortuna                         search or networking group, highlight a different one
                       adiuvat. The motto of several                         each time. Your professional value is far more than just
                      military units in the U.S. and British                 one achievement.
                    armed forces, that phrase is most
                                                                             Own Your Mind-set
                 commonly translated as “fortune favors
              the bold.” Although Phormio dates back to                      The abbreviation GIGO—for garbage in, garbage out—
       the second century BCE, the observation remains                       applies here. The kind of content you take in is reflected
just as apt today, almost two millennia later. Even today                    in your mentality. If you’re relentlessly reading about
we often say, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained,”                            the poor state of the economy or the latest share price
which is a reformulation of the same sentiment:                              tumble, it becomes much harder to maintain the sort
Bold action is rewarded.                                                     of positive, confident mentality hiring managers want to
                                                                             see. Consider calling a friend or a job search buddy for
Looking across classic mythology, we see that sentiment                      a dose of good news to get in the right frame of mind.
echoed—from an infant Zeus successfully leading his                          One way to do that is to:
siblings in revolt against their father, Kronos, all the way
to the success of the Trojan Horse, brainchild of Odys-                      Live Your Accomplishments
seus. Through centuries of mythmaking, the ancient                           Take a few minutes to review your résumé. Look at the
Greeks affirmed their admiration for boldness and                            bulleted items that describe your best accomplishments.
ingenuity time and again.                                                    Remember how achieving them made you feel. Your
                                                                             résumé is a celebration of the great things of which
And we today are not much different from the ancient
                                                                             you are capable.
Greeks: the same level of admiration continues unabated
in the modern age. During the past several years, popu-                      Deliver
lar entertainment has been littered with tales of clever,                    In your job search, you have to deliver for hiring
admirable scoundrels portrayed as heroes, from the                           organizations, whether for profit or nonprofit. You don’t
Ocean’s films starring George Clooney and Brad Pitt to                       need me or anyone else to tell you that. But—with
the TV show Leverage. While the popularity of the grifter                    apologies to Simon and Garfunkel—since no one is a
in entertainment is in part a function of broader societal                   rock or an island, you’ve of course had friends and
disillusionment, the criminal has always had appeal. How                     connections who’ve helped advance your job search,
else to explain five separate big-screen films about Robin                   via either a shared connection, or a tip, or saying the
Hood or the enduring popularity of Bonnie and Clyde?                         right word at the right time. Maybe you’ve even been
But this isn’t an exploration of the cultural subconscious.                  able to help a few in return. Well, consider delivering for
This is about how to draw lessons from the cultural sub-                     a few of them, too.
conscious in order to help ramp up your job search. Fol-                     Because at the end of the day, being B O L D will
lowing are the four lessons each job seeker should take.                     help you stay focused on the Big Picture: landing your
Build Interest                                                               next opportunity.
Publicize your résumé’s bulleted items. Your accomplish-
ments are impressive: others deserve to know about

Managing Editor....................................................Ed Han
Copy Chief..................................................Paula Plantier
Design Editor................................................Marcia Brice

The PSG of Mercer County Newsletter is published monthly
by the Professional Service Group of Mercer County.
Send feedback and questions to

PSG of Mercer County                                                                                                                    2
                                                  Food for Thought
                       “You can conquer almost any fear if you will only make up your mind to do so.
                              For remember: fear doesn’t exist anywhere except in the mind.”
                                                    —Dale Carnegie, 1888–1955, author and speaker

                                                              With this information on our Web site, the 800
                           Membership                         companies in the Mercer County/Princeton area that
                           Committee                          have been contacted by our PSG Job Development
                           By Dennis Conn, Chair              Committee volunteers will be able to search for
                                                              PSG candidates like you to fill the positions at
                                                              their companies.
                       PSG of Mercer County has               In addition, we encourage all new PSG members to
                       seen four new alumni since the         (1) open an individual LinkedIn account and (2) join our
                       previous newsletter. Congratula-       PSG of Mercer County LinkedIn Group. There are cur-
                       tions to all! And four people          rently 102 members in our LinkedIn Group. New PSG
                       have attended our PSG New              members can sign up for a LinkedIn class when they’re
Membership Meetings with Craig on Monday mornings             at the PSG New Membership meeting on Monday
since the previous newsletter.                                mornings with Craig. The LinkedIn class is held once
The Membership Committees encourages those who’ve             a month. We are working toward the goal of having
joined our PSG group to register as soon as possible on       all PSG members on LinkedIn as both individuals and
the PSG Web site, You can do this the           members of our PSG group LinkedIn account, which is
same day you attend a New Membership Meeting. You             a very good networking tool.
have to do this in the PSG room, and if you need help,        Remember to take advantage of the training each Friday
we can see you in the PSG room after the Friday General       at the General Membership meeting. The meetings
Membership Meeting.                                           begin at 10:30 a.m. and run until 12:15 or 12:30 p.m.,
To register takes only about five minutes.                    with networking till about 1. They’re held in the larger
                                                              room at the end of the hallway next to the PSG room.
A total of 170 members have taken action by registering       The topics covered are great learning tools and very
on the PSG Web site and going to Members/Member-              interesting. We host speakers who make presentations,
ship Registration/Member Registration. Again, this has        and our Training Committee conducts training sessions.
to be done in the PSG room.                                   All of these are very helpful for job search.
After receiving your registration confirmation, you should
choose a committee to join. This too has to be com-
pleted in the PSG room. Go to members/membership
                                                                    Welcome, New Members
registration/select my committee. You can change your                 Ron Gervasoni                Robin Krueger
choice from your home computer but the initial time has
                                                                        Pat Kidd                   Madrie Sukhraj
to be from the PSG room.
After you’ve (1) registered and (2) selected a
committee to be involved in, you’ll be able to (3) submit
your e-profile and résumé, which will display on the PSG
Web site. You have to do this initially in the PSG room on
the PSG Web site:                                    PSG Committees’ E-mail Addresses
To submit your e-profile and résumé, you would go to            Computer ...............
Web site, choose members/member-                   Executive................
ship registration/set my e-profile and résumé, and fill in      Job Development ....
the fields. After you initially submit those files, you can
change either one of them from home by visiting the             Membership
Web site again.                                                 Public Relations......
                                                                Web ....................

PSG of Mercer County                                                                                                         3
                       Public Relations                                                    Training
                       Update                                                              Committee
                       By Ed Han                                                        By Donna Pulos

                                                                                         The Training Committee is
                      The summer is flying by: it feels like
                                                                                         developing upcoming sessions
                      only the other day that July’s news-
                                                                                         for Friday membership meet-
                      letter made it to the PSG room for
                                                                                         ings on the topic Networking
                      distribution. Perhaps the biggest
                                                                                         Strategy: Is it Working for You?
                      news for August is the quarterly
                                                                                         Mock interview workshops are
                      alum/member networking event, to
                                                               also being scheduled. If you’re interested in participat-
be held August 9 at 7:30 p.m. at On the Border. On the
                                                               ing in a mock interview, e-mail the Training Committee
Border is located at 3567 US Highway 1 (southbound) in
                                                               at and include your
Princeton. For further details, see the PSG Calendar or
                                                               résumé, a description of your ideal job, and any other
LinkedIn Events. This event offers a great opportunity to
                                                               documentation you’d supply for such a position. What
connect with old friends and to network with people who
                                                               better way to prepare for the real thing!
are employed and inclined
to help current PSG members.                                   Through the efforts of the entire team, the Training Com-
                                                               mittee provides its Job Search Basics series of regularly
The Public Relations Committee continues to develop
                                                               scheduled workshops that help new members of PSG
outreach efforts to local 2010 graduating classes, which
                                                               build foundations of job search skills.
are entering the worst job market for new graduates
in the past 41 years. We are pursuing connections with
the College of New Jersey, Mercer County Community             Schedule follows.
College, Rider University, Rutgers University, and
Thomas Edison State College. If you are acquainted              Getting Started     Every Tuesday      10 a.m.–12 p.m.
with personnel in the career placement offices of
any of those schools, please inform a member                    Résumé              1st Wednesday      9–11 a.m.
of the committee.                                               Creation            of the month
The PR Committee’s exploration of social media has              Interview           2nd Wednesday      9–11 a.m.
broadened beyond the LinkedIn group (have you joined            Preparation         of the month
it yet?) and beyond the Facebook group into a full-blown
exploration of blogging, Twitter, and YouTube. If there are     Marketing Plans     3rd Wednesday      9–11 a.m.
other forms of social media that you’re familiar with, we’d                         of the month
appreciate your telling a member of the committee about
that.                                                           LinkedIn Lab        4th Wednesday      9–11 a.m.
                                                                                    of the month
Other projects are in the works, and I invite PSG
members to learn more about them by attending a                Please refer to the PSG calendar for the most
weekly committee meeting. Meetings are held every              up-to-date information regarding workshops.
Wednesday at 11 a.m. I hope to see you there!
                                                               We look forward to seeing you at the Friday morning
                                                               general sessions!

         Remember: This is your PSG.
           Participate by sending news,
       opinions, questions, and ideas to the                         National career fair job information
          Public Relations Committee:                                can be found on the LinkedIn PSG                                   site and on the PSG Web site,
           We want to hear from you!

PSG of Mercer County                                                                                                     4
                         Just Four
                         Bulleted Items                          • Balance the ourselves.of time spent inside
                                                                   and outside

                         By Laura Caille                            —Inside ourselves: We should spend time on our
                                                                    job search of course, as well as on networking,
                                                                    networking, networking(!); on improving skills we
                         If having a reliable car were              already have; on acquiring new skills; and on
                         essential to us but our car                committing to a constructive hobby or endeavor.
                         wouldn’t start, we’d make it a             —Outside ourselves: We should pay it forward by
                         priority to have it looked at, right?      sending job leads to others in transition and by
                         Same should hold true for our-             contributing to society through volunteering and
selves—especially while in job transition. I read recently          helping people in need—usually meaning those
that successfully landing a job takes 10 percent technical          worse off than we are.
skills and 90 percent attitude. How do we acquire that
90% attitude? By making sure that, like getting routine
car maintenance, we’re performing certain daily—and
                                                                 • Develop thewho have positiveWe shouldand make
                                                                   with people
                                                                               right attitude.
                                                                                                         spend time

essential—maintenance on and for ourselves. Attend-                 us laugh—as often as possible. Negativity can be
ing to that will ensure being on top of our job-seeking             contagious, so we must nip it in the bud whenever
game, will provide us with enough energy to get through             we see that Hydra! Sometimes we’re too quick to
this otherwise enervating period, and will carry us more            jump to false, negative, or misleading conclusions
quickly to and long beyond our landing by supplying                 because we let emotions trip us up. We need to take
us with the energy and attitude needed to excel at                  a step back when something adverse happens and
our new jobs.                                                       try to view it from the other person’s perspective. We
                                                                    must give others the benefit of any doubt. That’s hard
We all know this and it’s not new, so why aren’t we doing           to learn, and executing it once doesn’t mean we’ll
a better job at it? Some of the easy excuses are (1) we’re          always be able to. Simple recognition of a slippage
cursed with being human, (2) we feel overwhelmed, and               is progress enough, though, and we can then gently
(3) we don’t know where to start. However, we all know              return to focusing on a situation from a detached
we can do better, because all of us are armed with the              perspective. Believe me, all of us will have plenty of
same arsenal of articles covering successful job search-            opportunities to practice this, and a positive attitude
es, the elements of which pretty much boil down to the              during transition will be of tremendous benefit.
following descriptions.

• Nothing is certaintransition—by definition indicates
  The term alone—in
                     except death and taxes.
                                                                 So, if we all know this, why write about it? Like many
                                                                 things, the more we see or hear something, the
                                                                 better the chances of its sinking in. Besides, four
    uncertainty. The state of job transition does require        points to remember should be pretty darn easy
    patience, fortitude, and strategies we must develop in
    order to prepare for a lengthy transitional period (in a
    worst-case scenario). As an example, among endur-
    ance athletes, the development of those character-                  The general membership weekly
    istics happens relatively easily, but actually being or          meeting and workshop are held every
    becoming an endurance athlete is of course not man-
    datory in job search. However, learning and applying             Friday from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
    the endurance athlete’s strategies, tips, and tricks                    in Conference Room A.
    can definitely help us cope with the process.
                                                                   August workshops:
•   Let’s take care of ourselves: body, mind,
    and soul. Singer David Wilcox, in “Down Inside
                                                                   • 8/6 – Part III, “Your Résumé—Does Your Online
                                                                           Presence Match Your Résumé?”
    Yourself,” sums it up perfectly: “Hey the cure is              • 8/13 – Part IV, “Branding, Your Marketing Plan
    very simple / And it works in half an hour / Get some                   & How to Utilize It.”
    sleep, eat some broccoli / Run a mile, take                    • 8/20 – Guest Speaker Marc Dorio, Instructor at
    a shower.”                                                              Mercer County Community College, former
                                                                            recruiter, and author of The Complete Idiot’s
                                                                            Guide to the Perfect Interview.
                                                                   • 8/27 – General Membership Meeting—TBD

PSG of Mercer County                                                                                                        5
                                The Last Word
                                By Craig Jez, Facilitator

                            I would like to address one                        Manage your resources carefully. Time, good health,
                            tough subject. At the outset of                    and family, personal, and business relationships are
                            an incoming PSG member’s                           gold mines to explore and maximize. Your new job is to
                            orientation, I try to understand                   find a job. Manage your time carefully to maximize value
                            the person’s needs as a job                        from your networking contacts. Regarding other veins
                            seeker. The tough area to ad-                      of gold, how can you feel depressed after bouncing a
                            dress and stabilize consists of                    youngster on your knee? or meeting a worthwhile
                            the emotional drain and strain                     business contact at a networking event? or easily run-
    of unemployment, especially a lengthy one. Anxiety,                        ning one more mile than you used to when you started
    depression, and trauma are words that underlie the fact                    exercising last month? As for financial budgeting
    of unemployment. Unacknowledged, those issues can                          decisions, positive contacts with creditors and others
    derail even the most careful and most proactive job-                       regarding your finances will help you avoid
    seeking program as well as impair health and well-being.                   negative repercussions.
    For starters, on an extremely positive note I applaud                      Develop a plan of action. PSG has many resources for
    PSG members for their resilience and tenacity in over-                     tracking activities and for contact management. Use
    coming the substantial hurdles of unemployment. Even                       them. Now, how do you eat an elephant? One bite
    so, for those dark times when expressions like survival                    at time. Baby steps will get you to the next job; giant
    and overdue bills overpower the day’s conversation,                        leaps may not be possible now. For example, given the
    taking the following steps can show the high road to                       market, you probably won’t get hired this week, but your
    anxiety avoidance.                                                         short-term weekly goals can include, say, finding four
                                                                               more influential people to deliver your elevator speech
                               First, validate the difficulty and
You are not a lesser                                                           to; expanding your target market list to include not only
                               accept the reality. Disappoint-
                                                                               manufacturing but also maybe academic or nonprofit
person because of              ment, unfairness, and losses
                                                                               employers; and finally, picking the right PSG committee
                               are part of life. You are not a
your unemployment.             lesser person because of your
                                                                               to join. The sense of accomplishment you’ll feel and your
                                                                               success at these activities won’t give you time to experi-
                               unemployment. For once, put
                                                                               ence the doldrums brought on by wasted time.
    yourself first. The operative mode should be to avoid
    focusing on the problem. Rather, search for the answer                     There’s no magic cure for feeling emotional frustration,
    to the question, Where do I go from here?                                  but up top, it comes down to being human. And if
                                                                               you’re looking for inspiration, check out the activities
    Avoid isolation. I believe that people are gregarious and
                                                                               and attitudes of those on the newsletter’s Landings list:
    need human contact. Get out of the house to be among
                                                                               activity, perseverance, committee and community
    others who can provide support, information, and net-
                                                                               participation, and time spent stopping to smell the
    working opportunities. PSG is one of the communities
                                                                               roses all militate against—and reduce levels of—anxiety
    that can sustain you. Some of the other real and virtual
                                                                               and depression.
    communities that exist as outlets for communication
    and support are houses of worship, LinkedIn, Twitter,                      In fairness, for borrowed statistics and commentary
    profession-based organizations, other parents on your                      I extend thank-yous to Psychology Today, the New York
    child’s sports team, the guy behind you in the supermar-                   Times, and
    ket line, and other daily human contact. In addition,
                                                                               Last, as I mention in the first 10 minutes of orientation
    it wouldn’t hurt to have some fun or serve some
                                                                               meetings, if the going gets too tough, ask for help from
    purpose in the process. Employers accept nonprofit-
                                                                               the plentiful resources at the One-Stop Career Center.
    group service as an alternative to paid employment
                                                                               They are there to help you get where you need and
    on your résumé. Plus, your volunteer activity can be a
                                                                               deserve to be. You and I together can navigate the
    personally fulfilling release, as opposed to time wasted
                                                                               waters of the tough times and get you hired.
    brooding or asking yourself, “Why me?”

                   PSG of Mercer County Newsletter: Mercer County One-Stop Career Center is an equal opportunity employer with equal opportunity
                   programs. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request for individuals with disabilities. The Professional Service Group of
                   Mercer County publishes this newsletter each month. All material is owned by the PSG of Mercer County, which is responsible for its
                   content, and cannot be used or copied without the written consent of the PSG facilitator (who may be contacted directly by phone at
                   609-292-7535 or by fax at 609-292-6618).

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