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					1/8/2006             15:49:21
Item List By Auction Type Detail Report
St. Joseph School "Our Hearts' Desire"                                                                                 Page     1

    Proc. #      Cat #         Item Name                         Donor                                                 Value

Auction Type:          Live
       422         1           VIP Seating for Eight                                                                    $0.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               Have the BEST seats for Auction 2007 - your own front row table for eight to view all the live items
                               and to ensure your bid card will be seen.You and your tablemates will have your own unique table
                               decorations and goodies.Price includes eight individual tickets.
                                                                Auction Committee
         65        2           Champagne Tasting, Music and Food                                                   $1,000.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               Enjoy an evening of champagne tasting, music and food.Appetizers catered by Trader Joe's
                               Issaquah, champagne tasting with two champagne experts from Trader Joe's, pianist Tom
                               Lombardi and his wife soloist Cora will be playing a variety of music; all at the gorgeous home of
                               the Johnson's.
                               Date and number of people TBA.
                                                               Trader Joe's Issaquah
                                                               Hansen, Delani & Robert
                                                               Lombardi, Tom & Cora
                                                               Johnson, Rodney & Maggie
        112        3           Mrs. Jones' 6th Grade Class Project                                                        $0.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               Entitled "God's Creations," Mrs.Jones' 6th graders have captured images of their interpretations
                               of God's creations in their daily lives.Pictures taken by each 6th grader have been cropped
                               colored and framed to create a beautiful presentation perfect for your home.
                                                                  6th Grade Class, Mrs. Jones
                                                                  Davidson, Janell
                                                                  Ballsmith, Jennifer
         43        4           Four Nights at the Maui Coast Hotel                                                  $1,100.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               Stay in a one-bedroom suite at the Maui Coast Hotel in Kihei, Maui, Hawaii.Subject to
                               availability.Expires on February 28, 2007.
                                                                Coast Hotels & Resorts
        467        5           Mrs. Gangl's 2nd Grade Class Project                                                     $0.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               "The Greatest of These is Love”

                               Mrs. Gangl’s second grade class has created a beautifully textured and vibrant collage of textiles,
                               formed into a heart and framed.Each child chose one word that expresses most profoundly what
                               love means to them, and has signed their name to this expression in the background.This
                               beautiful piece will be a stunning and touching addition to anyone’s home or office!

                                                                 2nd Grade Class, Mrs. Gangl
                                                                 Wilson, Meagan
        174        6           Santa's Elves                                                                            $0.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               Date for decorating event:Saturday, December 2, 2006 from 9am-12pm.
                               Date for decorating event:Saturday, December 2, 2006 from 9am-12pm.
                                                              Hui, Kathy
                                                              Rigoni, Kristi
                                                              Binz, Maralea
                                                              Muth, Diane
                                                              Kolasinski, Dale
1/8/2006             15:49:21
Item List By Auction Type Detail Report
St. Joseph School "Our Hearts' Desire"                                                                                  Page      2

    Proc. #      Cat #         Item Name                        Donor                                                   Value

Auction Type:          Live
                                                                Brown, Chris
        142        7           Dinner for Two Families                                                                  $500.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               Dinner for two families on Pine Lake.Join us at the Fearon's house for a fun bbq, swimming,
                               kayaking and roasting marshmallows.It's an evening of summer fun.Needs to be scheduled in
                               July or August 2006.
                                                                Fearon, Matthew & Mary
                                                                Ober, Kevin & Sheila
        393        8           Mrs. Guiberson's 5th Grade Class Project                                               $0.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               This magnificent cedar arbor bench features brass etchings created by each student.
                                                              5th Grade Class, Mrs. Guiberson
                                                              Leitzinger, Linda
                                                              Hurley, James
        120        9           One-Week Stay In Whistler BC Canada                                                 $750.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               Stay one week, July 28, 2006-August 3, 2006 at our condo in the "Legends" at Whistler.Located
                               in the creekside area of Whistler, the condo is one bedroom plus den, and sleeps four people
                               maximum.The condo facilities include a swimming pool, whirlpool, childrens game room, fitness
                               center, fully equipped kitchen, fireplace, vcr/dvd player, balcony & parking.There is also access to
                               the valley trails for biking, jogging, lake activiites and summer fun.Visit the website at
                      and click on "Legends".Only for week of July 28, 2006-August 3, 2006,
                               four people maximum.
                               Only for week of July 28, 2006-August 3, 2006, four people maximum.
                                                                   Montag, Maury & Johnanne
        243       10           Mrs. Landi's Pre-4s Class Project                                                          $0.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               Love is...your garden will reflect a child's definition of "love" if you purchase this original copper
                               garden sculpture donated by the beautiful little hands and minds of the 4's preschool class.Each
                               child's definition of love imprinted on the copper will find its way into your heart everytime you see
                               the sunlight dancing through the multicolored bead accents which the children crafted onto this
                               uniquely "love-ly" work of garden artistry.From their hearts to yours, The Children of the 4's
                               Preschool Class.
                                                                  4's Preschool Class, Mrs. Landi
                                                                  Stephanie Watrous
                                                                  Sharon Gelbrich
        234       11           A Mariners Game in a Private Suite                                                         $5,000.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               You and 17 of your friends can enjoy a weekend Mariners game from a private suite.This suite is
                               behind home plate.Includes six preferred parking passes, private sky bridge entrance, delicious
                               dinner buffet complete with appetizers, entree and dessert, beer, wine and all softdrinks, attentive
                               suite staff and a 42" plasma screen TV! Dean and Beth will host and date will be decided upon.
                                                               Banks, Dean & Beth
        435       12           Mrs. Olund's PM K Class Project                                                          $0.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               PM Kindergarten's contemplative Mary Garden shows us that gardening can be prayerful work
                               and an act of faith. The statue of Our Lady is the focal point of the garden.A mosaic bird house,
                               stepping stones and bench invite nature and lead you to a place of rest while reflecting on the
                               meaning of the foliage and flowers named after Our Lady!You will find the Tree of Life, Eyes of
                               Mary, Our Lady's Shawl, and more.
1/8/2006             15:49:21
Item List By Auction Type Detail Report
St. Joseph School "Our Hearts' Desire"                                                                                 Page        3

    Proc. #      Cat #         Item Name                        Donor                                                  Value

                               Garden design donated by Squawk Mountain Nursery.

                                                                PM Kindergarten Mrs. Olund's class
                                                                Adams, Lynn
                                                                Vo, Anh
        418       13           Issaquah - You Rule!                                                                      $0.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               Don't miss your chance to have breakfast with our beloved Vice Principal, Jackie Olund.The
                               winning bidder gets to bring a friend and pick the restaurant!Date to be scheduled.
                                                                 Olund, Jackie
                                                                 Auction Committee
        419       14           Snoqualmie - You Rule!                                                                 $0.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               This all inclusive 2006/07 school year package includes one reserved parking spot at the
                               Snoqualmie campus, the official Name the Gym honor and lunch with Pam Sprute.
                               Lunch date to be scheduled by June 17, 2006.Reserved parking and name the gym valid for the
                               2006/07 school year.
                                                               Sprute, Pam
                                                               Auction Committee
        180       15           Miss Baldasty's AM K Class Project                                                  $400.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               Delight in this colorful and whimsical chandelier in fun colors. Am Kindergarten children painted
                               the coffee cup covers in festive and spirited colors. A happy addition to any fun playroom or lively
                               dining room. Ready for easy wiring.
                                                                AM Kindergarten, Miss Baldasty
                                                                Salmick, Bridget
        248       16           Diamond Bracelet                                                                      $5,895.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               For the person who wants to live the opulent lifestyle without being a millionaire, we present this
                               brand new vintage reproduction bracelet, set with an incredible 415 diamonds with a combined
                               weight of 2.92 carats.The diamonds are approx. H--I color grade, Vs-2--Si-1 clarity grade.The
                               bracelet sports two designs, with every fourth link the different design.The bracelet is created in
                               18k white gold, weighs 30.40 grams and is 7.00 inches long, with a hidden safety clasp.Be the
                               one to make everyone envious.
                                                               Spitzauer, Michael & Melissa
        181       17           Mrs. Waldo's 1st Grade Class Project                                                        $0.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               This original painting consists of individual tiles created by Mrs. Waldo's 2005-2006 first grade
                                                                 1st Grade Class, Mrs. Waldo
                                                                 Anderson, Nanette
        321       18           Orcas Island Vacation                                                                $1,750.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               Enjoy a peaceful getaway on beautiful Orcas Island.You will have seven days and six nights in a
                               waterfront home on the south-east side of the island (approximately 40 minutes from the ferry
                               terminal).The house sleeps six adults (1 king bed, 1 queen bed and 1 fold-out queen bed) and
                               three children (bunk bed and a single bed).A queen-sized air mattress can also be available.
                               Island activites (not provided) include fishing, biking, kayaking, swimming or simply enjoying a
                               glass of wine on the deck.The home is located about 20 minutes from Eastsound where shopping
                               and dining are available.No smoking and no pets.Not available July 22 - 31st.Expires May 2007.
                               Expires May 2007.
1/8/2006             15:49:21
Item List By Auction Type Detail Report
St. Joseph School "Our Hearts' Desire"                                                                                Page      4

    Proc. #      Cat #         Item Name                       Donor                                                  Value

Auction Type:       Live
                                                              Johnson, Rodney & Maggie
        392       19           Mrs. Myer's 1st Grade Class Project                                                      $0.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               This framed wall hanging features tiles that are made from balsa wood and painted by each
                                                              1st Grade Class, Mrs. Myers
                                                              McDiarmid, Michele
        705       20           Hurley Landscape Design                                                            $850.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               Get your garden in tip top shape with a top notch landscaper.Package includes general
                               evaluation, 2D drawing, plant list and $500 labor voucher plus $100 Hayes gift certificate.

                                                               Hayes Nursery
                                                               Hurley Landscape
                                                               Northwest Alpine Landscaping
        183       21           Mrs. Catlin's 4th Grade Class Project                                                  $200.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               This spectacular woven art sampler features a square by each child and includes a bound book
                               documenting the children in the art-making process.
                                                               4th Grade Class, Mrs. Catlin
                                                               Bastian, JoAnne
                                                               Popp, Rita
                                                               O'Rourke, Jacqueline
        347       22           Reserved Pew for Christmas 2006                                                      $0.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               Enjoy an entire pew for Christmas Service.
                                                              Evenson, Rob
        338       23           Mrs. Tadman's Pre-K Class Project                                                       $40.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               Own Chester the Raccoon, class mascot, and his travel log.Chester has spent a week with each
                               child in Pre-K and has had many fun adventures this school year.Chester and Class Book to be
                               delivered upon completion of his class journey.
                                                               Tadman, Faith
                                                               Pre-K Class, Mrs. Tadman
        238       24           Indian Springs Condo at Elkhorn in Sun Valley                                    $1,750.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               Escape to Sun Valley for one week. Accommodations include a fully furnished retreat with two
                               bedrooms, two bathrooms, loft with bunk bed and full kitchen.Please no smoking or pets.Expires
                               June 30, 2006.
                               Expires June 30, 2006.
                                                              Donoghue, Joe & Julie
        249       25           MQP Mrs. Landi's Pre-3s Class Project                                                 $0.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               Enjoy this wonderful toy box in your home!This wooden toy box has been decorated with lots of
                               love and fun by the kids in Mrs. Landi's 3's preschool class at MQP.
                                                                MQP 3's Preschool Class, Mrs. Landi
1/8/2006             15:49:21
Item List By Auction Type Detail Report
St. Joseph School "Our Hearts' Desire"                                                                               Page       5

    Proc. #      Cat #         Item Name                       Donor                                                 Value

Auction Type:       Live
       708        26           Diamond Club                                                                          $560.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               Experience the Mariner Mojo up close and personal with two Diamond Club Tickets to the April
                               5,2006 game.Use your parking pass to park near home plate.Enter the stadium through a private
                               entrance and feast on an all-you-can-eat buffet prior to the game.Find your seats near the
                               on-deck circle for the opposing team - there is only one row between you and the field!You are
                               close enough to heckle the batter in the opposing team's on-deck circle.Still
                               hungry?Thirsty?Order some food or drinks at your seat and they will be delivered to you.All food
                               and beverages are included (including alcohol).These are the best seats in all of Safeco
                               field!!!Package also includes an official Major League baseball signed by Edgar Martinez,
                               received in person by Fr. Rob.
                                                                Father Rob
                                                                John Chapple
        468       27           Fund-An-Item                                                                            $0.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               2006 St. Joseph School Auction

                               Safety First
                               Security and Communications Technology

                               Student safety, school security and cohesive operations are of paramount importance in any
                               school. The number one priority of both St. Joseph parents and staff is to provide a safe and
                               secure learning environment for our 340+ student population. This year's Fund-an-Item is
                               dedicated to the purchase of equipment that will increase the safety of our students, as well as
                               provide the added benefit of more efficient communications to all classrooms and exterior areas.
                               In the event of an emergency, each classroom will receive simultaneous information. The impact
                               on safety is obvious…in an emergency situation, every second counts! An added benefit will be
                               the ability for our students to participate in school-wide daily bulletins, sharing information on
                               student body events, details of upcoming special occasions as well as group-led prayer. This will
                               enhance our schools cohesiveness as well as provide opportunities for building public speaking
                               skills in our children.

                               Your contribution will also be used to purchase a synchronized clock and bell system. This will
                               create seamless transitions from specialists to classrooms to mass; each class will be dismissing
                               at once. All of this plus the addition of further security equipment in the form of entrance
                               monitoring, locks, and window coverings!

                               Your contribution will make all of this essential safety equipment possible. The peace of mind
                               that they will bring, however, is PRICELESS.

                               The Bells and Whistles of Safety

                               "   Intercom/Public Address System
                               "   Master Clock & Bell System
                               "   Internal and External Security Equipment (entrance monitoring, locks, and window coverings.)

                               "There is nothing more precious to a parent than a child, and nothing more important to our future
                               than our children."
1/8/2006             15:49:21
Item List By Auction Type Detail Report
St. Joseph School "Our Hearts' Desire"                                                                                   Page      6

    Proc. #      Cat #         Item Name                        Donor                                                    Value

        268       28           Miss Druffel's 2nd Grade Class Project                                                      $0.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               "What's for dinner?" How many times do we hear that question? Well now you have the answer
                               with Miss Druffel's Second Grade Class Cookbook.It's full of their favorite recipes from Creamy
                               Chicken Enchiladas to Steak Tacos and many wonderful cookies and desserts.And to serve
                               these delicious meals and treats, we have a hand-painted bowl and hand-painted platter.Enjoy!
                                                               2nd Grade Class, Miss Druffel
                                                               Kennedy, Tyra
        352       29           Hors D'oeuvres and Wine Party for Twelve                                                $900.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               Ken and Monica Hart will provide your gourmet hors d'oeuvres and paired wines at your home for
                               12.Includes set up, dishes, wine glasses and serving pieces.Mutually agreeable date (not
                               available between Thanksgiving and New Years).No dietary restrictions.
                                                               Hart, Ken & Monica
        269       30           Mrs. Shikany's Pre-3s Class Project                                                 $300.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               Roll out the fun with this rolling cooler filled with everything you will need for a picnic.A quilt
                               decorated with handprints from the Pre-3's kids, plates, utensils, napkins, wine glasses, a wine
                               bottle opener, and cracker/cheese serving set. .Included are two bottles of Cake Bread Cellars
                               wine and two bottles of Nota Bene Cellars wine for parents and assorted beverages for the
                               kids.Enjoy hands-on games and relax with the kids for the afternoon at the park!
                                                                   3's Preschool Class, Mrs. Shikany
        420       31           Principal for A Day                                                                            $0.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               Put your child in charge of St. Joe's for one day.
                               Contact the school office to make arrangements for either September or October 2006.
                                                                 St. Joseph School
                                                                 Johnston, Peg
        233       32           Wickaninnish Inn Storm Watcher Package                                            $932.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               Witness the Winter Storm Season 2006-2007. Enjoy two nights, one three-course dinner (alcohol
                               excluded) for two, and two one-hour massages. Winter Storm Season - November 1, 2006 -
                               February 28, 2007.
                                                              Wickaninnish Inn
                                                              Graves Family
                                                              Jacobsen Family
                                                              Lombardi Family
                                                              Norwood Family
                                                              Smith Family
                                                              Wente Family
1/8/2006             15:49:21
Item List By Auction Type Detail Report
St. Joseph School "Our Hearts' Desire"                                                                                Page       7

    Proc. #      Cat #         Item Name                       Donor                                                  Value

Auction Type:       Live
       283        33           Mrs. Metzger's 3rd Grade Class Project                                                 $100.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               Memories for a Millenium!Imagine your kitchen or office organized---complemented by the
                               durability and sleekness of a stainless steel square magnetic message board and matching
                               rectangular board.Round magnetic canisters store supplies-all by Pottery Barn.What's that
                               securing that soccer schedule,recipe or important memo?It is none other than
                               personalized,handcrafted glass magnets of 'our heart's desires'---our children, forever captured in
                               time.Truly a memory to last a millennium!
                                                                3rd Grade Class, Mrs. Metzger
                                                                Kolasinski, Dale
                                                                Leith, Melinda
                                                                O'Neill, Kari
        177       34           Golf at Snoqualmie Ridge TPC for Six                                                   $900.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               Three couples?Six Guys?Six Gals?It's up to you.Six people will enjoy a great afternoon of golf
                               hosted by the Bastians and the Racines at the Snoqualmie Ridge TPC Golf Course. After golf, it's
                               off to the nineteenth hole at the Snoqualmie Ridge Clubhouse for a round of drinks and hors
                               d'oeuvres to finish off the afternoon.A great couples afternoon or time out with your
                               friends!Mutually Agreeable date before labor day 2006.
                               Mutually Agreeable date before labor day 2006.
                                                                 Bastian, Brad & JoAnne
                                                                 Racine, Mike & Wendi
                                                                 Ballsmith, Michael & Jennifer
        258       35           Mrs. El Koury's 3rd/4th Grade Class Project                                            $0.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               This classic button blanket made of dark blue and red wool, embellished with pearly buttons,
                               displays the Sun crest and our children's hands.Traditionally, Native American people wear these
                               blankets at important ceremonial gatherings but this one can be hung on your wall for display.
                                                               3rd/4th Grade Class, Mrs. El Koury
         86       36           Knights of Columbus Men at Work                                                         $0.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               Six Knights of Columbus will provide eight hours of labor to paint, landscape, etc.
                                                               Knights of Columbus
         85       37           Cooking Classes with Seattle Executive Chef                                            $600.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               Enjoy a two-hour private cooking class with the Executive Chef of the Tower Columbia Club, and
                               St. Joseph School parent, held at the Columbia Tower Club kitchen.Food is provided and date to
                               be arranged with the Chef.Limit four people.
                                                               Ross, Bruce
        284       38           MQP Mrs. Leiper's Pre-4s Class Project                                                $0.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               Own this beautiful hand-made quilt featuring original art work and hand prints of Mrs. Leiper's
                               pre-4 students!
                                                             MQP Pre-4's Class, Mrs. Leiper
                                                             O'Connell, Colleen
                                                             Goodman, Rosemary
1/8/2006             15:49:21
Item List By Auction Type Detail Report
St. Joseph School "Our Hearts' Desire"                                                                               Page        8

    Proc. #      Cat #         Item Name                       Donor                                                 Value

Auction Type:       Live
       423        39           My Girl Boat                                                                        $1,500.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               Here's the perfect way to entertain and see the beauty of Western Washington.The newly
                               designed and decorated My Girl can accommodate from 6 to 100 people.As you cruise beautiful
                               Lake Washington, enjoy an enlarged parquet dance floor, stereo system, full galley, sun deck,
                               teak bar and much more.This vessel is Coast Guard certified with a professional licensed
                               crew.Visit our website at
                               Available Monday - Thursday.
                                                                Stanfill, Paul & Pam
                                                                Brown's Point Charters
                                                                Auction Committee
         66       40           Women's Waterfun Weekend                                                           $1,000.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               Partake in this Women's Waterfun Weekend at Lake Entiat, Washington.Five women will enjoy a
                               weekend of fun in the sun hosted by Sandy Waterman at her Lake Entiat home.Boating, food,
                               drinks and water activities included.Two-night weekend stay.June-September 15, 2006
                               only.Expires on Septemeber 15, 2006.
                               Expires on September 15, 2006.
                                                                 Waterman, Sandy
        296       41           Mrs. Roach's 7th Grade Class Project                                                $0.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               Marvel at this handcrafted glass piece with our seventh graders art, and own it tonight!
                                                               7th Grade Class, Mrs. Roach
                                                               Hart, Monica
                                                               Vollen, Christine
         53       42           Flip Flop Lemon Drop                                                                 $1,000.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               Enjoy an afternoon of relaxation (with 19 of your closest female friends) while sipping Lemon
                               Drops by the side of Sheila Ober's pool.Date to be determined.
                                                               Hansen, Delani
                                                               Glaze, Donna
                                                               McDiarmid, Michele
        348       43           Reserved Pew for Easter 2006                                                              $0.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               Avoid the rush and enjoy an entire pew for Easter Service.
                                                              Evenson, Rob
        469       44           Mr. Wilson's 6th Grade Class Project                                                     $0.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               Capture this stunning piece of contemporary wall art showcasing each child's own interpretation
                               of a "Heart's Desire."
                                                               6th Grade Class, Mr. Wilson
                                                               Fish, Madeline
                                                               Ehardt, Laura
         67       45           Four Sonic Basketball Tickets                                                       $500.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               Cheer on the Sonics from these four, 8th-row center court seats.Date will be in late February or in
                                                             Ahearn, Steve & Valerie
1/8/2006             15:49:21
Item List By Auction Type Detail Report
St. Joseph School "Our Hearts' Desire"                                                                                 Page        9

    Proc. #      Cat #         Item Name                        Donor                                                  Value

Auction Type:       Live
       421        46           Reserved Parking at St. Joseph Church                                                     $0.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               Tired of leaving for Church early just to get parking?Always stuck in stack parking?A reserved
                               parking place can be yours!Park in the upper lot by the side door every Sunday for a
                               year.Available for 10:30 Mass only.Expires February 11, 2007.
                               Expires February 11, 2007.
                                                                St. Joseph Church
                                                                Fr. Rob Evenson
        395       47           Mrs. Waltner's 8th Grade Class Project                                                   $0.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               The 8th grade class has designed a Northwest-themed quilt featuring one square by each
                                                              8th Grade Class, Mrs. Waltner
                                                              Willard, Carol
        407       48           Say Hello to Spring at Chez Odette's                                              $700.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               Enjoy a wine and travel inspired eight-course seasonal dinner at Chez Odette.Begin with
                               Rocinante Blanc de Rouge 2005, Flatbread with Arugula and Caramelized Onions, Marinated
                               Shrimp with Lemon Bath and Grilled Endive Wrapped in Proscuitto.Next up, Andrew Rich 2004
                               Sauvignon Blanc "Croft Vineyards" to accompany Asparagus Soup with Dungeness Crab and
                               Red Pepper Cream.Move on to Fettuccine with Morel Mushrooms and Ramps with 2004 Canoe
                               Ridge Chardonnay.Cleanse your palate with Grapefruit and Campari Sorbet and then enjoy
                               Grilled Rack of Venison with Fruit and Berry Chutney accompanied by Tenuta Collalli 1999
                               Brunello Di Montalcino, Italy (92 Wine Spectator).True to the French, salad and a cheese course
                               will follow.To finish it all, Sautéed Strawberries in Cabernet Sauvignon and Black Pepper Sauce
                               with Thurston Wolfe 2003 JTW Port (94 Wine Enthusiast).For eight people.Dinner will be
                               scheduled for either May 6 or May 20, 2006.
                                                                   Curtis, Rob & De Lusignan, Odette
                                                                   Fearon, Matthew & Mary
                                                                   Herriman, Patrick & Stacy
                                                                   Subio Wines
                                                                   Whole Foods Market
        400       49           Men's Poker Party                                                                       $0.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               Are you ready to eat, drink and be merry?!No, it isn't Christmas, it's Vegas Night right here in
                               Issaquah.Vance Taylor, Mad Fish's brother, a real live dealer from sin city, will orchestrate the
                               festivities with qualified help from Team St. Joe's.Come for dinner, drinks and gambling fun -
                               poker and craps are his specialties.Good for 12.
                                                                  Taylor, Vance
                                                                  Fish, Chris & Madeline
        466       50           Three Hours of Weeding                                                                    $60.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               This St. Joseph's mom can't stand to see a weed sprout. Stacy will spend three hours pulling
                               weeds making your garden look great.
                                                              Herriman, Stacy
1/8/2006             15:49:21
Item List By Auction Type Detail Report
St. Joseph School "Our Hearts' Desire"                                                                                   Page        10

    Proc. #      Cat #         Item Name                        Donor                                                    Value

Auction Type:       Live
       472        51           Hot Air Balloon Ride                                                                      $400.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               The Hot Air Balloon Ride can be taken at any of 150 locations nationwide. (There is a launch area
                               in Woodinwille, WA.) The ride is about an hour in the air. Flights are scheduled either at sunrise
                               or sunset, and every ride concludes with a champagne toast to celebrate the majestic flight.
                                                               Soaring Adventures of America, Inc.
        417       52           Fighter Pilot For A Day                                                               $995.00
                               Description & Restrictions
                               At Air Combat USA, you actually fly air-to-air combat.This is not a simulator; instead you will take
                               the stick of a state-of-the-art military trainer aircraft and engage in aerial dog fighting.No pilot's
                               license is required.Air Combat USA has been in business since 1989, and flown over 12,000
                               guest-pilots across the nation.Our proven track record ensures that your fighter pilot experience
                               will be the most memorable of your life.Your entire flight and each of your victories will be
                               captured on videotape to keep the memory alive for years to come.
                                                                   Air Combat USA
                                                                   Auction Committee
                                                                                                # OF ITEMS:                     52
                                                                                                TOTAL:               $29,682.00

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