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                                                                                                                 June 2011
 Tips for a Budget Friendly Family Summer Vacation                                                        Issue 29
Summer is indeed the time to have fun outdoors with the family. The kids are on school break, and
both parents and schoolchildren need not worry about homework, waking up early for the school             Inside this Issue:
bus, and reviewing for exams and quizzes. It is also nice to go to a place where the air is cooler to    Announcements         9
take a break from the intense summer heat in the city.
But though budget is a concern, it should not limit you from planning a wonderful summer vaca-
                                                                                                         Cedarfield Calendar   3
tion with the family. There are many things you can do while still on a budget - and you'll have fun
while at it.
Below are our tips on how you can have that budget-friendly summer vacation:                             Cedarfield Contacts   16
1. Figure out how much your budget is. This is a must. To plan out a budget-friendly vaca-
tion, you need to know how much your budget is. Ideally, you should have already built up some           Cedarfield Services   14-15
savings for this summer vacation. Look at your savings, incoming income, and expenses. See how
much you can set aside for a summer bonding activity with the family.                                    CI BOD Min. &         2
2. Ask your family what they want to do. This will help you narrow down your choices as to               Pool Hours
activities. The kids may like to go swimming or fishing or visit the zoo. Your spouse may want to go
somewhere you haven't gone to yet.                                                                       CI Crime Watch Info   5&8
3. Do your research. Based on the activities they want to do, ask your friends for ideas on where
to go. Surf the Internet for places to go to where you can do what your family wants to do. Canvas       CII BOD Min. &        4&5
for prices for accommodations if needed. You might want to consider going to places nearer to
                                                                                                         Pool Hours
your residence to save on travel cost.
4. Consider going with other families together. Make a road trip with close friends and                  CPark BOD Min. &      12 & 13
their families. Not only will you get to enjoy bonding together, this will bring down cost too, as you
can negotiate for lower hotel rates.                                                                     Pool Hours
5. Try the un-tourist-y places. There are other places you can go to where the crowd may not
be as thick and where prices are cheaper.                                                                Neighbor2Neighbor     12
6. Cut down the number of days. Instead of a weekend, how about going on a day trip in-
stead? Some day trips you can schedule are to the zoo or beach, or for a picnic.                         Young Entrepreneurs 7-8
7. Visit family or friends. Take up your cousin's long-standing invitation to visit and bring the
family along. This will help you save on accommodation cost.
8. Find out what you can do where you are. Look for activities in your area which you can
do with your kids over weekends. Maybe there's a pottery workshop you can take part in, or dad/
mom-and-me swimming lessons. Have a picnic at a nearby park. Kids would love the idea of doing
something new with their parents even if that means staying put.
9. Check out what your credit card offers. You may be entitled to discounts in hotel accom-
modations in a resort, or tickets to a movie. Look at the website of your credit card company for
information, or flyers that come with your bill.                                                            Have Anything to
10. Volunteer and help others. One activity that may not cost much but will give your kids a                         Share?
great experience is volunteering. Check out how you can help build homes through Habitat for
Humanity. You get to go outdoors and help other people, too.                                              Put it in the newsletter!
11. Ask your children's school for a list of summer classes. Schools may offer summer                              Contact
workshops at a cheaper rate as compared to those offered outside. Some schools offer swimming,
taekwondo, art, and creative writing classes.                                                              Cheryl Westlake by
12. Love anything free. Check out the newspaper for a list of free events in your area, from mall                   E-Mail:
tours to free concerts and plays at the park.
13. Have a stay-cation. This means staying at home, but going on vacation mode. Plan for a                        Westlake
"camping" weekend - put up a tent in the backyard and grill barbeque outdoors. Have games. Sing
campfire songs. Young kids will love this and remember it as it will be different. Or you can stay
indoors and have a DVD marathon the whole day, pizza and pasta, and karaoke night.
14. Visit museums. You can spend a day visiting several museums in the city and cap this with a
dinner at a family restaurant.                                                                             ***Deadline for the
15. Have a family project at home. Organize the family photos and do scrapbooking. Make a
music video showing your kids' baby photos. Build a stool or shelf with your kids. These things do             July 2011
not cost an arm and a leg yet allow you to have quality time with your family.                                  Issue is:
As you can see, you can have a fun vacation even without your usual big budget. Just be creative.
It's the time together you spend as a family that counts.                                                       Monday,
Information taken from http://business.inquirer.net/money/personalfinance/view/20100322-
260272/Tips-for-a-budget-friendly-family-summer-vacation                                                     June 20th ***
            Cedarfield 1 Meeting Minutes — May 9, 2011

               At the time of printing
         The minutes from the May meeting
                 Were not available.
         May minutes will be published along
         With the June minutes in the July
            issue of the Cedarfield Sun.

                    Next Meeting:
                   June 13th at 7 PM
                     At the C1 Pool

                                            Cedarfield 1
                                            Pool Hours:
                                           until school is out
                                              4 PM—8 PM
                                           after CMS is out
                                             10 AM—9 PM

                                        Saturday 10 AM—9 PM
                                        Sunday 12 Noon—9 PM

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    Issue 29                                                                Page 3
         Cedarfield II HOA Board Meeting Minutes— May 11, 2011
Attending: Dwayne Green, President; Gary Wilt, Member at Large; Ray Kudlak, Secretary; Barrie Cameron-
Rojahn, Hawthorne Mgmt; Kristin Dillard, Hawthorne Mgmt; copies to: Bill Carter, Member at Large; Liz Callis,
Pool Committee Chairperson.
The meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM and the previous Minutes were adopted.
Treasurer’s report – Barrie presented the updated financial figures and discussion ensued regarding placing some
reserve capital into investments such as interest bearing money market accounts. A study will be made as to the
rules for short term investment penalties and percent of return. A decision to make such investments can then be
made by the Board.
Old Business – The 3rd Annual Softball Tournament organized by Greg Bolen will take place on Memorial Day
Weekend. Contact Greg at: greg_bolen@yahoo.com or call 704-875-7977 to sign up.
Architectural Committee – ARC Committee Volunteers are needed! Please contact Barrie Cameron-Rojahn or
Dwayne Green for more information.
Pool Committee – Liz Callis has assumed the role of Pool Committee Chairperson. Most of the Pool House re-
pairs are done and finishing touches are being made now. The Pool Fob distribution went smoothly with most
households obtaining one free Pool Fob. Homeowners can still obtain a Fob. Please see the C2 website for details
as to time and place. Several signs are being purchased for the entryway to the Pool stating rules and safety require-
ments for pool attendance.
Landscape Committee – Replacement of the Split Rail Fences at the McCoy entrance is on temporary hold status
until more information is obtained. Additional estimates are being requested for the Resurfacing of the Parking Lot
Social Committee – Volunteers are needed for 2011 to plan and conduct events beginning with the Pool opening
through closing and other events. Our Budget is available for food, entertainment and incidental expenses. Plans
for Spring/Summer include Movie Nights, Pool Parties Memorial Day and Fourth of July. Please see the C2 website
for more information. Make 2011 a Social Season we can be proud of.
New Business – We are in need of knowledge or contacts that may help us find a paint that will adhere to the Play-
ground Equipment structure. Please contact Dwayne Green.

Our Current Board now consists of Dwayne Green, President, dwayne@cedarfield2.org Ray Kudlak, Secretary,
w8isk1@aol.com Members-at-Large Bill Carter, wcarter@carolina.rr.com and Gary Wilt, garyw24@bellsouth.net.
The Board requests that interested parties please contact Dwayne Green to volunteer for one of the remaining open
The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 PM.
The Next Meeting will be held at 7:00 PM, June 8, 2011, at 12810 Angel Oak Drive.
               THIS IS YOUR COMMUNITY – GET INVOLVED!                   PLEASE!

Page 4                                                                                                 Cedarfield Sun
                               Cedarfield II Pool Information:

   Dates and Hours of Operation:
   The Pool will open Saturday, May 21st, 2011 and will close Sunday, September 11th, 2011.
   Hours are from 11am to 9pm Monday- Sunday with the exception of when school is in session- hours dur-
   ing the week will be from 4pm to 8pm.
   On weekends before Memorial Day and after Labor Day the pool will open Noon- 8pm.

   Pool Fobs:
   Cedarfield II has gone to a pool fob system. Pool fobs will be handed out to owners who are
   current on their dues ONLY. If you are not sure you are current on your dues, please call Haw-
   thorne Management Company at 704-377-0114, and ask to speak with accounts receivable.
   Renters can pick up pool fobs as well by showing valid proof of residency, by means of a lease agreement.
   Each owner will get one (1) pool fob. Additional pool fobs maybe purchased for $15.00 if you lose yours
       or would like to purchase another with a max of 2 pool fobs per household.
   If you are not available to pick up a pool fob you may email Liz Callis at: ecallis@bellsouth.net and re-
   quest to pick up a pool fob.
   1.      Please be sensitive to our volunteers and their personal time.
   2.      Pool fobs will not be available for pick up after 7pm.
   3.      Also pool fobs will be scheduled for pick up once a week as determined when you submit your
   email request.

                                       C1 Crime Watch ID Decals
                      C1 residents, please contact me for you ID decal for you automobiles.
                                          Contact info is listed below!

                Gregory DeBruhl                                              jgdebruhl@carolina.rr.com
              Cedarfield Plantation                                              Nextel 150*29380*1
                  C1 VP HOA
                                                                                 704-274-9429 Main
           Neighborhood Crime Watch
             9219 Cedar River Road                                               704-902-7380 Mobile
             Huntersville, NC. 28078                                          Cedarfieldplantation.com

CII is on the net! In order to promote community awareness and, more importantly, the
ability to connect with friends and neighbors, Cedarfield II has created it’s very own
Facebook Group! Please join today to keep up with timely events, breaking news and
your community! Login to your Facebook account and type ―Cedarfield II‖ on the search
engine for groups at the top right hand corner.

Issue 28                                                                                                  Page 5
Page 6   Cedarfield Sun
BABYSITTING, PETSITTING, OR HOUSE-SITTING: I am a responsible and dependable 20 year old Cedarfield resident
who will be home for the summer and looking for work. I have experience babysitting kids of all ages. I am available on
short-notice. I am also looking for long term jobs throughout the entire summer. References available. Call Brittany Black-
welder at (704) 975-7811.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO HAVE PIANO LESSONS? My name is Samantha Bisese. I am seventeen years old and I have
taken piano lessons for 10 years now. I have been teaching kids for 3 years and I love it! I am fun, creative and responsi-
ble. Lessons are $8 for half an hour per week. Call 704-948-4432.

PET SITTING SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - I will pet sit your pet or multiple pets for $15 a visit, that includes, feed-
ing, walking, playing, and cleaning after your pet. I will also water the plants, Turn lights on/ off, take out the trash, and
bring in mail. phone- 704-608-2084 call for details (Cedarfield resident)

WANT A BABYSITTER, PETSITTER, OR HOUSESITTER?? My sister and I are two well-rounded and dependable girls.
We are ages 16 and 12 and are eager to be of service. We both love and have experience with kids of a variety of ages
and many different kinds of pets. For our services, call Brittany and/or Rachel Bisese at 704-948-4432.

LAWN MOWING/PET SITTING - Responsible hard working 12 yr old has an opening in lawn mowing/pet sitting service for
you! To arrange services contact Cameron at (704) 947-2324.

BABY-SITTING OR PET SITTING: Responsible 13 year old will gladly care for your kids 1+, and your pets while your
away. Please call Melanie Murphy at 704-249-9211. I love kids and they love me I will clean before you get home anytime
between 11am-11pm I am red cross certified thank you remember call 704-249-9211

BABYSITTING/PET SITTING- Responsible and reliable 17 year old Senior at SouthLake Christian Academy. Available on
short notice, fun and entertaining! Experienced with children of all ages .Worked in nurseries, very comfortable with infants
and toddlers . Also very good with pets. Watched dogs, cats, fish, turtles, and rodents. Will pet-sit in house. Please call
Taylor Wilson at 704-948-9405 :) Negotiable Prices. Thanks!

BABYSITTING AND HOUSE-SITTING: I attend St. Mark Catholic School and I am a very mature and responsible 13
year old girl with CPR training. I love children and will babysit for ages two and over. There will be no mess when you
return. I will also pet sit your "animal family" member to include walks, feeding and playtime. My rates are lower than any-
one in the area. Please call Leigh at 704-875-8555 You'll be glad you did!

PET SITTING: Hi My name is Julia Salvador. I am 12 years old and i love pets. I have 2 cats but I love all animals. I will
charge 4 to 8 dollars each visit depending on what the animal needs.
My # is (704)-975-0437

LAWN MOWING, PET SITTING, BABY SITTING: I am a dependable 13 year old boy scout available at short notice. I
have mowed lawns for 2 years for my neighbors. I have been trained in CPR and first aid. I will also be glad to care for
your animals while you are away. Please call Mark Spytkowski at 704-948-1678.

BABYSITTER / MOTHER'S HELPER: fluent in Dr. Seuss & SpongeBob, conversant in Fairly Odd Parents. Great with
little kids -- they bring out my silly, entertaining side! I'm also a Red Cross certified, responsible, experienced, reliable 14
year old with excellent references. Please call Heaven Soto at 704-947-1501 (or if the fax picks up) 704-502-
4774. Comfortable w/pets of all types. Cedarfield II resident.

BABYSITTER/MOTHERS HELPER- I am a responsible and reliable 12 year old attending Southlake Christian Academy.
I have a lot of experience caring for children from 9 months to 6 years of age. Very comfortable with infants and toddlers.
Available on short notice. Call Heather Wilson at (704)-948-9405. Thanks!

PET SITTING- responsible and dependable 12 year old attending Southlake Christian Academy. Lots of experience with
all types of animals. Available at short notice. Call Heather Wilson at (704)-948-9405. Thanks!

HOW TO SWIM? I am a responsible 15 year old who is child/adult CPR certified and first aid trained. Prices are negotia-
ble. Please call Emma Rubel @ 704.948.0017(home)

Issue 28                                                                                                                     Page 7
BABY SITTING/PET SITTING: My name is Chrisse Fryling. I am 13 and in the 8th grade and I love kids and pets. I will gladly
watch your kids 1+ and/or your pets. Taking Red Cross Baby sitting classes soon. Please call 704-948-0206.
LAWN MOWING, PET SITTING, AND HOUSE SITTING: I am a mature and experienced 13 year old boy who has mowed
lawns for my neighbors for two and a half years. I am also very experienced with pets since I have owned and cared for many
different kinds these past years including snakes, lizards, rodents, dogs, cats, birds, and fish. Please call Robert Quinlan at
MATH AND ENGLISH TUTORING Hi! My name is Sara Dworak and I am available to tutor your elementary or middle school
child in either English or Math at our home in Cedarfield. I am a straight A student at Davidson IB and really enjoy helping
others learn and understand. Sessions would last 1 hour starting after 4PM and weekends for $15. We will practice both cur-
rent materials as well as look forward to upcoming work so your child is prepared. You can contact me at
dmdworak@carolina.rr.com. Thanks!
PET SITTING: 10 year old will petsit for $10.00 per visit, unlimited number of pets. Please call Bella at 704-238-7508
ALGEBRA, FRENCH, ENGLISH AND SCIENCE TUTORING Hi! My name is Jenna Dworak and I am available to tutor your
elementary, middle school or Freshman student in Algebra, French, English and Science at our home in Cedarfield. I am a
straight A student at North Meck IB and really enjoy helping others learn and understand. Sessions would last 1 hour starting
after school and weekends for $15. We will practice both current materials as well as look forward to upcoming work so your
student is prepared. You can contact me at dmdworak@carolina.rr.com. Thanks!
BABYSITTER: Responsible and reliable 13 years old will care for your kids age 1+. I've completed the American Red Cross
Babysitter's Training. Available on short notice evenings and daily throughout the summer. Please call Erin Boas on 704-948

Page 8                                                                                                            Cedarfield Sun
Issue 28   Page 9
      A Note from the Editor:
     If you have something that
     you would like to see in the
     newsletter, please let me
     know. I am always open to
     suggestions and your input
     would be greatly appreci-
     ated! You can contact me at:

Page 10                              Cedarfield Sun
                                15 Keys to Protect Your Home When You are on Vacation
                                                 by www.SixWise.com

In 2004, over 2 million burglaries took place in the United States, according to the FBI. Burglaries were highest in July and
August -- a time when many families are enjoying their long-anticipated vacations. This is why, as you plan all the final de-
tails for your trip, it's essential to take some time to plan for what's going to be left behind: your home. If more homeowners
knew how to burglar-proof their homes, according to the Insurance Information Institute, 9 out of 10 home break-ins could
be prevented.
"A significant number of break-ins could be prevented with simple precautions such as canceling a newspaper delivery,
placing timers on lamps, and having a neighbor take in the mail," said Lauren Russ, executive director of the Burglary Pre-
vention Council.
There is also the issue of home accidents. If steps are not taken to protect your home from accidents or natural disasters
while you're away, damage from water, electricity or fire can sometimes be even more devastating than a burglary.
So after the reservations have been made, the pets (and maybe the kids) are safely staying with Grandma and you've
packed more clothing than you could ever need, be sure to follow the home-protection tips below. This way, when you re-
turn your home will likely be just as you left it, with no unpleasant surprises to dampen your post-vacation high.
1. Stop your mail, newspapers and any other home deliveries.
You can do this by filling out a form with the post office and calling your newspaper to ask for a vacation hold.
2. Ask a relative or neighbor to housesit.
This person will, ideally, stop by as often as possible to check for any deliveries that haven't been stopped, water plants,
open curtains periodically and even move your car from the garage out into the driveway once in a while.
3. Install timers on your indoor and outdoor lights.
Having lights on inside and outside of your home will make it look like someone's home, or will be soon. Installing motion-
detectors on your outdoor lights (so they turn on whenever motion is detected) can also be helpful.
4. Make sure the garage door cannot be opened.
You will probably need to disconnect the garage door opener to do this.
5. Arrange for someone to cut the lawn.
Nothing gives away an unoccupied home faster than grass that is over a foot long (other than, maybe, five newspapers in
the driveway). If you will be gone long enough for the grass to grow too high, make sure a friend, neighbor or hired service
will cut it for you. The same goes for trimming bushes.
6. Ask the police department to do a "vacation watch."
Many police departments will check on your home while you're away.
7. Lock all your doors and windows.
This may sound obvious, but it's estimated that 28 percent of burglaries occur without using force to gain entry. In other
words, they probably entered through an unlocked window or door. Check all of your windows and doors, including the one
leading into your home from the garage and windows in the basement.
8. Leave curtains and shades open.
If you will not have someone house-sitting for you, leave your drapes and blinds open (but be sure there are no valuables
like jewelry, laptops, etc. in plain site). Closed shades during the day make it look like no one is home, and also offer a bur-
glar who enters your home a great deal of privacy.
9. Never leave a message on your answering machine/voicemail saying you're on vacation.
This lets everyone who calls know that you're gone and when you'll be returning. Leave your answering machine/voicemail
message the same as always, but change the setting to pick up on the first or second ring. This way, a burglar won't hear a
constantly ringing, but unanswered, phone.
10. Unplug everything you can.
Other than the refrigerator, freezer and lights on timers, everything -- including the coffee pot, computer, TV, toaster, etc. --
should be unplugged when you're on vacation. Why? Because even though your clock radio may not be on, the circuit is
still active and could potentially cause a problem.
11. Make sure appliances are off.
Double-check the stove, oven, coffee maker, curling iron, etc., and then unplug them, as mentioned above.
12. Consider shutting off the water.
If you will be gone for a week or more, you may want to turn off the water to your toilets, sinks and washing machine. A bro-
ken pipe at an inopportune time could otherwise cause a great deal of damage.
13. Turn down the setting on your hot water heater.
This will save energy and money.
14. Consider installing a security system.
This may help to deter burglars and set your mind at ease. Before you choose a system to install, though, do your home-
work. Prices, and quality, vary widely, and you can usually get free estimates before you decide.
15. Secure sliding glass doors.
Sliding doors can be forced open by intruders. Placing a metal or wooden rod in the track will prevent this.

 Issue 28                                                                                                                 Page 11
                                   Attention Cedarfield Park Residents:
 The opening of our Community Pool has been delayed due to extensive resurfacing
                        repairs that need to be completed.
            We will let everyone know once the repairs are completed.
          There will also be updated information posted on our website:
             Thanks for your patience while this project is completed.

                                 DONATIONS of clothing , furniture, appliances and household items are asked for by the Crisis Assist
                                 Ministries. A Cedarfield resident will pick up and deliver these items. Please call 704-942-7632. Thanks.

    2                             SUMMER SEASON AHEAD...LOOK AT THESE GREAT SELECTIONS!. Cool off with this brand New
                                   Haier 6000 Btu Window Air Conditioner for just $80.00! Also, do your scrap booking with this high quail

Neighbor                           ty office paper cutter; a cast iron blade, full size 15" x 16" lined top. Emerson Microwave, like brand new,
                                   1 cubic foot for $20.00 (great for deck or den). Don't miss you favorite TV show, brand new Tivo with 80
                                    hour dual tuner for just $120. Travel in style with matching professional quality wheeled valise style gar-
ment carriers. Used only once on trip to Italy. Both for $130 or will separate for $70 each. Stepper Exercise machine, good condition,
$30 obo. New Charcoal Smoker Grille, upright style, $40. Hardwood Butcher Block, a 4" thick by 22-1/2 x 24" size for building into a ta-
ble or to stand alone. Hoover Windtunnel Vacuums, One New for $120 and one like new $90. All Steel and Iron Floor Jack, 2 ton ca-
pacity, lift range 5-1/2 to 19-1/2 inches. Call Ray at 704-906-6911 for details.
WANTED: Any family wishing to swap FOB's with us. We are a 16 year resident of Cedarfield 1, although we live next door to the C 2
pool. If anyone would be willing to swap their C 2 FOB for our C 1 FOB and avoid paying the additional fee, please give us a call at

     Cedarfield I Residents
    Check out our website!

Page 12                                                                                                                        Cedarfield Sun
Cedarfield Park Board Meeting Minutes — May 18, 2011
Called to Order at 8:04 PM
Present:     Phil Hoffman            Cheryl Westlake        Dick Walker
Absent:      Vikki Froehlich         Sandy Thiry            Mike Greenhawt

Approved April minutes which are posted on the Website.
Website: Need the following items posted on the website:
1. Eater Egg Hunt photos – Cheryl will send to Mike for posting.
2. In need of someone to take over the website when Mike Greenhawt leaves. Cheryl and Dick will talk with
   Mike about possibly taking over this duty.
1. Noise Complaint received. Phil spoke to resident and provided him a copy of the Town of Huntersville
   noise ordinance and advised him that further incidents should be reported to the Town. Spoke to the of-
   fending party and he will monitor his children’s activities more closely in the future.
1. Two yard issues and one trailer parking issue.
2. Phil spoke with all three homeowners in question. Both yard issues have been addressed and the trailer
   will be moved in the near future.
1. Resurface project was started on 4/26/2011. It is still ongoing with no completion date yet.
2. Gutter guards were purchased and installed. Cost of $300.00
3. Five outside memberships have been received. There are 8 members from last year who have not paid for
   this year.
4. Paver area and grill purchased and installed. Total cost of $383.32. Special thanks to Mike Greenhawt,
   Joe Thiry, and Phil Hoffman for all of their hard work in making this improvement possible.
5. Sign explaining rules for grill use and maintenance will be purchased.
Entrance Way:
1. Pledge letters have been sent out to Torrence Crossing residents.
2. $100 received so far.
Good and Welfare:
1. Community Yard Sale was held in May. Will probably be another one held in the fall.
2. Yard of the Month will start with June this year. Phil will purchase the gift cards to Lowes for the winners.
3. Pool Opening Party will be scheduled once we have an opening date for the pool.
Next Meeting scheduled for Wednesday, June 15, 2011.
Meeting Adjourned at 8:46 PM.

   Issue 29                                                                                              Page 13
INTERIOR / EXTERIOR PAINTING: Cedarfield resident with 25+ years interior painting experience, is now offering Exterior Paint-
ing Projects as well! Garage doors, Sheds, Shutters, Fences, etc. Available for all interior jobs & exterior projects. Free Estimates!
Insured. Local Cedarfield references available! Call - Sher Jenkins at 704-975-6133. Lets freshen up your home inside & out!
STAMPIN' UP!: Release your creative energy at a fun get-together. Whether you enjoy card marking, scrapbooking or making
unique gifts, you will enjoy exploring the many uses of rubber stamps! Please check out my website for upcoming events!
www.sonigreenhawt.stampinup.net Let me know if I can help with any of your stamping needs!
LICENSED MASSAGE THERAPIST with home studio in Cedarfield offering deep tissue, stress relief & pregnancy massage
at below spa rates. 30, 60 & 90 minute sessions available. Give yourself a break from everyday stress. Contact Ariana @704/502-
8846 or email me at ari.raine@yahoo.com for more info and rates.
DOES YOUR COMPUTER NEEDS A TUNE-UP?: Sustainable Technology Solutions, (STS, Inc.) is a home based business avail-
able in Cedarfield II with over 15 years experience in the Corporate environment. We service computer installation and upgrades;
virus and spyware removal; backup and recovery; security software and firewall configuration; data transfer; high-speed configura-
tion; wireless networking; audio video installation and configuration; training and more... Call Bill Akins at 704-501-6371or email at
bill.akins@ststechsolutions.com. For more information, please visit our website at www.ststechsolutions.com.
MONA-VIE HEALTH DRINK: The premier Acai Berry Health Juice has arrived! As seen on TV, drink to your superior health & well-
ness. Unique rapidly growing home based business opportunity also available if interested. Contact Rob, your local distributor, for a
FREE personal tasting & overview today at (704) 975-1527 or rsalvador@carolina.rr.com
LEARN TO SWIM! Babies, Youth and Adults. Call A. Stubbs at 704-724-4544 or 704-875-9045
THE PAMPERED CHEF: Looking for a fun and flexible way to earn extra income? A Pampered Chef business offers you: The abil-
ity to set your own hours… Extra income to pay for college, vacations, retirement… Satisfaction from a business you enjoy and feel
good about… and more! Call me today to learn more about our business opportunity! Jane Magariner – Independent Sales Direc-
tor (Your Cedarfield Pampered Chef Consultant). 704-464-0340 jane.pchef@gmail.com OR www.pamperedchef.biz/jane
CF2 RESIDENT WITH PICKUP will do light to medium hauling for you. Furniture, unwanted items, yard waste, junk, etc. Will also
deliver mulch, and do demolition work. Reasonable and reliable service. Please contact Bill Lech at 704-875-9050. Thank you!
CREATIVE MEMORIES: Anyone interested in Scrapbooking? Or getting those pictures in order? I am your neighborhood Creative
Memories consultant. I have workshops once a month and would love for you to join me. I also do Get-togethers in your home so
you can earn products. There is so much more... Call me, Cathie Edwards, at 704-947-0371 or go to my website
www.mycmsite.com/cathieedwards for more information.
person IN PERSON? My name is Stefani Limper I’m the local Patient Care representative for Tarheel Diabetic & Medical Supply,
Inc. I work with you, locally to help you live a more comfortable & independent life. Could YOU benefit from having your very own
Patient Care representative to help you navigate Medicare, then give me a call for a FREE IN HOME CONSULTATION TODAY.
Call: (704) 787-1935 today
CURB APPEAL LANDSCAPING: Selling your home? Let us help you create that curb appeal for you home. Trimming, edging,
mulching, much more. Call Sandi at 704-948-0206
STOP! Are you looking for an experienced and trustworthy MECHANIC to service the brakes on your automobile or small
truck? Then call Steve Bernard at 704-534-0347. Well over 30 years experience and Cedarfield references available.
CAKES BY CATHY- Birthdays, showers, anniversary. Call 704-875-0772 for details.
DIY MECHANICS. Working, on your brake pads/rotors, wheel bearings, ball joints, you'll need to remove and remount your wheels.
Or perhaps you want to take the wheels off and give them a power wash. The HOT new item WHEEL WHIZZ eliminates all the hard
work and strain on your back. Go to www.wheelwhizz.com and check out the U-Tube video. Great gift for the guy who "has every-
thing" and it's less than $30. Phone Brian 704-947-3089 and save on S&H.
SPANISH TUTORING: We offer Spanish tutoring at all levels (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced or Conversational). All ages are wel-
comed! Sessions can be set individually or join a group session. Location is optional (your home, instructor’s home in Cedarfield or
office in Cornelius). Please contact Coralia Frias-Akins at 704-501-6686 or email at Coralia@ihelpedthekids.org
Maer Mowing & More, LLC Make your lawn happy. Make your appointment today. Damon Maer (704) 609-2665
Pet Portraits/Mural Designs—I have officially launched a business to offer services designing and painting murals and pet por-
traits. Please visit my website for more information: ghtdesign.com
Beth's Babysitting: More mature Cedarfield mom looking to babysit for parents needing a date night out on Saturday night.
I would love to babysit for anyone within the neighborhood or surrounding areas. I love children and dogs. I have had lots of experi-
ence, since my children are grown. My home phone is 704-875-3674.
Does your four-legged friend need exercise while you are at work? I am a dog lover and also love to exercise. So, If you
would like to have your pet exercised, please call 704-948-9116. References are available.

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PROTECT YOUR MEMORIES NOW!!! Your video, silent film, photos and slides transferred to DVD. I’ll set your digital photos to a
music in a slideshow! Reasonable prices with lots of options. Call Daniel at 704-875-9487 or e-mail
daniel@easydvdmemories.com . www.easydvdmemories.com

ARBONNE :) Do you want to go ALL Natural? Never tested on animals, No animal products or by-products, and Hypoallergenic too!
No preservatives, No Dyes, No Mineral oil, No chemicals for your skin, health, body, and nutrition... Give Arbonne a try, if you don't
like the product(s) you can return it within 45 days and get a full refund! What do you have to loose? Do you want to loose weight
quickly, heard about the Colon Health Cleanse? No, ask me when you call...Did I mention how reasonable Arbonne prices are? In-
terested? Formulated in Switzerland/Made in USA, Color/ Nutrition/ Weight Loss/ Aromatherapy Call Kimberly @ (704) 947- 6514

AVON DISCOVER: Highly advanced skin care, gifts, fragrance, hair care for the entire family, family entertainment & educational
products, personal service. Browse my online store or contact me at www.youravon.com/katrinacobb or call me at 704-728-7585
for your complimentary brochure & free sample. Katrina Cobb - Your Cedarfield Independent Avon Representative.
MARY KAY. Register for a FREE facial by emailing amaer@marykay.com or shop online at www.marykay.com/amaer. Amanda
M. Maer, Independent Beauty Consultant
STAMPIN' UP!/SCRAPBOOKING: My name is Brandy Cox and I am your neighborhood Stampin' Up! demonstrator. I'd love the
opportunity to show you how you can make the perfect greeting card or scrapbook page by using rubber stamps, ink, paper and
embellishments. I host monthly stamp camps, workshops and crops. Please visit http://www.brandyscards.com for more informa-
tion or call 704-806-7220. I'm excited to teach you techniques and show you several ways to add that personal touch to your greet-
ing cards & scrapbook pages.
TODAY’S KIDS - Home based Licensed Child care ages 0-12 yrs. Has opening for school age & pre-school age children. Over 19
years experience. Fun activities/reasonable rates. Cert in CPR & First-aid. Contact Debbie for an appt (704)947-2324
10% OFF PAMPERED CHEF PRODUCTS from the new Spring/Summer catalog. Just mention my ad! Ready to add some of the
newest Pampered Chef products to your kitchen just in time for the warm weather? Contact Heather Moore, Independent Pampered
Chef Consultant, and mention that you are a Cedarfield resident for a 10% discount off your order! View the latest catalog at
www.pamperedchef.biz/heathermoore OR call at 704-948-4439.
MULCH: RECYCLE; let me turn your leaves and small branches into mulch! Call, Max (704) 576-9720.
I, CARRIE HENDRIX, have personally formed a partnership with a multi-millionaire bringing new health products (proven in lab
tests) to this area. In need of local reps. Call for info or health challenges. Guaranteed to increase energy, increase immune sys-
tem, helps autism, better sleep, etc, etc. For more info, call Carrie Hendrix at 704-408-7085.
BABYSITTING/NANNY— My name is Nikki Basinger. I am a 21 year old college student. I am available for babysitting on the week-
ends or evenings. I am great with kids; I am an experienced nanny. I am very reliable, responsible, caring, and understanding. I am
a certified nursing assistant, and I am certified in CPR and first aid. I live in Cedarfield II. If you are interested and would like to set
up an interview, then you can call or email me. I really look forward to hearing from you. Phone: 704-975-4014 or Email:
MATH TUTOR: Teacher with 15 Years of High School Math teaching experience available for tutoring. Algebra I
to Calculus and SAT Prep. Cedarfield resident. Contact Danny at 704.579.0991 or
WORK OFF THE POUNDS and inches with a fun and exciting workout. Pilates, Core Training, Low-Impact Aerobics, Kickboxing,
and Dance Aerobics . . . there's something for everyone. Gather up a small group of friends for even more fun! Avoid the gyms and
work out in the comfort of your home or mine. ACE Personal Trainer, Red Cross CPR/PR, First Aid, Tai Chi, etc... certified. Contact
Alice at alice_stubbs@yahoo.com, please call 704-875-9045 or 704-724-4544
PHOTOGRAPHY: Homan Designs Photography specializes in wedding, corporate and on-site photography with a full-service web-
site for viewing and purchasing prints. Longtime residents Mike and Cindy Homan have a portable studio and focus on creative pho-
tographic solutions. To view examples, visit www.HomanDesigns.com and click on ―Find Your Photos‖ to browse our current galler-
ies. Mike also teaches a class on how to use DSLR cameras. Contact: mike@homandesigns.com
BABYSITTING - 24 year old college graduate willing to care for your children evenings and weekends, $10.00/hr. Twelve years
experience, references available. Certified CPR and First Aid. Call Jenna Bernard at 704-534-5544.

CEDARFIELD PHOTOGRAPHER is available for weddings, senior portraits, family, baby, and children portraits, or any special oc-
casion you may have. My rates are very reasonable so if you are on a tight budget but still want professional quality photography to
capture your memories, give me a call at (304) 290-7753 or email me at bethanyphalen@yahoo.com.

NEED A CAKE: I went to culinary school but I am not a professional baker. I have made quite a few small function cakes. If you are
interested or would like to see pictures give me a call or text me. I am just looking to do these jobs on the side. I charge 35.00 + for a
cake. Most cakes are in the 35 dollar range but it depends on what you are looking for. If it is very difficult I may charge up to
50.00. Text me or call me if you are interested 704 770 5420. Jeffrey Clarke
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