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                                        della Famèe Furlane di New York
                                             20-08 127 Street College Point, NY 11356

                                                 December Dicembar Dicembre 2009

Ida Corvino Miletich                                           Initiatives of this kind merit recognition and support
                                                               because the “seeds” of appreciation that have been
The Famèe Furlane has reached another milestone!               planted, will sprout and bring forward their own fruit in
Congratulations are in order to its leadership, directors,     due time.
members and friends and to the commitment and sup-             Indeed, it is this energy, enthusiasm and level of en-
port that continues to energize and enliven the Club.          gagement that ensure us of a certain future as an or-
The 80th Anniversary of the foundation of the Club was         ganization. The continued growth of the number of as-
celebrated in October, because its amazing journey be-         sociate members is also important and the new by-laws,
gan in 1929, the year the “founding fathers” saw the           which will go into effect in January 2010, integrate
need to establish a “Fogolâr, a meeting place that             them fully into the life of the Famèe. A foundation for
would serve as a “home away from home” for the Friu-           the future is securely in place and will allow us to go
lan immigrants living in New York and their families.          forward, but not without continued challenges.
It is this same mission that continues to inspire and pro-
vide us with direction, purpose and value.                     THE EDUCATION AWARD
Although the majority of our members are no longer im-         The essays submitted with the applications for the Educa-
migrants themselves, a bond toward Friuli, “la terra           tion Awards clearly indicate our children and grand chil-
d’origine,” has been nurtured over time, and handed down       dren have knowledge and awareness of the cultural legacy
through the generations. Many of the officers and mem-         they have inherited. The Education Awards Committee
bers of the Board now represent a generation born in the       (Pamela Hirsch Candusso, Lucille Candusso, Irma Evan-
United States, the majority of whom have had the oppor-        gelista, and Ida Corvino Miletich) faced a definite chal-
tunity to visit Friuli during family vacations and have been   lenge in the selection process; it was highly competitive
able to develop enduring friendships and in some cases,        and limited to two winners whose essays are presented for
even working partnerships.                                     our readers in this publication on Page 7.
The Region of FVG has been extremely proactive in seek-        At the same time, the Committee wishes to recognize all
ing connections with its emigrant communities as is evi-       the applicants and to extend sincere best wishes and con-
dent from the testimonials published in this edition.          tinued success. Hats off to all of you! Matthew Helenek,
It was more than a year ago, at the 79th Anniversary cele-     son of FF members, Linda and Michael Russo, is a jun-
bration, that a group of officials from the Province of Por-   ior at Pace University, studying criminal justice. He
denone, came to New York to present the “Premio del            writes, “I always feel a sense of family and kinship when I
Lavoro” to “pordenonesi” immigrants and descendents            visit the Famèe Furlane…I am very fortunate to have such
who have achieved distinction in their respective fields of    a strong vehicle to experience my Italian heritage”. Alex-
endeavor. The group also traveled to Philadelphia and De-      andra Failla, a freshman at Elon University, North Caro-
troit to recognize other “pordenonesi,” but noted that there   lina, is proud of her dual citizenship that has enabled her
was a special “alegrie” in New York, that sprang sponta-       to fully integrate two cultures. Philip Brun Del Re, son
neously from a genuine Friulan spirit.                         of members Paul and Carol Ann Brun Del Re, is a sen-
                                                               ior at Western Michigan University, pursuing a B.A. in
This past May, a group of young “discendenti” received
                                                               the School of Fine Arts. He writes of being inspired by the
special training in the art of mosaic at the Scuola di Mo-
                                                               creative talents of his paternal grandfather, Alberto Gio-
saico in Spilimbergo. (Gina Paveglio writes about her ex-
                                                               vanni Brun Del Re, who served on the Board of Direc-
perience Page 6.) In early summer, a group of youths,
                                                               tors of the Famèe throughout a lifetime. Marianna Ter-
(also “discendenti”) ages 15-19, enjoyed a cultural vaca-
                                                               ranova, daughter of Frank and Patricia Terranova
tion in the Region of FVG. (Lauren Filippi writes about
                                                               says, “Being Italian actually determines the way you act,
her experience on Page 3).
                                                               teach, and think…..I would never want to be anything
MEMBERSHIP              DRIVE       –   GIVE      THE              PICNIC       IN    THE    PARK
GIFT     OF    MEMBERSHIP                                          The annual picnic of the Famèe Furlane in Manorhaven
A membership drive for regular members (Friulani and               Park, Port Washington, LI on Sunday, September 20
descendents) of the younger generation, ages 19 to 40, is          was a huge success. A variation on the theme made it
underway until March 15, 2010. For new regular mem-                extra special this year. A special thanks to our volunteer
bers paying two-years of annual dues ($30 per year), the           cooks, Elaine Leist and Linda Zulic and their supportive
$30 registration fee will be waivered. We hope many of             husbands, who grilled polenta, ribs, and hotdogs and
you take advantage of the fee waiver to register your              also prepared salads. Thanks to everyone who provided
children and their families. This is a great gift-giving           special treats, frico, montasio, grappa, and homemade
opportunity and a way of incentivizing younger genera-             torte to share with friends, relatives, and fellow
tions to connect with their roots and get involved.                “paisans.” The event this year did indeed recreate the
                                                                   spirit of the picnics of long ago! It was written on the
                                                                   faces of those who were there on that balmy, mid Sep-
REQUEST FOR PEN PAL                                                tember Sunday.
We received the following email communication                      The location in Manorhaven Park has proven to be a
through Ente Friuli nel Mondo. Please feel free to con-            perfect one for the annual event. It is easily accessible
tact Ketty directly. It is not only an opportunity for Ketty       by automobile, or via public transportation. The nearby
to practice her English language skills, but for individu-         marina makes it convenient for members from West-
als to correspond in Italian and or Friulano.                      chester who can cross the LI sound by boat and park at
My name is Ketty Schiavulli and I would like to corre-             the nearby dock! The park, maintained by the Town of
spond with people living in the United States because I            North Hempstead offers many amenities, including rec-
really love your Country and your American English. I              reational facilities for sports, a huge field for games,
live in Cervignano del Friuli, near Udine and speak                sheltered tables for picnicking, all within walking dis-
Friulano. I have studied English by myself initially, then         tance to a beautiful beach. The picnic has been regularly
at school but I'd like to find friends in the U.S.A. (women        scheduled for the second Sunday in September, but res-
about 35 - 45 years old) to practice my English and if             ervations for the area must be made early in the year.
somebody wants to write in Italian or Friulano I am at
your disposal! I really hope to be lucky in my search!
My e-mail is: babbocataldo@libero.it and my address
is:                                                                                  OFFICERS
Ketty Schiavulli                                                       Marcello Filippi - President
Via del Zotto, 2/1                                                     Enzo Umbramonti - Executive Vice - President
33052 CERVIGNANO DEL FRIIULI                                           Ugo Peressin - 2nd Vice - President
(UDINE) ITALY                                                          Michael Filippi - 3rd Vice - President
                                                                       Raymond Brun Del Re - Treasurer
Best regards
                                                                       Linda Peressin Zulic - Corresponding Secretary
                                                                       Cynthia Paveglio - Financial Secretary
                                                                       Linda Cartelli Russo - Recording Secretary
               Cena alla Casalinga                                     Gina Paveglio - Librarian/Historian (Trustee)
     tutti i venerdì sera da settembre a giugno
                                                                       BOARD OF DIRECTORS
           Per le prenotazioni telefonate a
                                                                        Enea Cartelli              Ernesto Maggi
          Marcello Filippi: (718) 335– 7382                             Paula Cimador              Ida Corvino Miletich
                         o ad                                           Robert DiBernardo          Ines Peressin
           Ugo Peressin: (718) 886-6842                                 Robert Filippi (Trustee)   Paul Petovello
          Tel. della Famèe: (718) 445-4163                              Sandra Guiducci            Mario Rosa
     Email: reservations@fameefurlane-ny.com                            Elaine Leist               Andrea Toffolo
                                                                        Christina Maddalena

Editor: Gina Paveglio                                              WWW     .FAMEEFURLANE-NY.COM
Contributing Editors: Ida Corvino Miletich, Cynthia                Did you know that you can view Friday Cena Menus
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Contributors: Emily Bolan, Lauren Filippi, Robert
Filippi, Alexander J. Groszewski, Gina Paveglio                    postmaster@fameefurlane-ny.com

In early summer, a group of youths,                        town from a distance. On the other end of the
(“discendenti”) ages 15-19, enjoyed a cultural             square is a small restaurant. I don’t think there
vacation in the Region of FVG. Lauren Filippi,             are more than 150 people in the town. They all
                                                           seem to know we were coming.
granddaughter of Joyce and Marcello Filippi
writes about her experience.                               I sit down to feasts at long tables with the towns-
                                                           folk, most of whom my grandfather knows from
THE SIMPLE LIFE                                            his youth. That was over 60 years ago, yet there
by Lauren Filippi                                          is unmistakable kinship among them. They tell
                                                           me about the Fogolâr, which is a word that stands
I recently discovered the true meaning of this             for the family home, in this case, the homeland,
phrase. This summer I visited the region of Italy          or Friuli. I learn that life was difficult. The men
where my ancestors (going back at least six gen-           often traveled across oceans to earn money to
erations on my father’s side), were raised. My             send back to their family. The women worked the
grandfather emigrated from the Friuli region of            farms, mainly for the purpose of putting food on
Italy at the age of 16. The region is north of Ven-        the table.
ice and west of Trieste. The opportunity to visit
this picturesque area came about through an or-            There is no Publix. There is no CVS. There is no
ganization originating in Friuli called EFASCE.            doctor’s office. There certainly are none of the
Its focus is to reach out to Friulan emigrants             routine luxuries which we take for granted. But
across the globe and provide opportunities for cul-        they speak of these things matter-of-factly. They
tural exchange. I traveled with a group that in-           are content. I do not detect any bitterness. They
cluded people from three cities in the U.S, and two        believe they live in Paradise. They listen intently
cities in Canada. The only qualification was hav-          to what my grandfather tells them about the
ing an ancestor who emigrated from Friuli.                 Fogolâr in New York. They are genuinely inter-
                                                           ested in the lives of others. They listen, but
Our first destination is the small town of San Vito,       mostly they seem to want to talk. Much of it I
where our luxurious hostel awaits us. The week-            could not understand, absent translation. But you
days are spent in school, learning the language and        could feel the warmth, the serenity.
culture. The area has a distinct dialect, sometimes
sounding more Slavic than Italian. In the after-           They move slowly in town. There are few cars. I
noons, we visit the towns in the area that have his-       cannot detect any discernable stress. They truly
torical or cultural significance. I think the real         live the simple life. I bring back with me a sense
lessons of my trip, however, are learned when I            of well being, an understanding of my past, and a
have the chance to interact with the local people in       goal to strive for the sense of community that ex-
the small villages.                                        ists in these small towns.
On the weekends, my grandparents pick me up
and bring me further into the mountains to a small
town called Maniago. The towns in the surround-
ing area appear to be built on hills. Other towns
are nestled in valleys, surrounded by 2000-3000
foot mountain peaks. The mountains in the dis-
tance are much larger. The villages in this area
have many 300-400 year old stone houses.
We visit the town of Frisanco, where my grandfa-
ther grew up. The barely paved roads all lead to a
square with a small fountain in the middle. On
one end of the square is the church. Its high stee-
ple, I suspect, allowed my ancestors to identify the

80TH ANNVERSARY CELEBRATION                                               OUR     8OTH       ANNIVERSARY                 LOGO
The Famèe Furlane officially celebrated its 80th Anniver-
sary on October 17-18. The main event, a gala dinner/                                                    The anniversary logo was
dance, took place at Verdi’s Catering in Whitestone, New
                                                                                                         designed by Lori Driscoll
York on Saturday evening with a capacity crowd. Numer-
                                                                                                         Maddalena. It depicts iconic
ous guests from Friuli were in attendance; they brought
gifts symbolic of solidarity and goodwill.
                                                                                                         images from Friuli and New
                                                                                                         York, visually defining the
The next morning, the visitors attended the services at the                                              relationship.
Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem. A farewell cena,
held at the Clubhouse on Sunday evening, was truly a                                                     The importance of partici-
memorable occasion and captured the spirit of celebra-                                                   pation and involvement
tion, typical of the New York “fogolàr”. making every-                                                   cannot be stressed enough.
one wanting to return time and again.                                                                    It is the life and future of
The 80th Anniversary Journal Committee wishes to thank
                                                                                                         our Club. If you have an
all the sponsors and friends who have submitted con-                                                     idea, talent, or skill, please
gratulatory ads and messages. Thank you also to mem-                                                     let us know.
bers and associates who wrote memoirs. The material
submitted was very extensive. Regrettably, not every-
thing could be included in this publication. The Famèe
                                                                          ‘100 YEARS WITH THE IMMIGRANTS 1907 – 2007’
will need to embark on a more ambitious project within                    In 2007, the Friulan Entity for Social and Cultural Assis-
the very near future in order to include all the testimoni-               tance to Emigrants (EFASCE) celebrated its 100th Anni-
als and photographs received. Indeed, we have a very                      versary. In recognition of this milestone and the extraordi-
special story…..and must tell it!                                         nary history of this organization, a collection of writings,
                                                                          testimonials, photographs and archival documents were
                                                                          published in the volume, ‘100 Years with the Emigrants
                                                                          1907 – 2007.’
                                                                          From its inception, EFASCE assumed the responsibility of
                                                                          providing assistance and protection to emigrants who
                                                                          worked in the Americas, throughout Europe, and else-
                                                                          where. This publication documents the history of EFASCE
                                                                          and the problems that Friulani abroad have encountered
                                                                          and resolved.
                                                                          Father Marco Bagnarol made a special journey from Can-
                                                                          ada to present the publication to the Famèe Furlane and its
                                                                          A limited number of copies are available. If you would like
                                                                          one, please contact:
                                                                          Gina Paveglio, gpaveglio@optonline.net

Tomaso Boer, Segretario EFASCE (center) presents Marcello Filippi
with a commemorative gift. To the right is dott. Maurizio Salvador,
Vice Presidente, Consiglio Regional FVG.

The 80th Anniversary Committee members were recog-
nized for their contributions. At the special Sunday
Cena on December 18th, volunteers were presented
with ‘Pordenone ed il suo Fiume,’ a history of the city
and territory from pre-roman times. The volume in-
cludes a dedication from Luigi Luchini, Presidente
EFASCE, and Tomaso Boer, Segretario EFASCE.
It pays to get involved!                                                     Father Marco Bagnarol kneeling in front with Board Members
                                                                             and visitors from Canada and Argentina.

A   GIFT       FROM        FRIULI          NEL      MONDO            LISTA        DEGLI        OSPITI         ALLA       FESTA
To acknowledge the solidarity between the Friulani of                 DELL     ’80        ANNIVERSARIO                  DELLA
                                                                                      FAMÈE        FURLANE
New York and the Region of FVG, the president of
Ente Friuli nel Mondo, On. Santuz, presented an etch-
ing with iconic images symbolizing this unity—the                   Francesco Maria Talò, Console Generale d'Italia a New
Statue of Liberty and the Castello di Udine. Painted                York
and reprinted in a limited quantity of 200, the Udi-                dott. Maurizio Salvador, Vice Presidente, Consiglio
nese artist, Claudio Mario Feruglio, personally                     Regionale FVG
signed and numbered each one. Fabrizio Cigolot,
director of Ente Friuli nel Mondo, presented this gift              Franco Brussa, Consigliere della Regione FVG
to members at the dinner/dance.                                     Onorevole Carlo Monai, Deputato al Parlamento
The inscription on the cover of the etching states:                 Italiano
“I Friulani giunti negli Stati Uniti d’America hanno                Giovanni Pavan, Presidente Camera di Commercio,
scritto, con il loro Lavoro ed il loro grande sacrificio,           Pordenone
pagine di storia delle quale oggi possono andare fieri;
pagine che onorano il Friuli e delle quale tutti I Friu-            Michela Zin, Responsabile Marketing Relazioni estere,
lani, ovunque essi siano, si sentono parimenti or-                  Pordenone, Camera di Commercio
                                                                    Antonio Liberti, Camera di Commercio Pordenone,
 On. Giogio Santuz                                                  Funzionario
 Presidente dell’Ente Friuli nel Mondo
                                                                    Fabrizio Cigolot, Direttore, Ente Friuli nel Mondo,
                                                                    Tomaso Boer, Segretario EFASCE, Pordenone
                                                                    Michele Bernardon, Consigliere EFASCE, Pordenone
                                                                    Vera Turin, Collaboratrice EFASCE, Pordenone
                                                                    Celestina Cardin, Presidente EFASCE, Detroit
                                                                    Cesare Costantini, Direttore ERAPLE, Udine
                                                                    Elvezio Toffolo, Sindaco di Arba
                                                                    Lino Canderan, Sindaco di Meduno
                                                                    Javier Delbon, Fogolar Furlan, Avellaneda di Santa Fè,

    L to R: Francesco Maria Talò, Console Generale d'Italia a
    New York; Marcello Filippi, presidente FF of N.A. Club,         COMMITTEE MEMBERS RECOGNIZED
    NY; Fabrizio Cigolot, Direttore Ente Friuli nel Mondo
                                                                    The 80th Anniversary Committee members were recog-
                                                                    nized at the special Sunday Cena on December 18th.
                                                                    For their efforts, volunteers received scarves and aprons
                                                                    from Fabrizio Cigolot, direttore Ente Friuli nel Mondo.
                                                                    The articles carry the logo of Friuli nel Mondo.
                                                                    It pays to get involved!

                                                                    Photo to the Left: Fabrizio Cigolot, director of Ente Friuli
                                                                    nel Mondo, with members of the 80th Anniversary Com-
                                                                    mittee wearing their scarves and aprons.

SCUOLA        MOSAICISTI             DEL    FRIULI                  Visits included the medieval fortress of Valvasone…
by Gina Paveglio                                                    Castello di Topo in Travesio… the Diocesan Museum
                                                                    with its splendid Tiepolo Gallery…Venezia, in itself an
We were a group of 13 selected to receive a scholarship
                                                                    outdoor museum…Villa Manin, evidence of the
of study in the art of mosaic, an introductory course, at
                                                                    strength of the Venetian Republic and the exhibit of
the world-renowned Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli in
                                                                    Zigania…Tarvisio where we could ‘touch’ the moun-
Spilimbergo. This first offering of the program was
                                                                    tains… San Daniele where ‘Made in Friûl’ was promi-
organized by Ente Friuli nel Mondo in collaboration
                                                                    nent…Cividale del Friuli with its rich heritage…
with the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli, the Commune di
                                                                    Aquileia, undoubtedly the cradle of mosaic art…
Castelnovo del Friuli, the Comune di Travesio and fi-
nanced by the Regione Autonoma Friuli-Venezia                       Some of the gracious hosts that received us included…
Giulia.                                                             the President of the Province of Udine, Pietro Fontan-
                                                                    ini, at the Palazzo Antonini Belgrado with its breathtak-
On May 17th, we arrived in Castelnovo del Friuli, our
                                                                    ing frescos…the arcivescovo of Udine, Pietro Brollo,
host town, where we received a kindhearted welcome,
                                                                    with words to encourage the generations of Friulani…
comfortable lodging, and morning breakfasts at Al
                                                                    the Presidente del Consiglio Regionale, Edouard Balla-
Borgo. Alessandro greeted us each morning with genu-
                                                                    man, who invited us to dine with him…Dott. Gianni
ine smiles and the most excellent caffé latte. What fol-
                                                                    Colledani who deciphered the meaning and origins of
lowed were 15 intense days overflowing with study and
                                                                    our family names…Dani Pagnucco, our guide in Val-
scheduled visits that provided upfront encounters with
                                                                    vasone, and his family who invited our group into their
the culture and history of the territory. From the point
                                                                    home for an evening of food, music and singing…
of arrival to the point of departure, we were absorbed in
                                                                    Dagmar, our talented (and patient) maestra at the
a whirlwind of activity. Ente Friuli nel Mondo pro-
grammed a first-class, marvelously organized event
that connected us to our roots, the Region and our cul-
ture, as well as with Friulani from around the world.
Our group consisted of Friulani from Brazil, Argentina,
Venezuela, South Africa, Australia and New York. We
met for the first time upon our arrival and there was an
immediate connection. Language limitations or the fact
that we were from different parts of the world were not
barriers as our origins were our link. There is an inher-
ent longing that ties us to Friuli. It was felt by all in our
group regardless of the generational position or for
those visiting Friuli for the first time. Together we
shared our emotions and embraced Friuli. It was the
cure needed to repair the void in our souls.
                                                                    From Christian Canciani, Barbara Zampa and Fabrizio
Each day from 9AM to 4PM we attended to our stud-                   Cigolot of Friuli nel Mondo to the residents of Castel-
ies. From the very first day we were with hammer in                 novo and many others, each and every one of their ef-
hand cutting material for our individual grand works of             forts came from the heart, filled with enthusiasm for
art. With the strike of the hammer, we connected to the             Friuli. It clearly defined the meaning of being Friulan.
history of this ancient art form and the extraordinary
                                                                    I returned home with ‘omaggi,’ 44 pounds of books,
works of the past to the present time. If I could live my
                                                                    gifts from the Region, the Provinces, and the Towns,
life again, I would be a mosaicista.
                                                                    and with memories of the experience of the days passed
After class, we were transported to significant sites of            in the company of Friulani from around the world. I am
the territory; a visual history of the importance of the            grateful to have had the opportunity and to Ente Friuli
art of mosaic and terrazzo in Friuli and a testament to             nel Mondo for their commitment to the project, our
the contributions the Friulani have made abroad. Above              many hosts and the Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia the
all, having first-hand experience using the tools and               prime sponsor.
working with the materials, there was a greater appre-
                                                                    I wish to impart to all how invaluable and extremely
ciation of the mosaics surrounding us. How did they
                                                                    important these exchanges are for all the generations of
cut the stones with such precision? More amazing is the
                                                                    Friulani. It enhances our personal identity and supports
usage of geometry as reflected in the patterns of ancient
                                                                    the future of our Club.
by Alexander J. Groszewski (Education Award Winner)                       by Emily Bolan (Education Award Winner)
What is our heritage besides pure chance, the country in                  As I sit here writing a response to this question, it suddenly
which our forefathers happened to be born. Well, it is actu-              strikes me that my heritage is not something old, to be dusted
ally much more than that. Heritage tells us who we are, where             off and examined. It is alive and well and thriving. It is so
we come from. With heritage also comes much knowledge,                    much of who I am. Family, food, music, art, passion, respect,
for it tells a story. In a world as bleak and unsympathetic as            hard work and education are all integral to my Italian roots.
today’s is, one can find comfort and camaraderie in associat-             From infancy, I have always felt the comfort of a loving and
ing with those of a shared heritage, even if that is the only             nurturing family; one that is close and supportive through sad-
factor they share in common. For all of these reasons, I truly            ness and failures as well as happiness and successes. Family is
appreciate my Italian heritage.                                           not confined to mother, father and siblings. Oh no! Family
Both of my Nonni trace their lineage to Northern Italy. My                includes grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, as well as those
Nonno, Gastone Maddalena, is from Fanna, a small town in                  good friends who are embraced by us and become one of us.
the Province of Pordenone, in the Region of Friuli.                       Hospitality and good food are intertwined in all “family” gath-
My Nonna, Livia Ideari, comes from a town in the Province                 erings. Meals offer time for nourishment, not just for our bod-
of Padua in the Veneto Region. After they were married in                 ies, but also for our hearts and souls. And what Italian meal
1956, they came to America together and sought work, my                   does not include a hefty portion of laughter and love?
Nonno became a terrazzo worker and my Nonna worked as a                   Appreciation of the arts has been important in my life thanks
seamstress. My Nonna used to always tell me how, when she                 to my “family”. I have had the pleasure of being exposed to
first came to America, she did not know what pizza was. She               and experiencing the art of different cultures in the traveling
told me that my Nonno took her to a pizzeria on their first day           my family has so generously afforded me. My exposure to
here; there they shared a pie to toast a new life in the United           music and dance was never restricted to what is contemporary
States.                                                                   or popular. Dances at the Famèe Furlane, and my involvement
Memories such as this one may seem insignificant, yet they                in my school’s band, hand bell choir and chorus, have broad-
are poignant and ripe with meaning. I believe that stories such           ened my spectrum. Learning about my relatives’ role in the
as this are the best part of one’s heritage; they tell a history          mosaic art in and around New York City has made me so
and in turn allow us to learn more about ourselves.                       proud; I am thrilled that this art form is being resurrected.
As a boy, I would incessantly pester my Nonno with questions              Passion. No Italian is truly Italian without it. Of course, every-
about Italy: what he did when he was young, what it was like              one’s passion is different, but I have always been encouraged
to live during the war, about his service in the Alpini. With             to pursue mine-whatever it may be. And showing emotion,
my Nonna I would learn how to make gnocchi or simply talk                 love, and passion has always been welcomed and cherished.
about her family. These stories fascinated me. Not only was I             My passions include swimming, basketball, and Youth and
learning about the lives of my Nonni, I was also learning                 Government (a YMCA club our school has joined that mimics
much about myself: Who am I? Where do I come from?                        state government, culminating in a weekend spent debating
                                                                          bills at the State Capital). If you ask anyone close to me, they
Currently, I am a senior at Fordham Preparatory School in the             will tell you that even as a toddler one could see the passion
Bronx where I wrestle, run track and study both Latin and                 (of course some said mischief) in my eyes.
Ancient Greek. Next year, I will attend Duke University in
Durham, North Carolina. While I never learned how to flu-                 Above all, respect for myself, my family and others has been
ently speak Italian throughout high school, I intend to do so in          taught and modeled in my home. There is no excuse for lack
my time at Duke. I plan to achieve this by taking Italian lan-            of respect and honesty. They are the cornerstones of our char-
guage and culture courses from the onset, perhaps even choos-             acter, who we are. In respecting oneself, education is a natural
ing to study abroad for a semester in Italy. It is important to           extension. Our forefathers came to this country to make a bet-
me that I eventually learn to speak Italian because, one day, I           ter life and education was the best way to achieve. It was
would like to visit my relatives in Friuli and be able to carry           never questioned, just inherently understood. And getting an
out a conversation with them.                                             education does not mean just sitting in a classroom. It requires
                                                                          active participation, hard work, dedication and an open mind.
Some may say that heritage is just a meaningless matter of                It is why I am passionate about attending college.
chance, but I know that they are mistaken. My Italian heritage
is not only where I happen to be from, it tells a great deal              My goal is to obtain a degree in public relations, though I
about whom I am. My heritage tells the story of my origins, a             would like to expand on that by also pursuing a double minor
story that I will treasure for my entire life. However, even              in human resources and psychology. I set my educational
when I have passed and am no longer around to enjoy the sto-              aspirations high, and hope that one day I can give back to my
ries of my ancestors, I will have made sure that my children,             family and the world and carry on the legacy of what it
and my children’s children, for years to come, will know of               means to be Italian.
their Italian heritage and be able to cherish it for their lives as
CAVALIERE MARCELLO FILIPPI                                       LOOK WHO’S COOKING
Congratulations to our president, Marcello                       The Friday Cena held on November 6, 2009, was
Filippi, for being conferred knighthood in the                   prepared by members Andrea and Silvana Tof-
Order of the Star of Italian Solidarity by the                   folo. It was a well-attended evening and all en-
President of the Republic of Italy.                              joyed the menu of risotto ai funghi followed by
The prestigious knighthood in the "Order of the                  veal roast.
Star of Italian Solidarity" honors Italians and for-             Some members may recall the days when dinners
eigners overseas for their significant contribu-                 were regularly prepared by our members.
tions to prestige of Italy on the basis of language,
culture and socio-economic activities.
A celebration will be held at the Club where the
Consul General, On. Francesco Maria Talo’, will
present the award to Mr. Filippi during a brief

Alberto Quoco was in New York City for an ex-
hibition of his images at the Agora Gallery
                                                                      Andrea and Silvana Toffolo
Born in Udine in 1951, Alberto Quoco began
working as a photographer in the seventies. His
work has been exhibited in the US, as well as in
Italy. Alberto has received numerous awards, in-                 LA   PROVA        DEL     CUOCO
cluding 3rd place in the ‘Nikon Photo Contest
International,’ one of the world’s most prestigious              On December 18th, 2009, Castelnovo del Friuli
photography competitions.                                        represented the Region of Friuli in a cook-off on
                                                                 La Prova del Cuoco, a cooking show that airs on
He and his family were also guests at our Friday                 RAI.
Cena on December 18th. Alberto was surprised to
find a community of friulani in New York and to                  Il Campanile Italiano is a gastronomic challenge
learn there are fogolars around the world. He and                between two ‘osterie’ (small restaurants or inns).
his family were overwhelmed by the hospitality                   The ‘osti’ (innkeepers or proprietors) prepare tra-
extended to them by our Club.                                    ditional Italian recipes from the territory they rep-
The Agora Gallery is located at 530 W. 25th
Street, NYC. “The Odyssey Within” concluded                      For six weeks in a row traditional friulano dishes
January 5, 2010. www.albertoquoco.com                            prepared by the proprietors of Osteria del Cjco,
                                                                 Massimo Cozzi e Liana Cozzi, in Castelnovo del
                                                                 Friuli have won. Their recent winning menu was
                                                                 fagotti rustici, ossa di maiale con radicchio di
                                                                 campo e ciccioli.
                                                                 Massimo and Liana have won challenges from
                                                                 the Regions of Emiglia Romana, Trentino, and
                                                                 Piemonte. Their osteria is well worth a visit when
                                                                 in Friuli.
                                                                 To see the video archives of Il Campanile Itali-
                                                                 ano, visit: www.laprovadelcuoco.rai.it Look for
                                                                 the link, ‘Il Campanile,’ then select, ‘Archivo’.
                                                                 Under ‘Tutti i Video’ look for the link, ‘Il Cam-
 L to R: Marcello Filippi, Alberto Quoco with wife Giorgia       panile Italiano.’
 and daughter Lucrezia, Gina Paveglio (Agora Gallery)

ABRUZZO EARTHQUAKE DONATIONS                               VISIT     FROM       THE    FOGOLAR          OF
Together with the monies our Club has ear-                 MELBOURNE          , AUSTRALIA
marked for donation and the funds donated by               At the November 20th Cena we were honored to have
members, a total of $2,000 will be donated to              Robert and Laura Conte of the Fogolar Furlan of
the Associazione Nazionale Alpini for the vil-             Melbourne as guests. Robert and Laura were cele-
laggio they are building in Fossa. The funds               brating 30 years of marriage with a trip to the United
will be used to help equip the new gym being               States and contacted us through our website to make
built. Marcello Filippi has contacted the Alp-             an appointment to meet and exchange ideas and ex-
ini through Ornello Capannolo, Consigliere                 periences. Robert Conte is the president of the Fogo-
Nazionale of ANA Italy. Ornello is from                    lar Furlan of Melbourne. His wife, Laura, has origins
Aquila and is overseeing the work the Alpini               from Codroipo, Udine.
are doing in Fossa.                                        The Fogolar Furlan of Melbourne has approximately
                                                           400 members, including associates. The Fogolar has
                                                           a huge facility with a restaurant that is open seven
AMERICHE                                                   days a week for both lunch and dinner. They also
“Americhe”, an exhibition of photographs by                have banquet halls, bocce courts, and 43 slot ma-
Francesco Nonino is currently on view at the               chines. The large complex and numerous staff, trade
John D. Calandra Italian American Institute in             unions, and gaming license require much manage-
Manhattan. The exhibit features a collection of            ment, and the complexities and amount of work in-
portraits of individuals who migrated to the               volved at times can be overwhelming for the volun-
United States from the Province of Pordenone in            teer officers and directors. Difficulties common to
Friuli-Venezia Giulia. The photographs of immi-            the Folgolars worldwide, such as, decreasing mem-
grants and their families living in Philadelphia,          bership and non-involvement of the younger gen-
New York, and New Jersey, are accompanied by               erations, were discussed. The exchange of ideas for
quotations and personal anecdotes gathered dur-            events, programs, and stimulating interest in the
ing interviews. The photographs tell a story of            Club was very beneficial.
the struggles and achievements of these Friulani
                                                           Our members were particularly pleased to meet
who built new lives in the new world through
                                                           Robert and Laura and many asked for news of rela-
hard work, love, commitment, and intelligence.
                                                           tives that emigrated to Melbourne. You can view
Nonino’s work was undertaken in conjunction                the Fogolar Furlan of Melbourne’s website at
with the Archivio Multimediale della Memoria               www.furlanclub.com.au
dell’Emigrazione, (AMMER), a comprehensive
digital project that preserves the history of the
emigration from FVG, Dalmatia and Istria on the
The website is designed to be interactive to facili-
tate the addition of photographs, memoirs, and
digitalized documents. Many of the photographs
from the AMMER collection were exhibited at
the Famèe Furlane during the festivities for the
79th Anniversary celebration in October 2008.
The photographic exhibit at the John D. Calandra
Italian American Institute will be open until Feb-
ruary. The Institute is located at 25 West 43                Robert and Laura Conte at left with members:
Street, 17th Floor (between Fifth and Sixth Ave-             Kathy and Enzo Ombramonti, Joyce and Marcello
nues.) Gallery hours are Monday-Friday from                  Filippi, Ines and Hugo Peressin

             OF CHRISTMAS’
Four less fortunate families that were not able
to afford gifts for their children got to enjoy
Christmas early this year. The presents weren’t
from Babbo Natale or Santa. They were from
Club members who donated their time and per-
sonal funds to help these families in need.
“Christmas seems to be everyone's favorite
holiday. Yet, these days, it seems to lose some
of its genuine roots of sharing and giving,” said
Robert Filippi, who organized the event
‘Spread the Joy of Christmas’.                            Robert Filippi, second from the right, organized
It all started when Robert approached members             the ‘Spread the Joy of Christmas’ fundraising
of his motorcycle club—all members of the                 effort for 2009.
Famèe Furlane Club—to discuss how they can
make Christmas a little better for others. Work-           ITALIAN CLASSES AT THE CLUBHOUSE
ing with Grace Methodist Church in Valley
                                                           Would you like to learn Italian or improve your
Stream, NY, Robert learned of four families in
                                                           Italian language skills?
great need.
                                                           EFASCE has proposed to partially fund Italian
Said Robert, “Our motorcycle club is small                 language classes at our Clubhouse if enough
compared to others. We have 9 members and                  interest is expressed by the membership. The
our mission is camaraderie and charitable out-             classes will be held on Sundays in March, April,
reach. There is no political agenda. Focusing at           and May for 12 weeks.
the local level allows us to ensure 100% of our
                                                           Should you have an interest, please fill out the
fundraising efforts go directly to the individuals
                                                           questionnaire that was sent to each member with
in need.”                                                  the January/February Cena and Event flyers and
Days before Christmas, Robert and fellow                   return it by mail or in person to Marcello Filippi.
members met the families at the church and                 The questionnaire asks you to indicate the class
were greeted by the congregation with cheers               level you would be interested in – beginner, con-
and applause. Each of the families received a              versational, young adult, or classes for “chi sa
ham along with Christmas gifts for their chil-             gia’ parlare”. Please only return the question-
dren. In all there were 14 children from the               naire if you can commit to attending the classes.
ages of one to 16.
When asked about the overall experience
Robert quickly responded, “I cannot wait until            LIBRARY
next year. This is the true meaning of Christ-            Over the summer, Gina Paveglio reorganized our
mas.”                                                     library under the guidance of Ida Corvino Mi-
The members of the motorcycle club are:                   letich. The books are tagged with colored labels
                                                          that correspond to subject categories. The cate-
William Aduleit, Jr., Paul Alafogiannis,
                                                          gory list is posted near the library.
Lawrence Aldrich, Franco Caponigro,
David Diaz, Scott Bielecki, Cesare Triminio,              All members of the Club may consult the books in
Anthony Mardach and Robert Filippi.                       the library at any time. Books may be ‘checked
                                                          out’ for a period of one month by providing re-
                                                          quired information in a Library Book being made
                                                          available for this purpose.

                                                                  FRIDAY CENA             2010
This year both EFASCE and Ente Friuli nel
Mondo have expanded their offerings of pro-                ZENÂR      - JANUARY
grams for the descendants and children of emi-
grants from the Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia.
Preliminary information on these programs was              8th     Minestrone
sent out with the January/February Cena and                        Fresh Quails with Polenta
Event flyers.                                                      Pistic, Cheese
Last summer, five teenagers participated in the                    Salad - Dessert - Coffee
“Discover Friuli Youth Trip” and two members                       Donation $22
attended the “Art and History of Mosiac” pro-
gram. This year, one member graduated from                 22nd    Lasagna
the MIB program in Trieste.                                        Pork Bracciola,
These programs will be repeated in 2010 with                       Zucchini
the addition of an Archeology Program and a                        Salad - Dessert - Coffee
Language and Culture Program for students age                      Donation $24
19 and over.
All of the participants of these programs returned         29th    Cold Antipasto (tomato, mozzarella,
home enthusiastic of their experiences. We urge                    roasted peppers)
all regular members to review the information                      Osso Buco with Polenta
sent to you and encourage your children and                        Pistic, Cheese
grandchildren to join the Club so that they can                    Salad - Dessert - Coffee
also participate in these programs.                                Donation $24
If you are interested in any of the programs,
please contact Marcello Filippi or                         FEVRÂR       -   FEBRUARY
                                                           5th     Cold Antipasto (tomato, mozzarella,
A   GREAT       PLACE      FOR     YOUR
                                                                   roasted peppers)
                                                                   Trippa or Veal Stew with Polenta
                                                                   (fish substitute only)
As a benefit of membership, the Clubhouse is
                                                                   String Beans, Cheese
available for private parties. The nearly 5,000 sq
ft facility is a perfect venue for baptisms, com-
                                                                   Salad - Dessert - Coffee
munions, birthday parties, social events, meet-                    Donation $22
ings, anniversaries, sweet 16 parties, graduations,
etc.                                                       12th    Buffet Dinner and BINGO
There are a variety of menus to choose from at a                   Linguini with Clam Sauce
reasonable price with bar and service options,                     Chicken Cacciatore – Cotechino and
and linen service is always included. Host your                    Brovada - Polenta
next party at your Clubhouse.                                      Roasted Potatoes - Vegetable
                                                                   Salad - Dessert - Coffee
         SPECIAL EVENTS                                            Donation $20 no discount
January 15th - Comedy Night                                19th    Rigatoni with Broccoli Rabe
February 28th - Sunday Pranzo. Menu of Veni-                       Roasted Rabbit,
son and Veal Stew prepared by Andrea Toffolo                       Potatoes, Pepperonata
May 9th - Mother’s Day Celebration                                 Salad - Dessert - Coffee
September 12th - Grandparents’ Day Party                           Donation $22

                                                                                                    14. ALE
                                                                                                     13. NG
                                                                                                     11. IDE
                                                                                                   9. ZENAR
                                                                                                     6. PARI
                                                                                                  4. SANTUL
                                                                                                       3. OG
                                                                                                  2. RESONA
                                                                                                    1. FRICO
                                                                                                  A PLOMP :

                                                                                                      17. IR
                                                                                                      16. LE
                                                                                               15. ONGULE
                                                                                             12. CONTADIN
                                                                                                     11. IRE
                                                                                                      10. IS
                                                                                                       8. AZ
                                                                                                   7. REGAL
                                                                                                       5. PP
                                                                                                    1. FROS
                                                                                              :   D R E T   A


           QUIZ DEL GIORNO                                     LIS JERBIS DE SALUT
Il piatto del medioevo
                                                           SAVÛT      |   SAMBUCO
In un ricettario italiano medievale, sarebbe
                                                           Il savût al à, te medisine popolâr, une sô parti-
stato possibile trovare uno solo dei seguenti              colâr impuartance, par vie che ogni sô part e je
piatti. Quale?                                             considerade curative. Chest arbul al pues cressi
                                                           fintremai a 8 metris in altece e al florìs di Mai
1. ravioli di zucca                                        in Lui. Al cres in lûcs salvadis, al è avonde
2. zuppa di lenticchie                                     comun fintremai ae altitudin di 1600 metris. I
                                                           flôrs a vegnin doprâts cuintri la fiere. Lis fueis
3. spaghetti al sugo di pomodoro e basilico
                                                           a àn funzion diuretiche. La seconde scusse dal
 nel medioevo                                              arbul e je antireumatiche; I pomui a son rin-
 delle Americhe, quindi erano sconosciuti in Europa
 2. Sia il pomodoro che la zucca sono originari            frescjants e purgatîfs. Flôrs e pomulis a son
 risposta esatta:                                          doprâts ancje tal mangjjâ in sirops, fritulis,

   NEXT      ISSUE       OF     NOTIZIE        :
                                                             AUGURIS PAR UN
      IS   MARCH
                  FOR      SUBMISSIONS
                         15, 2010.
                                                               2010 DI PÂS


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