Terry Fox Terry Fox was a by liaoqinmei


									 Terry Fox was a hero! He was a very clever person who had dreamed
of finding a cure for cancer. Terry Fox loved to play basketball during
his high school years. He wasn’t that good at it though, but he kept
playing. He started to feel pain in his right knee, but he kept playing
basketball until the pain was unbearable. He went to the doctor and
then to the hospital because the doctor told him that he had bone
cancer, and said his leg had to get amputated. That’s when before his
amputation he read a book and he read that an amputee man was
running, and it inspired him to run across Canada. He decided to collect
1 dollar from every Canadian and donate it to cancer reserch. After he
got his amputation, he started his running across Canada. The look in
his face was a mixture of pain and happiness because he was in pain
from running but glad to be running for cancer research. He would run
with a limp because he had a prostatic leg. Just as he was outside
Thunder bay, Ontario the cancer came back, but this time, it was in his
lungs. The cancer attack his lungs and he died, in 1981. Even though he
was dead his dream continued and the Canadians kept raising more
money to help cure cancer. So now you know the fascinating tale of
Terry Fox and how he suffered a tragic death, but is still remembered
to this day!

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