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Guzzle Grape Dale Breaks Record


									  Identity theft on the rise                                     Less Free Live Sports
  Students nationwide are open to credit vulnerabilities         Changes to the way you watch
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                                                                             Univeristy of North Florida

                                                                          Wednesday, September 23, 2009

                                                           Guzzle Grape
                                                           Dale Breaks Record
                                                           UNF golf finishes second at

Photo Erik Tanner | Graphic Chad Smith
Page 2                                                                           hoDGEPoDGE                                                           Wednesday, sePtember 23, 2009

Photo of the week

                                                                                                                                                                                  DaviD Norrbom | SPiNNaKEr
An artistic interpretation of fashion photography conceived by UNF photography student David Norrbom, which involves shooting his DSLR through a medium format film camera.

   Spinnaker by the numbers                                                 Q of the w:       Would you pay to watch the Ospreys’ games on the A-Sun network?

 Each week during the school year the Spinnaker staff reports
 what’s going on around campus, the city, the state and the na-
 tion: the good, the bad and the ugly. In this little space, we want
                                                                                                   “I wouldn’t pay if I could go to them. We’re not big
 to summarize the life of the Osprey, or things they should care                                                enough sports-wise yet.”
 about.                                                                                                          - Laura kumst, Science education, freshman

                        UNF students studied abroad
                        last year.
                                                                                                “It depends on how much it was. If the price was for the
                                                                                                               whole year, then maybe.”

      25                UNF faculty members have
                        their art work displayed at
                                                                                                                       - Justin Peckajlo, fine Arts, Senior

                        percent drop in internship
                        opportunities over last                                                 “I would rather go to the games and support them live.”
                        year.                                                                                  - Jeanette heltne, Business Management, Senior

                       percent of all waste on campus
                       is recycled.
                                                                                                “Absolutely not. I’d rather just go the games. I would not
                       personnel changes made by                                                                 pay to watch it on TV.”

       4               the Jaguars after a Sept. 20
                       loss to the Arizona
                                                                                                                 - Chris kennedy, Sports Management, Junior

       2               free Decemberists tickets for a
                       Spinnaker contest. (Page 14)
                                                                                                    “I don’t really watch them anyways. I like big college
                                                                                                           - Lindsey Scarazzo, transportation and Logistics, Senior

                                   Page 2, hodgepodge                                                           Pages 10-12, Discourse

                                   Page 3, Police Beat                                                          Pages 13-18, expressions
                                   Pages 4-9, News                                                              Pages 19-23, Sports
Wednesday, sePtember 23, 2009                                              PoLICE BEaT                                                                           Page 3

                                                                                                                  Sept. 14 - Property Damage (Building 41) A UNF
     SEPT. 14 - SEPT. 20                                                                                       student contacted UPD after driving past an on cam-
                                                                                                               pus work crew.
                                                                                                                  The work crew had driven a lawn mower over some
                                                                                                               rocks, which had been scattered in the air and hit her
                                                                                                                  The rocks made several dents and scratches to the
                                                                                                               front passenger door. The case was cleared.
                                                                                                               2   Sept. 15 - Petty Theft (Building 6) A supervisor in
                                                                                                               the grounds department contacted UPD after realiz-
                                                                                                               ing his tiller was missing.

                                                                                                                   A tiller is a tool used for maintaining landscaping,
                                                                                 Cases of theft (includ-       specifically flower beds. He saw the tiller Sept. 2 when
                                                                                 ing petty theft and           it was sent off to be serviced.
                                                                                 grand theft) filed                The equipment is valued at nearly $300. The officer
                                                                                 since Aug. 21, 2009.          listed the stolen item with the National Crime Infor-
                                                                                                               mation Center, which catalogs such information.

                                                                       Criminal mischief cases
                                                                                                               3   Sept. 16 - accidental injury (Building A) UPD was
                                                                       filed since Aug. 21, 2009.              contacted after a campus resident was feeling ill.
                                                                                                                   She lay in her bed complaining of a headache and
                                                                                                               dizziness not long after falling and hitting her head
                                                                                                               during a game of racquetball.
                                                                                                                   Rescue transported her to Mayo Clinic. She said she
                                                                                                               is still experiencing headaches but for the most part is
                                                                                                               4 Sept. 16 - Petty Theft (Building 39) A student ap-
                                                                                                               proached a UPD officer after realizing his skateboard
                                                                                                               was stolen.
                                                           4                In this badge, the Spinnaker is      He was taking a class in J. Brooks Brown Hall, and
                                                                            keeping a running total of cer-    during a quiz he left the skateboard in the back of the
                                                                            tain crimes around UNF during      room.
                                                                            the 2009-2010 school year.           As he went to leave, the skateboard was missing.
                                                                                                               Patrol efforts were suspended.
                                                                                                               5  Sept. 17 – information (Building Y) One UNF
                                                                                                               student-resident went to UPD police station because
                                                                                                               his roommate threatened him.
                                                8                                                                 One roommate told the other repeatedly that he
                                                                                                               would stab him.
                                                                                                                  He was transported back to his dorm room, so he
                                                                                                               could move out for the weekend. The room assign-
                        1                                          2                                           ment is being changed.
                                                                                                               6  Sept. 18 - information (Building 51) UPD responded
                                                                                                               to a call that a 79-year-old woman tripped over her
                                                       3                                                   7   sandal and fell to the floor, hitting her head.
                                                                                                                  She was transported to Mayo Clinic; attempts to
                                                                                                               reach her were unsuccessful.

                                                                                                               7  Sept. 19 - information (Building 55) UPD was con-
                                                                                                               tacted after a 17-year-old female student was having
                                                               4                                               trouble breathing.
                                                                                                                  She told police she consumed two cups of rum and
                                                                                                               coke at an off-campus party. After she got back to
                                                                                                               her room at the Osprey Fountains, she began feeling
                                                                                                               numb from the neck down and hyperventilating.
                                                                                                                  Rescue transported her to St. Luke’s Hospital for
                                                                                                               observation in case anything was put in her drink.
                                                                                                                  This student is a minor, so her name and contact
                                                                                                               information were not released.

       BEAT of the Week                                                                                        8  Sept. 20 - Criminal mischief (Lot 2) A UNF student
                                                                                                               contacted UPD after returning from a studying session
                                                                                                               in the Library to find her car keyed.
  Sept. 18 – Drug Possession                                                                                      The student has not been in any recent arguments
                                                                                                               or confrontations with anyone. Patrol efforts were
  (Building 55)                                                                                                suspended.

      UPD was contacted after a resident assistant in
  the Osprey Fountains noticed the scent of marijuana                                                                                           Compiled by Josh Gore.
  while making nightly rounds.
      The officer received permission to enter each of
  the resident’s rooms to search for marijuana. The of-
  ficer then proceeded to pat down everyone present
  in the room.
      The officer found that one resident had .6 grams
  of marijuana in his pocket along with a grinder.
      This student was given a notice to appear, and for
  lack of cooperation, nine other students present were
  referred to Student Conduct.
   Page 4                                                                                   NEWS                                                                                  Wednesday, sePtember 23, 2009

UNF officials: Kill the ignorance, recycle smart
Awareness of                                                                                                                                                                          In an effort to advocate this
                                                                                                                                                                                  “green” goal as well as to educate
contaminating materials                                                                                                                                                           students on the matter, Garbage
                                                                                                                                                                                  on the Green has been implement-
wisens habits, decreases                                                                                                                                                          ed. This waste audit recycling
landfills                                                                                                                                                                         event is in its third year with its
                                                                                                                                                                                  next showcase planned for Oct. 24
by kim nelson                                                                                                                                                                     on the Green.
assistant neWs editor                                                                                                                                                                 The event involves some ma-
                                                                                                                                                                                  jor shock value. Different areas
   When you throw that half-full                                                                                                                                                  around campus are probed and
cup of Starbucks coffee into the                                                                                                                                                  prodded for trash items that could
recycling bin, you may feel popu-                                                                                                                                                 be diverted into the recycling sys-
lar and all together benevolent,                                                                                                                                                  tem. The results are measured
right? At least you may think off-                                                                                                                                                and recorded, and each year, Pyati
handedly that it couldn’t hurt. Or                                                                                                                                                hopes to see the diversion rate go
could it? But are what you think                                                                                                                                                  up.
of as “green” actions really ac-                                                                                                                                                      UNF’s aiming to be a very
complishing anything of real sig-                                                                                                                                                 “green” campus, but it takes ef-
nificance?                                                                                                                                                                        fort on the part of students, fac-
   Being a well-informed recycler                                                                                                                                                 ulty and staff, Pyati said.
could immensely decrease your                                                                                                                                                         “Here’s an anecdote, I used to
carbon footprint and make all                                                                                                                                                     buy those frozen meals and bring
of that time-consuming sorting                                                                                                                                                    them into work for lunch every
more efficient and productive for                                                                                                                                                 day, then I realized that I can’t
the Earth.                                                                                                                                                                        even recycle the packaging, and

                                                                                                                                                        EriK TaNNEr | SPiNNaKEr
   A guideline has been created                                                                                                                                                   over five days I’ve practically
to help participating citizens                                                                                                                                                    filled up my trash bin. Now I opt
know what type of items they                                                                                                                                                      for bringing in something quick
can recycle, what they must do in                                                                                                                                                 in a Tupperware container that I
preparation to the items before                                                                                                                                                   reuse,” Pyati said.
recycling and where to drop off                                                                                                                                                       One no-sweat green practice
those items which are not com-        A trash reciptical at the Osprey Fountains overflows with waste. A portion of this trash is recyclable.                                     Pyati mentioned was going tray-
monly accepted.                                                                                                                                                                   less at the Osprey Café. This saves
   Unfortunately many are un-         to do a little research.                 he said.                                 to consider is your overall waste                         a ton of water in dirty dishes. A
aware of this guideline, which is        For items like plastics No. 5,           Pyati realizes that this over-        production percentage, Pyati                              site she highly recommends going
available at,     electronic items and plastic bags,       flow of waste can be a problem,          said.                                                     to is where
and your recycling efforts could      the city recycling centers will          but she recommends holding                   “If every student would note                          you will find all the information
lead to your once-renewable items     provide you with somewhere that          onto your recycling until there          the amount of trash in their trash                        you need to carry on the recycling
being tossed in the landfill.         will accept them, although the in-       is room, and to not cave into the        bin, and try to reduce it by 20                           flame as well as ideas for cinch
   Currently UNF offers a recy-       convenience of doing so is what          pressures of convenience by toss-        percent, then you’ve successfully                         green practices, she said.
cling service for students living     triggers people to cheat, Pyati          ing it in the Dumpster.                  matched the campus recycling                                  In regards to CO2 emissions
either on or off campus. Although     said.                                       As far as what is “properly” re-      diversion rate of 20-21 percent,”                         released by recycling trucks en
the system is mainly intended for        “I’m certainly in favor of            cyclable, some common mistakes           Pyati said.                                               route, Pyati said emissions do ex-
housing students, those living off-   student recycling, and many              include sticking a pizza box with            This diversion rate means that                        ist and affect the environment but
campus are able to drop off their     individuals work very hard to            the giant oil stain in the card-         around 20 percent of what could                           are not significant enough to rule
recycling in the bins on campus       make it effective,” Director of          board bin, as the food residue will      have easily ended up in the land-                         out recycling as a green practice.
as well.                              Environmental Safety Daniel              taint the paper that is recycled         fill gets diverted into the recy-                             Every day scientists and engi-
   “We want to make it easy on        Endicott said.                           from this. Also, napkins, paper          cling system.                                             neers are developing ways to make
students to recycle their waste,”        Although some students have           towels, plastic cups, wet news-              “Trying to reduce your amount                         better use out of recycling, Pyati
Director of the Environmental         some qualms with the system,             papers, sticky notes and postage         of personal waste production                              said, but until that time, all we can
Center Radha Pyati said. “What        UNF freshman business student            stamps are not recyclable. To be         while also recycling all that you                         do is be conscious of our personal
students should remember to           Joe Amato said he tries to recycle.      safe, wash out items that can be         can [properly] recycle will really                        waste production and exploit the
regularly recycle are aluminum           “The trash bins in the                washed thoroughly to prevent             make a difference,” Pyati said.                           pulp out of the current system.
cans, plastic ones and newspapers     Crossings are always full, and           contamination,      according    to          Gov. Charlie Crist has set a
and paper.”                           the same goes for the recycling.                            diversion rate goal of 75 percent                                        E-mail Kim Nelson at
   UNF’s recycling services ac-       My roommates and I recycle, but             Despite the intensive recy-           for all Florida agencies by 2020,                      
cepts these types of items, but       I honestly don’t really know any-        cling rule following that you            which is quite significant, Pyati
for everything else, you may have     thing about how to do it properly,”      may partake in, the main thing           said.
    Wednesday, sePtember 23, 2009                                                            NEWS                                                                                 Page 5

Students around nation fall victim to identity theft on campus

                                                                                                                                                                                           PHoTo iLLUSTraTioN: EriK TaNNEr | SPiNNaKEr
A UNF student unwittingly divulges his credit card information to an online ‘get rich quick’ scheme.

by rebecca mckinnon                            “Unless they initiated the con-        thieves to access students’ bank
neWs editor                                tact or they can verify whom they’re       account information through the

    A University of North Texas se-
                                           speaking with, they shouldn’t give
                                           out personal information,” she said.
                                                                                      school’s computer system, said
                                                                                      Lawrence Wilson, president of
                                                                                                                              13 Ways to Prevent Identity Theft
nior received a shock when he dis-             Owens said that students should        the Plano, Tex.-based ID Theft
covered $1,919 missing from his bank       also understand that financial insti-      Victims Support Group of North
account. Apparently the funds had          tutions and credit card companies          America.                               1. Avoid unsecure Wi-Fi connections. Always log
been used in Baltimore — a city Phil       will never ask for PIN numbers or             “It basically paints a target       on with your password.
Banker had never been to.                  the security code on the back of their     on the backs of our college stu-       2. Change passwords frequently.
    The fraud was probably made pos-       card.                                      dents,” Wilson said.
sible through his unsafe online pur-           With this knowledge, students             UNF’s Osprey1Card, which
                                                                                                                             3. Keep your anti-virus and anti-spyware software
chase of a textbook. It-was-just-too-      may be able to avoid credit card           can be used to purchase meals and      up-to-date.
cheap-to-be-true turned out to, well,      spam altogether with the legisla-          books on and near campus, does         4. Don’t reveal personal information on social net-
not be true, Banker said.                  tion passed by President Barack            not have any credit card or bank       working sites, such as family name, address, phone
    “I took a chance [buying] this text-   Obama in February — Law No. 111-           contracts and doesn’t connect the      numbers and date of birth.
book at a radical discount … and I got     24 — the Credit Card Accountability,       merchant to a student’s bank ac-       5. Don’t carry your Social Security card with you.
burned for it,” he said.                   Responsibility and Disclosure Act of                          .
                                                                                      count in any way It instead goes       6. If your school ID says your SS number, request
    Denise Owens, Comerica Bank’s          2009.                                      through a university bank ac-
                                                                                                                             that the college generate a random number in-
Texas fraud and identity theft inves-          This law requires credit card com-     count, the Associate Director of
tigator said that college students are     panies to stop unsolicited spam of-        Auxiliary Services Tully Burnett       stead.
more vulnerable.                           fers to those below 21 years of age.       said.                                  7. Buy and use a cross-cut shredder for identifiable
    “Because [students] are on the             “This is the last season that credit      And if an Osprey1Card is lost       information.
Internet so often, and they do so          card companies are going to be able        or stolen, the student can log onto    8. If you shop online, look for “https” in the URL.
much of their stuff online, I do           to actively market on campus, giv- to suspend the         Check with Web sites’ privacy policies so you know
see them fall victim to a lot of the       ing away free T-shirts and all the         card. If any purchases are made        what they may be doing with your personal infor-
Internet fraud scams,” Owens said.         other freebies,” said Lauren Bowne,        between the time it was stolen
    Although most students embrace         a Consumers Union attorney     .           and suspended, UNF will reim-
                                                                                                                             mation, or whether they’ve attached cookies to
a technological age of applications            The law also requires colleges to      burse the student as long as the       your computer, enabling them to track your view-
and gadgets, the Internet may not be       let students know about any market-        incident was reported in a rea-        ing and usage patterns.
where the true danger zone of iden-        ing contracts between the university       sonable amount of time, Burnett        9. Review your credit report for free once a year at
tity theft lies.                           and a credit card company, according       said.                        
    Some identity thieves pretend to       to Consumers Union, publisher of              UNF’s offices such as One           10. If you use peer-to-peer file sharing programs,
be credit card company employees           Consumers Report magazine.                 Stop Student Services and the
                                                                                                                             be sure to configure the files securely so personal
on campus, accepting applications              The contracts are a “you scratch       Cashier’s Office have their own
for credit cards that do not exist, said   my back, I’ll scratch yours” ap-           preventative methods concern-          information is not accessible to others.
Betsy Broder, assistant director of        proach to marketing, doubling stu-         ing identity theft. Representatives    11. Physically remove the hard drive before you
the Federal Trade Commission’s di-         dent ID cards as debit cards for spe-      from these offices are not allowed     throw out an old computer. Some information can-
vision of privacy and identity protec-     cific banks.                               to give out student “N” numbers,       not be erased completely.
tion.                                          The University of Texas at             Social Security numbers or any         12. Never check “remember me” to log into Web
    Zach Friesen, LifeLock Identity        Arlington has a contract with Wells        other financial information to         sites.
Theft Education Specialist and iden-       Fargo, and therefore receives 75 cents     anyone but the student.
tity theft victim, said most students      per ID card and more if a student             This ban includes parents,
                                                                                                                             13. Make photocopies of your driver’s license,
are dangerously complacent with the        opens a Wells Fargo account. This          who aren’t allowed to check a          credit cards, insurance cards, all of it — front and
types of personal information used         deal earned UT $7,876 during the           student’s record, Floyd Hurst,         back. Should your wallet be lost or stolen, you
to apply for credit cards.                 2008-2009 fiscal year. Not to mention      university      controller,   said.    won’t be left wondering what was taken, and you
    “Students need to worry about          the $15,000 Wells Fargo “donates” an-                                             can quickly notify the appropriate agencies about
identifiable information like a Social     nually to UT’s Regents Scholarship            mcClatchy-Tribune contributed to    a theft.
Security card, credit cards, bank ac-      Fund, also listed under the contract                               this report.
count and PIN [numbers],” Friesen          requirements between the bank and                                                                          Source: affinion Security Center,
said. “Have those numbers memo-            school.                                             E-mail rebecca mcKinnon at                                intersections inc., Kroll Fraud
rized or stored somewhere safe.”               Though this creates revenue for          
    Owens agreed.                          schools, it makes it easier for identity
    Page 6                                                                                NEWS                                                           Wednesday, sePtember 23, 2009

Study abroad fair offers different kinds of opportunities for students
                                                   “[UNF] doesn’t make any money off of         Abroad Coordinator Uli Decker.                 fall,” said UNF junior international busi-
Students have more options than                 faculty-led programs. Charges are put on           “The good thing is, third-party pro-        ness major Joanna Miranda. “I want to go
                                                a student’s account, and if there is any        grams are profit-makers, so they will often    to New Zealand or Australia maybe. I have
just UNF-based programs                         money at the end, we disperse it back to        extend deadlines to get more students,”        to go over the books, but there were defi-
by max jaeger                                   students,” Robinson said.                       Decker said.                                   nitely a few [programs] that stood out.”
staff Writer                                       About 80 percent of UNF students who            Third-party programs at the Study              Immersion programs were also preva-
                                                study abroad go on faculty-led trips, he        Abroad Fair ranged from single universi-       lent among companies. Students live and
    College is touted as a time to expand       said.                                           ties to inter-continental umbrella compa-      study in a country for one or two semesters,
oneself and learn to empathize with other          “Many countries require some kind of         nies.                                          splitting academic efforts between their
cultures; there was information and oppor-      language proficiency, and it’s tough to get                                                    area of expertise and learning the native
tunity abound looking to fill these desires     upper-level classes if you don’t speak the      Overseas internships                           language.
at the Sept. 22 Study Abroad Fair.              language,” Robinson said. “Going with a            The company International Internships          “I want to get as far away from American
    There are three ways to go about it: fac-   professor lets you take a course that is tai-   focuses solely on internship opportunities     culture as possible. India seems to be call-
ulty-led, exchange programs and through         lored for UNF students.”                        for students or those who have recently        ing me, so I’m doing an immersion program
private third parties, said Tim Robinson,          Exchange programs are another op-            graduated. Applicants can work for credit      over the summer,” said Justin Crandall,
director at the international center.           tion, allowing students to study abroad for     or experience.                                 UNF junior education major.
                                                a semester with room and board at a host           The programs coincide with univer-             Studying abroad requires some initia-
Abroad study with faculty                       school. UNF sets up a placeholder class for     sity semesters, and the deadline to apply      tive and planning, but with financial aid
   Faculty-led programs are shorter expe-       financial aid purposes, but the students ac-    is usually about five months before the        and some available scholarships, students
ditions that professors plan and promote to     tually receive transfer credits from the host   trip, according to representative Christina    make it affordable. Robinson said that stu-
students. They last from one to six weeks       school, Robinson said.                          Johnson.                                       dents should start planning as early as pos-
and usually fall on spring break or during                                                         “Study abroad is just going to class, and   sible.
the summer.                                     Non-UNF related opportunities                   while you get the immersion and cultural
   The university has to approve faculty-          Third-party programs have no affilia-        contact, this program gives you an edge.
led programs, and 12 have already received      tion with the school, but students can still    You demonstrate that you can work in and          Any student can get more informa-
a green light. There are still 24 more await-   consult advisers about the courses they         international and multicultural environ-          tion at the International Center’s
ing approval, but the school usually ap-        take abroad.                                    ment,” Johnson said.                              offices in Building 58E, room 2300.
proves between 25 and 30, Robinson said.           Deadlines are pretty fluid, because host        Internship programs appeal to busi-
   Since the UNF professors lead the excur-     schools and third parties set their own         ness-oriented students and those who wish
sions, students get credit directly, instead    deadlines, which can vary depending on          to work abroad after graduation, she said.                             E-mail max Jaeger at
of transfer credits from other colleges.        the host country and program, said Study           “I’m looking to do an internship in the              
    Wednesday, sePtember 23, 2009                                                          NEWS                                                                                        Page 7

                                                                                                                           around the State
Texting while driving can                                                                                               Naked man holds off intruder at gunpoint
                                                                                                                       Taking charge of a situation is    attack the drunk intruder.

lead to deadly consequences
                                                                                                                    sometimes a task; taking charge          He said he got his revolver
                                                                                                                    of a situation in your birthday       and headed out back to let the
                                                                                                                    suit was even more of a task          guy know how he felt about
                                                                                                                    for stone-cold naked Robert E.        home invaders.
                                                                                                                    Thompson.                                Thompson, a World War II
                                                                                                                       The 91-year-old Lake Worth,        veteran, said he did not notice
                                                                                                                    Fla. resident held an intruder at     that he was without clothes. The
                                                                                                                    gunpoint until police arrived, ac-    26-year-old intruder is being de-
                                                                                                                    cording to the Associated Press.      tained in Palm Beach County Jail
                                                                                                                       Thompson sprung from his           on a burglary charge, authorities
                                                                                                                    bed early Saturday when he            said.
                                                                                                                    heard his dog begin to growl and

                                                                                                                           around the Nation
                                                                                                                        Gangsta rapper gets charged with homicide
                                                                                                                        A California rapper who           Walker’s Presbyterian Church.
                                                                                                                    rhymed about the thrill of killing        Police said McCroskey will
                                                                                                                    was arrested Sept. 19 at the Rich-    most likely be charged with
                                                                                                                    mond airport. He was on his was       killing three others, who were
                                                                                                                    back to California on charges of      found Sept. 18 in the home of
                                                                                                                    killing a pastor and on suspicions    Debra Kelley, a Longwood Uni-
                                                                                                                    in the deaths of three others, ac-    versity professor.
                                                                                                                    cording to the Associated Press.          The charge will only go
                                                                                                                        The 20-year-old rapper Rich-      through once the medical exam-
                                                                                                                    ard Alden Samuel McCroskey III        iner identifies the victims. McCro-
                                                                                                                    was charged with murder, rob-         skey’s first court appearance was
                                                                                                                    bery and stealing the automobile      Sept. 21.
                                                                                                                    of Mark Niederbrock, a pastor at

                                                                                                                           around the World
                                                                                                                        Cuban woodstock separates politics, music
                                                                                                                       An open-air “peace concert”        cifically. But musician Juanes has
                                                                                                                    was held at Revolution Plaza in       remained firm in saying the con-
                                                                                                                    Havana, Cuba Sept. 20, headlined      cert is about music, not politics.
                                                                                                                    by Columbian rocker Juanes.               The spectacle took place
                                                                                                                       Some Cuban-Americans criti-        below a statue of Ernesto “Che”
                                                                                                                    cized the event, saying that the      Guevara and in close proximity
                                                                                                                    performers are providing support      to the highly protected offices of
                                                                                                                    to the island’s communist gov-        Fidel and Raul Castro.
                                                                                                                    ernment by participating in the           President Barack Obama told
                                                                                                                    event, according to the Associ-       the Spanish-language Univision
                                                                                                                    ated Press.                           network that the festivities prob-
                                                           House Sept. 8, said states that do not pass a law ban-      Some Cuban officials have          ably wouldn’t have much of an
Florida has yet to ban driving under the                   ning texting while operating a vehicle will risk los-    used the opportunity to ridicule      impact on U.S.–Cuban relations.
                                                           ing 25 percent of their annual federal highway fund-     U.S. foreign policy toward Cuba,
text-influence, unlike 14 other states                     ing.                                                     the 47-year trade embargo spe-
                                                               The bill is currently making its way through leg-
by kim nelson                                              islation but still has a long way to go, according to                                                      Compiled by Kim Nelson.
assistant neWs editor                                      another news release.
                                                               “My roommate ran her Scion right into a guard
   The introduction of text messaging has cultivat-
ed a whole lot of response from a whole lot of people.
                                                           rail on I-95 going 75 mph recently, due to her text
                                                           messaging her sister plans for the evening. Her car
                                                                                                                            News in Brief
   Some find it to be annoying and confusing, some         was totaled; it’s just not worth it,” a UNF senior po-
use it as their main method of communication and           litical science major Michelle Gandee said.                 UNf film festival celebrates women in the arts
some find it to be an extremely dangerous practice             The     National      Highway     Traffic   Safety
that can and will lead to fatalities when combined         Administration estimates that 80 percent of                  A series of movies highlighting female achievements in film will be
with other routine activities such as driving.             all accidents are caused by driver inattention.          shown starting Monday, Sept. 28 with “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” at
   Texting while driving is something most tech-sav-           Using cell phones in any capacity while driving      8 p.m. in the Student Union Auditorium. Admission is free, and the films
vy persons are guilty of, but this action that some par-   causes 2,600 deaths and 330,000 injuries each year,      will be presented by the Women’s Center, Japanese Film Series, Allan
ticipate in daily with no deathly repercussions yet,       according to a study published by Human Factors.         Marcil, Osprey Film, J.L. Jarvis and V-Day over the course of the month.
has been officially banned in 14 different U.S. states.        All these statistics stimulated the Department of    Discussions following the films will uncover deeper meanings. The last
   Other states are developing partial bans for            Transportation to hold a summit this month to dis-       film shown will be the documentary “Until the Violence Stops,” shown
novice drivers and many state bans are still in the        cuss the dangers of cell phone use and specifically      Oct. 2 at 2 p.m. in Building 9, room 2507.
works, but 36 others, including Florida, have yet to       text messaging while driving, although the outcome
sign such a law into effect.                               of Florida bans remains unclear.                         3-mile first Coast Start! heart walk invites walkers
   The skepticism from the non-participating states            “It’s just not safe, and you can get away with it
                                                                                                                       A fundraising event sponsored by the American Heart Association
has to do with the enforceability of the proposed ban      time after time until one day you don’t, and you die.
                                                                                                                    begins at Metropolitan Park on Saturday, Sept. 26. Funds go to fighting
and weakness in the present research, according to         Period,” Gandee said.
                                                                                                                    heart disease and stroke, our nation’s No. 1 and No. 3 killers, respectively.
a news release.
                                                                                                                    Registration and activities begin at 8 a.m. and the walk starts at 9 a.m.
   Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., exposed the legis-
                                                                                                                    The event is free, and walkers are eligible to receive a t-shirt after raising
lation over the summer along with others includ-
                                                                                                                    a minimum of $100 for the event. For more information, contact Ryan
ing Sen. Carey Baker, (R-Fla.) stressing that texting
                                                                                            E-mail Kim Nelson at    Donelson at (904) 739-0197 or e-mail him at
while driving can lead to deadly consequences, ac-
                                                                               For sreservations, call Wanda Klima at (904) 366-6911, ext. 209.
cording to the Associated Press.
   The legislation HR 3535 IH, which reached the
                                                                                                                                                                 Compiled by april Schulhauser.
   Page 8                                                                                 NEWS                                                               Wednesday, sePtember 23, 2009

authorities label
Yale lab technician
                                                 Unpaid, paid internships offer same experience
                                                 Companies cut back to remain                        UNF junior finance major Carly DeWitt         future,” she said. “It’s really frustrating …
as ‘person of                                    stable during economic times
                                                                                                  interned as a center agent control proces-
                                                                                                  sor at Merrill Lynch and was paid for her
                                                                                                                                                   but it’s definitely worth it.”
                                                                                                                                                      Though some companies have stopped

interest’ in Le case                             by rebecca mckinnon
                                                                                                     “I respect the company a lot more be-
                                                                                                                                                   paying or have cut internship programs
                                                                                                                                                   altogether, research done by the associa-
                                                 neWs editor                                      cause they paid me. I did exactly what ev-       tion of colleges and employers has proved
BY MaTThEW ChaYES aND MIChaEL aMoN                                                                eryone else did, so I think I deserved to get    that paying companies are paying more
neWsday (mCt)                                        The roles and rules of internships in        paid,” she said.                                 than usual, as the average hourly wage for
                                                 the lives of students have been chang-              Though DeWitt appreciated the money,          interns has increased to $17.13, up 5 per-
   Authorities executed two search war-          ing as the economy changes, even though          she was worried during the interview pro-        cent.
rants Sept. 15 night on a Yale University        they’ve been a vital, even required, part of     cess that the company couldn’t afford to            “That reflects an understanding that
lab technician who has become a “person          students’ majors for years.                      hire her, she said.                              interns may need more money than they
of interest” in the death of a graduate stu-         Though an internship is essentially             “It took them a long time to get back         did before,” said Carolyn Wise, senior
dent who went missing days before her            a full or part-time job in the real world,       to me because they didn’t know if they           education editor for Vault Inc., career in-
Long Island wedding.                             many companies and students have been            had the money for internships,” she said.        formation provider and publisher of The
   More than a dozen police and FBI              recently faced with limited budgets for in-      “[But] I would have done it even if they         Vault Guide to Top Internships.
agents at about 10:15 p.m. Sept. 15 stormed      ternship programs.                               didn’t pay me.”                                     Any student in any economy needs
a Middletown, Conn., apartment building              Nationwide, the number of intern-               The idea of free work is the basis be-        money to live on, and students who accept
that’s home to Raymond Clark, 24, an ani-        ships available has dropped 21 percent           hind the onslaught of unpaid internships.        unpaid internships accept the fact that
mal research technician whom New Haven           from last year, according to the National        Students’ services are volunteer-based           they will have to find a way to pay the bills.
authorities said last night was a focus of       Association of Colleges and Employers in         and are meant to provide learning oppor-            Webb, as an example, has a second job
their investigation into the death of Annie      Pennsylvania.                                    tunities students would otherwise not be         as a pet-sitter, she said.
Le. Investigators led Clark out of his apart-        Officials at many companies must             able to receive in the classroom.                   Wise said she encourages students to
ment into a car. Clark declined to respond       choose to cut their internship programs             “We used to pay, but we’re not doing          ask for help no matter what the situation.
to reporters’ questions.                         altogether, to pay less or to pay nothing at     that anymore,” said Tom Triozzi, senior             “Sometimes companies will work
   New Haven Police Chief James Lewis            all for the time and effort students put into    vice president of BankAtlantic, which            with you to ease the financial bur-
said Clark had not been charged and if he        the job.                                         stopped paying interns in 2008. “We ask          den. There are also a number of col-
cooperated, he would be released.                    Target has been able to find the wiggle      them to work for free for a great work ex-       leges that offer summer fellowships to
   Clark had access to the highly secure         room to continue paying their employees,         perience.”                                       cover internship expenses,” she said.
basement laboratory where Annie Le’s             and Victor Rota, group campus recruiter             Students jump on this opportunity
body was found in a space behind a lab           for Target, said it’s worth it in terms of re-   simply because it’s the kind of experi-
wall on Sept. 20, the scheduled day of           cruiting for future careers.                     ence future employers might look for on a        mcClatchy-Tribune contributed to this report.
her wedding to a Huntington man. Le,                 “We get a lot of great talent,” Rota said.   resume, college senior and unpaid intern
24, had been missing since last Sept. 15.        “Seventy to 80 percent of them come back         Kristina Webb said.                                               E-mail rebecca mcKinnon at
   Two search warrants were issued, Lewis        to work for us, so the return on the invest-        “I know that if I don’t [intern], it’s go-              
said, one for Clark’s home and another for       ment is there.”                                  ing to be harder for me to get a job in the
samples of his blood, hair and skin.
   “We’re also making sure there are not
other possible suspects out there,” Lewis
   Lewis said police had narrowed the list
of suspects down based on who had access            StAtUe
to the building, what time they entered,
and where security cameras placed those
people inside the building at various times.
The New Haven Register reported that the
technician had failed a polygraph test, in-
voked his Fifth Amendment rights during
a police interview and had scratches on his
chest, possibly indicating a struggle. Lewis
declined to confirm those details.
   Meanwhile, the Connecticut chief medi-
cal examiner’s office pulled back Sept. 15
from announcing what killed Le, saying
police and prosecutors specifically asked
that the information be withheld to aid
the probe. The Hartford Courant reported
last night that Le died of asphyxiation, but
Lewis declined to reveal the cause publicly .
   Le was scheduled to marry Jonathan
Widawsky, a Columbia University student
from Huntington, but she disappeared a
week ago. A pharmacology student, Le
worked in the lab where her body was
found and she was seen entering the facil-
ity Sept. 8 but apparently never left.
   Police have said Widawsky is not a sus-
pect and is cooperating.
   Yale president Richard Levin told stu-
dents and teachers Sept. 15 that police have
                                                                                                                                                                                              EriK TaNNEr | SPiNNaKEr

narrowed the number of potential suspects
to a very small pool because building se-
curity systems recorded who entered the
building and what times they entered, ac-
cording to the Yale Daily News. He said the
appropriate people are being monitored,
the newspaper said.
                                                    Construction is well under way for the statue, garden and fountain area in front of the Brooks College of Health. The statue, which is
                                                    of a mother and child, was selected by a committee and sculpted by Madeline Wiener of Marble, Colorado, said Pamela Chally, dean
     Zachary r. Dowdy, Deborah S. morris and        of the BCOH. The sculpture is meant to represent the caring and healing aspects of nursing, Chally said. The money for this project was
      Sophia Chang contributed to this report.      set aside from the beginning of the planning stages because according to a state law, the university is required to set aside half of 1
                                                    percent of the total cost of a building for artwork, said Zak Ovadia, director or facilities planning.
                 Newsday | mcClatchy-Tribune
     Wednesday, sePtember 23, 2009                                                          NEWS                                                                                        Page 9

Quick preparation may prove vital during hurricane season
   Hurricane season lasts from June 1 to Nov. 30, and with UNF students back
   to school in the middle of it, many may be wondering how to prepare them-
   selves if the worst should happen. Although there are currently no ac-
   tive storms in the Atlantic Ocean, an average of 12.1 named storms occur in
   the Atlantic Ocean each year, according to the National Weather Service.
                                                                                                                                          Category 1
   If a storm does develop and heads for Jacksonville, the Spinnaker has com-                                                                    average wind speed: 74 to 95 mph
   piled the knowledge of how to handle it into three easy-to-remember steps.                                                                    Mobile homes, loose outdoor items and power
                                                                                                                                                 poles are vulnerable.

                                                                                                                                          Category 2
STEP 1: GET aN EMERGENCY SUPPLY KIT oR “To-Go BaG”                                                                                               average wind speed: 96 to 110 mph
Emergency supply kits may include items like non-perishable food, water, flashlights, a                                                          Mobile homes, loose outdoor items and high
battery-powered or hand crank radio and extra batteries. You may also want to prepare                                                            windows are vulnerable.
a “to-go bag” in case of evacuation which includes clothes, prescription medicines, a map                                                        Power outages may last a few to several days.
and important documents such as insurance policies and proof of residence. You may
also want to include a first aid kit with medical supplies such as over-the-counter drugs,
ointments, bandages and hand soap.                                                                                                        Category 3
                                                                                                                                                 average wind speed: 111 to 130 mph
STEP 2: MaKE a PLaN                                                                                                                              The structures and walls of houses and
Discuss with your family and/or roommates what to do if a hurricane hits. Make a plan                                                            buildings and high windows are vulnerable.
for contacting each other, and pick a place to meet in case you are not together when it                                                         Mobile homes will be destroyed.
happens. It’s important to know someone who doesn’t live in your area to contact — and                                                           Power outages may last several days to weeks.
possibly stay with — in case of emergency. In case you need to evacuate, make sure you
have transportation (with at least a half-tank of gas if driving), a place to go after evacu-                                             Category 4
ating and plans for your pets.
                                                                                                                                                 average wind speed: 131 to 155 mph
                                                                                                                                                 Windows and doors are vulnerable. Mobile
STEP 3: BE INFoRMED                                                                                                                              homes, walls and roofs of houses and buildings
Know the terms used to identify types of hurricanes and what they mean. A hurricane
                                                                                                                                                 will be destroyed. Power outages will last for
watch means a hurricane is possible in your area, and a hurricane warning means a hur-
ricane is expected in your area. You should also know the differences between all five
categories of a hurricane, so you can decide if or when it’s necessary to evacuate your                                                   Category 5
area. To prepare your home or dorm, you should bring all objects that are not tied down                                                          average wind speed: Greater than 155 mph
inside, cover all windows for protection against high winds and fill large containers and                                                        Mobiles homes and small buildings will be
tubs with water for cleaning and flushing toilets. Make sure you know emergency plans                                                            leveled. Windows and doors will be destroyed.
for your area and listen to local emergency management officials for further information.                                                        Power outages will last weeks or even months.

                                             Source: Federal Emergency management agency,                                                         Source: National Weather Service (
                                                                                                                                                  Compiled by: Hilary Carter and rebecca mcKinnon
                                                                                                                                                                               Graphic: Chad Smith

Graduate students receive another career option in the business world
                                                certificate of completion.                      the next 10 to 15 years, Gallo said.
by josh gore                                        Both universities as well as UNF will          From 2002 through 2007, Spain has been                New International
staff Writer                                    admit 14 students to enter the program.         exporting more into the U.S. than the other
                                                Gallo said it will be one cohort. All 42 stu-   way around. But in 2008 and 2009, through                  Business MBA
   The Coggin College of Business flag-         dents follow the same travel schedule, he       July, the U.S. is exporting more, according
ship program, international business, is        said.                                           to                                          - Begins spring 2010
offering a second international MBA pro-            After the first online course is taken,        President Barack Obama announced
gram beginning spring 2010 to counter its       students will begin the program in Buenos       last week he is hosting Spanish President
                                                                                                Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero Oct. 13 for
                                                                                                                                                        - Students travel to two
older Global MBA program.                       Aires around March 15 through August.
   The Ibero-American MBA, which has            The Madrid program runs from September          consultation on a number, one being a fo-                 different universities
been in the works for two years, is designed    to December. UNF finishes up the program        cus on global economic recovery, accord-
to boost students’ knowledge and prepare        from January to March.                          ing to a White House press release.                     - Instituto Universitario
them for a career in the Latin-American             Students will only be traveling for one        Applications are now being accepted to                  ESEADE in Buenos Aires,
business industry, said Andres Gallo, di-       year.                                           the program and are due Dec. 1. Applicants                 Argentina
rector of UNF’s international business              “Latin-American businesses wouldn’t         are accepted on a rolling basis.
program.                                        let their employees off of work longer than        Gallo said he recommends interest-
   “Big companies are interested in this        one year to complete the program,” Gallo                                        .
                                                                                                ed applicants to apply early There are                   - Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
program because they have a need for em-        said.                                           two interview dates: Oct. 27 and Nov. 15.                  in Madrid, Spain
ployees who understand Latin America,”              But the program is unique to its lan-          But if the spots fill up in October, there
Gallo said.                                     guage requirement; students must be able        won’t be any interviews in November, he                 - 14 UNF students will be
   The universities participating in the        to speak Spanish to enter the program.          said.                                                   admitted
program are the Instituto Universitario             The Global MBA program offered                 Interested applicants are asked to con-
ESEADE in Buenos Aires, Argentina               by UNF doesn’t require its students to          tact Gallo directly at
                                                                                                                                                        - Applications now accepted
and the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in          speak another language. But in the Ibero-
Madrid.                                         American program, the majority of the                                                                   on a rolling basis
   Students in the degree program               classes are taught in Spanish.
will receive two masters degrees, one               This program is a necessity because                                    E-mail Josh Gore at          - Applications due Dec. 1
from UNF and one from Rey Juan                  the data shows U.S. and Spain becoming                    
Carlos. ESEADE will give students a             more powerful investment partners over
  Page 10                                                                     DISCoURSE                                                  Wednesday, sePtember 23, 2009

Saved money saves classes, recycle old spending habits

                                                                                                                                                                         miKE TomaSSoNi | SPiNNaKEr
University funding disappears into out-of-state artwork in front of College of Health
  Although the Spinnaker has written         This statue, unlike the Gandhi           buildings acquire through the art in      operation for amenities on campus
editorials endorsing artistic apprecia-   statue on campus, was not donated to        state buildings program were com-         like the fitness center and the Arena’s
tion on campus, the economic crisis       the university .                            pleted by artists from Florida, accord-   basketball and racquetball courts.
should cause legislators to re-look at      So not only are we spending all of        ing to the Florida Division of Cultural     A college student needs a lot of
the process and update a 40-year-old      this money on art, but we are out-          affairs Web site.                         bang for their buck.
law that requires new state buildings     sourcing the art to out-of-state artists.     The money spent on the College of           So requiring a university to spend
to spend .5 percent of their value on       Giving preference to local artists        Health statue could have been used        a certain amount of money on art,
art.                                      when deciding who gets the con-             more efficiently on campus.               in this financial climate, is ridicu-
  Art is a wonderful ascetic accom-       tract should be standard procedure.         Hiring an adjunct professor to teach      lous, especially when the university
paniment to an academic community,        Jacksonville has many artists with          part time this fall could have been one   recently acquired the Museum of
but not in the midst of an ongoing        the talent to provide alternatives to a     way to spend it.                          Contemporary Art Jacksonville, ex-
tuition hike and an economic crisis.      statue.                                       Other issues to which the money         tending to it up a $500,000 credit line.
  The artist for one of more recent          This also increases the working          could apply includes increasing the         Spending money on art in a reces-
projects, the mother and daughter         relationship between working artists        hours of operation for on campus          sion is like buying china dinnerware
statue in front of the new College of     and the university .                        resources including the Library and       when you can’t afford the food to put
Health, is from Colorado.                   But over 60 percent of the art state      Student Union as well as the hours of     on the plate.
 Wednesday, sePtember 23, 2009                                                           DISCoURSE                                                                           Page 11

                                                      Obama makes necessary health reforms
                                                                                                                                           this. It could even prevent you from
    awarded first place for best of show in 2005
                                                             ealth insurance rates are                                                     getting the education you want, as
    and second place for best of show in 2008 at
      the national College media Convention           hitting new heights, along with                          heather Furey               some college and universities make
         by the associated Collegiate Press.
                                                      people’s fears. It seems this topic is                    Asst. Sports Editor        health insurance a requirement for
                                                      on everyone’s mind and is the only                                                   incoming students. I know a couple
 awarded second place for best College newspaper in
      2007 better College newspaper Contest                                      .
                                                      thing we talk about lately Premiums                                                  people who want to transfer to other
      by the florida College Press assocation.
                                                      have more than doubled and are ris-                                                  schools from UNF, but they can’t
                                                      ing faster than ever, as millions of                                                 because health insurance is the one
          Spinnaker Staff                             Americans, including myself, lack         you like, then you’re out of luck.         thing lacking on their college tran-
                                                      health insurance. This is something          The people who can’t afford health      scripts and resumes.
                                                      that has to change.                       care coverage are really suffering.           Props to UNF for allowing students
      editor in Chief James Cannon
                                                         I see cars all the time with bumper    Without insurance, you have to say         on campus without health insurance,
       Layout editor dan rosemund                                                                                                          but if this includes you, then you
                                                      stickers that read, “Obama can keep       “no” when friends ask you to go
         Art Director mike tomassoni
                                                      the change.” You know who you are,        wakeboarding or drive with people          can keep on swooping until Obama’s
  Business Manager         Klajdi stratoberdha        but maybe we should think about all       you swear have a death wish when           health care plan is put into effect.
                                                      the people who are short on change        they sit in front of a steering wheel.        I know there are those people who
         News editor rebecca mcKinnon
                                                      and can’t afford to go without a          You even fear tripping over your own       disagree with Obama and have some
     features editor beca grimm                                                                                                            concerns about his health care plan.
                                                      change in the health care system.         two feet because any injury might
        Sports editor John Weidner
                                                         “Whether you like [President           land you in a doctor’s office or hospi-    Yes, there is the issue of costs and
   Graphic Designer Chad smith                        Barack] Obama’s health care plan          tal with an outrageous bill you’ll still   taxes for a public option; hearing the
         Copy editor ryan thompson                    or not, you cannot deny the fact that     be paying years down the road. Trust       number $900 billion over the course
                                                      health insurance premiums are             me. I would know.                          of 10 years is enough to send anyone
          web editor ian albahae
                                                      going up,” said David Darm, a UNF            Last year I felt the need to walk       go into cardiac arrest.
       Senior Staffer Josh fredrickson                                                                                                        However, the total cost is cheap-
                                                      alumnus who is now an intern in the       around barefoot one night and sliced
        Photo editor erik tanner
                                                      Florida state capitol and a political     my toe open on a broken pepper             er than both wars in Iraq and
    Asst. web editor Peter nguyen                     science graduate student at Florida       shaker. I know I shouldn’t have been       Afghanistan from President George
                                                      State University “Most small busi-
                                                                        .                       outside without shoes, but instead of      W. Bush’s administration. Many
   Asst. News editor       Kim nelson
                                                      nesses and a lot of individuals cannot    worrying about that, I was thinking        Americans died for those causes.
Asst. features editor april schulhauser
                                                      afford the rates.”                        why anyone uses pepper in the first        At least Obama is trying to save
  Asst. Sports editor Heather furey                                                                                                        American lives with his.
                                                         Private insurance companies have       place. But my thoughts changed in
Advertising Manager michael Kent                      the power to charge savagely high         an instant when I left the emergency          No matter whether you like Obama
   Asst. Ad Manager Kristen montalto                  prices and decide what they will and      room with a bill totaled for thousands     and approve of his plan, at least he’s
                                                      will not cover. If individuals have       of dollars that I’m still paying off       trying to make health care easier on
             Ad Sales      John Prince
                                                      pre-existing medical conditions when      today  .                                   those who can’t afford it. And even if
        Staff writers Josh gore                                                                                                            his plan isn’t perfect, at least he put
                      angela Passafaro                they walk into a health insurance            Now when anything happens to me
                      max Jaeger                      office, there’s a chance they will not    I tell my friends to never take me to      Kanye West on blast after the Video
                                                      receive coverage at all.                  the hospital. If I need stitches, bust     Music Awards outbreak.
          Distributor Josh gore
                                                         In Alabama, almost 90 percent of       out a needle and thread and do work
              Adviser John timpe
                                                      their health insurance coverage is        because I don’t want to end up with                            E-mail Heather Furey at
               Printer     Central florida                                                      another incident where I deal with
                                                      controlled by one company, according                                                    
                                                      to Obama. There are only a few health     the side effects of life without health
               v       v      v                       insurance companies to pick from          insurance.
  Student Union, Bldg. 58, E room 2209                in each state, so if you don’t find one      There are even more consequences
              1 UNF Drive                                                                       to lacking health care coverage than
         Jacksonville, FL 32224

            Phone: 904.620.2727                         If you could create a degree program, what would it be?
             Fax: 904.620.3924
                                                                               “I don’t want to seem stingy, but any of these: Transfiguration,
                                                                            herbology, Defense against the Dark arts, Charms or Care of Magical
                                                                             Creatures. or maybe I should stop obsessing over children’s books.”
                                                                                                    -ryan thompson, Copy editor

                                                                           “I would create a degree in being badass. a how-to guide in all things
                                                                          badass. My best friend Chris hicks and I would not only be the founding
           Corrections:                                                                       students but also the professors.”
The calendar of events in                                                                         -rebecca mcKinnon, news editor
the Sept. 16 issue was off
by one week.
                                                                             “I would like a degree in Swindling/Grifting with a minor in Street
                                                                                   Urchinery. academia should teach street smarts, too.“
                                                                                                      -max Jaeger, staff Writer

   .CoM                                                                  “There will be a degree in funk. The philosophy shall be comprised of one
                                                                        key, fun. You see fun is key to keep it funky, therefore no need for a funkin’
                                                                                                  -mike tomassoni, art director
   Page 12                                                                          DISCoURSE                                                     Wednesday, sePtember 23, 2009

Art pieces, downtown building extend UNF’s horizon
                                              transformation that could have taken         freakin’ time.                               in a way, Hutcheson said. The profes-
                                              place.                                          MOCA threw us a “Welcome                  sor went on to say, most artists like
      he same question has been roll-
                                                  Perhaps instead of the new               Home” party Sept. 17, with a faculty         the mystery behind their masterpiec-
ing around in my head for some time
                                              Student Union, we would have reno-           art exhibition and an interactive            es, and it’s probable we may never be
now. One might think its reoccurring
                                              vated buildings, near the picturesque        display from the UNF Printmaking             able to decipher Motherwell’s commu-
nature would drive me mad, but I like
                                              Hemming Plaza downtown, whose                Guild. Free prints were custom-made          nications.
to think it keeps me on track.
                                              walls told stories of our city’s past,       by students and available to all free of        Perhaps the ultimate goal of many
   Which matters more: where I am or
                                              while we studied how to better our           charge.                                      artists or the greatest compliment is
where I am going?
                                              city’s future.                                                        Twenty-five         to have their work displayed in a mu-
   Life’s very nature leaves us vulner-
                                                  Alas, I cannot                                              faculty members           seum. For the next few months, our
able to every breeze and raindrop.
                                              rework past po-                                                 will have their           fellow classmates and professors will
Therefore, it seems impossible to                                                    april Schulhauser
                                              litical decisions.                                              work displayed un-        have their creations on display in the
make an accurate observation of any                                                  Asst. Features Editor
                                              Yet I do prideful-                                              til Jan. 3, 2010, ac-     MOCA for all to absorb.
earthly item until it has completed its
                                              ly commend the                                                  companying Robert            So, here we are. Not really close
                                              relatively recent                                               Motherwell’s work,        to the beach, or downtown, or the
   To find out where you’re going, you
                                              absorption of                                                   a collection of ab-       river, just conveniently located in the
first have to know where you are. The
                                              the Museum of                                                   stract expressions        middle of nowhere. Thankfully we’ve
best way to see where you are is to
                                              Contemporary                                                    with encrypted            expanded our borders to MOCA,
critique where you came from.
                                              Art by our ever-growing university A .       messages and revolutionary ideals.           broke out of our “1 UNF Drive,
   This is the dilemma I faced whilst
                                              little bit of gas money later, students         UNF art and design Professor John         Pleasantville.” Maybe we don’t know
standing and reminiscing in the
                                              need to take advantage of their new          Hutcheson learned from and worked            where we’re going next, but that’s just
same room previous UNF students
                                              “cultural resource.” After all, we paid      with Motherwell before his passing.          the beauty of life. We can only go up
had come to for class decades be-
                                              for it, didn’t we?                           Hutcheson explained the mystery be-          from here.
fore. There had been an idea thrown
                                                  As MOCA rushes to include the            hind many unique markings themed
around in the past to move part of                                                                                                                          E-mail april Schulhauser at
                                              UNF Osprey in their logos, this city’s       throughout many of Motherwell’s
our university’s campus to down-                                                                                                           
                                              largest university is finally finding its pieces.
town Jacksonville. Imagine the
                                              way on our map of downtown...’bout              He created his own secret language,

                                                                      LETTERS To ThE EDIToR
Fredrickson’s corner                                                                      UNF nature trails
Dear Editor,                                 increasing off shore oil drilling;           Dear Editor,
   I have been reading the Spinnaker                                                         over the years the Wildlife              with nature in a peaceful environ-
                                             should Crist do nothing or should
since my freshman year at UNF for                                                         Sanctuary has received many ques-           ment. It is not intended as a recre-
                                             he attempt to generate revenue any
one prominent reason. Local newspa-                                                       tions about why bike riding is not al-      ation area, although passive, non-in-
                                             way possible? Even in the piece on
pers tend to focus on local issues that                                                   lowed on the nature trails. of course,      vasive activities (like hiking, kayaking
                                             Ted Kennedy’s passing, Fredrickson
are not covered by large press com-                                                       this is a legitimate question for           and bird-watching) are allowed.
                                             takes time to demean conservatives
panies and high power news outlets.                                                       students to ask when they are look-            Third, professors and students use
                                             while praising a bi-partisan senator.
This is why I find every article written                                                  ing for fun things to do on campus.         the Wildlife Sanctuary for conducting
by Josh Fredrickson in the Discourse                                                      however, the Wildlife Sanctuary is          research, and as an outdoor class-
                                                Fredrickson is 3/3 of liberal regur-
section to be laughable. Is the                                                           primarily a research, education and         room. allowing bikers to ride on the
                                             gitation, is he going to make it 4/4
Discourse section an open forum for                                                       low-impact recreation area. Thus,           trails would certainly disrupt ongoing
                                             and make The New York Times proud.
Fredrickson to assault conservatives                                                      there are a few issues to consider          biological research.
                                             Please Spinnaker for all your readers,
on a large range of issues from their                                                     concerning bike riding on the nature           Lastly, the construction of the trails
                                             give the full page article assignments
political agendas to their personal                                                       trails.                                     are not designed to handle bikes.
                                             to the other Discourse writers. They
lives while offering zero constructive                                                       First, the trails are here as a sanc-    Consider blind spots, and the poten-
                                             offer interesting information and
criticism or insight into the reasoning                                                   tuary for wildlife in a primarily urban     tial danger bikes pose to anyone,
                                             opinions that actually seem to be
behind their political actions?                                                           area. at UNF we are very lucky to           including children and the elderly,
                                             independent thought as opposed to
    Is he going to offer fact-based in-                                                   have approximately 900 acres of di-         hiking on the trails. Moreover, we
                                             same brain washed trash talkers.
formation or any citing in his “work”?                                                    verse Wild Florida habitat. as the city     often have school groups ranging
                                                Sorry Fredrickson, maybe you
In his most recent article, Fredrickson                                                   of Jacksonville grows, the habitats         from 60 to 100 walking the trails.
                                             should take your own advice and get
slams Gov. Crist by blaming him for                                                       for animals shrink. hence, all of us in     also, bikes cause serious erosion to
                                             “some extra tanning” outside, where
all of Florida’s economic problems.                                                       the UNF community should do what            the nature trails. and our funding can
                                             you might see not everyone is as far
    Perhaps Fredrickson should explain                                                    we can to help protect the Wildlife         only support repair to boardwalks
                                             left as you are.
how Charlie Crist solely is responsible                                                   Sanctuary for future generations of         and foot trails. If you have any more
for defaulting home loans and drop-                                                       plants and animals.                         questions please give the Wildlife
                                                                       ryan richardson
ping real estate prices.                                 Junior, mechanical Engineering      Second, the Wildlife Sanctuary is        Sanctuary office a call at 620-5951.
    he also mocks Crist’s efforts to                                                      a place for UNF students and the sur-
stimulate the failing economy by                                                          rounding community to get in touch                              UNF Wildlife Sanctuary

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     The Spinnaker welcomes all columns        with a contact number for verification      pear online at The        not necessarily reflect the opinions of
  and letters to the editor.                   purposes.                                   Spinnaker will not honor requests to        Spinnaker staff or the university.
     All student submissions must include        No anonymous submissions will be          remove online content, including               The deadline for columns is Friday
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Wednesday, sePtember 23, 2009                                       ExPRESSIoNS                                                          Page 13

           Entertaining Osprey chases comedic dream
           Benjamin Wallis showcases his comedy troupe’s work with over 100 YouTube subscribers

                                by josh fredrickson              — and comedian Demetri             getting a lot of people’s stuff
                                senior staffer                   Martin as some of his influ-       out there, but it’s almost a
                                                                 ences. Though Wallis has           win-lose proposition because
                                   When he’s not serving up      been interested in comedy          there is so much out there
                                the ethereal sustenance of       his whole life, he first began     that it fades into the white
                                the Jacksonville Beach hall-     writing and performing skits       noise, ‘cause it’s over-satu-
                                mark Angie’s Subs, senior        near the end of his senior         rated,” Wallis said.
                                philosophy major Benjamin        year in high school.                  Though Wallis may find
                                Wallis is searching out come-       Wallis and Eric Dennis are      the     information     super-
                                dic stardom.                     the mainstays of BabyGuys,         highway to be an imperfect
                                   Wallis has written, direct-   which has been around for a        conduit for delivering his
                                ed and starred in Internet       little over a year, Wallis said.   punchlines, he says there
                                videos as part of the sketch     Several of Wallis’ friends         aren’t many other options
                                comedy troupe, BabyGuys;         round out the performers in        for a would-be comedian in
                                does stand-up comedy; and        BabyGuys’ videos, including        Jacksonville.
                                was cast in commercials for      an appearance from local am-          “There isn’t much to do
                                Krystal’s and the Florida        bient rock virtuoso Jonathan       in Jacksonville, not many
                                Lottery, among other multi-      Berlin of the Sunbears!            strong clubs,” he said.
                                media ventures, he said.         (formerly      of    Bernard).        Wallis graduates from UNF
                                   “You know how some par-       BabyGuys has over 100 sub-         in December and plans on ac-
                                ents make their kids become      scribers on YouTube and            tively chasing his dream — he
                                doctors or lawyers? Well, my     their most popular video — a       has already secured the ser-
                                parents are making me be-        shout-out to youth ministers       vices of an agent.
                                come a comedian,” Wallis said    called “Youth miniStarZ”              You can check out Wallis’
                                   Wallis has been interested    — has registered more than         work on YouTube or MySpace
                                in the funny biz for as long     35,000 views.                      by searching for BabyGuys.
                                as he remembers and hopes           “[YouTube] is a platform        Don’t hesitate to tell them
                                to someday make a living         which we have a lot planned        what you really think.
                                out of making people laugh.      for in the next year or two, as       “We love to hear feedback,
                                “When I was growing up, my       we will be posting a lot more      as long as it’s positive and
                                dad would watch [Saturday        videos,” Wallis said.              everybody loves it,” Wallis
                                Night Live] with me. That’s         While the Internet pro-         said.
                                actually my ultimate goal [to    vides a relatively cheap and
                                become an SNL cast mem-          efficient vehicle for joke-ped-
                                ber],” Wallis said.              dling practitioners, it isn’t                E-mail Josh Frederickson
                                   Wallis listed current SNL     exactly a problem-free pana-
                                cast member Andy Samberg,        cea for aspiring comedians
                                writers Jorma Taccone and        struggling to find an audi-
                                Akiva Schaffer — who col-        ence, he said.
                                lectively comprise the com-         “YouTube is great, and the
                                edy troupe The Lonely Island     Internet is responsible for
    Page 14                                                                           ExPRESSIoNS                                                         Wednesday, sePtember 23, 2009

Spinnaker gives away tickets to Decemberists’ show
The latest release by alternative rock band sends uniform music into the air
by kim nelson                                                                                                     can’t skip to a track arbitrarily on   their rather 2D album.
assistant neWs editor                                                                                             this one like on “Her Majesty” or         Now on to the good part — The
                                                                                                                  “Picaresque.” Each track, in an        Spinnaker will be providing a stu-
   You know when a fresh-faced                                                                                    individual sense, beholds some         dent (plus one) with the chance to
child, purely innocent, gets                                                                                      weakness, they just don’t seem to      witness the group sink or swim in
burned by the world’s malicious                                                                                   stand strong on their own. Every       our grand ticket give-a-way!
side in some fashion — per-                                                                                       song has the same air, the same                        E-mail Kim Nelson
haps a broken heart — and then                                                                                    emotions, the same sounds.         
they’re just never the same?                                                                                          Although Colin’s idiosyncratic
Their simple qualities turn                                                                                       sea shanty vocabulary mirrored
complex — their air of sunshine                                                                                   that of previous albums (serious-          The gist: There will be a
turns gray and jaded, their dy-                                                                                   ly, where did he learn of subjects     two-hour window Friday,
namic grows big and strong.                                                                                       like “barrow boys,” not in high        Sept. 25 from 11 a.m. to 1
   Well, the Decemberists weren’t                                                                                 school English, that’s for sure),      p.m. when you may swing by
exactly a child, but they used to                                                                                 their musical delivery reflects        The Spinnaker’s office in the
taste like summer, and in their                                                                                   that of quasi-metal and progres-       Student Union Building 58E,
latest album “The Hazards of                                                                                      sive rock — if you will — laced        room 2209.
Love,” I can hardly detect even                                                                                   with super muddy guitar riffs,             You’ll be asked to com-
one dried-up strawberry seed.         Two ospreys could snag a chance to catch Colin and crew in St. Augustine.   eerie strings and boulder-like         plete some lyrics from a ran-
   In the spirit of the Portland-                                                                                 percussion. Another obvious ad-        dom Decemberists song, and
based group’s Sept. 29 show with      questions answered, I cannot re-       that it would be better as a rock    dition I must mention would have       if you’re the first to get up
Laura Viers at the St. Augustine      lay the descriptive specifics of the   album. The album takes listeners     to be that of some major guest vo-     there and finish the words
Amphitheatre, we thought a            upcoming show’s set(s), theater        through a scene-by-scene account     cals including Shara Worden of         successfully, congratulations;
preview would be appropriate.         props or Query’s opinion of an         of dense, whimsical, spine-chill-    My Brightest Diamond and Jim           the tickets are all yours.
However, the morning I was sup-       Osprey, so I’ll just stick to com-     ing archetypal love involving a      James of My Morning Jacket.                This is going down in a
posed to interview bassist Nate       menting on their latest album.         beautiful woman, a shape-shifting        Hoping for magnificent props,      first-come, first served basis.
Query his manger called and              “The Hazards of           Love,”    young man, an evil rake and a be-    full costume and make-up and           E-mail      features@unfspin-
claimed that Query was just too       released March 24, is the              grudging forest queen.               hopefully pyrotechnics (maybe if you have any
worn out for a quick phone Q&A        Decemberists’      fifth    album.        Obviously their most concrete     I’m shooting too high, but I love      questions prior (except which
and decided to cancel the interview   Initially intended to be a musi-       and conceptual album to date,        fire), I’m betting the live execu-     songs are being quizzed;
with the measly “college paper.”      cal production, frontman Colin         it only really makes sense when      tion of “The Hazards of Love”          that would just be cheating).
   Not being able to have my          Meloy realized halfway through                                     .
                                                                             experienced in its entirety You      will be more substantial than

   Wednesday, sePtember 23, 2009                                                          ExPRESSIoNS                                                                                         Page 15


                              Thursday, Sept. 24
         four squared exhibition, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., bldg. 2, art gallery                                                           Monday, Sept. 28
   robert motherwell: Lost in form, found in Line, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., moCa                           Celebrations of Women in the arts film festival, 8 p.m., bldg. 58W, auditorium
  art of teaching: Unf art design faculty showcase, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., moCa
     Unf opera ensemble — school show, 10:30 a.m., robinson theater
                        Poetry night, 8 p.m., boathouse
             savage Love Live, 8 to 9:30 p.m., bldg. 58W, ballroom
                                                                                                                                    Tuesday, Sept. 29
                                                                                                      decemberists concert (contest available), 7:15 p.m., st. augustine amphitheater
                                                                                                                  Library exhibit: faculty and staff Publications 06-09,
                                  Friday, Sept. 25                                                                         special Collections reading room
                    safety abroad, 2 to 4 p.m., bldg. 58W, rm. 3806
                     friday Lounge, 2 to 4 p.m., bldg. 9, rm. 2507
                                                                                                                                 Wednesday, Sept. 30
                               Saturday, Sept. 26                                                                        market day, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., bldg. 58
          Healthy osprey Heart ‘n sole Walking team: start! Heart Walk,
                                                                                                                   Quit smoking now, 12 to 1 p.m., bldg. 3. rm. 1201
                           8 to 11 a.m., metro Park
                                                                                                            UPd semi-annual auction, 11 a.m. to 12 p.m., student Union Plaza
          naba seminar, 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., bldg. 58W, rm. 3601
                                                                                                              Unlocking your Potential, 3:30 to 5 p.m., bldg. 58W, rm. 3605
                                                                                                             Women empowerment group, 6 to 7:30 p.m., bldg. 3, rm. 1201
                                Sunday, Sept. 27
       access Church service, 10:30 to 11:45 a.m., fine arts Center, Lazzara
                   french film, 3 to 5 p.m., bldg. 50, rm. 1202

Horoscopes by The Spinnaker Sisterhood of the Celestial Skylines
                     Polish up them specs, Ar-                       Remember the smell of                             Gem, according to The                                 So that spat with your
                     ies. Make sure you keep                         a fresh pack of crayons,                          Weather Channel, skies                                old-time bud is due to
                     your eyes peeled extra                          Taurus? Let that same                             are gonna be downright                                smooth over in just a few
                     thin-like this week. Take                       waxy, vibrant creativity                          stormy this week. Invest                              days, Cancer. The key in
                     a harder look at those                          take hold of this week’s                          in some stylish galoshes                              this situation is caving
                     ripples in the St. Johns                        reigns through your                               to help you better romp                               — or at least the illusion
                     River next time you’re                          laundry list of mundane                           around in the porary ponds                            of caving. Although you
                     crossing the bridge (that                       chores. Try tossing a                              sure to form around cam-                             might be feeling rather
 March 21 - April 19 is, if you’re a passenger,    April 20 - May 20 sock-full of lavender or         May 21 - June 21 pus. If you decide to go            June 22 - July 22 steady in your previous
                     we don’t want to go ad-                         some other pleasantly                              against the whole rain                               stance, you need to toss
                     vocating any car crashes                        odoriferous bits in with        boots gig, perhaps a poncho is more up              that aside and act like you don’t care. Or
here). You might just catch the tip of the        your clothes whilst drying. Try galloping          your alley No poncho? OK. Fine. Cut some
                                                                                                                 .                                       rather, tip-toe around the sore subject
horn of a majestic narwhal or some other          down the produce aisles in Winn-Dixie.             slits in the side of a garbage bag and maybe        and just go for a hug.
creature from below. Magic is afloat.             Maybe adopt a bike whistle to accompany            a head hole. Good luck.
                                                  your morning commute. Add some flair to
                                                  your routine.

                   Vitamin up, Leo. Your                              Lawn work might not                                Night driving can be relax-                        Have you been harness-
                   shaky, pansy immune                                be the top of your pops,                           ing, for sure. Try cruising                        ing all of that primo focus
                   system is a bright red tar-                        Virgo, but maybe this is                           your neighborhood with                             of yours on just one prob-
                   get for intercepting some                          the time for you to get                            your windows down and let                                    ,
                                                                                                                                                                            lem lately Scorpio? If you
                   grotesque virus courtesy                           a-raking. Take hold of                             your hair blow beneath the                         struggle over one problem
                   of a slobbered-on water                            a gardening project and                            blanket of stars, Libra. Get                       too long, your outlook will
                   fountain this week. It prob-                       nurture some Floridian                             your mind to reflect the qui-                      become stale and stagnant.
                   ably won’t be anything as                          flora into fruition (or just                       et calm of the moon-soaked                         Break up brainstorming
 July 23 - Aug. 22 irksome as H1N1, but even       Aug. 23 - Sept. 22 try to say that five times      Sept. 23 - Oct. 22 asphalt    twisting    down      Oct. 23 - Nov. 21 sessions with occasional
                   a serious case of ferocious                        fast). Make buddies with                           some rural highway; nag-                           catnaps and apple juice
sneezing could leave you in the dust as far       the earthworms. The simple act of tend-                                ging concerns will sit on       reflection periods. Maybe wander around
as classes and social responsibilities go.        ing to an everyday project like this will          hold for a moment. Just be sure to crank up         your neighborhood for a bit and breath
Load up on your citrus intake. Scurvy is          keep you grounded in at least two ways.            something more acoustic-y and mellow as             some outside air. Not only will it refresh
on the loose, sailor.                                                                                opposed to creep-out death metal. Unless,           your point of view, it’ll help keep you in tip-
                                                                                                     of course, that’s more your jam.                    top physical shape.

                    Lost the pep in your step,                        Give up, Cap. The foxy boy                        Stop beating yourself up                             “I live for the weekends”
                    Sag? So it’s not that lack                        or girl you’ve been chasing                       over the past, Aquarius.                             is more than just a T-shirt
                    of somethin’ somethin’                            all over this puddle-ridden                       Relationships end for a                              slogan, Pisces — it’s your
                    in your life adding some                          campus totally isn’t worth                        reason. And it’s a sci-                              motto. Carry it on by liv-
                    drag to your waltz? Right.                        it. Trust us, if you do fi-                       entific fact that as soon                            ing it up Friday morning
                    Ever try socks? They work                         nally snag the attention of                       as you break things off                              through Sunday night and
                    wonders for protecting your                       this gorgeous creature, you                       with someone, they im-                               be certain to not leave any-
                    precious heels from un-                           will find what we already                         mediately appear sexier.                             thing out because before
  Nov. 22 - Dec. 21 sightly and tremendously        Dec. 22 - Jan. 19 know is there — a totally       Jan. 20 - Feb. 18 Especially if they are            Feb. 19 - March 20 you know it, Monday morn-
                    painful blisters. Don’t be                        empty noggin. All they are                        already parading around                              ing will arrive and life will
                    ashamed of your cotton                            is a shell of hotness. Some                       with a new slice. Keep in        suck again. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen,
foot-protectors, either. Choose something         lusts are better left a fantasy  .                 mind that at one point, this was exactly            or your school week will be more miserable
bright to peek from your shoesies.                                                                   what you wanted.                                    than usual.
    Page 16                                                                         ExPRESSIoNS                                                          Wednesday, sePtember 23, 2009

Mothers nurture artwork, gallery showcases their
Artists’ children contribute to their pieces, celebrate fall gallery opening
by emily hartfort                     years old, ran, jumped, yelled      perspective,” displaying artist       features a series of three large oil      The works range from oil
ContribUting Writer                   and rolled around under the ta-     Ashley Waldvogel said. “It’s all      paintings of her daughter, who         paintings to collages, photo-
                                      ble, making for a fittingly loud    about them and being confront-        adorned the images of herself          graphs to shadow boxes. The
   Chaos. Romping, boisterous,        and lively occasion.                ed with that constant change,         with bright-colored “nail polish”      clever creators incorporate fire
perpetual chaos. Not exactly the         Between dishes, laundry, gro-    and trying to hold on to this,        and Japanese cartoon characters.       engines, berries, greeting cards,
typical mood for an art gallery.      cery shopping, preparing food,      here, now.”                              UNF junior and graphic de-          cut-up children’s art, the ABCs,
But maybe that’s because an art       driving the kids around and            Time is not the only battle        sign major and gallery assistant       etched glass and much more.
gallery isn’t a typical place for a   all the other responsibilities of   these mothers face, they also         Barbara Georges was busy serv-         The art is not only fun for the
gaggle of rugrats.                    motherhood, these four remark-      struggle with the idea of perfec-     ing wine and beer (for free) to        eyes to play with — it gives the
   The first UNF Gallery of Art       able women somehow found            tion.                                 the guests.                            mind a more tangible encounter
opening was Sept. 17 this semes-      personal time for creativity.          “We all want to be perfect            “I like the concept of mother-      with the hectic and miraculous
ter, featuring the works of four         “I paint on the weekends         mothers to our children,” art-        hood as a subject,” Georges said.      nature of existence.
artist-mothers from Savannah.         and sometimes in the morn-          ist-mother Melinda Schawel            “It is almost excluded in art.”           The exhibition will be on
The subject of their exhibition       ing,” Linette Dubois, one of the    said. “But that is an impossible         Travis Flack, a UNF senior pho-     display until Oct 16. in the
“Four Squared” focuses on their       artist-mothers said. “I have to     task. We have to recognize and        tography major, also showed his        University Gallery, Building 2.
experiences making art amidst         squeeze it in whenever I can.”      accept our imperfections.”            appreciation for the exhibition.
the madness of raising young             Having their time so divided        Artist Atsuko Smith not only          “They have a very different                       E-mail Emily Hartfort
children — all of which were in       has taught these women a lot        chose her five-year-old daugh-        approach to portraying similar      
attendance. The seven children,       about living in the moment.         ter as her subject but also as her    lives,” Flack said. “It is a very
ranging in age from two to five          “It puts time in a different     collaborator. Smith’s exhibition      eclectic mix of styles.”

                                                                                              details his struggle with the evil inside him and sychophant glorification of The
                                                                                              Bible. Perhaps the most disturbing thing about this song pumping through your car
                                                                                              when it’s just you is the unarguable honesty and urgency in Johnston’s voice. If you
                                                                                              totally can’t duck this song whilst driving alone at 3 a.m., make a serious effort to
                                                                                              miss the last 20 or so seconds when he positively sobs, “SATAN! SATAN! SATAN!” It’s
                                                                                              impossible to drive with a settled stomach after that.

                                                                                                    “The End” by Nico
                                                                                              Originally a Doors tune, Nico stretched the song to a whopping nine-plus-minute
                                                                                              epic. It details a really dismal, nightmarish apocalypse (so it makes sense that it was
                                                                                              used in the “Apocalypse Now” film score) and some guy murdering his dad and raping
                                                                                              his mom. Cheerful, right? This German model-person really nails the sinister air of
                                                                                              it during her legendary June 1, 1974 performance (from her album “June 1st, 1974”
                                                                                              with Kevin Ayers, Brian Eno and John Cale) with her ethereal, brooding vocals and
                                                                                              suggestive harmonium. Apparently Doors fans totally hate this cover, but it really is
                                                                                              quite good under any other circumstances than the previously mentioned one.

                                                                                                    “Fresh Blood” by Eels
                                                                                              Pipin’ hot from their latest release, “Hombre Loco,” E and crew brew up a tale of
                                                                                              blood-suckers with funky percussion and loungey guitar licks. Normally, this one
                                                                                              would qualify as an absolutely killer dance party number, but should you find your-
                                                                                              self on your own navigating the already-malevolent streets of Arlington under next-
                                                                                              to-no streetlights, resist the urge to pump it. Trust me. The foreboding synthesizers
                                                                                              pulsating like nervous hands on a stick-shift have quite the knack for yanking your
                                                                                              imagination in all the wrongs ways ... all the way home.

       Top Five Ditties to Dodge
                                                                                                    “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” by Iron Maiden
      Whilst Driving Alone at 3 a.m.                                                          Metal can melt your face off, everyone knows that, but what about its ability to make
                                                                                              you pee your pants? Oh, check. Iron Maiden brings you teetering to that point in the
   An acquaintance in high school once told me, “If a song I could see myself dying to        13 minutes and 45 seconds it takes for this rocking saga to engage your full peripheral
comes on while I’m driving, I shut it off immediately This thought has swam through           through both driver and passenger windows (don’t forget the windshield, too, Ace).
my noodle for many moons now, and I still retain the notion that he was onto something.       Roughly a third of the way into the song, the dueling guitars from Hell drip away in
There is certainly a set of songs to avoid listening to whilst behind the wheel. And then     a sizzling cymbal fade, and then, a voice that a coworker describes as “the voice of
there is a set to evade whilst cruising solo-style in the obscenely early morning. You know   Satan” seeps in reciting whispered, terrifying accounts of “lumps.” And then the op-
the feeling a few pipe organs or a growl hops each hair follicle to attention on the back     era — I mean, the mariner — sets sail again down the ink-black waters of the Spooky
of your neck while you’re snaking through dark, desolate streets? Yep. For whatever rea-      Sea and hopefully never during your nighttime commute.
son you might find yourself meandering roadways at such an unholy hour stag — well,
regardless, the same feelings are likely to be evoked. Lucky for you, I decided to save
you from this creep-out scenario by arranging a bouquet of Top Five Ditties to Dodge
Whilst Driving Alone at 3 a.m. (or Whilst Being Home Alone While Your Roommates Are                 “What’s He Building in There?” by Tom Waits
in Portland and Your Cat Has Tendencies to Stare at Nothing for Way Too Long) in the
most philanthropic way Plus, Halloween’s coming up and this is kind of scary stuff ...        I will be the first person to tell you that Waits is a mad genius, pretty much brilliant and
yeah? In semi-random order, you must avoid:                                                   perfect in every way. In addition to his phenomenal songwriting, he can sure whip up
                                                                                              a good spoken-word narrative ... which is exactly what this is. Waits’ crackly voice ac-
                                                                                              companied by only sparse piano and found noises like ambient kazoos, creaking boards
      “Don’t Play Cards With Satan” by Daniel Johnston                                        and field recordings curiously poking at the mystery of a sleuth neighbor, particularly
                                                                                              what he’s building in there. Definitely don’t dare to rattle this one if you, like Sir Waits,
                                                                                              have peculiar inhabitants cowering suspiciously in your neighborhood.
We already all know Johnston is a little less sane than the average Joe (thanks, “The
Devil and Daniel Johnston” doc). The Austinite’s eerily and harshly strummed song                                                                                Compiled by beca Grimm.
Page 17                                                        ExPRESSIoNS   Wednesday, sePtember 23, 2009


          Roommate needed (Prefer F) share condo in
           gated community. $600 per mo. Includes all
          utilities, internet, washer/dryer, fitness center/
                   pool. Close to UNF and FCSL.
            The Reserve at Pointe Meadows off Gate
            Parkway. Now Available. Contact Heather
            (386) 871-5667 or

                 BARTENDERS WANTED!
               $300/ Day Potential. No Experience
                 Necessary. Training Available.
                         Age 18+OK.
                   (800) 965-6520 EXT 222

                      Room for Rent
           $420 monthly, on San Pablo. Top Floor.
             Washer/dryer, pool, fitness center.
                    Call 727-768-9599
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                            Recipe Rave: Garlicky Garlic Hummus
                            A quick, cheap how-to on crafting a delicious yet healthy nosh

 by lianne bronzo                                cucumbers, carrots or crackers. You can
 ContribUting Writer                             get creative by spreading it on a bagel or
                                                 whole wheat toast for a hearty breakfast.
                                                    In America, hummus can be found in
    Hummus is a traditional dip descend-         the deli section of grocery stores for about
 ing from the Middle East. Its popular-          $4 for a small tub of Sabras or Athenos
 ity has increased internationally and the       hummus. As a college student and pro-
 dish is consumed by people around the           fessional penny pincher, I make my own
 world. Consisting of mostly garbanzo            hummus for less than one dollar a pop.
 beans, hummus is a nutritious snack that        This fool-proof recipe is doable for even

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                EriK TaNNEr|SPiNNaKEr
 is high in protein, iron and fiber. It’s also   those who always manage to set some-
 a healthy alternative to fattening spinach      thing on fire while cooking. Whip up a
 or ranch dips. Hummus is mainly con-            batch of hummus five minutes before a
 sumed as a dip for pita chips, pita bread,      pot luck party and you’re golden.

                                                                                                    Enjoyed warm or cold, hummus is a great alternative to high-calorie cheese dips.

Garlicky Garlic Hummus                           Equipment:                                         Tips:                                              your Sabras addiction, smooth out the tex-
                                                 Food processor                                        This recipe is flexible and fun to ex-          ture with a bit more olive oil. Try out soy
Ingredients:                                     Can opener                                         periment with. Roasted red peppers, arti-          bean or canola oil, too, as they’re pretty
1 can of garbanzo beans (aka chick peas)                                                            chokes, sun-dried tomatoes and jalapeño            good at smoothing these situations over.
2 tablespoons lemon juice                        Process:                                           peppers are some other popular twists                  If you want to avoid vampires or peo-
2 tablespoons tahini (found in most grocery        1. Peel garlic and toss it into the food pro-    easily executed. You can also experiment           ple trying to give you smooches, use gar-
stores in the ethnic food aisle and in Indian    cessor. Flip the switch and let the process        with a variety of spices and herbs such            lic olive oil. Mmm, garlic.
grocery stores for cheap in bulk)                pulverize it a bit.                                as cumin, cayenne pepper, basil, cilantro              Be sure to stir the tahini prior to scoop-
¼ teaspoons salt                                   2. Drain about ¼ cup of juice from gar-          or oregano.                                        ing out those tablespoons. Like natural
2 cloves of garlic                               banzo bean can into food processor. Dispose           I opt out on the olive oil because I            peanut butter, the natural oils separate.
Parsley (a sprig or so should do the trick)      of the rest of the juice.                          prefer my hummus to be coarse and full
2 tablespoon olive oil (optional)                  3. Add the rest of the ingredients.              of texture without the added calories. If
Garlic powder (optional)                           4. Blend until smooth.                           you want to attempt to imitate the Sabras                                                          E-mail Lianne bronzo
Lemon pepper (optional)                                                                             brand hummus to inexpensively satisfy                                             

Review: Little Theatre Jacksonville volunteers keep drama theater alive
Age-old San Marco theater demonstrates “The Importance of Being Earnest: a Trivial Comedy for Serious People”
by april schulhauser                   kicking, despite economic times.                                                                                                                               ,
                                                                                                                                                                                        19th century yet Tracy Olin man-
assistant featUres editor              Instead of reenacting scenes from                                                                                                                ages to wear two hats as costume
                                       "Grease" and "Annie" like the                                                                                                                    designer and box office manager
                                       Alhambra, Theatre Jacksonville                                                                                                                   for Theatre Jacksonville.
    To work for free, you must pos-    caters to a more mature, pensive                                                                                                                    However, not all UNF students
sess a true die-hard passion for the   audience who can appreciate, for                                                                                                                 enjoyed this particular produc-
end result you expect. And when        example, the subtle wit and cyni-                                                                                                                tion. UNF senior psychology
you love what you do, it exemplifies   cism of Oscar Wilde or even origi-                                                                                                               major Brecken Baggs has been
itself through excellence.             nal dramatic literature by local                                                                                                                 involved with drama and theater
    Perhaps this is the secret         playwrights.                                                                                                                                     for over a decade.
of     distinction   for    Theatre        Undoubtedly there is much to                                                                                                                    "I kind of expected more from
Jacksonville, a volunteer-based        be learned from bouncy, fire-head-                                                                                                               community theater, more from
community theater whose quality        ed Annie, but a more intellectu-                                                                                                                 their acting," she said, mentioning
productions have kept the crowds       ally exhilarating performance is                                                                                                                 examples of actors turning their
coming back since the first cur-       usually more appealing to univer-                                                                                                                backs to the audience and an inad-
tain-rising in 1938.                   sity students.                                                                                                                                   equate background set.
    Based in the heart of San              Directed by George Ballis, the                                                                                                                  All students can attend the fi-
Marco, proudly boasting the title      current running production until                                                                                                                 nal dress rehearsal for main stage
"Little Theatre" above its entrance,   Oct. 4, "The Importance of Being                                                                                                                 productions for $2. Regular ticket
Theatre Jacksonville's mission is      Earnest," by Wilde is the opti-                                                                                                                  prices begin at $20 for students
to "create opportunities for com-      mal example, proving that when                                                                                                                   with an ID, and student "rush tick-
                                                                                                                                                                 PHoTo | TyLEr NormaN

munity participation in theatre        something is good, it will endure.                                                                                                               ets for $10" are available the day of
artists," according to its Web site.   As Wilde's biting and radical dra-                                                                                                               the performance on Thursdays and
All productions are the epitome of     ma survived centuries, Theatre                                                                                                                   Sundays.
community involvement as many          Jacksonville, founded in 1919, is fol-                                                                                                              Thanks to their production part-
working hands come together, cre-      lowing suit.                                                                                                                                     ner, the River Branch Foundation,
ating a performance where less             Overflowing with satire and                                                                                                                  Theatre Jacksonville remains
than perfection is never an option.    double entendres, this comedy            Theater Jacksonville offers an alternative to the now-defunct Alhambra.                                 Florida's longest running commu-
    Since the surprise suspension      depicts the story of two men who                                                                                                                 nity theater, featuring their 90th
in August of all performances by       lead a double life and blame their       actors, one in particular deserved       self-righteousness, perfectly suiting                          season of productions.
the Alhambra Dinner Theatre,           escape from social obligations on        roses thrown at her feet before the      her character.                                                    With continued donations and
Jacksonville traditionalists have      alternate personalities.                 curtain took its final fall: Harolyn         The set design was simple, yet                             volunteers from Jacksonville lo-
few options left when desiring to          From their Sept. 18 performance,     Sharpe who played Lady Bracknell,        sufficient, focusing the audience's                            cals, this Little Theatre's curtains
break free of the mundane din-         it was obvious the actors had medi-      the disapproving mother of the de-       attention more toward the amusing                              will continue to rise.
ner-and-a-movie date. Thankfully,      tated on and devoured their scripts,     sired Gwendolen. Her performance         dialogue and meticulous costumes.
the work of this non-profit or-        as each line was emoted clearly      ,   convinced viewers she was merely         It's almost unbelievable to think                                           E-mail april Schulhauser
ganization is keeping the tra-         precisely and most importantly       ,   living, and not acting at all, as each   one person could customize such                          
dition of live theater alive and       with passion. Out of all the talented    word was conveyed with confident         elegant fashion designs of the late
   Wednesday, sePtember 23, 2009                                                        SPoRTS                                                                                Page 19

Fans offered less free options
A-Sun TV limits viewing options to attending games, delayed or payed coverage

                                                                                                                                                                                        CoUrTESy oLE miSS mEDia rELaTioNS
An Atlantic Sun Conference cameraman watches a UNF volleyball’s match against USC Upstate Sept. 19. The A-Sun has changed the cost and coverage of the games.

by heather furey                               some major home games.                         Head said the athletics department took         casts are available to UNF students
assistant sPorts editor                           Their goal is to play all the men’s bas-    away that privilege this year, and now          through A-Sun TV. Individual games cost
                                               ketball away games, according to Osprey        home games can only be replayed after a         $5.99, or monthly or yearly subscriptions
   For those who love to breathe, eat and      TV Program Director Matt Head.                 match has already ended.                        are available for $9.99 and $69.99, respec-
watch UNF sporting events, you’re in              “A-Sun has provided us with an ac-             “A concern we had is if all the games        tively. All covered events can be viewed
luck. The away games, along with a few         count, and through that account we can         were played live, then a lot of students        at
of the home games, will be broadcast on        gain access to the games,” Head said.          might not come to the games,” Wuerth                Osprey TV is working on acquiring
Osprey TV through a partnership with           “Without a doubt, I think this will bring      said. “But we are excited about working         an off-campus channel for commuter stu-
A-Sun TV and the UNF athletic depart-          in more people to watch the games.”            with Osprey TV and having the games             dents and other Osprey fans, but right
ment.                                             Osprey TV is always available on            broadcasted. It’s just another step in          now they can only be viewed on UNF
   “We want students to come and sup-          channel 118 in the dorms. However, UNF         the rejuvenation of the athletic depart-        property. As of now, off-campus viewing
port the teams and really cheer for            Athletics’ marketing and media team            ment.”                                          can only occur through A-Sun TV.
them,” Assistant Athletic Director for         in addition with Athletic Director Lee            Osprey TV is also looking forward to             A-Sun TV will broadcast more than
Media Relations Jeff Wuerth said. “With        Moon, will decide where else on campus         bringing the UNF games back on their            100 regular season UNF sporting events
the games being broadcast, they will           students can enjoy the televised games.        network, Head said. After completing            throughout the 2009-2010 school year, in
have a home field advantage.”                  The details have yet to be finalized, but      a survey of 100 students last year, the         addition to a number of Atlantic Sun
   Certain men’s and women’s soccer            Wuerth said the athletics department           television station found that UNF sport-        Conference Championships.
and basketball games, along with volley-       and Osprey TV are thinking of hosting          ing events were considered their second             “This is especially exciting because
ball, softball and baseball will be shown      away game parties at the Boathouse in          most popular programming, and they              it’s our first year as a Division I pro-
on Osprey TV. The student television sta-      the Student Union.                             want to do anything they can to bring in        gram,” Wuerth said. “We have some re-
tion will build a schedule and will broad-        Although this year, only away games         more viewers.                                   ally great games coming up this year and
cast live any away games they choose.          will be broadcast live, Osprey TV has             If you are not on campus and want to         can’t wait to see how the men’s basketball
   In addition, Osprey TV will replay          shown real-time home games in the past.        watch a UNF match, live Internet Web            season turns out with Matt Driscoll.”

                                   When to watch?
         Continue to check for up-to-date information
         of which games can be viewable on osprey TV and a-Sun TV, as
     well as game previews and blog coverage of future UNF athletic events.


  Page 20                                                                                    SPoRTS                                                        Wednesday, sePtember 23, 2009


                heather furey                                april schulhauser                                    chad smith                             josh fredrickson
               assistant sports editor                       assistant features editor                            graphic designer                            senior staffer

   Question 1: Michael Brown, UNf’s assistant women’s field coach, won his fourth javelin title in the 18th world Masters Athletics
   Championship in finland. Do you think UNf coaches bring a lot of experience to the table?
     I plead the fifth on this question. But      They better be. Otherwise, they shouldn’t           In the end, athletes have more to gain   What kind of experience are we
     it would be nice if they brought some        be teaching our athletes.                           from their experience and make UNF a     talking about here? Experience
     food to the table, those games get                                                               better school athletically.              does not always equate to excel-
     pretty long.                                                                                                                              lence.

   Question 2: the University of florida Gators football team was able to silence the tennessee Volunteers after several preseason
   altercations between the two teams. Are the Gators an unstoppable force on their way to another national championship?
    I wish somebody would silence the Ga-         I just hope this season is more suspense-       I like the Gators to win it and hope the     I wouldn’t say the Gators exactly
    tors, they are so obnoxious. They get         ful than last, when the Gators destroyed        best for them since this is Tebow’s last     silenced the Vols on Saturday — I was
    upset when they don’t win by a mass           everyone. No one likes a bully.                 year to go out on top. However, I think      expecting domination from St. Timothy
    amount of points. I am waiting for Tebow                                                      they will have a tough fight against LSU     and Co. I do think, however, that the
    to cry when he loses this year.                                                               in two weeks.                                only team that’s going to beat the Ga-
                                                                                                                                               tors is the Gators.

   Question 3: Basketball player LeBron James recently released a book and had mobs of fans waiting and camping outside Borders for his
   autograph. would you wait hours for an autograph from your favorite player? If so, who would it be?
     Nobody is that important to wait              Definitely not. Just buy a game ticket,        Derek Jeter hands down. He is the            No. Autographs are overrated. Hugs
     outside for an autograph. The only            don’t be so cheap!                             epitome of what a sports athlete is          and handshakes are what it’s all about.
     thing I would wait in line for is a Ford                                                     supposed to be: selfless, charismatic
     Mustang.                                                                                     and most of all, clutch when it mat-
                                                                                                  ters most.

   Question 4: the Pittsburgh Pirates have not had a winning season in 17 years. Is there a point where even the most loyal fans have to
     NEVER EVER! I will follow the Tampa Bay       Pittsburgh fans need to turn their at-             You mean the same Pirates who trad-      I would imagine that it’s incredibly de-
     Lightning to the end of the earth. Hell       tention to the Steelers. 1-1 can only get          ed away all of their players to shed     pressing to be a Pirates fan, or a Royals
     will freeze over before they win a game       better!                                            payroll? Down from the 30 million        fan, for that matter. Both teams could
     though.                                                                                          they had before? The Pirates are an      be aptly described as AAAA ballclubs.
                                                                                                      embarrassment to American sports.        If you are a true fan, though, you must
                                                                                                                                               keep the faith.
                                                                                                                                                               Compiled by Heather Furey.

                                                                             ThE GoRE REPoRT

Baseball playoffs a clear but undecided picture
   As the calendar enters the last                                                                every year they are looked over                 But if you’re not the risk taker
week of September, almost all of the                                                              because they are a West Coast team           and want to bet on a favorite, the
MLB’s playoff spots are spoken for.                                  Josh Gore                    and don’t find themselves on ESPN            Phillies are the way to go. Despite
The Yankees and the Red Sox find                                     Staff Writer                 every night, like Boston or New              the fact that no player on the team
themselves back in the postseason,                                                                York.                                        has a .300 batting average, they are
while it is highly unlikely that any                                                                The Dodgers fans can chant                 clutch, and their pitching staff is
of the three teams near Jacksonville                                                              Mannywood all they want, but they            dominant.
will have an October game.                                                                        need to think twice if they think               But altogether, the difference
   Atlanta and Florida are not yet              Nonetheless, it should be interest-               they are going to get past the               maker for the Phillies is Jimmy
mathematically eliminated, but it’s             ing.                                             Phillies. Manny Ramirez is only               Rollins. If he gets on base, he can
highly unlikely they will advance;                 The hype is the Yankees are the               one player, and despite his effort.           torment a pitcher. His leadoffs
Tampa Bay has already been elimi-               team to beat. The Yankees have a                 Dodgers’ pitching will let the team           require many pick off attempts and
nated.                                          lot of talent on their team this year,           down in the close games.                      cause the pitcher to lose focus on
   The race that is really heating up           that actually has a chance to pan                   You want a longshot; here you go.          the batter.
is in the American League Central               out. Their line-up is really pick-                  The Colarado Rockies — barring                Despite the American League
Division. The Detroit Tigers are                your-poison with Jeter, A-Rod and                a miracle they will make it to the            dominance over the National
holding the surging Minnesota                   Texiera.                                         playoffs. The Rockies don’t seem              League in the All-Star Game year
Twins off by 2.5 games. The Twins                  But it doesn’t matter how many                to have much of a chance against              after year, the National will bring
have won seven of their last eight,             times the Yanks can beat the Rays                powerhouses like the Dodgers and              home the Commissioner’s Trophy
and they still have four games on               or Red Sox in a season; after next               Phillies, but anything can happen in          this season.
the road against Detroit the last               week, everyone is on a clean slate.              October. Colorado isn’t even in the
week of the season. So brace your-                 The team that is going to slip past           playoffs yet; they have a four game                                      E-mail Josh Gore at
                                                everyone’s radar is the Los Angeles                                                                       
self for that one, because I predict                                                             lead with a nine game homestand at
that the Twins will come through.               Angels. As good a team as they are,              Coors Field.
    Wednesday, sePtember 23, 2009                                                                  SPoRTS                                                                                    Page 21

GAMe of the week

UNF tries to revenge two 2008 shutouts
by john Weidner                           all three sets. The Eagles ranked          conference teams before pick-                                     VoLLEYBaLL
sPorts editor                             third in the A-Sun preseason               ing up their first conference
                                          coaches poll while UNF was                 win verse USC Upstate Sept. 19.                           Match verse last year’s #1 team
   The UNF volleyball team                ranked seventh.                            However, last year, UNF proved
will have a chance to prove they              “I haven’t had a chance to             that the team’s pace can change
can compete with one of the               do my scouting for them yet,               quickly when they opened A-Sun                             GaME DaY INFoRMaTIoN
best teams in the Atlantic Sun            but we’re definitely going to              play with four straight wins, but
Conference.                               be doing a lot to prepare for              then finished the season with a
   The Ospreys will take on the           them,” UNF Head Coach Kevin                9-11 record in the A-Sun.                                           • UNF Arena @ UNF
Florida Gulf Coast Eagles, who            Campbell said. “They may have                 “The girls leading this team                              Sept. 26, 7:00 p.m. vs. Florida Gulf
finished the 2008 season with             lost a few key players from last           have been on 4-21 teams before                                         Coast University
the best record in the A-Sun (18-         year, but that doesn’t mean                without a chance to play in the
2), Sept. 26 at the UNF Arena.            that’s a good thing.”                      post-season,” Campbell said.
Although the Eagles finished                  At time of publication FGCU            “They are determined to help                                     WhY To WaTCh?
last season at the top, they were         holds second place in the A-Sun            lead the team to its highest po-
not able to compete in postsea-           standings with a 6-6 overall re-           tential.”                                                  • Watch the Ospreys play against last
son play because they are still           cord, while UNF is in eighth                                                                                    year’s top team.
in the process of transitioning           with an 5-6 record overall this                        E-mail John Weidner at
to Division I.                            season.                                                           • Instead of seeking vengence against an
   Last year, UNF fell to the                 UNF started off A-Sun play                                                                    enemy or ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, take out
Florida Gulf Coast twice in               slow this year, dropping their                                                                  your frustations for last year’s losses at the game.
A-Sun play — both times losing            first three matches against

woMeN’S SoCCer

Ospreys only fare well against one breed of Bulldogs at UNF Tournament
by heather furey                                           UNF wasn’t the only team to make things
assistant sPorts editor                                happen as the Bulldogs scored a goal in each
                                                       half. The first goal was on a call Hamilton
    The UNF women’s soccer team came out of            would say was offsides as a Citadel player
the Hampton Inn Ponte Vedra Showcase with a            crossed over the top behind the Osprey defense
record of 1-1 but not by a lack of an intense fan      into the net. The second goal was followed by
base.                                                  three consecutive shot attempts on goal. The
    Win or lose, the Ospreys had a dedicated           ball finally penetrated the goal with persis-
crowd of up to 500 fans at each game this week-        tence from the Bulldogs.
end. In the match against Mississippi State, a             Another Osprey to score against the
group of young girls had large posters with the        Bulldogs was freshman forward Michele
letters UNF in bold writing and waved them             Larrinaga, with a shot off of a deflection by the
around. At times they even ran in the bleach-          Bulldog’s goalie. The third UNF goal was set up
ers to make sure their team knew they were be-         by Swift and handed off to junior midfielder
hind them. Two days later in a match against           Lauren Maze later in the second half.
The Citadel, all you were able to see is a sea of          “This match was a great confidence builder
umbrellas on the blazing hot day    .                  as we move into conference play next week,”
    “I am very proud of the way the team played        Hamilton said.
throughout the tournament. We were able to                 The not-so-favorite part of the tournament
turn things around for us later on in the week-        for UNF was the game against the Mississippi
end,” Head Coach Linda Hamilton said.                  State Bulldogs, as they lost 1-0 Sept. 18.
    Of course the young fan base wouldn’t have             UNF had a strong defensive line in the first
missed day two either, yelling “Go Ospreys”            half as the Bulldogs were unable to put points
as the team walked off the field with a win.           up on the board. Trapping the ball and control-
Coming out of game two with a 4-2 win against          ling it in the air was a good component UNF
The Citadel Bulldogs Sept. 20 at Hodges                had throughout the game.
Stadium, UNF gained some much needed con-                  “I don’t see this as a loss. It was a great game
fidence.                                               from both teams, and it was aggressive on both
    Early in the game, things were out of the          sides,” Hamilton said.
ordinary in the back for the Ospreys as sopho-             A player who really showed up to win was
more goalie Brittany Hahn led her team while           goalie Rachael Howard, as she made numerous
first string senior goalie Rachael Howard sat          saves to keep UNF in the game. The Bulldogs
out with a minor injury    .                           had six shots on net and six corner kicks in the
    Senior forward Katelin Swift also led her          first half alone, keeping Howard wide awake.
team on the field, as she scored two goals in the          One of the saves was against Bulldogs for-
first half. The first goal involved sliding the ball   ward Kat Walsh’s breakaway as Howard slid at
through the Bulldog’s defense into the goal,           her feet and stole the ball. Howard threw her-
and the second goal was off of a header from           self on top of the ball many times to prevent
senior midfielder Kristin Rhodes.                      the Bulldogs from adding points to their score.
    “It was really exciting to score two goals             Even with Howard’s efforts, however, just
this game,” Swift said. “The team’s main goal          minutes into the second half the Bulldogs
is to work hard at making it to conference.”           managed to take an early lead with a shot on
    UNF played well as a team throughout the           goal just inching past Howard’s reach. UNF
                                                                                                                                                                                                       EriK TaNNEr | SPiNNaKEr

match as they made constant opportunities for          was unable to even the match out for a win.
each other to score, such as give-and-gos down             UNF will now begin their conference play
the field and crossing the ball across the net to      and go head-to-head with the East Tennessee
open players waiting to take a swing at the ball                                               ,
                                                       State Buccaneers in Johnson City Tenn. Sept.
for a goal.                                            26.
    “I love winning, and I’m proud of the way
the team played on this hot day Hamilton                                           E-mail Heather Furey at
said. “We really stepped up today and made                             UNF freshman defender Kathryne Husted works past a Citadel defender during a game Sept. 20
things happen.”                                                                                               in which UNF won 4-2.
    Page 22                                                                               SPoRTS                                                              Wednesday, sePtember 23, 2009

Huskies upset over USC sparks ticket sale rise
by bob condotta
tHe seattLe times (mCt)                    They had the time to do so
                                       after USC called time out follow-
   Forty-eight      hours     later,   ing a 7-yard run by Chris Polk on
as Steve Sarkisian and the             second down which had followed
Washington Huskies began turn-         a 12-yard loss on a sack of Locker
ing the page on one of the big-        on first down.
gest wins in school history, the           Sarkisian first met with
impact of Saturday’s victory           Locker and the two discussed op-
over USC continued to resonate.        tions, deciding to combine a set
University officials, for instance,    of vertical routes for three re-
said there were more than 600          ceivers with a maximum protec-
tickets season and individual          tion blocking scheme up front.
game sold from the end of the              “There were a couple of
game to Monday morning.                things they had been doing on
   “Hopefully we can keep that         third and longs we wanted to
excitement and that energy go-         hopefully take advantage of,”
ing,” Sarkisian said in his week-      Sarkisian said. “I wanted to
ly Monday news conference.             make sure we would have great
“That was something we were            protection because I knew they
hoping to get accomplished when        were going to rush the passer.
we first got going here. I now un-     We wanted to make sure we had
derstand it takes a win like this      good seven-man protection, that
to really generate that and get        if pressure came we could block
it going. I think that’s occurred      it. And then we wanted the right
now.”                                  route combination. So we were
   And if the 16-13 win over the       trying to combine two things to
Trojans truly proves to be the         make it happen.”
moment that the Washington                 Like most of the day, the ex-
program turned around, a great         temporaneous play went off
debt will be owed to a play that       without a hitch. Kearse, lined up
has no name a pass from Jake           in the slot, ran about 10 yards,
Locker that turned into a 21-yard      then cut as Locker threw. Kearse
completion to Jermaine Kearse          caught the ball and was hit al-
on a third-and-15.                     most immediately by USC safety
   The play snapped from the           Will Harris and knocked to the
UW 28-yard line with 3:03 to play      ground. But the damage to USC
and Sarkisian didn’t argue that it     had been done.
might have been the game’s most            “To be totally honest I’ve seen
important.                             it now a couple of times on TV
   Fail there and the Huskies are      since it happened and he looked
forced to punt with more than          a lot more open on Saturday
enough time for the Trojans to         when I was in the pocket than it
mount a winning drive and who          did on TV,” Locker said.
knows what happens? Once it                From there, The Drive pro-
was completed Kearse was tack-         ceeded more orderly. A couple

                                                                                                                                                                                               CoUrTESy oLE miSS mEDia rELaTioNS
led at the UW 49 the momentum,         of runs designed to take time
as well as the field position, had     off the clock and ensure USC
shifted for good. The Trojans          couldn’t get the ball back set up
spent the rest of the drive on         a third-and-2 that Locker con-
their heels, the fans on their feet.   verted comfortably with a play-
   And one that while not exact-       action scramble. Then a play
ly drawn up in the FieldTurf, the      later came another completion to
play can’t be found anywhere in        Kearse, this one for 19 yards, get-
the playbook.                          ting the Huskies into field goal
   “We kind of took parts of one
          17                           position for good.                     University of Washington back-up quarterback Ronnie Fouch (8) pumps his fist after place-kicker Erik Folk (17)
play and parts of another play to                                             hits the game winning field-goal Sept. 19 against the University of Southern California.
kind of assemble it,” Sarkisian                     by bob Condotta | The
said.                                                 Seattle Times (mCT)

CroSS CoUNtry

Esteban leads men at Mountain Dew for second year in a row
by rob moccio                          in 18th after a 14th place finish     within 20 seconds of each oth-         University who finished fourth.         coming in 14th place with a time
ContribUting Writer                    in 2008.                              er,” UNF Head Coach Mark               Before the match, VanAlstyne            of 26:01.89 and Pearce finished
                                          Esteban was followed by            VanAlstyne said.                       said he was excited to see how          31st out of the 139 runners.
   The UNF cross country team          freshman James Post who                  Freshman Shelby Kittrell            his team matched up against                The women’s team finished
left the University of Florida         placed 28th with a time of 26:33,     led the UNF women, placing in          Jacksonville because they were          in the middle of the pack last
Mountain     Dew     Invitational      followed by sophomore Josh            at 17th with a time of 18:40.34.       ranked first on the women’s side        year at the event with senior
Sept. 18 with results similar to       Brown in 35th with a time of          Freshman       Melanie    Novack       in the A-Sun preseason coaches’         Hilary Adams scoring the best
2008’s race.                           26:47, junior Will Pearce placed      placed 30th with a time of             poll.                                   time of 18:74.07 and finishing in
   The men’s team earned third         shortly behind with 38th place        19:08.44, while sophomore Erin            Last season in the Mountain          15th place.
place and tallied 125 points after     with a time of 26:55 and senior       Heasley finished close behind          Dew Invitational the men fin-              The Ospreys will travel to
finishing second in 2008, while        Sammy Palmer finished in 39th         with 34th place and a time of          ished second of the 12 teams            Tallahassee Oct. 10 for their
the women’s team improved              place with a time of 26:56 out of     19:16.50 in the 5k race.               that participated. UNF finished         next competition to participate
from seventh to sixth place post-      the 198 runners in the event.            The UNF women finished              on top of in-state rivals Florida       in the Seminole Invitational.
ing 156 points out of 23 teams.           “On the men’s side, Esteban        sixth in front of four schools in-     International University, FAMU,
   For the men’s team, sopho-          continues to be a strong leader       cluding Atlantic Sun Conference        Florida Atlantic University, USF,                     E-mail rob moccio at
more Jonathan Esteban was              while James Post had a break-         rival Florida Gulf Coast and           Miami and Florida Gulf Coast           
UNF’s top placing runner for the       out race leading the rest of          the University of Miami, while         University. Esteban placed best
second straight year finishing         the men’s pack across the line        finishing behind Jacksonville          overall for the UNF men’s team
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Ospreys pick up first conference win 3-0 over winless Spartans
by chanel stovall                               both Lerch and Read. UNF lost their lead
ContribUting Writer                             briefly but regained it with an attack by
                                                Read and assist by junior setter Jessica
   UNF volleyball picked up their first         Catelano which broke a 17-17 tie. Read fol-
Atlantic Sun Conference win of the sea-         lowed with three straight kills to spark an
son against USC Upstate Sept. 19 in their       8-3 for UNF to give them the set.
home opening match.                                After opening the third set up to a 11-11
   UNF won the battle of teams who came         tie, UNF went on a 12-2 run to put away
in winless in A-Sun play in three sets (25-     the match.
22, 25-20, 25-13), after losing four consecu-      Catelano showed her skill with a supe-
tive away matches, in which they only           rior performance, leading UNF in assists
won three sets overall.                         owning 43 of the 48 total for the match.
   The first set began with an attack er-          UNF was also led by Lerch with 18 kills
ror by Upstate middle-blocker Morgan            trailed closely by Read with 17, Catelano
Thomas which junior outside-hitter              in assist and Pridgeon with 10 digs.
Danielle Lerch and freshman middle-                Spartan     middle-blocker       Morgan
blocker Marjia Pantovic followed with           Thomas and outside-hitter Erin Jacobsen
a defensive block, earning UNF the first        tied with nine kills for the match. Other
point of the set.                               Spartan leaders were Emily Sanders,
   UNF junior middle-blocker Kaley Read         earning 27 assists and libero Megan
and Lerch attacked the ball consistently        Healey who accumulated 11 digs.
throughout the match, combining for a to-          “I am extremely proud of everyone’s
tal 35 kills.                                   performances in the today’s game. This is

                                                                                                                                                                                             miKE NaUGHToN | SPiNNaKEr
   The Ospreys never fell behind in the         the kind of game that they needed,” UNF
first set, leading by as much as five points    Head Coach Kevin Campbell said.
with a score of 22-17. Freshman outside-           UNF’s next match will be at home Sept.
hitter Paige Pridgeon tallied back-to-back      25 versus fellow Atlantic Sun Conference
kills to help give the Ospreys the first set    team Stetson.
25-22.                                                              E-mail Chanel Stovall at
   Entering the second set, UNF main-                   
tained momentum collecting the first
four points, which included kills from                                                         UNF freshman outside-hitter Paige Pridgeon returns a hit against USC Upstate in a win Sept.
                                                                                               19. Pridgeon had 10 digs and back-to-back kills to help give the Ospreys the second set.

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