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MetaProducts Inquiry Professional
              Keep important web pages forever.

              Collect, organize and view information from the Web
              on your terms, quickly and easily.
              Product Description                          Easily share collected data
              If you are looking for a way to store        Using Inquiry you can email stored
              web information (pages, images and           pages with a couple of clicks. It is easy
              other content) on your disk, so it           to convert a page into a convenient
              never expires or disappears, then            format, such as HTML Help file or MHT
              Inquiry is the right tool for you! It is     Archive (to reduce the file size,)
              integrated with the most popular             Microsoft Word or to a small executable
              browsers and its features (save,             file that includes a compact IE-based
              search or browse saved pages) are            browsing application.
              available with a single click.
                                                           For both professional and novice
              Even if the Web site stops                   users
              responding or the contents change,           Inquiry is sophisticated enough to meet
              you will be able to browse the pages         the needs of professional researchers,
              just as they were stored originally.         yet simple enough for novice users.
              You can also save web sites for              Researchers, lawyers, writers, scholars,
              offline browsing with the help of the        professors, students or just the casual
              AutoSave mode - when it is enabled,          shopper will all find Inquiry just the tool
              all pages you browse will be                 they need to collect, store and manage
              automatically stored in a special            any type of Internet information.
              folder in Inquiry.                           Inquiry eliminates the concern that
                                                           information on the Internet today will
              Inquiry stores various Web files:            be gone tomorrow – it puts control of
              entire web pages, selected text and          the Internet files in your hands.
              images, Shockwave Flash clips and
              many others. It can import                   Fast storing
              documents from your Favorites and            Inquiry stores pages much faster than
              export them to various formats to            the regular Internet Explorer Save As
              share with friends and colleagues.           feature.
              Forget cumbersome open and close
              dialog boxes. Managing your stored           Instant search
              pages is quick and easy.                     Inquiry allows you to quickly search in
                                                           all collected pages and displays the
              Simple to store web pages                    search results in a separate tree folder,
              You access Inquiry simply by clicking a      allowing you to view them. It is also
              button on the MS Internet Explorer           easy to organize your stored items as
              toolbar or Inquiry Sidebar. A single click   you wish, divide them by theme and
              saves the page you are currently             purpose, sort in the order you need
              browsing, or your selected text or           using drag & drop or using standard
              images. You can choose to display or         ordering methods.
              hide the Inquiry Sidebar by selecting
              the Internet Explorer Toolbars menu
              entry from the View menu and then
              selecting Inquiry Bar.
                                                Typical using scenarios:

                                                        Teachers, Researchers and Writers. Do you study remotely and need
                                                        to have all necessary information on your local computer? Inquiry will help
                                                        you gather Internet pages and articles for your assignments and work with
                                                        them offline. Using Inquiry, you can save all citation and reference
                                                        information, and design your own reference styles to be stored with each

                                                        Shoppers. Are you searching for the best price of a product on the
System requirements:                                    Internet? Catalog and store all the pages you have found and review them
                                                        later at your leisure. Inquiry can help compare products and prepare
• Microsoft® Windows 98,                                reports and presentations.
  Windows Millennium Edition,
  Windows 2000, Windows NT®                             Sales, Marketing and Public Relations professionals. Inquiry makes
  4.0, Windows XP or Windows                            it easy to save and organize Web site information on competitive products
  2003.                                                 and services.
• 64MB of RAM, or the minimum
  memory required to run
  Windows                                               Legal Professionals. Using Inquiry, you can organize and store
• 5Mb of available hard-disk space                      information from government sites as well as research sites such as
  + space for stored web pages                          Westlaw and Lexis.

Related products:                                       Students. Are you studying for a test or doing research for one of your
                                                        classes? Inquiry provides a fast and easy way to find, save and analyze
• MetaProducts Inquiry Standard                         the information you need--when you need it.
                                                MetaProduct Inquiry allows:

                                                    •   Very fast storing of web page or its selected part
                                                    •   Add custom comments, keywords and other information to each page.
                                                    •   Search for specified keywords in the stored pages text, comments, etc.
                                                    •   Edit pages visually to remove unwanted banners, menus, etc.
                                                    •   Save Web site pages using Inquiry’s AutoSave feature. Once AutoSave is
                                                        enabled, every page you browse will be automatically saved in a special
                                                        folder called “AutoSave” for later viewing or offline browsing.
                                                    •   Export a page or a whole folder to HTML Help (CHM), MHT, Compressed
                                                        EXE viewer or a collection of HTML pages.
                                                    •   Send a stored page by E-mail or transfer it to MS Word.
                                                    •   Use citation information for the selected Web page. You can enter its
                                                        elements (Author, Title, Editor, etc.) to get a prepared reference in four
                                                        predefined styles - MLA, APA, Chicago and CBE.
                                                    •   Select multiple saved pages in Inquiry Professional Edition and print them
                                                        with a single command. No need to browse each page separately in order
                                                        to print it!

                                                For more details about MetaProducts Inquiry Professional Edition, visit

MetaProducts Corporation
702 Berrocales de Avila
Tampa, FL 33613 USA

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