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					                                         OHIO STATE COUNCIL

                          Bucke ye jonquil

                                                                                           Volume 70, issue 1
                                                                                               August , 2011

Kathi silvey, president
What a wonderful time            working hard to make                                                    Inside this issue:
we had at the Interna-           sure everyone has a
                                                                                                  Installation/Easter Seals         2
tional Convention! It sure       great time in the after-
does get me excited              noon. Of course I will put                                       Circle of Life/Chaplain           3
about our upcoming               my twist on a morning of                                         Membership/Education              4
year. With ideas about           Leadership.                                                      Chapter/ Foundation               5
membership growth, fun           So, I really hope every-                                         OSC September Meeting             6
meetings and work-               one can make it to Lead-                                         MARC Meeting                      7
shops, Hope for Heroes           ership so we can all ―Kick
events, St. Jude ideas and                                                                        ESA/ MARC                         8
                                 Up Our Heels in ESA‖
much more.                       together!
I hope everyone is get-          Love and Laughter,
ting excited about get-
ting together in Septem-         Kathi
                                                               Kathy Silvey, Flag Cere-                    OSC Officers
ber for Leadership. I
know Gamma Kappa is                                            mony at IC Convention                Kathy Silvey, President
                                                                                                    Sandy Lackey,
                                                                                                    1st Vice President
                                                                                                    Mary Lykins,
S a n dy L ac k e y, 1 s t V i c e P r e s i d e n t                                                2nd Vice President
It looks like plans for our     uled for September 24 at      iar faces this coming year at all     Brenday Meyers,
upcoming gatherings             the Good Shepherd             of our events.                        Corresponding Secretary
are going to be just as         Church. I have to side        Don‘t forget to let us all know       Kathleen Sewer,
fun and exciting as last        with Kathi that we are        of any events your chapter is         Recording Secretary
year. . . the only excep-       both scared of perform-       planning so we all can partici-       Elaine Harrison, Treasurer
tion being that Kathi           ing to past expectations.     pate. I know there is a large
                                                              group of ladies working on            Kim Roman, Parliamentarian
Silvey is going to be our       However, maybe we
‖leader.‖ She is such a         both can bring new light      both the Dayton Walk and the          Shirley Krcmar, Editor
                                                              Cincinnati Walk (Florence Mall)
fun loving person to be-        and excitement to the                                               Judi King, Jr. Past President
                                                              being held in November, more
gin with that it all reflects   group and we both             details to follow.
on how much fun we              promise not to let you
will actually have.             down.                         Here‘s to kicking up your heels
                                                              with ESA and a fun filled year
Our Fall Council Meet-          I hope to see a lot of new    ahead.
ing/Leadership is sched-        faces as well as our famil-
PAGE 2                                                                                                 BUCKEYE JONQUIL

Ohio state council installation
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 Judi King, Elaine Harrison, Brenda Meyers, Mary Lykins, Kathi Silvey, Mary Lackey, Kathleen Seewer, Kim Roman, Shirley Krcmar

The 63rd Annual Ohio State Coun-              chapters and to honor members for
cil Convention was held at the                their years of service, etc. The rep-
Drawbridge Inn, Kentucky on May               resentatives from We Care ex-
20, 21 and 22, 2011. Our honored              pressed appreciation for support
guests were Judy Huntley, Interna-            from ESA chapters.
tional Council Senior Past President          Judi Grefer conducted a lovely cere-
and Brenda Meyers, Midwest Area               mony installing the officers for the
Regional Council Past President.              coming year. President, Kathi Silvey
Convention is the time to celebrate           tells us to ―Kick Up Your Heels With
all the accomplishments of the                ESA.‖

K ay w e n t z e l , e a s t e r s e a l s
I hope you are all surviving this un-         one or two young people to camp            the donations for Easter Seals Camp
believable heat!! It is brutal!!              for a week next year.                      to her area. Thank you for these
I‘m looking forward to September              Think about it and                         contributions from chapters and
and am anxious to discuss Camp                plan to give me                            individuals. I know the campers
Hope with all of you. It costs $600           some good sugges-                          were glad to receive them.
to send one child to Camp Hope                tions at the fall meet-                    Continue to collect your old
and this seems a bit much for one             ing.                                       phones, computer cartridges, etc.
chapter to do. I am hoping we can             I would also like to                       for Cartridges for Kids.
get some ideas on how, as a state,            say thank you to                           See you in September, Kay
we could manage to maybe send                 Shirley for once again transporting
VOLUME 70, ISSUE 1                                                                                            PAGE 3

Madeleine Kurzynski, Circle of Life
 When is the last time you looked         Convention we will count the           the monies collected will go to our
 under your couch cushions? Do            change and declare a winner. Of        k i d s   a t     S t .   J u d e .
 you realize that you could have a        course you can make this chal-
 small fortune on your hands? Well                                               So start lifting up those seat cush-
 start looking now because this                                                  ions and get to work.
 year we are having our first "Loose
 Change Chall enge for St .                                                      This will be an exciting year because
 Jude.‖ There are many different                                                 of the walk for St. Jude in Novem-
 sources to find loose change such                                               ber and new ideas that our junior
 as your car, your pockets (any                                                  coordinator, Teresa Stewart will
 body's pockets will do ), bottom of                                             share. If you have not met Teresa,
 your purse, and the list goes on.                                               please introduce yourself in Septem-
                                                                                 ber. St. Jude has made a big impact
 I will be supplying containers to                                               in her life and I am sure she will be a
 save your loose change at the Sep-       lenge as fun as you want. Include      big asset to our kids.
 tember Council Meeting.         At       your friends and family as well. All

J oa n fa r a b e e , c h a p l a i n
Hello Ohio ESA!                          tive belief OR ―dip‖ from their         daily. I challenge you along with
In June we had a wonderful, en-          bucket by saying more negative          Kathi, to become the ultimate en-
gaging planning meeting at our           remarks. The following are five         courager and ―bucket filler.‖
President‘s home, Kathi Silvey.          strategies to use to ―fill a bucket.‖   Please email me with all of your con-
Kathi‘s theme, ―Kick Up Your Heels       1) Prevent Bucket Dipping-try to        cerns and celebrations. Hopefully
With ESA‖ is one of encouragement           make 5 positive interactions for     with all of our bucket filling, we will
and ―paying it forward.‖ As Kathi           ONE negative                         in turn see many celebrations this
said many times during the plan-         2) Shine a Light on What is Right-      year not only in ESA, but in our per-
ning meeting…‖making people feel            focus on what is right, no mat-      sonal lives as well.
important is what ESA is all about.‖        ter how small                        I do have three celebrations to share
And, of course, in fun, ―Cinderella is                                           at this time. On May 26, our Shirley
proof that a single pair of shoes can    3) Make Best Friends-fill a person‘s
                                            bucket in your first interaction     Krcmar welcomed into the world
change a life.‖ If you were not                                                  her great grandson, Noah Anthony.
there, I can assure you, you truly       4) Give Unexpectantly-even         a    As well, our Judi King welcomed her
missed an event!         With those         smile will work                      great grandson Kale on June 15.
thoughts in mind, I would like to                                                Our Monica Eck is happy to report
share with you a book about en-          5) Reverse the Golden Rule-Do
                                            unto others as they would            that her son, Jonathan, is getting
couragement and ―paying it for-                                                  married on February 11, 2012 to
ward.‖                                      HAVE you do unto them.‖
                                                                                 Christine Gillenwater in Ft.Myers, FL.
Keeping in line                                           According        to
                                                          Daniel      Kahne-     Also, please continue to keep Joan
with     Kathi‘s  ..the book “How Full is Your Bucket?”                          and Bill Peddicord in your thoughts
desire to en-                                             man, a Nobel
                  is a wonderful example of how we can    Prize-winning sci-     and prayers as Bill‘s cancer has
courage people                                                                   spread. Words of encouragement
constantly, the   indeed change a person’s positive       entist, we experi-
                                                          ence       approxi-    would surely be appreciated at this
book ―How Full                                                                   t         i      m        e       .
is Your Bucket?‖                                          mately      20,000
                                         moments every day. Wow, that is a                Love      and      hugs,
is a wonderful example of how we                                                          Joan
can indeed change a person‘s posi-       lot of opportunities to fill buckets
 PAGE 4                                                                                           BUCKEYE JONQUIL

 Sandy fuller, membership
 A new year is about to begin and          friendship and respect for our fel-
 I‘m looking forward to hearing from       low members.
 you as to what plans you have to
 increase your membership!                  Please put recruiting of new mem-
                                           bers as a top priority in your chapter
                                           and help ESA to grow, grow, grow!
                                           If there is anything I can do to help
                                           you achieve your goals, please let
                                           me know! I look forward to hearing
                                           from you as to what your ideas are
                                           and how I can help you achieve
 We have a great opportunity to            success!
 invite new friends into our wonder-
 ful circle. ESA has so much to add
 to each person‘s life both through                                                  Two things you can never have too
                                                                                     many of: Good Friends and Good
 commitment to wonderful philan-
 thropic projects and the real gift of

  S h i r l e y k rc m a r , a s s o c i at i o n o f t h e a rt s
 We have a new category this year          You just need to think of one thing       sword, curl your tongue up, do
 and it gives every member an op-          you do well and you have an entry         body painting, etc.
 portunity to express their talents.       as a talent.                              Of course, the same old categories
 ―ESA Ohio‘s Got Talent‖ and you             Some possibilities are: baking, gar-    are available too: Visual Art, Litera-
 need to start think-                                             dening,    sing-   ture, Photography, Music and
 ing about it right                                               ing, playing an    Crafts.
 now so you can be    “ESA Ohio’s Got Talent” has a new           instrument OR      Remember, Kathi will be pleased
 ready to ―show       category that will work for all members of  surprise     me    with your participation and I will be
 your stuff‖ at con-  Ohio State Council.                         with an ability    ecstatic!
 vention in 2012.                                                 to swallow a

   K at h y s o lt, e d u c at i o n a l d i r e c to r
Sisters, I know you have exciting          If you want to simply e-mail your             Webmaster Judi Grefer
programs planned for the year. We          monthly report, that would be fine.
(as in your Ohio State Sisters) would      At least let me know your theme or        The Ohio website has been updated . .
                                                                                     . esaohio.org
certainly like to hear about them.         programs that have been planned.
                                                                                     Please send some new pictures to post.
                                           We all love to share good ideas.          Also, if you are a chairperson with a
                                                   Kathy Solt                        form on the website, now is the time to
                                                                                     review it and let me know if there are
                                                                                     any changes.
VOLUME 70, ISSUE 1                                                                                               PAGE 5

Chapter news
Beta Psi                                   Mary Cox, Teresa Stewart and Judi       Thank you to the Ohio attendees for
                                           Grefer attended the International       their help with the School Supply
I was trying to think of something
                                           Council Convention in Overland          Project at the convention. The pro-
clever to say but failed to come up
                                           Park, KS in July with glittering ruby   ject was a huge success and I know
with anything, so I‘ll just say it . . .
                                           slippers for the St. Jude Munchkin      the children in need in the state of
                                           March. (It was HOT there too!) We       Kansas will be very thankful as they
Beta Psi, along with the other Cin-        had a great time along with the rest    begin the year with a backpack filled
cinnati chapters, has been meeting         of the Ohio attendees and enjoyed       with supplies. Also, I know Teresa
to plan the first Greater Cincinnati St.   just hanging out together.              was very proud and honored to pre-
Jude ―Give Thanks Walk‖ to be held                                                 sent Ohio‘s St. Jude contributions at
at the Florence Mall on November                                                   the banquet. Considering the large
19. We are very excited to once                                                    projects we have lost during the past
again have an opportunity for a                                                    couple of years, Ohio did GREAT!
large St. Jude fundraiser in the Cin-
                                                                                   Other than that, the Beta Psi mem-
cinnati area and have enjoyed work-
                                                                                   bers are enjoying (or will be enjoy-
ing with our new ALSAC rep, Alicia
                                                                                   ing) the usual summer vacations and
Buren. All ESAers, family members
                                                                                   activities while trying to stay cool. We
and friends are welcome to work on
                                                                                   hope all of you are doing the same.
planning the project, work at the
walk or to form a team to walk. If
you are interested in participating,                                               See you all in September!
please let me know.
                                                                                           Judi Grefer, President

E S A F o u n dat i o n N e w s
B r e n da M e y e r s

Congratulations to the three out-
                                           two scholarships:
standing Ohio students who won
scholarships this year:                    $750 awarded to Kathryn Krebs,
                                           Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.
Jackie Young Honorarium General
Endowment—$1,000 awarded to                $750 awarded to Crystal Riley,
Sarah Mallory, Russells Point, Ohio.       Maysville, Missouri.
Ohio State Council/Nancy
Waymire Memorial Endowment—
$500 awarded to Amanda Young,
Wooster, Ohio.
Parr Family Memorial Endow-
ment—$2,000 awarded to Pamela
Mills, Cincinnati, Ohio.
The MARC Endowment awarded                 ESA‘s grand total of $9,142,732
                                           was presented to St. Jude at our
                                           International Convention in July.        Theresa Stewart presents Ohio‘s
                                                                                          $63,491 for St. Jude
                                                       ESA Ohio State Council Meeting
                                                                       Hosted by Gamma Kappa

                                         Date: September 24, 2011
                                         Location: Good Shepherd Church, 8815 E. Kemper Road,
                                                   Cincinnati, OH 45249
                                         Time: Light breakfast at 8:30am, Meeting begins at 9:00 am
                                         Registration Cost: $20.00
                                         Lunch & Charming Charlie Fundraiser: 12:00 pm – 2pm.
Prepare to be ‗Charmed‘ by your Gamma Kappa sisters! Members of Gamma Kappa will provide
transportation to the nearby Deerfield Towne Center shopping center where you can grab a bite to
eat at one of the many restaurants in the complex. (Panera, Claddagh Irish Pub, Jimmy John‘s subs,
Qdoba, McAllister‘s Deli are a few examples of the great places to eat!) Please note lunch is not in-
cluded in the council meeting registration. When you are finished with lunch, you can make your
way to Charming Charlie to participate in the fundraiser benefiting each of OSC philanthropic pro-
How does this ‗Charming‘ fundraiser work? Your council meeting registration fee includes a wrist
band that allows you 20% off Charming Charlie merchandise- it is that easy! Simply register for the
meeting and you are on your way to supporting Multiple Sclerosis, JDRF, & The Cure Starts Now!
Cake will also be provided by Charming Charlie!
For those not familiar with Charming Charlie, it is a fashion accessory boutique that provides afford-
able and color coordinated jewelry, handbags, scarves and belts! Their website is
There will also be a state treasury raffle held at the church.
                     ESA Ohio State Fall Council Registration Form
Name of Chapter: ______________________ Number of Attendees:________
Names of Attendees: ____________________________________________________________

Amount Enclosed:__________________

Please send to: Monica Eck, Gamma Kappa Treasurer, 8940 Charleston Creek Dr.
              Mason, OH 45040
Directions to Good Shepherd Church:
Take I-75 or I-71 to I-275 East. Take Exit #50- US-22/OH-3 toward Montgomery/Morrow. Turn right
off exit onto Montgomery Road. Go about a mile then turn right onto E. Kemper Road. Good Shep-
herd Church will be on your right a little more than a half mile down the road at 8815 E. Kemper Rd.
OHIO STATE COUNCIL OF                                    Where the spirit of caring and sharing
EPSILON SIGMA ALPHA                                      lives in every member. . . .
Shirley Krcmar, Editor
4096 Watercourse Drive
                                                         EPSILON SIGMA ALPHA INTERNATIONAL
Medina, Oh 44256                                         “ESA came into being in 1929 because a group of women
                                                         felt the desire to learn, grow and serve together—and they
                                                         did something about it! In the small town of Jacksonville,
             We‘re on the Web
                                                         Texas, they began meeting as a group, seeking the way to
                                                         best fulfill their dream.”
                                                         Today Epsilon Sigma Alpha (ESA) International is still “a
                                                         special organization-an organization that is truly defined
                                                         by the hearts of its members.” “Through ESA, men and
                                                         women of all ages, backgrounds, and interests are united
                                                         by the desire to make a difference in the lives of others-as
                                                         well as their own.”
                                                         Check out our website and share it with your friends

Treasured memories of marc
Midwest Area Regional Conference          The installation of officers and din-   Sunday morning a Celebration of
will be held October 14-16, 2011 in       ner on Saturday evening rivals the      Life is held. This is a meaningful
the Doubletree Hotel, 10 Brickyard        same outstanding activities at the IC   time to remember members who
Drive, Bloomington, Illinois, All         Convention.                             are no longer with us.
Ohio ESA members are also mem-                                                           Brunch and a short meeting
bers of MARC so plan to attend this                                                      end the Sunday program
event with members from the ten                                                          and you are on your way
other states and guests from across                                                      home with your ―Treasured
the country.                                                                             Memories of MARC‖ includ-
On Friday, great workshops are                                                           ing time spent with new
planned for you by Joyce Reed,                                                           friends and friends of many
Workshop Coordinator. The busi-                                                          years from other states.
ness meeting will be held Saturday                                                       Check your reMARCs news-
and then you‘ll want to explore the                                                      letter for hotel information,
Marketplace. Booths at the Market-                                                       registration and travel infor-
place give you a chance to shop for                                                      mation or go to the MARC
special gifts for Christmas, birthdays,                                                  website but don‘t miss this
secret sisters, etc. The Friday night                                                    special event in your ESA life.
Mixer will seem like party time.
                                                 Was this just last year????

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