BRAZOS VALLEY COUNCIL OF GOVERNMENTS
                                  December 1, 2010 1:30p.m.
                          3991 E. 29TH ST., BRYAN, TEXAS 77802

Members Present                                       Guests Present

R.B. Alley, Fire Chief City of College Station        Dwight Mathis, DPS
David Bagley, Burleson County EMC                     Mike Pishner, EMC
Dawn Baletka, Navasota ISD                            Rick Dysart, BVCOG
Jim Barker, So Brazos Co Deputy Fire Chief            Monica Weintraub, TAMU
Pat Bell, EMC, Leon County                            Wayne Young
Shelly Butts, EMC/911, Madison County                 Lloyd Waugh, Motorola
Jeffrey Capps, Chief of Police, College Station       Michele Meade, Deputy EMC
Gary Clendennen, Chief of Police, Madisonville        Ron Mayworm, BVWACS
Jason Katkoski, Fire Chief City of Navasota           Kristen Ely, RN, DSHS HSK7
Kevin Deramus, Directory, Washington County EMS       Roy Robison, TAMU
Ricky Boeker, Fire Chief, City of Brenham             Kathy Koppenhauer
Eric Buske, Chief of Police, Bryan                    Mark Conley, TAMU
Dan Douget, Sheriff, Madison County                   James Hutzky, Motorola
Dee Dee Ferrell, 911, Robertson County                Ivan Lindyl, Madison County SO
Mike Fincher, Constable, Robertson County
Pam Finke, Commissioner, Grimes County
Todd Greene, Captain, Grimes Co S.O.                  BVCOG Staff
Kirk Hanath, Comm., Pct 3 Washington County           Linda McGuill
Jerry Henry, EMC, City of Bryan                       Lester Bashaw
Bart Humphreys, PIO, City of College Station          Rebecca Hill
J.W. Jankowski, Sheriff, Washington County            Wendy Wills
Bill Jeanes, Brazos County                            Hope Lohse
Faith Kellar, RN, Region VII
Kenny Mallard, Commissioner, Brazos County
Chuck May, Chief of Police, Madisonville ISD
Mike McAnally, Berlin VFD Chief, Washington County
Dean Player, Commissioner, Leon County
Chuck Frazier, EMC, Brazos County
Robert Smith, Washington County EMC
Gary Waites, EMC, Blinn College
Mike Wilson, Chief Deputy Sheriff, Brazos County SO
Brian Hilton, EMC, College Station
Tommy Koontz,
Leslie Lutz, Emergency Planner, TAMU
Keith Nickelson, Commissioner, Robertson County
Lowell Ogle, Director of Public Utilities, Brenham
Bryan Ruemke, EMS, Washington County
John Simms, CEO, Scott and White Hospital, Brenham
Ronnie Stanley, Burton Fire Chief
Jerry Stover, Chief Deputy, Robertson County

The meeting was brought to order at 1:40 p.m. by Chairman Jason Katkoski. Jason asked guests to recite the
pledge of allegiance to the US and Texas flags. He then welcomed members and guests. Self introductions were

Item 4– Approval of the minutes of our last meeting of October 27, 2010: A motion was presented by Brian
Hilton to approve the minutes and seconded by Shelly Butts. Motion carried.

Item 5 – Homeland Security Update:
a) Gateway Project: All funds have been spent. All equipment has been ordered and should arrive fairly soon. A
    total of $90,000.00 was spent.
b) EAS & Videoconferencing Project: Ordered and received about $8.000.00 of software and hardware. Lance
    Parr will research how to best spend remaining $12,138.00. We will probably buy 4 or 5 radio packages. An
    additional $74,477.00 remains to be spent on the regional video teleconferencing project. Quotes we have are
    about a year old. More research needs to be done on this.
c) FY 07 Close-out Funding: Two projects have been submitted: one on behalf of the region; one on behalf of the
    City of Bryan. The regional request was for $232,000 for the purchase of 500 pagers for Fire EMS
    departments regionally. The City of Bryan project request was for regional rescue team equipment in the
    amount of $43,685.51.
d) FY 08, FY 09, FY 10 Funding: Most jurisdictions have completed their submissions for FY 08. Everything
    must be committed in SPARS by the end of December, 2010. Any remaining money needs to be spent asap.
    Nothing new to report on FY 09. FY 10 funding: More than half of jurisdictions have not gotten their sub
    recipient agreements back to the State. They are due December 3rd, 2010. EMCs will have to complete BISR
    reports on SPARS. Quarterly Reports will be due to SPARS on 1/20; 4/20; 7/20 and 10/20/2011. If reports are
    not completed you will be locked out of SPARS. Lester is working on getting Janice Bruno from the SAA to
    speak with HSAC in January or February, 2011.

Items 6 & 7: – Homeland Security Funding Update and Funding Subcommittee report: Final copies of the RFP,
applications, scoring sheets and instructions will be sent out to EMC’s before December 10, 2010. Minor changes
were made during the Funding Subcommittee meeting earlier today. The application signatures of County Judges
and Mayors are due on January 26, 2011. A motion was presented by Dawn Marie Baletka to approve the
documents and seconded by Robert Smith. Motion carried. Motion passed. The documents will be submitted for
approval at the December 8, 2010 BVCOG Board Meeting.
Application process dates:
December 10, 2010 Applications available
December 8, 2010 Documents submitted to BVCOG Board for approval
January 13, 2011 applications due to COG by 5:00pm
January 19, 2011 9:30am HSAC Funding Subcommittee meeting to view and score projects
January 27, 2011 HSAC meeting
February 9, 2011, BVCOG Board meeting to approve projects.

Item 8 – Web EOC Update: David Rogers, Executive Director, BVRAC, reported that WebEOC training will be
held December 7-10, 2010 from 9am-5pm daily. Web EOC user group will meet December 15, 2010 at 9:00am.

Item 9 – Update on Skyline Radios: Shelly Butts reported that they are still waiting on the EHC’s to fulfill
SPAR’s requirement. There was a delay due to a change in representatives with the SAA. Washington County has
submitted their disclosure. Environmental impact studies need to be completed for each EOC and tower location.

Item 10 – Child Abduction Response Team Update: Linda McGuill reported that Lt. Chuck Fleeger was awarded
National Amber Alert coordinator of the Year at the National Amber Alert Conference.

Item 11 – CERT/CCP update: Rick Dysart, BVCOG, reported that 4 teams were trained in the last quarter. One
team in Navasota, one in Leon County (the first mounted CERT Team), one in Madison County and one in
Brazos County.

Item 12 – Emergency Alert Systems Update: Previously covered in Item 5b.

Item 13 – Communications Update:
  a) BVWACS: Ron Mayworm reported that everything is moving forward. The dispatch consoles are about
     ready to come on line. A total of 3 Motorola System Technologists have worked on the systems. Brenham
     Emergency Center consoles will be cut over tomorrow, December 2nd. Brenham PD and Sheriff’s office
     mobile radios will be installed into their vehicles in the next 4 working days. Brenham Fire and Washington
     County Fire will be running fully by the end of next week. A&M’s 2 dispatch consoles are up and running.
     The third console will be installed asap. College Station consoles are in the process of being programmed.
     The City of Bryan and Brazos County will begin upgrading their existing consoles at County 911 District
     after the first of the year.
  b) RICP progress: The BVCOG Board gave approval to work with RCC Consultants. Lester Bashaw reported
     that the consultant issue remains to be solved. Mike Simpson with the State gives updates 2 or 3 times per
     month as to what the RICP is going to need. The project grows leaps and bounds almost on a weekly basis.
     The BVCOG Board did give approval to contract with RCC Consultants. The contract should be signed in
     the next 7 days.

Item 14 – Radio Inventory Update: Wayne Young, Lockard and White, reported that additional personnel have
been added to the inventory and progress is being made. He thinks they will be completed around the first of the
year. Robertson County is the only country that they have not touched on yet.

Item 15 – Hazard Mitigation Plan Update: Roy Robinson, TEEX, reported that they will be working through
December to get the draft version of the Hazard Mitigation Plan completed.

Item 16- Public Comment: Ron Mayworm reported that BVWACS is interested in participating in an emergency
exercise that heavily relies on interoperable systems.

Item 17- Future Trainings and HSAC meetings:
December 1, 2010, HSAC Meeting @1:30pm
December 6, 2010, E-grants workshop (CJD grants) @ 1:30pm
January 13, 2011, E-grants workshop (CJD grants) @ 9:00am
January 26, 2011, HSAC Meeting @ 1:30pm

Item 18- Meeting adjourned at 2:37pm.

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