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The University of Great Falls Addictions                      PLEASE CONTACT
Counseling Certificate Program seeks to provide
the opportunity for the working professional to                 Sonja Bickford, MBA
take courses leading to a certificate in addictions         Director of Continuing Education
counseling. The program is approved by the                      University of Great Falls
Montana Licensed Addictions Counselors Board.                 1301 Twentieth Street South
                                                                 Great Falls, MT 59405
The Certificate in Addictions Counseling
provides the human services professional with
                                                                   (406) 791-5389
an opportunity to deeply explore the etiology of
human addictions with an orientation toward
clinical practice. The program offers advanced
training and exposure to the ever-changing field
of addictions diagnosis, assessment, treatment,                 Dr. Karen Hendricks
and recovery. Students who have completed the          Addictions Counseling Program Coordinator
certificate program will be prepared for work in a               University of Great Falls
variety of settings: addictions treatment centers,
human service agencies, private practice and
                                                               1301 Twentieth Street South
                                                                  Great Falls, MT 59405
                                                                                                       Addictions Counseling
prevention programs in schools and communities.                    (406) 791-5337
The program is structured to meet the educational                        POST-BACCALAUREATE
requirements for state and national licensure and
to prepare students to pass the Montana state
licensure examination.
                                                                                                        Certificate Program
UNIVERSITY OF GREAT FALLS                                 ADDICTIONS COUNSELING                                             CERTIFICATE PROGRAM
ADDICTIONS COUNSELING                                     CURRICULUM                                                        COURSE SCHEDULE
                                                          Students seeking admission to the certificate program             FALL SEMESTER
OBJECTIVES                                                must have a baccalaureate degree in psychology,                   Cultural and Clinical Issues: XADC 174
                                                          sociology, social work, counseling, or related field from an      Assessment in Addictions: XADC 261
1.   Provide students with a solid theoretical and        accredited college or university.                                 Ethics in Human Services: XHSV 326
     empirical knowledge base in addictions studies.
                                                          The state of Montana has four additional requirements for         SPRING SEMESTER
2.   Facilitate student use of critical self-reflection   Licensed Addictions Counselors:                                   Addictions Theory: XADC 145
     and professional research skills in order to                                                                           Pharmacology: XADC 146
     produce counselors who are professional and          1. Applicants must meet chemical dependency/ addiction            Record Documentation: XADC 164
     ethically based.                                        and counseling education requirements. The six courses
                                                             that are required for the Addictions Counseling Certificate    FALL OR SPRING
3.   Prepare students to accurately assess,                  at the University of Great Falls fulfill these requirements.   Internship in Addictions: XADC 295
     decisively intervene and effectively counsel            The six required continuing education courses are:
     addicted clients and their families.                            • Addictions Theory: XADC 145,                         COURSE COST
                                                                     • Pharmacology: XADC 146,                              $85.00 per credit, totaling $255 per 3-credit
4.   Learn to create treatment plans, manage                         • Assessment and Appraisal: XADC 261,                  course.
     services and document a comprehensive                           • Ethics in Human Services: XHSV 326,
     treatment process for individuals and families.                 • Record Documentation: XADC 164,                      Addictions counseling certificate students
                                                                     • Clinical Issues in Counseling: XADC 174.             needing the additional academic credit
5.   Apply critical and creative thinking skills in                                                                         coursework for licensure (item #3) may
     solving problems related to the addictive            2. The state requires that applicants have completed 1,000        register for these additional courses at the
     process.                                                hours of supervised work experience. University of Great       same per credit cost rate.
                                                             Falls can assist students in locating an appropriate
WHO SHOULD ENROLL?                                           internship opportunity and students may also enroll in         For more information, please refer to the
                                                             Internship In Addictions: XADC 295, as an elective course.     UGF academic schedule at or
•    Emergent professional training for those new to                                                                        contact the program coordinator.
     the addictions field                                 3. Students intending to apply for licensure must also
•    Current professional training for behavioral            show that they have completed additional coursework
     health professionals                                    for academic credit: “human behavior, sociology,
•    Advanced level training opportunities for               psychology, or similar emphasis” for six credits,
     continuing professional development                     “psychopathology or coursework exploring patterns and
                                                             courses of abnormal or deviant behavior” for 3 credits
WHY THIS PROGRAM?                                            and “counseling” for 9 credits. UGF offers courses that
                                                             Addictions Counseling Certificate students can take to
•    Our course instructors are experienced experts          fulfill these requirements.
     in their respective areas.
•    Our program is constructed to prepare students       4. Students must also take and pass the competency
     for professional practice and licensure.                examination. UGF’s certificate program coursework will
•    Our courses are delivered in a distance format          prepare students for this examination.
     and/or an online format.
                                                          The University of Great Falls Addictions Counseling Post-
                                                          Baccalaureate Certificate program fully prepares students
                                                          for licensure.

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