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					                                                                                                                       August 24, 2011
                                                                                                                     Volume 7, Issue 16

West Nile Virus found in York Region—Georgina tests negative
According to a media release from York          management ponds if evidence of mos-          why we focus on the catch basins because
Region, three mosquito pools in the region      quito breeding is found,” Ms. Lemieux         they are a great place for them to breed as
have tested positive for West Nile Virus.       said.                                         opposed to the nuisance mosquitoes which
One pool is located at the intersection of      She is advising the public that the risk of   are woodland breeders. The reason why
Centre Street and Doane Rd. in East Gwil-       being bitten by an infected mosquito and      you see a lot of the positives (WNV tests)
limbury and two in Markham.                     becoming seriously ill as a result of West    in Markham, Vaughan and Richmond Hill
Samantha Lemieux, a spokesperson for            Nile Virus is low, but offers a number of     is because of the container breeders.”
Community and Health Services for York          prevention and protection precautions for     Mr. Mancuso explained that the recent hot
Region, says these three positive mosquito      families:                                     and humid weather experienced in York
pools are the first reported in York Region      Minimize outdoor activities at dusk,       Region in July and August has had an im-
since 2009.                                        night and dawn;                            pact on mosquito breeding habits.
“The province of Ontario has reported            Wear protective clothing                   “Hot weather plus humidity equals mos-
mosquito pools testing positive for West         Apply insect repellent                     quitoes,” Mr. Mancuso said. “We have had
Nile Virus are on the rise,” says Ms. Le-        Repair screens                             a lot of both this summer and obviously
mieux. Eighty-seven positive mosquito            Eliminate stagnant water                   the more opportunities you give them to
pools have been found in Ontario to date        Areas in Georgina, including the greater      breed, there are going to be more of them.”
this year which is higher than the numbers      Pefferlaw area, are treated annually with     The WNV is transmitted to a female mos-
reported during the same time period for        Bti and five mosquito pools here are part     quito when she takes a blood meal from an
the past four years.                            of the York Region monitoring study. To       infected bird and the virus can be passed
Ms. Lemieux says the catch basins in the        date, no evidence of West Nile Virus          on to her young, Mr. Mancuso said. Hu-
affected areas will continue to be treated as   (WNV) has been found in Georgina this         mans can contract the disease if bitten by
well as surrounding stagnant water in road-     year. The last specimen to test positive      an infected mosquito.
side ditches and public property.               here was found in Sutton in 2005.             Symptoms for WNV illness consist of fe-
York Region treats catch basins along Re-       The most common mosquito specie carry-        ver, muscle weakness, stiff neck, confu-
gional and municipal roads over the sum-        ing WNV is the Culex pipien/restuans, a       sion, severe headache and a sudden sensi-
mer months with four larvicide applica-         container breeder. According to Mr. Jo-       tivity to light. Approximately four out of
tions of methoprene.                            seph Mancuso, manager of the Vector           five people infected by WNV do not show
“In addition, the larvicide Bacillus thur-      Borne Disease Program at York Region          any symptoms of the illness at all and the
ingiensis israelensis (Bti) may be placed in    Community Health Services, the majority       risk of being bitten by an infected mos-
ditches and temporary or permanent stand-       of mosquitoes testing positive for WNV        quito and becoming seriously ill as a result
ing water pools including storm water           are found in the southern areas. “That is     is low, says Ms. Lemieux.

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    Southlake Hospital lives up to hype
    My family is pretty healthy          ence the quality health care the
    (touch wood) and I haven’t had       politicians are always touting is
    much opportunity to experi-          out there.
    ence first hand the care at          Southlake’s cardiac care unit
    Southlake Hospital in Newmar-        certainly deserves the reputa-
    ket—until recently.                  tion it has and in my estima-
    My 83 year-old father suffered       tion, they have lived up to the
    a heart attack and was admitted      core values listed on their web-
    to their cardiac care unit for       site. Of note, is this one:
    assessment more than a month         “Care with compassion—no
    ago. They discovered he              one is a number at Southlake”.
    needed a triple heart bypass but     Even though my father was
    his condition was complicated        attended to by several physi-
    by the presence of pneumonia.        cians and nurses, they all knew
    It needed to be cleared up be-       him by name and personality.
    fore they could proceed with         They had obviously spent
    the operation.                       much of their precious and
    From what I have seen, they          limited time getting to know
    left no stone unturned during        him and in addition to their
    his 30-day stay. According to        knowledge and expertise, I
    him, they threw their entire         appreciated this personal care
    testing repertoire at him—x-         and feeding of a loved one.
    rays, scans, blood tests etc. etc.   Kudos to all of you.
    He thinks he gave enough
    blood to keep a blood bank in        Karen Wolfe, Editor
    business for a year.
    I’ve heard that Southlake has a
    reputation of having one of the
    best cardiac units available in
    Ontario, if not Canada. Based
    on my father’s experience
    there, I would definitely sup-              Publisher/Editor
    port those comments.                           Karen Wolfe
    It’s a very busy place, more                 (705) 437-1216
    reminiscent of a beehive actu-
    ally. Most impressive, beyond               Advertising Sales
    the state-of-the-art computer                (705) 437-1216
    technology that keeps a pa-   
    tient’s records in full view and               Proofreader
    up-to-date for attending physi-               Nancy Koster
    cians and nurses, is the consid-         The Pefferlaw Post
    eration and patience of the                 17 Otter Cove
    staff.                                    Pefferlaw, Ontario
    You can appreciate that over                  L0E 1N0
    the past month I have spoken to            (705) 437-1216
    more than two dozen different
    health care professionals about
    my father’s condition. Each              Published on the 10th and
    and every time, each and every              24th of every month.
    one of them treated me with            The contents of this publica-
    courtesy and patience and were          tion are protected by copy-
    completely knowledgeable               right and may only be used
    about his status and test results.         for personal and non-
    I’ve often been critical of our               commercial use.
    health care system in my edito-        The Pefferlaw Post accepts
    rials—long wait times in the           no responsibility for claims
    emergency room, wasted dol-               made for any product or
    lars on tele-health and the $1               service reported or
    billion e-health scandal—so for                  advertised.
    me it was heartening to experi-
Maskinonge tests reveal low oxygen levels
According to Wil Wegman, a         person for the lobby group
biologist at the Ministry of       “Save the Maskinonge,” said
Natural Resources, results of      she is relieved to discover that
water and algae samples taken      the cause of the dying fish was
from the swampy waters of the      not the toxic blue/green algae
Maskinonge River in Keswick        bloom as first thought, but at
did not reveal the presence of     the end of the day, “we are still
the harmful blue/green algae.      left with a river that cannot
“Initial identification of algae   sustain life,” she said.
samples by the Ministry labo-      She said an overgrowth of
ratory reported it to be fila-     floating green duckweed, de-
mentous green algae and al-        scribed as a mat-type weed,
though unsightly, they do not      covers the river surface.
produce toxins. If large quanti-   And, according to Mr. Weg-
ties are found within the river,   man, a perfect storm of factors
they can also deplete the oxy-     has created the duckweed
gen levels,” said Mr. Wegman.      overgrowth.
He suggested the recent fish       “Several factors need to come
die-off which has concerned        together—typically very high
residents and a local environ-     nutrient levels, often provided
mental group, may have been        by phosphorus loading during
caused by low dissolved oxy-       warm, dry weather conditions,
gen in the water.                  combined with a river-like
“We need to collect live fish      system that has very little
from the area for proper testing   flow.”
in the lab,” he said, adding,      He said MNR continues to
these tests usually take several   work with partners like the
weeks and sometimes months.        LSRCA and government to
Ms. Debbie Gordon, a spokes-       improve the state of the river.
    Eaglewood outdoor festival gears up
    for another great year
    Armed with a line-up of Cana-      McClelland, One Hundred Dol-
    dian roots music legends, or-      lars, Brock Zeman, Alejandra
    ganizers for the Eaglewood         Ribera, David Baster, Patric
    Folk Festival are confident at-    Brealey and the Hogtown Roots
    tendees will get more than their   All-Stars, a 13 member compi-
    money’s worth in entertain-        lation of well-known Toronto
    ment.                              artists led by Sean Cotton.
    “The Eaglewood Folk Festival       New this year will be interac-
    has a long history of presenting   tive workshops offering uku-
    new and exciting Canadian          lele, zen guitar and song writing
    roots music talent—music that      instruction and a Youth Show-
    has put Canadian artists on the    case for young performers to
    world stage,” says Eaglewood       demonstrate their talent, vying
    Folk Festival president, Denise    for a chance to perform on the
    Sheedy.                            main stage.
    Performers at the three-day        The festival is billed as a
    event, which starts on Friday,     ‘family-friendly’ event that
    August 26 at the Eaglewood         includes workshops, an artisan
    Resort on Morning Glory Rd. in     village, food vendors, open
    Pefferlaw, will feature over 20    mic, song circles and jamming
    musical acts including Juno        all weekend long. “Attendees
    award winners, platinum album      are urged to bring their instru-
    sellers and entertainers regu-     ments,” says Ms. Sheedy.
    larly featured on the CBC.         Eaglewood Resort is a 90-acre
    These will include Ken             site offering camping for 400
    Whiteley and Rita Chiarelli,       and a playground, pony rides
    Luke Doucet, Melissa               and a Kids’ Town activity area.

Doors Open features lakeside community
Ten heritage sites across
Georgina’s historic lake-
shore communities will
open their doors to the pub-
lic during the 2011 Doors
Open Georgina event to be
held on Saturday, August
27. The Doors Open Geor-
gina event is being organ-
ized by the Georgina His-
torical Society in collabo-
ration with Ontario Heri-
tage Trust and the Town of
“We are inviting the public
to celebrate the commu-
nity’s heritage by exploring various his-       The Doors Open featured sites are listed
toric properties across Roches Point,           in the site map above and visitors are
Eastbourne and Orchard Beach,” said             encouraged to park at North Gwillimbury
Phil Rose-Donahoe, Manager of Cultural          Park and take advantage of the shuttle
Services at the town. “I invite residents       bus that will provide ongoing access to
and visitors alike to discover Georgina’s       each site between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm.
hidden heritage treasures and to see what       “This is the second year Georgina has
a truly unique community we livE in.”           participated in the Doors Open Ontario
Admission to each of the 10 participating       program and we are extremely proud to
sites is free and visitors will be treated to   be one of the almost 40 communities
a guided tour of some of the facilities by      across Ontario celebrating their heritage
knowledgeable volunteers and site hosts.        in this way,” Mr. Rose-Donahoe said.
    Getting medications electronically
    Getting money from an auto-      trolled by the pharmacist. It
    mated banking machine has        picks out the correct medica-
    become quite commonplace in tion, labels it, remotely pre-
    our society and strolling up to sents it to the pharmacist to
    an automated kiosk in a mall to validate and prints a medical
    renew a health card is no        information sheet. It takes pay-
    longer an oddity either. But     ment, validates the payment,
    how about an automated phar- and checks ID before the medi-
    maceutical dispensing machine cine is released,” he said.
    to fill your next prescription?  Designed for users in remote
    The PharmaTrust
    MedCentre is a remote
    pharmaceutical dis-
    pensing technology
    that allows people to
    access multilingual
    pharmacy services 24
    hours a day, seven
    days a week and it
    won’t be long before
    you see one on Geor-
    gina Island at their
    Health Centre.
    According to Corpo-
    rate Affairs Chief Ge-
    rald Gradwell at Phar-
    maTrust, these video
    dispensing machines
    will connect users
    directly to a pharma-
    cist located in Oakville A prescription drug dispensing ma-
    to have their prescrip- chine like one of these will be installed
    tion medications filled at the Health Centre on Georgina Is-
    quickly and privately. land within the next two months.
    “A patient simply
    touches the screen, inserts a    locations and for after-hour
    prescription, picks up the       dispensing service, the Med-
    phone and begins speaking        Centre on Georgina Island will
    one-on-one with the pharma-      be installed within the next two
    cist who appears on the screen months and will be one of five
    via two-way video technol-       already in Ontario.
    ogy,” Mr. Grantwell said.        “We are the first to do this
    When the prescription is in-     world-wide,” Mr. Grantwell
    serted into the machine, it is   said, adding, the machine can
    scanned and the attending        handle up to 3,000 of the most
    pharmacist receives a high       routine prescription drugs.
    definition image of the front    Although the dispensing proc-
    and the back of the prescrip-    ess is designed strictly for pre-
    tion. First time users will be   scription drugs, Mr. Grantwell
    required to provide identifica- said future generations of the
    tion to the pharmacist. The live machine could dispense over-
    interaction with a pharmacist    the-counter medications.
    throughout the dispensing        “These machines are built
    process ensures accuracy,        more securely than an ATM
    maintains privacy and simu-      with armored casings and
    lates the dispensing process at shielding,” he said. “The main
    a bricks and mortar pharmacy, point is they handle dispensing
    Mr. Grantwell said.              medications in the same secure
    “These machines are basically and systematic manner as in a
    very large robots that are con- pharmacy.”
                    Tennyson Tidbits
                                  ling College of Art and De-
                                  sign in Sarasota, Florida
                                  which she received after two
                                  years of study at the United
                                  World College of the Adriatic
                                  in Italy. Way to go kiddo!

When arborists cut a huge         Cheers to Ivan and Fran Fos-
limb from a tree facing Reta      ter who will celebrate a
Rye’s apartment in Jackson’s      golden wedding anniversary
Point, she saw a blank canvas     on August 26. Best wishes
just waiting to be filled. To     come from Mark, Karen In-
the delight of her neighbours,    gram, son-in-law Keith,
the 79 year-old, self-professed   granddaughter Kaitlyn, grand-
folk artist used her talent to    son Kyle, Kim and grandson,
paint a cardinal sitting on a     Cpl. Owen Davies. Congrats
tree branch.                      and we hope you have a great
Congratulations to Iris and
Dino Staniscia who will cele-       IN LOVING MEMORY
brate 30 years of marriage on          OF JACK RIED
September 5. Congrats you           WHO PASSED AWAY
two, and here is to many more           July 30, 1995
years of wedded bliss!
                                    Lovingly remembered by
We also want to congratulate         his wife Jeanetta, sons
Ilana Staniscia on receiving a       Robert and Ronald and
full scholarship to the Ring-            grandchildren.
                                                 Premier Splash festival “a thrill”
                                           According to “Splash”      Photos by Chantelle Cullen
                                           champion and organ-
                                           izer Annabel Slaight
                                           the first-ever water
                                           festival in Georgina,
                                           designed to raise
                                           awareness of the im-
                                           portance of water in
                                           hopes of bringing a
                                           Water Centre to Geor-
                                           gina, was a smash hit.
                                           “It was great and such
                                           a thrill,” said Ms.
                                           Slaight. “People were
                                           learning about water
                                           and having fun at the
                                           same time. It really
                                           did show what a Wa-
                                           ter Centre could do—
                                           be a combination of
                                           learning and enjoy-
                                           Ms. Slaight said she
                                           estimated no less than     Top Photo:
                                           2,000 people attended      Annabel
                                           the August 13 event        Slaight (L)
                                           on the shores of Lake      and Geor-
                                           Simcoe at De La Salle      gina Island
                                           Park.                      Elder Barb
                                           “What surprised me         McDonald
                                           the most was how           greet atten-
                                           well De La Salle Park      dees at the
                                           really stepped up as a     Water Part-
                                           wonderful place for        ners Inno-
    Pro Hardware and a whole lot more...   the festival. The am-      vation eve-
                                           bience was beautiful       ning on
                                           and it really is a hand-   Friday
                                           some place.”               night.
                                           Approximately 200          Centre Photo:
                                           volunteers partici-        The H2Orchestra, complete with the
                                           pated in the event         hydraulophone, plays to the crowd from
                                           directing visitors to      the water.
                                           activities such as         Bottom Photo: Kevin Gonsalves adds a
                                           large inflated             personal touch to a wall mural.
                                           Continued on pg 9.
          533 PEFFERLAW ROAD
                L0E 1N0
          Telephone: (705) 437-2397
             Fax: (705) 437-2638
                   Brent Shaw
              STORE HOURS
       Monday—Friday 8:30 a.m.—7:00 p.m.
         Saturday 8:30 a.m.—6:00 p.m.
          Sunday 9:30 a.m.—5:00 p.m.
says event champion, Slaight
                                                Continued from
                                                page 8.
                                                roller-balls on the
                                                water, art exhibits,
                                                musicians and ac-
                                                tivities for children.
                                                “We really accom-
                                                plished what we
                                                wanted to do and
                                                that was to let eve-
                                                rybody know that
  Steve Mann, inventor of the hydraulo-         Georgina has the
  phone, demonstrates how water is used to      capacity to do
  create music.                                 really fabulous
                                                things,” Ms.
                                                Slaight said. “I
                                                really can’t say
                                                enough thanks to
                                                the people of Geor-
                                                gina who came out
                                                in droves and
                                                helped. It was just
                                                a lovely, lovely
                                                And, she is already
                                                thinking ahead to
                                                the next Splash
  Visitors have fun trying to stay upright on   event in 2012 and
  the water inside large, transparent roller    beyond.
  balls.                                        She says organizers
                                                will continue to
                                                host the festival in
                                                Georgina every
                                                year but they want
                                                to add a location
                                                annually until ulti-
                                                mately within four
                                                years, it will be
                                                happening in four
                                                corners of the lake.
                                                “Probably we will
                                                do it in partnership
  (Left to Right) Jordan, Cyndi, Libby, Katie   with existing festi-
  and Chloe Wadds from Cincinnati demon-        vals,” she said.
  strate their skills in the craft tent.
                                                       “Forgotten Graces” on display at gallery

     **starters, beverages, desserts and taxes extra

                                                       A reception to celebrate a col-    a legacy of hundreds of
                                                       lection of 24 watercolour          sketches and watercolour
                                                       paintings and sketches by          paintings that were discovered
                                                       Charlotte Price was held at the    20 years ago in long-since for-
                                                       Georgina Arts Centre and Gal-      gotten, bound volumes at
                                                       lery on Sunday, August 21.         Lakefield College near Peter-
                                                       The collection has been loaned     borough.
                                                       by the Varley Art Gallery in       Above, Doreen Hunter from
                                                       Unionville and will be on dis-     Keswick was one of several
                                                       play until September 18.           visitors who attended the re-
                                                       Ms. Price was a 19th century       ception and examines one of
                                                       British gentlewoman who left       Ms. Price’s sketches.

                                                       Old Homestead fixed under warranty
                                                       York Region shelled out $2.4       two years.
                                                       million last summer to recon-      He said the chip and seal sur-
                                                       struct Old Homestead Rd. from      face is a cost-effective treat-
                                                       Station Rd. in Pefferlaw west      ment that was appropriate for
                                                       to Highway 48. But by spring,      that section of Old Homestead
                                                       residents were complaining         Road.
                                                       that the new chip and seal sur-    Mr. Mukherjee admits that
                                                       face was degrading at a rapid      there were potholes and minor
                                                       pace.                              deficiencies in the roadway
                                                       Pefferlaw resident, Hajnalka       when his department inspected
                                                       Hartwick contacted the roads       it this spring and says less than
                                                       department in the spring and       five per cent of Old Homestead
                                                       suggested York Region go           Rd. was affected. But he
                                                       back to the contractor and have    agreed that the five per cent
                                                       the road fixed. “There are actu-   that was affected was the sec-
                                                       ally more potholes now than        tion from Station Rd. going
                                                       before the road was resurfaced     west to Park Road.
                                                       last summer,” she told them.       “This is a very common treat-
                                                       Last week, the road repairs        ment for rural areas. It is very
                                 Life Insurance       were completed, under war-         effective and although it is a
                                                       ranty.                             little rough when it first goes
                                                       According to Arup Mukherjee,       in, over time, the way the
                                                       a Senior Project Manager for       stones and the emulsion works
                                                       the Transportation Services        is as the traffic travels on the
                                                       department of York Region, all     road it starts to settle down and
                                                       York Region road construction      it becomes smoother over time.
                                                       has a built-in warranty and Old    It just needs a little more time
                                                       Homestead was guaranteed for       to knead together,” he said.

Beaverton takes a Big Bite out of Simcoe St.                                              What is all the noise
Simcoe Street in Bea-                                                                           about?
verton was closed off                                                                  Jackson’s Point resident Sarah Morgan is
on Saturday, August 13                                                                 convinced the Town of Georgina’s noise
as family, friends and                                                                 by-law is just another weapon being used
neighbours attended the                                                                to prolong a long-standing feud between
First Annual Brock’s                                                                   her and her neighbour.
Big Bite, a festival of                                                                “This by-law is ridiculous,” she says
food set up on the main                                                                while citing a section which states
street.                                                                                “yelling, shouting, hooting, whistling or
According to Paula                                                                     singing” is deemed a “noise” and a by-
Warder, co-chair for the                                                               law infraction if it disturbs inhabitants.
event, no less than 400                                                                She recently received a warning from the
people sat down for the                                                                Town of Georgina based on a noise com-
“long-lunch” of roast                                                                  plaint regarding “hooting and hollering”
beef, roast pork, corn                                                                 coming from her property located on the
on the cob, salads and                                                                 east side of the Blue Bridge at the mouth
75 home made pies.                                                                     of the Black River.
“It was unbelievable.                                                                  According to Ms. Morgan, the “hooting
There were 70 volun-                                                                   and hollering” came from kids playing
teers and they were                                                                    and diving from the Blue Bridge and not
amazing,” she said.                                                                    her property.
The event also included                                                                “My property is used by anglers and you
street musicians and an                                                                don’t make a lot of noise when you’re
art show in the town                                                                   fishing,” she said.
hall. Featured there                                                                   Georgina by-laws officer Tom Hillis said
were works by Walter                                                                   it isn’t uncommon for neighbours who
Campbell who has                                                                       don’t get along to use the noise by-law
moved back to Sunder-                                                                  against one another. “We are in the mid-
land.                                                                                  dle of that all the time. Most noise com-
Much of the food and                                                                   plaints are based on the fact that
the organic vegetable                                                                  neighbours don’t get along but it doesn’t
table decorations were Photos by Amy O’Neill                                           change anything because we still have to
donated to the Beaver- Top Photo: Beaverton’s Simcoe St. was the setting for           deal with it.”
ton Special Events and Brock’s First Annual Big Bite—a long lunch festival.            According to the by-law, the sound of a
the Brock Economic                                                                     lawn mower after 7:00 pm or all day on a
                          Bottom Photo: Volunteering at the event were: (L to R)       Sunday, is an infraction.
Development Advisory Tamara Windsor, Danielle Sedore, Eldene Nienaber, Travis
Committee members                                                                      “The problem with noise is, it is subjec-
                          Dukelow and Christine Dukelow.                               tive,” Mr. Hillis says. “What bothers me
who co-ordinated the
                                                                                       might not bother you.” He says 98 per
event.                                     scape initiative however, no decision had
                                                                                       cent of noise infractions come from bark-
“A couple who renewed their vows at the been made at press time. But organizers
                                                                                       ing dogs and in 10 years only three noise
church brought their guests for lunch and are already thinking ahead to next year
                                                                                       by-law cases have ever gone to court. A
another family hosting a family reunion    when Cannington will host the 2nd An-
                                                                                       fine of up to $10,000 is on the books but
also attended,” Ms. Warder said.           nual Brock’s Big Bite on Saturday, Au-
                                                                                       most “get a slap on the wrist”, he said.
The monies raised could support a street- gust 12.
                       Coming Events & Announcements                                                      CLASSIFIED ADS
The Eaglewood Folk Festival gets underway      Cannington, Beaverton and the Georgina-           Eavestrough cleaning and protection sys-
on Fri. August 26 and runs until Sun. August   Brock Horticultural societies are sponsoring a   tem installed. Fast service and reasonable
28 at the Eaglewood Resort in Pefferlaw.       joint Open Gardens event beginning at 9:00                 rates. Free estimates.
Visit for info.          am on Sun. August 28. Call (705) 437-1358.               Call Eric (705) 437-4634.
Doors Open Georgina, featuring 10 lakeside     The Lake Simcoe Community Stewardship                        CONTENTS SALE
community sites, starts at 10:00 am on Sat.    Program is hosting a “Planting Trees for         Sat., September 3 — 9:00 am to 2:00 pm
August 27 and runs until 3:00 pm. Visit        Wildlife” workshop on Wed. August 31 at           Entire contents of house and garage at for details.        7:00 pm at the Udora Community Hall.              139 Roxanna Dr. in Sutton-by-the-Lake.
Momstown is celebrating its 2nd Bthirday       The Beaverton Thorah Cenotaph Restoration                        FOR SALE
with a free party to the Georgina community    Committee invites you to attend the re-              Samsung 10,000 BTU window air
at the Keswick Christian Church on Sat. Aug.   dedication of the Beaverton Cenotaph on Sat.     conditioner. Energy efficient and like new.
27 from 10:00 am until noon.                   September 3 at 1:00 pm.                                $85.00 Call (705) 437-2573.
Check out the Automotive Flea Market &         The ladies of Christ Church ACW invite you                       FOR SALE
Classic Car Show at the Sutton Fair Grounds    to their Garage and Rummage Sale on Sat.         16 ft. aluminum boat. 30 HP electric start
from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm on Sat. August 27.     Sept. 10 from 8:00 am to noon at Cayley           motor. Trailer and boat cover included.
You won’t want to miss the Art & Nature
                                               Hall. PLUS Christ Church Harvest Roast             Excellent condition. Asking $3,000.
Celebration Festival at St. George’s and Sib-
                                               Beef dinner at 6:00 pm on Sept. 17.                           (705) 426-1717.
bald Point Provincial Park on Sat. August 27 Skate Canada Lakeside will offer registration                  HOUSE FOR SALE
from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. Art work by local, for the upcoming skating season at the Sutton      Newly renovated, open concept 2 bedroom
native and off-shore artists.                 Arena on Sept. 10 from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm        home with 12x8 shed with hydro. Also with
                                              and on Sept. 13 from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.          10x10 metal shed in well maintained yard.
The Uxbridge Historical Centre is proud to
announce their 40th Annual Heritage Days      PAR Rabies Clinic will open at 10:00 am on          New 24x12 covered porch on front of
celebration on Aug. 27 and 28 from 10:00 am Sat. Sept. 17 at the Pefferlaw Fire Hall.             house. To view call (905) 806-7186.
to 5:00 pm. Their A History of Play: A Col-
                                                                                                         APARTMENT FOR RENT
lection of Vintage Toys and Collectables ex- Keswick United Church will host a Pancake
                                              and Sausage Breakfast on Sat. Sept 17 from        With balcony at 89 High St. in Sutton. No
hibit runs until Oct. 8.
                                              8:00 to 11:00 am. 177 Church St. Keswick.         smoking, no pets. Call (905) 722-3640.

                                                                                                      N 7 DA
                                                                                                SOLD I

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