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ARC ANNUAL REPORT 07 by wuxiangyu


									For more information about The Arc Project

contact Torri Dietrich, Development Director

 at The Arc Northern Chesapeake Region.

       or email
     “The Housing Market is a Boom at The Arc””
This has been another exciting year for The Arc Northern Chesapeake
Region! We're proud to share this 2007 Annual Report "From House
to Home" with you.

It was a very exciting year at The Arc with many positive outcomes to
share with you. We experienced a tremendous outpouring of support for
The Arc Project Campaign. In fact, many wonderful partnerships were
established, and we were able to raise over $429,000. This has allowed
us to completely rebuild one of our homes at cost thanks to Gemcraft
Homes, and to make major improvements to one of our homes in
Aberdeen thanks to a successful partnership with Harford Habitat for
Humanity. Both of these homes are now fully accessible and have
substantially improved the quality of life for the individuals who reside
in them. Along with this campaign, I am most grateful to many
individuals and groups who supported the “Shower The Arc” campaign. We received over $3,800 in
donations that helped us to replenish our homes with household essentials such as new appliances, and
kitchen and bath items.

On another note, I am proud to share with you that with the support of Family Services Department,
Churchville Elementary School received the Inclusion Award for their dedication to providing students
with disabilities the opportunity to participate in school wide activities. Another success near and dear to
our hearts is the Community Partners Program. Older individuals we support are now able to be fully
included in the community, and are doing things they enjoy while giving back to others. On the legislative
front, The Arc continues to be a presence in Annapolis fighting for the rights of individuals with disabilities.
The Arc continues to be on the cutting edge of providing new opportunities and supports for individuals
and families in Harford, Cecil and Kent Counties.

Our hope for the future of The Arc is to continue to explore and develop cutting edge services for the
people we support; increase the pathways program so each individual we support has their own unique
plan for a successful life in the community; plan future services that address the needs of the alarming
explosion in the number of individuals being diagnosed with autism; and continue outreach and education
about The Arc to the community.

We challenge more people to step up to the plate to serve in a leadership capacity to improve the lives
of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. We need Board Members, assistance with
fundraising, and leadership on our various committees. Our ultimate dream is to see Maryland become
an institution free state where all individuals with developmental disabilities live, work, play and pray to
the best of their abilities in a community of acceptance.

Michele Stutzer
Michele Stutzer                                    Tim Quinn
President                                          Executive Director
                       H  elping people to live a quality

                          life is at the core of The Arc’s

                                philosophy and mission.

                         The Arc Project is designed to

                          enhance the quality of life for

                             people with developmental

                          disabilities who are aging and

                               have increasing needs for

                              accessible housing so they

                                     can “age in place.”

                                 The Arc has partnered

                                 with Gemcraft Homes,

                           Morris & Ritchie Associates,

                             Crouse Construction, and

                         Harford Habitat for Humanity

                           to renovate homes that offer

                              enhanced accessibility for

                             people with developmental

                              disabilities and help them

                          achieve greater independence

                              and enhance their quality

                          of life, and renovate we did…

Dreams really have come true for The Arc!
Forming Partnerships

                        “   In addition to

                            providing home

                       ownership opportunities

                         to families in need,

                             our mission is

                             to eliminate

                        substandard housing

                         in our community.

                             Through this

                            project, we are

                            doing just that

                              and we are

                              delighted to

                         have collaborated

                              in this way

                            with The Arc.
                             Joann Blewett
                            Executive Director

                            Harford Habitat
                             for Humanity
                                      “    What started

                                          as a favor to a

                                           friend when

                                                               Building Community
                                          I was asked to

                                          volunteer for a

                                           charity event,

                                           has become a

                                           labor of love.

                                            Working on

                                          The Arc Project

                                      has made me realize

                                          how wonderful

                                       the people are who

                                      are being served by

                                       The Arc and how

                                      essential this project

                                          is to fulfilling

                                            their needs.
                                          Daniele Fleischer

                                          Lemarie Interieurs

 “I think The Arc Project
     is a wonderful idea.
The kitchen is absolutely lovely!””
           Richard Curtis
          Aberdeen Resident
“   Our partnership with

The Arc ties in with our

overall company’s mission.

Just as Gemcraft Homes

    builds dreams one home

    at a time, we are happy

to make dreams come true

    for The Arc Northern

     Chesapeake Region.

We are proud to be taking
                                  “   Scott could not be happier.

                                      His dream of being on his

     a leadership role with           own has become a reality.

this initiative by building           He loves it! And we could

    a home that will set the          not be more excited for our

     “gold standard” for           son’s chance at independence.
     housing at The Arc.
                          ”               Phyllis & Tim Baird

          Bill Luther

        Gemcraft Homes

               A dream has become a reality!
                                         “   Over the years

                                         budgetary restrictions

                                        and funding cut backs

                                          have resulted in the

                                         evaporation of monies

                                        needed for the upkeep of

                                         The Arc’s properties.

                                         The normal required

“   It feels good to be involved

     with a group and make a
                                      repair and maintenance was

                                        deferred out of necessity.
      difference in someone’s             So a true need was
     day to day life. Many of          recognized that attention
     the simple things we take              needed to be put
    for granted are appreciated           toward these homes.
         by The Arc clients.
                             ”                Jim Lambdin
           Paul Muddiman
              Principal               Lambdin Development Company
                                        Co-Chair, The Arc Project
      Morris & Ritchie Associates
      Co-Chair, The Arc Project

                A true need has been recognized.
                                                    4.5%     3.1%                                                                     3.3%
                                                                                                                    .9%                         .4%

                                                                                              FY 2006
                        FY 2007        .4%

 “   We have



     such an                                      13.7%

  outpouring of

   support from          Maryland            7,002,000         United Way            48,000     Maryland            6,767,000          United Way            92,000
                         Harford County      1,655,000         Fundraising          839,000     Harford County      1,309,000          Fundraising          287,000
                         Other Government 814,000              Interest & Dividends 539,000     Other Government 1,036,000             Interest & Dividends 355,000
   individuals,          Vocational Contracts 568,000          Other                380,000     Vocational Contracts 487,000           Other                 38,000
                         Fees for Services     269,000                                          Fees for Services     215,000
  businesses and
                                               TOTAL $12,114,000                                                     TOTAL $10,586,000
groups throughout

the community for                                                                  Expenses
 The Arc Project.
                        FY 2007

                                                                                              FY 2006

   This kind of                     2.7%             15.1%                                                                  13.2%
 support is what                                                                                                  6.5%
                                           5.6%                       43.8%                                                                   45.5%
provides the strong
                                   2.8%                23.3%                                                                    24%
  foundation for

helping people with      Supported Living 5,306,000            Foster Care        674,000       Supported Living 4,812,000             Foster Care        695,000
                         Vocational         2,829,000          Other Programs     209,000       Vocational         2,536,000           Other Programs     171,000
  developmental          Individual Support 337,000            Fundraising        323,000       Individual Support 285,000             Fundraising        201,000
                         Family Support       605,000          Administrative   1,831,000       Family Support       491,000           Administrative   1,395,000
  disabilities to                              TOTAL $12,114,000                                                     TOTAL $10,586,000
  build rich and
                                                                    Expenses by Category
 rewarding lives.

  Torri Dietrich
                    ”                                        2.8%                                                                  2.6%
                        FY 2007

                                                                                              FY 2006

Development Director

 The Arc Northern                                   26.6%                                                                25.1%
 Chesapeake Region                                                     68%                                                                    70.2%

                                   2.6%                                                                 2.1%

                                    Staff Wages & Benefits             8,243,000                          Staff Wages & Benefits               7,428,000
                                    Consumer Wages                       312,000                          Consumer Wages                         220,000
                                    Other Expenses                     3,221,000                          Other Expenses                       2,662,000
                                    Depreciation                         338,000                          Depreciation                           276,000

                                              TOTAL $12,114,000                                                    TOTAL $10,586,000
FY 07 The Arc Project                                     $1,000 AND OVER
                                                          Association Italian American Charities
                                                                                                                 Norma Fortman
                                                                                                                 Mary Hanlon
July 1, 2006 - June 30, 2007                              David Baca                                             Esther Kaufman
                                                          Mario Baca                                             Bea Kolchin & Friends
Amount Raised = $429,927                                  Baltimore County Savings Bank Foundation               Joyce Lewis
                                                          Bob Ward Companies                                     Lutheran Church of the Good Shepard
South Tollgate Road, Bel Air                              Mr. & Mrs. David Hooper                                Mom's Club of Bel Air
Sponsored by Gemcraft Homes                               Jarrettsville Lions Club                               Quest Fitness
Other Key Contributors: Shannon Brennan,                  Mr. & Mrs. Roger S. Ralph                              David Robinson Family,
Crouse Construction, Dixie Construction,                  Ravens Nest #1                                            In memory of nephew & cousin David Knox
Greater Bel Air Community Foundation,                     Diane Schmittinger                                     Jane Russell
Daniele Fleischer of Lemarie Interieurs,                  Mr. & Mrs. Randolph Shelley                            Kelly & Len Sawyer
John’s Landscaping, Kathy Jamison of                      Strakes, Roberts, & Bauer Advertising                  Zeta Schneck
Kathy’s Custom Corner, Manorview Farms,                   Mr. & Mrs. Rick Stutzer                                St. Margaret Parish
Morris & Ritchie Associates, R & W Masonry, Inc.          Welcome Home Realty                                    True Joy Ministries

Royal Oak Drive, Bel Air                                  Other major contributors
Bel Air Kitchens                                          to The Arc Project:
                                                          Barbara Adam, Patricia Adelhardt, APG Federal
Ebbtide Drive, Edgewood                                   Credit Union, Terry Bamberger, Magi Erstad-
Bel Air Carpet                                            Bostwick, Patricia Boyle, Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Breton,
Seth Marple, Eagle Scout                                  W. Dale Byrd, James G. Canatella, Inc., Carol Ann
                                                          Chase, Doug Chell, Chesapeake Environmental
Custis St, Aberdeen                                       Management, Crouse Construction, Fallston United
In Partnership with Harford Habitat for Humanity          Methodist Church, Daniel Bathon of Fidelity
Other Key Contributors: Aberdeen Rotary, Battelle,        Charitable Gift Fund, Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Giles,
Clark Turner Signature Homes, LLC, Country Garden         Mr. & Mrs. Charles Glock, Mr. & Mrs. Billy Gross,
Center, Mike Dunaway, Home Depot, Jarrettsville           Mr. & Mrs. William Hall, Sr., Gloria Halsey, Harford
Furniture, John’s Landscaping, Daniele Fleischer of       Bank, Harford Financial Group, Jan Hasselbusch,
Lemarie Interieurs, Jim Loeber, Caity Lovett, Shades of   Mr. & Mrs. Leroy A. Hess, Monya Hopkins, Phyllis
Shamrock, The Mosaic Tile Company, Jeannie Roemer,        Jackson, William Kietzman, Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Klein,
Mike Salmon Painters, Sherwin Williams, Shofer's
Furniture, Mary Trivette, Debbie & Mike Zink
                                                          Mary & Walter Lashno, Phillip Logan, D'Ann May,
                                                          Nancy McKee, Nancy McKivrigan, Sabine McKnight,
                                                          Mercantile County Bank, Paul Muddiman, Jim
                                                                                                                    “     We love to give

                                                                                                                              to projects
Media Sponsor: Harford Cable Network                      Nelson, Otenasek Communications, June Poole,
                                                          John Quinn, Riggs, Counselman, Michaels &                     where we can see
$100,000 LEVEL                                            Downes, Mr. & Mrs. David Ruigrok, Rush
Gemcraft Homes                                            Contracting, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Shoemaker,
The Dresher Foundation                                    Mr. & Ms. George Slembecker, C. William Stipe,                  tangible results
                                                          Susquehanna Post #135 American Legion, Ellen L.
$25,000 LEVEL                                             Waudby, Mr. & Mrs. Philip Wohlfort, Mary                          and we have
Greater Bel Air Community Foundation                      Zimmerman, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Zittle
                                                                                                                           seen that with
$10,000 LEVEL
                                                          FY 07 Shower
Crouse Construction
Dixie Construction
Harford United Charities
R & W Masonry, Inc.
                                                          The Arc Campaign
                                                                                                                               The Arc.

                                                                                                                          Virginia Dresher
                                                          Amount Raised = $3,854
$5,000 AND OVER                                           ANCOC Class #508-07 of The NCO Academy                              The Dresher
Aberdeen Rotary                                           Bel Air United Methodist Church                                     Foundation
Battelle                                                  Joanne Carroll
Daniele Fleischer of Lemarie Interieurs                   Larry, Kristyn, & Maggie David Dawson,
Mr. & Mrs. James McKee                                       In memory of cousin David Knox
Clark Turner Signature Homes, LLC                         Norma Fortman
                                                          Mary Hanlon
$2,500 AND OVER                                           Harford Mutual Insurance Company
BB&T Bank                                                 Highland Presbyterian Church
Dixie Construction                                        Esther Kaufman
Jeffrey Dresher                                           Isabelle Knox, In memory of grandson, David Knox
Lambdin Development Company                               Kayte Knox, In memory of David Knox &
Manekin, LLC                                                 George Gay & In memory of David Knox
M&T Bank                                                     & In honor of Maggie David Dawson on
Morris & Ritchie Associates                                  her Baptism Day
The Harford Mutual Insurance Company
FY 07 Annual Charity                                   FY 07 After dArc                                      Up to $500
                                                                                                             American Legion Post #135
Golf Tournament                                        Amount Raised = $94,000                               Bethel Presbyterian Church
                                                                                                             Kathy Grochowski
Amount Raised = $30,154                                Event Sponsor: Saxons Diamond Centers                 Lions Club of Bel Air
                                                                                                             Rapid Refill Ink
Ultimate Makeover: Joseph LaPonzina, DDS, PA;          “Be Wined, Be Dined” Raffle Sponsors:                 Ride Away Handicap Equipment Corporation
Strakes, Roberts & Bauer Advertising; York Graphics.   Jordan Thomas Salon & Spa & Visage Salon              Verizon c/o Cybergrants
                                                       & Day Spa.                                            Wal-Mart Foundation
Total Makeover: Bel Air Auto Auction;
M&T Bank; McKee & Associates;                          Full Moon: Comcast, Human Services Benefits
                                                                                                             Up to $250
Upper Chesapeake Health.                               Company, The McDonald’s LPGA Championship
                                                                                                             Dance Connection
                                                       Presented by Coca-Cola, Lambdin Development
Facelift Makeover: APGFCU; Austin McGill                                                                     Susan Spencer-Davis
                                                       Company, M&T Bank, RJ Princinsky & Associates,
                                                                                                             Ferrell Fuel Company
Group; B&L Sales; Benfield Electric; Cecil             Strakes, Roberts, & Bauer Advertising, The Levine
                                                                                                             William Kietzman
Community College; Chesapeake Publishing;              Family, & York Graphics.
                                                                                                             Mr. Roy Kirby Jr.
Comcast; Enabling Technologies; Enterprise Tent-A-
                                                       Half Moon: Matt Barrett of Aflac, Campbell            Ladies Three Bowling League
Car; Father Martin’s Ashley; Ferrell Fuel Company,
                                                       Nolan Associates, Chesapeake Corporate Advisors,      Mr. & Mrs. John Leszl
Inc.; First National Bank of North East; Harford
                                                       CRU Building Corporation, D&S Drywall/Firewall        Mr. & Mrs. William McGuirk
Mutual; Jordan Thomas Salon; Kissinger Financial
                                                       Specialists, Harford Mutual Insurance, Jiffy Lube,    Mr. & Mrs. Wilbur Pearce
Services; Lambdin Development Company;
                                                       Jones Junction, Morris & Ritchie Associates, Inc. &   James Vogt
MartinoBlum; Maryland Auto Dealers Services, Inc.;
                                                       Geo-Technology Associates, Inc., Parris & Castoro     Mr. Mark Wurzbacher
Maryland Golf & Country Clubs; Mercantile County
Bank; Morris & Ritchie Associates; PDP Group;          Eye & Laser Center, The Aegis, The Bowes
                                                       Foundation, & The Castoro Family.                     Up to $100
Plaza Ford; Primary Electric; Promo-Logic;
Bob Simon/Long & Foster; Slavie Federal Savings;                                                             Norma Cook
                                                       Quarter Moon: 84 Lumber, Bay First Bank,              Mr. George Dickerson
Summit Financial Services; Wendy Wright, Personal
                                                       Beacon Staffing Alternatives, Chesapeake Bank,        Gallery RoCa
trainer; & Worthington, Wilkinson & York.
                                                       Coventry Healthcare of Delaware, GGC Investments,     Alice Humphrey
                                                       Guessner, Snee, Mahoney, & Lutche, PA,                Mr. & Mrs. George Klem
                                                       KCI Technologies, Jim Keefe Photography,              Bea Kolchin
                                                       Nutramax Laboratories Inc., Rite Aid Distribution     Sara Lassiter
                                                       Center, & The Baltimore Sun.                          Bonita Markle
                                                                                                             Mr. & Mrs. Patrick McGann
                                                       Star Gazer: Aberdeen Proving Ground Federal
                                                                                                             Mr. Joseph Meholic
                                                       Credit Union, Acer Exhibits, Judi & Robert Ascenzi,   Mr. & Mrs. Walter Morrison
                                                       Acadia Windows & Doors, Advanced Business             Mr. & Mrs. Sherman Salovitz
                                                       Systems, Ferrell Fuel Company, Home Medi-             Stephen Schlott
                                                       Service, Kevin & Donna Merrill, Ken & Susan
                                                       Rodriguez of Heartbeat, Joppa Road Pharmacy,          Up to $50
                                                       Patrick & Patricia Neary, Promo-Logic, Bob

   “       When people have

          a home they can be
                                                       Simon/Long & Foster, Susquehanna Bank,
                                                       & Sophie & Ken Wittelsberger.

                                                       Media Sponsor: Harford Cable Network
                                                                                                             Michele Bellatoni
                                                                                                             Joyce W. Humbert
                                                                                                             Ms. Katheryn Kraemer
                                                                                                             Ms. Martha Schaffer
                                                                                                             Sedgwick CMS
      proud of, it is reflected                                                                              Ann-Marie Spakowski (In Honor of Adam Rattman)
                                                       FY 07 General Fund                                    The Arc of Maryland
        in all aspects of their                                                                              Three Way Electric, Inc.
                                                       Amount Raised = $21,395
        lives. People who give                                                                               Up to $25
                                                       Up to $2,500                                          Mr. John Bradford
                                                       Barbara & Larry Adam                                  Ms. Ellen L. Butler
     their time and resources                          Carleton Brown                                        Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Goldberg
                                                       Knights of Columbus, Md. State Council                Mrs. Esther S. Kaufman
            to improving the                           Moran Family Charitable Foundation                    Ms. Gail Palm
                                                       Joseph McKeever & Starbelly                           Dr. & Mrs. Jay Rudo (In Honor of Adam Sheets)
        quality of life for the                        Thompson Automotive Group                             Irwin & Norma Samson
                                                       Ellen Waudby                                          Evelyn Sennett
                                                       Kristine Zittle                                       Mr. J. Roy Strong III
     folks we work with truly                                                                                Ms. Dawn Weikle
                                                       Up to $1000                                           Mary Woodward
        change people's lives.

                 John Rosser
                                              ”        American Legion Rising Sun Post
                                                       Mr. Robert Lesniewski
                                                       The Huether McClelland Foundation
                                                       Plaza Ford
                                                       Roger Ralph
            Primary Counselor                          Corabel Wallace (In Honor Of Amy McKee)
FY 07 Holiday Fund                      FY 07 Memorial Fund                                     FY 07 Memory Garden
Amount Raised = $6,262                  In Memory of Harold Anderson                            Karen Brinegar-Price
                                        Mr. & Mrs. Bob Byrne                                    Julia DuBois
A.G. Edwards                            Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Clark                                Evergreen Garden Club of Bel Air
Jesse Bane                              Mr. & Mrs. Laurence Dallaire                            Evelyn Formanek
Homer Barnard                           Col. & Mrs. W. J. Davies                                R. E. Gouge
Bel Air Mom's Club                      Judith Forman                                           Patricia Jones
Lorraine Bergkvist-Smith                Jackie Haas                                             Elizabeth Marchman
Marie Brown                             Lillian Jensen                                          Linda Martin
Col. & Mrs. Kone Brugh                  Janet Kabernagel                                        Mr. & Mrs. Perry Olson
Blair Brugh                             Cheryl Katz                                             Barbara Pawloski
Calvary Baptist Church                  Arthur Larsen                                           Mr. & Mrs. John Quinn
Carmody Family                          Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Querns                                Carol Sherman
Pat Chambers                            Vivian Seibert                                          Nancy Undem
Thomas Dee
Connie & Michael Donato                 In Memory of Mario Baca
Fallston United Methodist               Leif & Jamie Anderson
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Glock                James Cosgrove
Tony Griscin, Senior Fitness HCC        Louis & Karen Demaio
Jennifer Hall                           Ingeborg Donnelly
Harford Mutual Insurance Company        Alison & Michael Donnelly
Willa Harkins                           Susan Donnelly
Adriana Hepner                          Sharon & Mark Gaertner
Jarrettsville Lions Club                Suzanne & Robert Janes
Esther Kaufman                          Betty Jean Jepsen
Shirley Klein                           Monday Morning Breakfast Club:
Knights of Columbus
Bea Kolchin
Leonard Kolodny
Denise & Ken Kozel
                                           George P. Kramer, Richard Barnickel, Lloyd Porter,
                                           Roy Liptrap Sr., Charles A. Lease, John Sheckells
                                        Northrop Grumman
                                                                                                “     The generosity and

                                                                                                      commitment of the
                                        Order Sons of Italy in America
Christine Landis                        Arend & Rachel Reid
Mr. & Mrs. John Leszl                                                                             people involved in these
                                        Raymond & Joan Strickroth
Joyce Lewis
Life Lutheran Church                    In Memory of Emylon Bodt                                     projects, is a perfect
Mr. & Mrs. Hal Lootens                  American Legion Aux., Harford Unit 39
Lutheran Church of the Good Shepard     Churchville Rec Council, Inc                                example, of what we
Linda Martin
Kelly McElwain
                                        In Memory of B. DiMauro Jr.                                 can achieve when we
James McKee
                                        The Honorable Gunther Hirsch
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Memphis
Mr. & Mrs. John Myers
                                        In Memory of David Knox
                                                                                                      partner to support
Cheryl Nicholson
                                        Karen Ches
Bev Olsen                                                                                        people in feeling valued
                                        Mary Kemberling
Mr. & Mrs. John O'Neill
                                        Catherine & Adam Knox
Elaine Orbino
Parris Castoro Lazer Eye Center
                                        Aimee O'Neill                                                and achieving their
                                        North Harford Elementary School
Ryan Pierson
                                        Eddie Pullin                                              dreams and promoting
Tim Quinn
                                        Sara Robinson
Irene Richard
                                        Ann Schenning
Joe Rotondo
                                        Kathy Jo Tomlinson
                                                                                                    a belief in possibilities
Bertha Ruffing
Safeway                                                                                             that will result in an
                                        In Memory of Virginia Stark
Salvation Army Little Angel's Program
                                        Arthur Larsen
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Satti
Zita Schneck                                                                                         improved quality of
Dr. & Mrs. Charles Sheets               In Memory of Ralph Wratchford
Slavie Federal                          Cheryl & Don John                                             life for everyone in
Ann Marie Spakowski                     Curtis Reel
                                        George Theisen
St. Margaret Church
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Stubbs
Toast Masters of Harford County
                                        In Memory of William O’Keefe
                                        Colleen Depkin
                                                                                                         our community.

                                                                                                            Chris Walton
Vision Associates                       Lois & Woodson Francis
Walmart , Aberdeen                      Dawn Stanfield Scott
                                        Sharon Snyder                                                    Supported Living
William Wheeler
                                        Paul & Jane Wunder                                                 Coordinator
FY 07 In Kind Gifts                          Up to $200
                                             DePaulo & Sons
                                                                                                                          Up to $300
General Fund                                 Mr. & Mrs. Mark Engelhaupt
                                             Sandy Goette
                                                                                                                          Karen Brinegar-Price
                                                                                                                          Deborah Daughton
Amount Raised = $20,261                      Harford Mutual Insurance Company                                             Torri Dietrich
                                             Roland Keh                                                                   Patricia Harrow
$12,000                                      Lions Club of Aberdeen                                                       William Lebrun
Ray Fisher                                   Michelle Shewbridge                                                          Kathleen Proctor
                                             St. Margaret Church                                                          Faith Rattman
$3,500                                                                                                                    Joseph Seubert
Linda Macneill                               Up to $100                                                                   Walter Smith Jr.
Rite Aid Distribution Center                 Marie Brown                                                                  David Strappelli
                                             Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Olsen                                                     Fred Thursfield
Up to $1,000                                 Mr. Stephen Schlott
Target                                       Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church                                          Up to $250
                                                                                                                          Chelsea Anglin
$900                                         Up to $50                                                                    Thomas Baird
Mr. Ed Keplin                                Mr. Pat Chambers                                                             Benedict Carini
                                             Oak Contracting Corporation Builders                                         Albert Claypoole
Up to $400                                                                                                                Stacie Claypoole
Frank Campbell                                                                                                            Laura Dominguez
Seth Marple                                  FY 07 Wiffle Ball Challenge                                                  Mary Ellen Franciolo
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Neary                                                                                                  Louis Lindner III
                                             Amount Raised = $7,439                                                       Steven Linkous
Up to $300                                                                                                                Joyce Oliver
                                             Putt Putt Fun Center
Aberdeen Lions Club                                                                                                       Virginia Toy
                                             Saxon’s Diamond Centers
Red Lobster                                                                                                               Brenda Whitaker
                                             Participating School: Churchville Elementary School
Mr. & Mrs. William Streett                                                                                                Maryanne Woodruff
True Joy Ministries                          FY 07 United Way                                                             Up to $100
                                             of Central Maryland                                                          Janet Bastob
                                                                                                                          Barbara Cuneo
                                             Amount Raised = $29,926                                                      Lyondell Chemical Company
                                                                                                                          Anne Cerruto
                                             Up to $1,500                                                                 Bonita Forte
                                             McCormick & Company, Inc.                                                    Thomas French
                                                                                                                          Edward Hoefle
                                             Up to $1,000                                                                 Ellen Petrick
                                             James & Kathy Cooper                                                         June Poole
                                             Mr.& Mrs. Martin Green, Jr.                                                  Michael Poulin
                                             Christopher Griffith                                                         Ralph Roberson, III

        “       I am excited

             about my home.
                                             Mary Louise Preis

                                             Up to $600
                                                                                                                          Susan Rosenwag-Dobash
                                                                                                                          Sandra Trey

                                                                                                                          Up to $55
                                             Stuart Clode                                                                 Lewis C. Bell
             It makes me feel                Lawrence Marchman                                                            Gwendolyn Boddy
                                                                                                                          Christopher Brandenburg
                good to have a               Up to $500                                                                   Terese Brown
                                             Joseph Boddiford                                                             Kimberly Bruff
                 place to feel               Richard Commander                                                            Theodore Bruns
                                             Donald Krempel                                                               Cheryl Jones
             comfortable and                 George McClelland                                                            Larry Leiser
                                             Tim Quinn                                                                    Earle Scoggins
                                             Donna Rymer                                                                  Adam Sheets
                bring friends.               Michael Wojcik                                                               Ethel Walker
                                                                                                                          Robert Woods
                  Thank you                  Up to $350
                                             Dianne Ross                                                                  Up to $50
                 to everyone.

                Kim Ludemann
                                 ”           Mara Walter                                                                  Bradley Biggs
                                                                                                                          Leroy Hess
                                                                                                                          David Kuhnert

                                     The Arc recognizes all donors for their generous gifts and support during the past giving year, July 1, 2006 - June 30, 2007. We have made every effort
                                     to be accurate in our list of donors. Please contact us at 410-879-6785 with any discrepancies so that our records can be corrected. The Arc is a private,
             Royal Oak Resident      nonprofit, 501 (c) (3) tax exempt agency. The audited financial statements are available for public review during business hours at The Arc Administrative
                                     Offices, 4513 Philadelphia Road, Aberdeen, MD 21001 or by calling 410-879-6785, Attention: Financial Services.
Program Directors                                        Board of Directors              FY 07 Standing Committee
Tim Quinn, Executive Director                            Officers                        Michelle Stutzer, Chair
Pat Barnes, Director, Financial Services                 Michele Stutzer, President      Janet Leszl
Torri Dietrich, Director, Development                    Patrick Neary, Vice President   Joe Cardiff
Gail Fricke, Director, Adult Services                    Nancy Brugh, Secretary          Wayne Shannon
Regina Lee, Director, Administrative Services            Diane Schmittinger, Treasurer   Amy Blackburn-Moore
Gloria Quinn, Director, Adult Services                                                   Beth Derouaux
Dianne Ross, Director, Children Services & Foster Care   Immediate Past President        Merle Kougl
Bette Ann Mobley, Director of Workforce                  Pat Ourednik
  Development and Strategies                                                             Human Rights Subcommittee
                                                         Executive Director              Eric Newman, Chair
                                                         Tim Quinn                       Mona Figueroa
Foundation                                                                               Nancy Rose
                                                                                         Mary Cook
Board of Directors                                       Mike Drummond                   Michael Raidt
                                                                                         Dianne Ross
                                                         Pam Karwowski
                                                         Ken Kozel                       Hollin Weaver
                                                         Janet Leszl
Ken Kozel, Chairman                                                                      Incident Report Review Subcommittee
                                                         Isolda McClelland
Sal Molite, Jr., Vice Chairman                                                           Bess Reed, Chair
                                                         Ray Popik
June Poole, Secretary                                                                    Kelly Proctor
                                                         Rhonda Ruigrok
Joseph Hoffman, III, Treasurer                                                           Lynette Alexander
                                                         Kenneth Spicer
                                                         Joanne Witherspoon              JaNee Richardson
Executive Director                                                                       Mike Cornish
Torri Dietrich
                                                                                         Health & Safety Subcommittee
Directors                                                                                Gail Fricke, Chair
Peter K. Billis                                                                          Doris Howard
James Lambdin                                                                            Pat Barnes
Ray Maskell                                                                              Amy Stewart
Paul Muddiman                                                                            Ginny Simpson
Patrick Neary                                                                            Joe Seubert
Eric Newman                                                                              Mitch Neiburger
Tim Quinn                                                                                Warren Monks
Diane Schmittinger
Tom Walls                                                                                Associate Members
                                                                                         Bette Ann Mobley
                                                                                         Cynthia Lindgren
                                                                                         Gloria Quinn
                                                                                         Regina Lee
                                                                                         Tammy Fletcher
   Changing Minds . . . Changing Lives
           The Arc Northern Chesapeake
  4513 Philadelphia Road / Aberdeen, MD 21001
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