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					                             SECA Treat

Product Description

Wilhelmsen Ships Service’s new SECA Treat
product is a conditioning, oil soluble, self-
dispersing fuel additive, tailor made for treating
blended low sulphur heavy fuel oils (LSFHO).

SECA Treat is a blend of fuel optimizing
components together with a lubricity additive
that helps to optimize engine performance and
improve your ship’s operating efficiency on low
sulphur fuels.

Features and benefits;

Our new technology improves fuel stability, by
treating destabilized asphaltene sludge that is
formed during the blending process. It also
contains a fuel lubricant that helps improve
effects of metal to metal wear.

SECA Treat has been specifically designed to
tackle these problems by:

   •   Stabilizing unstable fuel blends
   •   Keeping the fuel system clean
   •   Gradually cleaning up sludge in tanks
   •   Reducing the amount of fuel separated
       with the sludge in the separator
   •   Limiting soot formation and smoke
       emission by homogenising the fuel
   •   Lubricity improvement to reduce fuel
       pump and injector wear
                       Technical information

Direction of use and Dosage Rates

SECA Treat should be dosed online during bunkering or directly into the bunker tank prior to bunkering.
Dosage rates are determined from the result of the fuel analysis, i.e. sediment content or compatibility
test which is easily performed on board using the Wilhelmsen Ships Service Compatibility Test Kit.

ASTM SPOT               1                2                3               4*               5*
Sediment%               0,05 or less     0,05             0,1             0,2*             0,5 or over*
DOSE RATE               **1:10000        1:6000           1:4000          1:2000           1:1000
* Avoid using fuel if possible
** Fully compatible blends, with a sediment percentage of less than 0,05, should not require treatment for incompatibility.
Marginal number 1 spots may cause sludging if the fuel is not handled carefully, so some treatment may be necessary,
especially if other problems such as water content or corrosion are apparent

Product Properties

APPEARANCE:                                              Liquid, Brown, Insoluble in water
DENSITY, in g/cm3 at 15oC:                               0,83
FLASH POINT, (PMCC) in oC:                               >62 deg C
     Metal:                                              No known effect
     Rubber:                                             May swell
     Synthetic Rubber:                                   May swell

           Order information
           PACKING: Product No.                     Size (in litres)           Container
                       650 751024                          25                  Steel

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